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ENTERPRISING INITIATIVE PROJECT: 2ยบ TERM. We had chosen this destination because we thing it is an interesting place to visit with a lot of variety by the axpect of recreational activities.Although it is also productive to travell there because the place is near, been there cant also help us to improve in our english level. Our purpose to travell there is to also know about world and other diffents cultures, It will also benefit students that will travell because they will learn how to coexit with others and also for that we are going to evaluate them apart from other many important things. At the first place we had considered the idea of travelling the whole that means the sum of 21 students in total , with three teachers in charge we think they should be montse, javier and mentxu but that will be if they want. If any one of the students doesnot want to participate in the mentioned activities , will have to assit in school at that same week.

Letter for the families: Estimated families we are sending you this letter to inform you about the next trip that will take on in the school ( the mennasians school), but only s.s.s 1 that have the opportunity to travell. Our destination is dublin and we are going to stay there 5 days , it will be great if you children joint us because is an important and interesting opportunity that cant benefit them , we also invite you to come and pass it nice with us you wouldnt regreat it!. INFORMATION:

We will go from vitoria to the airport of bilbao from there we have to take the flight to madrid and then we take another, after will reach at our destination dublin!!. our hotel will be thne airlington hotel we are going to visit many interesting places and historical like the dublin castle. We are requiring about the sum of 650 euros that is the account of everything includes the planes tickets , payment of the hotel and , apart from that money you cant also bring you pocket money so that you can t buy something to eat, clothes in fact personal things i recommended you to bring not less than 70 euros. Believe you wouldnt waste your money you are going to pass it well and learn many things. Travelling to dublin. We will take: bilbao flight , 08:15 a.m we will arrive at 9:30 a.m to madrid Then we will take the flight to madrid at 11:20 arriving to dublin at 12:55 a.m .

coming to dublin. We will take the flight from dublin-madrid at 13:30 a.m , we will arrive at 17:05 a.m after at 20:00h p.m we are taking the flight from Madrid – Bilbao , we will reach at the airport at 21:15 p.m RULES AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE TRIP: The mains laws that we think is important for you to know an have concient of in case of any problem or inconvenience this are the following:

An addecuate behaviour , that means respeting the classmates and teachers, places that we are going to visit and respecting the materials or object that doesnot belong to us. In case of damage or breaking an object it will be pay by the parents or the responsible. Not “smoking� any kind of ciggaret or alcohol drink is prohibited to consume. You have to work and walk by the rules of the teacher you dont do want you think or what you like. Ask before touching or taking pictures to places or things. Obedience to you teachers and not to do things that have been prohibited. You cant go out without permittion and even along. Not stealing any ones money or object. That cant provoke an expolsion of the trip and you will turn back. You have to respect and accept the rules of the country. Personal cleaning. Have to do the school work when is told.

Telephones numbers of emergency: ambalances, police - 999 or 112. embassy,of dublin - Telf. 01 2691640

embassy of spain- Telf. (00 353) 1 2691640 touristis offices – Telf.( Block 1, Garda headquarters. Harcourt Square, Dublin 2) Teléfono: 1800 230 330

Hospitals: Beaumont hospital - Telf. 8093000 Master hospital - Telf. 8093000 o`conell street - Telf. 6668067.

Advices. They are some rules that are mentioned are very important like the respect of the teachers classmates and other people also stealing money or object etc, smoking ciggarrets that are the main thing we wouldnt tolerret from anyone , if some commit any of this offence it will be return to spain immediate . Means of transportg: We will buy the “Rambler ticket”of 3 days , valid for using the buses with a limited form including the special services 747 and 748 we will buy the tickets at the airport and the last day of the trajectory to the airport we will go with taxi. Historical place we intend to visit:

We will visit the nacional archaeology museum: it is located at the kildare street ( dublin irland), this section includes such pieces as the ardagh chalice and Tara brooch , all famous examples of early medieval metalwork in irland , as well as prehistoric ornaments from the bronze age in irland.

Gafton treet: is one of the most interesting places in dublin, there we cant find the molly malone statue. National museum collin baracks: is a museum of deration art , its located at the thundering neoclassical buildings of the old militar barracks , built in 1702 ( free entrance). Gallery of modern art: it was foundated by Hugh lane in 1908. it is the first modern gallery known allover the world , it is situated at the O'conell street . ( free entrance ) . Dublin castle: It was built in 1904 , is a prestige place its at the centre of the city they do conferences and general of the last generation . ( free entrance). Guiness factory: it was foundated by aurthur guiness in 1759 and the almacen was built in 1904. the entrance money for the adult is account of 16,50 and the students less than 18 years is 10,50 euros the students more than 18 years entrance is 13,00 euros. Ten must in the city: Guiness storehouse. National gallery of ireland. s.t stephen`s park river liffey.

National museum of ireland archaeology. Cathedral of s.t trinity . Dublin zoo. s.t patrick`s cathedral. o`conell street. Dublin Castle.

4ยบ MARTA & MAIDER 2013-2014 THANKS....

Proyecto maider y marta  

it is a trip project

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