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The Rhine Valley Music Festival 31 May–7 June 2012 Paul Lewis Freiburger Barockorchester Himlische Cantorey Cantus CÜlln The Mandelring Quartet Schuppanzigh Quartet Amphion Wind Octet La Petite Bande

The Rhine Valley Music Festival 31 May–7 June 2012 • Nine private concerts in beautiful and appropriate historic buildings. • International musicians of the highest calibre. • Venues with links to the music – historical, chronological or geographical. • Accommodation on a comfortable ship, chartered for the festival. • Talks by a historian and a musicologist. • An all-inclusive price which includes concerts, accommodation, meals, transport and much else.

An exceptional line-up of musicians The line-up of artists on this, the eighth Rhine Valley Music Festival matches and perhaps exceeds the best of previous editions. There is a solo recital with Paul Lewis (piano), chamber recitals with the Mandelring and Schuppanzigh Quartets, vocal concerts with Cantus Cölln and Himlische Cantorey and instrumental and choral concerts with La Petite Bande, the Amphion Octet and the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. A song recital is also planned, with artists to be announced. They are among the finest musicians and ensembles within their fields. The majority are Early Music or period instrument practitioners, appropriate for the historic buildings in which their performances take place. Pfalz bei Kaub, an island fort, aquatint c. 1840.

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MRT music festivals are truly life-enhancing experiences. I’m just left gasping by the imaginative programming and the standard of performance – these are talks and concerts which change one’s perception of music and enrich it beyond measure.’

The Programme........................................................ 4–11 The Ship, Package & Prices.......................................... 12 Booking Form........................................................ 13–14 Booking Details............................................................ 15

J. M., London, participant on an MRT festival in 2011.

Acting as both hotel and principal means of transport, it enables passengers to attend all the concerts and see some of the finest art and architecture in the region without having to change hotel or drive long distances. Three of the concerts can be reached on foot from the mooring.

Appropriate music and venues An essential ingredient of these festivals, providing immeasurable enhancement of the music, are the concert venues. Most are historic, all have beauty or charm, some are of the same period as the music performed there or even have specific associations with the composers or pieces played.

Talks and lectures

Nearly all are small, leading to an informality and intimacy of musical communication between players and audience which engenders an intense artistic experience.

The spoken word contributes to the audience’s experience and is an important ingredient of the festival. There are daily talks by the musicologist Roderick Swanston and by Richard Evans, Regius Professor of History at Cambridge.

Much of the music is German or has Rhineland connections, though there is some from elsewhere.

Roderick Swanston is a musicologist widely known as a lecturer and critic combining immense learning with wit and enthusiasm. Formerly professor of music theory and history at the Royal College of Music, he lectures at Imperial College London, is a speaker at several music festivals and concert halls and is a frequent broadcaster on BBC Radios 3 and 4.

Private events, exclusively chartered ship The concerts are effectively private, being exclusive to participants (maximum 130) who book a package which not only provides admission to all nine performances but also includes accommodation, all meals, flights from the UK (though this is optional), travel by river and road, lectures and a range of other services. To this exceptional artistic experience is added a further pleasure: the comfort and convenience of a first-class river cruiser, chartered exclusively for the festival audience. The MS Amadeus Princess was launched in 2006 and is one of the most modern and comfortable passenger ships on European waters.

Richard Evans is one of the leading historians of our time. He is Regius Professor of History and President of Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge. Author of numerous books on German history, including the acclaimed Third Reich trilogy, he is currently working on the 1815–1914 volume in the Penguin History of Europe.

‘If only the best will do, sign up with Martin Randall Travel.’ The Daily Telegraph.

One of the great rivers of the world The Rhine is one of the shortest of the great rivers of the world, but probably no other has served such a prominent role in shaping the history and culture of a continent.

As a trading route along the north-south, the Rhine brought prosperity to the region and a degree of cultural unity to different peoples and nations dispersed along its length. But for those who wished to travel its east-west axis the river presented a major obstacle, and so was the scene of tension and conflict throughout history.

Stretches of the river are beautiful, the Middle Rhine especially being flanked by vine-clad hills with virtually every peak being topped by a castle. There is time to explore some of the towns along its course and to see much art and architecture of the highest quality. t he r hine va l l e y m u sic f e s t i va l


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The Programme

Amsterdam fish market, copper engraving c. 1760.

Day 1, Thursday 31st May Travelling to Amsterdam

Option 4: fly from Edinburgh Airport to Amsterdam via Heathrow at 10.20am (BA 1441 departing Edinburgh 10.20am arriving London 11.50am, and BA 438 departing London 1.20pm arriving Amsterdam Schipol 3.30pm). For the inbound journey, fly from Zurich and return to Edinburgh (via Heathrow) at 4.50pm.

We are offering a choice of four scheduled British Airways flights to Amsterdam, from Edinburgh or London. It may be possible to arrange connecting flights with British Airways or bmi (British Midland International) from Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen or Belfast; please enquire. Please choose one travel option only. If you choose flight Option 1 for the outbound flight from Heathrow to Amsterdam, you also return to London on the Option 1 flight. If you choose flight Option 2, you return on the option 2 flight, and so on.

Option 5: make your own arrangements. You can choose not to take any of these flights and to make your own arrangements for joining at Amsterdam. You are welcome to join one of the group transfers from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. There is a price reduction for this no-flights option of ÂŁ180 per person.

Option 1: fly from London Heathrow to Amsterdam at 12.00 noon (BA 434, departing Heathrow 12.00 noon, arriving Amsterdam Schipol 2.10pm). For the inbound journey, fly from Basel and return to Heathrow at 1.05pm.

By rail? We suggest you take Option 5 and book these yourselves. Currently it is possible to leave London St. Pancras at c. 9.00am and arrive at Amsterdam c. 4.00pm, changing at Brussels. For the return journey, leaving Basel at 2.30pm enables arrival at London St Pancras at c. 8.45pm, changing at Paris.

Option 2: fly from London Heathrow to Amsterdam at 12.00 noon (BA 434, departing Heathrow 12.00 noon, arriving Amsterdam Schipol 2.10pm). For the inbound journey, fly from Zurich and return to Heathrow at 6.00pm. Option 3: fly from London City Airport to Amsterdam at 1.05pm (BA 8453, departing London 1.05pm arriving Amsterdam Schipol 3.10pm). For the inbound journey, fly from Zurich and return to London City at 5.40pm.

m a rt in r a nda l l t r av e l


w w w. m a r t i n r a n d a l l . c o m

Day 1, Thursday 31st May Amsterdam Amsterdam is as distinctive as it is beautiful. It grew rapidly in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries from a small and precarious sea port to become the greatest trading emporium in Europe. With its concentric canals and close-set brick merchant houses, soaring churches and picturesque alleys, the inner city has hardly changed since its heyday. The ship, MS Amadeus Princess, is ready for boarding from 4.00pm. There is time for afternoon tea, introductory talks and an early dinner before leaving for the first concert. (Walking is feasible, coaches are laid on.)

Concert 1: Bach Cantatas in a Lutheran Church Amsterdam, Oude Kerk La Petite Bande Sigiswald Kuijken director Founded in 1972 by violinist Sigiswald Kuijken, La Petite Bande is one of Europe’s oldest and most revered period instrument ensembles. Specialising in Baroque repertoire, it seeks to revive the original sound and intent of the music. Their programme of cantatas by J.S. Bach manifests Kuijken’s belief that they sound best with a single singer to a part and a reduced instrumental ensemble.

Illustrations. Above: an Amsterdam street, aquatint etching 1916. Left: La Petite Bande.

A capacious Gothic structure of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the Oude Kerk is the oldest church in Amsterdam (the clue is in the name). Despite elaborate memorials to heroic Dutch admirals, the sparse interior is an appropriate setting for the music of Bach, a Lutheran. Return to the ship for dinner. Sail through the night along the Rhine Canal and the Waal and join the Rhine upstream of Arnhem, leaving the Netherlands and entering Germany shortly after daybreak.

‘How can one find words to express the beauty, the emotion and the glory of the music and the singing, performed in uniquely wonderful venues.’ J. H. & M. H., North Yorkshire, participants on an MRT festival in 2011.

t he r hine va l l e y m u sic f e s t i va l


Te l e p h o n e 0 2 0 8 7 4 2 3 3 5 5

The Programme Day 2, Friday 1st June Schloss Lembeck

More about the concerts Private events. The concerts are planned and administered by Martin Randall Travel, and the audience consists exclusively of those who have bought the full festival package.

The morning is spent sailing along the Lower Rhine. There are lectures and time for leisure. Moor at Wesel and drive to Schloss Lembeck near Dorsten.

Seating. Specific seats are not reserved. You sit where you want.

Concert 2: Classical & Early Romantic Music for Wind Band Schloss Lembeck Amphion Wind Octet

Acoustics. This festival is more concerned with authenticity and ambience than acoustical perfection. While some of the venues have excellent acoustics, some have idiosyncrasies not found in modern concert halls. Changes. Musicians fall ill, venues require restoration, rivers flood (or run dry): there are many unforeseeable circumstances which could necessitate changes to the programme. We ask you to be understanding should they occur.

Formed in 1998 and playing on period instruments, the Amphion has performed regularly in many European countries, with flair and precision. All members of the ensemble are graduates of Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and are distinguished soloists in their own right.

Floods and droughts. Especially with climate change, we cannot rule out changes to the programme arising from exceptionally high or low water levels on the Rhine. These might necessitate more travel by coach or the loss of a concert, though we would always try to minimise the impact on the itinerary.

There are works by Josef Triebensee, the leading composer for wind of the Viennese school, and by Beethoven, his Octet Op.103. There are also contemporary arrangements of the Allegretto from Beethoven’s 7th Symphony and of extracts from Mozart’s Magic Flute. Situated in a park and surrounded by a moat, Wasserschloss (‘Water Castle’) Lembeck dates from the seventeenth century. It has retained its historic character and is now a hotel. The concert takes place in a small hall hung with ancestral portraits. Sail overnight from Wesel to Cologne.

Below: The Rhine at Oberwesel, engraving by Captain Robert Batty 1825.

m a rt in r a nda l l t r av e l


w w w. m a r t i n r a n d a l l . c o m

‘Exceptional performances. Locations superb. A memorable experience.’ R. W., Essex, participant on an MRT festival in 2011.

Day 3, Saturday 2nd June Cologne, Bonn

Disparaged as a village by the diplomatic corps while capital of the Federal government, Bonn was formerly the seat of the Elector Archbishops of Cologne. In the eighteenth century a second-rate tenor inclined to drink named Johann van Beethoven was employed at the court. His son became better known.

Of Roman foundation, Cologne became one of the largest and richest cities of mediaeval Europe. The enormous and perfectly measured Gothic cathedral dominates a historic centre which possesses several major Romanesque parish churches and worldclass museums and art galleries. The morning is free – many of Cologne’s most important sights are within walking distance of the mooring – and the concert begins mid-afternoon.

Concert 4: String Quartets by Beethoven & Mendelssohn Bonn, Kammermusiksaal The Mandelring Quartet

Concert 3: Masters of Church Music in Seventeenth-Century Germany Cologne, St Maria im Kapitol Himlische Cantorey

This late evening concert is nicely apposite, taking place adjacent to the house in which Beethoven was born. The programme consists of two string quartets in A minor, Mendelssohn’s Op.13 and Beethoven’s Op.132. The former was inspired by the latter.

This is the choral tradition from which J.S. Bach emerged, sonorous, austere and intensely spiritual. Two sopranos, an alto, two tenors, a bass and a chamber organ perform works by Dietrich Buxtehude, Johann Hermann Schein, Heinrich Schütz, Samuel Scheidt and Thomas Selle.

Based in the Rhineland, and comprising three siblings and a close family friend, the Mandelring is one of Germany’s leading string quartets. They have appeared throughout Europe and beyond, and regularly for MRT.

Himlishe Cantorey (‘celestial choirs’) took their name from a 1604 edition of psalm settings, published in Hamburg where the ensemble is based. Founded in 1995, they have become one of the most sought-after and distinctive of choirs specialising in Renaissance and Baroque repertoire.

The Kammermusiksaal is a small, modern chamber music hall, handsome, comfortable and acoustically excellent. Walk back to the ship and sail upstream overnight.

In a city famed for its Romanesque churches, St Maria im Kapitol is the largest of them, its ground plan highly influential in the Rhineland. The original wooden doors, carved with scenes from the life of Christ, are precious survivals. Leave Cologne at the end of the afternoon and sail upstream for three hours to Bonn. Dinner is served during the journey.

Below, left to right: Amphion Octet; The Mandelring Quartet; Himlische Cantorey.

t he r hine va l l e y m u sic f e s t i va l


Te l e p h o n e 0 2 0 8 7 4 2 3 3 5 5

The Programme

Schloss Biebrich, wood engraving c. 1880.

Day 4, Sunday 3rd June Schloss Biebrich

Concert 5: Paul Lewis plays Schubert Schloss Biebrich Paul Lewis piano

Today the ship passes through the Middle Rhine, the most dramatically picturesque stretch of the river. Here it is flanked on both sides by vine-clad hills with castles on many of their peaks and charming little settlements below. We stop in the morning for a couple of hours at the delightful town of Bacharach. Towards the end of the afternoon, moor at Biebrich a couple of hundred metres from the concert venue.

Paul Lewis is one of the foremost pianists of his generation, with a string of accolades and a glowing international reputation. He has a busy schedule of performances across the world as well as in the UK. Having completed a highly lauded recording of all Beethoven’s sonatas, and of the concertos, he is now turning his attention to Schubert. This all-Schubert programme includes the German Dances D783, Sonata for Piano No.14 in A minor D784, Allegretto in C minor D915 and Sonata No.16 in A minor D845. Built at the river’s edge around 1700, Schloss Biebrich has a hall whose ample glazing looks out to the Rhine on one side and the park on the other. Return to the ship for dinner and sail through the night to Speyer.

Paul Lewis.

m a rt in r a nda l l t r av e l


w w w. m a r t i n r a n d a l l . c o m

‘The whole experience was wonderful… You did it again. A great week in every way.’ N. E., Buckinghamshire, participant on an MRT festival in 2011.

Day 5, Monday 4th June. Speyer, Bruchsal Moor at Speyer in the early morning. Separated from the river by wooded parkland, the little city is dominated by the largest Romanesque cathedral in Germany, burial place of the Salian emperors. Beyond – within walking distance of the mooring – lies the attractive town and the seventeenth-century church of Holy Trinity. Drive to Bruchsal for a concert at the episcopal palace.

Concert 6: Mannheim Composers, Mozart & Richter Schloss Bruchsal Schuppanzigh Quartet Members of the Schuppanzigh are all leading practitioners of historically informed performance who play with some of the most prestigious period instrument ensembles in Europe. They bring to their quartet concerts an intense study of the music, an understanding of the sound world of the classical period and exceptional musicianship. The programme has a Rhenish theme, with a quartet by Mannheim court composer Franz Xaver Richter (1709–89), Op.5 No.1 (1768) and two by Mozart, in D minor K173 (1773) and in C major K465 (1783). He visited Mannheim twice, staying for several months. Residence of the Archbishops of Speyer, Schloss Bruchsal was begun in 1720 and finished in 1746 after frequent changes of architect and plan. It has the most famous of all German Baroque staircases, designed by Balthasar Neumann, and the concert takes place in an elaborately ornamented festive hall. Return to Speyer for lunch on the ship and some free time. The next concert is in the late afternoon.

Concert 7: Music for Penitence & Introspection Speyer, Church of the Holy Trinity Cantus Cölln Konrad Junghänel director Cantus Cölln was formed in 1987 by lutenist Konrad Junghänel. Their repertoire includes German and Italian vocal music of the Renaissance and the Baroque, especially neglected German pieces. They have received much critical acclaim and been the recipients of numerous awards.

Clockwise from top: Schloss Bruchsal, Marble Hall, lithograph 1865; Schuppanzigh Quartet; Konrad Junghänel.

Fitness for the Festival

They have devised a programme of spiritual cantatas by J.S. Bach (the much loved ‘Actus tragicus’ BWV 106), Matthias Weckmann (1619–1674), Nikolaus Bruhns (1665–1697) Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767) and others.

Quite a lot of walking is necessary to reach the concert venues and to get around the towns visited. The ship does not have a lift, nor do most of the venues. Participants need to be averagely fit, sure-footed and able to manage everyday walking and stairclimbing without difficulty.

The interior of Holy Trinity retains its early eighteenth-century appearance in its entirety with three tiers of galleries and an abundance of carved woodwork.

This festival is not really suitable for wheelchair users but please speak to us if you would like to discuss this.

Sail from Speyer at 8.00pm and continue upstream.

t he r hine va l l e y m u sic f e s t i va l

There is no age limit on our river festivals.


Te l e p h o n e 0 2 0 8 7 4 2 3 3 5 5

The Programme

The Kurhaus, Baden-Baden, mid-19th-century wood engraving.

Day 6, Tuesday 5th June Rastatt, Baden-Baden

Concert 8 Baden-Baden, Kurhaus Due to a last-minute cancellation details of this programme are to be announced.

Moor at Rastatt in the early hours. France lies on the other side of the river. There is a choice of excursions in the morning. The first option is to visit the delightful little palace of La Favorite. Built 1710–12 as a summer retreat from court life, the interior is among the most elaborate and light-hearted of the Baroque era. Return to the ship for lunch and afterwards drive to Baden-Baden for the concert.

The Kurhaus (literally, ‘cure-house’ ) is a casino with additional halls for concerts and receptions. This recital is in the Weinbrennersaal (named after its architect) which was built 1821-24 in a charming Neo-Classical style.

Alternatively, drive in the morning to Baden-Baden for free time until the concert, and lunch independently. One of the most prestigious spa towns in Europe, in the nineteenth century the rich, powerful and talented gathered here, including leading composers. Brahms stayed for several summers; his apartment is a museum. There are elegant villas, manicured English-style parks, spa buildings and a Fabergé museum.

m a rt in r a nda l l t r av e l

Return to the ship for dinner and continue upstream overnight.


w w w. m a r t i n r a n d a l l . c o m

‘The individual programmes were masterfully planned and led us through a wonderful journey… The best (by far) holiday of this kind I’ve done.’ R. L., Perthshire, participant on an MRT festival in 2011.

Day 7, Wednesday 6th June Breisach, Freiburg Moor at Breisach in the morning. There is time to explore this attractive town which is built on a hill rising from the water’s edge. There is a fine Gothic church at its summit. The afternoon is spent in the lively university city of Freiburgim-Breisgau. Around the magnificent Gothic minster, which has Germany’s tallest mediaeval spire, there is a rich mix of historic buildings, and the Augustinermuseum has one of Germany’s best collections of mediaeval and Renaissance arts.

Concert 9: Telemann Tafelmusik Historisches Kaufhaus, Freiburg Freiburger Barockorchester Petra Müllejans director & violin Karl Kaiser flute The programme is devoted to Tafelmusik (table music, i.e. intended to accompany festive dinners) by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767), the master of the genre. There is a variety of permutations of performers, with flute, oboe and strings prominent, in pieces that are joyous and celebratory, a fine finale to the festival.

Day 8, Thursday 7th June Basel or Zürich

The Freiburger Barockorchester was formed in 1987 and has since become established internationally as one of the world’s finest period-instrument ensembles. They are also one of the busiest, performing frequently around the world and with a large number of recordings to their credit. They are fielding eight players for this concert.

The ship moors in Basel. Coaches leave for Basel and Zurich between 8.30 and 9.30am. Straddling the Rhine at the upper-most point for shipping, Basel abuts the borders of France and Germany. The city retains much of its centuries-old streetscape and architecture. There is time to see the cathedral and the Kunstmuseum, Switzerland’s finest gallery of historic art.

The Kaufhaus – Merchants’ Hall – has a striking Late Gothic façade with an interior that has been adapted over several subsequent centuries. Return to the ship after the concert. Remain moored in Breisach until the early hours and then sail to Basel.

Option 1: Heathrow from Basel. Drive to the airport for the flight (BA 753) which arrives at London at 1.05pm. Option 2: Heathrow from Zurich. After a leisurely morning in Basel, drive to Zurich airport for the flight (BA 717) which arrives London at 6.00pm. Option 3: London City Airport. After a leisurely morning in Basel, drive to Zurich airport for the flight (BA 3766) which arrives London City at 5.40pm. Option 4: to Edinburgh. Drive to Zurich Airport for the flight to London; arrive at Edinburgh International at 4.50pm. Option 5: no group flights. Those who have made their own flight arrangements are welcome to join one of the transfers to Basel or Zurich Airport. If you choose to book your own rail travel: leaving Basel at 2.30pm, London St Pancras can be reached at 8.30/9.00pm.

Above: Freiburger Barockorchester. Top right: the Kaufhaus, Freiburg, wood engraving c. 1875.

t he r hine va l l e y m u sic f e s t i va l


Te l e p h o n e 0 2 0 8 7 4 2 3 3 5 5

The Ship, Package & Prices The Ship

The Amadeus Princess is one of the more comfortable cruisers on the waterways of Europe. The multi-national crew is dedicated to the highest standards of service. With a minimum floor area of 15m2 the cabins are reasonably spacious by the standards of river cruisers. All have windows to the outside and are equipped with the facilities one would expect of a first-class hotel including shower, w.c., individually adjustable air-conditioning, telephone, TV and safe. Special attention has been paid to noise insulation.

Suite, c. 22m2

In layout and furnishings the cabins are identical, the significant differences being the size of windows and height above water level (higher cabins enjoy better views and fewer stairs). Beds are twins which can be pushed together or separated. Those on the top two decks (Mozart and Strauss) are the most desirable, with the former having floor to ceiling windows (224 x 190 cm) which slide open, and the latter having only slightly smaller windows (224 x 160 cm), which also open. Also on the Mozart deck are two suites measuring approximately 22m2 which have a sofa, table and armchair, a bath, minibar and safe. Cabins on the lowest (Haydn) deck have smaller windows (160 x 40 cm) which don’t open. There are no single cabins as such but we are allocating some two-bed cabins for single occupancy. The public areas on the upper deck include the lounge and bar, a library area and a restaurant which can seat everyone at a single sitting. The sun deck has a small heated pool and a tented area for shade.

1. Bed 2. TV 3. Toilet 4. Wash basin 5. Bath-tub 6. Cabinet 7. Telephone 8. Writing desk 9. Window façade 10. Chair 11. Minibar 12. Sofa bed 13. Table 14. Armchair

Cabin, c. 15m2

1. Bed 2. TV 3. Toilet 4. Wash basin 5. Shower 6. Cabinet 7. Telephone 8. Writing desk 9. Window façade 10. Chair

The Package


Haydn Deck (lowest) £2,850 per person sharing a cabin £3,420 for single occupancy Strauss Deck (middle) £3,480 per person sharing a cabin £4,170 for single occupancy Mozart Deck (top) £3,800 per person sharing a cabin £4,560 for single occupancy Suites (Mozart Deck) £4,440 per person sharing a cabin No-flights option. If you do not want one of the festival flights, subtract £180 from these prices. Deposit: £300 per person.

Admission to all nine concerts. A choice of flights from London or Edinburgh. (There is a reduction in the price if you do not wish to use these.) Accommodation for seven nights on board a first-class river cruiser. All meals from dinner on the first day to breakfast on the last. Wine is provided with lunch and dinner. Interval drinks. Afternoon tea or morning coffee on board the ship when it fits in with our itinerary. Travel by coach between airport and ship and to the concert venues when they are beyond walking distance. Lectures by a musicologist and a historian. All tips for crew, restaurant staff and drivers etc., and all state and airport taxes. Practical and historical information and a detailed programme booklet. The assistance of an experienced team of festival staff.

m a rt in r a nda l l t r av e l


w w w. m a r t i n r a n d a l l . c o m

2012 Festivals Martin Randall Travel runs four or five all-inclusive music festivals per year. We provide not only the audience but also the music: artists, venues, programming. Travel, accommodation, meals and lectures are all part of these unique packages. In 2012, as well as the Rhine Valley Music Festival, we will be running the following festivals:

The Danube Music Festival 17–24 August 2012

Nine concerts in palaces, theatres, churches and manor houses with worldclass musicians. Talks by Roderick Swanston on the music and by Tim Blanning on the region’s history. The audience lives aboard a first-class river cruiser. Details available December 2011.

The Divine Office 24–28 September 2012

A celebration of choral music in Oxford college chapels, the centrepiece of which will be the eight Offices of the Hours, sung at the appropriate hours of the day. Performances from the best of Oxford’s choirs together with leading specialist groups including the Tallis Scholars and Stile Antico. Details available now.

Booking Form: The Rhine Valley Music Festival TRAVELLERS’ NAMES. Give your name as you would like it to appear on documents issued to other participants. 1. 2. ADDRESS for correspondence.

Postcode Tel (home)

Tel (work)

Mobile Fax Email Tick if you do NOT want to receive updates on our range of cultural tours and festivals by email. Tick if you do NOT want to receive any more of our brochures.



Tick your preferred option.

Tick your preferred option. Details on pages 4 and 11.

A Festival of Music in Rome 4–10 November 2012

Concerts in some of the most glorious palaces and churches in Rome by some of the world’s leading interpreters of Baroque and Renaissance music. Details available Spring 2012.

HAYDN DECK (lowest) Single occupancy Twin beds (together) Twin beds (separated) STRAUSS DECK (middle) Single occupancy Twin beds (together) Twin beds (separated) MOZART DECK (top) Single occupancy

Option 1: Heathrow to Amsterdam at 12 noon on Thursday 31st May, returning there at 1.05pm on Thursday 7th June. Option 2: Heathrow to Amsterdam at 12 noon on Thursday 31st May, returning there at 6.00pm on Thursday 7th June. Option 3: London City to Amsterdam at 1.05pm on Thursday 31st May, returning there at 5.40pm on Thursday 7th June. Option 4: Edinburgh to Amsterdam (via Heathrow) at 10.20am on Thursday 31st May, returning there at 4.50pm on Thursday 7th June. Option 5: No flights (making your own arrangements for travel to and from the festival).

Twin beds (together) Twin beds (separated) MOZART DECK SUITES

FURTHER INFORMATION OR SPECIAL REQUESTS Please include any dietary requirements.

Twin beds (together) Twin beds (separated)

This festival was devised and planned by Martin Randall and Imke Valentien. The brochure was designed inhouse by Jo Murray. t he r hine va l l e y m u sic f e s t i va l


Te l e p h o n e 0 2 0 8 7 4 2 3 3 5 5

Booking Form: The Rhine Valley Music Festival PASSPORT DETAILS. In block capitals. Essential for airlines and in case of emergency during the festival.

Traveller 1

Traveller 2

Title, Surname First name(s) Date of birth (dd/mm/yy)

Britain’s leading provider of cultural tours At Martin Randall Travel we aim to provide the best planned, best led and altogether the most fulfilling and enjoyable cultural tours available. Within Europe and the Middle East we offer an unsurpassed range of events focusing primarily on art, architecture and music, and also on archaeology, history and gastronomy. MRT has for over two decades led the cultural tours market through incessant innovation and improvement, setting the benchmarks for itinerary planning, operational systems and service standards. There are two kinds of holiday.

Passport number Place of birth Place of issue Nationality

All-inclusive music festivals such as the Rhine Valley began in 1994, since when thy have spread from St Petersburg to Seville and from Newcastle to Naples. The audiences are between forty and three hundred.

Date of issue Date of expiry

NEXT OF KIN or contact in case of emergency.

Small-group tours, all accompanied by an expert lecturer, have 22 participants or fewer. Commencing in 1988, there are now around two hundred a year in nearly forty countries.

Name Address Telephone

Relation to you

PAYMENT EITHER DEPOSIT(S) at £300 per person


OR FULL PAYMENT (due within ten weeks of departure)


We prefer payment by cheque, debit card or bank transfer. We can also accept payment by credit card.

EITHER by cheque. I enclose a cheque made payable to Martin Randall Travel Ltd. Please write the code ‘MY266’ on the back.

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Expiry date

OR BY BANK TRANSFER. Please use your surname and the code ‘MY266’ as a reference and please allow for all bank charges.

Account name: Martin Randall Travel Ltd. Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland, Drummonds, 49 Charing Cross, London SW1A 2DX Account number: 0019 6050 Sort code: 16-00-38 IBAN: GB71 RBOS 1600 3800 1960 50 Swift/BIC: RBOS GB2L

I have read and agree to the Booking Conditions on behalf of all listed on this form. Signature Date

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Voysey House, Barley Mow Passage, London W4 4GF Telephone 020 8742 3355 Fax 020 8742 7766 m a r t i n r a nda l l t r av e l

From Australia and New Zealand you can contact: Martin Randall Marketing. Telephone 1300 55 95 95 From New Zealand +61 7 3377 0141 Fax 07 3377 0142 From Canada you can contact: Telephone 647 382 1644 14 Fax 416 925 2670 From the USA, you can call us toll-free on: 1 800 988 6168

Illustration, front cover: Cologne, lithograph by Samuel Prout 1839. Back cover: ‘Le Concert’, lithograph by Louis-Léopold Boilly (1761–1845).

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Booking Details Making a booking 1. Provisional booking

We recommend that you contact us first to ascertain that your preferred cabin category is still available. You can make a provisional booking which we will hold for one week (longer if necessary) pending receipt of your completed Booking Form and deposit.

2. Definite booking

3. Our confirmation

banks, travel agencies and (in the UK) many retail outlets including the Post Office.

itinerary to avoid the risky area. In the event of cancellation before the festival commenced we would give you a full refund.

Fill in the Booking Form and send it to us with the deposit. It is important that you read the Booking Conditions at this stage, and that you sign the Booking Form. Full payment is required if you are booking within ten weeks of the festival.

Upon receipt of your Booking Form and deposit we send you confirmation of your booking. After this your deposit is non-returnable except in the special circumstances mentioned in the Booking Conditions.

Booking Conditions Please read these. You need to sign your assent to these booking conditions on the booking form. Our promises to you. We aim to be fair, reasonable and sympathetic in all our dealings with clients, and to act always with integrity. We will meet all our legal and regulatory responsibilities, often going beyond the minimum obligations. We aim to provide full and accurate information about our festivals. If there are changes, we will tell you promptly. If something does go wrong, we will try to put it right. Our overriding aim is to ensure that every client is satisfied with our services. All we ask of you. We ask that you read the information we send to you. Specific terms. Our contract with you. From the time we receive your signed booking form and initial payment, a contract exists between you and Martin Randall Travel Ltd. Eligibility. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a booking without necessarily giving a reason. It is essential to be able to cope with the walking and the steps required to get to the concert venues. See ‘Fitness for the Festival’ on page 9. There is no age limit for the festival. Insurance. It is a requirement of booking that you have adequate holiday insurance. Cover for medical treatment, repatriation, loss of property and cancellation charges must be included. Insurance can be obtained from most insurance companies,

Passports and visas. Participants must have passports, valid for at least six months beyond the date of the festival. No visas are required for the countries visited during the festival (The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland) for UK or other EU citizens, or for citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Nationals of other countries should ascertain whether visas are required in their case, and obtain them if they are. If you cancel. If you have to cancel your participation in the festival, there would be a charge which varies according to the period of notice you give. Up to 57 days before departure the deposit only is forfeited. Thereafter a percentage of the total cost will be due: from 56 to 29 days: from 28 to 15 days: from 14 to 3 days: within 48 hours:

40% 60% 80% 100%

We take as the day of cancellation that on which we receive written confirmation of cancellation. If we cancel the festival. We might decide to cancel the festival if at any time up to eight weeks before there were insufficient bookings for it to be viable. We would refund everything you had paid to us. We might also cancel if hostilities, civil unrest, natural disaster or other circumstances amounting to force majeure affect the region. Safety and security. If the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel to places visited on the festival, we would cancel or adjust the

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Consumer protection. This festival is protected by the ATOL scheme because we hold an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. This means that in the unlikely event of our insolvency, the CAA will ensure that you are not stranded abroad and will arrange to refund any money you have paid to us for an advance booking. Bookings which do not include flights are similarly protected by the AITO Trust. The limits of our liabilities. As principal, we accept responsibility for all ingredients of the festival or tour, except those in which the principle of force majeure prevails. Our obligations and responsibilities are also limited where international conventions apply in respect of air, sea or rail carriers, including the Warsaw Convention and its various updates. If we make changes. Circumstances might arise which prevent us from operating the festival exactly as advertised. We would try to devise a satisfactory alternative, but if the change represents a significant loss to the festival we would offer compensation. If you decide to cancel because the alternative we offer is not acceptable we would give a full refund. English Law. These conditions form part of your contract with Martin Randall Travel Ltd and are governed by English law. All proceedings shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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Voysey House, Barley Mow Passage, London, United Kingdom W4 4GF Telephone 020 8742 3355 Fax 020 8742 7766 From Australia and New Zealand you can contact: Martin Randall Marketing, PO Box 537, Toowong, Queensland 4066 Telephone 1300 55 95 95, from New Zealand +61 7 3377 0141 Fax 07 3377 0142, From Canada, you can contact: Telephone 647 382 1644 Fax 416 925 2670 From the USA there is a toll-free telephone number: 1 800 988 6168


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