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ACTS 17:19-20


DECEMBER 4, 2013



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‘Twas the night before exam week...


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...and all through the University, not a student was stirring, not even a couple kissing nervously. The presentations were done, the papers edited with care, The freshmen were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of A+’s danced in their heads. And Bryce in his ‘kerchief, and I in my cap, Had just settled down for a short post-paper nap…

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The semester is drawing to a close. Most andrew of us are in PARKER panic mode at this point, and our thoughts are dominated by an extreme desire for sleep. This is the worst time of the semester for all of us, the procrastination is now regretted, and we all feel like we just can’t make it though. And yet we always do. Soon it’ll all be over, and Christmas frolicking can commence. Soon we can look back at the blur of the semester and think about how much has changed (or not changed). Or


this past semester, electing rather to strike it from memory. I choose to

I am weird. The Mars’ Hill has put together six issues now—we are halfway through the twelve issues we publish a school year. I cannot believe that we have come this far, and how much has changed. I have watched as the team—myself included—has grown from a random group of students into the creators of an awesome paper. I have watched as a group

of fourteen committed university students willingly worked extremely hard to build a top-notch paper. At the beginning of the year, none of us had any experience, and none of us quite knew what it took to throw a paper together. Over the course of six production weekends, we have developed together and drawn closer through the shared experience of extremely late nights and many challenges. Plus, they can put up with me, which is a challenge in and of itself. In the beginning, the lack of experience and the limited knowledge we had bred nervousness and stress. No one really knew if we could make it, or if we would be able to deal with each other during the weeks and weekends of work. Now there has been a complete transformation in our group dynamic. We are quite comfortable with each other, and, at least for me, true personality has come out. Something that I never really realized until this year is how crazy and weird I actually am, especially on limited sleep and unlimited caffeine. My walking regresses to a waddle when running low on sleep, I waddle (because I don’t want to make the







m o c . l i a ll@gm

effort to stand up straight, only to of what I say goes, and the noises I make could be considered a whole new language in and of themselves. My point? This natural weirdness

Ma#agi#güEdi!"r %i, &alüEdi!"r


started creeping into my everyday life. The experience of growing with the Mars’ Hill team thus far becoming myself and I couldn’t be happier. The ‘moral’ of this story is that to some degree we are all weird, and it is incredibly freeing to be able to embrace it, and just be who you are. Be open about your awkward moments or silly thoughts because they are genuine—it’s who you are inside. Thank you all for a wonderful semester of support towards the Mars’ Hill; here’s to another six issues, and the weirdness to come for us all. “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good exam week!”

“The Prayer-agraph” Awana Every week, the Awana team goes into Fort Langley to work with over 50 children aged 2-13. They play games and help the kids work through various Bible verses. Although the majority of the kids come from Christian homes they still have big questions about faith and what it means to be a follower of Christ.

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cove" co)t "%)ut o"s/

Prayer Request: Please pray that a passion and excite-

ö ess%c! $ u"(

the kids who didn’t know Jesus four months ago, and that their joy would be used to witness to their families.

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Need to wrap that present for the gift exchange but don’t have wrapping paper? Well, this issue is our gift to you! Merry Christmas from the MH!!!

If you could be Santa for a day, what would you do? “Disperse all my elves into the world to share the holiday cheer” - Mackenzie Dunn


December 4, 2013

NEWS. Bob Kuhn Named Chancellor LOGAN PAULGAARD

At Trinity Western University’s logan Christmas in PAULGAARD the City Gala on November 21st, Lorne Jacobson announced on behalf of the Board of Governors that President Bob Kuhn has been appointed Chancellor of TWU. “I am speaking for every member of the Board of Governors when I say that we couldn’t be more pleased with what is happening as a result of Bob’s leadership,” said Jacobson. The most visible evidence of Kuhn’s leadership up to this point has been the major restructuring of


place this summer. This meant nipping and tucking the budget through job cuts and creations at TWU. “I believe that I have been entrusted with a dream, an invigorating vision of a new era for Trinity Western University,” said Kuhn. The president outvision in his Christmas in the City speech, including paying down the school debt and increasing investment to infrastructure maintenance. The term “Chancellor” suggests that Kuhn is the representative head of this University, but has few re-


sponsibilities within the institution. The Board has countered this by also naming Kuhn Acting President. Jacobson said, “this past month at our quarterly Fall meeting, the Board of Bob’s leadership and changed his title to Acting President.” The two terms, “Acting” and “Chancellor”, bestow upon Kuhn the high honour of representing this university while recognizing his strong leadership and deep personal engagement with the affairs of the University. term as Chancellor beginning January 1, 2014. His responsibilities as Chancellor will surpass his term as president, which ensures his guiding leadership with Trinity Western now and eventually alongside the next president. When a new president is appointed, Chancellor Kuhn will represent Trinity Western in the public and business arenas. Board of Governors Chair Jeremy Funk said, “Bob is the right person at the right time for the right job on the leadership team. He has the competence and experience to ensure our goals are aligned and that everybody connected to the TWU community is moving in the same direction.”


27-year-old Spanish concert pianist, Laia Martin, faces a possible four-year jail sentence for causing “psychological damage” to her downstairs neighbor. The neighbor, Sonia Bosom, cites sleep deprivation and panic attacks as symptoms she has experienced from Martin’s 8-hour-per-day practice sessions between 2003 to 2007. Martin says she did not practice that much per day in her home and that the room she practices in has been soundproofed.


In November, leg amputee Karen man in just over 16 hours–a personal record for her. Aydelott’s amputation was caused by a 2005 accident in which her leg was seriously injured when she was hit by a car. She says regarding the Ironman and her amputation: “You still have goals, but maybe instead of trying the same feeling of accomplishment.”

On November 15, President Obama personally congratulated 5-year-old Miles Scott via Vine video for saving Gotham City. Scott suffers from leukemia, now in remission, and was given his dream of being a superhero through Make-aWish Foundation. He was dressed up in a Batsuit and was driven in the Batmobile through his home city of San Fransisco, only stopping to perform heroic acts. “Way to go, Miles. Way to save Gotham,” the president said.

Christmas in the City Raises Over $1 Million On November 21, Trinity Western Unilogan versity held its PAULGAARD second annual fundraiser, Christmas in the City, at the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel. The event surpassed its goal of raising one million dollars for the Universiproximately half the donations were given or pledged in advance of the


fundraising goal of $500,000 and almost doubles the raised amount of the resources we need to take our developing the Godly Christian leaders of tomorrow,” said President Bob Kuhn. The evening featured a dinner and program. The program included alumni speakers Mark Stockburger cal performances from Carolyn Ar-


and a speech from President Bob Kuhn. There were 260 guests at the Gala, as well as current students who

visited with guests and served tables. many recent accomplishments of the University, including the Great Wall MBA program in China and the high reputation TWU has for its professional programs of nursing, education, and business. In his speech, President Kuhn shared his vision for Trinity Western University with the guests in the ney with Parkinson’s disease, and how the disease took parts of his life away from him and changed the course of his plans. At the same time, it was the beginning of a new era of blessing and opportunity in his life. He juxtaposed his own journey with the letdowns and struggles that TWU has experienced. He talked of how past problems give perspective to the future. Both the trails of the University and its president have led to new future vision. “In God’s timing, we are led to the edge of a new era; a new beginning. In the case of TWU, I believe that our prayers for the Trinity of tomorrow will not only be answered, but will be dwarfed by God’s blessings to come.”

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December 4, 2013


TWU Associate Professor awarded Canada Research Chair On November 14, Associate Professor for logan the School of PAULGAARD Nursing, Rick Sawatsky, received Tier 2 Canada Research Chair status as the Canada Research Chair in Patient Reported Outcomes by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The CIHR is a branch of the Canadian Research Chair. A research chair position recognizes a professor as the most knowl-


study within Canada. Sawatsky has been awarded the chair for his research on patient and family-report-

ed outcome measurement (PROMs) and patient/family-reported experience measurement (PREMs). His current work centres around patients and their families assessing the patient’s care from their own perspective. In the past, this analysis of care was done primarily through the assessments of healthcare professionals based on standardized systems. Sawatsky’s research focuses on patients in palliative care, a branch of healthcare which is multidisciplinary and emphasizes the easing or preventing of patient suffering. “The patient’s perspectives are not always visible,” Sawatsky saidabout his research. “Healthcare

decisions are often made based on information about health services; what’s missing is the actual patient’s experience. With this research, we hope to make that experience more visible—particularly for people with advancing illnesses who are in need of a palliative approach to care.” Previous work by Sawatsky highlights a variety of topics in nursing, with spirituality being a common theme in many of his past projects. The fact that a Trinity Western University professor is researching patient-focused outcomes is integral to the Christian value of loving one’s neighbor: seeing things through another’s eyes. The new research

chair position helps validate Trinity Western University’s School of Nursing in that it builds their perceived credibility.“The Canada Research Chair in Patient Reported Outof health and will further strengthen the research capacity of our Master of Science in Nursing program,” said Eve Stringham, Ph.D., Vice Provost, Research and Graduate Studies. Sawatsky is now one of four professors at Trinity Western who holds a research chair position. The other research chair professors are Peter Flint, Ph.D., Dead Sea Scrolls Studies; Eve Stringham, Ph.D., Developmental Genetics and Disease; and

CHina sends warplanes into air defense zone Since Beijing has announced the creation of a maritime air defence zone over the East China Sea, China claims

requirements for foreign aircraft passing through the area to follow, but Japanese, South Korean, and U.S. aircraft with no apparent interference. It has since been brought into question whether China has the technical capacity to enforce its restrictions without enough early-warning radar

Belgian panel vote for Euthanasia rights for children

A Belgian Senate panel voted in favour of euthanasia rights for children who are suffering from terminal illness, as well as adults with dementia. The bill still has measures to go through before becoming law. Once in place, euthanasia among minors and adults with dementia would only be allowed under tight restrictions. For minors to qualify, they must be in horrendous physical pain from illness without the possibility of improvement. The bill will come before the Senate for debate. Legislation for voluntary euthanasia among adults has been in place in Belgium since 2002.

Jens Zimmermann, Ph.D., Interpretation, Religion and Culture. These heres closely to the CIHR’s own stated priorities, particularly with their coalition of partners, Strategy of Patient-Oriented Research. The award is one of 135 newly awarded or renewed Canada Research Chair positions this year. Sawatsky received $500,000 in research funding out of the $17,800,000 awarded to Canada Research Chair recipients in BC in 2013. The goal of the organization is to attract and retain some of the world’s brightest minds to research in Canada.

Un report highlights poor conditions for syrian children Thai protesters demand overthrow of government

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has recently who have gathered at the Parliament Building in Bangkok want her ousted from government. Protestors see the Prime Minister functioning as the puppet of her older brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, a former premier who fell from power in 2006. The protests have remained peaceful and Prime Minister Yingluck has offered assurances that authorities will “absolutely not use violence” on protestors.

Russian jetliner crash kills 50

In the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, in the capital city of Kazan, all 44 passengers and 6 crewmembers aboard Tatarstan Airlines Flight 363 died when the aircraft nosedived vertically into the airport tarmac. The president of Tartarstan declared a day of mourning for the victims. The crash happened after the pilot tried to land once and was making a second attempt. The cause of the accident is still unknown. The plane was a 23-year old Boeing 737 that was used in at least other eight airlines. Boeing sent a team to aid in the technical investigation and offers its condolences to the families of victims.

A recent report by the United Nation’s refugee agency, UNHCR, documents more than 1 million Syrian children who tries. Syrian children are still suffering emotionally from the effects of war, even having escaped it physically. Parents wetting, and speech problems as symptoms. Lebanon and Jordan have hosted more than 60% of these refugee children. In many cases, the children are the breadwinners in their families and are not able to receive education due to the cost to hosting countries, school overcrowding, and lack of safety in getting to school.

deadly u.s. storm

November 17th saw 8 people dead and more than 700,000 homes and businesses without power in the Midwest United States during an outbreak of tornados. Illinois was most heavily affected by the storm, with winds reaching more than 300kp/h, making it the most violent storm on record in the state for the month of November. Whole neighborcoming storm and helped limit fatalities. The storm dissipated only slightly before making its way to parts of Ontario and Quebec.

NSA Surveillance: A Summary LCD Screens Coming to Reimer The New Year is around the corner and with alex it comes new PLENITS adventures, experiences, and possibilities! We at TWIT are excited to team up with the University Communications and the Corporate Sponsorships Departments to give the entrance of Reimer Student Centre a facelift. Currently, the space in question is occupied by 50th anniversary graphics and a big white vacant square (which is actually an unused


area that is unfortunately not being used to its full potential! You can soon expect to see the entire wall redone with three new LCD screens. Working with TWUSA, Mars Hill, and Pillar, the three LCD screens will feature exciting student content that highlights past, current, and future events and activities on campus!

Imagine promotional videos for future TWUSA events, Spartans highlights, or footage of past activities like the Banana Challenge. If this space proves to be successful, the long term vision is to have a set up of LCD screens in each building on campus that will all be connected by a central system. Aside from showcasing life on campus, some exciting ideas would include live broadcasting chapel and Spartans sporting events. The underlying idea would be a central communications system that would help connect the TWU community. We also can’t help but promote that TWIT is throwing a SMASH DAY on December 9th, 11am-1pm in the tennis court parking lot. Come relieve some exam stress by smashing some technology with us! Check out our website for more info. Exciting things are coming your way!

This past summer has featured a logan near-constant PAULGAARD stream of news on the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Recall stories of the NSA collecting phone records through Verizon, Obama asking for targeted cyber attacks, the CGHQ spying on politicians at the G20 summits and tapping undersea


conducting surveillance on European allies. In June of this year, IT specialist Edward Snowden, 29, revealed that he was responsible for leaked documents on NSA and GCHQ surveillance. He has since sought safe haven in Russia where he has been permitted one year of asylum, as the U.S. has issued an international arrest warrant for him. The documents that Snowden revealed show that the NSA and CGHQ have been absorbing a large amount of data on phone and Internet use. They do this through cable-tapping

Internet and phone providers, or by getting the information directly through their connections with technology companies. They often do this without warrants. The CGHQ has a phone-tapping program called Tempora, which be-

to give up information to the NSA include Google, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and Apple. The data collected stays in the original database, but the metadata –the data about the data is stored for one month in the UK and up to one year in the US. This metadata may include the date a message was sent, who the message was addressed to, and who sent it. Initially, retaining this vague type of information appears to be rather harmless, but it gives these spy agencies on millions of individuals and their relationships. proach by saying that they are keeping the public safe by preventing terrorist attacks like 9/11 from reoccurring. When

gan in 2011, and often shares data with the NSA. The UK is connected

NSA Director General Keith Alexander said that the agency had prevented 54 terrorist plots as a result of the surveillance; only four

the US is connected to 63. The NSA program, Prism, collects data directly from technology companies’ servers. Companies that are compelled

actions of the NSA and CGHQ brings into question issues of technology and trust, privacy, surveillance, law, and corporate cooperation.

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December 4, 2013


Several of the inmates turn their heads as eric we are escorted REYNOLDS along the north prison grounds, to see who’s just arrived: couple of kids, really. What they think of what they see? Meander my way to the end of the hall on left, nodding casually to eye contact, as if I’m remotely comfort-


I end up sitting on the opposite end of the circle, separated awkwardly by a few chairs (and much more than that) from the other four in the room. The night begins. We sing, though I can’t hear the inmates’ voices, and it makes me wonder, are we welcome here? The cheerful inmate listens to the youngest volunteer but I can’t tell if he’d be just as happy hearing about the Easter Bunny. Expressionless inAre they truly hearing anything? Frustrated, I listen some more. And just as we’re about to wrap up, one of the young lads interjects. Don’t want to involve myself in what is about to take place. I nearly want to stop it. Why? “You seem like you’re ready. Have you ever accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?” the volunteer asks. Man. Alarm bells are ringing inside

of me and I can tell that this single sentence has struck a chord. What is wrong with me? Isn’t this why I’m here? Five minutes later, both inmates have prayed to start a relationship with the God of the universe and my soul’s arms remain crossed in indignation. I am silent on the way to the car. Most of the half hour ride home is couraging feedback. But in the backseat, it’s quiet. What is wrong with me? I write this now, weeks later, with some hard fought answers to my questions. I still wrestle. My mind needs reformation. But this single event has caused me to uncover some

1) God is bigger than the box my brain wants to put him in. Just because I am unsure does not negate the potential for something divine happening through a simple confession. 2) Believing in salvation takes faith. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see. Can I trust that God is capable to save everyone? 3) Although we are all on journey, we

also have an allegiance to a kingdom. If you asked me, I’d say I believe in heaven and hell—kingdoms of darkness and light. I need to live like I believe these things. 4) When you share the Good News, expect something incredible to happen. The truth is, I see so many people in the lengthy process, I get used to them being there. So when I see somebody who wants to make the jump, it’s unusual and unfamiliar. I need to regain an attitude of expectation. 5) Beware of pride when sharing the Good News. This one is tough to explain, but let me try. There’s a fear of the unknown. But more than that - for me at least - there’s a pride. I haven’t walked this talk for quite some time and because of my own pride, I shrink from it. A natural reaction to protect from shame is to turn it around and judge others. So I callous my heart. I create a line of reasoning to support my stance and I hold on tight. 6) You can’t share the Good News if you’re afraid of people’s opinions. I recognize in myself, stronger than ever before, that I fear the opinions of others. God, be my audience of one!

The Long Road Home Passes Through WelcomeHome Jason was trapped in a vicious cycle lexi of alcoholVANKEVICH induced selfdestruction. His drinking had cost rity, and then most heart-wrenching of all, his wife and twin daughters. Surviving on unemployment insurance and sinking into depression, Jason fueled his alcoholism with self-pity borne of his desperate circumstances. Then came a turning point. Jason’s mother told him about WelcomeHome Addiction Recovery Academy in Surrey, British Colombia, a recovery program the cost of which is 90% subsidized by the benevolence of the John Volken Foundation. With his mother urging him to join the program, and dispirited by the current state of his life, Jason realized that he needed help--and now. Jason joined WelcomeHome.


and see the wounds in my life that have healed in such a short amount of time,” marvels Jason. “In only 15 months of being at WelcomeHome, I’ve worked hard to develop myself and rebuild relationships that I had destroyed while enslaved to my addiction. I now have my wife and two beautiful daughters back in my life, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I have made. I could not have done it on my own or without the generosity of John Volken and WelcomeHome.” Jason is typical of those in the WelcomeHome program, something one learns upon meeting Jason and

those like him in the program. They are kind, sincere, and purposeful. These people do not appear to match society’s preconceived notions of how addicts should look and behave, a testament to the program’s success. Rated as one of the most effective addiction treatment centers in North America, WelcomeHome is a longterm residential drug and alcohol addiction program for young men and women aged 19 to 34. It is a worldclass addiction recovery facility that is extremely effective because of its holistic approach to recovery, which emphasizes empowering recovering addicts with the life skills necessary to maintain sobriety for life. John Volken is former CEO of United Furniture Warehouse and founder of The John Volken Foundation. After selling the Warehouse in 2004, he began to think about how he could make the most profound and positive impact on society. John had a realization one day: “God will not measure me based on how much money I earn; he will measure me based on what I do with it.” He visited downtown East Hastings organizations that work with the homeless and substance abusers, asking them about their most pressing needs. The unanimous response? “Long term addiction recovery.” Organizations like Union Gospel Mission explained that they would detoxify the same people up to 15 times by age 30, and many of those people were but years away from an early death. John heard that what addicts needed was more than just treatment of the physiological aspect of their substance depen-

dency; they also needed to identify the root causes of their addiction towards the end of emotional, mental, and spiritual renewal and stability. John took what he heard to heart, and not long after, WelcomeHome was born. John’s objective? To transform substance abusers into responsible, contributing members of society, instilled with the desire to always strive to be the best that they can be. Recovering addicts work towards this goal in a workplace comeHome, students are assigned an older student as a mentor, and are put to work at the Surrey PriceSmart grocery, an outlet owned by John. This is a part of the career and vocational training component of recovery; continued sobriety requires the ability to maintain meaningful employment. Students receive training in sales, management, accounting, carpentry, the culinary arts and more so as to prepare them for post-recovery careers. And it is this that makes WelcomeHome different. Its holistic approach to addiction recovery and its focus on the personal and life skill development are both essential to its goal of long-term abstinence. The John Volken Foundation drug and alcohol addiction, and for the past 15 years, it has funded 100% of the costs for the WelcomeHome Program, with students only paying a minimal intake fee. As a result, hundreds have been blessed and empowered by the generosity of the John Volken Foundation. One in every two people are affected by addiction.

Christianity and Its Cultural Critics


July 6-11, 2014

Trinity Western University, Langley BC

Featuring: Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox Craig Evans, Andy Bannister Stuart McAllister and many more …

The 2014 RZIM Canada Summer School is an intensive week of exploring a wide range of contemporary issues led by qualified communicators that relate to effectively sharing and defending the Christian worldview.

Contact: Bursaries available for students (applications online)

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December 4, 2013



The True Fake Meaning of Christmas |

peter WOEKEL

I’m here to make a defense of gifts. When we were talking



given gift. fake meaning of Christmas. How-

tradition. -

Don’t get me wrong: it’s good to foNANCY TIMMERMANS

ing. I was talking to a friend this

it means that workers in a far-off -


I know it’s hard to avoid it. I’m a -


Love Languages

Engaging society and culture, with expert advice and a divine mandate When looking


travis HEIDE










Les Misérables or Don Quixote



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December 4, 2013



The Paths of Intention As I get older, I am becoming increasingly richard uncomfortBERGEN able with the maxim, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I have often had this phrase returned to me when I’ve tried to offer an explanation for my deed or misdeed, and have found


and slit the throat of reconciliation. I have an increasing conviction intentions are the evidence that someone is humane, even loving. for any virtuous activity. They are the assuring propulsion given to the human conscience to pursue good deeds. I anticipate my reader is eager for me to discuss the mixture of good intentions and bad deeds. But, even in all these cases, I would insist very strongly that good deeds are good unto themselves. In Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis railway station and is accidentally tripped by another commuter will not be mad at the tripper, whereas a person who unsuccessfully tries to trip another will be at moral fault and case might get mad, but the person who gets mad in such a situation is actually the one who becomes guilty under the moral law, for the person who did the tripping presumably had no bad intentions. In a similar vein, I have frequently heard women scornfully dismiss and laugh at the husband who wishes to

help his wife solve her problems by offering her solutions. “What a stupid man!” I often hear. They proceed or dismiss his ostensible, though ignorantly expressed, good intentions. But why is this husband’s good intentions actually considered to be about as being even more sinful in part because it had good intentions as its context. when the intender sins. I submit that a person who intended not to sin, but sins, is in a far better moral situation than someone who sins careperson has a moral awareness, and it is only when the good intentions of that person become passive or pass out of consciousness that immoral comes into being—but then the intentions have ceased to be good, and we are discussing something different altogether. When the Pharisee and the tax collector came to pray at the temple, it was the proper intentions of the repentant tax collector that made his visitation and his prayer acceptNANCY TIMMERMANS

found more praise-worthy, the good vague feelings did not lead to action. This leaves us with a few scenarios. The road to hell can be paved with good intentions if: placement for the good deeds. A positive disposition, a strong feeling of “philanthropy” or “humaneness” or “agreeableness” can perhaps selves good and loving, but their

through on it, and the failure of his good intention was worse than the good deed of his initially ill-tempered brother.

said he would not do a chore for his father but did it anyway, while the second son said that he would do the chore, but did not. Jesus’ illustration appears to present a challenge to my overall thesis, but I would submit that the second son’s sin was not to have a good intention—this was, in fact, very good, but he did not follow

deeds, are seen as contributing to the salvation of a person. Then we have a problem with understanding our salvation. We are saved by grace,




us at


Wh y Ch V©



, 19

intentions, particularly those concerning the most transient and vain the way to hell.

s Ca

: CE

good, but are really evil intentions in disguise. I feel that when the maxim “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” is stated, people often have an image in their minds of a half-truthful and conniving sales-


c am



The Re Ch r a s o n istm as


Chri st com mas is th in e flesh g into th story of . Bu t wh e world God’s Why S on y did in h did u Chri G st co od sen man d him me? ?

If you were Santa for a day, what would you do? “Slide down chimneys and invade every Christmas dinner possible” - Melissa Poggemoeller


December 4, 2013


Speaking in Tongues to fro


One of the dangers that we as Christians have to face is that Christianity becoming routine and boring. When hearing stories over and over again, it can be really easy to analyze something to death, forgetting what it actually means. The same is true of some of the words that come up within the Bible, so we at Mars’ Hill thought it would be nice to


of the phrases used within Scripture that may have lost their meaning somewhere along the way.

: M



ar y

s’ D

H au





(n) An exclamation meaning “so be it” In Hebrew means “truth” From the Semitic root a-m-n: “to be

(n) The name given Jesus in Matthew 1:23 (as prophesied in Isaiah 7:14, 8:8) literally meaning “God with us.” Fun Fact: ‘Jesus’ and ‘Emmanuel’ are variants of the same Hebrew lettering. It is sometimes spelled ‘Immanuel’ in English.

(n) The promised and expected deliverer of the Jewish people Literally meaning “anointed one” Synonym: Messiah

(v) to be smeared with perfumed oil in Old Testament ritual appointing a new leader of the Jewish people.

HALLELUJAH: (n) An expression of worship Literally means “praise the Lord.”

HOSANNA: (n) A cry of adoration Literally means “save now.” Fun Fact: Used often in Psalm 118:25 with the expectations of the Messiah’s deliverance. In Matthew 21, Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem and the people shout ‘hosanna’ in reference to this expectation, thus claiming Jesus is their deliverance and Messiah.

HOLY: (adj) Pure, set apart. Fun Fact: In the old way of writing poetry, lines ‘rhymed’ by having reoccurring words or themes rather than sounds. When something is repeated, it’s like it’s being bolded, underlined, and italicized. When it is repeated three times, imagine all that and then highlight it and circle it with a sharpie marker. (See the book of Psalms for “holy, holy, holy” and imagine the impact).

MESSIAH: (HEBREW) (n) The promised and expected deliverer of the Jewish people Literally meaning “anointed one” Synonym: Christ.

Fun Fact: Scripture refers to the king (such as David) as the “anointed of Yahweh”. When the kingdom was destroyed, the faithful began to look to the future for the Messiah who would deliver them and establish an everlasting kingdom.


REJOICE: (v) To have expansive joy. Fun Fact: Read the “Holy” fun fact. In the book of Psalms “rejoice, rejoice, rejoice” carries the same impact as “holy, holy, holy,” but with a different tone.

(n) Awe, reverence, attitude of deep respect; (v) To bow, to have intense love and admiration. Also: Fear of God

The “Rev” Says WITH

Nicholas Lee

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. Millions of Christians and non-Christians alike rejoice and rest with famWhy is it that so many people celebrate the be that it is the day we recognize Christ’s birth. But what makes this event worth celebrating? Why not just celebrate Easter? We all know why we should celebrate the victorious, resurrected Christ, but what is the value of the tiny newborn Jesus? When looking at the birth narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, we are captured by a story of jubilation and praise over the birth of Immanuel (Matthew 1:23), where wise men rejoice with “exceedingly great joy,” where St. John the Baptist leapt in his mother’s womb, and where angels sing hymns and declare “glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” and we are told that with God “nothing will be impossible (Luke 1:37). There is an echoing of the miraculous in the births of many of the faithful within Christ’s genealogy, birth that can only be due to the faithfulness of God, the faithfulness that

is woven throughout salvation history. In the birth of Christ we are immersed in a narrative about hope and trust in our Lord’s providence. Our God is a God of hope. The spirit of Christmas, I would argue, is also in the Gospel of John, and particularly the prologue, where Christ is described as the “life” which is “the light of all people.” By believing in Him, we are given the power “to become children of God,” allowing us to also be born of God (John 1:1-13). Christmas is about remembering and living within the hope that we see in the narrative, and the light we see in John. It is about the “birth” of Christ within us, the hope for that which is now, and that which is to come. We celebrate the hope that we start with as new creations daily. The birth of Christ within us is the little spark of light in the midst of a great and dreadful depression, the Shepherd’s staff in the valley of the shadow of death—it is the seed of hope that sprouts forth forcefully and lence where we let it all go, and let God. It is this hope that brings us life. Christ is born, and we know what he will do, teach, and be.

We know all this upon Christ’s birth, and it is a time of great jubilation and celebration of the birth of our King, because we know that he conquerors through peace and leads us to live life in His light. We are like St. John the Baptist when our souls leap in praise to God for the hope we have in Him. This hope is the knowing in us, the intuition in the deeper parts of our being, that recognize that indeed He is Lord, and that we can have hope and faith in His plans for our lives, for He is going before us, and as we prepare the paths of the Lord, He guides our steps into greater love and understanding. I would like to encourage everyone to read over the birth narratives this holiday season. Dwell on them. Read them prayerfully, academically, sing them, and whisper them. Let them soak through you and transform you. We have beautiful scriptures. After you read them, let us worship! Let us praise like Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Joseph, and the wise men from the East. As this Christmas season ensues, let our souls magnify the Lord, and our spirits rejoice in God our saviour. For now, this is what the “Rev.” says.

If you were Santa for a day, what would you do? “Pretend to be a mall Santa” - Katriina Polkki

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LATIN 212 RP with C. Morrissey Medieval Ecclesiastical Latin

ENGL 104 RP with V. Cavalli Intro to Lit: Drama & Novel

LATIN 212 RP with C. Morrissey Medieval Ecclesiastical Latin

ENGL 104 RP with V. Cavalli Intro to Lit: Drama & Novel

RELS 375 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Christian Apologetics of C.S. Lewis

RELS 102 RP with B. Herbert Intro to New Testament

RELS 375 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Christian Apologetics of C.S. Lewis

RELS 102 RP with B. Herbert Intro to New Testament

RELS 399 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Catholic Spirituality

ART 215 RP with C. Potworowski Beauty and Sacred Arts

RELS 399 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Catholic Spirituality

ART 215 RP with C. Potworowski Beauty and Sacred Arts

PHIL 333 RP with C. Morrissey Philosophy of Literature

RELS 366 RP with B. Herbert Theology of the Body

PHIL 333 RP with C. Morrissey Philosophy of Literature

RELS 366 RP with B. Herbert Theology of the Body

RELS 382 RP with C. Jones

HIST 302 RP with C. Morrissey

RELS 382 RP with C. Jones

HIST 302 RP with C. Morrissey

The Catholic Church: Theology and Practice

Greece & Rome: Leadership in the Ancient World

The Catholic Church: Theology and Practice

Greece & Rome: Leadership in the Ancient World

EDU 203 RP with C. Morrissey Foundations of Education

RELS 387 RP with A. Spencer & C. Potworowski Christian Theology in Ecumenical Dialogue: Evangelicals & Catholics

COMM 120 RP with P. Valing Interpersonal Communications

6 pm to 9 pm

4 pm to 5:15 pm

2:35 pm to 3:50 pm

1:10 pm to 2:25 pm

11:40 am to 1 pm

9:25 am to 10:40 am


*Get the whole story at If you were Santa for a day, what would you do? “Go see the penguins!” - Mary Kutyn


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Headfirst Into Christmas Well, the Christmas season has christoph managed to SANZ roll around once more. Another round of Christmas parties, family gatherings, Starbucks red cups, and everyone’s favourite public debate—the war on Christmas. By now I’m sure you are quite familiar with the age-old argument and might even get to see it


news feed. The battle lines are usually drawn somewhat like this: in the right corner, we have the Christian fundamentalists out to defend every inch of their religious freedom and ready to tear down every blasphemous “Season’s Greetings” storefront banner. In the left corner, we have those liberal secularists watering down Christmas into a hodgepodge of capitalist shopping frenzies and feel-good friendly vibes. Yet we need to be constantly asking ourselves, “What is the heart of Christmas?” The over-commercialization of Christmas is obviously worth addressing, but perhaps many still think the Christmas story is one of the Bible’s cute stories, perfect for dressing up our Sunday School kids narrative in the Bible and the Nativity is no exception. Let’s walk through it. Let’s start with Mary. The scholarship varies slightly on her age at Jesus’ conception, but most everyone agrees that she was young. Jewish girls in her day were betrothed at as young as 12 years of age. So imagine a young teenage girl with the rest of her life ahead of her. What dreams must she have had, what thoughts about her future family with Joseph? And then occurred the most profound divine interruption that had ever happened in history. Yet she alone saw the angel, heard the voice, and accepted the honour and the weight of her momentous task. And as her belly swelled, imagine the indignity of the questioning glances, the gossip in the town, the public shame, and her only defense being an impossible claim—that the God of the universe was being formed in her daily. Certainly many of us have

had callings from God that others have doubted, but none of us have walked such a lonely path, as Mary must have for those painful, yet joyous, nine months. And consider Joseph. He too must have had dreams and hopes of build together, images of his future son tugging at his hems while he worked in the carpentry shop. And then the unimaginable happens. His pure, beloved betrothed, whom he had trusted, was pregnant. Imagine the inner turmoil, how he might have felt betrayed. And then the even more unexpected happens. An angel appears in his dream and reveals the

and Mary, road-weary and Mary possibly going into contractions at this point, were denied even that. Think of the room for doubt in that moment. If this was God’s great plan, if Mary was truly carrying the hope of the world within her, could God not have arranged some basic lodgings? Yet they carried on and made the best of what was given them: a stable. When I was a very naive seventeen-year-old in West Africa I had the unfortunate privilege of witnessing a live birth. Needless to say, our accounts of the Nativity skip a lot of details. We often portray the stable as

manity, even amongs our judgmental gossip, scandals, and violence. Perhaps one of the most poignant illustrations of this element of Christ’s birth happened on Decem-

soft nursery light. But what a scene of panic that must have been. Mary

Then suddenly lights began to appear along the German parapet, which were evidently make-shift Christmas trees, adorned with lighted candles, which burnt steadily in mans would sing one of their carols and then we would sing one of ours, until when we started up “O Come, diately joined in singing the same deles. And I thought, well, this is really a most extraordinary thing—two nations both singing the same carol in the middle of a war.

purity, carries the Son of God. And now Joseph faces a choice unlike any the thought that something might other yet faced by man. Think of what go wrong, and Joseph, frantically is asked of him: to stand with Mary in helping however he could, running her preposterous claim, to embrace around and saying the most useless the scorn things, entirely and mockout of his eleery of his ment. How could commua life of carpenWhen we sanitize the nanity. And try prepare him tivity of its messy context even if the for this, the most claim were we miss out on one of the true, who ment of his life? would be And then there most profound truths in the equal to He was, this little Christmas story... such a bundle of divintask? To see this dled in Joseph’s baby boy come to life within your hands, Joseph desperately looking own wife, to witness his birth, and to around the barn for something to cut raise him up all the while knowing he the umbilical cord with. is not your own? Surely it would have The point is that the details surbeen easier to brush it off as a dream rounding the incarnation, this mysand divorce Mary quietly. Yet Joseph terious and central miracle of our believes and Mary rejoices in having a faith, are incredibly messy. Jesus was companion for her lonely road. born into a scandal of alleged adulAnd the road to Bethlehem, so pleasantly framed in our kid’s Bibles, comprehending the remarkable mocomplete with a smiling Mary and ment they experienced. They are still a noble donkey—what a week of unaware that they would soon be hell that must have been. The entire country was on the road, looking for as refugees to a foreign land, while lodging and food. Now I myself have Herod’s soldiers slaughter a whole never been pregnant, so I can’t speak generation of innocent children befrom experience, but I’m willing to hind them. guess that a week-long trek through When we sanitize the Nativity of the Palestinian heat would not be the its messy context, we miss out one most ideal way to spend the last days of the most profound truths in the of your pregnancy. Christmas story, namely that God After a long journey, or even a chose to come in human form in the day’s hike, all you need is a hot show- bleakest of situations, to the humer, a plate of warm food, and place to blest of people. His coming was not sleep; any place will do. Yet Joseph an imperial entrance, but a quiet in-

War. Up to 100,000 troops along the out of the trenches, and greeted each other, exchanging liquor, cigarettes, and chocolate, and in some places even starting up games of soccer. As recalls the event:

You couldn’t make up a more beautiful illustration of the angelic Christmas: “And on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests.” Jesus’ birth is an invitation. In the midst of our messy, scandalous, violent humanity, He invites us to lay down power of his incarnation, to unite our fallen humanness to his perfect divinity. If he chose to come in the midst of chaos and bloodshed, how can we as Christians (as little Christs) not enter the messiness of humanity to extend that invitation? When we ing of Christmas” we miss the point entirely. Christmas is an invitation and an invitation that doesn’t need defending. By all means we should not settle for some cheap commercialized version of everyone’s favourite holiday. But in the pursuit of reclaiming Christmas let us make sure that we are not undermining the very humanity and unite us to Himself.

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If you could be Santa for a day, what would you do? “Find out how he get’s around so fast so I won’t be late for class anymore” - Katelyn Anderson


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brought to you by


Cate Felton

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Christmas With Su!an Stevens Has any artist had a greater impact on leanne the season of WITTEN Christmas than unconventional, alternative, and hugely popular artist Sufjan Stevens? mas EP’s from 2001-2006, and just before Christmas 2012, Sufjan released his epic album, Silver and Gold,


festive folk singer could just about write a novel on Christmas! Sufjan wrote about a third of the songs on the Silver and Gold album; the rest consists of traditional carof strings, piano and backup vocals, Sufjan’s album is as diverse in musi-

nothing more than decorations and the frenzied rush to shopping malls Sufjan came out with his EP, Songs for Christmas Volume III, he kept the traditional lyrics, but replaced the drawnout, slightly painful high notes with a

simpler view of Christmas, when he hand, Sufjan is embracing the holiday along with all of its trite traditions, as a season of celebration and braces the beauty of the tried and true Christmas ideas, but cracks down hard on modern-day materialism, and allows the ideas to converge into a wild, frightening, and exhilarating

to give, they’re all right here, inside house we see a light that comes from

Sufjan’s album Silver and Gold steers well away from any delusions


unafraid to be honest, and there is even occasionally a trite and cheesy Sufjan does not hesitate to mess around with the melody of some of the traditional Christian Christmas songs, while still singing the traditional songs such as “Auld Lang

Sufjan’s Christmas message in a nutshell—celebrate the season, dance, sing, go to Christmas parties, but don’t be consumed by the com-

sorcerer’s shields, dear Sufjan have you gone a little too far this time? However, that impression lasted less -

Christmas songs such as “Sleigh

on a note of humility; he is not just argue that Sufjan has a radical mes-

Fans of Sufjan’s past albums know the musician as a creative genius in the music scene who’s into making good music for its own sake and who is always willing to break new ground, rather than settle for the tried and true styles of popular way beyond the realm of traditional

Silver and Gold, Sufjan Stevens is unafraid to criticize the consumerism and materialism so prevalent

may dress in the human uniform -

mas can become when we give up the true meaning of Christmas by buying into the commercialized ideal, which is always selling the latest technological gadget, rather than the story

purpose: to trample down our holiconsumerism by asking its listeners, “seriously, has Christmas become

c  2 &

Prelude Phil Wickham

Songs For Christmas


Hark, The Herald Angels Sing

e 


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Vince Guaraldi Trio

Michael Bublé-Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas



Christmas Quiet


The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) Nat King Cole The Christmas Song

Christmas Tv

White Christmas

Tom Rosenthal Christmas Quiet


Slow Club-Christmas,

Bing Crosby

Christmas with Bing Crosby


Christmas Time Is Here (instrumental) Vince Guaraldi Trio

Charlie Brown Christmas

Thanks For Nothing



O Holy Night

Christmas In The Room

Phil Wickham

Sufjan Stevens

Songs for Christmas

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Silver & Gold


A&C. 14

14 16 A & C.

December 4 2013

Behind Repentance: An Interview With Jordan Klassen Jordan Klassen is a Vancouverbased musician erik recently DELANGE who released a new album called Repentance on Nevado Records. His introspective, thoughtful, and ornate music has garnered him comparisons to everyone from Sufjan Stevens to the Shins. He is currently on tour with his band and was kind enough to give the Mars’ Hill an interview.


Mars’ Hill: Can you talk a little bit about the journey that has taken you and your band to this point? Jordan Klassen: As long as I can remember I’ve been inclined toward creativity. As a kid it was drawing and writing and plays, and then at some point as a teenager it became focused on music and songwriting. I played in a band in the Fraser Valley called ‘Sub Rosa’ for a few years project, which I’ve been pursuing up to this point. I’ve gone through different band variations, and the guys I’m with now have been with me for about 2 years. MH: Who are your current bandmates? What are their names? JK: The core of my band is Simon Bridgefoot on drums and Jocelyn Price on keyboards and vocals. We also play with string players from time to time, including Brian Chan and Indiana Avent, and on bass Ben Appenheimer, Mike Noble or Mike Edel. MH: You grew up in Abbotsford, and then you were based out of Calgary for a while; now you seem quite at home in Vancouver. What’s your relationship with the Vancouver and Calgary music scenes? What are some similarities and differences between the two? JK: The music scenes in Vancouver and Calgary are generally very community-oriented and relationship based. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I haven’t sensed the kind of competition that I always assumed would be raging in a community of musicians. People are pretty kind and encouraging to each other. Calgary is a lot smaller of a market, so everyone who plays music kind of knows each other there. There’s this amazing art market called ‘Market Collective’ which is a big uniting factor for music in the city. Vancouver is a little more separated into respective scenes, mostly based on genre – however I feel like 102.7 The Peak and the annual project they run has crossed a lot of borders in that regard.

MH: For the release of Repentance you’ve signed with Nevado Records (home of other popular Canadian bands Library Voices and Yukon Blonde). What was that process like? Did you approach them or did they approach you? What made you decide it was label time? JK: The process was pretty intentional. I came to this point where I thought: “I want this new record to be heard, and I’m not a great business person.” It was then that I started spending a lot of time in Toronto, calling in favours and seeing what stuck. Nevado came to a showcase we did and things just kind of came together from there. One of my biggest concerns was that I’d have to spend all of my time following someone else’s formula for success and that I’d lose sight of why I play music – because I like making things— Bernal (who owns the label) is really open minded and relational, and not a typical industry dude at all. MH: What are the pros and cons of going with a label? JK: It depends on which label you sign with and what your deal looks like. In general, the pros are having a focused business team working hard to get your record heard. There are also don’t have to necessarily turn down great opportunities because you can’t afford them. One major con is that you sign away a large percentage of your sales; however, that’s to be expected in any business partnership. MH: Your music has been appearing in a lot of TV shows and movies lately. I was watching the American Net-

Alias and “Go To Me” came on in the background of one of the episodes. Who decides what gets into JK: I have a publisher who pitchplacements. His name is Blair Purda and he is great and one of the big reasons I’m doing what I’m doing. MH: Do you have a preference where JK: thing than an exposure thing. Licensing is one of the best ways to make an income as a musician these days. And any money helps! MH: If you could have your music featured in any TV show which would you choose? JK: I don’t watch very much television. Only Law And Order but I think there’s too much gore and crime for quirky ethereal folk music on there. I think I’d choose a great documentary, like

Planet Earth or something. Or if I’m going to be really honest—possibly a big American network show like Gray’s Anatomy because they pay really well. Ha! MH: You just came back from a North American tour spanning pretty much from coast to coast. What was your favourite city to play? JK: Maybe it’s a bit hipster of an answer, but I like Montreal a whole bunch. My parents lived there for a while so I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the city, but it never stops being this inspiring mystery to me. The shows are usually great too. Also, New York was a hoot. MH: Do you have a “crazy tour story” you’d like to share? JK: played in Charlottetown, P.E.I., and we were on a really tight budget, trying to make all of our food from grocery stores and never eating out. My friend Nathan was determined to prepare some clam chowder for us and there was no kitchen at the venue, so he braved the -25 cold in a back alley with a camping stove. Some cops pulled up and thought he was a homeless person. They told him that he couldn’t be there and would have to leave. He told them the situation and I think they thought he was lying because they returned about 30 minutes later with a McDonald’s bag of burgers. *Note—The clam chowder was delicious and also spilled everywhere and made the van stink. MH: What do you think makes a tour a success? JK: Everyone choosing to be positive and to get along. Great shows to balance out the not-so-great ones. Days off. Breaking even. MH: Who would you say JK: I grew up listening to a lot of

Enya, ABBA, Sarah McLachlan, Newsboys, The Beatles, and U2. psyche. As an adult, probably Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens, and a lot of my musician friends like Andy Shauf, Aidan Knight, and The Magician And The Gates Of Love. MH: Repentance lical Imagery, from the title of the album of “Strengthen Me With Raisins” being drawn straight from Song of Solomon. What role does faith play in your music? JK: It plays the same role that faith plays for anyone who makes music—the canvas that you paint your expression upon. Faith is essentially the way that you see the world and everyone has one. My canvas is a theological one as I am a Christian. MH: What does the word repentance mean to you, personally? JK: First of all it’s a fascinating one in the context we live. I think that it was become a fairly jarring word, due in large part to an association ment as a display of regret. I think that historically though, “Repentance” has meant turning away from something ugly and toward something beautiful. I think it’s actually an incredibly positive concept. It’s about birth and life and peace. MH: One of my favourite lines on the album comes from the single “Go To Me” where you sing “You’ve got nothing on me, that’s the best place that you’ll ever be.” Can you unpack that one a bit for us? JK: Well, I wrote the song for a friend whose father was passing away of cancer. The lyrics are largely what I imagined God saying to him in comfort. I guess it’s the idea of not being in control, not having to hold things together or muster anything up, and that being a relieving thing. MH: Indulgent bonus question: Would you ever consider playing at TWU? JK: Indulgent answer: Yes please. Sign me up. Lightning Round! Boxer briefs. Cheerios or Corn Pops? Cheerios. Corn Pops are sick. They get soggy so quickly and have those little hard kernels or whatever in them. Religious Studies or Philosophy Major? Philosophy Major. What’s more important, Kindness or Repentance? I think they’re kind of two sides of the same coin.

everybody here at Mars’ Hill are big fans. Wishing you all the best with the rest of your tour and a Merry Christmas!

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December 4, 2013

A & C.


A&C. 15

Megan Beyer -Christmas Collection



Christmas Collection 2013 Love, Actually.


Elf Available exclusively on Canadian Anchorman, a quintessentially Christmas Enchanted







t Bea e g ud

a l Fil

Elf. Elf

Erik deLange If you were Santa for a day, what would you do? “I’ve heard reindeer taste good...” - Robert Lomavatu



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SPORTS. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


Canada prepares for 2014 World Juniors There is nothing that says sports and the andrew season PATTERSON holiday more than the IIHF World Junior Championship. For many hockey fans around the world, it is a reason to sit in front of


with a glass of eggnog in hand. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Championship will be hosted in Malmo, Sweden. Team Canada’s program, coming off of a disappointing is coming into camp with a different look this year, hoping to reach the top of the podium once again. Team when they defeated Sweden on home ice in Ottawa. Current NHL stars John Tavares and PK Subban led the

gold medal in Canada’s history, the most for any one country. This year, former NHL coach Brian Sutter will be behind the bench the tournament, which begins on December 26. This year might include some familiar faces from last year’s team, rently playing on-and-off for the Toronto Maple Leafs; Jonathan Drouin, a Tampa Bay Lightning prospect; Sean Monahan, a growing star for the Calgary Flames; and Nathan MacKinnon, a current Colorado Avalanche forward. Of course, it depends on if their current NHL clubs will let them take two weeks off to play the tournament. If he plays the tournament, it is safe to say that MacKinnon will lead this year’s team as he now has NHL experience under his belt.

MacKinnon has registered 13 points in 22 games with the Avalanche and is on his way to becoming a star in the NHL. Of course, he is still young, only 18 years old, and is still maturing, but his early successes have given team Canada a huge advantage. There is one major change this year—the goaltending. With Malcom Subban gone, it will be a battle Wings draft pick, and Zachary Fucale, the top-ranked North American goal7-1 record with a 3.38 goals against average this year with the Saginaw Spirit of the OHL, while Fucale has year with the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL. And Canucks fans: you have a lot to look forward to this year as well. It entry draft picks, Bo Horvat (ninth

overall), and Hunter Shinkaruk (24th overall), will make this team. Unfortunately for them, they only have NHL preseason experience under their belts. Despite this, they are completely capable of being a force for Team Canada this year and will be very exciting to watch in their own ways. Horvat is a good two-way centre, while Shinkaruk is arguably the most offensively explosive forward in the CHL. There is also a potential extrayoung spectacle as 16-year-old Connor McDavid also hopes to make the to be invited to camp since Sidney Crosby, and that’s saying something. McDavid is already projected to be would be quite a story to see him in red and white. What makes the World Junior Championships great is that it lets

hockey fans get away from the grind of the NHL regular season, which for some fans can be a painful thing to watch. Another great thing about the World Juniors are the players themyears of age, and they are fast, explosive, and like to play on the edge. At times, it can be more exciting to watch junior hockey because of the pace of the game. It is the perfect holiday tournament. Canada looks to head over to Sweden to claim gold once again, as Canada is no longer the dominant hockey country. The USA, last year’s gold medalists, has been forming a great roster, as have the Swedes, ride for Canada, but that only makes the tournament more fun to watch.

The Clan Defeats Spartans At Home Spartans struggles continue with loss

The ice surface at the Langley Events Centre andrew has tilted in faPATTERSON vour of the visitors as the Spartans’ woes continued last Thursday with a beating of a loss against the Simon Fraser University Clan 7-1. This loss marks the seventh


ing with them and they just got a lucky goal, but we kind of just laid an egg in the second,” said Spartans coach Barret Kropf. “Our level of competition wasn’t there and then they got a few goals and the morale

of those on home ice. The Spartans

they outmatched us in terms of their depth. “On paper we don’t matchup skill wise. So we asked the guys to bring a better effort in the third. I thought

hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Knowing that they have yet to defeat the Clan, the Spartans did well Clan managed just one goal. However, it was the second period when the walls broke down for the Spartans. The Clan entered the second peSilas Matthys. Fredeman had an offnight as he stopped just 22 of the 27 shots he had faced, and Matthys was not able to stop the bleeding, stopIt was just too little, too late for the Spartans by the third period as were not able to pull off anything unJP Villeneuve buried the only Spartan goal with 31 seconds remaining on don’s shutout bid. With the win SFU improved their record to 8-1.

the third and I thought we competed in the second, you don’t have much chance to get a win.” The Spartans remain in a playoff spot despite the seven game losing streak. They are currently in fourth place, the last playoff spot, and cannot afford yet another consecutive loss. The Eastern Washington Eagles are just an arm’s length away from catching up to the Spartans, as they sit with a 4-6 record with two games in hand. With the season going to a break until January, the Spartans will have an opportunity to get themselves back onto their feet again. The teamis taking this opportunity to travel to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia over the Christmas holidays for a misJan. 4. Kropf looks at the trip as an


opportunity for the team to bond by serving together while on the road. “I think heading overseas will be a great experience for our guys to gel as a team,” Kropf said. “When you’re in school, you’re not really living together, but when you’re on the road and in a foreign country it has a way

of bringing guys together. I think the timing of our trip is going to be key to getting off to a good start in the second half of our season.” The Spartans will get back into BCIHL action on January 16, once again hosting the SFU Clan at the Langley Events Centre. With the team

bonding on the trip and enjoying a lengthy break from hockey to help others, we may be watching a different Spartans hockey club when they return. This could be the recipe to a successful season as the Spartans hang on to maintain a playoff spot in the new year.

If you were SantaWhat for a day, wouldexcited you do?for “Personally give Miley Cyrus a ‘wreaking ball’ sized lump coal” - Walter Brynjolfson are what you most this year? “Events like the Banana Challenge” - JenofNewman



December 4, 2013


Five “Uh-Oh” Trophy Moments WITH

Andrew Patterson


The UBC Thunderbirds men’s soccer team has found themselves in a situation that can only be explained as the movie The Hangover. Three days after their CIS gold medal victory on November 10, the team headed back to Vancouver and went to a UBC campus pub to have a wild celebration with the Sam Davidson Memorial Trophy, only to have their prized possession stolen from them. What’s amazing is that it was stolen on their own campus. Not cool. The Thunderbirds athletic department is urging the thief to return the 41-year-old trophy immediately. This, however, isn’t the





The Memorial Cup Cracks

Sharapova’s Close Call

They’re On Fire!

Steamrolled By Bus

Stanley Cup BBQ

There are many moments in sports when the championship trophy ends up breaking, but one of the most memorable moments (no pun intended) of trophy breakage happened in the 2008 Memorial Cup celebration. The Spokane Chiefs defeated the host team, the Kitchener Rangers, to claim their second Memorial Cup championship. Upon celebration, Chiefs captain Chris Bruton took the trophy, raised it over his head, and, as in many other sports traditions, handed it off to the player who he felt deserved the honour of the next hoist, which was Trevor Glass. Unfortunately, during the handoff, the trophy split in two. The body of the trophy fell to the ice as Bruton held the top half in his left hand. The two players stared at each other, not knowing what to do following the drop. The awkwardness continued as the players tried repairing the cup on the ice but to no avail. The Chiefs ended up celebrating with two pieces of one trophy for the rest of the night.

The lid is arguably the most dangerous part of any trophy. Tennis star, Maria Sharapova, almost learned the hard way after her US Open victory in 2006. The then 19-year-old Sharapova claimed her second Grand Slam title, defeating Justine HeninHardenne in New York City. The 6-foot-2 Russian was so excited that she forgot her own strength. She grabbed the trophy and quickly hoisted it over her head. The lid of the trophy

This doesn’t have to do with the trophy itself but it happened during the trophy celebration. In the 2009 Paulista Championships in Brazil, the Corinthian team won and celebrated their victory with the trophy on a raised platform. The celebration involved confetti, a paper

The Stanley Cup has taken its share of beatings, but it has never had it worse than what the 1962 Champions, the Toronto Maple Leafs, did to the legendary trophy. During the celebration party, the cup some-

top of her noggin. Thankfully, she somehow noticed while the lid was still in mid-air and leaned forward. The lid edged the back of her head and rolled down her back, avoiding what could have been a lot more painful. Sharapova simply laughed it off and tried it one more time, carefully raising the trophy over her head. Moral of the story: trophy lids should be banned.

spread around the platform, and onto captain William Machado de Oliveira. Fortunately, his teammates were able to put out

In 2011, Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey, the Spanish version of the Stanley Cup for soccer. The team had a huge celebration rally in the streets of Madrid as the team drove down the road on top of a bus with the trophy. The crowd was going wild as the team came by. Sergio Ramos, a defender for Real Madrid, was holding the trophy over his head by the front edge of the bus when a cloud of smoke came by. It is possible that the smoke distracted Ramos but this was just a classic clumsy mistake. Ramos, dropped the large 15kg trophy, which hit the road and was fol-

players were being raised into the air (you can see where this is going). Upon the launch of the

burned alive. The team was then lowered immediately and celebrated with their trophy safely

of the bus’ right wheel. Following the incident Ramos took to Twitter, where he wrote: “The whole thing about the cup was a misunderstanding, it didn’t fall ... it jumped off when it reached Cibeles (the fountain in Madrid where the team celebrates its titles) and saw so many Madrid fans. Hahahaha...but don’t worry... have a good day.”

where it was nearly destroyed. The team was told to pay for the expenses of repairing the cup with their own money. It is unknown about who did it or how much the repair cost, but it remains one of the many interesting stories involved with the trophy, which is still handed out today. The Maple Leafs won the cup again the following season, but did not celebrate near open

Burgundy Hosts Curling on TSN Many people can admit that curling isn’t andrew the most excitPATTERSON ing sport in the world. In fact, most of the time it could use an ounce of comic relief. Luckily for TSN, a legendary anchorman just happened to be in town. Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell’s character from the upcoming movie Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, was in town to promote his latest “documentary.” Burgundy stopped by the TSN broadcast booth at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg to help out and show off his curling expertise during the


Tim Horton’s Roar of the Rings event on Sunday. In his famous burgundy suit and a kilt (for some odd reason), Burgundy spent some time commentating a match between Jennifer Jones and Chelsea Carey. Burgundy also spent some time talking about his experience as a curling broadcaster in San Diego and being the “only curling broadcaster in town,” as virtually nobody watches curling in southern California. When TSN broadcaster Linda Moore wanted to know what Burgundy’s vocal warm-ups were, Burgundy did not hesitate to demonstrate. “The muscular man from Manitoba,” he re-

warm-up with, “...touched his manboobs.” A classic Will Ferrell joke. As the curling went on, it became clear that Burgundy had a few things he did not know about curling. After a broadcaster mentioned the hog line in curling, Burgundy commented, “I understand most of the teams eat a diet rich in pork.” Despite his lack of any real knowledge about the sport, Burgundy made it a real treat to watch some Sunday morning curling. Unfortunately, it likely won’t happen again, but it’s always a big deal when the “big deal” himself is in the country.

If you were Santa for a day, what would you do? “Use my celebrity status to budge in line” - Andrew Cotter


December 4, 2013


Lightning Strom Strom shines but Spartans can’t get the W The Trinity Western Spartans women’s andrew team PATTERSON basketball has not had the season they hoped for. Going into the break, the Spartans are suffering a 1-9 record with their one win coming all the way back from November 1. Fortunately for the Spartans, their best player has made a statement over this past weekend. Fifth year Calgary native, Holly Strom, had an outstanding weekend


in the two games against the Victoria Vikes (7-3). It was Friday night when she tied her career high with 31 points. Strom was a threat on the defensive side of the court as well. She posted four blocks and 15 total rebounds to go along with her offensively explosive night. Strom was a workhorse for the team, as she also played the most minutes (71 total minutes) for the Spartans. Without a doubt, Strom is among the league’s best players when it comes to both ends of the court. Despite Strom’s strong effort, the Spartans couldn’t land a win. “I thought Holly was very focused today,” said Spartans coach Cheryl Jean-Paul after Friday’s game. “But when she’s shooting better than 50 per cent, I still think she could have had more than the 25 shots she took. That’s maturity that we need to gain

alize how the game is going.” The Spartans had a tough weekend at the Langley Events Centre, as the Vikes were the hottest team coming in with four wins in a row before beating the Spartans and making it six wins in a row. The Spartans were simply outplayed by Victoria as their forward, Jenna Bugiardini (Hamilton, Ont.), was red hot on Friday, scoring 25 points. On Saturday, point guard Cassandra Goodis (Penticton, BC) led the team with 15 points in a more rounded-out team effort for the Vikes. Post Sarah Semeniuk was solid for the Vikes as well. The 6-foot-3 Fruitvale, BC native was all over those rebounds, recording a total of 21 rebounds over the weekend. “There were some things that we talked about from yesterday’s game that we needed to get better at and I think we improved in some of those areas,” said Jean-Paul. “We reduced our turnovers. We reduced the number of fouls we took. We were phenomenal on the offensive boards (collecting 18). So when I asked for more in some of those areas, I got more. I think our challenge is to really evaluate where good teams are taking advantage of how we play defensively and some of our weak areas offensively and how do we turn those things around.”


A Night to Remember, A Night to Forget A big win and a big loss for Spartans The Spartans men’s basketball team expeandrew a night PATTERSON rienced to remember and a night to forget over the weekend, going up against a challenge of an opponent. On Friday, the underdog Spartans delivered with a 60-57 win over the Victoria Vikes, but suffered a huge 85-59 beating on Saturday against the same team. It was a tough assignment for the Spartans as they came into Friday’s game 4-4, while the Vikes started the weekend 7-0. The Langley Events Centre was a packed house on Friday. The Spar-


tans fed off of the crowd and got things started off with a bang. A couple of big steals from Mark Perrin (Toronto) and Robert Rodriquez put the Spartans in a solid position. The Spartans almost fell apart in the second quarter, only registering seven points, but they came back in the second half as Mark Perrin took over and hit four from downtown, including one from way beyond the arch, and he made it look easy. That would eventually be the dagger in the heart of the Vikes as the Spartans pulled off a David versus Goliath victory. “It was a really good team defensive effort tonight,” said Spartans

coach Scott Allen after the victory on Friday. “We still turned the ball over and showed a lack of composure a bit at the end of the game but it turned out okay today. But we can’t live and die that way. We just need to be a little bit more structured and composed at the end of the game. But we played UVics’s style of game and today we won.” It was a completely different night on Saturday for the Spartans. The Vikes simply took control from 50-32 lead. The Spartans were unable to answer and played the second half with their shoulders shrugged, looking destined to lose—which they did.

It was not a night for the Spartans as they fell back to a .500 record (5-5) while the Vikes improved to 9-1. The Vikes were lead by Reiner Theil (West Vancouver) on Saturday night, who registered 22 points with four from downtown. 6-foot-10 centre Chris McLaughlin (Oakville, Ont.) was a double-double machine, recording 15 points and 11 boards on Friday and 18 points and 10 boards on Saturday. The Vikes dominated the Spartans on Saturday. It looked like men against boys, a shocking thing to see after their win on Friday.

ting 24 turnovers was our issue. As game went we became more and more individuals, and we will need to make appropriate changes prior to second half of season,” said Allen afhalf and we need to build on this and keep on improving.” The Spartans will take a break and be back in action on the road in January to play against Manitoba. won’t be until January 24, when they will play Thompson Rivers at the Langley Events Centre.

Having only 8 assists and commit-

Say “Yes” To The LLC. Talk to Jayne Cummins or Cal Townsend in RNT. If you were Santa for a day, what would you do? “Tell Rudolph he was adopted” - Faith Friesen

December 4, 2013



you’re allowed to laugh at this page.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A semi-serious guide on getting to the south end of campus as warmly as possible

It’s been cold lately. So cold, in fact, that rebecca even through SELVIG my decently warm sweater-jacket-scarf-murder gloves combo, I’ve inadvertently found myself searching for alternative routes to class. I’m a communications major, so luckily all of my classes are located in Strombeck. You’ve probably never seen it though, because it’s the furthest building from the campus entrance, past Neufeld and the Marlie Snider Collegium, bordering the dead marshes. I’ve heard people complain about the walk to Neufeld, an inconveture, but I don’t mind it. The sedentary student lifestyle takes its toll, so a little fresh air once in awhile can be nice; however, now that the mercury in Langley’s thermometer has


ated directly across from Robson’s dance room door (whether it’s been propped open by a chair or not, that’s another question). If you’re male, this isn’t a problem, but if you’re female and it’s not dorm hours, you’ll have to take the next best thing: the door before the boys dorms. If it is dorm hours and you lean on the tentative side of wandering into such foreign places, just pretend you’re on a mission to visit someone. You’re going to see that guy around the corner at the other dorm. “Pay no mind, gentlemen,” you say, and then scuttle out the door and up the stairs into Robson. Walking directly through the dance room, the foyer and down the front steps, you take a right and then a sharp left around the corner

he was sitting on campus with an eggnog latte on the end of a fishing pole, saying he was “fishing for a christian girl”

door into the reject wing. I lived there, so I’m allowed to say that. Girls upstairs, boys downstairs, take the ap-

joy-walk is becoming a bit of a bitter chore. Especially because I’m part of the frugal, displaced parking crowd and now have further to walk. There is no refuge to be had against the cold along that stretch of road—nor from the cars that refuse to slow for you—but there is hope for residents. Except for Northwest. If you live in Fraser, you can capitalize on your location the most of everyone else, but let’s pretend for the sake of relevance that everyone is coming out of chapel today, journeying to the far south from there. The trick is simple: stay inside as much as possible. It takes a little longer, but it’s slightly amusing and, for the accomplishment of the objective, warmer, so I think it’s worth it. You start by scurrying from the gym to Fraser and take the second door to your left that leads you past the laundry room. Alas, you’ve already

Centre. You’ve reached the second obstacle—you must go through girls’ dorms to get both to Douglas Hall’s common area and then to the south corner, just a few skips away from RNT. Bonus? The Douglas girls leave candy canes hanging on strings along their hallways… Once in RNT, all genders alike must face the third and most unpleasant hindrance of the journey: beelining it to Neufeld. Half a minute of discomfort past the sandpit and scattered trees and you’re basically ratively, fresh breath. This is when you can take off your balaclava. You walk the length of the building until you’ve reached Block Hall and take the double doors (the right one, a piece of taped-up paper dictates). Enter into Wing C, the part of Neufeld with the pretty bathrooms, and there

you will encounter—you have to go through a boys’ dorm to get to the ideal exit door, which is situ-

exit door you must take. Voila, toasty as a noodle and only a few steps away from Strombeck.



If you were Santa for a day, what would you do? “Go sit in walls all over the world... obviously” - Sarah Robertson



December 4, 2013


Mars’ Hill editors reserve the right to edit or reject submissions based on content and/or length. A printed submission does not necessarily reflect an endorsement of any kind, nor does it necessarily reflect the opinions of Mars’ Hill staff, the Student Association, or that of the University. In fact, probably not. I will never judge you. Hey TWU peeps! Does anyone want a Dear Commuter with a Parking Pass, Unless you put milk first then cereal, free fridge? Contact me. We can talk Thank you for using the De-Classifieds then you’re weird. about how we both want a free fridge. to flaunt your wealth. I did not realSince when is the library a hotspot for For a Christian university we sure do ize that by parking on the street I was couples to kiss and make out? People get a lot of students lusting over at- causing you personal harm. But you’re right, it makes perfect sense to pay an can see you in your carrels, you know, tractive people. extra $400 a year to place your car on and study rooms have windows. What Christmas skate = sooooo much broa piece of cement at an institution you would Norma say!? mance are already giving over $20,000 to Is it just me, or has anyone else noPretending you’re doing work on the Sincerely, ticed that the bookstore looks like library computers but secretly you’re Commuter too poor for the system someone sneezed on all the windows? staring ahead to the cute guy just To Nick Reid, To the giants of Trinity: across on the other computer. I hear you doubt that you have a nice you make me feel like I’m standing in a smile, so trust me when I say that you Dear people in the study rooms of forest. It’s a beautiful thing do! Keep on smiling. Norma, AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A GATSBY The walls are not sound proof... they Signed, PARTY #goodjobdouglas actually echo your voice. Especially GIRLS IN FRASER There should be a crosswalk specifi- when you decide to talk on the phone Alexa Raper lights up my world. instead of study. #shutup #wecanallcally for RPC students... Dear Joseph B hearyou #tryingtograduate #Avoiding_Near_Death I’ve seen you around campus and I Is snowboarding in Kelowna @ Big I learned from my RELS prof in class think you’re exceptionally handsome. White. WOOT - Austin Novakowski, that Mars’ Hill is actually real place. P.S your 8th facebook profile pic is December 29, 2008 Google it! adorable....

THE SHEvangelist

melissa poggemoeller

Why is it that every time I go into the RPC lounge there’s a game of Super Smash Bros. going on? #RPC #awesomeness When people say get a room, that doesn’t mean get a study room. You know there are still windows, right?

Can someone tell me why a university library would ever close before dark on the weekends?! Way to discourage those who actually NEED to study, Norma! (If Trinity doesn’t have the staff to keep the library open I could use the job!!!)

The fact that I need to pack up all of my belongings from the atrium and go to my building just to relieve my bladder is a huge inconvenience to my late night studying #BathroomsForTheAtrium #GirlsGo!aPee

Tis the season... For guys to shave again. #nomorescruff #embracetherazor Wait, Nick quit the swim team? When the ratio is 3:1 you can’t wait for the guys to ask; they’re the ones with the options.

My greatest accomplishment as a second year: Not jumping every time the I want to buy a drink for those commutclock chimes! ers who still refuse to park on campusDancing shirtless boys of the night. even a$er they took away their street Your 11:00 dance parties have im- parking! Our school is not sharing the proved the quality of my life. Thank love of Christ with those parking costs and tickets! you to whoever chose to update Did someone say exam week -Tyson When you get home a$er a long day Congrats Lamar registration approximately ONE and you take off your bra... it’s like rain- course WEEK BEFORE PAYMENT IS DUE bows and unicorns!! amiright!?

year: 3

height: 5’6

major: Nursing MICHELLE KARST

Age limit (max/min)? I’m not sure what this question means, so if it refers to the max difference in age between me and potential datee, then probably What is your idea of the perfect Hometown: Vernon Best pick-up line? 8 years.

Denomination: Non Denom

You put the stud in “bible study”

Favourite Preacher?

Best place for a first kiss?

My future husband #relsmajor

Upside down in the rain, spiderman style

Fave Christian(non-worship)song?

How would you make-up after your first fight?


Dinner and a Canucks game followed by a romantic hot air balloon ride around the city

Ideal proposal?

eharmony video

Is this before or after marriage...?

Sneak onto my Facebook and change my relationship status to engaged; if I react poorly blame it on a hacker

Biggest deal-breaker?

Good age to get married?

Love language?

Has a cell phone clip on his belt

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22

Notes from my secret admirer

If you were Santa for a day, what would you do? “I would give awesome gifts to people. Simple as that :)” - Brandon Bate

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