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OCTOBER 2, 2013


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October 2, 2013



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October 2, 2013

NEWS. Truth and Reconciliation September marks the beginning of fall cheri and the return BROWN to school. Besides the usual reluctance for summer to end, for some this month brings terror, sadness, and grief. For residential school survivors, the overwhelming sense of dread of this time of year still persists to this day. This September was hopefully different for many, bringing in a new season of hope as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) held its national event in Vancouver, BC from September 17th-22nd. It was the sixth of seven events held across Canada to address the legacy of the Indian Residential School (IRS) system. Government-funded and church-run schools were designed to assimilate Aboriginal children by eradicating their culture, language, and spirituality. The 150-year regime of the IRS left generations wounded through forced labour, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and the disruptionof family ties, community, and traditional ways of life. In all, over 150,000 children were taken and an estimated 3,000 died. TRC events foster and support healing for survivors, educate the public, and acknowledge past wrongs in a way that will bring Aboriginals and non-aboriginals together. TWU suspended classes on September 18th and arranged transportation to enable students, faculty, and staff to attend the opening day. Nine buses of Trinity Western University students,


faculty and staff traveled to the Vancouver PNE grounds. Two elders in the audience spoke of their approval of the many students present, “They cancelled classes at the Universities. That’s very respectful.” Reconciliation Week began in Vancouver with the All Nations Canoe Gathering on September 17th. First Nations leaders, elders, and survivors paddled dozens of canoes up False Creek to formally ask permission to step ashore before being welcomed to Coast Salish territory. The lighting of the Sacred Fire and a prayer for strength and peace marked cession of survivors and supporters seum. TRC chair Murray Sinclair’s opening remarks, “This is not an Aboriginal problem. This is a problem for all of Canada. This country has been damaged as well,” received a standing ovation. A Squamish Nation Chief asked, “What is reconciliation? I don’t think there’s an answer to that. It’s whatever lies within your heart.” ciliation, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Bernard Valcourt said, “Policies like the IRS have no place in Canada and can never be repeated. It is important that the truth be known. Our government has committed to preserve the historical records.” All survivor statements, public or private, Other TRC events included state-

ment gathering, church archival displays, sharing circles, face-to-face apologies to survivors, an education day for high school students, screenmances. With resilience and quiet dignity, a few survivors faced the crowd of thousands and told their stories. Sainty Morris described how a priest forced him and his cousin to drown a puppy and the later punishment they faced for having a pet: “They brought me down into a dark place and made us kneel from 7 am to 10 pm with no food or water. Before that I was never afraid of the dark. Now I can’t sleep without a light. I live in fear of the dark because of the IRS system.” Leonard Alexcee was taken from Prince Rupert to Port Alberni at 11 years old. After being sexually molested and experiencing years of alcoholism, he advises Aboriginal youth on how to approach moving forward: “If your parents or grandparents want to tell you their story, listen to them. They are getting sick and tired of keeping it way down.” Margaret Commodore, who attended the same school, also suffered sexual abuse. “In counseling I screamed in agony to try to get rid of that man. My healing journey goes on and it will last for the rest of my life. Reconciliation? I can’t forgive my abuser. Someday I will forgive. I was just a little girl and he took so much away from me. I won’t apologize for my tears because I deserve them! I’m very grateful to the resources avail-



able to survivors. A lot of mistakes were made in the past but now a lot of good has been done.” The event closed with the Walk for Reconciliation on Sept 22. Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., spoke to a crowd of seventy thousand. The period of residential schools is a sad chapter in Canada’s

history. Amongst heartbreak of the past, a new attitude of hope is being embraced. Government, church, and community have come together to acknowledge and show support for survivors as we transition into a new era of reconciliation. As Canadians, Aboriginals and non-aboriginals, we walk this journey of healing together.

Brandon Took the Bate This is a true story of my lost backpack logan God’s diPAULGAARD and vine planning. Rest eludes me when the soft glow and steady vibration of my phone

it. I check the car. It’s not there, anywhere. I’m getting this sinking feeling as I realize the situation: someone is in possession of my backpack including my wallet, all my I.D., my laptop, and I have class in a few hours. And how

don’t recognize the number. Again I

So I call back but no one answer. I recognize the name on the answering machine as someone from school. I begin texting this person back and forth, and let them know where they can drop off my backpack. I get to school, enter the arranged building, and there I see my backpack on a chair. I walk closer and notice my TWU agenda lying open on the table with only my name and number


When morning comes I read the text, “Found your backpack in a parking lot. Let me know who I can give it to so you get it back”. Puzzling; I’m certain I brought my backpack home with me. How did this person get my number? It’s probably a freak coincidence that they’re looking for a student. Just in case, I’m doing a

This story seems to speak volumes about the strength of my backpackrescuer’s character and God’s planin a parking lot and goes to such lengths to return it, intact and so readily? It’s as though this whole incident was a cosmic set-up; a scene or a trap, if you will. Like God created a golden opportunity: for one to trust and another to do the right thing. He had me, the worrier, and all he needed was someone to step into the scene, an actor. All it needed was someone to take the bait and get it all rolling. My backpack rescuer did that. His name is Brandon, and Brandon took the Bate.


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October 2, 2013


TWU Acquires Parcel of Glen Valley Forest Long-time Langley residents Ann Blaauw and her adult children, John, Janick net and Jennifer, recently ZATOR donated 2.5 million dollars to Trinity Western University, allowing the school the means to purchase a 25-acre parcel of Glen Valley forest from the Township of Langley. Blaauw, the Township of Langley, and TWU have entered into an agreement to see the land protected from future development. Instead, it will be used as an educational resource for faculty and students of the Natural and Environmental Science departments at the University. The deal was announced on September 11 with the dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting taking place on September 24. The event featured speeches by Langley mayor Jack Froese and TWU interim president Bob Kuhn, made acknowledgements made of the historic Stó:lo territory, and saw a healthy turnout of residents, students, and local conservation groups The Glen Valley land parcel is covered in dense forest, and boasts a network of deer and


man-made trails that wind through the Dougamong local residents who are happy to see the plot preserved. Professor and Coordinator of Environmental Studies, David Clements, and environmental science student, Curtis Abney, plan to close off certain problem trails that lead to sensitive habitat. Abney discovered two endangered species while doing his thesis work on the property: re-establish the need to protect vital wildlife habitats in the Fraser Valley region. The property was to be sold by the Township for the development of a new community centre, ice rink and public pool in Aldergrove, until Blaauw approached TWU in early spring about adopting it for the ethical planning and management of its resources. Blaauw and her late husband, Thomas, were frequent visitors of the land; they came to love the serene, peaceful qualities that the forest possessed and, to the family, it will stand as a memorial to him. NICK ZATOR



In an effort to crack down on distracted driving, New York state announced that it will create designated “Texting Zones” for drivers who need to pull over and chat. There will be 91 such zones throughout the state. Over 21,000 tickets were issued this summer in NY for distracted driving.

Over 20 purebred goats were stolen from a Honolulu farmer at night, using duct tape to silence them. Many of the animals were pregnant, and their combined value is approximately $10,000. “It was devastating to us,” the goats’ owner stated.

A 15-day take-over of a toilet paper factory in Venezuela has been ordered by a national agency, Sundecop, in order to maintain consistent supply. The country struggled greatly to maintain toilet its paper supply earlier this year, in light of price controls. National Guard troops will assist to “safeguard” the factory during the takeover.

What’s Up With TWUSA? |

but with proud, smiling faces. From the chaos of Banana Challenge and Dorm Skits, the magic of the carnival Late Night with TWUSA, to the victory of CANAM Soccer, we have seen their faces with bananas, cotton candy, and donuts. Along with events and services, TWUSA is also an avenue for advocacy. As part of this area, there are seven faculty representatives on council who represent all majors on campus. They are in charge of creating events and facilitating opportunities to improve the individual educational experience at Trinity. They are in charge of not only bringing in speakers and creating academic events, but are also a voice for your faculty. If you would like to know who is representing you this year, get in touch with them, or want to learn more about TWUSA, check out our swanky new website: Monday through Friday to take advantage of our services: -Free coffee, hot chocolate, and tea -Free Newspaper -Bike Rentals -Free Smiles


If you’ve fallen into a pool of oatmeal, inerin gested a soapy THORPE banana, been dazzled by carnival lights, or watched sweaty men play soccer, then you’ve gotten a taste—or even a mouthful— of what TWUSA has in store for you this year. We are your Trinity Western Student Association. But what does this mean? It means that we are responsible for providing each student with events, services, and advocacy based on the funding we get from student fees. We run various events all year from Banana Challenge and Late Night to CANAM and Hootenanny. We offer services such as free coffee, printing, and bike rentals, as well as the famous Cube. This year so far, we’ve hit an all time record in Cube sales—over $20,000 in revenue has been made! Our recent addition of a credit card machine is most likely the contributor to the increase in sales. So if you missed the rush this semester, be sure to get those books on the shelves so you can put some cash back in your pocket. The turning of the leaves and the date of add/drop come and gone means that we have just ended “Operation Survive September”…a whirlwind of events that have left us tired


Oh boy... The semester grind has alex begun. The PLENITS honeymoon excitement of returning to another school year is quickly fading as we face upcoming midterms, papers, and class projects. As you tackle your school work, don’t let technology issues amplify your stress levels. TWIT has hired student helpers to man the Help Desk and they are eager to assist you. Half IT specialists, half counselors, Erin Blackaby and Andre are ready to help you out! The Help Desk downstairs in Mattson is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. The library help desk is open Tuesday 5pm-8pm, Wednesday 5pm7pm, and Saturday 10am-1pm. Many will remember that last year our campus experienced numerous instances of laptop theft. You may have noticed that we now have laptop anchors installed at study desks


around campus (they are the metal To utilize these anchors you will need to purchase a cable lock. Once your laptop is locked in you can ing that your laptop is secure if you attended. We want to remind you that while we have a phenomenal campus community, thefts unfortunately do occasionally happen and we would be heartbroken to hear about your loss! Not only would it be unfortunate to lose an expensive piece of essential student gear, you may also risk losing that twenty page paper you have been working on. If you leave your laptop—lock up! On the topic of losing school work, prevent the loss this year by way you can do this today for free is with the ever-popular Dropbox

What makes your heart sing? “Observing the mating patterns of llamas” - Matt Blackaby

surprised with how many of your friends are already using Dropbox. It essentially gives you your own storage space on the internet be accessed from any device with way to use Dropbox is to download it to your computer. You will be able to use it as a normal folder and it will update whenever it is connected to the internet. Dropbox also has a Smartphone app allowing you to have quick access to your school Finally, iPhone users, we know about your pains trying to connect to Trinity’s WIFI! Hit up our TWIT connectivity issue. Have any complaints, suggests, or praise? We want to hear from you! The TWIT Team

October 2, 2013



Alumni Weekend Report On September 13-15th, strollers could be logan alongside PAULGAARD seen backpacks as the Alumni Association (AA) of Trinity Western University celebrated their


The layout of the event was reminiscent of Trinity Western University’s 50th anniversary on a smaller scale: a pancake breakfast, Kids Fun Zone, an Annual General Meeting, department and class reunions, soccer games, SMART Talks and the widely successful Hey! Ho! Alumni Show. The purpose of the event was primarily to unite and welcome old and new alumni, ultimately creating a stronger body of alum. Entering its third year, the AA comes across as young and personreport features a welcoming, children’s-style comic that depicts their statistics from the past year. This is

leadership for the association came this past May, when AA president Bob Kuhn stepped down from his role in order to become the interim president of TWU. Richard Taylor president. Although the AA focuses on alumni, current students are high on the priority list. For greater effectiveness with current students, the association has aligned themselves with the efforts of the Trinity Western University Student Association. They do this through interning the upcoming student president. Current TWUSA president, Mackenzie Dunn, is the second to participate in the internship. The association also has a mentoring program, which matches alumni in the workplace with current TWU students. The program is a key stepping-stone for students’ success in entering the workplace, as it creates a strong network which facilitates opportunity.

Campbell’s, energized and focused leadership. “I’m here because I’m an The most notable change in MICHELLE KARST

KKK to host Rally

Gates Foundation starts investment fund

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have partnered with America’s largest bank by assets, JPMorgan Chase & Co., in starting the Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF). The fund will be used to bring “a diverse group of investors together around the shared objective of developing life-saving gan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon.

Navy Yard Shooting

A contract employee of Washington Navy Yard entered the premises and began shooting. The 34-year-old man killed 12 and wounded 3 people before being shot dead by police. The gunman is said to have suffered from a sleep disorder, hearing voices, and paranoia. There has been no evidence that religion or terrorism were motivations for the shooting.

On October 5, the Ku Klux Klan will host a rally at the civil group, located out of Maryland, received a permit allowing them to host the rally. Because of free speech rights, park

Pakistan Earthquake

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit a remote area of southwestern Pakistan. Casualties have reached 330 people. The earthquake caused a small island to appear off the coast. An excess of 1,000 Pakistani troops have been deployed to aid in relief and rescue.

spoke with regards to freedom in America.

children rescued in china KENYA MALL ATTACK

In China, 301 suspects are being held for charges of human

Al-Shabaab terrotists killed 67 people in a Nairobi mall while holding the mall hostage for four days. Though all hostages have been released, the Kenyan military is still investigating.


colleen LITTLE

Sunday night is always a -

clockwork, the Trinity team walks through the front doors to a group of elderly just waiting to play a good game of Go year’s team, says of her past couple years serving. It never stops them from enjoying a game though, especially two best friends by the name of Betty and Dorothy. They love costume

have been known to kidnap children across China and sell them in other regions of the country. Abducted children, and even women, have been sold for labour, brides, or prostitution. This is not a new problem in China: over 24,000 women and children were rescued from human

jewelry, big sweaters and purses, “even if all they are carrying is the laughs. The two ladies love when the Trinity group comes, always ready for some young excitement. “What’s ask. Even just some light conversation makes them thrilled to have guests. Especially Cat. Without missing a beat, at the end of every night, Cat would lock her door before running down the hall and sending the team off, each with a big kiss on the cheek.

Cat was always a surprise, dancing and switching languages midsentence. She always had something crazy to talk about that left the team searching her out just for another one of her wild conversations Even though most residents have a hard time remembering faces, it’s still worth it for both the elderly and the Trinity team. “It’s starting from “But every week they are so excited to

What makes your heart sing? “Let me think about it after I check my snapchat ” – Anonymous


October 2, 2013

ACADEMY. A Striving Wind Among Christians, the Bible is generally peter taken to be the WOEKEL greatest source of wisdom available to us. If divine revelation is seen as the wellspring of all wisdom, then the Bible is it’s largest brook. But when it comes to straight up advice for life, not all of the books were created equal, for ally referred to as Wisdom Literature: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes. Today I want to dive into Ecclesiastes, one of the


Ecclesiastes can be a hard book to read, and for that reason, I love it. In Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis talks about how we must leave behind a six year old’s Christianity. Ecclesiastes certainly presents us with something beyond a six year old’s belief. Within twelve chapters it somehow manages to hit upon nearly every major subject of thought within human history: the purpose of life, the purpose of death, the role of wisdom, what we value, attaining happiness, and the list goes on. The greatness of Ecclesiastes is in the depth of its aim. It does not deal with the individual circumstances of

life covered within Psalms or Provemotions and states of being experienced by the authors of Job and Song of Songs. Instead, it shoots straight for the heart of humanity, asking what is, perhaps, the most fundamental question available to us: In light of our place within God’s Kingdom, how shall we live? As an answer we are given an equally fundamental piece of advice: live in remembrance of what is truly important. From the beginning of the book, we are reminded that this life is temporary, and there’s nothing that can be done to change that. The life of the wise man will pass away just as easily as the life of the fool. The author calls himself “The Preacher,” and he tells us that to cling too tightly to this life is a “vanity of vanities and a striving after wind.” It is useless, a complete waste of time and energy we have been given. It is a thought revisited often by Jesus himself. Rather than holding onto life, The Preacher says, we must simply experience it. One of the biggest themes within Ecclesiastes is the seasons of life. Throughout our lifetimes we will be brought pain and hardship as well as joy and peace. We are promised that there is a time for everything,

and that for every time of greatness, there is a time of sorrow. This is a profound message, and in the wrong context can seem depressing. But I see it as a source of great hope, for the book also promises us that within these seasons, there is always a path for us to make the road a little easier if we are able to look back towards those timeless parts of the human experience. We faction in hard work, and, ultimately, God. The real beauty of Ecclesiastes is its ability to strip away what is unimportant. In the world we live in, it is extraordinarily easy to get distracted. Our hearts and minds are constantly assaulted by the lure of social media, of technology, and of the dominating ideologies of our day. I’m not saying we should completely abandon these things. However, when, from time to time we take a look at our lives and the things that we place value on, we should take a cue from Ecclesiastes and make sure to remember that the most valuable things are also those most unchanging of things, the ones that have been with humanity since the beginning.


The “Rev” Says WITH

Nicholas Lee

ever “Rev. Says!” My name is Nicholas Lee, and I am a double major in Biblical Studies and Philosophy. I am currently on the track for Ordination in the Anglican Network in Canada, and will be using this space in the Mars’ Hill to convey my thoughts, add my two-cents on debates, and to otherwise talk about rad theological stuff. I have been thinking recently about romantic relationships. In particular, my thoughts have been on what it is we do when we enter into a relationship with someone. What some people may not realize is that a romantic relationship is one in which we can most exemplify Christ. Healthy relationships often bring vulnerability. We share things within a romance; we spend unusual amounts of time together, we are intimate, and we share love. There is beauty in the small processes we go through together. we can extend forgiveness. Through talking and understanding, we step inside each other’s shoes and practice empathy; we can love the other as

Reflections on the TRC By now everyone on campus has heard hanna about the Truth WASWA and Reconciliation Commission, even if only in the capacity of “we got a day off for it.” For those who did not attend, the week incorporated many different events focusing on the effects of Residential Schools on Canada’s First Nations with a general celebration of West Coast First Nations culture. It was powerful. For many survivors, this was the


sured of himself, break down onstage as he shared his story of being unable to express love to his children and his wish for a second chance. I watched the children of Residential School survivors tell their stories of longing for their parents’ love, of their anger at the wounds of their parents, and of their paths to healing. Other minorities who have been oppressed stood and expressed their solidarity with First Nations. My experience of being visibly First Nations in Canada has not been devoid of racism. I’ve been person-

ally harmed and wounded as a result of Residential Schools, though I never attended one. I see the effects of multi-generational family breakdowns every time I go home. This isn’t academic to me; this is my reality. I go through periods of anger at the church and at Canada for putting my family and I through this. To hear the stories of others voiced in a public arena, to hear the apologies of the church and their acknowledgement of the hurt they have caused, was validating and cathartic. Reconciliation isn’t an abstract idea. It’s forgiveness and healing. At the end of the week, Reconciliation Canada hosted a walk through the downtown area of Vancouver to express commitment to a new way forward: collaboration over antagonism. As the event got underway, Bernice King, daughter of American civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., gave a speech to the thousands gathered. She inherited her father’s ability to move a crowd along with his commitment to long term progress, and that moment would have been the emotional high of the day for me, had not the actual walk occurred. The event organizers planned

the route to double back on itself over two bridges near the BC Place Stadium. This allowed the people on one bridge to see the people walking in the opposite direction on the other bridge. Walking towards the middle of the crowd, I was able to see both ends of the crowd. The number of people was staggering. Conservative estimates put the total number at around 10, 000. People held signs above their umbrellas: “Japanese Canadians stand with you.” In that moment, the detractors and the hecklers (easily found with a cursory search of First Nations news articles) were all put in their place. Thousands and dry feet to march in the rain in support of reconciliation; no internet forum can compare. The overall attitude of the Truth and Reconciliation events was realistic optimism. There was acknowledgement both that things are changing and that there is so much more yet to be done. The personal and communal wounds were aired and recorded, but so were expressions of moving forward as Canada becomes a society that is both just and successful. That is what true reconciliation looks like, both for myself and for Canada as a whole.

What makes your heart sing? “A sexy man with a guitar” - Monique Gutjahr

ourselves, fully and without reserve. You are bearing His image, you are showing Christ, even in romance. A romantic relationship, especially one of marriage, is a precursor to our union with God in heaven. It is, essentially, a microcosm of the redemptive story of the entire cosmos, a shadow of the reconciliation of all things, and a mirroring of the marriage between the mystical body of the Church and our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. This is what a serious romantic relationship entails. a greater reality. Recognizing this should add to the richness of what we have, and what we do when we court, date, or marry someone. May you come to see that your desire to live out a true, beautiful and good relationship is only a fraction of what Christ desires with you. May you walk in the knowledge of may you use the relationship you are in to echo this love, in all of eternity, through His Grace. Amen. For now, this is what the “Rev” says.

October 2, 2013



A Light in the Darkness tim VUCUREVICH

It seems that at l e a s t once a semester


Confessions of A Mamma’s Boy |

bryce PERRY

What makes your heart sing? “Homemade handicrafts” - Darby Arens


October 2, 2013


The Verge: A Christian Narrative When we take a look at our school and ask peter what the use WOEKEL of a liberal arts education is, the answer we come to should be “wholeness,” the idea that


study, we are able to understand and interact with all of God’s creation. It is exactly this idea that is behind the Trinity SAMC department’s annual Verge Conference, a place where scholars and artists come together to explore the arts and their place within the Christian life. The beauty of the conference is that it is not just artists speaking to artists. Rather, it is people from

together to dig into what is shared between us. It is exactly what the liberal arts was intended to enable from its beginning. For this latest Verge conference, Trinity’s campus was visited by theologians, authors, scientists and others who were all seeking to uncover the role that narrative plays within our lives. Each speaker brought forth a new perspective on what it means to be human and how a correct understanding of narrative can move us a little farther along the road to true knowledge. What follows are a few short synopses of some of the talks given and the ideas shared. Enjoy.



Singing with Sophia: The Theological Imagination of Thomas Merton Leah Cameron gave an absolutely peter wonderful WOEKEL lecture on Thomas Merton, the 20th century author who wrote No Man is an Island and the incredibly popular auto-biography The Seven Storey Mountain. Within her talk, Leah focused upon Merton’s conception of the relationship between man, wisdom, and God. Central to understanding this relationship, she said, is the idea that fallen man is characterized by two personas: the false self which is ensnared by its own ego, and the true self that is found in the light of the divine. When we embrace this true


Arts + Narrative

self, we fully recover and embrace imago dei, the image of God in man. In order to do this, Leah said, we must encounter divine wisdom, that name Sophia. Merton believed that art is something within the material world that holds onto the spiritual, and it is wisdom that allows us to see this transcendence. If we see humanity as the greatest piece of art, that object of materiality in which He has placed the greatest piece of Himself, then it is only by encountering wisdom that we can fully recognize the imago dei. We must enter into a divine romance with this Sophia if we are to truly appreciate God’s creation.

The Realism of Distances


kierstyn MARLOW

G r e g o r y Wolfe, author of Beauty Will Save the World, writer in residence

founder and editor of IMAGE magazine presented a very insightful article on the state of narrative. Wolfe explained how the current crisis of postmodern narrative has to do—surprise, surprise—with postmodernity. Wolfe explains that the postmodern instinct is to throw out all meta-narratives and to focus solely upon individual story lines. They create a narrative foreground without a background. This is dangerous, Wolfe explains, because it allows people the opportunity to “retreat into private worlds that do not have a larger social, philosophical, or political connection with one another.”

He references Santiego Ramos’ belief that postmodern narratives are only really offering us “characters who learn to cope without a centre, in a world that has no freedom.” The postmodern view is an attempt to deconstruct “mastered narratives,” such as the Judeo-Christian biblical story. The removal of meta-narratives is intended to give a character freedom, and yet it actually does the opposite, removing any goal from that person’s story other than that of coping with life’s obstacles. The highlight from Wolfe’s presentation is in his reminder that we are all characters within a grand story, and that we need to check our narrative centre from time to time. The postmodern perspective rules out a central focus: Christ. Wolfe shows us that without a dependable centre, without Christ, we end up wandering pointlessly, living for nothing but to try and cope with life’s struggles.

Relational Aesthetics and Re-Narrativization Telling Stories in an Age of Post-Production Brett David P o t t e r started the nancy conference TIMMERMANS with a presentation on the history of appropriation and its affect on narrative. He says that we must begin to see appropriation (the artistic use of pre-exist ing objects or images) in light of improvisation. To create anything, you must be inspired by something: an idea, an image, a sound, etc. That notion must come


from somewhere. So when you are inspired by something in the external world, he asks, are you simply appropriating that idea, or are you improvising upon it in order to add to the existing conversation? Potter made the point that because of digital advancements, everyone is an artist but that enters into another conversation altogther. The real question at hand is ‘how do we tell our narratives?’ Potter debunks the notion of the secluded genius artist in favour of communal and public art.

What makes your heart sing? “Merlin” - Eleanor Felton

Art is now a network of improvised stories and a ‘collective elaboration of meaning’. We all want our narratives to have meaning-making elements in them, even within the context of postproduction. The question we must then ask ourselves is this: Does this new vision of appropriation and artistic community add meaning to our work, or take it away?

October 2, 2013




The Muslim creed (inscribed on


travis HEIDE























What makes your heart sing? “Fake smoke break.” - Hanna Waswa


October 2, 2013




What makes your heart sing? “Unicorns” - Dara DeJong

October 2, 2013

Let me tell you why to care. This is hanna the premise of WASWA many articles on every topic imaginable, from global items like the environment, the sex trade, or poverty, to localized issues like First Nations rights, Syria, or censorship in China. Why do some of these end up catching our attention more than others? And why should we care about any of these issues at all? To answer, let’s do a thought experiment. Think about a person you love who has been in your life for more than a year. This person has shaped you and affected your life for the better, but it’s been challenging as well. There have been times that you have not seen eye to eye. Maybe you’ve

cal government, or maybe even the Western Protestant church. You may not have realized it, but you are in a relationship with this issue much like the one you thought of earlier. You have well-researched and informed opinions on it. You understand the contributing factors that have created the issue and you desire to make it better. Through your engagement with the issue, you’ve been changed and shaped as well. Though you may hate the current state of affairs, what motivates you to action is the conviction that things can change for the better. You’re passionate. You have an emotional attachment to the issue. We care because we love. Yet it is so easy to become cynical. The number of issues to care about in the world is almost beyond counting. A quick glance over today’s headlines adds a couple more to the list. It is

or even just the natural drifting apart that happens at some point in every relationship. Your emotions are engaged with this person. Caring about an issue is like caring about a person. You care because you have an emotional attachment. The things we care about are important to us, even if objectively there is no value in something. A teddy bear from childhood, a sticker on a lunchbox, a weathered old copy of your favourite book. You attach value to these things, even if it seems like junk to others. Now think of a topic that lights

things to care about: “The state of the arts in North America needs revitalization. Let’s do something!” “The Protestant churches I’ve ex-


trade, or maybe it’s accountable lo-

need to change.” “The sex trade is the worst problem of our time. I’m going to take action.” Each of these positions results from an understanding and a love for the history of each of these things, not from a position of cynicism. When a person you love goes through a rough time, you don’t aban-


them back because you know how amazing they are. You understand their problem and what it stems from, but it doesn’t drive you away. And when the problem is dealt with, you both end up better for it. Though we may never truly, deeply care about every issue, we can care for the ones we love. As you begin to care, you discover that behind your passion to see the world change for the better is a love for humanity. We value the environment because we imbue it with intrinsic worth and because we desire for our children to receive an unspoilt world. We care about those in the sex trade because we empathize with their humanity. We believe that humanity can be better. The Christian worldview is that Jesus came to earth and died so that humanity can be redeemed. The most Christ-like moment is found in acting on the belief things can be changed. This is why we ing for. It’s easy to dismiss our ability to enact change for the things we care about. But true love isn’t about cynicism or despair; it’s found in the little moments of small decisions. The things and people you care about make you who you are. They are worth your time and effort. Why should we care? Because the whole of human history is bound in the choices of men and women who cared enough to allow their passions change their worlds for the better. The world does not need more apathy; it needs your passion, your effort, and your care.


What makes your heart sing? “People” - Emily Palmer


October 2, 2013

ARTS & CULTURE. Gervais’ new show Derek is free for the streaming. Unfortunately, the episodes, but these seven episodes will never fail to make you laugh and make you cry, sometimes right after each other, sometimes at the same time. Whether he knows it or not, Gervais has tapped into something true and beautiful about life. Apparently tired of his cynicism and contempt for his characters, Gervais has created a character


who loves life. He enjoys the simple things like banana pudding; loving each person deeply at the elderly care home he works at, crying over every single death that happens but never getting bitter or calloused. Derek and diverse characters, including the earnest but somewhat tragic character of Hannah, played by Kerry Godliman, as well as the blunt, cynical, but ultimately good man Dougie, played by Gervais’s friend Karl Pilkington. Gervais has stumbled upon some real magic, largely popularizing the mockumentary style. With shows like and now with Derek, it is clear that his more sentimental side medium as well. Where many shows try to play up the dramatic moments for the sake of tears and catharsis, it ends up being far more emotionally resonant to see characters try to hide their emotions and avoid being seen on camera, as that is the way we humans more often deal with our emotions, making the eventual catharsis that much more emotional and beautiful.

iscal ilms WITH

Budget Beats



Erik deLange that intercede for their listeners. Beginning with “Hold Me Together” Loud Harp begins meditatively slow and ends up with a crescendo that carries straight into the rest of the album. Themes of rest, safety, and trust carry throughout the album providing a perfect space to study, sleep, or just breathe. Areas where the album appears to fall short are in its lyrical simplicity and the fact that every song sounds similar, but I think that’s exmusical prowess; these are songs actly what Loud Harp was going for Those of us who were fortunate enough to see Josh Garrels downtown when he came to Vancouver got the extra perk of witnessing his friends Loud Harp play a beautiful set before his. Available for free on Noisetrade. com, Loud Harp’s self-titled debut begins with the strum of an electric guitar that will send chills followed by peace throughout your entire

here. The lyrics could be dismissed as simple, but they cannot be dismissed as shallow. The simple words of each song layer deeper and deeper until the inevitable triumphant declaration at the songs end. My personal favourite, “Like a Dove,” after exploring some of the darker elements of faith, ardently declares “I’ll trust in you!” as if from the top of a mountain. If you want innovation and maximilism, look elsewhere. If you want transcendence, look no further.

Erik deLange

Ceilidh Hughes, post praise chapel, in her Friday’s best. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ cozy sweater, high- waisted shorts and a crop-top, finished off with some irresistible wrist candy?


Megan Beyer

What makes your heart sing? “Nutella and a spoon.” - Margaret Thorpe




e th rd 4 3 th st 9 1 th 11 th 9

October 2, 2013




Student Appreciation Day Musicians, cupcakes. 11:30-3:30 p.m. The Bookstore. Free. november

O p e n i n g

N i g h t

Oct. 9th 4-6 p.m. Free.

T h r o u g h Faculty Exhibition: Tangles + Glory by Doris Auxier 8-4 p.m. President’s Gallery, 2nd Floor RSC

Bc Songwriters Association Open Mic Night. 7:30 p.m. McBurney’s Coffee and Tea House. Free.

Micheal Coughlan with Jay Bowcott 8 p.m. Watershed Café. Admission by donation.

Trinity alum Craig Ketchum & Jonathan Hers 8 p.m. Watershed Café. Admission by donation.

Young Contemporaries Why you should be one Are you an artist? We’ll exhibit your diana work. Do you HIEBERT like music? We’re bringing bands from across the country. Do you like good food, wine, and local beer? You’ll get lots of that. Do you want to meet people? We’re bringing you together. Do you like doing things? Well, join us then. You may have heard rumblings of an ageist organization held in the hallowed halls of The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford, but the Young Contemporaries are really a group of 18-35 year-olds with big dreams of serving the Fraser Valley community. We believe that this community’s young people, if given the chance to work together, can encourage a more vibrant, creative, and fun environment. While working as a summer student at The Reach, I had the privilege, along with my other “millennial” colleagues, of advising Gabe Kirkley, creator of the Young Contemporaries organization. Inspired by the 37,000 Abbotsford young adults—and more throughout the rest of the Fraser


Valley—without a centralized ‘hub,’ need by making our facility welcoming to this demographic of creative individuals. event, the University of the Fraser Valley CIVL Radio Gala fundraiser, was a hit this summer, with a battle of the bands featuring You Say Party, Oh No! Yoko, Little Wild, The New Atlas, Casey Ambrose, and The Parish of Little Clifton. The bands performed against a backdrop of SANDSTORM paintings by artist Chris Woods—art from Darth Vader’s perspective. This successful evening served as a blueprint for our upcoming events. begins Thursday October 17 at 7pm. Come and listen to bands Boys Who Say No and Oh Village, visit the curated, one-night only exhibition of Young Contemporary member artwork (including paintings from Trinity Western’s own Tara Spencer), and enjoy great food and drink! Stay tuned for future events like our Starbucks Coffee “Thirstday,” Young Professionals Night, and exhibition op-


What makes your heart sing? “Babies. Lots and lots of babies.” - Arianne Soehardi

portunities for artists at The Reach’s A-grade facility. On top of free or discounted admission to awesome events and exhibitions, a Young Contemporaries membership includes opportunity to nominate or be nominated for The Reach Young Artist of the Year Award, fun workshops and classes, an exclusive Contemporaries Exhibition Preto a Friend of The Reach! (Please see “What’s this fantastic membership going to cost me?” you may ask. Get the cheapest price on your yearly membership by signing up for our Quad+ membership (you and 3-8 of each! This project is just beginning, but I am happy to say it is already taking off with young people in this community, and hope to see TWU well represented! For information on events or to sign up for your membership, visit or email


October 2, 2013


: Mars’ Hill Melodies : Jordan Klassen – Repentance Jordan Klassen and his friends are taking the Vancouver music scene by storm, in many ways got nothing on me, that’s the best place that you’ll ever be/ Come beside me/ With the pen in my hand and your hand in my hand” and a triumphant melodic chorus on “The Horses are Stuck”, Repentance resonates somewhere far beyond mere words. If you only hear one album for the next two weeks, make it this one.

CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe This past March, as you headed into that time at the end of the semester marked by all-nighters and 10-cup coffee days, you may have tuned in to Recover, the three song EP of Scottish synth-pop band CHthe versatile electronic sound the band is capable of, Recover turns out to have just been the welcoming mat for the band’s debut album, The Bones of What You Believe. From the electric ambience of the guitar and strings led “Tether”, to the almost Tron-like synth melody that drives “Science/Visions,” CHVRCHES has proven itself to be an electronic heavy-weight worthy of staying on your radar.

Janelle Monáe - Electric Lady

The ArchAndroid, I was blown away by her ability to mix so many different musical genres into one beautifully polished album. I was even more blown away when I read that the album was in fact only two parts of her seven part concept series, Metropolis. The series, continued in Electric Lady, follows an android’s journey through a social enlightenment fueled by dance and music. It sounds crazy. Truth be told it is a little bit crazy, but it is also

John Legend – Love In The Future Coming in at the end of the summer, Love In The Future comes just in time for fall lovers, declaring “This is a new year for love” and follows it up with 19 of the most emotionally resonant love songs I have ever heard. Possibly the most striking thing about John Legend is the dignity with which he writes his songs. Where his friends like Kanye West tend to be dignity-taking in their sexualized love ballads, Legend is dignity-giving. On “All Of Me” Legend sings, “What’s going on in that beautiful mind?” And then turns to ponder, “All your perfect imperfections.” But, to stay on the safe side, this album should be enjoyed by couples who are married.

extraordinarily talented musician who has managed in Electric Lady to create a gorgeous blend of jazz, R&B, and dance sounds all carried forward by her wonderfully soulful voice. Do yourself a favour and give the album a listen, even if only to hear the sound of musical genres being





& P



Tom Odell – Long Way Down You may remember Tom Odell’s song “Another Love” if you listened to CBC Radio 2 Drive this summer. The devastatingly beautiful earnestness he presented to us purged all of our deep love frustraLong Way Down expands upon Odell’s repertoire with a raw and honest portrait of suffering that expands on his former EP. With “Hold Me” we hear what could be an old Arcade Fire song, and he even begins to wink at future hope. Just listen to “Heal” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

What makes your heart sing? “Chocolate, Disney music, and the sun...or mangoes.” - Kathleen Westin

October 2, 2013




A Follower of Christ. A Leader of Athletes. A Mars’ Hill exclusive interview with former NHL’er Ryan Walter



Most boys have big dreams: to make it to the big leagues, to be selected in

anyone involved in a team environ-

things that are really good. Focus on


every level in hockey (minor hockey,

the skates. From there, he developed

give you one example: My roommate -

even to be the coach one day, lead-


season. For one boy, all these dreams came true. in his second year is comparable to backed out and decided not to join

has motivated people through his books and public speaking. ship positions and, until he suggests



named at the time.

tian throughout his career as a

But at the same time they should



During his career in Montreal, -

the greatest person that ever lived, the




Jersey Number:


Year of Study:



Human Kinetics

Pre-game Ritual:

Napping and music


Family and friends from home

Favourite Professional Sports Team:

Toronto Raptors

Future Goal:



Upcoming Events...

rock climbing/camping overnight/

makes your heart sing? “Oh boy. “Events Asking the this year.” - Justin Smith WhatWhat are you most excited for this year? likedeep the questions Banana Challenge” Jen Newman


October 2, 2013



Welcome Back, Hockey What you need to know about the NHL this season It’s the most wonderful time of the year - for hockey fans! After a long andrew summer, we are just sick PATTERSON of the heat and are ready for some non-stop action on the ice. Here’s what you need to know about the NHL this season:


1. The realignment: Instead of having two conferences with three divisions, the NHL will now divide into four what?). The purpose for the realignment was for geographic reasons. This will allow teams geographically friendlier division.

4. Smaller goalie pads: The NHL has shrunk the pads of goalies for this coming season. A goalie’s leg pads are not to be more than nine inches above the centre of

2. Making the playoffs: The playoff scene also changes. The top three teams from each division will automatically two spots from each conference will be a lot like the ‘wild card’ format from baseball, where the next best two teams from each conference will make the playoffs regardless of what division they are in. Phew!

wears smaller pads he has to change his entire ing. A puck can easily squeeze through a fourinch opening between the legs with the accuracy of NHL snipers. 5. Mandatory visors:


For all the rookies entering the NHL this season, it is now a requirement for them to wear a

3. The full package: If you have season tickets, I envy you even more! team will face every single team, both home and away. This is a dream for hockey fans on Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, and Steven Stamkos play in Rogers Arena - in the same season! Great job, NHL!

in the league, the NHL and the NHLPA have agreed to start grandfathering visors into the league. Like helmets back in 1979, NHL players who are not rookies can choose to not wear a visor. Eventually, all NHL players will be wearing a visor.

The New and Improved? Key changes create optimism for Spartans hockey

The smell of the ice is in the air as the Sparandrew hockey PATTERSON tans club prepares for a promising season this year. In the previous three seasons of Spartans hockey the team has been mediocre at best. Their best year was the inaugural year of Spartans hockey back in 2010-2011 when they recorded a 12-15-2 record.


In the years after they have completely dropped the ball. The Spar-

last season. Changes were certainly needed to turn this team around. the team was undoubtedly the hiring of the new bench boss. Barret Kropf will be the new head coach for Spar-

ing up his career as a chaplain for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, has much experience in coaching hockey with almost two decades of coaching experience in a variety of leagues. Kropf was also the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference men’s hockey coach of the year with Briercrest Col“I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to build onto the pro-

gram,” Kropf says. “Excitement is the key thing for me and I’m looking forward to the season.” The hiring of Kropf creates a fresh atmosphere for the team, something

also brings a lot of grit and toughgames in the SJHL.

past few seasons, Lowdermilk and the team did not ever seem to be on the same page. The team lacked communication and leadership from Lowdermilk, both of which are key to a winning team. of leadership in the past, the team is bound to improve under him. “Accountability is key,” Kropf says. are putting in their time they need to in the classroom, weight room, and changes up front in the roster. Forwards JP Villeneuve, Josh Bruha, and


is a veteran in this level of hockey as he spent the last four years playing

mix. Villeneuve, a veteran of Junior “A” level hockey, quickly raised eyebrows when he decided to join the Spartans. Villeneuve is bringing elite skill with him, coming from a very impressive season with the Powell River Kings of the BCHL, recording 37 points in 52 games. “JP is a player who is intense on both sides of the ice. He’s got offensive talents and he takes cares of his own zone,” Kropf says. “Everyone can look up to him.” Bruha is also a good addition as he brings a good two-way game. He

What makes your heart sing? “Watching Titanic in a onsie!” - Larissa Kroeker

playing in the NCAA for the Universipound winger certainly brings size to the team along with his playmaking skill. The Spartans also added Swiss highly touted goalie who joins a competitive training camp for the starter experience in European leagues, and his great work ethic, it looks like he could be a frontrunner. The Spartans simply can’t get any worse than last season, which would be completely unacceptable. There is nowhere to go but up at this point. bench it is very likely that we will see the team improve. Of course, a .500 record is an enormous improvement considering how this team has performed in the past, and that is a reasonable expectation. Here’s to hoping they reach hockey again. The Spartans will open the season October 4 at Thompson River University. They will have their home

October 2, 2013



Plagued Spartans Take a Tumble Spartans draw with Golden Bears; lose to Huskies



The Spartans men’s soccer issues continue

chances to score.

off the week-

the Saskatchewan Huskies at home.


course of the season. With these aw-

O C T O B E R 11th

men’s soccer

Upcoming Home Games Mount Royal

12th winnipeg


18th Northern



19th Northern BC

this season.



A Win That Changes Momentum Spartans sweep early season game over UNBC O C T O B E R 4th 5th

Women’s soccer



The Trinity Western Spartans women’s soccer team -


Upcoming Home Games


Winnipeg manitoba

18th Alberta


conference. -

26th Canada west Quarter Final




What makes your heart sing? “Olivia Stephen” - Adam Zonneveld



October 2, 2013



you’re allowed to laugh at this page.

I Hate Memes... I would describe myself as a connoisamy seur of all DAUER things funny and awesome on the Internet, because I’m a twenty-something and 85% of my life is spent online. I was there when Myspace came out. We all went nuts over “programming” our own backgrounds and layouts, something our Xengas and Bebos seriously lacked. I honestly had my


switched from a boy’s #2 friend on Myspace to his #7. That was a tough day. Insert sad emoticon. Youtube videos were being posted, and let me tell you, my friends, to see the growth… to see my old pal Mr. Youtube being quoted in national news… it’s like seeing your old war buddy being elected president. I’ve book to the ultra-mega-beast it is now, and fought for the people’s rights through the status wars to get the old version back. Or to get a “dislike” button; that war never did die. I got a Google+ when it was an “invite only” extravaganza, and hung my And most of all, dear reader, I remember the days when one had to be involved with the internet to know it. I had to be one with the people; speak, converse, discuss with the people. We had to put effort into getting to know the world around

us; their thoughts, their belief, their fears. This, dear reader, is how memes were formed. Frankly, the very word leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There was a time when you had to work to know what the internet is interested in; you had to take her out, talk to her because you, too, my friends, were the internet. And that’s how it was molded. But now we treat it just like one of those “thousands of singles in your area” pop-ups. There was a time when a so-called “meme” wouldn’t reach the world unless a grand number of people found it clever enough to pass it on with their seal of approval. Nowadays, we get memes like “that moment when you hit your toe on something in the dark”. Super clever, guy. Your Internet ancestors have just drowned in their own tears. But just when I didn’t think it would get worse, it did. Now, anyone can go online and ing the picture of “Business Cat” and writing “Vote Sherry Pinkets for Prom Queen” on it. This is the lowest of the low. Business Cat was created to pass along puns associated with the white-caller work force and being a cat. For example, “mouse on your desk, you earned it”. We have dumbed down the beauty of shared human experience enough to that thing you call a meme, please, please, don’t sink lower. Thank you.

MSN Can’t Buy Me Love It’s safe to say that from a young age, janelle I have been LOWEN boy crazy. It’s important to note that even though I always had these huge crushes, I wouldn’t actually talk to the boys. This all changed with MSN. I was one of those kids who would sit online for hours talking to my friends that I had just seen all day at school. When I was in grade 7, there was this one boy that I thought was the only guy on earth. We would type back and forth for hours on MSN, but never actually talk in real life. It was a wild, endless game of cat and


A virtual chemistry safe from the claws of in-person awkwardness. A few weeks after our “relationship” began, there was a school dance. I was going to the dance, but was disappointed because my special MSN friend couldn’t come because he was at a


Hey Amy, I read your article about upperclassmen cooking last issue and I was wondering if you have any advice for gluten-free options? -BreadlessInRobson Dear Breadless, Oh jeez, you’re one of those. Alright

basketball game. I was determined to still have a good time, so I danced around in what I’m sure was the most awkward way possible to Cotton Eyed Joe and Hey Baby with my friends. The last slow song came on: Just a Dream by Nelly. By some miraculous timing, my MSN friend arrived right at the beginning of the song. My girlfriends made a tunnel with their arms, he walked through it, and we slow danced with our arms locked for a solid 2.5 minutes. After that, our MSN relationship really heated up. I remember even sending him a heart emoticon— quite scandalous for a 12 year old. A few weeks after our MSN relationship began, I went to school on a muddy spring day wearing blue out of windsuit material (I know you’re all wondering… the answer is La Senza Girl). Later that day during recess, all the boys in grade 7 called me over to their little group where they were standing. In the middle of

old brain told me to do was chase him. I thought of myself as a pretty fast runner, and I was sure that I was going to catch him. However, in was completely saturated with water, and just as I was beginning to catch up with him we both rounded a corner. We turned, I saw his feet beginning to slip, my own feet on our backs. I’ve never heard such loud laughter, and I got made fun of for the rest of the year. Don’t worry, my MSN friend still remembers this incident 8 years later.

Dear Amy, A lot of people say it’s a bad


to have a good long talk with youryou’re doing this to yourself. If the answer is for the fad, then honey you go get yourself a donut right now! As for the cooking advice, I suggest you write to Erik in the Arts & Culture page. Cooking is culture, right? Even if it’s not, gluten-free diets certainly are. But honestly I’m not the one to ask. Sometimes I leave an egg to fry on the stove and go read a book while I wait, only to remember it ten

the circle stood my MSN boyfriend. We started talking, and more people gathered around. When it seemed like everyone in the school was listening, he proceeded to tell me that “it was over.” I’m pretty sure I didn’t fully acknowledge the fact that he had just dumped me in front of the entire school, because, unfortunately, the

minutes later and come running. And then sometimes I forgot to actually turn on the burner. Facts. Dear Amy, What does the fox say? -Anonymous Dear reader, I’m glad you asked, as the immense ignorance on this topic has become shockingly disturbing to me as of

late. Foxes bark. A member of the canidae family, the fox is cousin to many well-known barkers such as domestic dogs, wolves, jackals, and coyotes. If this knowledge is foreign to you, it is because you either, a) have terrible parents, or b) were brainwashed by a Nordic internet icon who ponders life through viral song and dance. You’d think with all their triumph online, the broth-

Youtube search “fox” and turn their volume up. I mean, seriously, the fox? Why not the turtle or the rabbit? These animals make only one sound in their life, and it’s when they make love (turtles), or right before they die (rabbits). I do not encourage Youtubing either one of these unless you are a horrible masochist. All-in-all, I’m very glad the brothers are bringing this lack of awareness to the light. Foxes bark, welcome to university.

but me and my boyfriend also knew each other in high school. Why do people think we should of waited? -DatingHimAnyway Dear Dating, You know what I can’t understand is the phrase ‘should of.’ I mean, when have you ever seen this in literature? ‘Should of’ is not short for ‘should have.’ You’re thinking of ‘shoulda,’ which I’m okay with, in the right setting.

What makes your heart sing? “Ryan Gosling playing in a meadow in a litter of puppies” - Ilze Burger

got a question?!

Dear A What d -Anon

Dear re I’m glad ignoran shockin late. Fo canidae many w domest coyotes

October 2, 2013


brought to you by


Nancy Timmermans Untitled

As Winter’s death is by Spring, so too does Summer give birth to Fall; All must change. Sometimes the winters here get cloudy. And with the clouds come gloom. And with the The past is where I swim when the times get dark. So many memories too! It’s like a thousand drops in a metal pail, a thousand daisies in a

Ben Waswa Seasoned

the past only catalyzes gloom about the present. Like dogs chasing tales, we’re constantly chasing happiness, telling ourselves we had it once, and we’ll have it again. Then the gloom

David Brynjolfson When Winters Here Get Cloudy What makes your heart sing? “Going swing-dancing after a long week” - Jordan Schroeder



October 2, 2013


Mars’ Hill editors reserve the right to edit or reject submissions based on content and/or length. A printed submission does not necessarily reflect an endorsement of any kind, nor does it necessarily reflect the opinions of Mars’ Hill staff, the Student Association, or that of the University. In fact, probably not. Best part of fall: The puddle is back. Commuters you know what I’m talking about! Nothing’s classier than turning into Trinity and being greeted by a gaggle of smokers. #t-dubsneedsasmokepit Sodexo needs to serve breakfast all day long. #realtalk Does anyone know what actually ended up happening to Tyson Lamar? Who’s the random hot blonde guy telling terrible jokes? #marryme #yourjokessuck Has anyone else noticed you can’t start fires with the paper mars hill uses? Freshmen Tip: If a guy tells you he is praying for you, he is either hard core hi"ing on you or just loves Jesus. Good luck figuring it out!


What I planned to do on the RA-less weekend: PRANKSPRANKSPRANKSFUNAHH. . . .What I actually did: homework. Romeo & Julie"e TWU edition:   HKIN major meets Theatre Major. Danny Grant we agree that you have right and the duty to go shirtless in your own “home” - Your Faithful Audience To you hunters who kill animals for food, shame on you; you ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed. If you ever want to learn how to beat box, just think about boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats.. Has anyone noticed the way Bob Doede says ‘ok?’.   It kills me every time.

kevin schimdt

Chris Chu why are you friend zoning us. - Sincerely your female friends. Anastasia cutie patootie. Sincerely, Every Guy on campus

Students of Trinity, Shouting your names out my creeper window and watch you gaze around in confusion brings me more happiness than you could ever know. Sincerely, Emily Joy Robertson.

Are you a fine male specimen? Looking for a double date? Got an a"ractive guy friend? Are you a Spartan? If you answered yes to these questions, e-mail us at

Walking though the tunnel of SOS leaders was almost as intimidating as walking out of chapel surrounded by Spartans handing me sheets of paper. STOP IT WITH THE TUNNELS.

Tim and Rachel: so that finally happened -everyone at the collegium David Giesbrecht, Your hugs are amazing... just so you know ;) sweater weather is be"er weather! First floor Fraser 13/09/13 9:55pm, why do you ‘bob’ back and forth when you kiss in the corner?

age: 23



No, no I shouldn’t of had a V8 because V8’s are DISGUSTING. You guys are hilarious. Seriously. But could you be hilarious somewhere other than right outside my window when it’s late? That awkward moment when you’re about to get naked at the beach with your dorm and a girls dorm comes by....




Is it bad that I just made a Christmas playlist? nahhhh.. Does Dallas Fontaine actually do any work or just walk around in suits? If I see one more guy shave the sides of his head and comb the top over, I will lose my mind Anybody else have a problem taking the new campus security-mobiles seriously? When’s the next bible rave? Go"a stock up on some pop rocks. Don’t mind me touching my body in places. Just trying to study for my Human Anatomy class. You maybe called a hipster outside of Trinity but you’re mainstream when your on campus. No, it was purely coincidence that I knew you were having dorm meeting at menchies. #Findingtheone

Communications MICHELLE KARST

Idea of a perfect date: Disneyland Best pick up line? Hi, have you ever heard

Hometown: Turlock, California Denomination: Nom-Dom Fave Bible verse: 2 Timothy 1:7 “God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a spirit of power and love and self-control.”

of going to dinner with Kevin Schimdt?

How would you win the parents over? Just being me and dressing better How do you know if it’s love:

Good age to get married? 23-25 Best place for a first kiss?

Skill that makes you the one:

Favourite man in the bible: more physically or anything)

How long before you propose? stairs

Top quality in a future mate? That she loves Christ more than me

Husband’s role in marriage is to serve his wife

Domestic talent: Reaching high things

How many kids? 2 love language? Physical touch

What makes your heart sing? “Whitespot burgers and Notorious B.I.G.” - Brooke Higginbotham

Mars' Hill Newspaper Vol. 18 Issue 2  

Trinity Western University's Official Newspaper, Mars' Hill

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