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July 2013 Volume 3 Issue 7

spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and peaceful world Editor

Maryam Morrison

“Plants and trees also have emotions and can feel fear. You can sense that if you have a compassionate heart.” ~Amma

Front Cover ~ by Maryam Morrison Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your Photography For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; or 2 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

4 The light within By Bobbie Stuart

8 Accelerating Spiritual.... By Sherri Cortland ND

12 Reclaiming our Power By Emmanuel Dagher

17 Why do we need to increase our spiritual.....

By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song



Gaia our Sacred Home.... By Jan Diana

26 Criticism

By Ellen Heller

30 Owl Spirit meaning...

34 34 Francine Grimard By Ellen Heller

38 Life is a Celebration By Augusto Pderes

40 36 10 Tips on how...... By Markus Skueity



The Sun The Moon, The Stars, and Maya is an inspiring book by Rich Okun. As Rich write in his book; “Our lives are bombarded with things that can take us away from the special connections we are capable of. Each of us has the ability to demonstrate love, compassion, gratitude and generosity. We can choose to live our lives by the golden rule. We can make time to appreciate the exquisite construction of our planet, and experience the joys of nature. We can look towards the star spangled heavens, appreciate the velvet silence, and draw peace from spirituality. We have the ability to find beauty in simplicity, and we can marvel at the complexity of what, at first glance, appeared deceptively simple. Many of us have just forgotten how. In today’s busy, electronics oriented world, dominated by distractions, special effects, and noisy shoot ‘em ups, simple earth based spiritual and moral issues have been effectively obscured from view and buried in the smoky haze of the fiery explosion of Computer Generated Images. The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya was created to help families discuss important issues with their children. Illustrations of Maya, the Shih Tzu puppy muse, in complementary settings, accompany bits of wisdom relating to spiritual and moral issues. Notable quotations are the inspiration for Maya’s simple-language lyrical interpretations meant to evoke awe and wonder in all things and capture the imagination of

the child and the child within the parent. Rich’s inspiration of the book “The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya” and his website are offered in an effort to contribute to a better world. “My story; I have always wanted to do something creative. When I was very young, my mother encouraged my involvement in the arts, with Accordion Lessons (which didn’t last, but also in my drawing. At 6 years old, I was the youngest member of the Art Students’ League of New York, across the street from Carnegie Hall, however my careers were a little bit of everything else including flying airplanes, and corporate positions in both established and startup companies. Nothing felt right and I was always a fish out of water wherever I had a job.”



“After leaving corporate America and trying a partnership in an online retail I had created a blog. The business had a spiritual aspect, which I wanted to explore so I would take quotes from famous people and then write a short interpretation of that quote- I would then find photographs to accompany the poem. These became quite popular on the blog and through social media.” “Fast-forward to April of 2011 our beloved Sammy, a 15-year-old Shih Tzu died. After months of watching me mope around, my wife thought it was time for a new family member, and it was evident that Maya chose us to be her family.I have been and am like Tevye, the father from Fiddler on the Roof always talking to God, asking advise, offering suggestions, sharing something funny, a prayer or two, etc. For as long as I can remember and everyday since, like so many other people, I asked what should I be doing with my life, why am I here, how can I help? One hot summer day, while walking Maya I heard a soft whisper inside my head, guiding me to further develop this format using Maya as a muse and illustrating her in appropriate settings to help children and parents discuss spiritual matters. I decided to listen.

Rich spent his life in various corporate positions. He was the youngest member of the Art Students’ League of New York and after many years and different careers; he now devotes his focus to creative passions. He has spent a lifetime studying many different ancient spiritual belief systems and was inspired to action when a new puppy, Maya came to town. Rich lives in Connecticut with his wife, Maya and 4 cats.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

I like it here, it’s so nice and warm I feel I could disappear, turning it into an art form It’s only when, we feel the pull overcome, the now and then, and stop the bull Rich Okun


Love Letters By Bobbie Stuart

“Infinite Love and Gratitude” by Bobbie Stuart

“Between the sheets, secrets and sorrows stream, heart in hand, pouring liquid love. Tell all, words yet unspoken, ride the wave that caresses the shore; only love matters.” Several years ago I was having a macrobiotic lunch with my youngest son and we were joyfully conversing about life. I had mentioned a special letter within the telling of a story about an old friend. I went on describing, as I tend to do, detailing the feeling I got every time I read the letter, the feel of the paper, the dried flower, now crumbled within its aging 8 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

papers, the handwriting, all curly cues and flourishes, and just how exhilarating it always is for me to read it, recapturing that time in my life when I first read it. My friend was gone, but through the alchemy of this magic letter, is still alive, stirring my senses and infusing my imagination with loving memories.

Suddenly my dear generation Gen Y son was very quiet and just stared at me. Finally he spoke, ”I’ve never ever gotten a real letter on paper with real writing, Mom.” His statement made me gasp and drop my fork onto my kale and butternut squash. “What, you mean nobody ever wrote you a letter, like a real letter with handwriting and everything?” I asked. Suddenly I felt like a failure as a mother and somehow had raised a seriously deprived child. How could I have let this happen? Why didn’t I write him letters? Spreading guilt began to upset my stomach, assuring my remaining lunch a trip in a take-home container.

that even the post office felt. My father had been a mailman for my entire childhood, so I took this very seriously. What if there were no more letters, no more intimate written communications, no more Post Office?

I searched for stationery stores, which no longer exist, replaced now by designed papers in specialty shops or art store fancy stock. Finally I found a thin grey writing paper set in a fancy French Boutique. The following days were spent composing, finding my perfect approach to conjure his excitement, to allure, but to be cool, contemporary, while imparting the wisdom I began to run my son’s past through my I have been gestating. visual memory from age three onward to find any time when I may have writ- Then the right pen became so urgent; I ten him a letter. Mostly I had taken him tried many but soon settled on my trusty everywhere with me, we had travelled Uniball Elite, black & wide. together, he never attended over-night camp, but I did send him post cards from When my pen stroked the paper, my best different places when I went on trips - handwriting took hold, and with several which he did enjoy, and he lived at home tries I created my style. Several crumpled while in college. But an actual letter, no, gray sheets to the side, I finally found my I hadn’t. I’m sure his older brothers’ and stride and fashioned a full page, then ansister must have sent him something, a other, followed a week later with the last few pages, some chatter, at some junc- two, all filled with my loving messages to ture. But once I completed my thorough my youngest son. Inspiration swept over self-flagellation, I looked him in his steady, me. The envelope was the icing on the calm green eyes and said, “Honey, I am cupcake. Carefully I lettered his name going to write you a real letter.” He smiled and address, then mine, and applied the and seemed excited. stamp with precision. The folding and insertion was next, followed by the licking I became possessed with the idea of of the flap and gentle fingering to smooth writing him just the perfect letter that would and seal the treasure. say everything I ever wanted to say to him. I began to realize that with the advent A few days later he phoned, delighted. of computers, Gen Y students stopped “Ma, I got the letter,” as if opening his maillearning cursive script and began email- box had revealed a sparkling diamond. ing, then texting, with unexpected effects 9 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

I imagine him carefully carrying its precious contents up his stairs to silently undress the letter and unleash the magic within. Alone in his chair, he savored my creation, imbibing my love and gentle messages. This was a sacred gift. It was my deep pleasure and his exquisite appreciation, a memory unforgettable. Thereafter, the artist in me took over and I began to create love letter masterpieces. I foraged for wondrous papers, tiny subtle images, even sparkles and more, in order to full out explode into being a creative love letter maker. I even design, draw upon and beautify the envelope so the carriers and all who see it will benefit before the intended even receives their treasure. This has become my passion creating and sending wondrously magical and strange super letters of delight and compassion. Though I adore social media and the convenience of shooting global messages and images daily, nothing really touches the ancient ways, the intimate encounter, the unparalleled delicious alchemical infusions of heart-felt expressing through the lost art of love letters. Think of who you can write a love letter to, and make it really special. If you’d like any ideas or pointers, or if you desire a personal creative love letter directly from me, or if you want me to write a letter from you to someone else, please contact me at and mention the “Between the Sheets” project. I send you my love


by Bobbie Stuart

Twin Flame Heart Artwork by Maryam Morrison 11 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

Artwork by Maryam Morrison 12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2013

Accelerating Spiritual Growth by Facing our Fears by Sherri Cortland, ND

Fear is something that keeps us from moving forward. Sometimes the things we’re afraid of represent residual fear from experiences we’ve had during previous lifetimes, and sometimes what we fear is the result of something that happened to us during our current lifetime. Facing our fears one by one and overcoming them begins with the understanding that we absolutely have the power to overcome them; and the rewards for facing our fears include increased confidence, stress reduction, and accelerated spiritual growth. Whether our fear is residual or new, our ego feeds it. The ego is and has always been necessary to our survival as we live our lives on planet Earth, but it is also the biggest block to our spiritual growth. Our ego, which is our conscious mind, is only a small part of who we are. The ego reflects itself in our personality, and is the representation, the sum total, of all we’ve learned and experienced--however, it’s more of a cover identity, so we can move past our ego, overcome our fears, and accelerate our spiritual growth.

As we continue to raise our vibrations, part of our evolutionary process is breaking free of our ego and becoming aware that we are so much more than the role we are playing during our current incarnation. At the heart of our spiritual growth is the understanding or awareness of who we really are, the knowing that we are an aspect of God/Creator/ Source, and as such we have the power to overcome our fears and create better lives for ourselves. In order to achieve this awareness, we must unlock the handcuffs that keep us bound to the belief that what we are physically in this incarnation is all that we are. Moving past our ego is the key to unlocking these handcuffs, and to breaking free of the shackles that keep us locked in fear. Understanding that we manufacture our fear means that we can make a conscious choice to face our fears, overcome them, and let them go. Making the decision to face our fears is a substantial step forward when it comes to taking control of our lives and accelerating our Spiritual growth. 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

Daily meditation will allow us to quiet our minds and provide our Higher Selves with an opportunity to help us understand who we are on a soul level, which will help us move past our ego. When it comes to overcoming our fears, we start by facing them, and meditation can aid us in this endeavor. Facing our fear makes us more powerful and more in control of our lives, and here’s one way to get started: • Define exactly what it is that you’re afraid of; you have to know what it is in order to neutralize it. • Once you know what it is you’re afraid of; examine it, recognize it, and then let it go. Stop dwelling on it. • If you have trouble letting it go, meditate with intention on how to neutralize your fear. Sit down in a quiet place and ask your Higher Self to help you let go of the fear you’re holding onto. Listen for 14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

advice and guidance from your Higher Self. Follow what your gut, that little voice within, says to you during your mediation. • To let your fear go, visualize it leaving you: like a bird flying south for the winter, off goes your fear. You have the power to do this. Fear comes from within; it’s fed from both within and without. The sooner we acknowledge that we are powerful beings, and that our ego is no match for our soul, the quicker we’ll be able to let go of that fear and move forward. Fear keeps us from becoming all that we can be, all that we’re meant to be, and all that we planned to be during this incarnation. Remember that you are a powerful being, and use your power to accelerate your spiritual growth. Namaste. watch?v=N2TJniVNq6w. Photo by: Heidi Winkler

One of the reasons that fear is able to take hold of us the way it does is because the majority of us try to avoid it, instead of facing it head-on. The universe gives us whatever we focus on, and if we focus on the things we’re afraid of, we will attract more of into our lives So, by trying to avoid what we fear, we end up spending a lot of time thinking about what fear, which tells the universe that this is something we’re interested in and something that we want more of. This is a prime example of why watching our thoughts and words is so important, and it’s an excellent example of the power that we each have to create our reality.

PLEASE Don’t Buy Products that were tested on


For the list of all companies with PETA 15 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July


Reclaiming Our


By Emmanuel Dagher Artwork by Maryam Morrison 16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ June 2013

Peace and blessings, It’s such an honor and a joy for me to connect with you again! I feel so grateful knowing that no matter where we each are on our own personal journey, we can always pick right up where we left off and align with each other as if barely any time has passed by. It just confirms that we are all truly in this together. So, how have you been feeling my friend? Are you noticing the energetic temperature being turned up another notch, both in our personal lives and in the collective consciousness? The high amount of movement and activity happening in the ethers is directly sparking a great deal of movement and activity within and all around us.

that better aligns with the highest aspect of ourselves. When the energetic temperature rises as it is now, a call to action usually follows. This call to action is simple: We are being asked to let go of the facades, structures and stories that we and our ancestors have created for ourselves; we are being called to move simply into love. While being re-calibrated to a new heart centered way of existence, it’s completely normal to experience our energy and emotions as being all over the place. The key is to allow these energies and emotions to come up as they need to without judgment or trying to contain them. It’s also helpful to remember in the back of our minds that our emotions do not define who we really are at our core. If we can just view them as being similar to puffy white clouds in the sky that pass us by, then we can allow them to just move on without attaching ourselves to them.

We have most definitely moved past the time of hibernation and isolating ourselves in deep contemplation for long periods of time. If we haven’t been heeding the call already, then it’s time to come out of hiding to play and commune with the Releasing the Role of the Victim world again. Right now, we are being presented with Hiding ourselves in any way, and that in- an extraordinary opportunity to retire the cludes hiding our gifts, talents, wisdom, victim archetypes that we and our ancesmessage, and any other part of our pres- tors have identified with all this time. ence, will simply feel impossible. And those who used to find comfort in hid- It’s important to take a moment to honor ing will find themselves rocked in every these archetypes for serving in keeping way, because what they have been so us safe and protected in a world based used to as their default just doesn’t work on survival. However, we now know that anymore. Although at first it may feel like a world of only survival is a world that is one’s whole identity is being stripped no longer in alignment with who we are at away, this shift moving us out of hiding our core: a Divine Love Being. is creating a new path to ways of being 17 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

As Divine Love Beings we are here to thrive our way into love with ourselves and the world around us. This divine part of ourselves has always known that we are constantly safe and protected, even when the survival based mind may have thought otherwise. So now, as we thank the victim archetypes that served us up to this point, we can let them go with joy and welcome in our Higher Selves.

er? By blaming, we keep ourselves held in a time and place that hinders us from evolving and reconnecting with our Highest most Divine Self. The third component to releasing victim consciousness is to take full responsibility of our lives and well being. Sometimes the victim mindset may display resistance when it hears that we are responsible for our lives and well being, because it had taken comfort in separating itself and buying into the illusion that whatever we need has to come from outside ourselves. It’s absolutely normal when this happens. However, by taking responsibility for our lives and well being, we are able to move out of victim consciousness and into Creator consciousness. It is in our Creator consciousness where we are able to move mountains. It is here that we are able to manifest from the most authentic and powerful aspect of ourselves.

Releasing the role of the victim is made up of several important components. The first component to releasing victim consciousness is to accept every person, experience and thing as it has shown up in our lives without trying to change it. By accepting these things, we are not necessarily affirming that we resonate or agree with them, however we are giving ourselves permission to not allow them to define who we really are. Through acceptance we also release the need dwell on By integrating these three components the past and what may have been. into our lives, we are sure to support our transition out of victim consciousness The second component to releasing vic- and into Creator consciousness more tim consciousness is to let go of blame. smoothly. Blame comes from a need to make something or someone right/wrong, or good/ Reclaiming Our Power bad and somehow responsible for what we have experienced. In truth we are the The greatest power in the world is LOVE. Creator of all of our experience. When When we embody love, we are the most we operate from our Highest Selves, and powerful being in the Universe. Contrary acknowledge ourselves as Creator, we to what we may have been taught, being transcend these judgments. From our loving does not mean we are weak, pushHighest Selves we navigate our way for- overs, or that we look the other way when ward by what feels in alignment for us at times get tough. Real love does not hurt, that time and what doesn’t. Can you feel feel hard, or have us giving up or hiding how this insight alone already feels light- some part of ourselves away. 18 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

Those are mind structures that simply distract us from real love. Real Love is the constant that flows through all of life. When we choose to be love, we have the whole Universe behind us flowing in the same direction. Because of societal conditioning, many of us have been hesitant to reclaim our power, because we associate it with being corrupt or controlling. This kind of false power, also known as egoistic power, moves in the opposite direction of love. It likes to separate itself from the whole. Although this kind of power can appear quite real and convincing at times, the truth is that it’s not. Egoistic power is fleeting and will always at some point self destruct in its attempt to push against the natural flow of love and life. Egoistic power thrives on the energy of fear, because it’s the only thing convincing enough to move a person out of their true Divine power. Of course this forgetful period is temporary, but we’ve got to hand it to the energy of egoistic power for putting up a great show in trying to make itself last as long as possible.

ourselves and those around us to such a degree that we are able to transform even the most egoistic of powers into love. Power in Numbers As we move forward, we are being asked to unite in love. That is what’s happening right now. We no longer have to be on this journey alone. We no longer have to separate ourselves from each other by race, gender, roles, job titles, sexual orientation, etc. The Universe is consistently giving us opportunities to align with others who share a similar intention of uniting in love. “For where two or more are gathered in love, the greatest power resides.” This is the time to say “YES!” to reclaiming our power and to sharing our gifts with the world. We are all in this together, Till next time, Miraculously yours, Emmanuel

Life is always here for us and never against us. We can take comfort in knowing that by choosing not to buy into fear, we have every ounce of the Universe supporting us. Anything that tries to convince us otherwise, such as an idea that we are some small little helpless human being, or are lacking in some way, is just a fleeting illusion. By surrendering to love, we empower 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

When Emmanuel was two years old, while his mother was tucking him into bed, she heard him say something that caught her off guard and that has remained with her to this day. “Love is all there is, and we all come from love,” Emmanuel shared with his shy little voice. After asking him to repeat it again just to make sure she heard correctly, Emmanuel’s mom knew in that moment that her Emmanuel applies the most cutting-edge child had come into this world to serve healing technologies so that every perhumanity in a powerful way. sonal session, group, or live event he co-creates with you will leave you inOver the past 10 years, Emmanuel spired and expanded. For over 8 years Dagher has had the honor of co-creating now, Emmanuel has had the honor of miraculous shifts with thousands of peo- working with people from all walks of life ple around the world through his work as including moms, dads, children, visiona Transformational Healer, Conscious aries, world diplomats, large audiences, Evolutionary Guide, Medical Intuitive, celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies. Teacher and Author. Even the top healing experts themselves turn to Emmanuel when they need supEmmanuel has dedicated his life to port and healing. studying and fine tuning his work so that each client is left feeling expanded and Emmanuel’s deep desire to help others transformed in ways they may never was magnified when he was diagnosed have experienced in this life time. With a with a 29.5 degree curvature of the spine background in Spiritual Psychology, and (Scoliosis) at the age of 11. The doctors having received a plethora of advanced basically said that he’d be living with pain certifications in holistic and alternative for the rest of his life with surgery or withhealing therapies, Emmanuel is deeply out, and that he would never heal. grateful for the opportunity to serve and empower humanity. 20 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

He began to realize that in order to heal physically, he first needed to understand himself as a Spiritual being. As he continued to delve deeper into his inner spiritual & healing journey, he began to notice many people around him spontaneously heal. He soon realized that with all the inner work he was doing, he was dissolving the veils that kept him from seeing others & himself as Divine Spiritual Omni Beings. As soon as he was able to gain this perspective, rapid healings began to unfold in his life & in the lives of others. The turning point was when Emmanuel witnessed the healing of his own spine manifest gradually as a result of working with healing & spiritual principles. He used this life-changing experience as a catalyst to co-create amazing transformation in the lives of others. Not only did he have the knowledge of how to heal, he also developed a powerful inner-knowing that it’s absolutely possible to heal. In fact,

this knowingness instantly surpassed all faith and belief he had in healing up to that point, which he believes is a major contributer to the success he continues to witness for his clients. Emmanuel looks at this sacred opportunity to serve others as one of the most precious gifts in the Universe, and is humbled to be open and willing enough to allow the Universe to use him as an instrument of healing & transformation. Emmanuel currently has a practice in Los Angeles, and also travels the world sharing his insights, healings, and gifts with others. Emmanuel also integrates sound healing into fun contemporary music that is used as a powerful tool for life-changing positive transformation for the listener.

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Artwork by Maryam Morrison 22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ June 2013



We are all psychic beings…perfect psychic instruments that receive vibrations every moment of the day and night. We receive impressions from the seen world…such as the dear ones who are thinking about us, the people we work with, people we cross in the street, in the grocery store, people who resonate with us and those who don’t. These people are each carrying some form of psychic baggage, and when they cross your path they can project onto you their judgments, criticisms, envy or jealousy. Negative energies can easily jump from one host to another, so there are many ways they can transfer negative vibrations unto you. We are also receiving impressions from the unseen world of ghosts, spirits, demons, ancestors, and so on. If you were not brought up with the awareness of the myriad forms of energy that live alongside us, it’s very easy to slip into denial or amnesia about these things. However, to succeed in Life…we must

walk on the Beauty-full Mother Earth with FULL awareness…with IMPECCABLE Focus and Attention to our surroundings and the constant stream of activity that is affecting us. If we do not accept this challenge of heightening our objective observance, we are choosing to be easy targets. While it is true that negative forces have the cosmic assignment to attempt to disrupt our Life and destroy our mind, body and spirit, it is WE who willingly and unwittingly open the door to them through lack of Awareness, Attention and Focus. If we choose to be half-hearted in our approach to them, know this: they are NOT half-hearted in THEIR focus toward us. They are totally devoted to our downfall. They are ALL-WAYS looking for ways to infiltrate our Life by filling it with pain. They create suffering in our Life Path to ensure we do NOT enjoy our time on the Beauty-full Flowering Earth. 23 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

Just as it is a poisonous snake’s nature to bite you if you interact with it ignorantly, it is the nature of any malevolent energy to attach itself to you and infiltrate your Life. They will attack your mind, health, relationships, home and Prosperity. It is vital you clearly understand this: they have one focus and one only--to destroy you! We have all seen the cartoons of the wicked being on one shoulder and the good Angel on the other, both trying to get the character’s attention. That is what it is truly like in our daily activities. The negative voice will try to talk us into self-destructive thoughts and actions, while the Positive voice will strive to steer us towards a Beauty-full, Peace-full existence. Therefore, it is our Sacred Duty to learn to protect ourselves and doing so will help us discern the many voices influencing in our mind that influence our actions. With the assistance of the Compassionate Celestial and Earth Forces, we can train ourselves to quickly identify negative influences and immediately take action to dissolve any danger. You will come to realize that in these modern times, most people don’t know much about protecting themselves… Hence, they don’t have a sufficient protective shield in place to guard them. The negative forces on the other hand are FULLY PREPARED…they do know everything about US! We may choose to be casual towards them, perhaps feeling unsure we actually believe in their presence. That is an unfortunate stance… while we are standing with one foot in 24 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

one boat and another foot in a second boat, we are unbalanced and easy prey. Meanwhile, malevolent energies are NOT casual in their approach to us! They are one-pointed in finding our weak spots and beginning their assault strategy. So our doubts and laziness in doing research in the most basic of Spiritual principles, which is Protection of our spirit, places our souls in their control. BEING SENSITIVE MEANS BEING PRONE TO PSYCHIC ATTACK Being sensitive is the same as being psychic. To the degree that you are sensitive, to that degree you are a psychically open instrument. In days past, for example, psychics/mediums/ channelers/intuitives were called ‘sensitives’. Therefore, whether you realize it or not, the more sensitive you are, the more psychic you will be. Your sensitivity will naturally open doors to other worlds and give you access to other realities, whether you welcome it or not. To be psychic is to be open and this is why sensitive beings feel everything so intensely, including psychic attack. Sensitive beings are more likely to experience symptoms of being ‘possessed’ by negative energies. This means they will tend to have more phobias, fears, vulnerability and overall out-of-Balance behavior. This is because malicious energies can easily access the sensitive being and then influence them towards negativity, which then causes suffering in the sensitive one’s Life.

Anywhere you find someone steeped in a pain-full, ugly Life-Path, whether that be from any destructive behavior abuse such as: cruelty, overt weakness, obsessions, compulsions, violence, fears and so on, it reflects that the person is a good person at heart, but due to their nature being too sensitive/too open, they have been possessed by negative entities that now control the person and their Life Force.

need on Mother Earth for Harmony to exist and last. If you are one of these sensitive beings… and I am sure you are…know that I and all the Legions of Light are cheering you on towards Victory. We are sending you waves of Victory Power so you can become Impeccable Warriors of Light! Increase your Spiritual Protection practices so you can journey through Life’s adventures armed with a Power-full Protective Shield. The greater your Protective Shield, the stronger your Faith will be…the deeper your Wisdom…the Brighter your Self Love and the more Radiant your Devotion to the Light.

These Teachings provide us with that long desired Clarity as to why people such as our Loved ones, who do Love us, can at times be so intolerant, cruel and generally unconscious of the pain they inflict on us and themselves. Comprehension such as this can bring us great Victory Power unto you! “Peace of mind” in understanding human- JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAAA! ity’s behavior…particularly our own…and alert us to our duty to master our Spiritual Work in transforming and uplifting all situations. master our Spiritual Work in transforming and uplifting all situations. Most sensitive souls are not aware that their Spiritual homework is to Balance out their sensitivity, their kind hearts, with Strength, Valor and Clarity. They don’t know they have to become great warriors who are focused, intelligent and ready for action! They incarnate on the Earth plane already accomplished in the softer tones such as Compassion, Generosity and Self-lessness…so they don’t have homework to do in that area. Their studies, research and application in this Lifetime must be in psychic self-defense. Once they have mastered that, they will be the strong, wise, kind Warriors we


GAIA Our Sacred Home

GAIA Our Sacred Home

A New Beginning by Jan Diana

Artwork by Maryam Morrison 26 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ July 2013

One of my favorite movies is the Field of Dreams. I love the beautiful landscape of the vibrant, green cornfields against the blue skies. The story is intriguing as it opens up to a dream reality that perhaps would not seem possible, yet succeeds at opening up our heart. The music lifts my imagination into the clouds of possibilities that seem endless. The story reunites a son with his Father who has passed years before and yet enters as a young man. There is a part near the end of the story where the Father asks his Son, “is this Heaven?” His Son answers, “This is Iowa, is there a Heaven?” His Father replies, “oh yes, Heaven is the place that dreams come true.” The Son looks around, takes note of his life, his family, all of his blessings and joy, and replies,” than maybe this is Heaven.” “Heaven is the place that dreams come true”. Have you ever thought about our blessed Mother Earth being the place that our dreams can and do come true? Today I will suggest perhaps a new way to look at our home here on Earth and what opportunities are now available with many more to come. I desire to offer a new perspective, a way to a New Beginning. I am forever in gratitude for Gaia, our sweet mother earth, our sacred home. She truly is in every sense of the word a mother to us. She provides us with all that sustains us. Our bodies are made up of her many elements. She provides us air to breath, water to drink and many choices of delicious foods to eat.

many other species as well, trees, plants, animals, birds, fish, insects, all living sentience making up all of us living here in her many realms. She provides us with beautiful landscapes to gaze upon and drink in the wonder. There is such a variety of beautiful places where we can choose to live or visit, allowing us to enjoy endless possibilities to experience and express within. I feel so blessed to be living here on Earth at this amazing time of great change. Gaia is in process of ascension, elevating, evolving and rising up to become more. This is to be celebrated as this opens up opportunities not only for her, but for all of us to experience life in whole new expansive ways. We are experiencing these many shifts and adjustments along with Gaia, for we also are in the process of evolving, each within our own pace of choosing. The key for us to ride these waves of change in ease and grace is to be in harmony. Within harmony is greater clarity, making it easier to become aware of new ways to experience and express life, perhaps in ways we have never thought or even considered before You see, Gaia is more than just a place to reside as she offers us limitless potentials to live and express our lives, like a beautiful canvas that we can write upon creating the dreams of our hearts to live within. So how can we write upon this canvas to bring these beautiful dreams into our reality?

She is not only mother to humanity but to 27 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

Today I am going to suggest a new approach that will not only assist Gaia and all of her children, but bring us each great bliss and joy. Joy expands and elevates attracting more joy, so why not let our focus be joy! When we are in joy, envisioning a new beginning for ourselves, we are also assisting the collective of the world. How wonderful to know that your joyful dreams assist in creating the New World for all of humanity. To begin, ponder about what that means to you.. What would your ideal dream life look like? Perhaps it would mean having an abundance of money, excellent health, time and freedom to explore what it is you love to do and experience. If you wonder, how is it possible, to have a new beginning when my life seems so different than my dreams, how can I reach those delicious planes of harmony? I would like to share a simple philosophy; everything is energy, frequency and vibration and can be shifted into greater harmony, reaching greater clarity, opening up the mind to greater awareness and acceptance. We are like energy machines, with our thoughts, words and actions; we influence our realities and our experiences with our perceptions. This is even more noticeable in these new earth energies. You might have noticed that things seem to be happening in your life faster than before. There are many great ways to shift energy and perceptions, many tools for personal empowerment. I will share some simple ones you can begin to use today!

It has kept us comfortable and provided many experiences and adventures. Now the weather has shifted and it is warmer. We can set aside this coat, and put it away, like turning a page in a book to begin a new chapter. We can step into the sunshine more fully, feeling very comfortable in this lovely new energy. We can accept a new beginning in joy. Let us work with the vibration of Joy. Joy expands and elevates, attracting even more joy so why not create our dreams in joy! Sweet Gaia provides us with will all the necessary ingredients to create the dream recipes of your life. You decide what you desire, and you can create the recipes that will bring about your dreams. A Recipe for New Beginnings: 1. Spend time in joy, whatever brings you to that beautiful blissful state. It may it be meditation, walks in nature, spending time with a loved one, or gazing into the eyes of your beloved pet. I am sure you already have many ideas of what makes your heart sing. 2. Within joy, get a clear vision of your dreams, what does it look like, feel like? Utilize whatever tools you have to release energy of resistance. 3. Be in joy and dream your dream, put yourself in the dream. Joy will take your heart to many places of delight.

4. Water your dreams with your thoughts, words and actions. Affirm the truth of Imagine our old ways of thinking, being, the wonder of your dream. See it as a living as a beautiful coat with many colors. garden of beautiful flowers. You may have 28 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ July


some weeds in the garden, lovingly pull them out, setting them aside and water the flowers. Your energy flows to where your attention is, so water the flowers. 5. Use Chanulanaha, the sacred mantra in the Language of love, which vibrates joy and love. Speak or think it when you are pondering your dreams. (Read “Language of Love, Ancient keys of Promise that can unlock your potential”, Eden Magazine June 2013, Free Recorded class available) When you are joy, in that beautiful vibration and frequency, focusing on the dreams of your heart, your life will change in amazing ways. What is so exciting is that this can happen quite swiftly. As a gift to assist you with experiencing Your New Beginning in joy, I am offering a Free TeleClass, “Dream Your New Reality”. You will take a journey to a place where dreams do come true, experiencing the joy of living in your dream, as it manifest before you! This class is a real joy bringer. (Class details at end of article) These truly are exciting times, filled with the promise of boundless opportunities to live and express the dreams of our hearts. This is our time to create our Heaven on Earth, within Our Field of Dreams. May you be in joy as you create your new beginning and may we together create the New World, living within the reality of joy, peace and abundance for one and for all.

Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients and students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts and abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities: SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. If you have questions or would like to set up a session, you can reach her at website or by email Free meditation journeys free_telecasts.html

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CRITICISM By Ellen Heller

Artwork by Maryam Morrison Many well meaning individuals feel that to demonstrate criticism is THE way, and the only way to help someone learn, develop or realize their errors. Criticism has been used to get someone to do what is asked; to obey, or to just plain feel badly enough about oneself, that they are expected or motivated to correct whatever seems to be considered ‘wrong.’ Most all of us have been criticized. Many parents and spouses do this constantly to their children or partners, all within the ‘guidelines’ of feeling this is the best way 30 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

to handle any situation that calls for compromise. Whether the criticism comes from control, hate, caring, or even most saying it comes from “Love,” the point is that it never makes one feel good. It usually doesn’t even cause the one doing the criticizing to feel good either, let alone the one getting the criticism. Causing someone to feel bad may temporarily get ‘your way,’ but in the end, that person has not been enlightened or loved, and will continue having more unpleasant experiences showing up, as they are then feeling badly about themselves.

Sadly some start to then will show up as getting more treat others the same, and things to feel critical about. the ‘son suffers the sin’s of the father,’ so to speak. To improve anything and anyone, there are just three Where does it come from? words to remember: Love The answer is fear. We try to Reflects Love. control out of fear, and literally if we cannot physically (For more information on this restrain someone from doing please consult the book “Sciwhat we don’t wish them to ence and Health, with Key do, we will turn to using criti- to the Scriptures,” by Mary cism as a means to ‘tie them Baker Eddy.) up,’ emotionally. We feel that if we just say the ‘right’ thing; Love heals. Love is the Ensomething that will really ‘get ergy that we all are. It is also to them,’ and they feel badly our Source. The best way to enough, whether that ‘bad’ help ourselves to keep away feeling is out of guilt, or just criticism and to Be Love to all feeling ‘not good enough,’ is to remember the following: many think that will be the “If someone could read motivation that will ‘spark’ your mind, knowing exthat person into IMPROVE- actly what you were thinkMENT. ing of them, would they be healed by it? That thought is like painting a picture, ripping it up, and Remember, Love Reflects thinking it will have improved Love. And what you do to the appearance of that paint- someone, you do to you..... ing. To ‘shred’ someones’ the circle is complete, as We self esteem and self worth Are All One. by criticism only keeps that pattern of whatever they are doing, to continue. It is Law. What you ‘put out there’ in thought, word and deed, will manifest into what you are placing out there. It will return again, and again, and again. And not only to the one you are criticizing, but also to the one who is being critical. It 31 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013


Ask Ellen Heller

Spirit-Minded (Advice Column)

“All questions can be sent to:

Question: Dear Spirit -Minded, I am in a relationship that is so upsetting; no matter what I do, it just isn’t ‘good enough!” What am I doing wrong? Signed...Feeling Bad Answer: Dear Feeling, Many times we feel we are not good enough and that usually happens when we are trying so hard to fulfill someone else’s vision and version of who we are. We, in truth are Spirits, having human experiences. Therefore, the only one we really need to answer to is ourselves. We are born in perfection and even though we may not be pleasing someone, the trick to all this 32 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

is to stay in the world, but be not of it. If someone is treating you in a way that feels bad, then the kindest thing to do both for yourself and the other is to stop them from being this. How? It may mean saying your truth clearly and concisely; it may mean leaving if they do not change their treatment of you. If you cannot do this for yourself, then ask yourself what would you tell your child to do, and then force yourself to follow that same advice. Even if you do not have a child, you do know what Love would do for that Child. We must Love ourselves the same. Blessings!


Francene Hart “love and Power”

Owl Spirit Meaning see what others may miss. Open your eyes and truly examine how things are, you will be surprised that suddenly you can see things that are normally hidden from view – like the motives of those around you. External appearances will Owl Meaning and Medicine: The spirit give way to the truth and meaning hidden of Owl brings with it many different mean- beneath. ings. If the Owl totem has entered your life recently take a moment to stop and • Owl Totem Swoops into Dreams reflect on some of the following messag- Change, Intuition: Do you feel stagnant es: or apathetic; does that little voice in your head constantly nag at you? Owl is often • Silence, Solitude: Is the bustling ca- thought to come to those who need to cophony of daily life overwhelming you, let go of some part of their life that is no are your words getting you into trouble? longer needed. Listen carefully to that If Owl has glided silently into your life it inner voice and be guided to recapture is important to heed this totem’s impor- the knowledge of your true path in life. tant meaning. Owls are generally solitary Owl’s senses pierce through shadows, and they have the remarkable ability to beyond fear and darkness, through to fly silently and to quietly move from perch the other side that promises light, happito perch. The silence of the owl spirit ness and knowledge. offers lessons of stealth and poise in our everyday lives. You may need to remove • Night, Dreams: Are you being houndyourself from the noise of life and be- ed by fears and worries, have you been come the still silent observer. After slow- having strange or disturbing dreams? ing down and becoming stable you will Because most owls are active between be amazed by the wealth of information dusk and dawn, they are sometimes and meaning that surrounds you. called Night Eagles or messengers from the dark side. If the Owl totem comes True Sight, Secrets: Is someone in your and sits nearby, it may indicate a need life being dishonest, are you being left to peer into the darkness and face your in the dark by friends or family? The owl fears. Also, pay close attention to your totem can help to reveal those who would dreams, they carry powerful meaning and take advantage of another or deceive symbols of your unconscious and emoothers. If the owl guide has appeared to tional well being. you, it may be bringing you the ability to Owl Spirit Symbols: Wisdom, Silence, Magic, True Sight, Solitude, Enlightenment, Secrets, Night, Change, Omens, Vigilance, Dreams, Feminine, Intuition, Stealth, Mystery, Insight


Symbols, and Totem


People with Owl Totem are… •Perceptive •Intuitive •Creative Dreamers •Mysterious •Quiet •Great Listeners •Wise Counsels People who possess the power of the owl share many traits with their totem animals and feel a strong connection with the night and to the occult. Owl medicine brings the gift of wisdom and insight. It is almost impossible to keep a secret from an owl-person, as they see through even the best hidden ploys. They always grasp the whole truth and often take this gift for granted. It is because of this uncanny ability to see through the masks that most people wear, that owl people are often unpopular and feared by others. If Owl is your spirit guide it is important that you do not use your sight against others but instead to help them discover the meanings of life messages that surround them. The gift of owl medicine is wisdom and the ability to see in the shadows, this translates into great insight, for the self, and for the others. People with owl as their symbolic spirit guide find it easy to intuit deeper reasoning and meaning in relationships and events. Like the beat of the owl’s wings you must be gentle in sharing your wisdom, and subtle about its delivery. If all goes well the subject of your gaze may not even be aware that you are giving them valuable advice. 36 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

Many owl people are overly secretive or isolate themselves from others. Imagine a person who stays inside, up late at night, pursuing knowledge and understanding. The secretive habits of the owl, its quiet flight and various calls, whistles, screeches and hoots, have made them objects of fear and superstition. As an owl person it is important to remember that there is both a night and day, and to not get lost purely in the spirit of night and mystery. Remember that the owl totem carries with it the gift of insight, and what use is this gift if it is not shared?

Owl’s Message: Owl brings with it the message of truth and awareness. When owl hoots at you or swoops into your life make sure to stop and become aware of your surroundings, seek truth in every aspect of your life and interactions. Owl in Dreams: The appearance of owl in your dream brings several different meanings. In the dreamtime this totem symbolizes wisdom, insight, magic, expanded awareness and virtue. If the owl is silently observing you, remember that this spirit is a symbol of insight.

Examine your own life and reconnect with powers of prophecy. your intuition. • Greek/Roman: In most lore the owl If the owl is flying, swooping, or stalking symbolizes wisdom and protection and it represents your fears and negative be- was the favorite bird of Athene, the godhaviors. Do not let your worries hang si- dess of wisdom. To the Romans, the owl lently over your head and instead address was both a symbol of victory and doom. any problems so they may be changed. To hear the hoot of an Owl presaged imminent death. The deaths of Julius CaeTo hear the screech or hoot of an owl sar, Augustus, Commodus Aurelius, and symbolizes a disconnection with your Agrippa were apparently all predicted by inner voice. Your conscious and uncon- an Owl. scious minds are out of synch. Alternatively, the cry may carry the meaning of • Chinese: Asian peoples told tales of the loss or regret. owl stealing children in the night. Others believed witches could fly about in Cultural Symbolism: Throughout history the form of owls and that sorcerers could and across many cultures, people have send messages by means of this bird. regarded Owls with fascination and awe. Few other creatures have so many differ- • Biblical: Because he is a solitary night ent and contradictory beliefs about them bird, the owl has come to represent the forsaken. Job in his affliction calls himself • Native American: The most prevalent “a companion to owls” (Job 30:29). The Native American symbolism of Owl is one owl is associated with ruins – places that that is associated with death and spirits. have been utterly abandoned and are unMany Native American tribes viewed the fit for human habitation. owls as spirits of the dead, or the souls of the recently deceased. Some tribes also believe that owl was a messenger of the underworld and carried spirits to the afterlife. Owls were also viewed as powerful spirit protectors and their feathers held great meaning and value. •Celtic/Gaelic: In Celtic symbolism, the owl is noted for wisdom, keen sight, and patience. The owl is a guide in the underworld and an effective hunter. At the same time this night-dweller was considered a “corpse-bird” or “night hag.” •Indian: In early Indian folklore, Owls represent wisdom and helpfulness, and have


Francine Grimard


Francine Grimard is passionate about spirituality, education, philosophy. She wants to bring, trough her paintings and books, a message of love, joy, peace... to the world. She tells us: “ Trough my work, I want people to rediscover the beauty and love in their inner self, their soul. I want to bring the feeling of joy, love and connection with everybody and everthing in the Universe. I want to fill the world with happiness and love trough the illustrated poetry of my paintings.” She uses a lot of curves, sparkles and circles to represent the infinity and the miracle of the energy of life. Her paintings suggest mystery, beauty and enchantement. She graduated in chemistry and is a former science teacher. She pratices yoga and meditation. She wrote and illustrated 2 books: “The mission of the little soul”, and “The journey of the little soul”. UTF8&qid=1361937698&sr=8-1&keywords=francine+grimard


Life is an entire celebration; don’t let sadness diminish it…Celebrate life; celebrate peoples’ presence in your life because the joy of celebration will last forever…Have you all a great life every second you cross in the journey of the soul while meeting new and greatest dimensions of your being…a beam of light. Namaste. If I don’t’ share my love and my words with you I won’t be celebrating life because I will be hiding from you very useful information…then celebration will be diminished…. There is no time to wait, to hold on, to look back...Life is Time of Celebration...Celebrate, feel the joy...There is no other remedy in life than to be happy!!! I love you All When you connect with the Light, your words become Light, what you receive from the Light is what you share with the world...

Artwork by Ma

Life is a Ce

by Augusto 40 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

aryam Morrison

Let us shine wherever we go, letting other people see the light we carry, at the same time there will be people who could notice some shadows on ourselves; let that people teach us with their light. Eventually we will be sharing light and exorcising the shadows as human beings we been carrying since immemorial time.~angel espada-aka-augusto poderes~ Are you on the real road of love? Do you practice silence instead of reaction? Do you communicate instead of imposing your point of view? Do you accept the others as different as they are? Do you realize that your experience is an experiment of learning more about love while practicing a tiny dimension of what we call love…Just be patient we all are just apprentices of LOVE…


o Poderes

augustopoderes 41 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

10 Tips on How to Make Our Nature Smile and Homes Clean By Markus Skupeika

Cleaning your home doesn’t mean you 100% free from harm. If you are using old cleaning products (manufactured ones), then you might be in great danger. Why? These products have lots of harmful chemicals in it that can bring about certain harm to your health.

based cleaning products can cause you: 1. Remove toxic products. These products lying around at your homes are a great threat to you children so remove these products and place them in a safe place (where your kids can’t touch them). Wait for hazardous chemical pick-ups and replace these products with natural ones afterwards. If there are no chemicals in your household your kids will be safer and also your environment,

Choosing Eco-friendly cleaning products will reduce the risk of diseases caused by manufactured products. Ensuring that you breathe with fresh clean air, these natural cleaning products will clean your surrounding as well as your conscience. 2. Using biodegradable and non-toxic substitutes helps reduce the toxins at Starting at your homes and just by doing your home and waste stream of chemical little things is really a great help. By follow- products. Look at the labels of the proding these simple steps, you can protect ucts and avoid it if it has the word Poison, your family from diseases that chemical- Danger and mostly Toxic. 42 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ July 2013

3. Know more about natural cleaning products and how to make them. This way, you can save money (even earn some) and protect your health. There are books and other homemade cleaning recipes that can give you ideas on how to make them. Just make sure you keep it labeled and out of reach of children. Even if it is non-toxic, still there can be complications when swallowed accidentally. 4. Make use of reusable objects like sponge, rags, cloths, mops etc. This way, you can save your money and help reduce the use of some earth resources. Also, support recycled materials and organic cleaning products.

an alternative for air fresheners, this way we can avoid air pollutions. 8. Help conserve natural resources, water is a good example, we always use water in lots of cleaning jobs but we often misused it or waste it, we should learn on how to conserve these resources and make use them wisely, support natural cleaning products or recycled products, and join others on preserving earth natural beauty.

9. If you just listen to what your senses are telling you then you can do the job more easy, like by just smelling you will know where to clean, and just by touching you will feel those sticky parts of your house, making use of your senses prop5. Always choose the right products for erly will make you feel better. the objects you are cleaning to save time also money, if you bought natural clean- 10. Last but not the least is by sharing, ing products, read the instructions or la- inform others what you learned about bels carefully, see if it exact for the job natural cleaning, and the benefits natuthat you were doing. ral cleaning products can give, this way you can help in spreading and making a 6. Disinfecting is a way of removing green toxic free community. germs, but not all bacteria are harmful, using alternative for disinfectants really We all are linked together. That’s why we works and help reduce certain diseas- need to do our share in making life safer es, most of disinfectants uses chlorine for our family and for our environment; bleach, chlorine bleach is a potential just by supporting organic cleaning prodcarcinogen and causes pollution when it ucts we are doing our part in helping our reaches water streams. mother nature. 7. Cleaning indoor air is also needed, this way we can avoid suffocation from the cleaning products we already used, plants are good indoor cleaners and provides oxygen too, another way is by opening your window and let the air flow or if you have ventilation fans turn it on, make use of some essential oils and lemons as 43 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ July 2013

Vafa Shelter

Needs your help, many beautiful animals waiting for a loving home.

For adoption please contact: ~ ~


Eden magazine is a free online magazine, which focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world...


Eden magazine is a free online magazine, which focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world...