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MarriageToday offers couples an astonishing array of tools and helps for repairing, strengthening and deepening their relationship. But, if you’re new to this ministry, you may have a hard time deciding which one to choose. And the last thing you need is something that only adds to the information overload you’re already experiencing. We have a suggestion: Start here! Jimmy Evans’ Marriage on the Rock materials have a time-tested history of turning hurting and even divorce-bound marriages into the satisfying relationships God intended them to be. Let these resources help you establish your marriage firmly and securely on God’s powerful principles. Whether you are just starting out in life together, or you’re in need of a fresh start after years of difficulty, these resources represent the perfect beginning point for better times.

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in 1986, when I was nine years old, I —along with millions of other captivated spectators—saw Halley’s Comet whiz through our solar system.

I didn’t quite comprehend the gravity of the moment back then, but knowing now it will be 2061 before I can see Halley’s Comet again, that particular childhood moment becomes all the more special. Another noteworthy occasion in my life took place in March when my wife, Stephanie, and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary. Not only that, but my parents celebrated their 35th anniversary in May, and my grandparents marked their 60th anniversary in March. Think about that for a moment. Three generations, passing through three respectively momentous milestones. And, praise God, there has been no separation or divorce present in any of these marriages. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been many peaks and valleys. Speaking for myself, some highs have rivaled a Mt. Everest experience and some lows, a plummet into Death Valley. But as I look back, everything we’ve endured together has made us stronger. You may say to yourself, it helps to have marriage experts like Jimmy and Karen for parents. Yes, it is a blessing to have such strong role models, but

Stephanie and I had to learn and apply godly marriage principles on our own. No one did it for us. When you truly think about it, the MarriageToday television program allows Jimmy and Karen to make their marriage available to millions of couples so they too can build their dream marriages. For 25 of their 35 years together, my parents have been challenging couples to stay together, build a stronger foundation, and believe God has a paradise waiting for them in marriage. This magazine issue is all about celebrating Jimmy and Karen’s anniversary milestone. On the following pages, you’ll enjoy highlights of their marriage and hear stories from friends and supporters as they share what Jimmy and Karen have meant to them. Along with that are other legacy stories and tips about how you too can have a marriage that lasts. Enjoy this issue! And remember, your family has a great future!

Brenton Evans Executive Vice President

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FiveQuestions for Jimmy & Karen Evans on 35 years together As hosts of the MarriageToday television broadcast, Jimmy and Karen have interviewed many authorities on marriage and family over the years. Now, as they prepare to mark a major milestone in their own marriage, we thought we’d turn the tables by asking them a few questions about life and love after 35 years.


marriage to m | summe r 2008



35 years! Congratulations… What are you feeling as you reach this milestone? Karen: I am very grateful! The grace

and love that Jimmy has given me has sustained me; his and the Lord’s love have not failed me. Jimmy: Deeply grateful to God and a

wonderful wife. I know we wouldn’t have made it this far without God’s grace. He has been faithful through every season of our marriage. I am also thankful for Karen. She is perfect for me. We had such a difficult time early in our marriage, and I’m so thankful she believed in me in spite of my problems and failures as a husband. Today, we truly have a great marriage and have so much peace in our relationship.


marriage to m | summe r 2008

What is the most significant thing you now know about marriage that you wish you had known when you started out 35 years ago?

What quality, habit or practice of (Jimmy’s/Karen’s) has helped keep the relationship strong and thriving all this time?

Karen: To be honest and kind when

Karen: Jimmy has always affirmed and

things first bother you about your spouse, not to be defensive; forgiving daily, communicate, listen, communicate, listen.

complimented me. I love his positive and joyful attitude, especially when things are hard.

Jimmy: There are two things. First, only

other. We realize that relationships take work, and we both have a good work ethic. We don’t take things for granted. For example, just because we’ve now been married for thirty-five years and are very happy doesn’t mean next year will be the same if we don’t keep doing what we are doing. For the first several years of our marriage, I was very lazy and thought things should just happen on their own. Those were the worst years of our marriage. Since then, we have never taken each other for granted.

God can truly meet the deepest needs in my life. I spent so many years trying to get Karen to do for me what only God could do. Second, how different women are from men and you can’t change it. Even though I was attracted to Karen on the outside, I thought she was weird and I needed to change her. Today, I realize how normal and wonderful she is. I wish I would have known that when we got married.

Jimmy: We work at loving God and each

not Fantasy it’s


[from left to right] Jimmy and Karen Evans on their wedding day, May 11, 1973 in Amarillo, Texas; The couple joined by their parents, M.L. and Mary Evans, Bud and Jane Smith; The newlyweds head out for the first time as husband and wife; Thirtyfive years later, Jimmy and Karen are going strong and helping others learn to do the same.

How is the cultural pressure on marriages different today than it was in the 1970s?

How about the next 20 or 30 years? What are you hoping and dreaming about together?

Karen: I don’t think it is. I think people

Karen: To be able to continue helping

are different in the way they choose and value others. They are not willing to suffer (I don’t mean abuse) through lack of commitment.

others; have more relaxing times with friends, family and each other.

Jimmy: I think the main thing that is

significantly different are the sexual and emotional temptations that are available through TV, movies and the Internet. We are surrounded today with immediate opportunities to turn our needs and interests elsewhere. So many people today are cheating on their spouses— if not physically, then emotionally. It is common today for the Internet to ruin a marriage through pornography, chat rooms, etc. Even though there has always been sin, the availability through modern media has vastly increased the accessibility for men and women and put an increased pressure on marriages.

Jimmy: I want to enjoy our marriage

and family. That is the first and most important dream Karen and I both have. The second is to help as many people as possible experience what we have. We realize how blessed we are, and we have a passion for helping others to have a happy marriage and family.

it’s what your marriage can be All evidence to the contrary, marriage was meant to be a paradise. It’s not just a dream, a wish, or a childhood fantasy. Believe it or not, it’s actually what God designed marriage to be! And as Jimmy Evans points out in this powerful teaching, a marriage that is a “secret paradise” for you and your spouse is something that is attainable, here and now. In Our Secret Paradise, on audio, video or in hardcover book, Jimmy Evans reveals: … the secret to building a great marriage … seven keys to becoming your spouse’s best friend … how to defeat the real enemy of your marriage … four foundations for establishing peace and intimacy … the secret to sexual fulfillment Get this teaching and put yourself on the road to paradise!


Editor’s Note: Many friends and partners of MarriageToday have been celebrating this milestone in Jimmy and Karen’s lives by honoring the mission to which they have dedicated their lives. If you would like to make a special anniversary gift to the outreaches of MarriageToday, you may use the attached reply envelope to do so, or share online at Not only will it be a great encouragement to Jimmy and Karen, but you’ll enjoy the good feeling that comes from knowing your gift will be used wholly and wisely to bring more family-strengthening help to couples across America.

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Notes from friends& well-wishers As Jimmy and Karen have approached this marriage milestone, we’ve heard from MarriageToday friends and partners across America as they have offered words of congratulations and encouragement. With their permission, we have reproduced some of these kind messages below. Some names you might know; others may be unfamiliar to you. But what comes through in every note is a sense of appreciation for Jimmy and Karen’s example and their commitment to helping others. Read along, get inspired and feel free to submit your own note online at

You’ve touched our lives and many others. We believe God’s anointing is on you to change marriages all over the world. It’s changed our marriage. We love you. Happy 35th anniversary. Robert & Debbie Morris Senior Pastor, Gateway Church Southlake, Texas Authors, The Blessed Marriage

....................................................... The wonderful thing about your marriage is not only the model it establishes, but the way it has influenced so many others. The fact that you minister from a foundation of a proven marriage and proven principles adds to the credibility. The durability of your life together makes very clear these are not just credible truths, they’re workable for a lifetime. Thank you for your life. Thank you for your friendship. And thank you for the constancy of continued pursuit as you go for the next 35. Dr. Jack Hayford Chancellor, The King’s College and Seminary Founding Pastor, The Church on the Way Van Nuys, California


marriage to m | summe r 2008

Betty and I just made 45 years, and you’ve encouraged us. You really blessed us by your openness and willingness to share out of your own journey, the challenges, the difficulties, the disappointments, the failures, and the greatness of our God. Thank you for your ministry, thank you for being our friends. Thank you for helping other people have a good healthy relationship in marriage and inspiring them in their families. James & Betty Robison Founder/President, Life Outreach International TV Co-Hosts, Life Today Fort Worth, Texas

....................................................... We pray that God will continue to bless your marriage as your marriage has been a blessing. We count it a privilege to have you as friends and we believe the best years of your ministry are still ahead with the most impact. Duane & Jeanie Vander Klok Pastor, Resurrection Life Church Founding President, Resurrection Life Church International Grandville, Michigan

You’ve been such a blessing to us. If it wasn’t for your Marriage on the Rock material, we would be standing about ten feet apart telling you, “Happy Anniversary.” But instead we’re hugging each other and have lots to be thankful for. We appreciate everything you’ve done, the diligence and efforts to make marriages better in the United States and across the world, including ours. We love you very much. Marty & Cindy Rowley Senior Pastor, Trinity Fellowship Church Amarillo, Texas

....................................................... We were just a young couple when we first met you and heard your teachings on marriage. The way you’ve demonstrated your love for one another changed our lives then, and has continued to impact our lives today. We’re so grateful for who you are as people and wish you the best in the years ahead. Brady & Pam Boyd Senior Pastor, New Life Church Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jimmy and Karen have been our pastors for over 22 years, and I’ve worked for this ministry for nearly 13 years. When I think of them, two words come to my mind. The first is “real.” They are unpretentious, and have the ability to communicate both deep, biblical truths and practical marriage information with humor so that we can understand and apply it to our everyday lives. The second word is “integrity.” They live what they teach, and conduct themselves and this ministry with utmost integrity. And, their passion about marriage—and teaching people how to succeed—is contagious! Tanya Spivey Sr. Director of Events MarriageToday

........................................... One of the things I admire about both of you is your transparency. You are open and honest, charming, funny, and you both have a heart for people. I’ve worked for you for 14 years and I am proud to say my respect has only grown. I appreciate your integrity and your genuine faith and trust in God. I see you behind the scenes; in good times and bad— and no matter what, you live what you teach and you teach what you live. You inspire us, encourage us, and more than anything, speak truth to us. Thank you for your ministry—for being real and honest. Donna Griffin Executive Assistant to Jimmy Evans

........................................... Without MarriageToday, we wouldn’t be together. We were divorced and God brought us back together through their ministry. They have blessed us and blessed our children who were very hurt during the time we were apart. They have totally changed our lives. We are so thankful. Tony & Cindy—Arkansas

........................................... You bless and encourage me tremendously. You have given me insight and helped me believe in marriage for life. Nora—Texas

Thank you both for your marriage ministry. By the grace of God, the Marriage on the Rock seminar saved our marriage. Barry—Texas

........................................... Thank you for your honesty and for all your words of encouragement. I look forward to receiving your letter each week. My husband and I were in a bleak place two-and-a-half years ago when we were legally separated. I am pleased to say that today we are more in love than ever and our daughters have a happy and stable home to be brought up in. Lara—Edinburgh, Scotland

........................................... I just want to say thank you to Jimmy and Karen for listening to God’s heart. If they wouldn’t have listened, I don’t think we’d be here together right now. God has used them to heal our marriage. We’ve been married for 21 years. And we’re just so grateful. Gerry & Leslie—Texas

........................................... I appreciate the honesty and humility with which they describe their marriage; from the early stages, to the blessed fruit that they have now. The vulnerability they display—especially from Jimmy—is so heartwarming. Their marriage is a testament that continues to inspire and encourage. Tyrone—Massachusetts

........................................... I can’t thank you enough for what you bring to our lives through your ministry. My husband and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary this July. But that is after God pulled us out of alcoholism, anger, infidelity and a separation. If it weren’t for our wonderful, amazing and faithful Lord Jesus Christ, we would not be celebrating our 20th. I’m thankful that He guided me to your ministry. Becky—Colorado

I am a new Christian who was saved just after my marriage last year. My husband is still a nonbeliever. I can not tell you how much your show has been helping and encouraging me through this time. Thanks to your show, I am learning to become a better wife, in Christ, to my husband. And through my change (and prayers by so many people), the Lord is also bringing my husband closer to the cross. The truth and wisdom you share on the show is not just eye opening, but very practical. Yaeko—Virginia

........................................... Your ministry has truly been a tremendous blessing to us. We have been married for 23 years. We are strengthened, encouraged and enlightened by your messages. The e-mails are always just what we need for the week. You most certainly hear from God, and know how to deliver a word in season (Luke 12:12). Thank you for blessing our lives. Charles & Janet—Georgia

........................................... Your ministry definitely helped provide guidance and encouragement to me during a time when I thought my marriage was ending. Your ministry taught me so much. I am thankful to say we celebrated our 17th anniversary in January. I am so thankful for people like you who are committed to helping those in troubled marriages. Michelle—Arkansas

........................................... The marriage ministry of Jimmy and Karen has been a HUGE blessing to us. God has truly used their ministry to heal, bless, and grow our marriage. The monthly tapes, magazines, prayer requests, and DVD’s have helped us so much, we pass them on to other married couples to use to re-build their marriages.

Thank you for always being real about the dynamic of marriage, and for giving me insight on how to treat my husband better. You are an inspiration, and a blessing. Carmen—Texas

........................................... We appreciate the transparency of Jimmy and Karen, and their openness to share their lives and their experiences. We do marriage preparation in our church and we use their materials in our teachings to couples in crisis marriages and to couples who are about to get married. We’re excited now to be Rock Solid Partners. And we’re thrilled at having a resource to help us do even a better job than we have been doing in the past. I want to thank them for supplying information and resources that show couples there is a hope and a purpose for their marriage. Ted & Gloria—Texas

........................................... Your ministry is amazing to me! It has encouraged me so much. The other day my sister informed me that after 20 years of a “not so good” marriage, this year has been the best just because I told her to stop concentrating on his faults and pray that God would change her. Of course, I got that advice from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for both of our marriages. Sheila—Mississippi

........................................... Without you being God's vessels, we would surely be divorced and our children would be suffering from it. We have put everything into place from your teachings on God’s design for marriage and I can testify that it is 100% foolproof. God is faithful! Charles—Texas



Some of the above testimonies have been edited for length, punctuation, grammar or clarity of meaning. sum m er 2008 | marriage to m


Brenton & Stephanie

ten years

My wife, Stephanie, and I have a favorite Nicolas Cage movie called The Family Man. It’s a romantic comedy depicting the life of a man, Jack Campbell, who is suddenly taken from his bachelor life and given a glimpse of what his life could have become if he had married his college girlfriend, Kate. At first he freaks out at the notion of being a minivandriving father of two. In fact, most of the comedic story line centers around Jack trying to adjust to his new environment. But there is a marvelous scene at the end of the movie where he is sent back to his bachelor life and he begins desperately searching to find the present-day Kate. He finds her at the airport, on her way to London, and in front of a crowd of people he details out what their life could’ve been had they stayed together.


marriage to m | summe r 2008

“We have a house in Jersey. We have two kids, Annie and Josh. And we’re in love. After 13 years of marriage, we’re still unbelievably in love. You won’t even let me touch you until I’ve said it. I sing to you. Not all the time, but definitely on special occasions. We’ve dealt with our share of surprises and made a lot of sacrifices, but we’ve stayed together. You see, you’re a better person than I am. And it made me a better person to be around you. I don’t know, maybe it was just all a dream. Maybe I went to bed one lonely night in December and I imagined it all. But I swear, nothing has ever felt more real. And if you get on that plane right now, it’ll disappear forever. I know we could both go on with our lives and we’d both be fine, but I’ve seen what we could be like together. And I choose us.”

by Brenton Evans

What I love about that scene in the movie is how Nicolas Cage’s character can’t go on the way he did before, now that he has experienced marriage with Kate and the love that’s bundled with fatherhood. Stephanie and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on March 20, 2008. We have one daughter, Kate Sophia, who was born in July of 2007. I can’t imagine life without them. We’ve had an unusual journey—one with many trials and ups and downs—but in the end we know our lives are so much better together. As a married, thirty-something father of one, I can tell you that being married ten years is becoming a rarity for my generation. It’s unfortunate, but on an increasing basis, couples in my generation just don’t see the point in sticking it out. They’re giving up in mass droves. They’re also missing out on so much. Studies have proven that marriage gets better when couples stick with it. Stephanie and I have friends who have divorced and years later regret their decision. It’s because, just like my dad says in his seminars, the grass simply isn’t greener on the other side. Something else I want to throw in the mix—a principle that has helped the mindset of our marriage for many years— is that Stephanie and I don’t use the word “divorce” as a threatening tool against one another. It is something we disciplined ourselves with early in our marriage. We once heard a couple say that they would stay together either way— happy or miserable—so they might as well make an effort to be happy, because divorce is not an option. It’s a hard

truth, especially in our day and age, but it works—especially when two people are committed to making it work. My parents are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, and my grandparents their 60th. I know that as long as Stephanie and I stay committed to biblical principles and healthy core values, we can and will make it as far (maybe even farther) than they have. They have left a legacy that challenges us to strive for what they showcase—a genuine marriage. Looking back over the ten years we’ve been together as husband and wife, I see clearly the hills and valleys we’ve traveled through as a couple. We stepped over the ten-year milestone recently, and we both agree that we wouldn’t have changed a thing. Every hardship has been worth it, and we’re stronger because of the challenges we faced. Every year around Christmastime, Stephanie and I make it a point to watch The Family Man. For us, it’s a warm reminder of all the intimacy that comes with marriage and parenthood. The movie always prompts the question in my mind, could I live without Stephanie and Kate? With the Lord’s help, I imagine I could. But I’ve seen our life together and experienced a love indescribable, and because of that, I choose us.

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Jimmy’s Parents

M.L. & Mary Evans

What is the key to a successful marriage?

It was a picture-perfect love story set in Memphis, Texas, a town located in the Texas panhandle with a thriving downtown and brick-paved streets. M.L. Evans was a handsome football player who worked at the local drugstore. Though many girls were interested, he knew Mary, the pretty, sweet homecoming queen, was the one for him. They married on March 28, 1948, in the same church where they had met when they were only 10 years old. Now, 60 years later, M.L. and Mary Evans—parents of MarriageToday founder Jimmy Evans—have built a life together. They have made a home, raised a family and enjoyed the rewards of retirement. They like traveling in their motor home and watching the Dallas Cowboys play football. MarriageToday recently spoke to this dynamic couple and asked them what makes a marriage solid for 60 years.

Decades of What are the fundamentals for stressproofing your marriage?

What is the one thing you want your spouse to remember most about you?

Mary: No two people are the same, so

Mary: You need to deal with issues

Mary: More than anything, I want him

you have to be able to adjust to someone who isn’t like you. You also need to walk in forgiveness and be willing to turn the other cheek. This is very important. M.L.: Commitment. You get married to stay married. In order to do that, you can’t give up. You have to be committed no matter what.

when they come up. Talk them out and then forgive your spouse. Don’t suppress your anger. If you do, problems will just fester. Talking about [issues] allows you to get them out in the open, and forgiveness allows you to move forward.

to remember my devotion to him and our marriage. M. L.: I hope Mary has seen the same from me—devotion and commitment— every step of the way.


Do you have any final words on marriage that you’d like to share with the MarriageToday readers?

Of all the things you learned from your parents regarding marriage, what was the most valuable? Mary: My mother was very loyal to my

father. Even in the most difficult circumstances, she remained committed. M.L.: I would say the same. My parents were totally committed to each other.


marriage to m | summe r 2008


M. L.: Don’t give up on your marriage.

I see this happen so often. You have to be totally committed and work things out. You can outlast your problems and grow through difficulty, but you must stay committed.

by Gena Maselli

Karen’s Parents It was at a Sigma Chi fraternity dance in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Jane met the man with whom she would share her life. Henry J. (Bud) Smith was handsome and kind, even if he was a little slow to call her after their first date. (He kept her waiting a whole week!) To Bud, Jane was a treasure, an awesome beauty with a countenance that left him speechless. Even on their wedding day, on January 26, 1952 in Winnetka, Illinois, Bud admits, “I couldn’t believe she was marrying me.” Over the years, this fun-loving couple has enjoyed traveling, entertaining friends and family, being active in the community and savoring quiet evenings at home. They have raised children—including their daughter, MarriageToday co-founder Karen Evans—delighted in grandchildren and remained committed to each other and to God. This is what they have learned about marriage over the last 56 years.

f Devotion What is the key to a successful marriage?

Jane & Bud Smith

Of all the things you learned from your parents regarding marriage, what was the most valuable?

Do you have any final words on marriage that you’d like to share with the MarriageToday readers?

committed to stay together and committed to working at staying together. Bud: I agree. You have to be totally committed 100 percent.

Jane: My parents stayed the course.

Jane: I encourage someone who is

They were committed to each other, and they did things together. They enjoyed each other’s company.



What are the fundamentals to stressproofing your marriage?

What is the one thing you want your spouse to remember most about you?

Jane: You must be open with one an-

Jane: I hope Bud remembers that I’ve

other about what’s bothering you. Bud: Never give up on your marriage. Forgive one another and refuse to carry a grudge. Then, move forward and never stop loving your spouse.

always loved him and considered him first, and that I have been faithful to follow him. Bud: I would like her to remember that I never stopped loving her and always wanted the best for her.

thinking about marriage to know as much as possible about the person he or she wants to marry. Ask, how committed and honest is this person? Is he or she a caring and thoughtful person, or does everything have to revolve about him or her? That’s important, because you need a partner, not a baby. If you are both committed to God, you have a much better chance of surviving marriage—come what may. Accept the bad when it comes and know things will get better. Then, be willing to put in the effort to keep your marriage strong.

Jane: Commitment. You have to be

sum m er 2008 | marriage to m



for newlyweds, “nearlyweds” and the rest of us The fact that a couple is deeply in love doesn’t mean they possess the skills needed to build a happy, fulfilling life together. And one of the most crucial areas for marriage success is one in which most couples receive no teaching or training—communication. Jimmy and Karen Evans have a tremendous passion to see couples start right and succeed. That’s why MarriageToday has joined forces with two of America’s most innovative and proven marriage ministries to create a bundle of resources called “PREPARE To Last.” It’s a truly powerful and unique marriage preparation tool. The PREPARE To Last kits come in three forms: a Group Leaders Kit for pastors, counselors and small group leaders; a Couples Kit for engaged or newly married couples participating in such groups; and a special Wedding Gift Kit that parents, grandparents or friends can give as the most important and meaningful present a couple can receive. these sample pages are from Chapter Two: COMMUNICATION in the Couples Workbook 14

marriage to m | summe r 2008

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get the PREPARE To Last Wedding Kit for a couple you care about What if you could help a newlywed or “nearlywed” couple start their life together with more answers than questions? You can, because three of America’s most innovative and effective marriage organizations have come together to create PREPARE To Last, the most comprehensive premarital preparation resource available. In it, couples will find a full spectrum of user-friendly tools for launching a lifetime of fulfillment and relationship success. This Couples Gift Pack includes: • • • •

the PREPARE To Last Couple Checkup three interactive DVDs audio CDs couples workbooks

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marriage to m | summe r 2008

Jimmy Evans

sexual fulfillment in marriage the keys to


The greatest marriages on planet earth…

Transform your relationship with a marriage retreat.

…have some simple but powerful things in common. They are the insights, viewpoints, habits and techniques that cause relationships to flourish. The good news is, you can put these elements to work in your relationship. And in his resource titled Every Great Marriage, Jimmy Evans shows you how! In either audio CD or video DVD format, Jimmy Evans brings you deep, specific wisdom on each of the seven key elements that characterize the strongest, most fulfilling marriages. You’ll discover how to be a great wife or a great husband, and how to build a great home. Order Every Great Marriage and get the fresh start you need… or step into your new beginning fully equipped!

Sometimes you have to retreat to advance. That’s why Jimmy Evans created The Mountaintop of Marriage: A Vision Retreat Guidebook for Couples. It’s a powerful, 40-page resource which guides you step-by-step on a journey of revelation and vision for your family. With thought-provoking questions and a 12-month planning calendar, couples can record what God speaks to them, as well as milestone events and family accomplishments. It will surely result in a treasured family keepsake to be referenced in the years to come. By all means, take a vision retreat as a couple, but be sure you take this guidebook with you when you go!

both formats contain a special bonus feature: …a unique session titled The Mountaintop of Marriage that reveals the whys and hows of a marriage “vision retreat.” And to get the most out of this session, purchase the corresponding companion guide offered below. It’s a step-by-step road map to a refreshing and destiny-altering time away together. Every Great Marriage

creating an a t m o s p h e r e of sexual pleasure in your marriage


Unlock sizzle & passion. In his powerful booklet, The Keys to Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage, Jimmy Evans shatters the lies of the media and the deceptions of the enemy where sex is concerned. In frank but sensitive terms, Jimmy addresses common hindrances to sexual fulfillment in marriage and explains how you and your spouse can create a rewarding physical atmosphere by understanding each other’s differences, needs and desires. As you read, you’ll discover powerful biblical truths that can help you dramatically improve your experience of intimacy! The Keys to Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage softcover mini-book by Jimmy Evans MBK11..............................................$6.95

The Mountaintop of Marriage guidebook/journal by Jimmy Evans BK13...............................................$14.95

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Chill out!

Rekindle the fire.

Rock steady!

Out-of-control stress in personal lives and marriages can be devastating. But, in Jimmy Evans’ Twelve Tips to Resolving Stress in Your Marriage book, you’ll discover practical ways to eliminate stress and enhance intimacy in your marriage. You’ll learn the keys for dealing with: unresolved anger, chronic conflicts, financial disagreements, sexual problems, remarriage and the blended family, and much more! This easy-to-read book contains simple-to-implement principles and arms you with the information you need to experience the happy and peaceful marriage God intends for you to have.

Do you remember how you felt when you and your spouse were dating? You can get it back! That same sense of closeness and excitement in your relationship can be reignited. You can Return to Intimacy. In this revealing series, Jimmy Evans explains how to create and maintain an intimate relationship, explores the differences between a husband and wife, and arms you with insights that will help you stop intimacy-destroying behaviors and patterns in your marriage. Don’t wait to begin turning your marriage into all you hoped it could be. Order today and Return to Intimacy.

It is one of the most comprehensive marriage resources Jimmy Evans has ever produced with more than 300,000 copies in print. This book contains a bundle of accessible truths and insights that have been instrumental in putting countless couples on the road to harmony and happiness together. In Marriage on the Rock: God’s Design for Your Dream Marriage, Jimmy reveals little-known but powerful truths such as:

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reducing family stress by re-ordering family priorities 20

marriage to m | summe r 2008

by Jimmy Evans

1 GIVE YOUR MARRIAGE FIRST PRIORITY IN “REAL” TERMS, NOT JUST WORDS Many people say the right words to their spouses about their love and devotion, but they never demonstrate that love and devotion in real terms. Therefore, the violated spouse is seldom comforted by “empty” words and promises. Marriage was created by God to be the first priority in your life, with the exception of your relationship with Him. And while you may verbally insist that you love your spouse, here are four ways priorities are proven in what I call “real” terms: SACRIFICE —If your spouse is a priority to you, then you

The typical American’s day is filled to overflowing with things that shout, and occasionally scream for attention. The demands of work, clubs, friends, church and community have most couples stretched to the breaking point. The fact is, we’re living in the busiest, most stress-filled times in history. And that stress is choking the life and joy out of countless marriages. Here are three powerful keys to properly ordering your family priorities and managing the stress of 21st-Century family living.

should be willing to sacrifice things of “lower” priority for him or her. If he or she is not a priority, then they will be the ones sacrificed for your real priorities. At the same time, being unwilling to sacrifice is the root issue of why so many people live under enormous stress and constant and unyielding time demands. Remember the priority God gave marriage in Genesis 2? When He said we would have to be willing to leave our parents for the sake of our marriage, He wasn’t telling us that forsaking our parents would always be required. He was telling us that if there were a priority conflict between our parents and our marriage, then we would have to be willing to sacrifice our relationship with our parents to protect our marriage. Parents, work, children, school activities, friends, church, sports—all of it is competing for attention. But without a clear, set list of priorities—and the willingness to sacrifice things of a lower priority to protect the higher ones—you will live under constant stress as the lesser priorities rob you of the most precious things in life. To conquer the stress that comes from constant conflicts among priorities, you simply must come to the point of realizing you cannot “have it all.” The penalty of trying to have it all is losing your health, happiness and relationships with God and your family. Therefore, accept the fact that you cannot have everything or do everything in life, and decide right now that you are going to sacrifice the less important things in life to keep the most important things healthy. »

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making lasting things the main thing (cont’d)

2 TIME —Time is the commodity of rela-

tionships, and it must be distributed according to priority. For example, if God is truly firstplace in your life, then you will honor the Sabbath Day without complaint. But if you are only giving lip service to God and something else really has His place in your life, then you will not observe the Sabbath to pursue Him, and you will chafe at the obligation. The same applies to your spouse. If your husband or wife is truly a priority, then you will give him or her a dedicated and protected amount of your time. If you do not hold the relationship at that higher level of priority, then you will complain when your spouse requires—or demands—your time. I believe that this is the most telling sign when the priority of a marriage has failed. And the results are very evident… you “fall in love” when you spend time with your spouse. You “fall out of love” when you don’t.

ATTITUDE —When a man and woman

first meet, they not only “prioritize” each other, but they also demonstrate an attitude of pleasure about it. Oftentimes, however, after a man and woman marry, they may not have priorities that are more important than each other, and they may even spend a great


marriage to m | summe r 2008

deal of time together, but they do it with the wrong attitude. They start acting as though pursuing each other and meeting one another’s needs is a “ball and chain” that they are sentenced to drag with them through life. Their attitude translates as rejection for their spouse. You may not realize it, but you communicate to everyone around you what your “real” priorities in life are by an attitude of desire and delight. Rejection and lower priorities are revealed through your attitude of apathy and obligation— Do I really have to do this?… Well, OK. ENERGY —Priorities must include all

the assets of life to be genuine. If you are telling your spouse, “Oh, Sweetheart, you know you are number one in my life…” but you are withholding the energy that it takes to keep him or her in that place, then you are lying. You are holding back from your spouse in order to give to something or someone else. Again, people “fall in love” because they do whatever it takes to give their relationship the time and energy it needs. They sacrifice. They pour into their relationship at the expense of everything else. The reason people “fall out of love” is because they get lazy. They stop working at the relationship and then wonder why it doesn’t work. Your energy—your supply—is essential in making your relationship with your spouse successful, and keeping it first-place in real terms.

PROTECT YOUR MARRIAGE FROM “LOWER” PRIORITIES Most of the things that ruin a marriage are not “bad” things. They are simply good things that are out of priority. Work, children, family, friends, hobbies—none of these are bad. Yet, any of them can destroy a marriage. Take children as an example. They are a blessing from God, but they are not as important as your marriage— which is a surprise to many parents. Certainly, you must highly prioritize your children. You must love and care for them. But your parenting will only be for 18 or so years. Your marriage, on the other hand, will last a lifetime. When Karen and I first married, there were no children in our home competing for our time and attention. Today, we do not have children in our home, because our kids are grown and married. While we have a wonderful relationship with them, they want to live their own lives. They don’t want us intruding. My point is that Karen and I are grateful we made the sacrifices necessary to raise good children. But we are also grateful that we didn’t sacrifice our marriage for them by letting them come before us. In doing so, our children saw us “in love” and they grew up in a home with a stable marriage that provided a solid foundation and example for them. The problem with sacrificing your marriage for the sake of your children is that it is shortsighted and sets you and your children up for dysfunctional relationships.


You and your spouse must work together to establish the standards and traditions that will keep your priorities protected and your relationship healthy. Look at it this way: If you earned a million dollars a year and received great honor in doing so, but went home at the end of each day to a terrible marriage—what good would all that money be? We all know that when our marriage is rotten, it doesn’t really matter what else is good in life, because we’re still miserable. So, regardless of what delights or demands come into your life, one of the disciplines of a successful marriage is to protect the priority of your marriage against the “bad” and “good” things that seek to violate the position of your spouse in your life.

Violated priorities and stressed-out lives are almost always accompanied by a host of lame excuses and empty promises. Yes, our intentions may be good, but they never seem to translate into reality. Why? Oftentimes, it’s because we are poor time managers. For example, I have a friend who was always late to everything. As a result, he was forever “in trouble” with his wife, his kids, his employer, and so on. Now, I’ve never met a man who was a better person at heart, yet, a more miserable liar when it came to appointments or being faithful to what he said. One day, my friend was very late for an appointment with me. When he showed up, he gave me the same old excuse, “I’m sorry—I just didn’t realize my last appointment would take so long.” Though I was frustrated with him, I realized he was caught in a trap and didn’t know how to get out. So, I taught him something that day—which, according to him, revolutionized his life. I told my friend that if time were money, he would be bankrupt. With a background in business, he understood the analogy. I explained how time is a limited commodity, just like money. But, unlike money, we all have the same amount of time. And if we want to end up in the “profit” margin, then we must balance our assets against our expenses. Then I told my friend how everyone around him was frustrated with him and why. I helped him see how he was

constantly borrowing time from God, his wife, his children, his friends, and others, to pay people time that he didn’t need to be paying them. The bottom line was, he was deep in debt to the “important” people in his life because he continued to allow the “less” important people to rob him of his assets—time. It was as though he were out buying an expensive suit of clothes with the money he should have been using to pay his last month’s electric bill. It will eventually get you into trouble. The greater priorities in life are owed first and must be paid regularly. Ruined marriages are often the result of very sincere people who became bankrupt in their relationships because they didn’t budget their time prudently. The stresses and demands of life dictated their behavior. Rather than being proactive and deciding in advance what they would and would not do, they reacted and became victims of a stressed-out, undisciplined lifestyle. To keep your marriage and life healthy and free from harmful stress, budget your time as you would your money. You can do that by listing on a piece of paper the most important people and things in your life. Your list might look something like this: • God • my spouse • my children • me • church • work • my friends »

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making lasting things the main thing (cont’d)

You must also set a good example for your children by managing your schedules properly, so you have “quality” time and energy for each other as well as for your children. After making your list, take out a calendar and—beginning with your most important priorities—schedule regular, dedicated time for them. The further down the list you get, the more you’ll likely see that it doesn’t take long before you run out of time. That’s usually when it dawns on you that you’ve been robbing time from the most important people in your life… only to give it to less important things on your list. Just as with financial budgeting, you have to make difficult choices sometimes in order to be successful. And, yes, that means some of your desires will go undeveloped. Some friendships will go unattended. Some interests will go unpursued. Some demands will go unmet. Still, the most important people on your list must be paid regularly with the time that is due them. That’s the only way you can ensure lasting success and happiness in marriage, and in life. What’s more, you must also teach your children to budget their time properly and to make the necessary sacrifices. As never before, families are being stressed out by the constant demands, desires and opportunities of their children. Again, while we as parents have the responsibility to sacrifice when nec-


marriage to m | summe r 2008

essary to meet our children’s needs and accommodate their interests, the reality is that we live in a “driven” culture. Parents often escort their children from school… to sports… to music lessons… to entertainment… to their friends’ house…to shopping…. It’s a never-ending cycle of packed schedules—and the stress that comes with it. The stress doesn’t just affect the children, however. It affects the entire family, especially mom and dad’s marriage. Before long, the joy of life is robbed, and family relationships begin to fall apart because there is no quality time or energy left for each other. The dreams of peaceful, intimate family times are robbed by a lack of time management combined with the desire to “have it all” —and for our children to “have it all.” You and your spouse must work together to establish the standards and traditions that will keep your priorities protected and your relationship healthy. You must also set a good example for your children by managing your schedules properly, so you have “quality” time and energy for each other as well as for your children. But don’t stop there. Train your children to do the same. You want them to be blessed with a full and fun life, but you must understand that their relationship with God and family is the essential foundation for their true happiness and success, just as it is with yours. No matter how good your children may be at gymnastics or soccer, or how popular they are among their friends, their happiness is mostly dependent upon the quality of their home life.

The sad truth is that society is unraveling before us. While our children have never had so much and have never been able to do so much, neither have they had greater opportunity to be so empty and so confused. Parents realize that behind that emptiness and confusion is the lack of moral and practical guidance from us, their moms and dads. Don’t allow your children to become so busy because it keeps them “out of your hair” for a while. That’s a wrong motive. Computers, movies, television, friends, activities—nothing can take your place. To sum it all up—do whatever it takes to create a lifestyle that allows you to love and prioritize your spouse and your children in real terms… and on a regular basis. Because, your home is where you will find the real joy in life. Nothing else can take the place of home in your heart. Your marriage is the most important relationship you’ll ever have on this earth. God made it that way. But for it to be the success you—and He—want it to be, you must make it a high priority. You must dedicate and protect the resources necessary for a successful marriage. Only then can you calm the stress and relieve the pressure that is out to destroy it.



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M a r r i a g e To d a y



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Marriage in America

you can help turn a milestone for one marriage into



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for thousands of them

As we have noted with some fanfare in this issue of MarriageToday magazine, the month of May marks a major milestone in Jimmy and Karen Evans’ relationship. They have celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. If you have been receiving ministry from MarriageToday for any length of time, you know that Jimmy and Karen didn’t begin married life as a model of harmony and relational strength. One of the hallmarks of their ministry has been how transparent and open they are about the way things were before they discovered and applied God’s keys of wisdom for relational healing and wholeness—keys they’ve spent most of the last 35 years sharing with others. While they have always been very quick to admit their weaknesses and past shortcomings (as a way to bring hope to those who are currently struggling), they are very reluctant to point out the many amazing things God has used them to accomplish in the lives of tens of thousands of couples across America. They are quick to point to God and His faithfulness, but are slow to brag on themselves.

So how can you participate in a meaningful way? Here are two suggestions: 1. Make a special anniversary gift of $35 or $350, or even more if you’re able. 2. Become a Rock Solid Partner at the $35-per-month giving level. You can take either wonderful step using the attached reply form and envelope, or share online at As you do, you’ll be turning a major milestone for one couple into powerful help and hope for untold thousands of others.

celebrate the milestone; honor the mission In light of all of this, the many friends of MarriageToday are being asked to do something very special in celebration of this major milestone in Jimmy and Karen’s lives and to honor the important mission they have laid down their lives to carry forward. That mission is nothing less than the restoration of the dying dream of marriage in America. It is a calling that pertains to our very future as a free and prosperous nation. That’s why we’re hoping you will prayerfully consider making a special one-time gift to the outreaches of MarriageToday as a way of doing two things: (1) telling Jimmy and Karen that as they mark their 35th wedding anniversary, you appreciate the encouragement and help they have brought to you and others over the years; and (2) letting them know that they are not alone in the battle for marriage in America. Without a doubt, the friends and partners of MarriageToday are a very real and vital part of fighting that battle. You can know that when you give, you share in the reward for every broken family healed and for every couple pulled back from the brink of divorce. What you may not realize is the deep, personal encouragement Jimmy and Karen draw from your partnership. When they get weary or discouraged, hearing from supportive friends like you recharges and refreshes them.

mar r i ag et o day. co m/ 35year s

discover the MarriageToday

L I VE experience

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to spank or not to spank… 3 reasons proper discipline is a vital way to bless your children A swat on the hand of the toddler reaching for an open flame. A smack on the backside for the five-year-old defiantly testing the boundaries of parental authority. These used to be common, timetested parenting practices for rearing well-adjusted, functional children. But no more. Physical discipline has become politically incorrect and, in some regions, is on the verge of being criminalized.

Not surprisingly, lots of new parents are confused about the whole subject of parenting. That’s why Jimmy Evans’ teaching titled “Positive Parental Discipline” is such a welcome resource. Below you’ll find a short excerpt from that teaching, along with information on how to stream or download the entire teaching online. You’ll also learn how to order the entire Successful Parenting series from which it’s taken.

Jimmy Evans: from his teaching “Positive Parental Discipline”

anything. If you leave our sight and if you touch anything without permission, you will get a spanking when you get home. Do you understand that?” We could take our children anywhere because when we took them places they never touched anything in that place. Some kids just go in and dismantle a store. Let me tell you something, in the day we live… with all these kidnappings and everything, you had better teach that child to stay with you. They are foolish. They will go with strangers for candy. They will do the most foolish things. They will stand in the bathtub and use a hairdryer! They don’t know! Foolishness is bound up in their hearts, and correction takes their own nature and keeps it from destroying them.

Here are the purposes of discipline. And again, this answers the “Why?” of why we discipline. Number one, we are protecting our

children from their own nature. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:15, “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; the rod of correction will drive it far from him.” I’ve got to protect my children from their own foolish nature. Ladies and gentlemen, this can be a life or death thing. You’ve got to teach your children to obey your voice. When I say, “No,” it means no. When I say, “Stop,” it means stop right where you are. Why? Because it could mean life or death for that child. In taking a child with you into a store, you must teach a child to stay with you in that store. Before we went into a store, we always had a conversation with our kids. We told them two things. “You stay right with us and don’t you touch


marriage to m | summe r 2008

Number two, we discipline to instill

character and moral values. We’re teach-

ing you not to lie. We’re teaching you not to use or abuse other children. We’re teaching you not to defy authority because these are the values and the character that we want in you. Our home had punishments and rewards to instill these values in our kids. Number three, we discipline children

to prepare them for reality and success. We are image bearers of God on the earth. The reality is, God spanks. Hebrews 12 says, “He scourges every son whom He has received,” and if you don’t have discipline as a Christian then you are not His son. The sign that you are a son is that God spanks you. How many of you have been spanked by God? That means that you are loved children of God. And so I’m preparing my kids for reality. God is a rewarder, but He also disciplines.

Note: You can hear this entire 35-minute session online or download it to your MP3 player at Or purchase the entire, five-session Successful Parenting series at MarriageToday’s online resource center at

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MarriageToday Magazine - Summer 2008  

This is the summer edition of the MarriageToday magazine. A marriage-enrichment resource produced by MarriageToday and their founders, Jimmy...

MarriageToday Magazine - Summer 2008  

This is the summer edition of the MarriageToday magazine. A marriage-enrichment resource produced by MarriageToday and their founders, Jimmy...