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C Maestro

Carlo Ponti Jr.



I had the honor of meeting Maestro Carlo Ponti Jr. through a mutual dear friend, Bruno Serato, last year at the Gala for Caterina’s Club. In 2006 Maestro Ponti was awarded Italy’s Premio Galileo award for exceptional musical achievement. In the United States, he was the recipient of the 2008 Artistic Achievement Award from the Virginia Waring International Piano Competition, and the 2009 Spirit of Hope Award from the Childhelp Foundation for his contributions to the development and advancement of young musical talent throughout the world. In 2011 he was co-recipient of the Lupa di Roma prize in Rome, and in Naples, Italy, he received the Premio Civitas 2014 award. Watching Ponti in concert and up on the podium, it’s clear from the moment he takes the stage, picks up his baton, and the first note breaks the silence of the room, that he was born to conduct music. You can feel the love he has for music. He feels every note and nuance. He is knowledgeable, passionate, meticulous, and he is able to fully captivate the audience through a musical voyage of energetic depth. It would have seemed only natural for Maestro Ponti to pursue a career in the film industry by following in his parents’ footsteps (his father is film producer Carlo Ponti, his mother, the legendary actress Sophia Loren) Ponti chose his own path and it has paid off. His students and those he collaborates with will tell you that it is a privilege to work with him. His adoring fans and even those discovering Maestro Ponti for the first time, will tell you just how much they love his work. I think it’s fair to say that we are all benefiting from the fact that Maestro Ponti chose Music… a gift he shares with the entire world. Considering Ponti’s immense talent and all the adoration he receives, he remains a very warm, humble and modest man. It was a real pleasure to work with him on this piece and we are thrilled to share it with our readers. 10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017


Tell us about yourself. I have always been attracted to music from a very young age. I never really wanted to play with toys or with my friends; instead, I listened to classical music recordings and played the piano to entertain and amuse myself. My parents would actually push me to go out with my friends and play in the park or go to their houses and do so; however, I always told them that I was happier being with music and preferred its’ company and beautiful sounds. How did you start in your profession, and at what point did you realize you wanted to be a conductor? I played piano from the age of five and immediately knew that music was going to be in my life and that I wanted to be a professional musician. During the time of my musical upbringing and development my parents always supported me and followed my progress. I owe in large part to my father the fact that I am an orchestra conductor today. He always pushed me in the direction of leading an orchestra, saying that it was in his opinion the most beautiful profession anyone can have. I think he secretly always wanted to be a conductor but destiny chose a different path for him and instead carved him an honored place in the realm of motion pictures. In terms of conducting, who inspires you and which scores do you love? On a teaching standpoint, my only true long term teacher and inspiration was Maestro Mehli Mehta, father of the legendary conductor Zubin Mehta. Mehli Mehta taught me all the basics of conducting technique and score reading, I could literally not be the artist I am today without his guidance and inspiration during my developmental years in this profession. In terms of conductors, I much admire both Mehli and Zubin Mehta’s artistry, as well as the work of conductors such as Leonard Bernstein, Herbert Von Karajan, Klaus Tennstedt and Sir Antonio Pappano, among several others. I honestly cannot say whose compositions and scores I love the most; the classical music realm is full of so much creative genius and incredible music! Supposing I really had to choose, I think I would gravitate most towards the orchestral masterworks of the 19th century, as I am most fond of music exhibiting lyricism and melody. What is your favorite musical work? Another difficult question to answer as there are so many great works in the repertoire. Perhaps the piece I am transported by the most is Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, opus 125. The work’s form and musical forces are so ambitious, bold and innovative and its’ theme of peace and brotherhood so universal that I think the piece is truly a cornerstone of Western culture, its’ message extending even beyond the realm of music.



How did you choose the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra’s musicians? As with any professional orchestra, the musicians of the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra are auditioned. Can you give us a little more insight as to how you learn a piece of work that you have to perform? The process of assimilating a musical score is unique and particular to every conductor; I believe that no artist uses exactly the same methods. In my case, the way I learn a score has 4 specific steps. Firstly, I mark the score in terms of the musical phrase structures, dynamics and phrasings and instruments that merit attention. The second step is to locate the ‘important’ melodic and harmonic material. Then follows the ‘singing’ phase in which I sing the aforementioned material with the aid of a piano or keyboard, a technique incidentally taught to me by Maestro Mehli Mehta. The last step in score assimilation is to divide the piece up in sections and to learn each section until I know the piece in its’ entirety. The entire aforementioned process is of course done ‘a secco’, meaning ‘drily’ in Italian, which refers to working without the use of the orchestra. Once the assimilation process is completed, I am ready to step on the podium and start working with the orchestra per se. How do you select the musical programs for your performances? First and foremost, I aim for balance and proportions in terms of musical variety and textures. This means that, in my opinion, the musical program of an orchestral performance should always have a centerpiece, that is a main musical work which is the central piece of the concert, completed by ancillary works which complement it. This way, the audience will leave the performance feeling fulfilled, and satisfied. If you weren’t a conductor what profession would you choose? I seriously cannot imagine doing anything else than being in a musical profession. Therefore, if I was not a conductor, I probably would choose to be either an instrumentalist or perhaps a music coach or teacher. What do you personally consider to be incisive moments in your work and/or career? Probably one of the most key moments in my career came early on in my musical development when I went to a conducting program in Hartford, Connecticut helmed by the famous conductor and pedagogue Harold Farberman. I got such a positive feedback from him and the student orchestra that it gave the confidence to further pursue this profession. 14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017


The Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra is unique because it was formed on the core belief that an orchestra is a unique educational resource. Its mission is to support and advocate the study of music by giving 100% of the net profits from its concerts to music education in schools and the community, thereby being the first orchestra in existence to devote the total net revenue of its concerts to the study of music, giving the chance to audience members to directly support music education with the purchase of their concert tickets. How do you feel the study of music can impact young people’s lives? The study of music is a resource that can not only help young people find their calling in life but also teaches them skills and promotes qualities that can permanently shape their lives in countless positive ways, regardless of what path they choose. The gifts imparted by the study of music are countless. To name but a few, music fosters creativity, teaches cooperation, builds self-esteem and reasoning skills, furthers brain development, helps students stay in school, especially atrisk students and strengthens academic achievement. What other charities are close to your heart? I would have to say without any doubt Bruno Serato’s Caterina’s Club Foundation which has provided access to nutritional food, stable housing, and job training for countless young people and families in need both at home in the US and abroad. Bruno’s work and dedication to his humanitarian cause has been an inspiration to me and people all over the world.

Which musical works are you currently working on? I just finished a performance run at the Georgia State Opera in Tbiisi of Francis Poulenc’s one act opera entitled La Voix Humaine with famous mezzo-soprano Nino Surguladze in the title role, and I'm currently preparing for upcoming Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra performances in Los Angeles featuring works by Claude Debussy and Ludwig van Beethoven. Tell us about your ensemble, the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra. I have always been a strong advocate and supporter of young musical talent and felt the need to create a unique ensemble to advocate and support the study of music.


For more information on the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra and Caterina's Club please visit lavirtuosi.org and caterinaclub.org Photos by Brenda Saint Hilaire Photography Art Director Derek Mitchel Location LACMA




The 15th Annual Conscious Life Expo THE CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO, was four-days multi-dimensional event that returned to the LAX Hilton Hotel on February 10-12, 2017. The Conscious Life Expo continued to be a huge success in Southern California with the reputation of being one of the best Expo’s of its kind in North America. Drawing people from all walks of life, the Expo lives up to its name, creating an environment of heightened consciousness that allowed attendees to be open to the experience of creating new possibilities for living an inspired way of life - more important than ever, as we navigate the unpredictable avenues in these challenging times. THE CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO draws together influential speakers, best-selling authors, award-winning films, renowned educators, artists, and visionaries built into an exciting four days of provocative panel discussions, participative workshops, film screenings, book signings, live performances and many other events. As always, The Expo was proud to continue to present a s pecial Latino program featuring lectures and workshops in Spanish. Three Exhibit Hall features over 200 exhibitors displaying products and services to heal and inspire, from the latest health technologies to ancient healing modalities, from superfoods to spiritual books, book-signings and live music. Healthy, vegan and organic foods offerings are provided to suit everyone’s food styles. New to the Expo is Rapid Networking presented by Uber social networking guru, Renee Pianne. A Four Day Experiential Expo Promoted a Sustainable Lifestyle Offering Real Solutions Through New Technology, Innovative Modalities and Motivational Learnings for the Global Community. At the Conscious Life Expo, we reaffirm our common commitment to radical personal and planetary transformation. We are all working arduously to bring into form this next stage in human and societal evolution. We find ourselves in the middle of a miraculous explosion of knowledge, creativity, compassion… and possibility. This is our destiny. Let us come together to celebrate and witness the emergence of this new consciousness. www.consciouslifeexpo.com Couldn't attend the Expo? - Livestreaming access available now! Tune in to view the Keynotes, Panels, Programa Hispano, Permaculture Plaza & specific workshops. Click: www.consciouslifestream.com/register.html




You know that feeling you get when you want something and then suddenly realize that you already have it? It’s like a cheap thrill when you remember, “Ohhh yea!” And for just a few seconds, you’re filled with unexpected delight. It could be something as small as remembering you have an ingredient for a recipe while shopping; “Wait a minute, I have blueberries in the freezer—great!” Or something larger like remembering you have a resource available that will save you money; “Oh that’s right, Robert has a pick-up truck! He can help me.” Or possibly something even bigger, like rediscovering an aspect of yourself that will enhance your life; “Oh will you look at that, I had inner harmony all along.”

22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e November 2016

Soul Courage

with Tara-jenelle Walsch

When this kind of sudden occurrence leads you to rediscovering an aspect of yourself like in the last example, it can be especially rewarding as you realize that you don’t have to find, learn or create something that can enrich your life—because it’s already part of who you are! It’s an essential part of our spiritual path to remember who we are and all that we encompass. We read books and attend workshops to help us identify and unite with those parts of ourselves again so that we can reactivate them. One thing that we universally strive for is a sense of peace and inner harmony, regardless of whether we consider ourselves “happy.” The interesting thing is that we're usually not even aware of the striving until we begin to feel troubled or unhappy, because those emotions act as a mirror showing us the exact opposite of what we desire At that point we may get anxious, sad or frustrated because we think that our current situation is pulling us further away from “everything coming together.” We may even start to resist the actual experience we’re in and scurry around making plans, goals, and lists to get out of the present moment and back to the path we think we should be on. But what most of us don’t realize is that this is our path. Our path isn’t out there in front of us, waiting for us to hop on—we are already riding the wave. From this view point we can also see that we are already in harmony with life. Inner harmony is the energetic base camp of the soul. And we needn’t waste time seeking it by trying to find the “right” path, but rather we can adjust our focus towards returning to it, and the path will present itself more clearly. This is the first step towards returning to our innate place of peace; realizing that it is already within us. The second step would be to recognize that any lack of harmony we are experiencing is not because of the situation we’re in, but rather, a result of our reaction to that situation.


Life can be filled with hardship, and some of us have a much larger share than others, but we all have the choice to guide the direction of our thoughts and feelings back to peace. A Buddhist will tell you that harmony is achieved from the inside, regardless of our external circumstances. This isn’t always easy to do on a consistent basis, even for the most conscious. And it may be especially difficult to do when it feels like there’s a lot at stake. This leads us to the third step towards returning to our innate place of peace, which is to gently notice that more often than not, the things that we think are “at stake” or deem as consequential as a result of a particular situation, are illusions created by our mind (something not easily detectable when we’re in the midst of it all). A great way to bring these illusions to your attention is to really feel your emotions and express them in some way, privately to yourself. Even if you think it’s ridiculous. The process itself will immediately allow you to feel seen and heard, by you. After you move through the intensity of your emotions like this, you’ll notice that you’ve also moved over to the other side of them. This realization creates a sense of accomplishment that pulls you far enough out of the emotion for you to gain new perspective of the situation. It’s then that the illusions are revealed and you take a sigh of relief. But it takes courage for us to acknowledge ourselves like this, and it takes trust to know that we will return to harmony if we allow ourselves to continuously feel uncomfortable emotions. For most of us, it’s natural to be present and listen to others, but rarely do we offer ourselves the same grace. And just as ignoring or disagreeing with another while they are trying to share leaves them feeling unheard—so, too, does it leave us inside when we ignore our own feelings. Personally, I’m no stranger to getting lost in illusions that have pulled me out of my inner harmony. But this process is my savior and always brings me home without shame or sorrow. In one of my darker moments, a dear friend of mine once shared his route to inner harmony which I have now added to the end of my personal process. Every night before he falls asleep he “cherry picks” his thoughts by intentionally thinking of a few wonderful things and feeling gratitude for them. He says, “Cherry pick your thoughts…and your feelings. Hold the good ones close.” 24 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017

It doesn't take Buddhism or having decades of accumulated wisdom behind you to trust that your process will lead you to inner harmony. The next time that you find yourself in a circumstance that you are resisting, give yourself the unexpected delight of remembering that you already have harmony, right now. You are harmony, on a soul level. Return to this and respond to life from it, then watch it light up your path. Inner Harmony Roadmap 1. Remember that you already have inner harmony. 2. Lack of harmony is a result of your reaction to a situation. 3. Notice the illusions your mind creates to support disharmony. 4. Acknowledge yourself by feeling into the illusions anyway and expressing those feelings to yourself in some way. 5. Watch as this takes you to the other side of the emotion and the illusions are revealed. 6. Cherry pick some positive thoughts to feel into gratitude.

p Are you in a soul quandary? Feel free to ask Tara-jenelle for courageous insight. Submit your question to www.theedenmagazine.com

Tara-jenelle Walsch is a monthly columnist for the Eden Magazine. She is the author of the book, Soul Courage, and the founder and spirit behind the Soulebrate greeting card company. You will also find her speaking publicly about emotional and energetic awareness, and a sacred formula which she believes has the ability to enrich the world at large. Tara-jenelle was raised in Annapolis, Maryland and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Towson University in Baltimore. She currently lives in the beautiful hills of Ashland, Oregon with her pug, Sascha. www.soulcourage.com

Be Mindful, Be Heartful, Be Empowered

Roxana Jones Arnaud Saint-Paul



Meditating & Going Within How to Turn this Practice into a Delicious Rather than a Fearful One

By Angela Dunning

So many people, myself included sometimes, find it incredibly hard to sit still, close our eyes, and turn out attention inwards by tuning into our body, our emotions, our energy, and that part of us which is eternally present, our Soul, yet which is so often swamped by our ever-active mind and compulsion to be busy. Many people say :"I don't have time to meditate." Or, "I find it so hard to start, so I don't." Many people also feel quite afraid of this stillness and non-doing. It raises real anxiety in people. How is, I wonder, we have become so afraid of ourselves? Of our bodies? And of our true emotions and energetic states? And how is it, so perversely, that we are all so addicted to doing and being busy? How is that THAT state has become SO familiar and comfortable, and the other so UNCOMFORTABLE and scary...? To try to help those who fear going within and meeting themselves more fully, I have put together a simple list to facilitate starting this practice. 27 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017

Here are my top meditation and body-awareness tips to those who feel this anxiety, or who's compulsions to not stop are very strong and persuasive:-

practices, we can alleviate any fears or resistances we have to this kind of practice. And give ourselves the much needed quiet space that our body and soul is crying out for.

1. Think of meditating and spending time focusing within, as giving yourself a break. It is you taking care of yourself, give yourself a break of just a few minutes each day.

Remember: Just a few minutes of this = A much bigger benefit overall, you can't loose, in fact, you gain so much as the benefits far outweigh the actual amount of time you tell yourself you can't afford to find for yourself.

2. Reverse your thinking about meditation - from fearbased and time-consuming, to: "To sit in silence and stillness, with myself, to quietly go inside and meet with myself fully, even for just a few moments each day, is a DELICIOUS treat. A few minutes to fully savour myself and spend quality time alone with me and my inner-world." Viewing this practice as "delicious" and enjoyable, instead of difficult or scary, can create an invitation mind-set, a gift from ourselves to ourselves. Try this and see the difference in your desire to sit still and close your eyes, you might be surprised. 3. Literally decide to sit for just a few minutes - even 3-5 minutes each day can have a correspondingly much bigger impact on your state of stress and well-being levels. The beauty of meditation and body-awareness work is just this: That just a few minutes spent focusing on ourselves in this way, equals a substantially bigger benefit on the rest of our day, and lives over time. Not to mention how we then interact with others because we are coming from a calmer, more present and grounded place. Try setting yourself the goal of sitting for 3-5 minutes only. This will feel less daunting, more feasible in terms of "fitting it in" and I guarantee you will find yourself actually sitting for longer once the deliciousness of it takes hold. 4. Time spent quietly paying attention to each part of your body is a great way to start this practice. When you first sit, focus simply on your breathing without trying to change it, just notice it. Then scan from the top of your head through each part of your body down to your feet, and go beyond the ground to see how "rooted" you feel in that moment. You can do this either sitting or standing. (I recommend not lying down to body-scan or meditate as it can make you too sleepy which is the opposite desired result, as we want to cultivate more conscious presence). Once you have scanned your body, just sit, without any mental activity, and simply allow your body to be breathed; allowing your mind to quieten and take a break from it's busyness for just a few minutes. By adopting these simple yet powerful mind-shifts and


And if you have horses, do this in their vicinity and notice their immediate and different response to you - their feedback is immediate and vivid when we enter this space of being rather than doing.

s Angela Dunning has been a certified Eponaquest Instructor since 2007. Based in Herefordshire, England, she also practices elsewhere in the UK and abroad on invitation. She delivers gentle yet powerful personal development and training programs in Equine Facilitated Learning to individuals, groups and organizations. She specializes in helping people reconnect to their body, emotions and personal power. She particularly works with women with depression, low levels of confidence and relationship issues, using ground-breaking techniques that make a real difference to your life, your inner healing work and your relationships. In addition, she offers consultancy, supervision and training in equine facilitated practice. Angela is also a passionate writer of books, articles and poetry on related topics. Learn more about Angela and her EFL work and read her Blog here: www.equinereflections.co.uk You can also connect with Angela on Facebook also: www. facebook.com/equinereflections



mit Goswami

Theoretical Quantum Physicist

"Quantum Activism is the idea of changing ourselves and our societies in accordance with the principles of quantum physics."


Amit Goswami is one of those rare jewels in the pantheon of quantum physics who brings a deep understanding of reality through a synthesis of science and spirituality. He has contributed immensely to my own understanding of the nature of existence. I am deeply indebted to him. Deepak Chopra Author, You Are the Universe

Theoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami is a retired full professor from the University of Oregon’s Department of Physics where he served from 1968 to 1997. He is a pioneer of the newparadigm of science called “science within consciousness,” an idea he explicated in his seminal book, The Self-Aware Universe, where he also solved the quantum measurement problem elucidating the famous observer effect. In The Visionary Window, he demonstrates how science and spirituality can be integrated. In Physics of the Soul, Goswami develops a theory of survival after death and reincarnation. In The Quantum Doctor, Goswami seeks to integrate both conventional and alternative medicine. In Creative Evolution, Goswami presents a resolution between Darwinism and the intelligent design of life. In God is Not Dead, Goswami demonstrates that not only are science and religion compatible but that quantum physics proves the existence of God. In Quantum Creativity: Think Quantum, Be Creative, Goswami explains all facets of creativity—its definition, the quantum thinking it entails, and what is required to be creative. Most interestingly, Goswami says, “Every human being has creative potential, and grasping the quantum process—do-bedo-be-do—will help everyone to explore his or her creative potential.” In his book, Quantum Economics: Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness (May 2015), Goswami focuses on critical issues for a new paradigm in economics and business for the twenty-first century touching upon the stability and sustainability of the economy and leadership as well as creativity and ethics in business.

In his private life, Goswami is a practitioner of spirituality and transformation. He calls himself a quantum activist. He appeared in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” and its sequel “Down the Rabbit Hole” as well as the documentaries “Dalai Lama Renaissance” and the award winning “The Quantum Activist.” Goswami’s basic premise is that quantum physics is not only the future of science, but is also the key to understanding consciousness, life, death, God, psychology, and the meaning of life. Quantum physics is an antidote to the moral sterility and mechanistic approach of scientific materialism and is the best and clearest approach to understanding our universe. In short, quantum physics is indeed the theory of everything. Here in 17 chapters, Dr. Goswami and his friends and colleagues discuss, among other things, how quantum physics affects our understanding of: Zen Thoughts, feelings, and intuitions Dreams Karma, death, and reincarnation God’s will, evolution, and purpose The meaning of dreams The spiritualization of economics and business, politics and education, and society itself This fascinating new book will appeal to a wide array of readers, ranging from those interested in the new physics to those captivated by the spiritual implications of the latest scientific breakthroughs.


The Everything Answer Book:

How the Quantum Worldview Empowers You to Jump from Problem Space to Solution Space by Amit Goswami, Ph. D.


Long ago I came across an intriguing idea in the spiritual literature of India where I grew up: The ultimate knowledge is that knowledge knowing which you know everything else. I was intrigued. Suppose somebody discovers the nature of God, will that gain him the answer to a physics problem? Somehow I did not expect so!

wrote he original dialogs making it more inclusive. And wonder of wonders! The stuff at my American publisher’s end, when they saw the book and the scope of its inclusivity , they chose the name The everything Answer Book. Somehow they knew what my heart wanted to declare to the world.

Three decades ago, I did discover the nature of Reality (and therefore the nature of God) while seeking the solution to what is called the quantum measurement problem. Quantum math says that objects are waves of possibility. How does possibility become an actual event of experience whenever an observer looks at it with a measuring instrument?is the quantum measurement question. If you think like establishment scientists that all phenomena are material henomena and in particular, consciousness is a brain phenomenon, you won’t be able to find solution for the quantum measurement problem; instead, you will get paradoxes, more problems, not less. My discovery was, Consciousness, ot matter, is the ground of all being; and objects are possibilities of consciousness itself to choose from. Like magic, the paradoxes vanish then. If this quantum metaphysics sounds mystical to you, it should. The discovery indeed integrates science and spirituality; naturally that was my chief initial preoccupation.

So the quintessential question is this: does the quantum worldview have all the answers? I really believe so having applied it to many problems during the course of many years. I will give a short review of all the important premises of the new worldview and let you be the judge if this is really so.

Eventually I applied this new quantum metaphysics to solving problems of biology and psychology: what is life? What is creativity? What happens when we die, do we reincarnate? that kind of question with a lot of success; that was encouraging. A few years later, when the Dalai Lama challenged a group of scientists that included me to apply our new aborning paradigm to solving world’s current problems of education, health, economics, and politics, I began to pay attention to contemporary social issues. And there too, like magic, the quantum way of looking at these problems, you can call it a worldview if you like, led to real pragmatic solutions. I was pleased, I was surprised, and I remembered. Is the quantum worldview the ultimate knowledge then knowing which you can solve every problem, ancient or modern, traditional or contemporary? It sure seems that way. This book stands as witness of affirmation. More mundane things helped too. An organization in Tokyo noted that I have no books in the Japanese language; and so they invited me Tokyo to give a workshop on my work and also to have a dialog with a businessman/philosopher Massao Hori which then would be published as a book. The dialog did happen and has been so published in Japan. My publisher in America, however, wanted the book not as a dialog but as a regular Trade Book. So I re-

The Quantum Worldview and What Gives it Power to Empower you The Quantum Worldview is grounded in the following 10 principles; if you understand these principles, you will grasp their power, and even be able to use the power: 1. There are two Domains of Reality: Consciousness is the ground of all being and all our experiences originate from this ground. But where is that being? or what shamans all “the source?” Where is it located? That Being is One (see below); what we experience in space and time has separateness. Quantum physics tells us the solution: Besides space and time of the manifest world, there is an unmanifest omain of potentiality where all objects of experience are possibilities for Consciousness to choose from. We are all instantly interconnected through the “nonlocality,” of this impersonal, infinite domain that transcends space and time. In psychological terms, the unmanifst is your unconscious, but don’t be confused. The quantum unconscious is much broader in scope that what Freud or even Jung envisioned. Do you see the power this knowledge gives you? You, we all, are instantly interconnected through our unconscious; however it is in potentiality. To actualize our connectedness, we can meditate together with intention to be connected, e can make a relationship that is not hierarchical but circular, or we can collaborate on a creative venture. These three “paths” for reconnecting are called nonlocality (connection through signalless communication), tangled hierarchy (connection through circularity), and discontinuity abrupt jump from the domain of space and time to the domain of interconnectedness without going through the intervening space or whatever you want to call it), respectively. hen you reconnect and access the ground of being, you also get access to its power, its freedom to choose. 33 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017

2. Holistic Irreducibility: Material possibilities are of two types. Most of them are reductive; they can be educed to their base level, the elementary particles. They give riae to the part of the world that we find nonliving and insentient. But there are also possibilities in consciousness—namely, the living cell and the brain--that contain irreducible circular wholes, the tangled hierarchies with which consciousness identifies as it changes possibility into actuality. In this way, the living cell and the brain make manifest representations of consciousness in space and time acquiring a self. Consciousness identifies with these systems while changing their possibility into actuality. As a result these systems have the self-experience of “life” separate from environment and “subject” separate from objects respectively. In this way, this aspect of the quantum worldview gives a basis for understanding biology—the science of life as different from nonlife, and psychology—the science of the our self and its experiences as different from robots and computers. 3. The Importance of Subjectivity and free will: Balancing and harmonizing both subjectivity and objectivity are essential to being Human; however, do notice that objectivity is rooted in subjectivity; objectivity is subjectivity in consensus. Meditate on this: Your subjective free will is not the ornamental epiphenon of the brain that materialists tell you; it has freedom to say “no” to your conditioning that makes you mechanical and determined. This is how you open up to the real freedom of choice that lies in your unconscious ground of being. 4. Multiplicity of Human Experiences: The quantum worldview opens the door to a science of all our experiences. Each of our experiences (sensing, thinking, feeling, and intuiting) begins as possibility of consciousness to choose from, choice actualizes them. With a science of experience in your vocabulary you can see how our concept of health must include all these experiences, not just the physical. When you grasp the multiplicity of our experiences, you also begin to see that our educational system must emphasize all five different kinds of human experiences each with the idea of exploring the huge potentialities of transformation, intellligence, and fulfillment: Sensing (Physical Objects); Feeling (Vitality); Thinking (Meaning); Intuiting (purposive archetypal or spiritual values such as Truth, Love, Abundance, etc.); and Wholeness (Bliss). Right now, education is way unbalanced toward material sensing and mental thinking which is however reduced to information collecting. This has led to a neglect of the artistic and humanistic dimensions of the human being, the part of us that seeks feeling, meaning, and purpose. In this way, the quantum worldview revives 34 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM eMarch 2017

the arts and humanities in our educational systems. 5. Creativity and Spirituality: The vehicles of representation making—the cell and the brain—make memory as experiences happen. This has the effect called conditioning—a tendency to respond to a stimulus as in previous encounters. The conditioned self is our ego. Quantum Creativity consists of a “discontinuous” leap from the known arena of the ego to the unknown arena of new quantum possibilities of the unconscious that then manifests in the primary unconditioned “quantum self ” beyond ego as a creative insight to which the ego gives form. The creative exploration of new mental meaning, archetypal purpose, and spiritual wholeness, is fundamental to being Human, it elevates human free will to say “no” to conditioning to real freedom of choice from new quantum potentiality. The quantum worldview gives us a creative process that agrees with empirical data and provides a viable universally usable technique for both outer novel accomplishments and inner psychological and spiritual transformation. In this way, you now see that your intuitions and following them up with quantum creativity is the real secret of manifestation. Now you can really “create your own reality.” You can choose health instead of illness, you can choose happiness instead of suffering; you can choose wholeness instead of fragmentation in yourself. 6. Hierarchy of Needs: Human enterprises must involve satisfying the needs of all human experiences, from the most basic survival needs to the pinnacle of self-realization—the awakening of the idea that the self does not exist apart from wholeness. In this way the quantum worldview supports Maslow’s work in the 1960’s. This hierarchy includes but transcends material sensing and artificial computer information-centered thinking. One more step gives us a new paradigm of economics: extend Adam Smith’s capitalism from the material domain to all other domains of human needs--the vital, the mental, the archetypal, and even wholeness itself. 7. Reincarnation and the importance of character: Quantum physics indicates that the part of our ego that we call our character—the ability to learn and the repertoire of learning—is nonlocal; it is stored outside space and time and can be inherited as part of a universal law of karma by subsequent “reincarnations” after we die. Through these various human incarnations our capacity to creatively explore feeling, meaning and purposeful archetypes increases manifold. When we realize and fully grasp this aspect of the quantum worldview, we recognize death for what it is: a way station for the purpose of renewal.

Note also that besides nature and nurture, there are propensities from past lives that you can manifest in this one. Through memory retrieval and past life regression techniques, you can also get a sense of the purpose of your lives that the Indians call dharma, and live your life with the bliss of purposeful exploration. 8. Evolution of Consciousness: In the quantum worldview, evolution is evolution of consciousness in manifestation. Conscious evolution is purposive consisting of both homeostasis and discontinuous (quantum) leaps. In the past, evolution has given you the instinctual brain circuits of pleasure and pain and the collective unconscious (of Jungian vintage) that you share with all of humanity. But evolution does not stop there. Its objective right now is to transform our rational mind to produce greater and greater embodiment of archetypal (spiritual) values. Moreover, the embodiment of the archetypes also happens in the body organs of the navel and the heart chakra and involves noble feelings we can feel at these chakras. When these feelings are integrated with the meanings we generate via the pursuit of the archetypes through our mind and brain, we develop what traditionally is called the soul. Some of us have been active in soul-making for many incarnations already. For us, it is our special responsibity to align ourselves to the evolutionary movement of consciousness and contribute to more soul-making on the planet.

at supramental intelligence brings us the highest satisfaction and sustenance. Quantum worldview recognizes only one other state of more wholeness than this, but that state of mystical enlightenment is not an achievement, it is a liberation from all achievements. In summary, all this is the subject of my upcoming book The Everything Answer Book. I hope you can see that the quantum worldview does give answers to perennial questions of meaning and purpose, of life, love, satisfaction, intelligence, and even of spiritual enlightenment. It gives us the tool—creativity—for achievement of all human potentiality. It revives the arts and the humanities, generalizes the concept of health to well- being in all the different compartments of our being, and gives us new approaches to social sciences like economics and politics. Read the book; you will be inspired to find as I am inspired that solving our contemporary problems of global warming, terrorism, economic melt downs, political polarization, universal cost-contained health care and all that is only a matter of perseverent and creative use of the quantum worldview.

9. Social Relationships: In the past 60 years of scientific materialism, our individuality has gained prominence over our community consciousness to a pathological extent. According to the quantum worldview, our simple hierarchical individuality must be supplemented by the “WE” of relationships, the “WE” of quantum nonlocality and “tangled hierarchy.” In economics, politics and other social systems, this translates as the integration of homo economicus (the sellfish human of Newtonin vintage) and homo communus (the nonlocal human of quantum vintage). With this deep ecology we can solve our crisis problems. 10. The Importance of Multiple forms of Intelligence: Currently we are stuck with the materialist concept of intelligence as measurd by our IQ. The idea of evolutionary transformation from the stage of rational mind to the soul-being introduces us at the personal level to the concepts of emotional and supramental intelligence. In essence, this leads to the spiritual concept of integrating the brain—the seat of the rational mind—with the heart—the seat of love, except that the quantum worldview also gives us practical ways of achieving this integration. Arriving 35 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017


What is my Ego Self and what is my Soul Self? By Jodi Hershey

Most of us are aware of and live our lives from our inner dialog interpreted through our ego selves which says things like I am fat, I am thin, I am smart, I am stupid and expressions of this nature. It is a non-stop chatter voice that goes on in our head. It analyzes itself from everything that it sees on the outside world, with no inner deep connection. The "ego" is generally what we define ourselves as, however, we are not the ego. We are spiritual beings. The ego has been given to us to help us navigate through our daily lives. We were not meant to become it. We need to begin to separate ourselves from the ego self and start creating our lives through our soul self. The soul is the deepest core of who we are. We get to know the soul self through feeling its essence. It is the joy we experience when our soul feels open, free and loved. Our soul is connected to and it is a part of the Universal source of all that is. It is love based and it carries all eternal truths. The soul comes to express that which we are as spiritual beings and for us to joyously express these eternal truths out into the world.


Here are some of the differences between our ego self and soul self: The Ego needs purpose - the Soul does not. The Ego tends toward fixation - the Soul is fluid. The Ego works from fear - the Soul works from love. The Ego is based in past, present and future time - the Soul just is. The Ego goes by chain of command - the Soul works from equal participation. Once we become aware of what our inner soul wants us to hear and have us experience in this lifetime, we start to conceive a different picture. We then begin our change by expressing and creating from our soul truth. We all have a purpose whether big or small and it all matters. The world wouldn't be the same without you. You have come here to express your gifts with others, and to experience the positive wonders of who you are. Here is a quick exercise to begin your discovery of true soul self: STOP - LOOK - LISTEN It's not just for Street Traffic! Here is a perfect example. The Ego would interpret this saying as literal - Street Traffic. While the soul would say, aw-ha, I get the deeper meaning of this statement and it would put all these elements into action: STOP - Get quiet LOOK - Pay attention to what's around you. There is always more than meets the eye. Look deeper. LISTEN - Be aware of what your inner truth is saying to you through the pictures shown in your outer world. So, when we "Stop" and get quiet, we ask our higher self to bring in the Universal source to show us what it is we are suppose to see. Through our quiet time, we open our eyes and "Look" to see what is going on around us. When we put our focus on being calm and still within ourselves, we stop hearing the reactive ego voice and start to "Listen" to our soul self's inner voice. As we practice this quiet time, we come to know our soul self by feeling things, listening more through our intuition and trusting our internal knowing.


This time period is all about us stepping into and being of the internal - eternal self that we are. The eternal self becomes the internal reflection that shines outward. We can no longer be defined through our ego.

j Jodi Hershey graduated from the University of Miami with a BA in Education. Her expertise is in Holistic Education for adults and children. She is the author of Thoughts to Consider with Love. Jodi is a trained hypnotherapist in basic, advanced and past-life regression. For more than 15 years, she has provided support as a hypnotherapist, psychic/ intuitive reader and spiritual counselor. She has worked extensively with sound, color and crystal healing which she incorporates into her readings. Jodi’s gifts as a psychic reader include a variety of paranormal sensory abilities, among them clairsentience, which is the intuitive faculty of prediction. Clairsentience includes the gut-level capability to pick up a person’s thought and “know it” while also translating it into feeling. Jodi is able to know people empathetically by feeling what they feel. She can also “hear” thoughts via the faculty of clairaudience. Through these psychic gifts along with her spiritual counseling, Jodi feels honored to be able to help people find their own unique gifts and discover their own true potential. Jodi is the founder of Joy Journey of You. Joy provides books and services that guide you to living your own personal truth and products that bring healing, joy and meaning to one’s self and your living environment. More information is available at www.thecalloftheday. org and http://joyjourneyofyou.com



Cosmos and the Human Energetic System Part IV: Auric Microcracking and Energetic Depletion


Abstract In this article, it is attempted to present a general understanding for the problem of human auric energetic leakage. The fundamentals of the mechanics of energetic leakage as a result of microfracture of auric skin due to differential pressure across the auric boundary layer has been deliberated. It is explained that microcracks occur in the auric skin due to excessive tensile strain or stretch as a result of disproportionate differential pressure within and without the auric field. The pertinence of microcrack nucleation, opening in cleavage, and propagation due to a stimulus such as pressurizing has been clarified to be due to a phenomenon in mechanics of continuum known as the Poisson’ Effect. It is concluded that auric energetic leakage or bleeding occurs when excessive stretch occurs in the auric skin that essentially behaves like a balloon or membrane. Introduction There exists a micro-cosmos associated with the human energetics that interacts with the macro-cosmos. This is commonly referred to as the human aura. The subject of human auric energetics, being of an ethereal or stealth nature, has always been solely treated within the context of metaphysics. However, there is no doubt that the existence of aura is real. There have always been numerous clairvoyants and spiritual people who have had the capability to ‘see’ or envision the human aura and its detailed structure.

Now the technique of Kirlian photography testifies to its existence. Generally speaking, human aura is of an ovoid or egg-shape enclosure that extends above, below, and circumferentially around the human physical body that constitutes a storage containment of energy that surrounds the human body. And, this is how the human being interfaces with the Mother Earth as well as the inner and outer cosmos energetically. The source of such energy is light plasma that is supplied to us through the macro-cosmos via the sun. The type of the energy that the human aura contains is crystalline, which has its origin in liquid light that is both coherent and intelligible. Light is composed of a pool of charged plasma of cation (positive ion) and anion (negative ion) particles. There is a tendency to ‘flow’ that is somewhat analogous to electricity. In the case of electricity, there exist distinct positive and negative poles, and a propensity of a multitude of excess electrons present in the negative pole that strive to move to the positive pole deprived of such electrons, so that the static equilibrium is achieved. Similarly, in magnetism, there is a positive and a negative pole with the unlike poles attracting each other, and conversely, the like poles having the inclination to repel one another. The bio-plasmic crystalline light energies contained in the human aura are commonly considered to be electro-magnetic in nature. However, strictly speaking 41 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017

the auric energy is of crystalline nature, containing crystalline liquid-like plasma composed of cations and anions distributed all over within the auric field. This may suggest polarity as is the case with electricity or magnetism, yet human aura does not entail diverse electrical or magnetic poles. However, due to the existence of the charged plasmic particles (cations and anions) and the existence of a potential gradient within the plasma of the human aura, there is tendency for the ‘flow’ of plasma within and without the aura. The volume of the human aura can change as it can expand as well as deflate like a pressurized balloon. There exists a boundary layer associated with the aura, which is composed of a skin-like material that is elastic and resilient, thereby giving the aura the capability to stretch or contract. Due to the necessity of crystalline-electric plasma flow within and without the aura, it is envisioned that the auric boundary layer consists of a double membrane laminate structure with an electro-crystalline circuitry that conducts the flow of plasmic energy into and out of the aura. These membrane sheets have opposite circuitry patterns in planar loops that run along the circumference of the boundary layer. Furthermore, the energetic boundary layer constitutes a skin with relevant elastic properties that enable it to stretch or contract in the events of auric expansion or deflation, respectively. The aura, in essence, is an energetic container that facilitates storage, containment, as well as utilization in form of inflow and outflow of the human plasmic energy. When the aura expands, it brings in coded electro-crystalline light energies that increase the light quotient of the individual concerned. Furthermore, the augmentation of the light quotient is synonymous with the increasing of the consciousness of the human involved, which may be alternatively characterized through the definition of natural frequency of vibration of the individual. And, the extent of such a frequency expansion instigates vibrational pressure waves within the balloon-like aura that leads to auric expansion. Furthermore, similarly, there exists a frequency outside the auric boundary layer that may be attributed to the Schumann Resonance of the Mother Earth. It is clear that when the frequency within and without the aura are equal, the aura is at the ‘zero state of pressure’ at the boundary layer, leading to optimized energetic operation and containment. On the other hand, if the frequency of vibration of the system were to suddenly increase/decrease within/without, a differential pressure build-up is experienced at the boundary layer, or in the auric’ skin.’ The author has presented a model for the analysis of this problem through a mechanics of continuum approach to determine how exactly such a phenomenon has an impact on the operation of the human aura, 42 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM eMarch 2017

affecting man’s comfort, health, and most importantly consciousness. Suffice it to say that through the knowledge of metaphysics, backed with individual observation of the auric system of many individuals by clairvoyants, spiritual adepts specializing in reading human auric energetic, as well as Kirlian Photography, we know that such a scenario causes auric stress that leads to deflation of aura, conceivably as a result of energetic depletion or leakage. Most humans do not recognize the importance of requisite upkeep of the human electromagnetic field. They commonly consider it to be an auto-regulated energy field that self-adjusts. While, there is some truth in this belief, most people understand little about how it operates and how to effectively maintain it. Seldom people are apprised of the energies that impact it, or what exactly are the implications of its malfunctioning. The auric field or human electromagnetic field requires certain levels of physical, mental and emotional well-being to render it perform in an optimal fashion. Not only auric integrity has a strong ramification in well-being and good health, it is accentuates one’s natural frequency and consciousness. The truth is that while it is capable of expansion into higher dimensions, operating with a trait of multidimensionality, it is only so empowered when its integrity is well-maintained so it can perform with full or optimal integrity. Thus, to recapitulate: (1) Aura is a composite system consisting of distinct auric energetic layers, (2) The energy is of crystalline-electric nature, which is supplied to us in plasmic form by the macro-cosmos/sun, (3) Each auric layer has a specific frequency associated with it that is indigenous to that body/layer, (4) There exists a double membrane composite sheet between each layer that has a twin electrical circuits operating in opposite directions; one for bringing energy into the layer and one for discharging energy out of the said body, (5) The double membrane sheet boundary layers between auric bodies have certain threshold energy level/frequency of vibration that must be met before traversing to a higher body/layer, (6) Each auric layer has its own skin or boundary layer that is resilient, giving the auric body the capability to expand or contract within certain threshold, (7) If the elastic limit of each membrane auric layer skin is exceeded, the auric boundary layer is damaged, resulting in leakage of energy contained within that particular layer/body. The Mechanics of Auric Microcracking Damage and Leakage When there exists a differential pressure within and without a particular layer, stresses are built up within that particular auric boundary layer. Stress is a quantity defined by the amount of force per unit area. Pressure, on the other hand, has the same dimensional unit as stress as

it represents the distribution of force upon a given boundary area. The subject of pressure is most pertinent to fluids such as liquids, plasma, etc., where there is no solidity or geometric pattern. Instead, the molecules or atoms freely move about the continuum without any constraint. In such circumstances, it is customary to define pressure, as opposed to force, which represents force per unit volume or area when the liquid interfaces with a barrier. In the case of latter, pressure exerted upon such barrier is defined as force per unit area, which closely resembles the quantity of stress. Force causes either stretch (through pulling) or contraction (through a pushing action). And, stress generates strain. Strain is defined as the amount of stretch or contraction per unit length. For any given material, obviously, the magnitudes of stress is related to strain. The mathematical equations that describe the relationship between stress and strain is referred to as the ‘constitutive’ equations. The behavior of a given material under load is called the constitutive response. The tensile or compressive stresses are classified as ‘direct’ stress/strain. Tension is associated with a ‘pull’ and compression with a ‘push’ action. In a one dimensional element such as a tie or a rod, tension is associated with pulling the both ends of the element in opposite directions (out from each end), and compression occurs when you push both ends towards one another. In a planar structural element such as a plate, shell, membrane, or a laminate, stress- strain occurs when the forces act in a distributive manner along the edges, causing the element to either stretch (tension) or contract (compression) along that particular direction of the applied loading. There is a well-known concept dubbed as the ‘Poisson effect’ in mechanics that is an interfacial phenomenon governing the effect of applying a force in one direction and observing the effect in a mutually perpendicular direction. As easily intuitively as well as experimentally verifiable, it states that when you push a body in one direction, it will stretch or bulges out in a mutually perpendicular direction. The ratio of the applied strain in one principal direction to a generated strain in the principal perpendicular direction to the applied loading is a constant characterizing the mechanical constitutive behavior of the material. This is known as the “Poisson’s Ratio.” Thus, ultimately it is the Poisson’s Effect that is responsible for the phenomenon of microcracking in an auric boundary layer or skin due to differential pressure. When there exists a differential pressure across an auric skin, generated due to a difference of pressure existing within and without the aura, it creates a ‘pinch’ in the auric skin, giving rise to compressive loading across the auric skin. This compressive stress or strain, in turn, generates stretching of the auric skin. And, it is the excessive tensile strain that causes microcracking. Typically, if the stretch is excessive, the auric skin develops auric microcracks, thus leading to energetic particle deple-

tion through leakage. This mode of microcracking is classified as “mode I” or “cleavage” cracking. A cleavage microcrack opens up as a result of tensile strains acting across its microcracked face (see slide). A microcrack created in an auric boundary layer due to differential pressure existing within and without the aura extends across the depth of the auric layer. When the depth of such opening reaches a value greater than the depth of the double membrane auric interfacial lamina located between two consecutive auric layers, the opening extends into the adjacent layer, causing leakage. Equally important is the actual incipient length of the microcrack generated in an auric boundary layer that is dependent and symbiotic with the extent of microcrack opening progression across the depth of the auric boundary layer, which is reminiscent of the extend of differential pressure present cross the auric skin or boundary layer. Homogeneity depicts a condition where there are no ‘localization’ of material anywhere in the entire materials. This means every part of the material exhibits the same properties. Typically, crystalline materials represent prime examples for homogeneous structure, if they do not contain defects resulted from manufacturing or damage in any part of their structure. Crystalline materials consist of identical crystalline cells that repeat themselves throughout the body, constituting grains that appear totally randomly and in abundance throughout the body. Isotropy, on the hand, portrays, a condition where the material does not exhibit any preferential direction or axis that may be loaded throughout its body or structure. It means that if you cut an ingot of the material in any arbitrary way, and test it longitudinally or transversely, and about any arbitrary direction, it shows identical mechanical properties. Hence, it is impervious to direction or geometry. In actual reality, most engineering materials possess a modicum of heterogeneity and anisotropy as their constituent parts are chaotic, not crystalline, and amorphous. Even crystalline solids manufactured by man contain certain degree of irregularities, or defects in their structure in the form of dislocation. On the other hand, the cosmos is perfect, and purely crystalline, especially the electro-crystalline energies that come to our auras for thought-emotion utilization - at least originally and initially. What occurs in our physical bodies as a result of Will Power, energetic consumption, transformation, or conversion, is another story. In any case, our etheric boundary layer, and other corresponding ethereal layers are crystalline and initially defect free. Therefore, the auric boundary layers sandwiched between our distinct auric energetic bodies are crystalline and behave homogeneously, isotopically, and in a fully ordered manner. Thus, the system response is fully symmetric, and it behaves homogeneously and uniformly no matter in what particular direction it is stressed. Homogeneity and isotropy 43 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017

defect free. Therefore, the auric boundary layers sandwiched between our distinct auric energetic bodies are crystalline and behave homogeneously, isotopically, and in a fully ordered manner. Thus, the system response is fully symmetric, and it behaves homogeneously and uniformly no matter in what particular direction it is stressed. Homogeneity and isotropy dictate that the material (e.g. auric skin) possess only two elastic material constants. These are Young’s Modulus E, depicting the normal or direct aspect of its mechanical material behavior, and the Poisson’s Ratio ϑ, which portrays the mutual effect of loading or straining in any particular direction and its consequent effect on the bulk of the material, as may be characterized by its influence on a generated strain in parallel planes all perpendicular to the direction of the loading. The Problem of Auric Skin Microcracking The problem of auric microcracking at the interfacial double shell lamina occurs as a result of built up of a differential pressure across the auric boundary layers. Note that when the pressure inside and outside an auric layer is the same, the distributed pressurizing forces resulting at the auric skin cancel one another out. And, due to such a microcracking damage scheme, cleavage opening occurs as a result of excessive stretch and creation of microcracking in

the skin. And, when the differential pressure reaches a certain critical value ∆pcrit, the stain becomes large enough in the auric skin to form microcracks. Furthermore, if the differential pressure persists or increase even further, the microcrack ‘zips’ in cleavage mode I, as described. The opening of such microcracks can cause auric energetic leakage. The pressure acting across the auric boundary layer, indeed, imposes tensile strain in the other mutually perpendicular directions that define the surface/plane of the ovoid shell. This, of course, occurs as a result of the Pois-


son’s Effect that creates tensile strains in the plane of the shells. Through the theory of elasticity and the mechanics of continuum approach (see author’s papers in this area), it may be shown that the critical value for microcracking strain at the auric boundary layer, ϵcrit , may be given by: ϵcrit = ϑ (∆p)/E

3 Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is a retired professor of “Micromechanics of Materials,” an area in science that was introduced by him and soon made popularized by other scientists in 19980s. The field quickly took off by many other scholars, soon culminating in numerous publications, complete symposiums, and even new University Departments dedicated to the subject area of ‘Micromechanics.’ The author has engaged in research and teaching at University of Maryland, Army’s Ballistic Research Laboratory, Atlantic Research Corporation, Institute of Paper Science and Technology of the Georgia Institute of Technology, etc. Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is the president of the Institute of Spiritual Science, a lightworker, and the author of many articles on variety of topics reflecting the true connection between the Science of Spirituality and the mainstream science (see links to blogs listed below). The author is highly ‘attuned’ with the realm of divine and higher consciousness, a messenger, and in SERVICE to God and humanity, with the underlying mission to raise consciousness in this era of pre-ascension for humanity. Dr. Sarfarazi’s efforts are done in respect and appreciation for the Almighty’s directives, the ‘Divine Plan’ for humanity, and in SERVICE to God and the mankind. With Unconditional Love https://multidimensionalconsciousness.wordpress. com/ https://quantummicromechanics.wordpress.com/ https://humanphysiologyandenergetic.wordpress. com/ https://spiritualscience101.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/instituteofspiritualscienceinc/


with Michael White Ryan


The journey begins…repeats once again….. By Michael White Ryan


Frustration is not your friend. A gift received has little value compared to the gift discovered. For when we travel beyond self, a whole new world of unimaginable possibilities/probabilities awaits those who seek, not mindset desires, but seek to ferret out opportunities lurking in awarenesssight. It’s February and the solar calendar is about to birth energies clothed in symbolic shapes colors and form. YES YES YES, for with it comes many universal blessings to support individually/collectively in all our endeavors. Remaining humble will serve you well in 2017. Many years ago, I would bury my students in a ritual of self-humbling discovery. I remember one woman who was still high 3 weeks on, her husband paid me a visit to unravel the mystery. There is no mystery to that which is natural, when a personal shift manifests itself with ones help! It takes two to tango, in this happening the woman (the first energy) enters into an action with time (a second energy) and wallah, she receives the third energy, and she is renewed! Knowledge is POWER and so the traditional/repeated fable goes. If only we could escape that collected/educated knowledge we would arrive, free. The world in all its man-made glories has turned us upside down. In man’s efforts to evolve, improve and grow we deliberately invested in mindset patterns, and followed, too have!!! We built these shiny mirrored character identities to maintain safety, to create/maintain security, like track houses one by one nestled beside one another in harmony like pigeons all in a row. We so do want to discover what’s real but when face to face with the unknown, the thought of loss becomes too emotional to bear, so we live to remain once again. We contemplate traditions which have remained for thousands of years while unknowing being unaware of the many personal mindset-patterns practiced thousands upon thousands of times since one’s birth. This traditional mindset has developed a comforting prison where one can believe that knowledge is power and choice gives one command of control. And we thought TV was the distraction!!! Energy exists every-where and in every-thing, we know this as GOD permeates all things, it’s everything. Everything is one and the same. But what is energy, how do we define it? We are told it’s a frequency, it’s a vibration, so what? What can you and I/we do with this piece of very generalized information to better ourselves or anyone else for that matter? Is it whole, does it have components? In my very limited understanding, I like to think about energy as being made up of the FIVE ELEMENTS. Why, for one thing, they have existed as a common theme, for here they are for all to observe, appearing in various symbolic forms and indescribable languages throughout all of ancient history, across many different and extremely separated cultures. What does it all mean, is it all hands up in the air or is there in existence some common unseen thread?


It clearly shows we are not so different, all cultures were/are thinking/discovering along similar trains of thought. So here we stand, right arm left arm, a bunch of internal organs and host to millions of living creatures. Mother-Energy has given birth to five elementals, FIRE, WATER, AIR or METAL WOOD and EARTH. FIRE and WATER, they have their own story, AIR or METAL was born as twins male/female, WOOD also as twins male/female and EARTH, surprise who would have thought…triplets with a secret!!! Acupuncture is based on the FIVE ELEMENTS and their relationship connections. Connection, now there’s a word that is being thrown around the circles these days. We hear people talking about it, lecturing on it, knowing what it is and how to use it, BUT BUT BUT, if we ever want to keep it real for the very first time, it’s all conceptual, we have no idea. With all man’s vast expansive knowledge, we have yet to know it’s definition, been unable to define what energy is!?!? And yet ancient cultures have managed it, but because their ancient, man’s wisdom chose to ignore it all!?!? And so, like water trapped in a puddle, we forgone our evolution and settled for knowledge that took a left hand turn down a cul-de-sac. Happy New Tear. Conceived unto a man and a woman with their combined genes. Born also with a first breath, a breath containing all universal energies in existence at that exact moment in time, “your personal moment in time”. We were born as a seed from MUM and DAD and born as a UNIVERSAL SEED FROM FIRST BREATH. A seed consisting of all skills, talents, and and and, all birthed in/on foundational energies, the very same FIVE ELLEMENTS that energy is made up of. What a blessing we have been given and received. WOW the very same five elements…does that mean we are all connected. Have we been connected every single second of our entire existence? We have breathed the breath of Genghis Khan, swallowed the breath of “Lucy” first primate, we experienced one another’s heartache and joys. When you discover your individual elemental qualities not the Archetypal traps to feed your mindset and keep you remained chained to MIND, you will discover a freedom greater than all possible purposes imagined. When decision gets real, and this time/moment has definitely arrived, you will


discover a living far beyond one’s previous self, a world of inevitability. It’s a sad and unfortunate misrepresentation about TIME, we seemed to have given him/her the wrong name and meaning or was it deliberate???. Time is a living thriving energetic form, a friend or challenge depending on your universal relationship. One more thing before parting. If you are successful and it’s great….try, no don’t try, imagine just how much more that love,


Michael White Ryan is a co-founder with his wife Pamela Edwards of Language of Space. They are leaders in sustainable business growth via Performance Design and Performance Code. Sustainable design encompasses both Western and Eastern philosophies including advanced Feng Shui principles, Environmental Design, Buildings, Alternative Health, Business Advisory Consultants and 20 plus years as entrepreneurs. Recognized in the top 100 globally and are Americas Leading Feng Shui Business Consultants. They are on faculty at CEO Space International one of the oldest business organizations in America today, currently operate in 7 countries and reside in Henderson NV. www.languageofspace.com



Message from the Goddess Mother



My Beloved Children of Light, “Look upon yourselves this glorious day with a happy heart. You are children of light brought forth at this time to celebrate in joy the wonder of life, to celebrate being alive existing in a physical form of great beauty. In the ancient of time, we planned together for your journey into the realms of beingness. It is your great joy to be living this journey of heart. Now it is your time to become aware in a greater way of your truth. It is time for you to remember your divine nature and purpose. Take a moment to center in your heart. Breathe into your heart, in and out, in a gentle flow, relaxing into an awareness of your sweet heart and the sacred presence within. You each hold a gift of great value within your heart. This gift will lead you to the place of remembering your divine self. Your heart calls to you now. Listen and feel the sweetness of the song as it whispers to you. Feel the peacefulness come upon you. Allow that peace to flow from your heart to all parts of yourself. Fill the cells of your body with this sweet peace. Have the focus of intent to allow it to fill you up as if filling up a water vessel. Fill it until it is filled and overflowing with sweet peace. Continue to breathe into your heart and let the streams of peace flow into all parts of your bodies, minds and energy fields. Let this sweet energy dance within and around you. Now in this sacred place of peace and joy, allow yourself

to receive your messages from your heart. Messages from the heart are always peaceful, joyful and uplifting. You feel as if you are in an envelope of love. It reminds you of home, the place that your true self fully abides within. Whenever you desire to feel at peace, come to this place of your heart. Herein lays the keys to unlock the truth of you. All guidance from your heart will always be uplifting, honoring, and loving. It is as if you are held in the gentle loving arms of the Sacred Mother, for indeed you are. We are forever connected through your heart. It is the place to go to re-establish your inner awareness to the vastness of your divine self, your divine nature and sweet truth. It is my gift to you. It is a fulfillment of the promise made to you, that you will never be alone. A promise given so that you will always have access to the divine truth as well as be receiving the constant flow of the sweetness of my love, our forever love. Today is a great time to begin to develop and strengthen your conscious awareness of our heart connection. It is the way for you to develop your personal innate gifts and abilities. It is the means to re-discover the wonder of you and what is possible. Many of you have already discovered the great power and wisdom which comes from your heart. Many are now ready to pursue a greater discovery of this sacred connection. You may begin to move in greater confidence into your heart flow. The communication is a constant. The world is at a place now where it is even easier to access this flow.


As you allow and accept the sweet messages to flow into your awareness, you will begin to see yourself and your life experiences with new perspective. You and your life will take on a new flavor. Joy is the flavor that will bring to you a smoother flow within your life and assist you to release from the old stories. Much of these past experiences were flavored with the energy of resistance and struggle. You are ready now to move into higher states of conscious awareness. These higher states will be like opening up windows, allowing more light to shine onto your life. This light allows you to see more clearly what truth is as well as what greater possibilities are available to you even now. Yes, with greater vision, you will be able to see clearly the new opportunities for elevated experiences. Life will become an even greater adventure for you as you become aware to a higher degree of how you are creating through your focus. This now opens up the mind to see how with a shift in focus and greater clarity, you can create realities to express and experience more of what you have been longing for.

Continue on your glorious path of discovery. Allow yourself to blossom in the radiance of your heart. Be in joy and discover what wonder is possible for you. You are my Children of Light. You are endowed with infinite potentials to expand and advance as you desire. It is my gift to you. Go forth and enjoy your journey. Know that we are always together in the flow of our hearts. There exists only love for us, for we are truly one family of heart. Shamon.” With great love, Your Beloved Mother


Shifting your focus to joy and possibility by aligning with your heart will set you free to live your many dreams you planned for your life experience. Yes, you are the great one who chose to incarnate at this time to fulfill and live those great plans.

Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients & students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts & abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone.

Think of yourself as a great master in the process of evolving to remember your sacred truth. You are unique for there is none other like you. Your path and life experience is unique and yet you are a part of the one family of heart always.

You can reach her at website www.sunshineinyourheart.com or by email sunsinyourheart@aol.com . Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. www.sunshineinyourheart.com/free_telecasts.html

How glorious to be where you are now. What a blessing to be remembering more of who you are.

FREE CLASS- “The Gift of the Golden Rose”. Experience the Golden Rose Ray on a journey to the Sacred Gardens of Light, learning how this gift can bless your life. Class information & Registration at: www.sunshineinyourheart.com

To be creators, consciously creating the desires of your heart has been your life dream and purpose. What will you choose to experience now, as you begin to remember your personal ability to dream and create? The choices are unlimited.

Celebrate this My Beloveds, for truly you are filled with the promise of infinite expansion and potential. You are now allowing yourself to witness more truth in every moment.


CATS AT THE STUDIOS, INC http://catsatthestudios.com/

Cat & Kitten for adoption

Cats At The Studios, Inc is a non profit rescue organization comprised entirely of volunteers. We are dedicated to nurturing, neutering/spaying, and finding a good homes for abononed cats and Kitten. We are looking for volunteers and help please contact us at CatsAtTheStudios@yahoo.com

Marina Anderson

Actress, Producer, Writer & Animal Activist Tell us a little bit about yourself? Well, lets just say that I like to keep very busy. I’m an actress, publicist, writer, script doctor, published author, jewelry designer of my own line, The Flying Goddess, and I’m an animal activist. My memoir David Carradine, The Eye Of My Tornado, was published in 2010 with an updated edition in 2015. I was David’s ex-wife and personal manager. I was responsible for resurrecting his career, which culminated in the Quentin Tarantino directed film, Kill Bill. I'm also currently working on my first of a series of inspirational children's books. What is your memoir about and what inspired you to write this book? It started out as self-help therapy and I realized that what I went through and had to say could possibly help others. So, I included sensitive subject matter - my mission was to help empower others. I consulted with Dr. Drew (Celebrity Rehab) and it was an epiphany for me. He gave me permission to include the entire session verbatim in my book. It was a "wow! OMG, duh!" experience. The book covers mine and David’s life together... our triumphs, struggles... it's about relationships, behind the scenes in Hollywood, divorce, overcoming obstacles, empowerment, succeeding and well... just about everything including incest and abuse. There's a ton of spirituality in the book too. My talks with astrologers, psychics, spiritual mentors, observing synchronicity... it's really fascinating. Who was your mentor through the years? I've had many mentors through my life. I feel very blessed that way. Can't say there was just one. Depends in what area, like when I studied healing, it was and still is Rosalyn L. Bruyere. Many people have influenced my life and many are listed in my book acknowledgements.


As an animal activist, what advice would you suggest to our readers so that they can help? For years one of my passions has been helping animals. I'm an advocate for domestic and wildlife protection. Energetic healing for animals is another area that I'm into. I'm constantly working via social media to help promote various animal rescue organizations. People always ask me how they can help or contribute when they don't have any money to contribute. I encourage them to use social media to help to promote (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc). They can also write an article and see about getting it published in various blogs or contact the blogs regarding an event, a particular animal ...things like that. There are also other creative endeavors, to hold their own fund-raiser and donate the proceeds to their favorite organization. Maybe create a video and post on it Facebook and/or YouTube, start a petition... so many things that can help. The Internet provides a huge platform of helping to promote animal causes and rescues. Volunteer at a shelter or local rescue organization. They are always looking for people who love animals to help out. If you have a pet, participate in local fundraisers with your pet or even if you don't have one. It's so much fun! I know you are involved in animal rescuing tell us about it. I'm always finding animals and helping to return them to their owners. Unfortunately, I’ve also been witness to people mistreating their pets. This happened recently where I saw a woman hosing down her older dog, in cold weather with the garden hose! After she told me to basically get lost when I tried to get her to stop, I called the local animal shelter and they sent an officer out to "educate" the dog owner. At least they did something! When I had my collie, Lulu, she provided a wonderful photo-op for organizations to help get attention in the press, since they loved the fact that she was the daughter of the Lassie VIII (and sister to Lassie IX from the same litter). With warmer weather coming up, I'm printing out a ton of fliers to place on cars and drop off in pet stores for them to have for customers. They changed the laws here in Los Angeles, thank goodness. I believe under Bill AB 797, if you see an animal in a hot car, you can be proactive and take action by breaking into a the vehicle if the animal appears to be in danger from excessive heat. You can check out the details on the Internet. Which charities besides animal rescue are close to

your heart and why? I keep going back to animals and children: Anti-abuse rescue type organizations, ones that help with awareness, empowerment like Sea Shepherd, Soi Dog, The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (they have a wonderful event coming up March 19 in Los Angeles), Hope For Paws, Actors and Others for Animals. I gravitate towards things that are spiritual. There needs to be more enlightenment and positivity for people. I just finished my first children's inspirational book. More on that soon, but it's about a dog. . I’m keeping it secret until it's ready to publish, but it's written to help animals, educate kids, and it’s inspiring. I’ve got a long list of these to do! What inspired you to want to work in the field of acting and producing? My dad was an Aerospace Engineer, Imaginer for Disney/Epcot and professional musician. My mom was a contract singer for Warner Bros. I loved to watch them perform and I can remember, from around the age of three or four, wanting to be in front of an audience. They were my initial inspirations. Then there was Hayley Mills. I loved her accent and the movie, The Parent Trap and remember thinking "I want to do that!" I made it my conscious mission from that point. Acting gave me the playground to be someone else. I loved that. Still do. Tell us about some of your acting roles. Over the years I have worked on many TV shows and feature films. Last year I worked on the Fox show, Bones. I just finished working on two radio shows with threetime Peabody Award nominated Blue Hours Suspense Radio. I have had Lead roles in Return Of The Moresbys, The Crystal Egg, and soon to be released this spring/ summer, The Red Maple Leaf, in a role opposite Michael Pare and a major all-star cast. The film won 2016 Action On Film International Awards for Outstanding Cast Performance and Best Feature. The cast includes Kris Kristofferson, Mia Sorvino, Paul Sorvino, James Caan, Martin Landau, Doris Roberts (bless her) and other major name stars. Of all the characters that you have portrayed, which one do you feel best represents you? It depends on what phase of life and what mood. It can pretty "dark" and hence some very "tweeky" roles, but overall the character of Shirley in Sex & Mrs X opposite Linda Hamilton. It was a supporting role where I played her best friend. It was a good sense of fun, humor and sass. Yep. That's me! 55 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017

Daniel Alcyone


Daniel Alcyone is a constant conscious creator and a modern mystic. He is a certified yoga and AcroYoga instructor, street artist, public speaker, metaphysician, and spiritual guide. The Ecstatic Existence podcast that he hosts and produces transmits high-vibe inspirational content throughout the world and interviews leading experts in the fields of alternative health and elevated consciousness. Daniel infuses illuminated intelligence, exuberant enthusiasm, and passionate presence into every single second. The popular “Magick Of Mudras” video series that he creates explores various methods of meditation and provides esoteric explanations for the practices. Daniel’s mission is to activate the abundance of personal power lying dormant within you and through this awakening provide healing to the planet.

AcroYoga combines the focus and presence of Yoga with the dynamic balance of Acrobatics.


Daniel Alcyone is a cross-disciplinary artist and community organizer that has designed and executed many campaigns of street based art, both guerrilla and commissioned, individual and collaborative. His installations use approachable and unexpected materials to bring moments of connectivity, vibrancy and mystery to public spaces that are forgotten or underutilized. By dispersing variations on a general theme throughout an area the work reveals itself to the public like a colorful city-wide art-filled Easter Egg hunt. The overall theme and drive behind Daniel’s public expression is to enhance the viewer’s sense of larger patterns and currents of transformation in community (people) and environment (place). His work has attracted a large following in the global street art scene through social media, been featured in books (Seattle Street Art volumes 2 and 3) and been the focus of a KING 5 “Making a Difference” network television segment. He continues to draw inspiration from and interact with his surroundings while encouraging others to embrace their freedom of expression and create a visual dialogue in the public spaces we all share.

Daniel and her companion Rachel met in an acrobatic yoga class, fell deeply in love, and shortly after began teaching together. They defied convention by moving onto an old fishing boat and completely renovating it into a beautiful and inviting home named “Reflection”. Daniel and her companion Rachel met in an acrobatic yoga class, fell deeply in love, and shortly after began teaching together. They defied convention by moving onto an old fishing boat and completely renovating it into a beautiful and inviting home named “Reflection”. Their mutual love for the alternating peace and adventure of the sea continues to be an anchor in their relationship as they explore the beautiful NorthWest waterways aboard an upgraded and much larger second vessel, “Miracles”.Rachel and Daniel provide constant encouragement and support for each other in business, family, spirituality, and creative expression. Together they combine a broad spectrum of talents and gifts into the transformational Essence Of Ecstasy couples workshops and retreats they lead in luxuriously romantic destinations. Their mission is to guide loving couples into a palace of cosmic connection and soul-satisfying sensuality.


Tell us little bit about yourself I live on beautiful Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington. My wife Rachel and I live on our yacht Miracles, and our second boat named Reflection serves as our healing studio and floating clothing “boatique”. I have two amazing daughters and we all love exploring the waterways of the Salish Sea with our dog Sadie and cat Luna. I ride a Russian sidecar motorcycle, choose a vegan lifestyle, and have serious nunchuck skills. I love to travel and explore new places. Last year Rachel and I drove around Iceland in a campervan, and then we visited 5 central European countries with the kids (ages 9 and 13) on an Amazing Race themed scavenger hunt carrying only one backpack each. When did you first feel the healing energy within yourself? I felt healing energy stirring within myself at an early age. I was a cosmic kid growing up in a traditional Christian household and at age 14 began researching world religions, philosophy, mythology, mystical traditions, and experimenting with elevated states of consciousness. I spent my 20's in an unsatisfying marriage, raising two daughters, running a contracting business, and completely neglecting my spiritual life until it withered on the vine. Now for the past 7 years I have been dedicated to a path of conscious personal evolution as I support and encourage others on their own healing journeys. When did you begin to work on other people? I began teaching AcroYoga in 2012, and shortly after became a certified yoga instructor. Through workshops, series, seminars, and private sessions, I started sharing physical techniques and metaphysical concepts with the intention of helping people assemble their own “ spiritual toolbox”. In 2016 I received my certification as a Life Activation Practitioner and immediately brought this modality to the forefront of my healing practice. In addition to these in person teachings and healings I also provide coaching and guidance to clients across the globe over the phone and internet. When the healing happens, are you feeling the difference in your client? Each individual is unique and is dealing with their own specific set of circumstances. I am always able to feel a shift in a client's energy field, sometimes massive, other times subtle. The results of a healing or coaching session can be immediately visible when the recipient is fully open and ready for the transformation it offers. For some people the results develop more deeply as they have time to integrate the higher frequencies into their daily life. What does it mean to be a Modern Mystic? The definition of a Mystic is one who believes in the pos58 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017

sibility of attaining insight into mysteries that transcend ordinary human knowledge. This deep understanding is obtained through the use of esoteric symbolism and ritualistic methods which result in direct communication with the Divine. Throughout history those who have chosen the Mystic path generally existed outside the boundaries of society. Many have lived in mountain caves as hermits or traveled the countryside without possessions. I choose to live as a Modern Mystic, meaning that I weave mystical practices and experiences into everyday modern life, being in the world but not of the world. What does it mean to live an Ecstatic Existence? When you live an Ecstatic Existence there is no such thing as boredom. Every single moment is an opportunity to deepen in experience and expression. You are excited about all the unseen blessings heading your way and deeply grateful for all you have received. As you embody an Ecstatic Existence, even life's painful moments become lessons and are recognized as gifts of knowledge wrapped just for you. Doing what you love and loving what you do. You also have a podcast, what was the inspiration, what is the focus? I have been hosting and producing the Ecstatic Existence podcast with my wife Rachel since 2015, releasing 1-2 episodes each week. We interview global leaders in alternative health, spirituality, and conscious thought. The inspiration for the show actually came out of a previous comedy podcast I co-hosted and produced. I had begun doing short metaphysical moments on that show, talks exploring spiritual topics and introducing various meditation techniques. These segments got great feedback from listeners, but didn't fit into the overall style of program they were included in. I realized that there was much more healing information that could be shared, and since Rachel is also a brilliant healer and expert in many areas she is the perfect co-host. In addition to the interview episodes on the Ecstatic Existence podcast we have released audio travel journals documenting our adventures exploring Iceland and central Europe. Our show is informative, inspirational, and entertaining! How has AcroYoga changed your life? The moment I first saw a couple practicing AcroYoga my entire life changed. Yoga was completely not on my radar, I had never taken a single class at the time. The level of presence, poise, coordination and communication they displayed inspired me to take every yoga class I could for over a year at which point I gained the confidence to try Acro myself. I would drive for an hour to the nearest Acro class I could find. Fueled by the desire to have a more local community to play with I started meetup groups and

eventually organized the first weekly Acro class in my area. It was actually in this class as that Rachel and I met, and soon we were teaching and performing together. The fun and excitement of playful partner poses have provided me with balance, strength, creative flow, confidence, stability, surrender, trust, and non-sexual safe sensuality. You are a certified Life Activation Practitioner, what can you tell me about this? Life Activation is an over 3000 year old time tested healing method, passed down directly from the halls of King alomon´s Temple. It is a powerful and unparalleled healing modality that enables you to access and activate your ultimate potential in life. It works profoundly for individuals who are already on their life path and for those who are seeking to step into their destiny as it unlocks one’s full potential and abilities. The session illuminates the 22 strand DNA (your original Divine Blueprint) and amplifies the connection with your highest and best self so that you become the Director of your Life! Receiving an activation completely changed my life for the better and it is an honor to perform this profound service for others. Tell me about your popular video series called "The Magick Of Mudras". I have a great interest in mudras, which are specific hand gestures with devotional or meditative qualities. My background as a remodel carpenter for over 15 years gives me an affinity for tools and working with my hands. So with the study and practice of mudras I have found ways to use the hands AS tools to focus frequencies and provide an anchor for meditation. When I began researching a wide variety of mudras, the material that was available seemed rather dry and clinical. I decided to create a series of videos dedicated to demystifying these gestures and providing practical application details as well as the metaphysical symbolism behind each. Magick is using unseen forces to effect the physical world, and that is exactly what occurs when the proper mudra is used with intention for a desired purpose. Because of this the series in named “The Magick Of Mudras”.

levels of connection, intimacy, and even hotter sex! It is also designed to provide some relationship CPR to couples who have felt the spark of romance fade from their union. The program runs March 20th – April 16th and you can learn more at www.essenceofecstasy.com . You have a background as a street artist. How did you do this in a unique, non-destructive, inspiring way? I love visual art in all forms, but the unexpected and unpredictable nature of street art really speaks to my soul. Street art at it's best is inspiring and thought provoking, challenging the viewer's conceptions of the public spaces that we all share. When someone discovers a surprise work of art while going about their day it raises several questions. Who created it, what does it mean, how did they do it? I felt called to use my art in order to revitalize run-down and underused areas of the city. Unfortunately people often associate all street art with vandalism, so it was very important to me that the work be done in a non-destructive manner. I started to install geometric designs on sidewalks and drab concrete walls in Tacoma, Washington, and duct tape was the perfect medium. The tape comes in a variety of colors and can be easily removed without damaging surfaces, but if left in place designs can last for over a year. After sharing my art campaign anonymously on social media I encouraged others to make their own designs and submit photos. I began receiving images of tape installations from across the US, and international submissions from London, Australia, Prague, and Pakistan. Another style of installation that has been really fun are “cardboard sign bombs”. I cut and hand painted colorful signs made out of old boxes and then stapled them onto boarded up storefronts in clusters and bursts. After doing a couple of these on my own I decided to host sign making parties and provide the material for other people to create signs of their own. When these signs were installed. www.ecstaticexistence.com

You have an upcoming online couples program with your wife Rachel Alcyone, please tell us more about this. Rachel and I work together with couples as “Essence Of Ecstasy” and have led several retreats in exotic locations. These have been amazing experiences for us and the lovers in attendance. For the first time ever we are presenting the same level of support, the same high value material, the same sexy techniques as we teach at our in person events, all now available in a 4 week online course. The “Essence Of Ecstasy – Passionate Partnership Program” is a wonderful way for those already deeply in love to discover further 59 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017



The Eden Magazine proudly covering Doris Bergman's Ninth Annual Valentine Romance Oscar gifting suite party at Fig & Olive. On Thursday, February 23, 2017, Fig & Olive – THE Hollywood Hotspot on Melrose Place which features gourmet cuisine from the French and Italian Rivieras – opened its doors to Bergman’s Style Lounge and Party to honor the upcoming 89th Annual Academy Awards. Over 100 of Hollywood’s finest turned out to celebrate and honor the film industry’s

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Oscar Nominees Benj Pasek (“La La Land” Best Song), Justin Paul (“La la Land” Best Song), David Greathouse, Executive Producer (“Hacksaw Ridge”) Best Picture, David Permut, Producer (“Hacksaw Ridge” Best Picture), Saniyya Sidney (“Fences” Best Picture & “Hidden Figures” Best Picture), joined multiple Oscar Nominees Bruce Dern, Golden Globe Nominees/Winners Allen Maldanado (“Black-ish”), Dale Goldboldo (“People vs. O.J.”),Grammy Nominee Renee Olstead, (“Do You You Want To Know A Secret?”), Frank Stallone, (“Stayin’ Alive”), Prime Time Emmy Nominee Matt Walsh (“Veep”), Primetime Emmy Winner Patrika Darbo (“Acting Dead””), “Dancing With Stars” beauties Karina Smirnoff and Edyta Sliwinska, Sam Trammell (“True Blood”), Steven Bauer (“Ray Donovan”), Lauren Makk (“FABLife”), Skincare Guru Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Michael Campion (“Fuller House”), Tony Denison (“Major Crimes”), Hollywood Icon Dee Wallace, Naomi Grossman (“American Horror Story”), Denise Boutte (“Couples’ Night”) and Justin Chon (“Gook”), to name a few, were among the cadre of celebrities and industry VIPS who were treated to the best of the best! In the spirit of giving back, guests & sponsors donated unwrapped gifts for young adults (ages 13-18) for a Post-Holiday Gift Drive benefitting ‘Wednesday’s Child’ -- a weekly segment airing on KTTV FOX 11 News, Los Angeles, with Anchor Christine Devine. ‘Wednesday’s Child’ highlights ‘harder to place’ children in the LA County foster care sys-


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Training Animals with Intuition By Marta Williams

Everywhere I go, people tell me stories of how their animals heard and understood them when they gave complex verbal directions or even merely thought such directions. As an animal communicator, I am not surprised by this. I have had many such experiences myself, and I now know that animals are experts at intuitive communication. Animals understand everything we say, think, feel, or visualize because, unlike most modern humans, animals were never trained to suppress and ignore intuitive messages. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t hide anything from your animals, and it’s useless to try! But you can use their ability to your advantage when it comes to behavior training. My sister Anne did this with her draft horse, Ollie. She called me for advice on how to deal with a behavior problem he was having. Ollie would act up whenever, because of time constraints, Anne had to ride him during the stable horses’ normal feeding time. Ollie is a total food hound, and he was not pleased to have to work when everyone else was eating. I advised Anne to tell Ollie exactly how much time they would spend riding and to assure him that no one would get his food while they were out. On the days when he had to go through this ordeal, I told her to promise him extra treats. Like

magic, that was the end of her problem with Ollie. All she’d done was talk to him about the problem, but it was enough. To use intuitive communication in a training situation, you need to experiment with changing your own beliefs and behaviors. Try out the new belief that your animal is as intelligent as any person. Speak out loud to your animal just as you would a human and try believing that your animal can comprehend everything you say, just as a person would. Sometimes this simple experiment will result in marked behavioral changes. When you try this experiment, behave as if you believe that your animal can hear your thoughts, feel your feelings, and see the images you form in your mind. My sister has had success when simply thinking a message to Ollie. For example, one day when she was riding him, some rowdy horses in the arena were making Ollie visibly nervous. Anne sent him this thought: “Ollie, if you just relax, put your ears down, and walk along the fence toward the gate, we will go and get your dinner.” He immediately complied with no need for further physical or verbal cues. Someone standing nearby asked, “What on earth did you just do with your horse?” Anne replied, “We did the Vulcan mind-meld.”


If you are having a behavioral problem with your animal, discuss it out loud and in detail with the animal. Explain what you want to have happen and why. Then close your eyes and visualize what you want your animal to do. Make a mental movie of exactly how you want your animal to behave. Infuse this visualization with the emotion you would feel if your animal actually behaved as your are imagining. Make the movie feel like a reallife experience by adding in sensory details. When you have finished, say to your animal, “That is my dream of how things could be. If you could do that for me, it would make me really happy.” Then see what happens. I used this technique quite successfully to introduce a new kitten into my home. For a long time, I had wanted a kitten but had resisted, because I already had two dogs and two cats. What’s more, I felt sure my oldest cat would not appreciate a kitten. But then I met a kitten I couldn’t resist, so I brought her home. I was hoping she would eventually play with Tule, my two-year-old cat, who, in a futile attempt to find a playmate, would occasionally ambush Hazel, my twenty-one-year-old cat. I also hoped the new kitten would get along well with Hazel or, barring that, would at least respect her and give her a wide berth. I talked out loud to all the cats as if they could understand every word I said. I explained the situation, and told them what I wanted them to do and how I wanted them to behave. Then I closed my eyes and visualized them all getting along and playing and tolerating one another. I isolated the kitten for a few weeks, then put them all together. They didn’t try to kill each other, but they weren’t being chummy, either. There was a lot of hissing and horrid behavior. When not refereeing, I would sit quietly and visualize them all lying curled up together or nimbly chasing one another about the house. I even imagined the sound of cats happily running back and forth in play. Then I would explain out loud again what I wanted from them. I really didn’t think this kitten experiment was going to work. In my bleaker moments, I figured that instead of two cats who avoided each other, I would have three. But I didn’t give enough credit to the power of intuitive communication nor to this new kitten’s strong character. I had named her Phoebe, and she had a fearless personality. She wanted the two other cats to be her friends and was not going to give up until she got that. She waded calmly through all kinds of aggressive behavior in pursuit of her goal. By the end of three


months, my visions had been realized: All three cats were playing together and chasing one another through the house. They also slept peacefully together on my desk, which made me happy but left me with virtually no space to work. The older Hazel not only accepted the new kitty, she loved her dearly. It was success beyond my wildest dreams, courtesy of intuitive communication and a radical little cat. Here is another idea for helping your animal intuitively during training: If you want your animal to try something new and challenging, demonstrate it by letting your animal see another animal performing the task or by closing your eyes and imagining the activity for your animal. When doing these intuitive communication experiments, make sure to acknowledge and reward any actions your animal takes that demonstrate that he or she heard and followed your instructions and requests. One of the best ways to reward your animal is to say: “You are brilliant!” Animals love to hear that as much as we do.

Marta Williams is an Internationallyacclaimed author, animal communicator, and teacher. She has written four books on animal communication including: Learning Their Language, Ask Your Animal, Beyond Words, and My Animal My Self. Marta travels throughout the world and offers online classes to teach people how to communicate intuitively with animals and nature. She has a Master Program for those who want to become professional animal communicators and provides private consultations for animals and their people. Marta lives on a small farm in Northern California.



The Anaheim White House restaurant was severely damaged in a fire leaving it closed indefinitely. The 1909 Coloial-style mansion was converted into a restaurant now owned by Sir Bruno Serato, who was formerly featured in Eden for his charitable work. His nonprofit, Caterina’s Club feeds pasta to 2,000 underprivileged Southern California children from its kitchen each night and has done so for more than a decade. A gofundme page has been created to help him rebuild the restaurant, keep his charitable work going and restore his dream. With enough funds, he plans to help his staff who are now unemployed. He has insurance, but it will not adequately cover the rebuild nor help his employees. Any penny earned above the stated goal will be donated to Caterina’s Club. www.gofundme.com/AnaheimWhiteHouse Serato is an Italian immigrant who came to the U.S. with $200 in his pocket and through hard work saved the money to open his restaurant 30 years ago. Bruno is known worldwide for feeding the children, finding housing for their families, many of whom live in squalid conditions at cheap motels, and helping at-risk youth land jobs in the hospitality field. He even mortgaged his own home during the recession to keep his charity work going.





Sir Bruno Serato arrived in the U.S. from his native Italy speaking no English with only $200 in his pocket. Through hard work and determination, he worked his way up from busboy to owner of the critically acclaimed Anaheim White House restaurant, whose patrons include U.S. Presidents, sports stars and celebrities. But it’s his work with children that has earned him an international reputation. Serato launched the nonprofit in 2005 after he and his mother, Caterina, visited a local Boys and Girls Club. There, they saw a 7-year-old boy eating a bag of potato chips and when she learned that the snack was all he had for dinner, she instructed her son to head back to the restaurant and feed the children pasta. Through Caterina’s Club, he has done so each day since and today feeds some 2,000 children daily. More than 1 million meals have been served so far and the need keeps growing. His influence has extended far beyond Southern California to include Chicago, New York, Texas, Mexico and Italy. He has extended his mission by moving these “motel families” into permanent housing. Motel living in this context means that the families are forced to live in cramped quarters with no kitchens and surrounded by prostitution, drug dealing and other nefarious activities that no child should ever witness. While many of the families are working and able to pay the monthly rent for their own apartments, they cannot afford the first, last and security deposit required at the onset. He has already helped hundreds of families es70 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e March 2017

cape motel living by finding them apartments of their own and their lives have improved considerably. His newest endeavor is working with the Anaheim School District to establish the Hospitality Program, which seeks to divert high school students from gangs and other bad influences by teaching them about the food, hospitality and service industries. The students receive hands-on experience and even paid internships in these areas so that they can explore careers in the field following graduation. For his humanitarian work, Serato has earned international publicity including profiles in People Magazine, “CBS Evening News” and newspapers and magazines the world over. Among his many honors is being named a CNN Hero, being knighted by the Italian government, receiving a papal blessing from Pope Francis, getting a humanitarian award on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, being honored by the Good News Foundation and receiving numerous proclamations, Man of the Year awards and other forms of recognition -all of which he accepts to generate public awareness of the needs of our most vulnerable population – our children. For more information, visit www.caterinasclub.org CATERINA’S CLUB MISSION: Catarina’s Club is the nonprofit Sir Bruno Serato started and named after his mother that now feeds 2,000 Southern California poor children, finds housing for those in need and helps at-risk youth land jobs in the hospitality field.

photo by Artiphics

Anaheim White house recipes

Anaheim White House Restaurant Bruno Serato

Bruno Serato owner of the “Anaheim White House Restaurant" graciously for the first time will be sharing some of his recipes with The Eden Magazine readers around the world. We are proud to feature every month one of his most delicious dishes. The beautiful historical Anaheim White House Restaurant is certainly the most prestige restaurant in your neighborhood, that serves in an elegant atmosphere for you to enjoy a delicious meal. One time visit to the Anaheim White House Restaurant is a grantee to take you back there again. Have your first experience today by visiting www.anaheimwhitehouse.com/ to have your delighted moment to remember. Bon AppĂŠtit


Chocolate Illusion Serves 4 ppl

Ingredients: 4 4oz hemisphere silicon mould 2 cups heavy cream 5oz dark chocolate chips 2oz mile chocolate chips 5 large whole eggs 5 oz Dutch cocoa powder 2oz All purpose flour 8oz semisweet chocolate chips Fresh strawberries for garnish 1oz water Preparation: For the chocolate sponge cake preheat oven to 350 degrees. In an electric mixer beat eggs and sugar until stiff peaks, fold in flour and add 2oz of cocoa powder. Line an 8 inch square baking dish, melt 1 tablespoon of butter and brush in the inside. Pour the mixture inside the baking dish and bake for 15minutes. Remove from the oven, set aside and with a cookie cutter cut 4 inch diameter circles.

To prepare the chocolate mousse, combine the 5oz dark chocolate and 2oz mile chocolate chips in a bowl bring it on top of a double boiler over simmering water until smooth and warm. With an electric mixer whisk 2 cups of heavy cream to soft peaks and fold into the warm chocolate gently. Fill the silicon mould with chocolate mousse and top with a chocolate cake 4 inch diameter place in the freezer for 4 hours. Chocolate Sauce Covertures is prepared starting with a medium saucepan, boil 2 cups of cream with 1oz of water. Ina bowl combine 8oz s emisweet chocolate chips, 1 tablespoon of butter and with the boiling cream. Set aside to let cool until warm enough to pour over a chocolate dome cake. Next remove the chocolates from the freezer and from the silicon mould, cover with the chocolate sauce and refrigerate for 2hours until served. To finish it off, garnish with fresh strawberries and dust some of the powdered sugar on top.

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2017 march issue  

The Eden Magazine is a free online magazine focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world

2017 march issue  

The Eden Magazine is a free online magazine focuses on spreading compassion to all sentient beings Living in a healing and peaceful world