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Prince MarioMax SchaumburgLippe Consciousness in a State of Contant Evolution by Rashmi Khilnani


September 2015 Volume 5 Issue 9












ALCHEMY OF HEART.. by Charlotte Szivak




HEALING FROM SICKNESS by Ellen Angelica Penergast


WHY THE TRANSCENDENT MIND...... by Sunita Pattani






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rince Mario-M

photos courtesy by Artin Mardirosian 6 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ September 2015

Max Schaumburg-Lippe TV-STAR, ACTOR & LIFE-COACH

Prince Waldemar

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany is the son of His Highness Prince Waldemar Schaumburg-Lippe and his mother Her Highness Dr. Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe. Prince Waldemar SchaumburgLippe is a direct descendant of King Christian IX., the so called grandfather of Europe (because his children became the monarchs of Europe). Queen Elizabeth II. and Prince Waldemar share him as their mutual ancestor. Queen Margrethe II. of Denmark is even the cousin of Prince Waldemar and other reigning relatives are the King of Belgium, the Granduke of Luxembourg, the Kings of Norway and Sweden, the King of Spain and through the Prince of Orange he is related to the King of the Netherlands and the Prince of Monaco.In total, 25 countries and 14 British overseas territories are ruled by monarchial head of states being family to Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, through his father. His personal story, reads like a real life fairy-tale himself. His mother Princess Antonia brought him up, after her divorce from a world renown doctor of medicine, as a single mom. “She worked so hard and provided me with everything: University education, language courses and cultural trips all over the world to learn about true values”, so Prince Mario-Max. He has received so much love and positive energy from his family that he was called “Prince Sunshine”. His whole life changed, when his mother fell in love with one of the highest ranked princes of Europe and she became Princess SchaumburgLippe. As Prince Waldemar has been blessed with a wonderful daughter named Princess EleonoreChristine - before he became a widower - but had no son, his biggest wish to have a son became true: he adopted Prince Mario-Max as his son. Prince Waldemar Schaumburg-Lippe made the family decision and the german court ruling approved Prince Mario-Max being his only son and his heir. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe adds: “My father Prince Waldemar and my mother Princess Antonia are the most loving and sweetest and most caring 8 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

parents I can imagine of. I am so blessed having them and I am honored that my father always points out how proud he is of me”. Prince Waldemar adds: “I am very proud of my son His Highness Prince Mario-Max SchaumburgLippe, he is nobly by every means of is heart and behavior and I adore him. He is the best son i can think of having! We live all together as a very happy family and adopting him was the best decision I have ever made!”. Prince Mario-Max is a busy man. He has 7 day work-weeks: “I got a lot of energy, therefore I always need something big to do and a very full schedule”. His entertainment affairs on TV and key-note speaking engagements are managed by the legendary Günther Klum, the father of Heidi Klum, as he is represented by ONEeins Management, a company of the Heidi Klum inc. His spiritual and spiritual healing engagements he manages himself: “This is a very personal walk of my professional life, and I am super

secret about spiritual work, because I deliver results not chatter. I deliver quality and every single person who consults me, has a completely different story we work on”. When he is not life-coaching or filming the prince likes to workout, meets with his friends and loves to travel. “I never wanted to lean back and just live the royal life, I always wanted to give the royal life a new meaning: Work hard, reach goals, make your family proud and give to others”, he adds. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe is a spiritual celebrity and entertainer with many skills. He played in the musical Dracula and stared in the Broadway show “Pretty Faces” of legendary playwright Robert W. Cabell. “I am very excited as Robert wants me to do Pretty Faces at the famed Hard Rock Cafe”, says the singing and dancing prince. Design icon and fashion mogul Sue Wong even asked him to open LA Fashion week 2015. As a model he has been the testimonial for swim trunks, licensor for fragrance and on the runways of Berlin fashion week, New York fashion shows and the LA Expo at the convention center. He writes books and several columns and writes and creates constantly new TV-content he mostly presents himself on TV. Collaborating with BillboardChart artist Viva Angelina Sky he cowrote “Loca Cola Body”, Grammy Winner Laura Sullivan featured him in her production “900 voices” and Grammy winner David Longoria invited Prince Mario-Max to the cast of 200 celebrities singing “We Are One” (following the 30 year jubilee of we are the world). His acting coach David Strasberg, the son of legendary Lee Strasberg, has been praising Prince Mario-Max level of method acting even on television interviews. Prince Mario-Max just filmed with TV-star Jamie Luner, the famous Lexie from Melrose Place and All my Children, a TV-film by Fred Olen Ray at the bluffs of Niagara Falls. In the “Shamama” documentary he will be featured along Oprah Winfrey and Sue Wong. He is alos guest staring in a TV-show for VH1 after previously appearing on BRAVO, CBS and ABC as royalty expert.

“I am an artist”, Prince Mario-Max SchaumburgLippe sums up his many skills in a few words: “I act; I host a television show and write books and articles as a journalist”. He also designs and endorses products with a princely touch that always become best-sellers: “When I write a column it creates waves and is widely talked about. When I endorse a product, the ...the attention always becomes immense, it simply sells better, because I only promote real amazing quality, the royal top notch kind of products!”. The prince is a trendsetter and marketing specialist known in many countries around the globe. Prince Mario-Max had TV-shows in Germany, Austria, Holland, England and the USA. That’s why he became the global, modern and charismatic TV-Prince of our entertainment world. Every week he airs a TV-segment called “Astro Royal” on a German satellite, cable and stream network called AstroTV for more then six years already. His acting and tv-presenting made him even a Judge for the Miss USA organization or let him win the Tanz-Trophy, a European version of Dancing with the Stars. He He received multiple Awards like the “Olympia Film Award”, a Recognition of Los Angeles, “The Golden Mask Award” by the Hollywood Appreciation Society and “The Royal Halo Award” by the Southern Californian Motion picture council. The Halo has been presented to the Prince next to Oscar winner Martin Landau by OscarLegend Margret O ́Brian and screen icon Randal Malone. “I look up to Martin Landau and his work and then being on stage with two Oscar winners was one of the most joyful moments of my entire life” ”, Prince Mario-Max confessed.

with Martin Landau



with Sue Wong & John Barrymore

with Baroness Nicky Hilton Rothschild

with Jennifer Garner

Despite all his success the Prince is a humble and very friendly and warm hearted character: “Having studied at universities, I worked hard for my 3 master and 1 doctorate degrees. But I have learnt that the heart of a person is the most important asset .” Therefore the prince supports many great causes. He speaks up for people who are not heard in the public, gives them a voice.Then he is fighting against bullying and discrimination. In his professional life he made another remarkable decision: “I studied hard to become a successful spiritual life coach, and this position makes me super happy, because I can lead my clients to joy, wealth and love. And that makes me smile”.

Reading like a psychic. “Everyone has a strong spiritual light within, sometimes it is just a question to switch it on!”, Prince Mario-Max gives an inside view to his field of practice. He also teamed up with a doctor to offer inner and outer beauty with rejuvenation, based on new non invasive spiritual and medical methods.

Prince Mario-Max SchaumburgLippe is an activist for equal rights in our society. After he has been himself the target of internet bullying he fights for the rights of kids and their prosperous growth without any bullying. He just recorded a new song with Broadway Playwright Robert W. Cable with the name “BULLIES ARE THE COWARDS OF THE WORLD”.There is “Energy no good, Life no good!” nothing worse than bullying and says Prince Mario-Max. Therefore this needs to stop! Unacceptable he specialized in energizing peo- weather online, in schools, gosple to reach their goals. “When siping or in the media. “One of my you are not balanced then love, most beloved people in my youth money and vitality will not find was my grandmother Dr. Edith you. I can calibrate peoples ener- Schöppl. She was so smart, lovgy, surroundings and life and then ing and always fighting for justice. no one can stop their track to suc- I always remember when she saw cess”, Prince Mario-Max Scha- someone suffering or heard of umburg-Lippe. And he is known people suffering, she immediately for his skills. In European televi- stopped mean people right away! I sion he is on air since more then a look up to that courage and learnt decade and is known as TV-Life- that from her”, Prince Mario-Max Coach and multi-media-celebrity acknowledges, “Adopted children giving advise to people calling the of any age are very much disnetwork, or having guests for a criminated worldwide, therefore I live consultation. His professional, started a non-profit-organization academic approach to spiritual with a star studded response that and human energetic and healing we we launch now. All rude people topics, made the worlds biggest will have to face a very powerful publishing company “Random- and strong wall of celebrities stophouse” decide, to assign him their ping that kind of game”, he adds. spiritual author. Having special America itself has a long tradition abilities seeing beyond the facade in Celebrity adoptions, just to reof people and circumstances, he mind of a few: Marilyn Monroe, wrote a fact-book how to learn Jamie Foxx, Snooki Polizzi, Bill

10 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

Clinton, Lance Armstrong, Eric Clapton, Ice-T, Nelson Mandela, Trace Cyrus, Gary Coleman, Jesse Jackson, Kelly Preston, Edgar Allen Poe, Louis Armstrong, Richard Burton, Priscilla Presley and Nancy Reagan. Prince Mario-Max alerts about self proclaimed “Royal Blog” experts, spreading false comments and fake expertise. Prince Waldemar Schaumburg-Lippe is a german Prince. His son Prince Mario-Max is a german Prince. There is no head of the family, as each individual name-bearing family member has the same equal position by constitution. It does not matter if a princely title comes from birth, marriage or adoption (Princess Kate, Prince Daniel of Sweden, Queen Silvia). The german government is the only source of lawful name and titles. Prince Waldemar, Prince Mario-Max and Princess Antonia themselves forms THE PRINCELY FAMILY. And is adressed as H.H. by all the monarchs of Europe: “Just a few days ago, another nice letter by our family, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II., arrived adressed to her beloved cousin His Highness Prince Waldemar and his family”. “H.H.”. in fact is carried by the prime “Nachod-Line” that since 1842 split from the other german branch of the family, that does not have the equal Royal heritage. Prince Mario-Max, Prince Waldemar and Princess Antonia completely disassociate from the other ones, and Princess Antonia is very proud of her Jewish ancestry. Also “blood lines” references, or discrimination of adopted children, have no place in the princely family of Prince Mario-Max. Being a Prince means also hav-ing to deal with a lot of gossip and press. Therefore real friends need to be trustworthy and smart. Chatting too much means bye from a royal perspective, because trust is the highest asset for a princely family. “I really like nice people as I am all optimistic, fun and full of energy. My favorite designer and buddy Cristiano Cabrano totally hits my style. Or designmogul Sue is truly the personification of inner and outer beauty. And my doctor bros Prof. Dr. Armin and Dr. Achim are not only the smartest friends one can wish to have, but are also the most fun comrades you can think of! And I love to meet interesting people of new disciplines

like Anti Aging star-doc Naina Sachdev, or my friends the acting legend Hank Garrett”. You can check out what the Prinz zu Schaumburg-LIppe family does and get your sneak peek inside their live in South of France where the family resides plus their trips to different continents on: To get more info about Prince Mario-Max private coaching, energy work, spiritual advice, readings, rejuvenation and his top rated tvshows and books contact “My mentor Luigi, the inventor of Jazz Dance Technique always said NEVER STOP MOVING and my professor Theo Mayer-Maly added: Ius est ars boni et aequi”, so Prince Mario-Max. He recently was offered a role in the new movie of Hitch Star and friend Ryan Cross plus a role in an Emmy Award winning TV-show, is writing a cook book and is hosting together with Samira Network on cable television. He loves hosting the hit-airing Astro Royal every wednesday live on German television, produced by top-writer Christina Arnold Czech and exclusively reveals the start of his new show called “Hollywood Royal TV-Show” about celebrities. From next issue on, Prince Mario-Max will be a contributing cover editor to EDEN MAGAZINE with his new column “Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, The Prince of Spirit and Soul”, so don´t miss the next issue. Facebook: PrinzMarioMax Twitter: SchaumburgLippe Instagram: PrinceMarioMax

with Anne Hathaway

with Matthew McConaughey



Conquering Depression and Suicidal Thoughts by Roxana Jones

12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ September 2015

13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

It seems almost impossible for me to consider I was the woman that lived this dark and tragic moment years ago. At the age of 32, my lack of self-love led me to believe there was nothing else for me here on Earth. My negative mental chatter had completely annulled the voice of my heart, the voice that had been trying to save me for so along.

I was addicted to so many things, some harmful and other harmless, but all habits and addictions nonetheless. Now here’s the stepping stone: once we identify or become conscious of a habit or addiction; in other words, once we KNOW of our habit or addiction, it becomes our CHOICE to continue repeating it as part of our daily lives. This is pivotal, because once we understand our habit or addiction as a choice The world can seem so unfair and pointless for we’re making, we immediately have to accept so many of us. The recent death of Robin Wil- that we’re the only ones in control, and that we liams, who was one of my favorite Hollywood CAN change our choice. actors, makes me realize how fortunate I am to be able to write about my experiences, after ris- 3. Differentiating between our ego and our true ing above my depression and suicidal thoughts Self. The negative voice, – which in many of on that night back in 1998, when I tried cutting us is so much stronger than the positive one – my wrists. always gives the type of advice that keeps us in our comfort zone, procrastinating, stagnant, It’s hard to describe in one article all I’d like to not achieving any type of improvement, and say about this topic. But I’ll share some impor- reproducing more of the old habits and addictant facts I’ve learned along the way, which have tions that make us feel so unhappy and hopehelped me to achieve a fulfilled life and never go less. The positive voice however, is the one back: that sporadically finds a way to get to us amidst all the negativity that easily flows through our 1. Discovering our true life purpose. We tend collective unconscious. With one whisper, that to identify with the roles we play in our lives. voice can make us feel so loved and at peace; The majority of us are moms, dads, employees, listening to it simply feels so RIGHT. The negbusiness owners, professionals, friends, lov- ative voice always comes from what I call our ers, etc. That’s all good, but none of those roles ego (devil, demon, darkness, evil, etc.) And are the true reason why we’re here on Earth, the positive voice always comes from our true they’re only a small part. We must go beyond Self (God, Spirit, Divine Self, Higher Self etc.) all the roles we have – being more specific, we The way we learn to see the difference between must go deep inside – to discover our true life both is through discernment. purpose. Why? Because we’ll always feel as if something is missing if we don’t; and also be- 4. Acknowledging the work is done individually, cause once we find it, we won’t depend on any and feeling ready for it. There are many won“role” to be happy and fulfilled. In other words, derful treatments, therapies, techniques, and if tomorrow we lose the love of our lives, or our so many qualified people that can help us while dream job, or anything that means the world we’re in the process of healing and improvto us, we’ll still be content and imperturbable ing our lives. But the how and who is not what as long as we know and understand our true life matters the most when it comes to wanting to purpose. conquer depression and suicidal thoughts as we are the ones who must be ready to saying 2. Understanding the difference between a YES to the life that has been offered to us as habit/addiction and a choice. A habit or an ad- a GIFT, and NO to anything or anyone wanting diction, are those behaviors that we’re constant- to stand in the way of our precious gift. ly repeating, without even knowing we’re doing them. One of the tools that helped me to understand my addictions was to see that in my life 14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

My suicidal attempt made me realize I had hit rock bottom. The following morning, I heard my true Self whispering to me in a loving way: “you won’t have another chance, but I AM here to help, just ask.” And so I asked for spiritual help, and help came almost immediately. The little humility I had at that time saved me. That same week I decided to become one of the best students of life and to be honest, I’ve never stopped since 1998. I started looking for my true life purpose. I searched, I made mistakes many times, but I tried again and again until I found it. Gradually, I also accepted my habits and addictions were “a choice I didn’t want to keep choosing.” And last but not least, feeling ready and knowing I was the only one who could do my job, I decided to surrender to my true Self who continued whispering from within my heart, until my ego became an unobtrusive murmur in the background. At last, I felt free for the first time. Until next time and don’t forget to be love,

Roxana Jones and Arnaud Saint-Paul devote themselves to their life purpose: To open as many hearts as possible and to help shifting the consciousness of the planet. As spiritual healers and teachers, life and business partners, their intent is to “help millions around the world to embrace change and start living the type of love, happiness and abundance both of them now know exists for everyone once they are healed.” Together, they work enthusiastically in bringing to their audience the best of themselves so that everyone can connect to their own Truth and unveil who they truly are: divine beings enlightening the world in their own unique ways, even when darkness makes it hard to believe it is so.



An excerpt from Dreams 1-2-3

Symbolism Your education in understanding dreams begins with symbolism, because everything in dreams is symbolic, except on rare occasionswhen they speak literally. People are often relieved to find this out, because what compels them to seek my counsel is the fact that something very distressing is happening in their dreams: an evil shadow; a vision of murdering a spouse or harming a child. It’s only natural that people would wonder if dreams like these mean that something is seriously wrong with them, and it can be a tremendous relief to discover that the disturbing dream is symbolic.

Pepper Spray In my dream my four-year-old son is crying about something. Not acting totally obnoxious, just a little upset. I turn to him and spray him across the eyes with OC pepper spray. I see him clinch his little eyes shut and grimace; then I realize what happened and awake in terror. The dream stays on my mind all the time now. The fact that it was my hand that harmed him in the dream disturbs me so much can’t shake it. I can’t figure out where the thought of spraying him came from; it is causing me a great deal of anguish.

When something happens in a dream that is outside the realm of possibility, like when you do something you wouldn’t normally do, it’s a clue to focus on symbolism. The next dream shows what I mean.

Next I focus on the pepper spray itself. The dream refers to specific type of pepper sprayOC (oleoresin capsicum). The dreamer told me he had been sprayed with it while training for his job and said it’s “like napalm on the

This father would never spray his son with pepper spray in real life, so I immediately susThe evil shadow symbolizes feelings about pect that he does it in the dream knowing that a threatening financial situation. Murdering a the action is symbolic. My initial thought was spouse symbolizes feelings of deep frustration that because his son is sprayed in the eyes with the person. Harming a child symbolizes by the pepper spray, maybe the dreamer might feelings related to disciplining the dreamer’s not be “seeing” something related to raising child. his child.

Remember, Interpret an 16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

face.” He also said the use of it seemed “more punitive than anything else.” Now we were getting somewhere. The dream seemed related to the difference between discipline and punishment. The dreamer told me he plays the role of “bad cop” while his wife gets to be the “good cop” to their son, and he is tired of having to be the one “to bring the hammer down,” to make his son comply after his wife tries and fails. The dream compels him to symbolically enact the meaning by doing something he would never “dream” of doing for real, as a way of dramatically expressing his feelings. The dreamer was relieved to find out his actions were entirely symbolic, not an expression of a hidden desire to harm his young son. A talk with his wife resolves the issue. Tip Dream images are generally not to be taken literally, but as symbols of parts of yourself and the dynamics of your inner life.

J. M. DeBord began studying and interpreting dreams two decades ago. He has worked in newspaper, radio and television journalism, and is the author of a novel, Something Coming: a New Age Thriller. He lives in Tucson, Arizona and interprets dreams as a moderator at Reddit Dreams, where he is known as “RadOwl.” Dreams 1-2-3, published by Hampton Roads Publishing company, is available from, B& and book stores everywhere.




Vale von Leczycki Gon


at Sofitel Los Ange

This online and print upscale publicatio Fashion Consciousness Magazine is a quarterly pu


All Photo Courtesy by Artin Mard 18 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ September


eria ncharova Barrett


eles at Beverly Hills

on defines the true meaning of new age glamour ublication connecting fashion and lifestyle with consciousness

dirosian, and special thanks fo ARTIPHICS 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ September


excerpt from Buddha Speaks




EVOLUTION by Rashmi Khilnani

“Stop seeing yourself as this or that. Make your practice of neti neti (neither this nor that) stronger. It no longer behooves you to see yourself just as a particular nationality, a particular person, of a particular family and so on.”

Lord Buddha, since I was very little in Egypt I have always loved to share and be around people and animals that love each other. I feel that in the Western world people are so addicted to linear left-brain think- ing, and while being childlike in learning and practicing the many forms of Buddhism for example, they don’t in many cases bring that wisdom into their daily lives and actions, i.e. sharing with others. In the East, particularly in India, we understand sharing on a very deep level as we know that the “other” is just another aspect of ourselves. With the influx of western influence, many westernized Indians are losing touch with this deep inner wisdom. My question is, “Is there a way to bridge the wisdom of the East with the dynamism and efficiency of the West?” I do under- stand that ultimately there is no separation and East and West are one. Dearest, your compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters touches me deeply. Remember what I said: the mangoes will ripen in their own time. It is important for the followers of Buddhist wisdom to get beyond the religious aspects, beyond doctrine and beyond unnecessary competition or comparison between one form of Buddhist practice and another. As Lord Buddha, I am not a person. I am a very expanded field of energetic understanding, an expansive unified field of wisdom and compassion which is beyond comprehension of the logical left-brain mind.

which exists within each of you and which you have forgotten. So, coming back to the answer to your question dearest, as I have said before, there is a great merging now of East and west, the spiritual and the mundane, male and female. In fact, a grand merg- ing of all the polarities for transformation and transcendence into a unified field of consciousness where the unique flavors and colors of each are honored. How do we achieve this? we allow it. we intend it. we know it. we create the space for it. we accept it in innocence. If you keep your focus on what is not possible, then all pre- ferred outcomes are impossible. As you think, so it shall come to pass. So become aware of your thoughts, become conscious of your emotions, and acquaint yourself with the motivation behind your actions. Jesus called it knowing thyself. Come away from overcomplicated ritual, overcomplicated ideologies, and overly intellectual philosophical understanding. I am teaching you in a new way now.

These are new harmonics here in this now. A wondrous new spiritual song is being born. Consciousness is in a state of constant evolution. I am teaching you now to be simple. I am teaching you to be love and to be love is to be compassionate.To be compassionate Ultimately, I am part of the Buddha nature has to begin with oneself. 21 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

Can you forgive yourself? Knowing this intellectually is not enough. You have to practice self-forgiveness on a daily basis. Can you forgive your parents, your teachers, your governments? There is no enlightenment without forgiveness. There is no flowering of compassion in your heart unless you feel love and compassion for yourself. In every moment of now, check yourself. “Am I coming from fear or am I coming from love in what I am thinking and what I am feeling and how I am acting?”In this modern age more and more of you are travelling to other lands. Many of you are intermarrying into other cultures, and the study and acceptance of far-flung places across the globe is becoming accessible and fashionable. There is a gigantic wave of consciousness merging, and through this merging, it is purging separation, limitation, and control. All you have to do dear ones is to ride the wave in this time of colossal change and the raising of the vibration of humanity and Mother Earth herself.

stronger. It no longer behooves you to see yourself just as a particular nationality, a particular person, of a particular family, and so on. Allow your conditioning to wash away easily in this age of light. Become global, become cosmic and become your multidimen- sional being and becoming. As I mentioned earlier, disidentification from the many labels at the core of your being does not mean that at the periphery, your personality self, you cannot be a particular name, nationality, family, and so on. Lord Buddha, I find that the world over, people that are focusing on the spiritual very often tend to be struggling on the material plane. Many of the people that are prosperous on the material plane are disconnected from their soul energy and from the realm of the Divine. Could you shed your powerful light in this now on how people struggling with these issues can find greater balance and less division on their path?

Beloved one, it is the faulty understanding of many that to be spiritual is to be poor, and to be prosperous one should distrust being overly spiritual. I was the prince of a kingdom, and then on my spiritual path I was It is important to bring in the energies of love, a homeless ascetic. Having experienced all compassion, generosity, and gratitude into all the extremes, I taught the eight-fold middle the aspects of your life—not just during time path. Extremism leads to suffering and ignodemarcated for spiritual journeying and en- rance. I learned deep lessons about balance hancement. Bring your tolerance and your in that lifetime and so, for you too now, I highly patience into the marketplace, into your air- recommend constant awareness in balancing ports, and into your railway stations. Bring a of the many energies, colors, and flavors of higher order of ethics into your businesses your beingness. and your relationships, and particularly with those that challenge you. All of this is hap- Perhaps seeing your field of energy as a beaupening anyway, in this grand moment of now, tiful thousand- petalled rainbow lotus, swirling and you need to just flow with the river as in love and creating a kaleidoscope of colors opposed to fighting this energy of enlighten- and vibrations that are all balanced together to ment as it seeps into every aspect of life on form in the vast field of nothingness, you can earth here now. better appreciate your own unique being and becoming. One of the best keys to the balancStop seeing yourself as this or that. Make ing of your physical, spiritual, mental and emoyour practice of neti neti (neither this nor that) tional bodies is silence. 22 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

Unless you make regular time and space for your beingness in the unmanifest realm of reality, which is easily accessed through the sacred practice of silence or meditation, there can be no question of balance or harmony or peace. I am peace; I am supreme peace within me now. I suggest an invocation for you such as: I invoke the god, goddess nature within me. I am supreme peace and supreme silence and harmony within me now. In the state of Maha Mudra, I become nothing. I am nothing, and in this field of nothingness, all possibilities are possible. This field of nothingness is a place of pure potentiality, and just as a tree needs its roots to grow deep in the earth, it is essential for your beingness to be deeply steeped in the temple of your inner silence for anything concrete and strong to be built in your manifest reality. when you meditate, remember to ground yourself. when you go into the marketplace, remember to keep one part of your beingness in the unified field of awareness, where all others are but aspects of the same Supreme Divine Self. Even in your romantic relationships, you will come from a place of greater joy and alignment, if you keep the innermost part of your awareness as being the detached witness, while your personality self happily engages in loving another wondrous aspect of self. In Buddhist Tantra, the Vajra Satva is merged with the Vajra Saraswati, as the male and female energies within embrace each other in one’s heart temple. From this meditative, alchemical union, the energies are raised to the third eye for illumination, taken to the crown chakra and from the crown to the soul star chakra to connect to union with the entire Cosmos, where the within and the without merge.

Rashmi Khilnani was born in Chandigarh, India and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo, Egypt. She went on to study and teach with worldrenowned avatars, gurus and teachers and became a specialist in energy medicine. She is on the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China, as well as the teachings of the Essenes, into current time and making these wisdoms simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists and others from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality. Rashmi is the host of 2013 and Beyond with Jeremy McDonald heard monthly on Rashmi is the executive producer and one of the speakers in a new documentary film, IGod, which will feature spiritual authors, heads of various religious denominations and people at all levels of soul journeying. IGod is being produced by Robert Friedman and Neale Donald Walsh, and directed by Jonathan Friedman.


23 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ September 2015

Increase your creative vein even more with the presence

of Archangel Jophiel by Heike Stenzel

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A feature by Heike Stenzel ( introducing the beautiful ray of Art, Beauty and Intuition and a mesmerizing interview with Artist and Illustrator Sandra Schoene from Irland. You have the passion for art; beauty of all kinds fascinates you and your creative mind set is just waiting to set you into motion to express your talents in your life? Why not make use of the higher dimension and invite the beautiful female angel onto your path that will help you to keep going, motivates and inspires with new insights and intuitive thoughts? Are you ready for the ray, a down pouring of a bright yellow light, entering your heart and your mind – and best, it is done so easily that you will hold your breath in amazement! Gentle and pure; and in service of mankind, Archangel Jophiel is there in a second when you invoke her sweet name. Her appearance is well known and shines in the most alluring yellow light you may be able to paint down on your canvas, enduring and enchanting are her attributes to accompany your creative heart and mind. Just by reading these lines, the words written down, you may feel the vibration and energy of her – if you still in doubt why not try for yourself and let´s invite her in with the light filled invocation at hand. Let´s move out of your head and dwell in your heart that is just waiting, excitedly to open the gates for more to come.

my heart. Amen!” Inhale and exhale and if you have closed your eyes, your inner world may give away a glimpse of archangel Jophiel, radiating with sunshine yellow sparkles all around, within and without you. Open your eyes and continue what you are doing and follow the guidance that is going to unfold over the next days to come. If you feel drawn to a particular ritual, the Archangel Jophiel energy is best known to be invoked on a Monday! It is amazing how greatly we are helped by the angelic kingdom if we just allow them to enter our life and when we keep our ego mind chatter down, we truly can hear and listen their voices, inviting us to follow the higher guidance within us. With this I am very pleased for you to read my interview with Sandra Schoene, an illustrator and artist from Dublin in Irland. Angel & Beyond Heike: “What inspires your Artwork?” Sandra Schoene “I am very observant and I take in what I see, and combine that with the images in my head. I like trees, eyes, moonshaped things, and letters. I love doodling something starting with a letter.

Angel & Beyond Heike: “Who inspires you?” Sandra Schoene: “Emm…, many things, but in terms of people I would say all the surrealists, such as Dali and Kahlo and other personalities such the Dalai Lama or Nelson “Beloved presence of Archangel Jophiel, Mandela as well - My grandma.” presence of the angelic kingdom, I hereby ask and humble pray, form all my heart and Angel & Beyond Heike: “What do you soul and mind, inviting you to interfere with want to express in your Artwork?” your beautiful yellow light to enter my life, Sandra Schoene “Good question, I’d like use help me that those creative projects, art and my artist’s vision and soul’s eye to find the beauty will find the way to me. Easily and joy- beauty in the world and tell stories.” fully! Always for the best of all concerned. The light of joy and creativity dwells in the heart of Angel & Beyond Heike: “Which characmankind and all beings here on earth. So it is ter of your illustration figures you love and it is done. Thank you from the bottom of most?” 25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

Sandra Schoene “Good question, I’d like use Angel & Beyond Heike: “Sandra, tell us my artist’s vision and soul’s eye to find the about upcoming events, exhibition where beauty in the world and tell stories.” do you present your Art-work?” Sandra Schoene: “After exhibition in New Angel & Beyond Heike: “Which characYork, I received an offer to participate in a ter of your illustration figures you love new exciting project called “TWICT – The most?” World is coming together”, which will launch Sandra Schoene „I love my Halloween-in- on 1 September 2015 in Dublin. This is an spired series of illustrations. They are very exciting, colorful, new format-type of event, complex and colorful; with every look you reaching out to all the corners of the world discover another tiny detail. You may even through visual art and music. I am also workuse a magnifying glass to zoom in closer.” ing on collaboration on a children’s book with a very talented writer from Dublin. Stay tuned Angel & Beyond Heike: If you would ilfor more!” lustrate yourself into a figure, what would that be?” Angel & Beyond Heike: “Thank you SanSandra Schoene “Haha…great question. I dra! It was a pleasure talking to you and think I would like to be one of my Halloween with the embracement of Archangel Jocharacters with a funky hairstyle and out-of- phiel, I wish you all the success in your this world shoes, using vibrant colours such amazing art-and illustration work you do!” as blue and red for the weekend look. Perhaps a little bit toned down for a weekday For more information about Sandra, you can look, using black and white with a dash of find her on Facebook and Twitter! Enjoy with outrageousness. Joy! Angel & Beyond Heike: “If you would have a magic wand, and have three wishes free, what would ask for first?” Sandra Schoene: “Well, in case I have to give back that magic wand, I would ask for another one. I would like people to respect and appreciate art in every form and realise that it’s a gift to the world, and with that the artist is getting paid properly. I think I have one more, to live forever as I have so many things in my head that I want to draw that it lasts a for another few life-times. If I can get the magic wand I would want to fly around the world and see its beauty.” Twitter: @schoenesan

Angel & Beyond Heike: “If you have only 5 words to describe your Artwork-Illustration, what would that be?” Sandra Schoene: “Dark but cute, elaborate, playful, innovative!”

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What The Cosmic Law of Attraction Means For You by Theresea Hughes


In this instance it deals with atoms being attracted to one another and eventually creating matter to produce the visible (and invisible) world around us. This basic idea is applied to a type of thinking called the New Thought movement. This movement began as early as the late 1800’s and has found widespread success and criticism from people all over the world. So what does the cosmic law of attraction mean for you, personally?

to convince them to focus on the money they want to have. By using this positive thought, it is believed the person can manifest the money and bring it to themselves. However, the cosmic law of attraction is not limited to material possessions. Many people do not desire money to make them happy. The cosmic law of attraction applies to even the most abstract things in life, such as love. Someone who dwells on not being able to find a date will find little success, while someone who seeks out what they desire with a positive attitude is more likely to get what they want. While the cosmic law of attraction may sound like pseudoscience, it is hard to argue that having a positive attitude about life would not have some kind of beneficial impact on a person, and bring the things they truly want or need into their lives.

Understanding the cosmic law of attraction is simple. The scientific application is very simple to someone who subscribes to the New Thought movement. Essentially, the cosmic law of attraction is utilized by people to manifest material possessions for themselves with just their thoughts. In the 1930’s a book on the cosmic law of attraction was published explaining to people how positive thinking could help them find money. So what do you need to understand the cosmic law of attraction? Nothing is required The book became one of the best selling but a change in attitude. There are numerous books of all time. Although the book may have publications that can help a person better been popular due to the fact that it offered understand how to approach the cosmic law a means to riches during the great depres- of attraction, but the fact is that it is somesion, the movement did not stop once the thing anyone can apply to their life starting recession faded. This book was titled, ‘Think right now. By studying it and using it for yourand Grow Rich’, and was written by Napo- self, you may find the changes in your life leon Hill. In it, he referred to the law of attrac- surprising. For something that is so easy to tion as ‘Infinite Intelligence’. This was the implement, it can bring about wondrous posearly stages of the modern LoA movement. itive changes for anyone. The cosmic law of attraction is based on positive thinking. Rather than focusing on what one does not have, money for instance, the law of attraction is a belief that with positive thinking and a focus on what a person does have, the things a person needs will manifest for them. If someone is in need of money, but always focusing on the money they do not have, the law of attraction is intended

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you did not have to live paycheck to paycheck? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the money you need it instead of having debt? You may be thinking this sounds too good to be true, but the Law of attraction can help you change your financial situation.

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Measuring Personal Consciousness BY Richard Barrett

art by Tsuyoshi Nagano

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Having defined a framework for measuring human consciousness and identified how your sense of identity (inclusivity) expands through various stages, from your ego identity to your soul identity, let us now explore the mechanics of measuring consciousness. To this end we will need to define two new concepts: personal entropy and cultural entropy. Personal entropy is the amount of fear-driven energy that a person expresses in their day-to-day life as measured through their interactions with, or behaviours towards other people. Personal entropy arises from the subconscious fear-based beliefs that we learn during the surviving, conforming and differentiating stages of our psychological development. These represent our ego’s unmet needs—not having enough, not being loved enough, and not being enough—also known as secondary motivations. When we are making decisions based on fear-based beliefs, we are focussed on our own selfinterest. As a result, we promote separation. Cultural entropy is the amount of conflict, friction and frustration that people encounter in their day-to-day activities that prevent a human group structure (team, organization, community or nation) from achieving its peak performance. The main source of cultural entropy is the fear-based actions and behaviours of the current leader(s) and the institutional legacy of past leaders; the fearbased beliefs embedded in the structures, policies, systems and procedures of the organization. At the individual level, personal entropy creates disturbances in your personal energy field, which prevents your ego from bonding and cooperating with your soul. At the group level, cultural entropy creates disturbances in the group’s energy field, which prevent members of the group from bonding and cooperating with each other. Cultural Transformation Tools The measuring instruments I am going to

present are described in several of my previous books. Collectively, these measuring instruments are known as the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT). A description of the latest version of these measuring instruments can be found in The Values-Driven Organization: Unleashing human potential for performance and profit1 or by going to Since their inception, the CTT have been used to measure the consciousness of more than five thousand organizations, four thousand leaders, and twenty-four nations. More than five thousand people in sixty countries have been accredited in the use of these tools. You can measure your own consciousness by doing a free self- assessment at www. This assessment gives you your perspective on your values. These are the values you believe you operate with or the values you aspire to. In order to find out where you actually are on the spectrum of consciousness, rather than your potentially biased perception of yourself, you must do a feedback assessment; find out how others see you. In a feedback assessment 15–20 people are asked to pick ten values/behaviours that reflect how you operate. They choose from a list (template) of 80–90 words or phrases. The values/behaviours included in the template represent all levels of consciousness and contain positive as well as potentially limiting (negative) values. Positive values include words such as friendship, family, accountability, trust and making a difference. These are values that promote connection, bonding and cooperation. Potentially limiting values include words such as control, blame, manipulation, status- seeking and arrogance. These are values that promote separation and conflict and create personal entropy.

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The top ten highest scoring values and the distribution of all the values chosen by the assessors are plotted against the Seven Levels of Consciousness model. The level of personal entropy is arrived at by calculating the proportion of votes for potentially limiting values chosen by all the assessors. Measuring the consciousness of a high entropy individual Figure below shows the results of a feedback assessment obtained for an individual operating with high personal entropy. The number alongside each value represents the number of votes for this value by the assessors. The total number of assessors in this case was fifteen. An (L) next to a value indicates a potentially limiting value. The white dots indicate the placement of potentially limiting values and the grey dots represent the placement of positive values. Figure 4.1

In the opinion of his assessors this individual is focussed in his ego- mind, 73% of his values are located in the first three levels of consciousness (ego-mind); 27% of his values are at the ego-soul alignment levels. There are no values at the activated soul-mind levels. The level of personal entropy (36%) is arrived at by adding up the proportion of votes for potentially limiting values at the first three (ego) levels of consciousness (9%+18%+9%). This person has started the process of individuation (primary motivation) but has not yet reached the level of self-actualization. What is blocking the evolutionary progress of this person is his high level of personal entropy related to his secondary motivations. The potentially limiting values in the top ten values chosen by the assessors suggest this person is achievement-focussed: he is an authoritarian, highly competitive, demanding and power seeking. All of these values promote separation rather than inclusion. The degree to which a person is fully aware of who they are and how they are perceived by others can be gauged by asking the person whose consciousness is being assessed to also pick ten values about how they see themselves operating. Their view of their own values is then compared to their assessors’ view of them. Figure 4.2 shows how the person assessed in Figure 4.1 views himself, alongside the assessor’s perspective (shown in Figure 4.1). The percentages in parenthesis on the extreme right-hand side of the figure are the individual’s own assessment of their distribution of values compared to the assessors. 32 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ Septembert 2015

Comparison of how a high-entropy individual sees himself and how he is seen by his assessors. Figure 4.2

What is immediately obvious from this example is the mismatch between how the person sees himself and how others see him; this person does not have a realistic view of himself. His ego projects a false persona. He is living behind his ego mask. He views himself as operating at higher levels of consciousness than his behaviours would suggest to his assessors. He has two matching values between how he sees himself and how others see him: excellence and results orientation. He does not attribute any personal entropy to himself (no potentially limiting values in his top ten) but his assessors’ indicate he is operating with a very high level of personal entropy (36%). Measuring the consciousness of a low entropy individual Figure 4.3

In the opinion of the nineteen assessors, this individual is focussed in the higher levels of consciousness: 43% of the assessor’s votes are at the transformation and internal cohesion levels of consciousness (egosoul alignment) and 27% are at the making a difference and service levels of consciousness (activated soul-mind). This person is well advanced in their self-actualization and has a low level of personal entropy (4%).

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Figure 4.4 compares how this person sees herself compared to the feedback from 19 assessors. The percentages in parenthesis on the extreme right-hand side of the figure are the individual’s own assessment of their distribution of values. In this case, compared to the previous one, there is a much stronger correlation between how people see this person and how she sees herself: there are four matching values in the top ten: listening, open to new ideas, team builder and vision. What is striking about this person compared to the previous example is that she has a slightly more modest perception of who she is compared to her assessors. Interestingly, neither of the two people is aware of how they are coming across to others: she underestimates herself, while he overestimates himself. Comparison of how an individual with low entropy sees herself and how she is seen by her assessors. Figure 4.4

The main difference between these two examples—the high entropy and low entropy individuals—is that the first individual is primarily operating from the ego levels of consciousness and the second individual is primarily operating from the ego-soul alignment levels of consciousness and above. Let us now take a look at how we can measure the consciousness and cultural entropy of an organization.

Richard Barrett, Founder and Chairman of the Barrett Values Centre, is an internationally recongnised thought leader on values, culture and leadership in business and society. He is a Fellow of the World Business Academy, Member of the Wisdom Council of the Center for Integral Wisdom, Honorary Board Member of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank. His books include: Evolutionary Coaching (2014), The ValuesDriven Organization (2013), What My Soul Told Me (2012), Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations (2011) and The New Leadership Paradigm (2010).

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Cosmic Temple Stargate Activation By CHARLOTTE SZIVAK

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Igniting divine bliss, ecstasy and magic... As we take a moment to reflect back on the universal theme being a massive spring cleaning and clearing in how we see our ‘KARMA WITH LOVE, SEX AND THE MYTHIC TWIN FLAME’ have all unfolded, did we embrace its lessons, gifts and challenges or continue with the game of illusion and denial? Thinking back to our intentions made at the Spring Equinox are they NOW sprouting and unfolding thought the growing season of the summer? With the powerful astrological GRAND CROSS activation this Summer Solstice our entire BEing is flooded with the divine cosmic love energies and we realize no matter where we are HOME is truly in the HEART. This constantly building accelerated pace has been transforming our cells and molecule structures right down to the core subatomic particle levels,leaving many dizzy as the energy spin faster releasing all the old toxic energy no longer serving or benefiting us - a cosmic spring cleaning indeed is what was defining us collectively along with the Earth Mother herself - attuning to greater awareness of just how interconnected, infinite and vast our energetic consciousness is with influencing all living things. We’ve truly experience how every intention set, the actions that follow, with the words have affected everything from the individual levels to global. How important Goddess alchemy is, embracing all parts of ourselves and learning from everyone, liberating us through self acceptance as we applying our knowledge together as ONE unified with the cosmic heart of all creation. As many hold the awaken energy frequency NOW we still process continually expanding and integrating to embodiment while tending to our divine inner gardens - creating a more abundant life filled with the magic of divine power inside and out. Therefore in order to allow greater emotional freedom to reign we focus on the Alchemy of

the HEART the most important organ in our bodies, the core of our physical body structure and spiritual essence. LOVE is the centre of our lives with the awakened energy of the spiritual heart the deepest mysteries of life is felt and expressed. When experiencing life with an open heart you have the ability to inspire others, meaningfully and magically touch others, restoring harmony as we transform. The passion of heaven are ignited as your granted access thought the divine doorways ofthe cosmic multi-dimensional layers with expanded states of knowingness,infinite blessings while awakening the ancient secrets of the Language of Light. Since everything in life is creative you realize that your always co-creating with the Divine. This past few months of purging our hearts was the opportunity for liberation from the old scripts allowing for all the hurt or disappointment held inside to be examine with what you didn’t love about yourself - no longer to be caught up with the past illusions of sexual love which never lasted. Birthing a deeper understanding through our experiences of love exists beyond sexuality, through self-acceptance and honouring the unique individuality of others while embracing how often they function as a mirror reflecting the unseen aspects of our deeper self - to become WHOLE- BEINGS. It is now safe for you to open your heart. Love is now based on freedom, not expectation or need; it begins to lift you up on its wings elevating you higher towards the stillness, compassion and peace - the higher octaves of LOVE. Ecstasy erupts in a sacred sexual alchemical infusion of bliss as the eternal Twin Flame is born and materialized anchoring the Divine Holy Trinity. “Sex is the seed, love is the flower, and compassion is the fragrance.” ~ OSHO

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The great quake of Japan in early March accelerated the speed of the earth 1 tenth of a second being enough to fully activate the HEART of every BEing on the planet shifting us cellular elevating our consciousness and energetic structure along with the Earths for according to Hermetic Laws of; So Above, so below, we all change together - resulting in many souls experiencing a variety of emotions associate with the heart; grief, heart ache, palpitations, rage, resistance to love, worthiness and fear while others were experiencing a greater sense of love, unity, stillness and ONEness. Leaving many to ponder and question, seeking resolve, refuge or relief from the wild roller coaster ride. In honour of this divine dispensation of cosmic energy in fluxing our planet and souls at this Summer Solstice of 2011, we ask you to take another look introducing yourself to the dysfunctional archetype (or shadow side/not integrated aspect) of the Heart The ACTOR/ ACTRESS and the functional archetype (embraced light side/enjoying the wonderment of love) being the LOVER. We are all born with open hearts and as we mature and grow with our lives, sometimes getting entangled with the webs of illusion, Maya or glamour we separate off from the eternal presence of love - closing down our hearts, overprotecting our innocence, purity, and joy - feeling defensive and vulnerable to the harsh reality of others’ projections of fear and negativity. Leading us unfortunately into an ICE-olated frozen state where we lose our capacity to trust. What we most long for and desire is left unavailable - we are starving for love - trying everything to fill the void from overworking, serial dating, drugs, sex or overeating - constantly looking for something or someone to plug into to quench the thirst creating an energy vampire. Oh sure we can pretend to be sophisticated and act like it doesn’t matter but deep in our hearts we know the truth - it’s the only thing that really matters and there’s no substituting to cover its loss.

Instead of overcoming the grief buried we stay suited up in our battle gear continuing to fight shielding ourselves in a warrior stances afraid of further exposure - to what if we get hurt again? - only adding to the deep reservoir of pain already stored, playing at love by not being aware of the damage it causes veiled by the darker feelings hidden under agendas of power and dominance - never to experiencing real intimacy just massive resistance to love and being loved by another. Going through life ‘ACTING’ like everything is cool, acting nice or playing sweet but really escaping the inner reality with detaching should anyone come too close. The ACTOR/ACTRESS avoids bonding by acting out its conflicts in tension and drama only distancing itself, never exposing its true feelings - professing love but always from a safe distance? LOVE becomes a mental exercise rather than a true function of the heart and intimacy, when someone dares to come close to its vulnerable core - alarms sound, warning bells go off and an immediate LOCK DOWN erupts into holding back, tension, becoming argumentative with a variety of Operation Navy S.E.A.L. Tactics come into equation. These tormenting games played by the ACTOR/ACTRESS is frustrating and painful to witness watching the push-pull energy - building a fortress of knowledge around itself shielding in the event some imaginary invasion or threat may materialize. Constantly focusing intently in anticipation of being hurt and alone - causing damage to those who mistake its seductive charm for love yet drawing many who are able to give love - but always on guard over its closed heart. The real shame being is how it continues harbouring deep resentment, anger and hostility- buried inside - never being free remaining blocked only to diminish its life force and beauty while blaming everyone else to continue repeating the patterns over and over and over again. Make no mistake the ACTOR/ACTRESS wants it, needing it desperately, but absolutely

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terrified of letting their defenses down for further exposure instead always hoping that someone cares enough to climb over the fortress walls breaking them free from it’s painful prison of the emotional abyss of existence - to heal its wounds, easing its pain, being looked after yet never to offer love in return. It needs to do what it longs the most: dare to open up, risk allowing the powerful energies of love to purify and humble it. Taking full ownership and responsibility, dropping its defenses and shallow facsimiles of love dissolving the walls built around it, allowing freedom to reign in a more fulfilling life, sparking creativity, sacred love and sex with real intimate connections a birthright of abundance.One of the best ways to assist the ACTOR/ACTRESS begin expressing itself - is to Sing.You don’t need to be Pavarotti or Lady Gaga even a shower performance will do, but the sheer act of singing allows for the raw power behind the emotions to be given a voice. When those old familiar sensation of anxiety or fear start creeping in - PAUSE - remembering simply that we are all mirror images to one other reflecting the hidden emotions already held inside. So you B R E A T H . Allow your emotional responds to guide you, is this the next shadow wound to be transmute or a lesson learnt - receiving the gift of Divine Grace and an understanding HEART. For when you come in contact with a soul who hasn’t embodied to the degree you have, you have the GRACE to understand them not judge them, however that soul has no way of accepting or understanding you unless they open themselves up and learn to integrate it within themselves - their Divine Sacred Temple. I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you.

by taking ownership and responsibility at all times, an Alchemical Synergistic Energy is ignited and SILENCE prevails, you live in Divine Truth - becoming more radiant, filling up with a luminescence.You see the BEAUTY of the wounds and a DIVINE GRACE emanates around you with understanding the messages from within - listening NOW to the Divine Intelligences of your Body and Mind of Light - taking all your ques from the now blissful divine director inside.You become a RAY of LIGHT shining from within the raising of the Inner Sun and beyond inspiring all whom you encounter with your SOLAR ANGELIC presence, anchoring HEAVEN by becoming a conduit of the Divine Current ~ actualizing Spirit BEcoming Matter. You become the ma- STAR- piece you were created to BE.

Charlotte Szivak is available for private personal readings, Transmissions, Light body Activations, Healing Sessions, work/playshops, House parties, Meditation, Retreats, Energetic House clearing & Anchoring, sacred site tours, Media, Interviews, Keynote Speaking & Corporate events worldwide. Contact us at

“We are all light bulbs, just at different voltages” ~Sai Baba, Cosmic Christ Avatar Since all relationships are a reflection of us 39 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

excerpt from Reclaim the Magic

The Magic

of Owning Your Own Divinity by LEE MILTEER image by anka_zhuravleva 40 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ September 2015


Our society gives power to external events and people and not to the natural source of power within each of us. There is a higher intelligence, a pure positive energy from the universe, a creative and loving force that is the source and substance of all reality. You must direct your life with your inside power and inter- nal knowledge not the external information you have been fed about how little is possible. You don’t even know how powerful you are, which is your deepest soul lesson to learn. It is your job right now to remember that you are not like the unenlightened masses on this earth (or you wouldn’t be reading this book). You are a member of the family of light. Your real life purpose is to awaken your spiritual consciousness so that you can direct your life from your internal knowledge versus external program- ming. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

influenced you, but they don’t understand real spiritual power. Instead, they operate from past beliefs and logical left-brain thinking. Most people simply do not want to listen to their intuition and own common sense because they don’t want to be responsi- ble. They want someone else to tell them what to do and how to do it. They don’t want to be the king or queen of their own lives and actually think, use discernment, and be 100 percent respon- sible for their life and results. It is easier to be a sheep and follow the herd. Sadly, they end up living a very unfulfilling life. We often let our logical minds rule us to the point of not hearing the wise inner voice that speaks and knows more about our future and long-term well-being than our logical, programmed mind.

To accept being the king or queen of your own life you have to have a sense of knowing and discernment that you are slightly different from average people. You do not follow the path of unconscious people. Your vibrational As the king or queen of your life you have frequency is higher, you are more intuitive, your own king- dom. Your task is to remem- more aware, and more sensitive. You have ber the importance of nurturing and treating love for the world. yourself well, instead of putting others above you. You rule your life with benevolence and Right now it is time for you to step into a new grace. You are confident that you have within role in life and let go of the old paradigms and you the connection to Infinite Intelligence, so reality, and remember who you really are. you know what actions to take and when to take them. You are tapped into your source Let go of old fears and your programmed and access intuition as your true power. perception of your- self. Those limiting perceptions hold you back from becoming your To transform yourself you have to become authentic self and gaining your spiritual peryour own author- ity. You must stop giving sonal power. Too many people are afraid to away your power and letting others control pick up the pen to write their own story, so your decision-making process. Let’s face it, they let someone else take hold of it . . . then most of the world doesn’t get it. Most of the they lose control of their own destiny! world lives in a much lower con- sciousness level. That means you have to take back You can have complete control over your your power from what society says. Well- life; you have the power of love which gives meaning but often clueless people like teach- you the power of manifesting. As Jesus said, ers, parents and professionals such as doc- “You can do all that I do and more.” When tors, lawyers,and government officials have you love and accept yourself as part of the all

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that there is you realize you have resources far greater than you working on your behalf. You have spiritual helpers! There is an impeccable purpose to life and you are part of that. Your real work is to be your authentic self, so if you don’t like your life story, rewrite it, re-label or re-brand yourself. Claim it and it will come true. It is a spiritual law. As Albert Einstein said: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” The world has changed and to be successful, you have to utilize every resource available to you. Now is the time for you to stop hiding who you really are and come out and be your authentic self. This book is about you learning how to create a new upgraded version of you, what I refer to as a new “Inner Ener- getic Blueprint” or “IEB.” As bestselling author Eckhart Tolle said: “The world can only change from within.” You have to set up a new frequency for your vibration to set a new course. So your real work is to open up vibrational channels to fire up your inner codes to activate your true potential and self-direction. You have amazing talents, potential, and skills that you have not allowed yourself to claim. You must now start to capitalize on these talents, skills and experience. You can navigate real- ity in a brand new way because the general population doesn’t have these abilities. You have abilities and advantages that aver- age people do not use. That is why you can be an incredible manifestor. Reclaiming the magic is about recalibrating your energy and your vibrational frequency to a brand new level. There is a no more beautiful and compelling force in the world than a person who is awakening into their true self. That is what true enlight- enment is about.

you believe about yourself is what comes to pass. What you think and feel about yourself comes true. If you don’t become conscious of your thoughts, you are dooming yourself to be whatever society or old connections wanted you to think about your abilities. Accepting who your authentic self is can be a challenge because the outside world wants you to fit in and follow their rules of life. Life wants you to conform. When you conform you lower your consciousness energy and are less of an attractor of good. When the movie and book “The Secret” came out many people thought it was new information, but this is not true. Centuries ago, people were writing about the Law of Attraction. Scholars in this century have written about the Law of the Attraction. Writers like Emerson, Blake, and Einstein, have all written about the Law of Attraction. In 1962, Catherine Ponder published a book called “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.” This book was all about Law of Attraction. Her main point was that you need to radiate out before you magnetize in. In other words, you can’t get something for nothing. You have to give first. Only when you are at the top of your game, and are energet- ically vibrating happiness, enthusiasm, positivity, and gratitude are you resourceful, creative, brilliant, effective, and prosperous. You are in the flow of Infinite Intelligence. Some people call this “the zone.” You are at the right place at the right time; synchron- icities happen for you that set you on the right course of action. Now is the time to give yourself permission to be who you are not who the world wants you to be.

Know that your highest and best always comes to you with perfect, divine timing. You do not have to fight, manipulate, or struggle to get what you want in life. You simply have to recognize the gifts when they arrive, I do want to make a very important point— and then accept and act on them. You are you are a self- fulfilling prophecy and what connected to the Divine and when your

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heart is open . . .miracles happen.

in when making any decision. When you focus on get- ting into alignment with your own Are You Still in Hiding? spiritual source, you know when to listen to your inner truth. You have clarity about what is A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not why the highest and best direction to go towards. ships are built. So why is it so many people are Integrity with self brings you into the highest waiting to live their lives, go for their dreams, connection to source energy.When we speak and express their true authentic selves? our truth, it benefits us as individuals and on a societal level to help raise consciousness. There is no better time than right now for you to come out and be your authentic self. Just sharing this consciousness material What does it mean to be your “authen- tic” and coming out of the so-called metaphysiself? It means being your true self, who you cal closet was challenging for me. I was really are, not who anyone thinks you should concerned I would lose my business clients be or wants you to be. Being your authentic because they would view me as being “woo self means you do what makes you genuinely woo.” Really, I am very seriously grounded in happy. You don’t feel obligated to pay atten- life and use universal wisdoms to manifest tion to what society is doing or saying, and what I want com- bined with my extensive busiyou genuinely follow your own heart. ness knowledge. When I started speaking my truth, just sharing things as I knew them to be Part of being your authentic self is speaking true, I started feeling excited again, as if my your truth. If we aren’t being true to ourselves, life had been renewed. It has been incredibly we can’t be authentic. And when we aren’t liberating. I love working with people who authentic, we aren’t living the life we came want that edge, which is understanding the here to live as the king or queen, and we are use of energy for suc- cess. Once I accepted not following our soul’s purpose. my real purpose and allowed myself to be more authentic, that fresh new energy attracted When our words and actions align with what’s much more joy, ease, and prosperity. I am in our hearts, that’s when we live our truth and living life more my way these days. Opportuembrace our authentic selves. When we re- nities that I am a vibrational match with, flow main silent or do something that doesn’t align easily into my life. I am blessed with more with what we know to be true, we betray our opportunities than I can accept. This allows authentic selves. me the inner confidence that all is well in my world. I can manifest whatever and whenSome of the security that we’ve all sought ever I want to. after has become very fragile. Our personal identification has been challenged. What This is what people are attracted to and the we used to believe in has been shaken. For type of energy they want in their own lives. many people, the future feels unknown and I encourage you to give yourself permission unsafe and, again, in this intense environ- to let the real authentic you out in the world. ment, it’s actually hard to remember who you You will be amazed at the new opportunireally are because most of your old programs ties and people you attract into your world. have been running you. We fall into amnesia Like does attract like. I will also disclose that about our true power. We often let fear and as you raise your consciousness you will doubt make us go towards what we consider no longer attract some of the people from security. We often make decisions from fear, your old life and old story. You will feel which is not a good vibrational mode to be different to them and often times that feeling

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feeling is unconformable to them, so they fade out of your life. In the long run of your life, it is very positive to release people who don’t support or respect you. When you change, your world will get an upgrade! Your IEB will start vibrating at higher frequencies bringing in more divine love and light.

the next thirty days, put yourself and your needs first for a change. I promise you it will improve the quality of your life! The queen or king within will be very appreciative.

LEE MILTEER is an internationally known and celebrated bestselling author, award-winning professional speaker, TV personality, entrepreneur, Who Is Ruling Your Life? visionary, and intuitive business Ask yourself these questions: When is it my mentor. Lee is turn in life to really take care of myself? When that rare soul is it time to claim being the queen or king of who lives and my life? thrives in both the business world and the metaphysical world. The things you are most passionate about She is also a Reiki healer, a shaman, and are not random; they are your calling to be runs Lee Milteer’s School of Wisdom, where your real self. The only way to be truly happy she teaches students how to manifest on in life is to go towards the calling. Reclaim levels that mainstream education or business your own unique magic of loving and accept- schools cannot teach. Lee has created and ing yourself as you truly are. You do not have hosted educational programs airing on PBS to be what others demand. and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. I suggest when making plans for your life— both long and short term—that you really She is the author of Success is an Inside take the time to consider the cost of the life Job and Spiritual Power Tools, and her latest energy you have to exert. To whom and to book Reclaim the Magic as well as the cowhat have you given priority? Subconscious- author of ten books. Lee speaks all over the ly, we often make other people the priority world, and has counseled and trained over at our own expense. As with everything, there a million people in her speeches. She has are times to put others first, but should you do authored over 150 training, entrepreneurial, this every time? I don’t think so. spiritual, and educational products, and is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® I want you to be aware that you are the one Coaching program, in which she provides making the plans for your life. If you want success and spiritual advice and resources serious transformation in your life, attitude, to people worldwide. You can find her at and energy levels then commit to a new spiritual well- being habit for yourself: For It’s time to come out of hiding. It’s time for you to get very clear that you are a creator. You co-create with Infinite Intel- ligence. You must claim your personal authenticity because you are a multi-dimensional soul. You were born with the ability to create and it is yours to use in making the best life you can live.

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We need to say it. We need to come right out and speak the words, upfront, publicly. The vast majority of near-death experiencers. Millions upon millions of people. Worldwide. Say: THE NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE IS A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. Forget what psychics claim, or mediums, or “master” teachers. Near-death experiencers are everyday people, educated and uneducated, professionals and laborers, truck drivers, moms, teens and tweens, babies, every race, every country. . . people. . . all of us, human beings, who, at the point of death or nearly so, glimpse life on the other side of death, a life realer than real. For them, mystery becomes reality. Anyone at any age can have a near-death

experience. That means babies birthing through their mother’s vagina, that means babies before birth – still in the womb. That means, quite literally, any individual, any age, can suddenly find themselves in dimensions greater than what we call life and be forever changed by that experience. The near-death phenomenon is an intense awareness, sense, or experience of otherworldliness, whether pleasant or unpleasant, that happens to people who are at the edge of death. It is of such magnitude that most experiencers are deeply affected – many to the point of making significant changes in their lives afterward. More than an otherworldly journey, travelogue, or light show, the phenomenon consists of two parts: the experience and the aftereffects.

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The experience can cover a wide range of elements.Those most commonly reported are finding one’s self apart from the physical body (vivid details, most of them later verified); a greeter of some kind (usually loved ones pre-deceased, including pets - sometimes angels, light beings, religious figures); engulfed by a light that knows all about you and can converse with you (described by adult experiencers as brighter than 10,000 suns); a life review (sometimes a dispassionate and objective “viewing,” other times more radical, like a reliving of the life, feeling the pain one caused others. There can be other elements, such as tunnels and heavenly cities, but these are not commonly reported (contrary to media hype).

vividness overtime of what was experienced, and the depth and power of the pattern of aftereffects.

Warning: you can’t refer to the near-death phenomenon without being prepared to confront whatever you feel or believe about social contracts and commitments, life and death, heaven and hell, body and soul, God/ Allah/Deity (the concept of a Creator God). By confront I mean facing information and facts that may challenge as well as surprise you. . . like being met on the “other”side by aborted babies, missing twins, relatives you may have never known you had, family secrets. . . perhaps even an expansive view of life’s continuity, histories beyond anything taught or ever known. Even hearing a special The aftereffects are both physical and psy- voice or having a quick in-and-out-of-body chological: physically - involving changes experience can be enough to trigger lasting to brain structure and function, changes to changes in the individual’s life. The key is the nervous and digestive systems, and skin intensity. The more intense the experience sensitivity. Electrical, sound, light, and phar- (no matter how short or long), the greater the maceutical sensitivities become common- flood of aftereffects. place afterward, as if the individual’s electromagnetic field altered. The average near-death experiencer is without vital signs (no heartbeat, no breath, Psychologically - loss of the fear of death, no brainwaves) for about five to 20 minutes. gain healing and intuitive abilities, become That’s average. Some are without vital signs more compassionate, loving, dedicated to for over an hour, even longer. A few revive social justice and the spiritual, yet challenged in the morgue, much to the shock of morgue by former relationship and communication personnel. A signature figure of the phestyles. There can be depression because of nomenon: experiencers return with little or the inability to resume “life as always.” no brain damage – rather, brain enhancement. They come back smarter than they were before, especially true with children – It is the pattern of these aftereffects that the younger the more pronounced the jump validate the experience, not the other way in intelligence tends to be. around. Truly, then, the phenomenon of near-death consists of both the experience and the aftereffects. Very few research- Experiencers say yes to the soul. Yes, we all ers address the entire phenomenon in their have one. Our greater self. work, certainly not skeptics, who seem to prefer “piecemeal” attacks based on what Experiencers say yes to God. Yes, there is they believe causes “the light show” without one – bigger and larger and more powerful regard to the range of experiencer ages, the than the God of Holy Writ. Terminology may

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change afterward, such as referring to God as Creator, Core, Source, Father-MotherGod, Light, Presence, The All, One, The Force, Universal Essence, or simply Love – yet always with that sense, that absolute knowing that a God/Allah/Deity (whichever preferred name) is absolutely-positively-real. That Light, the Presence you come to know, is felt as the very essence, the heart and soul, the all-consuming consummation of ecstatic ecstasy. Indeed, it is a million suns of compressed Love dissolving everything unto Itself, annihilating thought and cell, vaporizing humanness and history, into the one great brilliance of all that is and all that ever was and all that ever will be. Belief in God dissolves afterward because “belief” implies doubt. There is no more doubt. This knowing becomes a quiet passion, a driving force – always present, always available. God as nameless “Presence” – is seen to exist beyond what words can tell and any concept of gender, a conscious intelligence and creative principle so great that it envelops and permeates all levels, all things, all possibilities, all potential, all aspects of creation, all belief systems. The near-death phenomenon validates all the world’s great religions. . . except for one thing. The God one finds on the other side of death is the God of all.

saved by a series of events that cannot be explained. You can hardly turn on a television set today without accessing some channel featuring gripping stories of near-death experiencers, stories that are not just about life-afterdeath, but of the magnitude and the reality of God, who loves, forgives, encourages. And of revelations that the life we lead is not what we think it is, that there is a greater reason and purpose behind all things, that it is up to us to awaken. . . to our job as co-creators with the Creator. We make this world a better place. There’s no magic Godwand that does it for us.

I speak as I do in this article because it is time for me to. My work has always been based on the larger story: this side, the “other” side, the sum of the many. I began researching near-death states in 1978. That makes me one of the early pioneers in this field. I knew nothing about Raymond Moody or his book Life After Life at the time. I met Elisabeth Kübler Ross at O’Hare Airport that fall. Her plane was late for Europe. After introducing myself, the two of us sat on a bench and visited like a couple of school girls. I told her about my three near-death experiences the year before, three in three months, and all that I had gone through afterward. She was so understanding, naming me a neardeath survivor (she never used the term “experiencer”), then telling me about the You hear this in movies today, like “Heaven phenomenon itself. She never mentioned is for Real,” the story of four-year-old Colton Raymond Moody or his book Life After Life, Burpo, who walked with Jesus and talked nor had I heard of either. Being validated to angels when he nearly died during by Elisabeth was wonderful, yet, for me, surgery. You read about this in current best what she had said created more questions sellers, such as Proof of Heaven by neu- than gave answers. I began my research rosurgeon Eben Alexander, who contracted shortly thereafter, doing what I was told to a rare form of meningitis, which “ate” away do during my third near-death experience his brain cortex until a miracle happened; by a special voice. I called it The Voice To Heaven and Back by Mary Neal, an Like None Other. The Voice said to me: “Test orthopedic surgeon who drowned yet was revelation. You are to do the research.

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One book for each death.” I was shown what that meant and what was to be in each book. Book one was not named (although I always felt it was Coming Back To Life, my first major book about what I was finding in my work). Book two was Future Memory (Hampton Roads) – designed in the format of a labyrinth and meant to be read as one would walk a site labyrinth, and for the same reason, to bring the reader up to the next octave of consciousness possible at that time. The third? Well, that was to be a special manual, a book I just started writing in 2014. The idea of mission, that we each have a job to do, a mission to perform, perhaps several, maybe one after another – shines forth from the phenomenon – along with the importance that we each have our place in the overall scheme of things, no matter how long or short our lifespan may be. Although my mission was plainly revealed, not all are. Most experiencers lament that no such revelation was ever made to them. Adults say that. Kids are more upfront about the issue of mission: “Follow your heart, trust, and you will be led to what you need to do, maybe to a whole bunch of things, one after another. Love guides.” Eleven books contain my findings, based on sessions I had with nearly 4,000 adult and child experiencers of near-death states. Besides those already mentioned, others like The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences (the world’s only encyclopedia of the near-death phenomenon, written for busy people on the go); Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story (the summation of over three decades of work and what I found, including what others haven’t); and now Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.

encers say in private. Although based on my findings, clearly this book gives voice to the many – all those experiencers who will never write a book or stand on a stage – but still have a lot of say. This is their book, their voice. The real “thunder” from the neardeath phenomenon comes from this, the sum of the many, the greater collective. To this truth, I dedicate my remaining years.

P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, having begun her work in 1978, ten books comprise her findings. Some of her work has been verified in clinical studies, among them the prospective study done in Holland and published in Lancet Medical Journal, 12-15-01. A near-death experiencer herself, three times in three months in 1977, she became a researcher because of the mission she was given in her third neardeath episode. Her website is Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience, published by Rainbow Ridge Books, ISBN 978-1937907-28-0 is available on Amazon. com,, and bookstores everywhere.

Dying to Know You is a very small book, but power-packed. That’s because after all these decades of work, I decided to open up and say what experiencers say. That means the book gets right to the heart of issues, and puts things in print most experi50


Healing from Sickness 52 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

by Ellen Angelica Pendergast

So much information on the human body and how to heal it. Our society looks upon the human body as separate from US, in that it has nothing to do with our Soul.

it is repairing. However, if the body is instead, filled with harmful drugs that our allopathic doctors call ‘medicine,’ the body will weaken, making it much more difficult to heal. And even if the body does heal, it The error in this thought is that we are 3 in will return to illness if the emotion that 1; we are Mind, Body, and Spirit, and ac- caused it is not corrected. (This is not to bash cording to what has been written in a book allopathic medicine, as every form of healing called ‘Conversations with God, Book 1,’ has it’s place!) by Neale Donald Walsch, the Soul sits idly by, allowing the Mind and Body to ‘have Combining poor nutrition, medicine, and their way;’ reason being, that the Mind and not changing the emotions or thoughts that Body are temporary, whereas the Soul, is caused the disease in the first place, will eternal. Therefore, the Soul allows this, be- make it almost impossible to recover. Incause it knows that it realistically has all stead, most often, merely a delay to death is ‘the time in the world,’ (that is, IF there all that is achieved with this method. really was anything such as time that existed!), but the mind and body will some- There is however a better way. Amazingly day come to an end, so it allows them to so, even IF the body is riddled with poisonhave their way...for a time. ous substances, found in medicine (hence, what we call ‘side effects’) , and given a poor It has now been proven by science that if the diet without any exercise, the body will still body is left to itself, free of harmful drugs/ do what it can to keep that person alive! medications, exercised, and free of poisons Such is the miracle of God/nature! disguised as ‘food,’ such as GMO’s pesticides, etc., the body will heal itself; it has The inevitable outcome to all this is that that ability. after so much suffering (as the person is just not feeling well enough to enjoy life), When someone is sick with a disease, it is they will quietly decide, within their own because that individual has been carrying private thoughts, (whether it is consciously an emotion (energy in motion) that has chosen, or subconsciously), to end the pain caused an imbalance in the energy centers and poor quality of life, and they give up. We of the body, called Chakras. Once they are are not speaking of suicide, although that out of balance for a time, the energy block- option and choice has occurred in many. age will start an affect on the body that However, at this writing we are speaking causes illness. Once the body has fallen of the will to live declining to a point that ill, good nutrition will help it survive while brings death.



They may say they wish to live, and that is true; they wish to live in a healthy state; in a healthy body. And when they feel this is no longer possible, their thoughts of wanting it to end, causes the body to give up; to stop healing, and death/transition occurs. The best way to stop illness is the following: First, and most importantly, look for the feeling and thoughts that you have now, and have had just before you got sick. Look deeply into Self, and do all you can to correct this feeling. It could be anger, grief, depression, or any other negative thought and feeling you have been carrying for quite some time. If you cannot do this yourself, seek help, either through a Counselor, or Spiritual teacher. Secondly, do all you can to change your diet to pure foods that are rich in nutrition, and free of all chemicals, hormones, etc. Lastly, find someway to keep your body moving, whether it’s yoga, stretching, or just plain walking, swimming or moving your legs and arms. Meditation is important as it will keep your thoughts away from worry and stress.

Ellen Angelica Pendergast received a B.A. in Education in 1978; four major fields of study: English, Art, Social Studies, and Psychology. Received her M.S. in Clinical Psychology in 1997. Has treated patients in a locked psych ward, held a two office private practice, and currently is starting a private practice in Arizona. Taught Psychology classes at a University in the Chicago area, and has just completed a children’s book. She is currently writing another book for young adults and the general public. Contact Ellen;

Above all else, know that you are always being taken good care of, and watch for proof of that by whom comes into your life, and whom may leave. Finally, remember that even if you are to pass on, it is a transcending, rather than a death; that we are all the most Sacred Energy, called Love, and that this Energy never dies, it merely transforms. Blessings!

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Ask Ellen Angelica Pendergast

Spirit-Minded (Advice Column)

“All questions can be sent to:



Dear Spirit-Minded; My Mother is ill and nothing seems to work; yet she remains in this state of ‘limbo;’ she just doesn’t give up! I have never seen such courage, or is it fear of dying?

Dear So Sad: We could ask ourselves, “why didn’t Jesus heal the whole world?” He could have but did not. The answer is because many did not ask. In other words, Jesus knew that each Soul has it’s own agenda, so to speak, with God/Universe/Love, and therefore, Jesus never intruded, unless asked.

I only wish she would have a better quality of life. Can you tell me anything to help me feel better about what I experience watching her suffer? Signed: So Sad

We may not always know exactly what that particular Soul is ‘up to.’ (in this case, your Mother), but please relax into the knowing and rest in the faith that your Mother knows what she is doing; that it is between she and God/Creator/ Love, and choose to find peace in whatever her path may be. Blessings.

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Why The

Transcendent Mind is Important for

Emotional Healing by Sunita Pattani

We are so programmed by everyday life that unless we are told, our conscious mind is not aware that it is part of something grander. The conscious mind is operating within the Transcendent Mind, and the Transcendent Mind is the fundamental truth of who we are.

find it difficult to do. This is because they have wounded hearts, and the mind alone cannot always heal a wounded heart.

Deeper healing involves a transformation of perception. As mentioned above, it involves shifting stagnant energy that has been stored When someone opts to go for therapy, they within an individual. It also involves bringing commonly encounter the popular psychother- love into the equation, and love of course is apeutic models. Aside from building rapport our natural language–the language of the and trust, these models mostly are still Transcendent Mind. Love is what heals a Newtonian in nature–especially the behaviour wounded heart, and the individual mind is a modification techniques. They work with the tool that we use to help bring this state about. individual mind, looking for the cause and work on changing the thought. However, Some time ago, Henry came to therapy with changing the thought alone is not always anger and control issues. He expressed that enough to heal emotionally. Often I come he was short-tempered and found it difficult across people who understand intellectually to forgive. He also said that even though he that they need to change their thoughts to felt terrible afterwards, he tried to control situheal, they also understand that they have to ations to such an extent that it did not matter let go of resentment and anger but they still who he hurt in the process.

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Once we had worked with the traditional psychotherapy methods for a while, I asked Henry whether he had any spiritual beliefs and I also introduced him to the concept of the Transcendent Mind. Henry told me that he had been very sensitive as a child and remembers having vivid dreams and visions between the ages of about five and eight years old. However, whilst growing up, he faced difficulties with the family and quickly developed a ‘tough exterior’. His experiences left him angry and frustrated, with a deep need to control situations in order to avoid further emotional pain. I encouraged Henry to reconnect with his authentic self and address his emotions. Now that he was an adult he had nothing to fear anymore and it was safe for him to be himself.

is an important part of consciousness transformation. As mentioned earlier in the book: the ego is the part of us that is illusionary. It is the part of us that has us believe that we’re separate. The ego doesn’t recognise that we’re actually deeply interconnected and an integral part of the universe. Obviously, we have separate bodies and individual minds, but we are also part of something much greater. When we believe that we are nothing other than our separate selves, then it can be easy to be selfish, angry, greedy and inconsiderate towards those around us. After all, what motivation do we have to be loving towards one another? Instead we take the attitude that this is our life and that we need to do whatever we can to survive. Rather than coming together and collaborating with one another, we choose the path of competition. A world that believes that it is made up of separate beings not connected in any way, is a world that finds it hard to forgive and move on. It is also a world that operates on the basis of conditional love. How can a world with this belief system possibly create a truly peaceful existence?

Like many others, from a young age Henry had felt that there was something more to people. A combination of his childhood dreams and visions, as well as personal spiritual beliefs led him to believe that we were spiritual beings having a human experience. Exploring the concept of a Transcendent Mind brought Henry much peace, and also a sense of validation as he realised that he was not alone Our ego is our inability to live in the present in his thoughts. moment. When we’re stuck in the past or entirely focussed on the future, we are operatAlthough it took time for Henry to work on his ing from our ego. Many people think that they anger and control issues, exploring the Tran- need to kill the ego off completely in order to scendent Mind had added a new dimension live a happier life, but I feel that awareness to his healing. In addition to working through is the key. Although our ego is responsible his thoughts and feelings, he also worked for our negative intents and actions, it is on his spiritual connection. His awareness still useful to an extent because it enables us and personal connection to a bigger picture to integrate into this Earthly experience. Not is what further propelled his emotional heal- being aware of the ego intensifies the ing. He started recognising that we were all dichotomies that we experience and causes connected and this helped to develop his a hindrance to personal growth, but becomempathetic side, which in turn helped him to ing aware of the ego enables us to recognise become less angry. the dichotomies that are playing out in our lives. Awareness allows us to see the truth Death of the Ego and choose a different response. The death of the ego is the process that takes place during emotional healing and

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Becoming aware of the ego also connects us to the part of ourselves that transcends the ego. The Transcendent Mind is a deeper dimension within us that recognises the ego. This is the part of that begins to realise that the ego is playing up, and it silently observes. We are both the observer and the observed. In the example above, Henry’s anger and control issues started to subside when he began to observe his mind and the thoughts that were going through it. He also started to experience glimpses of inner stillness as he connected with the present moment, and in time he started to choose different responses. In Henry’s case (and in the case of many others), emotional healing takes time. However, for a few people the shift in perception is instant because they experience the truth about who they really are. They encounter the feeling of true joy and deep love and in that instant they realise the truth, and they feel the interconnectedness. This is what happened with Anita Moorjani, the lady who had the neardeath experience and the miraculous healing from cancer. However, this does not necessarily mean that the individual stays in that higher state of consciousness all the time, but rather they drift in and out of it, and have the ability to view life from a different perspective. I want to mention here a little bit about neardeath states and what they can contribute to our personal emotional healing. By now, it should be clear that: 1) We have an individual mind but we are also part of a greater is Newtonian in its approach, meaning that it deals with cause and effect. In a nutshell, it works on building rapport, exploring the past and, behavior modification. 2) We need to move beyond traditional therapy. In order to heal effectively we need to fur-

ther understand who we are at the core. We need to take into consideration the current research that has been conducted in the field and we need to recognise what this means for us. 3) We are naturally designed to express traits such as love, compassion, kindness and empathy. However, our perceptions are blinded by misguided beliefs.

Pattani is a graduate of the University of Birmingham, where she obtained a degree in Mathematics, Science and Education in 2003, followed by a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in 2004. Pattani taught for five years before she returned to college to receive an advanced diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Counseling. A regular blogger for The Huffington Post, Pattani’ s first book, My Secret Affair with Chocolate Cake: The Emotional Eater’s Guide to Breaking Free was published in 2012. Her second book The Transcendent Mind: The Missing Peace in Emotional Wellbeing will be published in 2015 The Transcendent Mind: The Missing Peace In Emotional Wellbeing, J Publishing March 2015 ISBN-978-1-907989-06-3 available everywhere books are sold.

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Message from the Goddess Mother





By Jan Diana

My Beloved Children, “My heart is filled with joy as I greet you this day. May your hearts and minds be opened to hear the sweetness of my message to you, as we share these moments together.

unhappy, there is no judgment about it, it just is an experience.

However, there is a way that you can make your experiences become happy ones that bring your heart joy. Imagine if all your experiences were filled with joyfulness, what would your life look like? As you look upon your life, do you feel Imagine if you were able to shift your that you are experiencing all that you whole life experiences to be light heartdesire? Perhaps you have some ed, illuminating experiences where you dreams that you would like to have felt so much joy and bliss. Imagine fulfilled and yet, you wonder how can if you were in love with your life! I reach these dreams, how is it possible? Please show me the way, your There is a way to create this as your heart calls out. reality. You begin by flavoring your life with joy. Today I will share with you a simple, delightful way to bring about some shifts You can begin very simply. Ponder on that will assist you in realizing those what brings you joy. Is it taking a walk wonderful dreams you have been hold- in nature? Nature has many gifts to ing in your sweet hearts. Today is the offer you which can bring you into a time to begin building bridges to those sense of great peace, calm and pleadreams, for it is your time to reach a sure. greater level of understanding. Perhaps listening to some special muIn your life, you have many choices. sic elevates you and brings you joy. It With each choice comes an opportu- could be some special foods you enjoy, nity to have an experience. How you or foods that you love to share with famperceive these choices affects how you ily or friends. It could be helping your experience them. If you have a choice neighbor, or writing in a journal. There and you are in sadness about it, it will are so many choices. Ponder on what likely be a sad unhappy experience. If triggers joyful responses and make a you have an experience that is sad or list. These can be your new focus points.





How can I bring more of these triggers into my day? Each day focus on what brings you joy and take action, by choosing to experience some joy. As you make these choices, you will begin to see the flavor of your life shift. You will awaken each day with excitement. What joy will I bring to myself this day? How will I gift myself with greater pleasures? It is my time to have fun and pleasure in my life. Let me share with you a moment of great joy, which will assist you to make a heart connection which will open your awareness of your truth. I will take you back to a moment in time where you first experienced joy in your life.

divine truth. You know who you are and you remember your truth. You can ponder on this moment whenever you desire, for it made an imprint of joy within you. Reflecting upon it will bring you a greater awareness of the time when you knew the truth and wonder of you. You knew joy in that moment. You knew your sweet nature of joyfulness, so being in joy came naturally to you. There were some adjustments, learning how to be on this world, and yet there was such an element of joy that created a surge of sweetness in your heart and mind, for you knew you had pierced the veil of light and entered into the beginning of the journey of your life.

You knew your life was a gift, a great blessing, to be able to live, to dream, to experience Take my hand as I walk you back to your mo- and to create. In a way which seems to be ment of birth. Relax and breathe into your beyond the realm of oneness, as an individuheart. Know that as we journey to this mo- ated soul and yet knowing in your heart you ment in time, you can open your heart and are always within the oneness. mind to receive this remembering of this joyful experience. The seeds of joy are within you. Now as you awaken more to the seemingly forgotten truth Here we are now, at your birth moment. You of your sacred self, those seeds of joy are have just been delivered. You are now be- ready to blossom and unfold, to present you ing handed to your mother. As you open your with gifts even beyond your imagination. eyes for the first time, you gaze into the eyes of your mother. Ah, you feel such joy, such You are even now experiencing a greater peace. Yes, you know joy and you are feeling awareness of yourself. There is so much wonit even now as we share this sweet moment der for you to discover, recognize and enjoy. in your past. Take a moment to feel this truth. It truly can be likened to a treasure hunt and Feel the love, the sweetness, the celebration you are the treasure. of being welcomed into your life journey. As your mind has taken you back to the first Within this sacred moment lies the fullness moments of joyful awareness, the many pathof your dreams you have held in your heart ways of light are waiting for you to choose for your life. You know who you are and your and experience. purpose. You have planned for this life and now you have arrived. The wait is over. You Recognizing the gift of your life will bring are ready to live the gift of your life, to create awareness to you of your uniqueness, for truthe dreams of your heart that you desire to ly you are the only one of you, with your own experience. specialness, experiences and expressions of wonder. Yes in the beginning of your life, you know joy. You remember your sweet nature, your 62 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ September 2015

Ponder on this for a moment. What would you like to remember? What dreams would you like to create? What would you like to experience? Your mind will fill with many questions as you take time to ponder. When you focus on the questions, you will be guided to the answers. To remember your divine nature, to discover and explore that truth is the greatest of journeys. The simple way to open to a greater awareness is to focus on joy, to flavor your life with many joyful moments. It is easy. It is only a choice of a new flavor of experiences, just as you would choose a flavor of ice cream that you would take pleasure in tasting. Each joyful moment is like a precious pearl. As you live your life, connecting these pearls, will create a string of beautiful moments, leading you into living your life filled with joy. More joy will lead to more joy. As you consciously choose joy, you will begin see windows of possibilities open before you, windows you were unable to see before. Soon you will be living in the golden river of joy, experiencing your life on pathways of great lightness. As you experience joyfulness, you will begin to remember more of your truth, for your divine nature is joyfulness. When you are experiencing joy, you are remembering this truth. You are recognizing the Creator’s love flowing to you perpetually. You are remembering the oneness, our sacred home of heart.

Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients and students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts and abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. If you have questions or would like to set up a session, you can reach her at website or by email SPECIAL offer 20% discount for new clients. Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. telecasts.html

My Beloved ones, flavor your life with joy. It is time for you to know the sweetness and wonder of you. I am shining my love upon you always.” With great love, Your Beloved Mother 63 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015

A Basic Introduction to Healthy Living By Tricia Cardone

It is likely that you probably think of certain ing you from living a truly healthy lifestyle. For things when you think of healthy living. Here example, many research studies show that it are a few things that may come to mind: is not necessarily how thin or how fat you are that determines how healthy you are, but rath•Eating well er the lifestyle that has led you to be that way. •Being thin Often, slightly heavier people who eat more •Exercising regularly responsibly than thin ones actually live longer •Getting enough sleep and healthier lives. They can be more active •Visiting your natural healthcare provider for and experience less physical strain on their annual checkups bodies than their thinner counterparts. This is just one example of a way that our cultural All of these “touchstone” issues can be ma- perception of “healthy living” may actually be jor factors in healthy living, but often they can leading us astray. obscure the real issues that may be prevent-

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In order to truly live a healthy lifestyle, you need to understand what you are undertaking when you decide to pursue this goal. A healthy lifestyle often leads to many desirable things, including a longer lifespan, higher levels of activity, more fulfilling existence and multiple options about where you go and how you get there in life in general. To determine what type of lifestyle will be the healthiest for you, you need to determine several things before you get started: Know your ideal diet Eating right is important, but people’s bodies react to food differently. Your personal preferences and health issues will determine what you should put in your mouth and how much of it you should be eating. Determine what vitamin regimen is right for you While you are evaluating your dietary habits,

evaluate your vitamin and mineral intake as well. Vitamins, like diets, should be customized to fit your unique body and health requirements. Take a hard look at your “healthy” habits You may be doing “healthy” things that are actually hard on your system. The wrong diet, the wrong types of exercise and a number of other “healthy” activities that our culture says are good for us may actually be stressing your body out because you are not uniquely suited to these activities. Healthy living is important, and it can be difficult to master if you have spent a lifetime misunderstanding the meaning of the words “healthy lifestyle.” However, you will be amazed at what you have been missing once you find the healthy way of life that is perfectly suited to you.

Tricia Cardone, CN, is a gifted nutritional consultant that is devoted to helping others find balance in their lives as well as celebrating their bodies and their health. 65 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ September 2015


I AM A THERAPHY DOG A Story about Ally

by Marian Montelongo


rom the very beginning Ally was a happy dog who loved everyone. She was friendly to other dogs, cats, birds as well as every living creature but she had a special place in her heart for humans. On the rare occasion I would take her to the dog park she was not the least bit interested in playing with other dogs. She would walk through the park stopping to meet and greet each dog owner. If there was someone who had a cast on their leg or arm she then attached herself to them. It was evident she was a natural therapy dog. At the time I had never heard of a therapy dog but several people in a dog class we were taking had therapy dogs. They pointed out that she would be a perfect candidate and offered to help us work on skills needed to become registered with a national organization. Having always wanted to give back the community and be able to include my dog in the process was the perfect combination.

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What is a therapy dog? Therapy dogs are someone’s well trained, well mannered pet who, with their handler, volunteer their time to visit with people in facilities that invite them do to so such as nursing homes, hospitals and schools. Therapy dogs do not have the same privileges as service dogs. Unlike service dogs, they are not trained to perform a specific task for a specific person and they have no rights to enter animal restricted areas. Therapy dogs do belong to an organization that tests their temperament and manners before they become registered. In essence, therapy dogs are, as I term them, professional social butterflies. Ally became a registered therapy dog when she was approximately 1.5 years. We would visit a facility every Saturday and Sunday. She knew the routine and at what time we should be leaving the house for our visit. Being a young lab mix, she had an enormous amount of bouncy energy. But a few minutes prior to the time we would need to leave for our visit she turned into a calm, well mannered dog. She knew it was time to go to work. Working meant people would ooh and aww over her, pet her, scratch her ears and rub her back. It was tough job but someone had to do it. We would walk with patients who were learning how to use a walker, petting Ally was an incentive for physical therapy patients and children enjoyed having a non judgmental audience who would listen as they read out loud. Those confined to a bed would get a few minutes of furry companionship that would bring a smile to their faces. Even the employees of the facilities we visited joined in the fun. While there were many people eager to meet Ally, there also those were not comfortable around dogs, that is until they see one dressed up. I never intended on dressing Ally. It started innocently with bandannas which lead to party collars and we pulled out all the stops for the holidays. A motorcycle chick or witch for Halloween, an elf or Mrs. Santa Claus for Christmas and the list goes on. She was so good about wearing clothes and hats. The more attention she received the happier she was to wear anything.

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We did experience those special moments, interactions or reactions from people that took us by surprise. The gentleman in a nursing home who never spoke but would walk next to her and carry on a conservation while she intently listened to every word he said. The joyful look from a family member when they saw their parent smile or laugh then reach out to pet Ally. The amazement of the physical therapist at how their patient who was reluctant to do the hand exercises would readily brush and pet Ally. Those were spontaneous moments, moments you could not plan or recreate if you tried that made your heart skip a beat. Over the 10 years of being a therapy dog we were thanked countless times for the service we were providing. Saying you are welcome was always difficult for me to say when in reality we were the ones reaping so many benefits.

Mobility issues brought on by age was the deciding factor in her retirement. As many have thanked us for her years of volunteer work, I thank her for the joy she has brought to my life and the lives of everyone we have met.

On June 30th 2015 at the age of 12 Ally retired from her work as a therapy dog.

In Memory of Katie Thank you Katie for choosing me. You taught me more about dogs than I ever knew there was to learn. Because of you I have met many wonderful people who are now my frineds. From the minute we met you never left my side and now you will be in my heart for ever. Run Free

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Vafa Shelter

Needs your help, many beautiful animals waiting for a loving home.

For adoption please contact: ~ ~ 69 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015 32 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM April 2015 25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥♥♥ June April 2015 67

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