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May 2022

Issue 438

busandcoach driving towards a greener future

Daimler commits to CO2 neutral by 2030 News and analysis of the transition to a zero emission bus and coach sector






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New H2 fuel cell range extender on the way for Citaro

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6 Another 41 Yutong electrics ordered by McGill’s

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14 ATM Milano orders 75 Solaris electric Urbinos

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May 2022

Issue 438

busandcoach driving towards a greener future

22 Daimler commits to CO2 neutral by 2030 News and analysis of the transition to a zero emission bus and coach sector

May 2022

Autonomous ADL Enviro200 begins on road testing in Scotland greenbusandcoach 3



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New hydrogen fuel cell range extender on the way for Citaro

DAIMLER Buses says it is aiming to offer “locally CO2-neutral” vehicles based on batteries and hydrogen in every segment by 2030 with an initial focus on core markets in Europe and Latin America. By 2039, Daimler says only locally CO2-neutral new vehicles are to be sold in the core market of Europe, and this will be achieved by 2030 in Europe. It plans to launch its first allelectric intercity bus from 2025 and coaches with hydrogen fuel cell drives from the end of this decade. Daimler’s careful use of the term “locally CO2-neutral” signifies an acknowledgement of the fact that such technologies may have carbon emissions associated elsewhere, particularly so in the case of hydrogen if it is sourced from blue hydrogen (non renewable) sources. Till Oberwörder, head of Daimler Buses, says: “As a world-


wide leading bus manufacturer, our ambition is clear: We want to make a contribution to contending climate change and be a driver of the change in transportation that is needed to achieve this. “We will only offer CO2-neutral new vehicles in the city bus segment in Europe and will not invest in Euro VII technology. We are focusing our development efforts entirely on the zero-emission and fully electrically powered eCitaro. “Our goal is for electro mobility to become an everyday reality in the bus business.” From 2023, Daimler Buses will also equip its previously purely battery-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro city bus, which has been in series production since 2018, with a hydrogen-based fuel cell as a range extender, giving it a range of up to 400km. In addition, Daimler Buses will offer the eCitaro with a new generation of high-performance batteries from the end of 2022 which

increase the capacity per battery cell by around 50 per cent for the same weight and enable reliable ranges of around 280km. The new batteries will be used in both the eCitaro, the eCitaro Range Extender and the recently launched all-electric chassis eO500U from Brazil. Daimler reports that more than 600 eCitaro are now in daily use by European customers. The eO500U battery-electric bus chassis is being developed for Latin America and the Oceania region and will be manufactured at the São Bernardo do Campo site in Brazil and is largely based on the technology of the eCitaro. The electric chassis will offer a range of around 250km. Daimler Buses has already taken 100 orders for the chassis in its main Latin American market of Brazil. Delivery is scheduled for between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

May 2022

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New Flyer to provide seven ebuses to Mountain Rides Transportation NEW Flyer of America is to supply seven electric Xcelsior Charge NG 35ft buses to Mountain Rides Transportation Authority. In addition to the buses, the contract includes an ABB 150kWh depot charger from NFI Infrastructure Solutions and follows an order of four Xcelsior Charge buses delivered to MRTA in 2021. Backed by Federal Transit Administration funding, the order follows MRTA’s fleet electrification commitment to achieve a fully electric fleet by 2030. “NFI is proud to accelerate MRTA’s transition to zero-emission with four-pillar mobility solutions, including our highperformance electric buses and full-suite infrastructure support,” says Chris Stoddart, president, North American Bus and

Coach, NFI. “By leveraging New Flyer’s advanced bus technology and extensive experience in charging infrastructure, MRTA will

deliver cleaner, quieter mobility while mitigating the negative effects of climate change.”

First locally made electric buses enter network in Melbourne, Victoria THE first two electric buses for Kinetic in Melbourne are due to go into service shortly following completion at Volgren’s Dandenong South plant. Kinetic aims to introduce 36 electric buses by mid-2025, and replace 340 diesel buses with zero emissions and hybrid buses over the life of its franchise. Ben Carroll, public transport minister says: “We are on track to deliver 78 electric buses to May 2022

Victoria’s bus network by 2025, with the first two buses rolling off the production line and set to hit the roads in the coming weeks. It’s not only good for the environment, it’s good for industry and the local economy with over 50 new jobs to be created at Volgren in Dandenong.” The buses feature a design chosen in a state-wide poll that attracted thousands of votes with

a floral livery to depict a bright future for the planet with public transport powered by clean energy. In addition to the 36 electric buses as part of the Melbourne bus franchise, the Victoria state government’s three-year $20m Zero Emissions Bus Trial will be underway soon with 41 zero emission buses deployed across the state.




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McGill’s orders 41 more Yutong electrics following ScotZEB funding

PELICAN has confirmed that it has won one of the first bus orders resulting from the Scottish Government’s Zero Emission Bus Scheme from McGill’s. The order is for 41 vehicles, 10 E10 10.9m and 31 E12 12m. The order follows the 55 vehicles delivered in August/September 2021 which were launched ahead of COP26 in Glasgow. Ian Downie, head of Yutong Sales, says: “With this order,


nearly 25% of the McGill’s fleet will be zero emission - the majority of them Yutong. The driving range of the vehicles has exceeded expectations, even with the full electric air-conditioning in operation during the winter months. Ralph Roberts, CEO, McGill’s Group, adds: “Placing this repeat order with Pelican Yutong was a very easy decision. The first two deliveries of 55 zero emission Yutong buses were completed on

time, on budget and completely without the normal teething issues we have come to expect with new buses nowadays. “The buses have delivered exceptionally reliable availability whilst delivering class leading levels of electricity consumption. Our customers are impressed by their high quality finish and that is good for business.”

May 2022

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2019 DAF MX11 E6 Auto Yutong GT12 12.2m 53 seats + CST

PSVAR 2018 Mercedes-Benz E6 Auto 13m 53 seats + CST


2019 MAN Tourliner P21 400 bhp E6, 12.1m 49 Seats & CST PSVAR (x2) 2019 Yutong GT12 DAF MX11 450 bhp E6, 12.2m 53 seats & CST 2019 VDL Futura 2 12.9m, 57 seats & CST 2018 MAN Tourliner P21 400 bhp E6, 12.1m 49 Seats & CST 2018 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E6, 13m 3-axle 53 seats & CST PSVAR (x2) 2018 MAN Tourliner P10 E6, 13.1m 57 seats & CST & PSVAR (x2) 2018 Yutong TC9 E6 35 Seat Executive spec Midi Coach 2016 MAN Tourliner P21 400 bhp E6, 12.1m 49 Seats & CST 2016 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E6, 12m 49 Seats & CST (x3) 2016 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E6, 12m 48 Seats & CST (x8) 2016 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E6, 13m 3 axles, 48 Seats & CST (x3) 2016 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E6, 13m 3 axles, 76 Seats PSVAR (x2) available July 2022

BUSES 2018 Wrightbus Streetlite 11.5m Daimler E6 MH3, 39 Civic V2 seats & 6 Tip ups 2018 Wrightbus Streetlite 8.8m WF, Daimler E6 MH, 31 Lazerrini seats & 2 Tip ups 2016 Wrightbus Streetlite 10.8m DF, Cummins E5, 35 seats & 6 Tip ups 2015 Wrightbus Streetlite 8.8m Cummins E6, 28 seats (x3) 2015 Wrightbus Streetlite 10.8m DF Daimler E6, MH, 35 Civic V2 Seats & 6 Tip ups 2015 Wrightbus Streetlite 8.8m WF, Cummins E6 , TFL Single Door 28 Seats (x2) 2015 Wrightbus Streetlite 9.5m Euro 5 Cummins MH, car park specification (due June) 2012 Wrightbus Streelite 11.5m E5, 39 seats & 6 Tip ups

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NZ Green Investment Finance supports Zenobē to decarbonise public transport ZENOBĒ is to target the New Zealand market following a $20million investment with a further reserve fund of $30million from New Zealand Green Investment Finance. NZGIF is providing the facility to support Zenobē with the deployment of electric bus fleets under long-term lease agreements with major operators in New Zealand. NZGIF CEO Craig Weise says: “This deal brings Zenobē’s expertise in fleet electrification and putting together bespoke funding structures to New Zealand. With f lexible rental contracts,

operators can transition to battery electric vehicles, understand the operational changes required and then adapt and/or grow, minimising the usual level of risk.” New Zealand’s public transport bus f leet currently produces an estimated 155,000 tonnes of CO2e per annum and the government has a target to decarbonise the public bus fleet by 2035. Zenobē co-founder and director, Steven Meersman adds: “We’re delighted to be able to work with NZGIF to bring this E-Bus rental facility to New Zealand as we continue to see a shift to more sustain-

able transport solutions at the foundation of achieving net zero. “Through our work with major clients such as National Express, Stagecoach and Transit Systems, we have established ourselves as a reliable industry partner in making battery and fleet electrification services a reality.” The first bus contract involved will be a fleet of 18 buses leased to one of New Zealand’s largest bus operators, Go-Bus Transport for use in Christchurch.

STIB plans to replace 411 diesel buses in Brussels by 2030

BRUSSELS operator STIB is aiming to replace 411 diesel buses and 402 hybrid buses by 2030. There is a deadline approaching at the end of 2024 when Euro5 vehicles will be banned from use in Brussels and STIB says it now aims to buy full electric vehicles, rather than more hybrids. Mobility minister Elke Van den Brandt says: “Even if the Belgian Interfederal Energy Pact does not yet require electric propulsion for the buses to be replaced by this deadline, the Brussels government has decided to accelerate the energy transition of the bus fleet in the region by having these Euro5 buses replaced by electrically powered buses.” Hybrid buses will also be replaced with electric buses.The


replacement will take place in two stages: first, with the 52 Euro5 vehicles in 2024, then with the 361 Euro6 vehicles between 2028 and 2030.

The 402 hybrid buses will continue operating until around 2033-2036, according to current plans.

May 2022

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Ten Solaris hydrogen buses for two operators in Upper Bavaria

TEN hydrogen-powered Urbino 12 hydrogen buses have been ordered by private operators in Bavaria, with five each to go to Busreisen Ettenhuber and Martin Geldhauser in Glonn and Hofolding in Upper Bavaria. The buses are due for delivery by March 2023. Petros Spinaris, Solaris sales, marketing and aftersales manager says: “Our long-standing


relations with private carriers Busreisen Ettenhuber and Martin Geldhauser are an excellent example of long-term, continuously developing collaboration. Now, we are progressing to the next level of this partnership with hydrogen technology.” The 34-seat buses drive unit has a set of 70kW fuel cells with hydrogen stored in five tanks with a total volume of 1,560 litres. The buses

will be capable of a range of at least 350km on a single refill, according to Solaris. The hydrogen-powered Solaris buses will also feature a small traction battery to support the fuel cell at moments of increased demand for electricity. Since 2004, Solaris has delivered 112 buses to Ettenhuber and 55 buses to Geldhauser. May 2022

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Indian electric bus push from GreenCell Mobility

GREENCELL Mobility is launching inter-city electric coaches in India under the NueGo brand. The company plans to have 750 electric buses on key intercity routes in southern, northern and western India connecting more than 75 cities, including 100 in Madhya Pradesh and 200 in the Delhi region.

GreenCell Mobility says it currently has state contracts for 900 electric buses across 25 cities in India and aims to become a leading eMaaS (electric mobility as a Service) platform. Ashok Agarwal, CEO, GreenCell Mobility, says: “NueGo as a brand is committed to serving global citizens of India by ensuring

every stage of their journey feels nothing less than world class. The brand promise is to deliver a seamless booking experience, exceptional ride quality and incabin experience, while ensuring a safer and greener ride; we’re here to elevate the customer’s experience.”

Electric buses for New York districts with high incidence of asthma N EW York ’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is going to add 60 electric buses to its 6,000-bus fleet this year, adding to an existing 15 electrics. In line with its ‘environmental justice’ commitments, the new electric buses will be used on routes running from six depots in five boroughs which have dispropor-


tionately high asthma rates, as a result of air pollution - Grand Avenue, Queens; Charleston, Staten Island; East New York, Brooklyn; Kingsbridge, Manhattan; Michael J. Quill depot, Manhattan; and Jamaica, Queens. Janno Lieber, MTA chairman and CEO said that “mass transit is the antidote to climate change”,

pointing out that the public network avoids 17 million metric tons of greenhouse gases being put into the atmosphere annually by keeping people out of cars. MTA has 1,300 gas-electric buses, 399 which are capable of short EV-only modes, and it has committed to buying only electric buses by 2029. May 2022

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ATM Milano orders 75 more Solaris electric Urbinos

ATM Milano has ordered a further batch of electric buses as part of a framework agreement with Solaris for 250 vehicles. The first two batches, totalling 140 electric Urbino buses have been delivered, and a further order for 75 Urbino 12 electric buses is due


in the second half of this year. The framework agreement for the supply of up to 250 electric buses in total for ATM Milano is one of the largest electric contracts won by Solaris so far. The partnership between Solaris and ATM in Milan began in 2014, and has

involved more than 300 vehicles, including nearly 200 trolleybuses and e-buses. The 12m electric Urbinos will have 400kWh batteries which will be charged via a pantograph. May 2022

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Switch Mobility showcases Metrocity at BUS2BUS in Berlin

SWITCH Mobility exhibited two Metrocity midibuses at BUS2BUS in Berlin last month. Switch says that Europe is a key market for the company and its first facility being built in Spain will focus on the production of Switch’s new 12m bus designed for the European market. It is based on a monocoque design to reduce weight and increase efficiency, which Switch claims will be the lightest widely May 2022

available 12m bus in the market. Peter Freedman, chief marketing and sustainability officer, Switch Mobility, says: “We are delighted to be present at such a prominent event as BUS2BUS to showcase our Metrocity bus and preview our exciting, next generation 12m vehicle. “Breaking ground on our first site in mainland Europe last month was a key milestone in our growth story and Europe is a sig-

nificant market for Switch. I’m confident that Switch will play an important role in supporting Europe’s charge to green mobility, using advanced technology to make travel easier, cleaner and more efficient. Our upcoming 12m bus is a significant next step in this endeavour and I am incredibly excited for its formal launch in June.”


FLEET RESOURCING LTD in association with

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2019 Scania Touring 49 seats WC

2017 VDL Futura 94 seats WC

2017 Neoplan Tourliner 55 seats WC

2017 Mercedes Toursimo 53 seats

2015 Yutong TC 9 35 seats

2015 Yutong TC 12 53 seats

2012 Mercedes UNVI Cimo 41 seats

2011 Synergy Band Bus sleeper coach

2009 MAN Van Hool 55 seats WC

2008 Volvo Jonckheere 53 seats WC

2005 Volvo Van Hool 61 seats WC

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2017 Mercedes Tourismo 53 seats PSVAR

2016 Mercedes Tourismo 59 seats PSVAR

2016 Mercedes Tourismo 55 seats PSVAR

2016 Volvo B11RT Levante 56 seats PSVAR

2015 Volvo B11RT Elite 65 seats PSVAR

2014 Scania Levante 56 seats PSVAR

2014 Caetano Levante 56 seats PSVAR

2011 Volvo Levante 59 seats PSVAR

2014 Optare Electric Buses

2010 DAF Wrightbus dual door

2002 Trident East Lancs

2002 Mercedes Plaxton Cheetah

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FlixBus and McGill’s extend their partnership with new route

FLIXBUS is adding a new route to its network in partnership with McGill’s, the largest privately owned bus company in the UK. The new route will run ten times a week between Manchester and Glasgow, stopping at Preston and Lancaster. There will also be additional connections to Birmingham and improved access to Scotland, alongside the west coast of England. Andreas Schorling, managing director, FlixBus UK, says: “McGill’s has been a consistently strong partner, with their driving team delivering a solid, high quality service. This new route marks a significant milestone in our relationship and cements our commitment to Scottishbased coach travel.” McGill’s currently runs FlixBus services from London to Glasgow, via Sheffield, Sunderland, Newcastle and Edinburgh.


Colin Napier, operations director, McGill’s, adds: “Our first longdistance routes in partnership with FlixBus have proved to be a terrific success, with passenger numbers and feedback both being very positive. That is testament to the quality service being provided by team members and we’re excited to be able to expand the routes offered. “Working in partnership with FlixBus has proved even more fruitful than we could have anticipated. Their bold growth targets and sustainable values align directly with ours, and we’re looking forward to being a key partner on the FlixBus network as passenger numbers continue to grow.” FlixBus also announced a new partnership with Berrys and Roselyn Coaches who will operate routes to the south west of England. A new Plymouth to London route, calling at Exeter, Taunton and Bridgwater, runs daily, with

trips increasing over the summer months to meet expected high demand. FlixBus’ and Berrys’ relationship began in July 2021, with some Berrys connections available to book via FlixBus’ channels. This service will continue, but the companies have also agreed a closer partnership, with Berrys Coaches expanding their fleet to become part of the green FlixBus network and the new route will be supported by Roselyn of Cornwall coaches. “We’re committed to creating a high quality, UK-wide network, and we are now offering routes to nearly 40 locations across England, Scotland and Wales with the help of our brilliant bus partners,” adds Schorling. Coach operators interested in hearing more about collaborating with FlixBus should contact May 2022




Free shuttle backs Blenheim carbon neutral plans

BLENHEIM Palace has partnered with Oxford Bus Company to provide visitors with a sustainable travel service to the tourist attraction. The new service aims to make it more convenient for people travelling by train to reach Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire and forms part of a major drive by Blenheim Palace to provide sustainable transport solutions as part of its goal of becoming carbon neutral by

2027. Visitors arriving at Hanborough rail station can take a free shuttle bus at weekends every 30 minutes. The service operates between 9.10am and 5.40pm on Saturday and Sunday to coincide with train arrival and departure times. Phil Southall, Oxford Bus Company managing director, says: “We applaud Blenheim for this initiative, and we have liveried the bus up to make it a visible advert for

the service and to allow customers to find the service easily.” Dominic Hare, Blenheim Palace CEO, adds: “We want to be able to offer people viable low carbon travel alternatives and this new bus service is a vital link in the public transport chain allowing visitors to complete their journey to us in a hasslefree way.”

Caetano and GP Joule at BUS2BUS

CAETANOBUS and German energy solutions provider GP Joule exhibited at the BUS2BUS 2022 show in Berlin last month. The partnership between CaetanoBus and GP Joule started with the supply of two hydrogenpowered buses. The project was initiated by GP Joule in 2017 and May 2022

consists of a joint hydrogen infrastructure from production and processing to f leet deployment being developed in North Frisia. The H2.City Gold 12m buses from Caetano are being used in the climatic spa of Niebüll on more than 50 routes operated by Autokraft, a Deutsche Bahn com-

pany, in the North Frisia district. The buses have a range of 400km. The two companies say that they share common values and beliefs concerning the energy transition, particularly about the hydrogen solutions to keep people moving in a greener way.





New CEO for FirstGroup

GRAHAM Sutherland has been appointed as FirstGroup CEO with effect from 16 May 2022. Sutherland was chief executive officer of KCOM Group, a LSElisted telecommunications company, from 2018 until its sale to a Macquarie-managed infrastructure fund. Prior to this, he held a number of senior executive roles within BT Group, including as chief executive officer of the BT Business and Public Sector divi-


sion, and chief executive of BT Ireland. David Martin, FirstGroup executive chairman, says: “I am delighted to welcome Graham to FirstGroup. He has a strong track record in the delivery of critical services and in creating value for shareholders in rapidly evolving regulatory and technological environments. Graham joins at an exciting and important time for FirstGroup which is now a focused

and resilient business with a strong platform from which to develop.” Sutherland adds: “It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to lead FirstGroup. With its prime positions in bus and rail, strong balance sheet and clear purpose, FirstGroup has many opportunities ahead and I look forward to helping shape its exciting future.” May 2022




Johnsons agrees to sell its bus operations to Rotala

JOHNSONS Coaches has agreed to sell its Excelbus operation to Rotala subsidiary, Diamond Bus in a deal which includes 18 buses and other assets and is expected to be concluded by the end of May. Johnsons will continue to operate 45 coaches and employ 180 staff and aims to maintain its strong position in the coach tourism market. All of Johnsons Excelbus commercial and tendered work is included, with most drivers and some operating staff becoming May 2022

part of the Diamond Bus West Midlands operation, working from Diamond’s existing depot at Redditch. The buses will be rebranded into the Diamond Bus livery. Peter Johnson, operations director, Johnsons, says: “As we look forward and consider the challenges of meeting the needs of air quality and environmental issues, through electric, and then hydrogen-powered vehicles, we have decided that we must now focus on building our coach business in terms of holidays, day trips, private

coach hire and school services.” John Johnson, commercial director, adds: “We are proud to continue to offer the highquality coach services Johnsons is known for. As an industry leader and multi-award winner we are committed to growing our coach business for the long term, and we look forward to continuing to provide a great quality and friendly service for our customers.”





Autonomous ADL Enviro200 buses begin on-route testing in Scotland

LIVE testing of ADL autonomous buses is underway in Scotland ahead of passenger services starting later this year. Stagecoach will be conducting a two-week on-road trial of the autonomous bus with Fusion Processing, ADL and Transport Scotland. No passengers are carried in the tests, which are in preparation for the launch of the CAVForth pilot service later this year. The Project CAVForth pilot, which is jointly funded by the UK Government’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and the project partners Fusion, ADL, Stagecoach and Transport Scotland, will see five autonomous ADL Enviro200 single-deck buses operating at SAE Level 4 over the Forth Road Bridge between Ferrytoll Park and Ride in Fife and the Edinburgh Park train and tram interchange. The buses are fitted with Fusion Processing’s sensor and control technology, CAVStar, that enables them to run on pre-


selected roads without the safety driver having to intervene or take control. The buses will provide a service capable of carrying up to 36 passengers at a time over the 14 miles across the bridge, with capacity for over 10,000 passengers a week. The on-road testing in Scotland follows successful depot-based trials, track testing and virtual simulation where the buses have been put through their paces to fine tune the autonomous drive systems. More than 20 specially trained ‘Autonomous Bus Professionals’ will soon be recruited by Stagecoach from its East Scotland business. When the service goes live, these drivers will monitor the autonomous system alongside a bus ‘Captain’ who will move around the saloon, talking to passengers about the service and answering any questions they may have, demonstrating what a future service might feel like when the staff member is able to leave the cab while the computer does the

driving. Chris Gall, ADL group engineering director, says: “Today’s start of on-route testing is a milestone for our autonomous bus project. In partnership with Stagecoach, Fusion Processing and Transport Scotland, Project CAVForth helps us to explore new technologies that will make buses even safer and even more efficient. “As we move towards passenger services later in the year, the project will be a landmark demonstration of future technologies in transport.” Sam Greer, regional director for Stagecoach in Scotland, adds: “This is a hugely exciting project for Scotland and we are pleased to be starting live testing on roads today. This is a major step forward in our journey to fully launch the UK’s first full-sized autonomous bus service and will provide easy access to a brand new bus route in the heart of East Scotland.”

May 2022




Wrightbus appoints new European chief commercial officer

WRIGHTBUS says it is targeting expansion in Europe with the appointment of Jean-Luc Deflandre as its new European chief commercial officer. Def landre has more than 15 years of experience working in the European electric and hydrogen bus market and his previous roles include being an advisor to the Board of BYD and former chief commercial officer of Ebusco. Deflandre says: “I am delighted and excited to be joining Wrightbus at an incredibly important May 2022

period for the company and for passenger transport as a whole. Wrightbus is leading the way in zero-emissions vehicles in this field and I am eager to bring my experience to bear across mainland Europe. I’m already in high level discussions in several major European cities who are keen to have the very best zero emission buses on their streets.” Wrightbus says it has big ambitions for Europe with the development of left-hand drive hydrogen-fuelled vehicles already

under way. Buta Atwal, Wrightbus CEO, adds: “We are delighted to welcome Jean-Luc to our team to support our ambitions not only to decarbonise public transport across the UK and Ireland, but around the world. “We already have a strong network of suppliers across Europe and we’re looking forward to building an equally strong customer base for our world-class buses.”




ev buses

BYD ADL partnership’s electric bus demo completes Ireland tour

ALEXANDER Dennis and BYD report positive reviews of a single deck electric bus demonstrator which was shown to authorities, operators and stakeholders in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The BYD ADL Enviro200EV demonstrator visited Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann, allowing staff to familiarise themselves with the type before the operators’ forthcoming delivery of 45 similar buses as part of a framework agreement between ADL and the National Transport Authority. The bus then visited Northern


Ireland operator Translink for an inspection at ADL’s Ballymena office, where Mid & East Antrim Mayor, William McCaughey had the opportunity to explore the zero emission bus. Mayor Mc C au g he y s ay s: “Antrim aims to become the Cleantech hub for Northern Ireland, and the investment in innovation by key industry players in our borough such as ADL, our focus and support for hydrogen via the newly launched Hydrogen Training Academy and our plans for the i4C Innovation and Clean-

tech Centre are supporting our journey to net zero carbon.” David McCaughey, contracts manager, ADL, adds: “Throughout its stay in Ireland, the feedback on our electric bus has been extremely positive. With its world-class technology backed up by our local expertise and aftermarket support, the BYD ADL Enviro200EV has a great role to play in delivering a cleaner future for everyone.” May 2022

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