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A B O U T M A R TA Marta Berk is a Belarussian illustrator/ surface designer/ painter living and working in New York. Creator of cute characters and whimsical patterns for a range of surfaces including fabrics, paper products, textiles, homewards, and more. Born in Belarus and brought up in Brooklyn, NY, Marta has spent her childhood immersed in cartoons and fairytales, fueling her imagination and filling countless sketchbooks with frolicking animals, groovy florals, and strange characters. With 8 years of experience in graphic design industry, she has obtained production knowledge and technical abilities in product development. Passion for traditional medium lets Marta to mix her digital background with paint, and hand made texture for a personal touch. With multiple disciplines and techniques in her background, Marta’s style is versatile and quickly adaptable with the current trends. She now has a growing potfolio of collections available for license that she will debut at SURTEX on May 17-19, 2015 at Booth #260. Her fresh and colorful style is a perfect fit for products such as clothing, home accessories and stationery. If you would like to license her art or wish to collaborate to create something custom, please get in touch.

Q & A AND TITBITS HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS FIELD? I always knew I will grow up to be an artist. I studyed Graphic Design in college and worked in publishing and then in digital agency for years but alwasy found time to doodle and paint. I’ve discovered the world of licensing 2 years ago and it seemed a perfect fit for my many doodles. Now, i’m ready to take that next step by exhibiting at Surtex. My focus for this year is to establish connections, secure more licensing deals, and accuire representaiton.

WHAT IS YOUR STYLE AND TECHNIQUE? I alwasy start first with sketches and doodles. I have tons of doodle filled moleskins and folders of scrap paper, because you never know when an idea will strike you. From there, I mainly work digital in Illustrator, sometimes I’ll use pen and ink and color digitally in Photoshop. Technique depends on the piece and what style I think will fit it best. That’s why I think my style is very versitile. It can be clean with crisp lines or messy and textured. I feel that my background education in diverse mediums and enables me to be adabtable and versitile in style and new trends.

WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION? Inspiration is one of those mystical things that comes and goes at the most random times that’s why I alwasy carry a small notebook so I’m always prepared. If I ever get stuck in a rut, I simply go on Pinterest or shopping to get visual juices flowing. With so much art aroubnd everywehre it’s imposible to not be inspired.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB/PROJECT? It would be a dream to work on a full collection of home decor products like plates and other kitchenwares, bedding, rugs, and the like.


GET IN TOUCH Thanks so much for checking out my work. My full potfolio is available online at http://www.martaberk.com. Please request password to get acces to it. If you liked what you saw and want to see more or have an idea you would like to collaborate on, don’t hesistate to send me a quick note at info@marta.com. Also, keep up to date on my latest projects by following me on social media.

Website: http://www.martaberk.com

Email: info@martaberk.com



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SURTEX 2015 Marta Berk promo book  

A sneak peak into collections of Marta Berk available for licensing. Marta will exhibit her new designs at SURTEX 2015. For more information...

SURTEX 2015 Marta Berk promo book  

A sneak peak into collections of Marta Berk available for licensing. Marta will exhibit her new designs at SURTEX 2015. For more information...

Profile for martaberk