Martha Street Quarant-Zine Issue #2: Liberation

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Table of Contents A Message from Martha Mapping Our Roles Featured Creatives Khalilah Ramirez Isaac Indio Christine Santos Lysn Lee Oscar Gomez Stories for Solidarity Annmariz Milagros MUSE Devin Clarin Isabel Lopez Sharat Lin Angela Smith Samirah Boomi Itzayana Saman Qadir Crystal Cisneros-Villa Nirvana Soul Coffee Jodie Austin Abraham Menor Self Care & Burnout Community Shoutouts Community Resources

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A Message from Martha We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We demand justice for ALL Black folx exploited, brutalized & murdered by the oppressive systems rooted in imperialist, whitesupremacist, ableist, capitalist patriarchy. We acknowledge that Black womxn & Black trans folx face the most violent oppression by these systems. We see and hear all of those that are grieving in this moment, and those that are healing the wounds of both lived and ancestral trauma. We are here for our community, in solidarity, in love. We are cultivating a more loving, abundant & liberated world for future generations. As creatives, we play a role in the movement, in the revolution. We can intentionally take up space and create the worlds we long for. Art is a way to document, express, connect & heal. This zine amplifies and centers the voices of Black and Indigenous Creatives & Creatives of Color in our community. “Some of us are surviving, following, flocking--but some of us are trying to imagine where we are going as we fly. That is radical imagination.” adrienne maree brown

Mission Martha Street Art Night, based in San José, cultivates space for artistic exchange, community co-creation, and authentic connection. As a creative community, it is vital for us to develop more reciprical, interpersonal relationships with one another--particularly those with different experiences than our own. We celebrate creative collaboration and collective abundance in a culture deeply imbued with competition and scarcity mindset. Martha Street aims to be an inclusive and opportunistic space for the folx that are typically marginalized in the art world (e.g. BIPOC, womxn, LGBTQ+ folx, and those who have not received formal art education). As a community, we must listen to the needs of the folx most violently impacted by our oppressive systems, and we must hold space for those folx to share their stories through various expressive outlets. We want to acknowledge that we are on Ohlone land. If you are not based in San José, you can identity the native land you are on at

stay in touch: @marthastreetartnight










'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. Albert Camus

Devin Clarin Visual Artist









Visual Artist ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­


Visual Artist ­ ­



The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible. Toni Cade Bambara

Crystal Cisneros-Villa Muralist / Musician / Photographer / Entrepreneur

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Nirvana Soul Coffee Purveyors



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Burnout is a state of physical, emotional & mental exhaustion caused by long term involvement in situations that are emotionally demanding. The emotional demands are often caused by a combination of high expectations and chronic situational stresses. Burnout symptoms include physical depletion, feelings of helplessness/hopelessness, disillusionment, and negative attitudes towards self, work & life. Activist Burnout is common as activists often put their communityʼs needs before their own. Working constantly to de-construct and transform oppressive systems wears us down over time, and we can only sustain the work when we take care of ourselves. When we practice self care, we are also practicing collective care.

When you notice symptoms of burnout, thatʼs your signal to slowwwwwww dowwwwwwn. Self Care is an antidote to burnout -- it is deeply necessary in sustaining our change-making, activist, and healing work. Self care is meeting your basic needs. It is a regular, consistent and mindful practice. You have the right to pleasure & relaxation. Take a break. Practice deep breathing. Do things that bring you joy. Talk to loved ones. Give yourself space to rest and recover.

Make a Plan for Self Care Everyoneʼs plan will look different and it may change over time. Here are some self-care daily practices you can start today: 1. Breathing, meditation, yoga 2. Gratitude (what are your grateful for?) 3. Maintain hygiene (this is especially important for folx struggling with depression) 4. Morning routine (e.g. making coffee, stretching) 5. Get outdoors for some sunshine & fresh air 6. Nourish your body (e.g. eat 3 meals, drink water, go for a walk) 7. Express yourself (e.g. journal, make music/art) 8. Take a social media break

If you find yourself frequently overwhelmed or reaching the point of burnout, you need to set boundaries. This starts with the boundaries you set with yourself but can also be boundaries you set with others. Communicate your needs directly (e.g. “ I do not have capacity to do that”) and stand by them. Setting boundaries takes practice, and itʼs something that Black, Indigenous and Womxn of Color are often not taught as they often assume the role of caretakers carrying the emotional, mental, and spiritual weight of others.

Some boundaries you can set: 1. I will take care of myself first 2. I will not allow others to guilt or manipulate me into doing things Iʼm not comfortable with 3. I will stand up for myself and voice my opinions 4. I will not hold myself responsible for things outside of my control 5. I will communicate openly and when I need to, assertively 6. I will not let my happiness depend on other people



Omnipotent Studios & Melanin Minds Yoga & Meditation @omnipotentstudio @mlnnmnds

Ferris Givins

Inhale Exhale Bodywork Swedish Massage & Chair Massage @inhaleexhale_bodywork

Nicole Steward

Radical Tendencies: Radical Self Care Social Justice leader, yogi, writer @love_ethic_yoga


Peace is our Protest RYT 200, Yoga Teacher @mindful.mani

Community Shoutouts Read ʻem 2 Freedom Book Club is a new Bay Area book club founded by @dae.twice & @soulquarius_ focused on community building, liberation, and healing. They hope to build a collective that can read together, discuss together, feel and heal. The literature centers narratives of Black excellence, Afroindigenous perspectives, and liberation from systemic oppression. The first book they are reading is “Blood in My Eye” by George L. Jackson. If youʼre interested in joining, DM them on IG at @readem2freedom.

Love Yours Podcast promotes Black Mental Health, Black Mental Wealth, and Black Mental Stability. Jay & Naé discuss the importance of mental health awareness, resources, and utilization of therapy in the Black community. They discuss popular topics within mental health, share their own experiences, and provide information on treatment in an attempt to decrease the stigma that remains. IG: @loveyours_podcast

TANKSHIT, founded by Yonex Jones, is the San Jose Movement, it literally means “The Shit Out The Tank”. Yonex started TANKSHITboxtruck because he was trappin too heavy out the trunk and there wasnʼt anymore space in the Lambo Accord. TANKSHIT has everything from merch to specialty snacks to local artwork and, of course, Yonexʼs mixtapes. TAAAAAAANKSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!! @yonexjones @tankshitboxtruck


African American Community Service Agency Amigos de Guadalupe Archive408 Billy De Frank Center B.L.A.C.K. Outreach H.E.R.O. Tent LGBTQ Youth Space MAIZ San José P.A.C.T. San José Brown Berets SJ Peace & Justice Center San José Strong Silently Loud Collective S.I.R.E.N. SURJ Sacred Heart VietUnity South Bay Young Women’s Freedom Center Youth Hype

African American Community center providing services in education, wellness, economic development, and social service Community organizing & advocacy, education, and direct social service Archival of Past and Present SJ History,currently providing financial support for BIPOC folx through their Financial Solidarity Project LGTBQ+ community resource center and activist organization Platform for Black liberation and collective knowledge outreach Food, water, and aid services for activists Community drop-in center and mental health program for LGBTQ youth Grassroots Latinx community organization that advocates for social change of marginalized communities Multi-faith, grassroots organization that provides leadership training and experience to community members Brown Rights/ Brown Power Activism Resource center for local grassroots activism and global concerns A grassroots platform designed to reinvent San José for & by community Free sexual assault Survivors Support Group Services for immigrant rights and education Group mobilizing white people to be in solidarity with BIPOC Grassroots organization bringing Vietnamese people together Leadership & advocacy org led by systems-involved young and adult women and TGNC people of color Community-based organization empowering youth from disenfranchised and marginalized communities.


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