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December 2013 Volume 3 Issue 12

spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and peaceful world Editor

Maryam Morrison

Happy Holiday Front Cover ~ by Nicole Jolly

“A dance to save the earth, the plastic on the branch represents that we are slowly killing mother nature with our carelessness.” Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your Photography For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; edenmagazine@hotmail.com or www.theedenmagazine.com 2 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Seth Nayes

4 Impeccable Warrior.....

By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

8 Moving Beyond Resistance By Bobbie Stuart

12 Spiritual Growth By Sherri Cortand

16 Desire & Buddhi Mind By Rashmi Khilnani

20 Embrace your childlike Nature By Cosmo Cavallaro



New Poert Book By Munir Mezyed

28 A Great Vision By Jan Diana

30 Harmonic Ceremony By Metatron Healing

34 What is Lemuria (part 2) By Faith Spina

38 God & Prayer

By Ellen Angelica Pendergast

38 44 Artic Wolf


3 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013


with Angelica Georgiles by Harry L. MUA by Olga Sanina with fashion design by Rachel Frank

Seth Nayes

The sun slowly sets in Madison for Madame Envy. She spins wildly away from the lights shining on the capitol of Wisconsin. A new path of the brightest hours to be spent in Chicago, Illinois. An unexpected plan with pieces falling together all over the map. Endless questions stir inside his head. “Where to go from here? What to do once I am there?” Are the most frequented. Dancing his way into familiar but unknown lands. 5 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Seth Nayes continues his journey. With one thing in mind. To learn, to live and to go above and beyond what he has done before. He finished writing his book before he left his home state. To the windy, brutal, dangerous city of Chicago. Still in the works. It is within hope to be released in the new year. One of the main reasons for leaving his beloved troop Peach Pies Caburlesque is earning a spot on a show at Roscoe’s on Halstead named, SIN. Every Thursday you can see fire, sparks and beautiful performers giving it ~Their~ all. But also a job at the popular show girl shop, Beatnix. Where he can costume you to whatever gender you please. It’s been a year since Envy was featured in Eden Magazine. Since then he’s been featured again on Vogue Italia’s Website. Toured to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and Ohio State Reformatory. Has been featured in the FIERCE Festival which is the first international Queer Burlesque Festival. Which the Peach Pies will host next year in Madison July 24th-27th. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fierce-International-Queer-Burlesque-Festival/ The most shining moment this year is that he was a featured performer in Wisconsin’s First Burlesque Festival. The Creme De La Creme Fest. Groundbreaking for his home state and such a heartwarming moment. Helping others become comfortable and confident with their skin. Multiple interviews, projects, performances and concerts have kept him busy. 6 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

But the move to Chicago has been a strenuous one at that. Send him love and light for his future. Also wish his long red locks au revoir because on December 8th he sheds his trademark locks for a national salon spot for the Dennis Bartolomei Salon. Change is something that everyone must accept, expected or not. Whether it be loss, gain or a broken heart. Everything changes whether you like it or not. Take it with stride, grace and pride. One of the most valuable lessons learned by Mister Envy, Madame Envy, Seth Nayes and everyone in between.

Photographer: Miranda Steingraber ~ in Photo With Melissa Hauk. (cross page) Photographer: Photographer: Che Correa ~ Location: Ohio State Reformatory (above)



OF LIGHT TOOLS FOR HEALING CRISIS CONDITIONS By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song Artwork by Maryam Morrison 8 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013


quency in your mind, body and spirit by clearing your soul of all that is disturbing Blessings dear ones...a few months ago your Soul Peace and Soul Power. the Divine Mother of the Universe said to me in a loud voice, “Build me an army As you become aware of all the Planetary of healers!”She said this loudly 3 times crises taking place, you will hear much and followed it by saying, “You must build about intensified Earthquakes, Tornados, an army of Impeccable Warriors of Light. Typhoons, Hurricanes, flooding, wars, Humanity has SEVEN years to Re-Birth climate change, famine, disease and the the Planet. Mother Earth will continue to radiation crisis generated by Fukushima go through intense changes, shake ups Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. I and break-ups. There must manifest an en-Courage you to take refuge in your army of healers that are unwavering in spiritual practices instead of succumbing their Allegiance to The Light, to the Gold- to fear, anxiety or overwhelm. The Imen Virtues. These Impeccable Warriors of peccable Warrior of Light book and other Light will be iron-strong in their Devotion Sacred Tools will help you live in alleto the Light...and through their Wise Fo- giance to your Divine Nature... brimming cus, they will be able to assist those who with Positive Power, which you can utiare weakened and afraid. It is the Im- lize to create Noble, Harmonic, Beautypeccable Warriors of Light that will guide full Realities. and support humanity through the Earth changes.” FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR THREAT IS NOW HEALED We have all witnessed that the radi- BY THE POWER OF YOUR LOVE cal Earth changes are intensifying. Do not allow yourself to be paralized with It is vital as healers and Stewards of depression, worry or a sense of being Mother Earth that we be aware of the power-less. Know that there are Time- many layers of danger that exist in the less Golden Principles which you can global presence of nuclear power plants, implement to emPower your self as a other destructive technology, greed and transformer of challenging realities. We apathy that clearly pose intense dancan take refuge in Grace and accept that ger for all Life. As Impeccable Warriors crises conditions exist to present us the of Light, we can digest the facts without opportunity to align with the Infinite Com- becoming frightened, nervous, angry or passionate Assistance that is available to resent-full. As the Fukushima plant pours support us. countless tons of radioactive water into Mother Ocean...releasing radiation into The Impeccable Warrior of Light tools the air...and moves ahead with supremeand techniques such as Soul Retrieval, ly risky operations, we must maintain Shaktipat Limpias, healing-empowering a Vision that these type of threats are mantras and the Shaman’s Rattle, will dissolved and replaced by an Enlighthelp you maintain an elevated high fre- ened humanity that makes only Wise, 9 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Respect-full choices in all moments. To constantly affirm the Highest Destiny, for ourselves and Mother Earth, we can affirm perspectives such as: “Love is the Answer...Peace on Earth...”

your Light.

We have been armed with the Power of Prayer, Affirmations, Higher Vision, Sacred Song, Power Dance and LOVE... and all of these are Mighty Transformers. To support your Vision of Peace on Earth, YOU have the Power to re-create this here is this inspiring affirmation song. It world according to the Golden Principles is from our “7 Steps To Peace In 7 Days” of Wisdom and Balance. program and CD. Singing along with this track often will re-mind you that through It is Shamanic amnesia that is blocking the Power of Love, people, places and your confidence and Power to quickly conditions CAN be transformed. create entirely different Planetary & Life https://mail.google.com/mail/?tab=wm#i scenarios. One way to amplify your Soul Power quickly is by using the Shaman’s nbox/14286d478be85d08?projector=1 Rattle often. Whenever you feel the darkALL CRISIS IS A WAKE UP CALL,TO ness encroaching on your Positive PowSTRENGTHEN OUR CONNECTION TO er, rattle thoroughly around your self. SPIRIT Bathing your self in that Sacred Sound, you will quickly feel your Golden Energy All potent experiences are meant to wake and Confidence increase! us up to our Power as healers-transformers-uplifters. Crises push us towards relying on our Higher Self and the Eternal Wisdom that resides within us. When we choose to Trust in our Divine Protectors and do the Sacred Work by offering constant, Faith-full declarations, decrees, affirmations, mantras and Peace Rituals...the Compassionate Forces of the Universe can assist us in co-creating a Positive future. Yes, when you look at the devastation or danger of a situation such as the radiation contaminating our Planet’s Oceans, Sea-Life, vegetables and air...or the destruction left behind by a storm such as the massive Typhoon Haiyan-Yolanda, it can feel as if that reality is larger than you are...but it is not. Nothing is bigger than

Instead of freezing in fear or remaining blind to the many dangers involved in dismantling the nuclear reactors, their radioactive fuel, volatile rods, etc,... you and I can call on the Legions of Light to guide governments, utility companies and individuals so that all those involved can Successfully handle the dangerous

10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

operations before them. We must pray and declare that all those who are greedy, materialistic and unconscious awaken to their Loving, Compassionate self, so they can serve the Light with all their Might. To activate these petitions, rattle over them as you state your prayers and decrees.

ing process will take up to 40 years!

If we are aware of such data, we will understand how much Zest and Determination we must pour into our Light Work. With this affirmation, we can transmute this reality to one where the ignorance and the danger are now replaced with Here are some decrees for your shaman- Love for Mother Earth, Love for humanity ic work: and Responsible, Honorable actions by all beings. All ignorance and self-destructive actions are now replaced with Wisdom, I call forth the Light to be Triumphant in all Self-Respect and Compassion beings, places, spaces and conditions! for others. By the Power of Love, by the Power of By the Power of Grace, Mother Earth Grace, it is done, done and DONE!” is Perfectly Protected and in Radiant Balance. We were born to live as Impeccable WarI blaze healing Violet Light to Mother riors of Light...Golden Beings who have Earth to Protect Her from all harm Golden Power within us to dissolve deand rejuvenate Her. structive scenarios and replace them with Golden ones. It is our Sacred Duty to exAs we align with Spirit, the Angels, Arch- pect miraculous intervention, miraculous angels, Masters of Light and Forces of solutions, miraculous transformation... Compassion will guide us on what Posi- and to do our part towards that manifestative Action to generate in order o dissolve tion. To fortify your spiritual Self-Respect and transcend suffering. A simple invita- and Guidance, sing along with this affirtion to the Angels and Divine Protectors, mation-song “I Am An Impeccable Wardraws their Presence and Protection. To rior of Light!” do this, here is a sample of the track Anhttps://mail.google.com/mail/?tab=wm#in gels Are Near, Angels Are Here box/14286d478be85d08?projector=1 https://mail.google.com/mail/?tab=wm#i nbox/14286d478be85d08?projector=1 I send you waves of Victory Power....JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! The crisis at Fukushima nuclear plant and the fact that there are many ill-conceived, poorly built and ineptly managed nuclear plants around the world, is a huge threat www.IWOLig​ht.org to our existence. For example: The dan- To purchase any Peace Mother CDs, visit gerous operations they must perform at http://iwolight.storenvy.com/ Reactor 4 could take through the end of collections/158074-cds-chanting-music next year...and the entire decommission11 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Moving Beyon

by Bo

“ What you seek i ~Ru 12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2013

nd Resistance

obbie Stuart

is seeking you.”


13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2013

It’s always something. Our human lives provide us with many wondrous possibilities and opportunities, but often we become immersed in doubt, difficulty and drama. We worry and fret, creating confusion in our once open field. We become captured and view potential possibilities as shrouded with stubborn obstacles. Then a whirling vortex of negatives pulls us into calamity thinking... “Oh no, not me, not now. I can’t, what will people think?” and the biggie, “I’m not ready for this.” Life will always deliver unexpected circumstances as grist for your transformation mill. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not, here it comes. Become a warrior, not a worrier. The power is in the moment. The power is in your response. Determine always to respond, rather than resist, and uplift yourself when overwhelm sets in. Let your higher awareness take the lead. Be grateful for everything that comes and know it has shown up because you have something to learn from it. Gravitate to gratitude and let it pervade your perception. At the apex of choice, of shift, of turning toward your true vision, action must be taken. Creation involves vision, choice, action, and determination. It’s a process. All is dependent upon the intensity of your initial intention. Energetically speaking, passion, focus, thrust, and trajectory fuel your outcomes.

All and everything first exists in the unseen world before it manifests in the material world. Align with your passion and persist, no matter what difficulties occur. Alchemically congeal the energy of your dream into a form, imagine it growing, assuming its qualities, season it with a chosen tone and fuel it with your creative desire. Water it daily with your loving intention. Tuck it into the edges of your awareness to simmer till it reaches full term and seeks in its fullness a way to be born into your life. When I was a single mom with three young children, one baby, a toddler and a seven year old, I was awarded a scholarship to college for the third time. The first time I flunked out, the second time I dropped out, and now, after a bitter divorce from my first husband, I was given my final opportunity to complete my BFA in Art Education. Without any child support, I was dependent on welfare and food stamps. Since that aid never coved expenses, I had to baby-sit, teach art classes for children and yoga classes for adults to scrape together enough money to make it through each month. In addition I had homework, papers to write, along with caring for my children. This was an incredibly difficult situation that lasted three years. Against almost impossible resistance I pushed through each month, having to do everything myself.

14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

To find my strength and stay on track I arose pre-dawn for yoga and meditation. I refused to give up, determined to succeed, no matter what the personal cost. I had to rise to the challenge. I discovered a book of energizing exercises and I began to do them every night so I could keep going. I would regenerate my energies each day and propel myself onward on my adventure. This situation instilled in me tremendous independence, laserlike focus, and unshakeable perseverance. I was in training to become an excellent, highly developed, successful person. No other experience could have taken me to that point. In meeting this difficult situation and over-riding all resistance, I began to feel that I could accomplish anything.

Bobbie Stuart, visionary artist and writer, spiritual counselor and teacher, holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and an MA in Inter-Arts from Chicago’s Columbia College, where she was a faculty member for more than 20 years. She is a woman grown wise and intimately connected to spirit through a life of challenging and amazing experiences combined with extensive spiritual study and practice. Bobbie joins sacred healing practices to visionary outcomes in various modes of transformative work.

So,no excuses. If you are sick, lame, have a splitting headache, are homeless, broke, or simply submerged in a self-ravaging pity party, yet and still... you must partner with the universe and tend to the active pursuit of propelling your vision into creation.

Her artwork is inspiring and evocative of the multiverse of spiritual dimensions. Bobbie is a Life Path Consultant and Spiritual Advisor and is available for Skype or telephone sessions. Bobbie@bobbiestuart.com bobbiestuart.com or find her on Facebook.

15 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013

Spiritual Growth

through Mindfulness Art by Maryam Morrison 16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2013

By Sherri Cortand and Shelly R. Wilson

When I was studying for my B.A. at Mount St. Mary College in Newburgh, New York, I took a class called Meditation East and West. In that class we studied the great Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, and peace activist, Thích Nhất Hạnh, who was a pioneer in the development of western Buddhism and western meditation and brought us the practice of mindfulness. In Buddhist meditation practices, mindfulness, which is also translated as awareness, is considered to be of great importance on the path to enlightenment; and establishing mindfulness in one’s day-to-day life means maintaining a calm awareness of one’s body, feelings, thoughts and perceptions. In other words, being present in the moment and paying attention to your senses: being profoundly alert to your senses of touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste, and how you feel at any given moment. The textbook we used in class was The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thích Nhất Hạnh, and he said to practice mindfulness in all things, including

when you’re doing things like washing the dishes; and if you couldn’t do that, then you shouldn’t wash the dishes. I confess; I laughed when I first read that advice, and I did not buy into mindfulness right away. It wasn’t until many years later that the light bulb finally turned on in my head, and I went back and reread The Miracle of Mindfulness with a much more open mind. These days I am happy to wash the dishes and practice mindfulness at the same time, and here’s my two-part process to bring mindfulness to everyday chores: 1. View the chore as a positive event. Make it an exercise in self-understanding and stress relief. 2. As you do the chore, focus on what you’re doing—and nothing else. For example, Feel the warm, soapy water on your hands as you wash the dishes; experience the vibrations of the vacuum cleaner as you cover the area of the floor; enjoy the warmth of the laundry as you fold it; feel the freedom of letting go of unneeded objects as you put them in a box for the Salvation Army. In other words: use your senses to be in the moment.

17 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Meditation is also a great way to practice mindfulness, as is deep breathing, which, of course, you can do while you’re meditating. I went from not giving mindfulness any credence to becoming a true believer in the power of this tool to help us on our spiritual journey, and I asked my pal, the author, intuitive medium, and metaphysical talk show host Shelly R. Wilson for her take on mindfulness, awareness, and meditation. Here are Shelly’s thoughts plus a special meditation she put together for us:

with your back straight and your palms up open to receiving. Close your eyes. Relax. Breathe in deeply and exhale. • Imagine yourself in the most beautiful tranquil place. This is your safe haven, your nirvana, your paradise. Your senses are heightened as you conceptualize this utopia.

• Be mindful of your breaths. Feel your chest expand with the inhalations. Feel your chest deflate with the exhalations. Feel the love you have within you. Allow the essence of you to un“The best advice I can give you with fold and surround you. regard to mindfulness is to practice being mindfully present. The deeper • This beautiful Divine energy surI have delved into my spirituality, the rounds your being. Allow it to envelop more I have realized the importance you fully. Open your heart to love. Be of being present - right here, right thankful for this moment and every now. Being mindfully present involves moment. Allow this gratitude and love consciously focusing our energy in to flow freely through you and around this present state of being rather than you as you simply breathe. continuously planning the future or dwelling in the past. Choosing to be- • Now, open your eyes slowly. Focus come conscious of being present will your energy on being present and in heighten awareness so that communi- the now at this very moment. Be obcation from our higher self and guides servant and become aware of your becomes easier to hear. Here’s an surroundings yet allow yourself to simawareness meditation to help you get ply be. started…” • What do you see? Mindfulness/Awareness • What do you feel? Meditation: • What do you hear? • What do you smell? • Take a moment to just BE. Sit in a chair

18 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Note: Shelly R. Wilson is the author of three metaphysical self-help books. For more about Shelly and her books, sessions, workshops and radio show. please visit www.ShellyRWilson.com

• Notice what you are seeing with your eyes and hearing with your ears. Be fully present and fully aware of your surroundings. All you should feel at this moment is being present. Continue being mindful of your breathing and relax. You are present in this moment. Originally • Express your gratitude for this opportunity to enhance your awareness. As you continue to be mindful of your breaths, move your fingers and wiggle your toes. Know that you are love and you are loved. Mindfulness is one of many ways available to move ourselves forward spiritually, and my intention for this article is to remind you to explore and use your innate power to expedite your spiritual growth. Namaste.

from New York State, Sherri Cortand lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Ted Dylewsk and their many cats. In addition to writing books for Ozark Mountain Publishing, Sherri is also the Orlando Metaphysical Columnist for Examiner.com, where publishes new columns twice weekly, and she also shares messages from her Guides on her Facebook Author Page. www.sherricortland.com

Photo by: Heidi Winkler www.HeidiWinkler.com

• Allow yourself to become fully aware and completely present right here right now. Do not allow your mind to wander. Become cognizant of this moment. Breathe in deeply and exhale mindfully. Feel your chest expanding as you breathe in and your chest deflating as you exhale. Feel your heart beating rhythmically as blood is coursing through your veins.

19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

An Excerpt from

Buddha Speaks

To the Buddha Nature Within


and the Buddhi Mind By Rashmi Khilnani

Author of Shiva Speaks: Conversations with aha Avatar Babaji

Part 1 Artwork by Maryam Morrison 20 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013

“It is fine to let the mind move from desire to desire if one watches the desires as the detached witness. From this perspective, the discerning higher Buddhi mind engages, takes charge of and becomes the knower of the desires. This allows for a balance between participating in life and detachment.” www.rashmikhilnani.com

Dear Lord Buddha, as we strive to release attachment after attachment to people, activities, beliefs, thought-forms, and material objects, is it permissible or us to retain a certain amount of desire and enthusiasm? Dearest, do not allow your mind to confuse you. I Shakyamuni Buddha very much worked on attaining a state of desirelessness and detachment. As I keep mentioning, this is another time and another frequency of energy. All materialism and the nature of duality as you know it is about to dissolve and take on a very different frequency in this prelude to the end of time and space as you know it. In all your scriptures, not just the Buddhist, you have been taught time and again that an overly clinging attitude to your body, your thoughts, to your emotions, relationships, and material objects leads to suffering as the nature of your reality is one of constant change. You have been taught in your holy scriptures that you are not the body, you are not your wealth, and that you are none of these things that the mind and ego claim. For 13,000 years on this planet, human beings have endlessly clung to a very limited understanding of who they are. My own detachment from clinging to desires, external material objects and mind/body/

intellect consciousness finally led to the phenomenon of my enlightenment. This awakening sent out a vibration all over the world for many generations to come (for those who wished to seek) of detached witnessing of the mind, body and intellect. It connected seekers to the energy of disidentification and detachment from this consciousness. It connected seekers all over the globe to their Buddha nature within. In this time now, wisdom lies in enjoying whatever comes to you within the flow of the river of your life. Whatever comes to you easily, effortlessly, and organically; enjoy it. Wisdom now lies in enjoying things, people and places that arise from the Divine principles: Highest good of all concerned. Within the free will of all concerned. In this current time, a powerful perspective to mastering detachment, non-identification, and detached witnessing is letting go of that part of your mind which wishes to cling or just won’t let go when the flow asks that of you. It is this clinging to people, objects, and places that no longer serve the higher good, moment to moment, that is one of the root causes of immense human pain and suffering.


As the great being Osho states: if you are poor, enjoy it and enjoy the advantages of simplicity and having less; and if you are rich, celebrate that too.

gages, takes charge of and becomes the knower of the mind, body, and intellect and of the desires as they arise one after another. This detached witnessing state allows for discernment; it allows for a Here the quality of acceptance helps you balance between participating in life and greatly. If you become a master of ac- detachment, and most of all it allows for a ceptance of your life, moment to moment, centered letting go of pain. you then easily become the master of change and transformation. Dear One, on the subject of permission, it is also time now to let go of the human This transformation and constant state of obsession with great gods in the sky flux is an inherent part of the nature of telling them what to do, think, or feel. As your 3D reality. some of you know but keep forgetting, there is no question of permission from Here I would like to bring your attention to the Divine as the Divine grants you comthe title of this book: The Buddha Speaks plete free will. It is about choice. What will to the Buddha Nature Within. you choose? The mind is also obsessed with right and wrong, so immediately you If you constantly cling to definition and think: which choice is right or wrong, or control, you miss the wisdom behind the which choice is better that another? words. Within 3D reality the title of this book separates the Buddha phenomena In the school of life, it is good to experifrom your own innate Buddha Nature. ment with different choices. No choice in However, within the 5th dimension of Uni- and of itself is ultimately bad or wrong. ty Consciousness, which Buddhists call All experiences are part of the so-called Nirvana, there is only oneness; there is “learning curve” of life voyaging. But as no separation between the Buddha with- we have said before, there is universal out and the Buddha within. law that applies to 3D reality as there is universal law that applies to 5D reality In fact, as you know dear ones, there is (the reality beyond time, space and dualultimately no separation between you ity). and any of the Ascended Masters— Jesus, Babaji, the Archangels, and all the Dear Buddha, this is all wonderful illumiother great beings of love and light that nation; however as we know, the mind you exalt. goes from desire to desire to desire. It In regard to desire and the pathway of is endless and ceaseless, so could you enlightenment and ecstatic bliss, it is give us some desire-detonating weapfine to let the mind move from desire to ons. Sorry Buddaji, I know you are in a desire if one watches the desires as the non-violent state, so forgive this joke, and detached witness. From this perspective, maybe you could provide some water pisthe discerning higher Buddhi mind en- tols instead that zap desire. 22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

For the truth be known, in spite of achieving greater and greater simplicity in my life, there is still a very princess-like component to my psychological makeup. My Archangels recently guided me to sell my Delhi flat and spend the money as I wished without too much seriousness as to where and how, which I did. So there is this part of me that enjoys abundant flow, and I know that part is O.K., but I am talking about the part that still exists in many of us, myself included, that makes us tired and depleted with its automatic ceaseless hankering. Dearest one, becoming the “Sakshi” ( the detached witness) lifts the mind into stillness, calm, peace and leads one to feeling whole and complete. This leads to a blissful state where one connects to all that is, and in this state hoarding, hankering, obsessing, and craving, which are all different attributes of the mind, dissolve as one has a complete experience of the whole universe within one’s beingness. When the tree knows itself as a complete and whole tree, it need no longer cling to a particular leaf or branch or root.

flow, one with the entire cosmos, and you have learned to bring this state of calm and ease into your life, moment to moment. Would you agree? There are, on the other hand, the moments when you forget to do this from time to time, and you get caught up in the stress created by your mind. Peace, fulfillment, and atonement go flying off. Your tendency might be to blame yourself or justify it, or sometimes even go into denial of this black cloud of stress. This then makes you feel very alone, totally separate, and misunderstood—a complete victim of your mind and a stooge to the intellectual jargon of your fellow brothers and sisters. At this point in the sorry mess, if you don’t make time to slow down and take spiritual stock, starting with a deep breath, then you start sliding into a complete rollercoaster of hellish misery. As you know, dear one, stress is nothing but fear.

Each of the qualities on the spiritual path that we call in the Vedas, the Sattvic Gunas, are to be strengthened, not just the quality of generosity but also equally qualities of compassion, patience, accepRashmiji, you know very well from your tance, slowing down, detachment and own experience, that in those Zen mo- celebration. Balance is important. ments when you are sitting quietly by a river, in a deep state of meditation or at one with your dance, that you become very whole and complete, especially when you ground these energies which you are good at doing. In those moments, you feel Rashmiji is filled up. You feel totally fulfilled. In those moments, desire ceases of its own natural accord. You become one with the breeze, one with the book is on amazon.com and kindle

23 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Artwork by Maryam Morrison 24 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013


You Childlike Nature by Cosmo Cavallaro


“Life finds its purpose and fulfillment in the expansion of happiness. Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower, and draws all good things toward you”. ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The past few days I have been preoccupied with what appeared, on the surface, to be a difficult situation. It kept trying to pull me out of my normal state of optimism and acceptance of the vicissitudes of life. Like most of us, when I encounter these moments I try to adjust my interpretation of the situation in a positive way. I try to recognize what the lesson is

that the Universe is trying to teach me. In this instance what I discovered was that I was taking myself and the situation too dismal. I forgot my childlike mindset of not taking life too seriously. I forgot to remind myself that life is short, that the clouds above me will soon give way to the bright blazing sun.

25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

I forgot to remain as close to the flowers, the grass, and the butterflies as I did when I was a child when they were not much taller than I was. But as an adult I seemed to have outgrown them and have to lower myself and stoop down to experience them. As adults, we must nurture our innate ability to see the value of humor and lightheartedness which can diminish as we age. Everyday problems can seem bigger than they are. Work takes precedence over play, and we have less incentive to use our imaginative minds focusing on what is humorous and comical. Yet, it is in these enjoyable thought patterns that solutions can manifest in our awareness. “Seriousness is an incapacitating disease.” ~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh The answer to my seemingly overwhelming situation came to me in the blink of an eye when I was enjoying a playful time with my two young nephews. They were just being silly as kids could be and were laughing hysterically. Children appreciate all that is silly as a matter of course. Their grasp of humor is instinctual, and even the smallest absurdities provoke joyous screams of extreme laughter. I couldn’t help but smile imaging what it was like to be so carefree. And within a few minutes I was laughing hysterically myself. When we remember our childhood, we recall the pleasures of reciting nonsense poems, making up strange games, or playing pretend. This unabashed silliness nourished our vitality and creativity. We can take in this nourishment once again

by giving ourselves permission to lighten up and be silly. Watching children at play brought me back to my true self; and my true self, my normal state of mind, has always been like the court jester. Within a few brief moments of observing their joyfulness I engaged myself in their fun. And that brought resolution to what I thought was a difficult situation. “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe with childlike eyes is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” ~Albert Einstein In a joyful state of mind acceptance and tolerance is enhanced and our problems become less complicated. Too often we reject the wonderful childlike nature that is an inherent, inborn aspect of the self. We play yet we do not lose ourselves in play, and our imaginations are never truly given free reign because we regard the products of irrational creativity as being undignified or valueless. Some people think it childish to wear a funny hat in public, stop and play hop-scotch with children as you are walking to work in your suit and tie. . I do not! Silliness itself does indeed constitute a vital part of human existence on a myriad of levels. We must not lose interest in these cheerful mindsets, but to make them a part of our lives we must be ready to sacrifice a little dignity and a lot of fear. We must totally ignore the judgments of what other people think. It is of little consequence if someone thinks it is inappropriate or meaningless to be silly and childlike.

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When I am living my life on purpose following the meter of my own rhythms and my intentions are rooted in love, I don’t care about other people’s opinions. I can be ridiculously silly and be oblivious to my environment simply enjoying the moment. Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do. ~Jean de la Bruyere Our first taste of ethereal bliss is often a byproduct of our willingness to experiment in what we deem to be outrageous, nonsensical, or absurd. We delight in ridiculousness not only because laughter is intrinsically pleasurable, but also because it serves as a reminder that existence itself can be a joyful experience. It is precisely because so much of life is inescapably serious that lightheartedness, fun and silliness should be regarded as a significant priority in our lives. Living our lives in the present moment is to experience the purity of our existence. Through the magic of our imagination, you can be or become anything you want, a photographer, a musician, a pilot. Whether you take hundreds of silly pictures, revel in the adulation of your fans as you rock on your air guitar in front of the mirror, or turn your office desk into a jet cockpit, the ensuing laughter and contentment will help you see that lighthearted fun and adulthood can coexistence and are not at all incompatible. It is in fact a profound elixir for living an emotionally, mentally and physically healthy life.

Cosmo has been an instructor of Transcendental Meditation since 1970. He is a musician, writer, father, teacher, vegetarian, eternal optimist, court jester, spiritual warrior and a student of the human condition. His mission is to inspire and arouse the spiritual essence in everyone. . Philosophy: I am not a human being having a spiritual experience. I am a spiritual being having a temporary human experience. He can be reached at 2-Cosmo@msn.com or on Facebook.

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New poetry Book

“Scarlet Sky Glitters with L by Munir Mezyed Artwork by Maryam Morrison

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This volume contains 11 poetry books in English • • • • • • • • • • •

Silent Love Sparkling with Desire Carnival of Passion & Desire Dancing around the Flames of Poetry Talismans of Absolute Poetry Sipping from the Cup of Transfiguration Rain on the Roof of Love Dream Wandering in the Silent Eternity Purple Odes Searching for Honey The Last Dance of the Blue Swan Eros Sings in my Memory The Shrines of water in the Memory of Jasmine

These poems represent the experience of the poet and writer Munir Mezyed in writing “Absolute Poetry”. “Absolute Poetry” is modern Poetry School, founded by the poet Munir Mezyed. Therefore these collections of poetry are the first poems written in the theory and vision of “Absolute Poetry”.

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by J

Artwork by My Beloved Children,

self for your life experience. This vision is what fuels your passion for living and “Today I have a message of great heart expressing your life. for you to feast upon. It is a message that is quite timely and yet would be welcome At times you may feel you are not sure in any position of time that you find your- why you are here and why your life is as self within. it is. Let me share with you today, that your journey of experiences is perfect There is a vision, a great vision that is in every way. All of your experiences have held within your heart. Within this vision led you to where you are today, in this lies all the hopes and dreams of your true very moment. 30 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013


Message from the Goddess Mother

Jan Diana

Maryam Morrison As we meet our minds and hearts within this expression of written words, can you feel that something magical is about to happen in your life? Do you not feel your heart filling with the excitement of hopefullness and joy?

to that vision. Oh there is great excitement My Children, as we have planned together for this very moment of readiness.

As you feel that connection to your inner vision lighting up, you will feel it calling to you, like a sweet song bringing such You have been searching for your inner peace and delight to your heart. You have vision and today, in this moment of time, been preparing for this moment and now you will feel a light going on, lighting up it is here. the way for you to remember the pathway 31 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013

When you focus on your heart, you will feel a lightness flowing in such gentleness and love. Breathe to your heart and open your mind to receive the messages of your inner vision. Prepare to accept with openness the great changes that you are ready for in your life. There is so much more to what is possible and yet you have always known this truth. It is a time for great celebration My Children, as you will begin to become more consciously aware of who you truly are and your great purpose for your life experience. Your inner vision will manifest to you within quiet moments, and moments of great joy. Be patient with yourself as you open to receive, remember and understand. These are the times of great promise; you can feel this as I speak these words to you as I can feel your heart’s joy. Yes, you can move with great confidence knowing you are about to reach a great treasure, a treasure that has been calling to you. It is so delightful to see you wipe the sleep from your eyes, open them widely, and see this dream you have been living within become alive with new colors, new songs and new opportunities. I can feel your excitement, just as a young child begins to open a beautiful package with colorful ribbons and bows with great anticipation of what is held within, wondering what magic will be unveiled. There is so much wonder to behold. Let me share with you that your inner vision is more than you have perhaps imag-

ined. It is more because you are more. To remember your truth and your vision that you planned for this life is the greatest desire of your heart. Perhaps you have forgotten this for a time and yet your inner flame has always been shining, gently guiding you with great loving presence. Now you can choose to take a more active role in knowing your vision with your conscious choice. When you become aware of the existence of something, this empowers you to further light your awareness and to expand upon it. This can lead to further development of your consciousness, rising to heights beyond your imagination and opening up limitless possibilities and potentials for you to explore. There is no greater gift than the gift you have chosen, the gift of living your life. As you make the conscious connection to your inner vision, reaching into the full expanse of the authentic truth, you will meet with such joy and peace. You will know that all your dreams are possible to become your reality within your life. To live your life in awareness, aligned with your sacred purpose, is within your inner vision. Living your life, expressing your inner vision is the ultimate bringer of joy. Within your inner vision are the seeds of potentials and possibilities leading to such wonder My Beloveds, for truly you are the wonder. You are a great adventurer, an explorer, finding your way back to yourself.

32 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013

As your beautiful inner vision unfolds for you, you will feel that connection to you come into greater clarity and focus allowing you to begin seeing more of your sacred vision manifest into your reality. In the days and moments ahead, prepare for greatness for it is your destiny. You are children of great promise. You are my children of light, perfect in every way. Each of you is a beautiful song with your own melody. I am here with you supporting you on your journey of experiences through every moment of time and timelessness. You are never alone. We are always in heart. I hold within my heart A Greater Vision of you. May you see and feel this great vision, as I shine it upon you now and always, lighting pathways of the heart to the home you never left.” With great love, Your Beloved Mother

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Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients and students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts and abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more.

Sessions and Classes by phone. If you As a Gift I am offering you a Free Tele- have questions or would like to set up a Class, “Your Inner Vision” Discover path- session, you can reach her at website ways to your inner vision. Open up your www.sunshineinyourheart.com heart and mind to greater awareness of your truth and purpose. Swim in the vi- or by email sion of light that guides and directs your sunsinyourheart@aol.com soul purpose. SPECIAL offer 20% discount for new Open your consciousness to see the big- clients. Free meditation journeys, ger picture of you and your plan for this articles, & classes. life. This Class is a celebration of the http://www.sunshineinyourheart.com/ wonder of you. free_telecasts.html 33 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

My name is Pawel I am a Sound Healer, Visionary and Energy Intuitive who has dedicated his life to healing myself and others during these challenging and fascinating times of energetic transition. In 2008 I had a stroke in which my face became paralysed. Advanced medical support did not help and as a last resort I became interested in Reiki and began my training in this therapy in order to treat myself. Self-healing techniques helped me to regain muscle tone in my face within 3 months. After my stroke, my awareness was heightened; I learnt to develop my creative potential by studying alchemy and sacred geometry. I started creating spiritual art, workshops and courses by embracing my galactic heritage and my cosmic connection.


Reconnect with You

My acceleration of self-alchemy released hidden gifts and blessings regarding energy healing, resonance and sound work. I began embracing sacred sound. This affinity for repetitive, rhythmic sounds led me to connect with the pure universal sound. Pure sound, the very essence of our daily communication and communion, a medium of our daily existence, forms the bridge to your imagination which harnesses new levels of awareness of our transformation showing us clearly where we are on our journey. Sound became a signpost to pure imagination for me. I started exploring the vastness of pure consciousness and witnessed its daily expansion. 34 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013

Healing is unconditional love and and empowers each individual, e for their own path, well-b As healings are continuously and c rate, we embark on a journ and its ac increasing our vibration and exp


ur Original Vibration

d is the key, which unlocks the heart enabling them to take responsibility being and soul progression. constantly happening at a much faster ney, discovering the true Self ctualization, panding our inner light collectively.

I have created Sound Fantastic - the third of four aspects of my energy soulhealing work. I have been trained by Lesley Carol in Atlantis College and Michael Ormniston. This is transformative healing modality including holistic voice therapy, gong therapy, Himalayan bowl and crystal bowl therapy. Sound awakening has been inspired by Archangel Metatron, Angel Shamael and Galactic Parents for group consciousness healing and 1 to 1 therapy. Sound Fantastic bridges different levels of awareness and connects with the universal sonic tapestry. Sound modality was especially designed for sensitives, empaths and holistic practitioners. Connecting with Universal Sonic Tapestry Sound work is the weaving of the many tangible and intangible sonic threads that create our sacred tapestry of our sonic landscape. Sound weaving is what connects us to ourselves through emotions, thoughts, feelings and also sensations and dreams; and more physically, our bodies. Here, the unique tone of our sonic presence dovetails with our unique path as we journey through life. Sound is very inspirational and transformative and has a potential of energetic expansion in beautiful sonic landscape, the language of light and the energy of the Spirit. Sound is the working of spirit’s invisible thread - the life force that is within us all – on the sacred sonic note of life,

35 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

connecting us not just to ourselves but to other sacred elements and to the Founders and Creator.

Sound your sacred note and start your new sonic adventure with the cosmic music resonating throughout the hyperspace!

For me, Sound Weaving is an inner journey of transformation, supported by my work through the medium of my voice and sound tools and profoundly reflected in the new sonic landscapes. When I use my voice, I am at the gateway to the ‘invisible’ world and I am invited to access all that lies beyond my physical expression in the ‘Sound Dream Weave’. From here I gather the sonic threads with which to weave a beautiful sonic tapestry. As the voice therapy progresses, it is developing a rhythm of its own, the note weaving creates itself and the new sonic landscape emerges and manifests in `now`.

Having a sound session is a very special healing experience, as the human voice is one of the most powerful tools within sound healing. Sound works on the principle of sympathetic resonance and entrainment. While combining voice and contemporary sound instruments we can work on re-balancing our energetic signature, using sympathetic resonance which will re-train the unbalanced areas back to their perfect – original vibration.

Through the gateway of the sacred voice I am invited to access all that the Ancestral Sound Weavers have to offer me. They have a lot to share with those who seek to weave their sacred path and connect with the web of life and Interstellar Highway.

charge of your own energetic signature. The structure establishes an ongoing resonance within your auric field and maintains your optimum energy levels, while learning to be fully present. I also offer various energy healing therapies, workshop, classes, sound therapy and support for sensitives, empaths, healers

I am currently running research on amplifying energetic signature and mapping of When we to let go and let the sonic consciousness through embracing Algothreads and sound instruments to take rithmic Self. us to unchartered territories, we start embracing our energetic signature. There Supporting you to remember... are no mistakes – only opportunities for self growth and self realization. On one In addition, I am the founder of Metatron level, each sonic tapestry is embedded Alchemy® and Metatron Resonance. in the current state of our consciousness, These two energy healing systems creopening us to new levels of awareness ate sacred geometry in motion through in creative and loving ways. On another, sound, light and breath synthesis. The it contains a sacred dream – ancestral aim of this work is to provide a bridge voices choosing the medium of our voice between different levels of awareness in as the channel of communication. order to expand energetically and take

36 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

and holistic practitioners. I blend the dif- Healing is the way of life for me and it is ferent healing modalities to carry out in my heart. therapeutic energy work, breath work, creative visualization, manifestation and healing through meditative reflection. http://www.metatronhealing.com http://www.infiniteresonance.com

I use my gifts I received through my awakhttp://www.soundfantastic.com ening to assist those ready to reconnect with their sacred note through sound, https://www.facebook.com/MetatronHealingTherapies light and breath modelling.

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What is Lemuri

And why do we need a Brid Lemuria is a symbol for an evolved state of Unity consciousness. At one time in our human history we lived in the Lemurian consciousness. It was a time of bliss and love. We shared our resources and honored one another. It was the original Garden of Eden. Over time we began to forget our Divine nature and turned more to the 3D material world. We got lost in the dream. We are now awakening and the Bridge is a gathering place to REMEMBER the truth of who we are. It offers guidance, support and inspiration to t hose desiring evolution. 38 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2013



by Faith Spina

Part 2


39 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2013

Little by little, many of the Lemurians began to forget some of their old ways. They became less tolerant. Arguments broke out and the days of happiness grew fewer and far between. The island was not big enough to carry all the people of both countries and it slowly began to sink into the deep turquoise sea.

to recognize each other, they asked the Power of All to imprint their hands with special markings. And so it was done. The Lemurians were to wear an “M” on their palms as a symbol of “MU.” The people from Atlantis were to wear an “A” on their palms for Atlantis. The children born during this time would be called the Indigo Children. These children would Fear was not something the Lemurians remember their power and teach manknew about until then. But at this time, kind the truth of the universe. they began to fear for their lives. As the island sank into the ocean, many Lemu- Mother Earth, the angels and the Power rians turned themselves into merpeople of All smiled. Even though they had witjust to survive. Some left their bodies to nessed so much destruction, they knew return to other galaxies and worlds be- that there would again come a time when yond. The fairies disappeared deep into all people of all cultures would come tothe center of the earth and the dolphins gether as one to live in love. The End. and merpeople swam into the depths of the ocean. When Miss Carli finished the story, the children clapped their hands in delight. The people from Atlantis, frantic to return Each of them quickly began to examine to their home, fought for the remaining their palms for the letter M or A. Excitedlogs to use as boats. Many sank be- ly, some exclaimed, “I found an A.” Othcause they were not made to carry so ers shouted, “I’m an M!” From the back many people. The sea swallowed most of the class a small boy named Jake of the people. Those who made it back to started to cry. “I don’t have a letter”, he Atlantis were soon met by torrential rain. sobbed. Floods of tears shed by Mother Earth rained upon them. Mother Earth, sad to Maia and Blue exchanged smiles behave lost her beloved humans, cried day cause they could see that things were and night. The Earth became covered going according to their plan. By awakin water and all humans were now gone ening the memory of Miss Carli, she had from the planet. gone on to tell the story of Lemuria. This would help the children wake up to their Before they said their good-byes, the Le- own memories. murians and Atlanteans vowed to come again to Mother Earth in the future. They made an agreement to return to her once Miss Carli grinned and said, “I must have more when they were older and wiser. forgotten to tell you. Anyone who does They agreed to meet again in the future not have a letter has a small heart on his and rebuild the world together. In order or her left palm. 40 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Legend has it that children with hearts on are very upset right now. Can you tell their palms are angels who have been me why?” she asked. born on earth to watch over all humans everywhere.” He replied with a smirk on his face, “Jake thinks he’s so great just because he’s got Jake frantically began to examine his left a heart. Well, who wants a stupid heart palm. The tears soon turned to a great on their hand anyway?” big smile, and he triumphantly stated, “I found it! I have a heart! I have a heart!” Maia smiled inwardly and laid her hand on The other children gathered around him James’ arm and said, “James, I believe to see for themselves, secretly wishing you are special without a heart. Look at that they too were angels. what a leader you are! You got all these other boys to join you in a fight that they Little James stood by silently watch- don’t even believe in. What power you ing the other children with sadness. He have!” Maia cried. James looked surhadn’t found anything on his palms. prised and began to relax. “Yeah, Jake. Afraid to let the other children know this, I have power and all you have is a stupid he shouted, “That is the stupidest thing I heart. Ha. Ha. Ha.” He laughed. ever heard! Only weirdoes would believe that story.” “James,” Maia, said, looking into his face with clear, open eyes. “Some of us are After this making this comment, he be- girls. Some of us are boys. Some of us gan to punch Jake and make fun of him. have black skin. Others have yellow or “Sissy boy with the heart on his hand!” white skin. Some of us have hearts on he yelled. James kept up his taunting our hands. Some of us have A’s or M’s until he got others to join him. Within on our hands. We all look different, don’t a few minutes, several children chimed we?” Yeah, so what?” he replied. in to bully Jake. They called him mean names and kicked him when Miss Carli Well,” Maia went on to say, “We look difwasn’t looking. ferent. We sound different and, in a lot of After a few moments, Maia noticed the ways, we are different. But, did you know boys’ activity in the back of the room. that we have more in common than we What she and the others at first thought have differences?” was excitement turned out to be a fight. James replied, “Yeah, like what?” Maia made her way to where the boys surrounded Jake. She realized that little “We all want to be liked. We all want to James must have been in a great deal of be accepted by others. We all want to pain in order to strike out like that. be special and we all want to be loved. Everyone comes from the same source Maia spoke with all the authority, love though the Power of All and we are all and wisdom she possessed as the lead- equal because we are all part of the er of the angels. “James, I see that you whole. 41 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

We are ONE! Just like the story says, we have come together as one to help save Mother Earth. We need you James. Won’t you help us?” Maia asked. James thought for a minute and said, “What can I do to help, I don’t have a heart, or an A or an M?”

school bell rang and the children, filled with love in their hearts, raced off to their buses, eager to get home and share this message with their parents. As they rushed off, Miss Carli called out after them. “Class, remember to bring your permission slips in tomorrow for our field trip next week!”

Maia exclaimed, “James, you can be our leader! You can use your power to show Fairy Blue bubbled over with excitement. other children that even with our differ- Much had been accomplished already ences, we all want the same thing!” but the real fun was just about to begin. Blue knew that she was finally going to At that moment James stood a little taller get the opportunity to practice her fairy and looked very proud. “Yeah”, he said. magic with the children. “I’m a leader even though I make mistakes sometimes. Sorry, Jake, you’re www.bridgetolemuria.com not so stupid after all.” Miss Carli had noticed the commotion at the back of the room, but chose to let Maia and the boys handle the disagreement themselves. She was happy that they resolved the argument without her stepping in. Then Miss Carli went on to make an announcement. “Girls and boys, the last thing my great-great grandmother told me before she left this earth was that the angels and humans must all work together to save Mother Earth. Angels are no more important in this mission than humans are. All of us are unique and important to this earth. No one is more special than another is. We are all equal in the eyes of the universe. We must learn this lesson in order to survive. We must know that we have more in common than we have differences. We are united and the one thread that binds us all together is love.” As Miss Carli finished speaking, the 42 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

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GOD and PRAYER by Ellen Angelica Pendergast (Ellen Heller)

Painting by Daniel Maidman ~ The Prayer 44 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013

It occurred to me the other day, (Realization of course!) that we all pray to GOD; so many religions have been formed by mankind, and they all have the same commonality; we all pray to a BEING CALLED GOD…(of course, some are called ALLAH, etc.), but the basic meaning is the same….

is Everything and Everyone…for God is an Energy, called Love. Therefore, a true prayer, is a prayer of Gratitude, rather than supplication; a prayer of gratitude produces what we are grateful for….a prayer of need, produces more need, and a prayer of gratitude for Love and All good, produces that to which we are indeed grateful for, and in such magnitude, when bringing forth the Power of GOD….for when we do, we are bringing the power of ALL THAT IS.

Praying to God is basically going to the ‘BOSS”….’ In other words, the “all in all…” You can’t go any higher, so to speak…. and why is this? Why does it WORK? So many instances and situations prove that it DOES WORK; that a prayer to May you prosper, evolve, and Love as God, and when done with others, is mag- you all journey onto your connection with nificent, and rewarding….. the reason is the rest of YOU! always, well, because it’s GOD we are talking to! Blessings! The truth is that prayer works when we are speaking to GOD because, (and this is SO important!) when we pray to GOD, we are actually calling ALL ENERGY, in ALL FORMS, to our aid and assistance! We are calling forth the entire POWER OF THE UNIVERSE, in other words, LOVE, to our ‘rescue.” It can best be explained very simply… we are calling the whole world to assist us in our prayer, rather than just one person. For God/Energy/Love is in All, and is, in fact, the trees, the moon, the stars; every Being on this planet, including every creature, animal, plant, etc., AND includes all in every other solar system, galaxy, universe…all are summoned! All Angels, Saints, departed Loved ones, etc….all are called when one calls to GOD, for God is ALL, in ALL; every living thing…the Alpha and the Omega….God

Ellen Heller received a B.A. in Education in 1978; four major fields of study: English, Art, Social Studies, and Psychology. Received her M.S. in Clinical Psychology in 1997. Has treated patients in a locked psych ward, held a two office private practice, and currently is starting a private practice in Arizona. Taught Psychology classes at a University in the Chicago area, and has just completed a children’s book. She is currently writing another book for young adults and the general public. Contact Ellen; spiritmindedblog@gmail.com

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Twin Flames Snowflake Celestial Poetry By Signet Amenti

Merry Christmas … All the Snowflake Flames 46 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

In this very Special time of the Year, When we All Rise up to the new frontier And the Light, of the blissful Presence might … Ever flowing, throughout the whole Year, Now is here, To warmly Embraces us, with Sweet Delight . . . In the Home Fire, sparks … The full Symphony of tender Smiles, with beautiful Hearts, this, Christmas Eve

Gift Certificates . . . Available for Occasion, Holidays Christmas ~ New Year Special . . . 3 Classic Readings for the Charge of 1, in December Exclusively for Eden Magazine Readers, when they add to their Name, Words “Golden Snowflake Eden December”, in the Email sent: twinflamezen@gmail.com http://twinflamezen.wildapricot.org/ GIFT CERTIFICATES Now Available on Twin~Flame Zen

My wish for You, is to Be the Divine Vive, of the Gentle Art with all the gifts, You Will Receive . . . Of the Holy Spirit, through the Celestial Night, with Compassion, inside and Profound Joy, as you Write . . .

Wishing You Blissful DeLight in All Your Holiday Sparkling Moments SeRaphiEl , Flame~Make All Rights Reserved

The story of Your, Christmas Promise … To all those, You Love With deep faith, to Be found … Within the gentle old year ending Sound With a Wish for Merry Christmas Star Eve, Blissfully Embracing the New Age of Prosperity Kiss . . . With Luminous Hearts, Touched by the Blessings of Ascended Angels, Ever so near . . .


Merry Christmas to All Beings, and Everything, And Remember . . . When ego Walks~In The Spirit, Walks~Out

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A Poem by Rich Okun There are clues to the mysteries everywhere ~ Rich Okun

Searching, high and low round and round we go. everywhere a gleaning searching for life’s meaning. Every moment of the day can take our breath away and often we will find that we are really aligned only needing a different perspective to remind. 48 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ December 2013

“You begin to find what you’re looking for in life when you begin to look for what you’re finding,” ~Robert Brault

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Artic Wolf 50 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Artic Wolves often called the “polar wolf” or “white wolf,” Arctic wolves inhabit the Arctic regions of North America and Greenland. Thanks to its isolation, the Arctic wolf is not threatened by hunting and habitat destruction in the same way as its southern relatives. Arctic wolves are carnivorous hunters. By nature they help to control the populations of other animals in the region like the musk ox, caribou and Arctic hares. Unlike other species of wolf, the Arctic wolf rarely comes into contact with humans and is not threatened by hunting or persecution. Industrial development threatens the Arctic wolf as an increasing number of mines, roads, and pipelines encroach on its territory and interrupt its food supply.

Climate Change Extreme weather variations in recent years have made it more difficult for populations of musk ox and Arctic hares to find food which has caused a significant decline in their numbers. As a result, this has reduced the traditional food supply of the Arctic wolf. What WWF Is Doing WWF works with governments, businesses, and communities across the Arctic to combat the threats to the region and to preserve its rich biodiversity, including the presence of the Arctic wolf. To find our how you can help please visit http://worldwildlife.org/species/arctic-wolf 51 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

History Of

Zen Shiatsu By Bevan Loon Zen Shiatsu as currently practiced has only been around since the 1970s when Shizuto Masunaga formulated the system from his training in Namikoshi Shiatsu, Western Psychology and research into older Chinese Medicine texts. Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” and the Zen portion added by Masunaga refers to the state that the shiatsu practitioner should be in while giving shiatsu. A relaxed, non-judgemental state that simply observes rather than attaches to anything that is happening.

practised in China called Tuina and Anma as well as native Japanese massage called Teate.

Somewhere around the 6th Century AD, China and Japan began commercial trade. This obviously brought with it cultural exchange as commercial trade always does. China at this point already had a very comprehensive system of medicine which included acupuncture, moxa, herbs and massage. Japan took many of these systems and amalgamated them into its own culture, changing them slightly, as alShiatsu’s roots can be traced back to ways happens. more ancient forms of massage that were 52 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

Massage flourished in Japan for a fair amount of time. In fact, so much so that around 300 years ago, all doctors in Japan were required to study anma, tuina and other forms of massage to properly learn their anatomy. Over time, massage became sidelined, especially with the introduction of western medicine with its focus on biomedicine.

maintaining western anatomy and physiology. Masunaga’s shiatsu is unique in treating not just localised acupuncture points or localised tension, but in treating entire meridians over the body, with a theory that ascribes functions to the various meridians in a way more akin to five element theory and zhang fu theory from Chinese medicine.

Tamai Tempaku coined the word Shiatsu in the early 1900s, as a way of describing massage and bodywork that he was working with. He wrote a book called Shiatsu Ho which is considered the first book written on the subject of shiatsu. Tempaku tried to combine western anatomy and physiology and traditional anma and tuina into a larger, more complete system. Tokujiro Namikoshi is the next person in shiatsu’s lineage. He is often thought of as the father of modern shiatsu, and worked his entire life to promote the art. He managed to open the first shiatsu school called the Japan Shiatsu College (which is still in existence today). Namikoshi eschewed the Chinese medical roots of shiatsu and brought a heavy western influence and approach to massage. As a political move, this was excellent because it helped get shiatsu recognised in Japan (which was embracing all things western).

Zen Shiatsu is Masunaga’s legacy, a therapy come full circle from ancient roots through western influence and discarding of older theories and back to incorporate those theories again. The great flexibility of shiatsu is in its ability to work in a traditional way using ancient oriental medical theory, while at the same time looking forward and incorporating western anatomy and physiology.

Bevan is a shiatsu therapist living and working on London in the UK. He maintains a Shiatsu blog where he shares his Shizuto Masunaga, a psychology lecthoughts and experiences on shiatsu and turer at Kyoto university. trained under welcomes all comments and communiNamikoshi, and went on to research the cation from anyone interested in the art. roots of the art. He spent much time looking through older Chinese medicine manTo contact Bevan Loon please visit uals, eventually forging his own version of his website shiatsu which re-incorporate much of the lost Chinese Medicine theories, while still http://www.shiatsudo.co.uk/ 53 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ December 2013

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Eden magazine is a free online magazine, which focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world...


Eden magazine is a free online magazine, which focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world...