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Colors Works

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June 2015 Volume 5 Issue 6



IN YOUR MIND AVALIABLE.... by Roxana Jones










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LOVE & AWAKENING by Ellen Angelica Penergast


COLOR WORKS by Patti Conklin


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Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your Photography For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; or 3 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ June 2015


Skye Morrison Born in Nova Scotia, Autumn Skye moved with her family West across Canada. She spent her youth between the majesty of the Rocky Mountains with her Father, and the lush coastal rainforests with her Mother. Autumn Skye has been painting since she could hold a brush, developing a deep wonder for nature and the world around her. Amidst journeys to explore the world and share inspiration with the ever blossoming community, Autumn Skye otherwise lives and paints in her home north of Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. In her studio, she overlooks a sweeping expanse of ocean, islands, mountains, and sky. She considers herself among the blessed of the blessed.

“I feel a deep stirring, a potent blossoming of creativity. I believe this sacred duty to share inspiration is especially crucial at this challenging and exciting time of change in the world. As we follow our personal creative paths, we contribute vitally to the whole. We get out of our own way, and give permission to our unique expression. As in any form of art, there is a profound potency when we are able to release judgment. Because of this, I constantly strive to move beyond mind, breathe deep into the process, and find bliss in each step. I realize that I am supported in my authentic expression, and understand that the art is not born from me, but through me. In this knowing I am both As in any form of art, there is a profound potency when we are able to release judgment. Because of this, I constantly strive to move beyond mind, breathe deep into the process, and find bliss in each step. I realize that I am supported in my authentic expression, and understand that the art is not born from me, but through me. In this knowing I am both humbled and empowered. Each canvas takes me on a journey, and as my paintbrush follows, each time I am lead back to my centre. And so, I offer my artwork as a mirror to reflect your divinity. May each painting be a reminder of the rich depths of inspiration available within your being and beyond your perception.My artwork is an invitation to allow your own expression to flow from the boundless wellspring of your spirit.” Autumn Skye has been painting since she was old enough to hold a brush, developing a deep wonder for the world around her. Amidst journeys to explore, teach, and share inspiration worldwide, Autumn Skye otherwise lives and paints in her home on the Northern Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. In her studio, she overlooks a sweeping expanse of ocean, islands, mountains, and sky. She considers herself among the blessed of the blessed. 9 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

Art by Maryam Morrison 10 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ June 2015

Is your Mind Available for

a New Vibration? Roxana Jones


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~Nikola Tesla

it,” and what does this mean is that we cannot bring change to our lives if we are using the same state of mind, the same thoughts and the same beliefs that are creating the reality we don’t want.

In our current world, there are millions of people wanting to change something they dislike in their lives. In like manner, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have already transformed positively theirs wanting to help the previous group by the use of many amazing books, methods, techniques and programs offered at very affordable prices, to anyone who is ready to commit to selfimprovement.

Fortunately, we already know the solution. We must use a higher consciousness than the one our mind can offer us. I like to call this higher consciousness the God that dwells in the Heart, but it has many other names: Source, Spirit, Brahman, Allah, Buddha, Cosmos, Universe, Divinity, and the list goes on. Through this higher consciousness of your Heart, you can change your vibration in an instant. In other words, to change disharmony for harmony, lack for abundance, disease for health, negativity for positivity, or hate for love, you need to connect with your Heart.

If this is so, why then so many people putting in practice all these transformational methods don’t get the expected results, which at the end of the road, all have to do with wanting a better and happier life through the betterment of basic aspects such as health, love and wealth? The problem lays in the fact that humanity in general, and individuals as separate entities are still trying to bring positive change by the use of the mind; the same mind that has been re-creating that which does not work anymore. Here is an illustration to show you where I am going with this. If you are continuously listening to a radio station broadcasting sensationalism, noisy music and talk shows dedicated to “analyze” all the crises and problems of the world, it is impossible for you to start believing there can be – in fact there is – another type of reality where harmony, abundance and peace already exist. Why is it impossible? Because your mind is constantly using the negative energy received from that broadcasting to feed the negative frequencies inside of you that are creating what you see as your outside. One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein states that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created


A few months ago, I experienced one of those days when for some unknown reason you wake up and everything looks grey and depressing. Even the positive ones, once in a while have those kinds of days too, when negativity tries to play with your mind and take you for a ride. During those seldom days, communicating with my spiritual guides and angels is the way I use to go from a low vibrational level to a higher one.

But you can use any method you like as long as you practice awareness at the same time. What do I mean by this? You must become consciously aware in order to identify the duality we live in just by being part of this planet. This is how you get to know YOU HAVE A CHOICE to change the radio station of my previous example and therefore get different results in your life. During my recent “not so sunny day,” I went so deep into darkness that it took me quite a while before I was able to find a higher frequency. It was frustrating to experience that brief state of helplessness. Especially because I knew that wasn’t the real me! Knowing it was my choice to stay or leave, I persisted until I was able to tune into my current and much more positive vibrational level. That said, I believe it is a matter of choice whether you continue to reproduce more of that which you don’t want or you begin to get attuned to a higher level of consciousness, from where you can finally see the difference between two types of radio stations: the disharmonious and the harmonious ones. From the level of consciousness that is higher than the mind, anyone will be able to listen and read those self-improvement books, courses, and programs that perhaps have not been working so well until now. If you are in a positive frequency when you’re listening, watching or reading them, you will change, I am sure you will.

simistic or party poopers as family members and friends who are not helping us to change. Try not to respond or react to their comments when they are criticizing, painting the world with their shades of grey, or simply “fixing the world.” At first, they will think something is wrong with you as they see you change, but then they will adapt and life will began to change them at the same rhythm of your change. 3. Always choose a healthy lifestyle that includes fresh and unprocessed foods, good sleep, regular exercise, lots of spring water and connecting to nature. Avoid coffee, smoking, alcohol, and prescribed or non-prescribed drugs. 4. Meditate every morning before starting your day and if possible before going to bed. If you’re not familiar with it, try guided meditations with relaxing music and positive messages. Even if you can only do short sessions, your brain will begin to change in miraculous ways. Last but not least, have in mind that you are always supported by the universe in all ways. If you are reading this, it is because you are ready to go to your next vibrational level. Say yes to your call! Until next time and don’t forget to be love,

Here are some tips to raise your vibration and keep it as high as you possibly can: 1. Avoid watching, reading and listening to negative or violent news, tragedy or drama movies or TV series. How? Before putting your attention to any entertainment activity, ask yourself: is this bringing me something positive and is it helping me to grow? 2. It is common for many of us to have pes-


Roxana Jones and Arnaud Saint-Paul devote themselves to their life purpose: To open as many hearts as possible and to help shifting the consciousness of the planet. As spiritual healers and teachers, life and business partners, their intent is to “help millions around the world to embrace change and start living the type of love, happiness and abundance both of them now know exists for everyone once they are healed.” Together, they work enthusiastically in bringing to their audience the best of themselves so that everyone can connect to their own Truth and unveil who they truly are: divine beings enlightening the world in their own unique ways, even when darkness makes it hard to believe it is so.


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Spiritual Gro


to ou

By Sherri



owth Checkpoint

anding Color & using it ur advantage Part One


The body of evidence that color influences us and has a physical effect on the human body is growing. We now know that colors influence the pituitary gland, which helps regulate hormone production. Since hormones affect our mood, it follows that color also affects our mood. If you take a moment to think about it, human beings seem to have an innate understanding of the significance of color with regard to our moods; for example: We’ve all heard and probably used the phrases, green with envy, he saw red,’ and she’s feeling blue today, just to name a few phrases from our popular lexicon. And no one understands the significance and effect that color has on us better than advertising companies. They help their clients choose the colors of their packaging and advertising pieces based on color because it’s been scientifically proven that color affects us mentally and physically. McDonalds is a textbook example of a company using color to influence people. McDonalds uses lots of red and yellow—and here’s why: Red stimulates the appetite, so we buy more, and yellow is attention getting—the perfect color to pull us into those golden arches. Another example of subliminal advertising is the use of the color blue. We see it in the color of uniforms for most police, security guards, and airline personnel because blue indicates dependability. Understanding that color has a profound effect on us is knowledge that we can use to our advantage as we meditate and balance our chakras, which will help expedite our spiritual growth. In fact, a color-based meditation is an excellent way to keep our chakras balanced and our chi flowing for the following reasons: •All colors are individual frequencies of energy, and each of our chakras vi brates at a specific color frequency; 17 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

which means that our chakras are energy vortexes that vibrate at specific vibrational levels of color. •By visualizing the colors associated with each chakra, we can balance them quickly and easily. •By understanding how individual colors affect and influence us, we can learn to spot symptoms of disease. Taking just a few minutes once or twice a week to meditate and visualize our chakras by color, vibrantly spinning in a clockwise direction, will allow us to be proactive regarding our health, hap piness, and our vibrational level. It truly is as simple and easy as that to balance our chakras. To help you get started, here are the colors associated with the seven major chakras, along with a brief description of the color associations: 1st chakra (root/base) = red: Red is energizing and connected to our will to survive. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. Red awakens our physical life force and is the color of sexuality. It is associated with will power and confidence. 2nd chakra (sacral) = orange: Color experts agree that orange radiates warmth and energy, and stimulates our sexuality and emotions. Physically, the color orange stimulates activity, appetite and our ability to socialize. 3rd chakra (solar plexus) =yellow: Yellow is associated with energy for our vitality and is also believed to stimulate mental processes and the nervous system, and activate our memory. Yellow is thought to connect us to our mental self; and is thought to be associated with mental clarity, cheerfulness, optimism, self-esteem, wisdom, and inspiration.

5th chakra (throat) =blue: Color experts tell us that blue is overwhelmingly the favorite color of human beings; which isn’t all that surprising considering the calming effect that blue has on our bodies and spirit. Blue assists us with communication, and is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. 6th chakra (brow or third eye) = purple or indigo: Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. Indigo is thought to connect us to our spiritual self. Dark blue with purple undertones, indigo is widely associated with inspiration, creativity, and beauty.

Originally from New York State, Sherri Cortland lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Ted Dylewski and their many cats. In addition to writing books for Ozark Mountain Publishing, Sherri is also the Orlando Metaphysical Columnist for, where publishes new columns twice weekly, and she also shares messages from her Guides on her Facebook Author Page.

Photo by: Heidi Winkler

4th chakra (heart) = green or pink: Green affects physically and mentally; it’s a soothing and relaxing color that is said to help alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety. Pink is associated with love and kindness. It’s also associated with good health (‘in the pink’) and happiness (‘tickled pink’).

For information about Sherri’s new book, please visit her website at and click on the link for Guide Group Fridays.

7th chakra (crown) = violet: The color violet resonates with our crown chakra, and our crown chakra connects us with our higher consciousness. Violet connects us to our Spiritual self, and is associated with inspiration, creativity, and beauty. It restores mental alertness, stimulates creative energy, and enhances sensitivity. We’ll talk more about color and meditation crystals in next month’s column. Thanks for reading and Namaste.


of Near-Death God

by P. M. H. ATWATER, L.H.D.



The vast majority of near-death experiencers claim that what happened to them was a spiritual experience. This claim is missing from the literature and the research about the phenomenon, yet the experiencers themselves are saying it – loud and clear. 90 to 95% come back knowing God – not believing, for belief implies doubt. They know, and they know that they know. That strength of knowing is the same, whether child or adult. Is the God near-death experiencers encounter the same as that of Holy Writ? Not necessarily. The God on the other side of death, what these people are convinced they experienced, is described as being bigger, larger, more powerful than any religious version. Experiencers may sometimes fumble with words. Many still use the term “God” - but just as many use different terms like Presence, Sourceplace, The One, All, The Greater Good, Creator, Universal Essence, Core. Seldom will adults describe a being of any kind or use masculine terms – like Father, He, Him. The majority insist that God is genderless. Children, on the other hand, usually encounter a Father or Grandfatherly type of being. Yet in those cases where the child confronted the being and demanded to know, “Is that what you really look like,” invariably the masculine shape burst into a huge, brilliant light. Same with angels (the young often describe angels as having wings). If asked if their appearance is real - presto – the angels burst into light as well. What lies at the heart of near-death experiences? More than you can imagine. I say that because I have been researching the neardeath phenomenon since 1978, and have had sessions with nearly 4,000 child and adult experiencers. Of the many books I have written about my findings, Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the NearDeath Experience (Rainbow Ridge Books) is different. The experiencers themselves speak

in this book, the sum of the many, telling us what they saw, felt, heard. No opinions here. Instead, the sum of the many – talking about Mission (almost all were told they had a job to do and had to return); God (yes there is one, an Intelligence of massive proportions and power); Soul (our higher, greater self); Life (where we learn and grow and experience the results of our actions and thoughts); Death (a shift of energy that enables us to move on); Heaven and Hell (dimensions we can inhabit until we wake up and discover choice matters); the Big Picture (both the adult’s view and that of the child). Specifics of what it feels like to die and what death really is are also covered. Clearly, the near-death experience is not just a light show that features a predominant storyline. It is an extraordinary phenomenon that consists of an otherworldly journey of some kind – plus – a pattern of aftereffects that takes years to integrate. In my original research 21% claimed no discernible differences after their experience – yet 60% pegged significant changes afterward, 19% said changes were radical – almost as if they had become a different person. That makes 79% evidencing changes like: their mind working differently as well as their nervous and digestive systems, developing an unusual sensitivity to light and sound, with less tolerance of pharmaceuticals (forcing many to switch to integrative medicine and more natural forms of healthcare), and having electrical sensitivity. There’s no argument that experiencers become more creative and intuitive afterward, smarter somehow, and more charitable and generous. Fear of death simply evaporates. Problems can occur, though, when family and friends shun experiencers or think they are crazy. In families where members are willing to listen without judgment and talk about it, everyone benefits making the situation a win-win for all concerned.


Clearly, the near-death experience is not just a light show that features a predominant storyline. It is an extraordinary phenomenon that consists of an otherworldly journey of some kind – plus – a pattern of aftereffects that takes years to integrate. In my original research 21% claimed no discernible differences after their experience – yet 60% pegged significant changes afterward, 19% said changes were radical – almost as if they had become a different person. That makes 79% evidencing changes like: their mind working differently as well as their nervous and digestive systems, developing an unusual sensitivity to light and sound, with less tolerance of pharmaceuticals (forcing many to switch to integrative medicine and more natural forms of healthcare), and having electrical sensitivity. There’s no argument that experiencers become more creative and intuitive afterward, smarter somehow, and more charitable and generous. Fear of death simply evaporates. Problems can occur, though, when family and friends shun experiencers or think they are crazy. In families where members are willing to listen without judgment and talk about it, everyone benefits making the situation a win-win for all concerned. An individual of any age can have one of these experiences, and that means during birth trauma or when an infant. Typically when the child is old enough to talk, they tell their parents or draw pictures, or act it out. The average time without vital signs is from five to twenty minutes, some revive in a morgue. No skeptic has ever been able to account for the entire experience, and the pattern of aftereffects, plus the broad range of children and adults who undergo what to them becomes a life changing experience - that increases in importance over time. The most commonly repeated phrase spoken by experiencers after their episode is. . . always there is life. Four words that sum up – everything.


P.M.H. ATWATER is the author of more than 15 books, including Future Memory, Beyond the Indigo Children, We Live Forever, and I Died Three Times in 1977—The Complete Story. She has been researching the near-death phenomenon since 1978, and is considered a world authority on the subject. She is a workshop leader at major spiritual/holistic gatherings, and has addressed audiences at the International Association for Near-Death Studies, as well as the United Nations, and in numerous countries. Her books have been translated in over 12 languages. She has appeared on Larry King Live, Regis and Kathy Lee, and Geraldo. Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience, published by Rainbow Ridge Books, ISBN 978-1-937907-28-0 is available on Amazon. com,, and bookstores everywhere.


Cats at the Studios, Inc. (“CATS, INC.”) is a non-profit rescue organization comprised entirely of volunteers. We are dedicated to nurturing, neutering & spaying, and finding homes for abandoned cats and kittens. 22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

Spirit-Guided Sound Healing

by Mytrae Meliana

Art by Maryam Morrison 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ June 2015

Sound healing and wholeness Sound healing is one of the most ancient forms of healing found in every culture and country. Sound has been used to heal broken bones, muscle tears, brain and heart problems, blood and nerve disorders, and illnesses of every kind. Sound is also used to grow crops and bring rain. India’s Nada Yoga with its ragas and Vedic mantras, Egypt’s use of vowels and the harp, Pythagoras’ Mystery School of musical medicine, the aborigines’ use of the didaki (didgeridoo), and shamans the world over all use sound to heal body, heart, mind and soul. Sound healing is based on the principle that you are whole, that you are Divine. Pure. Complete. Perfect. Your most fundamental yearning and instinct is to remember and know your Divinity. That is your original song to which you long to return. You and your body know and remember this perfect frequency of wholeness and Divinity. A second principle is that we’re vibrational beings made of energy. A third principle is that intention and love are the most powerful healing agents. Sound healing is a subtle energy therapy which works on all your bodies: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, etheric, and light. Sound waves can enter all your bodies and their frequencies and harmonics penetrate, resonate, and vibrate uniquely in you. Based on what you need, you receive and reject different frequencies. Sound waves also serve as carriers of light which contains the consciousness, information, and energy you need to heal, transform, and evolve. There are several dimensions to healing. Getting sick is your body’s most obvious and loudest message saying, “You’re off your path. You need to shift and release what keeps you from knowing who you really are — Divine.” Your body is like an orchestra and your cells musical instruments in it. When your cells are in tune and harmonious with other cells, you are peaceful, loving, balanced, and joyful — you

follow your soul path. When they are discordant you suffer, get sick, face obstacles, and feel stuck, blocked or out of flow. Each organ resonates at different sets of frequency. When matching frequencies of sound and light enter an organ, its cells and DNA — no matter how diseased — can self-correct and recalibrate, and so return to their original, healthy state of wholeness. “Other dimensions of healing are

releasing beliefs, patterns, and karma that keep you small, undeserving or unworthy, unloved, prevent you from stepping into your gifts, and all that doubts and separates you from your Divinity.” Your most fundamental yearning and instinct on every level is to remember, feel, and know your Divinity. That is your perfection, your original song. It is to this equilibrium, this perfect state to which you long to return. Spirit-guided sound healing The spirits come in love and with love. They come with great love for the healer and the client. Love holds and heals all. Love creates the sacred space, the healing field. It is the crucible and matrix for the healing session. The spirits come with great love to create and raise the frequency of the space to receive their healing transmissions. During Spirit-guided sound healing, good spirits collaborate with the healer to work with the client. The healer both heals and serves as channel. Spirits actively participate in the healing process as they select light and sound frequencies appropriate for the client, resolve physical, emotional, and karmic issues, assist in soul contracts, soul lessons, connect the client with their gifts, activate codes, and alter DNA. 24 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

The healer’s preparation Just as the healer calls and invites spirits to work with her, so too the spirits choose the healer with whom they want to work. As with all channels, this may come as a complete and unexpected surprise, and it may take time to acknowledge and accept that this is her work The first step is preparing the healer. Her heart and body must be purified, refined and her vibration raised to receive the high frequencies. Her heart and body are the chalice that receives exalted energies and initially, the sounds and music are for her own healing, to accept and open to the work, and to receive guidance and instruction. Many concepts are new and not “of this world” even that of earth music, and so stretch her ideas of what is known and possible. Practice, experimentation, and openness are necessary for her to prepare. Her heart’s capacity, purity, and devotion usually indicate the level of frequencies that enter her. For she must enter a field of unconditional Love to receive. Finally, she needs to turn towards, accept, and open to the work as hers, often a redirection. She must evaluate earlier ideas of work and success to answer and accept a work she does not fully know and a call whose outcome she doesn’t know. She must step onto an unknown path with a completely open heart and a strange, mystical knowing not of her mind but of her soul.

time. I experience an opening above where I feel the spirits connecting. I also experience the Earth opening up, creating a container for the entering energies. The client lies down under my piano, states her name, birthdate, and intentions. Once the music begins, she is free to sit, move, tone, speak, sing, and allow whatever needs to come through. I sit at the piano and wait to receive the seed sounds specific to her. Once they arrive, they weave in intricate, repetitive and evolving patterns. I surrender to the experience, which feels like a river flowing through me, in a light trance state. Through the sonic field we are in a portal through which beings and sacred energies work on my client.My work is to keep my heart and energy field open, receive, get out of the way, and trust. “Lying under the piano is like being in a sound bath, a womb where it is safe for my client to open. Sound goes right to the source of issues, healing specific organs and chakras. Sounds can help people shift and release emotional patterns more quickly than words. People also receive meaning, guidance, visions, and perspective shifts about what they need to change.”

The session The sound healer creates sacred space with intention, prayer, meditation, and inviting the good spirits that work with her. Love and intention create the field. Installing sacred geometry figures further prepare and protect it.

Sometimes the sounds are delicate and subtle, sometimes loud, dissonant, and harsh. The spirits guide the sounds according to what needs healing. Loud, harsh sounds cut through, break, detoxify, and dissolve blocks. Delicate, subtle sounds soften defenses and are portals through which light and guidance penetrate.

I meet with the client and talk about what she wants healing for. We sit in prayer and meditation to connect with our Higher Selves, set our intentions, invite our guides and the healing spirits.

As with all healing, the sounds continue to work and integrate in the client after the session. She may be aware of shifts and sometimes, even unaware of what has changed but just that something has changed.

The field usually changes perceptibly at this 25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

As a spirit-guided sound healer, I am always awed by what happens, and by the exalted levels and power of healing and love that come through the good spirits. Spirit-guided sound healing is a profound experience for healer and client. It connects us with beings and energies from higher realms, validates life after death with the presence of the helping spirits, reminds us about the oneness and interconnection of all life, and the phenomenal power of love.

Mytrae Meliana is a psychotherapist, sound healer, spiritual life coach, writer and speaker. She helps people heal what keeps them from their full potential and awake to their soul’s calling to live joyful, creative and inspired lives. Mytrae’s spiritual background includes Integral Yoga, Tantra, mystical and metaphysical traditions. She was miraculously healed of Lyme Disease on her first visit to John of God, a spiritual healer in Brazil. Since then, her life and work have transformed, and she takes groups on healing journeys there.

Serenity: Piano Meditations and Healings id962528065

“Pink Hibiscus”

She is the author of John of God: A Guide to Your Healing Journey with Spirit Doctors Beyond the Veil and writes articles on healing, transformation, and spirituality. She recently released her first CD Serenity: Piano Meditations and Healings. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works with people worldwide, including offering sound healings in person and by distance Visit her online at



Feng Shui or Choice by Michael WhiteRyan

It’s great to have an imagination at this time of year, for it is still ripe for change and new directions. Let’s take the example of how to update the home, renovate, change that spare bedroom into something useable or just redecorate for the hell of it and have some fun in the process, yes yes yes. Maybe the garage or shed will be the next object of focus “finally I will have my art studio”. Lucky you, if you are in this position. Now what about the design, maybe a Feng Shui design, it only happens to be the oldest organic green process alive today supporting people/environment sustainability!!! If you are like the last project, ha ha 10 years of ideas sitting around waiting for the fuel to get motivated, the question here could be “is your lifestyle/business still holding you prisoner”? So where do you begin? Your outnumbered over collected thoughts, or do we bring in an outside consultant to freshen up the pot, create clarity and shift the ides box out of neutral into some fresh new creative territory.

How do you best go about the existing outnumbered potentials available to you? Firstly write down your ideas for they will most certainly change as new thoughts run through the mind like a train out of control in the next ensuring days and nights. Good thing really, as we do not want to jump in and discover half way through the project, I wish I could change the whole direction of the project. The most used entry door to have completely clear unblocked vision of all objects, outside and inside Did you know, the old idea of ground breaking applies to the start of all projects? The choice of “right time right place” has some relevance, happens for many reasons, or do we still like playing eeny meeny miny moe. Timing is an important birthing moment for any projact within the universe, the outcome being one of three results, moving forward/ asset, going backwards/liability or neutral/ blocked. So sit quietly and discover a starting time that aligns with you energetically, as opposed to the old practical/logical approach of fitting into a time-space between other commitments or ask a consultant for the day and hour to begin. In a previous project I converted the storage space into an office and small seminar room. Previous to that, the office and everything else was the dinning table. By dedicating the new space to a particular use, we have given that space meaning plus a new way of functioning within the home. I am forever, constantly amazed at the changes in relationship behavior between the occupants within the home or business. Change to allow change for a new way of being, this includes everyone within the structure!!! Dollars, now this is where the cost enters the equation of how far do you go with this conversion and is it possible to save by doing it yourself or part thereof. Paint is cheap compared to what the finished result has to offer.

For those who are tactile by nature, sometimes I personally will add an abstract texture mix directly to the wall first, this not only adds high lights but gives the walls a life of their own. The existing home décor will already suggest the direction of design, color, function and furniture. But not always, so be prepared to remain open to any new ideas. This will depend on acceptable variations due to contrasts that remain complementary and compatible. It is entirely up to your creative talents, however latent they may be. A hint here is not all spaces are open to just any function, look at the larger picture and foresee the final product. A word of caution here, others will add their versions of what you should or should not do which may lead to confusion if you over-listen. Best to allow your own creative juices flow by staying within your own concepts Next, give yourself TIME to do the project and allow for any additional time necessary due to delays regarding weather or commitments elsewhere, but keep going right till the very finish. The rewards are exciting, immeasurable and a personal gift to ones deep abilities and perseverance. It is important to note here that some costly changes, electrical, furniture, builder ect, may occur unexpectedly. If so, plan them ahead of time, set them up to happen in progressive stages so as not to interrupt the continual flow of the project. There’s a good chance it may also keep the emotions below sea level especially if there is a duo team!!! Now that you are up and running with all ideas all lined up in a row. There is a better than odds, by now you have dragged your friends into help, you have collected the 65 samples of paint, found all the best places to access the cheapest furniture, collected all the pictures from magazines, chopped and changed the original ideas, so what’s next. 28 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

Put the needed money you calculated aside and a little extra, but please do not hold yourself to ransom by an exact amount, it will inhabit your ability to follow your instincts. Remember in the end you have to live with whatever your results may be. So above all, if you are staying long term, do not, do not short change the process for the sake of a few dollars, find a working solution. In the meantime get serious, set the starting date and collect everything necessary so as to be prepared, drop sheets, tools, fittings, nails and screws. The last thing you want to be doing is wasting time, running off to the hardware store every day for some minor piece of equipment. Think seriously about attending a one or two day Feng Shui class or open up to a personal consultation to discover the relationship connections between humans and the building structure that supports a family or business. This will add valuable information on the progressive alignment of design and desired functionality. Thus reducing the unwanted obstacles that may appear as road blocks in the path of an individual’s evolution in creativity and the physical progressive work in progress. Whatever you do, go with your flow and make this adventure as enjoyable as possible. Remember your purpose is to experience and have more experiences, so have fun after all it is only a game in one’s ability to step up to the next challenge of who you may probably be. Ever doorway is a portal. Enjoy 2015.

Michael White Ryan is a co-founder with his wife Pamela Edwards of Language of Space. They are leaders in sustainable business growth via Performance Design and Performance Code. Sustainable design encompasses both Western and Eastern philosophies including advanced Feng Shui principles, Environmental Design, Buildings, Alternative Health, Business Advisory Consultants and 20 plus years as entrepreneurs. Recognized in the top 100 globally and are Americas Leading Feng Shui Business Consultants. They are on faculty at CEO Space International one of the oldest business organizations in America today, currently operate in 7 countries and reside in Henderson NV.



A Cleanse Doesn’t Have to Make you Hungry To most people, the term ‘cleanse diet’ conjures up thoughts of the Master cleanse or some other diet fad that is expensive and difficult to follow leaving you feeling hungry the entire time and making it extremely difficult for you to adhere to the overly stringent restrictions. Well, the good news is that not all cleansing diets follow such a strict protocol.. A liquid cleanse diet or a diet based on one type of food is what the popular perception of a cleanse diet is. However, a cleanse diet can contain more varieties of foods than you might imagine. But first... Why would you go on a Cleansing Diet? In our daily lives, our bodies get bombarded by toxins. They are not only from the pollution of which many of us are very well aware of; they are in the food we eat, the plastics we use, the things we clean our homes with and the things we put on our skin. Those who advocate a cleanse diet say that it is important to spend a few days detoxing from all these toxins in order to reach optimal health. Optimal health is when our bodies function at their best. 31 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

Even people who think you can leave all that detoxification up to the natural systems of your body, think that if a cleansing diet re-focuses you on the kinds of healthy foods that you should be eating, then it is a good thing. That is another good reason to pick your cleanse diet well. A cleanse diet can be done in as little as seven days and only needs to be repeated every few months to retain its benefits. A 7 Day Cleansing Diet There are many variations on the seven day cleanse diet. You can do it the hard way by eating no solid foods and drinking only distilled water and fruit juice for a week. The other option is to take a more laid back diet approach where you simply cut out processed foods and meat. There is also the raw food diet which has recently gained more popularity, but after a few days, this too can be very difficult. These cleanse diets allow your body to rest and rejuvenate itself so that it your organs can perform better. Want a Cleansing Diet where you can still live your life without too many restrictions? Here is a Cleanse that takes the middle ground.

Stop Starving Yourself on Cleanse Diets! By LYSA NGUYEN

If you’re interested in trying a detox diet but you’re stuck on how to get started, here are a few ideas for you: 1. Stop eating all meat, fish or dairy products for a week. If you want to, (most likely for vegetarians), you could also eliminate yeast products from your diet for the duration of your cleanse diet.

6. After the cleanse diet, don’t immediately return to your old eating habits. Gradually add in cooked foods for a few days. Take a week or so before adding in meat and processed foods. Most people find that after doing a body cleanse, they begin to crave healthy foods. A cleanse diet can be the first step towards a lifetime of healthy habits.

3. Eat organic fruit and raw vegetables as often and as much as you can. Freshly squeeze your fruit and vegetable juices rather than buying them ready made.

Lysa Nguyen is a health enthusiast and seeking to find the real answers concerning the latest health, nutrtion, and diet fads. She has been writing for many years and also enjoys travel and fitness. She finds out the facts on nutrition and health from as well as tests out her own theories.

4. Try to limit your cooked food to only brown rice, which is healthy and full of fiber. Fiber helps you to feel fuller for longer so you aren’t hungry and tempted to stray from your cleanse diet.

To find out more information about everything body detox and cleanse related, please go to Everything About a Body Cleanse

5. You don’t have to starve on a cleanse diet. Eat raw, unprocessed foods when you feel hungry.

If you are interested in finding out more ways to detox, please go to Detox Your Body

2. Forgo processed foods and make sure all your carbohydrates are complex, not simple.

[]. 32 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015


The Emotion Trap and How to Escape It BY SARA CHETKIN

Emotions have become quite a liability in our world. Although they have very little to do with our true nature, we are nonetheless enchanted with them. Willing to make unthinkable sacrifices for them – even to the point of death (or murder), we stride ahead in ignorance making blunder after blunder and wondering why we can’t finally just relax and be happy. Indeed, how can you relax? Relaxation is akin to letting go, and hardly anyone wants to let go of an emotion. We are too addicted to the thrill, but the letdown is inevitable: emotions cannot teach you your place in the world. They do not define you, and our dependence on them to do so only leads to feelings of separation and isolation. Think about it. We feel connected to people only as long as they fit into our emotional worldview. If a friend or relative ventures beyond our emotional framework, we begin to disconnect or “grow apart.” Is this really the best approach? Probably not. Connection with our fellow humans should not be dependent on something so flighty and unpredictable as an emotion. We are all connected, but we lose sight of this simple truth when we are trapped in the unending ebb and flow of our emotions. Suddenly, it’s “us” against “them.” We will never find peace of mind if we continue to understand ourselves along these opposing lines. If we want to feel connected and supported, we should look beyond our

emotions and define ourselves in broader and more stable terms. But before we get to that, let’s explore the emotional path in a little more depth. Emotions are inextricably linked to convictions. There is not a conviction in existence that is not rooted in an emotion, and we usually don’t experience a strong emotion without creating a firm belief system to justify it. Because this is a species-wide phenomenon, we can always find people with similar convictions and similar emotions. And there will always be people with different experiences and thus different emotions and different convictions. When the two opposing forces meet, each group suddenly has a distinct purpose: to defend its point of view! This opposition seems to give our lives meaning. Thus, it is quite alluring: we feel happier when our lives take on meaning. This fact is well documented. The only problem is, it’s an empty sort of meaning because it is based on separation and competition, not connectedness and cooperation. True happiness still eludes us. Here is a relatable illustration of the point. Say, you’re in a relationship, and you are just wild about the person. You can imagine a whole life together. Actually, you have imagined it over and over again for the last few months. 34 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

You begin to create an entire story – the story of your love and how it blossomed into a beautiful life. You have a well-defined role in this life, and you are already beginning to adapt to it. Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for the rest to unfold. Unfortunately, after some time, you find out the object of your affection has been cheating on you since the beginning. Now, the pain and the anger set in. You say things like “I will never make that mistake again.” “I’ve learned my lesson, and this is the last time anyone takes advantage of me.” You vow that you will always be on guard for this sort of behavior. So, you take those painful emotions and you create another identity to suit them. You have a really good story to go with that identity, too. You feel the truth of this story so strongly that everywhere you turn you find people to justify your starring role in this love affair turned tragedy. As they justify your identity you sink deeper and deeper into the story, until it’s all you know of yourself. Suddenly, the former you is hidden, and this new emotion (with all of its accoutrements) is all that’s left. That is, until a new experience comes along. This is a pleasing experience with happy emotions. It sticks around for a while – perhaps a new job or a new relationship - and you start to feel better. So, you get busy creating a new story with updated identities and new justifications. You’ve healed! Now you’re the strong person who made it through that tough time and you’re happier and more aware because of it. You’ve learned how to discern the bad people from the good people, and you can use that knowledge to improve your life and maybe even the lives of your friends. You set about sharing your story. You find friends who really identify with your emotional struggle, and you uplift them with your renewed approach to life. It’s so wonderful! Isn’t it amazing how things work out? That is, until you meet a few people who won’t 35 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

cooperate with you and who won’t make use of your beautiful teachings. This shakes your confidence a little because no matter how hard you try – and you really try hard because you care so much – they just won’t listen to reason. Suddenly, the world is filled with ignorant people who just don’t care enough. That’s so frustrating! How are you going to make any progress healing others if they won’t evolve with you? Now things look bleak. There’s just so much work to be done. You’re despondent. Life is impossible to navigate. Why were you blessed/cursed with all of these beautiful intentions if no one will listen? You really are a trooper, practically a martyr. You suffered and you have awakened. You don’t want to lose this great momentum now! Maybe you should find like-minded people and start a center. Then you could attract people who want to listen and learn. Then you all could work together to create real change. You start feeling more and more devoted to the cause. So many people need healing and revelation! This is what you were born to do. When you think of it, teaching has always been your passion, and you’re going to share this knowledge with people who can handle it and pray for those who won’t wake up. This scenario is a perfect example of emotions giving birth to convictions that morph into a life purpose. Emotion, identity, and purpose can become so intertwined that we don’t realize we’re connecting them. Suddenly, our lives become a statement about our everfluctuating and unpredictable emotions. Let’s be honest, though. Is there really any progress here? Although there is purpose and meaning, the “us” and “them” mentality is still prevalent. It is only a matter of time before the upswing becomes a downswing, but it is difficult to get out of this equation because we venture so deeply into our emotional web that we forget our true nature is far beyond these ups and downs.

Undoubtedly, emotions make life wonderful, and we wouldn’t want to do away with them, but there is another approach that relegates them to a less important role in our identity matrix. More important than our ever-changing emotions is the consciousness experiencing those emotions. What is that? Its vastness makes it difficult to define. In fact, it is void of identity. So, it sees connection and beauty where we see separation and strife. What we condemn, it embraces. It rejoices in nothingness while we endlessly strive for “something-ness.” Most importantly, it is always available to us because it is our source. We are not a fluctuating, unpredictable, spinning top. We are the constant, ever present, all knowing, energy called life, and so is everyone else. When identity is based on this understanding, emotions become an exciting pastime, like going to a movie. They enrich our lives, but they don’t define us. When we perceive ourselves in this light, our connections with each other take precedence over our differences. We become cooperative and compassionate rather than competitive and judgmental. So why not try something different? When we look within, seeking answers about ourselves, let us reach beyond emotions into the void. We can open the door to a deeper understanding of our true natures; and emotion can take on an appropriate role as entertainment, a diversion rather than a signpost, an experience rather than a definition.

Sara Chetkin was born in Key West, Fl in 1979. When she was 15 she was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, and spent much of the next 15 years traveling around the world seeking healing and spiritual insight. These travels and explorations are the basis for her first book, The Healing Curve. She graduated from Skidmore College in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. After graduation she moved to Somerville, MA and worked in various cafes and restaurants, while pursuing an education in herbal medicine as well as in spiritual studies at Delphi University in McCaysville, GA. In 2004 she began a master’s program at the New England School of Acupuncture, and in 2007 earned a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. She is a Ro-hun therapist and an Ordained Minister with the Church of Wisdom, Delphi University. She lives in New York State with her husband, Brecht, and their son, Adrian. The Healing Curve: A Catalyst to Consciousness, published by Rainbow Ridge Books, ISBN 978-1-937907-8, is available on,, and bookstores everywhere.




Message from the Goddess Mother



My Beloved Children, “Welcome to our circle of heart within this beautiful moment in time. As you enter into this circle, be aware of the sweetness that surrounds and blesses you, encompassing you within the most glorious light energy. Within this moment, there is a sharing of the sweetness of our heart song, creating a symphony of love. We are filling our hearts with the pleasures of joy, dancing in unity in the sparkling of many lights. Yes, as we enter into this circle, you know within your heart of your sacred placement within this circle. It is a sacred space that only you hold. As you hear my words, take a moment to ponder on this, for the truth of it will be known to you on many levels. Imagine the wonder of you, holding such a sacred space, a positon of

great honor. There is no one else that can take your place. Ponder on these words and imagine a great mosaic comprised of many pieces. Each piece has a color and shape that adds to the grand picture. This beautiful mosaic reflects the whole vision of a destination of great accomplishment and presence. Each individual piece is beautiful and complete as it is, and yet becomes even more within the wholeness of the bigger picture, thus adding to the wholeness This creates a beauty which flows out to create the bigger picture as well as the bigger picture flowing into the individual pieces, bringing great pleasure and beauty to the each piece as well as the whole masterpiece. It is a work of great synergy, each part blessing the whole and the whole blessing each part.


This great masterpiece is the journey of lives, which all beings share together. The destination is the culmination of all the pieces, beautifully added together to create a work of great wonder. Imagine for a moment how important you are to this masterpiece. It is a work of such love, of great joy and great heart. Each of you, as well as the whole masterpiece is now progressing, evolving, becoming more on the way to reaching its glory. Yes, you are progressing on your glorious journey of life, reaching deeper into greater awareness of what it is that fills your heart with joy. As you become more aware of your splendor, you will begin to discover more of your specialness, your individual gifts, and abilities. With more awareness, comes a desire to discover more about yourself, your true nature, leading you on a grand journey of self-discovery and exploration. As you continue to master your greater awareness, more will open up to you in your readiness. This will continue, allowing you to fulfill and experience all your many heart’s desires. Each one is developing and exploring in their own timing and readiness, and yet each is always a part of the bigger masterpiece which is continuously becoming ever more beautiful and wondrous. There is always a connection with all beings, as all are a part of the great circle of heart. As you develop greater awareness of your true nature and experience the desires of your heart, you bless and uplift each being within the circle of heart, for we are always one family of heart. Be assured My Beloveds, that you are destined to fully remember your sweet truth and divine nature. You are even now being


guided to reach this destiny of recognition. As you live each day of wonder, create your journey knowing that each step takes you closer to the fullness of remembering your sacred truth and purpose. With a brighter awareness comes a desire to have a greater understanding as well as to experience more wonder. There truly is no limit to the possibilities that lay before you. Be patient and kind to yourself as you move through your days, focusing on being in the present moment. Open your minds and hearts to allow yourself to hear and feel the sweet guidance that is shining upon you continuously. Choose to be in your heart, experiencing what brings you joy. Joyfulness will uplift you and assist you in reaching into the higher realms of greater understanding and awareness. As you stand in the circle of heart with me now, feel our connection and hear the message from my heart. Our hearts are always connected. My love for you is in a continuous flow of celebration. It is forever. You are known to my heart always, a sweet song of great joy. One day soon, you shall look upon yourself through the eyes of understanding and know yourself. In that moment, your heart will sing with such joy as you take your place in the grand masterpiece and shine your sweetness out in all directions, singing joyfully the wonder of you and your family of heart. Yes we are one family in heart, now and forever, sharing in greatness of spirit and truth, the grand masterpiece we create together. Soon you shall hear and know this sweet truth as it carries you on wings of light into the realms of greater lightness and forever joy.

Listen now to the sweet song as I offer it to you. Feel it now as it flows to you through this sacred mantra, Chanulanaha. My Beloved Children, remember, remember. Remember the joy and the sweetness which is your truth, for you are the lights of my heart, you are love. It is time to remember. Enjoy your life; revel in the wonder of you, and bask in your sweetness, for truly you are so loved.” With great love, Your Beloved Mother (“Message from the Goddess Mother”) As a Gift to assist you on your life journey, I offer Free Articles, Classes and Meditation journeys. To access these and receive new offerings on the horizon, you may subscribe with your email at: For more information on the mantra Chanulanaha you may refer to: Article: “Language of Love, Ancient Keys of Promise to unlock Your Potential”

Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients and students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts and abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. If you have questions or would like to set up a session, you can reach her at website or by email SPECIAL offer 20% discount for new clients. Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. free_telecasts.html



An excerpt from Above and Beyond By LISETTE LARKINS

Wise, mysterious visitors selected Lisette Larkins for spiritual initiation in fall of 1987. She was a young wife and mother, having mysterious paranormal experiences that only she could see and hear. Initially she feared for her sanity and the welfare of her son. On top of that she was struggling with an abusive em-

ployer and a failing marriage. Because of this, her then-husband secretly arranged for her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. She desperately wanted to understand what was happening to her. Why was she chosen? Why now?...


The day before she died, Jeannette rallied for a moment and exhibited a sudden surge of energy, becoming lucid and aware of those she loved who were gathered at her bedside. I, too, became more active—in stark contrast to the stillness of my inner world. As a result, it felt as if my body were moving in slow motion, even though I was moving normally. As Jeanette’s last hour approached, we entered a period during which our orientation to the peaceful, timeless realm completed itself—a process in which Heaven above and Earth below merged within us. This is how we both came to wholeness. I wondered if this was how a new civilization would be born: as each person changed and grew, humanity would seamlessly evolve into an Age of Enlightenment. Jeannette passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by me and her family and the dog. Moments before her last breath, I kissed her hand, feeling a well of emotion. As I held her hand in mine, I felt that we had both made our spiritual transitions. I was also adjusting to the prospect of a new life without our union being a major part of my day. Understanding that our trials actually train our soul to grow required an entirely different way of thinking and being in the world. Responding to problems and acts of wrongdoing with daily acts of kindness, rather than anger and upset, required tolerance and courage. It was as if Jeannette and I were dying together. As her spirit began to withdraw from life, my own inner wellspring of wisdom rose to the surface. My “death” involved leaving behind my upset about the world’s opinion of me and claiming my own truth. Outside the window, even the sky seemed to send its own tribute to Jeannette, as stunning white cumulonimbus clouds raced out of sight, disappearing beyond the mountains. I got in the golf cart and quietly drove down the winding driveway a few hours after Jeannette’s 43 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

transition. Kelly trotted along next to me. The two bronze deer were still there as silent sentries. One of them had toppled over again, no doubt having been struck by the same territorial buck. Getting out of the golf cart to consider these guardians of the property for a moment, I approached the fallen deer to see if this time, now three years later, I was strong enough to pull it to a standing position. Surprisingly, I did so easily. My quiet reverie was suddenly interrupted by a large brown UPS truck rumbling up the driveway and heading to the house. I jumped back in the cart with Kelly and met the truck halfway. I called out to the driver. “I’ll take the package,” I said, gesturing to the back of the golf cart. Happy to oblige, he stopped. After rummaging in the back, he emerged with a large box. “It’s heavy,” he cautioned, placing it in the rear area of the golf cart. He waved goodbye and backed up his truck. Using the golf cart’s key, I broke the tape binding and opened the box. Inside was a stack of my books, fresh from the printer. I withdrew one and ran my hand over the glossy cover. The title read: Difficult People: A Gateway to Enlightenment. I opened the book to the foreword, which Kent had graciously offered to write, and I now read it again. My book detailed my process of finding inner peace, even while in a difficult situation and being challenged by a difficult person. While caring for Jeannette, I had been able to practice a concept to which the ETs had long alluded: demonstrating that I could respond to “wrongdoing” and difficulties by acting with compassion and one small act of kindness after another; being of service and allowing love and elation to fill my heart, despite the difficult circumstances. Together, Jeannette and I, and my ex-husband Peter before her, had grappled with the synchronistic roles that had joined our destinies.

Now, beholding my new book—the end product of my three years with Jeannette, our journey through the maze of Alzheimer’s, and all its attendant trials—its arrival on this day brought tears to my eyes. How is it possible, I asked myself, that these two events, even down to the morning of her passing, could have been arranged without us knowing it? Divine timing and its mystery were too perfect even to fathom. No amount of human planning could have timed those two incidents: Just hours after she had passed away, a truck arrives from the printer to deliver books that chronicle her end-of-life transition. It was as though Jeannette’s soul had conspired in the timing, her higher self remaining as silent witness to the completion of our joint spiritual project. Although the ravages of Alzheimer’s had eventually claimed her, Jeannette and my union had its own perfection. In the same way that my dismal marriage to Peter and my employment by Dr. Helman also were fraught with difficulties and upsets, ultimately these relationships had provided stellar growth opportunities. I had come to know that it was my responsibility to find the gold within those dynamics and learn why I had called those experiences to myself. My soul was indeed becoming trained. Through her previous writings, Lisette reveals what she has learned from wise extraterrestrial visitors who are here to help us evolve. In this, her sixth book, she will initiate you on your own journey to become more fully human by revealing the marvels of your immortal heritage and the glorious adventures of eternal life. Lisette has been implementing her ET mentors’ counsel for more than three decades, creating new projects and helping others to face difficulties and heartache with competency and enthusiastic strength of will. She lives a quiet life in Malibu, California with her partner, Kent, and their exuberant therapy dog, Kelly.

Lisette Larkins has had extraordinary extraterrestrial encounters since childhood. The importance of them was to reveal to her the possibility of experiencing a “chronic state of well-being” and to inspire the recognition that, as spiritual beings in human bodies, we are designed to create to the same degree and with the same ability as extraterrestrials. Although she had written three books about these experiences, it wasn’t until she discovered the work of Eckhart Tolle on being “present” that a clear path presented itself. She began to apply these principles in her work as a publishing company sales director, author, and spiritual guide and went on to publish three more books. Lisette’s previous titles are: Talking to Extraterrestrials: Communicating with Enlightened Beings (Hampton Roads, 2002); Calling on Extraterrestrials: 11 Steps to Inviting Your Own UFO Encounters (Hampton Roads, 2003); Listening to Extraterrestrials: Telepathic Coaching by Enlightened Beings (Hampton Roads, 2004); Difficult People: A Gateway to Enlightenment (Rainbow Ridge Books, 2011); and Talking to Extraterrestrials: Transforming Our World with the Help of Enlightened Beings (Rainbow Ridge Books, 2013). Above and Beyond: The Incredible True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact (Rainbow Ridge Books, 2014) is the latest in her oeuvre.






In view of the recent meltdown of the economy that gave rise to the great recession, it is pretty obvious that the current economic systems are not working. But economists don’t have a clue about which way to go about modifying the existing models. The two political parties of America are bogged down into a lockedhorn position between two existing and decidedly ineffective economic modalities: choosing solely from either the demand side or the supply side economics model for government intervention to get us out of recession. Meanwhile, every economist seems to accept that there is only one way to get back into healthy economy: a forever-expanding economy fed by consumer demand. Adam Smith’s capitalism, the basic economic model in most of the world today, was formulated in an age dominated by the philosophy of modernism or Cartesian dualism in which both matter and mind were valued. However, like all scientific theories, Adam Smith’s theory of capitalism underwent many modifications. Some of the modifications that occurred were politically motivated, as was the case with the so-called demand- side and the supply-side economics. Along with political pres- sures another set of modifications took place as well, this time because the scientific worldview gradually was becoming lop- sided, favoring matter while excluding the independence of the mind. Eventually, modernism passed its beacon to post-modern scientific materialism (primacy of matter philosophy), and this led to some serious modifications to Adam Smith’s capitalism. One of these modifications was that economics was recast as a mathematical science. But this is only approximate at best despite the claims of scientific materialists (after all, as we expe- rientially know, human beings are not mechanical machines). So this model, although successful in the short run in making a lot of money for its protagonists, fails in the

long view; this is one of the major contributors to the meltdown of 2007-2009. Another shortcoming resultant of the materialist modifica- tion of capitalism has been duly noted; it has left us with the idea of infinitely expanding economy—expansion or bust—entirely fueled by consumer demand. However, in view of our finite planet and the finiteness of its material resources, this theory demands the question: is this sustainable? Meanwhile, there is a paradigm shift going on in science from a matter-based science to a consciousness-based science, from primacy of matter to primacy of a causally empowered con- sciousness. My current undertaking—this book—is the result of a developing quantum worldview that is quietly replacing the worldview of materialist physics. I was at a conference in 1999 with the Dalai Lama as a mem- ber of a group of thirty new paradigm scientists when the Dalai Lama challenged us to apply our new science to social problems. This personally inspired me to look into economics. But I was sidetracked by other social problems. It was only when coinci- dentally several years later I had a call from the president of the World Business Academy, encouraging me to write an article on the impact of the new paradigm on economic thinking, that my attention turned firmly to that subject. I realized early on that in using the primacyof-consciousness formulation of science, the power of the subtle (psyche) could be recognized, organized and realized. This relatively recent break- through in our understanding in science states clearly that it is not only our gross material experiences that can be subjected to the scientific process but also our internal subtle experiences (that which we sometimes collectively call the arena of the mind) can be subjected to this testing as well.


Why not expand economics to the subtle arena—to the arena of vital energy that we feel, of mental meaning that we think, and of even archetypal values like love that we intuit? Sounds too preposterous? But didn’t the great Abraham Maslow propose a hierarchy of needs? When our material needs are sat- isfied, we yearn for higher needs like love, said Maslow. Adam Smith’s capitalism is about matching gifts and needs, which give rise to production and consumption respectively, the two sides of the economic equation of supply and demand. Maslow says that the need for the subtle is already there. My research shows that our science and technology are ready to tackle the gift and production of the subtle. The time has come for an economics of consciousness—quantum economics! I wrote up my initial ideas in a short paper, which was pub- lished in 2005 by the World Business Academy in one of their publications. I was able to show that, with the inclusion of the subtle into our economics system, we can solve that one perpetual problem of Adam Smith’s capitalism that none of its later exten- sions have been able to solve—the problem of alternative boom and bust, formally called the business cycle. My work was later published in an anthology of new paradigm ideas on economics called, What Comes After Money? A couple of years later, I was asked to contribute to another anthology, so I expanded my earlier notions further in which I found the answer to sustainability and contributed a larger article to this anthology. This article was entitled, “The Economics of Consciousness.” This book is a direct expansion of my earlier papers solving the remaining problems of Adam Smith’s capitalism and thereby resolving all the current economic plights. Of course, like the consciousness-based science, this new economics is not going to be immediately embraced. But since it involves the solution to all the pocketbook problems of economics,



as well as environ- mental and sociological problems, obviously its time has arrived. What is the new economics good for? It is good for resolving all four issues raised above and then some. 1. The new economics takes economics to satisfying the subtle aspects of human needs, in this way discover- ing new infinite dimensions of economic expansion. Satisfying subtle needs produces a transformed human society in which sustainable economies are quite conceivable. And more. As mentioned above, the new economics gets rid of the business cycle. 2. The quantum worldview is counter to elitism, and in this way, an economics founded on the principles of this worldview will bring down the wealth gap between rich and poor and more. It will eventually solve the poverty problem as far as that can go. 3. Neither the materialist worldview nor the religious worldview before modernism promoted creativity much by their very nature. The materialist worldview is deterministic; not much scope for true creativity is in it. The religious creativity denigrated the world. It could have been creative in the exploration of spiri- tuality, but had lost itself in rituals and traditions.The modernist worldview brought creativity in the world like never before until it dried up under the current materialism. The quantum worldview is the opposite—it promotes creativity. So with it help, cre- ativity and innovation will come back once again in the arena of economics. 4. The political polarization will not affect economics any more. Democrats like science. The new econom- ics is science based. Republicans side with Christian- ity, which is implicitly based on spiritual values.

The new economics promotes these values by making values into economic commodities to produce and consume. In this way quantum economics should gain support from both camps. And more. The quan- tum worldview integrates. Eventually, the political polarization itself will stop. The book is written for both the businessperson and the consumer, in other words, everyone. It touches upon important issues like creativity and ethics in business. It takes you into the already feasible twenty-first century technologies of vital energy. It informs everyone in a developed economy that the time has come to look for jobs that bring meaning and value into their personal lives. It gives quantum hints for new business leader- ship: a viable science of manifestation, how to vitalize their busi- ness arena, how to transform the energy of money.

Amit Goswami, Ph. D. is a professor of theoretical nuclear physics (retired the University of Oregon where he served) at since 1968. He is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness”, an idea he explicated in his seminal book, The Self-Aware Universe, where he also solved the quantum measurement problem elucidating the famous observer effect. Goswami has written several other popular books based on his research on quantum physics and consciousness. In The Visionary Window, he demonstrated how science and spirituality could be integrated. In Physics of the Soul, Goswami developed a theory of survival after death and reincarnation. His book Quantum Creativity is a tour de force instruction in how one might engage in both outer and inner creativity. Goswami’s book, The Quantum Doctor, integrates both conventional and alternative medicine. In Creative Evolution, Goswami presented a resolution between Darwinism and the intelligent design of life. In God is Not Dead, Goswami demonstrated that not only are science and religion compatible, but that quantum physics proves the existence of God. In his recent book, Quantum Creativity: Think Quantum, Be Creative, Goswami says, “Every human being has creative potential, and grasping the quantum process—do-bedo-be-do—will help everyone to explore his or her creative potential.” Goswami appeared in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and its sequel “Down the Rabbit Hole”, and in the documentaries the “Dalai Lama Renaissance” and the award winning “The Quantum Activist”. 48 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015


Ste Life




eps to Creating a fe of Miracles and Joy By JOSEPH GALLENBERGER, PH.D.


Many of us face challenging times in finances, career, relationships, or health at some point in our lives. We may feel powerless against the economic, social, and family forces around us and live our lives feeling bogged down or hampered by our circumstances, not knowing how to change our lives for the better. I have found that we can indeed have tremendous influence over what quality of life we experience. In my book, Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles Abundance, and Health, I explore in detail the idea that are things we can do to create an enhanced, abundant reality for ourselves. I back my discoveries with current science and the experience of hosting over sixty-five Inner Vegas Adventure™ workshops over the past 15 years. In these workshops we use the casino as a classroom to learn how to create desired outcomes consistently. When we are in the right pattern of energy we achieve results that would only occur once in a thousand times by chance. In my home study course, SyncCreation®, these thoughts are translated into the tools and exercises for its students to achieve this power in their broader lives, producing miracles of healing and joyful manifestations in finances, careers, and relationships. From my experience with this work I have found the following seven principles that I consider essential to creating a life of happiness, good health, and abundance: Step One - Positive manifestation is empowered by positive energy. The highest quality and most powerful energy flows from a loving heart. So regardless of what is happening in your life now, live as much as possible in open-hearted gratitude and compassion. Find things, regardless of how small, to celebrate about yourself, all others, and the


universe. Appreciating beauty and grace in all their forms can help take you there. Even simply putting your hand over your heart and bringing your awareness there, will help quiet the overactive mind and serve to increase your heart power. Step Two - Being well-grounded (which means being strongly connected to the present moment here/now, and not worrying about the past or future) is a key secret to potent creation. Bring your awareness and spirit fully into your body; suffuse your body with energy and light; listen to what your body and emotions are saying to you, as they are brimming with wise guidance. Then feel a strong connection with the earth, so that you are fully spirit and flesh at the same time. Step Three - View the spiritual world as solid, strong, and real – and the physical world as highly changeable by your energy and thought. Spirit is the foundation from which to change the physical. Use the affirmation: “I now claim. my dominion and create my reality” to reinforce your position of responsibility and effectiveness. Step Four - To form your goals, discover what would make your heart sing if unfettered by limits. Worthy goals are to be treasured as they excite your heart and create passion. See your dream as if it were real right now, fully enjoying how good this manifestation will feel and how it will benefit others. When starting to focus on something that you desire to create, invite your intentions to have surprisingly positive results. Be open to the delightfully unexpected. Remember – patience sweetens passion! It can take time for strongly negative patterns to change to positive ones, so note and appreciate even small signs of progress.

Step Five - Detach from results and from the way “it has to happen” with full trust that goodness will come to you in the manner and timing that is best for your highest purpose. Refresh your energy and visualizations of what you desire organically, when it feels right to do so. Obsessively pushing for what you want implies lack of trust and is counterproductive. Step Six - Remember - Fear is expensive and love is priceless—choose wisely. Fear is truly a prayer for what you do not want. To manifest smoothly and quickly, your desire must be substantially greater than your fear. For example, if your fear of being jobless is greater than your desire to find the best job for you, then it is likely that your fear will be manifested rather than your ideal job. It is like a balance scale, where if on one side fear is at 60% and desire on the other side is at 40%, it is likely that you will get more of what you fear. If fear is occupying 40% of your energy and thought, and desire 60%, then manifestation of what you want is more likely but often accompanied by glitches and slowness. As you approach 20% fear and 80% desire it is likely that what you desire will manifest strongly and quickly. You do not have to be perfect in this. Some fear is a natural part of anything new. Fear in all its forms, from procrastination, doubt, cynicism, impatience, self-criticism, etc., can be very challenging to release, especially if it is held in life-long patterns. Use meditation, prayer, friendships, coaches, and courses to help you release these limits. Yet sometimes all that is needed is to simply and non-judgmentally notice a fear, see that it no longer serves you, and then just imagine gently bubbling it away. Step Seven - Send positive energy and nonjudgment to everyone. See what will help them express themselves most joyfully in this moment (rather than just what they can do

for you), for this attracts others to help and guide you. Be joyfully generous with yourself and others, in terms of money, smiles, time, attention, and thought, and the universe will be generous with you. Happy Manifesting!

Dr. Joe Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience. His students often achieve dramatic physical and psychological healing, influence over dice and slot machines, and beautiful manifestations in their lives. A dynamic, heart driven speaker, Dr. Gallenberger is in demand internationally on topics such as psychokinesis, energy healing, and manifestation. He is a senior trainer at the Monroe Institute and created its highly successful MC² program. Gallenberger developed SyncCreation®: a Home Study Course in Manifestation. He is the author of the book Brothers Forever and the CD’s Partners and Manifesting with Hemi-Sync. He is the author of Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance and Health and his latest book Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook 52 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June




by Ellen Angelica Pendergast


As we Love, we (become privy to) the knowledge and the wisdom of all; as we Love all, we BECOME all, in that we are consciously connected through our Spirit/Energy. Even though we are always connected (as we are all One), the difference is that once we Love all, our connection is made manifest, i.e., we become awake to that unity. We are then conscious of it, and when that occurs, all wisdom of the ages and all experiences become ours. Please note: this is not on an individual level, but on a level of collective consciousness. When this occurs, you will know it, as you will feel completely elated, joyful, and also could not hurt anyone, for one will then see all as who they REALLY are, which is that they are US.

as our vibration changes, a new dimension that is HERE NOW (HEAVEN/The New Earth) appears, and we then experience THAT! We can then ascend and descend at will!

It is not so much remembering, but a CONNECTION MADE CONSCIOUS! This awakening of being connected, brings about a Unity that produces us to experience the complete Loving Power of God, meaning we become consciously awake to the Universe working through us, (as it always does) but this time, we are fully aware of it! Why does it work through us? Because we ARE THAT UNIVERSE. When this occurs, we sometimes use the term “Christed,’ to explain what we are then consciously having become transformed into; basically speaking, WE ARE AWAKE; awake to our true nature...our true God Self.... contained in physicality, but not of it. Never are the words now so crystal clear as Jesus’s statement, ‘....Be in the World, but not of it....’

...and all of us are THAT!

Being in this state of consciousness, we are then Loving all, and when that occurs, manifestation is effortless. WE are completely in a state of Loving peace and harmony, for what other state on a natural level, is there? For there IS ONLY LOVE. We are then a physical entity, but completely aware of our connection not only to ALL, but AS ALL! Experiencing this knowledge AS ALL, is what some call NIRVANA. The ascension and decension is nothing more than a transcending....meaning

We are all there is just a decision to open up as Love, and to Love All. This awareness brings us that clarity and this transformation is then made manifest; in other words, consciously experienced in our reality. This is the teaching of every Master whom has ever walked the Planet, which basically states, ‘...all you need is Love..’ Love Self and Love all As Self, for there is no other, but ONE....


Ellen Angelica Pendergast received a B.A. in Education in 1978; four major fields of study: English, Art, Social Studies, and Psychology. Received her M.S. in Clinical Psychology in 1997. Has treated patients in a locked psych ward, held a two office private practice, and currently is starting a private practice in Arizona. Taught Psychology classes at a University in the Chicago area, and has just completed a children’s book. She is currently writing another book for young adults and the general public. Contact Ellen; 54 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015


Ask Ellen Angelica Pendergast

Spirit-Minded (Advice Column)

“All questions can be sent to:

Question: Dear Spirit-Minded: I always feel like I have to control something or someone ...I feel like I just can’t let other people live their lives, and then I start to feel I never have time to live my own life! Help! Signed: Controller

want (hence really stopping yourself from doing what you want). The easiest way to feel free is to let go... How to do that? Start by being grateful for who they are & remember that their path is right for them, for you know not what that Soul is up to nor what they wish to realize in this lifetime.

Remember Jesus did not heal the whole Answer: world...why? ...because they didn’t ask! He knew every soul has its own evoluDear Controller: tionary path, and therefore would never If you look at everyone metaphysically intrude unless asked. you will see YOU; therefore when you’re trying to control someone you’re actu- Blessings! ally stopping them from doing what they 55 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

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Col part one


lorWorks Colorworks Is a visualization process that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symp- toms, emotions, or physical challenges. Begin ColorWorks by closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths. Consciously make yourself aware of your body, and relax it. Imagine wrapping a loving white cocoon of mist loosely all around you. In the next step, you must choose a color, but not con- sciously. Even if you don’t “see” the color, rely on your body— your subconscious mind—to choose the exact shade of color, represented by its vibrational rate, to assist with your specific request. Your body will take less than one minute to choose and give you the color you need. When asking your body what color it needs, be specific about the task and location.

What color do I need to remove this heavy grief from around my heart?

What color do I need to remove this sharp pain in my lower back?

What color do I need to release this tightness and stress from my neck and shoulders?

What color do I need to dissolve this cyst from my right underarm?

What color do I need to increase and im prove access to my memories?

• What color do I need to allow myself to

by PATTI CONKLIN accept forgiveness for?

What color do I need to increase my feelings of self-worth?

What color do I need to release my long history of “failure” and accept success?

What color do I need to release my automatic thought response of judgment?

What color do I need to increase my confidence by 80%?

What color do I need to increase my energy by 75%?

The more specific you are in your description of inten- sity, and location in your body, the more specifically your body responds. Whether you wish to remove a negative feel- ing from your entire body, or heal an infection in your right ear, remember to be specific. There is no wrong way to do this. Listen to your internal guidance. 1. You may have many different ways to move the color through your body. For example, on the inhale, pull the color through the bottom of your feet, then move the color through your body, picking up the negative energy, and blow the color and what it has collected out of your mouth. Or imagine releasing it through the crown Chakra while you’re blowing out through your mouth, whichever is easier for you. Inhale briskly, and exhale like you’re blowing out a candle. Concen- trate on the fact that bits of the negative issue are leaving with the color each time you exhale through your mouth.


2. While releasing negative issues from your body, accept that the color, will change quite a bit, and at times you may have two or three colors entering at the same time. Continue mov- ing colors until the color goes back to white on its own. If after you still have many different colors after ten minutes, then you take the color back to white yourself, by visualizing the mist as all white. 3. Draw the white in through your feet, using all your pores, until it fully engulfs you in a healing, cleansing white light filled with Unconditional Love. While moving the white light through your body, express your appreciation aloud, as though you were in perfect physical and emotional health already: a) “Body, I love you unconditionally.” b) “Body, I accept you fully as you are.” c) “Body, I thank you for being clear and healthy.” d) “Body, I am accepting . . . love, forgiveness, healing . . . .” Say an affirmation appropriate for your situation. 4. Ask your body, “What color do I need to fully balance?” This may be any combination of colors, from a rainbow to only white. Breathe in through the bottom of your feet as you inhale, bringing this color through your body, and release by shooting the color through the top of your head—your crown Chakra. Do this exercise for one minute, then quietly walk for a minute or two to let your body adjust to the new vibration. 5, You may choose to journal any emotions or thoughts after the session. ColorWorks “homework” usually requires exer- cises twice a day for ten days, then once a day for the next twenty days. Using the process of ColorWorks® will continue to ben- efit your health and well being. Give



yourself fifteen precious minutes every day, and it can change your life. Questions and Answers about ColorWorks My clients have asked me many questions about the ColorWorks process. Following are the ones that come up most often. “I don’t visualize, so right from the beginning I had a problem doing ColorWorks. I couldn’t visualize myself wrapped in a cocoon of white light, or visualize the colors moving through my body. How can I do the exercise if I cannot visualize?” Many people visualize well, so the exercise is given in that form. If visualization is not something that comes easily for you, then one of the following examples will align with your dominant sense to assist you in accomplishing the same pur- pose, with a variation of ColorWorks. Remember these following sensory paragraphs are only an outline to suggest a framework for you, so you can cus- tomize the process to the thoughts or descriptions which will have meaning, and which will bring the most effective results for you. 1. Visualize – Not creative within your visualizations? Don’t worry, for they often flourish with practice. You can borrow and customize advertisements, or memories of things you’ve actually seen, to enhance your visualization abilities. In the beginning, when the white cocoon is forming, the mist arrives just as easily as mist produced for a stage production, but it feels like being wrapped safely in your comforter or duvet. A number of automobile advertisements show a car in a wind tunnel, with faint mist flowing around and past it, to demon- strate its aerodynamic design. You can imagine your body as the car, and the mist, moving slower, flowing not only around you, but through you as well. Each time you inhale, the mist becomes thicker and more vibrant in color.

It moves easily inside you, picking up the particles that will release through your mouth when you exhale. When it’s time to balance, the colors that move up through your body and release out the top of your head move quickly— just like a little fireworks display! 2. Kinesthetic – If you are more kinesthetically inclined, then you will feel the colors. Feel yourself wrapped in the safety of white, within its glowing strength and power. Then imagine an actual “feeling association” between the color your body has chosen, and the positive effect it provides you. Feel a warm and gentle release as the color moves through and out your mouth. Deeply feel yourself responding to the color as it nlifts and carries away particles. Feel lighter as the color frees you from your issue, or feel fuller and satisfied as the color gives you the relaxation and comfort you’ve asked for. Feel each moist, warm exhale softening and releasing your issue, as the active colors move through your body. 3. Hear – If your most dominant sense is hearing, then hear the different colors. Hear the white as it enfolds you in its pure, protective, loving tone. White might carry the deep, rich tone of a heavy bell for you, which, once rung, carries the note clearly as it harmonizes your body. The warm [use your own adjective here] tone of the color your body needs to assist you deepens its tone, as it collects particles and moves through your body. Imagine that your exhale clears each tone brought through your body. Imagine your body vibrating in perfect harmony with the white of balancing, just as though your body was in sync with a tuning fork of perfect pitch, when your body’s balancing is completed. 4. Smell – Imagine the white surrounding you as having the same fresh, comfortable smell of being wrapped in your favor- ite clean duvet or sweater. Imagine the smell of the new color

as though it were mist in the air, or microscopic particles of baking soda. Let it move from the bottom of your feet and up through your body, absorbing any negative smells as you release blockages, and exhale them through your mouth. The final balancing will bring a smell that represents harmony and balance to you. 5. Taste – Imagine the white surrounding you as contain- ing the sharp, clear crispness of a fresh apple, or perhaps the sweetness of marshmallow sauce. As the tiny white microscopic particles move through you, the taste of them changes and enhances you. Your body’s color of release may have the subtle taste of a citrus sorbet, which becomes faint as it col- lects and releases your negative issues. The final balancing to harmony could be represented by a color hinting of a delicate balance, like a gourmet sauce simmered to perfection. 6. Know – When guided by a sense of knowing, definitive thoughts come easily to you. Know that you’re relaxed and safe, wrapped in white. Know that the colors are moving through your body as you guide them. Know the exhale of your breath is clearing and healing your body physically and emotionally. Know deep in your cells that the rebalancing stage allows your body to fully incorporate the vibrational changes you’ve made. 7. Direct Internally – If none of these options sound like they fit with your style, then you can always mentally talk yourself through the process. Simply say each step to yourself inside your mind. For example, “I am now surrounded by a cocoon of white light.” Once you’ve determined what color you need, continue by saying, “Purple is moving up through my feet, and continuing up my legs and abdomen. The purple is now in my chest. The purple has changed shades of color as it has collected bits of negativity and is bringing them along. The purple is carrying the negativity out my mouth.”


Concentrate on taking deep breaths on both the inhale and exhale, as you move the color. “When I did the exercise, an area of the body came to mind, and a color seemed to be uggested, but I wasn’t certain that was really happening. I felt as though I could have been making it up. How do I know these were correct?” Who knows more about you than you? One of the reasons I want to share this wonderful ColorWorks system with you is to help you realize that you’re totally empowered. You have the abilities within yourself to move forward, into a healthy, balanced, happy and productive life. All the answers, all the information you need about what is best for you, is within you. You need just two things: a way to access the information inside you, and the belief that you’re capable of doing it. As you use this technique the realization that you’re capable will develop. Illness and disease are simply a result of storing painful memories. Once you learn how to recognize the cause of pain, and remove it, you’ll be able to improve your health. Illness, disease and imbalance need not exist within you. “I did the exercise, but nothing happened!” It may seem as though nothing is happening, but that’s not the case. Something changed. You may not be able to perceive at this time what changed, or where it occurred, but something did shift. Continue doing the ColorWorks process. In about a week, you’ll be aware of the change. It would also be helpful for you to write down your thoughts and feelings right after doing the work. Take ten minutes, and write down whatever comes to your mind at that moment. on’t judge what you write, and don’t try to correct or edit it. The writing is for you alone; no one is going to grade it. At the end of the week, read what you’ve written. You’ll be surprised at the pattern that emerges. It will 61 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

lead you to an insight about yourself. “I couldn’t breathe the way you described, and at the same time move the colors the way I’m supposed to. What do I do?” Coordinating all these things can be difficult, especially if it’s unlike anything you’ve done before. Keep in mind that there’s no wrong way to do the ColorWorks. If it’s too hard to breathe and move the colors, then think of a way that would accomplish the same result, but be easier for you. How about setting up a color pump? Once you know the color you need, mentally set up a pump filled with that color. Tell the pump that it’s timed with your breathing. Then, as you breathe, it will pump just the right amount of color. Just focus on your breathing, and let the pump do the rest. If that’s too mechanical for your preference, then why not create a color wrap? Mentally create a wrap of the color you need, and place it on the area of the body you’re working on. Then focus on your breathing. The color is in place, and will do its work. It may require a little creativity, but you will be able to think of a solution that fits your style, and that will enable you to do ColorWorks. “I want to work on eliminating depression. My whole body feels depressed. How do I work on my whole body?” Depression is a good example of a “whole body” condi- tion. Pay close attention specifically to how you asked the question of your body, before tuning in to your body’s response. If you ask your body where the depression is, your body will indicate that it’s all through your body. However, if you ask your body where the depression is stored in your body, your body will identify a specific spot. The area your body indicates then becomes the focus

of your work. “What about other diseases that affect large areas or most of my body? What if I have a serious auto-immune condition like lupus, or arthritis, or cancer?” ou need to ask your body where your issue— disease, trauma, etc.—is stored, so you can release it from your physi- cal body. Be aware that your body may not indicate the same area where you currently feel physical pain! Locating and releasing the originating emotional issue from your body often removes even chronic pain, which may have been present for many years. Ask your body when your disease began to be stored in your body. The originating key to release a disease, such as Lupus, will usually be identified as an event with a domineering parent. Finding this event gives you a specific point of forgiveness or healing to work with. When a parent is domineering over a child, the child often responds by pulling back, and by not fully being him- self. As a result, the child chokes off the free flow of energy within his body. Then, since the body doesn’t get the ener- getic nourishment it needs, it creates a disease that appears to be everywhere. “Why do I have to turn the cocoon back to white? Why can’t I just leave the cocoon the color my body said it needed?”

PATTI CONKLIN is a world-class energy healer, and a much sought-after facilitator who has shared her experiences and changed lives at hundreds of workshops, lectures, and conferences. Her work and gifts have been referenced in many books, such as Miracles of the Casa by Josie Ravenwing, a book about John of Godin Brazil; Soul Agreements by Dick Sutphen; and Radical Remissions by Dr. Kelly Turner. She is a frequent keynote speaker at alternative healing conventions, including the annual meeting of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She is the creator of ColorWorks, a visualization process that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symptoms, emotions, or physical challenges. Even an episode of the X-Files was partially based on her life and experience. Her book God Within, ISBN 978-1-9737907-23-5, Rainbow Ridge Books is available everywhere books are sold.




What the caterp

~Richard Bach

pillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

Butterflies are beautiful, flying insects with large scaly wings. Like all insects, they have six jointed legs, 3 body parts, a pair of antennae, compound eyes, and an exoskeleton. The three body parts are the head, thorax (the chest), and abdomen (the tail end). The butterfly’s body is covered by tiny sensory hairs. The four wings and the six legs of the butterfly are attached to the thorax. The thorax contains the muscles that make the legs and wings move. FLYING Butterflies are very good fliers. They have two pairs of large wings covered with colorful, iridescent scales in overlapping rows. Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) are the only insects that have scaly wings. The wings are attached to the butterfly’s thorax (midsection). Veins support the delicate wings and nourish them with blood. Butterflies can only fly if their body temperature is above 86 degrees. Butterflies sun themselves to warm up in cool weather. As butterflies age, the color of the wings fades and the wings become ragged. 64 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

The speed varies among butterfly species (the poisonous varieties are slower than nonpoisonous varieties). The fastest butterflies (some skippers) can fly at about 30 mile per hour or faster. Slow flying butterflies fly about 5 mph. Wing Structure and Scales: Butterfly wings are made of two chitonous layers (membranes) that are nourished and supported by tubular veins. The veins also function in oxygen exchange (“breathing”). Covering the wings are thousands of colorful scales, together with many hairs (setae). The name Lepidoptera (which includes butterflies and moths) means “scale wing” in Greek. These wing scales are tiny overlapping pieces of chitin on a butterfly or moth wing. The scales are outgrowths of the body wall and are modified, plate-like setae (hairs). The front and back of the wings usually have different patterns. Color: Many butterflies and moths are brilliantly colored, while others are drab. There are often ultraviolet patterns in the wings that we cannot see, but which may be seen by other butterflies. Even many of the colorful species have drab-colored outer wings (that are visible when the animal is at rest). The coloration of these insects serves many purposes, including: • Camouflage, in which the color of the animal helps it blend into the environment, hiding the insect. The Australian leafwing butterfly, for example, is shaped and col ored like a leaf.

have large “eyespots” which make the butterfly or moth look like the face of a larger animal (like an owl), scaring away some predators. • Soaking up heat: dark-colored scales soak up heat very well when the butterfly suns itself. Like all insects, butterflies are coldblooded. When they get too cold, they warm themselves in the sun. Wings At Rest: When at rest, butterflies hold their wings vertically. Moths hold their wings horizontally when at rest. A monarch butterfly at rest is pictured to the right. LIFE-CYCLE OF A BUTTERFLY Butterflies and moths undergo complete metamorphosis in which they go through four different life stages. • Egg - A butterfly starts its life as an egg, often laid on a leaf. • Larva - The larva (caterpillar) hatches from an egg and eats leaves or flowers almost constantly. The caterpillar molts (loses its old skin) many times as it grows. The caterpillar will increase up to several thousand times in size before pupating. • Pupa - It turns into a pupa (chrysalis); this is a resting stage. • Adult - A beautiful, flying adult emerges. This adult will continue the cycle.

• Warning (or aposematic) coloration: brightly-colored butterflies and moths are either bad-tasting or a mimic of similarlooking bad-tasting butterflies. • Attracting and finding mates, who look for certain colors and patterns. • Deceiving predators into thinking they’re bigger than they really are. Some wings 65 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015 butterflies/anatomy/Wings.shtml

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Needs your help, many beautiful animals waiting for a loving home.

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Non-Linear Communication:

A Bridge to The Realm of Dreams and the by CONSTANZA BADE A.K.A. C. I greet you with a recent poem I wrote accompanied by a lovely painting by Wawī Amashā.

THE TREE OF LIFE: Always beginning The twig touched the water and new roots reached through the earth. As water flowed and roots anchored, what was once just a rod began to flourish in both directions. Upward and outward, and downwards and inward, blossoming into a most beautiful tree. Intricate beneath, strong at the core, delicate, vivacious yet flexible on the surface, for all to admire, feel and touch. Exposed to the elements, it showed what wondrous magic could come of baring one’s truth in honesty in the most vulnerable of moments of wind and rain. How powerfully sincerity revealed itself with such grand magnificence. The tree drank from the storms that befell it and was stronger and livelier after, as the warmth of each sunray touched upon its receiving body. The tree established a foundation of knowledge that ran through the earth and the other Elements all well within reach of its roots, branches and body. This knowledge is freely shared, as it should always be throughout the ages, despite times in history where it’s been misused and/or appropriated in sometimes vicious or repeating cycles. What is not shared dies with its beholder. What is not shared is not understood. This is the way to a short end of life. But with ears and eyes to nature, those who see its circle know that the cycle of life continues and evolves only in the sharing of what came before, that which has brought us to now and will again bridge us between then and now and back again. This can only happen in sharing. Just as the earth is tilled to sow and harvest and left to rest before it can be turned over to give again. And so it is that knowledge must be shared, freely and truthfully, for that is the breath that powers life and ensures its own evolution for higher purpose. 67 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2015

Painting: Dwelling by the Lake by Wawī Am aka Mami Afrika

e Unseen


In the past decade or so pop culture has mainstreamed mediums.If you’ve ever watched the T.V. show Medium with Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois, that’s me, except I don’t work for the DA. Not quite like the boy in the movie Sixth Sense saw them, I do see those past as they were in their prime. I hear them and feel their emotions. My name is Maria Constanza Bade, friends call me C. I am gifted with the ability to bridge realms of the unseen to this physical world. I feel the thoughts and hear the feelings of others. As well as connect with the spirit and other multidimensional worlds. It’s a very delicate practice. I am an empath, lightworker and medium who absorbs the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others like a sponge. This happens both in the physical and spirit worlds. Sometimes I inadvertently take on things, including physical issues that are not mine. By literally experiencing what it’s like to be in the skin of others, I can offer sincere understanding and perspective or a way to brainstorm through lessons or challenges. One might say this is the Universe’s way to spur up a conversation with someone who’s asking for help or guidance. The immense joy and magic I get to share with near strangers when they receive the message with an open heart is a beautiful experience beyond words that makes my work very fulfilling. I don’t believe my gifts are out of the ordinary. I believe that in quiet mindfulness, anyone looking for an answer has access to the same universal information I do. Since 2012 I have been piloting workshops to offer people

tools to learn to tap into and develop their own gifts. It takes practice and learning, and that’s where the fun lies. In finding and creating magic! I work in various dimensions in the realm of dreams and the unseen. I work within any and all belief systems and paradigms. I use and reference a variety of modalities. Here is a link with list of workshops I offer and can bring you: workshops I believe that as sentient beings we can all return to the beginning, before the emergence of linear language when telepathy was innate to communication. A time when all beings, humans, plants and animals communicated with clarity and honesty by way of imagery and feelings. Just as Ana Breytenbach bridges the animal world to the human world with her work in interspecies communication, I hope to provide bridging tools among people. Feel free to connect with me @ yourwayla or via email at: Below are the titles to 3 of my works of fiction that address magic and the unseen, available on Amazon.The Music Box Unexpected Adventures of Swift, (illustrated by Sarah Klinger), the first volume in an anthology addressing the dream world with a mix of classical and contemporary Greek and Yoruba mythologies, as well as Native American philosophies.



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June issue 2015  

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