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August 2012 Volume 2 Issue 7

spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and peaceful world Editor

Maryam Morrison

Front Cover by Brian Exton Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your Photography For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; or 2 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

Brian Exton

4 A Bump in my...... By; Debra J. White

8 Katerina Kostaki


Falling Apart Falling Together By; Ellen Heller



Maestro Constantino By; Sally Moringstar

22 Creating empowering love.. By; Heather Auria Gaines

26 A message from God By; Elliot Eli Jackson

30 Przewalski Horse

32 Communing with nature By: Michele Rabbitt Billman


Brian Exton An Psychedelic artist


“My work is a demonstration of how art and technology can come together and be used to express the imagination of the artist.”

Psychedelic visionary art is what Brain describes his artwork; his creation is base on Psychedelic art which started on 60s and early 70s. “The pictures are created digitally and built up like an architectural structure. They start with the creation and exploration of a fractal, which then becomes the foundation and background of the picture. But what is a fractal? It is a mathematical representation of chaos - well not exactly - it is more like a computer generated tree that just keeps branching out again and again into infinity.” Brain says.

when he choice to attend to college and learn Graphic Design. Bob Ross was his mentor which he followed his method at the beginning. As Brain says about Bob Ross; “He was a wonderful man, close to nature and a fantastic landscape and seascape artist and gave me a lot of inspiration which I still use in my art today. Sadly no longer here, he brought a unique style of oil painting to TV viewers in the US and other countries around the world with his half hourly painting classes.” Later on Brain interest shift to digital arts using Amiga 500 computer at the beginning of his career. Now with the advance technology his creation is also develop and improved from years ago. Digital art is not only Brain’s interest and talent, he also enjoy capturing digital photos of landscapes, coastal scenes, villages, historic building and monuments.

The interesting point of Brain’s artwork is about the fractal that never ends, as we To see more Brain’s artwork visit; look at his artwork the repetition of the design takes a viewer to endlessness of shapes. His interest in the arts began in the 70s,

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Delphinian 6 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

Astra projection

Cosmic energy 7 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012


A Bump in My Stride By Debra J. White

“Take my number and run?” Nancy said over lunch of veggie burgers and yam fries. The New York City marathon was less than two weeks away, always the first Sunday in November. “No way,” I said. “I haven’t trained. Besides taking your number violates club policy.” “What else do you have planned that day?” Nancy asked. “Nothing, really besides reading the Times,” I said.“Then go for it.” I woke up around 5 a.m. on marathon morning in 1986 after a jittery night. What was I thinking? Most runners trained months for the big day. I trained barely two weeks. Ah, what the heck. Even though I was unprepared for long distance running, I was determined to finish. I slipped a subway token into my running bra just in case I fizzled.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge in Staten Island. The race touched all five boroughs.

The race started at 10:40 a.m. but preparations for the huge race began in the wee hours. Runners assembled at the main branch of the New York City public library on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue where several hundred city buses ushered the nearly 25,000 eager runners to the starting line at the foot of the

Excitement built around 10 a.m. when the massive sea of runners swarmed to the starting line. Not only was I surrounded by athletes from across the US but there were people from across the globe. I met runners from Ireland, France, Albania, Iran, Kenya, Egypt and Haiti. The mood was electrifying.

I arrived at the staging area with my friend Leonora and other running buddies by 7 a.m. To pass time, we huddled in one of the hundreds of tents set up for the runners. We stretched, drank coffee and joshed about the 26.2 miles that lay ahead.


For people like me it was their first marathon. Seasoned runners like Leonora were about to run their fourth or even fifth marathon. One man was on his tenth. As news helicopters hovered overhead, nervous bodies jammed together and removed their sweat suits anticipating the start. It was only about 40 degrees so runners jumped up and down to keep warm. A canon boomed and off we went. The elite runners started first. Leonora and I hung in the back.

es. Even my eyelashes ached but quitting wasn’t an option. How I crossed the finish line still conscious was a miracle. My official time was six hours and nineteen minutes. By then, the winner was probably home, taken a nap, eaten dinner and was ready for the disco the Road Runners Club sponsored for all the marathon runners. I don’t remember how I got home but when I opened the door, I said to myself, oh no. My dog Scottie needed a walk. Make it quick boy. Scottie must’ve known I was ready to collapse. As throngs of lean bodies darted across He took care of business right away. the huge suspension bridge, it swayed back and forth. Always terrified of heights, I rested on my couch after soaking in a I picked up my pace, worried that the warm relaxing bath. I skipped dinner. My bridge might cave in. I wanted to reach friends asked me to meet them at the runBrooklyn as quickly as possible. When ner’s disco but I conked out by 7 p.m. my small group rounded the curve and jogged off the bridge onto Fourth Avenue, The next morning my body barely moved. a main drag, thousands of fans greeted My knees were so sore it was like they’d us with cheers and well wishes. This been beaten with jackhammers. But I was show time, one of New York City’s smiled, knowing that I completed every most celebrated events and I was in it. mile of the marathon, even if it was under School bands played uplifting music, such someone else’s name and it was almost as the theme from the movie Rocky along dark when I finished. the way. People handed out water and orange slices to thirsty runners. Medical In 1987, I started training in May when stations were set up to heal the wound- I submitted my marathon application. ed warriors. Almost everyone applauded Chicken pox at the age of 33 crimped my runners. Whenever a spectator called weekly training, however. That summer, out my number and said, “Go F214,” I I had volunteered in a homeless family rejoiced. Fellow runners encouraged me shelter. An outbreak of chicken pox didn’t to keeping going. At 24 miles people said, concern me. I assumed I had the disease “Looking good.” They lied. How could in grade school. I did not. Adults weren’t narcolepsy gray skin look good? meant to contract childhood diseases, which can make them violently ill. The Competing in my first marathon should’ve viral disease ravaged my body with a high been one of the most thrilling days of my fever, an uncontrollable itchy rash and life. It was not. By the time I reached the pock marks covering most of my skin. 20th mile, my legs were like wet spong10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

For nearly a week, I was miserable. Neighbors walked my dog. I barely ate. Then the itch faded. The fever broke. Pock marks lingered as if I had a paint by number face but I felt well enough to resume training. I finished the marathon in 1987 just over five hours, a vast improvement over the year before. Again, I faded after soaking in the tub and never made it to the runner’s disco. Maybe next time.

posed of swimming, biking and running, always tempted me. I wanted to complete one just for the heck of it but I only got as far as a biathlon. There would be no more biking up mountains or long distance running because a careless driver plowed into me on January 6, 1994, leaving me with disabling injuries. I’m stuck with rubbery legs and a painful spine for life. That mishap squashed my love affair with jogging. No more rolling out of bed at 4:30 a.m. to squeeze in a few miles In 1989 I did the unthinkable. I gave up before work with whatever faithful canine my rent-stabilized Upper West Side apart- companion I adopted or sailing around ment and moved to Boston. No great the park at night to unwind knotty nerves. loss. The studio was infested with cockroaches, huge flecks of paint peeled off Since then, I’ve pushed myself through the ceiling, and without air-conditioning it several short races in a wheelchair. Pushwas like a sauna during the summer. ing is rougher than running because I don’t have a light-weight racing chair. Just The marathon bug bit me again in 1990. the fact that I competed in races gratified Entrants to the Boston race had to qualify me, even though part of me wanted to rip with fast times from previous races. Un- through it like everyone else with sweat less there was divine intervention or a dripping down my face. significant bending of the rules, I would Years of smoking plus hereditary factors never qualify for the Boston Marathon. caught up to me when I was diagnosed So I set my sights on New York again. I with pulmonary disease. During the 2007 trained hard all summer with a combina- Race for the Cure I huffed through the tion of running and biking. By November I one mile portion of the race, down from was pumped up and ready. the usual three miles I’d done for the past five years. A few bumps broke my stride The weather was less than ideal. Mother but as long as I still have a stride, I’ll move Nature sent us sunny warm temperatures ahead. Giving up isn’t an option. for early November. Maybe it was the start of global warming or just an unusual day. I drank so much water that my official time was bogged down by frequent porta-potty use along the route. I stepped the finish line in a tad under six hours, smiling and not reeling in pain. The challenge of triathlons, a race com11 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012


The Tree of Gnosis Knowledge in the Garden of Eden By; Katerina Kostaki I walked up enough to get to the front makes a habit of affiliating the facades gate. from persons familiar to me , especially the one of intellectual George (who I could not even remember the starting happened to be my advisor on how to point of this promenade nor how I got present my books for a specific period myself up there . of time). I was only heading to an unknown des- He led me to a huge tree, an apple tree tination. laden with red apples. Miraculously, the gate was open, and I -How beautiful red apples, I exclaimed. crossed it with increased curiosity. He shook his head with condescension. Then he led me to the back side of the A magnificent garden was unfolding tree, but the picture was just the oppobefore my eyes. site. The apples were yellow, shriveled and In the far distance a male figure was almost ailing . distinguished , becoming more familiar to me as I was coming closer to it. -Look up those apples here! I was confused. Indeed, the figure was of a man with short brown hair and prescription glasses He did not reply. His silence reminded reminded me of George, friend of mine, me that it was time for my own spiritual writer and historian in profession. research. Intuitively, I recognized my spiritual That incident was simply food for the (astral) teacher in this familiar face, who thought. 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

We walked together along a narrow path Could it be two sides carrying and we reached a glade. The view was with different grades of fruits on a unique and absolutely magical! single tree? On the right and left side of a sacred path I think this applies to humans too. huge trees were soaring high up to the All people have two sides, a positive and sky. a negative one . The top of the trees, unknown how much We think positive, but also think negative. high enough they were rising , were touching - better saying- embracing each other. Our beautiful thoughts are alike juicy apples. A soft wind was shaking the trees in an ethereal, magical dance. How many times have we create thoughts that look like the wrinkled apples on the I remained motionless, almost magne- dream tree? tized by the spectacle. Additionally ,how many times have we thought with love, compassion, and un-Would you like to cross the path? He derstanding? (I hope those positive, asked me. heartfelt thoughts are not fewer than the negative ones...)

What is the definition of the red and yellow apples?

Trees of Heavens

The tree, the apple tree is the invaluable We are people-trees. Our roots are Gnosis/Knowledge. The Tree of Gnosis/ hidden in Earth .The branches spread out Knowledge. It’s fruit is unique, but forbid- on Heavens. The fruits are our energy. den. Two different energies: The positive and The Apples of Eden are the gifts inherited negative ones. to humans .They are gifts offered to us to come to fruition upon the Tree of Knowl- The balance of both carries the progress. edge. However we should not abandon the They are our precious thoughts nourished dark side. We cannot overlook the negby Love in order to bear fruit as Sacred ative, dark side of us, existing for one Knowledge. simple reason: to show us how important the positive side is for us. The back side carried also apples, but wilted and damaged apples. And how much important is to provide our society with healthy fruit -gifts. 14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

The Path of Self-Realization The road to Eden, the Higher Sphere of Gnosis/Knowledge and Self-Realization is a lonely path. The thoughts, our creative children lead us accordingly to the emitted vibrations closer or far away to or from our Path , our destination. Nevertheless, Eden abides within us, because it’s our creation .We mold Eden Katerina Kostaki is a visionary artist, spiritual author, poetess, freelance article using as material our positive thoughts. writer ,mentor and video creator. The Magic , Inner Garden, our Eden is She was born in 1966 in Athens , our world, we create around us. Greece. She was awarded as Mentor It’s depiction upon the physical reality is a for participating to the European Union Program entitled “Implement” (Maycreative action as well. October 2006) in contribution with two So ,would you like to cross the Path to the International Universities: Institut Technik Undbildung and Deis-Cork Institute of Heavens ? Technology. She attended lessons on Copyright Katerina Kostaki Counselling on 2007. Spirtual and visionary author, poetess and mentor

Owner of Academy of Inner Light –Network Author of Cosmic Light (Spiritual-metaphysical poetry book) Twitter:@katerinakostaki e-mail:

She took a distant learning course on “ALCHEMY OF TRANSFORMATION ” by Classic Insight Org. (former Online Humanities Org.) on 2010. Her work related to spirituality, spiritual coaching/ counselling, mythology, esoteric research, self esteem, relationships, self improvement, historical reviews, Nature protection, New Age, mystery and metaphysics has appeared in several publications (trade –union, local and cultural) both in print and online. She writes and translates her books/articles /poems/ newsletters from Greek to English language herself. 15 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012





BY: Ellen Heller



I remember somewhere I had heard the expression, “....When things are falling apart, they are really falling together.” That was a wonderful statement to hear, as long as nothing was falling apart. But (and this is crucial) WHEN things feel or seem to, or ARE falling apart, how many of us can pull ourselves away, even for a moment, and think this way? Not many. And the question is.....WHY?

der to decide what we wish to be in relation to it all...that is why all holy collaborations are called “relationships.” (This is all explained in depth in a wonderful book, called Conversations With God, Book 1, by Neale Donald Walsch).

If we look around us, many of us see that things are not the way we wish; we sometimes wonder how others even handle their lives, if it appears more challenging than our own; we often day dream about Why do we let ourselves get wrapped up a better life than what we have, no matter in the drama? Why do we let ourselves what we own or whom we have to share get caught up in emotional trauma that is our moments with. not our ‘doing?’ Answer: it IS our doing. We create all of it, with our thoughts, and In truth, usually things appear as if they everything on the outside of you, is a re- are falling apart because we have been flection of what is TRULY going on within. trying to manipulate the Universe. We, within the confines of our physical strucHard to accept at times, isn’t it? Well un- tures, do all we can to ‘get our way.’ Ofless we take responsibility for all of it, we tentimes, we really don’t know what ‘our cannot change ANY of it. We are pure re- way’ really leads to. We sometimes marry flections of God; we are Spirit, not matter. the wrong person, and live in quiet desWe are an Intelligent Idea in the Sacred peration, waiting to die, but afraid to. We Design of the Universe/One Mind/God/ choose a job we do not like because we All that Is. We come here for a purpose went to school for it, and feel we cannot and everything that comes into our reality change at this late stage of our lifetime. is because on some level, we desire to We also close off those around us, thinkexperience it.. ing that we can just numb ourselves by using either legal or illegal substances. When someone is in trouble, it is our natural state to wish to help. For the Truth is, And we will do this until we do not. what blesses one, blesses all. What you do for someone else, you do for you, for But the Truth of who we Really Are is Pure we are all connected....We are All One. Perfection; There is nothing we have to do, and no where we have to go; we creThis is not to say that we choose ‘con- ate every rule and regulation that we live sciously’ to suffer or to be victimized. It is by. We so often do this to stop ‘Things rather a decision, a Soul decision, in or- from Falling Apart....’


Only problem is that it doesn’t prevent that at all. Ellen Heller received a B.A. LISTENING with your heart; FEELING in Education with your Soul; DECIDING what you wish in 1978; four to be in your GREATEST and GRAND- major fields of EST version and vision of yourself, of study: English, Who You Really Are (which is Spirit)... Art, Social that is why we are here….and that is what Studies, and causes it all to finally“fall together.” Psychology. Received her And, if you cannot do this for yourself, M.S. in do for another, and it will be done onto Clinical you as well, for we truly are all One Mind/ Psychology in 1997. Has treated patients Spirit. in a locked psych ward, held a two office private practice, and currently is starting Remember, ...’Everything’s ok in the end; a private practice in Arizona. if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.’ Blessed Be.

Taught Psychology classes at a University in the Chicago area, and has just completed a children’s book. She is currently writing another book for young adults and the general public. Her company was honored in Entrepreneur Magazine, March, 2003, for her business, Mother Earth Coffee Company, Inc., for cause related Marketing. 10% net profit was pledged to a different charity each month to give back to our community/Planet. She currently resides in Arizona, and is in the process of placing Mother Earth Coffee Company locations in the state of Arizona. She presently writes a successful blog called “Spirit-Minded; from the Inside---Out.” You can find her blog website located at: You can also contact her through her email:


Ask Ellen Heller

Q& A

Spirit-Minded (Advice Column)

Kind Guidance for Creating and Accepting Spiritual Health

“All questions can be sent to:

We will do our best to answer as many questions as we can. If you wish for a question, answered personally, please request this and attach your email address. We will do the best we can to provide an answer, based on our volume of correspondence. Blessings!” 20 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August


Question: Dear Spirit-Minded: I have an opportunity to go overseas, doing the work I love. I have healthy grown children, to which I am so thankful,

Question: Dear Spirit-Minded: When is it ok to give up in a relationship? When do you say, ‘I have had enough,’ and when do you continue and not give up on that person?’ From Taken Too Much

and cannot imagine not seeing them each week or so. They are supportive of whatever I want, but I feel I am abandoning

Answer: Dear Taken: Your last statement answers your question. You obviously feel that there has been so much unhappiness that you want out. I do not know what your statement of ‘taken too much means,’ but if it means abuse, then the answer is to do what you would tell your child to do. Even if you have never experienced being a parent, we all inwardly know what Love feels like, and automatically do know what is the most Loving advice. The whole concept comes full circle when asked that question, ‘what would Love do now?’ Now everyone usually thinks this means that it’s about loving someone else, but in truth this question is about Loving Self. What would Love do now, IF I LOVE MYSELF? To ask this and follow the thoughtful, Loving advice is the highest answer. do I decide? my-Guilt

From Mom-

Answer: Dear Guilt, First of all, please realize that guilt is a wasted emotion that does nothing for anyone. You have raised what you say are healthy children whom are independent. You have done what a good parent is suppose to do....raise healthy independent children that can live their lives without you. We are only here to enhance each other, and the most loving and highest thought and feeling is for growth and evolution, which is always about Love of Self. This is not is taking care of Self. If nothing else, do you imagine that YOU will be happy if you pass up this opportunity? Do you imagine your children will not be able to pick up that vibration of sadness or regret? Know that God/Universe is always directing us and taking such good care of us all; be grateful for that, and do what you Love. Money, good health, and possibly Children, will follow you wherever you go!

(For a more in depth answer to this question, read “Conversations With God, Book 1, by Neale Donald Walsch, in which the chapter on Relationships is a wonderful tool to help with questions such as this). Blessings!

Blessings! 21 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

Maestro Constantino

By Sally Morningstar


t was on 26th April 2012 that I first met Mexican healer, Maestro Constantino, on the first of three visits I made to him whilst he was travelling through the UK. Maestro Constantino, doctor of the heart, is also known as ‘The Wandering Healer’ because he travels all around the world giving healings by donation to anyone


who comes to him. He is an extraordinary being, someone of great compassion and kindness. He has an otherworldly presence – a radiance that affects anyone open to its touch. By open, I don’t mean one has to “be” anything to receive the healing offered. I mean that in simply being ‘open to receive’ something, most definitely, will transpire.

He does not speak about himself, and one is advised before he comes into the room not to ask him personal questions – the reason being that you are there for the healing - not the healer. Here is the story of my healing experience; which will explain how the greetings cards you see throughout this article and my visits to Maestro are so intimately entwined! Almost from the day I was born I have had a strange and difficult life with many struggles to overcome – many of which have broken other people, but for some reason I didn’t break. I did, however, create certain barriers that didn’t let in many outsiders. Too many people from my past had proven themselves to be harmful; and as a result, I didn’t much care for the human race by the time I had reached adulthood. My heart was with Mother Nature, with the wild child within me, with Planet Earth and all its trees, flowers and creatures. That was my heart.

I am not going to share personal details, but I will share that my life until 26th April had some kind of shadow hanging over it and, despite me being capable of helping others with this kind of issue, I had not been able to shift my own, despite many different attempts and approaches, so on some level one could call it a ‘curse’.

But niggling away at the back of me, calling for its healing, was this distrust of humanity, this quiet disgust at their behaviors; this dislike of most of them which I’m sure didn’t help my cause in developing friendships or, indeed, a career! About 30 years ago a gypsy lady turned up on the doorstep and amongst other things, she mentioned that she sensed an ancient curse upon my family… could say she was just ‘making it up’ but something inside me jumped with recognition and I felt she had come into my life for very good reason as I had always felt there was something about certain aspects of my family that didn’t quite hang straight!


On my last visit to Maestro I had decided beforehand that if it was appropriate for me to share my ‘issue’ with him that a private opportunity would present itself – and it did. By a series of unfolding events some impromptu personal moments occurred and I have not been the same since. He gently touched a necklace I was wearing, held my shoulder for a few moments, looked into my eyes and nodded. That was all it took. Something flowed into me, something touched me; something enfolded me with a sense of ‘timeless safety’. It seems that many people approach Maestro with the same issue – that of sensing some kind of curse upon them. However, Maestro’s healing is for all ailments, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. Whatever the complaint, his vibrations will lift the being to a higher dimension where dis-ease does not exist. He heals with his heart, a very rare and pure heart.

perfectly content and open to the will of the universe. I sensed ‘change’ around my life, I didn’t know what, but I felt no anxiety. It was then that these greetings cards began to emerge. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that these cards come from my heart and soul, that they are a direct testament to Maestro’s healing touch, because I had no idea they were there within me, waiting to be born! I have had the privilege and the honour of meeting Maestro Constantino and know that my connection to him will remain throughout my lifetime. He has cleared an ancient shadow from my heart – something I will be eternally grateful for. The reason I have shared this story with you (one which is so very personal to me) is because I would like you to know of this wonderful being too. If you feel something is holding you back, or that your life is full of struggle, if you have a physical illness or perhaps mental depression or stress, if you are carrying old wounds or scars, or if, like me, you feel your life is blocked, I recommend that you go to visit him – you will never be the same again! If you would like to make a connection with Maestro until such time as you can get to see him, please go to his Facebook page at

If you feel moved to contribute towards Maestro’s mission to heal as many people as possible throughout the world, please do so by following this link. Thank you! A few days after my meeting with him, I found myself drifting in a timeless space, make-a-contribution.php 24 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

Sally M. is a photographer, writer and natural living coach. She has also just become a creator of greetings cards! Please go to her Etsy shop at; to view the collection or go to for more details on her Natural Living Coaching or go to to view her services. You can mail her personally at


Creating Empowe Relatio

By: Heather A

Practice mindfulness transforms false beliefs and replaces them with truth. When we are going about our everyday life, we many times are just living off programming. Just like a computer have certain programs like Mozilla Fox and Internet Explorer for a Regular Computer and Safari for a Mac Computer. An ice cream machine makes ice cream. When we were young we did not know how the world worked. We listened, watched and learned from those around us. Especially in our youngest years and this formed our view of the world, along with how we learned and then we re-created what we saw. This is all a very psychological process.

these conditions and habits most times consciously and when we become aware of it then we are attempting to shift ourselves from the conscious level. What is essential is also to get to the roots of the challenge you are facing to see what it really is. We can have someone get mad because someone cut them off on the road, but then they are really stressed out because their boss yells at them a lot.

Then when you go deeper it goes into that they feel guilty and take things personally. Go even deeper and we see that they are basing their value and view of themselves based off of what other people see them. The solution would be to work on how they What we forget some- see and value themselves times is that we live off 26 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012


ering and Loving onships

Auria Gaines


They can indeed get help with friends and positive music and reading etc but they now know that they can go back to the truth. The truth really is that we are already whole, perfect and in a space of perfect love. God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and others knew this. It is just a matter of going back to that. They want the best for us. We too also want the best for us and to be happy and healthy. Once we learn that our happiness and joy do not come from others or materialism we can truly learn how to feed our soul appreciate and value ourselves and cherish our heart in many ways. Mindfulness works for our benefit by helping us to be aware of when we are

having false thoughts and feelings about love, happiness, joy and abundance. The way it works is you become understanding that our thoughts are always in flux. Just like a river it is constantly moving. Have you noticed how it flows? It just keeps moving. When a dam is built then it stops the water and creates resistance and eventually the water will find a way through. It is the same with love. Love will always find its way back and it is up to us. You can see your thoughts and feelings like clouds going by. They come and then move on. We are not the clouds and we are not our thoughts and feelings. If we were then how did the people that recover from drugs or unhealthy relationships transform and become motivational speakers.


At some point they woke up and saw just this. We are not the culminations of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we have and others have about ourselves. We are much more than that. Here is a simple mindful practice for you:

to begin to redirect and transform the energy and yourself.

In this place we can become aware of if we are in a place of love, trust and connection or not. If you realize you need to go back to the peace and connection with your heart focus on allowing the feelings and thoughts to come and go with compassion. This is a chance for you to be gentle on you. You can use this technique to learn what you need to work on or for forgiveness or for inspiring you to redirect your vehicle.

“I am safe and protected!”

Use affirmations and visualization to manifest your new way of living.

Now that you understand the working be*Note you can read it first then prac- hind healthy relationships and what will tice it in your heart and mind with your help you to get to an open and receptive eyes closed in a quiet space place for change now is the time to rewire yourself to transforming your relationships Start by taking a few deep breathes. in becoming healthy and vibrant. Every time you breathe you get more and more relaxed. Take another deep breath The next step is to use the power of mind and feel the peace surrounding you. and heart to reconfirm your new pracYou are now even more peaceful and at tice. Affirmations are a statement made in ease. Now just let you breath just become present tense and are said as if they are natural and just breathe for a few more already happening right now. For instance moments. Breathe in and breathe out. if I want to have a healthy and positive reBreathe in and breathe out. Now start lationship with all of the people in my life to notice how your body is feeling. Just than I would say something like this: notice. Notice any thought you have and just see them float on in a river or as “I am joyful as I have complete, nurturing clouds passing you by. Breathing in….. and compassionate relationships with evBreathing out……. Just notice……. eryone in my life!”

I added the safe and protected part because in the past I was co-creating unhealthy relations with people where I did not feel safe. I feel it is better to not have it be specific to one person since if you do that you may start be bringing up un happy feelings around that situation and it will neutralize the affirmation and it may not work. Also, it usually has to do with something you are a part of creating.

From there after you give the experience some peace and compassion. You can The Law of Attraction brings to us what begin to focus on bringing in positive and we focus on. If someone has a reputation loving thoughts and feelings and energies 28 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

for getting taken advantage of their focus is on that very act, fear of it, or pondering it over and over in their head or stressed out about it so it just creates more and more of that energy. The mind and universe also does not understand the word “No” How many of you do not like to hear “No” I am sure most of you do not like that. Why? Because we want freedom and anything that is not expansive and freeing makes us feel imprisoned or denied. To be honest the universe does not know the word “No” because it is expansive and inclusive. So if you say “I don’t want to eat that cheese.” The universe hears “I want to eat that cheese.”

what it is that we need and we can tap into the sea of potentiality to create what we want. See the universe has the void/stillness/feminine and the expansion/movement/masculine energy. The universe can be imagined as an ocean. At the bottom of the ocean there is stillness on the floor. The waves represent our thoughts, feelings and energies in play. So an experience, emotion or thought can be seen as a wave that will eventually return to the ocean as that moment passes. The waves are our present experience and when they return to the ocean so does the moment become the past and a new wave becomes the present moment.

Just like a small snow ball going down a hill or when something starts to go wrong for instance if you are throwing an event and stuff starts to go wrong and you freak out then most times it keeps getting bigger and bigger. But if you stay calm and intend that you can manage it and resolve it first you will be able to step in with confidence, trust and faith that it will work out. Secondly, you will be able to be calm no matter what happens which will give you the upper hand to redirect the energy. Lastly, you can attract the energy you need to steer the situation to flow back into harmony.

Now that you understand even deeper, again you really want to add empowering, assertive feelings and if you can visualization. It helps the affirmation become stronger. While you are stating your affirmation imagine what it will feel like to have that be your reality. Imagine what it would be like to be in relationships that are nurturing and compassionate! Imagine what it would look like in your interactions and what it would feel like and look like to be safe and protected!

When you state your affirmation you have to really state it with all of your heart and genuinely believe in it. Then you have to Using mindfulness settles the mind to find let it go to the universe believing that it is out what specifically the issue is and then manifesting right now. you take that issue and flip it around to becoming a fulfilling statement of what you want and as if you already have it right now. When we calm ourselves and move into a still or slowed down pace we can learn 765002&set=a.140295172697963.27048.1402934093 64806&type=1#!/awakenlovenow?sk=info


A Message Fr All things in the known and unknown universe have reason and purpose, even those things you think you do not understand, as they are occurring. Think about your life on Earth. Many times, when things are happening, you question why. Why is this happening? What reason could there be? What purpose could there be? However, you find out later the reason. You are a creator, therefore all that occurs in your life was, in fact, caused by you, even those things you may consider to be of a negative nature, or something that seemed to be unnecessary, or something that could or should have been avoided. Ofttimes, when you look back in retrospect, you are able to see the gift or gifts received by you. You are able to see your God given ability to discern the gifts that were given to you by self. This is a creative action of the spirit. Your spirit knows and understands that there is nothing wrong. Your spirit understands 30 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August


that all things are for your evolution, that all things occur to benefit your being, even the death of a loved one or some kind of accident. Many times it is for you to find the strength within your wonderful self to accept and surrender to the universal fact that, “It is what it is until it is not.” Once this acceptance occurs, the fourfold being is catapulted to a new vibrational level, another step towards the mastering of self. You hold within your fourfold being the ability to deal and function productively in the face of all that may occur. There is nothing you can’t handle, there is nothing you can’t deal with. This is what WE, All there is, was, and ever shall be wish and desire for you to remember. When you are able to accomplish this mastering of the spiritual self, you will look at life differently. You will be able to fight and fend off depression and anger.

rom God

Reason and Purpose Do All Things Have! By Elliott Eli Jackson

You will be able to see your others in a different light. You will be less judgmental and prone to more forgiveness. Fore, know and understand that you are forgiveness. Know and understand that you are LOVE Know and understand that things are not as complicated as they may seem. All the information that WE send to you, all the things that occur on any given day, are all for your refining and for your personal growth. Fore, great are You! Wonderful are You! Marvelous are You! Capable are You! Think about the process of living life. Think about why you are able to walk and talk. Ponder on the scientific truth that these functions cannot adequately be explained. Yet still they are possible. Yes, a miracle are You. And you are, in and of yourself, reason and purpose. The reason is for you to create, the purpose is for you to feel and process a full range of feelings and emotions. Fore, this is what you

came to this planet for – to be Human, of the earth, subjected to the wind and the rain, the storms and the Sun, and the emotions attached to being in the physical. Additionally, you are subjected to the decisions of your others that may and most times do affect you. Yet they are all gifts - gifts from yourself to yourself. WE desire for you to meditate upon the above information, pray upon it, seek within your spiritual self, the personal epiphanies attached to the very understanding of such. Above all, know and understand that you are a part of All there, is, was, and ever shall be, no less than the stars that line your midnight sky. WE love YOU!


Przewalski horse

From the edge of



We have all heard about Mountain Goats, but a Mountain Horse?! The Przewalski’s horse was native to the steep slopes of Central Asia and mainly in Mongolia. The Przewalski or Dzungarian horse is a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse (Equus ferus). In the 15th century, Johann Schiltberger recorded one of the first European sightings of the horses in the journal of his trip to Mongolia as a prisoner of the Mongol Khan. Johann a German nobleman whose Reisebuck (Travel Book) described his many journeys. The horse is named after the Russian colonel Nikolai Przhevalsky (1839–1888) (the name is of Polish origin and “Przewalski” is the Polish spelling). He was the explorer and naturalist who first described the horse in 1881, after having gone on an expedition to find it, based on rumors of its existence. The Przewalski horse had become extinct to its native lands and only the last remaining horses lived in captivity. In 1966 the last know sighting of a Przewalski horse was recorded and thus lead to the horse

Asia lost a beloved animal. Despite for keeping animals in captivity and in cages, for the Przewalski horse zoos were a safe place. Around 1900, Carl Hagenbeck internationally known German animal dealer and trainer had captured and placed the horses in zoos. The world population of these horses are all descended from 9 of the 31 horses in captivity in 1945. After 1945 only two captive populations in zoos remained, in Munich and in Prague and the group in the USA had died out. These nine horses were mostly descended from approximately 15 captured around 1900.

As the world has become more involved with species on the edge of extinction, A cooperative venture between the Zoological Society of London and Mongolian scientists has resulted in successful reintroduction of these horses from zoo’s into their natural habitat in Mongolia; and as of 2011 there is an estimated free-ranging population of over 300 in the wild. The being placed on the endangered species total number of these horses according to list. The slopes of Mongolia and Central a 2005 census was about 1,500. 33 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

Communing With Nature By: Michele Rabbitt Billman

Summer is here, Nature is in it’s prime season to spend time with us. The trees flourish, flowers bloom, water sparkles with delight under the hot summer sun. Nature calls to personally invite us into it’s world by the warm weather and soft cloudy skies. Accepting this invitation takes effort on our part to slow down our busy lives and allow ourselves to commune with Nature. Spending the time and the energy among Nature can both benefit us and the Natural setting. Our bodies are a natural energy generator that gives out waves of energy into the Universe through the physical, mental and spiritual levels of our being.


Nature can cleanse and reorganize our energies when we feel scattered, scrambled, confused, tired, and cranky. Everything in the Universe is made of moving atoms that gives off energy waves too. The energy waves from our bodies interact and connect with everything and everybody we meet. We are constantly being bombarded with energy waves all day long, some energies in the Universe work well with us and some energies work against our natural flow. It is no wonder we all feel tired and edgy by the end of the day. Nature is a great way to smooth and cleanse our energy field. It can also help unlock our energy blocks, so our energy can flow freely through our bodies. When our “juices” are flowing, we can think quicker, we feel less stressed, and our intuition is louder and easier to understand. Everyone has a unique energy signature that has been assigned to us by our Higher Power Source, we all have to discover our own clarifying tool that has been provided for us by Nature. For people who can not go outside because of health reasons, they can bring the Nature inside to visit with them instead. A houseplant, favorite rock, or pet works nicely to help realign their energy. People can also look outside at their favorite tree, bush, flower, or bird and connect energetically from afar. My favorite way of communing with Nature is by visiting trees. My skin burns super easy, so I prefer to stay in the shade of the trees while being outside. Trees have such a giving spirit, they provide us with shelter, shade, food, and oxygen. They also stabilize the Earth by

grounding and rooting themselves into the soil to help prevent erosion. I figured, if trees can keep the ground from slipping off a cliff, then stabilizing me energetically should be a breeze. Trees absorb our negative energies like a sponge, they refilter it through their being and give it back to us in a positive form of energy. The same way they thrive on our carbon dioxide and give us oxygen in exchange. If we can do this on a physical level, then it makes sense, that we can exchange energy on a spiritual level too. All trees are different and each person responds differently to each tree. One person may feel revived and ready to take on the world while another person may feel relaxed and calm under the same tree. Allow your intuition to show you which tree, plant, mineral, or animal is right for you at that moment. 35 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

Usually it is the tree or plant that catches your attention first by flashing their big leaves in the sunshine or the appealing smell from their beautiful blooms, just be open to the experience of connecting with the natural setting around you. I have noticed that the trees in the cemeteries are very good listeners, they seem to want my company. Their energy seems to welcome me with open arms or should I say open branches. Recording your experiences in a journal can be helpful for you to remember which tree or plant made you feel happy, relaxed, inspired, etc. Some trees have a comforting motherly energy that is calming, while other trees have a fatherly protective energy that makes you feel safe. Remembering your “happy” tree can be beneficial, you never know when you may need a quick solution for fixing a bad day. Everyone has the natural ability to connect with Nature, we all live in the same world so we are all composed of similar waves of energy. To connect on an energetic level, you have to tune into their frequency and allow Nature to tune into yours. The connection is a two way street, you both have to agree to participate. It may take a few practice sessions to start feeling the energy exchange, be patient with yourself and have faith that the connection is happening even though at first you don’t feel anything. To commune energetically with Nature, you can do this simple exercise to help you heighten your energy awareness around you. 1. Place your hands in prayer position or place your hands somewhere on your body. You may say a quick prayer of 36 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

protection if you feel the need. 2. Inhale slowly through your nose for 3 counts, hold your breathe for 3 counts, exhale slowly for 3 counts. Do this breathing rhythm until you can feel your own pulse through the palms of your hands. You may feel light headed at first since more oxygen is circulating through your body. 3. Slowly breathe in and out to keep your energy flowing freely through your body while you connect with your new Nature friend. 4. Ask your Nature friend’s permission to connect with them. I have not found a tree or plant that has turned me down. It’s always best to ask, it’s the polite thing to do. 5. When you feel your Nature friend is ready to connect energetically with you, you can place your hands about an inch above or directly on their trunk, or you can stand/sit on their roots. I like to visualize a golden bubble around myself merging with their golden bubble around them. I am sure there are a million ways to connect with your Nature friend. Try one of these suggestions or create your own way of connecting energetically. 6. It may take a few minutes to feel your energy merging with theirs. Keep inhaling slowly through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Visualize one large golden bubble surrounding the two of you. 7. Listen to your intuition about the way you feel, what images come to your mind, what you can smell, what words or phrases you can hear, or just take a power nap with your Nature friend to help you relax.

8. When you want to end this energy exchange session, tell your friend goodbye and be sure to thank them for spending time with you. Visualize your golden bubble disconnecting with their golden bubble of energy. 9. Give yourself a few minutes to unwind from the session before moving, you may feel a little light headed from being surrounded by their positive energy. 10.You may want to write down your experience of your communing session. Everyone’s experience of communing with Nature should be as unique as their own energy signature. Some people will have a warm feeling all over their body, some will feel being gently touched, some will see colors flash in their minds eye, some will hear a whispered message that they may or may not understand at that time. After your energy exchange you may find that your energy has increased, you are able to focus on projects longer, or your attitude towards life is brighter. Value these experiences as something special and sacred between two spiritual beings. Do not worry if your plant dies or your tree gets chopped down, you can still communicate spiritually with your Nature friend. Their spiritual energy can not be destroyed, they will only be a thought away if you need to commune with them again. Your first session may be a success or you may feel like you did not feel anything, do not get discouraged if you feel your connection did not happen. Move to a different plant or tree, do it on a different day where you have more time and are able to be more relaxed, perhaps be

more consistent on your deep breathing or maybe your energy just did not mesh well with theirs. The more you practice, the better you will feel the energy exchange during these sessions. Your Nature friend’s energy may feel different as the seasons change. Have fun experiencing the seasons change on a whole new level. If your friend is outside and you can not connect personally with them because of the weather or they live far away, you can use a photo or mental image of them. Place your hand(s) on the photo when you start your deep breathing exercise and connect with them energetically like normal. As your friendship matures the connection will become easier and feel like second nature to you. You may even feel like a child again by having a animal, tree, plant as your friend. As you gain each others trust you can ask for solutions to problems, inspiration for creative projects, insights on future decisions, etc. They may not have all the answers to your questions but at least you mentioned your specific wants and needs to the Universe, this way it can all get sorted out naturally. Nothing in Nature is too small or insignificant to connect with during an energy exchange, everything has a purpose and place in the natural world. The next time you take a walk or drive, be sure to notice the natural setting around you. Allow your intuition to guide you to your potential Nature partner. You never know, you may be only a few yards, a park, or beach away from discovery a life long friend. 37 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • August 2012

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