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“Pithecellobium dulce”, By Rebecca Sage Flax - 9th Grade , Fairview High School



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Volume 24 No. 3

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BOULDER COUNTY KIDS From the Publisher:

Cover Story: Rebecca Sage Flax

Back to school! Wow, the summer can go by fast. We hope you had a great summer break and are excited to get back to school. Best to you all and be in touch, we love it when we hear from you. I am off to Africa soon and will tell you all about it next issue. Jennifer and Indie

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ur cover artist is Rebecca Sage Flax who is in the 9th grade at Fairview High School. She has a brother, Marcus, who is four years older. Her go-to classes in school are art and math and she also studies with Lika at Sunflower Art Studio. Crepes are her favorite food and top pick restaurant is Sushi Zanmai. All-time favorite movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail or anything by Hayao Mizasaki. Top TV show is Gillmore Girls and top music would be Katy Perry and Echosmith. She played the viola in 5th grade. Rebecca plays volleyball and has a cat named Amber. When Rebecca was at Manhattan Middle School she was able work with the set design for Madagascar Junior. She wants to be an engineer when she grows up. Her favorite thing about fall is wearing sweatshirts and fall colors. She also added she has strong opinions about squirrels.


he cover sponsor, Premier Members Credit Union, pays competitive dividends on federally insured savings accounts. Your family can also enjoy low-cost loans and the credit union gives money to the school of your choice at no cost to you. For more information and to find a location near you visit www. or call (303) 657-4558.

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by Jan Nance


ne of my favorite places for a family Christmas is England (Scotland runs a close second). Of course, it is best to plan as far in advance as possible, but not absolutely necessary. The best way to enjoy Christmas is to rent a thatched cottage in the Cotswolds or a small castle in Scotland to really experience the culture and atmosphere of the area. Cottages are so wonderfully warm and cozy! Although I can’t say the same for a castle, they are so much more elegant and regal. Small live trees are available for purchase and you can always

In Britain, it was a custom for tradesmen to collect “Christmas boxes” of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year. This custom is linked to an older British tradition: since they would have to wait on their masters on Christmas Day, the servants of the wealthy were allowed the next day to visit their families. The employers would give each servant a box to take home containing gifts, bonuses, and sometimes leftover food.

Join the Boulder Children’s Chorale! Boulder’s premier choir for young singers CEL EB RATING O UR TH




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bring along your favorite ornaments to decorate with. And you can always find interesting decorations in the local town or village where you stay to enhance the decor. Grocery shopping is amazing—so many things to choose from that are fun and different from the U.S.! For your holiday dinner, turkey is available your local butcher in the village. Decorations and carolers abound, and snow covering the fields and villages is magical! When you are staying in a cottage, there is time for leisurely walks along the public foot paths, sometimes through the woods and the villages, with time to stop for a cup of tea or hot chocolate to warm yourselves up. There are so many places to visit while in the Cotswolds! Cotswolds Wildlife Park, the Corinium Museum, lovely historic houses decorated for

Christmas, open parklands, the Cotswolds Farm Park (usually open before Christmas), the Gloucestershire Warwick Steam Railway and Warwick Castle to name a few. The Knights Village has daily shows and activities such as “Stories with Santa” and “The Winter Birds of Prey” show. You can even book a Christmas lunch in the Castle, or enjoy an illuminated winter’s evening walk through Westonbrit Arboretum which is about one mile long. If you prefer Scotland, there are, of course, cottages to rent instead of a castle. Somewhere in the Highlands would be wonderful—here is lots of hiking and many outdoor activities, plus castles to visit. Another beautiful area to stay would be in Perthshire, just north of Edinburgh. Flights are available nonstop to London from Denver,

or with one stop to either E d i n b u rg h o r G l a s g o w depending on the area you wish to stay. Edinburgh itself is a magical city with its ancient castle hovering above. From Denver, it is a 9-hour nonstop flight to London departing late in the day, so just in time for dinner on the plane and a good nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep. Usually when boarding the plane, families with small children are boarded first. If you are interested in getting through security and back into the country quickly upon your return, Global Entry is available. Currently, there is about a four-month wait for final approval so it pays to plan ahead. You can also sign up for a mobile passport which makes return into the US much easier. Check out www. and put the app on your phone. There is no cost for this. When packing for a trip like this it is always an excellent idea to bring a raincoat, umbrella and boots, just in case of rain or snow. The weather is usually reasonably mild, but I have also been there when it is quite cold. So, pack for all kinds of weather. Boxing Day, December 26, is a national holiday and there are many activities to take part in depending on where you are staying. Most stores are closed but you can book reservations for dinner or lunch at the local pub. Pub food is great and they


are always decorated for Christmas. Whatever you do, the United Kingdom is a magical place at Christmas time whether you go to the Cotswolds, Scotland or one of many other locations across the country.

CareFree Travel has been family owned and operated in Boulder since 1987. Both Jan and her daughter Michelle have travelled the world over. If you are dreaming of a specific destination, they very well have been there. Jan is a specialist in the UK and holds the BritAgent and ScotsMaster from the Britain and Scotland tourist boards and has traveled to the UK at least 50 times. Michelle is a specialist in the Caribbean and Mexico and also does destination weddings. Plan your next vacation with them and strive to make it truly CareFree.


*()0%)1IZWgcb ;ca]b\c[9\Z The Secret Garden

Announcing g the



Stewart Auditorium

presented by

Sugar Plum Tea Party 5V]LTILY [O

Xilinx Retreat Center

The Nutcracker


Niwot HS Auditorium

TICKETS: 303-772-1335

A Midsummer Nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dream (WYPS [O


Niwot HS Auditorium



TYPICAL ENGLISH CHRISTMAS Traditional Christmas dinner features turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables such as carrots, turnips, parsnips, etc. Other types of poultry, roast beef, or ham are also used. For dessert, pumpkin or apple pie, raisin pudding, Christmas pudding, or fruitcake are the staple.

â&#x20AC;˘ Christmas tree, decorated and encircled with presents for the family. â&#x20AC;˘ Holly decorating the living rooms (usually sprigs behind pictures and that sort of thing.) â&#x20AC;˘ Turkey and Christmas pudding (carried in flaming with brandy). â&#x20AC;˘ Mince pies, Christmas cake and brandy butter. â&#x20AC;˘ Crackers (fire crackers you pull open and wear paper hats and tell bad jokes when pulled open). â&#x20AC;˘ Church bells pealing. â&#x20AC;˘ Stockings left out by children on Christmas Eve for filling by Father Christmas. â&#x20AC;˘ Christmas cards stuck into bookshelves, etc. â&#x20AC;˘ Groups of carollers singing round the neighbourhood. â&#x20AC;˘ Playing lots of board and card games. â&#x20AC;˘ Lots of walking, drinking, and eating, etc. Special thanks to Elizabeth and Ian Skeet, Winchester, England

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Kids’ Planet... with Thorne Nature Experience


Drawing by Kara Priest

Photo courtesy of Thorne Nature Experience

by Dr. Oakleigh Thorne, II


once knew a person who used to run training and encounter groups. One of the truths that he taught us was you learn only and always by the willingness to take a risk. He stressed that when you take a risk and it doesn’t work out well, it is not failure…it’s learning! Just because you are not successful when you take a risk, you should never judge yourself as being a failure, but rather embrace all that you have learned in the process and hold your head up high, knowing that you did your best. You increased your own knowledge by direct experience. When children are very young, many are curious and want to explore their surroundings. This can be risky. With proper guidance from their parents, kids can often

Wild Nature Play discover things for themselves. The parent’s role is to make sure their child is not doing something that could cause harm to themselves. Now let’s enter the realm of what we call “wild nature play.” At Thorne Nature Experience, we define wild nature play as “self-directed, intrinsic behavior that is actively engaged in by children during unstructured time in nature that builds upon their sense of wonder.” I point out here that Rachel Carson, the famous author, wrote a whole book entitled A Sense of Wonder in which she stressed the importance of having an adult mentor to lead a child into nature, allowing them to develop

Creating and Sustaining Lifelong Learners | (970) 805-0345 |

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2. PERSONALIZED, ON DEMAND SUPPORT • Unlimited virtual engagement during your school tour and review process

Group Information Sessions

3. STRUCTURED DEBRIEF TO FACILITATE YOUR DECISION • Focused discussions for “transition” years of PreK, 5th and 8th grade • Second in person meeting to determine a “best fit” school for your child and family

• Strategies and tools for navigating open enrollment and school choice

PRICE : $250 per student*

Page 8 • * Separate pricing available for families with multiple children engaging in process

their own sense of wonder under the mentor’s guidance. Thorne feels that wild nature play is supported by teacher/ mentors who are effective in cultivating “cool” experiences through their own enthusiasm and interest in the natural world. By strengthening their connection to nature through living and non-living things in their environment, children will enhance their sense of comfort in nature. Their emotional responses will reinforce that connection. I fondly remember Frank Trevor, my biology teacher at Millbrook School in Millbrook, NY. He would take us outdoors on field trips and his enthusiasm was contagious when he discovered various animals or plants. His excitement certainly transferred to his students. It certainly did to me! Wild nature play certainly has its risks, but the role of the mentor is to make sure that natural hazards are removed or minimized. For example, if children are being allowed to play in a stream, the mentor must be sure that the water level is shallow enough that there is no

danger of a child being swept away by the power of the current. When engaging in wild play, children can unleash their own creativity and imagination. They will be led by their own curiosity and will take risks that will help them overcome physical, mental, and emotional barriers through their own intrinsic problem solving during their play experience. I remember as a little boy, I loved to go outside on a rainy day and play in the mud and make dams to divert the trickle of water. I intrinsically was learning about the physics of water flow. Dr. David Hawkins, the great University of Colorado philosopher who was also interested in early childhood development, called this kind of activity “messing about with science.” I love that concept! After almost 90 years, I think of the many risks that I have taken in my life. Some worked out well, others didn’t. I certainly learned a lot in the process. I’m still learning! Dr. Thorne is founder and honorary president of Thorne Nature Experience (formerly Thorne Ecological Institute) in Boulder. For over 64 years they have helped “connect youth to nature.” For information about their classes for kids and other programs, check or email or call (303) 449-3647, ext. 100.

BOULDER COUNTY KIDS Peanut Butter Players

Peanut Butter Players Celebrates 33 Years of Excellence in Children’s Theatre with


Sept. 22, 29, Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27 Harlequin Center for the Performing Arts, 1376 Miners Drive, Suite 106, Lafayette

Admission $15 includes lunch 11 am Show and Noon Lunch

Call (303) 786-8727 for reservations WWW.PEANUTBUTTERPLAYERS.COM

Experience the Magic! Come delight your family with a day of

happiness! Birthday Parties

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K –8 OPEN HOUSE – October 17 K –1 A DMISSIONS PL AYDATE – November 10


6717 South Boulder Road, Boulder (720) 689-1766 RSVP:

LISTEN TO MUSIC | LEARN ABOUT MUSIC MAKE MUSIC | CREATE MUSIC! You can study music with the Colorado Music Festival and Center for Musical Arts all year long! From private lessons to classes and ensembles, we provide professional music instruction to all ages in downtown Lafayette. Find out about our current offerings at Private Lessons • Ukulele Social Club • Meet The Instruments • Music Together • DalcrozF • Suzuki Instruction • Instrument Rentals • Music Therapy • Theory and Composition • Jazz Ensembles • Broadway Boomers • Rocky Mountain Concert Band

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Domestic Violence Shelter and Advocacy. Open 24 Hours. SPAN provides shelter and advocacy programs to adults, youth, and children experiencing domestic abuse. 835 North Street. Boulder Crisis Line (303) 444-2424



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Find all of your favorite toys, gifts, and more at Grandrabbitâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Three stores to choose from. Free gift wrapping. Special events for children. Check our website for play days! 303-443-0780 - Boulder 303-465-8005 - Broomfield 303-815-1500 - Westminster


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The only BVSD Youth and Family Resource Guide. Find services and activities your family needs. Tutoring, counseling, the arts, childcare, support services, college planning, cooking, birthday parties and more. 720.561.5977

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Banking and savings. For all your banking needs. 5505 Arapahoe, Boulder 303-442-8850

019#%%'26+0)#22.+%#6+105(14(#.. Only 14 Life changing spaces available for the 6th gradeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Apply early! Boulderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only 6th-12th grade independent school


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Advantage Electrolysis of Colorado Sharon Bradford, CE 2995 Baseline Road #302 Boulder

(303) 444-6861 Electrolysis. Fifteen-minute to onehour treatments. Serving Boulder for over 25 years. Free consultation and $15 off your first visit by mentioning Boulder County Kids! Call for appointment. See ad.

Dr. Birchann Paffenbarger 3775 Iris Ave. #3B Boulder

(720) 445-6709 Ages: All. Dr. Birchann Paffenbarger at Boulder Chiropractic specializes in pediatric and prenatal care. Safe and comfortable treatment may help a pregnant woman’s body prepare for birth and help with fetal positioning for an easier pregnancy and delivery. Chiropractic is a gentle and natural treatment that may help children of any age with colic, ear aches, hyperactivity, growing pains, and much more. Call Boulder Chiropractic today! Hours: Call for appointment.

Boulder County Healthy Kids and Adults Boulder/Longmont

(720) 515-1454 medical/pages/healthykidsinitiative.aspx Ages: All. Boulder County Healthy Kids and Adults assists individuals and families get covered by health insurance, access affordable health care and enroll in Food Assistance (SNAP). The team of friendly, bilingual eligibility technicians helps individuals and families enroll in Medicaid, Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) and Food Assistance (formerly known as Food Stamps). Medicaid and CHP+ are free or lowcost public health insurance plans that provide dental, medical, prescription and vision benefits. Healthy Kids and Adults can also connect families to Connect for Health Colorado, a health insurance marketplace where people can shop for health insurance and access tax credits to reduce monthly health insurance premiums. Call or email for more information. Hours: M-F, 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Play to Empowerment Tatum Oman Uhrick, LPC RPT-S Boulder

(720) 470-7244 Ages: 3-13 years old. Offering play therapy and animalassisted therapy (with a hedgehog) for children experiencing a social, behavioral, and/or emotional concern. Encourages self-awareness and acceptance of all feelings, increases coping skills, self-soothing, and self-confidence. Also offering parent support. Fees: $125/hr. Tatum Oman Uhrick is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a registered play therapist supervisor (RPT-S). Please see website for more information or feel free to email or call.

Sherry Lewis, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor 1800 30th Street, Suite 306 Boulder

(303) 915-4421

Strength in Motion 5277 Manhattan Cir, Suite 250 Boulder

(720) 389-8750 Ages: All. Strength in Motion is a group mental health practice that specializes in working with tweens, teens, young adults and adults. We offer a range of services including individual therapy, group

Tired of Shaving, Waxing, and Plucking?

NEW CLIENTS: $15 off if you mention Boulder County Kids! 2995 Baseline Road, Suite 302. • Boulder • 80301

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therapy, mindfulness classes, yoga, dance/movement therapy and acupuncture services. To meet our practitioners, see our current classes and group offerings and learn more about Strength in Motion, please visit our website.

Freedom From Unwanted Hair

of Colorado

Call for your appointment today! Free consultation 303.444.6861 Ages: All. Counseling for individuals, kids, parents and families as well as empowerment classes for kids. We help kids have healthy friendships, feelings and families . Parenting is challenging! I can help you have calm, confident kids and more peace at home. Schedule an initial FREE 30-minute consultation to see how I can help you!

BOULDER COUNTY KIDS ALAYA PRESCHOOL A DIVISION OF NAROPA UNIVERSITY Small intimate groups in a warm, homey environment. Emphasizing creative arts, social play, exploration and self discovery. Located on an acre of beautiful yard and gardens in North Boulder.

Currently holding monthly Parent Information Meetings/ Tours. Please call to make a reservation, and to inquire about our waiting list and current openings in our two- and threeyear-old classrooms.

Ages 2 - 5 • Monday–Friday 8:30 am-3:30 pm 3340 19th Street • Boulder, CO • 303-449-5248

Worried about what to do after school this Fall?

Don’t Worry!

U C h it w l o o h c S o t Back uage, g n a L , h c e e p S r e ld Bou and Hearing Clinic

Check out pages 38 to 41 FOUR PAGES of VERY COOL Programs! Honeydew Melon Cucumber Smoothie A teenager favorite! 1 honeydew melon 1 cup seedless green grapes 1 cucumber peeled and diced 1/4 cup mint leaves Wash and peel the honeydew melon. Remove seeds and dice. Put melon, grapes, cucumber and mint leaves in a blender for one minute. Serve fresh.

For more information, please call 303-492-5375 or e-mail us at

Green Grape Breakfast Smoothie Grapes have a lot of Vitamin C as well as antioxidants. They can add great flavor and your kids will love them! 2 cups of seedless grapes, green or red. 1 banana, frozen or fresh 1/8 cup Italian parsley 1 cup spinach leaves 1/2 cup of low-fat milk or water Wash the spinach and grapes thoroughly. Slice the banana and blend all ingredients to the desired consistency and serve.

Fall 2018 • Page 13

BOULDER COUNTY KIDS HEALTH 22 Famous People Who Succeeded in Spite of a Learning Disability or AD/HD: An Inspirational Pullout to Share with Your Child

By Kimberly Blaker

In the course of childhood and adolescence, school experiences play an important role in the development of self-perceptions and can have powerful and long-term effects on a child’s self-esteem,” say experts Batya Elbaum, Ph.D. and Sharon Vaughn, Ph.D. Individuals with learning disabilities (LD), they point out, are especially vulnerable to low self-concept. . . . and it is clear that students with LD

often experience academic challenges that can drain selfesteem. For children with learning disabilities (LD) or attentiondeficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), the mark of a new school year can be cause for anxiety. Encourage your child by sharing this pullout of famous personalities who’ve succeeded in spite of an LD or AD/HD. Hans Christian Anderson is known around the world for his many fairy tales

A mindful approach to wellness • Individual Therapy • Group Therapy • Mindfulness Classes • Yoga • Dance/Movement • Acupuncture Services Serving tweens, teens, young adults, and adults Visit our website to meet our practitioners, learn more about SIM and see our current classes and group offerings 720.389.8750 | 5277 Manhattan Circle • Suite 250 • Boulder

Page 14 •

including The Ugly Duckling, The Red Shoes, and The Emperor’s New Clothes. He struggled with math because of dyscalculia, (severe difficulty in making arithmetical calculations, as a result of brain disorder), yet had a talent for writing fairy tales that was extraordinaire. Ann Bancroft, an American author, earned national recognition for exploring the Arctic and Antarctic. Regardless of struggles with a learning disability and AD/HD in her youth, she became the first woman to successfully complete these incredible expeditions resulting in several awards including inductee into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Ludwig van Beethoven is one the world’s greatest musicians of all time. It’s believed that he had both AD/ HD and dyslexia. His disabilities didn’t hurt his ability to compose music, however. During his life, he wrote major orchestral pieces, piano sonatas, symphonies, and even an opera. Cher is a highly successful singer and actress. She struggled in school and eventually dropped out because of dyslexia, dyscalculia, and AD/HD, of which she was unaware until the age of 30. Her stardom came from box office hit movies as well as producing several solo albums.

Agatha Christie had a phenomenal writing career. In spite of having dyslexia, she wrote many romance novels under a pseudonym and 66 detective novels under her real name. More than one hundred million of her books have been sold throughout the world in more languages than the works of Shakespeare. Tom Cruise’s outstanding success as an actor has made him one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Today, he is unable to read because of severe dyslexia but successfully memorizes his lines with the assistance of a coach. Some of his numerous box office hits include Rain Man and Mission: Impossible. Charles Darwin is highly regarded for his two books on natural selection, known as the theory of evolution. He was completely disinterested in school as a child, received poor grades, and was often absorbed in his thoughts, and therefore, is suspected to have had AD/HD. His travels around the globe collecting and studying plant and animal species led to his discoveries. Thomas Edison is perhaps the most famous inventor of all time. When he was young, his curiosity and practical jokes frequently got him into trouble. Today, he would likely be diagnosed with AD/ HD. His many inventions

BOULDER COUNTY KIDS HEALTH included a telephone, the phonograph, an alkaline battery, and the light bulb, with over 1,000 patents for inventions in all. Albert Einstein was a mathematical genius. He didn’t learn to talk until he was three, and struggled with dysgraphia, dyslexia, and word-finding. He won the Nobel Prize for his quantum theory and is most renowned for his theory of relativity. As a humanitarian, he also worked toward justice and peace. Danny Glover is a boxoffice success. He was unable to read or write when he graduated from high school because of dyslexia, which went unrecognized until into his adult life. Lethal Weapon and The Color Purple are a couple of major hits in which he starred. He also has received an honorary doctorate from San Francisco State University. Tracy Gold is known to many as Carol Seaver from the television series Growing Pains. She struggled in school with attention problems and processing information and was eventually diagnosed with AD/HD. In 1995, she was awarded the part of a woman with AD/HD in the movie Sleep, Baby, Sleep. Whoopie Goldberg became in instant star when she debuted in The Color Purple. Her high energy, stemming from AD/HD, led her to begin performing on stage at the age of 8. She has won the Golden Globe for best actress and was even nominated for an Oscar. She lives by her advice: “No matter what you do…just give it your best shot!” Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s awesome talent helped the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team to win five championships. His difficulties with reading and AD/HD didn’t keep him from

making a name for himself. He won seven Most Valuable Player awards during his career, among many other achievements. Greg Louganis is considered by many “the greatest diver of all time.” He struggled with reading in school and was unaware he had dyslexia until college. He has achieved several Olympic gold medals, 47 national championship titles, and numerous other recognitions, including that of five-time world champion. Wo l f g a n g A m a d e u s Mozart is one of the greatest composers of all time. His single-mindedness is likely to have been caused by AD/ HD. He composed numerous symphonies including operas, piano concertos, violin sonatas, string quartets, and symphonies totaling over 600 works. Isaac Newton became a famous mathematician and natural philosopher. As a boy, he daydreamed and did poorly on his schoolwork, but his single-mindedness soared him to the top of his class when he strove to academically surpass the school bully. He is most remembered for his work in the area of gravitation. Louis Pasteur is known as one of the world’s greatest scientists. Regardless of having dysgraphia and dyslexia, he made important contributions by discovering how germs cause disease as well as discovering vaccines. A center for the study of disease was founded in his name, called the Pasteur Institute. Charles Schwab founded Charles Schwab & Company, a discount brokerage that is now the leader in online trading. He has dyslexia and still finds reading unbearable but has excelled through the assistance of computers and dictation. He and his wife, Helen, founded The Schwab

Foundation for Learning to educate teachers and parents on how to help children with learning difficulties. Mark Twain is perhaps America’s best-known satirist. As a boy, his adventurous ways that are believed to have been caused by AD/ HD, frequently got him into trouble and even danger. His way with words led him into journalism eventually authoring the American classics, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Werner Von Braun developed the Saturn rocket and pioneered the space shuttle concept. He struggled in math and, having AD/HD, often daydreamed in class of someday flying to other planets. His daydreams came close to reality when he later became a rocket engineer. He led the team that sent the first U.S. artificial satellite into orbit. G e o r g e Wa s h i n g t o n is known as “the Father of Our Country” because of his strong character and leadership qualities. He always struggled with spelling and his use of grammar. However, it didn’t keep him from leading the Continental Army in the American Revolution—or from becoming the first president of the United States. Robin Williams was one of America’s best-loved comedian-actors. His hyperactivity, resulting from AD/ HD, worked to his advantage leading to parts in 27 movies during the 1990s alone. Mrs. Doubtfire and Jumanji are a couple of his major hits. Kimberly Blaker is the author of A Kid’s STEM Book, Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery? containing fun experiments to help kids understand the scientific method and develop critical thinking skills.

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Taylor’s Blog Play Matters by Taylor Cannon


hile I was visiting my parents over the holidays, my dad handed me a thick manila envelope with my name and birthdate written on it. It was my special education file from my time in elementary, middle and high school. My former school district contacted my parents back in September to notify them that, as protocol dictates, at

BIRTHDAYS ARE IMPORTANT! Check out pages 36 to 37 for some great party ideas! Page 16 •

the ten year anniversary of my graduation from high school, they were preparing to discard the files from my academic career. Mom and dad thought I might have something to gain from looking over the notes from my teachers and counselors about my struggles and progress, so they requested that the district mail them the folder. Personally, I was intrigued and hoped to unearth some wisdom and perspective on my childhood. Nearly all of my memories from school are unhappy ones; I clearly recollect resisting going to school at all costs because of how inadequate I felt there. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me or what I was supposed to do to improve my situation- as far as I could tell, no matter how hard I tried, my teachers seemed to believe I wasn’t putting enough effort into my

work. Looking back at the notes they were taking, I see the same comments repeated again and again: “Taylor struggles with math, despite being very bright.” By the time I reached sixth grade, the most commonly recorded statements had evolved to, “Taylor has increasing anxiety about math.” These notes brought tears to my eyes. I’d been relegated to the Special Education room for math classes when my Connecticut Mastery Test scores did not meet the expected levels of proficiency in my third grade year. I’d ultimately received a diagnosis of ADHD, and was separated from the rest of the kids in my class to learn arithmetic. So, of course I’d developed anxieties about doing math; not only was math difficult for me to understand, but I was also constantly faced with frustrated and disappointed teachers each time I entered the math classroom. I’d quickly realized that my efforts were going unrecognized, and even if I tried my very hardest, the best I could hope for was getting close to the level that the other kids seemed to be reaching with grace and ease. All this, of course, was in a public school system in the 1990s, before anyone was talking about “growth mindset” in schools, which encourages kids to think about the fact that their brains can make new connections and grow new neurons

BOULDER COUNTY KIDS HEALTH It’s hypothesized that more than 50% of cases of ADHD in girls are missed, largely because they don’t always exhibit the same behavioral issues as the boys. *Source: Caralee

Adams, Girls & ADD, EJ792934. 2007.

through effort. Although I had very caring, present parents who consistently advocated on my behalf, I was still receiving messages from my teachers and my peers that I just wasn’t good at mathematics. It never dawned on me that I could get better through effort. I was just trying to grit my teeth and get through to twelfth grade when I’d never have to take another math class again. I’ll always be deeply grateful to my parents for their advocacy on my behalf, but it wasn’t enough to protect me from the perception that no matter how hard I tried, I might never meet “proficiency.” And one of the greatest tragedies of suffering from a learning difference is that symptoms tend to look a lot like laziness or unintelligence. I don’t mean to advocate a total disregard for personal r e s p o n s i b i l i t y, b e c a u s e obviously the possibility that a child is simply unwilling to expel the required amount of effort to complete the task correctly always does exist. But much good can come from parents and teachers adopting an assumption of goodwill towards the child.

If we start interacting with these kids from a place of trust, the chances that they’ll pick up on that trust and push themselves to live up to it are good. And if it turns out that they are in fact trying their hardest and are simply unable to understand ideas in the same ways as their peers, we will have deftly avoided the destruction of their selfesteem. Today, I’m also armed with the knowledge that ADHD does tend to manifest differently in girls than the more common symptoms it’s associated with in boys. It’s hypothesized that more than 50% of cases of ADHD in girls are missed, largely because they don’t always exhibit the same behavioral issues as the boys.* Girls even tend to adhere to a different symptomatic time line, and problems may not become noticeable until well into teenage years. While boys with ADHD may be hyperactive and disobedient, girls are often rule-followers with daydreaming problems. They’re more likely to interrupt their parents’ and friends’ conversations regularly, and as they get older, they’re at a higher risk for depression and suicide. As a kid, I was deeply insecure and anxious about my abilities and terribly frustrated that even the most well-meaning adults didn’t seem to understand the problems I was encountering. I didn’t have any role models who had suffered through similar adversity, so I didn’t know that the possibility existed for me to overcome my problems. But I so wish I could show some of today’s ample resources for dealing with learning differences to the 10-year-old version of myself. For example, Understood .org is a wonderful online community of parents,

physicians and psychologists that focuses on enabling kids to thrive with learning differences. The platform facilitates conversation and connections between professionals and families navigating the challenges of learning differences, from the stage of diagnosis onward. They offer a tool called Through Your Child’s Eyes that allows parents and loved ones to simulate the experience of going through life with a learning difference. I also firmly believe that if I’d been taught to adopt a “growth mindset,” or a belief in my own capacity to grow and change and overcome any obstacles in my way, I might have had more academic drive as a child. Carole Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, writes, “Too often nowadays, praise is given to students who are putting forth effort, but not learning, in order to make them feel good in the moment: ‘Great effort! You tried your best!’ It’s good that the students tried, but it’s not good that they’re not learning.” I couldn’t agree more. Each time I was lauded for trying hard, my frustration only increased exponentially. How can I feel satisfied by simply trying if I still wasn’t able to understand the material?!

I’m so heartened by the myriad options available to educators and families of students with learning disabilities today. If you think your child might be experiencing some of these problems, there are abundant experts ready and willing to discuss his or her issues with you online or in person. But don’t be afraid to discuss learning concerns with your child. Be honest and open with him or her about your worries, but listen to their perspective with respect and reverence. Chances are good that they want to succeed— but they may need a bit of help finding out just how their mind works in order to do so.

Taylor Cannon writes a blog for Grandrabbits Toy Shoppes. This piece was originally posted on G r a n d r a b b i t ’s To y S h o p p e ’s b l o g , P l a y M a t t e r s ( w w w. Play Matters is an outlet for Grandrabbit’s to further its mission of nurturing the hearts, minds and bodies of children. The blog aims to cultivate a thoughtful community in which to discuss ideas and perspectives with the goal of bringing up healthy, happy, confident and engaged kids.

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BOULDER COUNTY KIDS HEALTH A GREAT WAY TO RAMP UP COLLEGE SAVINGS gle year without the money being subject to the federal gift tax. Some restrictions may apply.


by Steve Carr

f you want to have enough money for your child to attend college, you should be pursuing a confident means to save. If you think you can’t afford it, a 529 Savings Plan will help you because it is one of the easiest ways to save money for college expenses. You’ll enjoy tax advantages, flexibility, simplicity, and safety.


A 529 Savings Plan is an education savings plan with tax advantages. Qualified educational expenses include tuition, books, supplies, computer, and internet access when the student attends


most U.S. accredited colleges and universities, vocational/ technical schools, as well as other eligible schools.


Every dollar a Colorado resident contributes to a Colorado 529 Saving Plan can be deducted from their Colorado state income tax return. Earnings grow tax-

AT THE START so its still fun at the finish...

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Provides a safe, loving, environment where children learn through an intentional play based curriculum.

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51 YE ating in Bo ARS ulde r!

303-494-3557 355 Ponca Place | Boulder Page 18 •

free, so every dollar you save for college can work harder for you. Qualified withdrawals used for higher education expenses are tax-free on your federal and state tax returns.


Any U.S. resident with a legal street address and a Social Security Number or Tax ID who is 18 years or older is eligible to open and contribute to their 529 Savings Plan. There are no income restrictions.


Anyone may open their own 529 Savings Plan account to contribute to a child’s education. The Account Owner maintains ownership and control of their account at all times, including investment options and distributions. In addition, anyone can also contribute to an existing 529 Savings Plan Account. In this case, however, they do not have account control over the investment decisions and distributions.


Family members may contribute/gift up to $75,000 ($150,000 per married couple) per beneficiary in a sin-

Wi t h d r a w a l s / d i s t r i b u tions from a 529 Saving Plan Account can be made for any reason at any time. However, if the funds are not used for “qualified higher education expenses”, earnings are subject to a 10% federal tax penalty and federal income taxes, as well as possible state or local taxes. Note: If the 529 Savings Plan beneficiaries receive a scholarship or attend a U.S. military academy, the scholarship amount can be withdrawn from the 529 Savings Plan Account without a federal tax penalty. Unfortunately, the earnings are subject to applicable taxes.


While typical savings accounts don’t earn much these days, the tax advantages of a 529 Savings Plan provide an excellent opportunity for your savings dollars to add up—yet still provide flexibility, simplicity, and safety. Steve Carr is the Business Development Consultant at Premier Members Credit Union (PMCU). PMCU is a local, not-for-profit financial cooperative that has helped consumers save on their financial services since 1959. Visit to learn how you can save money on your loans, which in turn gives donations to the school of your choice or PEN (Parent Engagement Network). Contact Steve Carr at (303) 6577558 or

BOULDER COUNTY KIDS HEALTH Drawing by Fritz Scholder


Romona Scholder, M.A., RNCS Psychotherapist


I just learned that vitamin D3 is really a hormone. So do all hormones affect your moods? Signed moody.


There is much discussion in the literature over whether Vitamin D3 is a hormone or not; or whether it is converted by the body into a hormone like substance or just simply a vitamin necessary for good health. The real question seems to be whether there is a connection between Vitamin D3 deficiency and mood disorders such as depression. While the answer is not definite, there is enough evidence to warrant keeping tabs on Vitamin D3 levels every year at the time of your annual physical. Low levels of Vitamin D3 make you more susceptible to everything from cancer to osteoporosis as well as the multiple forms of depression. Most of us don’t get enough D3 from exposure to the sun because of sunscreen and our fear of sun damage and skin cancer. Talk to your health care professional about dosage because some practitioners are prescribing mega doses with inflated claims of dramatic cures. Always be wary of unbelievable prom-

ises as they are usually just that, unbelievable. I’m always amazed by our constant search for easy solutions and explanations for why we feel depressed. I’ve seen people go to clinics where they are injected with hallucinogenic drugs or strapped with electronic stimulators to their temples to try to break through the fog of depression. I know that I must sound like a broken record but the proven answer and also the hardest to fulfill is exercise. “Walk an hour every morning for mood enhancement.” It sounds easier than it is, of course. It’s counterintuitive to go for a long vigorous walk when all you want to do is stay in bed with the covers over your head. But do what you have to do: bribe your friends, cajole your kids, plead with your husband to walk with you. Get out there and walk, don’t stroll, walk and you will feel better.


Boulder has become an expensive place to live and I am finding that there is more and more stress trying to make ends meet here. I really love my kids’ schools, teachers, and friends as well as the beauty of this place but wondering if the stress is worth it? Signed frustrated.


Some stress in life is inevitable and even good. Remember the saying, “Birds fly due to the resistance of air.” We need to push against something to become stronger. But while that’s true, you have to decide how much stress you and

your family are willing to bear. Because of the present political climate, everyone’s stress level has ratcheted up. People are complaining of feelings of loss of safety and security. The world around them no longer reflects their principles of compassion and justice. For this reason, finding yourself in an environment that reflects your belief system may be worth the extra stress necessary for you to remain there. Being surrounded by beauty and good friends is no small thing and I feel it’s worth what you have to do to keep it in your life. We need to hold on to what is good and life affirming when we find it. If you do decide to stay, take a good hard look at your budget and think creatively. This is a battle worth fighting.


I recently met a man who was in prison for 15 years. He thought that circumstances like prison can lead to becoming bipolar. Is that possible? I thought you were born with it. Signed curious.


Do you remember back in the 1970s, one of the reasons cited for not taking LSD was that latent Schizophrenia could be and indeed was, triggered. LSD didn’t make you schizophrenic but if you had a hidden propensity, it could bring it out. I think it’s the same thing with incarceration and bipolar disorder (BPD). Of course there’s lots of argument about this as there always is with issues of cause and effect. But stress is a leading BPD trigger and

years of incarceration is certainly a stressor. I once met a woman who was involved with the mental health of men in prison and I asked her what was the biggest psychiatric problem she dealt with on a day-to-day basis. She said the problem was men who had not been treated for their major psychiatric problems before they ended up in prison. This seems to be another connection between prison and BPD. The psychiatric disorder wasn’t diagnosed until they reached prison. The culture of prison brings out latent mental illness because of the extreme stress. It would also trigger the episodes of mania and depression typical with BPD, again because of the stress. Uncontrolled and untreated BPD often leads to rapid cycling, with the patient going from depression to mania and back again, in a very short time. BPD can also have psychotic features, meaning that the person loses touch with reality. Whether incarceration can cause or simply release a latent mental illness is interesting academically, but in the real world of prison, it’s probably secondary to the reality of coping with BPD.


Romona Please email

and we will answer your questions.

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BOULDER COUNTY KIDS HEALTH Taking The Time to BreathE and Connect

by Jessica Dancingheart


t a recent appointment, a client of mine, a l e a d t e a c h e r, w h o actively manages a room of 25-30 children with a huge spectrum of abilities and needs, asked me for advice. At the beginning of our session she was a little flustered. She gave me a description of the situation that was frustrating her, filling in details of those dynamics that were challenging her. She clearly

articulated her challenges and an end goal, and asked what she should do. Misreading her cue and not being totally in-tune with her emotionally, I lapsed into my “fix it” mode. I eagerly offered my “sage” tools and skills. The more I answered her

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questions, the more anxious and disconnected she became. As the disconnection grew, I had to stop myself and “take a breath.” After I did, I had an “aha” moment. Of course, we were talking at each other, even though we were dialoguing. I remembered the many times I was bombarded with advice, judgments, assessments, as I opened up and shared a frustration or pain. I thought in those moments that I wanted help or advice or an ally that would side with me. But really, what I needed was to have someone connect with me and trust me to figure it out. The other part of the “aha” was being reminded of the times I was with children who were sharing their angst. The more I slipped into the role of “facilitator,” “teacher,” “advice giver,” “interrogator,” or “corrector” of their thinking and behavior, the more they shut down. Conversely, the more I respectfully listened to them, the calmer and more open they became. And from that calm and openness, they eventually came to their own solutions or organically began to brainstorm a path forward. I chuckled inside after the

“aha” moment. There was a rich irony in my reaction. I was “teaching” my client about how she could get more cooperation and have increased trust and peace in her classroom. I was telling her to begin by connecting to the kids whose behaviors led to angst, instead of fixing or correcting them. In particular, I was telling her to take the time to help them come back to the moment and understand their needs. In my eagerness to be “helpful,” I did not heed my own advice of creating a connection. So, I stopped and applied the tools and skills I was telling her to use. The tools I was suggesting were of regulating the nervous system by breathing and becoming aware of the present moment, relating by creating mutual understanding and respect, and then reasoning. I regulated and related with her by continuing to take deep breaths and becoming aware of myself and my surroundings. At that moment, I recognized that if I were in an agitated state, I would only add to the discomfort. Consequently, I began to pay attention to the temperature of my hands and toes. Then, I noticed the sounds, smells, textures, colors and shapes around me. Once I was more present, I invited her to do what I had just done. As she and I had experience with the breathing and awareness exercises I used for myself, I asked her if she would be okay with us breathing deeply together and then naming sounds and objects

in my office. She obliged. And, as we both breathed, I noticed that we both were becoming more settled and calm. I then began to listen more deeply to what she said, and reflected back her needs, so we could be attuned to one another. We identified her needs. They were for safety, peace, effectiveness,a sense of respect, belonging and appreciation amongst her classroom community members, and contribution to the healthy development of the children to whom she chose to lovingly devote her professional life. No sooner than we got connected, she began to arrive at her own solutions. Some of the solutions she came up with included things I told her. Others were derived from her abilities, strengths, knowledge, experience and tool kit. The solutions that arose were ones that she could own and follow up on,

BOULDER COUNTY KIDS HEALTH whereas the ones I offered were not hers to own and imagine implementing. As we debriefed the process, it became clear that before we took the time to be connected, she could not take in the advice I offered. In fact, she said she did not remember most of it. This made total sense based on my own personal and professional experience. I remember plenty of times when I was off-kilter, when people would tell me things, and I did not remember what they said. I was more focused on what was going on in my head that was bothering me. I was not open to hearing them out. I also have experienced telling people something that did not register with them. In the debrief, we realized the experience became the teacher. And, the concept of connecting before connecting or advising or fixing went from being abstract to real.

It is culturally common to want to fix things for people when they are in pain. There is a price for doing so before we are emotionally attuned to ourselves and them. We are likely to not be heard, until we are connected. We begin to close the door for mutual understanding, respect, trust and peace. We take away the dignity of the person we are giving advice to or are trying to fix. Inadvertently, we send them the message that they canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t handle what is going on, including asking for help if they truly need it once they are calm. Lastly, we miss the opportunity to open up to other possible solutions that will more likely be followed through on as they belong to the person(s) who arrives at them. I would like to suggest that the next time you find yourself with somebody who is flustered, angry, upset or otherwise off-kilter, to stop.

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t try to fix or take away the emotions. Instead, deeply breathe; notice your body and surroundings; connect to your own and/or their needs; and then, open yourself up to whatever solutions arise. Solutions that arise from connection are usually ones that are most creative, effective and followed up on, because they are internally motivated and come from a place of peace, calm, trust and respect. If you choose to follow the suggestion, please email me or call me and tell me how it went. Jessica Dancingheart is a personal and organizational consultant working to build healthier and stronger relationships at work, at home, and in your communities. Check out www. or call (303) 589-8420 or email at for more information.

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News about Town... R E A D


unflower Farm is re-opening! In 2003, the 54-acre working farm and the home to the Roberts-Frisch family was opened to the public as a c h i l d r e n ’s E d u c a t i o n a l / Demonstration Farm and a peaceful, rural setting for families to gather. Since May, 2015, in effort to partner with Boulder County, the Farm has been undergoing major reorganization. This involved commercial permitting, new public rest rooms, handicap walkways, and other major renovations. Check out www. for more information and check our calendar of events for open house dates.



non-auditioned community choir). 3. Longmont Concert Band 4. L ong mont T he at r e Company (produces 7-9 live theatre productions and a children’s theatre camp for ages 5-18, now located at 513 Main Street in a former movie theatre). 5. L o n g m o n t Yo u t h Symphony (includes the symphony orchest ra, Longmont Youth Strings and a wind ensemble). 6. Long’s Peak Chorus, (an all male a cappella ensemble) 7. Centennial State Ballet (formerly Longmont Dance Theatre). There is some discussion with Longmont City Council about co-locating the new performing arts center with a new convention center. One location discussed is near Main Street and First Avenue. A feasibility study will be completed in the next year to determine interest and needs of the community. To lend your support to the effort by writing Mayor Bagley and/or your city council representative. Go to press and click on the “Dear City Council” link for more information.


Photo by Susie van der Vorst

even Nonprofits in Longmont have banded together and formed a Longmont Performing Arts Initiative to explore the design and building of a new performing arts complex in lower downtown Longmont. You can get updates from this initiative by signing up at www.longmontperforms. org. The seven nonprofits included in the initiative so far are: 1. Longmont Symphony Orchestra. 2. Longmont Chorale (a


he learning and attention issues community is mourning the death of Diana Hanbury King, a pioneer and champion in the field of dyslexia. She was one of the most influential Orton–

Page 22 •

I T !

Gillingham practitioners in history. King died in her home on June 15. She was 90. Throughout her career, King was dedicated to teaching and working with struggling learners. She trained and mentored many educators, and authored over a dozen books and teaching tools. In 2013, King received the Margaret Byrd Rawson Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2016, she was given the National Teachers Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award.

presented scholarships to 12 youth which included two of the long-term scholarships. Over the past 10 years, RFCBC has distributed over $150,000 in scholarship value to area youth. It also operates a transitional living program to young adults who have aged out of the foster care system and who are working or attending school. Starting in October, applications will be available online at


ince founding as a nonprofit in 2011, Art Parts has diverted more than 38 tons of reusable goods from our local landfill. And while that’s good news for our local Zero Waste goals, “Art Parts isn’t just about keeping stuff out of the landfill,” said executive director, Denise Perreault. “Our mission is to inspire and promote creativity, resource conservation, and community engagement through reuse. I think we accomplish that in our fun, friendly shop and art gallery, where our staff loves helping makers of all stripes with their art, craft, and DIY projects.” Art Parts is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, and Thursdays, from noon to 7 pm, located at 2860 Bluff Street in Boulder. For more information, check out www.

esearch shows that as few as 11 percent of former foster care children will attend college and from that number, approximately 5 percent will graduate. Realities for Children Boulder County (RFCBC) is helping local youth to beat these odds by providing scholarships to area universities and vocational schools. Each year, the nonprofit organization awards its Triumph Scholarships, ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 each, to students who have overcome significant adversity. In addition, two four-year undergraduate degree scholarships to the University of Colorado are given thanks to support of corporate sponsors and the CU Guardians Scholars Program. Earlier this year, RFCBC



Longmont is the place for the annual Boulder County Fair! Check for more information and a complete list of upcoming events.


Pueblo’s annual state fair is a great family event with carnival deals and discounts. Check their website for more information at


Seeing the aspens change color is an annual Colorado event. Celebrate the season in Gunnison and Crested Butte, where the state’s largest aspen stand (along Kebler Pass) puts out a riot of color in September. Self-guided tours, farmers’ markets, art walks, a harvest festival, mountain-bike tour and more make the month especially merry.


Boulder’s autumn fest lines up music performances, a beer garden, local food vendors, a children’s carnival and more along the city’s beloved and bustling Pearl Street Mall. Check for more information.


Colorado’s Western Slope town of Paonia covers all the festival bases at their annual celebration of harvest with live concerts, farmers’ markets, beer and wine tasting, a chili cook-off, arts and crafts, and farm tours. The bounty from locally owned orchards, ranches and farms brings in revelers from all over surrounding Delta County. Check for more information.


This event is your best chance to taste of the pride of Pueblo — a special, intensely flavorful variety of green chile. Served smoking on a stick, chopped and tucked into a quesadilla or sprinkled in salsa, it’s the star of this show. Cooking competitions, live music, dancing, arts and crafts, and a farmers’ market round out the festivities. Check out for more information.


Oktoberfests around the world are largely about beer, but downtown Denver’s autumn celebration turns out to be fun for the whole family with a dachshund derby that has to be seen to be believed, costume contests, food booths, polka dancing and live music. Check out for more information.


The beautifully haunting bugle of a bull elk is unmistakable, and every October spectators head to Estes Park to experience the phenomenon. The elk gather there, at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, to show off for their ladies during the start of the rutting (breeding) season. At Elk Fest, you can learn about these beasts’ behavior, observe them in their natural habitat, participate in a bugling contest and see performances by Native Americans. Check out for more information.


Driving into the small town of Cedaredge on Colorado’s Grand Mesa, you’ll pass row after heavenly row of trees bursting with shiny red and green apples beckoning you to sink your teeth in. At Applefest, more than 150 vendors share the area’s agricultural wealth with visitors, who can also check out a classic car and antique tractor show, bands and much more. Check out for more information.


Already famous for film, Telluride is also embracing the spooky fun of October with this seventh-annual horror, fantasy and sci-fi film fest in the town’s historic Sheridan Opera House. Check out for more information.


Glenwood Springs’ historical society leads tours through its oldest cemetery to hear ghost stories (and maybe encounter!) the town’s pioneers and old-timer characters. Bring a flashlight or lantern ... or risk being left in the dark! Check online at www. or call (970) 945-4448 for more information. Tickets on sale October 1st.


Many Colorado farms offer opportunities in the fall to pick your own cherries, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, melons, beets, squash, cucumbers and more. The most popular thing to pick by far this time of year is your own pumpkin. Farms across the state invite visitors to stroll rows of pumpkins searching for the perfect jack-o-lantern candidate. Many of them also offer corn mazes, hayrides, petting zoos, bobbing for apples and other hallmark activities of the season. Check out CO.htm for a list of Colorado locations.

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Cooking with Kids Ideas

When children get hands-on with their food, some pretty magical things can happen…


hen my daughter (who’s 15 years old now) was in elementary school, she’d often have friends over for dinner. One of my favorite things to make for the kids was a Brussels sprouts recipe and more often than not, her friends would go home and request Brussels sprouts from their parents. No, this wasn’t some secret spell that I cast—it all went back to getting the kids involved in cooking. The recipe requires cutting off the bottom of the core of each Brussels sprout and removing the leaves, which admittedly, is a pretty time-consuming process. With a couple of small helpers though, we’d have a heaping bowl of leaves in no time. Then, they’d pitch in by stirring as the leaves slowly caramelized in the skillet, sprinkling on spices, and squirting some lemon juice on top. Without question, they were always more than happy to eat their greens when dinner was served. Here are some of our favorite recipes to help you get started with kid-friendly cooking sessions (or if the kids are a little older, recipes to let them cook for you!).

from Savory Spice

cheese, BBQ chicken, remaining 1/4 cup cheese, and top with another tortilla. Heat oil in a small pan over medium heat and carefully place assembled quesadilla in pan. Cook for about 2 min. or until bottom tortilla is golden brown. Flip over and cook for an additional 2 minutes. Remove from pan, slice into 4 pieces, and enjoy. Serving Suggestions: Top with Black Bean & Corn Salsa, sour cream, and/or cilantro. Yields 6 servings. Thanks to Savory Spice Test Kitchen.

RECIPE: EASY BAKED CHICKEN FINGERS This kid-friendly dish is delicious enough for adults, too. Ingredients: For chicken fingers:

RECIPE: BBQ CHICKEN QUESADILLAS Incredibly yummy quesadilla that you can make in minutes! Ingredients: For BBQ chicken: 2 cups cooked shredded chicken 1/2 cup Savory Spice’s Midwestern Sweet BBQ Sauce For each quesadilla: 2 fajita-size flour tortillas 1/2 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese, divided 1/4 cup (heaping) BBQ chicken 1 Tbsp. oil Directions: Fold together shredded chicken and Midwestern Sweet BBQ Sauce until chicken is well coated. Assemble each quesadilla by layering a tortilla with 1/4 cup Monterey Jack

Page 24 •

2 large chicken breasts (about 1 lb. total)* 1/2 cup buttermilk 1 Tbsp. Savory Spice’s Pyramid Peak Lemon Pepper 1/2 to 1 cup Panko bread crumbs 1 Tbsp. unsalted butter, melted 1/4 tsp. Savory Spice’s California Paprika For dipping sauce: 1/2 cup 2 Tbsp. 1 tsp. 2 tsp.

mayonnaise buttermilk Dijon mustard Savory Spice’s Pyramid Peak Lemon Pepper

Notes *If your chicken breasts are smaller than 1 lb., use closer to 1/2 cup bread crumbs and if they are larger, use closer to 1 cup. It’s better to have too many bread crumbs than too few! Directions: For chicken fingers: Slice chicken breasts into 3-inch strips. Place strips in a zip top storage bag and add buttermilk and Pyramid Peak Lemon Pepper. Seal and toss to coat chicken. Refrigerate for at least an hour and up to overnight. Preheat oven to 350º. In a baking dish, mix bread crumbs with

BOULDER COUNTY KIDS melted butter and paprika. Place in oven for 5 to 7 min. or until just starting to brown. Remove from oven and transfer to a wide bowl or plate; reserve baking dish and keep oven at 350º. Remove chicken strips from marinade and press into seasoned bread crumbs to generously coat. Lay coated strips back in the reserved baking dish. Bake for 7 minutes, flip and bake for 7 more minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Serve warm. For dipping sauce: While chicken bakes, mix all sauce ingredients together. Serve along side the warm chicken fingers. Yields 4 servings. Thanks to the Savory Spice Test Kitchen.

tomatoes and pasta night will be on in no time...Or opt for make-your-own pizzas with a toppings bar for everyone to customize their pie. Italy called. They want their sauce back. Spice ‘n Easy was created to make homemade meals quicker and easier without sacrificing quality and flavor. Each Spice ‘n Easy recipe has been handcrafted to offer the perfect blend of spices in every bite. Each packet includes the pre-measured spices needed to make a quick, simple and tasty recipe. This 2 oz package makes 6 servings of sauce. This mix is a perfect pantry staple to keep on hand for weeknight dinners. Simply simmer with diced tomatoes for an herby, flavorful sauce. Ingredients: 1 28-oz can petite diced tomatoes 1 package Savory Spice’s Spice ‘n Easy Rustic Red Sauce Simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. Use as a sauce for pasta, pizza, or breaded chicken. Garnish with fresh chopped herbs and grated Parmesan.

RECIPE: FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE Hot chocolate mix is no longer a seasonal commodity with this creamy, refreshing, and simply brilliant summer-time treat. Ingredients: 1/2 cup whole or 2% milk 1 heaping cup ice cubes 1 cup vanilla ice cream 1 packet choice of hot chocolate: Classic Hot Chocolate Canela Hot Chocolate Notes: There are 2 (1.5 oz.) packets of hot chocolate mix in each box of Savory hot chocolate. Recipe easily doubles to make 2 large or 4 small servings. Directions: In a blender, combine milk and ice, and blend just until ice is crushed. Add hot chocolate mix and ice cream. Blend until ice cream is combined into a milkshake consistency. Serving Suggestions: Top with whipped cream or mini marshmallows, of course! Yields 1 large or 2 small servings. Thanks to Stephanie Bullen, Savory Spice franchising team.

RECIPE: RUSTIC RED SAUCE Savory Spice’s line of Spice ‘n Easy products includes the pre-measured spices needed to make a quick, simple and tasty recipe. This makes it quicker and easier to create fresh, flavorful homemade meals in no time. For this classic red sauce, your little Italian chef just needs to add the spice mix to canned

RECIPE: VANILLA BEAN SNOW CONES An easy hot-weather treat with sweet orange and vanilla flavors. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups 1/2 cup 2 Tbsp. 1/4 cup 2 1/2 lbs.

water sugar Savory Spice’s Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste orange juice crushed ice

Directions: Boil water and sugar over medium high heat in sauce pan, then reduce heat for 3 to 4 min., allowing to thicken. Remove from heat, stir in vanilla and orange juice. Chill for 2 to 3 hours. Place 3 to 4 cups crushed ice in a food processor and pulse until ice is finely shaved (snow-like appearance). Place shaved ice in cone or bowl and top with syrup. Serve immediately. Yields 4 to 6 snow cones. Thanks to Mike Johnston, Savory Spice founder. Molly Martin is the marketing manager for Savory Spice, a Denver, Colorado-based company that specializes in fresh, flavorful spices, simple meal solutions, and tasty products to help customers live life fully. Savory Spice has 7 Colorado locations including Boulder and online ordering is available through

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SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS Children and Young Adult Writers in Colorado Note: This is a list from the Colordao Author’s League. There are many more children’s book writers in Colorado than this, but they are members of this particular writer’s guild.

Readers Favorite Award Mom’s Choice Gold Award The Centaur Chronicles In the Heart of a Mustang North Mystic The Mist Trilogy

Lauren Jean Becker Tales Of The Weaver Pond

Revolutionary war lesson plan for North Mystic available on website

Nancy Bentley

Todd Fahnestock

Young Author’s Do-ItYourself Book The Young Journalist’s Book Writing Mysteries, Movies, Monster Stories and More

Cheryl Carpinello Guinevere: At The Dawn of Legend Sons of the Sphinx The King’s Ransom

Cheryl focuses on short novels for reluctant readers.

M.J. Evans

Literary Classics Awards Feathered Quill Award

The Wishing World II: Loremaster

Lesson plans for books on website

Mary Peace Finley Top Hand AwardChildren’s The Santa Fe Trail Trilogy AuthorMPF

Nancy Bo Flood

Over 30 Awards: books for a Global Society, Colorado Book Award, Children’s Choice Award Cowboy Up! Ride the Navajo Rodeo Warriors in the

Page 26 •

Crossfire Soldier Sister Fly Home

Penny Rafferty Hamilton

Lydia Gil

International Latino Book Award Skipping Stones Honor Award CAL Children’s Award Letters from Heaven / Cartas del cielo Mimî’s Parranda

Books in English and Spanish Teaching Guide for Letters From Heaven

Dan Ginsburg

Whales and Dolphins: An Educational Coloring Book Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks: An Educational Activity Guide African American Heritage (School/ Library Edition): An Educational Journey The African American Heritage Coloring Book: An Educational Journey and

Colorado Authors League Award Finalist A to Z: Your Grand County

Aaron LaPedis

A Boy Named Penguin: The Mystery Of The Albino Calf

Claudia Cangilla McAdam

Children’s Book Award Winner The Mermaid’s Gift Kristoph and the First Christmas Tree Awakening

Todd Mitchell

Colorado Author’s League Awards Lit-Pik Five Star Book Review Award The Last Panther The Traitor King The Secret to Lying Backwards

Todd has teaching and book club kits on his site


Ann Nagda

Kevin Keeps Up (ADHD) The Valentine Cat Taratula Power

Ann has info for teachers and librarians on her website

Nancy Oswald

Spur Award, Will Rogers Medallion Finalist, Willa Literary Award Rescue in Poverty Gulch Edward Wynkoop Hard Face Moon

Pat Postek

Pat donates a portion of her revenue to Autism Speaks Bandit, The Chubby Chihuahua Six Tails

Dian Curtis Regan Professional Writers Hall of Fame Space Boy And The Snow Monster Rocky Kids Cave The World According To Kaley chapter-books

Dian has created teaching guides for 12 of her books

Lisa Reinicke

Mom’s Choice Gold Award Wings and Feet Bart’s Escape Out the Gate

Dede Stockton

Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever Sammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever Sammi Jo and the Best Adventure Ever www.sammijoadventures. com

Mariko Tatsumoto

Patterson Prize Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Gold Award Ayumi’s Violin Gutless Accidental Samurai Spy marikotatsumoto@

Denise Vega Judith Robbins Rose Look Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco

www.penguinrandomhouse. com/authors/2086153/judithrobbins-rose

Michael Selden

The Boy Who Ran

J.B. Stockings

A Tale of Two Kitties The Stubborn Princess

Featured on NPR’s Kids Book Club Podcast If Your Monster Won’t Go to Bed Click Here (to find out how I survived 7th grade)

The Gift of Water The Legend of Dragon Lake Princess Monori

Supports schools and teaching that include indigenous cultural connections

Virginia K. White

Little Honker’s Winter Concert Little Honker and The Swinging Tails Glasses for Margie

Natasha Wing

The Night Before Series The Night Before First Grade The Night Before the Tooth Fairy

Beth Walker

Preserves cultures at risk. Project supported by Harvard, Nat’l Geographic The Frog Sings Fall 2018 • Page 27


Active Louisville Kids Infants-PreK-Louisville 1970 Centennial Dr. (303) 655-9669 Contact - Kristen Argow Heaton Ages: 6 weeks - 8 years Licensed Year-round Program Days: M-F. Hours: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm A world of creative and fun discoveries and adventures for children as young as 6 weeks! We provide imaginative programs and activities that promote social/emotional growth. We teach life skills and encourage the child’s learning through active play and exploration. Educated, caring, qualified teachers, nature/play-based/ learning centers. W: E:

Alaya Preschool—Boulder 3340 19th Street (303) 449-5248 Contact - Steve Sachs Ages: 2 1/2 yrs - Kindergarten Licensed Year-round w/camp Days: M-F. Hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Part-time and full-time. A division of Naropa University emphasizing creative arts, social play, exploration, and self-discovery. Alaya is a place where children unfold. They learn about themselves, about friendships, and about their world. Monthly open houses. Check the BCK calendar or call to RSVP. W: E:

Autana Montessori Bilingual School–Lafayette 1305 Plaza Ct N. (720) 352-0476 Contact – Raquel or Patrícia Santamaria AMS, CDE Ages: 18 months to 6 years August-May/Summer Camps Program Days: M-F. 8:15 am to 5:30 pm. Autana School, is a bilingual Montessori preschool and kindergarten. We offer a warm and loving home atmosphere, Montessori learning areas with quality materials, bilingual program, nature-oriented activities, gardening, peace and universal values and a strong sense of community. The school opened in a new beautiful location in Lafayette spring of 2018. W: E:

Page 28 •

Blossom-French-Bilingual Preschool—Boulder 4700 Sioux Drive (303) 819-4084 Contact - Marie-Pierre Nicoletti Ages: 2 yrs - 5 yrs Licensed August to May, summer program Program Days: M-F. Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Half-days available. Blossom respects and supports each child’s individual needs. Our immersive approach integrates mindful play and hands-on learning. Our screen-free indoor and outdoor Waldorf inspired curriculum connects to the seasons, food, a positive attitude toward the environment and all living things, and a multicultural perspective. At Blossom we speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese! We focus on relationships and conflict resolution, and instill a love of learning by respecting each child’s natural desire to want to know more about the world they live in. We welcome you to experience the richness and energy that happens in an environment where children own their confidence and creativity and...Blossom! E:

Boulder County Head Start—Boulder/Lafayette 1135 Cimarron Drive (702) 564-2210 Contact - Enrollment Line Ages: 3 - 5 Licensed Late August – May Program Days: M-F (full day). Boulder County Head Start is a no-charge, comprehensive preschool program, with sites in Boulder and Lafayette. We provide a quality experience that supports school readiness skills for your child. We believe our job is to support families’ engagement in their child’s education and help them connect with the resources they need to succeed. Income guidelines for eligibility apply. Se habla Español. Facebook: W: (search for Head Start)

Children’s Alley—Boulder 2222 14th Street (303) 449-1951 Contact - Staff Ages: 6 weeks - 12 yrs Licensed Year-round Program Days: M-Th 7:30 am to 8 pm, Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. Boulder’s only drop-in, temporary, short-term/emergency childcare center. Children are scheduled one day at a time and fees are based on a sliding scale, making them affordable to all. C-CAP accepted. Center features experienced teachers, a nutritional expert, assistance for those in need. Some long-term contracts are available. W: E:


Children’s House Preschool—Boulder 3370 Iris Walk Court (303) 444-6432 Contact - Michael Knuckey Ages: 21/2 - 51/2 yrs Licensed/ NAEYC September through May Program Days: M-F morning sessions, 8:30 am to 11 am or 12 noon, M-TH. Afternoon sessions 12:30 pm to 3 pm. 5 hours to 29.5 hours/wk. Our dynamic preschool program brings children of all ages, abilities, and cultures together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The four cornerstones of our 46-year-old program are Creativity, Nature and Science, Multiculturalism, and Service. Children learn lifelong skills and learn to care deeply about themselves, each other, and the Earth. We are piloting Boulder County Health’s “Farm to ECE” program this year, and have constructed 5 large garden beds that are cared for by our children and families. Children plant, water, harvest, wash and prepare our fresh grown produce for their snacks. Big congratulations to our executive director Elaine McCarthy, for entering into her 25th school year with Children’s House. A true educator, Elaine remained in the classroom as lead teacher, and has taught children from over 40 different home languages. Join us today. W: E:

Dream Makers Preschool—Boulder Ages: 2 - 6 yrs Licensed Year-round Program Days: M-F. Hours: 9 am to 1 pm, with optional extended day program until 3:15 pm. The enriched learning environment at the enchanting Dream Makers cottage promotes a natural ongoing process that empowers children to make positive choices throughout their lives. By nurturing both intellect and spirit using the Reggio Emilia approach, your child’s capabilities are unearthed while playing, exploring, and making friends in a safe setting, among sensitive, loving teachers. Get ready for kindergarten! Our extended day Pre-K program on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 3:15 pm enhances your child’s elementary school knowledge & experience for easy transitioning into kindergarten. Summer programs available for ages 2 - 8 yrs. Maximum enrollment of 15 children. Ratio 1:5. W:

Exploring Minds Academy—Erie 4051 E. County Line Rd. (303) 828-3452 Contact: Sara, Director Ages: 6 wks -11 years Licensed Year-round Program Days and Hours: M-F. 6 am to 6 pm. Quality early learning programs taught by loving and nurturing teachers. To ensure that your child is ready for school, all teachers are highly trained in early childhood education and work as partners with you to create a learning environment that is appropriate for each child. Specially designed classrooms filled with activities that encourage learning through discovery. Warm nutritious meals served. Flexible full- & part-time programs. Active military and educator discounts. Accept Colorado Child Care Assistance Program. W:

Flagstaff Academy Preschool—Longmont 2040 Miller Drive (303) 651-7900 Contact - Patty Quinn Ages: 3 - 5 Licensed August through May Program Days and Hours: M-F, 8:30 to 11:20 am & 12:20 to 3:10 pm. Learning is fun for students and teachers at Flagstaff Academy’s preschool. Spanish is taught in both pre-K classes. Teachers use multi-sensory teaching strategies and work on building each child’s self-esteem. Students meet new friends as they are given ample opportunities to practice their social skills. W: E:

Fall 2018 • Page 29


Friends School—Boulder 5465 Pennsylvania (303) 499-1999 Contact - Melanie Leggett Ages: 2 - 5 yrs Licensed & Accredited August - May/Summer Camp Program Days and Hours: Call for days and times. Parent/Toddler one day/week, 3-4-year-olds three half-days/ week, 4-5-year-olds four half-days/week. A supportive community, committed to educating the whole child—head, hand, and heart. Play and exploration-based preschool with a focus on relationships, communication, art, nature immersion, and a foundation for preacademic skills. Small classes, low student/teacher ratios, wide variety of high-quality materials and experiences. Specials including art, music, and PE. Award-winning, master-level teachers with over 20 years of experience in each classroom. Sliding-scale tuition based on family income and additional financial aid available. ACIS accredited, NAIS member. W: E:

Heart and Hands Montessori Center—Lafayette 1355 Forest Park Cir.,#100 (303) 444-0181 Contact - Susan Sears Smith Ages: 6 weeks through 3 years Year-round American Montessori Full Member. Bilingual. Program Days: M-F Hours: 7:15 am to 5:30 pm. Montessori-trained and experienced educators nurture each child in a warm, vibrant, beautiful environment. Outdoors: in the garden, on the playground, and walks through the surrounding forest park. Healthy nutrition is celebrated with food preparation and tasting. W: E:

Page 30 •

Harmony Preschool—Boulder 3990 15th Street (303) 444-8452 Contact – Staff Ages: 2.5 to 5 years Licensed August - May/Summer Camp Days and hours: M-F, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. A small family- and community-based program in North Boulder. We strive to meet the needs of each individual child while choosing not to embrace just one philosophy but pulling the best from several. Our teachers all have years of experience and are all licensed in the state of Colorado with a background in early childhood education. Come see what Harmony is all about! W:

Lafayette Explorers Preschool–Lafayette 111 W. Baseline Road (303) 665-0469 Contact - Sarah Cleland Ages: 2.5 - 5 Colorado State Licensed Preschool August - May Hours and Days: Mornings 8:30 to 11:30 am OR Afternoons 12:30 to 3:30 pm. M-F, M/W/F, T/Th. The most important goal of our early childhood curriculum is to help children become enthusiastic learners and form friendships. This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts. We allow children to learn at their own pace and in the ways that are best for them. We establish good habits and attitudes, particularly a positive sense of self; making a difference in the rest of their lives. The activities we plan for children, the way we organize the environment, select toys and materials, plan the daily schedule, and talk with children, are all designed to accomplish the goals of our curriculum and give the children a successful start in school. Our convenient auto-pay options and competitive rates make preschool as easy for Mom or Dad as it is enjoyable for your little one. See our website for rates and payment options. W: E:


Montessori Academy—Lafayette 801 N 111th Street (303) 926-8321 Contact - Beth Weekley Ages: 1-6 years Licensed August - May/Summer Camp Program Days: M-F Hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Full- and half-day programs, with before- & after-school care. Montessori Academy provides a challenging and nurturing environment that leads children toward confidence, independence, and a life of learning through discovery, observation, and positive, helpful friendships. We offer toddler, preschool, and kindergarten programs in a nurturing environment that respects each individual child. Montessori Academy has been an American Montessori Society full-member school since 2002. Our lead teachers are certified. Music and Spanish are offered. Schedule a tour today! W: E:

Mountain Shadows Montessori School—Boulder 4154 63rd Street (303) 530-5353 Contact - Liana Oram Ages: 12 months through 6th grade Toddler/Primary/Elementary Internationally Accredited and State Licensed Program Days: M-F. Toddler/Primary: 9 month and 12 month, Elementary 9 month. Hours: 8 am to 3 pm (extended hours available 7:15 am to 5:30 pm) Mountain Shadows provides an AMI environment where children joyfully reach their full potential. Our dedicated teachers create rich learning environments where children develop a love of learning and become compassionate, competent, and contributing members of society. Our mixed-age level provide children with the opportunity to see their learning progression and experience real leadership opportunities. Our beautiful 12-acre campus is a wonderful place to explore and provides endless possibilities for ​school c​ ommunity events and activities. W: E:

Mt. View Preschool—Boulder 355 Ponca Place (303) 494-3557 Contact - Amy Chally Ages: 2 1/2-5 years Year-round Program Days: M-F. Hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Mt. View Preschool has been providing excellence in early learning for 50 years. W: E:

Sunflower Preschool—Boulder 3340 Dartmouth (303) 494-2012 Contact-Marisa Ellman Ages: 21/2 - 6 Licensed Year-round Program Days: M-F. Hours: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Part-time available. Sunflower Preschool is now a certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, National Wildlife Federation certified wildlife habitat, as well as PACE certified since 2008. Sunflower Preschool, which opened its doors in 1981, offers a small, eco-friendly, play-based, hands-on, nurturing environment, where children learn through exploration and discovery. At Sunflower our classrooms are Montessori-based with a science and nature emphasis. The teachers are well-paid professional ECE teachers who have been a part of the Sunflower staff for years. Please come and take a look at our unique children’s science museum as well as the multisensory outdoor environment. W: E:

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TLC Learning Center—Longmont 611 Korte Pkwy. (303) 776-7417 Contact - Cindy Wickham Ages: 8 weeks-6 years. Colorado Shines Level-4 rating. Year-round Hours: M-F, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Half- and full-day options available. High-quality early education and child care that prepares children for lifelong success by nurturing the individual learning styles of all children. W: E:

Treehouse Learning—Louisville 175 North 96th St. (303) 666-1950 Contact - Patti Gee - Head of School Ages: Infants - Kindergarten Licensed Year-round Program Days: M-F, 3 - 5 full days Hours: 7 am to 6 pm or 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Treehouse Learning offers early education and child care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and full-day kindergarten. Our curriculum is comprehensive, integrating social skills with academics, Spanish, art, music, movement. Professional staff, small groups, secure environment, nutritious snacks and lunches, beautiful facility, and naturally landscaped grounds. Located in the Indian Peaks area, near 95th & Baseline; independent school, local family-owned since 1997. Limited availability in all groups. W:

2018-19 BVSD/ST. VRAIN SCHOOL CALENDAR August 3, 6-7 - New Teacher Orientation (St. Vrain) August 8-10, 13-14 - Non-Student Contact Days (St. Vrain) August 9-10 - Non-Student Contact Days Split Days (St. Vrain) August 28 - First day of school for preschool students August 15 - First Day of School for Students (St. Vrain) August 15, 16 - Kindergarten Assessment Days August 15 - First day of school for 1-5, 6th and 9th grade August 16 - First day for 7, 8, 10-12 August 17, 18 - Staggered start for Kindergarten September 3 - Labor Day - no school (St. Vrain) October 12 - District professional development day - no school October 12, 13 - Non-Student Contact Days (St. Vrain) October 19 - No classes for preschool students - TS Gold Data Day

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BOULDER COUNTY KIDS Realities for Children Boulder County

We Love Companies that Care Thanks to our business members, 100% of donations that we receive are applied directly to helping at-risk, abused and neglected youth in our community. 5HDOLWLHVIRU&KLOGUHQ%RXOGHU&RXQW\LVDQRQSUR¿WDJHQF\SURYLGLQJ college scholarships and transitional housing to former foster care \RXWKZKRKDYHRYHUFRPHVLJQL¿FDQWDGYHUVLW\ RFCBC Business Members that Support Youth in our Community

Advocate Business Solutions | Arrowhead Awards | At Ease Stress Relief & Wellness | Blue Federal Credit Union Blue Skies Massage & Wellness | Boulder Mobile Locksmiths | Boulder Vision Associates Bunin Family Health & Wellness | Camp Bow Wow - Boulder | Crowder Mortgage | D&K Printing | Dagabi Cucina E.A.T. (Easy, Authentic, Tasty) | Elevations Credit Union | Ellis Bottom Line Bookkeeping | Front Range Vital Signs House of Joy Music | Iron Works Fitness | J. Hilburn - Laura Mann | KGNU | Logan’s Cafe North Boulder Liquor | Northwestern Mutual - Boulder | Organic Sandwich Company Patricia McGrane of Wright Kingdom Real Estate | Pure Panoramics | Ron’s Printing Center Savory Spice Shop - Boulder | State Farm - Jennifer Paris Insurance Agency | Strength in Motion Counseling, LLC 6XQÀRZHU%DQN | WishGarden Herbs

Learn more at | 720.420.9780 Realities for Children Boulder County 1603 Orchard Avenue | Boulder, CO 80304

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Boulder Country Day School—Boulder 4820 Nautilus Ct. North (303) 527-4931 x 248 Contact - Susan Boyle Ages: Preschool - 8th Grade Licensed June – August/Camp Program Days: M-F. Hours: 8 am to 3 pm, middle school until 3:15 pm. Before- & after-school care and enrichment classes available. Accreditations: NAIS, ACIS, and Approved Middle Years International Baccalaureate School. At Boulder Country Day School, students love school. BCD is a toprated, accredited private school in Boulder, Colorado where every child has the opportunity to discover his or her own unique excellence. Distinguished by small class sizes, outstanding faculty, and differentiated and engaging academics, our preschool, elementary and International Baccalaureate (IB) middle school teachers seek to develop active learners who strive to be their best selves. Offering a well-rounded education in a community environment; BCD graduates students who are kind, empowered, well-rounded, resourceful, and academically prepared. W: E:

Dawson School—Lafayette 10455 Dawson Drive (303) 665-6679 Contact - Admissions Office Ages: K-12th grade Licensed & Accredited September-June / Camp Program Days: M-F, 175 days. Hours: 8 am to 3:30 pm, plus free afterschool care. Boulder County region’s leading independent, college-preparatory school, Dawson offers challenging academics, robust arts and athletics programs, and renowned outdoor and experiential education. The school is committed to the development of character, emphasizing respect, compassion, courage, and integrity, and to the social-emotional wellbeing of our community. Dawson graduates are young men and women who achieve their individual potential, savor life, and meet the challenges of the world. Academic excellence, individual attention. Student/teacher ratio of 7/1; daily enrichment (art, music, PE, technology, language, library). Renowned outdoor and experiential learning. After-school care and daily hot lunch no charge. W: E:

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Desiderata School–Longmont 2051 Terry Street (303) 678-9335 Contact - Abbi Reese Grades: 4-12 Fully accredited by the NCES August - May Program Days: M-Th. Hours: 8 am to 3 pm. Desiderata School has been serving students and the community since 1989 and we believe that educational success is the shared responsibility of the student, home, school, teachers, and community. We believe that an effective education must support the whole child. We use customized courses tailored to each student, along with personalized learning schedules, and always incorporate our belief that any place in which learning takes place is a classroom. We give our students ownership of their education by placing the emphasis of our programs on developing critical thinkers capable of not only learning, but also able to identify information needed, locate viable resources, and apply information gathered to problem solving. W: E:

Friends School—Boulder South Campus: 5465 Pennsylvania (Preschool and Elementary), North Campus: 3800 Kalmia Avenue (Middle School) (303) 499-1999 Contact - Melanie Leggett Ages: Preschool-8th Grade Licensed & Accredited Aug-May/Summer Camp Program Days: M-F. Hours: Elementary 8:30 am to 3:15 pm, Middle School 8:45-3:30 Aftercare and enrichment classes 3:15 to 5:30 pm. A supportive community committed to educating the whole child—head, hand, and heart. Social-emotional curriculum catered to each individual grade level. Experiential and integrated curriculum, emphasizing academics, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and social responsibility. Exceptional specials including art, music, Spanish, library, technology, and PE programs. Small classes, low student/teacher ratios. Sliding-scale tuition based on family income and additional financial aid available. ACIS accredited, NAIS member. W: E:



Mackintosh Academy—Boulder 6717 South Boulder Road (303) 554-2011 Contact - Jenny Strode Ages: K-8th Grade For over 40 years Mackintosh Academy has been pioneering next generation gifted education. Mackintosh Academy nurtures the keen minds and compassionate hearts of gifted and creative students in a caring community of learners so that they contribute to a world that needs them. Authorized IB World School, social-emotional learning, gifted and creative students, design/innovation, service & global action, $19,745 (LS) and $20,335 (MS) with tuition assistance available. Maximum 12:1 student to teacher ratio. W: E:



Watershed School–Boulder 1661 Alpine Avenue (303) 440-7520 Contact - Admissions Ages: 6th-12th grades ACIS accredited August-May Program Days: M-F, 8:10 am to 3:10 pm. Watershed is an uncommon school that fosters academic excellence and upstanding character through an innovative, rigorous and effective experiential college prep program. Our school is known for its engaged student body and its focus on global citizenship, experiential education, critical thinking, and real world problem solving. Our students experience adventure and wonder as they learn by doing and engage in complex, in-depth and abstract thought in written, oral and artistic forms. W: E:

Mountain Shadows Montessori School—Boulder Mountain Shadows Montessori School—Boulder 4154 63rd Street (303) 530-5353 Contact - Liana Oram Ages: 12 months through 6th grade Toddler/Primary/Elementary Internationally Accredited and State Licensed Program Days: M-F. Toddler/Primary: 9 month and 12 month programs, Elementary: 9 month program. Hours: 8 am-3 pm (extended hours available 7:15 am-5:30 pm) Mountain Shadows provides an AMI environment where children joyfully reach their full potential. Our dedicated teachers create rich learning environments where children develop a love of learning and become compassionate, competent, and contributing members of society. Our mixed-age level provide children with the opportunity to see their learning progression and experience real leadership opportunities. Our beautiful 12-acre campus is a wonderful place to explore and provides endless possibilities for s​ chool ​community events and activities. W: E:

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fantastic option! Offering summer quests, holiday quests, after-school programs, and birthday parties in Boulder and beyond since 1995. 303-786-9216

Tinker Art Studio Birthday pARTies

ABC Birthday Parties Ages: 3 - 18 1960 32nd Street Climbing Parties! Fun, lowstress, quality parties with ABC Kids Climbing. Includes party room, games, activities, pizza, cake, and climbing for kids of all ages and abilities. Hours: Call for times. Contact: Staff 303-443-5437

Posh Birthdays!

Ages: All. 2035 Broadway Birthday parties at Posh are a no-fuss-no-mess for parents, and fun for all the kids who attend! A 2-hour painting party makes for a great celebration! We will teach any painting the birthday boy or girl chooses and each child leaves with a 16”x20” canvas of their acrylic painting creation! $250 flat fee for up to 10 kids and an additional $15 per kid for more than 10. (Kids younger than 4 will require parental assistance.) Additional options can be added as well. Hours: 2-Hour Saturdays and Sundays available. C: Chelsey Langlinias 303- 442-7674

Ages: 3-15 693 S. Broadway, Suite B, in the shops at Table Mesa. Let Tinker help celebrate your child’s next birthday! The birthday child and their guests will have a great time being creative and making a unique art project chosen from our elaborate pARTy menu, while parents sit back and enjoy watching the young artists at work. The birthday child and fellow party-goers leave with big smiles, their handmade project, and memories of a fantastic birthday party! For further details and to reserve your pARTy, visit Hours: Saturday afternoon slots available. Contact: Staff 303-503-1902

Countywide Adventure Quest & Sword Games Birthdays

Ages: 6+ Throughout Front Range Exciting quests, team games, treasure hunts, and more! Choose from a variety of options, customize the theme, and let Renaissance Adventures lead an unforgettable experience! We join your birthday party or other event in costume and equipped with safe foam swords and other props. Be a hero in a new Star Wars-themed adventure, journey as Frozen-themed princesses in a treasure quest, rally teams in Viking capture the flag, or pick some other

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Ninja Birthday Party

Lafayette Bob L. Burger Recreation Center Birthday Parties

Ages: 3 & up 111 W. Baseline Road Birthday parties at the Lafayette Recreation Center always make a splash! Let us take care of the details and you have all the fun. Price includes party room, cake, candles, tablecloth, paper goods & admission to the pool for 10 children. Parties available on Saturdays and Sundays. Contact: Marty Walsh 303-661-1467 parties

Dog House Music Ages: 5 to adult 525 Courtney Way Rock & Roll Birthday Parties! Authentic rock & roll birthday parties for kids, teens, and adults. Rock & roll makeover, interactive music video games on our giant flat screen, live performance by teen band. Hours: By appointment. Contact: Gary Lennox 303-664-1600

990 S. Public Rd. #B1 Party like a ninja with one of our stealthy B-day party packages! Smash a piñata with nunchucks, slice your custom ninja cake with a real Katana sword, throw ninja stars, run obstacle courses and more! Weekends. C: Elizabeth Bourdon P: 720-775-2839 birthday-party-packages/

WOW! Children’s Museum Ages: 1-11 110 N. Harrison Avenue Let’s Party! Celebrate your child’s next birthday in a fun, hands-on, and educational environment! Two-hour customizable party package includes party room rental, paper goods, playtime in the museum, and more! For a unique experience, after-hour private parties available on Fridays. Days and Hours: Book online or call for details. Contact: Museum Staff 303-604-2424



out our slide show on the Web page. Contact: Lynn McChesney 303-444-4291

Louisville Triple Creek Ranch Horse Birthday Parties Ages: 4 -12 4255 Nelson Road $350 / $100 deposit. 2-hour party: for up to 10 children (additional fee for over 10). Join the fun of horse games, playing with the mini horses, and painting the special B-day horse, along with a lead-line ride! Of course it’s washable paint! Kids and parents leave saying it’s the best party and setting they have ever been to! Fast-moving, fun, lasting memories. With years of experience, TCR takes great pride in our parties to make sure all the extra touches are there for your guests! Check

host, thank-you notes, and party favors, and, of course, take care of all the cleanup! Great parties for kids of all ages! Call for fees. Contact: Anna Narvaes 303-665-8287 www.mountainkidslouisville. com


Experience the Magic! Come delight your family with a day of

happiness! Birthday Parties Do-it-yourself Puppet Shows Gift Shop Non-Profit

Mountain Kids Gymnastic-Themed Parties Ages: 2-10 474 S. Taylor Ave. (in the Colorado Technology Center) Gymnastics-themed birthday parties include 1 hour of gymnastics time with our enthusiastic birthday party staff. Activities include a gigantic obstacle course, trampoline, games, relays, parachute play, and 30 minutes of party time for cake, presents, and other party activities. We provide the party

Birthday Party at The Carousel of Happiness Ages: all 20 Lakeview Drive, Nederland Celebrate your birthday at the Carousel of Happiness by renting the entire carousel or our upstairs party room! Bring your own food, drink and decorations. Fees: Party Room $75 per hour (includes 20 ride tickets). Entire carousel $225 per hour (available after-hours only, includes unlimited rides). Call for more details and a party planning consultation. Days and Hours: Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm; Saturday and Sunday. 10 am to 7 pm. Contact: Carousel Director 303-258-3457

303-258-3457 20 Lakeview Dr.


Summer/Fall Hours Mon - Fri 10 am - 6 pm Sat & Sun 10 am - 7 pm


BCK Onlin





After-School Programs Dance

Arts & Science


Ages: 5-13 3400 Marine Street Are you looking for an enriching experience that is so much fun your kids won’t even realize how much they are learning? CU Science Discovery offers a variety of after-school and student-day-off/holiday programs designed to inspire budding science enthusiasts. Programs explore technology and science using hands-on activities that are sure to delight. Please register online or by phone. C: Anjali Maus P: 303-735-2230


Grades K-5 Offering high-quality enrichment classes after school and on no-school days. Let your kids get creative, get active and get smart with classes in video production, music, cooking, engaging science, LEGOS™, sports, and Spanish. Classes meet at BVSD schools and other locations in Boulder County and are open to BVSD and non-BVSD kids. Please visit our website for complete class listings. Registration is available online or by phone. Program Days: M-Sat. C: Lifelong Learning P: 720-561-5968


Ages: 18 months to 17 years old 693 S. Broadway, Suite B, in the shops at Table Mesa. Tinker Art Studio provides authentic art opportunities for children (and adults!) to grow as both skilled artists and creative individuals. Choose from weekly classes, drop-in art, private lessons and school-day-off & holiday camps in a variety of mediums—wheel-throwing and hand-building ceramics, painting, drawing, fibers, mixed media, and more. Visit us online for a complete class schedule and to register. Hours: Daily programming. C: Staff P: 303-503-1902

“ Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” Pablo Picasso

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Ages: 4-15 6545 Gunpark Dr. #200 Our teachers love children’s art more than anything else and our unique approach to teaching allows children to discover their creative talents while creating beautiful works of art. Children start their artwork with a simple idea and make it into a colorful, detailed and beautifully finished art piece. With a little encouragement, patience, and love children will become talented artists. Small group classes, all 2-D mediums including drawing, acrylic and watercolor painting, collage and basics of composition. After school classes, home school groups, camps and workshops. Hours: Daily. Please see our schedule and online gallery for more information. C: Lika Gitis P: 720-939-7545


Ages: 3-Adult 1422 Nelson Road Longmont’s only pre-professional ballet school. Benefit from the very finest in classical dance training. Experience the joy of movement through ballet, pointe, men’s classes, jazz, modern, hip hop, and ballet in the air. Grow with us as an artist in the studio and on stage! Hours: Call for days and hours. C: Marcy Cox P: 303-772-1335


After-School Programs Empowerment


Grades: K-10 Secrets of Friendship. What makes kids like other kids? Students will learn and practice six most important friendship skills, what makes kids avoid other kids, how to NOT lose your friends. Small class size, individual attention, student workbook, parent handout, and snacks. Early registration $165, week of class $185. Days and Hours: Thursdays from 5:30 to 7 pm. Individual & family sessions also available. C: Sherry Lewis, MS, LPC P: 303-915-4421

mountains to climb, rivers to cross, jungles to conquer, and fun to be had. Also, strength, flexibility, coordination, confidence, and new skills are acquired every day. Students discover their amazing movement potential through GYMNASTICS & DANCE classes in a safe, creative, and nurturing environment! We make moving and learning fun! C: Anna Narvaes P: 303-665-8287

Central Boulder




Ages: Walking and up 474 S. Taylor Avenue At Mountain Kids there are

Ages: Birth to 5 years. Boulder’s premier early childhood music & movement program. Celebrating 20 years! Offering Family classes and Babies-Only music classes. Music enrichment through intimate experiential classes. Learn how to support your child’s musical growth in a rich, fun, nurturing environment. Three locations: downtown, north & The Birth Center. FREE demo classes offered. Hours: M-Sun, mornings, afternoons & evenings. Call or visit our website. C: Jane Simms Roche P: 720-440-2775



MOUNTAIN KIDS Gymnastics & Dance Louisville


Ages: 4-18 Suzuki music instruction by registered faculty in violin, viola, & cello. Private & group lessons, note reading, theory, public performances, and more. Call for fees and times. Program Days: M-F C: Staff P: 303-499-2807

Ages: Infants to age 7. Award-winning music and movement programs celebrating over 15 years in Boulder! Introductory Babies Class for newborns through 9 months and caregivers. Mixed-age classes for infants through age 4 with their caregivers integrating singing/movement/instrument play in a playful yet structured environment. Big Kids Class (Ages 5-7), optional dropoff program integrating drumming, conducting, solfege (ear training), creative expression, and more. Free demo classes and online registration. Hours: Weekday mornings, Saturday morning, and evenings. Register online. C: Jane Smolens P: 303-413-1120

PARLANDO School of Musical Arts Boulder

Ages: All 2590 Walnut St. (Dairy Center) Parlando School of Musical Arts offers private instruction, group classes and ensembles for students of all ages and abilities, on all musical instruments and in voice/singing, acting and musical theater. Our faculty of 50 of the region’s best teachers provide instruction to more than 650 students each week. More than two-thirds of our faculty have advanced degrees in music. C: Staff P: 303-442-0006


Ages: All 3970 Broadway St., Unit 201E Rocky Ridge Music Academy offers individual and group lessons, giving students of all ages and levels a variety of opportunities to work with exceptional artists, teachers, and colleagues within the vibrant NoBo Arts District. Rocky Ridge has been providing transformative music education since 1942. In addition to instruction on all orchestral instruments, we offer lessons in voice, composition & theory, and traditional & folk music from all over the world. Hours: 30-, 45- and 60-minute lessons available 7 days a week. C: Jon Bee P: 303-449-1106

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After-School Programs Music Cont’d

Piano Sports Swimming


Ages: All Individual private lessons in flute, violin, and piano. Group Lessons: a) Intro to Music, 1 semester- explore flute, violin or piano, b) Penny Whistle Program—ideal class for ages 3 to 6. Fees: Pay by semester/session. Call for current class times. C: Sandy Burrell P: 303-652-3287


Ages: 6 months to 10 years Integrative programming for all! Classes include Biology•Art• Music•Movement; Spanish• Art•Music•Movement; Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Rhythmic Solfege. Community Events with Moxie Bread Co. Partnerships with Reel Kids, Longmont Dance Theatre Academy, Louisville Recreation Center, Rocky Ridge Music and The Dalcroze School of the Rockies. C: Emma Shubin P: 720-577-5441


Ages: 6 and up Children learn to read music, play songs by ear, basic music theory, composition/improvisation music in a fun and supportive environment. Lessons are individualized based on age, interest and learning style. Weekly ½ hour lessons in Central Boulder (across the street from BCSIS/High Peaks Elementary). Jane Smolens has been a piano/music educator since 1986. She also directs and teaches the Music Together ® Program with Mountain Song Music Studio, Inc. C: Jane Smolens P: 303-413-1120

“Without music, life would be a mistake” Friedrich Nietzsche

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SWIM•FLOAT•SWIM! Home of Infant Aquatics Longmont



Ages: 5-18 3240 Prairie Avenue Kids love climbing! It’s a healthy way to stay active and make friends. The Spot Youth Program offers your child an encouraging environment to learn and have fun. We also offer a FREE trial session, contact us to schedule yours! Hours: M-F: 4 to 8 pm. C: Alex Stiger P: (303) 379-8806

Ages: 2 mos through 5 yrs 795 S. Sherman Street At Swim•Float•Swim! Your child will learn to swim safely in weeks, not years We have decades of experience teaching aquatic survival and swimming skills.. Our aquatic academy features two 90 degree indoor pools with a UV water purification system which ensures the safest and most comfortable water experience. Stop by our child-friendly facility and discover the difference. Hours: M-Th: 7 am to 7 pm, F: 8 am to 1 pm. C: Judy Heumann P: 303-499-2229


Ages: 6 months and up 3015 Bluff Street At the Ocean First Swim School we provide a fun, supportive and comfortable environment to learn new swimming skills. Our private facility, small class sizes, and 89° heated indoor pool allow swimmers to focus on learning new skills and not worry about their comfort in the water. Hours: M-F P: 303-444-7234


After-School Programs Tutoring


Do you have a bright child who is struggling with learning or focus?

Is your child experiencing any or all of What, the following: I studied! • Behind in reading or math • Weak organizational skills • Difficulty paying attention in school LEARNING • Illegible writing or writing not at ability PATHWAYS • ADD/ADHD


Open the door to a permanent path of learning Ages: 7 and upthat goes beyond tutoring or medication. We utilize the latest 1790 30th Street, #235 brain research in our individualized, one-on-one program. Is your child struggling See why thousands have succeeded--your child can too!


Ages: 3-18. BackStory Theatre offers theatre education, exploration, & community performances. Classes​and audition-based performances​ available throughout the year for beginning to advanced students. Check our website for schedule and registration information. Hours: After-school, schedules vary. C: Mary Wilkie P: 720-263-0836





Ages: 5-16 5311 Western Ave., Ste. 135 (near Arapahoe & 55th) Boulder’s premier youth theatre offers Boulder’s best theatrical training in musical theatre, acting, voice, dance, improvisation, & more. After-school programs, Actors Academy Program, and summer camps. C: Barry Freniere www. P: 303-245-8150

with reading, diagnosed with dyslexia, behind in math, LEARNING experiencing PATHWAYS PATHWAYS difficulty putting thoughts into words? BOULDER OFFICE - 303 303-499499-1941 We help where traditional tutoring can’t. Our multisensory methods get quick results that last a lifetime. An average student will achieve a 2-grade-level increase in just a few weeks of intensive instruction. Hours: M-F: 9 am-6 pm C: Deborah Kratovil P: 303-499-1941 KIDSPIRATION


Ages: All subjects, grades K-12. We can help your child thrive in school, whether it is an area of strength or weakness for them. As a Colorado licensed teacher who has taught for 25 years, it is my pleasure to build your child’s skills through a creative, multidimensional approach to learning. Ask us about our collage-storybook camps. Hours: M-F. Times as per student’s needs. We come to you. C: Holly Shaw P: 720-476-0444

“ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein


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FALL Calendar of Events ART/MUSEUMS

Aug 4, Sept 1, Oct 6—Denver Free First Saturday, for all ages, from 10 am to 5 pm, located at 100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway. On the first Saturday of every month, you can enjoy our art collections and non-ticketed exhibitions without spending a dime! Free general admission tickets are available on-site starting at 10 am. Some special exhibitions may require additional ticket. Contact Rose Beetem at (720) 865-5000 or or check out www.denverartmuseum. org for more information. First Tuesdays—Denver Target First Tuesday Nights from 4 to 8 pm, for all ages at the Children’s Museum of Denver. Target is committed to giving back to the communities where their guests and team members live and work. Through their generous sponsorship to the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, families can play FREE the first Tuesday of each month. Now to 2020—Denver The Denver Art Museum will offer free general admission to ALL youth, ages 18 and under. Youth pricing for all special ticketed exhibitions $5. For more information check out w w w. d e n v e r a r t m u s e u m . o r g / freeforkids. Tu/W/F—Longmont Discovery Days from 9 to 10:15 am, 10:15 to 11:30 am, and 12:30 to 2 pm; runs from early September through late May at the Longmont Museum at 400 Quail Road. This interactive dropin program encourages children ages 2-5 to engage in creative, and sometimes messy, arts & crafts projects with their parents. Call (303) 651-8374 for more information. Saturdays—Broomfield The Broomfield Depot Museum, located at 2201 West 10th Avenue, open Saturdays from 12 to 3 pm. FREE. Tours explain the station’s history and story of the Denver & Interurban Railway (D & I), an electric railway that ran on the Kite Route from Denver to Boulder via Broomfield from 1908 to 1926. For more information or to schedule a weekday tour for four or more call (303) 460-6824.

2nd/4th Saturday—Longmont Firehouse Art Center Saturday Art Experience (SAE) 12 to 12:45 pm, for ages 5-8 and 1 to 2 pm, for ages 9-12, located at 667 4th Ave. Free with family membership. $10 drop-in. Your children will learn about contemporary art, create artwork and bring it home. Preregistration is encouraged. Call Mary Chapin Durling at (303) 6512787 or email info@firehouseart. org or check out www.firehouseart. org for more information. Ongoing—Boulder The CU History Museum is open year-round for ages 6 and up. Seven rooms, chronicling CU’s history and alumni accomplishments and space exhibit with moon rock from NASA. FREE. Located on the CU Campus. Call (303) 492-6329 for more information.


Ongoing—Boulder Storytimes at the Main Library for ages birth to 36 months. Ageappropriate storytime posters will be posted by the doors to the Mt. Sanitas room by 9 am and direct patrons to take a token for each person in their group. Limit of 40 to each storytime. Time are: Lap Babies (birth to 15 months) on Tuesdays, at 9:15 am; Cruisers & Crawlers (15-24 months) on Wednesdays, at 9:15 am, Younger Toddler Time (24-30 months) on Mondays, at 9:15 am; Older Toddler Time (30-36 months) on Thursdays, at 9:15 am. Contact or call (303) 441-3100 for more information. Ongoing—Boulder County/Denver Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe Story Time for ages 1-6, located at 2525 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder, 14644 Orchard Pkwy #1000 in Westminster, and 8340 Northfield Blvd. in Denver. Weekly Story Time with a craft or activity for preschoolers. It’s Free and lots of fun. Check our website for times and directions. Call Lynne Milot at (303) 443-0780 or email lynne@ or check out grtoys. com for more information. T/W/TH—Longmont Longmont Public Library story times for ages birth to 6, located at 409 4th Avenue. Lap-sit, toddler, and preschool story times 10:15 and 11 am T/W mornings; Spanish story time TH evenings at 6:30, bedtime story time TH nights at 7 pm. Call (303) 651-8477 or check out

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Every Sunday—Boulder Boulder Public Library Go Club for ages 5-16, located at 1000 Canyon. Call Melanie Howard at (303) 441-3099 or please email for more information or check out event/kids-family/storytime for more times and information.


August 2—Boulder Mad Scientist Day with Tinker Art Studio for ages 3+, at 4 pm, located at 3595 Table Mesa Drive. Do you have what it takes to be a mad scientist? Using different liquids, children will learn about density and take home their own liquid density experiment jar! We’ll get a little messy and have a lot of fun. Don’t miss this artsintegrated science afternoon with Tinker Art Studio! Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation. Contact Hannah Lackoff at (303) 441-3100 or or check out for more information. August 3—Lafayette Denver Zoo Program, for all ages, from 10 am- to 2 pm, located at 110 N. Harrison Avenue. Science is for everyone, science is everywhere, and science is fun! WOW! encourages new learning and exploration by inviting community guests to come and share their scientific knowledge with your children. During this program, join Denver Zoo’s animal ambassadors to learn about and visit with special animals. Included with Museum admission. Contact Katie MacDonald at (303) 604-2424 or check out for more information. August 18—Boulder Tinker Arts Studio, for ages 3 and up, at 11 am, located at 3595 Table Mesa Drive and at 3 pm at 3800 Baseline Road. Join Tinker for a morning of art making! Using a variety of art materials, children of all ages will enjoy making unique projects to take home. Generously Sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation. Contact Hannah Lackoff at (303) 441-3100 or or check out for more information. Aug 19, Sept 16—Boulder Music Together® Demo Class for ages 0-5, at 1 pm, located at

3800 Baseline Road. Interactive music and movement experience for infants through 5 year olds and their caregivers. Family fun through singing, movement, instrument play led by Jane Smolens, Director of Mountain Song Music Studio, Inc. Registration not required, but space is limited. Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation. Contact Hannah Lackoff at (303) 441-3100 or or check out for more information. Aug 29, Sept 6, 13, 20, 27— Boulder Young Friends Workshop for ages grades 1-2, from 5:30 to 6:45 pm, located at 1800 30th Street, Suite 306. Students learn the 6 most important friendship skills, what makes kids like others, how not to lose your friends, taking turns (without getting upset), how to use your words to solve problems (without hitting, kicking, name calling, etc.) and more. Classes include five 75 minute sessions, small class sizes, individual attention, student workbook. Contact Sherry Lewis at (303) 9154421 or com or check out for more information M/T/W/F—Longmont Playgroups for parents and children, on Mon: 10 am to noon, infant and toddlers: Wed: 10 am to 12 pm, mixed-ages: Fri: 10:30 am to noon, & bilingual (Spanish) 0-4 playgroup on the 1st and last Fridays. Also, Fatherhood Connection every Tuesdays, from 7 to 8:30 pm, support and education for dads. Children’s Services can also help with child care referrals. Call St. Vrain Valley Center at (303) 7765348. 1st & 3rd Fridays—Boulder Mothers & Babies—Leaders’ support group, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, at 7100 S. Boulder Rd. Offers support groups for new moms and babies under 6 months old for a nominal fee. Call (303) 530-0698 or visit our website at for more information. 2nd and 4th Mondays—Boulder First Presbyterian Church MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), for ages infant to 5, from 9:15 to 11:15 am, at 1820 15th Street. Mornings include food, craft, or activity, speakers with subjects relating to moms, and discussion time that deepens relationships with your group. Children are cared for in a

parallel program called MOPPETS. Call MOPS information line at (303) 402-6455. 1st Mondays—Boulder La Leche League of Longmont breast-feeding support group meeting for all ages, from 10 to 11:30 am, located in the Community Room at Boulder Nurse Midwives, 4800 Riverbend Road, Suite 100. Dedicated to providing education, information, mother-tomother support, and encouragement to women who are nursing their toddlers. Babies and children welcome. For more information call Diane at (303) 444-9849, Linda at (720) 314-8839, or Kate at (303) 473-9918. 2nd Tuesdays—Longmont La Leche League of Longmont breast-feeding support group meeting for all ages, at 7 pm, located at First Lutheran Church at 803 3rd Avenue. Helping mothers worldwide to breast-feed through mother-tomother support, encouragement, information, and education. Babies and children welcome! Call Amanda at (303) 772-9312 or check out for more info. 2nd & 4th Tuesdays—Boulder Renaissance Adventures Dropin Hike using Pokemon GO App for ages 6 to adult, from 6:15 to 8:15 pm. Adventure League Go! is a safe and fun event for all ages oriented around hiking and interactive trainer challenges. Participants also engage in a variety of live-action role playing challenges, such as beanbag games of agility, performances and social encounters, and a costume contest. Call (303) 786-9216 to pre-register or check out www. for more information. 3rd Tuesdays—Boulder Local mothers are invited to a free meeting of the Boulder County chapter of Mothers & More. We connect moms through evening meetings, speakers, moms’ night out, book discussions, children’s activities, and MORE. Come and meet us! Check online at www. for more up-todate information. 3rd Tuesdays—Boulder La Leche League of Boulder monthly breast-feeding support group from 10 to 11:30 am. An international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization, dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breast-feed. Babies and children welcome. Call Molly (720) 9223549 or Diane (303) 444-9849 for information and meeting location. Daily—Countywide Boulder County WIC Program. Supplemental foods and nutritional health education for pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women


with children up to 5 years. Ongoing enrollment at 5 clinic sites. Boulder Office: 3305 Broadway; San Juan Office: 3100 34th St. in Boulder; Longmont Office: 529 Coffman, Suite 200; Salud Clinic: 231 East 9th in Longmont; Tri-cities Office: 1345 Plaza Court North, 3A in Lafayette. FREE. Call (303) 441-1451.

Thursdays—Boulder Beyond MOPS...the next step. Join us for SAMS (School-Age Moms). New group for mothers of school-age children (kindergarten-12th grade) to share their joys and challenges. Includes guest speakers, child care, and refreshments. 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month. Cost: $5. Boulder Valley Christian Church, 7100 S. Boulder Rd. Call Jan at (303) 494-4248 or Darcy at (303) 9261590 for more information. Thursdays—Broomfield Tough Love Parent Support Group will meet at the United Church of Broomfield at 825 Kohl Street, from 7 to 9:30 pm. Call Jerry Hart at (303) 494-4598 for more information. Saturdays—Boulder Teen Art Therapy Groups, for ages 13-17, from 12 to 2 pm, located at 5378 Sterling Drive, Studio 6. Express Yourself! No art experience necessary. Teens can make a mess and get real together about issues that concern them. Contact Catherine M. Houston, LPC at (720) 628-0158 or catherine@catherinemhoustonlpc. c o m o r c h e c k o u t w w w. for more information. Ongoing–Boulder Children’s Sewing Workshops for ages 7 & up, located at 2017 17th Street. After school sewing, holiday gift-making, school-dayoff camps, sewing classes, and Mom & Me sewing classes. Our sewing classes are an excellent opportunity for students to improve their sewing machine skills in a fun and positive environment. Class sizes are small so that each student will be given abundant attention. Contact Linda Spillmann at (303) 997-8245 or check out www.fabricateboulder. com for more information. Ongoing–Denver Create Playdate, for ages 3-5 recommended, from 10 am to 1 pm, located at 100 W. 14th Avenue Pkwy. Drop in on the second Wednesday of the month—with extended summer hours in June, July and August—for hands-on art-making with your little ones! This playful program designed specifically for preschool-aged children offers a fun art project and storytime to build growing minds and inspire lifelong creativity. Youth general admission is free every day thanks to Free for Kids. Contact Shannon Robb at

(720) 913-0053 or check out create-playdate for more information. Ongoing—Boulder Tinker Art Studio classes for ages 18 months to 13 years old, located at 1300 Yellow Pine Avenue and, Unit B, in NoBo, (moving in January to a new location). Programming offered daily. Weekly “Drop-In” classes are on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the school year. Call Tinker Art Studio at (303) 503-1902 or email for more information or check out to register. Ongoing—Boulder Sunflower Kids Art Studio offers year-round classes for ages 3.5 to 15, at 6545 Gunpark Dr. #200. Call Lika Gitis at (720) 939-7545 or email or visit us at Ongoing—Lafayette pARTiculars Art Gallery/Studio Art Classes and Workshops for ages 7 to teens, located at 401 S. Public Road, Unit 1. Taught by experienced artists and art educators. Call April Christenson at (303) 665-3642 or you can email or check out for more information. Ongoing—Boulder/Longmont Boulder County Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) subsidized child care for children ages 0-12, with drop-in open hours for application assistance and question opportunity on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 am to 1 pm, at 3460 N. Broadway in Boulder and 1921 Corporate Center Circle, Suite 3F in Longmont. Questions? (303) 678-6014, please email ccap@ or call the bilingual outreach coordinator at (303) 928-0821. Must be county resident, income and activity requirements apply. Download an application and checklist online at Ongoing—Countywide Boulder County Healthy Kids and Adults! helps families and individuals enroll in Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+). Medicaid and CHP+ are free and low-cost public health insurance plans that provide dental, medical, prescription and vision benefits. There are no monthly premiums and co-pays range from $0 to $50 depending on family income. Healthy Kids and Adults! can also connect families to Connect for Health Colorado, a new health insurance marketplace where people can shop for health insurance and access tax credits to reduce monthly health insurance premiums. For more information, call (720) 515-1454.

Ongoing—Longmont Swim•Float•Swim! Aquatic Academy—The ultimate swim lesson experience for ages 6 months and up. Boulder County’s only dedicated warm-water swim lesson facility where children learn to swim and float independently in weeks, not years. The Diagonal Trade Center, 795 S. Sherman St. Visit to discover the difference. Contact Judy Heumann at (303) 499-2229 or email for more information. Weekdays—Boulder/Lafayette Boulder County Head Start Enrollment drive for ages 3-5 years, from 8 am to 4 pm, located at 3482 N. Broadway. Boulder County Head Start is recruiting for its free, comprehensive preschool with full- and part-day classes. Income guidelines apply. Call Susi Gritton at (720) 564-2210 or email for more information. Ongoing–Boulder Free Music Together Demo Classes for ages infants through 5 year olds and caregivers. Contact us for days/times, located at The Boulder Piano Gallery, 3111 Walnut Street. Available for prospective families interested in enrolling in one of our upcoming semesters. Have fun singing, dancing, playing instruments in a structured, yet playful setting. Classes are mixed ages and siblings are welcome. Children attend with adult caregivers. Contact Jane Smolens at (303) 413-1120 or jsmolens@ or check out for more information.


To October 31—Longmont Visit the Agricultural Heritage Center, for any age, F/Sat/Sun from 10 am to 5 pm, located at the Agricultural Heritage Center at 8348 Ute Hwy. 66. Enjoy the rural setting and learn about the rich agricultural history of Boulder County. The farm features two barns with interactive exhibits, a milk house, blacksmith shop, and a furnished 1909 farmhouse. Contact Jim Drew at (303) 776-8688 or or check out www.bouldercountyopenspace. org for more information. August 3—Boulder Family Fun at Sombrero Marsh for all ages, from 3 to 4 pm, located at 1466 N. 63rd Street. Join Thorne with our friends from Birds of Prey at the Sombrero Marsh Environmental Education Center to celebrate summer camp with new friends! These Friday family events are free admission and the Bird of Prey program will start at 3:15 pm. Contact Alyson

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Duffey at (303) 499-3647 or check out for more information. August 3—Boulder Family Fun Concert Meet the Brass, for all ages, at 2 pm, located at Chautauqua Auditorium, 900 Baseline Road. Family Fun Concerts give younger children a chance to meet different sections of the orchestra. Small ensembles perform short, informal, musical programs. Meet the musicians and their instruments following each performance. Contact Brandi Numedahl at (303) 665-0599 or or check out for more information. August 4—Boulder Xperiment! for ages 5 and up, at 2 pm, located at Chautauqua Community House, 301 Morning Glory Drive. Pia valiantly attempts to conduct scientific experiments, leading to mischief! Mayhem! This clown-science-magic mashup blurs the lines between science and magic to create a wonderfilled ode to the imagination. What is seen and what awaits discovery if only our wits would sharpen? Contact Sondra Blanchard at (720) 891-1882 or publicworkstc@ or check out www. for more information. August 3-12—Longmont Boulder County Fair, for all ages, all day, located at 9595 Nelson Road. The Boulder County Fair is the oldest fair in Colorado celebrating its 149th year. The Fair features 4-H and FFA events, live music, kids’ activities, motorized sports, a carnival, rodeos, and more. Free admission and parking. Check out bouldercountyfair. org for more information. Call (720) 864-6460 or email info@ or check out for more information. To August 4—Boulder Colorado Music Festival. Various concerts. Check out for more information. To August 8—Boulder Bands on the Bricks, Wednesdays all summer long. Opening at 6 pm. Headline at 7 pm. From oldies to alternative and everything in between, Boulder County’s premiere outdoor summer concert series on Pearl Street Mall. Enjoy performances from the best local musicians along the Front Range under the stars. Check out for more information. To Aug 10—Broomfield BackStory Theatre students present Fantastic Family Theatre, for all ages, on Fridays, from 6:30 to 7 pm, located at the Broomfield Auditorium, at 3 Community


Park Road. A different storybook classic each week. No show on July 6 or 27. Tickets $3 at the door up to 30 minutes prior to show time. Kids ages 4 and younger are FREE. Contact Mary Wilkie at (720) 263-0836 or email info. or check out www.backstorytheatre. org for more information. August 11—Boulder Auditions for the Boulder Children’s Chorale, for ages 5-15, morning time, located at 685 Inca Parkway. Join the Boulder Children’s Chorale! Four performing choirs differentiated by age and ability. Tons of fun for kids kindergarten through 9th grade who love to sing. Professional vocal coaching and music training. Fall semester begins August 23. Tuition assistance available. Visit for more information. Contact Ethan Hecht at (303) 554-7692 or Info@ or check out for more information. To August 11—Boulder Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Festival. Experience the joy of dancing in the air, for beginners through advanced aerial dancers. Two weeks of classes, lectures/ demonstrations, informal discussions and performances. Check out for more information. To August 12—Boulder Colorado Shakespeare Festival. Plays are performed beneath summer night skies in the historic Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre and in the newly renovated indoor University Theatre. Check out for more information. Through October—Longmont Visit the Agricultural Heritage Center fo r all ages, Friday through Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm, located at 8348 Ute Hwy. 66. Come to the farm, enjoy the rural setting, and learn about the rich agricultural history of Boulder County. The farm includes two barns with interactive exhibits, a milk house, blacksmith shop, and a furnished 1909 farmhouse. There are also animals on site seasonally including chickens, pigs, and others. Contact Jim Drew at (303) 776-8688 or check out www. for more information. Through November 3—Boulder B o u l d e r F a r m e r ’s M a r k e t . Saturdays through November 17th and Wednesdays through October 3. Also located in Longmont, Union Station in Denver and on Thursdays through September 27 in Lafayette. Check www.bcfm for more times and events. Through November 18—Denver Aloha: Postcards from Polynesia,

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for all ages, on Fridays at 7:30 pm; Saturdays at noon and at 2 pm and Sunday at noon, located at 1137 S. Huron St. Presented by The Bitsy Stage. Have you ever wondered why the sun takes so long to cross the sky? Or how we discovered the secret of fire? Tour the islands of Polynesia with our favorite demi-god, Maui, while he regales you with his stories of creation. Who knows, you might even pull an island or two from the ocean! Admission is Free/Donations accepted. Reservations are required. Check out for more information. August 5—Dacono Make-A-Wish Colorado Wheels & Wishes, for all ages, on Sunday, located at 4281 County Road 10. Enjoy a car show with a spin— the chance to take a lap on the Colorado National Speedway in one of the amazing vehicles being shown! Entrance fee includes 5 drawing tickets, and individual drawing tickets will also be for sale. 32 drawings throughout the day for a chance to ride along in a dream car! Family-friendly. Contact Jeff Krebs, director of philanthropy at (303) 750-9474 or or check out for more information. August 10, Sept 14—Lafayette Art Night Out for all ages, from 5 to 9 pm, located at S. Public Rd. from Cannon to Emma St. Join us in Old Town Lafayette on the second Friday in August and September for the Art Market, live music, art demonstrations beer and wine, kids activities food trucks and more! August music by The Savage Hearts. Contact Rachel Hanson at rachel.hanson@ or check out for more information. August 11—Nederland Panning for Gold for ages 5 and up, from noon to 2 pm, call for location. Try your hand at gold panning! Placer mining led to the settlement of Boulder County as people sought their fortunes. Do you have what it takes to travel back in time and search for gold in a stream? Online registration required. Contact Sheryl Kippen at (303) 776-8848 or skippen@ or for more information and to register, go to for more information. August 12—Longmont Sunflower Farm SproutHouse Preschool Openhouse for parents of ages 3-5, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, located at 11150 Prospect Road. Join us as we relaunch

the school. This farm-based nature program is 15 weeks with as much outdoor time as we can possibly pack in. Experiential and child-driven education. Contact Bren at (303) 246-1127 or email or check out for more information. August 24—Lafayette Movies in the Park for all ages, from dusk, located at 1600 Caria Drive. Grab a lawn chair or blanket and join us for our Movie in the Park series. All movies are free! Remember to leave your canine friends at home for these movies. Food/movie snacks will be available for purchase. Only Service Dogs allowed. Join us for Cars 3 on August 24th. Contact Marty Walsh at or marty.walsh@cityoflafayette. com or check out cityoflafayette. com/moviesinthepark for more information. August 30—Louisville Art Walk for all ages, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, located at downtown Louisville. Join us for a community Art Walk that will feature wine by ONEHOPE Wine sponsored by Premier Members Credit Union. Enjoy work by local artists at participating galleries. Proceeds support scholarships for former foster care youth. Tickets are $35 or 2 for $60. Contact Leanne Fisher at (720) 420-9780 or info@rfcbcc. org or check out artwalk for more information.


September-May—Boulder After School Sewing Workshops, for ages 7 & up, Tu/W/Th, from 3:30 or 4 to 5:30 or 6 pm, located at 2017 17th Street. A wonderful opportunity for students to learn and enhance their sewing skills in a fun and positive environment. Class sizes are small so that each student will be given individual attention and challenged appropriately. Projects will include apparel, accessories, and practical projects for the home. Contact Linda Spillmann at (303) 997-8245 or or check out www.fabricateboulder. com for more information. September 1—Boulder First Saturday Yoga: Lizards as Pollinators, for all ages, from 11 am, located at 3595 Table Mesa Drive. Sun salutations and stories. All ages. Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation. Contact Hannah Lackoff at (303) 441-3100 or ask@boulderlibrary. org or check out

for more information. September 9—Lafayette Sensory Friendly Playtime for all ages, from 8 am to 10 am, located at 110 N. Harrison Avenue. A low sensory event for children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders. WOW! will limit admission to 20 families, turn down sounds and lights, and provide adaptive equipment to offer a safe and fun experience for all! Admission is free for participating families, however, reservations are required. Contact Katie MacDonald at (303) 604-2424 or check out for more information. September 9—Longmont Crafts and Trades of Olden Days for ages, from 10 am to 3 pm, located at 8348 Ute Highway 66. Come down to the farm and learn about old fashioned jobs and traditional arts and crafts needed for life in the early 1900s. Visitors can enjoy games and demonstrations including blacksmithing, candle-dipping and working with a drop spindle. Several “make and take” activities are offered as well. Contact Jim Drew at (303) 776-8688 or jdrew@ or check out for more information. Sept 24 to Nov 5—Lafayette Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, for all ages, all month long, located at The Collective at 201 N. Public Rd. The Collective will host its annual Dia De Los Muertos exhibit in the gallery. Participate in the community ofrenda (alter), honoring loved ones who have passed away. Sign up for free workshops all month long. Opening reception on Friday, October 5; 6 to 8 pm. Closing event November 2; 6 to 8 pm. Contact Rachel Hanson at rachel.hanson@ or check out for more information.


and-american-indian-culturalcelebration for more information.

September 22, 29—Lafayette The Emperor’s New Clothes (Prince Street Players version), for ages 3 and up, at 11 am, show, noon lunch, located at 1376 Miners Drive, Suite 106. This exceedingly silly version of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale captures the message of “excess” through the ridiculous antics of the Emperor who wanted more clothes and the tailors who hoodwinked him into parading in his underwear and “invisible clothes.” Music, dance and wild behavior will delight the entire family. Contact Jo Anne Lamun at (303) 786-8727 or pbpcontacts@ or check out www. for more information. September 29—Longmont The Secret Garden for all ages, at 2 & 7 pm, located at the Longmont Museum, Stewart Auditorium, 400 Quail Road. The beloved story of an orphan named Mary and her journey of self-growth and compassion comes to life on stage in this exquisite ballet with live musical accompaniment. Tickets available online or call (303) 7721335 Contact Heidi Lawrence at (303) 772-1335 or office@ or check out for more information. September 30—Boulder YWCA Dash and Bash for all ages, from 9 am to 2 pm, located at Boulder Reservoir, 5565 N 51st Street. FUNdraising event to celebrate and support the powerful mission to empower women and eliminate racism. A fun 5K and 10K walk or run and a 1-mile kid’s dash will be followed by an exciting multicultural festival to help our community come together around society’s most pressing issues. Contact Ashley Bruscoe at (303) 443-0419 or check out for more information.


September 8—Denver Friendship Powwow & American Indian Cultural Celebration for ages, from 10 am to 4 pm, located at 100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway. One of the Denver Art Museum’s (DAM) longest-running events, the 29th Annual Friendship Powwow and American Indian Cultural Celebration will feature American Indian dancers, drum groups, artmaking, and more. Watch dance competitions, participate in handson activities, and enjoy your first (or 101st!) piece of fry bread. All powwow activities and general museum admission are free. Contact Rose Beetem at (720) 8655000 or info@denverartmuseum. org or check out denverartmuseum. org/programs/friendship-powwow-


October 1-31—Longmont Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch, 9059 Ute Highway, celebrates October Saturdays and Sundays with a weekend carnival for young kids, featuring small roller coasters, pony rides, mazes, slides, and carnival treats. Rides and treats are priced individually and typically range from $1 to $5. No admission or parking fee. Monday thru Friday, enjoy a more leisurely outing with a self-guided tour. For $8 per child, there are several activities available. The organic produce market is open

7 days a week in October. For more information, visit www., or call (303) 684-0087. Oct 4, 11, 18, 25, Nov 1—Boulder Secret of Friendship Workshop, for ages Gr. 6-9, from 5:30 to 7 pm, located at 1800 30th Street, Suite 306. What makes kids like other kids? Find out: 6 secrets of making & keeping friends! It’s not as hard as you think! Students will learn and practice the 6 most important friendship skills, what makes kids avoid other kids, how to NOT lose your friends. These workshops teach kids what does and doesn’t work in getting along with others. Contact Sherry Lewis at (303) 9154421 or com or check out for more information. October 6, 13, 20, 27—Lafayette The Emperor’s New Clothes (Prince Street Players version), for ages 3 and up, at 11 am, show, noon lunch, located at 1376 Miners Drive, Suite 106. This exceedingly silly version of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale captures the message of “excess” through the ridiculous antics of the Emperor who wanted more clothes and the tailors who hoodwinked him into parading in his underwear and “invisible clothes.” Music, dance and wild behavior will delight the entire family. Contact Jo Anne Lamun at (303) 786-8727 or pbpcontacts@ or check out www. for more information. October 12—Boulder Movies @ Meadows: Ghostbusters, for all ages, at 4 pm, located at 3800 Baseline Road. 105 minutes. Rated PG. A family friendly movie on the 2nd Friday of each month. Pizza and/or popcorn will be served. Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation. Contact Hannah Lackoff at (303) 441-3100 or ask@boulderlibrary. org or check out for more information. October 13—Boulder Family Play Festival for ages birth to 5 years, from 10 am to noon, located at 1001 Arapahoe Avenue. Drop in and play, sing, read, write and talk at activity stations throughout the library. Families with young children enjoy interactive early literacy activities and take home crafts, prizes and new ideas for family fun. Each station includes special activities for babies. Contact Krissy Jensen at (303) 441-3100 or jensenk@ or check out for more information. October 19-23—Denver Fall Break at the Denver Art Museum, for ages All ages, from 10 am to 5 pm, located at 100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway. School’s

out, we’re in! Come over to the DAM and make art at the Createn-Takes, explore the new Print Making studio, and the galleries too! Included with admission, which is free for youth 18 and younger. Contact Rose Beetem at (720) 865-5000 or info@ or check out for more information. October 28—Boulder Haunted Library for ages 10 and under, at 2 pm, located at 3595 Table Mesa Drive. Not so scary fun for the whole family. Ages 10 and under. Created by the Reynolds Teen Advisory Group. Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation. Contact Hannah Lackoff at (303) 441-3100 or or check out for more information. October 28—Lafayette Fall Festival for all ages, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm, located at 111 W. Baseline Road. Join us where we will host a Great Pumpkin Race, award the winners of the Lions Club Pumpkin Decorating Contest & the Window Painting Contest and have a grand ol’ time at the Bounce House! This great event is three events in one, register for them all and have a great Fall Festival! Contact Marty Walsh at (303) 661-1467 or marty.walsh@ or check out for more information.

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If you have a dated calendar event in November, December or January, please do let us know by October 10th! One-listing-per-month limit on a space-available basis, with nonprofit and free dated events prioritized. Please check out our website. Go to, click on the calendar button and fill out the automated calendar form. To be included in our email reminder list, email calendar@bouldercountykids. com with an Email Reminder Request in the subject line or use our online form on our website. We will send you back a receipt on all submissions and requests so you know you are on our list.

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African Children’s Choir Friday, August 17, 2018

7:00 PM

No tickets. Donations appreciated.​

Helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow!

Mountain View United Methodist Church 355 Ponca Place • Boulder • (303) 494-5025 ​​​ Page 46 •

BOULDER COUNTY KIDS Curiosity Confidence Creativity Respect Collaboration Critical Thinking Independence Come see how Mountains Shadows supports these qualities in our students ages 12 months to 12 years. 303.530.5353


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Discover the joy of making music together with your family! Find a location near you!

Sign up for a free trial class today! Music Together of Boulder North Boulder and Downtown (720) 440-2775 Mountain Song Music Studio, Inc. Central and South Boulder (303) 413-1120

Center for Musical Arts Lafayette (303) 665-0599 Music Together of the Rockies Louisville and Superior (720) 280-5871

Boulder County Kids Fall 2018  

Your quarterly guide for children and families in Boulder and Broomfield counties and surrounding areas. Back-to-School issue. Preschool an...

Boulder County Kids Fall 2018  

Your quarterly guide for children and families in Boulder and Broomfield counties and surrounding areas. Back-to-School issue. Preschool an...