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June 2018 Relaunch Issue

Hello there. Welcome to the relaunch of Marvelous Mode Magazine. I started this magazine in 2012 with an inspired notion of hat fashion. I wanted to promote hat wearing and my friend’s jewelry line. Then the magazine became about mainstream fashion and trends. But I must say, I was not satisfied. It started to morph into something not me. Marvelous is by definition about God Inspired. And what is God Inspired mode? This magazine will not be about trends or the fashion industry. This magazine contains possibilities. Mode is life. How we dress and express ourselves sends out a message about the quality of the person we are and want to be in this life. Imagination is a marvelous ship that can take us on fantastical journey's through time and space. Style is an out cry of our inner selves. So for me, how I dress and design is an inner longing bursting forth into this world. God Bless, Heather Leigh Watson


Table of Contents

Dress N Hats

Pages 6 - 18

Looking Your Best

Pages 19 - 20

Love It! Beauty

Pages 21 - 29

Coffee Chat

Page 30

Emerging Design

Pages 31 - 34

Milliner Madness New Mystery Series

Pages 35 - 48

Marvelous Mode Magazine Owner, Creator, Editor Heather Leigh Watson Email Copyright Heather Leigh Watson and Marvelous Mode Magazine 2012 to 2018 Beauty Products are Promotional but reviews are honest and my opinions. Dress N Hats Model, Stylist, Makeup, Hair, & Photography Heather Leigh Watson For Heather Leigh Watson Millinery email For ads, promotions and stylists please contact me by email


Rita Hayworth Rita Hayworth is one of the most adored and recognized Golden Era Hollywood Stars. What is it about her that we love? She is known for her beauty. But many stars during that era were beautiful. For me, I see Rita as a loving woman. A woman who overcame prejudice, sexual harrassment, heartbreak and loss to not only to become a great movie star but one that has endured the test of time? Her beauty is loveliness but it was her inner light that shone through to create her character. Her style was always feminine and sensual. Here her looks were created by the Hollywood design system but how she wore them was all Rita.

All posters from Marvelous Mode Magazine


The Hats in the Hats N Dress section were created by me Heather Leigh Watson as well as all the dresses except the DKNY Dress. I have been designing clothes since I was a teenager and then I found hats. Well actually, I found them when I was 7 as I inherited my great grandmother's black velveteen half hat with silk veil. That hat planted a seed in my heart that took well let's just say a few years to blossom. For the last 15 years, I have been studying, learning, experimenting and creating hats, fascinators, hair accessories and headpieces. I enjoy the creativity and inventiveness of millinery which is an art form of creating women’s Headwear. Millinery is a made to order bespoke trade. For me, it is important to keep the Headwear I design and create sincere. So instead of an online shop, you can order hats you see here in the Dress N Hats Section from me by either contacting me by email or pop into my Instagram @modeandthewardrobe and message me. I am working on a dress line but the dresses you see here, I created a few years ago with vintage patterns. My process is to design and then either get a vintage pattern similar or make my own patterns or drape it. So, Follow me by popping over to for all my social networks to know when the dress line will launch. Marvelous Mode Magazine


Dress N Hats As anyone who is into vintage style knows, a woman in the early half of 20th century was not properly dressed without a hat. In this issue, I am styling vintage inspired dresses with Heather Leigh Watson’s vintage inspired millinery. The designs are 1930s, 40s and 50s inspired. What I love about those eras for dresses is the lovely simple lines and feminine elegance. Women wore casual dressy styles everywhere. The millinery in this issue is of the more high style genre that transforms a simple dress into a Glamourous Look which is exactly how women during that time would have accessorized! They used fancy hats, shoes, jewelry and bags to liven up an outfit. Today that translates for the modern woman into a way to liven up her wardrobe and make it work for her. You will see a dress with two different hats. Notice how just changing the hat can change the look.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


1940s By Way of 1995 DKNY Dress

Marvelous Mode Magazine


1940s Style Whimsical Flower Hats

Butterfly N Your Bonnet

Doll Face

These 1940s inspired styles are my modern version of the Doll Hat. During WWII era fashion was parred down and so we're hats. Hats got so small they coined them Doll Hats. They were generally fancy and whimsical so that the plain dresses were given a pop of color and style. These I created in straw with flowers. One is of the more fairytale with butterflies and veil. While the other is a bit more Pinup style. Both are top tilt and held on by stretch cords. Marvelous Mode Magazine


1950s Mid Century Retro Print

Marvelous Mode Magazine


1950s Dressy to Casual Hats

Be Barbie

Darling Daisy Beret

In the 1950s, hats became smaller and stream lined. Berets were popular in rigid styles and some were adorned with flowers. The turban was still worn a bit but mainly at the pool or beach. Here, I created a white straw tilt beret with brown satin bow and daisies. The turban is denim headband style with pink rhinestones for a sparkle pop of Marvelous Mode Magazine color.


1940s Old Hollywood Betty Grable

Marvelous Mode Magazine


Late 1940s Inspired Fascinators

Perky Peony Headpiece

Futura Fascinator

I love whimsical headpieces. A bit of style and cheek flirt with a look. During the 1930s and 40s hair flowers were worn alot whether in a group or on a hat. Here I created a bouquet straw pink peony headpiece for a lovely Pinup high retro fashion look. The white Fascinator has a bit of 1930s Anna May Wong appeal but in a modern Fascinator style. Marvelous Mode Magazine


1940s Style by Way of 1990s

Marvelous Mode Magazine


1940s Swanky Style Hats

Daisy Delight Half Hat

How Darling Tilt Hat

As you can see, I love wearing 1940s style hats. These two stunners are so lovely to add and top off your outfit. The first style is a half hat or flower earmuff hat. The hat part is a white straw with gold pixie dust sparkle and mauve daisies. It's called earmuff because it is meant to cover the ears. The blue straw tilt hat is a wonderful perch dressy fedora top sitting hat. Many hats from 1940s were one size and sat on top and tilted. Marvelous Mode Magazine


1930/40 Old Hollywood Western by way 1990s

Marvelous Mode Magazine


A Bit of Vintage Inspired Flower Toppers

Daisies N Lavendar Tilt Hat

Perky Purple Pinup Flower Fascinator

Dusty Lavendar is such a fantastic color for headwear. It adds a warm but Summer color for dressy vintage style looks. I was thinking 1930/40s Old Hollywood Western style for these beauties. The left is a straw tilt with asymmetrical brim. A brown grosgrain band and satin bow bring a Western color palette out with daisies to adorn. The right Fascinator is a tilt Topper 1880s style with top cut out and some Pinup flowers Marvelous Mode Magazine added.


1930/40s Vintage Style

Marvelous Mode Magazine


Pink Sweetheart Doll Face Headwear

Halo Honey Headband

Fancy Flirt Fascinator

During the 1930s cloche hats became shallow and brims took on more stylize shapes. Women started wearing them off the face to show their hair dos. A popular brim style was a heart shape. The top of the brim was scrunched in two and it resembles a heart. The halo headband on left has a 1930s heart shape with daisies on left side. The Fascinator on the right is in the same pink straw but a 1930s skull beret style with daisies. Marvelous Mode Magazine


Looking Your Best When You're Not Feeling Your Best Life is not perfect. Right. So many days we are not ourselves: Sickness, Cramps, Acne, Loss, Breakup, Bad News, Abuse, and so much more. It's really difficult to go on sometimes much less look good. But it's most often necessary. We women have modern lives that require us to rise up and be our best: jobs, families, careers, social network, events, getting back out there and more. Being your best is not always easy and you can't always be your ultimate best but you can get up and be the best you can in the moment. ● Watch something uplifting like Oprah Super Soul Sunday. She interviews so many interesting people who have wise advice for going through difficulties. ● Take a shower. I know you say is this really advice. YES! I see women go through rough times and just let go completely. Taking a shower will relax you and get you to move forward. ● Try some new hairstyles. Check out YouTube for some fun Vintage Style how to’s. ● Color your hair. If you don't have a big budget, Box Hair Color can be a viable option. I have tried many box brands and some are bad to really good. They cost anywhere from $4.00 - $20.00. Know what looks good on you and don't go to far off from your natural color. Marvelous Mode Magazine


Looking Your Best When You're Not Feeling Your Best ● Give yourself a Mani - Pedi. Reds and Pinks always make me feel better. ● Buff your face, scrub, and moisturize. ● Lip Balm ● Breath- That's right take a few minutes to breath and feel through what you're going through. ● Makeup- A little goes a long way. A little bronzer can also give your face a healthy glow. ● Remember you don't have to buy expensive hair, skin and makeup to look good. Do what you can. I have bought great things at Dollar Stores, Sample Size Products, One Time Use Products, etc. to get me through the tight times. ● Sunglasses are a great way to hide irritated eyes. Pick cute fun styles to give your face a fun lift. ● Groom your eyebrows. Trust me this is a big one. ● Frosty Pink or Red Lipstick will do amazing things for your look and mood. When I worked at Betsey Johnson this was a must for us to work the floor. Betsey got it even when she went through Breast Cancer. ● Look in the mirror and smile! Do it! ● Think of at least three things you like about yourself no matter what they are. ● There - those are my tried and true tips for getting through difficult times in style. Marvelous Mode Magazine


Vintage Cutex Nail Polish Ad

Deep bright red is an all year round Color that adds Panache to whatever You wear. Marvelous Mode Magazine



Red Nail Lakur color Londoner Love

Get Gorgeous Old Hollywood Glamour Style Red Nails with LONDONTOWN’s Cuticle Oil, Restorative Nail Cream, Nail Hardener Base Coat, Londoner Love Polish and Gel Top Coat. Marvelous Mode Magazine


Spring Summer Glamour would not be complete without Mani Pedi style. LondonTown is a swoon worthy Nail Care and Polish Line. I am getting gorgeous with Londoner Love Red Lakur on my nails and Fruit Tella Lakur on my toes. This line is splendid in vibrant colors that pop. The nail cream restored my dried out nails and the cuticle Oil revived. This Lakur Polish is fantastic coverage with Glam Shine from the Gel Top Coat. The base coat gives the nails a wonderful strong foundation. This Tip Top Polish line is now my fave for Glamourous Nails.

Red Tips and Pink Toes



Love It!

Fruit Tella Pink Lakur Marvelous Mode Magazine





When I lived in Los Angeles, so many women swore by this lip balm. I would see it at stores everywhere. I am an avid user of lip balms. For women it's key to a fresh face to keep your lips moisturized and it helps prevent mouth wrinkles. I have tried alot of different brands that worked well. However, I am a convert to now using the Smith’s Rosebud Salve. This gem of a product not only moisturizes, revives but the scent is marvelous. Not only is it a lip balm but multipurpose skin balm too. I used a bit on my skin at night around cheek bone area and forehead and it revived those areas. I used this lip balm to prep my lips for every beauty photo in this issue. The product has been around since 1892 and is created here in the U.S. So pop on over to their online shop for some Lip Service. Marvelous Mode Magazine


1940s Glamour Makeup Essentials

Love It! Come To Bed Red Liquid Lip

Mineral Powder Foundation Face Powder on Top of Foundation or Alone Marvelous Mode Magazine


1945 Vintage Coty Ad

Even during the war years, women kept up with cosmetics. A woman did not go out without powder, red lipstick and rouge. For my vintage style looks those are my key products. Coty still makes the Airspun powder you see here. Marvelous Mode Magazine


Plum Surprise Shadow used as Liner

Black Mascara

Brow Gel


Highlighter under brow

Red Cheek Rouge

Siren Liquid Lip

Modern Glamour Makeup Pink Lip Gloss - Rose Melody on Top of Red Marvelous Mode Magazine

Love It! 27

Vintage June 1941 Harper’s Bazaar

Marvelous Mode Magazine


Light Natural Blonde Since 2010, I have been either toning or coloring my hair. While doing the magazine, I decided to go full on red. It was so much fun and I loved the way I looked because I was born with dark red and blonde hair. Over the years my hair would go from bleached sun blonde to wheat blonde. When I was living in SoCal the sun bleached my hair all year round. I decided one day to start putting some red back in it with a temporary color conditioner. That little change was life changing. People started noticing me more and complimenting me. People even seemed to take me more seriously. Ugh? Do blondes really have more fun. But also, I noticed that my skin looked healthier with the red in my hair. So when I started the magazine, I decided it was time to go red. For about 6 years, I colored my hair from dark red to orange. During that time, I noticed me hair started to fall out more than normal and my hair would not hold the red colors. So I decided to go blonde again. But I believe my best look is a light strawberry blonde. For this issue, I chose a light natural blonde hair color to get my hair back to an even color. I like the color and the product I used I had used in the past in an Ice Copper. The great thing about this color of blonde is it is very 1940s esque. So for this issue it was a fantastic look. Stay tuned because for summer I am going to do something muchier and fun. To find out the product I used visit my YouTube Channel for the Video reveal. Copy the link here and please subscribe. Marvelous Mode Magazine


C ff



a pl


ro t e

t e n

m o c I love coffee; from the smell to the taste. One of my fave ways to connect with my friends is to have Coffee Chat at home! For impromptu moments with friends keep plenty of coffee on hand. These darling diner coffee cups and above sign are a swanky way to casually entertain in vintage style.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


Modern Millinery

Photography: Michael Donald Make up & Hair: Lauren Reynolds Model: Dani Race

These beautiful hats created by UK Milliner Chloe Haywood are far out and swoon worthy toppers. Her collection is inspired by Time and Space and how it relates to us humans. The styles are fantastic for funky vintage style Cocktail Hour. Pair these with the True Vintage dresses and voila stellar style.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


True Vintage - Easy Day to Cocktail Dress Styles

Vintage 1940's Apricot Silk Day Dress Size 2 4

1940s Navy Polka Dot Day Dress Timeless Traveling Vintage

Check out these lovely True Vintage Dresses from the 1940s. Similar style to the dresses I styled earlier in this issue. These styles would be considered day dress but with the right accessories you could turn it into a fresh Cocktail dress. Just add some hair flowers or Cocktail hat, sparkle brooch and dark shoes and your spot on. Marvelous Mode Magazine



This is a new modern line from Spain that I discovered on Tictail is a Etsyesque shopping market but the focus is design and not craft. I just love these dresses. The elegant ease is so alluring and the hint of vintage is lovely.

Marvelous Mode Magazine

33 Modern easy Summer dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry and sunglasses with a hint of vintage style from Spanish Brand Mango.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


Milliner Madness

By Heather Watson

Whosh hot air with the stench of urine whipped hair around her face with little fly aways sticking in her mouth. She would reach up to get them off but it kept happening. The train stopped and she pulled the hair out of her vision and got on board with people busily shoving forward with a thought of only getting to their jobs probably. It was past 8am in the morning and the city was not just waking up‌‌..

Marvelous Mode Magazine


Ughhh, why won’t she just shut up already?” “I just have 6 more hours of this hot mess and then I can go back to my loneliness.” speaking lowly to herself. “Yes, Mrs. Felder I can stay a little longer tonight.” “Great why can’t people just stop bringing in things last minute.” “I need you to stay about two hours past your time to finish this last minute adjustment for the lady. Very Very important customer so it has to be perfect.” demanding as if…. There was that word again as it ran through her mind - perfect. It was the buzzing in the back of her mind all the time. It was the ultimate goal she could not live up to. Why is it something everyone wants from her. “Of course Mrs. Felder, I will get right on it. But I’m mending Ms. Henson’s ball gown right now and it has to be done today and ..” “Get It Done or you can look for another job. Am I clear. And in this town if I fire you then nobody will want to hire you. So just do it.” Mrs. Felder steaming at the brim said with a smile on her festering face. “Great, I will --- do it.” stuttering just a bit. Marvelous Mode Magazine


“Bring me Ms. Henson’s Gucci Gown, please!” the front assistant yelled to the back. “It’s right here Sharon.” as the seamstress hands it to the pouting girl on the other side of the counter. “Oh, here it is Cynthia. We just loved making the adjustments for Ms. Henson. So jelly that she will look gorgeousness in this Gucci.” with a long drawn out melodramatic punctuated statement. “She will. She’s the best.” while staring the seamstress down. “Ok, that is $1000.00 for the alterations of her new Gucci Ball gown.” she returns to her job and looks at the assistant with a vicious but sweet smile. The assistant swipes a card and whisks off without even a thank you. “Well what are you looking at granny? Don’t you have more mending?” register girl says to the shocked seamstress. “Ughm, I get a bit of a break before returning. I am going for a coffee.” she says while staring at the girl. “Then go. I don’t need a play by of your goings on.” with utter discussed. The seamstress looks back over her shoulder as she walks out the front door as she knows she is not returning after this coffee. This is hell and she is not going to sew hours and get paid so little when they are 37 Marvelous Mode Magazine charging so much.

She gets to the Sunshine Deli on 34th to get herself a quick peach bran muffin and vanilla nut coffee before she heads out. “Hi, what you want? The usual muffin and vanilla nut coffee?” the lady behind the counter asked. “Yeah, I love these muffins and the coffee is my fave.” she bleated out just to have some sort of interaction with someone closer to her age. “Yes and it’s all fresh here. You’re not from here though. I hear a bit of an accent.” the lady said while pouring her coffee which she couldn’t wait to devour. “No, but I have lived here before and I got back about 2 months ago.” she responded while looking at the clock. “K, $8.50.” lady forcefully said to get her attention. “Oh, yeah.” she swiped her card with hesitation thinking that it was a bit much to be paying this much for just a muffin and large coffee but she did it and walked out into the heat. She walked back to her tiny little room at the Walker Women’s residences in Chelsea. Back here after all these years. College really did not get her down the right path and now that she was past her twenties, thirties and now in her forties it seemed foreign to her. She walked up to her room in a daze. Sat at her desk and the tears started to fall while eating the yummy Peach Bran Muffin and drinking her large coffee. Marvelous Mode Magazine


She sat staring at the window and wondering what in the world was she doing back here and what was she going to do about a job and after walking out she probably was not going to get her paycheck. So she walked down stairs to the computer room because her little smartphone was not a word processor and typed out a short resignation to Mrs. Felder and the circumstances of not being yelled at like a nuisance at work and that the conditions were not tolerable. She sort of laughed because she knows this is New York City but this sort of treatment was not going to cut it anymore. She needed a job that treated her with respect. So she emailed that off to the Felder Finements Tailor on 55th and sat looking at the screen at what to do about money. She was down to her last $300.00 and that was for part of rent. She has to think quick or she was going to be out on the street. “Hi, thought you were at work at this hour.� said a sullen voice to her right.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


She looked up and Melanie sat down and brought up her email. “Melanie can I ask you a question?” she asked intently. “Ughm, yeah sure. What’s up?” she said while staring at her screen. “Do you think I look old?” she blurted out. “Not old just advanced.” Melanie said while perusing her email still. “Wow ok, well I’m not a young twenty something anymore but advanced I am not. So great, I actually look older than my actual age. That’s just great. How am I ever going to get a job?” she said while getting up and walking away. “Mauvely, advanced is cool. Look at Daisy Feldman, she’s like a fashion icon.” Melanie yelled after her. Mauvely did not eat that night. She cried herself to sleep because now she was not even a cool young looking forty something but a woman who did not hold up well and looked OLD. Because Daisy is way cool she thought but at least 40+ years older than her. She felt doomed to spend her life alone.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


Blinking open one eye, she reached for her smartphone to look at the time. It said, 6:40am. “Might as well get up. Got to try to get a job.” she said while looking out her window as the sun was up and it was sure to be a hot one. She got dressed and put on a little makeup and decided to put her hair up in one of those 90’s twist with a claw clip and go downstairs to breakfast. She sat drinking her coffee while looking through want ads for jobs on Craigslist. But then she was sure that these were all really serial killers just posing as creepy people needing house work. “Is this what I have come to. Is it over for me at the ripe age of…..” she said under her breath. “Hi, lady how are you this morning.” said Sister Letti the resident Catholic nun that lived at the women’s residence for some reason. “Just trying to figure out what to do.” she said with a sigh. “Ughm how are you?” she asked to be polite.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


“Well the sun is out and it’s a beautiful day. God is shining on us all.” she said with a big grin while tucking in to her breakfast. “Not for me. I left my job yesterday and I don’t have rent which is due in two weeks. And I have been told by Gen Z that I am old- oh advanced was the not so cute term.” Mauvely just ran on as Sister Letti just sat there and smiled. “Mauvely, you just gotta give it all to God. Let go and Let God.” said Letti. “What does that even mean. I have heard it all before. How can we move forward by doing nothing? Let go of what--trying to live my life?” she said frustratedly. “What you need is a new perspective and don’t ask someone ALOT younger than you if they think you look old. Because youth is a perspective. Look for answers in the right places and you’ll find your path.” Letti said looking directly at her.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


“Mauvely, you are you and don’t let anyone take that from you.” and she walked off and got rid of her tray. Mauvely sat there for about another hour looking at her phone and found nothing. So, she walked back up the stairs to her room on the fourth floor. Standing near her door was a woman she had not seen around before. “Hi, are you just moving in? Who are you?” Mauvely said while she about jumped out of her skin looking at a woman who just turned and walked off and vanished around the corner to the steps.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


Honk Honk is all she heard as she dashed down the stairs into the street to rush to a job interview at a Millinery Supply Shop in the Garment District. She had not stepped foot into a milliner or supply store since she got here. It was too painful. But she was running out of options for income and the lady behind the counter seemed open to her and was older than her. She thought then she might have a chance. The woman had looked her up and down and said, “She could use some maturity in here for once. The younger girls kept quiting for bigger jobs like at Marc Jacobs or Eugenia Kim. So this was it she had to get this job. It probably would not pay much but right now a little would go a long way. She only had 9 days to come up with her rent. She had let them know she moved on from her job but had prospects and might need a little bit of time to pay rent rather than at the first of September. They said just make sure to keep them in the loop but it could not go past the 10th or she would have to vacate. So that was great she had another two weeks to get her rent.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


Mauvely walked into the shop and looked around feeling hopeful for once. She decided to try to think positive about getting this job. She walked up to the gentlemen at the register. “Hello, I have an appointment for a job interview with Helen.” “Helen is no longer with this establishment.” the man said while sipping his hot water with lemon. “What?” was all Mauvely could get out. “What kind of job were you looking for. I need sales help on the floor and online.” the surly bearded man said. “Well, I am really great at sales and online shop or ecommerce and I use to help out the Millinery Guild in Los Angeles.” Mauvely got out in a hurry to hopefully salvage this intervew.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


“Not to be rude but what happened to Helen?” she hesitantly asked. “She no longer works here; that is just that.” he said. “Ok, well here is my resume. As you can see I have a business degree and 15 years of profess….” she just got out when someone walked in and interrupted them. “Hello, Jim I need some stiffener right away.” said a black haired woman with funky glasses. “You always need stiffener Glinda. Why don’t you buy it in bulk and I give you a good price?” he said while walking to the back and coming out with a small bag of white powder which was seeming like a drug pick up but Mauvely knew that stiffener came in powder form. “Just the stiffener in 20oz.” she said while looking at Mauvely. “Ok young lady now back to you need a job and I need help. So do you want the job or what?” he asked. “Yes! But is it full or part time?” she asked in a hurry so as not to mess this up. “I need someone here about 6 days a week from opening to closing. So it’s a full time job.” he said looking her over. “When can I start?” she said feeling happy. Marvelous Mode Magazine


“Tomorrow at 8am sharp.” he replied gruffly. “I will be here tomorrow at 8am sharp. Do you need me to fill out any paper work now or then?” she asked. “You can fill out the paperwork tomorrow.” he said while walking away as another two people entered the shop. “Ok, Mr…..?” she said while turning to walk out. He nodded and so she just walked to the door and heard someone say. “Mr. Fitz do you have my new hat block in yet?” Mauvely walked out in a rush to get back to the residence and share the news with them. “Woohoo!” she yelled while scurring down to get the train to Chelsea. Her life was not over, she had the most amazing strange feeling that this was the opportunity she had been looking for but she still had a strange feeling of dread. “Hi Elsie, I just wanted to let you know that I got a job for full time work. So, I will definitely be able to get you the rent before September 10.” she said while standing at the check in counter at The Walker.

Marvelous Mode Magazine


“Ok, young lady just make sure to give us all your employer’s info so we can verify your employment.” she responded. “Sure thing, I start tomorrow and I will get you all the information tomorrow by email if that is ok?” she said with anxiousness. “Yes, that will be find Mauvely.” Elsie responded with a slur as she sipped her tea. “Thank you Elsie.” Mauvely plodded as she walked back up steps to her room. Then it hit her. She remembered the strange person near her room about three days ago. And what’s even more strange is that person reminded her now of Helen who did not work for Mr. Fitz anymore. Oh my lord she thought. Was Helen a ghost now?

a h W . u I t Til ? o n Ma v


Marvelous Mode Magazine

t e p


June 2018 Dress N Hats Issue  

Marvelous Mode Magazine Spring to Summer 2018 Issue. Dresses, Hats, Beauty and Design. 1930, 40, and 50s vintage style. Milliner Madness M...

June 2018 Dress N Hats Issue  

Marvelous Mode Magazine Spring to Summer 2018 Issue. Dresses, Hats, Beauty and Design. 1930, 40, and 50s vintage style. Milliner Madness M...