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March 2014 Volume 4 Issue 3

spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and peaceful world Editor

Maryam Morrison

Front Cover by Endre Balogh (Archangel Raphael) Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your Photography For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; or 2 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

Archangel Raphael

4 Who will come with me to meet..... By Peace Mother Geeta Sa-

6 Emmanuel Daher

10 In perfect Union By Bobbie Stuart

14 Accessing the Akashic Record By Sherri Cortland



Eros & Psyche

By Katerina Kostaki

21 Om Namah Shivaya By Rashmi Khilnani

28 True Healing

By Ellen Angelica Pendergast

32 Heart Matter..... By Heike Shaolina

36 How to ground yourself By Teal Scott

40 A Flower Blossoms By Jan Diana




Archangel Raphael Healing and Harmony By Terrie Marie

Art by by Endre Balogh 4 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

Archangel Raphael represents the Divine Healer within each of us. He is the patron of travelers, and of journeys within, assisting you in healing your body, mind, and Spirit on all levels, in all directions of time and space. This Archangel is the protector and guide for healers, in all healing professions. Call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you in releasing limiting beliefs, healing your heart from hurt or disappointment, real or perceived. He will, if asked, guide you to the right and perfect healer or physician to assist you. Colors usually associated with this Archangel are emerald green and amethyst purple. Green is most often associated with the Heart Chakra and purple is the color of healing and healers. Purple is also associated with the Crown Chakra, Spiritual Expansion and conscious awareness. A Message from Archangel Raphael

are all things to yourself and to all who surround you. Choose to heal your inner Self. Choose to release all that no longer serves you. Choose to step into the light of forgiveness. Stepping into the light creates a sense of freedom, releasing you from past burdens, worries or concerns. Burdens do not aid you in the seeking of happiness and joy. In reaching for joy in all things, great and small, align yourself with the light, in oneness. In truth there is no separation between your core essence of love and light and your physical self. Your core essence is always connected with Divine Source Energy. In truth you are always connected with your inner Spirit, always connected with your Higher Self, with the One Source of All There Is. Choose healing. Choose peace and harmony. Choose light. Choose to love you unconditionally. Choose courage. Do you seek you a love relationship, perhaps your Soul Mate? Begin healing your heart space, the physical center of love and emotion. Release all past relationships, clearing space for your Soul Mate, your life’s partner. Release feelings of not being lovable or of being unloved. As you focus on your inner healing, your energy shifts. As your energy shifts you project or radiate a loving energy attracting more love into your life. As you become more loving, loving yourself and others more openly, you attract to you all you desire and more.

There is much surrounding you that is not of love and light. In all things heal you. Heal your core from that which is now behind you. That which is behind you has brought you to where you are. Celebrate giving thanks where you are for it shall be your stepping stone to all that is before you. Look within; discover your own Divine Spark of Divinity. Your inner Spirit is whole complete perfection. Your inner Spirit needs nothing, no one outside itself, for all things, all needs, all desires await you in the Realm of Spirit. Your physical self seeks healing, comfort, love, joy, abundance, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. Know you


6 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ February 2014


Dedicated to my Beloved Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and all EnLightened Masters who Illuminate the Path

Art by Maryam Morrison


Who will come with me To meet the Beloved… Who dares to gaze upon the Master of Light... That Illuminated One… The Remover of All Sorrows? Come, walk with me… Journey towards the momentous Privilege Of kneeling at the Master’s Lotus feet Travel with me, though you be afraid For soon your tears of suffering will become Tears of Joy-full Re-Union To those who fear the Brightness of The Light I say this, “Have you not been in slavery too long?” Eons have fled by, as you remain on the wheel Of birth, death and yet gain, another birth Without gaining True, Liberating Knowledge I pray to rouse your spirit That it may vanquish those malicious demons Creating doubts, self-loathing and complacency I call upon the Angels to fill you with Golden Strength That you may leave behind the hellish realms of limited realities Look at the Sky! See you not the rising Sun! It is beckoning you to embrace the All-Encompassing Light! Do you not feel the Solar Father’s warmth? Yet it compares not to the glow radiated by the Beloved Guru Lost we are until we find the path to the Precious Beloved Wanderers we are… Clueless as to the Bliss that is inherent in every moment 8 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

The Beloved Guru can awaken us to the Eternal Truths By removing insidious veils that block our Golden Mind Oh Dear Ones, see my tear-stained face! Witness the ecstatic Jubilation! Ask me for the Source of this exquisite Serenity For it is the quest of your soul for countless, unfathomable incarnations Then and now, it longs for Stillness, for Purity For surrender to the Holy Way Only one who has Triumphantly traveled across the razor’s edge Can accurately describe the dangers and attainable Victories of The Journey Behold the mountain top! There sits the Master Journeyer The Knower…the Tower of Compassion…the Magnificent Guru Shimmering Wisdom and Peace upon all sentient beings Longing, longing you are… Longing to break your shackles, to cast them aside So you can run up the mountain to kiss the Beloved’s Jewel Feet Why masquerade your pain any longer? Why pretend you are Truly Happy When in Truth it is but a shadow of the euphoria the Master can flood us with Who will break free from the dull known To allow the Soul to soar to Infinity? If that be you, then take my hand and I will guide you To the House of the Living Light… To witness the splendor of the Beloved Precious Guru… JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 9 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014


Emmanuel Dagher Author of Easy Breezy Miracle book


March 2014

Eden Magazine had a privlege to feature Emmanuel Dagher in our July issue 2013. edenmagazinejulyissue

Emmanuel Dagher serves as a Personal Growth Catalyst, Transformation Specialist, Intuitive and Humanitarian. Through his guidance he has had the sincere honor of co-creating positive shifts in the lives of thousands of people around the world. Being of service to others is one of Emmanuel’s highest priorities, and he is dedicated to empowering others to live their greatest life. When Emmanuel was two years old, his mother heard him say something that caught her off guard. “Love is all there is,” Emmanuel quietly shared in his shy little voice. Having no idea where he may have picked up a statement like this, Emmanuel’s mother asked him to repeat it again to make sure what she heard was correct. After repeating the same statement again several times, Emmanuel’s mom recognized that something magical was emerging, and felt in her heart that one day it would reveal itself. In just a short 10 years, Emmanuel Dagher has had the humble honor of co-creating profound expansion with thousands around the world. Emmanuel serves as a Personal Growth Catalyst, Transformation Specialist, Intuitive & Humanitarian who’s priority is to be used as an instrument of Divine Love. Emmanuel has witnessed extraordinary transformations – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The outcome of collaborating with Emmanuel usually results in greater love, personal freedom, higher consciousness, and an overall sense of well-being. Emmanuel has dedicated his life to serving humanity, and has fine tuned his gifts & abilities so that every client he supports leaves feeling fully seen, loved & transformed. 12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

His latest book “Easy Breezy Miracle” is a master piece to Develop a tremendous sense of self love and appreciation of who you are. Its succinct, easy-to-read lessons will light up your spirit and encourage you along a new path on which you are able to: • Open yourself up to a natural ability of creating more miracles into your life. • Expand your ability to appreciate all the blessings manifesting around you. • Engage in playful, loving acts of kind ness, gratitude and happiness. • Develop a greater sense of self love and appreciation of who you are. This book is a language of love, that simply sharing messages of we always know intuitively. “Self-love is healthy and essential, that miracles really can pour into your life and you really do have the power to imagine great things and draw them into your life.” “There is an incredible shift going in the world. Like no time ever before, science and spirituality are merging in a magical way. Easy Breezy Miracle shares how modern quantum physics is finally catching up with ancient beliefs by proving that we are pure energy. You’ll gracefully learn how to direct and open your spirit energy to a lighter flow of love, gratitude and joy as a means of attracting a river of miracles into your life.” in this book; You’ll learn that when you choose to open yourself to these new energy flows, you’ll come alive with purpose and become an attraction center for an abundant life filled with miraculous living. 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

Art by Maryam Morrison 14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

In Perfect

Union By Bobbie Stuart

You’re not broken. You don’t need fixing. You don’t need healing. You are not a mistake. You’ve never done anything wrong. Every aspect of you was crafted in absolutely Divine perfection. ~ Panache Desai

At this very moment almost everyone living on earth feels broken. Regrets, shame, traumas experienced or perpetrated swirl in our consciousness convincing us we’re no good. What was said, what someone did, what we did in response - for so many reasons, we are certain we are broken. It would take years of therapy to decipher the web of brokenness we hold close. Stuck in this hopeless tangle, we become victims.

As victims of our lives, we live in a paralysis of unworthiness. We are in bondage to our childhood sorrows, now firmly installed and implanted. We tried then to be good, so we believed the negative things we were told. We strive now to find a way to clear our problems and silence the habitual inner talk that throttles us daily.


We are naturally confused by the complex experience of our difficult lives. Many people give in to devastating selfcriticism and limiting beliefs. Many are convinced that their inner judgments are their truths. Constant self-degrading notions belittle our buried sense of innate goodness. We don’t allow ourselves to feel good enough to realize that we have great personal power and could live a life of joyous self-acceptance. The illusion is tightly knit. Occasionally a stitch breaks, an opening emits some light, and we find a new perspective that allows hope. Could there be more to life than we thought? Certainly! Is there a way out of the chaos? Yes, there is. Listen up; here’s really good news! We are pure spirits having a human experience. We are here on earth living this mortal life to work out and balance karma from many other lifetimes. We incarnate in soul groups to play different roles, enacting dramas and making amends for past situations. We are all interwoven within a grand-scale cosmic comedy of errors. Everything that has happened and all our responses are part of our Earth School education. Our creator has crafted a magnificent game in which we eventually win by finding out what and who we truly are. We must wonder though about deviant characters, those who have perpetrated disastrous acts of violence, conspiracy and slaughter upon individuals, groups and nations. Certainly they must be held accountable, but in our Earth School 16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

world, life seems unfair. Bad things happen to good people and bad people spread evil, injure, and kill with no apparent punishment or resolution. The lives of so many innocents are impacted by these horrors, and we want justice. The political/judicial system leaves much to be desired. Its decisions appear difficult to accept and understand. However, we must uplift ourselves and view everything through our highest soul lens, enlarging, expanding and opening our awareness to the fact that the spiritual world directly interfaces with our material world at all times. Remember, we are all spirit beings creating in the material world. We must not look for justice in the wrong realm! As we all have noticed, true justice is rarely understood or applied in our Earth School dramas. The higher subtle domains of our cosmic whole provide avenues for the individuals who require vibrational adjustments. Their karmic streams insure that their created circumstances will plunge their souls into retributional situations to rebalance their load. Thus, we all get what we deserve. As Maya Angelou so aptly stated,“ When you know better, you do better.” Thank you, Maya We are participants in an extraordinary charade. We must expand our awareness to embrace the many luminous realms in which we regularly live and participate.

We are all in the process of purifying our personalities and reconnecting with our true sacred selves. Each and every one of us is on the same journey to eventual enlightenment. We must realign with our soul essence, which is one with the Divine Source. At our core, we are all holy emanations of the infinite Divine...and yes, are already in perfect union. Wake up and smell the holiness. “We already have everything we need. There is no need for self-improvement. All these trips that we lay on ourselves—the heavy-duty fearing that we’re bad and hoping that we’re good, the identities that we so dearly cling to, the rage, the jealousy and the addictions of all kinds—never touch our basic wealth. They are like clouds that temporarily block the sun. But all the time our warmth and brilliance are right here. This is who we really are. We are one blink of an eye away from being fully awake.” ~ Pema Chödrön, Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living

Bobbie Stuart, visionary artist and writer, spiritual counselor and teacher, holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and an MA in Inter-Arts from Chicago’s Columbia College, where she was a faculty member for more than 20 years. She is a woman grown wise and intimately connected to spirit through a life of challenging and amazing experiences combined with extensive spiritual study and practice. Bobbie joins sacred healing practices to visionary outcomes in various modes of transformative work. Her artwork is inspiring and evocative of the multiverse of spiritual dimensions. Bobbie is a Life Path Consultant and Spiritual Advisor and is available for Skype or telephone sessions. or find her on Facebook.


Spiritual Growth Checkpoint

Accessing the Akashic Records By Sherri Cortland

Art by Maryam Morrison 18 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

How can the Akashic Records help us expedite our spiritual growth? The Akashic Records, also referred to as the Hall of Records and the Hall of Knowledge, are like a Universal library, and they contain a permanent record of all of our incarnations, including everything that we’ve said, thought, and done during those incarnations. As such, they are a spiritual resource that we can use to get to the bottom of why we do the things we do, why we’re afraid of certain things, why we experience chronic health issues, and, oh so important to many of us: why we continue to attract the same relationship issues. Accessing these records is like doing research on the history of our soul, and the purpose of this kind of soul research is to help make the most of our current incarnation; thus allowing us to expedite our spiritual growth. Akashic Record Reader and Reiki Master, Lori Carter (, shared with me that that when it comes to expediting spiritual growth, “The Akashic Records give us the opportunity to check in and see how we are doing on the agenda we set for ourselves before coming to Earth. The Akashic Records are an opportunity to have a conversation with our soul and to see our lives from a higher-level perspective. They are a powerful tool for looking at patterns and lessons in our lives and for getting to the root of a relationship issue that never seems to get resolved.”

Group, accessing the Akashic Records is something that will help us spot life scripts that we’re embroiled in and windows of opportunity that we may have missed. Once we’re awake to and aware of a life script, we’re better able to make the changes in our behavior or attitude that is required to allow us to learn our lesson and move forward. The good news is that we don’t have to go into a trance the way Edgar Cayce did in order to access our records; we can access them ourselves via mediation with intent. Now, whether we choose to access the records through mediation or we have a reading with an Akashic Records reader like Lori, it makes sense to first put together a knowledgeseeking plan that includes what our intention(s) are for the information we’ll receive. Why is this important? Because we’ve all lived countless lifetimes and the Hall of Knowledge is huge—picture the New York Public Library and think how difficult it would be to find a particular book without a system in place to find it. Having a list of questions will help you focus during an Akashic Records reading (give your list to the reader), and it will especially help you if you are going to access them yourself through meditation (keep the list next to you). Here are examples of questions you might want to ask, the answers to which will help you expedite your spiritual growth and accomplish your goals for this incarnation:

From the perspective of my Guide 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

• Is there something specific about my current journey/lifetime that will help me expedite my Spiritual growth or overcome a fear that I have? • Why do I live where I live? • Why am I suffering from specific health problems/issues? • Why do I continually attract the same type(s) of people into my life? • What am I here to work on during this incarnation? • Are there past lives that are affecting my current incarnation? Are you ready to access your records? At the end of this article is a meditation exercise channeled by my Guides Akhnanda and Selena for my new book, Spiritual Toolbox that will help you access the Akashic Records through meditation with intent. Before you try it, there are a couple of things that, if you are new to accessing the records, you will want to keep in mind: (1) Be patient, if you get nothing the first or second time, don’t give up; and (2) Information may come to you in crystal clear visions or it might be blurry; you might get feelings or messages along with, or instead of, a vision. Everyone is different; you’ll develop your own way of receiving information from Spirit as you practice the meditation. Just one last thing before we move on to the meditation; and ’m including this because it’s something I feel will help you develop your record-reading skills: Hypnotherapist and Akashic Records expert, Dr. Bruce Goldberg (, suggests on his website that beginners start out by focusing on events that they know about; i.e., events that you can re20 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

search after your meditation so you can compare what you received to what’s been written about the event. Do this several times with different events as you hone your skills before moving on to events from your own life. Here’s the meditation exercise from Akhnanda and Selena: • Sit upright or lay down, whatever is most comfortable for you • Close your eyes and breathe deeply • Inhale and exhale • Inhale and exhale • Inhale and exhale • Begin to relax each part of your body, beginning with your head. • Feel your head and neck relaxing as you continue to breathe deeply and ex hale deeply • Relax the muscles in your face • Next relax your arms and hands as you take deep, cleansing, relaxing breath. • And now your legs and feet • Continue breathing in and out as you feel yourself melting into a state of peaceful relaxation and set your inten tion for this meditation with the words: • I am wrapped in and protected by the light as I seek the truth found in the Akashic Records. Higher Self, I under take this journey with the highest of in tentions; please guide and assist me to comprehend and use the informa tion I receive for the highest good of my soul. • Continue to relax as you begin to turn your attention inward and visualize your third eye chakra, on your fore head, in between your eyebrows.

took me three months of sitting at my kitchen table every day with a pen in my hand waiting for Spirit to write with me before I finally made first contact. Patience and persistence will help you achieve your goal; and if you feel called to use crystals during your meditation, I like to use a combination of clear quartz, amethyst and moldavite—I’ve found these three stones combined to very potent. Namaste.

Originally from New York State, Sherri Cortland lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Ted Dylewski and their many cats. In addition to writing books for Ozark Mountain Publishing, Sherri is also the Orlando Metaphysical Columnist for, where publishes new columns twice weekly, and she also shares messages from her Guides on her Facebook Author Page. 21THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March

Photo by: Heidi Winkler

• Let your attention remain here as you center your attention on your third eye and watch is whirr and spin in a clock wise direction. See the vibrant indigo color of the third eye chakra as you continue to breathe in and out. • Allow yourself to separate now from the place where you’re seated, and as you continue to breathe and focus on your third eye chakra, all distractions fade away. • Breathe. • Take another breathe in and out as you begin to notice a stirring in your chakra as images begin to form there. • Don’t question what you see, just take notice of what you see and hear as you focus on your chakra. • Now, focus your mind and specifically ask to see an event or ask a question from this lifetime or a past lifetime. • “Higher Self, with the purest of inten tions for the growth of my soul and the benefit of all involved, I request knowl edge from the Akashic Records about (Your Legal Name Here). Here is my question: …” • Continue to breathe as you see or hear the information requested impart ed to you. • Thank you, Higher Self, for your assis tance today. Know that I will use what I have learned for the Spiritual growth of my soul. • Slowly begin to stretch your arms and legs and move your hands and feet. When you feel ready, open your eyes. If you feel disconnected or lightheaded, continue to stretch and ground yourself fully before getting up. Remember, if at first you don’t succeed: try, try again. Seriously. Try again. It

2014 22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

Eros and Psyche, a Cosmic Legend on Love and Light A legendary walk in the Ancient Greek Mythology

“Psyche was born in a magical land from a beloved couple, who had acquired, except for Psyche, two other daughters.

The oracle said that Psyche will not marry a human being, but a winged serpent.

The Oracle required leading the soul to the highest, and While their two daughters the most distant peak of a were ugly, Psyche was very completely deserted mounbeautiful and captivated the tain. world, to such an extent that people began to adore her Her parents should leave her more than Goddess Aphro- there to wait this awful husdite. band. Her beauty dazed but it frightened as well, because it seemed to come from another world.

Thus, it happened like this: Psyche was all alone on the peak of an unfamiliar mountain, dressed up as a bride, as the oracle of Apollo had Despite her beauty, she said.” seemed sad, because both of her sisters were married Psyche had gained the abiland she was single. ity of transcendence, and was destined for something Thus, she secluded in her noble. house away from other people. She had to be released from her past, in order to fulfill her Her parents consulted the destiny and look for her True Oracle of Apollo, in Miletus, Self. in order to learn about the fate of their daughter. 23 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

The Oracle Symbolism The Oracle spoke of a symbolism, “The Mountain where it will approach the heavens away from Earth”. There is an uplift in a alternate spiritual sphere that dominates Light. Sun God was worshiped by humans at the peak of the mountain like Prophet Elias later on history . However, it was a spiritual peak. Psyche was not just looking for a single mate, but for a clue beyond the realm of human experience, since she felt a kind of Intellectual Solitude. Her spiritual quest was associated with the shift to her Inner Cosmos, and her gradual departure from her external world.... “When Psyche arrived there, she didn’t The days went by, the same as usual for see the monster that she was waiting for. her, without even seeing her servants and her mate. Eventually, Zephyrus, the wind, appeared who took her in his arms and led her to a Then, she began again to feel nostalgia distant dreamy garden. and loneliness. Thus, she tried to persuade her partner to allow her sisters to A crowd of servants, who remained invis- come home and visit her. ible, was waiting for her there in order to serve her needs. Her mate warned her not to allow her sisters to acknowledge her happiness. He This evening Psyche retired in her room also warned her not to be mislead by her where she met an unknown, mysterious sisters and try to see him through Light. mate, with whom she had sex with. But, the next morning, he disappeared as unexpectedly as he came. If this disclosure happens, then she will be in danger of losing him forever. 24 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

Psyche knows that she is pregnant and Her gestation is the pregnancy of her her mate reminds her that, if she re- New Self. spects his wish, the child will become immortal. However, Psyche lacks self-knowledge and she must fight with everything that Otherwise, the child will remain “mortal”. prevents her from being in the path of self-development. Psyche has turned to her Inner Cosmos, impelled to begin her personal quest and She should find out points of the past thus discovered the Divine Spark. in order to achieve her purpose. She should also fight with her sisters, win That is to say, an unique and magical them and continue her triumphant path world was in fact threatened by the pull to the spiritual development. that the past exerted on this happiness. Will she be able to achieve her purpose? Her sisters were the regression to the past, the regress to old patterns. 25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

The revelation of True Love “The desire of Psyche was fulfilled and her sisters arrived in the magical garden with the help of Zephyrus. They see Psyche alive there. They are dazed by the beauty of nature and wealth, but soon begin to feel envy of all goods that Psyche has acquired. They learn about everything that took place and even more the existence of her invisible mate. They begin to torture her with doubts about his true nature, his purpose and her future with him. Their pressure makes Psyche believe that she has married an enormous serpent, which will kill her especially when Psyche felt to have feelings of love ten she will give birth to his child”. times more than before, but a bleak thought had betrayed him! She was holdInternal conflicts devour Psyche and ing a knife that fell from her hands. make her doubt her happiness. Eros wakes up and sees Psyche to keep This is a battle between the subconscious the oil lamp in her hands and feels beand conscious, a battle about Faith. trayed. The subconscious, as an entity, gives its He is angry by betrayal, and he opens his battle to dominate over Good, Innocence wings to fly away from her despite her reand Happiness of Psyche. quests. “At night, Psyche is waiting for her part- He flies and she holds on to his leg, in ner to sleep. No sooner had he slept, order to fly with him up to Heavens. than she took the oil lamp, turned it on and approached it near his face. Then, she cannot be kept for long and falls back down to Earth.“ To her great surprise, it was not a beast, but the God of Love itself. 26 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

This decline to Earth is an ancient arche- Katerina Kostaki type, which appears frequently in various is a visionary works. artist, spiritual author, poetess, Psyche flies up to the sky for a while, freelance article searching for the Divine truth and rises writer, back to Earth, continuing her research, mentor and video and trying to find the origin of Heavens. creator. She was caught on Eros’s leg for a while, She was born in 1966 in Athens , where she finds the Spiritual Light, and Greece. meets with the plain truth for a while. She was awarded as Mentor for participating to But the only true Love, which raises the the European Union Program entitled soul to heavens, is Almighty God! “Implement” (May-October 2006) in contribution with “Meeting with God is the greatest task two and purpose of the Soul.” International Universities: Institut Technik Undbildung and Deis-Cork Institute Read this article on : http://www.squidoo. of Technology. She attended lessons com/eros-and-psyche-a-cosmic-journeyon Counselling on 2007. into-light


She took a distant learning course on “ALCHEMY OF TRANSFORMATION ” by Classic Insight Org. (former Online Humanities Org.) on 2010. Her work related to spirituality, spiritual coaching/ counselling, mythology, esoteric research, self esteem, relationships, self improvement, historical reviews, Nature protection, New Age, mystery and metaphysics has appeared in several publications (trade –union, local and cultural) both in print and online. She writes and translates her books/articles /poems/newsletters from Greek to English language herself.


Chanting the “Om Namah Shivaya” within, or singing it aloud, helps you to bring the mind to a place of crystal clarity, where the mind becomes like a still pool and all unconscious predispositions begin to reveal themselves in this serene still water. I know how sacred sound calls us to the divine within us, but for those particularly in the West who often come from a mental understanding, can you explain the significance of this Shiva mantra? Om is the primordial sound of the universe. It is the energy of the unity and oneness of the universe beyond separation. Namah is the invocation of the Shiva principle in this case. 28 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

An Excerpt from Shiva Spe

Om Namah


Art by Maryam


eaks by Rashmi Khilnani

h Shivaya

m Morrison

Shivaya is the female aspect of the Shiva energy, and Shiva is the male aspect of the Shiva principle. Shiva means the same shining pristine all-pervasive allknowing self that resides at the core of all beings and within the entirety of creation everywhere. I would like to clarify for you that this Shiva principle exists within each and every one of you, but it is not a separate energy in each individual or a different flavor in me and another flavor in you. At the deepest core, when I say that you and I are one, the Shiva in you and I are one. The difference is: I am in full conscious awareness of my I AM presence, within time and space, and beyond time and space, and YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN. 29 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

As you re-remember your Shiva self, as you re-remember the unity of all that is, as you make this unity an experiential momentto-moment awareness, you become Shiva fully realized. The whole universe opens itself up to you in joy, cocreation, and a letting go or destruction of that which no longer serves your higher good, moment to moment. It is important to keep one’s attention and one’s heart centeredness during the repetition of this mantra. With practice a true aspirant becomes more and more singlepointed in the energy of the sacred sounds within and without. To just repeat “Om Namah Shivaya” like a mental robot will lead to a limited reaping of the fruits and gifts of this discipline. A time will come when the mantra becomes an intrinsic part of your inner makeup and is always present and affecting your mind, your body, and your intellect. When the mind becomes purified and simple and quiet through this powerful practice, it naturally marries itself to the energies of the heart, and the rose fragrance of your heart-centeredness will infuse all your energy bodies, your aura, and the universe. Patience and practice and determined sankalpa (intention) are of utmost importance, dear ones. When you combine the practice of chanting the mantra silently within, while performing any so-called mundane work: for example, washing the dishes or doing the laundry, you exalt the entire process to a high vibrational frequency. Even the simplest tasks now become joyful prayerful sacred activities, in which the fruits, the bliss and the work are naturally and effortlessly offered up as service and praise 30 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

and gratitude to the divine. To re-remind you: this divine principle is within you, not just in a picture of me or a murti (statue) of me or a transcendental experience of me or any other aspect of my celestial energy. I observe that many of you have the faulty understanding that you are superior to the rest of the human race because you are practicing my Way. To strut around like a spiritual peacock with great disdain for lesser so-called “ignorant” mortals IS NOT APPROPRIATE. To think that you are purer than those not practicing a conscious spiritual path is also a form of egobased, spiritual prejudice. Having said this, it is obviously all right for you to follow the quiet voice within you for when to move with the crowd and when to be alone and be quiet. Spiritual balance and being grounded are the keys. It is better for you to repeat the mantra with heartfelt feeling and devotion than to allow the mind to think, worry, doubt, and indulge in deep analysis and in general chronic stress. If you say to me that you want to cling to the habits of the mind and you are not willing to embark on a conscious, spiritual journey into the temple within, I say to you, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” It is your choice. It is time to wake up, as I keep telling you, and you have to take responsibility for the cause-and-effect triggers that occur from your choices moment to moment.

This includes your unconscious choices. Chanting the “Om Namah Shivaya” within, or singing it aloud, helps you to bring the mind to a place of crystal clarity, where the mind becomes like a still pool and all unconscious predispositions begin to reveal themselves in this serene still water. Keeping awake all night long on full-moon nights, as a form of sleep fasting, is potent Shiva practice especially when combined with my Maha Mantra. Thank you, Babaji, for all this wondrous energy behind all your celestial soul-empowering words. When we performed the fasting from sleep practice, it changes our habitual patterns completely and helps to align the energies of one’s beingness into a new and potentially more vital and creative pattern. I find that when I am in Haidakhan during Kirtan/Bhajan time (chanting), and during Aarti, in your temple of accelerated intense spiritual energy, that I go into instantaneous states of ecstatic bliss and divine mirth. “Om Namah Shivaya” means: I love myself. I honor myself. God/goddess dwells within me, as me.

Rashmi Khilnani was born in Chandigarh, India and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo, Egypt. She went on to study and teach with world-renowned avatars, gurus and teachers and became a specialist in energy medicine. She is on the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China, as well as the teachings of the Essenes, into current time and making these wisdoms simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists and others from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality. Rashmi is the host of 2013 and Beyond with Jeremy McDonald heard monthly on Rashmi is the executive producer and one of the speakers in a new documentary film, IGod, which will feature spiritual authors, heads of various religious denominations and people at all levels of soul journeying. IGod is being produced by Robert Friedman and Neale Donald Walsh, and directed by Jonathan Friedman. 31 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

TRUE HE We have incarnated on this planet and most are raised to believe that to heal implies seeking outside assistance in the form of some sort of a physician. Yes, there is of course, a place for that help, and it is usually when we cannot seem to do it for ourselves. Whether it is a diagnosis of a life threatening disease, or merely a cold, many run to take medication, seek doctors assistance, and some even to an emergency room for help. It is called ‘seeking attention,’ for whatever seems to ail us. Seeking this ‘ attention’ has much more truth to it than we realize, for in seeking attention, we are really, (and most likely, unknowingly)seeking Love. When one places their attention on anything, it manifests. That is why so many spiritual healers tell us to only focus on what we wish for, and not on what we do not; reason being that anything we give our attention starts to move protons, electrons, and molecules of matter into becoming our reality. This is not philosophy, (as Einstein stated), this is physics.

By Ellen Angeli

Art by Mary



ica Pendergast

yam Morrison

Whatever we give attention to (positive or negative attention; for it does not matter which one) matter begins to form. As stated by Neale Donald Walsch in many of his “Conversation with God” books, when we ask, “what is the matter?” we really are more accurate than even WE imagine, for what we are really asking is, “what are you imaging/creating (turning INTO matter)?” Healing therefore, truly takes place at the metaphysical level, and then eventually begins it’s work to re-balance the physical structure. And that is why, as many Masters have stated, Love Heals Everything, and All. We can look at even a small child. They may fall and hurt their arm and immediately they extend it to be held or kissed by a nurturing parent. A small newborn will immediately be consoled by their mother’s voice and being tenderly held. The root cause of this child calming down and the pain stopping? It is the Love that is FELT. Love is an energy; it is healing, it is necessary for good health and happiness, and most importantly, it is WHO WE REALLY ARE. 33 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

When one gives positive attention (Love), healing starts to happen. A massage given with loving intention, produces good health results. Stroking, hugging, kissing, tender caresses, etc., done in Love produces a healing that is beyond any treatment in terms of success, for it not only heals, but keeps the person in perfect health; it is NOT a temporary fix. It produces lasting results. We read that our immune system is uplifted just by receiving a hug, yet to ask ourselves the question, why?....that is truly what this article is about. The intention here is to make it so clear as to how we heal; for in that understanding creates the healing itself. To heal anyone, including ourselves, we only need to Be Aware. For in being aware, we feel gratitude, and in feeling gratitude, we feel Love. Therefore, deciding to be aware of that person; feeling gratitude for the opportunity to assist them in their healing, and feeling Love for them, either the Love for a child; romantic Love, or feeling Love for them as they are all part of the Oneness that we also are; that is the process of how any healing is to take place; the decision, the choosing to give Love, helping that other to love themselves; and also to love ourselves enough to ALLOW it into our own lives as well. That is what produces a healing that is complete, whole, and permanent. In doing so, as we heal another, we are also healing is then truly a creation inspired to produce a win/win for all. Blessings! 34 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼

March 2014

Ellen Angelica Pendergast received a B.A. in Education in 1978; four major fields of study: English, Art, Social Studies, and Psychology. Received her M.S. in Clinical Psychology in 1997. Has treated patients in a locked psych ward, held a two office private practice, and currently is starting a private practice in Arizona. Taught Psychology classes at a University in the Chicago area, and has just completed a children’s book. She is currently writing another book for young adults and the general public. Contact Ellen;


March 2014

HEART Matter over Mind Chatter Part 2

By Heike Shaolina 36 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

Come with me and let us be and for a start just take a few breath in and out. Breathing techniques are quite profound and powerful itself, as it can help shift stuck energy and bring our awareness back into our body. Be daring enough to let the outer world be the outer world and close your eyes to sink down into your inner world. Allow your breathing to flow naturally and easily. Continue to stay in this state. Close your eyes and inhale and exhale until you feel you become calmer. Don´t do it while driving! Take some time out, which can be even in your 5 minute break when you are visiting the restroom. If you have trouble with your mind chatter simply command either out loud or silently in your mind to be quite with the command “BE SI-107 LENT”. It will bring you out of your mind while you focus on your beautiful heart chakra. Now take your left hand and gently put it on your chest or breast area. There we are, on the heart level, you can feel the familiar beat of your heart, .boom, and boom, boom… calming the mind and sinking even deeper. Now we are ready and in this beautiful, comforting space and with it we can lovingly command our heart chakra to open up - do not move back into your mind. It is time for the heart to talk to you, go with the flow and dwell back in the beautiful stillness of the heart. It is a beautiful feeling to be in the heart and it is like coming home and feeling home. Silently command. “Heart Chakra activated.” Or simply “OPEN”

Stay in this space and remember to breathe in your natural way you are used to do. You will feel a change. Subtle but still enough to feel it. The vibration - The frequency - The energy of your heart is opening up. Beautiful! You might feel a charge of energy running through your body or your heart area becomes soothing and calm with the warmth it is emanating. It simply is that easy and be re-assured you are going to be able to connect to your heart. No pressure and be patience. Well done! You have managed your first small warm-up exercise. We are able to open the heart chakra with such simple commands. We just have to give 124 ourselves the permission and allow ourselves to be guided by our higher Self. Last step into this exercise is to ask the Heart silently. “What do I, (In the blank put in your full name) really need at this moment? – And wait… You will receive guidance. You will receive an answer told by your heart – and this might has nothing to do with the new gloomy and glossy new handbag or car but just something very simply as love, joy or comfort from loved ones…isn´t that mind astounding? Your heart will give you an answer. Over time you will become better and better because you train yourself to come aligned living within your heart and the connection to your higher self. Additional affirmation you can speak out loud or silently while having the connection to your heart are:


„I am in resonance to unconditional love.” simple steps of putting your left hand on “I am in resonance to love.” your chest area and in your minds voice “I am in resonance to joy and happiness.” tell it to simple „OPEN“ and it is commanded in a nurturing way, it is comNo too difficult, right? It is a beautiful and manded so that the subconscious mind powerful exercise to be remembered and the conscious mind understand that while 138 learning our way back in living this is something that is as it is. It simple in our heart. IS. Didn´t I tell you, it would be easy but Yes and we go a little bit further in even fun…? Do not allow the ego to raise its expanding it further in that we allow the voice and don’t be afraid. affirmation of „ I completely love and accept myself the way I AM“ Awe, … letting Remember that we are all spirit and we go of the rest of that what has hold us all have our divine birthright, thousands onto an old paradigm or an old be-lieve of facets, like a lotus flower that emb- because it has been with us for such a lossem when we expose the true seed. long time that it was like a part of us even Now see the beautiful heart growing in it is only an illusion of the mind. I am talklove and joy, starting to expand and the ing about the part that has separated us, seeds will grow into a beautiful powerful divorced us in not to live in our heart. source of giving and receiving. You might Over time and practice it will become feel the stream of light coming in, you clearer. Allow and give yourself permismight feel your heart becoming warmer sion to your birthright of abundance in and expanding. This warms is filled with love, joy and happiness. the energy of love we all deserve. You are truly beautiful and loved by the 147 And over time we will understand, even divine source, god, the creator, by your when our mind is pretty strong with so angels, guides. many thought forms and the outcome of a negative flow of emotion and we might Do you recongize something, while handle it inprocrastinating, insecuriyou are in this beautiful space? Yes? ties, being in the believe not being good No? Where is the loud voice of the ego enought - but we can change it and the gone? Pretty quiet if not SILENCE at all! change we can start now. We are comIt has withdrawn maybe not for long but plete the way we are. long enough to see our birthright to be truly and completely enveloped in this Why not just try to see the beautiful Spirit beautiful space. The heart can tell and of who you are, waiting to discover the if it would have a face, it would smile so beautiful place in your heart again. We brightly that you would not be able to re- can practice over and over again to keep sist and smile back. silent for a second and to connect to our heart. We can. We all can. Allow your heart level to open with the 38 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

There is no single person who 171 can´t. This is only the illusion to think I can´t. And if your ego interferes again - Inhale and exhale and let it go.

Heike is a certified teacher and yoga teacher, healer and channel medium by the angelic realm Let it pass and re-connect to your heart and ascended maswith the simple words of “Heart level ter’s reality. OPEN” or “HEART CHAKRA OPEN” and bring your awareness back to your heart she has studied difchakra and think “OPEN”. ferent healing modalities and have Why not commit yourself for the next been certified weeks to come to this simple exercise as a Reiki and Seichem Tera Mai and practice, even for 30 seconds dur- Master & Teacher. Furthermore, she ing the day. If you enjoy it expand it for also trained in other techniques, such a time period of 21 days or even longer. as magnified healing, spiritual healing, 21 days is the training period for us to Theta healing and awakening your light make it a habit in our daily activities such body; as well as to deeply dive into Asas having a shower, brushing our teeth, cension Techniques given by the Angels prayers and meditation for our spiritual and Ascended Masters to Dr. Joshuah growth. You can do it silently in your mind. David Stone. Over time and practice you will feel the frequency of your heart chakra chang- She has been certified as a Past Life ing and becoming lighter. This beautiful Regression Therapist by Jan Eric Sigfeeling of being wrapped up in a coat of dell in applying a non -hypnotic techcomfort and support - The space where nique developed by Brian Jamison. you just can hang out and know you are beautiful the way you are and with this, Yoga Vidya Gurukul (Nasik India) that touching those who you might meet. It is follows Swami Satyananda by Swami beautiful. It is simple and the answer is Sivananda certified her in 2011 as a Hathe truth of living in the heart. AND it will tha Yoga teacher to teach and facilitate change your outer world with new beau- classes for beginners and intermediate tiful opportunities. New doors will open students. And this is so beautiful to offer up. you to align your mind, body, spirit and soul! Simple love it! She also feel very honored that has been trained with the great teacher Heike Stenzel www.ascensionofthesoul. Drunvalo Melchizedek in his class com called “Earth Sky Living in the Heart” Workshop. 39 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

How To Ground Yourself (All About Grounding) By Teal Scott

“The Star” by Cathy McClelland

Learning how to ground yourself is a vital of your physical dimensional aspect. Your part of spiritual practice. Here are eleven consciousness is not as much a finite tips for how to ground yourself. clump of energy as it is an infinite current of energy. For this reason, it can easily Your consciousness exists on all dimen- be compared to electricity. Removing the sions. As your consciousness streams excess electric charge from an object is through the dimensions, the parts of your called grounding. Removing the excess consciousness that are focused into one emotional charge that is the result of getdimension or another are called “as- ting lost in the non-physical dimensions pects”. To ground yourself means to fully of thought is also called grounding. connect and phase with the perspective 40 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

When we pull our focus back to our physical aspect, we entrain with the frequency of the earth itself. We allow energy to move through our root chakra. And we allow ourselves to be fully present here with our physical bodies and physically incarnated perspectives. For this reason though, grounding is particularly difficult for anyone who feels unsafe in their bodies. Those of us who have dealt with physical or sexual abuse, cope by detaching from our bodies and from the earth and instead prefer to spend time in alternative dimensional realities. Ironically though, this coping skill continues well past the point that the danger is present and then, being ungrounded interferes with our ability to function and interact in the physical world. At this point, grounding would provide sanctuary from the emotional pain that we are suffering. When we have suffered in the past, we tend to frequently go back to the past in our minds. Grounding pulls us out of those traumatic memories and into the stability and safety of the present moment. Grounding is the perfect remedy for anyone who is feeling stressed, triggered, regressed, rushed, overworked, confused, overwhelmed, panicked, angry, clumsy or drained. Here are eleven easy ways to ground yourself: 1. Walk barefoot on the earth. The Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface. When you are in direct contact with the ground (walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth’s surface) the earth’s electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth. In other words, when

you are in contact with the earth directly, its tranquil energy naturally is conducted through you and you become grounded. Throughout history, humans have walked barefoot on the ground, which naturally discharges and prevents the buildup of electrical stress within the body. Also, your immune system functions optimally when your body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth. 2. Bring your attention to the present moment. Do a body scan even. Begin your body scan by diverting your thoughts away from any mental chatter. Notice the soles of your feet, your toes, in-between your toes, the top of your feet, ankles, and heels. Do they feel hot? Do they feel cold? Do they hurt? Are they numb or swollen? Can you feel the blood circulating through them? Are they feeling tired? Don’t judge how they feel, simply notice how they feel. Wiggle your toes. How does that feel? Once you have a made a strong connection with your feet move your attention upwards past your ankle, switching all your focus from your feet to your lower legs, then move onto your knee caps, the backside of your knees, your thighs, and so on all the way up through your body without rushing. Then, begin listing things that you see in the room. Be where you are physically. Pick up objects in the room and notice the way they feel. You can even run cold water over your hands or eat something and while you are eating it describe the sensations, flavors and experience of eating that thing to yourself mentally as you eat it. 41 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

3. Eat root vegetables. Anything that grows underneath the surface of the earth will connect you with the frequency of the earth and thus, will have a grounding effect. Some examples of grounding foods are: potatoes, turnips, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes and radishes. Some people say that eating meat is grounding. This is not actually the case. Meat simply decreases your frequency so that you cannot access the higher dimensional frequencies of your consciousness. There is a big difference between grounding your frequency and decreasing your frequency.

their own or combine them. You can get a metal or glass spray bottle, fill it with spring water (not tap water or any other kind of water that would corrode the precious oils) and add a few drops of each of your chosen oils to it. Then, shake up the mixture and mist yourself with it throughout the day. You can even put grounding stones in the bottle to amplify the grounding frequency of the mixture. 6 Use Color to ground yourself. Colors, offer powerful vibrations. Being near certain colors will influence your frequency to become grounded. Red is the color that is associated with the root chakra. Red tones will help your energy to ground. Black and brown will also cause you to ground. You can visualize filling your body up with a light that is red, brown or black. You can even dress in these colors.

4. Use grounding stones. When we share space with a mineral, our frequency must entrain with the frequency of that particular mineral. If a crystal, gemstone or other mineral holds a frequency that is grounding, keeping it near you (in your pocket or hand or worn as a necklace etc.) will help you to ground your energy. Some examples of grounding stones are, hematite, smoky quartz, obsidian, red coral, 7. Use sound to stimulate your root chakra. onyx, black tourmaline, ruby, garnet, py- Certain crystal bowls, metal bowls and rite, tiger iron and black opal. alchemy bowls have been designed so that the sound that they emit stimulates 5. Use grounding scents. Certain aromas and balances your root chakra, which will also influence you to become ground- grounds you. Binaural rhythms also do ed. In my opinion, the best way to entrain this. You can find binaural beats and with scents is to use essential oils. Ev- rhythms made specifically for the root eryone has their own opinion about what chakra and for grounding for free on youthe best grounding essences are. But in tube. You can also purchase binaural my opinion, the essential oils that are the beats to listen to when you go to sleep best to use to ground yourself are: Cedar, at night. But toning with your own voice vetiver, benzoin, myrrh, sandal wood, cy- is perhaps the most beneficial. When you press, oak moss, patchouli oil, rosewood, hum deep, low notes you will notice that chamomile, elemi, ylang ylang, and lav- they vibrate in the pelvis. Start by humender. Lavender is particularly good at ming a high tone and pay attention to the convincing the consciousness to relax sensation you feel in your body (it may into the physical. You can use them on be like a buzzing). 42 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

Try to use the tone to direct that sensation down in your body. Direct it between your legs or to the base of the spine. This will cause your root chakra to come into alignment. 1.Spend time around other grounded individuals. People work the same way as minerals do. If one person is particularly grounded, they can influence another who is not grounded, to ground themselves. It is especially beneficial if the grounded individual either holds the ungrounded individual’s hands or feet. The best remedy however, is if the grounded individual can place the palm of their hands, first on the occipital ridge for the count of eight and then on either side of the hips for the count of eight. 8. Do grounding visualizations and meditations. There are many of these grounding visualizations and meditations available. So if you enjoy guided meditations, do a search result for grounding meditations and grounding visualizations and give them a try until you find one that works for you. My personal favorite is to visualize myself as a tree. I begin by raising my arms on the in breath, and lowering them on the outbreath four times. Then I see myself becoming a tree. I visualize my energy flowing down into the center of the earth so far that it hooks into the center of the earth. If your focus is developed enough, you will feel the earth’s rotation when you do this. Then I visualize my roots growing deep into the ground and I visualize pulling the energy of the earth up through those roots and especially up through my root chakra, which is located just in front of the base of the tail-

bone. I then focus on pulling that energy up through my entire body. 9. Take a salt bath. I’m not talking about your basic table salt. I’m talking about salts like sea salt, solar salt, sulfur salt, Hawaiian salt or Himalayan salt. It is no mistake that salts are notorious for healing the physical body, they hold one of the most purifying vibrations around; which is why we use it to neutralize energy in healing crystals. Add 1 to 2 cups of high quality salt to your bathtub while you are running the water and just like you did with the essential oil mister bottle, add your favorite grounding stones to the bath and immerse your body for at least 20 minutes. 10. Maintain and strengthen your body. We spiritual types are so focused on the spirit and mental aspect of our lives, that we forget to focus on the body. We tend to be the most un-grounded of people. We tend to forget that the body is an integral part tour spiritual practice. Exercise and healthy eating will help you to focus your awareness on the body. It forces you to interact with the physical dimension and thus, it is profoundly grounding. The ability to consciously ground yourself is an important and valuable tool to learn. The true master of consciousness is he who can decide (at will) what dimension to focus into and interact with. The true spiritual master is not just a master because he can transcend the physical, he is a master because he can choose either to transcend the physical, or to fully engage with the physical.



Do Nazca Lines Extend to North America? By Juraj Sipos

Along with mysterious lines present in the arid area of Nazca in Peru we can also observe comparable lines drawn many years ago in California near the town of Blythe. The Fort Yuma Indian Reservation on the lower Colorado River is near this town and the drawings therefore bear the name Blythe Intaglios.

borhood of Nazca, a small town at the mouth of the river that goes into the Pacific Ocean. The city is some 400 km south of Lima in Peru. It lies near the system of valleys and plateaus on the southern coast of Peru, where these famous drawings can be seen. Nazca is also the name used for the Nazca culture that flourished in the area some time around and after On another part of the world you may see the year 300 BC. similar mysterious drawings in a neigh44 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

The lines - both in Nazca and Blythe only give complete images if we see them from above (from an airplane). Unlike in Peru, where we can no longer meet indigenous people directly associated with the drawings, the original inhabitants (Indians) still live on the lower Colorado River near Blythe. Quetsan or Quechan, sometimes Yuma, Yuman, Kwtsan, Kwtsaan, is the name for the Indians that live here. The word Yuma comes from an old name used for a group of Native American ethnic groups. The Yuma people, who today prefer to be called rather the Quechan, have long been known as very good fighters. Apart from the very well known Dänikintype hypotheses that imagine aliens everywhere in ancient archeology if it is possible, we can explain the purpose of the Nazca and Blythe lines simply: 1) The patterns correspond to constellations of the stars. 2) The purpose of their creation was of a ceremonial (ritual) character. 3) The lines secretly point to some underground places. Ancient aqueducts are really present in the Nazca region and together with these very old sky drawings they are, too, some 2000 years old.

construction works of the South American Indians. The underground water tunnels are accessible even today. It is therefore quite probable that these lines may contain encrypted information on how to find some underground spaces. We can go perhaps even further and think of these theoretical underground locations as something that has a connection to ancient secrets, or even pathways to the Aghartha. Lore Cachora, the Quetsan elder, says that the drawings were used for rituals and as these patterns produce a complete picture only from above, religious ceremonies took place on them. The Indians used them for the same purpose as we use our churches today. Lore Cachora further says that figures of the drawings represent deities of the Creation. One such a deity is Mastamho - the grandson of Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the Heavenly Father. David Whitley, one of the leading experts on ancient drawings, confirms this, too. In his opinion, the ceremonial significance of the Blythe intaglios could have the same spirit as the ancient creators of the Nazca lines possessed, but unfortunately, we cannot say this for sure. The Blythe intaglios definitely picture the Creation, but as far as the Nazca lines in Peru are concerned, we do not have enough arguments to say the same thing.

Even today, these ancient aqueducts (underground water tunnels) are used for irrigation in the Nazca region and they belong to the group of a few unparalleled 45 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014


BLOSSOMS by Jan Diana

Message from the Goddess Mother

“To Know the Heart of the Mother is to Know Thyself” Art by Maryam Morrison 46 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

My Beloved Children,

delicious to your heart.

“It is a delight to greet you in this moment with a Message from My Heart. Today there is an opportunity for you to take some new steps on the pathway to remembering your truth.

What is the purpose of these gentle reminders you might ask? The beauty in the world is here to please the eye and gladden the heart, indeed and yet there is much more. It is an expression of great love. It is a reflection to you of the great love that you are. It is a reflection of the great love that flows to you perpetually, as I lovingly express my heart to you, My Beloveds.

A flower blossoms and the world feels the sweetness as its beauty unfolds. The sweetness of its beauty, its fragrance and its song, sends a message into the hearts of all, a gentle reminder of the sweetness of the divine. If you would like to have a greater understanding and awareness of your diAs you look into a newly born infant’s vine nature, your authentic self, take eyes, you feel a gentle presence of love, a moment to reflect on the beauty that a stirring of your heart into a joyful re- surrounds you for there is beauty everyunion of spirit. Perhaps you have be- where. Allow your eyes to gently touch loved pets you adore. Do you notice how upon the flowers, the trees, the blue sky, they look at you with such love? the sunshine dancing upon your world and notice how your heart feels. LisWithin the story of your life, you have ten to the beautiful sounds of the birds, many experiences. Some are filled with or the crickets. Notice how their songs such wonder that you are very aware seemingly flow from them as if serving a there is something amazing occurring sacred purpose. and yet you may feel that you don’t fully understand what it is all about. I would like to share with you in this moment, that there is purpose within all of In truth, your heart knows the fullness. It life. There is expression of joy; there is an is through the language of the heart that expression of the fundamental principles you begin to feel a deeper connection to of truth. Love abounds. Love flourishes the world in which you live in, as well as and expresses. Love is a part of all of to the source of your true self. creation, for the source of all is Love. Imagine for a moment that the beauty on this most glorious world is here to please you, to gladden your heart, providing infinite potentials to dance in joy. That with the scent of a flower, there is a gentle reminder of a sweetness that feels so

Just as you might see similarities in your appearance and character with your earthly parents, there is a heritage that you carry within you from your Heavenly Parents. 47 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

Your divine nature is a part of who you are. Your natural state of being is joyful, loving, and happy, with an ever expanding heart. You divine heritage is filled with unlimited potential for living your dreams. Imagine now that you can recognize more of your divine nature as well as your innate gifts and abilities. This is a joyful discovery, one that has been desired.

This is an exciting time My Beloveds for it is your time to discover your divine nature, to remember your glorious truth. It is is your time to blossom into the wonder that is you. Just as a flower opens up to receive the light of the sun, your heart will open to receive the lightness of joy as you desire. It is only for you to choose and allow it to be. It is your time to experience and express more freely than ever before. The new Earth energies support greater elevation and awareness to more easily join in this dance of joy. It is available for all to choose as they desire.

Let me share with you some simple steps. Take time each day to notice the beauty in your life. Notice the birds singing, the sun shining, flowers blooming. Notice the delicious foods you eat and the sweetness of the air you breathe. This truly is a wonderful world! You have many to help you. Open your heart to receive and allow this loving asEach time you look upon something in sistance. Perhaps you feel the brush of your life and see its beauty, you open a feather upon your cheek from time to your heart to experience joy. The more time or a whisper guiding you to a pathyou are in joy, the more beauty you see way which leads you to a greater experiand experience in your life. ence. You are like a beautiful flower that is preparing to blossom fully into all of your glory. As you drink in the lightness of joy, you petals unfold in expressions that delight the heart.

As you open up your awareness to your world, you will begin to notice more and more wonder. The synchronicity which unfolds before you is no accident. It is an orchestration of the heart, bringing together the many notes that are both As you live more in your heart, in the vi- timely and desired. brations of joy, you will attract more joy into your life. This one step alone will With each choice to feel joy, to experibring you to heights perhaps you have ence in joy, your heart sings in joy. The not even dreamed possible for it will be- song of your joyful heart is heard and felt gin an unfolding into remembering more throughout the world; just as the sweetand more of your truth and sacred pur- ness of the flower blossoming is felt and pose. known. 48


Imagine how your song affects the world. It brings joy to the hearts and minds of many. Imagine how many hearts in joy affect the world. Great joy is felt and known. This is the pathway to remembering your divine nature, this is the pathway for all to remember and know their truth. This is the pathway to a world of peace where joy is the flavor for all. You are the flower that blossoms My Beloveds, your beauty is felt and known in the hearts of all. You are My Children of light shining brightly. You are the joy of my heart.” With great love, Your Beloved Mother

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Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients and students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts and abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. If you have questions or would like to set up a session, you can reach her at website or by email SPECIAL offer 20% discount for new clients. Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. free_telecasts.html 49 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

Asiatic Black



Physical Description The Asiatic Black Bear has a coat of smooth black fur and can be distinguished by a V of white fur on its chest. It is similar in appearance to the brown bear, but with a slighter build. Ecology & Habitat Broad leaved and coniferous forests to an elevation of 4,300m. Population & Distribution The Asiatic black bear occupies a narrow band from southeastern Iran through Afghanistan and Pakistan, across the foothills of the Himalayas, to Myanmar. It occupies all countries in mainland Southeast Asia except Malaysia and has a patchy distribution in southern China. Another population cluster exists in northeastern China, the southern Russian Far East, and into North Korea. A small remnant population exists in South Korea. They also live on the southern islands of Japan (Honshu and Shikoku) and on Taiwan (China) and Hainan. There are no accurate estimates of population size available. Threats Illegal hunting for body parts, specifically the gall bladder, paws and skin poses the main threat, together with habitat loss caused by logging, expansion of human settlements and roads.

How you can help Always look for FSC certified wood and wood products to help reduce unregulated and illegal logging which destroys vital habitat for endangered species. Spread the word! 51 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

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Flower of Life symbolism in modern art By David WM

Artwork of Krystleyez

A sacred geometrical figure, the Flower of Life has been revered by practically all cultures and religions, ancient as well as modern. The figure is made of a number of overlapping circles that are placed in such a symmetrical hexagonal arrangement that it results in a flower-like pattern

Flower of Life contains several other famous geometric symbols within itself, including the Seed of Life, Egg of Life, Tree of Life and Fruit of Life. All these are considered to be symbols of Sacred Geometry in which geometric forms and numbers are accorded sacred meaning. Sacred Geometry is based on the belief Though the pattern has been extensively that specific geometrical shapes carry used as a decorative motif, it is believed particular spiritual and emotional implicato have great spiritual significance. The tions. 53 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

The Flower of Life is believed to contain patterns of creation, the building blocks that form the basis of molecules, cells and practically everything in this cosmos. The Seed of Life is considered to be a symbolic representation of the seven days of creation of the universe by the divine power, God. The Egg of Life is a structure that is considered to be at the base of music as the distances between the circles in the pattern is same as that between the notes & half-notes in music. The Flower of Life, which is one of the oldest revered symbols known to mankind, is found in art, manuscripts and architecture (especially temples) of different civilizations across the world. The oldest use of the symbol has been found in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos in Egypt. It is believed to be more than 6,000 years old. It has also been sighted in The Forbidden City and several temples in China. In India, the pattern has been found in the Golden Temple in Amritsar, temples at Ajanta and Hampi. Masada in Israel, Mount Sinai in Egypt, several ancient Roman sites in Turkey, and various temples in Japan are some other places where the Flower of Life has been seen. Italian art too has been observed to have made liberal use of the symbol. The renowned artist, Leonardo da Vinci had based many of his works, including the famous Vitruvian Man on the Flower of Life. Even in the modern times, the symbol has continued to have mystic powers. Numerous modern day art54 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ March 2014

ists are engaged in creating works of art based on this pattern, believing it to be an eternal source of wisdom that holds the entire cosmic history and human consciousness within itself. There are many who have devoted themselves to the study of this symbol of sacred geometry and have derived emotional, mental and spiritual enlightenment from their pursuit. The spiritual symbolism of the Flower of Life has also led to the use of this pattern in making jewelry pieces having healing benefits. Wearing this Flower of Life Pendant is considered to be helpful in connecting with the inner self, dissolving fears, creating sharper self-awareness and promoting a general sense of harmony and well-being. Considering its immense popularity, the symbol has even been generously used on posters, cards, prints, etc. This deceptively simple Flower of Life pattern is symbolic of unity in diversity, and the inter-connectivity of everything that exists. Understanding it can help you discover your unlimited potential and connect with the divine power inside you.

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