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ofia Milos




From winning first prize in a local beauty pageant when Sofia was only a teenager to starring in The Sopranos as Camorra Boss Annalisa Zucca and CSI Miami as Yelina Salas, Sofia has it all.

Photography by Artiphics Hair and Makeup by Edward Hakopian Dress Design by Sue Wong Location Designer Sue Wong’s Historical Hollywood Mansion, The Cedarsd Art Direction by Mona Mohamadi

Her role in Passionada as Celia Amonte was superbly interpreted. “As an actress,” Sofia said, “I adored her.” This role really showcased Sofia’s ability as a leading actress in Hollywood. Sofia Milos was born in Zurich, Switzerland, to an Italian father and a Greek mother. The family moved to Rome, Italy when she was a child. Before moving to Rome in later years, Switzerland is where she spent the first part of her life. She grew up with a French nanny, Greek mom and an Italian dad. As well as being a talented actress, Sofia has a passion for art in all areas of her life. Besides acting, she enjoys cooking and painting. But she would say that she is an artist at heart, “I respect and enjoy all creation. All that beautifies our world and our hearts. All that communicates. All that encourages change for the better; all that makes us feel alive and dream just a little longer until we break out into a smile. Passion is my surname.” Meeting Sofia in her beautiful home which has the signature of her taste of being an artist, gave me the privilege to interview Sofia for our February issue. She was very welcoming. We talked about her passion for acting to her hobby of cooking. And we also talked about her desire in wanting to continue studying all the time because knowledge is power. Sofia is one of a kind in Hollywood. It’s no doubt that she will be continue to shine brightly as she has done for so many years in this business. How long have you been an actor? Somehow I want to say all my life. Like many artists, I didn’t have an easy childhood, and so I would take on a circumstantial role. I expressed my true self through drawings, paintings, and then photography, until I became an actor and was able to, through the work on stage, discover myself first as an artist and then as a woman. The passion and curiosity for this search of self gave me the jump-start and uninhibited courage to confront living as myself. Bringing characters alive through my own experiences gave me the ability to heal, overcome barriers and learn to communicate on a whole other level of truth. Hence the saying, “When art imitates life and life imitates art.”


photo courtesy by Attiphics hair & make up by Edward Hakopian dress design by Sue Wong 9 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

This is why I love what I do. I’ve been a working actress for twenty-three years. Time sure does fly when one goes through a most amazing and crazy adventure and has mostly fun doing so.. How did you get started in Acting? Professionally speaking, I started to perform on stage in 1992 and I got my first two jobs that same year. The first was a guest starring-role as a Novice Nun on the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, and the second, a lead role in the feature, Inside Out, with Leslie Ann Down and Chris Christopherson, in which I played a literature student. After one year of scene study with Milton Katselas and stage work, I booked my first prime-time series regular role for NBC at the beginning of 1993, which went on until the end of 1994, in the sitcom Café American with Valerie Bertinelli, as the hotheaded Italian model Fabiana Borelli. TV Icon and multiaward winning director James Burrows directed the series. Mr. Burrows went on to sponsor me to stay in this country and pursue an acting career. I was passionate but rather shy back then, but I thought to myself, someone that won twenty-one Emmy’s is telling me that I have talent. He may know what he’s talking about. So, I stayed. Jimmy would say that he loved how I’d switch from one language to another in rapid fire, without batting an eyelash, as both a dramatic actress and a comedienne, all in one hot package. He believed that would be the key to my success. He wasn’t too wrong. I proceeded to work nonstop for years to come on TV especially. I am very grateful for his encouragement, and for being there for me. And for Peter Noah, the executive producer, who is now the consulting producer on Scandal, to have chosen me at the beginning of my career with only two measur-

able credits on my resume, when the role was written for an American. He gave me my first big break. I am also very grateful for the ten years I continued to study with Milton Katselas throughout my rising career. Today I study with Ivana Chubbuck, who was responsible for guiding both Halley Berry and Charlize Theron to their respective Oscar wins. In how many films and series have you performed in up till now? I have done several series as a series lead or star, nine of them so far in prime time Network shows including, CSI: Miami, The Border, Caroline In The City, with Leah Thompson, The Secret Lives of Men, with Peter Gallagher, Café American, with Valerie Bertinelli, among others. There were other projects that helped build my career, like the three recurring roles I did on international hit shows like The Sopranos, with James Gandolfini, Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David, Thieves, with John Stamos, and another twenty-two guest starring roles on prime time TV shows, including ER and Friends. That’s over 230 hours of television programming and ten credited films. But I am far from done. I definitely need more film credits. And most definitely it’s time for a new TV Series. Are you working on any current projects? I am happy to say that there are a few projects I’m currently working on and I will share the news soon. It’s an exiting time for many I think, and it’s going to be a good year. What I can say is that one of the projects is based on a true story penned by James D’Alessandro. And it’s also Pilot season, which may bring it’s own surprises and new possibilities.

10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

I also launched a cooking show out of my own kitchen called, Sofia’s Kitchen with Sofia Milos, where I share healthy alternatives to classic Mediterranean dishes that I either learned from my mom, my nonna, or by simply experimenting. Cooking is another fun, creative outlet for me while sharing healthy recipes and tips with my fan’s and friends on Cyberspace. Please check it out on my YouTube channel: Sofia’s Kitchen with Sofia Milos. How different is it to act in a movie or on Stage or TV Series? I love stage work because there is a live audience with an immediate real life feedback that fuels you in your performance. The adrenaline becomes a big asset if you learned how to use it. It’s pretty magical. There are no second takes and you really learn to trust yourself as an actor. A great life lesson really. I think any actor should have that experience because it will change them forever in their work, in their confidence and in being in present time. To work on various sitcom’s was fantastic training too, and the working schedule is amazing as you shoot one episode per week. It’s a wonderful experience because there is a live audience, so you get the same immediate feedback and the encouraging laughter as in stage work, but it’s on camera so if you make a mistake you can do another take. The art with a live audience taping of a sitcom, for an actor, is not only a good experience to learn the formula and rhythm of the comedy, but also learn to make fun of yourself in a creative way. When you make mistakes, the audience stays with you and it becomes humorous rather than uncomfortable or embarrassing. In other words there are

no mistakes. All of it becomes part of the multi dimensional performance while taping. That’s another great lesson and experience to be had. I was fortunate to have worked with some great sitcom directors with some great sitcom directors like the legendary James Burrows and also in unscripted shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, or Mad About You, starring Paul Raiser and Helen Hunt, among others. So I learned a lot. A movie is usually shot in five weeks, or as long as several months, and it is a great experience when you love the story, your character, your co-star, and trust the director, as you travel the journey. You get to develop a real history and pathology with your character. You get to live an arc and a resolution. And sometimes you even get to heal and resolve some personal, painful events and even overcome your own issues through your characters journey because what is underlying is the authentic need to win, which is the core of Ivana Chubbuck’s teachings that I have been exploring and expanding with. I am really looking forward to doing a film and hopefully having the amazing opportunity to bring an interesting character to life that touches, moves, or makes people laugh. A TV series is different as you shoot one episode in eight days. It’s much faster paced than a film and doesn’t allow for the same freedoms of creativity and prep time. You finish one script and start another the next day. So you have to really know your character and trust in your preparation as an actor. Oftentimes they are not shot locally. The hours are a lot longer. They can vary from eight to sixteen hours a day depending on your workload. In other words, you don’t have much of a social life.

Your cast and crew become your family. So I’m wishing for a really great fun one on my next show. My social salsa dancing is definitely put on hold while I’m on a show. That’s probably why am enjoying so many other creative outlets like salsa dancing, Greek dancing, cooking, and painting right now until I’m too busy to do it again. Ole’! Do you ever doubt your work in any particular role? Interesting question. I think no one should doubt himself or herself, but believe in ones ability and dreams, otherwise no one else will. Can a performance be better? Sure. But, performing is an art form. It has limitless possibilities, other than the one imposed by the networks, or writers and directors. If it doesn’t sabotage and stop one from being brilliantly authentic, it’s healthy to think there is the possibility of improvement. But it can become lethal if one gets stuck in any doubt in life. Doubt should be used just as a door to other possibilities, not as an end to itself. Trust in yourself. I have no regrets or bad performances. I love what I do and put a lot the time and study into my roles. There is no substitute for training and professional experience. Through both I gained the understanding and effectiveness of a communication unique to me in my performance in spite of any obstacles we may encounter on sets. Each one of us is unique and that’s what is so special. It’s when you don’t fit into molds, but create the mold that it becomes truly fun. Which has been your favorite character that you have performed? Portraying the Neapolitan Mafia Boss Annalisa Zucca in The Sopra-

nos was one of the most delicious and fun roles to play, and it changed my path from playing sitcoms and comedies for the first decade, to playing women with guns on either one side of the law. What are your strong points as an actor? I think good or bad, I have my own brand, my own look. I love to play the subtext, the subtle performance between the lines. I feel a whole other story can be told between the lines with your eyes, your nose, your lips, a look, a nod, a breath, if they’re sustained by ones truth and need. I have a high work ethic and I am very committed to a project I take on and never give less than expected, but always more. I think we all should give more than expected. That kind of generosity pays back, if not immediately, it will somehow, somewhere. But it certainly boosts ones ability, confidence and fulfillment. What have you learned from the directors or senior actors that you have worked with throughout your career? I’ve learned early on and throughout, what I WOULD and would NOT do on a set, and to your fellow actors and crew. Not everyone knows how to play fair, nice and generous to their co-stars, mostly out of their own insecurities. To me it’s important to be on a happy set and I don’t mind being the instigator of a happy set. I finally learned to just be myself no matter the drama around me. What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting? To have my parents be proud of me as a woman and actress after a rough beginning. To be able to be funny in a foreign language, English, without an accent, and my 5th language and one I learned through watching

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television, reading books and out in the real world. Mention about any special recognition or award that you have received for your acting skills? I received an Artistic Achievement award at the Banff International Television Festival, in Canada, and an Artistic Achievement Award at the Hellenic Times Awards in New York City, as well as a nomination for my portrayal of homeland security agent Bianca La Garda, in The Border, at the Monte Carlo International Television Festival, and a consideration for an Emmy Nomination for my portrayal of Mafia Boss Annalisa Zucca in The Sopranos. What do you prefer acting in a movie series or acting on stage? I would say I would love to perform in a film that tells a beautiful and compelling story and gives me the opportunity to perform in either a challenging breakout role where I get to show my versatility, show my strengths, my humor and my vulnerability, or a comedy, which is always fun of course. And, I would love to be starring in a new international TV show with an incredible strong cast and great premise. What kind of roles do you prefer? I prefer roles I would excel at like colorful roles of strong women with flaws and vulnerability. A woman with untiring resilience in the fight of what she believes to be true or right. Women who have proven themselves to have earned a place among a “man’s world�, and then some, and yet remain classy and feminine but can be raw and dangerous if needed. Or a fun, hot-blooded, passionate, humorous yet dramatic role that actresses like Anna Magnani or Sofia Loren, would play.

photo courtesy by Attiphics hair & makeup by Edward Hakopian dress design by Sue Wong

What is the hardest part of being a celebrity? That all depends how or why you became a celebrity. Which is not the same thing as being an actor or artist, though it is one of the consequences of being a valued or recognized actor.

I would say lack of privacy and being scrutinized for everything. Your every word is being weighed in with added value which in of itself has its upside and downside. Your personal life can become not so personal. People may think because they know you, that you must know them too. There is an exception reserved for real life friendships. On the other hand, I am very grateful for all the support and kind, loving words my fans give me daily, and in a way, that becomes a virtual friendship. In general, the more successful one is in any field, one has to be aware of fake “friends” with ulterior or superficial motives, vampires that suck your energy and time when you are on a riding high and couldn’t care less about you during your lows. Give me a few tips to be a successful actor? Keep working on your craft. Work on yourself. Believe in yourself with confidence. Have a purpose. Have goals. Don’t give up. Don’t wait for outside validation to know who you are. No matter what success you reach, stay humble, because you never stop learning and you always need to first know what’s needed and wanted. Ride the high wave with caution and gratitude, and withstand the low knowing you will rise again. Who is your favorite actor? Today I greatly respect and enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Blanchet, work. They are just consistently amazing. I love the superb talents of Robert Downey Junior and Jamie Foxx, or talents such as Javier Bardem and Sergio Castellitto, among many others. If I reminisce about old movies and the classics, I love Anna Magnani for her rawness, earthiness and authenticity, or Katherine Hepburn, Sofia Loren and Marcello Mastroiani, and the comedic hero’s,

TOTO’ and Charlie Chaplin. What are some of the difficulties of the acting business? During the casting process one is always too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too young, too old, too unknown, too different. That is of course until one gets hired in a big show or a big film, then it’s Noblesse Oblige and YOU set the trend. To be an actor you have to keep your dreams alive because others won’t do it for you. You have to want it badly enough. Where thousands of rejections don’t sum up to the immense vision and courage an actor must have in order to keep on this path in spite of any obstacles. You really have to keep your eyes on your mountain or you will roll down so fast you won’t know what hit you. Is it true that you have to change yourself in order to be accepted into the entertainment business? In spite of the telling airbrushed era, inflated breasts and perfect visages, thinking that one has to be anything other than themselves as an actor to fit into what is expected is a mistake. Aesthetics should be a personal choice. A good director wants to see YOU and whatever you feel best in. Most casting directors don’t even know what is expected of the actor by the writers or producers and actually wait for the actor to bring it in. Parts have been re-written to fit someone, or was recommended for a role, or was a Network approved star, or blew them away with their audition, or just blew them, or helped produce the project or wrote it. But the last thing to do is to change oneself to fit into a make believe invisible box. What we need to do is be who we are and increase our skills, and work hard at them. A breakout role is just that, a perfect fit to whom we are and

with which we can shine. Timing has its value too. What is some advice that you would give to someone aspiring to become and actor? If you want to become an actor first of all do it for the right reason and fame is not one of them. You have to be able to handle rejection and keep getting up again until you get your break, and even then, there will be rejection. You have to be able to keep getting up with the same passion and vision, persistence, humbleness and confidence. At the same time, you have to be willing to work hard, rehearse and research. In other words you have to be a little crazy. If all that sounds great, and by God there is so much gratification in what we do, go for it! Believe in your dreams and go make them a reality. Work on yourself and outflow every day because dreams without actions are just hopes.

photo courtesy by Sheri Determanhair

13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

I believe we should enjoy life, dance, and have fun. Use your imagination, passions and talent to create your successful life, a life where you can make a positive contribution. There are infinite ways to do that, which makes us happy. A quote I love is, “Smile and you’ll soon find something to smile about.” I believe you have to have a purpose that is true for you, not just ideal at best, something to believe in and pursue in spite of all obstacles. That is the most important thing if you want to be successful and happy, something worthwhile getting up for every day and fighting for and where our passion becomes our profession. I found through my own more difficult experiences, there are always many things we can be grateful for at any given time or circumstance. There are always joyful moments that can be created and important loving supportive people we can be grateful for. There are people that count on us and our integrity. And I knew that if I just focused on all those positives instead of focusing on the negatives, and potential losses, rejections, illness or threats of losses, but focus on the positive outcome of my goals and dreams, and all the people like my mother and true friends I can be grateful for every morning and night, magic could happen. And it does. So, have faith in God and yourself. But I also had to make sure my actions would involve steps to get closer to my goals every day. I believe success comes from having the ability to confront and proceed

in spite of all obstacles towards a desired goal. It’s much more important what you do with obstacles and setbacks. Keep your eyes on your goals and your actions in line with them. “Goals without action are just hopes.” Sometimes success comes faster than other times, when the timing is right. Sometimes it will take longer but one cannot give up, as that’s the only failure and regret one will remember. And if one persists, there is no loss in fact. If it takes longer, one keeps growing with experience and becomes better at what one does when opportunity arises. It’s not a race it’s a journey. Enjoy your journey. Romance, gifts, a new car, a new house, can make us happy momentarily, but also dependent on outside validation, luck or gifts. But achieving your goals in spite of all obstacles, or losing it all and re-creating it again and again, falling down and getting up again, to go and win your dreams, that builds confidence and skill and that drive is what shapes us to live a much happier life. I like the saying, “Don’t pray for an easier life, pray to be stronger,” so you can have a great life! Just wishing to have a problem free life or career in the Entertainment business, well that’s an oxymoron. Life is a game with wins and losses, highs and lows. Careers have ebbs and flows. A game to be called a game and played with gusto has to have a goal, oppositions or obstacles, rules and barriers within which to play. And so does life, otherwise what a boring life it would be. We would stop playing it if there was no game, no challenge. But if it gets too hard don’t just stop playing, you can win goals if you put your mind, passion and skills into it. And if you don’t

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win something, well you can still say you had fun and played a great game! You lived a fulfilling and great life. I want to be able to say that when I’m old, sitting on a bench, next to my husband in the park, reminiscing on all the magical moments that I created in this lifetime. And ultimately, don’t believe anything anyone says. Go and experience it for yourself. Observe and decide for yourself what is true for you, as that’s the only truth. Then just GO FOR IT and follow your dreams.

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What is your message to people and your fans? I believe we should find the courage and confidence to be ourselves, because each one of us is unique.

photo courtesy by Attiphics hair & makeup by Edward Hakopian dress design by Sue Wong

photo courtesy by Attiphics hair & makeup by Edward Hakopian dress design by Sue Wong 16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016



IS THE ANSWER by Rashmi Khilnani

The excerpt from Buddha Speaks

“Human beings have to keep reminding themselves of what they know but forget to practice. If you want peace, you have to become peace. If you choose love, you have to become love. If you wish for harmony, every part of our being must reflect a harmonious state of being.”


Dear Buddha, I find that when I am too much in my mind that I can- not switch so easily to radiating love from my heart. I think this is a big problem for many in the West, especially those caught up in the mental Western lifestyle but want to move into a higher way of relating to them- selves and others. Can you tell me how to resolve this dilemma? Rashmiji, you know very well that when you go to where love is, when you become the very isness of love, when you sail within a realm of all-inclusive beingness, the mind gets zapped. Thoughts are replaced by a feeling of expansive well-being. Your body begins to relax. You begin to feel at ease and at one as a unified organic whole and all the definitions and borders of separation begin to melt in this magnificent sea of oneness. You feel expansive. You are like the mighty eagle soaring. You are as a sea of limitless energy within, boundless vibration, unlimited frequency. In such moments, you are actually in a state of Maha Mudra, of totality. This is an organic field of unified awareness. This state is not based on discipline or force or undue effort. At such times, the question of boredom or impatience, or any other undesirable guna (quality) does not come into the question. Lord Buddha, that is absolutely beautiful, that love is the answer for too much mental focus and its ramifications. But, I might add that I have been accused from time to time of being a great social butterfly, of leading the life of a celebrity and hobnobbing with the famous ones. But the truth is that as I travel the globe, my greatest motivation for meeting someone is how much love there is in this entity, group or situation, as the case may be. Ultimately, it does not matter to me how rich, famous or powerful the person is. And I feel sad when many on the spiritual path feel that in order for them to develop spiritually they have to avoid the rich and famous. Love can be found amongst all types of people and

in all sorts of places. In fact, love exists everywhere at all times, even when its polarity of disharmony and hate is coming up. I find my heart sings when I am with a taxi driver who is being authentic and loving. Yet, even if I were with the Queen and she was not centered in her loving awareness, I would want to get away as soon as possible— unless, of course, she was opening up for a heart healing. When I met the Dalai Lama at a press conference on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel in London, I was most pleasantly surprised to feel the energy of his little entourage (his fellow monks) to be as powerfully serene as that of his Excellency Himself. I suppose, Lord Buddha, what I am trying to say is that the honoring of all beings on the path with love is important irrespective of whether they are with or without shoes. Personally, I have found that some of the most powerful spiritual beings I have met on the path have come to me as beggars or tramps. So my question is Buddhaji, how can human beings now be inspired to honor each other, love each other, and for- give each other. You see dear Master, that my observation is that human beings often do not chose love, forgiveness, and compassion when they are pushed into a corner or when they are in challenging situations. This then leads to an amplification of conflicting energies that build up morphogeni- cally and finally cause large battles and great warfare. If angry people behold my statue serenely meditating with the inner smile expressed on my face, this affects their disharmonious vibration and calms it down. Every aspect of my force field of energy is nonviolent, is non-confrontational, is peaceful, and ultimately is very free. Every time you, Rashmiji, and others on the spiritual path meditate, chant, or practice spiritual ritual or ceremony with a pure heart, the ripple effect of these peaceful harmonious vibrations res- onate to encompass the whole Universe. You know very well dear one, that all your sadhana (inner work) results in not just enlightenment for you. This spiritual work helps to transform the entire field of unified consciousness. Every realized Bodhisattva that walks the earth or flies in the etheric realms affects consciousness and its elevation everywhere. 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

This is why, Rashmiji, you and I and many others believe and wish to come back to the earth realm to help in the freeing of all souls, even after we ourselves have reached enlightenment. You know well, dear Moonbeam (Rashmi), that you have been enlightened in past lives and yet you have chosen to bravely forget and be once again challenged by the limitation of the maya as a human being here now. You are choosing this to understand human challenges while you have easy access (or shall I say relatively easy access) to the wisdom and the knowledge of the frequencies of self-realization from past lives in Indian forests, Egyptian temples, and Buddhist monasteries. Many, many others like you are also here now to perform this grand service. So every time you get impatient about why you haven’t achieved full enlightenment the day before yesterday, please remember that you already are what you wish to be, and you are remembering it in your own time here now. Human beings have to keep reminding themselves of what they know but forget to practice. If you want peace, you have to become peace. If you choose love, you have to become love. If you wish for harmony, every part of our being must reflect a harmonious state of being. This human tendency to keep trying to fix the problem on the outside just doesn’t work. Humanity is currently suffering from a longstanding tendency to project the shadow, the disowned part of self, on to the other, on to the collective. True self-knowledge involves a moment-to-moment self-exam- ination and awareness of one’s deepest motivations, judgments, intentions, and projections. Once we own an undesirable way of being, it becomes much easier and quicker to choose a more desir- able trait. For example, own your anger, own your peeves and your hatred, and once you can name it access it and accept it; then and only then have you weeded it out of the garden of your consciousness, and you might 20 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

then choose from a place of centered awareness to plant the roses of love and peace.

Rashmi Khilnani was born in Chandigarh, India and spent the first six years of her life inCairo, Egypt. She went on to study and teach with world-renowned avatars, gurus and teachers and became a specialist in energy medicine. She is on the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China, as well as the teachings of the Essenes, into current time and making these wisdoms simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists and others from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality. Rashmi is the host of 2013 and Beyond with Jeremy McDonald heard monthly on Blogtalkradio.com. Rashmi is the executive producer and one of the speakers in a new documentary film, IGod, which will feature spiritual authors, heads of various religious denominations and people at all levels of soul journeying. IGod is being produced by Robert Friedman and Neale Donald Walsh, and directed by Jonathan Friedman.



Expressions Unlimited “Showcase Sizzle” by Allison Chance

Jennifer Lawrence stole my Golden Globe!

Bobbie Chance’s A-List Thursday Night Showcase is a Hollywood Legend. It is a Star-Making Showcase, performed by the hottest, freshest, castable talent, performing scenes from the best films, tv series, and plays. Two and a half hours of non-stop raw, emotional entertainment. Academy Award Winner Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Giovanni Ribisi, Jennifer Aniston, Scar lett Johansson, and Martin Lawrence are among some of the celebrities that have worked out on Bobbie’s Stage. All celebrities, all high rolling industry professionals, all movie investors are welcome to our Showcase on a weekly basis. Feelings are contagious and you’re about to catch a boat load 22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

“When actors go all out for some reason I end up on stage with them”

“I broke the world record I have one billion followers!”

Super Bowl lineup? No.... Super Stage lineup!!

When your on your on!

Can you put your career before your loved one?

23 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

24 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

Why people cannot find true happiness? Because they are not willing to change their present negative way of thinking for one that is more positive and loving. I just had a phone conversation with a very special friend of mine, she allowed me to write about it so all is fine. We talked for half an hour or even better, she talked most of the half hour!

Fifty-One Percent of Negative or Positive? by Roxana Jones

25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

It always amazes me how people choose to keep their focus on the negative side of their lives, as if there wasn’t a positive one when by natural law – we’re an integral part of that natural law – there is always a positive side that counterbalances the negative one. So why is it that we “prefer” to choose to focus on negative thinking? Through the conversation with my friend, I came to the conclusion that it’s because we are such hypercritical and dissatisfied beings… still convinced we can control everything. Who can be happy when life is showing us all around that equanimity is what we must learn in order to adapt to circumstances as they arise, but instead, we decide to “believe” that things someday will turn out the way we think they should? I love my friend dearly but I must admit she’s always, in whining mode: “Why it had to happen like this”; “why my husband had to do that if I had told him to”; “I’m so mad at her, she didn’t have the right to”; “how could this happen now that I’m so busy and have no time to”; and on, and on. On this occasion, I tried to express a few words now and then, but I knew they weren’t helping at all, so I didn’t make a great effort. At the end she said something that really made me think. She said: “I don’t see things as you do, and I never will.” She was honest. Some people are not willing to change, period. And that’s a fine choice. But those who really want to improve their lives should start realizing how important it is to stay away from the “party poopers” that, all they want is to feel a bit better by infecting everyone else with their negative ways. We only need fifty-one percent of negativity or positivity, to make that chosen fifty-one percent the predominant energy with which we create our lives. In other words, when fifty-one percent of our energy is negative, our life circumstances are predominantly negative. And when fifty-one percent of our energy is positive, our life circumstances are predominantly positive! So going back to my question at the beginning of this article, I believe people can’t be happy until they recognize that it’s their negative energy the one they’re using to recreate their lives.

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Can you envision what the world would be like if each one of us would be willing to use fifty-one percent or more of our positive energy to create our present and future? How much negative or positive energy are you using to create yours? Until next time and don’t forget to be love,

Roxana Jones and Arnaud Saint-Paul devote themselves to their life purpose: To open as many hearts as possible and to help shifting the consciousness of the planet. As spiritual healers and teachers, life and business partners, their intent is to “help millions around the world to embrace change and start living the type of love, happiness and abundance both of them now know exists for everyone once they are healed.” Together, they work enthusiastically in bringing to their audience the best of themselves so that everyone can connect to their own Truth and unveil who they truly are: divine beings enlightening the world in their own unique ways, even when darkness makes it hard to believe it is so. http://roxanajones.com/


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An International Singer and Actress

Maria Elena Infantino HELLO HOLLYWOOD by Allison Chance



January issue 2016 Volume 6 issue 1


The Dance of Fear by Aura Imbarus, Ph.D.

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FEAR! FEAR is the cape that hides our traits and veils our potential… The silence in the room is eerie. Not one single sound, not one single breath is being heard. It feels like the whole room has been vacuumed of noises and has been sound proofed. An image of the famous painting “Scream” by Edward Munch could have been invoked, but the soundtrack is inaudible. I want to cut this fog of quietness and speak up my mind, but, as most of us have been unconsciously trained not to disagree with our boss, our so-called superiors, I make a huge effort to bite my tongue. A cruel remark has been just slammed in one of my colleagues’ face, and I am trying to understand why not even one of us is reacting. People seem to be under anesthesia, injected with the “fear serum.” The more I look around, the more I see that nobody is willing to jump in the discussion or have, as a matter of fact, some sort of an opinion. Is it Fear….or it is just the Dracula Untold version? All of us were born in love and out of love, and the more we add years under our belts, the more we forget about the divine cloth we are were made out of, picking so many fears like the colors of the rainbow. We are afraid of being judged, criticized, blamed, put down, singled out, rejected, dumped, and left behind. We are afraid of being demoted, fired, ostracized, and labeled negatively. Since when Dracula, the Prince of Darkness, resides in us on a daily basis? Since when has the night overextended itself into the day? But, let’s take a closer look; maybe everything starts with fear and from fear, or from that feeling that we have labeled as being “fear,” and is obviously seen, according to popular belief, as a negative one. Marianne Williamson once said in A Return to Love, “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.” On one hand, people

are afraid of loosing things like their job, house, boyfriends, so they mobilize themselves to do something in order to avoid being fired, being foreclosed on their property, or just being dumped by the love of their lives. And, on the other hand, at the end of the rainbow, because they are not afraid of anything, not even of death, they jump from planes, they push their bodies far beyond their limits, they travel to unknown and dangerous places in this world, they flirt with blurred lines and uncharted territories, they take the bull by its horns and wrestle with their demons. Born in a Communist regime, under the scrutiny of Secret Services, dodging bullets during the Romanian Revolution in 1989, I have learned that Fear is as real as you want it to be! Fear is an emotion like any other one; used in your advantage, it can move mountains and create palaces, while being afraid of your fears, it creates even more of them. Whatever you focus on, Grows! Whatever you label as being Negative, will prove itself to you as being negative. And, the reverse of the coin is that whatever you think and label as positive will multiply itself and work in your benefit. So, you can either treat your Fear as positive or negative or you can, after all, to dance with it without any judgment or labeling. Since I started living in the US, coming from Dracula’s county – Transylvania, I adopted the third approach; I have started looking at my Fear as my Dancing Partner. The more I step on his shoes, the more I need to practice that move and make-up for it. The moment I am aware, kind, sweet and giving, my Fear becomes Fred Astaire! I can waltz, tango, bolero rumba and salsa with him as much as I want having the time of my life! If your buds of Fear have been aroused and you want to be taken on the journey of rechanneling those emotions, you can always join me. The music just started, and we are ALL on the dancing floor; each move, breath, or emotion is worth being acknowledged and jotted down. Care to join?

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Prestige Private Air’s Opening Gala at 94th Squadron


by Danté Sears Photo Courtesy by Artiphics

On Friday, January 21, 2016, Prestige Private Air (PPA) hosted a star-studded gala at Van Nuys Airport’s 94th Squadron Restaurant. In our interview with Prestige Private Air CEO, Alex Reilly, he stated that the purpose of the event was to announce the new flight routes and a ribbon-cutting to ceremoniously introduce Prestige Private Air’s new International Flight Clubs.

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This elegant black-tie event was jampacked, with long lines of guests trailing down the restaurant’s circular driveway. The red carpet was flooded with L.A.’s most influential contenders. A swarm of TV Stations and Media representatives covered the event including; Fox News, Variety, WireImage.com, World Prosperity Network, Jewish Journal, Samira’s Network, Destination Luxury, JLTV, and Brass Ring Magazine. Also in attendance were events photographers William Kidston, Roland de Guzman, Sheri Determan, and Bob Delgadillo. The night’s entertainment consisted of an opera performance, exotic performers, an art exhibition, and a decadent fashion exhibition by Sue Wong, highlighting the finest details of her latest collection. A five course gourmet meal was served to VIP’s with multiple menu options. A DJ kept the party going as appetizers, drinks, cocktails, a vast variety of wine and liquor samplings poured from nearly every corner of the back patio and bar.

In attendance were dignitaries, politicians, executives, and celebrities, including Sue Wong (Couture Designer), Jo Hilton, Mac Moretz, Samira Kazemeni (Samira’s Network), Maryam Morrison (CEO The Eden Magazine), Robert Sun, Kate Linder (The Young and Restless), Ralph Rieckermann (Scorpions), Michael Peer (opera singer), Prestige Private Air CEO Alex Reilley and COO, Eli Lieberman, Mikeberti TechnoNatural, Ambassador Ms. Liliana Cino - Consul General of Peru, Honorable Hans-Joerg Neumann - Consul General of Germany; Honorable Sinisa Grgic - Consul General of Croatia, Mr. Tesfakiros Hailu- Deputy Consul General of Ethiopia, Ambassador Ms. Lamia Mekhemar - Consul General of Egypt, Consul Walid Ali - Consulate of Egypt, Mr. Karim Refaat Protocol Office; Consulate of Egypt, Honorable Harakilios Gregory Consul General of Greece, Pop-Opera Singer KuBa Ka (Universal Music Group), Virgelia Villegas, founder of

Miss Asia USA and Miss Latin Teen Global USA and the crowned pageant contestants, Fernanda De T. Freitas (Miss Brazil), Paige Gordon and Tristan Almada (Co-owners of Keller Williams Westlake Village), Beverly Hills Ophthalmologist Faramarz Davidi, M.D., Luxery by xandra designer Xandra Krahe, Super-Publicist Denise O’Brien, Karla Silva, Amy Liu, Publicist Diana Kelly, Publicist Tiffany Ladner, Life Coach and Chief Consultant for World Prosperity Network Andy W. Shepherd, Sydney Garcia, and The Smith Sistahs, who gave three impromptu songs at the event. The many sponsors included Sue Wong, Samira’s Network, Casa Mexico Tequila, Koo Koo Liquer, and MadFlowers. “All of proceeds will be donated to the Jewish National Fundation.

Source: Prestige Private Air via Eventbrite

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Finding a Way back to Worthiness

by Heike Stenzel of Angel & Beyond

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Once upon a time your True Self Identity made of eternal light formation of Source. You owned the complete identified Wholeness without owning it. It was a constant flow of Divine Energy. Resonating and expanding in the harmonic field of the Creator. This worthiness - no doubt and troubled mind as it simple was the truth of being. Your field responded to this truth by downloading love and your heart answered with expansion and a feeling of being wrapped up in this beautiful heart-warming blanket we call self-realization without the need of approval from the outer world from people, situations and places. And then it all Changed… Yet the memory faintly there, lingering and waiting that the wind takes aloft bringing this awareness back to your consciousness; an impulse to mute the negative mind chatter. The problem of the negative mind chatter, is not that it see´s the unworthiness and undeserving as a need to search for approval from the outer world but that we let ourselves be confined by it and belief it. Behold! This is a belief you can Change and know that you are worthy! But how you wonder? Very much we find this psychological flaw of questioning our worthiness and self-esteem very much living existence in the functioning of the third Chakra, the Solar Plexus connecting us with our Will and Power. Since we live in a duality and responding world we may live in the shadow part of Shame that undermines our Self-esteem and worthiness, and the right deservingness at the right moment it is needed. A program, a habitual pattern we believed to be true! This illusion came at a time; when its program was in its development stage from the age of 18 months – 4years old.

34 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

As little infant we absorbed the programming into our database as we dwelled on the Theta brainwaves where we don’t distinguish between true or false. Teachers, caretakers and parents did not know better if run by their own old beliefs and how we can reach if we cannot make mistakes? And without these lessons, how can we develop a sense of our own power and will? But divine source and messenger do not leave us alone and with clear intention we can transform to the higher frequency to our worthiness and deservingness. “You deserve to receive the highest best and good in all ways and all levels of existence” given by the powerful Archangel Michael. Instantly invoked his name; and he is there, with his flaming sword to cut and release this entanglement and reclaim the power! You won´t find the healing and release if you decide to look outside and wait for the approval of loved ones, people who you put up on a pedestal. How can you become happy and worthy in the long term when you need to look outside instead of seeing the truth in yourself? You’re Will depending on someone else? Seeking and awaiting that you receive this approval? Do you want to make the other person to your Source instead of making Source your resource? When you look deep within your own creation you find the way back and with this, you will fully and completely remember, the treasure within that is filled with the Abundance of “I am worthy” , “ I am deserving”, “I am eternal light of love”. “Be still and know that I am God „feels the hand of Archangel Michael sweeping through your auric field, entangling the lower frequency in the third Chakra and replacing the light of your Divine Willpower in positive Terms. This activation and knowing of Worthiness will upload the stream of Abundance and you can

act like a magnet to attract what you need in life, again in positive terms! Worthiness returns through empowerment in claiming the right to have. And know, it is your divine birth right as Soul incarnated into physical body. Don´t give the power away when you can overcome the fear of not being good enough when you can ask and take the hand of a loving and giving Universe that provides exactly what you need when you change your state of mind. With this new born identity you can step forward by holding confidence and courage as your truth. This truth linked with your higher Self guidance; and advises you to take action in the direction of worthiness, love and you’re true Self. Claim your divine purpose here on Earth and attract the love, the Joy, the prosperity Creator wants you to have. Don´t give up when you feel a setback into the old behavior way of thinking that rules the emotion of unworthiness. Simple acknowledge this program, become still, readjust and claim your truth of “I am worthy. I am whole. I am completely filled by divine love!” Practice active healing that will work out beneficially in your behalf, through: • Breathing exercise, deep breathing down to your gut and belly area • Work with your hands and arms, reaching out, taking in • Journaling, self-discovery • Emotional release work • Forgivingness • Inner Child Work • Loving yourself the way you are Find the following affirmation aligned to your hearts responds, so you can include this power booster daily. Remember that affirmation work best done repeatedly and not only once in a while. Daily practice is a must if you want to change a belief. The morning hours after awakening and before bed time, affirmations sink deep into your subconscious mind. This is when you enter the alpha and theta brainwave state. Belief!

Change your thoughts today. Every spoken word is energy and energy goes where you set your intentions and that will become reality. AFFIRMATION FOR YOU TO SHARE: “I am worthy of love” “I am enough” “I love myself and others” “I live in balance and reclaim my worth that is with me at all times.” Heike Stenzel offers Intuitive Angel Therapy Session to empower yourself.

Heike Stenzel is an Angel intuitive Therapy Practitioner & Stress Management Coach who helps clients from around the world. She has a warm, intuitive and creative personality where clients feel safe and relaxed by messages perceived from the Spiritual world and the angelic realm. Heike combines a mix of certified healing modalities that will leave you empowered, uplifted and encouraged. She is a host of Angel & Beyond and Yoga classes to direct students and clients to release stress, tension and anxiety through movements, healing guided meditations and affirmations techniques! Her articles about Angels, Ascended Masters and Intuitive messages are published monthly in the online Magazine “The Eden Magazine” whose publisher is based in L.A. and focuses to spread compassion to all sentient beings. Heike´s inspirations are a way to give the reader the drive for personal self-development in an “easy-to-do” attitude to open the path for Joy and Peace in the Heart! She frequently facilitates workshops and will do of it more in the year 2016. She does Angel Intuitive Healing Reading Session on Skype. Feel free to visit her website www.angelbeyond.com or Facebook Angel & Beyond and Twitter

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2016 FAVORS THE WOMAN YEAR of the YANG FIRE MONKEY by Michael White Ryan www.languageofspace.com

36 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

The outlook for 2016 is a mixture of positive experiences and challenges. Digest this, define challenge and you may discover by asking yourself, is this facing a need for growth or is it just another distraction created to stray off one’s personal path??? Seek prevention, remain focused on any unbalanced energies as they will dominate throughout the year, affecting to some degree every persons Chinese Zodiac sign. Therefore one of the themes for the year will be to maintain balance in our daily life. Take care to counteract any overall lack of physical/ emotional energy, build your immune systems and exercise on a regular basis. It will be wise to clean the center of the home and have it remain clutter free for all of 2016. Matriarchal (man and woman) energies run high this year, with the feminine power in females and males rising in combination together to help take charge of any incoming difficulties. This is not the year to maintain segregation among the genders if we wish to be openly receptive to these universal offerings. Within the family home the mother will experience a need to be of greater influence during 2016. Because the mother has often been the last to be recognized within the family structure, this untruth has created many false misconceptions. The mother holds a powerful position within the family dynamic. For she is “the natural born protector” who stands behind her family to ensure no harm or evil will come upon her children or the father of her children. Please hear these words MANY BLESSINGS are upon you in 2016.

nine energy was setting itself free. Men on the other hand did nothing other than become distracted by admiring the view. As a believer in equality, in acknowledgement with this conscious evolution I burned my underpants on stage in front of 600 plus persons in some dingy hotel, to show conscious evolution is not gender related. Who knew back then? Hey guys, be mindful of, when for no unseen reason, unexpected emotions start to rise. Remain calm, otherwise it will affect relationships at home and in business, and will be regrettable for you in the long term. In 2016 men will have a tendency to be argumentive, wanting to debate their point of view. CEO’s will be confronted with this challenge throughout the 2016 year, so please be aware of any emotional issues that arise. Take a long moment and PAUSE, maintain peaceful and respectful before any action or speaking. If not then the ripple effect will penetrate throughout the family or company and place you in an unwanted position. There are those who believe, carrying an Aquamarine crystal calms the person, check it out! If you are the youngest male or only male living in the family home, be mindful of your health during this year. When any health symptoms arise, take action immediately so as to reduce any lasting effect. If you live in close proximity to the ocean, get in it often!!!

In 2016 the feminine energy provides security, safety and new opportunities in all areas of health, wealth and wellness, it will also bring a sense of greater authority into the family home. This year brings a time of healing within the feminine, in both man and woman. Now is a time for the crossing of the genders to be one at heart, be reminded these are very powerful (fire element) times and we will experience challenges ahead. What are the male energies going to be up to? Alas he will be resistant if he persists in following in the same footsteps, experienced successes generated from past in the box education, now a fast decaying status quo,. Back in the sixties women burnt their bras to announce to the world femi37 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

RAT…Good things will continue in 2016 if you remain focused, otherwise you will experience personal challenges. When you stay true to yourself the end result will be in your favor. 2016 opens up your areas of creativity, hence a good time to branch out and establish new directions in life and business. Travel will also bring unseen benefits. A word of warning, be careful of over confidence, as doubt will surely come knocking and kick you in the butt. When in doubt talk to someone you trust and voice it out in the open, then deal with it!!! You can thank me later.

to marry a dragon. Whether male or female, wow the stars shining down on you this year. Get ready grab your available supply of actions, abilities, enthusiasm and pucker up for this will be a 12 month wild ride and only your self-evaluating support will determine how far, how big, how many successes will grace your table when 2017 comes around. What say you, participate in this with all the energies you can muster, allow yourself this wonderful gift. Stay on focus as there will be persons and obstacles to overcome, remain composed. You can gift me with10% later.

OX…The outcomes of 2015 should have now been put in place to consolidate the foundation for 2016. You mindset will be tested, and if you remain in that solitary place you love so much it will be more difficult. But if you step out, practice resilience you just may rise above the self and discover new personal opportunities and strength. I strongly recommend staying on top of your health, both exercise and diet is extremely important this year regardless of age or gender! Have childish fun this will keep you in balance.

SNAKE…In 2016 you can put your cunning ways aside as the universe is combining positive energies with you to help advance in whatever direction you choose. Hopefully in 2015 you formulated the plans, for now is the time to place your objectives in sequence. If not move quickly, if yes check to see if some upgrades/changes are in order. Gather those necessary items/people/ideas and ride the wave. 2016 is all about your future, be disciplined, stay true to focus come what may and by 2017 life will be a whole new ball game. If you think you can do this alone, stop that mindset now and engage. Good luck!

TIGER… Your role can be solo or as a team player, either way your intelligence will need to rise above all occasions if you are to survive with your confidence in tact this year. Start by finding a mentor to help on the journey. The universe has placed certain obstacles for growth in your path, so please pay attention. The only directive is, step up to what may and you will surprise yourself, if not, don’t despair, take heed, stay true to self and keep going. Your natural born strengths may still be hidden from you. RABBIT…Are you ready to shine? Exciting times ahead therefore gather your friends and resources to accomplish much in 2016. Communications skills will work in your favor when keeping those emotions well hidden. Opportunities opportunities where do I begin? Fire has laid the ground work for new openings that will pave the way for the beginning of long term success. All you have to do is choose wisely. Don’t be disheartened if at first you cannot see the year’s offerings, start now, grab your faith with a handful of trust and the doors will open “Alibaba”. DRAGON…Every mother wants their daughter 38 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

HORSE…In 2013 you had the opportunity to set a new path, if so, then now is the time to step it up a notch or two. Your personal strengths and positive attitude will serve you well in overcoming some of the challenges you will be facing. As always don’t allow friends to take advantage of your generous nature, remain firm with your time. If on the other hand you have been burnt and some negative has attached to your thoughts, find help for this is not your true nature. Be compassionate with self, all is not lost, fire up those hidden strengths to serve you. Know this, BLESSINGS are upon you now/today and all of 2016! Begin! GOAT/SHEEP…As you know being with people is your saving grace, this is where you find yourself at home. If not have faith and engage. Every opportunity comes with a “window of time”, this year you may have to move quicker on the decision making before opportunities are lost. For the goat it’s a mixed bag, especially for females. WHY? Success is here for you in 2016, however you must choose, determine your plan of action your plan of action, stay true to your

convictions and remain open when your realize changes are necessary. Life is an organic process. Tomorrows fall heavily on the existing trust and confidence you have in yourself. MONKEY…This is a Yang Fire Monkey Year, it’s yours to play with for 12 months. Love plays such an important role in your life as does how you communicate. That sharp intelligent mind can create success in an instant and on the flip side scare away opportunities and love if not handled with kindly respect. There are times when a lack of connection will generate unwanted emotions “it is what it is” it’s not about the negatives but rather reminding us to remain strong in the moment. Don’t be noisy or loud this year and Divine Grace will shine on you and your actions to manifest the advances you desire. ROOSTER…Don’t get to cocky when you realize you have the golden touch this year. Remember it’s only for 12 months, so act now, the sooner the better and then just go for it. For those who haven’t yet learned to clean up after themself, hire an assistant to keep the momentum going. Time is of the essence and you are at the helm. In business this could be a time for bigger and better, it all rides on you. Ego can be a powerful motivator during this short 12 month period. One concern, don’t let your ego screw up your existing love life. Do it right, 2017 flows on. DOG…Barking at someone this year will get you nowhere. The last thing you need is to quarrel with another or with self, period! Especially with a loved one, client or business partner, get it! You’re in the hot seat so think carefully before opening your mouth. In business seek the help of a female when clarification is necessary. At home listen to your wife/ partner! Dig deep and find the intellect within rather than the dogma intelligence when solutions are required. You have the ability to oversee all manner of circumstances, this year you will be tested on your wisdom and humbleness as a leader based on past learned experiences. Remain calm, you can do it!!! PIG…Why have you often been gifted with luck… it’s the inner marriage of focus with passion. And now you have been given more. So let’s gets cracking there’s no time to waste. Love is in the air if you

play your cards right, that is if you remember to invite he/she into your focus. Success in many areas is probable, don’t be swayed to tackle too many projects, prioritize is a key. Exercise will be a good course of action, we want your level of energy and mindset to remain strong as you move through the year. Friends are a great resource but for 2016 seek out that person who has no story, remains unconditional, a mentor who just enjoys watching you succeed. Well there you have it friends, some concrete ideas to bring your awareness to attention. The wave begins now, February, jump onboard ladies and gentleman evolution is in the air you breathe. Blessing to one and all!!!

Michael White Ryan is a co-founder with his wife Pamela Edwards of Language of Space. They are leaders in sustainable business growth via Performance Design and Performance Code. Sustainable design encompasses both Western and Eastern philosophies including advanced Feng Shui principles, Environmental Design, Buildings, Alternative Health, Business Advisory Consultants and 20 plus years as entrepreneurs. Recognized in the top 100 globally and are Americas Leading Feng Shui Business Consultants. They are on faculty at CEO Space International one of the oldest business organizations in America today, currently operate in 7 countries and reside in Henderson NV. http://www.languageofspace.com/case-studies. html 39 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016


by Nick Inman

My brother-in-law runs a shop close to the centre of a large city. Every day tourists come in and ask for directions to the cathedral and he patiently explains the way to get there. Most of these enquirers listen, nod, leave the shop and head off in the opposite direction to the one indicated. Why this should be, neither of us knows but that doesn’t stop us speculating. I like to think these tourists are errant sages. Their request is sincere but they are disappointed to hear that they are so close to their goal. To be given precise directions is like being handed a plan of a maze with the route to the exit marked. If they obey the instructions they will be tempted to hurry on and deny themselves any sense of adventure. Instead, they want to spin out the search a little longer, to continue in the excitement of exploration. They know that there are two aspects to any journey: the destination and the experience of getting there – which holds an enchantment of its own. It is all the stuff that happens around the core activity of sightseeing that makes a holiday come alive. Experience is often treated as a side-effect of travel: that which we can’t help having in the process of going where we are going. The point was brought home to me one day while researching a guide to Istanbul. As I was making my way around the old city, I crossed a junction and happened to glance down a side street. It was deserted and there was nothing of interest for any tourist; but there was one object that caught my eye. Beside an open workshop door a plain

wooden coffin leant against the wall at an angle of 45°. Where I live, you don’t see coffins displayed like everyday items of hardware. You only see them occupied at funerals and they are always made of varnished hardwood and polished brass to soften the reality of death. This one was crudely made as if it were a carpentry project. It stood on an alien street and had nothing to do with me and I only glimpsed it for a second but it invaded my thoughts without my wanting it to. Who was that coffin for? I wondered. In this disorienting city I had one thing in common with every stranger. I found myself suddenly transported elsewhere, plunged into a spontaneous stream of consciousness about the nature of death, of life and how each of us responds to both these mysteries I realised that I was trying to see Istanbul on a superficial level, as if I had left myself at home. I couldn’t hope to understand the Haghia Sophia or the Blue Mosque in terms of their architecture and history alone without understanding the people who built them. A religious building is meaningless if I approach it only with my intellect.

When we travel, we are always exploring two simultaneous realities: the one before us that that we commonly agree on and the mysterious, immaterial one we carry inside us. This word, “mystical”, comes loaded with connotations and is frequently misunderstood. Although it is associated with religion and unreality, it doesn’t require of you any faith or suspension of disbelief.

41 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

You don’t have to be a special person with transcendental gifts to think mystically; to be a member of a sect initiated into bizarre convictions; still less, to be unhinged, poetical and floating above the earth. There is no reason why a staunch materialistic-atheist shouldn’t leave a door open to the possibility of mystical experience. All you have to do to explore mysticism is release your mind from its preconceptions; accept there may be experiences that that are not subject to everyday human comprehension; and always be ready to see beyond the surfaces of things. Mystical knowledge is not of the same nature as ordinary knowledge. It is often “hidden but not hidden” - as symbol, allegory or enigma: there in front of you if you look at it from a particular angle but easy to walk past if your mind is on mundane things. Access to it demands attention and dedication. It has to be approached it in the right manner: sensitively, obliquely and in a suitably receptive state of consciousness. Are some places more mystical than others? Undoubtedly. A mystical place is one that is potentially conducive to a mystical experience: it stimulates, induces or facilitates a sensation of being in contact the intangible, invisible “otherness”. It could be thought of a launch pad; or a transporter from somewhere to an elsewhere. There is nothing precise about this. Some places are accepted by collective agreement to be intrinsically mystical. Mostly, however, mysticism is an individual experience and the judgement of which place does and does not serve as a gateway to it is a personal one. Visiting a particular place that is supposed to be mystical will not automatically lead to having a transcendental experience; conversely, you may find yourself transported by some location that doesn’t seem to have anything conventionally mystical about it. I think of a mystical place as having certain feelings attached to it. A mystical place potentially enables me to: 1) get out of myself, out of time and away from 42 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

“here”. It puts me in the presence of the sacred, wondrous, and unintelligible. It encourages me to disengage my rational, logical mind and inhabit the expansive, higher me, which has access to other dimensions and sees other views of reality. It is conducive to altered states of consciousness. It allows me to get safely lost; to be constructively disorientated, to shake things up inside me and see where they land, which I need to do from time to time so as to know where I am. 2) feel more me, more awake, aware and alive than normally. Paradoxically, this is entirely compatible with getting out of myself. Such a place, still the restless, doubting everyday self. It encourages me to accept who I am and how things are for me. I am able to look inward and outward at the same time, and be aware of what is going on in both directions simultaneously. It engages all my senses. It empowers me. It inspires me either to creativity or strong feelings of empathy or love. It generates “good” emotions; encourages virtue and healing. 3) feel connected to everyone one and everything else, and to see myself in context. It makes me feel that I am part of something much bigger, and not an insignificant part. It gives me an inkling of the workings of the universe. It offers me the opportunity to explore esoteric information or wisdom. In this, it can facilitate co-operation, goodwill, integration and peace. These criteria are not quantifiable; they are often vague and subjective. A mystical place cannot be identified by ticking a certain number of boxes on an inspector’s checklist. They have “something” intrinsic which you, as visiting individual consciousness, either respond to in the moment of your visit, or you don’t. Such places are sometimes overtly spectacular and well known but often they are the opposite. Rather than being brash or branded, they are subtle and suggestive. A mystical place may not be identifiable as such at first sight as you pass through quickly. It may take a moment to adjust your mood: to shift from functional to receptive to interactive in your response. It is surprising how many worthwhile places are found by chance or forced changes to a well-laid travel plan.

Any wise traveller knows that he will get to where he needs to go, however much preparation he makes and whether or not he stops to ask for directions on the way. Idols Unknown: the evolution of the perennial gods of old In a glass case on the first floor of a provincial museum in France there is a statue about which nothing is known. It is called the God of Bozouls, after the place it was found. Most visitors walk past it as if it doesn’t matter to them. I think it does, if only they will take a moment to consider. If the “God of Bozouls” is a deity, it is a displaced and forgotten one. There is no one left who knows what it is. But it must have once have had a name, a biography, a home and a cult surrounding it. Now its only value is archaeological. The object is prized but not its meaning, which has been lost. The God of Bozouls has become a piece of lost property that will never be reclaimed. It is placed in a museum – where it has equal value to cooking utensils and the contents of latrines – because it has no where else to go. It would not we welcome in a church because contemporary temples are reserved for living, identifiable gods. By treating this god as mere archaeology, we underestimate it and we consign part of ourselves to the oblivion of the museum. Do we even know what a god is? Too often, the word is used by the classifiers of historical artefacts as a catch-all term for any kind of supernatural entity that ignorant people once believed in. “Religious artefact” is the default description of anything dug out of the ground that does not have a strict utilitarian purpose, or which is not decorative, or a toy; but the phrase is uninformative. It is a term of scientific mystification rather than

explanation. It deliberately ignores the central questions raised by the unearthing of an ancient god: what has such a god to say for itself, if we are willing to listen? What exactly are gods and where do they come from? Are they human inventions, fantasies based on superstition and ignorance, or is there some reality to them? In the 21st century, some of our brainiest people spend much of their time insisting that we can dispense with the gods without loss and embrace the new, infallible deity of science. Before we do that, we should reflect a little on the history of the divine. It is probable that for a long time in man’s development – tens of thousands of years – that there was no separation between the sacred and the non-sacred, the supernatural and what we would call reality. When we were in our animal selves, haunting the caves, we almost certainly did not set aside time and spaces for sacred practices. All experience, including dreams, would have been mixed together seamlessly in their minds. The spirit world passed freely through the cave walls and human imagination was similarly free. The universe was one, multifaceted but indivisible substances. Creation was all equally marvellous and inexplicable. A god could be anywhere and everywhere; for this reason, it didn’t need a name or an effigy.

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At some point of prehistory the gods were invented or discovered. Why were they needed? Probably because people began to feel their individuality and to form questions. “How did nature come to be the way it is?” they must have asked. “How can we know what is coming tomorrow?” “What will the weather be like in the growing system? Will this be a year of abundance or hunger?” “How is it decided when a man or woman dies; when woman or an animal conceives and gives birth; or when a sick person consumed by the disease or cured by a witch-doctor’s spells and medicine?”

A crucial development in religion was the introduction of image-making. The earliest pictures and statues may well have been nothing more than figurative representation of reality but over the course of prehistory, we can suppose, the human mind learned to think on two levels at once. The artist’s hands produced images that were to be taken metaphorically, not literally.

A statue reduces a god to human terms and forces change upon religion. It fixes his appearance outside of the story-teller’s imagination and gives him a permanent, concrete form. It also occupies space. To ask “what causes these things?” was too abThe image of the god must be kept somestract a question. “Who causes them?” made much more sense to the human mind. We ask where and so a home (shrine) is created many of the same questions today but we pre- for it. These sacred locations needed profer to suppose that the answers must be to do tecting and managing and they had to be with forces or laws at work rather than deities. overseen by priests, an elite like the Druids, who devised their own rules of cult. Oral story telling kept the gods alive in each new generation: fluid, ethereal, changing and slightly detached from the earth. It was inspired by the imagination of the shaman and the listening devotee, each reimagining the divinity according to his needs.

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The introduction of writing pinned the gods down in a new way; it recorded and stored the memory of them. Once written, the stories cannot be spontaneously remade with each new telling.

Even the briefest inscription on the base of a statue became a concrete facet of him. Writing also enabled a priesthood to own and control the gods, and to perpetuate an official version of them. “Institutionalised” religion and science both make the same mistake: analysis changes the human relationship with the nebulous. It objectifies it and makes it dogmatic.

fluid an adaptable. They migrate from culture to culture and evolve according to the needs of those who inherit them, changing their names and appearances but keeping their essential personalities and attributes. They represent a perennial part of us. Our relationship to the numinous may change as we change, but we should not make the mistake of believing that we can act the role of the gods ourselves.

All prehistoric societies were instinctively polytheistic. Existence has many aspects to it and our lives are fragmented; how could one god see and hear everything? Even if there were only one god, he would have to delegate tasks to subordinates and that would mean lending them godly powers. In any society living close to the earth, the gods must correspond to the same set of archetypal, pantheistic concerns. There has to be a deity associated with the sun, the moon, fertility, death and the sky – to personify the unpredictable violence of thunder storms and lightning. To be of use, a god has to be amenable. He must be somewhat like us, otherwise he would not understand our concerns; but he must not be too like us. If he is remote - living in some distant galaxies – he won’t be able to hear us or take an interest in our affairs. If he is too ordinary, he won’t have the supernaturalpower to help us or the influence over the other gods that we expect of him. There is a balance of plausibility to be struck. To make him real, a god must have a life like we do. He needs a place of residence, a companion, a family, a slot in the celestial hierarchy and a back story, including an origin. This quasi-humanness gives the god his personality. If he can feel what we feel, he is capable of having likes and dislikes, moods, caprices and weaknesses and emotions – anger, jealousy etc – on the higher plane on which he lives. The sum of the gods must be a complete explanation for birth, death, famine, conflict and all the other ingredients of human life.

Nick Inman was born in Yorkshire and graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in politics. After having travelled widely he worked as a teacher and run an alternative arts festival before spending nine months with the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. He settled in Spain and became a writer, photojournalist, translator and book illustrator. Subsequently he moved to London where he worked as a book editor. He now lives in France with his wife and two children. He is the author of the number of travel guidebooks, including A Guide to Mystical France published by Findhorn Press.

Gods, however, are not static entities; they are 45 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

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Magic of Your

Intuition by Lee Milteer

I wish I could say that I have lived my entire life using my intu- ition and trusting that my still, small voice would consistently give me answers to my life problems when I needed them. Looking at parts of my life in hindsight, I can see that if I had listened more to my intuitive insights, my life would have been easier and more profitable. It would have saved me time and difficulties on my path. Being human means you are always a work in progress. I have now learned to respect my intuition as priceless wisdom and to allow myself to connect with what I call the Intuition Network (which is connected to Infinite Intel- ligence). I have given myself permission to tune in to my innate voice over all the distraction and the noise of logical leftbrain programming. I have learned that if I am in a state of mental uncertainty, emotional upheaval, or spiritual unrest, it is hard to plug in to my intuitive source and receive accurate information. If you really want to reclaim the magic within you, then you must develop and use this powerful, natural skill of intuition. Most of us weren’t educated about how to truly capitalize on our gifts. In this chapter, you will learn how you can take your life back from indecision, fear, doubt, and lack of confidence by allowing yourself to receive your own intuitive guidance. The truth is you are connected to your intuition all the time. Your higher self and your spirit guides, or helpers, are always giving you information. Your job is to learn how you can personally access, receive, and then discern the useful information from mind chatter. You were born with a spiritual resource to assist your path and true purpose, and you have just forgotten this. It can be one of the your most powerful tools in life. Intuition is called many things: heart, gut feeling, a hunch, sixth sense, instinct, and strong feeling. It speaks to you through insights, revelations, and urges. Intuition, or listening to that inner part of yourself, is clearly one of the most important areas to develop in your life if you are interested in success, prosperity, and well-being. Intuition goes beyond that which is known, and into the unknown. Intuition can help you make financial decisions, be a better entrepreneur or parent, capitalize on opportu- nities or save you from bad investments, and even save your life. It’s a natural human function and is your closest advisor when you take the time to develop and use it.

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If you want to reduce your stress and be more successful, you must make the effort to listen to your inner voice. You have built-in natural abilities to sense danger. You can use these abilities to make better choices and know when to trust or not to trust someone. Amanda Owen, author of the book, Born to Receive: 7 Powerful Steps Women Can Take Today to Reclaim their Half of the Universe, said about intuition: “When the body is relaxed and the mind and nervous system are calm, we become receptive and can feel and intuit subtle information contained in the energy received from external and internal environments.” She explains that when we are receptive and calm, it engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows us to hear our intuition. However, when we’re lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it engages our fight or flight system. As we discussed earlier, an engaged fight or flight system shuts down many of the body’s processes, including intuition. When we don’t take time to slow down and calm the mind, we can’t hear the subtle but important voice of intuition. We have allowed our lives to accelerate to the point that we just don’t have time for the way we used to communicate or conduct life or business. We have to step up to the plate now and adapt to the new economy we are living in, and we have to do it fast. That means seriously taking back control of our lives by being responsible for ourselves. It’s imperative that you learn to trust you more than you trust others, who may have serious agendas that are not for your highest and best good. Wake up to the fact that there is a great limitation to using logic, rationality, and scientific methods as the sole means of guiding your life. . Our world is very unpredictable, with many hidden layers of what we call reality. People have lost the ability to discern whether people are telling the truth or a lie. Daily we see evidence of the bad advice by money advisors, banks, and corporate and government leaders! People are disappointed with the betrayal of those they trusted who have let them down, killed their dreams, and jeopardized their futures. Sadly, integ- rity and ethics have not been valued. Greed and desire for fame have

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taken over many people in our society. Frankly, to truly thrive in our current reality you have to become aware—listen to your intuition about what is going on in your life and business. Stop being a victim to people who have no integrity and pay attention to the inner part of you that knows truth when you hear or see it. You have to start paying attention to how you feel when you get information and to discern if it is true and good for you. You must stop allowing others to take advantage of you with misinformation that serves their agenda and not your highest and best good. Intuition is one of the best tools you can use right now to dis- cern truth and take back your power to make decisions that serve your needs. It is clear that the old way of simply trusting people (who may be morally bankrupt and lack ethics) with our future and resources is not working. The person you should be trusting is you and your inner wisdom before anyone or anything else. Right now, it is urgent to become skilled in new ways of thinking in order to navigate the shifting currents of reality. One of the ways we can do that is to get back to our real internal power and use our instincts to know right from wrong, good from bad, and truth from lies. We have survived hundreds of thousands of years by using our instincts, but in our modern society, we have stopped using them and instead, allow ourselves to be programmed to follow the advice of others. We have been easily misled by deceptive connivers in the guise of good people who will take care of us— for a price. We can no longer take other people’s word for truth and make a decision without some due diligence listening to our inner wisdom about the situation. It is interesting that in our western culture, we seem to understand almost all of our experiences through the logical, linear, analytical thinking process. We use words to communicate this kind of thinking. Because words are our way of understanding our world, we’ve almost forgotten that we have an intui- tive and creative part of ourselves.

We’re not trained to say I feel but rather, I think. If we deny and cut off our intuition, we get trapped by concepts learned through our programmed minds. Yesterday’s learned beliefs cannot solve today’s challenges or capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. Some of the most intelligent people in history have reliedon their inner knowledge to achieve great success, such as Albert Einstein, who said: “The mind can only proceed so far upon what it knows, and can prove. There comes a point where the mind takes a leap—call it intuition or what you will—and comes out on a higher plane of knowledge.” We’ve all been conditioned by society since birth, that if you cannot relate to something with your five senses, that is see, touch, taste, hear, or smell it, then it must not exist. Even our educational system values only analytical processes of thinking. Very little attention or support is given to those students with creative or artistic talents in our public school systems. It’s no surprise that with all the past programming, we’re afraid to trust those thoughts or feelings that sometimes just “come to us.” It’s only by learning to trust your inner knowledge that you can really reach your true potential in life. Our lifestyle has acceler- ated and many times there will not be time to do all the fact- finding to make a logical decision. We must learn to seize the moment and listen to our inner wisdom. You must wake up to the fact that decision-making is not just an exclusive function of the analytical left side of the brain. To really be successful in making decisions you must now use the intuitive and creative, right side of your brain as well. You must integrate analytical and creative intuitive whole-brain thinking to successfully navigate today’s constantly changing realities. Trusting your intuition may mean taking a risk. You may not be able to find rational reasons for doing what you feel you should. It has been taught by all the great teachers of mankind that we should listen to our inner voice. All answers are within your own self. We all know this is easier to say than than to do, but we must make the time and effort to hone our intuitive abilities because there are times when we simply cannot TRUST what others are telling us.

Now that I use my intuition and do what I feel I should do (instead of what my brain or others have told me was right), I live my life with great success. As I mentioned before, I have painfully learned that if I do not listen to my inner voice, I nearly always regret my actions and there is hell to pay.

j LEE MILTEER is an internationally known and celebrated bestselling author, award-winning professional speaker, TV personality, entrepreneur, visionary, and intuitive business mentor. Lee is that rare soul who lives and thrives in both the business world and the metaphysical world. She is also a Reiki healer, a shaman, and runs Lee Milteer’s School of Wisdom, where she teaches students how to manifest on levels that mainstream education or business schools cannot teach. Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S.and Canada. She is the author of Success is an Inside Job and Spiritual Power Tools, and her latest book Reclaim the Magic as well as the co-author of ten books. Lee speaks all over the world, and has counseled and trained over a million people in her speeches. She has authored over 150 training, entrepreneurial, spiritual, and educational products, and is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program, in which she provides success and spiritual advice and resources to people worldwide. You can find her at www.Leemilteer.com

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Message from the Goddess Mother

Greetings My Beloved Children of light, “I bring to you today a message from my heart to yours. It is a love message sung to you in the language of the heart, the language of love. You will know this message on many levels as it sings to you of truth, your truth and the truth of all that is. Listen now as I sing this message to you, Chanulanaha. Ah, breathe in the sweetness of it. Feel your heart soar in joy at the recognition of it, for today it is sung to you with a new flavor, an enhancement offering perpetual delight. You may have heard this message before and welcomed it in gladness. Now in this time of new beginnings, there is some added sparkles, some new notes of lightness. You can feel the sweet tones elevating your loving spirit. Hear it again, Chanulanaha, Chanulanaha, Chanulanaha. Oh how you have waited to hear more clearly this sweet message of truth, of love. It is as if bells are ringing, with a resounding sweet message, something you have been waiting for with great anticipation. Now it is our time to celebrate. Love is the answer. Love is the truth. Love is the message from my heart to yours. Our heart connection is a constant. We are always in communication. My promise to you has always been filled in the sweetness of our forever connection. Feel your heart open up as a beautiful lotus, petals unfolding their arms to receive the radiance of lightness and joy, wisdom and truth. You are a beautiful flower, like a lotus, ready to open, to receive and to blossom into a greater vision of beauty and sweetness.

Breathe in this message from my heart. As you hear the words, breathe them in and allow yourself to receive the love. Chanulanaha, Chanulanaha, Chanulanaha. My sacred message from my heart to yours, Chanulanaha, is a love message. It is also a key which will unlock the truth of your nature and purpose. It will open the gateway to your heart, allowing you to receive and know our connection through a sacred conduit of wisdom and love. Conscious awareness of this connection allows you to feel and know more fully your true self. It will make it possible to be aware of the guidance from your all-knowing self. There is a constant flow of loving communication which will guide you to reach and live the desires of your heart. It is time to release yourself from the shackles of the past, thoughts and perceptions of lesser value that have created prisons of the mind. Let these walls fall for they are an illusion of untruth which have held you captive. You may now consciously choose to let them go and shift your focus to the heart. Allow the heart mind to guide you, to help you remember and recognize your divine nature, your truth. To help you know the truth, that you are love. What does it mean to be love? Love is the divine nature of the oneness of Creator. You are children of Creator, thus the same loving essence is your loving essence. Love is beautiful. Love is flowing sweetness. Love is peace, joy, abundance of all that brings joyfulness and pleasure. Love is free of conflict, limitations and any thoughts of lesser value. Love is unity. Love is wisdom, enlightenment, lightness. Love is freedom. Love is filled with infinite possibilities and potentials to expand, to explore and experience. Love is the divine.



You are on an adventure, a sacred quest to discover and remember your truth, to explore what your truth means. In your timing and readiness, you can elevate your consciousness and explore your truth through experiences which you design and choose. Imagine yourself to be free to experience and live the dreams of your heart. Imagine yourself to be a great master of love. Imagine being your true self. Imagine yourself being free of all the old stories of lesser value. Imagine yourself embracing a time of new beginnings, a time to explore and to know. Imagine that now is the time to express your mastery, your greatness of spirit and truth in new ways. Imagine it so and so shall it be. With your conscious choice, with focus, clarity and a lightness of heart, you can rise above the old stories. You can choose to allow yourself to be living in the now moment, creating and living your heart’s desires. Hear me now, My Beloveds, Chanulanaha, remember you are love. You are my children of heart and you are perfect. You are destined to remember your sweetness. It is time, awaken and enjoy. Let go of the ties to the old stories. They were part of the adventures of your life. Bless them and let them go. Embrace the new beginnings as you step into them with a greater awareness of your truth and purpose. Utilize this love mantra. Allow it to bless you and to bless your life. Listen to the messages of your heart. Follow the inner guidance of love from your knowing self. Let yourself blossom and fulfill your heart’s desires. Whenever you desire call this mantra to mind. You can speak it, sing it or ponder on it. If you desire you can have the angels sing it to you. Ask for it and it is so. Let it rain upon you and your life as if drops of golden sunshine falling upon you, each drop a kiss from the heavens. Live your life in joy. Celebrate the wonder of you. This is your time to blossom into the beautiful flower that you are. Chanulanaha, remember who you are My Beloveds, for you are love. Know that you

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have the key to unlock all the dreams of your heart. It is your birthright, given to you in the sweetness of our hearts.” With great love, Your Beloved Mother

For additional information on Chanulanaha: Article -“Language of Love, Ancient Keys to Unlock Your Potential” http://www.sunshineinyourheart.com/june.pdf Class “11 Minutes of Magic” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JVbr0w1YaU

3 Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients & students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts & abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. You can reach her at website www.sunshineinyourheart.com or by email sunsinyourheart@aol.com . Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. http://www.sunshineinyourheart.com/free_telecasts.html

CATS AT THE STUDIOS, INC http://catsatthestudios.com/

Cat & Kitten for adoption

Cats At The Studios, Inc is a non profit rescue organization comprised entirely of volunteers. We are dedicated to nurturing, neutering/spaying, and finding a good homes for abononed cats and Kitten. We are looking for volunteers and help please contact us at CatsAtTheStudios[@]yahoo.com 53 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e January 2016

The Way


Intended by Frank Daly


here comes a time in every life when we find ourselves wondering what our purpose is, if we are on the right path, if there is a real point to our efforts in the first place. Perhaps we are most apt to ask these questions when we are feeling a bit lost. These considerations often lead to measuring our success by comparing ourselves to others, especially those we deem to know something we find illusive, such as how to live a life of happiness, health and prosperity. However, this comparison does not usually bring the answers we seek since every person is on their own journey, consequently, the steps that worked for one person may not work for another.


The path to get to where we want to be is simpler that we often realize. First we must truly understand that nature is designed to support our desires, all of them, and our only job is to point ourselves in the direction of what it is we want to experience and trust that we will be guided in our efforts. Just as a diver leaves the platform, their only job is to direct themselves at the angle in which they would like to enter the water and the rest is taken care of automatically. The natural law of gravity works without fail, all we need to do is let go and trust the process. Notice how effortlessly the grass, a tree, or a flower grows with its inner intelligence as its guide. Nature provides be elements of sun and water making progress inevitable. We are just like the grass, the tree, and the flower as we have our own built in intelligence. The key is simply allowing that intelligence to operate without interference. The primary way we interfere with our own process is through stress. Stress slows down, or in some cases shuts down, the natural growth of a desire. We are all familiar with the abundance of information regarding the link between stress leads and unhappiness, depression, and disease. So how do we get rid of stress? Stress is simply created by resisting and not allowing the very laws of nature that are intended to move us towards our desires in an effortless manner. Depression can be looked at in a positive light from this perspective. When we get to the point that we are forced to let go we will automatically experience a sense of relief. It may only last a moment because when we are relieved we naturally want to do something in the form of activity but if not conscious of the understanding of the effortlessly way of taking action we start the cycle over again. To get to know our inner intelligence, our inner guidance system, we must simply take time to escape the treadmill of thought - go for a walk in nature, sit in a place that offers little or no distraction, or focus on something like a flower, noticing the complex intelligence and simplicity it

offers the eye. Meditation is also a useful tool as it enables us to silence the mind and find an inner sense of balance that promotes clarity and immediately decreases anxiety and stress. Any process which slows down our constant stream of thought will train the body to reduce tension. Eventually this process will become automatic. For example, once we learn how to drive a car we no longer have to worry about the mechanics of the process. We can let go of the specifics and discover endless possibilities of destinations. Consciousness works just like this. When we receive new information from a conscious standpoint we are able to utilize that knowledge to grow and evolve. We simply discover the endless possibilities life has to offer and this will automatically open us up to new states of consciousness. When this becomes a part of our daily routine we begin to notice the ability to function effortlessly leading us to crave this quite time. Consequently, the cycle will perpetuate itself and amazing things will be discovered.

Frank Daly is a wellness coach and author who has transformed lives for over 15 years with his ability to enable his clients to see beyond the immediate drama of life and connect to the greater whole. His recent publication, Enjoy the Ride is a simple explanation of how to use your inner guidance system to reach your goals and live a life of joy. Frank lives in Arizona with his wife and son and is currently working on his second book.

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“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” ~Unknown

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Psychic afflictions are like dark entities, an internal possession of dense unconsciousness that threatens to obliterate the Light from within. Most people are the Walking Wounded and do not have a single clue as to what drives them to irrational behavior, actions and reactions. They lack self-awareness and recognition of their own Shadow, which is the first step towards redemption and towards self-healing. Healing ourselves involves letting go of the anger of the past and recriminations towards those whom we feel have wronged and disappointed us. Because of our individual respective wounds, we open the doorway to be invaded by Hungry Ghosts and Energy Vampires, who steal our life force. We are all guilty of destructive, repetitive patterns in our lives until we finally close the gaping psychic wounds within ourselves and make a conscious decision to no longer accept destructive motifs or Energy Vampires in our lives. We all have many gaping wounds to heal in order to vanquish the BĂŞte Noire that dwells within -- that part within our psyche that remains darkly unconscious and which causes us to act out and live our lives in undefined dark, negative patterns of destruction. This self-unawareness inadvertently leads us to the welcoming of toxic people in our lives. These dark human entities wreak havoc, create instability through psychic storms and destroy opportunities and relationships with those whom we love. In order to drive away the Hungry Ghosts that invade us, we


must first confront our own Hungry Ghosts and demons that haunt us from within. We must slay the Dark Beast from within the deep recesses of our psyche to free and open the channels to give and to receive righteous love. That love must always begin with SELF LOVE. Until that happens, everything that is built up can only collapse like a house of cards. Each relationship is a reciprocal journey -- a balanced form of Give and Take. A Psychic Vampire, also known as an Energy Vampire, describes a living person who depletes energy to compensate for the emptiness and vacuum within themselves. They drain the auric life force of others emotionally or metaphorically -- someone who takes emotionally without mutual giving. These people only know how to use and abuse. Energy Vampires are emotionally-stunted individuals who narcissistically believe that they are the center of the Universe. Their self-absorption denies compassion and they are devoid of feeling and empathy towards others. Energy Vampires come from all walks of life. They can be one’s family, friends, neighbors or lovers. They all share a common trait of unaccountability, projecting all of their shortcomings against their victims, laying blame on everyone else without ever taking any responsibility for their own actions.

A narcissistic personality disorder is a psychic disease in which people have an over-inflated sense of self-importance--as in reality, they are plagued by great insecurity. Often these toxic people have an insatiable need for recognition and limitless admiration due to an unhealthy and weak sense of self-esteem. Behind the mask of false confidence lies an extremely under-developed, fragile ego. As Alex Myles wrote in The Elephant’s Journal: “Mirror, mirror on the wall…the narcissist wants to be fairest of them all.” “I often consider the narcissist personality as being similar to the Jekyll and Hyde character, two opposing sides of a scale that never finds an equilibrium. Relationships or dealings with people who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder can have an enormous impact on our well-being due to the toxic amount of energy that these interactions can produce. The beginning of a relationship with a narcissist can feel like an addictive and intoxicating fairy tale with the narcissist playing the role of the charming prince or princess and their partner being completely swept off their feet. Narcissists will fall into (what appears to be) love and want to commit very quickly, however, as time passes and their partner starts to see the truth of what’s within, problems can quickly arise as the relationship begins to break down.” The Hungry ghost is a concept in Tibetan Buddhism representing demonic beings who are driven by intense emotional needs. Hungry Ghosts have an insatiable, destructive appetite for the external, fueled by an empty internal spiritual and psychological abyss --an all-consuming Black Hole. In the Tibetan tradition, the Hungry Ghost is depicted as a deformed, monstrous creature that appears to be self-damned, self-exiled -- imprisoned in a grotesque form featuring a constricted elongated neck with an enormous distended belly, which houses trapped psychic baggage. The long limiting neck imposes an eternal, perpetual hunger to ever voraciously feed and consume. It feeds the delusional, megalomaniacal obsession for attention and constant neediness. The feeding is incessant because the inner ego is unhealthy and sadly vacant. In the final analysis, the greatest teachings we are

meant to experience in this paradigm of human existence, in recreating the continuous cycle of Samsara in which the wheel of suffering is perpetuated through our unconscious ignorance, would be our invaluable lessons. Hopefully, they ascend us towards our higher-selves which carve the indelible imprint of our destiny. These hard-earned life-lessons open deeper doorways into the journey of our souls, propelling us towards our ultimate Nirvana, which is our Conscious Light. Why be imprisoned in the lockdown state of a Hungry Ghost, an Energy Vampire or a rabid Narcissist when enlightenment and inner peace are within our grasp? Peace, Love, and Light,

f Los Angeles designer Sue Wong is known for dazzling fashionistas with her couture inspired glamorous signature style, combining the allure and elegance of iconic bygone eras with a modern sensibility to create t imeless works of art. Distinguished by the impeccable quality of traditional couture dress making, her designs are steeped in romance and mystery while being thoroughly modern and accessible to women everywhere. Sue continues to forge new ground in defining fashion that transcends generations and boundaries even as she creates masterpieces of passion and desire expressed through inimitable style. She has dressed countless celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Minnie Driver and Taylor Swift. Sue Wong is available from $385 to $829 nationwide at specialty boutiques, major department stores including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and internationally in over 27 countries.

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Verbal Abuse So You Can Take Steps to End It By Holly E. Messick author of Karmic DanceA Spiritual Journey through Verbal Abuse

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During the first twelve years of my second marriage, my husband and I were involved in a verbally abusive relationship. Because I had experienced ongoing verbal abuse since childhood, I was unaware of what was occurring in my marriage as it was unfolding. It wasn’t until we’d been together 10 years and the abuse began spiraling out of control, that I sought the help of a counselor who made me conscious of the nature of this verbally abusive relationship. Even with my new-found knowledge and awareness, I continued to stay, in the hopes that the situation would improve. But over the following two years, it only became worse, so I finally moved out and began a year-long separation. At the end of the separation, my husband acknowledged his behaviors and agreed to change. While we were separated, I had continued to go to counseling--reading about verbal abuse-reflecting on what I learned about myself, and journaling. I learned to recognize the behaviors and also see how my victim mentality supported them. When we reunited, I was able to teach him how to communicate in constructive ways, and we eventually created a balanced relationship. To define it, verbal abuse is used by one person to have control over another. There are a variety of verbally abusive behaviors, some of which are built into our culture. For example behaviors such as one-upmanship, bullying, disparaging, manipulating, criticizing, hard-selling and intimidating can be considered to be fair practices in the business world. But in a relationship, these behaviors can be very destructive. Nothing is more damaging to one’s confidence and selfesteem than being in a verbally abusive relationship. Verbal abuse is experienced by people in all walks of life. Not limited by income, career or job, education, geography, age, or gender, it can occur in any type of relationship - including spousal/ partner, parent-child, dating, at work or school. A victim of verbal abuse may not see or recognize

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the abuser’s behavior as abusive. Instead he or she often develops coping mechanisms--which include denial and minimizing--in order to deal with the abuse. However, long-term verbal abuse can cause severe emotional trauma in the victim, which may result in depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is also important to realize that while, verbal abuse doesn’t always lead to physical abuse, physical abuse almost always begins with verbal abuse. Understanding the various destructive behaviors can help identify whether verbal abuse is occurring in your relationship and enable you to realize that it is time to take action. Here is a list of what to watch for: • When the abuser doesn’t share his or her feelings, thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams, or only shares limited, necessary information. This is known as withholding. It’s • also a clear indicator that the abuser is • not hearing and understanding the victim’s feelings. • Countering is when the abuser refuses • to acknowledge the victim’s viewpoint or ideas, while constantly arguing against it, thus preventing any discussion. • Discounting denies a person’s reality or experience and diminishes that person’s worth. A discounting statement always • begins with “You...”, such as “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” • When deliberate disparaging remarks are disguised as a joke and treated as if they • are funny, it is abusive. • If an abuser controls the conversation by deciding what is discussed, withholding • information, switching the topic, or • refusing to discuss something, he or she • is diverting or blocking. • Accusing and blaming someone of wrongdoing, breaking an agreement, or blaming the victim for the abuser’s own anger or insecurity is another abusive tactic.

• When an abuser makes judgements about a victim, then uses it to criticize that person, it is abusive. • Trivializing is when the abuser makes what the victim says or does seem insignificant, such as when the victim recounts accomplishments, hopes or dreams. This can cause that other person to feel frustrated and confused. • An abuser undermines a victim’s confidence by making statements that destroy that • person’s enthusiasm, or his or her interest • in something. Undermining can also be seen in such sabotaging behaviors as disrupting or interrupting the other person when he or she is involved in other activities. • An abuser will often purposely forget things that happened by saying “I don’t remember that,”--or deliberately “forget” to provide information that the victim needs to know, or has a right to know, such as social events that the victim was supposed to or expected to attend. • Ordering someone to do something instead of asking them to do it denies that person’s equality and treats them like a servant. • When someone resorts to name calling, making up labels of any kind, or uttering cutting remarks under one’s breath; that is abusive. • Using denial is when the abuser tells the victim something which denies reality, such as saying, “I never said that”-- when in fact they did. • Threats can be subtle or overt, and involve saying things which manipulate a victim by causing them to be afraid or controlled. • Abusive anger can be exhibited through • yelling and throwing things, withdrawing, or refusing to tell someone why they are angry.

victim like a child or as an extension of themself. • Abuse is seen in the controlling of finances and access to money, and in the limitation of how a victim spends money. • Abusers are unable to show compassion and empathy towards their victims. • Withholding permission to make decisions or to leave the premises is a form of abuse. • It is abusive when a person repeatedly crosses another person’s boundaries or ignores his or her requests. Abusers may also tear down and attempt to prevent their victim from having boundaries, but will create boundaries for themselves. Recognizing any signs of verbal abuse in a relationship requires a person to be completely honest with oneself to reclaim personal power, stop the abuse and heal the emotional trauma. If you have been denying or hiding the abuse, this may be a difficult step to take. But the stakes are high! Illness, emotional trauma, depression or anxiety can result from failing to face these issues. There are many paths to healing, but one is to seek professional counseling-a key step to understand your pain and fears, and rebuilding selfesteem, so you can have an emotionally healthy life. Holly E. Messick’s Karmic Dance---A Spiritual Journey Through Verbal Abuse is the fascinating memoir of the author’s karmic relationship with Terry, her high school sweetheart and the man who would become her second husband 20 years later. Happy to be back together again, they did not know that a higher plan was at work as they proceeded to play out their roles of abuser and victim. When she finally chose to leave the marriage, Holly ended their negative karma. For more info, visit www.karmicdance.com

• An abuser may use control by treating their 63 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

Vaiva Tuckuviene is an internationally recognized model scout, model coach, fashion designer, fashion photographer, producer of fashion shows and a former model herself. She is based in Los Angeles and has more than 25 years of experience working with some of the worlds best modeling agencies and industry professionals. Throughout her extensive career, Vaiva gained invaluable experience in all aspects of the modeling and fashion business, which she shares in her book, The Road to Modeling Success. Her book gives a for reaching insight into and trade secrets on how to become a model and establish yourself in the industry. It also guides you on how to achieve personal goals in all areas of your life. Vaiva Tuckuviene created a set of unique Modeling Workshop Tours. Her tour began in her native country of Lithuania at the end of the year 2015. She plans on continuing her Modeling Workshop tours in London, UK and other countries in spring of 2016. During the Modeling Workshop Tours, Vaiva will be selecting a Top Model in every age category from kids, teens, to adults. Vaiva Tuckuviene is very happy to collaborate with The Eden Magazine on this amazing project and journey of the Modeling Workshop Tours by Vaiva and to be able to be one of the main judges for selection of the Top Models.

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Vaiva Tuckuviene

The Road to Modeling Sucess In February of 2016 in NYC, Vaiva will be signing her book and presenting her Vaiva Style fashion show, during New York Fashion Week. Her newest collection is inspired by the book and named, The Road to Modeling Success. The fabric used and printed for this line, are all directly from the pages of her book. The designs speak to the audience directly with each model wearing a different page or picture describing the words and visuals from the book. Vaiva created this collection to inspire, to promote faith and love for yourself, and to build confidence in young girls and women. This line if for everyone who dares to be be brave and different, and who like to make a statement.

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model SashilĂŠ Wood photo by Artiphics hair & Makeup by Edward Hakopian dress design by Xandra Krahe 66 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

Excerpt from “Manifesting your world”

PEACE BE STILL by Jeremy E. McDonald

What we are in search of is how to change our world and gain all our dreams! I saved this part for the back of the book, because I felt you needed to understand about who you are before you can effectively create the world around you. First, let me say you are always creating. There is not a time when you are not creating the experiences of each day, attracting the people in your life around you. That is all you! We, as beings, created in the image of God, means we were given the abilities of God. As we have discussed before, we are actually a part of the wholeness of God. By knowing this, and understanding the very fact you are creating at all times, means you have to take full responsibility for your life. There is nothing within this world you have not created. I am going to stretch your mind for a bit to talk about how you have created everything in your world and also how god created it. We have discussed before, we are a part of God. We have also talked about the fact that we have God’s abilities. We should accept and take responsibility for all things around us. We should not blame anyone for how our lives are going and how the world is. I have brought this point to a great many people, and it is a very hard pill to swallow when we think about how bad the world is. People fascinate me when they are all about how they create their whole world when it rocks! When people are complaining about wars, how toxic our food is, and how horrible we treat our planet, I remind them they created it. They turn their back on that idea, saying it was not

them; it was irresponsible, greedy people in the world who created it. This is not meant to pick on anybody or judge them. I did the same thing in my life, and this was one of those times I realized I had one finger pointing in judgment, with three pointing back at me. I asked myself, “When have I ever been irresponsible?” I stopped and thought about the times I forgot to pay a bill on time, the times I missed calling someone on their birthday, or not keeping my promise to someone, because I was too sidetracked with everything else going on in my life. I realized it was because I was out of balance, and therefore unable to focus on what was going on around me. It was very hard for me at these times to see anything other than my own problems. To go even further, it really hit home when I was scared I would not have enough money. I would hold onto money to make sure I had enough to pay my bills even though I knew there was enough. I just had trouble letting go of it. I did not realize this was a form of greed. Greed is the desire to acquire more than what you need in material wealth or possessions. This need stems from the ideal we do not have enough money or material objects, and we have to continue to gain more stuff. So really, greed is FEAR of not having enough. The people we judge and say are greedy are just as scared as we are. That type of FEAR is every bit as toxic as the toxic food we eat. We need to realize, we as a culture, are addicted to toxic situations.

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As an observer, I have found a great deal of this comes from our need to get everything done as soon as possible or right now! We feel that we do not have enough time. However, we as souls have infinite amounts of time. The real sense of awareness came when I started to understand how truly toxic I was, and how it was coming from my fear I still had inside of myself. It became very apparent that we are all in the same boat. As we continue to have these fears, and interact with others and their fears, we continue to create fear between all of us. Wars come from the need to control another’s free will and path. Greed festers in all of us. Until we realize the abundance we have, it will continue to fester within all of us, continuing to create strife within the whole of consciousness. What really opened my eyes was when I realized we only need just enough to fulfill all our needs. Those needs, as defined by our soul, allow us to live within alignment with our souls. Our souls do not need a massive amount of surplus sitting in the bank just so we feel safe and secure having it there. That type of safety and security is not based on a foundation of rock. Some of you may be thinking I am saying it is bad to be rich; I am actually not saying that at all. Look at what you need for comfort to be in alignment with your soul. Your soul knows what that comfort level is. If your comfort level feels like one million dollars in the bank, and it feels right with your soul, then do it. Some people move from place to place and usually have enough money to get to where they are going. Once they get to their destination, they need to earn more money to move on to the next place they want to travel. There are also people who live in large houses with tons of money. Some have told me they do not feel comfortable in their own home, and it feels like it is too much. What is the point of me telling you about this? Very simply, be true to yourself and be true to your soul. The soul knows what experiences it needs to grow and expand its awareness. The soul knows what is 68 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

best for you and your life, and it knows how to guide you each step of the way, so trust it. This is why the first part of this book is about understanding yourself and going into an inner journey to gain that understanding. If you have that understanding, all the rest falls into place. Once we read about the Law of Attraction we try to manifest and create our world based on what we think we want feeling it is what the world is dictating. This is not following our soul, it is following what we think we want based on others’ experiences. This is what gets us stuck, because it is not in flow with God. I even know televangelists who teach, “By giving tithe, you will reap what you sow.” When you give with the pureness of your heart, you will receive back tenfold. However, just because we hear ministers tell stories about people who receive millions of dollars as they gave out, does not mean you should expect the Benjamins to come back tenfold. There is nothing wrong with giving out and getting back money tenfold but the rewards may come back to you in another form, not necessarily in money. As we give out, we should give with no expectation of return. When it does return we should be willing to receive it. Just know as we give out, we invest in the wholeness of us (all consciousness). Giving with the pureness of heart means what we give out, we will always receive back in some form. Giving out love with love in our hearts, we will receive love back. Give freely of our heart with a whole-hearted compassion; we will get back compassion in some form. The return may come when we least expect it. The rewards are there when we live in flow and expect a life of miracles. Keep in mind, it is all about the intentions you put forth and the feelings inside of you. Remember when manifesting through EGO, our EGO is out of balance because it is not taking into consideration our SOUL. When we are manifesting through our EGO it will never bring a feeling of wholeness within ourselves because we forgot to include “the whole” in the manifestation.

It is like a marriage; if a husband buys houses, cars, and makes decisions for him and his wife, it is not congruent with what a marriage is all about. A marriage should be a partnership. He did not include his partner in the marriage, he just made decisions without her. The same thing happens with the mind, body, and spirit. When they are not working together, or we forget about one of the three components, the neglect of one will bring down the whole. When we only live with our EGO, or what we logically see with our physical eyes, then we neglect the other aspects of who we are. Just like the spouse who felt neglected or not included, eventually they will have a diminished sense of self-worth and it will create an unhealthy relationship.

thing, you ask and “LET IT GO.”

So manifest with a healthy relationship between the body, mind, and spirit. This creates a world built on a solid foundation of mutual love and respect which will radiate out from you into the oneness of consciousness. It will bring even more harmony, peace, and love to the world. This foundation is so important. There are many wonderful Manifestors out there who have achieved a great deal of success within the world of man, but because they did not build their solid foundation, something always seems to happen to them on some level. They do not feel fulfilled within themselves, their health continues to suffer or they eventually lose it all.

A gentleman once told me he was not afraid of anything. I later saw him complain about the world and how horrible it is. He spoke about how his family was terrible, his job was terrible, and he was never going to get anywhere in life because people were working against him. I spoke to him, “You are upset about a great deal of things in this life.” I suggested, “You must be afraid of something.” Simply put, misery breeds more misery. He was creating more misery in his life.

I have grown to appreciate there is more than my physical manifestation in the equation. Because of this, I humbly ask things like, “Would it not be nice to have a vacation to Miami?” I add onto that, “If it is in my divine plan, then bring it to me in divine timing and divine order; make it easy.” I do not want to do it hard anymore. If it is hard, it is because I am making it hard. Once I say this, I let it go! I do not dwell on it, and I do not keep thinking about it repeatedly. If it comes back in my thoughts, I repeat, “If it is my divine plan, then bring it to me in divine timing and divine order and make it easy.” I have studied a lot of different faiths, prayer, witchcraft, universal law, and the basis of all the faiths is when you ask God for some-

Our EGO wants to grab onto what it desires, and desperately hold onto it hoping it will happen with the EGO’s limited expectations. It wants to live in a safe little box and only experience life when it feels safe. Some of you feel you push yourselves to your limits all the time to overcome your fears. If you are still feeling pain, anxiety, stress, sickness, doubt or any of that, then you still have FEAR breeding within you. I look at it this way: as we face our FEARS, and become aware of them, it expands our awareness. As we dive more into the unknown of ourselves, we gain a higher vibrational perspective on life and how spirit works. This to me is exciting!

Accomplished spiritual healer and teacher, Jeremy E. McDonald has been a public speaker in this field for over 14 years. He has designed and delivered many workshops to assist individuals in helping them to find peace and joy in their lives. Teaching others to look from an inside-their-soul perspective, he enables them to overcome fear by alchemizing it into love. His clients find balance, peace, joy and true, sublime, self-love. 69 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2016

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