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Keith Mitchell From NFL to a Holistic LifeStyle Coach, Fitness/Wellness Advocate, Consciousness Shifter and Philanthropist

Photo by Brenda Saint Hilaire Photography Location Malibu 8 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e January 2017

Since March of 2015 when The Eden Magazine first featured Keith Mitchell, he has gone on to give of his time to several humanitarian causes. It is for this and so much more of what Mitchell does, that we could not resist sharing his work in this issue. In the past two years Mitchell has visited the White House for the White House Meditation with Michelle Obama for the annual Easter Egg Roll, which was sponsored by Lululemon, he initiated Meditation with the LAPD where he was invited to teach at the Police Academy with the intention of creating an ongoing relationship, he has worked with Veteran’s who have returned home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and he also started the Congressional Yoga Association in which congress and Senate Republicans and Democrats could come together and meditate before voting. The first one he did on the Hill in DC was with Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, Charles Rangle of Harlem, New York, and congresswoman Barbara Lee of California. CNN, MSNBC, and FOX where all there to witness this event on the Hill. Keith Mitchell is a multi-talented holistic lifestyle coach, fitness/wellness advocate, consciousness shifter and philanthropist. He is committed to providing tools that achieve health, harmony and aliveness to the fullest degree. He is a leader for these times when emotional and physical suffering is at an all-time high, when people feel disconnected from themselves and others, when they are disoriented from the truth and when they feel disempowered to affect change. "When you realize that you can participate in your own healing process, you are no longer the victim." ~KM59 NFL All-Star Athlete Keith Mitchell #59, a former linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars, found himself respected on the field for making record-setting defensive tackles and quarterback sacks. He was a modern day warrior, hero-worshipped by adoring fans and experiencing an elite earning bracket very few people in the world ever achieve. He was living the American Dream. And it all ended in a moment. At the apex of all of that success, a paralyzing tackle caused a spinal injury that ended his football career and forced him into the agony of retirement at only 31 years old: Transition was unavoidable…his choice was to either enter the depths of defeat or to find a new North. Keith dug deep. He was unwilling to surrender to the plague of emotional depression and the physical atrophy he had seen happen to many NFL peers after similar traumas. But what was the other option? “In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams. ~African Proverb” Turning his accident into a life purpose has allowed Keith to teach and inspire others from a vulnerable and powerful position. He now considers serving his purpose as a mindfulness mentor and healer to be the most rewarding role he has ever played. In his darkest hour, Keith discovered conscious breathing, mindfulness and meditation. He found that these daily practices not only helped him physically recover from his injury, but created a refreshing sense of self-awareness and fulfillment that far surpassed his love for football.


Photo by Amy Goalen 11 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e January 2017

After experiencing a profound, life-changing transformation from daily yoga and meditation disciplines, Keith developed a desire to share these liberating tools with others. He soon realized that many audiences had no exposure to such tools. Unable to keep such secrets to himself, Keith started on his new life path: To speak out and lead by example. Today, Keith has again risen to the top of his game. He is a Master Certified Yoga Instructor with more than 12 years of experience, and an International Teacher/Speaker, presenting at such prestigious locations as The Omega Institute in New York, and Sleepy Hollow Country Club. Through encouraging consistent, self-empowerment practices, Keith is committed to inspiring major transformation in the lives of millions. It is his passion to reach the multi-cultural many, who live beyond the confines of traditional yoga studios. Through his non-profit organization “The Light It Up Foundation,” he has created a wellness movement which is intentionally changing the lives of our youth, trauma survivors, first responders and VETS. Mindfulness is the starting line for our healing journey... the practice of meditation is taking that first step. Keith's Approach to Meditation: • Allows possibility and transformation to take place. • Fosters compassion, nurturing and patience. • Clears the mind and helps a person to reboot. • Creates more clarity and allows more space between thoughts. • Opens the book of who we are – the unfiltered, unrationalized version. • Teaches us how to release the wounds we have either adapted to or internalized. • Helps us to recognize that past trauma and experiences don’t define us. • Allows the opportunity to release wounds we have either adapted to, or internalized and the beauty in this is that we create space to transform. • Offers transformation. You learn you are not where you’ve been, but where you choose to be. From playing Football to becoming a yoga instructor, it seems like you’ve lived and experienced two extremely different worlds, from being a tough physical fighter, to becoming a spiritual guru,


why and how did you choose this path? The spinal injury taught me a lot about myself and my life and where I wanted to be in it. In the most violent sport on the planet we use 20 pure brut force, but 80 percent of it is finesse. So, why only be so hard or so masculine in life? Add the softer sides such as compassion and gentleness. I realized that part of who I am was never discovered. You think of the Shaolin Monk that lives knowledge of how to destroy but chooses the life to create peace. That’s a master and I realized through my injury that this is what I had been searching for my whole life. I simply didn’t know how to get it. By showing this practice to men who are so masculine dominant or women who are masculine dominant it allows a healing for them. If you think about it, I never had a man in my life speak to me with a gentleness or compassion and unfortunately I suffered from that. In one of your interviews you mentioned that you have “two mentalities” – one is an understanding of what you know now and one is an understanding of what you knew then. What do you mean by this? The duality of living the word “success” as society tells me I should be living or from the place of trying to prove to the world I’m this or that, to the other side of living life creating solutions to our problems, creating business from a model of service and helping one another. Realizing the world we live in is all connected and no matter how much money or how secluded you live the chaos will find you. Do you feel that you are more vulnerable now vs. when you were playing football? Well, the warrior can’t be vulnerable. I have this saying “practice becomes your habits and your habits become your life” so the way you do business, those traits, that integrity you have there, will show in the other parts of your life. We have an idea that it separates but that’s a fallacy. I don’t believe in passion, you’re either excited about all of it or none of it. The straddle is nonexistent. Did you always feel that practicing yoga could be as helpful for you before as you feel it is now? I didn’t know yoga before my injury. The conception of yoga through stereotypes is there and they do affect the public. I feel that yoga, simply meaning union, allows you to really dial into who and literally what you are. It allows you a chance to feel what wholeness can potentially feel like.

Photo by Brenda Saint Hilaire Photography Location Malibu 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e January 2017

Photo by Brenda Saint Hilaire Photography Location Malibu 14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017

What would you suggest to those who are seeking to find their path to happiness and peace? Successful people typically have resources to push the envelopes on life, but at some point the destinations become a bore, the places begin to all look the same, the stimuli becomes void and then there you are, sitting all depressed, feeling lonely, unable to truly connect and that’s an awful feeling. We deserve more, we can have more, no matter age or circumstance you may have, if you have a breath you have a chance. Do you see any similarities between practicing Yoga as a Master Certified Yoga Instructor and training and practicing sports? It’s completely opposite. There’s no judgment when it comes to your practice. I guess the similarities would be the community of team to the community of humans working things out. In team sports it’s not about your skin color, it’s about the relationship that we have built, and you are my brother when I see you or when I don’t. When we come together I know you because I built trust with you and there’s no other feeling like that than to have that trust with another human being. To embrace who you are wholly and not just the parts you think are good but the whole person, it’s in that trust that dynasties are built. Do you think that having been an NFL athlete helped you to practice and teach yoga? I believe my background has opened doors but first I had to open that door of the NFL, which isn’t the easiest thing. It’s so competitive. Sometimes I say yes, I wish I would have just known yoga from the beginning, but my past has opened doors to the military, LAPD, corporations, the White House, and working with Congress, and I’ll take it because I’ve worked for every thing in my life. As a person who cares for Veterans, please tell us more about how Yoga and Meditation, as therapeutic tools, can help the soldiers who suffer from past-Traumatic stress? My association with the veterans connects to the warrior, that mentality, and from being that in my past, how possibly, if I wasn’t so closed off, I could’ve asked for help in some cases. In that help questions are answered and maybe that creates clarity for that person to find their way. So many of us think that we are the only one suffering from that one thing and it’s liberating to sense, to realize, my suffering can come to an end and I can have this peace. What do you feel is your most successful achievement to date?

That’s tough, I have a son and a daughter, and we helped my mother who was diagnosed with cancer fully heal holistically - building an extended family of the people I get to meet when I speak or in my classes when I teach - oh yeah, football was cool too. The achievement thing gets put into perspective when you realize connecting to people and how great that is, helping people, solving problems, creating ideas of hope… those are the most fulfilling to me. Tell us about your visit to the White House and meeting Michelle Obama and meditating with the LAPD. I always thought that through sports would be my ticket to the White House, but instead it was through yoga and meditation. What an amazing treat it was, and of course yes, to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle, they are great people. It was such an incredible experience. The LAPD invited me into their Police Academy to speak with them. That was amazing. Those guys have a rough job and I believe that the more clarity they have, the better decision-making capabilities they will have. We have some really cool projects coming up with the LAPD because I believe places like LA set a president for the rest of the world.

f The Light It Up Foundation: The Light It Up Foundation works with communities, schools and organizations to introduce mindfulness, meditation and movement -- with a yoga focus -- first and foremost to children. The foundation also serves to educate first responders; police and doctors, veterans and people who suffer mental disorders. We help others learn how to nurture and care for themselves and their bodies by meeting them where they are and introducing new possibilities. A Man on a Mission Fighting Childhood Obesity Mindful Living Health Expo For more information please visit www.keithmitchell59.com/ Photo credit: Brenda Saint Hilaire Photography Amy Goalen, www.amygoalen.com Location; Malibu, & Aesthesia Studios in Los Angeles 15 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017

Photo by Amy Goalen 16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017


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"When you realize that you can participate in your own healing process, you are no longer the victim." ~KM59


Photo by Amy Goalen 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e January 2017




Soul Courage

What if you found out that your current struggles were just one big April Fools joke, played on you by the Universe? Then, after the prank was revealed and sighs of relief were expelled, you returned to a life where the things that you now wish for and work toward were suddenly your present reality. Sure, maybe you still had some struggles, but their existence wasn’t sitting in the front row seat of your life.

with Tara-jenelle Walsch

media that pushes us to be happy in every moment. Because if we are always living 100% on the high point of Happiness Mountain we’re leaving no room to experience the beauty of the opposite. We are actually blocking everything else out.

Humor me for a moment; close your eyes and imagine how you would feel with the daily angst in life, lowered, and the daily joys in life, raised. Really breathe into the notion as if it were your truth.

Some of you may be saying, “Great! I don’t want to experience anything other than happiness. I don’t want to feel any fear, pain, upset or lower vibrations in my life!” Yet we will come to see that, as the old saying goes, “Everything in moderation,” becomes a key element to enlightenment. The phrase does not imply to stay in the middle ground where it’s (supposedly) safe, but rather to feel all of the highs, lows and in-betweens of life and find the levels of each that best support us on our journey.

Just the thought of it makes your heart expand, right? But if you’re anything like half of the human race, what generally follows the initial feeling of immense joy (or even feeling the possibility of immense joy) is an abrupt pause of caution.

It’s almost as though life is the ultimate soundboard, and all of our emotions are the volume dials. We can use our perception of life experiences to help us strategically adjust how we carry and emit emotions, and tune ourselves into a balance that rings true to our soul.

“Not so fast!” you might even hear echoing from deep inside, as if you were caught playing hooky on your mind’s comfort zone. And suddenly all of those expansive thoughts jump back to the sensibility of realism.

For the sake of this analogy, let’s say that the “bass” dial is representative of our lower vibrational emotions and the “treble” dial, higher vibrational emotions. If we lifted the bass to 100% and pushed the treble dial all the way down, an imbalance would surely be reflected in our life. And likewise, if we pushed the treble dial straight up and faded the bass out, it would likely throw us out of chord. Geez, we might even bust a few speakers!

Here’s the thing; we all have worries, fear, grief and pain regardless of how evolved we are. It’s part of life and unreasonable to think otherwise or make it wrong. In fact, these emotions are actually a gift. It’s important to not deny ourselves the feeling of all our emotions, even the ones we may deem shameful or were told are bad. So, the challenge is not around feeling them or not feeling them, but to not get stuck in them. To feel your emotions fully without getting lost in them. When we become entrenched in any one emotion, the energetic weight of that emotion begins to absorb us and ultimately shields us from receiving and feeling the fullness of other emotions. This is true even with happiness, despite the plethora of

But we can create a harmonic energetic “song” (life) by adjusting the vibrational proportions of our emotions to match our ideal personal rhythm. The flow of our ideal personal rhythm can take a detour when we stay in any one emotion too long. If it’s a lower vibrational emotion that we’re stuck in, we may begin to feel some despondence, as if we’re internally paralyzed. If it’s a higher vibrational emotion that we’re absorbed in, we may begin to feel ungrounded, as if we’re externally floating.


Let’s we break the two down and figure out how we can keep our inner soundboard harmonized: “Paralysis” is defined as the inability to act, function or move (and sometimes to feel anything) in part or most of the body, typically as a result of illness, poison, or injury. I suspect that emotional or mental paralysis would be defined as much the same, and the “illness, poison or injury” aspect would be due to sitting in one low vibrational emotion for too long. Doing this is literally poison to our spirit and consciousness. It takes us out of the present and into the hibernation of an emotionally injured state (such as severe depression, deep grief, excessive worry, ect.). “Floating” is defined as buoyant or suspended, ungrounded and not settled in a definite place. My experience is that emotional and mental floating (such as manic excitement, obsessive fascination around something or someone, accelerated infatuation, etc.) feels the same, energetically, as this physical definition. But why do we get paralyzed? Typically, from fear. The uneasiness that lower vibrational emotions like grief, worry, and sadness emit can temporarily freeze hope and resign our spirits to a place of despair. Why do we float? Typically, to escape. The blissfulness in temporarily escaping reality and responsibility is an unexpected festivity to everyday life, something that floating on any one high vibrational emotion can easily produce. It’s exhilarating to leap from a place of monotony to euphoria (“monotony” meaning that life has become commonplace and habitual, not that it’s boring). So, what’s the soulution? Presence. In the cases of both emotional and mental paralysis and emotional and mental floating we get lost in a world of our own, almost living in a bubble. We can begin to pull ourselves out of this bubble and back into presence by asking ourselves, “What am I’m feeling?” Identifying the singular emotion that is paralyzing or floating us will immediately help to dilute any overwhelm and bring our perception of reality back into focus. Most of the time we needn’t ask ourselves, “Why am I feeling this?” That usually just takes us to a place of blame, shame or confusion. After we identify the emotion that we are absorbed in the feeling of, we have enough awareness to adjust the sensation of that emotion by checking “back-in” to the present moment and asking ourselves, “Is this feeling in propor22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017

tion to where I currently am in life right now?” This is the area where we demonstrate true loyalty to ourselves through deep honesty and courageous action. It will be our answer that propels us into an action that ultimately generates symmetry to our soundboard of life, allowing us to tune into the peaceful symphony of our soul. Soundboard Tuning Roadmap: 1. Tune into your current vibrational frequency by sitting still and breathing with awareness. Does your energy feel high or low? 2. Identify the predominant emotion behind your energy by asking yourself, “What is it that I’m feeling?” 3. Adjust the sensation of that emotion by checking “back-in” to the present moment and asking, “Is this feeling in proportion to where I currently am right now?” 4. Be honest with yourself and use your answer to propel you into the action required to regain personal symmetry. 5. Create a habit of giving yourself “sound-checks” and listening from within to where and when your inner soundboard may be out of chord.

p Are you in a soul quandary? Feel free to ask Tara-jenelle for courageous insight. Submit your question to https://www.facebook.com/tarajenellewalsch Tara-jenelle Walsch is a monthly columnist for the Eden Magazine. She is the author of the book, Soul Courage, and the founder and spirit behind the Soulebrate greeting card company. You will also find her speaking publicly about emotional and energetic awareness, and a sacred formula which she believes has the ability to enrich the world at large. Tara-jenelle was raised in Annapolis, Maryland and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Towson University in Baltimore. She currently lives in the beautiful hills of Ashland, Oregon with her pug, Sascha. www.soulcourage.com

Be Mindful, Be Heartful, Be Empowered

Roxana Jones Arnaud Saint-Paul


It is never easy to let go of someone you love. Change is often harder than we want to admit. Whether it's death, divorce or another form of separation, trying to move on brings grief and sadness for the joy and connection that's passed. Or for the unresolved hurt and misunderstanding we've felt. But we would not be on the edge of release if it were not meant to be for our highest good. Sometimes we out grow a relationship. Sometimes a person outgrows us. Sometimes it’s just someone’s time to go. Either way we are forced to befriend the parts of us we have abandoned, rejected or denied in exchange for love, comfort or companionship. We are challenged to step into the unknown and to trust this is as it is meant to be. We are all asked by life, the universe and God to come home to ourselves eventually, whether it's through the death of a relationship or in our physical death. Holding on to someone who limits us or feels limited by us only causes pain. Our underlying fears and insecurities must be healed for us to truly be healthy, happy and free. In my personal life as well as my professional work with thousands of people, I have found that there is only one effective approach to letting go. This often forgotten key entails becoming clear about what we actually want in life now, expressing it to the Universe or God, and moving toward it, while focusing our time and energy on what makes us feel good, alive and well each day. We have to train ourselves to choose activities and relationships we can fully be ourselves in, as opposed to ones where we feel compromised or obliged to please. As you become more accustomed to focusing on things that make you feel good daily, you will naturally move away from anyone or anything that is not healthy for you, without feeling guilty. Those people who are meant to be with you on your destined path will organically come


with you, while those who limit you, do not meet you, or do not value you, will naturally be left behind. Through this process, every unresolved emotion, limiting belief or incomplete situation that needs to be transformed will naturally surface to be addressed when the time is right. Your only task becomes feeling everything that’s present, regardless of how painful or scary, and then making a conscious choice to speak and act honestly, kindly, and respectfully based on your heart’s truth and instinct now. You're the only person who can give yourself permission to live fully before your time comes to let go of your body in this lifetime. Are you finally ready to stop making yourself wrong for wanting to be happy, knowing it’s ok to be free to enjoy your precious days as much as possible before you're forced to let go of everything and everyone?

s Blake D. Bauer is an internationally recognized author, counselor, qi gong master and alternative medicine practitioner. His bestselling book You Were Not Born To Suffer and pioneering work focus on loving yourself unconditionally as the key to healing yourself, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and awakening spiritually. Bringing together what he’s found to be the most effective spiritual practices and holistic approaches to wellbeing, Blake’s work has successfully guided thousands of people internationally toward greater health and freedom in mind and body.

The Forgotten Key to Letting Go By Blake D. Bauer


E mpty your Hurt

and open your Heart

By Donald Hicks


As most of us learned during early science or physics classes, everything in our universe is composed of energy. Everything we perceive as “solid” and “matter” is simply “stored energy”. This is amazing when you stop and think about it, because it means that the chair we sit on, or the floor we’re standing on – things that feel so solid and tangible -- are nothing more than energy! What’s equally interesting is the space between matter also contains energy. The air all around you contains oxygen, sound waves, radio waves, cell phone signals, television signals, allergens and a wide range of particles. Our human bodies are a microcosm of this same phenomenon. Our bodies are made up of a mixture of “matter” and “space”. They contain a collage of various energies, all vibrating at different rates, that exist in total symbiosis to form the larger and functioning unified energy field that we call the human body. This collage consists of different groups; the cells in your liver are a collection of cells vibrating at the same frequency, yet that frequency is different from the cells of the kidney or those of the brain or muscles or skin. In addition to the energy fields that form the “matter” of our bodies, there are many intangible energy fields within us. These intangibles -- nerve impulses, brain waves, thoughts, and others – have no physical form yet serve a specific purpose. Even our emotions are a form of energy. Our emotions are essentially a “conversation” between the body and subconscious, and this conversation can be initiated by either the body or the subconscious. For example, if you are worried about something and are feeling a great deal of stress, your palms may begin to sweat, your pulse may elevate, your muscles may tense and so on. And if your body is tired, hungry, in pain or pleasure, it can send these messages to the subconscious where they are then relayed to the conscious. The body and subconscious are always in communication. One of the intangible fields in our body is something I like to call the “Hurt Locker”. This energy field has been called many things – “The darkness”, “The pain body”, and “The shadow self ” -- but all these descriptors loosely refer to the same field of negative “like-energies” . So what is this Hurt Locker and what does it do? To understand this, imagine you have a friend who loses a loved one and this friend is the type of person who “holds things in” and never cries or grieves over the loss. As we know from science and physics classes, en-

ergy can be transformed, but it can neither be created nor destroyed. So all the pain and hurt and the negative feelings of loss that are not being expressed or processed (transformed) in your friend are being “stored” in what I call the Hurt Locker. But the Hurt Locker is more than simply the pain of loss. Because of the laws of attraction, all the negative “like-energies” merge together to become part of the Hurt Locker. If you were bullied as a child, emotionally abused while growing up, jilted or rejected by a lover, or endured any other negative treatment (as all of us have), any of that negativity that is not processed becomes part of the Hurt Locker. The Hurt Locker is that secret place where we try to lock away memories and harms we’d prefer to forget. In a sense, it’s where our demons hide. Your Hurt Locker began before you were ever born. Again, because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, portions of your Hurt Locker – that energy field – were shared from your mother (and even your father). In this manner, the “sins of the father are visited upon the children”. And also in this manner, people with true psychic abilities can “misread” others by inadvertently tapping into the energy of the Hurt Locker. The Hurt Locker is a living entity of its own. It often spends long periods of time in hibernation, but occasionally it awakens to “feed”. It does this by working lock-step with the Ego (they make good bedfellows) to make you dwell on past injustices and harms. When the Ego dredges up past pains and harm, you are feeling the pain from an event that is not presently occurring and are compounding the pain of that event. The harm has already occurred and is done and gone, but here we are literally “adding to the pain” that event caused us by dwelling on it and “re-living” it. How silly is that? Have you ever had one of “those days” where you feel all this pain is adding up and “if one more thing goes wrong” you’ll either lash out at someone or burst into tears? If so, that is the Hurt Locker feeding. It loves to highlight every little pain because it knows that while you are thinking of that pain, you are adding to it. It can even make the slightest wrong seem like a major offense. If someone gives you a casual sideways glance or beats you into a parking space it can feel like a major harm that will take years of therapy to heal. It can be like death by papercuts.


Above all, every time we are dealing with the Hurt Locker we are in a low state of vibration and existence. It becomes hard to be grateful for the countless blessings in our lives and difficult to experience bliss, joy, love and happiness. So how do we deal with the Hurt Locker? We have five very essential weapons in our spiritual war chest that are fatal to the pesky little gremlins in our Hurt Locker. You can employ these weapons after experiencing any harm or loss. I like to refer to these tools as “A.F.T.E.R.”, because this go-to acronym is easy to recall “after” any hurt. A.--First is Acceptance. We must understand that just because we know what the Hurt Locker is, that will not prevent the future loss of loved ones, or betrayals, or someone judging us and speaking ill, or the loss of a cherished pet, or even the lessor slight of someone whipping their car into our traffic lane. Whether accidental or purposely, people will wrong us. To prevent adding more hurt into the Hurt Locker, we must accept that “hurt happens”. It is a part of existence on this Earthly plane. F.--Second is Forgiveness. When we can forgive others of their trespasses (like stealing that coveted parking space), we also process any pain this caused and prevent it from bloating our Hurt Locker. T.--Third is Tears. When we experience a loss where forgiveness isn’t applicable, such as the loss of a parent, spouse, child, pet, or any other loved one, the loss of their presence in our lives can be excruciating. It may be that we hold inexorable faith that they have transitioned to a better place, but their absence is still painful. And this is where we unleash the power of our tears. Tears are as sacred as Love or Joy. They have the power to heal the heart and cleanse the soul. They allow us to “process” pain and convert it so it doesn’t become the newest resident in “Hotel Hurt Locker”. So never view tears as a weakness: they are our strength. E.--Fourth is existing in the present. So long as we stay in the present moment, neither dwelling on the past or the future, any pain in our Hurt Locker holds no power. R.–Fifth is Release. Once you have returned to the present moment, “let it go”. Release any remaining


pain, understanding that “after” you have accepted its existence, forgiven (if applicable), shed any tears (if applicable) and returned to the existing moment, any remaining pain cannot serve you. That baggage in the Hurt Locker has no benefit to you. So empty it. Choose to “let it all go”. And if you cannot simply release it, process it through the “AFTER” filter: Accept, Forgive, shed Tears, Exist in the present and Release the rest. If necessary, rinse and repeat. Know that everything in the Hurt Locker only prevents you from remaining in the present. It will never bring you joy or love or happiness or raise your spiritual vibration. Allow yourself to forget the pain but remember the lessons it has taught you. Be thankful for it and joyfully release it. Empty your hurt and open your heart. Blessings and Bliss,

p Donald Hicks grew up in the small town of Sardinia, Ohio. After graduating high school and a local vocational school, he attended Southern State Community College. He later went on to graduate Writer’s Digest School. In the early 1980’s, he and his wife, Arleta, along with their three children, moved to central Virginia. Since that time, Donald has authored five books, awardwinning poetry, and numerous articles for a local newspaper. Together with their pets, Don and his wife live on a small farm just west of Richmond, Virginia. Donald loves humor, and laughing at his own expense. He also loves being amid Nature and enjoys quiet walks in the woods, meditation, gardening, helping others, writing, reading, amateur metal detecting, and communing with God. is the author of numerous articles and several books, including The Divinity Factor and Look into the stillness. For more information, visit his Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/DonaldLHicksAuthor

Is there something that humans just don't understand about life?

Yes and it's huge 30 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017

By Neale Donald Walsch How is it possible for seven billion human beings to all want the same thing-safety, security, peace, prosperity, opportunity, happiness, and love-yet be unable to produce it for any but the tiniest percentage, even after thousands of years of trying? I pose this question wherever I appear on my speaking tours, but I rarely get a satisfactory answer That's because most people do not understand the nature of the problem. As a result, we keep trying to solve the problem at every level except the level at which the problem exists. First, we try to solve the problems as if they were political problems. We author legislation, we pass resolutions, we issue declarations and sign documents, we create governments and then, by vote or by force, dismantle the governments we have created-we try everything we can think of politically, and yet we are faced with the same problems today that we have faced for centuries, and indeed, for millennia. So we say, obviously these are not political problems. They must be economic problems. And we then try in every way that we can to manipulate how cash flows around the problems. We throw money at them (as in the sending of foreign aid), or we withhold money from them (as in the imposition of economic sanctions). We try everything we can think ofeconomically, and yet we are faced with the same problems today that we

have faced for centuries, and indeed, for millennia. So we say, it's time to stop the fighting and go back to the bargaining table. We need to negotiate a settlement. And the cycle starts all over again. We pass more resolutions, then we impose more sanctions, then we drop more bombs, all the while crying out plaintively: "There must be a solution somewhere." Yet the problem facing humanity is not a political problem, it is not an economic problem, and it is not a military problem. It is a spiritual problem, and it can only be solved by spiritual means. My Conversations with God book series-the first entry of which was published in 1995-has been read by millions and been translated into 37 languages worldwide, and I have been answering questions about the content of those books for over 20 years. So I have some well-worn opinions on what I call "humanity's dilemma." It seems to me that nothing we are doing is working. Our political systems clearly are not working. Our economic systems clearly are not working. Our ecological systems clearly are not working. Our health care systems clearly are not working. Our educational systems clearly are not working. Our social systems clearly are not working. And saddest of all, our spiritual systems clearly are not working.


Nothing that we have created to produce a better life for all of us is producing that outcome for the largest number of people. In fact, it is worse than that. They are actually producing exactly the opposite. It is time to arouse humanity from its slumber. There is obviously something we don't understand, both about life and about God, the understanding of which would change everything. I have catalogued what I consider to be humanity's major misunderstandings in my latest book, Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species. I offer seven tools for integrating the behaviors of fully awakened beings into an average person's daily life. Perhaps the most startling assertion of my new book, however, is not about current human behaviors, but the behaviors of extraterrestrial beings-who I am convinced not only exist, but are actively working to help the people of Earth grow in their understanding. My book includes a list of what I believe are sixteen crucial differences in behavior between what I describe as "Highly Evolved Beings living in an awakened state" and those human beings who are not. I understand that such an assertion will meet with skepticism at best, and derision in some quarters for sure. Still, I think most people now accept that we are not alone in the cosmos, and most would be comforted to know that benevolent beings are seeking to help us move forward in our evolutionary process. Yet if such beings are helping, one might ask, why is our planet now facing crisis after crisis, with terrorism destroying lives, economic dreams being shattered, and unpredictable political upheaval emerging everywhere? In my view, the fact that these conditions exist make this the perfect time for our advancement. They comprise the storm before the calm, their severity serving to shake humanity from its complacency, awakening us to what now urgently needs to be done if we are to keep the promise of our potential. I was told all of this in my latest conversations with God, a communication with the Divine that I believe all people are having all the time. Most people are simply calling it something else. A moment of inspiration, perhaps. A sudden insight. A wonderful or bril-


liant idea. An intuitive sense. Some have even labeled such moments an epiphany. People will call it whatever they have to call it to get away with sharing their experience without having to claim that God spoke to them, or that Divine revelations had anything to do with it. Whatever words we use, we are talking here about the expansion of awareness that arises from the place of highest wisdom within all of us. It is the daring vision of Galileo, the incisive clarity of Socrates, the expansive understanding of Simone de Beauvoir, the intellectual bravery of Gertrude Stein, the pure genius of Madam Curie and Albert Einstein that resides within everyone, awaiting our access and our use. Book 4 in the Conversations with God series contains an invitation to human beings to choose to be among those who commit to moving forward their own individual and personal evolution by embracing and demonstrating behaviors that serve to awaken the species to who and what human beings really are (Individuations of Divinity), and how that may be made manifest in daily experience.

3 Conversations With Good Book 4: Awaken the Species comes out late March from Rainbow Ridge Books, distributed by Square One Publishers in New York. --Neale Donald Walsch is the New York Times Bestselling author of nine books in the Conversations with God series, which have sold more than ten million copies in 37 languages. He is one of the major authors in the new spirituality movement, having written 29 books, with eight books on the New York Times bestseller's list. His life and work have helped to create and sustain a worldwide spiritual renaissance, and he travels globally to bring the uplifting message of the CwG books to people everywhere.


Message from the Goddess Mother



My Beloved Children of Heart, “Greetings on this glorious day! I am filled with joy as my messages of heart today will bring to your minds and hearts, a greater awareness of your divine nature. Your greatest thirst is to know yourself. You seek a constant reassurance of your value and self- worth.


Let me say to you now very clearly, that your value is so great. It cannot even be measured by any standard used to gauge value within your current reality. Your personal value is of such expansiveness. As I share this message with you today, it will assist you to open yourself to the possibilities of a greater vision, a greater perspective of who you are and how you are known within the realms of truth. I hold you in my ever loving presence within the sacred heart. You will know the sacred words spoken to you today and always. Our divine communication is a constant. Yet, for a while you have forgotten this truth. However, now is a time of remembering more of your truth and the truth of all that is. Be in the ever loving flow of peace My Children. As you remember, you open up the causeways of possibilities beyond what you have dreamed up to this point in your personal evolution. Indeed now it is a time, where you are able to see and know more clearly the truth as it radiates upon you. The radiance is shinning the sweetness of your truth to your heart and mind. Imagine the greatest love you have ever felt. Perhaps it was in the arms of your mother as a young babe. Perhaps it was when you were holding your own child and gazing into their eyes of great wonder. It might be a time you spent with a beloved, holding each other in a loving embrace. Whenever you have felt loved and have experienced that sweetness is a wonderful beginning to remember more of your divine nature. It is a pathway of remembering the divine truth that exists for all. I say it is a beginning because, as you open your awareness to the feeling you experienced and observe it more fully, your heart will bring to your awareness other times you have felt the same feeling. You will begin to thread these experiences together as if threading a strand of pearls. These are pearls of love which shine so bright. As they are linked together, they become even brighter and will thread a sweet awareness of all of the loving experiences you are remembering.


A process of remembering the sweetness in your life, will lead you to a greater understanding of what is the true reality for you. It will become easier to recognize love as you focus on these pearls, experiences of love you are aware of. Soon the pathways of discovery will brighten even more, lighting the way to recognize and remember more loving experiences. Your life journey is a process of remembering your truth. It is a process of developing and expanding your consciousness. It is about living and experiencing the desires of your heart, living your dream. Imagine living that dream with the consciousness of the delightful flavor of your pearls of love. It all begins with an awareness of your truth and divine nature. How exciting that you have reached a place in your journey where you are ready to accept more light into your life, to accept more of your truth! The wonders that are waiting to be discovered by you will fill your heart with such joy. You will perhaps wonder, how can I keep my feet on the ground I feel so light-hearted! I recommend spending some time each day pondering on love and loving experiences. Each time you have a memory or a thought come to mind where you have felt love, imagine stringing a pearl on a golden strand. This strand of pearls will be ready to be worn as necklace of honor. This will become part of your Master attire. It will show to yourself and to all, that you remember the sweet experiences of love in your life. These pearls will create a bridge to more experiences and expressions of love. You will discover even greater love in your life, shifting and elevating your paradigm to be filled with great peace and joy. When your focus turns to thoughts of love, you become that great love, living and loving. What a wonderful way to remember your divine nature, that you are love. And what will you do as you remember your sweet nature? Ah, the possibilities are unlimited. You are the jewels of my heart. Each one is a precious pearl with your own distinct flavor. The joy you are is exquisite, for you radiate love. Welcome love into your life My Beloveds. It will fill you up to become more of who you are. You will blossom


in the radiance of the heart and create an endless string of pearls of love for yourself and for all to enjoy. Celebrate your life. It is a gift for you, so that you may experience the greater love. Know that I am the love, loving you, shinning that sweet radiance upon you to light the way. Enjoy the journey and wear your pearls of love proudly. You hold within your heart the promise of forever love. It is your birthright. Focus on your heart and allow the love to flow. Accept the sweetness into your life and live your dreams of heart.You are destined for greatness. Shamon.” With great love, Your Beloved Mother

j Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients & students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts & abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. You can reach her at website www.sunshineinyourheart.com or by email sunsinyourheart@aol.com . Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. www.sunshineinyourheart.com/free_telecasts.html FREE CLASS- “The Gift of the Golden Rose”. Experience the Golden Rose Ray on a journey to the Sacred Gardens of Light, learning how this gift can bless your life. Class information & Registration at: www.sunshineinyourheart.com

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The Aura and Your Spiritual Growth By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

One in three people are seeking to better themselves through personal and spiritual growth. Despite the increasing challenges of life and the accelerated pace of our day-to-day existence, we are searching more earnestly than ever for real answers to life’s biggest questions. There is an essential part of us we can employ that gives us the power to grow spiritually. This is the auric field or human energy field. What is the aura? A vibratory essence surrounds all living things. Everything you think, feel, and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in various colors and hues: this is your aura. Everyone has an aura and this aura is in constant activity even if you are unaware of it. In my own case, I was born clairvoyant, and I can hardly remember a time when I could not see the auric field. When I was young, I assumed everyone could see what I saw, and it was a shock when I discovered that was not the case. Although as a child I did not always understand what I was seeing, I always knew the aura was significant. As time went on, I learned just how significant and valuable it really was.


In my own case, I was born clairvoyant, and I can hardly remember a time when I could not see the auric field. When I was young, I assumed everyone could see what I saw, and it was a shock when I discovered that was not the case. Although as a child I did not always understand what I was seeing, I always knew the aura was significant. As time went on, I learned just how significant and valuable it really was. The aura is an essential part of your life—the blueprint of the soul. This means it is first place where you make changes. To create anything in life, you need energy. The place you generate that energy is in your auric field. With every good word, thought, act, and deed you are earning light and strengthening your aura. What does spiritual growth look like in the aura? As a person develops his or her soul, the colors of the aura become more vibrant and defined. The divisions of the aura brighten, and become more organized. You will see beautiful shades of blues, greens, yellows, and pinks. The energies coming from the chakras or energy centers also become more brilliant and the chakras themselves become more developed. Naturally, souls advancing on the path begin to drop more and more of the darker, unenlightened colors. One of the energies I see when someone is making great strides in their evolution is apple green. Apple green in the aura signifies strong spiritual growth; it is a pearl-luster color and one of the strongest energies there is. This energy really helps you ascend through the higher planes of consciousness. When very pronounced, I will see this apple green as bands above the head along with bands of light blue. Once you have these energies strongly in your aura, you are well on your way to reaching the spiritual summit. How do you work with the aura to grow spiritually? Here is where meditation comes in. Whether or not you see auras, through the practice of meditating with Divine Light you can draw into your aura the spiritual energy you need to quicken your spiritual growth. You do not actually have to perceive the aura to work with it. By working with the Divine Light, you can build your character; strengthen the situations and conditions in your life. You can work with the light to develop better and more loving relationships with others. Use the


light to help drop bad habits that are holding you back. This will greatly enhance the colors of your auric field. As you are growing in the light, there are many facets of your consciousness that you will need to work on. This is a gradual process, that is always guided by the higher power, but you can gently usher it along through sincere effort and conscious intention. In closing, let me emphasize that the most effective way to improve yourself, improve the world, and create your heart’s desire is to develop yourself spiritually. Your spiritual growth is the key to drawing closer to God, fulfilling your purpose in life, and attaining true joy and satisfaction in all you do. Refuse to let any present condition or situation cloud that truth. You have a glorious potential that is your destiny. Be persistent yet patient with yourself. Spiritual growth is a gradual process. You do not want to force anything. Use the divine energies that God gave you to nourish your soul. Always remember that your aura—that miraculous part of you—is always there to help you in your climb upward back to the Divine.

l Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis are cofounders of Spiritual Arts Institute. With over 40 years of clairvoyant experience, they have taught thousands to better themselves by working with the aura and spiritual energy. Their award-winning books include Communing with the Divine, Karma and Reincarnation, The Healing Power of Your Aura, and the updated edition of the international bestseller Change Your Aura, Change Your Life. www.spiritualarts.org.




with Michael White Ryan



WAKE UP By Michael White Ryan

Life is like a painting, it is a firsthand connection experience. In a painting, there is a deliberate focus point, and yet surrounding this focus point is a world of the unknown. This is where discovery lives and it’s there for us to investigate before coming back into the focus point, “ourselves”. Life has been communicating to us for eons, it speaks to us in a nonverbal silent language. It has performed with us at every communicable moment and the question we must ask…have we even noticed. While walking through a busy noisy airport terminal I hear music echoing around the mass of people. My being not my mind must find the artist, Free is playing the violin. Time schedule is no longer the number one priority, the mindset of logic and reason have been interrupted, and my being is heart of who I am…I must follow.


Reflect for a moment, to how you use to think, today the world is not the same and hopefully in our thinking processes we have moved forward also. Back then we had dreams of how wonderful life was and will be in our future, it was all in our head. It went something like this! We grow up, take the education, get married, have kids and expect to own the world, we lived in a world where anyone can be the President. Today our emotions are out of sync, we’ve created a separation between our head and heart. We may think we know otherwise. The world has rained down upon us, we are confident and brave and yet inside, we no longer understand who we are. We remain apart from one another at a deep emotional level. We see on the TV, in movies, the realities of struggle, despair and the fairy tale lies, for no matter how hard we want to change, the mindset only knows how to travel down the path of yesterday’s vision. We live and function in the mind, we are from the mind. Our mindset has become our prison, bound to the chains of logic. Experience is the voice that screams we can rely on us, not on past learned expectations of what and who we are supposed to be! How we are supposed to act, and all the reasons why, are nothing more than fabricated controlled comfort zones. When we act differently, we no longer belong to a confined social space. As a minority, we are judged, separated, then defined as different. Trapped in a world of knowledge, we distracted ourselves form us. Logic defines us, but who are the logical we?? Wisdom is birthed from experience and learned knowledge. Unfortunately, knowledge today comes from information and not experience, and so we repeat our lives with so called changes that in reality, are not changes but a different version of the same logic. If knowledge gives us power and knowledge is a distraction, then what is power unseen? Our world now, has closed the doors of awareness and why, “because we already know” we assume what our focus and purpose already is before knowing ourselves. Earth gives to us every second and to grasp just one single second of an uninterrupted beauty, is the bliss of a moment where nothing else exists in the world but the receiving-self. When we open ourselves up to the


energy within by an interrupted moment in time, it allows energy to escape throughout our entire being. Its instantaneous power gives us options, choices and opportunities we had never thought probable. It opens the path from within for new and different creations to breathe, thus giving birth within our outside world. What a blessing! We are subjects of our created environment and created mindset. It no longer serves us in our best interest. Awareness, logic, synchronicity and intuition are one and the same. We define their role in our lives and when we allow incorrect understanding by definition, Karma my not be our friend!!! Blessings to one and all…

t Michael White Ryan is a co-founder with his wife Pamela Edwards of Language of Space. They are leaders in sustainable business growth via Performance Design and Performance Code. Sustainable design encompasses both Western and Eastern philosophies including advanced Feng Shui principles, Environmental Design, Buildings, Alternative Health, Business Advisory Consultants and 20 plus years as entrepreneurs. Recognized in the top 100 globally and are Americas Leading Feng Shui Business Consultants. They are on faculty at CEO Space International one of the oldest business organizations in America today, currently operate in 7 countries and reside in Henderson NV. www.languageofspace.com


By Ulrich Emil Duprée

In this excerpt from Ho’oponopono and Family Constellations, A traditional Hawaiian healing method for relationships, forgiveness and love author Ulrich Dupree describes what Ho’oponopono is and how the concept can be used to heal our relationships, our world, and ourselves.

ciling, ho‘oponopono is an aid for life in three major areas of conflict: (1) relationships, partnerships and family, (2) profession, vocation and livelihood and (3) activating your powers of self-healing (by reducing stress, for example).

What is it? Ho‘oponopono is one of the kahuna sciences, ancient shamanistic teachings from Hawaii, and describes a method for resolving personal problems and interpersonal conflict. The aim of ho‘oponopono is to heal relationships on many levels: (1) with yourself in particular, (2) with other people, (3) with your environment (nature) and (4) with the Source of all things.

The meaning of the word Depending on the context, ho‘o can mean ‘to do, arrange or construct something’. Again depending on context, the word pono can be translated as (1) ‘correct’, (2) ‘flexible’ or even (3) ‘compassion’. In relationships in particular, you have to be flexible and put your ego to one side. Overlooking little faults is not only compassionate but also makes life more pleasant, as it is generally true to say that people who make lots of rules in a relationship will live in close confinement, and who likes to live in a mental prison of their own devising? As the Hawaiian priest Haleaka Iolani Pule explains:

Ho‘oponopono has been practiced as a kind of family therapy and mediation for centuries, but over the last few decades it has developed from a traditional family conference into a self-help method that is nowadays often used in a simplified version. The heart of ho‘oponopono is a forgiveness ritual. By accepting, absolving, forgiving and recon46 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017

‘With ho‘oponopono, it’s not about who’s right or wrong, it’s about good relationships.’

Putting things right again Ho‘oponopono can be translated literally as ‘making things rightly right’, ‘putting things right again’ or ‘restoring divine order’. The idea behind it is that everything flows from the Source of all things (Hawaiian: ke akua oi’a’io), whose essence, mana aloha, is pure love. To the ancient Hawaiians, life was a great river (Hawaiian: wai wai) of material and spiritual wealth to which one needs only to turn and/or open up mentally and spiritually. Life itself is richness and a person living in harmony with themselves and the cosmos is able to live happily, healthily and in prosperity. Re-establishing the cosmic order The word pono appears twice, as two people are always required both for a harmonious relationship in which all concerned can grow together, and for conflict, which can be exhausting. For a relationship to be fundamentally balanced, the solution to any problem has to be pono for all concerned: right for you and right for me. Right for people, right for animals, right for every plant and right for the Earth. The sole aim of this method of healing conflict at every level is to achieve a ‘win-win’ relationship – you are trying to create relationships in which everyone involved comes out on top. A ‘win-lose’ relationship – for example, in your professional life, when workers in third-world countries pay with their health because of precarious working conditions or when pesticides that harm the environment are used in agriculture – is really a ‘lose-lose’ relationship – everybody involved loses out, as you cannot base your happiness on the suffering of others. Right – inside and out Ponopono, ‘right, inside and out’, is based on the cosmic principle of resonances (Hawaiian: kuolo). This means, for example, that external environmental pollution will resonate within you in the form of a pollution of the heart. By the same token, considerate types of people who cause fewer problems for their fellow inhabitants on the planet would also suffer fewer lifestyle diseases themselves. But a hole in a heart with no love is a bottomless pit and will cry out to be filled. Symptoms of deficiency appear in the world only because of this vacuum in the heart, as the causal chain begins in the spirit. You could also say that everything is created twice – first in our imaginations and then on a material level. Le ‘ale’a ka ‘ōlelo i ka pohu aku o loko. If you are calm inside, everything that leaves you is pleasant. ~ Hawaiian proverb

Right for you, right for me When our thoughts and intentions are loving, compassionate and peaceful, the outcome will be a pleasant one. Just like everything else in the universe, ponopono obeys the fundamental law of cause and effect: ka ua mea. Everything we do and everything we fail to do has an effect. The circumstances of our lives are not there by coincidence, they are the result of our thoughts, the decisions we made on the strength of these thoughts and, ultimately, of our conscious and unconscious actions. It makes a difference whether you encourage or discourage a colleague with your remarks. It makes a difference whether you think well or badly of someone. It makes a difference whether you do sports or not, whether you are a good or a bad example to children, whether you shop sustainably or without thinking about the consequences. As an enfranchised being with the potential to create, we cast a vote for the world and for ourselves with everything we do. We shall harvest today what we sowed yesterday – and the same is true of tomorrow. This law of cause and effect contains an incredible opportunity for humanity to heal Nature and bring about world peace; to stop being a ‘spoilsport’ in the ecosystem and return to being a team player in the great family of the world, we have to sow new causes – then we can reap a harvest of peace. Having peace in our hearts will lead to peace in the world. Photo Coutesy Palm Trees in Sunset Galyna Andrushko & Hands Holding: Maridav

Ulrich Emil Duprée is an author, workshop facilitator and visionary. He has studied both Western and Eastern philosophy and lived in a Hindu monastery for four years. He has taught Ho’oponopono, the ritual of forgiveness, since his mystical initiation by a Hawaiian Kahuna priest in 2009. For more go here. http://bit.ly/2nfasFc 47 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017

Karma Can Be a

Real Pain… but Luckily, There is a Cure! By Joanne DiMaggio, MA, CHt

Edgar Cayce, the father of holistic medicine and the most renowned psychic of the 20th century, gave a reading (37442) in October 1923, in which he made the astounding statement that: “There are in truth no incurable conditions.” Later, when he began giving life readings that included past-life information, he went a step further by linking a person’s chronic condition with actions or attitudes from a prior lifetime. Since then, the idea of physical karma, i.e. the manifestation of karma at a visible or physical level within the human body, has been studied by notable professionals, including Dr. William McGarey, former Medical Director of the A.R.E. Clinic and Director of the Medical Research Division of the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Dr. McGarey said: “I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the serious, long-term, degenerative diseases are karmic in their nature.” C. Norman Shealy, M.D. PhD, one of the world’s leading experts in holistic medicine, also weighed in on this topic, saying: “ . . . in my experience all significant illnesses/accidents, etc. in this life are the result of unfinished business from a previous life.” In the 30-some years I have worked in the field of regression therapy, I can attest to the validity of such statements. In recent years I have seen an increase in the number of individuals who come in questioning whether their chronic physical conditions are past-life related. Curious about this growing trend, I conducted a research project to ascertain whether chronic conditions were, in fact, linked to a prior lifetime and if so, would uncovering the past-life source of that condition bring about healing?


Over the course of a year, I worked with 50 volunteers ranging in age from 34-74 and representing a myriad of professions. These men and women came to my project complaining of arthritis; diabetes; liver and kidney problems; weight and digestive issues; headrelated concerns; foot, leg and back pain; sexual issues; drug and alcohol abuse; and mental and emotional disorders. While not all were certain their condition was past-life related, everyone was more than willing to find out. At the start of the session, they were asked to do a scan of each part of their body—from their toes to their head—looking for any discomfort, sensitivity or birthmarks in that part of their body. These often previewed what was to come in the regression. The question about birthmarks grew out of the work of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia, whose research unearthed evidence that physical characteristics, such as birthmarks, may be carried over from a past life to a present life. A birthmark on one’s shoulder, for example, may be a remnant of a past-life wound to that area of the body. The regression guided the individual to the lifetime in which their chronic condition first appeared. During this segment, they identified who they were in a prior lifetime and the source of the malady they were experiencing today. In one case, a 68-year-old Navy veteran and former defense contractor with arthritis in his thumbs, regressed to a Civil War lifetime in which he cut off the thumbs of his opponents. In another case, a 65-year old health care provider with sciatica, regressed to an 18th century French lifetime in which she ended the career of a rival dancer by causing her to fall and break her leg. While these are examples of an “eye for an eye” philosophy, others in the project experienced physical karma due to an attitude issue or the repetition of a negative behavior pattern. At the end of the regression, they examined their pastlife death and were asked what were their last thoughts as their soul left their body, as this often sets up the next lifetime. A woman suffering from head-to-toe psoriasis in this life, saw herself as a prostitute in the old West. Her last thoughts were: “I don’t want to be touched anymore.” Was it a coincidence then that in this lifetime she manifests a skin disease in which no one wants to touch her?

The final element of the session—the soul writing— gave them their prescription for recovery. Soul writing, which is a written form of meditation, was done at the end of the regression, but before they were brought back to full consciousness. Each volunteer was told to go within and ask for written guidance that would address unanswered questions from the regression and offer guidance for healing. This is often where the “ah ha” moments happened. A 68-year-old author/speaker went back to a life in 79 A.D. in Pompeii, where he suffocated in the aftermath of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. During the soul-writing portion, he wrote: “Asthma the result of seared lungs?” I had no idea he was suffering from asthma, but the soul writing tied it to the suffocation and once revealed, the asthma disappeared. Spontaneous healings like this occurred in roughly 17-percent of the 23 volunteers whose sessions were selected for inclusion in my book, Karma Can Be a Real Pain. The majority of the others experienced various degrees of improvement. Past-life regression is a powerful tool because it gets to the origin of the issue. People get results after only one session, especially if that session is done by a reputable professional who views this as sacred work. Edgar Cayce said in reading 2153-3, “ . . . whatsoever a soul soweth, that shall it also reap.” So while karma can be a real pain, lucky for us, there is a cure!!

y Joanne DiMaggio, MA, CHt, is an author and inspired teacher who has written three books: Soul Writing: Conversing With Your Higher Self; Your Soul Remembers: Accessing Your Past Lives Through Soul Writing; and her newest book, Karma Can be a Real Pain: Past Life Clues to Current Life Maladies. For more information, visit www.joannedimaggio.com



The Gift of an Awakened Life and How You Achieve It By Master Charles Cannon It takes something to impress a tech genius. That was my challenge when LinkedIn invited me to present my High-Tech Meditation® program in Silicon Valley. What made the hour easy and successful was to not bother trying to impress them. Instead, I assured them that they already had the key to living an awakened life in the 21st century: engage fully with life. I learned that previous presenters kept telling them to unplug. I’ve heard the same thing from new meditation students, but I always urge people to go in the other direction. Instead of hiding from the world, embrace it. Why? Because that’s what you do when you’re awake! True, our lives are busier than ever, and we can easily get overwhelmed by distractions. There is more activity and background “noise” than ever before in the history of our species. We can’t know even a fraction of what’s competing for our attention. Besides all that we hear and see, smell, feel, and touch, there’s now a broad range of frequencies beyond the perception of our five senses, like microwaves, EMF radiation, and odorless toxins. Then there are all the thoughts and feelings of seven billion people. We live in a thrashing sea of environmental influences, many of them toxic. This can overwhelm our experience of self, marginalize our awareness of anything but consumer fever, and convince us that there is only one alternative: to unplug. After all, that noise can reduce the “still, small voice” of our own inner knowing to an inaudible whisper.

But rather than unplugging to escape, why not remain plugged in and choose constructive input to overpower the noise? There are always choices to make with our attention and the menu of possibilities now includes some truly nurturing choices. Sometimes it’s as simple as using our remote to change channels from a high-speed chase to touring a Japanese garden. Meditators make movies and they write books. Awake individuals blog and tweet. They work in our companies and they attend parties we go to. In other words, these days anyone who wants to live an awakened life has company. We can help each other to be, as the Bible said, “in the world but not of it.” That’s profoundly different than retreating on our own. The unique pressures of modern life call for us to help each other now. This busy world is not our enemy. Time was when the idea of waking up and being more spiritual was a more solitary journey; it meant meditating for hours and/or traveling to be with a guru in some remote part of the world. “Getting away from it all” is no longer practical, possible, or even advisable. The “noise” is inescapable because it transcends geography. So, I recommend a fundamentally different strategy: engage with the world in the identity of a universal lover. Love everything you perceive. Love everyone you are in contact with, appropriately. That means giving them your attention and learning how to relate, moment-by-moment, in the most productive, enjoyable ways. In the final analysis, livingan awakened life means expanding awareness. Awareness of what? Not just theories about life but your actual perception of what’s going on. 51 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017

A friend told me a story about three men driving to work one morning. They stopped at a light and saw a woman walking across the street in her nightgown. One man was offended and judged her for going out in public dressed like that. Another just stared in fascination. The third man noticed that her eyes were closed. She was sleepwalking! He helped her get home safely. Three men all saw the same facts but they each perceived something different. That’s because their perception was through a lens of their own unique prejudices. This story proves the reworking of that old statement: “You believe it when you see it.” As they demonstrated, it’s more likely, “You see it when you believe it.” Living an awakened life involves surrendering our biases, the prejudices that filter our perception and determine our thinking and consequent behavior. This is central to living an awakened life. We don’t need a cave. We don’t need a placid life with no challenges. That belief guarantees remaining asleep. Discomfort is inevitable; we can’t have comfort without it. It’s how we deal with challenges that matters and we do better when we’re awake! We can also give up tunnel vision – obsession with achieving one thing and seeing everything as assets or liabilities to accomplishing “success.” We can soften our perception … spread out our focus to include everything that is happening, appreciating that if it’s happening there’s a reason for it. We can become detectives of life and discover hidden value right here, right now. We can learn how to appreciate and include everything in every moment as a valid part of our experience, rather than distractions from what we want to get done. Yes, we need to focus but there’s a different way, from a perspective that enables us to perceive more of what is really going on. Like, noticing that a woman on the street in the early morning is sleepwalking! You might have a friend who is sleepwalking through his life. You can help him in the same way; take him home. Home is awakening to the miracle of this life, moment by moment, but we can’t just tell people about it, we have to live it so they have an example to inspire and awaken them. When we study the reasons we limit our perception, it doesn’t take long to discover what we are really hiding


from. Of the many topics we dance around and neglect, deny, and try to avoid in our modern culture, there’s one that tops the taboo list — the one we really don’t want to face. Death. Most of us walk backward towards death, focused on regrets and ambition, memories and fantasy, afraid to face what’s coming. But death comes for us all. When we turn to face it we can come to understand what native Americans meant when they said, “This is a good day to die.” When we live an awakened life, every day is a good day to die. Why? Because we are engaging fully with life, with no regrets. Also, because we have come to understand that death is not the end. Yes, every flower withers and dies. Every human life completes. But we are more than our bodies. We are an in-dwelling spirit, an eternal spark of light in this star-filled universe. How could our light separate itself from the light? In a body, in soil, in the wind, in a dimension beyond imagination, we live as all life does, forever. In the end, we must settle for immortality. Experiencing that in each moment is what characterizes living an awakened life. That is the real genius.

f Master Charles Cannon is the Spiritual Director of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality. His other books include: Forgiving the Unforgivable, Awakening from the American Dream. The Bliss of Freedom, Modern Spirituality and The Meditation Toolbox. For more information contact Synchronicity Foundation: 757 644-3400 or visit the website: www.Synchronicity.org


An Astral Journey By Daniel Alcyone


Last night I entered the Astral Realm in my dream-state. It was so vividly real, yet nothing looked like what we typically refer to as “reality”. My consciousness was flying through multidimensional space-time and I was simultaneously in my pure Energy Body and in holographic physicality. Complex geometric figures surrounded me, moved through me, and became me. Clusters of stars connected their celestial dots and birthed laser grid constellation forms. These morphing shapes, multilayered, multifaceted, and iridescent, gravitated towards me so that I could activate them with a touch and set them in motion. These cosmic Rubik’s Cubes that were not cubes at all were each reconfigured into a new pattern and assigned a new trajectory into the vastness of infinity. Everything was illuminated from within, a rainbow hued display of Light. My transparent spectral hands the size of planets, my entire Being filled with the essence of Astronomical Joy. I was able to effortlessly create new forms from nothingness and reduce other forms into pure energy to be recycled for greater purposes. I was at the intersection of Divine Work and Divine Play, each movement made with exceptional Purpose and Importance, incredible Speed and Clarity. Overflowing with Peace and Happiness I became an intricate instrument of Boundless Bliss, with the precision of gears inside the finest watch and the freedom to move in any direction imaginable simultaneously.

As I began to return into my physical body this amazing sensation and wordless, timeless knowing remained with me. While my consciousness returned to flesh I started to notice and appreciate all of my bodily sensations with magnified detail and heightened sensitivity. It felt nearly orgasmic to move my foot one inch under the sheets, the delicious sound of silence playing in the morning air like a sensual symphony. I remained in this state for as long as I could maintain it, half in the majesty of pure energy creation, and half in my physical structure, riding waves of ecstasy. While in this junction between two overlapping states of existence, I knew everything that would happen in the physical world a moment before it did. My wife would move or stretch sleepily and I could move in sync with her, completely knowing and understanding not just the movement, but the energy behind the movement before it began. It became clear to me as my waking and reasoning mind started to focus that what I was seeing is the x-ray energy structure of all the actions in my life. Everything I do, each action and interaction, all that I create and transform, all that I put energy into and move with acts of will. This myriad of things stripped of physical form, existing on a level of depth above and beyond their tangible, touchable structures. This is the unseen world that underlies the realm of the senses. This is the Cosmic Reality of existence.

Daniel Alcyone is a constant conscious creator and a modern mystic. He is a certified yoga and AcroYoga instructor, street artist, public speaker, metaphysician, and spiritual guide. The Ecstatic Existence podcast that he hosts and produces transmits high-vibe inspirational content throughout the world and interviews leading experts in the fields of alternative health and elevated consciousness. Daniel infuses illuminated intelligence, exuberant enthusiasm, and passionate presence into every single second. The popular “Magick Of Mudras” video series that he creates explores various methods of meditation and provides esoteric explanations for the practices. Daniel’s mission is to activate the abundance of personal power lying dormant within you and through this awakening provide healing to the planet. email: daniel@ecstaticexistence.com website: www.ecstaticexistence.com 55 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017

Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles Photo Courtesy by Sheri Determan Style Fashion Week, producer of globally recognized fashion events raised the bar this season with two extraordinary events in New York and Los Angeles. Bringing fashion week into the modern era, Style Fashion Week is combining music, performances, art and more with unforgettable designer runway shows. After a wildly successful season at the iconic Madison Square Garden, Style Fashion Week returned to its roots in Los Angeles as The Official Fashion Week of LA at The Pacific Design Center. The event kicked off with a jam-packed opening reception at Skybar at the Mondrian. The party set the bar for the record breaking crowds that would attend the shows the following days. On day one of the events, the crowds were welcomed into the stunning plaza of the Pacific Design Center with incredible jazz music that set the scene for the sophisticated designs of Malan Breton. Inspired by 1930’s glamour and the dark film noir era, his collection mes-


merized the crowds. Following the jaw-dropping designs of Malan Breton, the event jumped straight into an opening day after party with a performance by the EC Twins. The second day of events opened with E! News correspondent Sibley Scoles as the host for the evening. Designers Antonella Commatteo with performances from Meredith O’Connor and Heather Larose. The colorful designs of Shahida Parides followed along with the bright, garden inspired designs from Moods of Norway. Performances from Kevin Lyttle, the hilarious Kiki Melendez and Eric Meyers followed the first set of shows. The daring, urban looks of Richard Hallmarq kicked off the closing show of the night. The neutral palette and contradicting silhouettes made for the perfect metropolitan collection. The elegance of David Tupaz followed with graceful lines and feminine looks, resembling that of Coco Chanel or Dior. An enchanting performance from Pia Toscano dazzled the audience. Closing out day two, was a shocking surprise from LA native, Mario De La Torre. The designer took his usual designs and stunned the crowd with a new collection made out of impeccably cut vinyl.


The third day of events the hilarious Jay Davis hosted the events from the runway. Musical performances by the talented Michael Raven and Ryan Cabrera entertained the crowds. Children’s designers Disco Panda and Ydamys Simo brought adorable and impressive collections to the runway. A special performance from the unbelievably talented, Rilan wowed the crowds. Closing out the night was the talented Bijan Andre and his impeccable couture gowns, the urban street wear of Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy and the unique, dark light designs of WANGLILING. The final day of Style Fashion Week was opened with the incredible, edgy designs of Thomas Wylde. Her celebration of death showed edgy detailing with a party side. Later that evening, Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity stunned the crowd with jaw-dropping acrobatics from a single hoop artist. 98 degrees’ Jeff Timmons performed for the crowd taking everyone back to the 1990’s. A musical performance from JP Vance entertained the crowds with his impressive vocals. Closing out the week, was the intricate designs from Honee and the sensual work of Adrian Alicea. Throughout the week there was a star studded front row and red carpet including the following: Chris Soules, Robby Hayes, Chase McNary, Ashley Iaconetti, Corrine Olympios, Whitney Fransway, Sarah Vendal and Kristina Schulman (The Bachelor), Christina Milian (Singer/Actress), Dinah Jane (Singer, Fifth Harmony), Nicole Scherzinger (Singer), Diamond White (Actress), John Moore (Actor), Carla Gordy (BET), Michael Learned (Actress), Mickey Gooch (Actor), Harvey Guillen (Actor), Luke Cook (Actor), Ahmed Baageel (Actor), Jessie Pitts (Singer), Jordyn Jones (Singer), Madelaine Petsch (Actress), Pia Mia (Singer), Chantel Jefferies (DJ), Peyton List (Blogger), Draya Michele (Actress), Audrey Napoleon (DJ), Kat Graham (Actress), Amy Noonan (Herby, Karmin), Ryan Cabrera (Singer), Jeff Timmons (Singer), Kurt Russell (Actor), Michael Jai White (Actor), Gillian Waters (Actress), Frieda Payne (Singer), Tisha Campbell (Actress), Kim Porter, Music Industry Legend Terry Rindal, Supremes Founding Member Mary Wilson, American Idol Finalist Olivia Rox, Fitness Icon Kathy Kaehler, Top Chef Dwayne Martin, Drummer James Robertson, Talk Show Host Karla Gordy Bristol, Costume Designer James Purdue "Jai" Jackson and Randy and Cookie Kolker, Sibley Scoles, Pia Toscano, Meredith O’Connor, Heather Larose and Connor Paolo (Actor). Special thanks to Style Fashion Week’s sponsors and partners including the CITY OF LOS ANGELES, THE CITY OF WEST HOLLYWOOD, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, INSOMNIAC, SKYDECK EXPERIENCES, JAM3R, BIOGEN and TEVA PHARMACEUTUCALS, PERONI, MARKABLE, INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF DESIGN, RUSH PHILANTHROPIC ARTS FOUNDATION, ESSENTIA WATER and PIPELINE INSURANCE.



Losing Your Mother

By Becky Chambers


Devastating, overwhelming grief... my brain blasted so fiercely that it stops functioning. I cannot think, remember, focus, concentrate. My self-confidence drops away, and I am suddenly a young child again, needy and unsure, desperately wanting my mother. I do the dumbest things, like getting lost driving home, a route I have driven a thousand times. I can't find my toothpaste, along with a million other things, and I burst into tears because this confirms my fear that I am unfit to take care of myself, that I will drown in my misery. My mother was within a few days of her death when she called to tell me she had stopped all fluids and food, made a decision to end her life, now one of pain and disability with no chance of recovery. I was on the other side of the continent and couldn't leave immediately. We agreed I should stay six more days in Los Angeles, a decision based on a commitment to my future - I needed to become financially independent, "successful." It was the right decision, but so difficult. I made it home just in time for one last moment with her. She was almost beyond communication, her eyes unseeing, but she was hanging on, it seemed, to see

me one last time. I leaned over her bed, gathered her close and held her hand as I kissed her forehead and wept. I told her how much I loved her, how special and wonderful she was. I felt her squeeze my hand, heard her speak my name, and then in a stupefying display of tenacity and love, she raised her other arm, put her hand on my back and patted me. Using the very last of her strength, in these last few moments of her life, she was trying to comfort me. In that moment I forgave her for the past more deeply and completely than ever before. My mother passed away thirty-six hours later, and I was left stunned. How do I go on? I have lost a part of myself that was so intrinsic that I couldn’t see how big it was. Now there is a gaping hole, and sometimes that hole is all I see. Worst of all is the guilt and regret. I didn't appreciate my mother, didn't see her clearly. I was focused on her faults, and on protecting myself. I missed gifts she had for me, and now it feels like it is too late. My task now will be to forgive myself.


Structure is helpful. The routines of my life, my home, dog, work, and family, are reassuring with their familiarity, and because I love them and they bring purpose and meaning to my life. I will also keep using the natural health methods of whole body vibration (WBV) and homeopathy that have saved my life so many times before. Most of my life I have struggled with numerous severe and limiting physical issues as well as crippling self-esteem and insecurity issues. I have made great progress, but one never really finishes this process, you can always keep growing. I stand on my whole body vibration machine every day. WBV is most famous for its effects on muscles, bones and joints - ten minutes exercising on a powerful vibration plate gives you the benefits of an hour of conventional weight lifting. But right now, I don’t need exercise, it is all I can do to stand or sit on the plate for a few minutes - but that is enough to give me other benefits of which I am in great need. WBV improves mood, sleep, focus, motivation, concentration, and energy levels. How does it do this? It is a huge neurological stimulation - when you are on a vibrating plate every neuron in your body automatically fires at the same rate the machine is vibrating, 20-50 times per second. Your brain instantly lights up with activity, and this leads to the release of several neurotransmitters, molecules in your brain that are essential to its proper function. Serotonin, a major anti-depressant molecule in our brains, increases. This is the same neurotransmitter that western medicine antidepressant drugs target. High levels of serotonin are associated with a calm and relaxed state, with focus and motivation, and with improved sleep; all of which I am in dire need of. WBV also raises levels of norepinephrine, another neurotransmitter and hormone. Norepinephrine is part of our fight or flight response, giving us a burst of energy for emergencies. Keeping norepinephrine at healthy levels will help combat the lethargy that is dogging me. Testosterone, a sex hormone, also rises with WBV. Best known for increasing libido and sexual performance for men, testosterone is actually important for both men and women - it brings zest and energy to our lives, as well as improving sex.


However, as grand as all these benefits are, I am most determined to continue my WBV regime because it is helping my soul grow by helping me let go of negative energy. How does it do this? Our bodies are highly organized molecular structures, in this sense all of us are liquid crystals. And all crystals have a physical property, well-known to engineers and scientists, called piezoelectricity. This is the ability to turn mechanical movement into electromagnetic energy. Thus, every time you are on a whole body vibration plate your (liquid crystal) body will instantly turn the mechanical vibration of the plate into the exact electromagnetic energy you need to unblock and balance your energy meridians and chakras. WBV is a powerful chi energy treatment every time you use it. I have been using WBV for over fifteen years now. I have found that especially when I combine WBV with homeopathy, another powerful energy changing system, it can create a synergistic healing fire of growth and change. Difficult, painful experiences are an opportunity for growth. I will use my pain to grow.

y Becky Chambers, B.S., M.Ed., is a natural health practitioner, teacher, author, and the president and owner of Vibrant Health. She specializes in homeopathy and the revolutionary body, mind, and energy therapy of whole body vibration. Becky is one of the most experienced independent experts in whole body vibration in the United States. Her book, Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health, has been the best-selling book in the USA about this revolutionary technology since it was published in 2013. Becky second book, Homeopathy Plus Whole Body Vibration, explores the synergy between energy medicine and whole body vibration. Her website is Her website is www.BCVibrantHealth.com


Four steps to living in soul consciousness By Richard Barrett Your soul has a plan for your life: that is why it chose your body. You can get on board with your soul’s plan or you can ignore it. The choice is yours. If you choose the path of your soul, your life will no longer be your own; you will have to become the servant of your soul. Your soul is the reason why you exist in this three-dimensional physical reality. Your soul is a field of conscious awareness that exists in the energetic realm of the fourth-dimension of reality, beyond space and time. It is an individuated aspect of the universal energy field from which everything that exists in our physical world derives its existence. Your soul projected itself into your physical body shortly after your conception and imbued every atom and cell in your body with conscious awareness and the will to survive. The will to survive, which is found in every living creature, is the soul’s will to be present in physical form in our three-dimensional reality. The reason your soul incarnated into your body is to support the evolution of human consciousness here on Earth. In pursuit of this objective, your soul needs to express itself by forming unconditional loving connections, and making a contribution to society. To achieve the first goal you need to learn how to lead a values-driven life, and to achieve the second goal, you need to learn how to lead a purpose-driven life. Your soul cannot achieve its goals unless your ego is able align its motivations with the motivations of the soul. Your ego is a field of conscious awareness that is associated with your body. Your ego, like every atom and cell in your body, is imbued with the will to survive—the soul’s will to be present in three-dimensional reality. Whereas the purpose of the conscious awareness of your atoms and cells is to keep your body alive, the purpose of the conscious awareness of your ego is to keep the body safe from harm in its physical, social and cultural environment. If your ego cannot do this the soul cannot fulfil its purpose.


Whereas the purpose of the conscious awareness of your atoms and cells is to keep your body alive, the purpose of the conscious awareness of your ego is to keep the body safe from harm in its physical, social and cultural environment. If your ego cannot do this the soul cannot fulfil its purpose. In order to live in soul consciousness you first have to connect with your soul, then befriend your soul, learn to trust your soul so finally you can become one with your soul. Befriending your soul. The difference between an acquaintance and a friend is that a friend is someone who you can rely on to help you and give you advice when you are in need, whereas an acquaintance is simply someone you know. Friendship is always mutual and reciprocal. The more you reach out and care for a friend, the more your friend will reach out and care for you. This reaching out and caring is, I believe, the way to establish a friendship with your soul. So the question now becomes, what is it that you need to do to care for your soul? To get to the answer to this question you have to understand the needs of your soul. The soul incarnated into your body to express itself by learning how to lead a values-driven and purpose-driven life in physical three-dimensional awareness. What your soul needs from you is your support in this endeavor. It also needs you to establish an open channel of communication by keeping your mind free from fear and in a state of being—having a quiet mind which is not constantly worrying about how to meet the ego’s deficiency needs. As you make progress in this endeavour, you will find the inspiration of your soul will be available to you every moment of the day. Trusting your soul Trusting your soul requires immense courage when you are operating as an ego. That is because the ego takes its job very seriously. It was given the task of keeping the body safe from harm, and it forgot that it was performing this service on behalf of the soul. It thought it was protecting itself. Your ego has to learn that to find true fulfillment it has to become the servant of your soul. Having established a connection, and then a friendship with your soul, the time is now ripe for serious66 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017

ly testing how much you can trust your soul. There are many ways you can do this, but whatever way you choose it should not be half-hearted. Connecting with your soul There are many techniques you can use for connecting with your soul. The two most well-known are meditation and mindfulness. Frequent practice of both techniques can open up a channel of communication between your ego (your centre of conscious awareness in the physical three-dimensional world) and your soul (your centre of conscious awareness in the energetic four-dimensional world). Meditation was once regarded as a purely spiritual practice used in Eastern religious philosophies as a means of attaining enlightenment. Nowadays, it is used in hospitals and clinics all over the world to help patients reduce anxiety, stress, blood pressure, pain and addictive behaviours. One of the pioneers of the application of meditation to healthcare in the West is Professor Herbert Benson. Benson is an American cardiologist and founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Benson was one of the first Western physicians to recognize that the mind and the body are one system. In his book entitled The Relaxation Response, first published in 1975, he states with his coauthor, Miriam Z. Klipper, “We claim no innovation but simply a scientific validation of ageold wisdom.” Benson’s relaxation response is based on Transcendental Meditation. Mindfulness is very similar to mediation in that it enables you to find a centre of awareness in your mind where you can observe the thoughts and feelings generated by your ego-mind, as if they were passing by on a screen. You can watch them go by without attaching any energy to them. If you do attach energy to them, you will find yourself spiraling out of mindfulness into a constant stream of thoughts. When you notice this happening, just pull your awareness back to watching your thoughts. The centre of awareness where you are able to observe your ego’s thoughts—whether you are engaged in meditation or mindfulness—is your soulmind. When you step into the centre of awareness of your soul-mind, you are able to become your own self-witness (witness of the ego-mind). It is a place of pure being that exists at the core of who you are.

To operate in this way you have to get rid of any ego attachment you may have to things having to be the way your ego wants them. When your ego thinks it knows exactly what to do, beware! The ego is usually focused on satisfying one of its unmet needs. The mere thought of not being able to achieve these needs generates anxiety and fear. Whenever you allow fear to enter your mind, you are sending a message to your soul that you do not trust it to produce the outcome that is most beneficial to you. Non-attachment sends a different message to your soul. It says, Mr. Soul, I trust you to organize the outcome so that it most perfectly fits with your needs. What your ego is attempting to learn by trusting the soul is that the best possible outcomes always arise when you allow your doing to flow from your being. Becoming one with your soul. Finally, you reach the stage where you want to experience even more of the good feelings (energetic alignment) you get when you trust your soul. This is when you realize that the way forward is to become the servant of your soul. Becoming the servant of your soul is the stage in your development that precedes becoming one with your soul. There is a distinct difference between serving your soul, and becoming one with your soul. When your ego serves your soul, it surrenders its freedom. When your ego becomes one with your soul, it surrenders its existence—a part of you, which has served you well, has to die. That’s what it feels like viewed through the eyes of the ego in the third dimension of consciousness. From the fourth dimension, it looks differently—while your ego is still serving your soul, the energy field of your ego and your soul remain separate. When your ego becomes one with your soul, the energy field of your ego merges with the energy field of your soul. This merging occurs because the ego’s frequency of vibration becomes the same as the frequency of vibration of your soul. For most of us, the shift from trusting your soul to becoming the servant of your soul is already a huge challenge. Going the next step—mastering the ability to live a fear-free existence, automatically satisfying your needs before you know you have them, and manifesting what your heart desires through thought— is beyond our wildest imaginings. And yet, everyone who has connected, befriended,

trusted and become the servant of their soul has had the experience of doing all of these things during specific moments, hours or even days of their lives. Whenever, and in whatever manner you connected, befriended, trusted and served your soul, you were, during those moments, at one with your soul. The reason why you find this difficult to believe is because you have objectified your soul. You think you have a soul and your soul is separate from you. The truth is the opposite: your soul has you. Your soul (you) is attempting to master living in a three-dimensional physical reality in the same manner in which it lives in four-dimensional reality—with love and a deep sense of connection to everything.

y Richard Barrett is an author, speaker and internationally recognised thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society. He is the founder and chairman of the Barrett Values Centre, a Fellow of the World Business Academy and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank. He is the creator of the internationally recognized Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) which have been used to support more than 6,000 organizations on their transformational journeys. To date, more than 5,000 change agents, consultants and coaches have been trained by the Barrett Values Centre to use the Cultural Transformation Tools in over 50 countries Richard has been a visiting lecturer at the Consulting and Coaching for Change, Leadership Course run by the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and HEC in Paris. He has also been an Adjunct Professor at Royal Roads University, Institute for Values-based Leadership, and a visiting lecturer at the One Planet MBA at Exeter University. www.richardbarrett.net


Going public with your personal growth By Anne Tucker Most of us are funny about our weaknesses. We want to keep them secret. We have the mistaken idea that publicly admitting our growth areas makes us vulnerable, when in fact it can make us much, much stronger. Why don’t we want to share our development areas? Because if we do – how embarrassing – everyone will know! Here’s the uncomfortable truth –despite your best efforts to put your best face forward, everyone already knows. Some people may know you better than others, but on some level, the people around you have a pretty good sense for your strengths and weaknesses. Even the checker at the grocery store has the opportunity to observe that you are a little controlling, or indecisive, or disorganized, or maybe a little too blunt sometimes. So when you acknowledge your development areas, you aren’t telling people anything new. You are just letting them know that you know it, too.

A dear friend of mine started a diet but wouldn’t tell anyone because she wanted to keep her left-over baby weight a secret. She thought that if people knew she was on a diet they would suddenly become aware that she had some extra pounds. She was making progress, and after two months she was feeling healthier and her clothes were fitting better. The problem was, no one noticed. Not one person. She began to feel like it wasn’t working, that noticeable progress would take forever, and she gradually lost her motivation. Several months later, some co-workers started a diet pool. It was easier for my friend to join because everyone was doing it, so she didn’t feel like she was admitting to being overweight. The interesting thing was, this time around, everyone knew she was on a diet, and everyone was looking to notice her progress. She was encouraged and complimented all the time. Her coworkers even held her accountable when there were donuts in the conference room. She stuck with it, and has still kept the weight off. If you are trying to grow as a person, tell people what you are working on. Tell them what your development area is and what you are planning to do to improve. Not only will this create a support system for your change effort, but people will be looking for your changes and be open to thinking about you differently. Best of all, you’ll start to benefit from your efforts much faster because your new vision of yourself will be reflected back to you by the people in your life. Here’s a challenge for you. Think of something about yourself that is holding you back that you want to change or improve. Think through who you can enlist in your change effort and tell them about it! If you’re ready to shift your own personal growth into high gear, you’ll get amazing insights about the strengths and weaknesses of how you think and solve problems according to your own personal soul type in my new book, Undoubtedly Awesome. Discover your soul type for free with a 30-second soul-type quiz at www.undoubtedlyawesome.com There is a powerful reason for going public with your growth areas. When you tell people what you are working on and how you plan to do it, you enlist them in your transformation. Not only do they become a support system, but you’ve put them on alert to start looking for changes. They are much more likely to notice your increasing self-awareness and growth if they are looking for it, which means you start enjoying some of

the benefits of self-improvement much faster. On the other hand, if you take your personal growth agenda into your cave and keep it secret, you can be making huge efforts to improve and no one is going to notice. Not for months. People are much too busy sorting through email and putting out their own fires to really look at each other. Once people have formed an opinion about your strengths and weaknesses, they file it away and don’t think about you anymore. Even if you are behaving differently, they’ll just assume it was something you ate and that you’ll be back to your normal self tomorrow. When you are working hard to change and no one notices, it can be really discouraging.

y Anne Tucker is an effective and recognized speaker who has addressed audiences around the world on the topics of leadership, personal transformation, decision making, and the psychology of doubt. She is the founder of Wisdom Soup, an online social learning community that speeds up serendipity by connecting people with similar interests in spirituality and personal growth. Decision making has been the ongoing focus of Anne's 20-year career, during which she has worked with some of the most influential business leaders of our time. She developed her methodology for understanding decision making by soul type during her years as the co-founder of Grey Matter Partners, a leadership development firm based in Seattle, Washington, where she worked with senior executives and others, teaching a coaching process that one client referred to as his "awakening." Anne’s clients are able to reduce ambiguity for themselves and their organizations, see their strengths and opportunities with more clarity, and move forward on an ever clearer path to achieving their goals. Anne’s new book UNDOUBTEDLY AWESOME was published recently 69 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e April 2017


Anaheim White house recipes

Anaheim White House Restaurant Bruno Serato

Bruno Serato owner of the “Anaheim White House Restaurant" graciously for the first time will be sharing some of his recipes with The Eden Magazine readers around the world. We are proud to feature every month one of his most delicious dishes. The beautiful historical Anaheim White House Restaurant is certainly the most prestige restaurant in your neighborhood, that serves in an elegant atmosphere for you to enjoy a delicious meal. One time visit to the Anaheim White House Restaurant is a grantee to take you back there again. Have your first experience today by visiting www.anaheimwhitehouse.com/ to have your delighted moment to remember. Bon AppĂŠtit


Dolce Zabaglione Serves 4 ppl

Ingredients: 4oz marsala wine 4 large egg yolk at room temperature 5oz mascarpone cheese 8oz heavy cream 2 cups sliced strawberries 5oz all purpose flour 8 large eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon baking powder Non stick cooking spray Parchment paper

Preparation: To begin preheat oven to 300 degrees. Using an electric mixer to combine eggs, 6oz sugar and vanilla extract. Whisk to stiff peaks and remove from mixer to be folded into flour plus baking powder.

Next grease a baking sheet pan with non stick spray and pour the mixture on the sheet, let bake for 20minutes. Once baked remove from the oven and let it cool. In a separate bowl, mix 4 large egg yolks, marsala wine, 4oz sugar and bring on top of a double boiler, whish at all times until archive a thick consistency. Remove from double boiler and place on an ice bath until cool. Then you will need to whisk mascarpone, cheese and 2oz heavy cream until everything is well combined. Whip 6oz of heavy cream and 2oz sugar to a creamy stage. To arrange the cake, cut in half the sponge cake, spread whipped cream in one side, layer fresh sliced strawberries, do one more layer of cream and top with the second half of the sponge cake. Refrigerate until ready to serve. To finalize the dessert serve the Zabaglione, slice cake into rectangular pieces and top with Zabaglione.

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April issue 2017  

The Eden Magazine is a free online magazine focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world

April issue 2017  

The Eden Magazine is a free online magazine focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world