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April 2014 Volume 4 Issue 4

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Front Cover by Ashley Christudason Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your Photography For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; or 2 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross......

Ashley Christudson


By Ellen Angelica Pendergast

By Kati Gallanti

4 Creating Sacred Space By Bobbie Stuart


14 Virgo Moon

Earth Day.....

By Dr. Michael Lennox

By Sherri Cortland




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The Weeping of Nereides

By Rashmi Khilnani

Atlantean Golden Age By Colleen Costello

By Katerina Kostaki

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34 Open your eyes...

By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song



36 The Sparkle in your eyes By Jan Diana







ason Dharma of light

Ashley Christudason holds a Masters of Applied Design & Art from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. For the last 5 years, he has been refining various layering techniques associated with digital collage art – turning existing art and photography into reconfigured conceptualizations that he sees both in dreams and visions.

ing images from various sources on the web, which are then kept in folders to be picked and selected during the digital collage process. These images can range from 18th century formalist paintings to abstract digital designs shared on the public domain.

Ashley’s mediums for creation include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, his Canon 600D Camera and a host of art-related apps. He begins with collat5 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

An image is then chosen as the ‘foundation’ or base-layer of the collage, ready to begin the unification of collated imagery. By combining his own photography in the collage, he wishes to challenge visual perceptions about the ‘realness’ of the image after aggressive digital manipulation. Each finished piece (often containing 50 or more layers) then becomes a potential layer for newer works, thus allowing for a recycling or re-incarnation of the old with the new. Since this process has been going on for 5 years, his most recent pieces contain reconfigurations & transmutations of more than 900 layers of imagery, interwoven & remixed into a single image, which then becomes a new layer altogether, et al. Because of

The Big Bang 6 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

the integration of so many layers, visual data used lose their original form/code and gain new forms/become recoded during the process of creation. His first digital collage piece was ‘born’ on 11/11/08 in Miami, Florida whilst he was on an exchange program. When trying to come up with a title for the piece, the name ‘Jungle Eye’ instantly came to him. He later concluded that this title was a synonym for one’s 3rd eye. The 3rd eye (according to him) is the viewer & key to inter-dimensional vision, the light penetrator of the richest darkness & the knower of oneness in all things.

‘The Cydonian Files (Pt.1): The Arrival’

A never-ending fascination with the meaning of our existence & everything our eyes cannot see although open, are two of the many building blocks that make up his being. He seeks to convey the necessity of keeping a free-imagination for the ultimate experience of self-infinity. This is the process of knowing that you are a part of everything – the ability to see yourself in ALL things. This is the principle-philosophy that guides him through his work – that ALL things are connected, that we are all indeed ONE. Christudason


The Cardinal Grand Cross

and the

First Wave By Katie Gallanti

Art by Maryam Morrison 8 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

For a few years now I have been talking and writing about the Pluto-Uranus square. The two planetary giants have been and still are generating a potent crucible for change, through an interesting dynamic pull between authority gone wild and rebellion on fire, as they face off in the cardinal signs Capricorn and Aries.

psyches, individual and collective to the surface, like a puss-filled boil. It looks ugly at first, but eventually the boil pops, the inner poison is released and all becomes clearer than it was before. With the poison ejected from the system, all can begin anew, with the added bonus of the integrated knowledge of the experience. In this sense Pluto is about Death and Rebirth. Plutonian transformations are ultimately aboutpurification through a mechanism of intensification and expulsion of dark matter, both at the psychic and spiritual levels of being. In the best of cases, it is also about realigning the first ray of power with its true original creative and divine purpose: power not as abuse and manipulation, but as potency of directed will at the service of life affirming creation.

Pluto and Uranus have been coming together repeatedly during the past few years in a creative clash. Pluto, lord of the underworld, ruler of power and distortion healer, deeply transformative and foreboding energy, has been locking horns with the mold breaking and rebellious Uranus, a planet that creates change through sudden bursts of energy, breaking things apart, breaking away from the old and outmoded, and which acts like a lightning bolt, sudden and shocking. Uranus the Grand Reality Breaker Pluto the Grand Intensifier Both these planets are about transformation, with their own unique style in imploding systems and revamping the status quo. Pluto intensifies energies, until the shadow aspects of being become so blatant, that they can no longer be denied. Under Pluto’s influence, issues intensify and magnify until they have to be dealt with, healed and resolved. It is particularly interested in bringing to light our relationship with will and power and all the uncomfortable things that we tuck away and hide. Pluto is the grand uncoverer and healer of the shadow aspects of self and being. Plutonian energy brings the dirt of our

Uranus instead brings about transformation through breaking patterns, breaking energies, breaking stagnancies and injecting its own brand of new into the picture. Uranus often operates in very speedy and abrupt ways, in one swift and sometimes merciless instantaneous motion. It revitalizes systems by breaking them up and shocking them into new realities. It forces us to quickly shed whatever is old that keep us stuck. Uranian transformations are all about evolution, revolution and moving forward, fast. And about sudden and sometimes jolting jagged angles that birth the new.As Leonard Cohen says, we need the cracks, so the light can come in. Uranus is the cosmic crack maker through which creation bursts break through into being. 9 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

The combo of Plutonian and Uranian energy and their current clashing dance is life changing both at the personal and collective levels. For the past two to three years and for two more years to come we have and will continue to be cracked open, purged and reborn. Sometimes the process is fun, sometimes not, but it is definitely profound. A once in a life time rollercoaster ride, which we may even learn to enjoy, as more of our original light comes online with each shedding. We are becoming more and more unhindered and baggage free, as we peel away and complete layers and layers of karmic story.

year. This adds another layer to the Pluto Uranus experience that has to do with how we do love, relationships, values, conflict with loved ones. It is also about how we rebalance and close out our Soul to Soul karma. Many relationships will either die or be reborn at a new level during this time. Expect the full gamut from conflicts and break ups, to engagements and marriages to take place during these next few months. Unions and re-unions will be occurring now especially between so called “divine matesâ€?. Soul-buddies with big soul contracts, who have been hanging with each other lifetime after lifetime, have an opportunity to come together now, if all the karmic homework Our multidimensional being, our records has been completed on all sides. and DNA are also purging and rebooting. All the broken codes are coming back Big rewards to clearing core karma at online, our true selves ready to descend this time, whether in a relationship or and open, in their full energetic glory. The not, as many lifetimes are now wrapping damage of the past is repaired, all per- up for several groups of souls. We are petrators forgiven, including ourselves. stepping through the first doorways that We are becoming pure vessels of Soul are opening now, into new levels of bewith each turn of the cosmic clock. We ing that have not been available in this are getting polished at every level, as the Earth realm for many eons of time, if not cosmos carves the inner jewels from our ever. Some Souls get to make this leap base matter. And the more we are carved together, as a group, and then anchor and polished, the more we shine. energy from the other side of the doorway for others to follow. Or it least this is The Cardinal Grand Cross: the Grand the vision I have been shown. New Reality Maker The first intense peak of these energies As of this year we have other players and doorway openings has already ocjoining this planetary clash, with Mars in curred throughout January and will peak Libra and Jupiter in Cancer, and on and again, with even more intensity around off Venus in Capricorn, all also in the April 20th-25th.Then Mars and Jupiter middle cardinal signs. This is creating a will gradually move forward in the cargrand cross in the sky, with two to five dinal degrees and separate from Pluto planets coming in and out of the grand Uranus as the months roll ahead, tocross configuration for the first part of this wards the middle of the year. 10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

However the Pluto Uranus square will reconvene again in December 2014. Alongside the cardinal crosses and squares, Neptune continues its journey into Pisces and Saturn its journey into Scorpio. Neptune is strong in its own sign, Pisces, giving healing and spiritual oversight over the whole process, but also helping us to release a lot of illusions and well as emotional grief. Maybe because Chiron, the wounded healer, is also in Pisces at this time, grief release seems to have been an ongoing theme for the past year or two, alongside all the intense challenges. Our inner waters are cleansing too: all the inner child pain, the pain of incarnation and separation, the pain of all hurts and traumas, all is emptying from the inner cups, so that they may be refilled with whatever we choose to create next, in our new cycle of being. Saturn in Scorpio on Neptune in Scorpio -A generation faces self and takes spiritual responsibility Saturn is in Scorpio during this year and is an interesting energy for us to deal with too and especially for those of my generation who have Neptune in Scorpio natally. Many of my mid sixties-born contemporaries are currently experiencing a Saturn on Neptune transit, including myself. Saturn in Scorpio, especially when coupled with Neptune in Scorpio and twelfth house matters, seems to be about days of reckoning, tough spiritual love, spiritual discipline, getting to the core of the growth process, beyond fluff and glamor and into the real nitty-gritty of what it means to be spirit and love in

action. Saturn/Neptune in Scorpio combined are about a spirituality that is not just in words, but which includes taking responsibility for all actions/ intent present and past and cleaning them up.. It’s about no nonsense spirituality. Even old fashioned notions, such as repentance and forgiveness, may be up for processing at this time. We have been conditioned lately via new age teachings to feel that there is no place for remorse and guilt in our growth process. And while these are very negative energies to hold onto beyond a few moments, they do serve a purpose. Their purpose is to alert us as to when we have dropped of our own soul’s path and drifted from our true north, both as far as our own selves and personal direction, as well as far as the way in which we treat others. If the people behind Monsanto experienced guilt , they could not do what they do. Their conscience would not allow it. And this is why one of the elite’s yearly rituals is the Cremation of Care. Empathy, caring and the guilt/shame emotional feedback loop resulting from service to self deeds at the detriment of others would make it otherwise impossible to act in non-life aligned ways. To be truly a service to self being therefore care needs to be sacrificed. One of the signature traits of narcissism and psychopathy is the lack of care and feedback loops such as remorse. There is therefore a place for feeling bad about stuff, it’s called having a conscience. 11 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥

April 2014

And if one listens to that conscience, and self corrects, one can quickly release the feeling bad factor and begin anew. Saturn in Scorpio is all about unearthing the shadow deeds from the vaults of time and from the Akashic records both, so that they can be seen, owned, released and healed. Owing the shadow deeds is not about self-punishment, but about breaking out of denial and accepting responsibility in a way that leads to true change. As you can see this is a time of dramatic purging for all. The Galactic Solar Shift and The First Wave Astrology aside, this is also a pivotal time in the Galactic-Solar Shift. It seems that the process that many refer to as ascension, the process via which we have the opportunity to shift in consciousness to other dimensional planes of experience, has not only been gathering momentum, but has began its first wave of opening and closing of doorways. Much information has been coming through in the past few weeks about the fact that we are indeed in the process of getting on a bus to somewhere energetically new and that during the next few years there will be many doorways and windows opening, allowing for further new reality bridging. Doorways to new awareness and new levels of being within ourselves and the way we experience the world. There are many vibrational levels on which we can exist and many Earths corresponding to each level, each on its own vibrational plane. As we shift higher in vibration, we lock with other higher vibrat12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

ing Earth realities. And once our vibrations stabilize we permanently lock into and anchor into a dominant experience of being. It’s not the new Earth that is here, but rather it is us that have arrived at a inner vibrational threshold which opens the gateways to a new experience of the same Earth on a different dimensional plane. For the past few years we have been wobbling between different dimensional realities of Earth experience, as we also wobble between different dimensional realities of our own inner being, blinking in and out of high consciousness. As we rise and stabilize into the high vibrational streams (and clearing and releasing of baggage is required to achieve this), we are docking into the new realities in more stable ways. Walking through the doorways occurs when our new permanent energetic anchor point shifts to the higher vibrating Earth and we leave the old realities behind. We can still see them, but our inner experience resides elsewhere. Eventually, some years from now, I am shown that we will move off the node. At that point, the different Earth realities will begin to truly separate. We will not only be fully anchored in a different experience, but we will also be vibrationally separated to the point that we won’t even be able to witness what has been left behind. I have been shown that there are seven waves of doorway crossing of which the first one is now completed. If you have crossed this energy threshold, you may actually know this intuitively, as things will look the same but feel different.

The first group of Souls has crossed, but there will be six more opportunities for groups of Souls to follow, until we exit the nodal point between realities. This all sounds very far fetched, I know, but this is what myself and other people I am connected to see.

So, as usual, hold your hats, as its going to be a fast and exhilarating ride… go with what presents itself, don’t fight it and you may end up enjoying the process, as the potential for big shifts is huge for those who dare to shed it all ….

The good news about this transition is that manifestation and synchronicities are also accelerating for those that are successfully participating in this process. It seems that the new Earth reality, or should we say the higher vibrational consciousness that allows access to it, is a place in which consciousness and manifestation move much faster and more effectively than we are used to, provided that we are clear about what we are doing and shadow free. This is also one of the reasons for which we have been guided to clear our stuff exceptionally well, as you do not really want to land in this zone, manifesting a bunch of blockages and darkness. Not that this is possible anyway. If on the other hand you have not yet crossed into this zone all the way and are still blinking in and out, this is a time to do your Soul homework. Clean up your stuff, karma present and past. The energies are very supportive of all clean up operations at this time. Sometimes, if we like it or not ;-)

Katie Gallanti, MS (Physics), MA (Transpersonal Psychology) is a writer, multidimensional healer and counselor, astrologer, planetary energy worker and metaphysics teacher. Her articles have been published in magazines in several countries over the years and she is currently in the process of completing her first book on light and dark history of the Earth and evolutionary dynamics. Katie also offers powerful consultations and energy work to support people with the current shift, as well as many free articles on her blogs and websites and various affordable MP3 recorded energetic processes, which people can carry out in their own home.

May you walk in Beauty across all doorThere really is a Galactic Solar accelera- ways and thresholds. tion process going on of large magnitude, what in the Law of One was described as Big love The Harvest, and we are smack bang in Katie the middle of it, right now.

The reward, however, is a bright and shiny new energetic experience.

Article Copyright 2014 Katie Gallanti. Feel free to repost, include Katie Gallanti as the author, this copyright byline and links to websites


Challenges By Ellen Angelica Pendergast


To challenge someone, let’s say in a duel, means that you are being called upon to show ‘who you are;’ and in that sense, life’s challenges are just that…. only with life challenges, we are called upon to display who we Really Are…. The capitalization of those two words, “Really and Are,” basically mean our Real Self…our Divine, Higher Self; some call it a Soul…some call it “God” in physical form. Whatever the name, we are referring to that True Self; the Divinity that we Really Are. A challenge, therefore is nothing more than an opportunity to show US that part of Self we often are not even aware of, unless we are…For to Experience ourselves in our God-State, or what some may refer to as our “Christed Self,” or Christ Consciousness is truly what we are ‘up to.’ And that is because our pure and only Real aspect of who we are is…A Spirit Having A Human Experience. As challenges may come along, and as we are incarnated as a Human Being, we get to decide what we wish to be in relation to that challenge, with the ultimate goal: to choose and decide to Be that Divine Self, that which some call Love. To be Loving at all times is what a Master is, for a Master sees all the world as aspects of his True Self, for in reality, there is only One Being sitting here….and we are all part of that Oneness, called God. Therefore, a Master never ‘curses the darkness,’ for he/she knows that it is all Sacred, all Divine, and

that fear and darkness are but illusions; they, and other life experiences and challenges, are sent to himself by himself, to define Self. For when it finally comes to what we are doing here, we are living a life that is filled with ‘challenges,’ which are really only opportunities in disguise, to help us experience, “Who We Really Are,” and all life’s events are based on our perspective of that Holy Perception….for when you know who you Really Are, and live that, you then experience Heaven…. And that Nivana, that Holy Place sought by all, is truly in our “One Mind,” which is always with us, and is always…….. Here Now.

Ellen Angelica Pendergast received a B.A. in Education in 1978; four major fields of study: English, Art, Social Studies, and Psychology. Received her M.S. in Clinical Psychology in 1997. Has treated patients in a locked psych ward, held a two office private practice, and currently is starting a private practice in Arizona. Taught Psychology classes at a University in the Chicago area, and has just completed a children’s book. She is currently writing another book for young adults and the general public. Contact Ellen;



Creating Sacred Space By Bobbie Stuart

“ To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” ~Lao Tzu

we selected our large family room. The room had an orderly ambience but absolutely no uplifting qualities.

Life becomes cluttered. Ideas, situations and difficulties swirl our minds into a chaotic mess. Thoughts run rampant, feelings ooze forth, and mind won’t focus. The earth, body, spirit, connection gets lost. We find ourselves in a state of confusion, desperately trying to find clarity and a state of equanimity.

In order to change the feeling, the aura and vibrations of the space into a resonant holy environment we truly had some work to do. Using an existing multi-use space for sacred purposes seemed a challenge but later revealed itself as a gift in teaching us the process of transformation. We consciously transfigured strident energies to create a highly viA walk in nature, talking to a friend, or brating and inviting sacred space. listening to mellow music can provide some relief. However I have discovered We collected spiritual chants and music that the daily practice of transforming a to invoke a higher resonance. We settled room in my home into sacred space fills on a few cd’s to play in a particular order my longing and provides a dependable to accompany us from the beginning inmeans by which I can re-establish the vocation and lighting of incense through flow. our yoga postures, bows and Qigong, ending with a meditation. Candles of Years ago my husband and I, former various sizes and tiny, flickering votive yoga teachers, needed a place to prac- lights in colored glass arranged around tice yoga and meditate each morn- the room spread a magical glow through ing. We did not have an extra room, so the musically infused darkness. 17 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

Prayerful, reverent, inspiring feelings rise up within us as we silently do our daily practice in the highly charged environment. It fills us with peaceful harmonious vibrations resonating at a higher energy than when we entered the common space. Daily we transform our space from mundane to mystical. We create a portal for the ever-present Divine to shine through. We become spiritually nourished within the palpable stillness; we can touch the Holy. Layer upon layer of internal concerns melt away as we absorb the spacious quietude. Create this for yourself. Sacred space is essential for clarity and healing. Be it a closet or living room, provide yourself with a resident temple of your own inspiration. Receive your guidance and intuition, basking in the light of God. Make each moment an occasion to live deeply, happily in peace. Bless us all! “This Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” ~Rumi


Bobbie Stuart, visionary artist and writer, spiritual counselor and teacher, holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and an MA in Inter-Arts from Chicago’s Columbia College, where she was a faculty member for more than 20 years. She is a woman grown wise and intimately connected to spirit through a life of challenging and amazing experiences combined with extensive spiritual study and practice. Bobbie joins sacred healing practices to visionary outcomes in various modes of transformative work. Her artwork is inspiring and evocative of the multiverse of spiritual dimensions. Bobbie is a Life Path Consultant and Spiritual Advisor and is available for Skype or telephone sessions. or find her on Facebook.


Art by Daniel B. Holeman 20 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

Spiritual Growth Checkpoint:

Earth Day is Ever y Day! By Sherri Cortland

Here we are on planet Earth, a planet we very much wanted to be on at this time in history, and an appropriate question to ask ourselves is this: are we doing everything we can to help our planet? After all, looking after the health and well-being our planet is part of our job as Lightworkers. Let’s talk Earth Day. April 22, 1970, was the first Earth Day ever, and I was twelve years old and in seventh grade. Even at that young age, I remember thinking how exciting it was to have a day to celebrate the Earth. There were lots and lots of people making posters and talking about it at Clarkstown Junior High School, and as I recall my girl scout troup formed a clean-up crew to get out there and make a difference for our planet in our little

town of Congers, New York. That was forty-three years ago, and the creation of Earth Day marked the beginning of the environmental movement. It was founded by then Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson in response to the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara and the student anti-war movement that was happening at the time. Nelson’s idea was to combine the energy and focus of the students with the emerging public consciousness about pollution in order to inspire all of the existing conservation groups to work together. It worked, and the first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. 21 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

Speaking from a metaphysical point of view, it makes perfect sense that Earth Day was created during a time when a wave of Lightworkers, commonly known then as Hippies, were working hard to change systems and paradigms that were standing in the way of the evolution of the human race. Earth Day was a radical idea in 1970. The idea of raising our vibrational levels and becoming 5th dimensional human beings is a radical idea today. All change starts somewhere, and here on Earth, it starts with a collective commitment to make the human race and planet Earth better, stronger, and something more than ever before. We’re here on Earth because we have work to do, and there are many things we can do to help our planet in addition to pumping out positive energy on a daily basis; watching our thoughts, words, and actions; and focusing on the here and now. In fact, to celebrate Earth Day 2014, why not create a mindset and intention of doing at least one nice thing for our planet every single day? And here’s a list of ten ideas to help motivate us to do just that: 1. Re-use gift bags and wrapping paper. I’ve been doing this for many years now, and sometimes, I’ll even use holiday paper for birthdays. No one has complained about it yet!

in the store for a dollar or two apiece at garage sales and lots of other great bargains. Garage sales save space in our landfills. If you have a lot of stuff, and you don’t want to have a garage sale, invite your friends over to take what they want or donate it to a charitable organization. 3. Buy re-useable bags for your groceries. When my husband, Ted, and I first started to do this several years ago, we got a lot of strange looks from the cashiers at the grocery store. Now nearly every store we shop at sells reusable cloth bags. 4. If you buy bottled water, switch to a brand that uses recycled plastic in its bottles. Better yet, get a permanent water bottle and keep it filled with filtered water or even tap water. I started doing this several years ago with plain old tap water. 5. Run as many errands as possible in one trip. I do everything that has to be done on one side of the road first, and then hit everything on the other side on the way back. Bundle errands by geographic location, and you’ll save time and gas.

6. Recycle your old cell phones. If they go to the dump, they stay there for years as their batteries exude toxic substances into the landfill. Lots of great organizations are looking for cell phones; try do2. Shop at garage and yard sales and nating them to groups that help battered have a garage or yard sale. I’ve found women. “cat trees” that go for $300 in catalogs for $10, planters that would cost $20-30 22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

8. Don’t throw away paper if you can use the back of it as scrap paper. I’ve been known to cut 8 ½” x 11” “scrap paper in half or quarters, and staple 20-30 pieces together to make mini-scrap pads. 9. Use a mug at work instead of Styrofoam. I hate washing my mug. I really do, but when I think about the benefit to the planet of cutting back on Styrofoam, I’m happy to rinse it out. 10. Use cotton swabs with a paperboard spindle. According to a website called Fifty Ways to Help the Planet (http://, “Some brands of cotton swabs have a paperboard spindle while others are made of plastic. If 10% of U.S. households switched to a paperboard spindle, the petroleum energy saved per year would be equivalent to over 150,000 gallons of gasoline.” I’ve already made the switch.

Originally from New York State, Sherri Cortland lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Ted Dylewski and their many cats. In addition to writing books for Ozark Mountain Publishing, Sherri is also the Orlando Metaphysical Columnist for, where publishes new columns twice weekly, and she also shares messages from her Guides on her Facebook Author Page.

Photo by: Heidi Winkler

7. Stop using plastic containers. Switch to re-useable containers. My friend, Sue Brennan, brings re-usable containers with her when we go out to eat—so much better than taking leftovers home in a Styrofoam container.

Happy Earth Day and cheers to you for all you do to help our beautiful planet every day of the year!



Virgo Moon

by Dr. Michael Lennox

Art by Maryam Morrison 25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

The Virgo Moon is getting ready to oppose the Pisces Sun in what is possibly the most important Full Moon of each year. The Virgo/Pisces polarity is about bringing heaven on earth and the connection of Body (Virgo) to Spirit (Pisces). Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is the archetype of the infinite field of pure potential that we create our lives from. Virgo is the energy that knows how to turn that energy into form. This Full Moon helps us know that same intelligence as a part of ourselves. The Full Moon is exact at 10:07am PDT on Sunday morning (for those of you overseas, that’s 5:00pm in London and 7:07pm in Pretoria. For those of you down under, the exact moment in Sydney is in the wee hours of Monday morning at 4:07am) but once the Moon is in Virgo (which it is now), we are building toward the vibration in earnest, making this entire weekend filled with lunar power. The essence of all Full Moons relates to the harvest, where we get to reap the benefit of all the work we’ve been putting in to expanding our consciousness. But remember that part of the crop we yield is that which is left behind; the chaff and other inedible materials. In keeping with the farming metaphor, this excess substance is cast off and ultimately decomposes into nutrients that fertilize the next crop. Such is the way with the things in consciousness that we leave behind. The patterns we let go of, the resentments we drop and the forgiveness we engage in all allow for this natural


progression to occur. What we release today feeds what we sew tomorrow. There are a number of Mercury calibrations that are part of this Full Moon. Mercury is still wrapping up his retrograde cycle, so there is a direct connection with this lunation and the insights and integrations that occurred by virtue of him making those triple transits that happen every time he goes retrograde. His is just days away from being in his free and clear period where there is no retrograde in sight for several months. Today’s aspects are the very last ones that will hearken back to things that came up in late January and February. Look for issues that came up in the past seven weeks to be wrapping up now. Mercury will Trine the North Node and Sextile the South Node. This is a transit that helps us process the past in order to move into the future. The Nodes are an opposition that represents our past and our future, our Kharma and Dharma. This aspect divides that opposition into two easily digestible parts, with an energy that allows us to productively understand the stuff we are moving away from (a Sextile to the South Node) and easily move toward the new future we are creating (a Trine to the North Node). This Full Moon can absolutely reveal a great deal about what the past few months have allowed you to uncover, discover and discard. Just don’t try too hard to figure it out and let the wisdom reveal itself to you.

There is a slightly less intense Mercury aspect Sunday as well, a Semi-Square to Pluto. A Semi-Square is a mild conflict or obstacle that may come up and with Pluto being the object of Mercury’s affection, the issue may be one of authority. If you are still looking outside for the source of your power, this transit will make you very uncomfortable until you pull focus back where it belongs; on yourself. About an hour after the exact moment of the Full Moon, the Sun will Inconjunct Mars who is freshly turned inward in his retrograde status. This is a fork in the road aspect that allows something to be carved off your consciousness and dropped along the way. Intend to let go of what no longer serves you today and this aspect will help you do so. The intense activity of Mercury almost guarantees that what you release will have something to do with thought patterns or communication issues (like that difficult conversation that it is finally time to have).

The Virgo Moon is always benefited by anything that would fall under the auspices of “process.” And since Virgo rules the physical body in motion, anything that gets your body moving would be an ideal way to begin to prepare for receive the energy of this Full Moon. Take a walk, do some yoga, go on your favorite hike, exercise vigorously. Get your body going and let your Mind take the weekend off. In fact, I wouldn’t devote any of your time to figuring out what you are releasing as much as I would set the intention to release what is ready to be dropped and then go for a long run. The body (and the sign of Virgo) knows what to do without our help. Find out more about Dr. Michael Lennox at or on Facebook at Michael Lennox and Perchance To Dream.

If you are fortunate enough to be free of any of these sorts of mental challenges, today may be a day where you let your plans change form. Remember that great vision is held with a mighty grip and open palms. We stay doggedly committed to our Heart’s Desire, but allow it to change on a dime as new information reveals itself to us. This is also one way that this Full Moon may occur for you.



and Purity

of Heart

An Excerpt from Shiva Speaks by Rashmi Khilnani

I wish for you to be ordinary in your extraordinariness and make it okay to be extraordinary within thesimple, peaceful ordinariness of your being. As I keep saying, don’t take things too literally, come out of themind and feel the energy of my teaching in your heart, which is beyond words. 28 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

Babaji: Let it be known that, no matter how deeply you master the wisdom of Cosmic Consciousness on the path toward enlightenment, this is ultimately not the greatest supreme truth; it is the truth of divine consciousness. By this I mean that all things are subject to impurity once they move out of the unmanifest realm into being manifest reality. Many of you have asked yourselves and each other as to how, even though I am Maha Avatar, I was still subject to disease and early death of my 1970/80’s body as Haidakhan Baba. Many of the greatest saints and enlightened beings on earth have passed over through diseases like heart attacks and cancer, and I was no exception. This is because, as I have just clarified to you, even the divine Avataric energy, when stepped down into the physical realm in a physical body, is to a certain extent subject to the laws of 3rd dimensionality, the laws of the relative. I wish for you now, my beloved children, to aim for the highest spiritual attainment, which is beyond a deep esoteric understanding of cosmic consciousness (though it contains this knowledge and experiential wisdom). Intend to become one with the divine truth, which has its home in the unmanifest, in supreme silence, in the great void, and in divine mystery and can be accessed in deep meditation, transcendental states, and mystical experience. Ask for the grace of these celestial boons. This illumination and wisdom cannot be commanded and demanded but can be achieved through

grace, prayer, wholehearted devotion to the divine, and wholehearted service to all everywhere. Keep moving on the spiritual path from the lower truth to higher truth, until you come to that place deep within you, one that is silent, that is peaceful, and that is pure beingness and beyond judgment. As you progress, keep letting go of the many impurities that get stuck to the so-called religious and spiritual paths and “isms.” For example, if you are preaching compassion while being selfish and unaware of your own energy and where it is stuck in impurity, then you are deluding yourself that you are a compassionate person. It is important for my people to “walk their talk.” As I keep telling you, impeccability of thought, word, and deed will bring great grace into your life right now. To follow half-baked spiritual leaders and mediocrity will no longer serve you and will only increase your suffering. I require for you to be wholehearted. Halfheartedness falls short. When you are half-hearted about something, you create half a space in your being for ignorance and negativity to come through into your being and latch on to you. Remember when you fool yourself, this leads to the greatest misery of all. There is no point in continuing to be a hypocrite. There is no point in talking about peace and having thoughts of war, hate, and distrust. If you say that you are open-minded and openhearted, make sure that you begin to match these energies in thought, word, and deed.


Once you become simple and release the shadow through recognizing it, releasing judgment and forgiving yourself, you become the light, you become peace, and you are supreme silence. This allows great energy, synchronicity, and flow to enter and a letting go or a falling away of struggle, blame, shame, and victimhood. Weed your garden of all dishonesty within yourself—be it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual.

when a particular entity moves from unity consciousness and love to delusions of grandeur, separateness, and control. I wish for you to be ordinary in your extraordinariness and make it okay to be extraordinary within the simple, peaceful ordinariness of your being. As I keep saying, don’t take things too literally, come out of the mind and feel the energy of my teaching in your heart which is beyond words.

The time of Kali is here now. The goddess Kali will destroy all dishonesty, mental filth, prejudice, insincerity, and greed. If you are compromised by the darkness, you have a very good chance of catching the disease of ignorance and of totally dimming the light of the spiritual knowingness within you. Why choose the depths of such a hell of negative consciousness and darkness when peace, love, truth, and simplicity are your intrinsic inner nature and are flourishing in the Age of Aquarius—the time to wake up to the Satya Yuga frequencies. It is time now to let go of your identification with your name, your nationality, and all the other assorted labels that have been given to you from outside sources. You are a cosmic being and becoming and ultimately you are pristine, divine, silent, omniscient, pure potentiality— the unmanifest.

Ask for the grace to be helped where you are stuck.

But, also remember, dear ones: the siddhis (magical abilities) are not granted by the divine to those who will misuse power and act solely and wholly from the agenda of the ego-oriented psyche. The divine will take away these celestial gifts 30 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

As you know dear ones, Universal law is paradoxical and therefore quite humorous. Yes, you as humanity are in a totally free-will zone where the Creator allows you to choose, and the law of cause and effect give you the fruits of those choices. As I have said before, it is time for you to take total responsibility for the choices you make consciously and subconsciously and to stop pointing the finger. The paradox, of the law of free will on earth, is the law that to totally become one with divine truth within and without, one is eventually required to totally surrender the will of one’s ego to the divine will within. Ultimately, the divine plan and the plan of your divine self within—let’s call it your soul’s agenda—are one. The ego usually has a very different scheme. True Divinity can only be accomplished through surrendering to the divine within and without as I have just said. Basically the energy of divine will is far greater than the energy of the will of the ego.

You know this intellectually and yet you do not follow this wisdom. It is okay to allow your personality/ego self its unique flavor and its individual stance as long as at the core, the divine will is your equalizer, overriding influence on all levels at all times. This helps to purify the ego self and helps it to move away from separation, limitation, and control toward a wondrous flowering of an unique individuality arising from within the innate wisdom of the oneness, the organic wholeness, and the non-separation of all people, places, ideas, and energies. I wish for you as warriors of awareness to be alert, to be aware, to be ready and to be totally flexible moment to moment. The new world is at your doorstep. Prepare for the dawning of an age of great love, light, and unity.

the unequal distribution of wealth on this planet, the deep suffering that arises from ignorance, the problems of ecological pollution, and the conflicts that lead to war on Earth. There are many that do not believe that war will end on Earth here now, and yet millions are waking up to a higher vibration, a greater sense of trusting in an exponential evolution, the quantum leap to a higher vibration and the paradigm of peace and heaven on earth.

Babaji: My dearest Rashmi and my darling humanity, I love you all dearly as I have said: I am in your every breath. I feel your every pain and all the joy of your hearts, individually and collectively. As you know, I will see you through to Babaji, thank you from the bottom of our your enlightenment from the darkness to hearts for being with us so strongly and the full reinstatement of a consciousness powerfully here now, and sharing with of light, love, and truth. us your vision for a new world from the vast ocean of your unfathomable wisdom Keep tuning in to me, and your journey and love. We are truly, truly in deep awe to this new vista of expansive beingness and gratitude for this celestial transmis- will be joyous, harmonious and full of sion that we have received in the past bliss and mirth. few weeks. I will endeavor with as much courage, energy, and spiritual power as Those of you who will continue to stubI can muster, and with your grace, to bornly choose survival, competition, make these wisdom teachings available struggle, control, separation, and needto people all over the world who are seek- less suffering will be allowed to play out ing to bridge the old with the new. These your dramas of limitation and Kali Yuga wisdom teachings will facilitate the bridg- darkness! You are in a free-will zone. ing of diversity and the finding of peaceful harmonious ways in order to resolve:


Let it be known though, that this obsession with the dark will become increasingly difficult to practice as a wave of supreme light consciousness sweeps your third dimensional reality, and transforms it into the eternal newness of the Unified field of Oneness. No matter how many miracles occur in your life and how many mystically experiences you may enjoy, I want you to remember the silence and the simplicity of who you be. No matter how much spirituality you attain, remember that if you become too egotistical about it, you will lose these states of being and fall from grace. Total grace demands total purity and simplicity of the heart that sees the oneness in the diversity and serves this oneness steadfastly at all times and on all levels. Only such a one of pristine impeccability will go through the eye of the needle and be able to walk through the cleansing fire and overcome the storms and earth-birth changes of Mahakranti. Let us go into the silence now, let us become one in this silence together, let us merge into the ocean of oneness and from this merging, and let us become nothing, nowhere— just pure beingness, supreme bliss, and supreme ecstasy. All is one.



Rashmi Khilnani was born in Chandigarh, India and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo, Egypt. She went on to study and teach with world-renowned avatars, gurus and teachers and became a specialist in energy medicine. She is on the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China, as well as the teachings of the Essenes, into current time and making these wisdoms simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists and others from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality. Rashmi is the host of 2013 and Beyond with Jeremy McDonald heard monthly on Rashmi is the executive producer and one of the speakers in a new documentary film, IGod, which will feature spiritual authors, heads of various religious denominations and people at all levels of soul journeying. IGod is being produced by Robert Friedman and Neale Donald Walsh, and directed by Jonathan Friedman.


A vast sea of sadness stagnates within me . The vastness of this sadness resembles to the Ocean that separates the continents and embraces the islands. Our non-acknowledged life does not resemble to a huge, steeped in grief island. An entirely isolated and abandoned island in the winds of sadness, believing that the rays of the Sun of God, the One and Unique, have been dismissed.


What sort of filter took away the life-sustaining Sun, who keeps the keys to our Liberty? How to win our Infinite Time in the Ocean of Sadness? Our eternity was erased beyond the clouds of vanity and arrogance . Many times I bleed my wings in this Ocean of Sadness, as the wind shoves me over the huge waves whereas I am released. When the wings being exhausted by the winds and flows, a force attracts me closer to the sad song of the Ocean . Deep within it the crying of Nereides, the tear of the Sirens, the pain of the Fairies, and mourning of the Dolphins hidden resides. “Oh God, how could you let so many beings fall into the nets of the enemies ?” Did you offer us as a gift to the Minotaurs, to sate their appetite ? We are the sacrificed Iphigenia to blow the wind in its sails of Earthly freedom. We were brought as treasures by our Parents, Cosmic Beings from distant stars to drip our Light within grief. 34 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

NERE By Katerina

ACADEMY OF INNER LIG http://www.academyofinner http://endlesslifejourney.blo


his Light dripping like melted wax was named Supreme Love . By the sacrifice of Iphigenia an entire trip, a war, a tragedy, and an Odyssey was sealed. Does this supreme sacrifice worth in the Ocean of Sadness ? How many Iphigenia’s still needed to be sacrificed eventually listening to the magic calls, seeing Angels fluttering, signs of Love and fires in the blue sky ? How long shall the Redemption will be a myth, a legend and belief ? When Angels shall touch their wings over the edges of the ends of the world to change ocean waters sore? The tears of aching Nereides, who were caught in the nets of Death, sent a message to the Cosmic Ocean. Has anyone received it?

EIDES Kostaki

GHT NETWORK authorkaterinakostaki


Who will bring the clouds of oblivion to hide the bitterness of the heart? Yes, it is the sadness of the lost moons, reflecting the light upon a vast non-earthly sea . In the depths of the Archipelagos whereas the Light of the Moon is dismissed in the abyss, the Nereides implement the most powerful weapon : the Inner Light. Twinkle in the dark as Light Fairies in crystal fields, so the powerful enemies and unsafe entities by viewing the Nereides are being scared of. *A tribute to celestial entities, Nereides, Fairies and dolphins of the Sea incarnated upon Earth to save and awaken Earth and Mankind. In Love and Peace 35 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼

April 2014




This was a time, many thousands of years ago – the 4th Golden Age – when everyone had high frequency of light of a higher dimension, that of angels and light beings.

experiment to see if they could keep their Divine connection to God while in their human vessel.

… Grateful and excited to experience the senses and hear music of birds, wind, This was the 5th dimension, they shone trees, and be there at an innocent time. with pure light and joyously lived in the moment. … Advanced spiritual souls able to contact other beings in other words or planGaia was a planet of beauty as she was ets. in the golden times of Lemuria. … Crystal technology – highly advanced Atlantis was a great land where Atlantic – used to benefit their lives and nature. ocean is; destroyed before, then again over 12,000 years ago. … Magnificent pyramid buildings – many of crystal, overlighted with crystalline At her height there was harmony and in- light; temples for healing and more. nocence: … Elders could bring down energies to … They appreciated their surrounds and power their works or homes. everything living, remembering their connection in Spirit to each other and Father … Smaller personal crystals took power God. from big crystal through lines of a system for learning, via their 3rd eye. Larger … Their words and deeds intended for crystals for healing, teaching. highest good. … In a temple ‘The Violet Flame’ (light) … Would not harm Gaia, remembering helped people feel good. At the end of she gave food to nourish them, and her their lifespan, would walk into this light, beauty. go to another dimension and world on their journey back to God. They under… People and animals didn’t eat flesh, stood we don’t die, just change form. only grains and purest foods Gaia offered. … Telepathic, artistic, intuitive, creative, could teleport – of the right brain. … Appreciative to live on earth for the


Many thousands of years later Atlantis split leaving two main islands and 2 groups:

For thirty years, Colleen Costello’s ‘The Law of One’ with loving hearts, on passions Island of Poseida, AND have been writing and ‘Sons of Belial’ Island of Aryan who, after the study of a while became controlling, greedy. metaphysics. Her Over time many others followed, then At- recollections lantis ended as had Lemuria. from great teachers, experiences, inspiration, Those who survived ‘end times’ of earth- and imagination bring together an quakes, giant waves, journeyed from easy-to-read and magical story for Poseida to Yucatan and other lands. those with an open mind and a young heart. She also is the author of The West Indies, the tips of mountains came Little Bright Lights—Mariah and Jo in up again after Atlantis went down. Lemuria. Remnants apparently found including Bumini Islands, thought part of Atlantean mountain range; road ruins and buildings nearby and underwater near Morocco.

Colleen is an writer and author and lives with her family in London. She practices reflexology and other therapies.

Records refer to remains of roads, pyra- about-the-author/ mids, relics underwater from Bahamas to Africa and European coasts, America: remains found in Yucatan, Pyrenees. The magnificent Golden Age is returning again. We are experiencing a quantum leap of awareness and the light spectrums covering Gaia are penetrating our DNA and eventually change our bodies aligning us more closely with our higher self. We will have the chance to bring ‘Heaven to Earth’ again.




Dr. Barry Hammer 41 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

I (Dr. Barry Hammer) can help you explore any kind of interpersonal relationship issue, including marriage and family relationships, or enhancing other kinds of significant personal relationships. I can also help you gain insight in regard to any kind of vocational, psychological, spiritual, creative, or societal, issue that may be important to you, e.g., clarifying your basic goals in life, actualizing your natural individual potentials, enhancing your level of creative functioning, coping with difficult life crises, helping bring out the best in other individuals, and contributing to positive social transformation through your career, volunteer work, personal life, and so on. I will show you how to deal effectively with the necessary challenges of life that one has to face.

In addition to providing advising dealing with issues pertaining to enhancing one’s own personal relationships and individual life, I am also able to provide advising for issues related to contributing to the positive transformation of contemporary society. This involves understanding how the synergistic/co-creative power of true love or genuine warmhearted caring can gradually, constructively, transform individual human beings and the collective heart of humanity, from a predominantly selfish, fearful, abusive, predatory, addictive, toxic, orientation, to a more unselfish, compassionate, relaxed, secure, wholesome, orientation. My Credentials: I have an interdisciplinary PhD in Religious Studies/Spirituality, with an emphasis in the related History of World Civilizations, and have also taken extensive graduate level coursework and supervised practicums in Psychology and Counseling. This background, along with my many years of serious reflection and my lifelong association with my beloved late father, Dr. Max Hammer (a highly distinguished psychotherapist and professor of clinical psychology) have enabled me to develop many liberating insights into the process of psychological and spiritual transformation, and its applicability to enhancing human relationships.

In my relationship advising services, I will help you learn how to develop open, honest, compassionate, respectful, nonjudgmental (non-blaming), meaningful, communication with other individuals, as a way of producing greater levels of mutual empathic understanding, constructive conflict resolution, and co-creative transformational empowerment, in your personal relationships. I can also help you understand how connecting to other individuals, in unselfish, deeply caring, relationships, can enable you to tap into a regenerative level of life energy, for enhanced vitality, psychological transformation, spiritual growth, optimal wellbeing, creative inspiration, as well I have many years of experience in life as holistic healing of heart, mind, and coaching/relationship advising, and am body. a contributing author of the following two books: 42 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

1. “Psychological Healing Through Self-Understanding and Self- marketingideasradio/2014/01/27/first-inTransformation.” terview-with-barry-hammer (ISBN: 978-1-62857-075-5) “Deepening Your Personal Relationond-interview-with-barry-hammer ships: Developing Emotional Intimacy and Good Communication.” (ISBN: 978- interview-with-barry-hammer These books focus on developing genu- Barry Hammer, Psychological Healing ine experiential self-understanding and Through Creative Self-Understanding constructive personal transformation, and Self-Transformation healing emotional pain and inner conflict, as well as developing deeply caring in- WHe1Dc& terpersonal relationships, involving true love, good communication, empathic Barry Hammer, Deepening Your Personconnection, co-creative/synergistic em- al Relationships powerment, and holistic transformation of one’s consciousness and functioning. YZrpzj4& Primary author: Dr. Max Hammer, with contributions from secondary authors Dr. Barry J. Hammer (me) and Dr. Alan C. Butler. Both books were published in January 2014, by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency Company. These books can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or our author/publisher website,

If interested in my services or writings, please contact me through my personal email address,mhbj58@ (No spam or commercial advertisements please!!!) The latter website also posts our other blogs, and describes our books and us as authors. The following BlogSpot Radio Interviews also reflect my insights into the basic process of human transformation:



Art by Maryam Morrison 44 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ March 2014

OPENING YOUR EYES TO THE RADIANT BEAUTY SACRED DUTY and OPPORTUNITY Based on excerpts from “The Impeccable Warrior of Light” book

By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

To understand our Highest Destiny, we must comprehend our role here on Earth and the Sacred Duty that walking on this Radiant Jewel entails. We are here to live as Impeccable Warriors of Light. The sacred assignment we committed to when we agreed to incarnate on the Blue Jewel was to utilize everything around us to become Impeccable Warriors of Light. Our Planet is considered a Radiant Jewel within the many Galaxies and Universes. The Wise Ones, The Impeccable Warriors of Light, are absolutely aware of the Grand Honor it is to take birth on the Beauty-full Flowering Earth. The Saints, Sages and Masters of Light have revealed in countless scriptures and Teachings that it is not easy to be granted a birth on Mother Earth, as there is a long list of souls waiting in line for a

chance to re-embody here. Innumerable factors must come together in the most Perfect way for an Earth re-incarnation to be granted. It may take hundreds or thousands of years for that window of Opportunity to present itself and when it does the soul celebrates! If we don’t recognize this fact and cannot appreciate Mother Earth’s innumerable Gifts and the abundant Divine sustenance available to us at all times, it is only due to layers of dark energies that cause ignorance of our Sacred Duty. Our Sacred Duty is to Appreciate, be Greatfull, to see the Blessing in every lesson... and be fully committed to mastering our assignment here. By being totally present, we are able to perceive and receive the Divine gifts that are All-Ways being bestowed upon us. 45 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

We cannot be fully grounded and present if our Attention and Energies are concentrated on escape from the Mother Earth plane. This is a symptom of Shamanic Amnesia: forgetting our Divine Essence and Divine Assignment to walk on Mother Earth as Impeccable Warriors of Light. Many sensitive beings are negatively impacted by their Earth adventures and become focused on suicide, or adopt the attitude that they refuse to re-incarnate on the Blue Jewel Realm ever again. This is an erroneous perspective, sponsored by forces that are hostile towards the Light. These destructive forces are thoroughly intent on driving these Good people off the Mother Planet before their destined time of departure. Impeccable Warriors of Light do not listen to such malicious energies. Instead, Impeccable Warriors of Light keep their energetic field clean and pure by utilizing Sacred Sound, Healing Mantras, Shamanic practices such as smudging and working with the Shaman’s Rattle. By clearing any destructive energy from their body, space and possessions, they maintain their energy field at the Highest level. This is an Excellent arena that grants us the Profound Opportunity to master immense Spiritual Principles such as Forgiveness, Compassion, Courage Strength, Universal Love, Self Love, Balance and un-wavering Devotion to the Light…while being surrounded by conditions which can plunge us into an abyss of illusion.

to incarnate on this phenomenal playing field to experience the dance of the polarities: the cosmic battle between Good and Evil. Even while being aware of the suffering that takes place here, we do not have to become depressed, bitter or constant wailers about “the terrible Earth conditions.” The refinement of the Golden Virtues allows us to advance as Spiritual beings to an elevated state of Wisdom Consciousness that Supports Appreciation of our time on Beloved Mother Earth. When we realize how many souls in the spirit world wish they could reincarnate on Planet Earth, we can perceive Life on the Radiant Jewel as a Supreme Blessing, rather than a curse. our Life experiences on Planet Earth are Golden Jewels that grant Great Wisdom if you pay close Attention. Life on Madre Tierra is THE testing ground for our soul, and an Immense Opportunity to purify the karmic seeds we have planted and reenforced over so many Lifetimes. It is a Golden Chance to recognize and transform the many samskaras, negative psychic impressions we are carrying within us.

Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools expand the Light within you and by increasing your Light, can remove the haze of ignorance, confusion and heavy resistance to being on Planet Earth. The Grace bestowed opens the doors to recognition of the Blessings bestowed through a human birth. Without Radiant Spiritual Protection, a seeker is not able to fully relish their huTo live in Peace despite the inner and man incarnation. outer battles taking place, we must maintain the Golden Awareness that we chose 46 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

God’s Perfection is in all that appears around us. Once we see everything as God’s Perfect Plan, we do not leak our Golden Energy by resisting the Perfect lesson offered to us. The True Reality is that all situations, all experiences, both seemingly Good and seemingly negative are custom-designed to move you towards EnLightenment. They are all an Opportunity to gain Self Awareness, Self Love, Self Respect and Self Balance. When someone is not in resistance… when their Wisdom is established within, they are constantly flooded with Appreciation for the factors and forces that customized the perfect classroom and perfect lessons that resulted in Awakening to their Divine Essence.

Light Tools and Teachings so you CAN see the Radiant Beauty and embrace your Sacred Duty with Zest and Gusto. Our Sacred Duty is to DILIGENTLY employ the Positive Principles of the Universe, the Golden Virtues and Golden Laws. By unswervingly applying them to every challenge, we ensure our Triumph on behalf of the Legions of Light. The lessons we extract from each conflict constitute the Honor badges, medals of Courage and Wisdom staffs we earn and are awarded by the Forces of Light. May you All Ways remember that your Sacred Duty is to refine the Spiritual weapons Spirit has given you for the purpose of upholding the Spiritual Laws. When you live in this expanded Consciousness you will experience being the master of your own Destiny and victim of none. The reward of devoting your energies to IMPECCABLE, GOLDEN ATTENTION and INTENTION is the Soul-Satisfaction that comes from savoring your Pilgrimage on Mother Earth as a Sacred Being of Light.

When we can fully accept that which is gifted to us…when we can identify the Blessing in every occurrence...we live in Joy and Reverence as an ecstatic being. Spirit’s Perfection is in BOTH the challenges and rewards that appear before us. By walking through Life with this conviction, we are able to full-fill our Sacred Duty, which is to praise and EnJoy Life to the Highest degree. My Love is with you, every step of the way.... As we develop an unwavering Faith in God’s Perfect Plan, we truly Honor Life JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAAAA! on the Radiant Jewel by Lovingly Appreciating every minute of it. With the Grace generated by maintaining steady Spiritual Protection practices, we are able to exist in a state of Lightness during the times that appear to be ‘trying’, as well as the sweet cycles. I EnCourage you to amplify the Light by implementing the Impeccable Warrior of





Message from the Goddess Mother by Jan Diana

My Beloved Children, “I am flowing in the ripples of joy as I greet you. Today I will share with you a pathway to your heart where you will be able to explore in greater depth your divine nature. As I ponder on you, each of you, my heart fills with such joy of your sweetness. Each of you holds a special place within my and your Fathers heart. Each of you has your very own song, your own specialness. I know each of you as you dance within my heart always.

As we continue on this glorious journey of life, a new opportunity presents to make some leaps in discovering more of your divine nature and truth. Today I will share with you this glorious opportunity, so that you may ponder as to whether you wish to take this pathway of the heart. Know that your choices are always honored. Also know that your journey is unique to you, adding into your very flavor. Each of you are evolving at your own pace and choosing, and each of you will succeed for the way home is written for all. Many years ago in the beginning, pathways were set into place that would assist you in remembering your sacred truth, knowing that the time would come when the desire within your heart would become so strong you would search for answers. The quest to fill what the heart seemed to long for, would lead you on a great adventure, a journey of remembering the truth of what is and always has been your truth.

Imagine if you will what it feels like to be loved as you are in this very moment, nothing to fix in order to be loved, no weight to shift, no degree to obtain, doesn’t matter the size of your bank account. Imagine what it would be like to feel this love, to know the unconditional acceptance and loving support of you and your journey, to know that you are loved always and in all ways. This is the nature of divine love and is your birthright. Did you know that I held you in my arms when you were born, looking into your Truthfully, you are on a quest to remem- eyes, seeing the sparkle of you. One of ber this for it is divine truth. The journey my greatest moments I share with you. to remember and embrace your perfec- You can remember this if you choose and tion has been filled with interesting expe- I will help you, for as I look into your eyes riences and expressions of life and living. my love for you was forever imprinted for you to see and feel.


Take a moment to ponder on this allowing it to enter your heart awakening that spark of remembering this glorious experience. Feel the joy as your focus turns to this moment of great love, where you and I embraced in the wonder of you.

gins its dance.

Within the beautiful connection we made at your birth you were gifted with sacred codes that would ignite in your readiness and choosing. It is your time if you choose, to ignite these codes of remembering the lightness of your sacred self. With intention you can use the following exercise and watch the wonder unfold.

You will also begin to notice the sparkle in the eye of those around you and feel the connection of heart that is the truth that is shared with all of my children. There is great joy in feeling the interconnectedness with all, as you remember your family of heart.

It is a beautiful connection, a transmission of the heart light seen through the eyes. Be with this for as long as you desire and allow the dance to radiate its joy. As you practice this, it will become very It is a most delicious and glorious thought easy for you to see this beautiful sparkle is it not! Let us open up the gateway a bit every time you look into a mirror. more so that you can feel and know what this gift brings to you now at this most As you begin to see the sparkle in your opportune time in your life. eye you will also begin to notice many wonders appearing in your life. You will Many of you have heard that the eyes notice more of the joy of living as you are like windows to the soul. They are go through your life experiences. This windows to your very heart, where the will inspire you and bring you even greatsource of your true self resides. Your er joy as you more easily discover your light shines so brightly and can be known divine nature and all that is possible for and recognized with focused intent. you.

Imagine yourself in front of a glorious looking glass, a beautiful mirror with golden trim or you may do this in front of a mirror of your choosing. As you gaze upon your reflection, look into your eyes and hold that focus. You will begin to feel a connection, like a stream of light shining from this beautiful reflection into your awareness now. As you hold this focus, you will begin to see a little spark of light, and as you continue to focus it will become a sparkle as the spark of light be50 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

This is a time of celebration for it is time for you to know your truth and to dance in the joy of this awareness. I am forever connected with you, holding the vision with you of all the dreams of your heart that you desire to live and express. It is only for you to choose, design, and take the actions that support. Let go of any limiting thoughts and beliefs, they are of the past. Fully embrace the divine nature of your true self. It is your time to leap forward into living in joy, consciously creating all that you desire.

I am with you always, cheering you on, celebrating in your wonder. You are my children of light, dream your way into your new tomorrows.” With great love, Your Beloved Mother

As a Gift I am offering you a Free Tele- Class, “The Sparkle in your Eye” Observe the sacred moment of your birth, feeling the connection of heart. Experience the love of the Goddess Mother as she holds you in her arms, igniting the sparkle in your eye, opening pathways to remember your divine nature, truly a joy bringer.

Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients and students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts and abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. If you have questions or would like to set up a session, you can reach her at website

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Emotio Visualiz and the

The Sacred Pause Tucson, Arizona 52 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ February 2014

ons, zations e Sacred Pause

by Hoda Mousa

Emotions are our keys to evolving into higher consciousness and to understanding our purpose. They provide us the ability to create our world and manifest our highest desires. Accepting our emotions allows us to learn who we are and take responsibility for the events occurring in our inner and outer worlds.

Emotions generate feelings, which allow us to understand our identity and soul signature. It is the key to allowing new energy to infuse, awaken and recharge us. We need emotion to connect us to our spiritual self and it is essential to understanding our inner spirituality. The mental and physical body are linked, as are the emotional and spiritual body. The spiritual body exists beyond physical limitations and allows us to comprehend the non-physical world.

Most human beings are afraid of feeling their emotions and exert great effort to suppress them. We must be mindful of our feelings and permit them to flow, without resistance. When we sit with ANY feeling that comes up, it will pass within 90 seconds, IF we don’t get caught up in the story. When we are not afraid of feeling, and move past judgment, we ALLOW ourself to understand all the ways we feel. This provides us a tremendous breakthrough, because we will be able to ride our feelings into other realities and accelerate our growth as individuals. The denial of self and our emotions affects the social fabric of society. Denial of self keeps souls from true love for themselves, which does not allow true love to manifest around them. 53 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

It keeps souls from their lessons, therefore not reaching their highest potential and claiming their true mission here on earth. Denial of self keeps us from authentically knowing what needs to be healed within ourselves, in order to take those nuggets of wisdom forward. By expanding ourselves, we empower others, and make room for them. We must align our soul, mind, body, and spirit in order to master our emotions. Emotions are the expression of perception. We must trust ourselves and our feelings. We need our emotions and must become friends with them, for they allow us to climb the 12 chakra system where we connect with our multi-dimensional selves. Through feelings, we can assess what is really going on in our lives. They grant us the ability to live in our heart, and register frequency change, where as the logical mind is unable to do so. Our emotions and feelings connect us to humanity and are the keys to living in this reality. We can choose our feelings and be mindful of our vibrations. Are they LOVE or fear vibrations? Are they creating the life our heart desires? So how do we change from a negative to positive vibration? First we must be aware that it is not the goal to rid ourselves of our emotions. If you are feeling a negative emotion, permit yourself to call in the opposite counterpart. For example, if you are sad, imagine how it would be to feel joy and stay in the bliss feeling until it becomes real. It all starts with mindfulness where we become aware of our thoughts, triggers 54 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ April 2014

and reactions to the outside world. We are then able to see how our patterns manifest in our reality. It is the ability to engage in the SACRED PAUSE. The sacred pause allows us to practice inner peace and the opportunity to forgive ourself, and others in every moment, over and over again. It is the ability to live without judgment. The Sacred Pause is the moment where you inhale back to the NOW. To experience this, start by inhaling peace and exhaling stress. When you create this pause through this breathing technique, you expand your capacity to stop the mental chatter, and allow yourself to hear your higher guidance. Ask yourself, what is true in this moment? What is really going on? Am I being triggered by an event from the past? Watch for clues from your body. For example, heat rising, anxiety and the inability to sit still. Are your thoughts racing? Is the monkey mind active? Breathe to calm your mind and go for a walk in nature. From there, ask yourself, will I choose to respond to whatever is coming up in the same way I always have or will I choose empowerment? Will I choose to react with love and compassion or from a place of impulse? We tend to respond to situations, emotions and individuals from a place of conditioned fear. These are our patterns that we learned in our childhood to cope with our environment, and as adults, we impulsively act them out. Being that these patterns of emotional drama are learned, they can therefore be unlearned. We are the MASTERS of our emotions.

When we embrace our emotions and feelings, transformation will take place. Beauty and JOY will infuse our inner and outer worlds. We are each a light which guides our way. It is always imperative to walk in light and love, and to teach by example, for we are the new teachers of the ancient ways. Exercise: One way to become friends with your feelings and transmute them is through reflective journaling. Reflective journaling is the ability to take ALL thoughts, emotions and sensations from our mind, into our heart, down our arms and channeling them through our hands onto paper. This engaging exercise is cathartic in nature and allows us to creatively become aware of the “stories” in our mind. It gives us the ability to review and release what is truly happening in our inner world, allowing us an opportunity to reframe our perception. Visualize yourself in an etheric egg of white light upon rising- see it all around your body filling every cell of your being. Take a moment to breathe deeply, inhaling peace and releasing worry. When any emotion or thought comes up, mindfully be aware of it and welcome it. Grab a journal and list your feelings, your thoughts, ideas, any impulses or patterns that may be coming up. Don’t worry about how silly they may sound and allow no judgement. From there, request your higher power to assist in transmuting the energy and

to help fill you with inner love. Finish the exercise with deep breathing and give gratitude to yourself for engaging in this practice. Do this exercise daily or even a few times a day, especially when you are feeling emotional. It will soon become a habit of mindfulness, therefore creating more inner peace in your life. See the false as false, the true as true. Look into your heart. Follow your nature. ~Buddha You can find Hoda at

Research: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life by Jack Kornfield I Need Your Love - Is That True?: How to Stop Seeking Love, Approval, and Appreciation and Start Finding Them Instead by Byron Katie & Michael Katz Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion by Pema Chodran Personal Empowerment Courses: The Hoffman Institute


Hummingbird Spirit Animal


The hummingbird spirit animal symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. Those who have the hummingbird as a totem are invited to enjoy the sweetness of life, lift up negativity wherever it creeps in and express love more fully in their daily endeavors. This fascinating bird is capable of the most amazing feats despite its small size, such as traveling great distances or being able to fly backwards. By affinity with the hummingbird, those who have this bird as totem may be encouraged to develop their adaptability and resiliency while keeping a playful and optimistic outlook.

The call of the hummingbird totem will guide you to open up to love and lightness in your emotional life. When you see your totem, you are encouraged to open up your heart and expose yourself more to joy and love. It might be time to show how you feel to loved ones or people who are close to you. The hummingbird and the power of swiftness and flexibility

The hummingbird is one of the most fascinating birds because of its ability to move its body swiftly, change direction quickly and smoothly, seemingly gliding Hummingbird Meaning from one place to another. By affinity with this power animal, you can be encourThe hummingbird generally symbolizes aged to use or develop a similar skill. joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability. Additional symbolic meanings are: When the hummingbird shows up in your • Lightness of being, enjoyment of life life, it may be an invitation to flex you • Being more present path, perhaps even bending backward or • Independence forward, in order to accommodate life’s • Bringing playfulness and joy in your life circumstances. You may be required to • Lifting up negativity adapt to a situation that is a bit more de• Swiftness, ability to respond quickly manding than usual. The wisdom carried • Resiliency, being able to travel great by this spirit animal emphasizes flexibility distances tirelessly and lightness in your approach to the unexpected. The hummingbird spirit animal and the enjoyment of life If the hummingbird shows up in your life as a spirit animal, it may remind you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and take time to enjoy yourself. The hummingbird’s wisdom carries an invitation to take part in and draw to you life’s sweetness, like you would drink the nectar of your own flower. 57 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

The hummingbird, a power animal in- of the smallest birds, it can travel great dicative of strong sensibility distances. Those who have that bird as totem are characterized by their resilienBy association with the hummingbird cy and their ability to run great distances power animal, you may have already tirelessly. Inspired by this totem, you will developed a strong adaptability and are be inclined to accomplish what seems typically quick to respond to any demand. impossible to most while keeping it light You may also have a high sensibility and and enjoyable. feel every nuances of emotions or movement in your environment. The hummingbird is known for burning a lot of energy quickly to keep flying and Brought to the extreme, this ability may therefore needs to find sources of food lead you to emotional instability as you constantly. If you have the hummingbird shift rapidly from one feeling or mood to as a totem, you may benefit from restanother without warning. The humming- ing often and taking time to feed yourbird totem wisdom could challenge you self with enough, whether it’s physically, to figure out how to stand strong while emotionally or spiritually, to keep going. being able to move quickly and fly high, whether it’s through your personal or spiritual aspirations. How to use the hummingbird spirit Source; to lift up negativity bird-spirit-animal/ The spirit of the hummingbird is a powerful mean to lighten up your mood when you feel down. This power animal is a useful ally to lift you up and instill more joy and playfulness in your daily grind. When facing challenges or an environment plagued by negativity, call on the hummingbird to help you bring a positive outlook on the situation and find your way out with optimism. The hummingbird totem and the wisdom of accomplishing great feats Don’t be deceived by the size of this spirit animal: Even if the hummingbird is one 58 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

Corey Eid was born in Baltimore, Maryland, he is an actor and musician, known for his roles in As the world turns, Victorious, CSI:Miami, Behind the Candelabra, Raising Hope and Respire. Corey’s new movie called Alien abduction. It will be in theaters 4-4-14. 59 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

“If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected.” ~Chief Seattle

We have lost our way and may never find it again there will be hell to pay not be able to remember when nature was our teacher of the harmony of living to destroy such a beautiful creature with a spirit that is so giving never truly respected for all that they are no longer protected now hunted near and far We may never know the damage we have done to strike such a blow to shoot with a gun why don’t we ever learn and the selfish fear cease may the wolf now return and may we all live in peace 60 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ April 2014

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