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Popcorn has always been a popular favourite at the cinema, but has recently also become the fastest-growing product in the highly competitive snacks market. Popcorn is uniquely popular and profitable and can be easily introduced within your current offering. It is quick and simple to prepare and serve, and can be enjoyed on the go or during film shows and other activities or events. It also complements many other food and drink refreshments that may already be on offer.

Perfect for:

• Nothing beats the delicious warm taste and smell of freshly popped corn. • A strategically placed popcorn machine will create impulse sales. • Salted popcorn will work exceptionally well to help increase sales of beverages; it is a snack that will make consumers thirsty whilst not replacing a meal… a great opportunity to increase revenue.

Universities Cinemas Sporting venues Fairs & events Theme parks Shopping centres Confectionery shops Hotels & bars Bingo halls Coffee shops

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Cretors invented the world’s first popcorn machine in 1893 and are the ‘Popcorn Pioneers’. With over 125 years of expertise in the concession industry, they are quite simply the brand to choose. They also manufacture other speciality fast food and snack equipment for hot dogs, nachos and candy floss. All Cretors products are made in America - unmatched in their quality, craftsmanship and design, and built to last. A brand that can be trusted, Martek offer Cretors equipment for a simple reason - it is the very best in the world.

“We invented the Popcorn Machine, then Just Kept Going”. Andrew Cretors

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Martek have been working in the cinema industry for over 30 years, designing, manufacturing and installing concessions and specialist retail concepts. We have a vast amount of experience in the concessions business and understand how to help our customers make serious profits whilst providing excellent service to their patrons. Martek are proud to be the exclusive distributors for Cretors equipment in the UK and Ireland, and have introduced the Cretors brand in over 200 sites.

• Martek is the exclusive UK distributor for Cretors products and can supply their complete product range. • With a joinery manufacturing workshop based south of London, Martek can provide you with a entire one stop solution. • Over 500 projects installed worldwide.

The best working with the best...

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Small Poppers 6-14oz

The Original Red Top Line This popper has a modern and sleek design which looks great in all locations. Available in four kettles sizes (from 6oz-14oz).

The Original Antique Line This popper has retained the Cretors classic and traditional look and was inspired by Cretors machines built over a century ago. It includes a hand painted scroll and is also available in four kettles sizes (from 6oz-14oz).

The Home Cinema Special This 6oz popper has proven to be popular in the home cinema environment along with night clubs, restaurants and bars due to its sophisticated look and darker appearance. This model features more discreet lighting, etched and tinted glass and has a black top.

**Each model incorporates a one-piece clean-in-place stainless steel kettle, patented “one-pop� technology, a heat lamp, illuminated Eye-Level Rocker Switches and a robust stainless steel welded frame.

Custom Configured Units We can configure a package to get you selling popcorn fast. In this example, the setup includes a premium quality popcorn popper and warmer cabinet, displayed on an attractive, handcrafted, portable cart. This configuration provides you with everything you need to offer both salt and sweet popcorn simply and efficiently - by freshly popping salted corn in front of your customers whilst serving warm sweet popcorn from the cabinet.

Cretors T-2000 8oz Popper (The Original Red Top Line) • • • • •

One-piece clean-in-place stainless steel kettle Pops 8 ounces of popcorn every 3-4 minutes Patented “one-pop” button heats the kettle, pops a batch of corn and turns itself off. Improves safety, saves energy and avoids burned popcorn Heated base and heat lamp keep popcorn fresh and warm until ready to serve Robust stainless steel welded frame

• Patented “one-pop” button heats the kettle, pops a batch of corn and turns itself off. Improves safety, saves energy and avoids burned popcorn. • Heated base and heat lamp keep popcorn fresh and warm until ready to serve • Matching wagons are available to transform your machine into a portable cart. • Perfect for: convenience stores, petrol stations, film rental stores, universities, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, confectionery stores and bingo clubs.

Cretors Popcorn Cabinet • • • • •

Holds up to 56oz of delicious popcorn Cretors cabinet keeps popcorn warm for that just popped taste and smell The top load design provides product rotation so fresh popcorn can be loaded through the top and scooped through the bottom Easy to clean and maintain, with removable doors, tempered safety glass and rubber feet Unique corrosion resistant design

Popcorn Cart • • •

Attractive and inviting display Mobile unit with a compact footprint Hidden compartment at rear of cart to store supplies

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Large Poppers 32-60oz Mach 5 The Mach 5 popper is a truly versatile machine that is beautifully styled and built to last for generations. The 91cm cabinet is available in three kettle sizes (from 32oz to 60oz). Standard features of the Mach 5 include: • One-Piece, clean-in-place kettle • One-Piece lid ensures maximum popcorn expansion • Direct Drive agitator motor for longer motor life • Automatic Jump Up Kettle Lid • Illuminated Rocker Switches • Cycling Pilot Light Indicator • Disposable Filter • Digital Temperature Controller • Two Heat Lamps • Stainless Steel Cabinet and Base • Clean Out Drawer • Air Tight , Tilt Out Resealable Corn Bin keeps corn fresh for maximum performance • Halogen Lighting System •Cornditioner System • Patented “one-pop” technology

Diplomat This suspended popper is available in three kettle sizes (from 32oz to 60oz) and two cabinet sizes. The machine is easy to operate and a disposable filter makes it easy and simple to maintain. Standard features of the Diplomat include:

• One-Piece, clean-in-place kettle •One-Piece lid ensures maximum popcorn expansion •Direct Drive agitator motor for longer motor lift •Counter Balance Dump and Return System •Automatic Cover Lift •Equipped for direct oil feed •Illuminated Rocker Switches •Cycling Pilot Light Indicator •Digital Temperature Controller •Disposable Filter System •Internal Heat Lamp and Heated Corn Deck •Clean-Out Drawer •Cornditioner System • Patented “one-pop” technology

President Enclosed within an attractive cabinet, these electric pedestal poppers produce popcorn in a visible theatrical manner to really tempt your customers. This 122cm cabinet is available in three kettle sizes (from 32oz to 60oz). Standard features include:

• A larger machine is best suited for high traffic locations, where high volumes of popcorn are required. • All large poppers have Cretors exclusive circulating cornditioner system which ensures that popcorn is kept fresh and dry. • Perfect for: theatres, retail stores, amusement parks, sports stadiums, leisure facilities and arenas, cinemas and universities.

•Stainless Steel cabinet •Internal cabinet heat lamps •Stainless steel receiving tray with heating element •50lb corn bin •Recessed storage bin •Servicing tool kit •Cornditioner System • Patented “one-pop” technology

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Gourmet Popcorn Equipment

The Electric Giant Pedestal Popper


Knock Down Tables

These versatile poppers can be mounted in a cabinet or on a table to give you the popcorn production style that you require. Available in four sizes (from 20oz to 60oz), standard features of the Electric Giant include:

Combination cooker and mixer will cook and mix a variety of savory and caramel flavours. Available in two sizes, Cretors caramelizers can be used as part of a production line to create delicious gourmet popcorn. Standard features include:

If you require back of house production, simply install the Electric Giant popper onto one of Cretors Knock Down Tables. You can also add a caramelizer to create a gourmet production facility. Standard features of the Knock Down Tables include:

• Stainless steel or nickel plated all steel kettle • One-Piece Kettle Design • Direct-Oil Feed • Digital temperature controller • Patented “one-pop” technology

• Stainless steel mixing bowl, agitator blade, and pedestal • Two mixing baffles improve coating process and efficiency • Adjustable temperature controller provides precise temperature settings and measures actual product temperature • Audible alarm signals when temperature is reached • A Knock Down table can be installed to create a popping plant.

• Rust proof stainless steel construction • Accepts both electric and gas poppers • 50lb. corn bin • Serving tool kit included • Knock Down Table design • Available in four sizes

Gourmet Starter Unit If you are new and venturing into the Gourmet Popcorn world, we have all the products available to get you started. We recommend the following: • • •

The Electric Giant Pedestal Popper (20oz) Caramelizer CMD 25 Knock Down Cooling table (163cm double shelf)

• High quality gourmet popcorn is the latest craze with its ever increasing popularity. • Experiment and impress the crowds with unique flavoured popcorn. • Popular flavours include: cheese, chilli, chocolate and caramel. • Why not create your own gourmet popcorn brand?

Gourmet Dedicated Production Unit Are you serious about setting up a Gourmet Popcorn production? There are a variety of configurations available, we recommend the following: • • • •

Electric Giant Pedestal Poppers (48oz) Caramelizer CMD 50 Knock Down Cooling table (206cm double shelf) CMT Machine (Savoury Flavour)

**Martek Food Systems are more than happy to discuss individual requirements.

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Display Cabinets & Dispensing Systems

Popcorn Cabinet This Popcorn Cabinet can store up to 56oz of fresh and delicious tasting popcorn. Some of the features of this cabinet include: • • • •

Cretors cabinet keeps popcorn warm for that just popped taste and smell The top load design provides product rotation so fresh popcorn can be loaded through the top and scooped through the bottom Easy to clean and maintain. With removable doors, tempered safety glass and rubber feet Unique corrosion resistant design

Nacho Tray Cabinet This Nacho Tray Cabinet will hold up to twenty trays on three adjustable wire racks, keeping the nachos fresh and warm until you are ready to serve. An additional feature of this machine is that the Nachos sign lights up, which will be sure to attract customers.

Counter Showcase Cabinet The Counter Showcase Cabinet is perfect for storing your popcorn. Available in two different sized counters, 91cm and also 122cm. Some of the features of this cabinet include: • • •

Stainless steel construction. Recirculating conditioner system. Adjustable dividers are available.

The 122cm is also available in a three door option.

Countertop Butter Topper This product will give your popcorn the delicious buttery flavour that everyone will enjoy. Choose an option of self-serve or operator.

• A display cabinets is a must have addition to increase impulse sales of popcorn and nachos. • Display cabinets keep products warm and prolong freshness until ready to serve. • You may choose to freshly pop salted corn and serve warm pre-popped sweet from the cabinet.

Bag-In-Box (BIB) Topper Topping for the popcorn is heated continuously throughout the system. This topper features: • • •

No drip spout which helps eliminate product waste and mess. Made from stainless steel. Topper system can be installed into your existing stand.

Nacho Cheese Pump There is nothing better than warm cheese on top of nachos. This product will complete your nacho production line. • •

Welded stainless steel. Aluminium tub with a built in thermostat heats cheese in 30 minutes. A lighted Nachos sign is available.

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Cotton Candy Equipment Floss Machine The versatile Ringmaster by Cretors is the first cotton candy machine designed with a heating element that replaces ribbons and bands. Each of the three Ringmaster models has a stainless steel spinner head and mesh screen containing a custom fitted Incoloy heat element, instead of heaters and bands, thereby reducing maintenance costs. The 13cm Ringmaster lite - ideal for rental and other light duty operations. The 13cm Ringmaster - ideal for medium volume production. The 18cm Ringmaster - ideal for high volume production. Some of the features of the Ringmaster include: •Stainless steel construction •Standard cotton candy mix or regular granulated sugar can be used •Cretors exclusive Incoloy heating element design •Plugs into a standard 13 Amp outlet •Aluminium bowl and stabilizer included Additional Options Complete the Ringmaster of your choice with an additional half bubble. A matching Two-Wheel Knock Down Cart is also available which will instantly transform your machine into a portable cotton candy cart.

Hot Dog Grill Equipment Hot Dog Grill Cretors have given the hot dog cooker a new twist - the design now includes a centre drive shaft, reducing the strain on the gears, resulting in longer motor life. • •

• • • • •

• Perfect for: theme parks, school events, sporting venues, theme and amusement parks, entertainment complexes, cinemas, petrol and service stations.

Holds 24 hot dogs or sausages and heats up 144 per hour Cretors unique “Heat and hold” switch allows the hot dogs to be kept at optimum temperature with little or no deterioration in appearance Stainless steel construction and cooking surface Patented design Aluminium heat surface system on grill Digital temperature display and control Removable grill rollers are dishwasher safe

Hot Dog Bun Warmer Cretors bun warmer is the perfect match to the grill to keep the buns warm and ready to be served. Front and rear access sneeze guards are also available to protect the food.

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