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The leading tourist group in Catalonia

Innovation Innovation, new technologies and sustainability In SERHS we believe in innovation with the aim of fostering business culture and seeking creativity, and to guarantee an efficient management that allows new formulae to be applied and new products and services to make the companies of the corporation ever more profitable and competitive.




Port del Comte


Fornells de la Selva Sant Hilari Sacalm Blanes Tordera Malgrat de Mar Palafolls Santa Susanna Pineda de Mar Arenys de Munt Calella Sant Pol de Mar Ripollet Mataró Vilassar de Mar Cornellà de Llobregat Barcelona Seva

Corporate Social Responsibility People are the main assets of the SERHS Group activity. • Conciliation of family/working life • Equality plan • Training plan • Program of help to families • Shareholding participation • Documentary digitalisation plan • Environmentally responsible company • Collaboration with non-profit-making entities




Tarragona Salou


Palma de Mallorca Benicarló Eivissa



Cartagena Lorca



València Benidorm Moscow

Cartagena Lorca Torremolinos

Catalonia Canary Islands


La Palma Natal Pipa

Lanzarote Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Gomera Hierro



Gran Canaria

The leading tourist group in Catalonia Our organisation lies among the leaders in the Spanish state

Internationally present Ramon Bagó i Agulló SERHS Chairman “Serveis Mancomunats d’Hostaleria i Similars”, a corporation that bears the abbreviated name of SERHS, was founded in 1975 to confront a time of crisis in the tourist sector, and specifically the concerns of the hoteliers in Calella (El Maresme region). Our institution, which today is a large corporation, leads the Catalan tourist sector and lies amongst the leaders in the Spanish state. Today’s SERHS has settled on three continents and is formed by 59 active companies. It has an average payroll of 2,500 workers and a shareholding of 1,533 partners, 44% of whom are workers or relatives of workers in SERHS.

59 companies

2,543 workers on average 1,490 shareholders

+ 40,000 customers

Six large divisions shape the SERHS business, which has important operative synergies at its heart: distribution (perishable and non-perishable products); tourism and travel; hotels; food management and production; projects and equipment; services and new technologies. As a business corporation it also works in other areas of activity such as real estate, heritage and portfolio. Our growth, based on diversification, has brought new customers to the group and at once has promoted the territorial expansion inside and outside the Spanish state. In order to face the challenges the future brings, SERHS continues to lean on its important human structure, without ignoring its philosophy based on sector and territorial diversification, always within our field of action, and above all in giving a comprehensive service that includes all of the business divisions. MISSION AND VISION Our mission is to continue improving, in order to offer goods and services basically to the tourist, hostelry and restaurant sector through careful management, with our own know-how, seeking active participation and team work, understanding the creation of prosperity and the generation of well-being for all people related to the group “as our own way to build a company and a country”. The vision, to be a benchmark in our sector in Europe, as a Catalan company working on human principles and with criteria of innovation, quality, service and efficacy.


serhsdistribution At your service

Fleet of 500 commercial and delivery vehicles 4

280 references in different families with our own trademark

17 stores covering a total area of 160,000m2

Wide range of 6,000 articles within reach

SERHS Distribution is a benchmark in the Horeca channel thanks to the breadth of our portfolio of products at three temperatures; our broad geographic coverage and specialisation as well as our knowledge of each type of customer are the basic pillars of our activity. SERHS Distribution has a portfolio of nearly 30,000 customers, and in the last year has continued to strive to adapt to the customers’ consumption and service needs. In this sense, SERHS Distribution has formed strategic alliances with leading market brands of the like of Damm, Coca Cola, Codorniu, Vichy, Schweppes, Granini, Nestlé, Bonka, Gallina Blanca, Salica, Millàs, Reckitt Benckiser, Vileda, Cacaolat, Letona, Eurofrits, etc. which generates a quality guarantee in the distributed products.

Distribution of drinks, wines, coffee, liqueurs, ambient food, cleaning products and solutions, fruit and vegetables, 4th range, fish, meat, frozen and refrigerated products

Pioneer in on-line sales for the Horeca channel SERHS Distribution provides its customers with a unique application:, a website of fast and intuitive navigation for placing on-line orders, seeing product technical sheets, consulting consumptions and controlling billing. It allows the purchase of more than 6,000 products at different temperatures (frozen, fresh, room temperature) on a single order, personalised attention, and adaptation to mobility, with benefits only for on-line customers and contents for professionals, amongst other things.


serhstourism 1,900 million on-line orders 4,500 customers

29,000 hotels in 64 countries We give service to more than 1.5 million travellers


2 B2B portals: and

SERHS Tourism: receptive brand and B2B supplier of accommodation and other services. Specialised in southern Europe and especially on the Spanish coasts and islands, its offer is becoming constantly more and more international in the Mediterranean arc and in the large capitals of Europe. Rhodasol: a wholesale brand for the domestic market specialised in sun and beach, which in 2012 reached 30 years with a solid position on the market from the principal Spanish retailers of the sector. SERHS Travel Service: the SERHS Group’s travel agency dedicated to organising the corporation’s trips and events.

3 ways to work with us:

Wholesale and retail travel agency, transfers, excursions, hotels around the world, coasts, islands, snow, circuits, mountain and rural, city.

8 XML Technology Integrate our portfolio of products in your booking system through our XML interface.

8 A booking platform that offers product availability right up to the last moment at the best prices.

8 Off-line Services We have the option of working without being connected to our customers, offering the benefits and flexibility of dealing direct with people.


serhshotels Moments full of life

A wide range of hotels that can be grouped into different categories:



Mountain and Snow





SERHS Hotels is a company that offers accommodation, restaurant and leisure services based on its own hotel establishments under leasehold or with a management contract, providing a wide range of products and services focused both on the holiday customer and on companies. This division projects its growth based on internationalisation and strengthening its position in the country by promoting direct sales by means of new technologies and through its hotels specialised in meetings, events, incentives and sports stays, all with a view to giving its customers added value in its services both in leisure and in business and sport.

Rural Villages Holiday Hotels Mountain and Snow Hotels Urban Hotels Beach Resorts in Brazil

• Serhs Hotels Excellence: Quality Stamp for 4 and 5 star holiday and urban hotels. • Meeting Experience by SERHS: Specialists in organising and planning all kinds of events, conventions, congresses, meetings, seminars and incentives to turn them into a unique, personal experience. • Serhs Consulting & Management: Specialists in managing hotels owned by others.



Comprehensive restaurant service

Eudec System: Own production of more than 600 references

Own centres and more than 250 managed (hostelry and collective services)

Over 1,500 professionals at your service 1st company to achieve a patent in collective restaurant services


SERHS Food offers a comprehensive service in the area of food based on the production and sale of fifth range food and bakery, as well as restaurant management for others, both for groups and institutions and for catering services for events and macro events. This operative division is especially noteworthy for its high quality standards and its flexibility and capacity to innovate both in the productive processes and in the infrastructure and management capacity it enjoys. Experts in comprehensive restaurant services: healthcare, companies, penitentiary centres, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, sports centres, theme parks, and others.

Eudec System, “We cook and innovate for you”

Specialised services in restaurants for hotels and groups

The Eudec system is an innovative and effective offer aimed at different sectors and areas of group restaurant services, based on criteria of technology, efficiency and quality. Through meticulous studies, we have managed to develop a comprehensive cooking system including the latest technologies and eliminating conventional cooking without losing our taste for the traditional. This system is based on 5th range dishes and bases cooked and vacuum-packed, pasteurised, frozen or in a modified atmosphere, and has over 600 references made under strict safety and food hygiene, at all times preserving the organoleptic features and properties while caring for the gastronomic sense of our dishes. In 2013, SERHS Food was the first company to achieve a patent in “System for Control and Management in group restaurant services and associated procedure”.


serhsprojects Innovative solutions, on-line sale of machinery for hostelry and restaurants

Innovative solutions for Food & Beverage

• • • • •

Hotels Healthcare Restaurant Education Public administrations, private companies, commercial buildings, etc.

With more than 25 years’ experience in hostelry projects and with know how in restaurant projects (kitchens, buffets and bars); this division bases its new strategy via e-commerce, or the on-line sale of hostelry and restaurant machinery through:

Specialists in Food & Beverage areas, applying criteria of functionality, sustainability, technology, design and management in the equipment installed for different sectors:

On-line store with the sale of equipment, complements, lighting, furniture of the best makes on the market, so the customer can shop on-line comfortably, fast and easily.


serhsservices Within your reach

Management of + 70,000 salaries

+ 3,500 students a year and 46,500 reading hours The CPD houses + 200 servers of different technologies


Computer support to + 1,500 users

+ 2,000 mobile telephone lines and + 1,000 land lines

Specialists in hostelry courses + 500 e-learning courses

Management of + 6,000 insurance policies

OSHAS 18001 certification. Quality in PRL

The implementation of new technologies and the most modern communication systems have given a considerable drive in all of these activities, which allows users to directly and effectively manage a large number of computer applications on-line, which come into their reach. This division includes representations of the SERHS corporate managements that have a transversal job with respect to the remaining business divisions of the group:

SERHS Services, supported by the management carried out in the SERHS Group, has solid know how that they pass on to our customers, thus forming a complete portfolio of products that constantly adapts to the new needs of the sector.

Insurance Human resources Administration and finance New technologies Computer applications Telecommunications systems Real estate services Selection training and tailored HR projects | Risk prevention in hostelry | Advice and legal services | Occupational administrative management Health and life insurance | Household | Car | Companies Hardware | Technological projects | Software implementations | IT consultancy Administration and finance Accountancy | Tax Department | Internal Audit

15 Edifici Serhs GarbĂ­, 88-90 - 08397 Pineda de Mar (Barcelona) Tels. 902 010 405 / +34 93 767 03 78 -

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The leading tourist group in Catalonia