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A 15,000 sq ft medical office The research-based design of NEXT’s new Seattle location provides a fresh, airy respite from the bustling city within a functional setting that supports their culture of innovation, flexibility, collaboration, and positivity. A sprawling view out to the waterway welcomes the visitors into the reception area and is enjoyed by the employees from the work cafÊ. Peaceful views of Mount Rainer lead people through the main hallways and is featured from the open office. As the patient themselves is at the heart of NEXT, the exam rooms, acupuncture, and massage rooms are clustered toward the middle of the floor plan. This allows for the staff to efficiently move through these rooms and back to their work areas, offering a palette of place from quiet and private for heads-down work, to buzzing and shared for teamwork-focused efforts. This choice of work zone is critical for employee engagement, happiness, and overall satisfaction. Biophilic touches breathe life into the space through the use of greenery and wood. Lighting also assists with the overall feeling of vibrancy and health. LED lights were selected for the exam rooms to help doctors stay focused, task lighting was used to reduce eye strain in main work areas, and open spaces near windows allow the natural light to stream through. These design decisions are shown to speed recovery time and boost positive feelings of occupants through the research supporting Well building standards.



The layout of the floor plan separates and seamlessly integrates patient and staff zones, with exam rooms located in the middle and spaces for staff on either side. This encourages movement of the employees throughout the day and ensures the patient is at the heart of what they do. Great care was taken to support both privacy of health information while still maintaining a feeling of openness and transparency. Achieved through the use of semi-transparent wall systems, clearstory windows, and consideration of each view from within the corridors, NEXT Seattle feels safe but accessible. The strength of the geometric pattern of the corridors is functional and structured, while the organic touches in the carpets and ceilings comfort its inhabitants. The exam, consult, massage, and acupuncture rooms were arguably one of the most important areas to consider. Each is laid out with comfortable seating for the patient and their family, ways to share information using white boards and TVs, and thoughtful furniture for the doctors and nurses to allow them to connect to the patient at eye level. Just outside of each room block is a docking station for pre-visit information review, and post-visit notations. Wayfinding was also considered through the use of feature walls and lighting, as well as organizing the floor plan to allow for the views from the windows to lead the visitor down each main hallway.



R+D Health and Well-Being Facts

- People’s health and sense of well-being is in decline throughout the world. - Poor health negatively affects individual performanc and organizational success. - It is critical to address employee’s physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being in the workplace.

Implemented Solutions

- Increased opportunities for movement in the workplace through functional inconvienence. - Dedicated zones for staff and patient educational opportunities regarding healthy lifestyle choices. - Placed spaces for employees to have the option to energize and relax. - Infused biophilic elements and a relaxing, uplifting color palette to increase the connection to nature and assist in creating a calm, positive atmosphere.

Innovation and Creativity Facts

- New pressures to compete and grow businesses requires work that has creativity and a new, team-based innovation process. - Creativity improves problem-solving and gives businesses a compeitive edge.

Implemented Solutions

- Included spaces for impromptu collaboration. - Blended areas for socialization and collaboration with areas for individual focus and rejuvination. - Provided the most advanced technology in meeting spaces to easily share, create, and innovate.

Employee Engagement Facts

- More than one-third of the workers in 17 of the world’s most important economies are disengaged, meaning they are less likely to be productive (Steelcase). - Organizations with a high degree of employee engagement experience greater productivity and profitability, lower turnover, less absenteesm, and fewer safety incidents.

Implemented Solutions

- Provided options for employees to change postures and places throughout the day, from upright to lounging and bustling to quiet through an ecosystem of spaces and zones. - Created the ability for focused work, both individually and in groups, through thoughtful paritions and deliniated zones. - Selected proper lighting levels to reduce eye strain and energize inhabitants, and conisdered acoustics through the application of wall and ceiling solutions.


The Design Lab

A practice in design-thinking, this special opportunity allowed for me and two others to work directly wih the dean of our school to redesign a major area of the School of Human Ecology to become a space: * which served as cafe overflow for the nearby Robin’s Nest * That featured a prominent donor wall * for professors to hold classes in design thinking * For students to collaborate * For the dean to hold functions/gatherings/celebrations

Visitors are welcomed by a beautifully curved donor wall

which mimics the design of the one hundred women wall on the second floor of SoHE. It holds an anchored seating area for Robin’s Nesttraffic overflow, has an entrance to a small conference area, and can be closed offfromthe remainder ofthe spacewithacollapsible glass partitionwall.


The Big Ideas Exploration: Foster an environemtn for experimental learning. Inspiration: Provide the activities and structure to inspire. Collaboration: Create a space for support and group thought. Innovation: Encourage exciting, cutting-edge ideas. Identity: Infuse personalized, authentic, and representative design.

How might we? statement How might we create an authentic environment that is magnetic, promotes experimentation and collaboration, and empowers UW students and faculty to practice explorative learning?

The concept This concept boasts an open, bright design, which in-

corporates much of the aesthetic that has already been established within the Robin’s Nest Cafe.. It features movable furniture and partitions to allow the area to become one open space for hosting functions, or two to three separate spaces for professors to teach and students to innovate.


The largest room of the three, the area at the back of the space holds supplies to inspire creativity, personal whiteboards, and moveable desks that fit together into groups for quick collaboration.

The side room

is delineated by a pull out, two-sid-

ed whiteboard partition. Inside, high tables with stools are surrounded by the custom-designed whiteboard track. A PostIt Note wall brings a punch of color to the smaller space.


The cave is a fun feature behind the donor wall with a lower ceiling and a cozy, relaxed feel, with a large chalkboard for brainstorming. Visual access through the conference room to the entry keeps the entire space feeling open and accessible.


Residences and Conference Center In this project, the underused historic campus Horse Barn in Madison, Wisconsin, was transformed into a conference center and apartments for visiting international scholars, artists, researchers, and professors to live and work for over a month to a year. Incorporating universal design principals, this design honors the historic qualities of the building while celebrating its new purpose. Still existing is the rustic charm of the original Farm Barn using reclaimed wood and distressed finishes, juxtaposed by industrial features of oil-rubbed bronze and worn metal. THIS creaTES a high-end aesthetic that is both modern and timeless, RESULTING IN AN atmosphere that is welcoming, warm, and inspiring.




Apartment 18


First Floor

Second Floor


The BodyLingerie Boutique Retail Store The Body Boutique offers beautiful lingerie in a comfortable, luxurious environment. The visitors to this standalone store in Chicago are surrounded by plush materials in rich colors that transport them to a place that feels like their very own, private bedroom. Featured merchandise is organized in to cases by the feeling that the lingerie evokes, as well as in to a section organized by color along the back wall. Special touches include a cash wrap designed to look like a bed that has been turned on its end, comfortable seating areas, and a fitting room replete with a gorgeous carpeted runway to allow the shopper to confidently strut their stuff in their upcoming purchases.



Though this was an earlier project in my career, the statue, lingerie, and display cases were created from scratch using Revit 3D modeliing.


SKETCHUP PROJECT University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate Office Remodel This design bridged the gap between the historic qualities of Bascom Hall and the modern amentities that today’s workplace demands. Current users of the space were Interviewed, historic remodels were researched, a custom, ADA-accessible desk was designed, and SketchuUp software was used to produce the final renderings. This project was featured in one gallery show.

FALL 2016



Used CAD to create: * * * * * * * *

Custom office floor plan Desk and task chair Adjustable cabinet Guest/Side Chair Sofa Table lamp and Sconce Lava lamp, vases, and side table Coat rack, magazine holder, and clock


3D MODELS Cardboard Desk for Students This functional cardboard desk was created using a laser cutter for the 5th grade class from Burlington, WI. Solution-finding began with interviews with the teacher and a group of students from the classroom., followed by research on the benefits of standing desks, anthopometrics, desk and chair construction standards, and cardboard furniture precidents. The product allows for 1. Adjustments to meet the various heights of the students, 2. For more than one person to stand at the desk at once and for the opportunity for collaborating with those at other desks, 3. The ability to sit if desired., and 4. Healthy fidgiting. This model was displayed in three gallery shows.

Functional Art: Storage Cabinet and Drawer Set This scaled model of a 1960’s storage cainet and drawer set made with wood, glue, and paint, was inspired by a wall hanging from 1965 by Dorothy May. Made entirely by hand,, it was featured in three gallery shows, and placed on display for a year in the Helen Louise Allen Textiles Collection where the original wall hanging had been discovered.

Wire Art Within Grasp: Everlasting This wire model depicts my deceased mother’s engagement ring, held gently between my fingers. The ring holds special meaning for many relationships, including my father and mother, my mother, father, and myself, and myself and my husband. These loving relationships are depicted by the two connected hearts emerging from the ring. The wings personify my mother’s love for collecting angel figurines and ornaments, as well as her place among the angels. This project was featured in two gallery shows.


A Tiny House This tiny house was developed for a mother and her two children in North Kivu within the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is created to permanently sit on a trailer bed to quickly vacate an area if it is uprooted by war. At current state it is expanded, but folds inward to fit to a trailer for transport. The home would be situated in a village of other tiny houses on trailers. Facilities will be shared to save on space within the home and provide a sense of community. Notable features include: * Furniture that either folds up to the wall, or moves into the middle portion of the home to allow the house to be trailer-sized. * A water collection system in the back of the home that provides healthy drinking water to the family. * A 4’ tall loft that runs along the middle of the home for storage. * A couch that pulls out to provide sleeping space for a guest. * Evenly displaced weight through stilts when stationary to prevent sinking in soaked rainforest soil. This laser-cut model was featured in 2 gallery shows.

Gallery Project: In Search of Shadows The gun violence in America’s schools is a huge cause for alarm This scaled exhibit is aimed to walk the visitor through the darkening shadows within the heart of a mass shooter in the days leading up to tragedy. In the end, tribute is paid to those who have lost their lives at the hands of school shooters, our children. We must band together to ensure that the same fate does not continue to befall our young. The purpose of the creation of this exhibit was to shine a spotlight on this growing problem and help to encourage difficult conversation until a resolution is reached. This model, made entirely by hand, was featured in one gallery show. . 29






FALL 2015 - SPRING 2017


Interior Design Portfolio - Mary Alesandrini  
Interior Design Portfolio - Mary Alesandrini