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46 2017 FIRE ROOSTER YEAR By Michael White Ryan

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Cover photo by Brenda Saint Hilaire Photograph Hair & Makeup by Edward Hakopian



Photo by Artin Mardirosian



Spreading compassion to all Sentient Beings and Lliving in healing and peaceful world

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By Dina Morrone

The Eden Magazine is thrilled to feature Maria Conchita Alonso, actress, singer/songwriter, humanitarian, political and animal activist, one of the biggest names in the Hispanic market, and an international star. Alonso was honored with the Hispanic Woman of the Year Award, Nosotros Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding Performer of the year, Alma Award for Best Actress and nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, among many other nominations and winnings around the world. She has acted in over 75 films, 12 Telenovelas, 15 Movies of the Week and Miniseries, and over 100 episodes of television on NBC, HBO, ABC, Showtime and Lifetime. In 2016 she filmed five movies including, Kill’em All, for Sony Pictures, and the independent films, Galileo and ¡ He matado a mi marido! and two songs already recorded, one in English and one in Spanish, that will be launched this year. Upon meeting Alonso, it’s very clear to see why she has achieved so much. She is a force of energy, a feisty, passionate, compassionate, stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and humble woman, with an infectious laugh and smile. She is the real deal and the whole package. 10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Alonso was born in Cuba, raised in Venezuela, and immigrated to the United States where she had her feature film debut in 1984’s Moscow on the Hudson alongside Robin Williams. But, Alonso had been working as a performer long before she was introduced to American audience’s on the big screen. She was a beauty contest winner; Miss Teen Venezuela winning the Miss Teen-Ager of the World; she was Miss World Venezuela and sixth runner up in the Miss World pageant, and she was a very established pop star singer with multiple #1 hits; a threetime Grammy nominee with platinum and multiple gold albums. She worked with legendary music producer, Giorgio Moroder, for whom she wrote the lyrics and sang in Spanish, Vamos a Bailar, which was part of the sound track for the movie Scarface with Al Pacino. Her impressive body of work and vast career accomplishments reflect only a part of how Alonso has spent her time. She dedicated eighteen years or her life campaigning for human rights in her native countries and is still very vocal about her views today. She has spoken in support of LGBT rights, and she is a passionate animal rights advocate who believes in the respect for the lives of all animals. Alonso doesn’t just talk the talk … her love for animals has been a life long passion and commitment. Despite her very busy work schedule, she always makes time for animals and her beloved pets. Over the years she has enjoyed pets that ranged from dogs, cats, hamsters, monkeys, a horse, a parrot, and even an alligator. She currently has one dog and two cats, Tequila, Chiqui, and Bella, the black cat in the photos. Alonso is proud to point out that they are all rescues. She has been involved in helping the Humane Society and PETA, Beagle Freedom Foundation, and different ones from Venezuela, and has been active donating her time at Animal Fairs to aid in the adoption of pets from shelters and rescue organizations. One such organization she has worked with is NKLA (No Kill Los Angeles), which is a best friends animal society initiative that strives to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy and treatable companion animals at LA’s shelters.

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12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose to become an actress? I was born an actress, no, an artist, and it wasn't a choice… it's just me! My first acting part was in Cuba at the age of four. I was a little mouse in The Nutcracker play. Since that age, I was told that I liked to be alone, to create. I would "escape" from home for blocks. The neighbors would call my mom, "Conchita, Maria Conchita is driving away in her tricycle again.” Hahaha... I also loved to play with dolls doing all the voices of the family. 2. Besides acting, you are also an incredible singer. Tell us about your passion for music? The energy between artist/audience that one gets while on stage is indescribable, magical, powerful. I can stay there for hours. I give my all from my heart, feeling every single word that comes out of my mouth. I always did, since I was a kid. For me there is no life without music. It's a great "natural" drug that can take you wherever you want to be whether you are happy, sad, dreaming, in love, or in pain. It relaxes you and it also makes you wild... I am currently writing country music songs. My love for the United States, its people, and country music, was born when I lived in Deer Park Washington State, as a kid. 3. With your busy life as an actress and singer, you are also involved so many humanitarian causes and in animal rescues. How are you able to do so much? I don't have any idea, really, it just happens. I go on Twitter and Instagram and I can't leave. I am addicted! But Social Media does help save lives though, and it also educates and informs (accurate or not). We need to teach people how to save lives and be their “animal” voice. It’s impressive how important these tools are. It does help. 4. You are a passionate animal rights advocate. What is your message to our readers about animal rights? My message is, be kind to all creatures just like you would like for people to be kind to you. Not only us humans feel, animals do too. They love, cry, feel pain, get sick, and they need attention and companionship. It breaks my heart and I can't keep quiet when I see the injustice towards animals around the world. It makes me so super angry when I see celebrities wearing fur... as if they don’t know what goes on... so they can show off wearing someone else’s skin? The fur is taken off while the animal is still alive. Do we need to have animals suffer for us just so we can look "beautiful"? I don't think so. Armani is not using fur anymore. More designers and celebrities should learn from him. There are so many issues we need to fight for and educate people on. I don't eat meat (but do eat fish). The animals suffer so much when they are on their way to be killed and as they are being killed. I don't drink cows milk. People should Google to find out more and educate themselves about everything that I am talking about here. They should watch the horrible videos, because after that, 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

With the cats at East Valley Animal Shelter Photo: by Brenda (Busaba St. Hilaire) Hair and Makeup: by Edward Hakopian Jacket Vegan leather 14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

With the dog at East Valley Animal Shelter Photo: by Brenda (Busaba St. Hilaire) Hair and Makeup: by Edward Hakopian Jacket Vegan leather

Photo by Katerina Plotnikova Photography 15 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

believe me, they will realize that it’s not worth the pain these poor animals go through just "for the heck" of it. In some cultures/countries they boil dogs and cats to eat while they are still alive. It is sad to say that now in Venezuela, some people eat dogs and doves for lack of food. That has to stop and we are working on it.

the power of a smile. Try it. It opens doors. It heals. And you will feel at peace…

Adopt don't shop. Be a foster parent. Go to a shelter and give them love, attention, and/or save a life. Bring food, old newspapers, towels, sheets, plastic grocery bags you might squirrel away, so they can be used during dog walks or cleaning cages.

6. Who has been your roll model all these years? My mom, Maria Conchita Bustillo. She is courageous, strong, honest, funny, a hard worker, and beautiful.

Become an activist on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. It really works to Retweet. It helps to sign those petitions because it does save lives, passes laws, puts people in jail, and it works not only with animal causes but with all of them. I am part of that world and I know it works. If you are away from home most of the day because you are working, have two pets instead of one so they can keep each other company. They feel loneliness too! Venezuela has been going through a horrific situation for the past 17 years, and as time goes by it worsens. Pets are thrown into the streets and abandoned. Children, babies, people of all ages are dying for lack of food and medicine. I know that that it doesn’t only happen in my country. Cuba, the island where I was born, has been suffering for the past 58 years. Through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, we have been able to save lives and bring awareness of what is happening all over the world. Follow me @MariaConchita_A, and be a part of it. 5. As a humanitarian who has been very active, what is your message and why? Again, as I mentioned above, we should be kind to all living creatures. We should be more concerned about what is going on in the world and start doing something about it because together we can make a difference. I believe it because I have been a part of changes that have been made on various issues and in different parts of the world. I have lived it. And you'll realize that by giving and helping, you will feel happier, and be a better human being for having done so. We are here to learn, to teach, and to be happy. This life is too short. Don't forget to smile, it really is a magical thing we can use anytime we want, and it's free! People don't know

16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

There shouldn't be even one person in the world that goes hungry, that sleeps on the streets, or dies for lack of medicine. We can all do something about that. United.

7. What do you do when you are not acting or singing? If I’m not at the beach, or writing songs or watching movies, I spend my time on Twitter and Instagram being the voice for those who have none, fighting for human rights and educating. And once in a while "insulting" people... hahaha.... 8. Is there anything you would like to change in yourself now, or from your past? Change? Nah. Even though at times I fight with myself, I like who I am. But I can tell you one thing, I should have listened to my father a bit more and invested in real state… but I was very stubborn… still am... 9. Who can you rely on in your life and why? Proud to say that I have a bunch of cousins that I know would be there if needed, just as I am here for them, and a bit more than a handful of friends. Lucky, ah? 10. What do you think it is that can change our world so that it can be a better place? Respect. Humbleness.

Special Thanks to Photo: by Brenda (Busaba St. Hilaire) Hair and Makeup: by Edward Hakopian Location: East Valley Animal Shelter, Beverly Hills, CA, Sherman Oaks, CA Gaurdian of Boots (German Shepherd) Kelle & Manos Phoundoulakis Gaurdian of Scarlet (Beagle) Brigitte Pascual Gaurdian of Gracie (PitBull) Shannon Keith

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~Anatole France There are many animals around the world hurting by either neglect or testing in Laboratory, meat trade or their fur. It is time for us to realize they feel the same pain as we do. Take a stand against cruelty to animals now. In this photo Maria Conchita Alonso is with this beautiful dogs who were rescued they were victim in man's action. German Shepherd is Boots - Rescued from the China meat trade. Son of Kelle & Manos Phoundoulakis Beagle is Scarlet - Rescued by BFP from a laboratories, Daughter of Brigitte Pascual Gracie Mae - Rescued by ARME from death row at an L.A. city shelter. Daughter to Shannon Keith

17 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

With her adopted dog Tequila, and Gracie Photo: by Brenda (Busaba St. Hilaire) Hair and Makeup: by Edward Hakopian 18 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

With the dog at East Valley Animal Shelter Photo: by Brenda (Busaba St. Hilaire) Hair and Makeup: by Edward Hakopian Jacket Vegan leather 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

With the cat at East Valley Animal Shelter Photo: by Brenda (Busaba St. Hilaire) Hair and Makeup: by Edward Hakopian Jacket Vegan leather 20 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

With her adopted cat Chiqui Photo: by Brenda (Busaba St. Hilaire) Hair and Makeup: by Edward Hakopian 21 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017


Activist,a Multi-Award-Winning Filmmaker & president and founder of Beagle Freedom Project and ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education)

22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Shannon Keith is an activist attorney, a multi-awardwinning filmmaker and the founder and president of the non-profit organization, ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education) and it’s mission, Beagle Freedom Project (BFP). Shannon formed ARME in 2004, a non-profit rescue and advocacy group, in order to advocate for social change for animals, create new policies for the betterment of their welfare, and rescue animals in need. As a filmmaker, she focuses on stopping the problem at its roots through educational documentaries and has won several awards for her groundbreaking films exposing animal cruelty. Her first documentary, “Behind the Mask,” explores the underground world of those activists who break the law to save animals. “Skin Trade,” her second documentary, exposes the cruelty, fraud and deception in the fur industry. Her third documentary, “Sanctuary,” which she just completed, delves into the world of primates exploited for the pet trade, entertainment and testing, and ultimately ending in sanctuaries. Her first two films garnered several awards including best documentary feature at festivals nationally and internationally. As an activist and rescuer, Shannon saves dogs, cats and other animals from abuse, neglect and imprisonment, and organizes campaigns against animal exploiting industries, such as the Beagle Freedom Project, rescuing animals from laboratories.

Since 2010, Beagle Freedom Project has rescued over 700 animals from laboratories, where they were experimented on for cosmetics, products and drugs. These animals would have been otherwise killed after the experiments ended, but BFP, with its inventive campaign, secures the release of these animals, finds them loving homes and educates the public about the fraudulent practices of animals testing via these incredible ambassadors. BFP also focuses on changing laws. Since 2014, BFP has passed its signature legislation, “The Beagle Freedom Bill” in five states, making it mandatory to release dogs and cats after testing instead of killing them. This is the first step of many towards ending testing and is the only law that recognizes the value of animals beyond being used as subjects. BFP also has an innovative app for the smart phone called “Cruelty Cutter.” This app has since revolutionized shopping, allowing the user to simply scan a barcode to learn if a product is tested on animals. It works world-wide and also serves as a form of activism, as the user can tweet, Facebook and even email a company from the app that they refused to purchase their products because they are tested on animals. Shannon lives in Los Angeles, California, with her three dogs (Gracie, a Pitbull, Samantha, a Corgi mix, and Cha Cha, a Chihuahua, all rescued from shelters, as well as two cats and one rabbit (rescued from animal testing). 23 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017


East Valley Animal Shelter The Eden Magazine team visited The East Valley Animal Shelter for our February feature cover with Maria Conchita Alonso. You can find the shelter at 4409 Vanowen St, Van Nuys, CA 91405. Although it was a very emotional day for us as we entered the front doors of the shelter, we all felt that it was very important to spread the word to the public about all the precious abandoned animals and of what really goes on in there. We met a couple of the volunteers including, Jake Miller, an Animal Care Technician and Christine Carr, both of whom work tirelessly to help feed the animals, to love them, and most importantly to keep them alive until they can hopefully find a loving home. It really touched our hearts to see all the work that they do. All Shelters are always in need of your help. No matter where you live, please visit your local shelter whether you are looking to add a companion to your household or if you would like to donate. Jake Miller shared with us how the public can help a shelter.

24 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Here is a list of tangible items that you can donate: Linens – towels, blankets, sheets Newspapers Stainless steel bowls of all sizes Ceramic crocks Plastic or stainless steel litter pans (all sizes) Dog and cat treats (hard and soft) Dog and cat toys (including washable stuffed toys) Guinea pig, hamster, gerbil food & cages Hay (timothy or oat) Cat scratching posts Baby wipes Potty-training pads Heating pads Dog and cat carriers Baby bottles (newborn) and kitten bottles Fabric softener sheets Dog and cat groom supplies Shampoo, conditioner, brushes, clippers Bleach White vinegar Apple cider vinegar Gift cards to local pet stores for emergency needs

He also said that people can help out at Shelters by volunteering their time. For children who are under the minimum age to donate (16 years), he suggested that they can have their friends and family make donations to the shelter on their behalf in lieu of presents and gifts for their birthdays and holidays. Some children even hold towel and blanket drives, lemonade stands, bake sales, etc. A ten-year-old girl recently made a donation in the amount of $400. He told us that it's always amazing to see how resourceful kids can be. He has also had Girl Scout troops and other similar groups come in and make donations. Here are some very important things to remember and encourage in our communities: • Spaying and neutering (many cities like LA offer assistance that can often make it free or nearly free) • Microchipping their pet so it can be identified when found • walking their dog on a leash • teaching our children responsible pet ownership • not giving a pet as a gift but rather giving them a gift certificate to get a pet instead (this way the gifted family can pick one that they want together and if they can't have a pet, they don't have to get one)

Scott Miller told us that he has been blessed to be working at this job for the past 15-½ years. Over that time, he has seen that things have gotten, and continue to get, better when if comes to animal shelters and the innovative solutions they come up with to get pets back home or into new homes. Lastly, he would like to say that the best thing anyone can do is to share their positive experience with animal shelters so that it will in turn drive others to go and visit\adopt\volunteer. If people have this dark and dreary opinion of the shelters as presented by Hollywood and a lot of social media, they will never come and visit one. The success of his field is pinned to the amount of happy and positive traffic that flows through the doors. The Eden Magazine Photographer Brenda (Busaba St. Hilaire) was at the shelter earlier and she witnessed a homeless woman adopting a dog, She told me later, “Even the homeless benefit from the love of a pet. As long as the shelter is there, she will have access to affordable care of her dog. It’s so touching to see how this woman saved her money to adopt a dog and even donated money to save other animals.”

25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

26 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017


Flowers, check. Chocolate, check. Greeting card, check. Expressing feelings of love (…wait, what?). Valentine’s Day has long since graced February as the month in which romantic love is most widely celebrated around the world. Couples everywhere shower one another with chocolate, roses, teddy bears and big dinners out. Yet this day carries a more important message that is often overlooked. It’s a reminder to celebrate the essence of love, regardless whether we have a significant other or not. We can rejoice in the idea that love, in all its forms, is what will enrich and dramatically change our lives. Love for ourselves, love for our family, love for our friends, love for humanity, love for animals, and love for nature. The beauty of this is that there are no limits to celebrating the glory of love in its totality. So, go ahead, have at it, love everyone and everything. Feel it in your bones. But just as important, don’t forget to express that amazing love right back to all whom you feel it for; whether it be your parents or siblings, your best friends, your pet, the trees, or your significant other (if you have one). Yes, I know, the idea of loving everyone and everything sounds easy to do and feels exciting to read

about, but realistically it can sometimes get tricky in our hearts. One would never think that something as magical as “love” would take courage to feel and express, yet often it does. Letting love in can sometimes be difficult because we fear losing it. Unworthiness and fear of abandonment start to shake off the shelves, giving us new ingredients to juggle and shifting love’s usual ‘free and easy’ stance. Likewise, genuinely expressing feelings of deep love and appreciation can be difficult. Fear of exposure and rejection somehow trip the wire from our heart to our words, leaving us tongue twisted or altogether mute. For these reasons and more, it’s not uncommon to side-step feeling love fully in our hearts by distracting ourselves and “keeping busy.” And it has become increasingly accepted to simply give another something as an expression of love. Most of the time we shuffle through our days on autopilot, working and “doing” until the speed bumps of a milestone slow us down enough to feel. A birthday or holiday arrives and we scramble around looking for something to buy, rather than sharing our feelings verbally.

27 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

In this way, much of what we call love has taken up residency in the mind. But there’s no better way to celebrate the essence of love than to feel it fully in our hearts and express it, gifting the receiver with that same feeling of love’s awesomeness in theirs. We can activate courage to stay present with love and express it freely like this by chaperoning our heart with our soul. Balancing the doing in our lives and keeping our self-awareness up and running full time will give us access to hear more of our soul’s wisdom. Ever since our soul came into physicality it has longed to feel all that it has known love to be. You may likely hear it whispering, “feel” so that it can have the experience of feeling love through the vehicle of your body as you receive and express it. When we empower ourselves with soul courage like this we will also be reminded to trust and surrender. This will keep the flow of love from getting detoured by the gatekeeper of our mind. Simply saying, “I love you” to someone has become hollow. We want to know more, hear more, feel more. We are a numbed-out generation that needs in from the cold. This kind of warmth comes from expression that is intentionally projected with gratitude to someone or something that you love. Extra points for expression that travels through voice and is shared one on one, eye to eye, heart to heart. So, feel I love you, say I love you, sing I love you…and then tell them why. And not just to your spouse, or even your friends and pets and the trees, but also to the mailman, the waitress, the girl waiting to cross the street. The butcher, the baker and candle-stick maker. Make everyone your Valentine. And here’s something interesting, what if you were your Valentine? Don’t wait for someone else to remind you how lovable and special you are. Treat yourself in the likes of which you would be treating “your Valentine.” Write yourself a love letter, whisper I love you to your reflection in the mirror, buy yourself Godiva (why stop at Hershey) and a bouquet of roses. While we’re at being grateful for love in all its forms, what about all the love we shared with others in our past. Either with mates that we are no longer with or 28 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

with those that have since past away. All of the love we had for them is still inside us. It doesn’t go away, it just gets tucked away. Imagine waking that up and thanking it back into our heart. Trust that it’s safe to feel (even if the emotion is uncomfortable or painful) by relinquishing your self-protection. And surrender to releasing the energy of those feelings inside through expression. Using soul courage in this way will reset your heart, expanding and transforming your ideas about love, and with whom you give and receive love freely. However and whoever you love, whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or all year long, remember that you are not alone. Every soul is on a quest for love. This is infinitely the most universal goal in life; to love and be loved. To feel love. Will you be my Valentine?

j Tara-jenelle Walsch is the author of the book, Soul Courage and the founder and spirit behind the Soulebrate greeting card company, the cards of which are being sold in hundreds of stores worldwide, carrying messages of encouragement & empowerment. She also speaks publicly about a personal development program she created called Soulcialize that increases emotional awareness and inspires others to live soul first, which she believes creates Soul Connection and has the ability to enrich the world at large. Tara-jenelle was raised in Annapolis, Maryland and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland. She currently lives in the beautiful hills of Ashland, Oregon with her pug, Sascha. www.soulcourage.com

Be Mindful, Be Heartful, Be Empowered

Roxana Jones Arnaud Saint-Paul

29 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017


Singer-songwriter-producer, Philantropist, animal activist

30 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

31 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

By Ilene Proctor Bringing matinee idol charisma to the silver screen and concert stages around the globe is ANDY, Persia’s legendary artist, a.k.a. “The Prince of Persia”, or “The Persian Bono”, as he is known in media circles. He has released multiple albums selling in the millions throughout the world and with countless Number 1 hits. Voice of America, the Persian program, called the Iranian/Armenian/American, The Best Artist of the Year, Armenian Pulse called him Best Armenian International Singer of the Year. He has also won the ICON Award and at the Big Apple Music Awards he won the The Millennium Award. Andy has toured extensively around the world many times over, playing some of the worlds most prestigious venues, theatres and stadiums. A humanitarian, he has appeared and contributed in many International charitable causes, including the recording of “Stand by Me,” with Jon Bon Jovi, to show solidarity for the people of Iran. This collaboration garnered eight million hits on YouTube. He also did a duet with La Toya Jackson, which is the song that won him best single of the year for the Big Apple Music Awards in New York. Andy was invited to perform at One World Peace Concert, with HH Dalai Lama, which was broadcast live on AXS TV. A concert at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre was a huge success. There he hosted several major International Artists who participated in a live debut performance of the Humanitarian Charity project/song, “We Hear Your Voice,” which was written and produced by his wife and fellow Recording Artist, Shani Rigsbee. The song/video, which promotes unity, sends all the proceeds to benefit International Children’s charities. Andy has recorded with Lebanese singer, Mayssa Karaa, the humanitarian song, “Bi Sabah El Alf El Talet,” which was performed at the historical Master Peace Concert in Amsterdam. Andy’s latest achievements include the prestigious Concord Awards from Moscow, and Fog Awards from San Jose, both as a legendary artist from Iran. He is also the first Iranian/Armenian singer who was recently invited to the White House. His work and appearances have been in many feature films and television show with a recent end title credit song, “Rise,” in the upcoming, “American Wrestler: The Wizard”. Other features include DREAMWORKS’, “The House of Sand and Fog” (Sir Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly), where Andy is featured singing in the film and contributed 32 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COMe February 2017

to the score, and he has supported and contributed to many indie films as well. In “Guardian Angel,” he has co-written and performed the theme song, “Far and Away,” and in “Lost Journey” he has a featured role and contributes to the score along with others including, “Futbaal,” “The Florist,” and Guide Company Films “The Keeper” (The Legend of Omar Khayyam), with Academy Award Winner Vanessa Redgrave, in which Andy plays the governor of the ancient city of Samarkand. Andy first made his mark on ABC’s 2001 production of the, “Princess and the Marine.” When Andy's not acting, or producing film music, he is a musical trailblazer forging a new path that redefines traditional musical borders. He plays to sold-out venues all over the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Russia and the Middle East. His touring schedule regularly includes locales, rarely, if ever, performed in by American-based artists such as, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and the cities Tashkent, Samarghand, and in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, amongst others, spreading his universal message of love and joy. In the United States, he has played for the last ten years to critical acclaim at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, as well as the prestigious Dolby Theatre in Hollywood and large-scale venues in Las Vegas. His music was chosen by the JPF “Independent Music Awards” for Best Middle Eastern Album and Song, for the second year in a row. In a gala ceremony at Universal Studios, he was named Persian Pop Male Singer of the Decade. For five years in a row he has received the coveted Best Armenian International Singer, Best Armenian World Artist and Best Armenian World Album Awards, and in November 2009, he received The Legend Award from the Big Apple Music Awards. He was also recognized and awarded twice by Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, at the City Council of Los Angeles, for his contributions through music to the city. Somewhere between the mystery of an ancient civilization and music, that dates back 5000 years, and the youthful brashness of modern music, Andy has made his own unique place in music history. He has created a new fusion of sound that combines traditional Middle Eastern instruments with the Western world’s drum and bass, guitar, and modern technology. His global sound embraces many exotic influences. Aside from his Persian-Armenian heritage Andy combines lush Middle Eastern modes with African rhythms, in which he spices with Spanish

flamenco guitar licks, and western dance music. Besides Farsi and Armenian, his two native languages, Andy also sings in English and Spanish amongst others. Ironically, even though Andy’s music is banned in his own country of Iran, his albums sell in the millions, though all are underground and bootlegged. From his early childhood in Teheran, his life has been a study in contrasts. His father built roads, yet the family had no car. They were beyond poor - nine people living in a small one-room house - but his mother’s careful management kept food on the table and enabled his parents to put six children through school. Their house was filled with love, laughter, and most importantly for Andy, music. Andy left his native land Iran after the Islamic Revolution. The revolution has made it impossible for Andy to perform in his native country because of the governmental ban on Persian pop music recorded in America. Besides the profound respect Andy has for Persian and Armenian poetry, working with the same lyricist, Paksima, for over twenty years, he developed an abiding love for contemporary Western music. His musical icons include the Beatles, Deep Purple, Santana, Rod Stewart and Ray Charles. Once a professional soccer player, Andy’s love for the game has remained throughout the years. A personal highlight for him has been when he was chosen to be the Featured Halftime Performer for the exclusive Chelsea VS InterMilan Soccer Match at the Pasadena Rose Bowl and also for the LA Galaxy, which allowed him to combine both his passions. Today, Andy is the living proof of the American dream. He credits Los Angeles, a city of contrasts, that helped him forge his unique sound, and the musical mosaic that resulted has catapulted him to superstardom. Audiences can’t get enough of this exciting combination: the poetic beauty of Persian and Armenian music set against the vibrant backdrop of dance music. Andy’s songs break every tradition and some taboos, but young and old alike, from East to West, now pack his concerts and buy his albums. And as such he has an established and loyal International fan base. Instagram/Andymusic1 www.andymusic.com youtube.com/andymusictv twitter.@Andy Madadian www.facebook.com/andymadadian-official

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Voices Out Together our voices can be heard louder than ever and together we can make this a better world. None of this is possible without you.

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Cosmos and the Human Energetic System Part III: The Inner Cosmos (Aura, Chakras, and Nadis) By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

Abstract Our energetic system, a structure for receiving, storing, and utilizing divine energies in order to animate us, as pertains to “chakras,” “aura” and “nadis,” is succinctly discussed. It is elaborated that analogous to our earth’s magnetosphere, our etheric light-body is encased or surrounded by an ovoid shell that is known as our aura. This is an electromagnetic geometric energy field complete with a canvas-like textile-embroidered pattern of horizontal and vertical circuitry of opposing currents that extends up to 15 feet everywhere surrounding us. In its most basic form in 3-D, it is composed of 7 auric layers (electromagnetic energetic fields), which increases to 20 layers when we obtain our full crystalline ‘light bodies.’ Each layer is separated by bio-plasmic double layered membranes lined with opposing currents to form a durable sheath lamina. Our auric system receives and auto projects colorful charged light energy particulates, not unlike the Aurora Borealis. It is further elaborated that our energetic system is ‘optimal’ and ‘complete’ when it achieves crystallinity. Unfortunately, our aura commonly develops micro-cracks in its external layers, which can lead to leakage, thus giving rise to auric energetic depletion. A brief discussion of the phenomenon of ‘auric leakage’ is presented herein with further details being postponed for treatment in a companion paper. The relevance of the auric layers to our ‘etheric’ bodies is explicated. The mechanics of divine energy acceleration through chakras and its dissemination to our neural network system is expounded upon. It is elaborated that human chakras are, in essence, energetic particle accelerators that function as a double cone system that spin in a reverse conical format drawing energies ‘in’ and ‘out’ of our energetic points within the body. They all extend filaments that operate in a liquid-crystal (plasmic) phase, bifurcating and blossoming into treelike branches of secondary and higher order chakras that comprise our nervous system. In their simplest form, our chakric system is composed of 7 energetic particle accelerators. When this frequencial resonance is ideally achieved, our chakras act as aligned nodal points in full scared circuitry, functioning as perfect helical intake and outtake receivers and transmitters, as perfect vortex centers, as optimal intra-dimensional conduits of connectivity. This gives rise to an optimal healthy human auric field, which is a prime example for the ‘etheric body’ composed of stealth matter that connects both into physical dense bio-molecular matter and into antimatter. 37 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Introduction Decades ago, only mystics believed that there is an energy field around all living beings. For almost five centuries, healers across the world have used the energy of their own bodies to help others heal, to detect events before they happen, and to transform physical matter. Now science has actually proven that myriads of such energetic fields exist around us. This field is yielding a rich base for diagnosing illness culminating in healing. Eastern medicine and most shamanic methods from the Western world are based on the concept of using one’s body energy to heal others. Science is only now showing how that these practices work in the physical reality, and that research reveals the potential of these long revered ancient practices. Every cell and organ, our entire body, generates energy fields. Every cell in our body pulses with electricity. The science of human energetics can be traced back to 1963, when scientists detected a bio-magnetic field around the human heart. In the 1970s, researchers used a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometer, an instrument for measuring magnetism, to confirm and measure the magnetic fields surrounding the human head produced by the brain activities. There are actually dozens, maybe even hundreds or thousands of layers or energy boundaries extending from our body. The most well-known energetic field around us is known as our ‘auric field.’ The Human Aura Many believe that our auric field is the same as our electromagnetic field, a continually emerging and fluctuating field of energy produced by the electrical currents in our bodies. In fact, all living things, including humans, have such an energetic field, encompassing their physical bodies. There is an electromagnetic energy field surrounding us in an ovoid shaped geometrical domain extending as much as 15 feet everywhere about us with additional 2-3 feet above our head as well as below our feet. It expands as we grow in consciousness. Human beings have an auric energy that is electromagnetic. This field receives energy patterns and codes constantly through induction. Our auric system is quite complex, but in 3-D it only operates at its base level. The auric system receives and auto projects charged (ionic) energy particulates, which can illuminate us. Our aura is composed of matter and stealth matter, physical dense bio-molecular invisible matter, as well as connects into antimatter. Our aura is indeed, a constituent part of the fabric of the omnipotent crystalline electric cosmos that may be metaphorically envisioned as an electric blanket encompassing our physical body in matter. Nowadays, the technique of Kirlian photography can be utilized to capture an image of our aura as well as those belonging to all other living things. Most images of the 38 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

auric fields depict them as rippling bands of light. This is so because electromagnetic energy is light. The electromagnetic spectrum is really a band of different frequencies of radiating energy or light. Our auric field actually consists of different bands or layers. Each band has a different color and operates at a different frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum. There are initially 7 distinct etheric layers or ‘bodies’ that may be readily identified within our aura. These are referred to as the ‘Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Thought, Causal, Spiritual, and Crystalline Body’. We are born with all layers intact, but each becomes active at different points in our lives. Our auric bands become colored and tuned to a specific frequency throughout our life depending on our experiences. One can see through Kirlian photography that the band closest to our skin is red. When all auric layers fully light up the scenario resembles a light show much like the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). And, when fully crystalline, the optimal healthy human auric field constitutes our etheric body. However, in its simplest form in duality earth, as it is pertinent in animating a 3-D physical body, the 7 such laminated layers constitute our 7 bodies. The first layer, of course, represents our Physical Body. This is the part that we commonly associate ourselves with in physicality. The second is the Etheric Body that is the gateway to outside the physical 3-D (between 3-D and 4-D). After that, is the Emotional (or ‘Astral’) Body that resonates in the middle part of the 4-D. Then comes Thought, Causal, and Spiritual progressively resonating in the higher sub-planes of the 4-D from the middle to upper 4th dimension, and finally, the Crystalline Body, which depicts the inception to the 5-D or the proverbial heaven. Our crystalline-electric ethereal auric body can actually expand to a maximum of 20 layers. The human aura is composed of stealth matter, and connects both into physical dense bio-molecular matter and into antimatter in what is termed as the Parallel Dimensions of ‘Omni-Earth’ and the ‘Multiverse.’ It is quite complex. The auric system receives and automatically projects the charged energy particulates. Every physical being can generate this field. It expands as the biological human grows in consciousness. Yet the aura on its own is not the geometric Light Body. If we look at a typical cross-section of our auric ‘skin’ we find a plate-like structure depicting a portion of the auric skin that is curvilinear conforming to an ovoid shape. These ovoid (egg-shaped) auric layers are separated by bio-plasmic double layered membranes each lined with a textile weave of horizontal and vertical opposing currents and circuitry to form a durable sheath lamina.

These lamina constitute the particular auric boundary layers or the ‘skin’ between our distinct ethereal bodies. Thus, our aura, as a composite fibrous medium, is a laminated structure composed of many layers with each layer consisting of a double sheet laminated membrane structure (skin) that separates the consecutive layers (etheric bodies) with intricate opposite circuitry of horizontal and vertical currents that run and permeate the plane of each separating lamina. And, these laminae are arranged in such a way that one membrane layer contains or promotes flow of crystalline-electric current in opposite direction to the other. In particular, at the outer boundary, one membrane layer conducts the energy current ‘into,’ and the other, ‘out of ’ the auric field. The human etheric body is optimal and healthy when the auric field is fully crystalline. When we expand in consciousness sufficiently, a next etheric layer activates, and our aura expands to take over this layer. We constantly receive “life” energies from the outside, which primarily come to us via the energies emitted by our sun. Despite common notion that sun is a molten rock of energy lava, it is simply a gateway to other higher suns and, in turn, black and while holes that process the very matter to antimatter and vice versa. These energies are ultimately stored in the central galactic sun, Alcyone, which magnifies and disseminate them to other suns. Our sun, in turn, receives these solar energies in the form of a soup of charged ionic plasma and photons and disperses them within our solar system. Being only 3 planets away from our sun we happen to get a fairly good share of such energies. Furthermore, our main-stream scientists understand that the planet earth is also encased by an egg-shaped shell or an ovoid called the “magnetosphere,” which resembles our etheric light-body, and may be considered to be the aura of our planet. Thus, our planet earth also has her own ovoid Auric Field. It stretches from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere and around the equator encompassing the electromagnetic energies of our earth. This auric field of earth (the magnetosphere) helps deflect any harmful particles that may reach the earth’s atmosphere beyond the shielding layers of ionosphere and other protective energetic grids existing in the stratosphere. Our aura describes our inner emotional standing. Each particular color in its constituent colorful spectrum of light energy represents a particular status of our mental and emotional energy. Our aura can expand or contract depending on how we maintain our energetic field. Usually negative thoughts and emotions are dissipative and joyful and inspiring thoughts and emotions are indications of high and healthy energetic status of our being. When

the energetic of the body inside and outside aura become unbalanced, a pressure gradient develops within the auric body that can be quite distressing and leads to health problems. This differential pressure which acts across (transversal to) the auric skin induces a stretch in the plane of the auric skin, and if excessive, can develop microcracks in the auric skin. These microcracks can run in the plane of the auric skin along the edges of the auric lamina or in a diagonal direction within the plane of the auric skin. The cleavage or opening of such skin microcracks can culminate in energetic leakage. Thus, auric energetic depletion refers to a phenomenon that involves ‘auric skin microcracking,’ as a result of development of a pressure gradient between within and without its continuum leading to leakage and the diminishing of the extent of contained auric energies. And, when this does occur, it resembles the scenario involving depressurization within an airplane occurring as a result of the blow out of a door or a window of the airplane leading to equilibrating of the atmosphere within and without the airplane. Clearly, the situation exerts extreme discomfort. Therefore, it is very important that we maintain the integrity of our field. More details regarding the phenomenon of auric bleeding, its occurrence and methods of avoidance may be found in a companion paper. Suffice it to say here that it is the optimal health of the human auric field that gives rise to the advent of crystalline etheric body. The Chakras There are certain energy distribution points within our bodies that are called “chakras.” Our crystalline-electric aura functions interfaces with our physical body through our chakric system contained within its structure. And, chakras are, in essence, sophisticated energy thought particle accelerators. Our chakric system is the proverbial ‘tree of life’ with its main trunk lining along our spinal cord. The chakras bifurcate and blossom into tree-like branches of secondary and higher order chakras, giving rise to our nervous system. In its simplest form, in 3-D physical duality, a total of 7 distinct ‘primary’ chakras may become activated or become operational. These correspond to different points of life energy distribution within our bodies. They all extend filaments that operate in a plasmic crystal phase. These 7 primary chakras are lined up along our spinal cord and are respectively from bottom to top: The Root, the Sex, the Solar Plexus, the Heart, the Throat, the Pineal gland, and the Crown chakras. The Root chakra is located at our bottom, the Sex at our genital, the Solar Plexus about an inch over our belly button, the Pineal Gland between the two eyes towards the bottom of our brain, and the Crown at the top of our head-where we had a soft opening in our babyhood between the two distinct sides of our skull/brain. The Pineal Gland is usually called 39 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

“the Third Eye,” or “the Seat of Soul,” which connects us to the ethereal and beyond the physical realm of existence. The chakras extend sensory filaments, which provide a means for DNA transference into sequential matter/ dark matter/antimatter. This process occurs through a ‘to’ and ‘fro’ helical path with a conical spin. The 7 primary chakras can be progressively activated to 12 as our light quotient is increased. Expansion is an analogous process that has something of an induction domino effect. One light turns on the next. The primary longitudinal axial current is received through the 7th chakric vortex (the Crown) and reaches the Pituitary. From there on, it proceeds to induce secondary and tertiary currents at certain angles. The chakras are free to move about in a plasmic movement, yet constantly remain angularly oriented to the geometry and crystalline currents of the field. When their number increases to a total of 12, our etheric body becomes crystallized. At this point, there is an additional chakra, which is activated that resides three feet above our head. This is the chakra that is the ‘gateway,’ which interfaces us with our divine higher consciousness SELF. The ‘lower chakras’ in physical form, relate to survival, sexuality and emotion. However, they are expanded in terms of functional frequency in the crystalline light body phase. Sexual polarity/gender does not exist in the higher celestial beings. Gender does occur in certain extra-terrestrial civilizations that exist in stealth (dark or invisible) matter and antimatter such as the Pleaidians and Sirians. However, it does not function in the same fashion in terms of survival as it is in the case of earthly humans. It is far less polar, and does not have the hard physical drive associated with human biology. Remember that the constituent ‘conscious’ crystalline adamantine bio-plasmic light energy particles represent our thought energies, and thus, in this respect, our chakras are thought accelerators that animate and form our conscious beings. The structure of our chakric system can be simplified by considering a pair of ‘inverted’ conical ‘funnels,’ with their apexes meeting at each of our chakras. Thus, the human chakric system is composed of a double coned shape that respectively receives and transmits energy particles within its structure. The structure and functioning of the chakra closely resembles the cones seen in transmission electron micrographs when the retina cells are observed under the light microscope (strictly speaking, those portions that are outside of the outer limiting “membrane” of the retina). Each chakric site is the domicile domain of a fairly large cell that is “polarized” in the sense that it has distinctly different architecture and function at each end. The outermost portion of the cell is a highly modified cilium, greatly expanded in size, and 40 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

consisting of a stack of numerous light-sensitive folds of membrane material. The stacked lamellae of the outer limiting “membrane” of the cell are the actual sites for transduction of light energy into neuronal signals. They are, in essence, exceptionally specialized bipolar neurons, with certain developed structural features to carry out this task. The mechanism by which light energy is converted to neuronal signals is fascinating. The cones are wavelength specific that respond to color within the light spectrum. These cones require higher levels of light to generate signals, and thus, the light energy is first accelerated via the light particles entering the cones and subtending conical dynamics in order to enhance the light velocity leading to light acceleration. What is shown in the picture is actually only part of the cells, the outer segment of each type. This image, which is based on detailed reconstructions from transmission electron micrographs, clearly shows the origin of the name “cone.” The outer segments drawn here, are connected by a narrow “waist” or constriction to the inner segment of the cell. Both outer and inner segments are physically isolated from the cell body of the cone cell by the outer limiting “membrane,” and the actual cell body is located in the outer nuclear layer. The image shown in the transmission electron micrograph, depicts the “waist” between the inner and outer segments. The light sensitive lamellae of the outer segments are obvious, as is the narrow constriction. Note that in the constriction itself, there is an actual modified cilium, complete with basal body and ciliary rootlets. This remarkable structure is proof that the outer segment is really a highly modified cilium, and that the membranous lamellae are extensive ramifications of its plasma membrane. The modification of cilia to perform sensory functions is a prime example of a highly-specialized neuron with greatly-modified cilia devoted to perception rather than fluid movement. The mechanics of the energy particulate that flow ‘into’ and ‘out of ’ each chakras closely follows the ‘Right’ and

‘Left’ ‘Screw Rules,’ respectively. And, the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ Hand Screw Rules in mechanics describe the tendency for the propensity of a cork screw for either penetrating the cork (entering the bottle), or ‘pulling out’ thecork when opening a wine bottle. As an energy particle enters the top conical structure, it resembles a body on a roller skate, if you will, that rotates in a clockwise manner, entering and gaining speed progressively as it subtends a motion around a conical path toward the bottom of the conical ‘funnel.’ Therefore, the particle accelerates and has its highest momentum as it reaches each chakra. From there on, most of the energy particles branch off and ‘feed’ the secondary and tertiary and higher order branches of each primary chakra. The residual energy particulates, on the other hand, continue with their conical dynamics passing through each chakric point. When reaching the other side (the inverted cone), their motion now constitutes a counterclockwise sense of direction, thus abiding with the ‘Right Screw Rule’ by exiting the inverted cone. Further on, the energy particulates enter the conical structure of the subsequent chakra situated next in the row along the spinal cords. And, the process continues on and so forth. Notice, that each chakra is, in essence, a vortex that interfaces with the divine light energy particulates it receives, and in turn, accelerates each thought energy form, and also acts as a transmitter. Our energetic system closely interfaces with our divine endocrine system. The primary endocrine glands of Pineal, Pituitary, Thymus, and Hypothalamus, in particular, play a significant role in our conscious thought processing and creatorship. Each thought form is a creator, with the mind being its ‘builder.’ The Energetic Streams or Channels Apart from the chakras, the human energetic body is also composed of a network of subtle channels or streams which are known as “nadi” through which the energy (prana) circulates. There are at least 14 well-known nadis within our aura. The most significant of these are Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. These are usually referred to as the main three nadis. Sushumna is the central straight stream or channel. It is through Sushumna that the energy travels and reaches the Crown chakra, the highest energetic point particle accelerator residing at the top of the head. The Ida and the Pingala, on the other hand are curved channels that loop around the central Sushumna nadi. The Root chakra is the starting meeting point of these three main streams or nadis, what is commonly referred to as the “combined three streams.” Starting from the Root chakra, the Ida and Pingala then alternate from right to left at each chakra situated along the path of the Sushumna in the spinal cord until they reach the Pineal (the Third Eye).There, they meet again with Sushumna, culminating in what is usually referred to as the “liberated thee streams.” The right nadi

Pingala is red, masculine, hot, and represents the sun. It initiates from the Root chakra and ends in the right nostril. The left nadi Ida is white, feminine, and cold, and represents the moon. It initiates from the Root chakra and ends in the left nostril. Continuing beyond the pineal, the Ida and the Pingala continue on separately, ending in the left and right nostrils respectively. When the vital energies of the opposite forces circulating in the Ida and Pingala are unified, the Sushumna energizes the seven chakras.

3 Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is a retired professor of “Micromechanics of Materials,” an area in science that was introduced by him and soon made popularized by other scientists in 19980s. The field quickly took off by many other scholars, soon culminating in numerous publications, complete symposiums, and even new University Departments dedicated to the subject area of ‘Micromechanics.’ The author has engaged in research and teaching at University of Maryland, Army’s Ballistic Research Laboratory, Atlantic Research Corporation, Institute of Paper Science and Technology of the Georgia Institute of Technology, etc. Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is the president of the Institute of Spiritual Science, a lightworker, and the author of many articles on variety of topics reflecting the true connection between the Science of Spirituality and the mainstream science (see links to blogs listed below). The author is highly ‘attuned’ with the realm of divine and higher consciousness, a messenger, and in SERVICE to God and humanity, with the underlying mission to raise consciousness in this era of pre-ascension for humanity. Dr. Sarfarazi’s efforts are done in respect and appreciation for the Almighty’s directives, the ‘Divine Plan’ for humanity, and in SERVICE to God and the mankind. With Unconditional Love https://multidimensionalconsciousness.wordpress. com/ https://quantummicromechanics.wordpress.com/ https://humanphysiologyandenergetic.wordpress. com/ https://spiritualscience101.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/instituteofspiritualscienceinc/ 41 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017


Hi Love, Love, Love

By Master Charles Cannon and Will Wilkinson


Valentine’s Day is our annual celebration of love. And, like every celebration, there are always those who feel left out. When it comes to love, many people feel chronically unloved, even some in long-term marriages. Anyone who has been married more than a few years knows how easily that honeymoon feeling can slip away. The pressure of work and having babies and the myriad of every-day responsibilities, plus getting to know a partner better, can rapidly replace romance with familiarity. “In a study published in Social Science Research, researcher Spencer James found that all the fanfare during the honeymoon phase reinforces your intense love for each other, but this outpour of support eventually fades over time. At this point, you're no longer in the honeymoon phase and are now reliant upon each other to be the cheerleaders of your relationship.” 1 Is that the only and best way to recapture the magic? It may take more than dinner and a card with flowers, or a new ring, car, or even a Valentine holiday. After all, those were not what produced love in the first place; it was a feeling that got your attention. What created that feeling and how can you recapture it? An unlikely answer arises from exploring what love really is. The song, Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places, was popularized in the 1980 film Urban Cowboy and contains these lyrics: “You came knockin' on my heart's door. You're everything I've been looking for.” 2 It’s a romantic song so the “you” that’s knocking refers to one special person. What if we looked at this differently and included all people and even all circumstances? In other words, what if we imagined that love is always knocking on our door, that it takes many forms, and that it is indeed, everything we’ve been looking for?” What if we unlink love from romance alone and consider love as the vital force alive in the universe, residing in all living beings? Suddenly we are confronted with endless opportunities to exchange Love (with a capital L). There’s always someone around – a store clerk, a waiter, an agent on the phone, and of course our spouse and/or children. Not to men44 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

tion nature. In fact, as Henry David Thoreau rhapsodized, “I am made to love the pond and meadow as the wind is made to ripple water.” Thoreau emphasizes a wonderful characteristic we embody as humans, the capacity to make love, not just romantically but in relationships with all our kin, human and otherwise. There’s an art to loving the one you’re with. Imagine relationships being like planets in a personal solar system where each of us is the sun, with our relationships revolving around us. Some relationships orbit very close – like parents, a spouse or a lover, our own children, a best friend. Some orbit at mid-distance, like working associates. And others are way out there, like old friends we rarely see. Some escape our system altogether, those friends we lose contact with or who pass away. Then there are the comets, those people who fly into our lives and keep on going. Or not. Sometimes we grab a comet and turn it into a planet. Using this model, consider how incredibly disruptive a secret affair must be. Changing a comet – someone who’s meant to come and go quickly – into an orbiting planet – bumping a spouse out of the closest orbit – unavoidably shifts balance in the entire system of relationships. I’m not celebrating one night stands! The point that this model makes is that every relationship effects every other because they are all connected. I remember a wise business executive telling me how he watched carefully to see how potential hires treated waiters, because that illuminated how they might function on his team. A friend once described hearing Bonnie Raitt sing at a corporate retreat on Maui during a luau dinner on the beach. He listened intently as her melody drifted over the crowd and the surf: “I can’t make you love me if you don’t, I can’t make your heart feel something it won’t.” He sensed that some couples in the crowd were stirred to grief over what had become of their marriages. Is there anything more heartbreaking than unrequited love? In his book, Sex in Human Loving, psychiatrist Eric Berne writes: “Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner.”

That’s a discouraging image for romantic love but it may ring a bell. So, why would love become one-sided; why would one partner become less loving? Think back on your own experience and consider the dynamics, if this has ever happened to you. What was going on? At the risk of oversimplification, I suggest that a big part of the problem was a shift in attention. Many relationships have benefited from the help a trained professional can provide. Interestingly, the primary therapeutic strategy is to listen, to pay attention. This gives us a clue about what goes wrong in relationships: partners stop listening to each other. One or the other and often both feel that they are no longer being heard or fully seen. This reminds me of a story about a married couple out for a Sunday drive. She says, “You know, when we got married, you were over there (driving) and I was always snuggled up close. Now, thirty-five years later, I’m way over here.” To which her husband replied, “Well, I haven’t moved.” In a similar vein, I read about a wife who complained to her husband that he didn’t tell her that he loved her any more. His cryptic response: “Look, I told you that I loved you when we got married. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.” These stories reveal the problem, and a simple solution. If lack of attention is the culprit, start paying attention again. But now, with our expanded understanding of Love, we can pay attention – not just to our primary partner – but to everyone and everything. As Thoreau said, “I am made to love.” So, if you want more love, be more loving. What others do in response is up to them; you’re now beyond the potential pain of unrequited love because there are no strings attached. You just love, you experience yourself being loving, and you enjoy whatever comes back. Some people will return love with gratitude, others might shrug it off or not even notice. But their reactions have nothing to do with your choice to love. Imagine abandoning the limiting concept that we can only share love with one special person, or perhaps a few. Imagine what it would be like to proactively express love with everyone, always being considerate of the orbits involved to determine the appropriate form that love should take, just like we find a right distance to stand next to someone, or decide wheth-

er a hand shake or a hug is fitting. Imagine living this way all the time, exchanging love with everyone without any sense of limitation other than strategic thinking about what’s right. Then think about what it would be like to bring all that love momentum home and share it with that special one(s) in your life. What a gift that would be on this Valentine’s Day and every day onward, to bring love to share with our partner, rather than demanding it from him or her, as if they were the sole source of love in our lives. Everything changes when we choose to love, love, love; it’s all we need! Master Charles Cannon is the Spiritual Director of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality. His other books include: Living An Awakened Life: The Lessons of Love, Forgiving the Unforgivable, Awakening from the American Dream. The Bliss of Freedom, Modern Spirituality and The Meditation Toolbox. For more information contact Synchronicity Foundation visit the website: www.Synchronicity.org References: 1. http://elitedaily.com/dating/science-honeymoon-phase/884360/ 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lookin'_for_Love 3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unrequited_love

j Will Wilkinson is a senior consultant with Luminary Communications in Ashland, Oregon. He has written a dozen self-help books and delivered programs in conscious living for forty years, interviewed scores of leading edge change agents, and pioneered experiments in small scale alternative economies. His latest book, Now or Never: A Time Traveler’s Guide to Personal and Global Transformation, was available in January.

45 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017


with Michael White Ryan


This coming year is all about acting on the discoveries, decisions, awareness and learned experiences for achieving personal evolution in 2017 2016 was also a FIRE ELEMENT YEAR, this was a time for you to get your …….together. By that I mean, decisions should have been finalized, you discovered that which no longer serves you, now is the time to toss it into the flames of “yesterday be gone” no matter the memory, persons, events, jobs, partners and self judgements. Fire is about new beginnings, removing the anchors holding/dragging us back into yesterday’s patterns, habits, people and places. Why have certain years been the greatest ever and others simply, well, ordinary at best? We all have memories of years when life seemed to flow our way, not matter what. We may have enjoyed traveling to wonderful places or found reward in our work and that forever relationship. Other years have come with unending challenges, be it our health or obstacles in whatever endeavors and goals we attempted to accomplish. If life is really about connection, then just maybe, one of the main causes for these ups and downs is the consistent change in Universal Energies and the various ways they influence our body mind emotional being on a daily/yearly basis.

46 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Are you looking for answers to help guide your actions in 2017? Every year these Universal Energies shift and change to affect/influence the outcome of events in our lives as well as our thoughts and behavior. An opportunity is in hand, now, to align with these new incoming waves of energies to your benefit. To usher in a year that addresses your specific needs in wealth, wellness, choices and relationships. Knowing this information first hand will give you the added advantage for positive results, both in your business and personal life. Whenever possible it is best to active the home or business, by allowing outside Energy/Chi/Qi/Vibration/Frequencies to flush throughout the structure by opening doors and windows on a regular basis. Unfortunately, FENG SHUI is more individualized then is commonly known here in the West. Therefore, a generalization as specific as possible is as follows: 1. This year it’s best not to activate the SOUTH LOCATION via remodels, constantly opening of doors or windows whenever possible. Bests to keep this location still and not to spend a lot of time here. 2. If you are a CEO, organizer, the head of the family regardless of gender, please pay extra attention to your personal wellness this coming year. 3. Whenever possible keep the center of the structure open. This will allow all energies to move through the complete space. ROOSTER: 1921, 33, 45, 57, 69, 81,93, 05, 2017 This year will support you in many endeavors, stay open to opportunities regarding wealth. As may have been the case in the past that sweet tongue may develop a sharper edge this year, therefore an awareness of communication will be in your favor, so as not to burn bridges in personal and business relationships. With grace also comes challenges, do not be alarmed as assistance will always be available from various sources in offering help and guidance. Your level of sensitivity may be challenged, better not to try and fix on your own, this is not the time to be an island. MONKEY: 1920, 32, 44, 56, 68, 80, 92,2004 Your 2016 year has completed, best laid plans now go into action. Hence a word of caution. Communication and relationship are the number one influences for you personally. Be on guard that sometimes-unemotional direct communication may be to sharp hence taken incorrectly. Love on the other hand can steer you away from your calling, a path you may regret/resent. It’s a time to

learn, stay low and focus on your wellbeing, mind body and emotions. Worry and being anxious as you travel through the year will not serve you in any beneficial ways whatever. Please take notice! DOG: 1922, 34, 46, 58, 70, 82, 94, 2006 Personal foundation is the staff of life for you this year. Knowing who you are and owning it will serve you well. On the downside, peers may be rivals no matter how close the relationship may be! Hence when the many opportunities find you stay aware as it will most assuredly attract the unwanted. Decisions during the year will be important, take time, create a strategy, rethink before spending money and diving headlong into anything unprepared. We all know your clever, do not outsmart yourself! PIG: 1923, 35, 47, 59, 71, 83, 95, 2007 Check your motivation levels before submerging into the year ahead. Maintain a positive outlook and surround yourself with those who support you when your not so friendly. There exists in every situation an opposite, thus before the choices you make lead you astray, spend time deliberating before you jump into water deeper than it may appear. RAT: 1924, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 2008 2016 gave you the necessary momentum to feed those creative juices, now all you have to do is keep it moving forward. Deciding can sometimes be hairy, so don’t be shy seek advice when unseen opportunities seek you out. Hesitate, hold back when friends or peers overstep their boundaries and take control. It will serve you well to avoid unsettling communication which turn into debates, as it will go nowhere. OX: 1925, 37, 49, 61, 73, 85, 97, 2009 Awareness is the key for you this year. Although you have the smarts to figure things out, you should have also realized that having that certain special person to dump on allows for trust to permeate and maintain life’s flow. Universal energy is with you now, don’t let it go to your head. TIGER: 1926, 38, 50, 62, 74, 86, 98, 2010 Challenges come and go, by now they are a known familiarity, no biggie. Like all cat’s, you have instincts that serve you well. Now would be a good time to sharpen those skills. Test some of those close friendships to discover who may be using you. Sure, you can function on your own, but where’s the fun in that, so spread your wings. In saying that, be forewarned, don’t get to full of yourself. Seek out those who have your better interest at heart. 47 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

RABBIT: 1927, 39, 51, 63, 75, 87, 99, 2012 So, you have it all, charm ability friends, it’s wonderful, hopefully, by now you have discovered your role? Cautious is the name of the game for you this year. Strategize and again strategize till no doubt remains before you take on any substantial actions. As for wellness take up yoga, stay focused. This is not the year to be a risk taker. DRAGON: 1928, 40, 52, 64, 76, 88, 2000, 2012 Have you ever heard the saying if only my child was born a Dragon? How fortunate life can be for you if you are willing to step up to the plate, for you are more than capable. With that said objects will still come your way, treat them as only another bump on life’s highway. You have been carrying with you now for some time, ideas that are more about, who you are and what you would prefer to be doing. Hey, 2017 is here, get up, get out the door and go for it! SNAKE: 1929, 41, 53, 65, 77, 89, 2001, 2013 It’s a good thing you like to learn new knowledge, so for this year let’s contemplate, put into action an effort in learning more about the self. Everyone faces challenges from time to time, therefore preparation is the better preventive solution for maintaining control of any up and coming unknown 2017 situations. Patience may not be one of your greatest talents, so here is a starting point that will hold you in great standing. HORSE: 1930, 42, 54, 66, 78, 90, 2002, 2014 You are so blessed, for this is the second consecutive year when good fortune follows you. Take control, be more assertive in the tasks you take on, in allowing stress, others and anxiety to lead the way. 2017 is a great year to move forward with something that feeds your passion. Be careful on how close you mingle with someone new. When in doubt on any situation, seek out only those who have proven their trustworthiness in the past. Remain calm, keep emotions under control and keep moving forward in a direction that supports your goals. GOAT: 1919, 31, 43, 55, 67, 79, 91, 2003, 2015 You can be out there like a social bunny or hide in the background, feeling very comfortable. This may be ok by you, but if you’re in a relationship, not such a great behavior unless you deliberately want to create problems. Remain focused and create action steps for personal wellness through the whole year. If you have ideas to advance in any area of life, be attentive, stay sharp and no isolating yourself. Ask when it’s necessary, no hesitation as opportunity waits for no one. 48 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

If wholeness is a combination of YIN and YANG or Positive and Negative as is spoken in the western cultures, then how to avoid or limit is to better understand those negative influences. 1. If you know where the South area/location is within the home or business, click on amazon and buy 5lbs, of sea salt. Put in an open container, place it in the South area and leave it there till the end of January 2018 to help stabilize the energy, then throw it away. A cauldron is a vessel where you take all that has potential: thoughts, ideas, goals, desires, the not so great or not happening as of yet. Then place inside the vessel and allow the slow cooking process to burn away the negatives leaving only that which is clean and pure. Take this and run with it in any direction you choose to bring greatness, value, benefits, harmony, love whatever you desire back into a being worth celebrating the human connection, you and you and you!!! Happy 2017

b Pamela Edwards Ryan and Michael White Ryan are seasoned entrepreneurs, founders of Language of Space, a modern innovative consulting firm based on FENG SHUI advanced forms. They specialize in business acceleration and personal leadership performance in a global capacity, with clients in 7 countries. Both hold degrees in Environmental Design, coupled with years of training and experience in Eastern and Western Business Philosophy’s. They are passionate about empowering people to be their best. Pamela is an International Best Selling author in “Ready Aim Influence” Michael currently writes articles in 3 entrepreneur magazines. They have been speakers at the LA Convention Center, World Market Design Center and CEO Space International. They have advanced business into the top 200 INC. fastest growing companies in America. Recently featured in Forbes and Inc. Magazine. www.languageofspace.com

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Excerpt from The Third Circle Protocol: How to Relate to Yourself and Others in a Healthy Vibrant, Evolving Way Always and All-W

You and the

Unloved Ones By Georgina Cannon

50 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness ~ ~James Thurber This article is about the people you are supposed to like or love but can’t stand, such as extended family or friends of friends. Currently, most relationships are forged from the erroneous idea that we have to be the same to get along and that differences between us are to be avoided at all costs. We all have’em. Friends that we love deeply who have friends we can’t stand. Extended family members who are disruptive, emotionally diminishing, or just plain pains in the butt! If we had the choice, these people wouldn’t be a part of our lives but because they are, through loving connections with others, we have to find a way of making the relationship with them work (without too many sighs or feelings of martyrdom, which are soooo unattractive).


Often in our minds, conflict can be resolved only with an I-win-you-lose self-righteous stance (legs spread, hands on hips, chin raised!). But that doesn’t work long term in any setting. And if your unloved ones are going to be with you for a while (a job, a family, or a friend of a friend), you need to rethink that and really grow up. Put your big person pants on, and make it work. Living alongside our “unloved ones” takes some planning, forethought, and initial work. We need to go inside ourselves to find out what exactly bothers us—and then realize that we expect people to take us the way we are, but we don’t take other folks the way they are! It’s a shocking truth, but it’s reality. So if we don’t first take the time to go within ourselves, we often go without the peace and freedom that comes with understanding and allowance. We also need to recognize all the “yes, but’s” we put up along the way. It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe. ~ Robert W. Service So let’s start. In general, we usually like people who are like us: same values, same patterns, same way of seeing the world. So if we can find a way to make ourselves in some way—however small—like or appreciate the person who drives us crazy, there’s a possibility that we can make our life easier. “You are kidding, right? Make myself like that idiot who drives me nuts. Madame Drama Queen? Gossip-hungry, two-faced knowit-all. Why would I want to do that?” Relax… I’m not asking you to turn into a mealymouthed, small-minded person, or a world’s-comingto-an-end drama debutante, or even a gossip hungry, smiley-faced, stab-you-in-the-back cousin. Listen carefully, and read s-l-o-w-l-y (yes, calm down…). I said, make ourselves, in some way—some way, which includes subconscious body movements, speech patterns, even breath rhythm. Because science has shown that human beings all have a need to be accepted and appreciated. We subconsciously check for similarities or differences in others. We need to find—or make — a “sameness”: the existence of common ground, of common humanity. If we can make ourselves similar by something as simple as breathing in the same sequence, or talking at the same pace, or sitting in the same position, we create a deep subconscious feeling of acceptance. And the other person doesn’t even know it’s happening. In neurolinguistics programming (NLP) jargon, it’s

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called “rapport” subconscious rapport. All the other person knows is that they feel more comfortable with you. You might want to read some NLP books or take some classes to find out more. I promise you, it will make a h-u-u-u-ge difference in your life, especially in your relationships with the unloved ones. Generosity arises on its own steam. It is not debated. It comes without being bidden. It comes because your heart simply desires to go this way and not another. Your heart may not even be aware of feeling generous, because this is what your heart wants to do, the same way you open a window when you want a breeze. ~ HeavenLetters.org The next level of change in moving toward co-habitation on this planet with the unloved ones is listening. Really listening. Listen to the other with a view to understanding, not disagreement or agreement. This is not the time to prove you are right and they are wrong. You are listening and learning their view of their world so that you can better understand their personal needs, hopes, dreams, and wishes. Whether or not they share the same political views or social understandings as you do, it’s more important to realize where you are similar—love of family, animals, the outdoors … whatever. Make it your goal to find the sameness, not the differences. It changes the energy between you. Everyone wants to be accepted and respected for who they are. It’s your job, as the person who wants to live in harmony, to find that place in them that can be respected and accepted in your mind and heart. Be generous with yourself, without losing your core. Life gets easier that way. And most importantly, you retain your power – your strength. You don’t lose it to anger or irritation. You are in charge! The willingness to accept r esponsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs. ~ Joan Didion Life Values Changes Chart List and look at your life values, and see how you can apply them to this relationship. Never mind what you perceive the other person to be—Untrustworthy, Mean-Spirited, and so forth—it’s what you are that will make the difference. And if one of your values is Kindness, then use it, knowing that how you change will change the relationship and the energy around it. Once you change the energy, everything changes.

Life Values: 1 . ———————————————————— ————————————— 2 .———————————————————— ————————————— 3.———————————————————— ————————————— 4. ———————————————————— ————————————— 5 . ———————————————————— ————————————— How I might use these to change the relationship with (name)—————————— 1 . ———————————————————— ————————————— 2 .———————————————————— ————————————— 3.———————————————————— ————————————— 4. ———————————————————— ————————————— 5 . ———————————————————— ————————————— When this happens ———————————— and I feel —————————————— I will take a deep breath, remembering my values and commitment to harmony, peace, and empowerment, and I will respond this way: ———————————————— Knowing how you respond to any situation is the first step to change. We can’t change anything until we know what we’re changing. And change takes time, in addition to awareness. How we respond to others is a pattern, a habit, stemming from old responses. Habits and patterns take time to change, but the awareness is a must, first. Here goes! Ask yourself: • How am I inappropriately feeling and acting in this situation? • What’s going through my head, and what am I feeling in my body to respond this way? Irritable? Self-righteous? Fearful? Resentful? • About myself • About the others • About the situation?

What can I realistically substitute for my awful-izing, should-ing, and rationalizing? How about: • I want … • I’d like … • I’d prefer … • It would be better if… • What feelings would result if?… • It’s unfortunate… • I’m disappointed… • I’m seriously concerned… • I regret… • I’m committed to… And remember, once again, to ask yourself the following questions: • How do I keep this relationship healthy (or as healthy as it can be for the sake of my best friend, family, co-workers, and so forth)? • What did I do today that seemed to improve the relationship? • Did my actions enhance and enrich the relationship in the long term? • What are my concerns about this relationship? • What do I really want from this relationship? Key Learnings • Living in anger or irritation is no way to live; it’s damaging to mind and body. • There are always some points of connection if we look hard enough. • They are who they are, and they have a right to be who they are … as do you.

Georgina Cannon is an award-winning author, board-certified, master consulting hypnotist, trainer and founder of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre. Georgina is a regular guest on national and international television and radio programs. Her work gained prominence as a source for news and feature articles on hypnosis, counseling and complementary therapies and her commitment to her techniques and approach has led to international recognition. For more about Georgina Cannon go www.GeorginaCannon.com

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Self-Care From Selfish to Sacred

By Angela Dunning


We are programmed to view taking care of ourselves as wrong, selfish and self-centered. When in fact, in order to be of any help or service to others, it is essential to take care of ourselves first and foremost. And yes that includes your family, children, partner and animals in your life. A really helpful way to make this shift in our perspective on self-care it is view it as the essential groundwork, like laying the foundations of a building or project – without which, nothing substantial can be supported or developed. Laying this solid foundation through daily self-care practices results in a number of really cool benefits not only felt by you, but also by the others in our life. It really is the case that when we prioritize self-care, we naturally are calmer, more centered, more grounded and therefore implicitly more able to offer genuine and real support to others, even in the form of just being awake and unstressed enough to listen to someone who needs to share. I often relay this little piece of wisdom, passed on to me by one of my teachers, to my clients who are really struggling to make the shift out of programmed selfishness-fear and into concerted self-care and attention: When we board a plane, one of the first most important safety (self-care) pieces of advice we are given, is that if traveling with children and the cabin loses air pressure, to put on our own oxygen mask first, BEFORE putting one on our child. What this little but well-known piece of advice tells us, is that, quite literally, we are of absolutely no use to anyone else unless we are able to breathe first. Taking that wisdom and by the way, science, into every other aspect of our well-being, we can begin to see that if we are stressed, over-tired, ungrounded, anxiety-ridden, or unhealthy through over-working, having a bad diet, smoking, alcohol or drugs, then we are little if no use to other people. Yet when we start to take the first brave steps into implementing a daily self-care regime and we remind ourselves over and over what our needs are, we can quite quickly begin to find that we feel better. We also find that by, for example, simply taking five minutes a day to sit quietly and meditate, or take a walk in the fresh air first thing in the morning before starting our day, we feel rejuvenated and better able to be there for others.

Self-care then becomes not only a sensible, healthy, balancing practice, which makes us feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. It also takes on a wider role: it makes us more social, more able to serve others and more able to be present with others. In this sense then, it becomes a sacred practice. One that over time, takes on an air of precious, essential time spent with oneself. To be self-nourishing is to also be nourishing of others. To be rested, calm and stable is the best gift we can offer our children, partner, work colleagues and clients. Next time your inner-demon puts up resistance and tries to stop you from taking a break, meditating, doing some deep breathing, or getting that early night alone with a book, gently remind that voice in your head (and maybe also the person it originated from when you were young), that you are undertaking a sacred act which benefits both you and others. That self-care is in fact the very opposite of being selfish, it is altruism in its highest form.

s Angela Dunning has been a certified Eponaquest Instructor since 2007. Based in Herefordshire, England, she also practices elsewhere in the UK and abroad on invitation. She delivers gentle yet powerful personal development and training programs in Equine Facilitated Learning to individuals, groups and organizations. She specializes in helping people reconnect to their body, emotions and personal power. She particularly works with women with depression, low levels of confidence and relationship issues, using ground-breaking techniques that make a real difference to your life, your inner healing work and your relationships. In addition, she offers consultancy, supervision and training in equine facilitated practice. Angela is also a passionate writer of books, articles and poetry on related topics. Learn more about Angela and her EFL work and read her Blog here: www.equinereflections.co.uk You can also connect with Angela on Facebook also: www.facebook.com/equinereflections

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Message from the Goddess Mother



My Beloved Children of Light, “It is a time for great celebrations as you have reached a position in your journey which allows you to receive a greater vision of what can be. You are creators of your reality and though you may wonder how can this be true, for I am not happy with my life? The answer to making the shift to what you desire is simply to allow yourself to receive the gift, for it has been given. Accept the greater vision. Your mind may say, how can I accept a greater vision? How can I see what seems impossible to me? Let me share with you a story. There once was a man who had great wisdom. Each day he began with a prayer of gratitude. He looked upon himself and his life as a gift, a gift of such value that he was beyond comprehending the fullness of its wonder. Yet he knew of its value. As he spent a few moments pondering on how blessed he was, a neighbor came by to bid him a good day. The neighbor brought him some freshly baked bread and a jar of strawberry preserves, made from his garden. The man was very grateful and thanked him for such a wonderful gift. Now he could have a delicious meal. As he ate the bread and jam, his prayer of gratitude grew until his heart was filled with such joy. Thank you he whispered to his loving Creator. As the Sun began to rise higher in the sky, he knew it was time for him to make his way down the moun

tain. He put on his robes and began the long walk. His feet were bare, because he found such pleasure in feeling the ground beneath his feet. He felt a connection to the land as the sunlight warmed and lit up the path of his journey. As he walked, he thought about the wonder of the sun, how the warmth comforted his body from the cold. He also thought about the rays of light making it possible for him to see not only his way down the mountain but to be able to see all that was along the pathway. Mother Nature had provided a cornucopia of wonder to see and take pleasure in witnessing. Oh, what a blessing to be able to see and enjoy this glorious journey. As he pondered on this great wonder, his heart filled ever more with joy. He took it all in and allowed himself the expansion and expression of these pleasures. Soon he was at the bottom of the mountain. He continued to walk towards the village. He had so many friends here. Several came up to greet him and wish him well. He continued onto the village square. Today, there was to be a great celebration. All had gathered to join together for this glorious event. It was a Festival held each year to celebrate life. Each one came together to offer gratitude to each other and to the loving Creator for the blessings of life.

57 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

As they met together, they shared their joyful bounty. Eating such delicious food, prepared in great joy for this day of celebration giving each of them nourishment and great pleasure.

Truly the heavens celebrate you My Beloveds, for within you lies the seeds of promise. You hold the vision of what brings the greatest joy, of what is and what will be.

The music began to play reaching into the songs of their hearts. They began to dance and move in the freedom of spirit. Oh the joy, the great pleasure this brought to their bodies, hearts and minds.

Your destiny lies within those visions of lightness, held within your heart. Soon you shall know your vision in reality and be the dreams you have dreamed of. It is your destiny.

This day was dedicated to uplift and bless everyone both as an individual as well as the whole village. All were filled with such joy, their hearts singing in unison with gratitude and bliss.

May you always feel the sun shining upon you and know of my great love for you. We walk this journey together, in our forever fellowship of heart. Shamon.”

As it came time for the festival to complete, the villagers hugged each other. They knew they were all brothers and sisters, truly one family of heart. They knew the joy of knowing they were loved, supported, appreciated and recognized as a friend, a comrade of heart, in fellowship among this village. They knew they were loved. They were grateful for life. They enjoyed living in the wonder of each moment accepting the glorious gifts from their divine source. This story is a simple one of truth, for you are likened to the fellow on his journey. You too have the gift offered to you. As you become aware of the greater vision of yourself, the veils that perhaps in the past have kept you from seeing what is around you, are falling away and it is now easier to see with clarity that vision of great wonder. Rays of light are shining through as if the sun became brighter than ever before. Take a moment to look around you and see the wonder of what is before you. You are here now, becoming more aware of your magnificence. The brighter light is shining upon you now because you have chosen it. You are making your way onto pathways of new beginnings. There are new ways and means available to you now to live in greater awareness of joy, peace, unity and the fulfillment of your dreams. Allow yourself to feel the blessings showering upon you. Receive and know that you are the wonder. The gift is given, receive and know it.

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With great love, Your Beloved Mother

j Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients & students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts & abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. You can reach her at website www.sunshineinyourheart.com or by email sunsinyourheart@aol.com . Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. www.sunshineinyourheart.com/free_telecasts.html FREE CLASS- “The Gift of the Golden Rose”. Experience the Golden Rose Ray on a journey to the Sacred Gardens of Light, learning how this gift can bless your life. Class information & Registration at: www.sunshineinyourheart.com

CATS AT THE STUDIOS, INC http://catsatthestudios.com/

Cat & Kitten for adoption

Cats At The Studios, Inc is a non profit rescue organization comprised entirely of volunteers. We are dedicated to nurturing, neutering/spaying, and finding a good homes for abononed cats and Kitten. We are looking for volunteers and help please contact us at CatsAtTheStudios@yahoo.com

Katrina Dogs and Me Interview with Anne Gurchick

60 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

How did you start rescuing animals? Even as a child girl I would “rescue” dogs that I would find roaming the neighborhoods. I lived in Austin, Texas in the 1990’s and would independently rescue strays, foster them and find them homes. My vet would call me when there were strays brought into their office in need of medical – I would pay the dogs’ medical care and, more often than not, find a home for the dogs. Why did you decide to go to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to help out? I couldn’t bear seeing all the abandoned animals in the wake of the hurricane. The more I watched, the more I realized they obviously needed help and I wanted to be there, to help care for, comfort and/or rescue these dogs. What do you think could be done differently in the future to help pets through a disaster? Well, one change that was desperately needed and has been implemented in a lot of areas is to provide a place of refuge for pets when disaster strikes. Most of the people who were evacuating to shelters along the Gulf Coast weren’t allowed to take their pets with them and had few or no alternatives. That’s changed. Also, pet owners have to understand the importance of micro-chipping or, at the very least, keeping a well-secured collar and tag on their pet at all times so ownership can be traced back to them in the event of another disaster the magnitude of Katrina. How many dogs did you bring back to Aspen from New Orleans? Eighteen. Did all the dogs get adopted or find their owners? Did you adopt one of the dogs? We found the owners of 7 of the dogs. Four or five were returned and the other owners were displaced and didn’t have the resources to care for the dogs and asked that we find loving homes for them. There was a line of people waiting at the Aspen Animal Shelter to foster the dogs when we first returned from Louisiana so most of them went into foster homes immediately. However, we would not allow official adoptions until January, 2006 after we had exhausted all efforts in trying to find the dogs’ owners. Yes, I adopted one of the dogs, Stryder, a very affectionate Rottie/Shiba Inu mix. Actually, he adopted me! Why did you write your book, Saved? After we returned from Louisiana, whenever we told

stories of our adventure, people would say “what a story you should to write a book.” I finally put pen to paper thinking, at the very least, I would write it as a gift to my three friends who accompanied me, Melinda Goldrich, Bland Nesbit and Jan Panico. I was just recovering from my battle with breast cancer when we went to Louisiana and the trip took me out of the “cancer life” as I called it. So much played into and came out of the trip. What we went through was heartbreaking, heartwarming and hilarious. Melinda and I ended up having to drive nine of the dogs from Louisiana to Aspen and it was quite a madcap road trip – full of challenges which started when the “cargo van” we picked up ended up being a minivan so we had to take all 9 dogs out of their crates and throw them in the minivan with us. Your battle with breast cancer is a big part of your story. When were you diagnosed and how did that change your life? ? I was diagnosed in November 2004. Just two weeks before I had a mammogram and received an “all clear, see you in a year” letter from the local hospital. Then I felt a lump and decided to have it checked. I had only been living in Aspen for four months but friends from Animal Shelter were the ones who were there to help me through it. They were amazing. I had a double mastectomy in December 2004 which was followed by several minor surgeries, then four months of chemotherapy, two months of radiation and then more surgeries for breast reconstruction. I literally lived a “cancer life.” Everyday revolved around something cancer-related, a surgery, prepping for a surgery, doctor appointments, chemo sessions, the aftermath of the sessions, daily radiation, my hair falling out, my unrecognizable scarred body. Cancer was in your face every day. When I went to Louisiana that changed. I had to focus on getting there, then caring for the animals and then getting home. By the time I got home, made sure the dogs we rescued were all in safe foster homes and finally settled, my life had changed. I was saved. 61 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

do. We were originally formed to raise money to build a new animal shelter in Aspen (f/k/a Animal Shelter Capital Campaign). Once the new shelter opened we changed our name and mission and began to tackle pet overpopulation in Colorado and beyond. Since 2007 we have provided almost 10,000 free spay/neuters and, in partnership with Aspen Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter, have rescued around 1,000 dogs and cats from shelter that have no alternative but to kill due to overcrowding. This is in addition to Aspen Animal Shelter handling all of Pitkin County’s homeless animals.

It had only been five months since your last chemotherapy session and three months since your last radiation treatment when you went to Louisiana and you were still pretty ill. Weren’t you afraid for your own health and safety? My hair had only just started growing back and I was definitely still frail. I was still going through my breast reconstruction and had tubes under my skin, along my sides from my armpits to mid-torso and could not lift anything over my head. I did get very ill the first night we arrived in Louisiana, but for the first time in the year since I’d been diagnosed, I was able to shift my focus away from me, away from cancer. All the energy and will I had was put toward caring for and saving those dogs. Even though I had a compromised immune system and probably should not have been in a disaster area exposed to all these animals, in the end it was the most healing thing I could have done for myself. So the dogs “Saved” you as much as you did them. One of the things I hope to achieve with my story is to help other women with breast cancer. When I was diagnosed, I wished there were more stories about survivors and what they were doing with their lives after cancer. All the information I was getting was about the disease. When you leave your last chemo or radiation appointment you almost feel a sense of loss or sadness – like what do I do now? Your life has been a fairly rigid schedule of doctor appointments, surgeries and chemo sessions and then that changes You have nowhere to be and everything sort of hits you. I want there to be a story about life after it’s over. That it will be over, that life does go on and in many cases, and surviving something life threatening enriches your life. So what is your focus now, moving forward? I’m the director of the Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter (“FAAS”) a non-profit based in Aspen, Colora62 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

g Anne Gurchick has been involved in animal welfare and rescue work or over ten years,having started in Austin, Texas. In 2004, shortly after selling her business, Anne decided to follow her dream and move to the mountains with the hope of working with animals. She relocated to Aspen, Colorado, and quickly became involved with Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter (FAAS). Anne has served on the board of FAAS for over seven years and was appointed Director of the non-profit in 2009. Less than six months Anne with her rescued dogs Max, Stryder, Haddie and Bella after arriving in Aspen, Anne was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer and successfully battled the disease. FAAS kicked off an aggressive spay/neuter/rescue campaign in October 2007. Since that time, the campaign has resulted in the neutering of more than 7,000 dogs and cats in Colorado and beyond. In partnership with Seth Sachson, Director of the Aspen Animal Shelter, the non-profit has also rescued well over 1,000 dogs and cats off death row in shelters where they otherwise would be killed due to overcrowding. Anne currently lives in Aspen, Colorado, with her four rescued dogs, Bella, Stryder (a Katrina rescue dog), Max and Haddie


Katerina Plotnikova Photography 64 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Talking Intuitively to Animals By Marta Williams

Each of us has the ability to communicate intuitively with animals and nature — to converse mentally exchanging thoughts, emotions, and images. I believe this is an ancient, innate characteristic of all life, the foundation of spoken and written words, and the common link between all species. People of ancient cultures probably used their intuition daily in interactions with animals and nature. Modern-day humans are born with this ability, but we are subtly conditioned to repress it as we grow up. There is little room in the logical modern mind-set for the sometimes vague and often emotional messages conveyed to us by our intuition. Centuries of civilization have robbed us culturally of the use of intuition; yet, it is possible to recover the ability quite rapidly. That is because we all possess this skill and are using it unconsciously. I was able to learn to consciously control my intuitive ability and now I teach others how to do this too..

Intuitive communication is not the same as reading body language, such as knowing that your cat wants to go outside because she’s sitting at the door staring at you. It is something completely different, something that conventional science holds to be impossible — the ability to send and receive thoughts, images, feelings, and other sensory data mentally, without using any sound or gesture. Most of us can relate to the idea of intuition and have had hunches or gut feelings about things, such as whether to trust a stranger we’ve just met, whether to take a job offer, or whether someone is angry with us. Intuition is a useful survival tool, and even though suppressed, it will often surface in a crisis — to inform us of some threat or critical event, such as an ill or dying relative.

65 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

grandmother? That’s what the baby said.” The caretaker confirmed this, too.Most of the information my students got was accurate. So much so that the caretaker wanted to know how to learn to do what the students had done.

Animals recognize the survival value of intuition, and never disconnect from it. They are constantly scanning the environment for intuitive data, alert for any changes, such as shifts in the emotional states of those around them, Thus, if your otherwise jovial dog starts acting suspicious of a stranger, take heed: your dog may sense something you don’t. Intuitive communication can be done at a distance, and you don’t have to see or know the animal you wish to speak with. Here is an example of how it works. At a workshop held at a farm, my students interviewed four Norwegian fjord horses. We knew the horses were female, and we could see that one was young and one was pregnant. The students mentally spoke with the horses and then got feedback from the woman who regularly cared for them. This woman was skeptical, but as the students relayed their questions, she became amazed. One student asked, “Was that mare brought in from another farm? Did they use her for jumping and then get rid of her because they wanted a bigger horse?” The caretaker nodded. Another asked, “When they got rid of her, did they get a big black Friesian horse instead? That’s the image the mare showed me.” Again the caretaker nodded. More questions followed. “Were the other three horses all born here? Is that mare over there the mother of this baby, and is the mare next to the baby her

66 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Sending Information Intuitively There are two parts to intuitive communication: sending information and receiving information. Sending is by far the easiest. Try this experiment: For a two week period talk to your animal out loud as if he or she understands you completely. Tell your animal how you feel, or how your day went, just as you would converse with a person. Politely ask your animal to change any behaviors that might be bothering you, and if there is something you would like your animal to do, just ask for it. Keep a written record of any changes in your animal’s behavior. If your animal complies with your requests and suggestions, be sure to give lots of feedback and appreciation. Many people like this exercises so much they make it a permanent practice. Baring that I would recommend talking out loud to your animal any time there are changed circumstances or potentially stressful activities. Do this before these events occur. This gives the animal a “heads up” and an opportunity to adjust to the coming changes. A client of mine did this talking experiment with his cat, Willie. Willie often rubs against people’s legs to beg for food and has his humans trained to put more food in his bowl at this signal. One day, as Willie was doing this, Geoffrey said, “Hey, if you want food, why don’t you go point at your dish instead of coming to me?” Willie instantly stopped, gave Geoffrey a strange look, and turned and walked toward the dish. As he approached it, he froze mid-stride, stretched his head forward and raised and bent his front leg, like a pointer spotting a bird. Willie got a lot of extra food that day! After you’ve been talking for a few weeks, you can ask your animal to do something or act in such a way as to provide you with indisputable proof that you have been heard and understood. For example, my sister asked her food-obsessed horse to leave his hay and come give her a kiss, which he did to her complete astonishment.

After you’ve been talking for a few weeks, you can ask your animal to do something or act in such a way as to provide you with indisputable proof that you have been heard and understood. For example, my sister asked her food-obsessed horse to leave his hay and come give her a kiss, which he did to her complete astonishment. Receiving Information Intuitively Receiving intuitive information is harder than sending, because you have to learn to recognize the incoming information. Once you contact an animal intuitively and initiate a dialogue, all information that pops into your head at that point is potentially about, or directly transmitted by, the animal. The information can come in the form of visual images, feelings (both emotional and physical), ideas, and words, or phrases that pop into your mind. The art of receiving is to trust this incoming information and record it without question. Then you can check with the animal’s owner to verify what you received. Here is an example of how information can be received intuitively. In a workshop I taught in Chicago, a female student using a photograph, connected intuitively with a thoroughbred gelding horse named Blue, owned by a male student in the class.. The woman mentally received a clear but frightening visual scene once she contacted Blue. She saw him bare his teeth at her and then turn and try to kick her. She could feel his anger and she didn’t know what to do. I advised her to mentally send Blue the message that she wanted to help, and to ask him what was wrong. She connected again and then said, “He’s curling his lip and showing me a number on his lip. He said they made him a slave and put the number on him when he was a racehorse. He hates it. What should I say?” I didn’t know why the horse was behaving that way and wasn’t sure what to tell her. I told her to just relay what she got to Blue’s owner. Later, when she began telling the owner about Blue’s behavior he exclamed, “Oh, not again!” The owner told us that other people had talked to Blue intuitively in the past, and that Blue had conveyed this same message to them. Apparently racehorses are tattooed on the lip with a number, something neither the female student nor I had known. The entire class was stunned at how precise this student’s data was. She knew nothing about horses, let alone racehorses. There was no way she could deny that the intuitive information

she received came straight from the horse’s mouth! Hearing Your Own Animals Oddly enough, it can be easier to receive information intuitively from an animal you don’t know than from one you do. That’s because you know so much about your own animals that it may be impossible to get around the feeling that you are just making things up. Also, there is no easy way to verify the data you receive from your own animals. To counteract this, I recommend that you try this experiment: Ask your animal, “Do you have a question for me?” If a question pops into your head, no matter what it is, assume it came from your animal and answer it as best you can, either by talking out loud or sending thoughts. Ask for more questions and keep answering until your animal is finished. If you are successful, you will bypass your inner critic and experience what it feels like to receive information intuitively. You may also find that you and your animal end up in a back-and-forth discussion of a subject that your animal has chosen. If your animal doesn’t have a question or you just don’t get anything, let it go and tell your animal that you will ask again another day.

Marta Williams is an Internationallyacclaimed author, animal communicator, and teacher. She has written four books on animal communication including: Learning Their Language, Ask Your Animal, Beyond Words, and My Animal My Self. Marta travels throughout the world and offers online classes to teach people how to communicate intuitively with animals and nature. She has a Master Program for those who want to become professional animal communicators and provides private consultations for animals and their people. Marta lives on a small farm in Northern California.

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Elena Pezzini


photo by Katerina Plotnikova Photography 68 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Photo by Raul G. Orozco 69 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Dr. Elena Pezzini is passionate about empowering women around the world, so she is affiliated with a Silicon Valley technology company, that is building a Global Women's Community. It’s called "Heart of All Women." It is a platform that enables ordinary women, around the globe, to be matched into "Sister Circles" of mutual interests and passions. The Circles created by the women range from personal topics such a "Loving Our Bodies, AS IS" to business themes like "Doing Business the Girls' Way" to Circles created to support causes.

release oxytocin in positive interactions between humans. The release of oxytocin may explain reductions in cortisol and the feeling of wellbeing, which relationships with animals may provide. Researchers have even found reduced blood pressure and heart rate among people who view dog videos!"

The goal of Heart of All Women is to improve the lives of women worldwide by providing a "safe online haven for EVERY woman's voice, and where no woman anywhere in the world ever needs to feel alone, ever again!"

Also, are you an entrepreneur at heart? Or do you know 1 among your loved ones? Then, great! Because Dr. Pezzini has an active role in an International corporation, dedicated to providing life, money and business coaching to International executives. It’s called “You Have Got The Power, Inc.” Parli Italiano? If so, there is a branch in Italy, called “Hai Potere”.

One of the first Prototype Circles is "Heart of All Animals" for which Dr. Pezzini is the Leader. This Circle is for women all around the world to share their love and appreciation for the human animal bond. Did you know that Dr. Pezzini authored a #1 Amazon Best Seller book on the healing power of animals? It is titled “Success From The Heart”. This is what you discover in the book: “Rescue an animal and rescue your heart” “Animals see the real you.” “Pets love unconditionally.” “What if you loved yourself as your pet loves you?” Because of her passion for both people and animals, scientist Dr. Pezzini has another publication. The title is: “An Evaluation of Pet Owners’ Attachment Style and the Human-Animal Bond”. In it, you will find the secret benefits of pet ownership. Here are some: "Dogs have been bred over thousands of years to bond with humans and their companionship helps with turbulent life transitions, crisis, stress, and loss. Some people are more emotionally close to their dog than to their closest family members! During stressful times, their love, enthusiastic greeting, and nonjudgmental support lead some to prefer the company of their dog. Dogs can help lower blood pressure as a person holds or strokes a pet, or interacts with a pet through daily activities, such as walking. Dog owners report fewer nights of bad sleep fewer doctor visits and fewer days off from work, than non-dog owners. Studies show that older dog owners are more physically active and less lonelier than non-dog owners. Researchers have found that both people and dogs also 70 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

This publication was such as success that it was made into a 2 minute video, that went viral on the web: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqDZpPVctgA

You may be pleased to know that this company collaborates with the largest personal development companies on the planet: Harv Eker International and Success Resources. Last for now, Dr. Pezzini's work include a non profit organization called “You Got The Power”, which supports underprivileged people and animals. It cooperates with other non-profits, such as animal rescue “Helping Persian Cats”, where Dr. Pezzini volunteers, fosters, and adopts abandoned cats. When you spare $1, or more, feel free to make a 100% “tax write-off” donation to any of these non profits, for a wonderful and needed cause. Thank you for reading. Looking forward to great connections! Free gifts for The Eden Magazine readers: www.HeartOfAllWomen.com (complimentary membership) More info at: www.Facebook.com/HeartofAllWomen Bit.ly/HeartOfAllWomen https://youtu.be/LPDnmV_gKLQ www.YouHaveGotThePower.com and www.HaiPotere. it (complimentary life coaching session, that will improve your life forever, as well) www.YouGotThePower.org and www.HelpingPersianCats.org And Dr. Pezzini’s 2 complimentary #1 Best Selling books! Enjoy.

Photo by Raul G. Orozco 71 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017


Fabio Lamborghini


Fabio Lamborghini was born in 1954 in Cento di Ferrara, Italy. He is the son of Giorgio Lamborghini, brother of Ferruccio, who at the time was already active in the construction of agricultural tractors. After his schooling, which concluded in a technical-industrial field in 1973, Fabio began working at the family’s second group, Lamborghini Burners and Conditioners, a company that was inaugurated in 1960. With a strong will, determination, and the ability to lead, he was assigned to some important positions within the company which eventually led to a higher-level executive position in 1970. In 2007, he took on the position of General Manager of the historical family museum: Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini. The first branch opened in the province of Ferrara in 1995. In 2014, he moved to the new 5000 square-meter Museum in the city of Bologna. Under Fabio’s management the museum has grown exponentially in the number of visitors who come from all over the world.

72 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

The beauty of the exhibitions of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s creations and the constant passionate presence of Fabio himself, who personally takes visitors on guided tours, are key to the success of the museum. Fabio met Caterina’s Club founder, Bruno Serato, in December of 2015, during Serato’s visit to the museum. Serato was featured in our April 2016 issue and introduced to us his charity, Caterina’s Club, which feeds a hot meal of pasta to thousands of homeless children everyday. Upon hearing about Serato’s passion project, The Power of Pasta, Fabio was convinced that he wanted to be involved in the initiative and thus became a supporter. In February of 2016, the initiative began in four different collection points in schools within the provinces of Ferrara and Bologna. Over 6,000 students were involved in the collection of pasta, rice and couscous, which were donated to charitable organizations within the territory. The project, The Power of Pasta, continues in 2017 with some of the same protagonists from last year. The collection of pasta, rice and couscous, is currently active in Ferrara, at the Liceo Classico 'L. Ariosto ', the Hotel Institute 'O. Vergara', the Modern Music School 'AMF', and in the Bologna area at the Technical Institute ‘Archimedes’ of San Giovanni in Persiceto. Fabio said he plans to expand the campaign program by increasing the number of schools that are involved and by placing collection boxes at the entrance of churches in the various provinces. In 2016 Fabio concluded his mandate as Director of the Museum, but he continues to tell the story of Lamborghini at events throughout Italy and Internationally. For those wishing to meet with Fabio at the Lamborghini Museum for a guided tour, please write to: Fabio.lamborghini@libero.it Written by Dina Morrone

73 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

Fabio Lamborghini nasce a Cento di Ferrara il 19 aprile 1954, figlio di Giorgio Lamborghini, fratello dell’industriale Ferruccio all’epoca costruttore di trattori. Dopo il percorso scolastico conclusosi in ambito tecno-industriale, nel 1973 inizia l’attività lavorativa presso la seconda azienda del gruppo di famiglia: la Lamborghini Bruciatori e Condizionatori inaugurata nel 1960. Volontà, determinazione e capacità lo portano in breve tempo ad occupare incarichi sempre più importanti fino al livello dirigenziale, vi lavorerà fino al 2007. In seguito, nella veste di direttore generale, si prenderà cura a tempo pieno del museo storico di famiglia: Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini , con prima sede in provincia di Ferrara (1995), per poi trasferirsi nel 2014 nella nuova sede di 5000 mq. alle porte di Bologna. Sotto la gestione di Fabio Lamborghini il museo è cresciuto nelle visite in maniera esponenziale, la bellezza espositiva di tutte le produzioni di Ferruccio Lamborghini, l’assidua e appassionata presenza di Fabio Lamborghini stesso che accompagna i visitatori durante i tour nelle varie sale, la gentilezza verso tutti, sono indubbiamente la chiave del suo successo e di questo museo privato che incanta i visitatori che vi giungono da ogni continente . Fabio Lamborghini ha incontrato Bruno Serato, nel dicembre del 2015, durante una visita al museo. La conoscenza dello Chef e l’ascolto della testimonianza relativa all’attività del Caterina’s Club, non lo hanno lasciato indifferente, facendo nascere in lui il desiderio di prendere parte attivamente alla campagna “The Pow-

76 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e February 2017

er of Pasta” diventandone sostenitore in Italia. L’iniziativa è poi partita a febbraio 2016 in quattro differenti punti di raccolta nelle scuole delle province di Ferrara e Bologna, per un bacino di circa 6.000 studenti coinvolti per la raccolta di pasta, riso e cous cous da donare alle organizzazioni benefiche del territorio. Anche per il 2017 proseguira' la raccolta grazie anche all'impegno delle tante Sagre paesane del territorio regionale. Fabio Lamborghini ha concluso nel giugno del 2016 il suo mandato di Direttore Museale , ma continua a raccontare la storia Lamborghini in eventi Italiani ed internazionali. Photo by Artiphics Location Marconi Automotive-Museum

Anaheim White house recipes

Anaheim White House Restaurant Bruno Serato

Bruno Serato owner of the “Anaheim White House Restaurant" graciously for the first time will be sharing some of his recipes with The Eden Magazine readers around the world. We are proud to feature every month one of his most delicious dishes. The beautiful historical Anaheim White House Restaurant is certainly the most prestige restaurant in your neighborhood, that serves in an elegant atmosphere for you to enjoy a delicious meal. One time visit to the Anaheim White House Restaurant is a grantee to take you back there again. Have your first experience today by visiting www.anaheimwhitehouse.com/ to have your delighted moment to remember. Bon AppĂŠtit

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Apple Tart Serves 4 ppl

Ingredients: -4 5 inch diameter puff pastry circle -4 large green Apples -2 tbls granulated sugar -Parchment paper -Ice Cream (optional) vanilla -2 cups crème anglaise Preparation: To cook the Apple Tart, preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Place puff pastry circles on baking sheet. Next peel and core apples cut in half and then into 1/8th inch slices. Layer apple slices in a circular pattern on top of the puff pastry. Sprinkle the top with 2 tablespoons of sugar. The pastry will need to bake in the oven for 15-20minutes, or until the edges are puffed and brown. To serve the dessert place ½ cup crème anglaise on the plate. Place Apple Tart and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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Profile for Maryam Morrison

February 2017  

The Eden Magazine is a free online magazine focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world ht...

February 2017  

The Eden Magazine is a free online magazine focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world ht...