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The word kaleidoscope means a series of changing phases or events. At Central we believe that we are a kaleidoscope of people; for example, did you know that this year Central has students from Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Somalia, Congo, Liberia, Spain, Egypt, Sicily, and Portugal? We are made up of every shape, size, color, and nationality. Over the course of your years here at Central, the images and events are constantly changing to form new and exciting experiences. Just as a kaleidoscope changes with each turn, our lives continuously change each time we make a new decision. As you begin your time at Central, the picture is simple and new. There are different ages, nationalities, and religions. However, something new awaits you at every turn. As time progresses, the picture becomes more complex _ _ presenting challanges to overcome and goals to reach. As you complete your life here at Central, your journey has created one big picture full of all the information that you have learned, the people you have met, the friendships that have failed and those that have flourished, the goals you have reached, and the ones you are yet to experience. Thus we present our 2001 Maroon, a kaleidoscope of Central High School.



!student life


student li e


SUMMER FAVORITES 1. Golf 2. Custard Cup 3.


Convertibles 7. Wild parties 8. Bikinis Sleep 10. Tanning

THIS PAGE- Pic 1: Shawana lee is han9in' out with Sylvester. Pic 2: Taylor Korab, Elise McAuley and leslie Muhr take a 3: Molly Weber and Mary break. Hough ~ e the bay. Pic 4: Peter Kane is inter ¡c. Pic 5: Haley Johnson, Katy W Valerie Mazzacco and leah McCray e chillin' cheerteader- style. Pic 6: ASh e1gh Kern and Amanda C one are hangin' high!!! Pic 7: Julie Gra lrittany R berts, Jacob Strauss, and Cathy Thomas are bathing beauties. Pic 8: Natalie Kenny and Dan Trupin groove in an innertube. Pic 9: liz McMillen, Reema Bosmia, Jill Harms, Nadia Berger, and Whitney Petry are the ¡ golf girls.




On Thursday. August 31, 2000, Central High School once again opened its doors to a new and exciting school year. Students anxiously checked schedules and hurried to their classes, trying to make it before the first bell of the year. Once things calmed down , however, conversation remained on the Back to School Dance that night. The dance took place in the Courtyard, as usual, and was dubbed by most attendees as "the best ever." The dance was a complete success with many happy students dancing the night away.

THIS PAGE - Pic. 1: Elise ParkerStephen, Mary Darling, and Angie Holmer show senior spirit. Pic. 2: Kyla Claiborne checks her schedule. Pic. 3: Get down at the Back to School Dance. Pic. 4: Julie Graves, Cathy Thomas, and Brittany Roberts are excited on the first day of senior year. Pic. 5: Heather Caldwell and Amanda Ehman are excited for their first high school dance. Pic. 6: '01 rules! Pic. 7: Michelle Bunce getting ready for class. Pic. 8: Natalie Kenny helps decorate. Pic 9: Melissa Veitz, Bill Muster, and B.J. Mattingly are thrilled about the new I. D. badges.

student lifel


There is an ongoing complaint from high school students everywhere- "If only I had more money... " With the ri e in gas prices, everything i more expen ive these days. Even though most Central students are busy with schoolwork, clubs, sports, and friends, they still find time to make money. Central has a work program that lets students go to work for half the day and still get class credit. Students that participate in this program and who work on their own are gaining valuable experience. They learn responsibility, dependability, and resourcefulness. Besides earning a little extra cash, these students are preparing themselves for life after high school.

ITHIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Your hometown proud I gang. Pic. 2: Steve Layman works at Central's favorite ice cream place. Pic. 3: Liz Hannan-"would you like some butter on your popcorn?" Pic. 4: For all your party needs ask Erica Williams. Pic. 5: Jaya Miller is fast when it comes to Italian. Pic. 6: We love to see you smile! Pic. 7: Pizza anyone?

student life



Favorite Hangout Spots The Quad Golf Course Spalding Pool Custard Cup The Mall People's houses Mom's Van Niro's Gyros Country Roads Courrier Cafe Apartment La Bamba The Porch Garcias

8 HIS PAGE- Pic. 1: Natalie Kahler and irginia Sinnes find new uses for retzels. Pic. 2: Katie Schlorff has a ood time. Pic 3: Puja Batura and Haley ohnson ride in style. Pic. 4: Katie opkins knows what she wants. Pic. 5: arrell Thomas enjoys Six Flags. ¡c. 6: These sophomores like to have a ood time. Pic. 7: These seniors haven't uite grown up yet. Pic. 8: Billy Mock ooks for a friend to play kickball with. ¡c. 9: Drew Russel and Dan Jinks enjoy heir McDonalds.

student li e 9

Pic 1: Seniors are ready to party. Pic 2: Arthur Hunter and Mario Motley are winning twins. Pic 3: Kim Walsh and Erin Church are almost identical. Pic 4: Here's a party in pajamas. Pic 5: Jackie Danowitz and Rachel Machula are marvellously matching. Pic 6: Sara Judy, Virginia Sinnes and Natalie Kahler are terrific triplets. Pic 7: The juniors are oh too cool. Pic 8: The senior girls go nuts. Pic 9: Emily Millsap and Jessica Weaver must be fraternal. Pic 10: '01 is ¡ust havin fun.

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As the Homecoming football game and Homecoming Dance drew closer, excited students showed their school spirit by dressing up during Spirit Week . This is no normal week at Central High School. During the week of September 11-15, students are given the chance to show how much we love our school and how proud we are of our hardworking football team! Each of the popular days, including Pajama Day, Twin Day, Class Color Day, Hawaiian Day, and Maroon and White day tu rn ed out to be a success. W hat a grea t way to start out th e new sc hool year!

HIS PAGE- Pic 1: Liz Smith and Odile ambo have a leg up on the competition or twin day. Pic 2: Jackie Hughes, Mary arling, and Tyler Fielding have dinosaur ania. Pic 3: Nice coconuts. Pic 4: entral's red hot freshmen. Pic 5: Caity eal and Kristen Long are oh too cute. ic 6: Sleeping cuties. Pic 7: Alarm go ff too soon? Pic 8: Mike Vriner and att Logsdon are smiling seniors. Pic 9: tie Mechling and Lindsey Delmedico a erfectly pink pair.

student IifeJ



The fir t Pep Rally of the Millenium didn 't turn out quite as planned . Unfortunately, the gym floor wasn 't finished in time to hold it, but thi didn 't top Central 's spirit. A smaller version of the Pep Rally was held on the lawn across from Central. The cheerleaders performed and the band played . Following the Pep Rally was the Parade. The freshmen managed to win first place in the float competition. The seniors followed in second, juniors got third , and sophomores were fourth. The cheerleaders rode on firetrucks and the homecoming attendants on convertibles . The band, drum line, and flag corps also performed.

IPic. 1: JV cheerleaders ride in style! Pic. 2: Senior attendants Abby Burgett and Ryan Fiedler. Pic. 3: Amariah Hayes raises her flag high. Pic. 4: SENIORS ! Pic. 5: Quentin Troy shows his school spirit. Pic. 6: Sarah Hagle cheers hard. Pic. 7: Drew Russell ..•what happened? Pic. 8: Senior attendants Michael Goines and Keysa Haley. Pic. 9: The trombones are ready to go.


!student life 12


Pic. 1: Sophomore attendants Becca Bryan and J.T. Whitmer. Pic. 2: Nick York is ready to take on the Eagles. Pic. 3: The tubas are ready to make beautiful music. Pic. 4: The juniors are ready for the parade to start. Pic. 5: The seniors want to CAN THE EAGLES. Pic. 6: Central's drumlinelookin' good! Pic. 7: Varsity cheerleaders wave from their truck. Pic. 8: Seniors flash '01 at the crowd. Pic. 9: Junior attendants Scott Morqan and Anna Rost.

student li e


entra 's 2000 Bon ire was a isappointment for most tudents this year as it was eld at McKinley Field once gain. Despite grea erformances by epettes, ch erleaders, and and, it just seemed like omething was missing. I as the Senior Skits. For the irst time since many tudents, and most teachers an remember, the Senio kits were nixed by the dministration at our ver wn Central High School. hough many protested, the dministration stood firm nd did not allow the nasty, bscene skits. Football oach Jeff Trigger's pep tal Imost brought the bereaved entral students' minds of he missing Senior Skits, but t just was not enough. Because the Bonfire as such a letdown, it wil l e one of the mos emorable Bonfires in the istory of the weathered hampaign Central High chool.

HIS PAGE- Pic. 1: A Local fire officia begins the festi vities at the annua Central Bonfire. Pic. 2: Mark Jackson ¡s very enthusiastic as he Lifts fello heerleader Christina Seibert. Pic. 3: aylin White anxiously prepares fo r th estivities as the bonfire Looms in th background. Pic. 4: Candace Morgan nd Michael Goines greet one anothe n the bonfire stage. Pic. 5: Ben Bake nd Danny Wahlfeldt put thei r all int he tug-of-wa r batt le between Lassmates. Pic. 6: Michael Goine akes part in the pep ta lk frenzy and shows the crowd why he should b nicknamed Prime Time. Pic. 7: Alexi track goes as Low as she can in th Limbo contest held at Central's Bonfire 2000. Pic. 8: This bunch of girls i uddenly riled up by the football team aking the bonfire stage.

!student life


avo rites to win the Big 12 East. n the eve of Central's omecoming 2000, the team howed everybody exactly why. espite losing many starters, ut because of injuries, the 1aroons came out firing. And et another star emerged on th ighly talented Maroon team. Central came ou uickly forcing Rantoul to turn he ball over on their first tw ossessions. Lamar Wilson apitalized on these turnovers vith touchdown runs of 7 and I 7 yards. Wilson went on t core three more touchdowns or a grand total of five on th ight. After scoring on his firs wo runs, Wilson scored on a creen pass from quarterback ob Gwinn, a recovered blocked unt, and he returned th pening kickoff of the second alf for a 92 yard touchdown camper. Also contributing t entra l's star-studded attac ere Michael Goines, Ben aker, and Drew McMahon. oines and Baker each scored he first touchdowns of t hei arsity career, and McMa hon ntercepted two Rantoul passes. antoul's only score came on a 1-yard Qb sneak in the 4t h uarter. The final score: Cen tra l 5, Rantoul 7. With the victory, the entral football Maroons kep heir dream of the Big I 2 Eas itle well in si ht. he team onto the field for yet anothe omecoming Game. Pic. 2: Michae oines scampers into the endzone fo he first touchdown of his varsity caree~ ic. 3: Jay Leman makes one of hi any tackles on the night. Pic. 4: Abb urgett proudly accepts the crown a omecoming Queen 2000. Pic. 5: Pa hillips proudly accepts the bouquet a omecoming King 2000. Pic. 6: Th un sets on yet another Central game ¡c. 7: Rob Gwinn prepares to taketh nap from the dependable center. Pi : John Bialeschki dances around th antoul defenders. Pic. 9: Ore cMahon is taped up while he prepare o make two interceptions. Pic. 10 entral's most dedicated fans bare al n the frigid night of the Homecomin

student lifej


Central students got down and Partied On the Tracks on September I 6 at the 2000 Homecoming Dance! The dance took place on the very top floor of the attractive, new Transportation Center downtown. The new location was a nice change from the traditional one at Parkland. Despite the fact that the attendance was limited to only 600 people, the dance floor was still packed full of students . Our suggestion for next year would be to choose a larger facility and allow more student input in music choices.

HIS PAGE- Pic 1: These couples are dancing the night away. Pic 2: How's it going down there? Pic 3: Check out hese foxy ladies. Pic 4: Laura David, ~tefanie Ervin, Melissa Veits, and Ashley Einck are looking lovely. Pic 5: Whitney Parkhill and her date get ready for their lose-up. Pic 6: Joe D'Amico and Amy ~aylor enjoy a slow dance. Pic 7: Alexis ~track and her date enjoy dancing ogether. Pic 8: Pat Phillips, the homecoming king, and Shaneka Terrell ~re looking good. Pic 9: Jane Bailie, Zact ~ehy, Maggie Bruns, and Shannon Zoll are ust kicking it!

!student life


HIS PAGE- Pic 1: These Junior girls are all dressed up and ready. Pic 2: This rowd is ready to Party On the Tracks. Pic 3: Hey, can we get a ride? Pic 4: Katie Schlorff, Reema Bosmia, Liz McMillan, and Mary Hough look glamorous at dinner at Biaggi's. Pic 5: \:Jreg Miller, Robbie Gwinn, and Jacob Goran clean up very nicely. Pic 6: We wouldn't want anyone to get in without heir I. D. Badge. Pic 7: Angie Holmer and Jessica Phillippe are busting a move.

student life!


Usually when we think about talent we picture someone playing the piano, singi ng in a high school musical, or dancing in a ballet. Right? Actually, talents are much more varie d t han those mentioned above, and we have the pictures to prove it. Our sc hool is full of students an d teachers that seem normal on the outsi de, but can do crazy tricks or have strange hidden ta len ts. You may even have a special talent yo urself. Let us know for next year's Maroon!

HIS PAGE- Pic 1: Genina Myrick show,, flexibility. Pic 2: Mr. Reid does his ' balance the chair on his face" act. Pic p: Ryan Fiedler should join the circus tMth his juggling trick. Pic 4: Allie ~rmstrong can touch her tongue to her ~ose. Pic 5: Martha Funston walking on ~er hands through the hall! Pic 6: Mrs. 15mith looks very goofy with one eye rossed! Pic 7: Cassy Williams has a razy tongue that can fold three times. Pic 8: Is Lizzy Galaras pregnant? No I ~on't think so. Pic 9: Remy Tipei can each all the way around his head! ~er


!student life

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,... • !·.·:






- -~ ~ .

tis a common fact that tudents have a difficult ime sitting in their lassrooms while the eautiful spring air and unshine wait outside to e enjoyed. To take a mall break from our chool work, on Tuesday, ay 16, 2000 students I nd staff gathered outside or an extended lunch eriod during the first I entral Block Party. A ong line soon formed for he food, and the students 'oined their friends for a un time of relaxation in he sun. Many articipated in the various ames including a teacher unk tank , prize drawings, nd throwing pies at r. Freyman. Even eachers could be seen aving a good time, rouped around tables njoying the food.

HIS PAGE- Pic 1: Melissa David and erra Anderson are picture perfect. Pic 2: Where's the food? Pic 3: The popsicle patrol. Pic 4: Krystal Frazier nd Beth Visel say guess who? Pic 5: Next time duck, Mr. Freyman. Pic 6: Block Party curbside cuties. Pic 7: Pat ones, Ryan Segovich, Rachel Machula, nd Emiliy Manganaro smile for the amera. Pic 8: Dan Trupin cools off. Pi : Picnic on Park Street. Pic 10: Justin Bosch, Peter McNabb and Donald Elmore ay cheese.

student lifel


THIS PAGE - Pic 1: Rings and decorated finger nails are definitely tasteful. Pic 2: Katie Schlorff and Ash leigh Kern sport their overalls. Pic 3: Tony Basillios shows his gold Egyptian chain. Pic 4: Yearbook staff members Nick Changnon, Puja Batura, Jeff Harden and Jon Whitmer are lookin' good in polo shirts! Pic 5: "Oooo La La ... " Katie Henry looks slick in a snakeskin tank top . Pic 6: Julie Graves is a cowboy, baby. Pic 7: What are you wearing Deana Weiss??? Pic 8: Jessica Weaver is covers the latest trends in her floral print skirt and bight pink tank top. Pic 9: Sarah Hahn, Jacob Strauss, and Cathy Thomas are fashion to the max with their hot belly button rings!!!

!student life 22

THIS PAGE- Pic 1: Ryan Stewart and Christina Schwalbe wear Jeans and Tshirts- always in style!!! Pic 2: Stylish glasses look cool on Maggie Weber. Picb 3: Central girls show off their trendy sandals. Pic 4: Michelle Angel and Elena Angel have awesome hair!!! Pic 5: Mary Parkhill is wearing a recent fad - Capri pants! Pc 6: Brian Parker is hard at work in his Hawaiin shirt! Pic 7: Nadia Jassim has on an artistic design shirt. Pic 8: Joe Pellum is adjusting his shell and bead necklace, a popular trend for guys.

student li e


Once again, a successful Spring Musical was performed at Champaign Central High School. Man of La Mancha was a complete hit with it's audiences. Man of La IMancha begins with Don Miguel de Cervantes, played by teve Eheart, being thrown in jail by the judges of the Inquisition. His crime .. foreclosing on his majesty's most Catholic church. Along with his sidekick, Sancho, played by Rian Jones and Jacob Strauss, the two are put "on trial" by the prisoners themselves to defend their possessions. Among the possessions is a bundle of manuscripts that seems to be particularly important to Cervantes. In order to save it from the fire, Cervantes must plead his case to the "jury" of prisoners that will decide the fate of his manuscript. To do this, Cervantes transforms himself into Don Quioxte de La Mancha, a knight 300 years too late and begins a whirlwind tale of noble lords, great enchanters, sovereign and highborn ladies and an occasional windmill to battle. While traveling, the dreaded giant Matagoger (a.k.a. the windmill) looms up and threatens battle. Quioxte charges the "giant" and is beaten. In the ~istance, an inn appears which p_uioxte mistakes for a great castle land onward they go. Upon !arriving, the play within the play begins. Aldonza is a prostitute. But Quioxte is taken aback by the radiant vision he perceives of the "Lady Dulcinea" in Aldonza. He sees her as the person she is on he inside. Throughout the musical, he scenes switch back and forth rom the prison scene to the scenes vhere Quioxte and Sancho are ~allivanting around the ountryside. But while Quioxte is pff in pursuit of glory and danger, his family is very worried about ~im.

Meanwhile, back at the ¡nn, Quioxte is fighting muleteers !and Aldonza is beaten, abducted (continued on page 31)

!student life 24

"To dream the impossible dream, to ight the unbeatable, for to bear the unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not 20. "

and raped by the muleteers she just helped defeat. When Aldonza returns, clothes shredded and anger abounding, she sings of Quioxte and the results of his insanity on her and of her pain inflicted by him. She is forthwith interrupted by the entrance of a knight in magnificent armor. He and his fellow knights surround Quioxte and the "Knight of the Mirrors" drowns the illusion of Quioxte in the mirrors and leaves him broken, weeping and alone. The Inquisition returns and the prisoners appear. The jury does not like that ending and he is forced to come up with another ending or h is manuscripts go to the fire. The next scene is back at Quioxte's house, the family around his death bed. Aldonza shows up and the family hastily attempts to remove her but is stopped by Quioxte himself. She stirs the memory and Quioxte rises agai n and prepa res to sally fort h and ri ght all wrongs in the worl d. But un fortu nately, he is just too ill and he collapses and dies. The Inquisition reappears and Cervantes is summoned to death but the lives of all t he prisoners have bee n cha nged forever.

pecial manuscripts from Steve Eheart ic. 5: Abby Burgett feeds her pets. Pic. : John Davis listens attentively to th razy Quioxte. Pic. 7: Quioxte's family i ereaved by his downfall. Pic. 8: Be athews and Travis Stimmel prepare t all their next victim. HIS PAGE - Pic. 1: Steve Eheart is quit mused by his dancing nancies. Pic. 2 acob Strauss helps to revive Don uioxte. Pic. 3: J.T. Whitmer sing aritone to the awestricken crowd. Pic. : The muleteers just can't keep thei ands off of Aldonza. Pic. 5: Who is thi nkempt hobo?! Pic. 6: By the looks o he cast, it's no wonder it was such uccessful show.

student life!


lfhe annual jazz festival at Central's Combes Gym featured guest artist Chris Vadala on various saxaphones. The two day festival consisted of many of the area's local high school jazz bands as well as some middle school ensembles. Mr. Vadala was featur d with Central's jazz Band, as well as Parkland's "In Your Ear Big Band ." Band's such as "Will jam For Food" and Central's Combo ushered ~uests in by playing during the entrance. The concert featured many wonderful bands and great soloists and continued the tradition of great jazz music at CHS.

[fillS PAGE- Pic I :Abby Burgett sings ~cr heart out. Pic 2: Mark Brown jams pn the trombone. Pic 3: Mr. Currey gets ~is groove on with the jazz band. Pic ~ : Central enjoys Chris Vadala and his mooth saxaphone ounds. Pic 5: Katie sholem on the sax. Pic 6: Let the rum pets sound . Pic 7: Applause, applause! Pic 8: Jazzy Jacob Goran plays it loud .

!student life


Prom 2000 could have been a disaster because of a power outage that occ ured just before t he dance began . However, Ce ntral students knew how to make the best of th e situation and with a little help from the fire department, the dance w as "alive and kickin'." Prom 2000's theme was "M ore than Wo rds" and the junior class officers did an excellent job w ith decorations. Prom King was Steve Eheart and the Queen wa s Lindsey Pope. Once agai n, Central students made prom an experience that was definately w orth "more than wo rds ... "

THIS PAGE- Pic l :Tyler Fielding, Jessica Phillippe, Jane Bailey an d Maggie Bruns are all dolled up for the big night. Pic. 2: Maggie Webe r and Lauren Downi ng jam at post prom. Pic 3: Emily Hard is having a dreamy night! Pic 4: Ryan Segovich and Rachel Machula take a breather. Pic 5: Mark Jackson is full of life! Pic 6: Deanna Deschler and date Frank Wetzel smile for a romantic evening. Pic 7: Matt Logsdon, Adam Traeger, Tim Tressler, and Drew McDaniel are the studly men of the evening. Pic 8: Aeva Brown, Brittany Roberts, Aeisha Butler , Devan Mcferren and Ocean Biggers get funky to the music! Pic 9: Sara Lockman and Joe Pellum are excited to be sophomore attendants at prom this year! Pic 10: Lindsey Pope and Steve Eheart make a cute King and Queen.

student life!


Favorite Sa in s- You're done son, Script, Yo mama ... DANG!, Word, Wanna die clown, The less I know the better, Its true, its true, That girl is butter!, Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but yours is wrong, Ahh shookie dookie, Boo!, Peace out, Who farted, !Raw!, Its all gravy, Don't hate, It smells like ... butt, ?????, Bite me, Quit playing, Its all good!



Embarrassing Moments: backing into a senior's new mustang, falling and sliding all the way down the stairs, tripping during marching band halftime show, falling over the chains in front of Central, running into a glass door, getting caught talking to myself in the bathroom, getting pants pulled down in class, falling in the mud, crushing a chair two times, crashing my car into the Arby's sign, slipping on ice in front of all the seniors freshman year, getting pulled over in front of the school, tripping up the stairs, the wrong house



FAVORITE HANGOUTS Mittendorf field, Custard Cup, Hessel Park, the porch, Fox Ridge, Allerton, the hill, campus, Steak n' Shake, TGI Fridays, Adam's house, Mattis Park, Bigfoot, Maryanne's, Garcia's, The Box, Espresso, Glo's house, Hooters , bed, Chili's, Tyler F's house, the mall, Savoy 16, Niro Gyro's, the basement, the tempo, the jeep, skateland, Lake of the Woods, Mitch's house, church, library, Zack's garage, Wheaton Street, the apartment, Meijer, Illini Union, Neil St.

seniors I


Top Ten Favorite Teachers



1. Mr. Quinlan

6. Mrs. Hobbs

2. Mr. Pellum

7. Mr. Bauers

3. Mr. Staab

8. Ms. Hardig

4. Mrs. Patroulis

9. Mrs. Johnson

5. Mr. Davis

10. Mr. Czerniawski


Cutest Couple

Most School Spirited

Rob Gwinn and Liz Washburn

David Ruggeri and Katie Schlorff

Most Athletic

Best Dancer

Pat Phillips and Sara Arnold

Ross McAuley and Brittany Roberts seniors ! 49

Best Smile

Jane Bailie and Ryan Fiedler

Brains & Beauty John Martinie and Jessica Phillippe

Best Eyes Matt Logsdon and Jessyca Revilla



Worst Driver

Mama's Choice

Matt Penwell and Abby Burgett

Troy Michaels and Erica Peters

Stricken with Senioritis

Next Bill Gates

Ryan Derry and Tyler Fielding

Kyle Funk and Theresa Lawrence seniors !


Craziest in the Class Noah Morgan and Katie Smith Biggest Flirt Angie Holmer and Mark Jackson Headed for Hollywood Jacob Strauss and Emily Hard 52


Senior Officers

seniors I




seniors I


Class of '01! seniors





I, MB, will to JB and JP good times and hot boys! pictures of cops. TF a run down the hill. LL a ride in the wagon. AC, EPS, LH, MD, all ya'll dance parties at the ridge. TLob, NM, TH, SH, all my love. I love you guys! I, FES, will to Nuzzo- an unending box of kleenex, IMC-many stair hugs; JED- creepy old men, FFSB apparel, cafeteria lunches, 5:30 wake upalls; NRS- many rides in my car; JC-all my future plans and my life; RAm- true love and happiness; DFCK.I. and thanks for two years. I, MW. will to SL, a new POS , lunches, crush , a homecoming picture, great times , BFF. To MH , 3 mile runs , to EK, Mr. Stabb, good workouts. To Alchy , nights by the fire , toLD , KS , MH , SL, bags of fertilizer. To MH, SL, LD , KS , AH , EK! I love you guys! I, Amanda Cornett, will to AK: a lifetime friendship and memories forever , KP: birthday parties , long talks , and jokes for a lifetime, to my guys: a midn ight flash , LM&LM : red stoplights , summer nights , Damon's waiters , AA , my sophomore buddy: my parking space , NS: a dance, JB: talks in German, AP: long talks, lots of laughs, future experiences , JoeT: a loud button; RO : a box of kleenex, bathroom floors , an endless night, to my sisters: Have fun in high school! C/0 of '01- Good Luck!! I, Jane, will toMB & JP never forget our hot boys in saugatuck. MD, LH , TF, EPS ,LL, JP,MB, AC; parties at Fox Ridge. AT astrofest, remember Butch. MB, I think I won our contests at football games. HAHA! To all my gals , hope you had a fun year. I, ALJ, will to 1302 and J AC chocolate milk and a pair of freaking big sun glasses. To Dan: butt slaps forever; to Joe all the hi's and hugs, To Jessica, all my guy problems. Rachel and Emily: better driving skills; Jack: lots of smiles. Love ya'll. I, EN, will to RM Billy the Big Mouth Bass and nintendo; JD pajamas; LC a tree , seven; KW gas money; NS locker 1302; TK Boy's 2 men CD; EC an alarm clock; FS tissues; EW mountain drop jr's cape; All my friends my eternal friendship and love! I, WM, WBB1 : astronomical library fines , smegboy: bowling skills and better luck with girls, fly: a trip to outerspace with the savage people, AE: better driving skills and sain guys, Matteo: no more tickets and new tires. NK and OT: Best of Luck in the college pools . Teachers : settle down, Yearbook: antidisentstablishmentarianism. I, LD, will to EK-Stabb and friendship forever, SL- a smile & a good man, AH- an ear whenever you need it; MW-SB forever; KS-Bug-e-ugge;MH-PH forever; KS-Bobby Feller; JS-I love you more; MW-salad; JP- I love you babe! SH- I wish you went to Central ; EG-bedtime; RF-a special place in my hear forever; '02,'03 and '04 good luck! I, Suhail Alhreish give Nick my dope Arabic beats. Patrick Jones: My big screen TV and my stereo. Tony B: it's your lucky day. You get my Ethnic ~rew Shirt. I finally give math books to Rob Gwinn. I, JP, will MB-yo mama .. dang! speech lessons, bead party.JB:an out-all-nighter , M+J-Good times,hot boys , sauga truck,LD: paper cut , rubber chickens, duct tape, TF : D-day, AH- Jello, wedding night, woo woo! M,J,&T- late night runs down the hill . I, Abbs , will to Princess neverending laughter, white Heath , Chris, years of best friendship. Greg: my memories & love forever. Tipanga:better walking skills. Whitdog-koolaid and dance parties. Herp, tornadoes & potatoes. Jillo & Mac, Indian Princesses. Fatty J, undying love. Everybody, horns to honk, my driving skills , good times, happiness. I, LT, will toJV France and a wooden duck, KF Hello Kitty, Lord Thulitor: all my assets; NB a middle name (preferrable rubber) , IC and RS : a dog with a top hatand bow tie. I, SBA , will to ERP hours of fun decoding these messages; J AS, pregame handshakes; LAW, liberation from XC and C-dog forever; EM, MSWM, Pica, and 2 more great years of soccer; CA-4 lunch at GLO's and my deep gratitude for your friendship. I, ERP, will to : all the guys: football games and our tape, Whit: grilled cheese w/mustard, Nad: PSU & slam! ; Lizza: pinkspeckled glasses, Rosie: Biggs & all the mowing, CA4: a lawn roller & Physics Review 2000, Elise: fast drippin' ice cream, LAW: Mr.P/Mash & a "craving for bananas!", JU: potatomice & Rails 'n' Trails, SBA : my klutziness & Lady Diana's, FCA/Rock Group: Philemon 1:6, gsoccer: shaved heads! editors: skin-so-soft. I, RJ, will leave the school heading down the right path. I will always love JD, BA, TT, JJ, especially CW & all my other peeps . I, Junkboy, will to Ian, the Welsh Corgi, Kali I leave a place in my heart. JesJes gets my pants. Andrea takes my confidence in her driving. Paul gets my vacant look. Emily my joy of conversation. Amanda, my knowledge of wrestling. Sweet Dreams for all. I, Jennapher Greene, want to give a shout out to Janean Smith, Atha Winston , Nigeria Hammed, Roby Dorris, Sweet Booty, Emmit, Robin, Koolaide, Shamika, Sarrindia, Meosha, Dawn kitchen soap , and everyone else, I love ya'll. Good Luck! I, DM, will to all my friends. To Sarrindia, my girl stay sweet and stay cool. My sister Scooter stay in school & take care of Khristi when she gets here. To my guys ya'll stay cool and keep in touch. Now I leave everything I ever had in high school to you ('02, '03,'04.) Love Ya'll . I, MSM, will MM power over Gastro- whatever disorder; Weez, a ford truck. JanNA beverage; Michael a gaggle of freshmen; Gomer no more black eyes and a license; SC and JH confidence and modivation; B a baseball hat to ward off corn bearers. '01 To my sister Omeka Brown, I leave you the responsibility of taking my place as the class clown and Biggest Flirt. To all of my teachers, deans, and counselors. Thank you for tollerating me. To all the haters, you made me who I am today - a better person. I, Joyce, will to TL uni plays , plenty of chocolate, and a visitor from Japan, DD midnight runs to cemeteries??? Jimmy, and Eeyore for company; MN strong bridges and clean Italian air; TL, DD , MN, EP, JB, JS, SC, LC, ST love and good luck always; Love to Jason! I, MDS, will to J AS all the state parks, andAiaska.JSW sports video games, which I won, and snickers, MAD an illustrious modeling career,TDM future superbowls and final fours,everyone else football and basketball MJS some goalie skills and a dog.

seniors !


I, CJT, will Jules-a home with me always; Britty-a nice catholic boy; Ash-a blue Taurus; Mags-company at a parking lot in Bloominton; DM-frosting and my continued love and friendship; Jacob-buckets and rocks to run around on; Christmas girls-many more Christmases together, & I love you! JG & KS-Doble-Ve! I, Theresa, will to Alison : eternal puppies and veggietales; Joyce: Uni plays and stable chairs; Dasha and Jaime: temperamental, sexy cars; Mary: world renoun for your beautiful voice. To all my friends, far and near, all my love and futures filled with love, laughter, and joy. I'll never forget you! I, NY, will toNK, DT, and MP: Sophomore lunches and a new car for MP; to HC: lots of flirting- you will be my T girl forever. I, Ashley Einck, will to Alan my driving skills; Kali -l unch; Sissy-secrets and sisterly love; Leah-luck with boys and long talks on the bus; my girls and guys-friendship forever and memories and good times; Meli-dancing; Cheerleaders-luck next year. I, LM , will to EW whiter's, Greek Mythology, BARK!! JG-stay SYNDIV; JS-pseudostratifiedcotomnarciliated ... PIT SINGERS! MS-One night ... stay real my babycakes. DW-an NYC hotel room , dead frogs. JH-African dancing; AB-My bra; RB-ISU boys, a security guard; LW-freshmen days; NB-Beautiful days; TB-see you in my dreams. I love y'all , it's been real. I, EILYK, will to NAGEM my friendship 4-ever. Have fun , I love you. To AC a red shirt, a good guy, and a stick-shift. To my FB guyz, you're RAW, play it up!! To Kern a jaccuzzi , long talks, and a ride anytime. I love you all. I, AH , will to WP the love, friendship we've shared in the last 18, a thornless butt, I love you; MH-car alarm , rug; KSheelstretch, a hard laugh; LD-Iasting friendship , smaller chest, closer college, gas money; MW-synchronized swimming , poky sticks; Mitch-good decisions, a wild ride, love you; Joey-you're my baby; JP-wedding night, 40's. To all-love, luck. I, Noah , will to Nick and Dan no lazy eyed girls in spooner. To Mike-more crazy all -nighters. To Tyler L.-a girlfriend you don't fight with . To Ross-mad beats. To Tyler F., Jason, and Jane-New Years 2000. To the rest of my friends -a crazy summer with no police!! I, M.M.D. , will to Molly-Michael Hall , Johnny Depp, and "mysterious explosions nobody knows what it causing them , but it';s upsetting the buffalo." To Leah , Lindsey , Jane, and Kent-a mustache lady. To Leslie-many concerts at Carnegie Hall and a new Bosendorfer piano. Goodbye Central! I, Laura, will Stepha theme song, Rachei -P.E. , Erin and Kim-a fireman, Jac-p.j.'s , Erica-a pass to jail, Shaneka-a dance tape , Lis-my car, Molly-stress relief candles , SWC and JERKALENSEN love forever, PG crew-a 50/o discount, all those friends not mentioned-good times. I, Lindsey, will to RB years fo friendship. Thanks for always being there for me. TRG, I wish you were here with me! It's not the same without you! AN , good luck with being a "household" name. To the '01 girls-it's been so much fun! I, MD , will toLL more tent nights , run-ins with cops. TF, bathrooms behind Schlotzsky's, thumbs. MB, tower bathrooms. JH , falling off boards, first experiences. KM, summer '00, pimp 105. EPS and LH, crazy tent nights. JB, dance parties. JW & MM, Tolono guys. AQ, no more TPT. KW, Florida trips. Jackson, the school, senior power. I, EW, leave to AE and ST-a pair of CC's and a spoon; to EN-the dropmobile; to LM-the greatest doubles partner ever , Whiteer's; to KW, EC, DT-suckers! To NS-the tape; toLD- TP and silly string and a fuzzy green crayon; to PJ -golf clubs. I, Jenavieve (LKD), will to Marla all the Jimmy John's in the world! Eldred don't pimp too hard (JG, DM, L, JB) JEM's. FBI's have fun and I luv you. Quinton, Gertrude memories. Ryan B., don't drive like Scott. Marla & Jasper, Jenavieve & Milo, Eldred & Constable. I'll Hollo!! #12 . I, JB , will to my family and friends, especially LS, LS, AG, NP, AS , AND TS. To my lunch crew JJ, TL, JH, MN, DA. Thanks for making my high school years as pleasant as possible. Love ya all. I, Thomson, will my freshman Shawn my rights to the hill. Tina, don't take anything from anybody. David Miller, you'll be a senior, take over the place of Big Swoll. 'Licia, Kandice, Kris, Crystal, Michelle, and everyone. We're finally done! I, Krico , will my brothers to take over for me. To Licia I will the right to party. To Blondie the will to be dumb. To Thomson the will to go to the park. ToMB, EJ, KB, and KW the right to be crazy, and to the rest-love ya! I, TF, will BBB-speech, driving lessons , JP, volume control; JB-slow motion (4), Cenn hill dancing, late nights; LL-titanic party partners; NM-New Year's '00; AC-guy talks , German trip; MD-undies; JH-Gatorade; ME-4 years I'll never forget; and everyone else, good luck and great memories. I, KMS , will ME/TF/EPS/JG/LT $250, let's hide in the closet; JP-flashing lights; LD-paper cut; ME- STT, brainwaves , rainbowsticker getaway, huckaboka; RB-trunck ride; '01 girls porites in the closet; JS-hall dances; Jivers-astrofest, watch out for the powder; TL-all my love, see you in 10 years. I, DS , will to MS-Homecoming 2000, happy and sad tears forever, BFF; JH-ceremics, archieves; UFL-happiness and laughter forever; ST-Friday night stalking, Senior Guys Club, "Detour," Homecoming car painting, and driver's licence; JS-all the eeyors in the world, eternal happiness, and never ending nightly conversations. I, Mary Nichols , will to Joyce Herrstrom an eternity of cuteness and an inch of height. To Theresa Lawrence, many happy hours of reading great literature! To Bob Schnitzlein, a light that will shine in your darkest hours, and a friend who'll never abandon you. To all teachers, heartfelt gratitude. I, EPS, will to LH : good ideas and crazy times; LL, MD, KM, LH: morp night; JB: "gimmie that"; MB: Harvey; MS, JH, LH: Raincheck; MB , LH : a new log cabin; KS : closet gatherings; ME: fp for life; MB , JB, JP, LH , TF, MD: Dance Parties! I, S.A.F. , will to BM: audio equipment skills; to DF: comprehension of the universe; AD : ability to remain calm; AE : the pink flamingo; DR: a really sharp cymbal. I, J.D., will to Rachel: a bowl of Easy Mac; Emily: a front tire; Nicole: an endless collection of U2; Faith: a First Federal hottie; AI : a 1960 Bronco; Pat: an evening in the Moo Bus; Todd: unlimited cleavage diving. Go, puke green, Go!! I, Ruggeri , will to Schlorff: one week off; to Kojack and DrewMac: a ride to the Hall; to my carpool guys: FEES; to Bilal: best wishes for Alexa; to all girls: directions to my apartment; to everyone: an apology for any of my wrongs; y mucho amor para todos!



I, Leslianne, will Ames: the wisdom to live for today, with regard for tomorrow; Morgie: duets at Carnegie; Steffie: a beautiful friend; My Iii' Luckie: Chinese nutcracker dancing; Sissy: the power of piccolo! Frank: lots of Officespace, my heart, and a lot of ... ; JBG: CC power! I, MAP, will toNK, DT, NY, and BM: more lunch rides in the Mazda; JP, DM, JW: control over underclassmen on swimteam; Stef: more great times! AE: good Ellis audits at the pool. Good luck Seniors! I, TJT, will to RJD, aka the white shaft, a pimped out caddy and some ladies to go with it. ToP DIDDY for always trying to keep up with me (you know what I mean). To everyone in the class of '01 who knows how to kick it: a nonstop place to party over the summer. I, Butler, will to TB four good years at CHS. To my love, DLC, my everlasting love. To KB, KC, KH, RB, SM, DM, ST, SM, & EPreal men! BA, CA, ID, JD, MG, JJ, LH, DJ, TM, Dook, TT- stay up! I'm out this piece, '01! I, Kyla, will to my girls my love and respect. You have always been there and you know I got yo back! To my brothers, the volvo sittin' on dubs, and I love all of y'all. To my family, thanks for everything. To those before me, thanks for the path! God bless and good luck in everything! I, KW, will to MD a good boyfriend; to QMF: 30 on me and many more guys and summer nights; to JW: a never ending friendship; and to "J": my window for those late nights, and a great Senior year; and AP : that friendship 'till we're 40. I, Rachel Blockman, will KS and ME: we are the #1 good girls now and forever; LT: can't live without you sexy mama; AC, LT, KS, ME, LH, EPS, SA JB, TF, MB: I will miss you!! EPS, LH, CB, MW: thanks for pushing Mighty Whitey. I, Antonella, will to TF, AP, RB, LT, ME, MB, JB, JP, MD, LL, EPS, JG: 4 years of great memories and luck for the future. Tyler F: palmtrees, delays, and "Big Bad Lies." MagE: 12 years of friendship. OA : my love and friendship forvever, my brolifetime of laughter. I, Michelle, will to AQ (QMF) MGD, the "thug bug" and "splackavellie"; JLW, both of my sisters rooms, CB, and admittance to 105; Loco, "if your girl only knew"; KWSMAQ, a wet t-shirt;memories in my backyard forever; BR, a friend forever! I, NH , will to Ursulla: half of my supreme power, Dan: Gregg, Kevin: Punk, Don: Hydee, Frank: my trainable brain, (Leslie, Morgan, Jackie, Emily, Rachel, Stefanie, Amy, Erin: my body), (Ross, Ben, Alex): Future Musick, Penwell: my land, PJ: library, Suhail: MUSLIMGAUZE, and others, especially Mom and Ursulla: whatever love I have. I, Jules , will to Britty, a ride to peppettes & speedoes; Cathy: a cat named Butt& snow angles; Jacob, socks & Christmas C.D .; Ashleigh: Bomb pops & Spring Break; Katie: Doble-ve!; Sara, Narshky & Nadia James, a pair of poo shoes: Noah, our one night we need.'01 I, CJK, will to WBBZ, my style and gems; WFM, a screen door; Dan and Nat, plenty of fun with Tony; ECH, JS, AB, MW, and RS, many shows; AE luck in life; NY lotsa girls; KMcD, fun in choir; all friends, luck always; junior friends, fun next year; and to everyone, music for life. I, Michelle Brown, leave all my things to those who put up with all my crap for four years. I would just like to say thank you and congratulations to me. I, NatSwims , will to Trupin: Osco,soggy butts, ride the boogie, droopy eyes, cooking in my swimsuit, "TONY:, sprinkle me, fast swimming, 4 banger poopbox, yo' face face, I'll love ya' foeva' bruh, you is my bestest friendly friend! Caleb: ODB songs, I love ya bruh! Lockman: HAPPY HALFWAY! Penwell: tow trucks! PEACE OUT CLASS OF '01. I, Nadia, will to EP- P.S.U, to Jill- weirdyism, to Reema-stalkers from U of I, Abby- crazy campus runs, Whitdawg- great times at the Windsor, Roomie- a new binkie & lots of leg deodrant, soccer team- Olympics, Kyle- good movies, to everyone- Jer.29:1113. I, Kay, will my sis the best of luck, don't let anybody put you down. Pudge- our car dance, Wally- my Jesus, Ian-my children, Becky and Ann- our deep conversations, TT- our wild weekends, to everybody who was there for me, thanks and best of luck. Love ya! I, Rasheid Reed , would like to say thank you to all the haters that said I wouldn't make it. Shout outs to Sneaky, KK, CC, corn bread man man. Thanks to Mrs. Catchings, Sparks, Smith, Patroulis, Kate, Gladney, Dagohovie, Kintsel, Drake, Freyman. I, SL, will to MW many more lunches, a great husband, and the basketball bench, LD, more summer nights, another spring break, more missions. EK, a horse, d"'m it with the dogs, KS, MH, LD, AH, EK, MW, bandit trips and many more memories, I love you girls. ZB, one true love and many kids. SENIORS- good luck in the future. I, AP, will to KK, more basketball games with more trouble, a new Dr. Dolittle cd, and a friendship until age 40, to AQ, a new stick, to AC, more good talks, PE memories, nights like prom. I love you all! I, Shaneka, (AKA Shaneke" Shanecka" "pepper" "bill" "Senia" and "Veronica", goodbye to all my friends, you know who you are. Keep the faith and you can do anything. To all you cute guys out there, HEY! I, LL , will to T-dog kickin' it house parties and soundtracks, Lil' Mags-GG 4-eva (strait balls) Hanwey-date nights! L-traincrazyness. EPS-wrath, Loco-MORP, Tonel- mobsta life, LD< KS, JP- the 4th. ME, JH, Ladies- soup days, tent nights, tetris and cops. All my guys- my love! I, Grace, will Andi millions of drives together in your car, SLOW DOWN, my hair, and my shoulder whenever you need it. Both Leah's, crazy times, Rick, wishes off the top of your head. "PU", rest, I'm your last! Z, hugs, and nickels. Everyone, laughter, tears, love, crazy times, friendship. I, Geekbert, will my boy Jacob my wrestling stuff and also I leaveyou my aspirations for life. Almighty Todd, you receive all the swilliness you can take. P.P. I leave you all the memories we share and my car. Adam, cave man(sorry) and Chris, you are my guys! PEACE! , I, Rachel , will to Jackie a dainatsu, to Nicole: Phil Collins, to Emily: the love of french, Todd: my all-4-one CD and a forever thanks, and to Lucas: Bill , Auggie, my left cheek, and a lifetime of catty laughs. To all my friends: I love you guys! I, BS, leave everything to whoever is fastest getting to it. Catch it as fast as you can. I, Jon D. would like to thank God and my family for all their support. Shout out to: Lil Rian, Bilal, Jerad, and Iii sis Ashley.

seniors I


I, Stefanie, give love to Jessica, Sara, and Lucas; shirts off to Deana; Fun times to Jackie, Nicole, and Lindsey D; My beautiful babies to Erin; My beatiful friend to Leslie; Red heads are weird, Amber; Corruption to Jill; Great parties for Dan; Crazy laughs to Matt; Chicken to Amy. I, DLW, will LM a VCR that works, chips, salsa, tropical drinks; AQ, kinkyness; KD , modeling career for J Crew; DP, real men. Ginka, the good memories we once had; AZ, demo car, $300; SE, Jason's car & back door; NF & LG, countless nights spent at the G-Spot, Joe's and Fingerhut; SENIORS , SUCCESSFULLNESS! I, JM, hope for my little sister to come to Central and continue to do good in school, and my lifelong boy RS to complete college and get married to RB; And my boy JH, get a girlfriend for once and maybe even get his first kiss; And to JS to get his head on and become someth ing in his life. And for the class of '01 , stay up. I, Jessica, will to MM a decent Tolono guy, TARF, & a red truck; to AQ, a summer like '98 and more nights sneaking out; to KW. a big rock and a new car; to MD , Bace, Razora, and a radio station; to SM, a good St. Joe party; to all seniors , good luck! I, Whitdawg, will AH - place of honor, friendship always , creek adventures. LW- WL , cuteness, hair control. NB- coffee, WL, STD's, RB-shopping trips & hotties. EP- happines & all my love. AB- driving lessons. JM- golf ing. JH- Lance and Red L. Fam- my thanks and love. NUTs- immunity from J , FACC membership, campus runs & friendship forever! I, TK, will agent 007 Allen Einck the Restaurant. To David Joy, I will my mack ability and fly style. 2728 , I will miss you. To Lukey I will instant seniorhood . To Poetzel, Kintsel , Henigman , Bauers , Quinlan , Mrs. Staab, and Sitch- I will the patience you all had with me. I, JAS, will MDS a puppy and a lifetime supply of candy, gum, money, and me; CA4ever to SBA - Waaah , kill! and respect, BUDAI , physics projects , silent witnesses , ERP- I- Manor, trails and rails; to the guys- football , basketball , and soccer games; to CRP- carebear; ERM- crazy blue soap; LCW-more pregnantlad ies asking for two pieces of chiken; and girls soccer- good luck. I, Jonathan Scott Whitmer (MC J igga Jonny Q) , will to DJ Jr Jebus many phat beats and breakfast without Brad; Scheitdaddy- old school driveway basketball games; Sissy- a non-retarded Grandpa; Andy- more time to eat; my little bro- good times on the pot , all your girls , your own room; Mike D- many trips to Indy; Peace Out I, Ian, will to Joe a trip to the Border; Leann- a survival story better than Ryan's; Ryan- all the sticks in the world; Emily, Rachel , Jackie, Nicole, Faith- the knowledge that you're all sponge-worthy; and to Mike, Jacob, Paul , and Will- a good oldfashioned monkey knife fight. I, Heather, will to Lindsey, love forever, all those late nights at Garcias. We be kickin it. Remeber Nasears, staty with Scott! Big pimp dog. Our friendship is forever. To Katie, kickin it at your house. Remeber the name Lee. Friends forever. BIG PIMPIN '01! Love you all. I, JH, will to MP a new doubles partner who can take the abuse. NB- a new knee. AB- driving lessons. LM- "dancing pictures." RB and WP- a personal N'Sync concert. LW- nerds for a nerd. O'Stanky and NT- a fun tennis team. HG- advice about life. MB, JH , KP- friendship forever. I, TS , hereby bequeath a FUBAR RPG to RE and a coin shot to J (aka cb). I, Brittany, will to JG pre-pepettes relief. To CT, a porch. To PP, maybe 3 times , but never in my heart. KS & ER, Onahi '99! RF & AH , a trip to the Quad. JH, CC, & JH ... GANGSTAS! KC, PB, JM, TM , QI ... keep twerkin'. '01... one love. I, Jared Robert Shelby (DJ JR Jebus), will to MC Jigga some phat rhymes and RollerCoaster Tycoon; to Jason, a house in town; to Andy no more trouble with the law; to the other guys, poker luck; and to Julie Erica, and Lisa , more time to finish tests. Chris , have some fun! I, Hemily, will to MD, JB, first times; to Tyler and Rachel , more shaving cream fights, less concussions; RB , nights at Nate's house; JW, save your breath for your inflatable date; DM, CH , for leaving me with the worst case of senioritis; JC, my heart. "Pimp Wagon 4ever" I, TSH, first of all want to say to my Iii sis Iris, girl , get your butt through school and don't be worrying about these chicken heads, cause all they do is hate. But I love you always. And speaking of haters, continue to hate me cause you still ain't me. And to all of my girls- we made it, and we gonna continue to kick it. High school is already over. Now we all have a new chapter in life to start. To the divers Mary and Tyler: we've had our laughs and fun times together, love ya girlz. Good luck to '01 girls and guys. I, Janean Smith, would like to wish everyone best of luck. There are some people that have not had friends like I have now. My best friends are: Jennapher Green, Nigeria Hammad, and Atha Winston. Those 3 people have done more for me than most. God Bless you ALL. Love you . I, Nicole, will Ms. Martinez morning coffee and a cast; to Dan T- a never ending kiss; to Jackie- hot Chilis waiters , roadtrips , free frosty's, RF's body, endless walks; to Emily- good drving skills and Joel; to Rachel- never ending peace, 1302, all my love, Mitch; Emily Hard- a recycling bin. I, Melanie, leave to Michael my intellect and infinite wisdom, and to Adrian I leave my mad kung-fu skills. ;) I, Kim , will to Erin C a Texas fireman and ASP memories; to Erica W, the loss of our moms' glasses; to Emily N, a fight anytime. To all of my amazing friends, I will eternal memories of the good times, I love you! WL 4ever! Good luck 2001! I, DT, will to Ma Bicheface trips to Osco, soggy butts, rides on the boogie, sizyrup, post-it notes, cooking in swim suits , applesause, and sprinkle me! Nick- Rose and James love me. Joi Boi- you make me wanna go to school! We love you, Tony! I, SS, will CL my frienship forever , 12 years already. To B, my mad skillz, j/k, our friendship. To all underclassmen, stop fightin', don't hate. To freshman, sophs, and juniors- have fun, we're out. To my seniors , it's party time!!! I, Katie Schlorff, will MH- Many more endless drives to nowhere and more great memories living together (hopefully)!! Thanks for everything. AH- a working car radio and sleep-deprived laughs. LD- the best stretching sessions ever- thanks. EK- good boys from here on out- we earned it. MW- 10 more years of memories and lessons. SL- more dance nights filled with laughter. TLsuccess in the future- thanks for the dance. Ruggeri- many more letters from Washington ... The SB's- more brown bags!! I love you guys!




I , RJ, will to J C all my love; LC a chance to get ahead of everyth ing, love ya darlin; To f r eshman , a chance. Don't screw up. To Matt, karaoke , bowl ing , and Freud ian talks. To SE , a good boyfriend , and a calmness that can overcome. Seniors- a good lifel I, KLA , will to Kye Breen the conf idence t o take your act ing further. Michelle Bunce- you're a senior , but I want to will you all the eyel iner you can handle. Lizzy Parr- you're a senior too , but oh-well , good luck with Chucky. Josh Thomas- no will, j ust th is -Super Seniors! I, CR, will to TM a life of fun and happines (tall ies and IOU's); to the alpha bravos of 211 - lots of table dances; to CH- a bunch of slugs; to NF- fun with John-John; JR- a lifetime of fr iendship , and to BJ and 55- the best memories . I, KRM , will to Jenavieve: DB's, lunches in the pimpstang, "good t imes," Big Daddy. Zip- having fun , staying out of trouble , being your own person, I love you . Marla- Dana's pool , a new Job. JB- Nelly #16 . Mars- dead rabb its , pimp 105. ARS- Barb & Trish , Gold Honda, lots of guys. I, Princess , will to oobie good times in the red zone, a trip to wh ite heath , and another 6 years of wonderful fr iendship. McDaddy- Gordon's legs. Whitdog- a few burps and a later curfew. Herp- some hot coffee and some brownies. Jello- a date with Lance and some chestnuts. Irv- a neverending supply of nerds. I, Mika, will to my babymama , thanx a bunch for being there. To Devy- please try to forgive and forget! Much love to all the seniors that made it through high school! To all you haters ... well you feel in the blank! Much love to all graduating seniors '01! Love ya! I, Robert J. Mattingly (BJ), will to Rachel a night at Walgreens; to Caleb , a life and a bunch of inside jokes (WBB1); to Amariah , a few rides to lunch next year; to Kali , a great fr iendsh ip through high school and on; to anyone I forgot , I love you and I'm sorry. I love you all!! I, EH, will to Maggie, noodles on the beach and great nights at the Dayz Inn! To Caleb , unl imited access to structure. To Jacob , getting-to-know-you games. To Britt, mornings watching Crocodile Hunter. To Mel i, lots of laughs. To Ryan , f ire hydrants and ice cream. I, Jacob, will to Jul ie a sock , pink tacos , and a duck job; Cathy- a porch wherever you go and the perfect guy (me); Laurenpretzels , "talk," and the most love; Sarah- buckets and Diana Burch's pins; Abby- rollerblades and a perfect driving record; Maggie- mill ions of Hello tags; and Katie- the original "egg." I, MW, will the follow ing: Jess- much late-night kickin' it; Em- many noodles; Lauren- lifetime supply of Bomba; Jacob- a date to every dance; Cathy- the perfect man; Ashleigh - the bakery; Pat- someone who thinks like you; finally , Julie and Britty- may you porch-it to the end. I, Kandice, will to Wally my watermelon thongs; AD - the r ight to live; PB- the right to be perverted; Riff- my fr iendsh ip for life; Thompson- the r ight to not b*t** for one day; and for everyone else, good luck in the future for the class of 2001! Juniors- may the power of senior ity you will inherit be used only for good-- to bring peace and balance to the universe, end world hunger, and whatever else I haven't gotten around to. To the men's cross country- keep thirsty smashin' cars. Robinbehave; Sara and Jesse- love ya. I, AK, will : AC lots of fun in the sun; JG, CT, & BR- many more nights of "porchin' it"; JR & MW- thanks for thirteen years of memories; JH- thanks for being a true friend to the end; KP- rides anytime; (KB- I still love ya); Last but not least ML, all my love and friendship forever! I, Liz Washburn, will to Oobie- broadway, driving lessons and Toronto; to Herpe- my blanket , coffee, STD's and a good room ie; to Whitdog- Windsor love, good insults, and burps. to Reemy- fabulous adventures; to Duncan- world studies , farmers driveways , rain , Chinese food , and love always. To NUTS- a fun car ride, awesome memories, good luck and god bless. I, Lisa Wilhelm , will to CA4-Iawn rollers , CA4 movies , the top 10, and my fr iendship forever; ERP- a date with Michael Vartan , MASH , HC; SBAERP SAP parties; J AS - fru it smoothies and some good rap music; SBA - xc runs and soccer defensive skills; Jon W- an extra pair of shorts; LCW- soccer r ides & my friendship; to all the guys- football and soccer games; EMTKCPPS- r ides to lunch I, Mistletoe, will to everyone I care about , good luck and lots of love. To little fish- you're the little sister I never had , keep your great sense of humor and you'll go far. To Ana E, stay sweet. To all of Central , friendship and good luck in life. I, Sarah, will to Laurie all our t imes anda goat; Rachel , my dorkiness and only child status; Hugh , my everlasting affection; Adriah , a Vivaldi concerto and Kung-Fu lessons; Ryan & Kenny , dancing lessons, camp kids your pilot is speaking; Charity, love ya Hun; Ray , my love & poetry always. I, Mary, will to Katie Schlorff a never ending supply of CD's, a ring to match her necklace and Mr. Quinlan or some other man over 30. To Molly, more 3 mile runs. To Erin, Mr. Staab. To Angie, busting your sh*t at TH's house. To Lauren , your Christmas fun with RH in 99. To the SB's, never getting caught. I, 'Licia, will to all my friends, my love and respect. Hope you all succeed in everything you do. Krico, Kandy , and Thompson, you'll always be the world to me. To all those I know and love, live life to the fullest. I, Elizabeth, would like to give a shout out to all of the people who have known me through all the stupid days in high school. Everyone of you will always be in my heart. Good luck in the future. Seniors '01. We are the better class. I, Stephanie, will to Erica a travel Mancala set , soup at 3am , and a Walgreens . To Laura , tp every year on you b-day. To Amanda- a green sweater & an 8 dollar dress. To the members of WJFF, many more gigs. To Daniel , 2 more great years. To all my friends , happiness forever. I, SH, will to all my '02 babies the power to get away with whatever you want senior year! To MM, thanks for all the wonderful memories. My advice to everyone: grow up, treat people the way they deserve to be treated , and never live with regrets. Good bye Central! I, JR, will MW late night swims at random pools; AK, a place to party; CT, nights porchin' it; JG, sweet dreams; NM , night of uncontrollabe laughter; LS and JS butthoes 4-ever , qo.d evert. I couldn't fit (you know who you are) my love and friendship. Forever 2001!!! UNTRAl HIGH SCHOO LIBRARY 610 W UNIVERSITY AVE. CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS 61 820 seniors !



62 I


I 63

· uniors album


juniors albu 65

Class Officers President: Mary Parkhill Vice-President: joe Pellum Secretary: Jamie Sholem Treasurer: Puja Batura

Homecoming Attendants Anna Rost & Scott Morgan !juniors album


Maher Abdeljawad Anna Albright Michel Amacher Ryan Anderson Michael Aquino Allie Armstrong Sinclair Bailey Benjamin Baker Dalana Baker Lotan Band Michael Bantz Puja Batura James Baum Mark Baumann Anthony Beasley Shawntese Bennett Jeffrey Benoit Jonathon Bialeschki

Chad Bickers Darrell Biggers Ashley Bishop

Austyn Bishop Jane Blaase Melissa Bochte

Karen Bohlmann Samuel Bramfeld Kye Breen April Britt Jennifer Britt Lakeith Brooks Delisha Brown Emmanuel Brown James Brown Mark Brown Megan Brown T ayanna Brown Dustin Brownfield Dodd Browning Shamara Brundidge juniors album

Eric Burge Christian Burmeister John Campbell Lisa Campbell Michael Campbell

Rachel Carlton Ryan Carmichael Amy Carson Nicholas Changnon Kim Chou

Susan Chisholm Sara Christie Ashley Claiborne Justin Clark Tyler Claxton

Philip Cohen Bonnie Collins Jodi Cornett Mike Cory Jennifer Cox

Miranda Dalton Angelee Dauenbaugh Chase Daugherty Ashley Davis Kristina Davis

Ricky Davis Steven Davis

Travis Davison Caitlin Deal

Britt Decker Brian Deters juniors album

Dasha Dikanov Johnathan Dillar d Wh itney Dixon Paul Dixon Ken Duong Adam Dye Amanda Edwards Michael Egner Sean Ellis Laura Engelhardt Jennifer Feickert Maria Fernandez Carmelite Fitzgerald Emily Fletcher Matthew Fonner Allison Ford Megan Fredericks Christopher Gallego

When I was little

I thought that ...

Thomas Gardner William Godina Christina Goglia

"Carrots were babies." -Ka tie Hopkins"Girls had cooties." -Will Godina"Jon Whitmer was a rope." -Ty ler Hagle"Babies came out of the belly button ." -Eva Kra us"Sesame Street was an actual p lace." -Lindsay McCray-


Andrew Gordon Chris Gratkins Holly Green


Anthony Griglione Daniel Grosser Ryan Grumish Miles Gurtler Edward Gutierrez Roberto Gutierrez Tyler Hagle Michael Halle Lizz Hannan Andrew Harrington Randi Harrison Brittany Harry Kyesha Harvey Patrick Hatch Amariah Hays juniors album

Tashawana Hebert James Hershbarger Liesel Hess Tzia Hibler Jonathan Hill

Meosha Hilson Katie Hopkins J immy Howard J aclyn Hughes Arthur Hunter

Brian Inskip Kenneth J aehne Dan Jinks Mark Johns Haley Johnson

Adam Jones Sara Judy Natalie Kahler Stephen Kamykowski Nicholas Karr

Shelby Karr Sydney Karr Amanda Kelly Michael Kim Daniel Kirby

Leah Kirby Daniel Klimek

Girls, what are your thoughts on guys? "I love most of their bodies." -jackie Hughes-

Eva Kraus Jennifer Kraus

"Guys cheat!" -Leah McCray"Boys are great. Every girl should own one." -Megan Fredericks-

Andrea Laird Gijie Lang juniors album

Dawn Lathrop Stephen Layman Shawanna Lee Lee Lelea Sara Lockman Ryan Logsdon Kristen Long Lemecha Love Genesis Luster Ashley Luttrell Andre Makabu David Mangian Toya Manley Rebecca Maring Keri Marion Seth Marmion Raymond Martinsen Benjamin Mathews

Guys, what are your thoughts on girls?

Valerie Mazzocco Leah McCray Lindsay McCray

"I'm very relieved that I enjoy their company." -Dan Thurston"Girls aren't so great at driving." -Colin Cain-

Kip McDaniel Kristy McDermed Justin McFarland

"You gotta love those good looking women ." -Brandon Wright-

Terence McGhee Lucas McGi II Peter McNabb Christopher Meek Meagen Meneely Kimberly Menefee Kyle Michael David Miller Martell Miller Devin Mills Emily Millsap Aimee Minyard Andrew Mitchell Heather Mitchell James Mitchell juniors album

J oycelyn Moore Candace Morgan Scott Morgan Griffin Mulcahey Madison Mullady

Victor Munoz Moura Murphy Mark Musson Lynsa Nguyen Elyse Niccum

Jesse Noyes Michael Ochs Jamie Oiland Nathan Oliveira Scott Olson

Kate Outlaw Matthew 0' Neil Stephen Palmer Mary Parkhill Keval Patel

Joanna Pelafas Joseph Pellum Gregory Penrod Steven Peper Lamatrice Perkins

Matthew Petry Victoria Pininski

Jason Pryor Matthew Reed

David Reimer Patrick Reinhart !juniors album


Robert Reis Stephen Repta Lamar Riddle Michelle Riehle Jessica Ringler Dorian Robinson Maria Rocha Anna Rost Emily Rousey Morgan Rowe Demetra Ruffin Andrew Russell Caitlin Ryus Roxana Salinas Melanie Savvas Princess Sayon Matthew Schanche Jeremy Schmidt

Juniors Like to Eat Lunch at. 1. La Bamba 2. jimmy John 's 3. Taco Bell 4. As far from the Cafeteria as possible 5. McDonalds 6. Fazoli 's 7. Sam's Cafe 8. Subway 9. Arby's 10. Bagelman 's

Lindsay Schneider James Schnitzlein Robert Schnitzlein

Philip Schroeder Nik Seeber Jessica Seider

Antonio Serna Lindsay Shepard Jamie Sholem Scott Simmons Virginia Sinnes Benjamin Smith Kali Smith Karen Smith Liz Smith Michelle Smith Morgan Smith Shamira Smith Tabitha Smith Joseph Spangle Kent Spitz juniors album



Ellen Stanko Katherine Stephens Nicholas Stirrett Matthew Stout Alexis Strack

Steve Streeter Amanda Strode Dean Stumpf Phontez Taylor Lorrie Tester

Parny Thavisouk Anthony Thompson Brandon Tobias Courtney Toney Elizabeth Van Ness

Paul Vang Rachel Vang Henry Vassar Montrez Vonner Adam Voss

Tonya Wade Daniel Wahlfeldt Katy Wampler Danny Warnock Justin Watkins

Shanita Weatherall Jessica Weaver

~~ What Fictional Character Would You Date and Why? "Winnie the Pooh. He's cuddly" -Lizz Hannan-

Maurice Webb Johanna Weichsel

"Jessica Rabbit. Look at her. No explanation neccessary. " -Jesse Noyes"I would date Gidget from Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers. " - Mark Johns-

Jamie Wellman Stephanie Wendler juniors album

Jeylin White Sheniqua White Elizabeth Wickes Alexander Wikoff Benjamin Wilcock Alicia Williams Carmella Williams Erica Williams Kevin Williams Nicole Winkler-Groschen Rochelle Winkler-Groschen Emmit Winston Nathan Woodson Brandon Wright Quentin Wright Mischa Wynn Jenny Yambert Jundeng Zhang

Michelle Ziegler Shannon Zoll

ot Pictured: Christopher Ash, David Ashbrook, Emily Blue, Collin Bullock, Barina Burwell, Colin Cain, Marquisa Cobb, Canaan Curtiss, Roger Eveland, Cassie Foehrer, Rasheedah Gaines, joseph Godina, Kathryn Grace, jennifer jerr II, Michael Koleff, Michael Macadam, Tara Mettler, Jaya Miller, Hanniyyah Mustafaa, Todd Nelson, Elisa Palacio, Mary Parkhill, Amy Parr, Kathleen Phillips, Drew Quarles, Drea Riley, Laquita Riley, Quentin Robbins, Harmonia Rosales, Timothy Severns, Matthew Spencer, Sarah Thorp, Daniel Thurston, Ha Vu, Yurika Wakamatsu, Tam ra Walker

juniors album

!juniors album


juniors album



so homore album


sophomore album 1


Class Officers

President-Taylor Korab Vice President-Quinton Troy Secretary- Elise McAuley Treasurer-Annie Murray

Homecoming Attendants I

j.T. Whitmer and Becca Bryan

so homores album


Treslyn Adeoye Leslie Adkins Dustin Allen-Davis Daniel Allender Dianna Allison Aaron Anderson Kristin Anderson Temika Anderson Terra Anderson Michelle Angel Rashad Archey Earl Barber Christopher Barshney Noel Bartolome Krystal Beard Caitlin Beaudoin Ryan Beaulin Amy Beckley

Valerie Bentsman Natashia Bernard Adrian Bettridge

Rachael Blanding Jonathon Blockman Robyn Bost

Warren Bowman Alan Brackett Cherral Bramley Allison Breeding Kelli Brost Amber Brown Andrew Brown Eric Brown Matthew Brown Omeka Brown Patrick Brown Quentin Brown Anthony Bruno Rebecca Bryan Zachariah Burton sophomores albu

Kenny Butler Cynthia Byers Whitney Byrd Charlene Campbell Chrishanna Carter

Brian Carter-Williams Kenia Castillo Lareina Chappell Amber Charles Centrail Chillis

Katherine Church Erica Claxton Niesha Colley Kim Collins Brooke Conner

Kevin Cooper Stephanie Cornett Katherine Cory Kristen Costello Jennifer Covill

Lucas Crawford Ryne Crawford Juan Dandridge Melissa David J odeann Davis

Michael Deutscher Sarah Devault

Ryan Dicorato Marielle Divilbiss

Andrea Dixon Andrew Dixon

Robert Douglas Kayla Eaton Mark Egli Lisa Egner Andy Eheart Laurie Eichman Alan Einck Ana Eisenman Eric Eizinger Rebecca Engelhardt Tony Feller Benjamin Ford Julia Fourman Krystle Frazier Andrew Fredrickson Elizabeth Galaras Melissa Garner Jennifer Garrett

Sophomores' Top 10 Places to Eat Lunch I. Home

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

McDonald's Bagelman's Cafeteria jimmy John's Subway Park Taco Bell Arby's Colonial Pantry

Ashley Gasparini Valerie Gasparini Jordan Gebil

Elizabeth German Shelley Goddard Mitchell Goines

Daniel Goran Terrence Gray Robert Green Jessica Hadler Jeffrey Harden Jason Hasbargen Brett Havice Joanna Hemsouvanh Heather Hendricks Ava Henry Jasmine Henry Katherine Henry Amanda Herzog Ross Hiner Brian Ho sophomores album

Jennifer Hoss Courtney Houston Martel Howard Rick Hulse Jeffrey Hurt

Ursulla Idleman Joshua Isom Tyrone Jasper Kimberly Johnson Matthew Johnson

Prentice Johnson Tyjvan Johnson Heather Jones Stephanie Kamykowski Taylor Kane

Brian Kesler Amy Kim Christophe Kincheloe Amy Kirby Konrad Klinkner

Timothy Knoke Taylor Korab Ross Kraybill Natalie Krein Jeremy Kruidenier

What One Word Describes High School? Ryan Kruidenier Afua Kwarteng "Rumors"- Melissa David

"Mandatory"- Kim Swafford "Poopy"- Joel Matthews Yoon-kyung Kwon Hillary Kyse-Henderson "Diverse"- Anonymous

"Long"- Ryne Crawford Dot Le Andrew Leeper sophomore album

Jennifer Lehmann Jeremy Leman Ryan Leonard Megan Lieb Rebecca Liebovich Geoffrey Lin Phillip Linzy Lashunta Loatman Kristin Luttrell Emily Manganaro Erin Mann Heather Manship Alec j Martin Joel Mathews Elise McAuley Matthew McCollough Tegan McClellan Tanitra McElrath

James Mcfarland Willie McGee Terrionna McGhee

Drew McMahon Kevin McNamara Peter Meintser

Edward Mennenga Camile Miller Jamie Miller Kristine Min William Mock Steven Mohrbacher Vanessa Moll Rachael Mooney Brent Moore Chenise Moore Mario Motley Anne Murray Genina Myrick Roy Napier Fatima Nelson sophomore album

Zachary Nelson Markisha Newbill Kurt Olsen Daniel Outlaw Heather Overmyer

Hiren Panchal Whitney Parkhill Jason Patterson Latecia Payne Daniel Pea

Jason Peete Rebecca Pendzialek Ricardo Perez Danavanh Phanrana Brandon Phillips

Sarah Pitard Taylor Pope Fallon Posey Amanda Prillaman Shayonna Pruitt

Jackie Rawles Chris Ream Roderick Redding Matthew Reynolds Hobert Roberts

Zachary Robinson Cory Rohn

Erik Roithmayr Luis Rojas

John Rollinger Christopher Roney homores album


Lynn Runge Alexander Satterthwaite Cora Schaefer James Schirmer Brett Schnepper Elizabeth Schoell Travis Schoonover Christina Schwalbe Nathan Schwalm Christina Seibert Nathan Sharp Toni Shofner Richard Simmons Eric Skaggs Kevin Smith Larry Smith Patricia Smith Mary Spitz

Sophomores Experiences Driving "The I st day I had my permit I almost crashed my mom's new car into a tree. I got the brakes and accelerator mixed up." - Amanda Prillaman "I went driving and almost hit my b st friend." -Robin Thenas

"Driving with Mr. Ruis is a bad experience.(He's loud) -Anonymous

Ryan Stewart Micheal Stone Heather Stumborg

Kimberly Swofford Marie Tanner Ernest Tarnue

Chris Taylor Jimmy Thavisouk Daniel Thies Darrell Thomas Robin Thomas Tasayana Thompson J antu Thornton Anthony Tillman Quinton Troy Anthony Tucker Virginia Verburg Bethica Visel Kassandra Vreeman Cabe Waldrop Krystal Walker sophomores album

Eric Walton Janis Wang Jessica Ward Joyce Ward Knowuva Ward

Lukeesha Warren Elizabeth Weaver Rachel Welch J. Tyler Whitmer Cassandra Williams

David Williams Christopher Wilson Floyd Wren Julian Wynn Kevin Zalucha

Joe Zhang

Not Pictured: Sasha Alexander, jeramie Barker, Rachel Barnes, Nicole Besley, Dominique Blackshear, jeff Bleus, Blair Broughton, Audrey Busby, Erica Camacho, Adam Campos, Sharice Caston, Eunhee Cho, jennifer Covill, Ferlando Craig, Chelsey Daugherty, Dale Dixon, Cry tal Gaitros, Shelley Goddard, Shana Good, Marcos Gutierrez, Tairis Haley, Evan Hickman, Terron jackson, Demarco johnson, Theodore jones, Michael Kresca, Afua Kwarteng, Asovia Lelea, Lashunta Loatman, Brandon Lowe, Erin McCloud, Rayana Miller, Angela Montague, Cherinor Robinson, Natoska Robinson, Erica Rodgers , Ashley Rodgers, Ryan Scott, Theresa Spohrer, Michael Stone, Marcus Thompson, Monica Ward-Anderson, Susanna Warner, Ray Williams, Robert Williams, Kenneth Butler-Williams, julian Wynn, joseph Young, joseph Zarnsy

so homore album


sophomore album



!freshmen album 92

freshmen album I


Class Officers

President: Carolyn Ratcliffe ice Pres.: Miriam Choudhur

Homecoming Attendant



freshmen album

Emily Abbott Kristin Adkisson Hanna Ahn Kim Aikman Ashley Aina Brittani Akins Roxana Almaraz Brian Anderson Jessica Andrejasich Angela Assmann Domonique Baity Kimberly Baker Elliott Barcus Timothy Bass Stephanie Bennett Alex Berg-Jacobson Adrian Blakely Benjamin Bloomer

Cristina Board Jeffrey Bohlmann Kara Bowen

Erin Brandon Megan Brewer Kelsey Bridges

Nicholas Britsky Mycherrell Britton Antonio Brown Nathan Brown Paul Brown Joseph Brownfield Katherine Buck Ashley Buerkett Regina Butler Shatoka Butler Jonathan Butler-Duplessis Erin Cain Glenn Caise Heather Caldwell Timothy Carey freshmen album

Antonio Carter Cameron Carter Ebony Carter Jamar Carter Matthew Cech

Day Chou Erika Chavez Mariam Choudhury Nicholas Clegg Stephanie Cobb

Kimera Coburn Kyle Coey Joshua Cogdill Wryan Cole Melica Collins

Katie Crawford Rebecca Cuppernell Austin Curtis Charlotte Dalton Jessica Dang Ies

Lashandra Davis Matthew Davis Julianne Deschler Emily Deters Jessica Dickson

Charles Dillavou Ryan Dillon

Natalie Dixon Clarissa Dizon

Michael Dorries Maurice Douglas freshmen album

Alicia Dow Katherine Dubois Elizabeth Dunn Nathaniel Dunn Gregory Durant Alex Dye Joseph D' amico Amanda Ehmann Christopher Elliott Katherine Elliott Margaret Fesenmaier Taylor Feuille Lynnsey Fisher Jed Fitzpatrick Emily Fotzler J ayme-Lee Francis Ryan Frederick Katie Fredericks

What's Your Motto? "Get out the door if you ain 't '04! " - jenny Hoyt " Grow... grow... grow... " - john Herrel " Don 't w orry, be happy! "Amanda Ehmann

Tanya Fulfer Martha Funston Jeremy Furtney

Nidia Gaona Shannon Gardner Orlando Gatson

" If I can 't , I'll make sure you don 't. " - jeff Bohlmann

Patrice Gatson Frank Giammaria Joseph Gibas Nicholas Gibson Daniel Gillespie Colin Glatz Lauren Goodpaster Nicholas Gordon Margaret Gorham Martezs Grant David Greenstein Richard Gregory Angela Griffin Richard Griscom Andrew Hackley freshmen album

Sarah Hagle Keith Hardyman Juanett Harris J ardon Harry Danielle Hassell

Shaylee Hebert J enell Hendrix Rachel Henneman Magdalene Henss Carly Hermsdorf

John Herrel Joshua Hewitt Erik Higgins Sanders Hillsman Matthew Hiskens

Ryan Hoffman Joseph Holdren Samuel Hottman Dominick Howard Frederick Howard

Samuel Howard, Jr. Jennifer Hoyt Sean Hundley Shannon Hunt Kayanna Hunter

Eric Inskip Chelsea Ishcomer

Robert Jackson Katrina JacksonMathis

Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years? " In the NFL or in an office in St.Louis." - Rick Gregory "In a courtroom as a lawyer." - Holli Musson "I see myself on the Broadway stage or as a neurologist." - Betsy Metzler "These questions hurt my brain!" - Robin Thomas

Nicholas James Nadia J assim freshmen album

Jennifer Jocelyn Christopher Johnson Sa' da Johnson Aaron Jones Caryn Jones Mary bess Jones Shannon Jones Te' osha Jones David Joy Amanda Justice MacKenzie Kantner Zachariah Kates Whitney Keaton Alan Kendall-Dick Habiba Khan Derrick Kirby Miranda Klimek Louise Knight

Bernice Kpor Toweh Kpor Stephanie Kroes

Nirvana Lara-Rios Melissa Lawhead Andrew Le

Edward Lee Lawrence Lee Katie Lenover Feng Li Jordan Lietz Laura Lindemann T osha Lockett A llyson Magno Trevor Manley Tamara Marmion Phoebe Mbuvi Joe McCall Kerry McDaniel Kevin McDermed Alisha McElrath freshmen album

Niandra Mcferren Terrell McGhee Elliott McGill Jacob McGill Marcell McNutt

Leigh Mechling Elizabeth Metzler Victor Miely Markia Minor Maureen Mooney

Alexis Morgan Leslie Morrison James Mosley Leslie Muhr Anthony Murphy

Brian Murphy Holli Musson Aleena Nelson Garrick Nelson Holly Nelson

Richard Nelson Darrico Newbill Tu Nguyen Amy Nichols Rebecca Nizzi

Michael Oliphant Candice Olsen

Christopher Olson Craig Overstreet

Brandon Pape Woo-Shin Park freshmen album

Brian Parker Samantha Parkhill Amanda Pease Adriannah Pelmore Thomas Peper Corey Perkins Robert Perry Carrie Peters Rachael Pierce Franise Posey David Pribble Jee Wook Rah Katherine Rames Carolyn Ratcliffe Marsha Reardon Jonathan Reimer Jessica Reynolds Christopher Rhodes-Wilson

If You Were Stuck In An Elevator With One Other Person, Who Would You Prefer?

Reva Rivers Aaron Robinson Victor Rodgers

"My best friend, uzannah Bryan ." - Holly Nelson "A mechanic! " - jessica Dangles " johnny Depp or Alex Dye with his pimp styles." - Rebecca Nizzi "Christina Aguilera " -Tim Carey

Donovan Roediger John Rost John Runge

Raudia Sallee Kimberly Sarnecki Nicholas Scarpetta Joel Schneider Christopher Schoonover Phillip Schroeder Ethan Schwalm Davis Shannon Kathryn Sholem Tinika Simmons Coulter Simon Andrew Sims Kevin Sitch Margo Smith Sam Smith freshmen album



Paul Smithpeters Jun Ik Sohn Cheryl Sok-Ren Gregory Spangle Amanda Sparks

Shamika Spencer J arod Spohrer Michael Stevens Brittany Stillwell Michelle Stone

Samuel Stone Jordan Strack Fatima Sturkey Jenna Suttle Jordan Svymbersky

Natalie Tabb Stacy Taulbee Amie Taylor Ryne Tennant Robin Thomas

Sarah Thomas Ingrid Thorson Franklin To Bradley Tobias Gregory Tresslar

What's Best About Being A Freshman? Kalie Trueper Leveshia Turner

"People like to mess with you ." -Alex Dye "Annoying the seniors by invading their hallways. " - Katie Dubois

Niesha Turner Rodney Vassar

"Getting tipped over in the halls by all the really tall people." - Martha Funston "Eventually becoming a senior." -Anonymous

Jessica Vaughn Robert Vignola freshmen album

Anthony Virgilio Chontelle Wade Dane Wallace Dewayne Watson Joshua Weichsel John Wen Benjamin Wheeler Bryan White Christina White Antoine Whitted Ariella Wiener Kyle Wikoff Denise Williams Devan Williams Michael Williams Tiffany Williams Blake Williamson Stephen Wisegarver

Danielle Wleklinski Katie Woodson Jason Yambert

Jennifer Yoo Sang Yoo Seokhyun Yoon

Megan Yore Michael Zeigler

Not Pictured: Gaylend Allen-Davis, Amanda Allen-Mann, Daniel Annin, Brittany Reana Bailey, Katrina Belanger, Ashley Bernard, Vaskia Bernard, joshua Bishop, jamila Ladonna Bradford, heena Marie Brize, Lakeisha Kianna Carter, Irene Clay, jasma Cobb, Latoria Dorris, Teilla Dorris, Emmerson Duo, Brandon Duvall, Christopher Flanders, joshua Goings, Lowell Helm, Tyrra jasper, Tenesha jenkins, Chandora johnson, Steven McFarland, Leah Myrick, Lakendra O'Bannon, Serita Nicole Palmer, Christopher Pearson, Alexandria Ratcliff, Daniel Reyes, Christopher Roberts, Kendra Rodgers, Curtis Rose, Muhammed Savage, Trina mith, Celia Smith-Arends, Preston Stewart, Trevia Turner, La'Shera Renee Vassar, Sean Vest, Ross Vimr, Alicia Washington, Michael Ziegler

freshmen album



freshmen album

freshmen albuml 105










s orts 110




Coache : Lou itch, john tabb, Kerry Rodeffur Captains: john Martinie, Matt Clegg, Tyler Bennett 'Season Record : 15-21 The Maroons' 2000 baseball season got off to a great start. Under the tenure of head coach Lou Sitch the Maroons got off to a 3-0 start, at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, Ithough, due to many injuries on the team they were forced to overcome much adversity. During this time the Maroons played with a lot of heart against teams like Centennial, Urbana, and Danville but suffered tough losses to them. Despite these hard times during the season, the team rallied behind team MVP, Brian Daly, and started to improve their record. They ended up finishing the season with strong victories over ormal West, Normal Community, and Kankakee. This key win against Kankakee was the team's first playoff win in more than six years, and led them to a game playing against Mahomet for the Sectional Final, which Resulted in a heartbreaking 2-1 loss.


This page: 1. Dan Thurston is thirsty for third. 2. Brett Czajkowski calls it before he hits it out. 3. Sitch rallies his team. 4. Dale Dixon brings in a single

s orts 112

arsity Front Row: Joe Tulin, Matt legg, Mike Vriner, Matt Logsdon, I an Thurston, Rory Overmyer, Brian eters, Second Row: Coach Sitch, yan Hiner, Tyler Bennett, Eric urge, Brian Daly, Brett Czajkowski, ason Marry, John Martinie. unior Varsity Front Row: Nate liveira, Steve Laymen, Ross Hiner, ndrew Harrington, Joe Godina, Ki cDaniel, Scott Olson, Chase augherty, Second Row: Adam Dye, yan Logsdon, Will Godina, Mark auman, Coach Stabb, Jesse Noyes, en Baker, Brandon Wright, David reshman Front Row: John ollinger, Kevin McNamara, Mike eutscher, Brett Havice, Zac urton, J.T. Whitmer, Taylor Pope, ale Dixon, Second Row: Coach odeffur, Rick Simmons, Jason atterson, Brent Moore, Ryan rawford, Quinton Troy, Danny utlaw.

This Page: 1. John Martinie winds up to pitch another out.


Coachc : Bill Watland , Cathy Hardig, Glenn Karr Captains : Erin Broadrick , !Nicki Fl y nn , Ca ey w ift, Kristy Gilbert, je ica Cavey. Amanda Ma y Record : I 5- I 7 What a great year for girls ' softball! This year the Maroons were led under strong senior leadership of Erin Broadrick , Nicki Flynn, Casey wift , Kristy Gilbert, jessica Cavey, and Amanda May. Central experienced some trouble during the middle of the season after senior pitcher, Nicki Flynn , received a nose injury. Sophomore Shelby Karr was forced to step up and take her place. Although the Maroons were slowed down due to injuries, they were still able to pull it together to to finish the season . Way to go Maroons!

"We all got along and had fun. When we made mistakes. our other team members were there to help us and support us." Whitney Dixon THIS PAGE - Pic. 1: Chelsea Daugherty gets wound up. Pic. 2: Amanda May puts some power behind her swing. Pic. 3: Whitney Dixon is calm and confident as she awaits the pitch. Pic. 4: Jennifer Covill shows terrific form. Pic. 5: How low can you go? Shelby Karr gets low to the ground. Pic. 6: Amanda May and Erin Broadrick laugh it off as they return to play. Pic. 7: GO TEAM!

s orts 114

arsity: FRONT ROW: Whitney Dixon, Kya Walters, Ashleigh Kern, Sydney Karr, Nicki Flynn, Jessica Cavey, Amanda May. ROW 2: Mary Darling, Aprillelea, Elise Parker-Stephen, Casey Swift, Erin Broadrick, Kristy Gilbert BACK ROW: Bill Watland, Glenn Karr unior Varsity: FRONT ROW: Jenn Cox, ennifer Covill, Whitney Byrd, Ellen tanko, Mary Parkhill ROW 2: Angelee Dauenbaugh, Shelby Karr, Andrea Dixon, Heather Stumborg, Elizabeth Katsinas BACK ROW: Jackie Hughes, Elizabeth choell, Cathy Hardig, Heather Overmyer, Michelle Smith


HIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Mary Parkhill is oncentrating hard to get that ball here it needs to go. Pic. 2: Nice pitch Nicki! Pic. 3: The JV team listens 'ntently to Coach Hardig before they go back onto the field. Pic. 4: With that etermined look, there is no way Sydney Karr will strike out. Pic. 5: Casey Swift uestions the last call. Pic. 6: April lelea makes great strides to get to first. Pic. 7: Andrea Dixon combines two kills into one -jumping and catching.



oaches: Brad Thompson, tev Harms

Most Improved: Jamie holem he 2000 Tennis Season as a good one for the r building Maroons. jack Car y, one of only three eniors on the team, uickly filled in the number ne spot left from the raduat d ick McLemore. t the Marist Invitational, Carey finished with a record of 4-1, and later in he year he qualified for tate. As a team, the Maroons placed 5th at the Big 12 tournament and arlier in they ar, they rallied to beat ormal West in a dual meet by winning our consecutive matches. t the Decatur Doubles Invitational, jack Carey and on Hill placed second in o. I doubles, and David I Reimer and Tony Griglion I inished fourth at No. 2 oubles enroutc to a fourth place team finish. With so many key varsity players returning for their junior ear, look for the Maroons to make a charge at Big I 2 and State. In the future, reat things can be expected as the Maroons ain experience and grow as a team.


Pic.l: Jon Hill and Jamie Sholem cheer heir teammate on to victory. Pic.2: Ton~ Griglione successfully returns a serve. Pic.3: Bill Muster gets ready for the serve.

s arts 116

FRONT ROW: David Reimer, Tim Henderson, Bill Muster, Tyler Hagle, Jack arey, Tony Basilios, Chris Gratkins BACK ROW: Assistant Coach Harms, Mike quino, Jared Shelby, Tony Griglione, eoff Lin, Alex Schroeder, Michael Halle, on Hill, Head Coach Thompson


"We had a solid year, had a lot of fun, and we're getting better as a team. We are a really young team and we feel a bright future is ahead." -Jamie Sholem season. Pic.2: Tim Henderson and Jack (arrey flash a smile for the camera. Pic.3: I didn't do it coach! Pic.4: Michae Halle flashes a smile as David Reimer serves the ball. Pic.S: Jon Hill l.celebrates a ooint.


Coaches: Adam jenkins, ally Galen, and Kirby Crawford Captains: ara Arnold, juli Sonka, and Erica Peters Record: 14-5-6 The girls' soccer program has once again reached new heights. The team received a econd seed in sectionals and finished I third in the Big Twelve Conference. The 2000 girls' soccer team advanced through playoffs to win its first regional I championship. The team was the first Central girl's soccer team to reach the sectional championships. The future looks bright again for the 2001 season. The Maroons will return with their entire starting line-up. The team went to two away tournaments. The team did well in these tournaments and overall had succesful and exciting season.

"This season was very successful. Hopefully next year we will be even better. I can't wait for next season!" -Senior Nadia Berger


THIS PAGE - Pic. 1: Adam gives some advice at halftime. Pic.2: Dri nk Up, Liz! Pic.3: Lisa clocks an unknowing opponent. Pic.4: News Gazette " player of the yea r" Erica Peters winds up. Pic.S: Kate Stigberg makes another ferocious tackle. Pic.6: The team consoles anothe r victim after the game. ,

s orts 118

Varsity: FRONT ROW: Ana Eisenman, Jill Harms, Amanda Kelly, Elizabeth Korab, Liz Washburn, Kate Stigberg, Antonia Galaras. ROW 2: Elizabeth Smith, Lisa Wilhelm, Julie Sonka, Whitney Petry, Kelly D'Amico, Erica Peters, Valerie Mazzocco, Taylor Korab. ROW 3: Erica Rodgers, Erica Deutscher, Nadia Berger, Elise McAuley, Melissa David, Sara Arnold, Holly Green, Lindsay McCray, Head Coach Adam Jenkins. unior Varsity: FRONT ROW: Rachel Vang, Katie Hopkins, Jo Hemsouvanh, ohanna Henry, Rachel Blockman. ROW 2: Becky Liebovich, Jenna Yambert, Ana Eisenman, Allie Armstrong, Caitlin Deal. ROW 3: Erica Rodgers, Taylor Korab, Coach Sally Galen, Valerie Mazzocco, Coach Kirby Crawford, Lindsay McCray, C nthia B ers.

"This year was ewciting because we went farther than any Central team went before. We played together and we played hard." - Senior Erica Peters THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: The JV team takes an orange break. Pic. 2: Jenna Yambert dribbles the ball downfield. Pic. 3: Congrats Regional Champs! Pic. 4: The team takes a break from the field to do a fundraiser! Pic. 5: Where are you going?


Coaches: Dike Stirret, Tom Richards , Chris Saunders Captains: Pat Phillips, Eric Kesler The 2000 Central Boys' track team had a defining season. The team was made up of mostly underclassmen and they played an important role. The Upperclassmen still had great finishes at most of the team's meets. The the 4X800M and 4X400M team won at the Freshmen/ Sophomore confrence meet. jeremy Kruidenier went to state in the BOOM and Pat Phillips went to state and placed ninth in the 400M.

Front Row: Mike Kresca, Kyle Funk, Amir Togahree, Paul Dixon, Ryan Scott, Robert Green Middle Row: Brian Kesler, Nick Stirret, Danny Goran, Colin Cain, Andy Eehart, Cabe Waldrop, Kevin Cooper, Dan Bechle, Tyler Claxton Back Row: Coach Stirret, Mike Egner, Cory Rohn, Daniel Thies, Eric Kesler, Jeremy Kruidenier, Jackson Hoffman, Danny Kirby, Drew McMahon, Coach Richards. his Page: 1. Amir Togray Concentrates on getting over the bar. 2. Jeremy Kruidenier sets the pace. 3.Mike Kreseca takes off. 4. " Nothing jumps out at me!" 5. " Pass it to me."

s orts 120


Coaches: Chris Saunders, Jodi Saunders, Lisa Martinez The 1999-2000 girls' track I team was led by Alii Harvey, Shaneka Terrell , Chanell Beasley, Odile Mambo, and jessica Ward. The Maroons qualified for state in the 4 x lOOm, 4 x 200m, and BOOm medley relay with help from freshman sensation, jessica Ward. The girls, however, were prevented from reaching their full potential due to several injuries throughout the season. Kristen Landreth, Treslyn deoye, Nicole Swartzendruber, Heather Hendricks, Shamika Tillman, Tanesha King, Niesha Colley. ROW 2: Jessica eaver, Trisha Guidas, Christian McMullen, Alli Harvey, Jessica Ward, Kim ohnson, Krystle Frazier, Carmella illiams. BACK ROW: lisa Egner, haneka Terrell, Tina Goglia-Mitchel!, oach Chris Saunders, Angela Donahue, oach Jodi Saunders, Devan Mcferren, oach lisa Martinez, Brittany Roberts, shley Claiborne, Odile Mambo, Bonnie ollins.

spreads her arms wide to prepare to throw the discus. Pic. 2: Brittany Roberts passes over those hurdles with room to spare. Pic. 3: lisa Egner keeps a steady pace. Pic. 4: Odile Mambo leads the pack. Pic. 5: Jessica Ward uses her arms to her advantage.



s orts 122


Coaches: Jeff Trigger, J ff Hasenstab, Lou Due Season Record: 5-4 Maroon football was close to its best in 2000 . Led by fourteen seniors and a solid backing of juniors, the varsity squad was within inches of th ir first playoff birth in three years. The team started I off the season with double-digit wins against class 6A Alton and playoff-bound Danville, before suffering their first defeat in a close game at Normal Community. After dominating Rantoul in the homecoming game, the team went on to beat Centennial 13-3 in one of the greatest games of the year. A tough loss to Bloomington at Memorial Stadium put a damper on I the season. A 21 -point I deficit turned into an overtime loss in Mattoon and a disappointing loss to Urbana in week eight ended the Maroons' Iplayoff hopes. The final game against Normal West ended the season on a high note, as Central beat the 6-3 Wildcats, 28-14.


THIS PAGE: Pic 1. The Maroons defense I

ILeaves the field after some nice stops.

Pic 2. John Rollinger shows perfect form. Pic 3. Look at that it's Pat. Pic 4. The defense forces another turnover. Pic 5. Everyone awaits for Griffin to call the snap.

s orts 124


Varsity Front Row: Greg Miller, Ben Barker, Ben Bradley, Dan Jinks, Kenny Jahane, Steve Peper, Joe Tulin, Eric Burge Row 2: Tony Griglione, Nick York, Lee Lelea, Brandon Wright, David Ruggeri, Tim Trester, Rob Gwinn, Brian Inskip Row 3: Coach Trigger, Ryan Logdston, Matt Logdston, Drew Quarrrels, Pat Philips, Bilal Ali, Dan Thurston, Griffin Mulcahey, John Bialeski Row 4: Coach Hasenstab, Jay Layman, Arthur Hunter, Jarrrod Miller, Jerad Johnson, Ryan Fielde, Mike Goines, Misha Wynn Row 5: Chase Daughtery, Rory Overmyer, Adam Trager, Brandon Tobias, Joe Spanglo, Morgan Smith, Lamar Wilson, Sam Bramfeld, Coach Due. JV Front Row: Alec Martin, Rick Hulse, Brent Moore, Tony Feller, Brett Schnepper, Zachariah Burton, Row 2: Kevin McNamara, Ryan Beaulin, Joel Mathews, Kevin Cooper, James Schirmer Row 3: Ross Hiner, Mike Kresca, Cory Rohn, Jason Patterson, Rashad Archey Row 4: Coach Davis, Drew McMahon, Ryne Crawford, John Rollinger, Eric Brown, Coach Wilson

THIS PAGE: Pic 1. The coaches watch the great play unfold. Pic 2. Whoa! look at that ref! Pic3.Greg Miller tries to teach Drew McMahon how to do the robot. Pic 4. Chase Daughtery shows jubilation after the awesome run.


Coaches: Jenkin and Kirby Crawford Captains : Ro McAuley, Matt Scheitlin, and jon Whitmer Record: 16-4-2 The boys¡ soccer team began the season with the best start in Central Boys' soccer history. They set a school record with nine consecutive wins starting the season with a record of 9-0. The team had many players with exception a I talent and said goodbye to many seniors. The 2000 ,season was overall quite 'successfu I. The Centra I boys soccer team finished second in the Big Twelve ith a record of 8-1-2, and they received a second seed 'a t sectionals. The boys accomplished a lot this season, by reaching the Sectional Semifinals and setting a boys' soccer record of I 6 wins.

THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Matt Scheitlin watches as Jon Whitmer plays a pass. Pic. 2: Scott Morgan shows off his balandng skills. Pic. 3: Eric Kesle r is playing with intensity. Pic. 4: The Seniors stop for a pose on enior Ni ht.



I Varsity-FRONT ROW: Eric Kessler, Earnest Tarnue, Nick Stirrett, Nick Clegg, Emerson Duo, Joe D'Amico. ROW 2: Suhail Alhreish, Daniel Goran, Scott Morgan, Kip McDaniel, Jon Whitmer, David Goran, Peter Cain. BACK ROW: Coach Adam Jenkins, Daivd Mangian, Dodd Browning, David Winkel, Matthew Schanche, John Martinie, Matt Scheitlin, Tyler Hagle, Ross McAuley. Junior Varsity-FRONT ROW: Nick Scarpetta, Jake McGill, Kevin Zalucha, Matthew Cech. ROW 2: Roberto Gutierrez, Jeff Bolhmann, Eric Walton, Craig Overstreet, Andy Hackley. BACK ROW: Phillip Schroeder, Allen Kendall! Dick, Chris Roney, Ben Ford, Geoffrey lin. j

HIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Nice Tackle! Pic. 2: Jake McGill dribbles the ball downfield. Pic. 3: Dude get OFF me! Pic. 4: Ross McAuley looks for the pass. Pic. 5 The !starters take a breather. Pic. 6: Andy Williamson shows off his fine thighs. .

sports I


Coach : Gary Day Record : II -I The girls ' tennis team started their season off with their third new coach in three years. However, that did not stop them from rising to the top of their conference . They finished second, losing only to Bloomington. After losing their #I and #2 players from last year, freshman atalie Tabb stepped up and filled the #I singles position . Tabb and the #2 singles player, Ellen Stanko, led the team to a dual meet record of Ill. The tennis team dominated their sectional. Natalie Tabb won singles, jill Harms and Mary Parkhill won doubles, and Berina Fazlic and Erica White took third place in doubles. After winning the sectional, five out of six players advanced to the State Finals. The girls had a very successfu I two days, taking I 9th place in the state as a team.


zli '

THIS PAGE - Pic. 1: The sun won't stop Erica White from hitting a winner. Pic. 2: Natalie Tabb puts extra effort behind every swing. Pic. 3: Jill Harms serves up an ace. Pic. 4: Ellen Stanko pounds a forehand back at her opponent. Pic. 5: These tennis girls play football too?

s orts 128

liOn opposite page)


I Parkhill, Natalie Tabb, Vanessa Moll, Sarah Carlton, Rachel Carlton. ROW 2: Katie Fredericks, Jenna Yam bert, Berina Fazlic, Ellen Stanko. BACK ROW: Maggie Fesenmaier, Coach Day, Kim Aikman, Anna Rost, Erica White, Reema Bosmia, Liz McMillen, Jill Harms.

THIS PAGE - Pic. 1: The Maroons

"This year was a lot of fun . I' m looking forward to next year, but I' ll miss all of the seniors!!" Ellen Stanko

I celebrate the1r 1st place fimsh at the

Mattoon Tournament. Pic. 2: Sarah Carlton serves one over. Pic. 3: Mary Parkhill heats it up with a perfect drop shot. Pic. 4: Berina Fazlic shows great form on her backhand. Pic. 5: Liz McMillen and Erica White give each other high fives after a stellar match. Pic. 6: Kim Aikman, Maggie Fesenmaier, and Katie Fredericks enthusiastically cheer on their teammates.



Coaches: Dike Stirrett and Matt Woods Dual Record: 2-1 The Central boys' crosscountry team 2000 wa mostly underclassmen; jacob Goran was the only enior to receive a letter. Sophomores jeremy Kruidenier, Brian Kesler, and Andy Eheart were usually the top three runners with support from Goran, juniors Paul Dixon, Mike Egner, Colin Cain, and sophomores Cabe Waldrop and Daniel Thies. A few highlights of this successful season include: Kruidenier winning the Twin City meet, Freshman / Sophomore champs at Metamora Invitational, and the team finished 5th at Regionals to qualify for a bid to the Sectional meet. FRONT ROW: Victor Miely, ---, Matthew Hiskins, Nathan Dunn, Daniel Thies, Pau Dixon. ROW 2: Kyle Funk, Colin Cain, Kabe Waldrop, Brian Kesle r, Andy Eheart TOP ROW: Mike Egne r, Coach Woods, Jacob Go ra n, ---, Je remy Kruidenier, Pau Thomas, Ryan Grumish, Coach Stirrett.

[THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Look at Senior Jacob !Goran and those FINE, muscular legs. Pic. 2: Daniel Thies passes by his opponents. Pic. 3: The Central boys take off! Pic. 4:Good work, keep running Victo r. Pic. 5: Central prepares for another race.


Is ports

Coach : Chris Saundersl This year's cross-country team was very young, but showed a lot of promise. Everyone on the team had a great attitude throughout the entire season . This team could become one of the best teams in the sectional if they continue to work hard. The 2000 season had many wonderful highlights . Some in particular include: a team victory against Mattoon and Eisenhower at the Eisenhower Triangular, a fourth place finish at Metamora Freshman/ Sophmore race, and having freshman Carrie Peters individually qualify for the Sec t ional Meet. If this young team sticks together, they will be a team to watch out for in the coming cross-country seasons. I FRONT ROW: Ho lly Ne lso n, Hanna Ann, Ca rri e Peters, Susan Chisho lm, Amanda Ke lly. ROW 2: Ch ristine Mihn, Nadia Jassim, Kalie Trueper, Robin Thomas. BACK ROW: leslie Muh r, Anne Mu rray, Shaneka Terrell, Coach Saunders.

c. : e gu get some coaching advice before the race. Pic. 2: Watch where you are going ! Pic. 3: The Central girls pack together during a race. Pic. 4: Carrie Peters sprints to the finish. Pic. 5: Annie is taking a nap on the wa home from a meet.

sports j



: Mike Marassa, icole Bridges, Nancy Strang, Wendy Aider

Captain : Brittany Harry and ara Christie Record: I 6-1 9

!The Maroons volleyball team had a rocky start to their season. After losing almost all starters from last y ar, th beginning of the season involved a lot of rebuilding. After defeating StewardsonStrasburg, the Maroons turned their season around and went on to beat other teams such as Danville, Decatur MacArthur, Urbana, and Bloomington. They also placed 3rd in the Mt. Pulaski Tournament. Melissa David led the team in kills and Shawanna Lee recorded the most blocks. Despite unsuccessful efforts for a regional title, the Maroons have a lot to look forward to next year.

THIS PAGE- Pic. 1: Sara Christie leads the team in warm-ups. Pic. 2: Jane Bailie digs playing volleyball. Pic. 3: Sara Christie sets it up. Pic. 4: Ashley Aina keeps a low posture. Pic. 5: I. Brittany Harry has a solid platform.

s orts 132

arsity-FRONT ROW: Coach Nicole ~ Bridges, Brittany Harry, Megan Brown, Devan McFerren, Jane Bailie, Sara Christie, Coach Mike Marassa. BACK ROW: Lindsey Delmedico, Melissa David, hawanna lee, Jessica Weaver, Shannon oil. Not pictured: Emily Rousey unior Varsity-FRONT ROW: Coach Mike Marassa, Whitney Dixon, Shelley Goddard, Dalana Baker, Heather tumborg, Jessica Hadler, Coach Nicole Bridges. BACK ROW: Arnie Taylor, Heather Overmyer, Alexis Morgan, Emily Rousey, Ashley Aina. Freshman-FRONT ROW: Coach Mike Marassa, Megan Brewer, Rebecca Nizzi, Katie Crawford, Amanda Justice, Ashley Buerkett, Shannon Hunt, Danielle leklinkski, Coach Nancy Strang. BACK ROW: Emily Deters, Carolyn Ratcliffe, Carly Hermsdorf, Alexandria Ratcliff, louise Knight, Maggie Henss, Kelsey Bridges.



Pic. 1: Shawanna lee uses I her vertical jump to her advantage. Pic. 2: The girls have a team huddle 1 before they begin to play. Pic. 3: Seniors Jane Bailie, Lindsey Delmedico, and Devan McFerren celebrate after winning the last home game of their high school careers.


MVP: Matt Fonner Most Improved: Changnon


The 2000 golf season was a rebuilding year for the Maroons. The team was led by enior john Chittuluru, and juniors Matt Fonner and Adam Dye . The varsity began th year strong by placing 5th at the Charger Invitational. john Chittuluru led the way for Central with an 80. After several strong finishes at other invitationals the Maroons looked for a good finish in the Big I 2 tournament. However, their hopes of repeating as champions were ruined with an 8th place finish . john Chittuluru played well for Central by shooting a 79, which was good enough for all conference honors. The team played very well at Regionals, but missed advancing by one stroke . Adam and Alex Dye both advanced to the Sectional meet individually by shooting 76's. The jV team also had lots of success throughout the season with a record best 222 team score against Centennial.

: Kyle Young warms up. Pic. 4: Ma Fonner puts on his game face. Pic. 5: Preston Stewart is in the fairway again.

s orts 134


oach: Kyle Ransom VP: Libby Larson ost Improved: Samantha arkhill he 2000 golf season was challenge for the aroons. First year oach, Kyle Ransom, urned to Libby Larson to ead the way. The team urned in their season low core of I 90 at Faries Golf ou rse with a 44 from ibby Larson, and a 47 rom junior ara judy. The earn won its first dual eet of the year by efeating Lincoln by I 7 trokes. Libby Larson fired team low for the Lady aroons with a 44. At the ig 12 golf tournament, he team finished with a earn score of 434 which as good enough for 5th. t Big I 2, Libby Larson inished strong for the ady Maroons with a 98. arson's score was good nough for 8th place in the onferenc . The team icked up the pace for egionals and came in econd place behind cross own rival Centennial with 422. At ectionals they issed advancing to state one lace. RONT ROW: libby larson, Coach Ransom ,.,aggie Bruns. BACK ROW: Jennifer Hoss, ~hitney Byrd, Emily Fletcher, Samantha Parkhill, Sara Judy.

ic. 1: libby larson shows off her erfect follow through. Pic. 2: Maggie runs blasts a shot from the sand.


Coaches: Erik & Lia Hege Team Achi vements : UCA camp leadership award, placed 18th in 2000 National Competition. From mid-june to early March, the Central varsity cheerleaders showed dedication and lots of school spirit. The varsity and j .V. squads competed ovember 12th at the regional Competition in joliet. Both squads cheered each other on to their main goal, the ational competition in l Orlando, Florida. This year the squad is backed with lots of experience, having 9 seniors and 7 juniors. The varsity hopes to go down in CHS history, by placing lOth or higher in the national finals.



RONT ROW: Kent Spitz, Ashley Einc , hristina Seibert, Candance Morgan, Martha unston, Coaches Erik and Lea Hege. ROW 0: B.J. Mattingly, Katie Wampler, Kylie eel, Angie Holmer, Lauren Downing, Mark ackson. ROW 3: Jessica Phillippe, Va azzocco, Haley Johnson, Katie Schlorff. OW 4: Leah McCray, Katie Stephens, Erica Laxton, Elizabeth Galaras. 1c. 1: Ang1e Holmer, Elizabeth Galaras Lauren Downing smile for the camera Pic. 2: The JV cheerleaders show their wile ide. Pic. 3: Katie Wampler and Leat McCray run off the field after a cheer. Pic 4: Katie Schlorff and the guys take break.Pic. 4: Look at those smiles! ~nd

s orts 136

ac e 1erce, ane e ivilbis, Natalie Kahler, Katie Outlaw, my Kim, Leslie Atkins. ROW 2: Kara owen, Whitney Parkhill, Kim Johnson, achel Welch, Sarah Devault. ROW 3: eather Caldwell, Katie Sholem, Coach ill McCarty, Kristen Luttrel, Sarah Hagle enna Suttle.



Coaches: Will Barker and Katie Heinrick Captains: atalie Kenny, Erin Kirby, Maggie Evans, Molly Weber, Mary Darling, Mary Hough, johanna Henry The 2000 girls' wim season was successful. It started off with some great time at the meet against lDanville. The season continued with the girls performing well at big invitational meets such as The Charger Invite , The Bloomington Invitational, and The Carl andburg Invitational where many swimmers set their personal best times. This year the team was led by varsity members such as atalie Kenny, Sara Lockman, Erin Kirby, Maggie Evans, Allie Armstrong, Michelle Smith, and jackie Hughes. This year's team also had a large number of freshmen and new swimmers join the team. They will help build the team's depth for the next few years. The girls finished the season and did well at the Big 12 Conference meet and Sectional meet. atalie Kenny placed well at state in the 200 freestyle and 100 freestyle events.

1s Page: Pic 1: Loo at that pe ect pike! Pic 2. Leslie Morrison shows off her butterfly. Pic 3. Sara Lockman flies hrough the water. Pic 4. Johanna Henry hows great form. Pic 5. Look at that pull! Pic 6. Will gives some swimming dvice Pic 7. Amanda Eman is racefully gliding through the water.

s orts 138


ront Row: Margo Smith, Jessica eynolds. Row 2: Jessica Dixon, Mary ess Jones, Julie Deschler, Katlin eaudoin, Rachel Mooney. Row 3 Leslie orrison, Molly Mooney, Rachel ennigman, Jackie Rawals, Amanda himen Row 4: Michelle Smith, Katie einrick, Jessica Andrejasich, Jackie ughes, Allie Armstrong, Leah Kirby, Sara ockman, Katie Ramis, Coach Will Barker. ow 5: Natalie Kenny, Mary Darling, olly Weber, Maggie Evans. Row 6: Erin irby, Tyler Fielding, Johanna Henry,

!This Page: Pic 1. Johanna Henry pikes perfectly. Pic 2. Maggie Evans shows her determination. Pic 3. The Freshmen always start the beginning of practice with a splash. Pic 4. Jessica perfers to swim upside down. Pic 5. Sara and Natalie practice with the finest swimming equipment.




john Martinie Sports Involved In: Soccer, baseball Years played : 4 Role Model: His Grandpa Favorite athlete: George Brett How He Benefits From Being In a Sport: "Playing sports has taught me how to deal with failure. It has helped me realize that I won't always have things the way I want them and that I can never win without the help of others." Words of Wisdom: "Don't take anything for granted and never brag to other people about how good you are. Let them see for themselves."

Erica Peters Sports Involved In: Soccer Nickname: Ricky Favorite Athlete: Michelle Akers Role Model: Her grandparents and parents Claim to Fame: News Gazette Player of the Year, All Area Team, AllSectional, All-Conference, Co-MVP, Fralisch Cup All- Tournament Team, holds school records for goals in one game, one season, and career. Favorite Sports Memory: Winning a Regional Championship and going to the Sectional Finals. Words of Wisdom: "Always try your hardest and then you will have no regrets." Lee Lelea Sports Involved In: Football, wrestling Favorite sport: Football Favorite Teachers: Mr. Pellum and Mrs. Black Favorite Subject: French Ill Role Model: Warren Sapp Claim to Fame: Sectional qualifier for wrestling; 1st team All Conference, 1st team All-Area, MVP for football. Favorite Sports Memory: "Watching Eric Burge running head first into the goal post while catching a pass thrown by Griffin Mulcahey." Plans After High School: Lee plans to attend Northern Illinois or McKendrey and major in Sports Medicine.



Natalie Kenny Sports Involved In: Swimming Nicknames: Nat or tan Claim to Fame: Broke Central's 18 year old 200 free style record, 4 time state qualifier, MVP, high point, 4 year letter winner. How She Gets Pumped Up For Competition: " I'm a very superstitous person , so I do the same things everytime: eat a cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera , listen to my discman, stretch behind the block, do 10 strokes in the air, tap my goggles 7 times and tell my opponents good luck! " Plans After High School: Natalie is swimming at Southern Illinois University and plans to major in psychology.

Shawanna Lee Sports Involed In: Volleyball, basketball Nicknames: Cornbread , Aunt jamima How She Gets Pumped Up For Competition: "I start out by praying and then I visualize myself doing something good in the game. I listen to my favorite song for that week ." How She Benefits From Being In a Sport: "Being in a sport makes me competitive and gives me a drive to be the best in whatever I do. " Words of Wisdom: "Try your best and play with HEART!"

Dan Trupin Sports Involved In: Swimming Years played: 4 w/ Central, II total Favorite Teacher: Marge Anders Claim to Fame: 5 school records, 200 IM IL state high school record, former 200 meter IM National Age Group record holder, 3 state titles, 99-00 National junior Team member, 3 yr. Scholastic All-American, 7th in 200 meter IM at 2000 Olympic Team Trials, 13th in 400 meter IM at 2000 Olympic Team Trials, 3 individual YMCA National titles, 10 United States Illinois State Records. Words of Wisdom: "Perserverance is the key." Plans After High School: Dan is swimming at Stanford University and plans to major in Communications.

john Chittuluru Sports Involved In: Golf Years Played: 5, 4 in high school Nicknames: Chitty, Mr. Bang Bang, Mr. Indian Favorite Athlete: Pete Sampras Claim to Fame: Member of 1999 Big Twelve Championship golf team, 4th place in the 2000 News Gaz tte Stone Creek Golf Classic Invitational, AII-Conferece Honors for 2000 season." Words of Wisdom: "Study the game, learn from experts, practice as much as possible, and above all, compete with honor and determination."

Shaneka Terrell Sports Involved In: Cross-country, basketball, track & field. Nicknames: Pepper, Shaneke Favorite Athlete: Marion jones Role Model: Tauja Catchings Claim to Fame: Big Twelve Scholar Athlete, Big Twelve Honorable Mention, All- Tournament Player at Chatham Thanksgiving Tournament, 2000 state qualifier in 4 x 200 and 800 medley relays. Favorite Sports Memory: "Going to the state track meet my junior year." Words of Wisdom : "Always do your best and put forth 100% effort."

Ross McAuley Sports Involved In: Soccer Years Played: 9 Favorite Teacher: Mr. Currey Favorite Athlete: David Beckham Role Model: His father Claim to Fame: Ross is the first Central soccer player to be selected to the NSCAA/ Adidas All-Midwest team 2000, All-State, All-Sectional. ords of Wisdom: "Soccer is the simplest game on arth but it will take a lifetime to master. This holds rue for every sport. My only advice is to devote as much fa lifetime to your sport as possible. Practice ... outside f practice.

Natalie Tabb Sports Involved In: Tennis Years Played: 10 (about 5 competitively) Nicknames: Goldie, at How She Gets Pumped Up For Competition: "I just think about how much I want to win and how mad I would be if I lost." Favorite Subjects: Math, English, Art Clubs/Extra-Curricular Activities: Math team, piano Claim to Fame: National ranking, top 30 sectional ranking in the Midwest area, won high school sectional. Words of Wi dom: "Don't try to be perfect, or you will get really, really frustrated and get used to losing."


Winter S orts


Is ports



IHead Coach: Scott Davis


The Champaign

Central Boys' basketball season has been a rebuilding one for the Maroons. After loosing the senior leadership from last season of players Romielle Brown , Bryan Malloch , and Ryan Hiner, the Maroons looked for someone to emerge as its new leader. Sophomore T.j. Gray filled that role as did juniors Mark Baumann and Eric Burge. Central played well in their season-opening ews-Gazette Thanksgiving Tournament with a third place finish . As the season progressed, they performed well in Big I 2 with a strong opening victory against ormal West. After Christmas the team made its annual trip to Centra ilia and ended up loosing in the consolation championship to state ranked Chicago Carver. The Maroons returned to Big 12 play and racked up victories against Urbana and Centennial placing them in contention for the Twin City title. Look for this team to emerge as one of the areas best next year. DavlS giVes T.J. Gray some pointers during the game. Pic.2: Eric Burge dribbles out of traffic. Pic.3: Quentin Robbins shows off his perfect form. Pic.4: Mark Baumann takes it up strong. Pic.S: Dodd Browning passes it up.

s arts 144


VARSITY-FRONT ROW (L-R): Mark Baumann, T.J. Gray, Adam Oye. ROW TWO (L-R): Coach Scott Davis, Nick Changnon, Eric Burge, James Brown, Dodd Browning.


J.V.-FRONT ROW (L-R): Jeramie Barker, B.J. Carter, Mario Motley. ROW TWO (LR): Jay Leman, Demarco Johnson, Mitch Goines. ROW THREE (L-R): Coach Tim Lavin, Eric Brown, Jeremy Kruidenier, Geoff Lin, Brett Schnepper, !Billy Mock. FRESHMAN-FRONT ROW (L-R): Matt Davis, Nick Clegg, Maurice Douglas, Coulter Simon. ROW TWO (L-R): Chris Elliott, Aaron Jones, Michael Oliphant, Joe D'Amico, Matthew Hiskins. ROW THREE (L-R): Trevor Manley, David Joy, Jason Yambert, LeDelvin lewis, Antonio Holt, Alex Dye, Coach John Woods.

"We've had a tough year with lots of ups and downs but with such a great group of guys returning next year we anticipate nothing but the best." Eric Burge


/coaches: Kim Seward Burton. Porter Battle. and Rolilta Washington. The 2000-2001 season was very successful for the Central Girls' Basketball team depsite the fact that the team suffered some very close losses. The girls finished the season with an eighth place seed in their sectional. On Senior ight the team celebrated a win against Big 12 opponent Rantoul, but said farewell to seven key seniors. The team progr ssed throughout the season and romped Lincoln in the first round of Regionals to advance to the Regional Championship game against t heir rival Urbana. In that game, the 'experienced and talented team is hoping to win back to back regional titles.

Pic. 1. Aprillelea drives to the hoop

Ipast he r defender.

Pic. 2. Jill Ha rms looks for some help. Pic. 3. Shaneka Te rrell shoots and sco res ! Pic. 4. Erica Rodgers dribbles through traffic to get down the court. Pic. 5. Shawanna lee fights for a shot. Pic. 6. Odile Mambo dribbles past her defender. Pic. 7. liz Smith watches Sara leap over her oppenent.



On opposite page, Varsity, Front Row: Tanitra McElrath, Jill Harms, Elizabeth Smith, Odile Mambo. Row 2: Erica Rodgers, Aprillelea. Row 3: Coach Kim Seward-Burton, Heather Overmyer, Sara Arnold, Shaneka Terrell, Shawanna lee. This Page, Junior Varsity, Front Row: Katie Crawford, Natille Dixon, Raudia Sallee. Row 2: Kimera SewardCoburn, Taylor Korab, Ashley Aina, Row 3: Coach Porter Battle, Erica Rodgers, Heather Overmyer, Shawanna lee, Arnie Taylor, Tanitra McElrath. Bottom Picture, Freshmen, Front Row: Mackenzie Katner, Jenell Hendrix, Alisha McElrath, Katie Crawford. Row 2: Shannon Hunt, Regina Butler, Carolyn Ratcliffe. Row 3: Coach Rolilta Washington, leslie Muhr, Carly Hermsdorf, Shemika Spencer, lynnsey Fisher, laura lindermann.

"One of the highlights for me was when Chanell Beasley hit a three-point shot against Normal Community to win the game with barely any time left on the clock!" -Senior jill Harms "All the seniors will be missed a lot next year! They were awesome this season" -junior Erica Rodgers

Pic. 1. Sara Arnold and Chanell Beasley give each other high fives. Pic. 2. The Freshmen team listens to orne wise advice from their coach. Pic. 3. The Junior Varsity girls watch nd cheer for their teammates.


Coaches : Jeff Trigger and Will Barker

ICaptains : Dan

Trupin ,

oah Morgan

]season Record: 6- 1 The 2000 boys sw im Iteam had a great year. Once again the swimmers were Coached by Jeff Trigger and were led by great swimmers like Dan Trupin , Drew Mitchel , Allan Einck and Jamie Weiman and newcomers Tony Griglione, Ross Vitmir, Franklin To , and Elliot McGill. The team won all of their home meets and most away meets. They placed high at many invitationals and got second in the Twin City meet. Dan Trupin had a great year breaking I many school, pool , and meet records . He now holds every swimming I record for Central , and all but one Unit 4 Pool reco rd. This year the team got a lot of new freshmen and hopes to gain depth for the team .

This Page: Pic 1. Dan Trupin swims to the Olympics. Pic 2. Noah Morgan flips out. Pic 3. Will discusses the politics of diving. Pic 4. Dave Mangian! Pic 5. Jamie Welman flies through the water. Pic 6. Elliot McGil takes a quick breath. Pic 7. Tony Griglione is shocked at how cold the water is. Pic 8. Look at that studly stroke!

s orts 148

First Row: Ross Vitmir, John Herrel, Nick Scarpetta, Franklin To, Arron Robinson Row 2: Victor Miley, Jason Patterson, Allan Einck, John Blackman, Elliot McGill Row 3: Steve Kamakowski, David Mangian, Steve Peper, Joe Pellum, Jamie Welman, Drew Mitchell Row 4: Matt Penwell, Bil Muster, Dan Trupin, Noah Morgan, Tony Griglione Coach Trigger, Coach Barker

I This Page: Pic 1. Steve Peper concentrates on his entry. Pic 2. Franklin likes to show off his backstroke. Pic 3: The swimmers smile for the camera.


jHead Coach : Jeff cott ssistant Coaches: Dan Catar llo & Alec Gibson Only a few year removed from near obscurity, the 2000-01 Champaign Central restling team rose to new heights, again. nchored by a solid u ppercla ss-loaded lineup, the Maroon rapplers pulled off a surprising 16-3 record. he most memorable of hose wins happened in the champion hip of the Springfield Southeast Duals as the Maroons :squeaked by high-ranked Chatham-Glenwood ithout two of their starters. Amazingly, all three loses were to teams ranked in the top ten in the state. The team place second in all of their tournaments, which they competed against 9 to 16 teams. Individual highlights includ d :several players with over 25 wins, Drew McMahon's sectional hampionship and birth in the stat tournament, eight sectional qualifiers, and eleven first-place 'medals. Central will raduate only four seniors and look to be ven stronger in the 1

Pic.l: Bilal Ali works for position. Pic.2: Tyler Claxton is all over the opposition. Pic.3: Rick Gregory raises his hand in victory. Pic.4: Rashad t-rchey pins the Centennial wrestler. Pic.5: Daris Jasper is putting the mack down.

s orts 150

earn - : yan iedler, Greg Durant, T.J. Peper, Zach urton, Robbie Viagnola, Andrew ackley, Aaron Anderson, Andrew illavou, Rick Gregory. ROW TWO(L-R): ead Coach Jeff Scott, manager Katie amos, Kevin Sitch, David Ruggeri, Tyler Laxton, Mike Kresca, Frank Giammaria, eth Marmion, Paul Dixon, Daris Jasper, uentin Brown, manager Rachel Mooney. OW THREE(L-R): Assistant Coach Alec ibson, Tony Bruno, Drew McMahon, ashad Archey, Nick Gibson, Kenny aehne, Chris Roney, Brandon Tobias, hris Schoonover, Brian Murphy, Bilal li, Lee Lelea, Assistant Coach Dan atarello.

Pic.l: Rick Gregory springs into action. Pic.2: Ben Baker works for the pin. Pic.3: Paul Dixon crushes the opponent. Pic.4: Rashad Archey can put another tally in the victory column. Pic.5: Kevin Sitch puts his moves on the opposition. Pic.6: The team shows off another first place trophy.




Advi or: Bu i ne

Sheryl Hobbs Ma nager: julie herwood

Me m be r sh ip : 23 Requ ire m e nt s: To become a member of the yearbook staff, students mu t apply for a position and be accepted by the staff. Students must maintain a "B" average in English and be recommended by three Central teachers. Editors : Angie Holmer, Erica Peters, Liz Washburn, and Lisa Wilhelm . Album : Kim Walsh (editor) Puja Batura, j on Whitmer. eniors: A mand a Cor nett (editor), Ma tt Sc h eitlin, Katie Sc hlorff, Ell en Stanko tudent Life/ Clubs : Liz McMillen (editor), Mike Aquino (editor), Allie Armstrong, jessica Phillippe Ann a Rost. Ads / Teachers : j ared Shelby (editor), jeff Harden Sports: j oe Pellu m (editor) Emil y Rousey (editor), ick Changnon, j ulie onka. Artist: M aggie Bruns THIS PAGE - Pic. 1: Mike Aquino thoroughly enjoys the excitement of the yearbook. Pic. 2: Angie Holmer can't seem to find all of the yearbook pages. Pic. 3: Maggie Bruns and Jessica Phillippe enjoy a day in the sun. Pic.4: Ellen Stanko stands in awe as she watches the yearbook unfold in front of her eyes. Pic. 5: Everyone is impressed with the talent that Maggie Bruns exhibits in her kaleidoscope drawings. Pic. 6: Allie Armstrong and Puja Batura set out to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. 1



THIS PAGE - Pic. 1: Liz Washburn, Lisa Wilhelm, and Erica Peters can't take the pressures of yearbook. Pic. 2: Amanda Cornett, Liz McMillen, and Mrs. Hobbs get down to business for yearbook. Pic. 3: Allie Armtrong takes a moment of her important working time to smile for the camera. Pic. 4: Emily Rousey and Nick Changnon get down to business as they lay out their pages on the computers.

clubs 1


Advi or: Pat johnson Printer: MyronOchs Requirements : Must be recommended by a teacher and approved by the advisor. Member : 21 Staff: Editors-in-Chief: john Martini and David Ruggeri I Assistants : Dan Trupin and Jamie Sholem ; News Editors: Elizabeth Prommel and jessica Weaver I Assistant : Cabe Waldrop; Entertainment Editor: Patrick jones I Assistant: jill Harms; Features Editor: jenna Yambert I Assistants : Anne Murray and Whitney Parkhill; Sports Editor: Andy Williamson Assistant: Allen Einck; Opinions Editor: jenn Cox I Assistants: Maggie Evans and Ursulla Idleman; Reporters: Ashleigh Kern and Todd Kaplan; Photographer: David Winkel I Assistant: Tyler Claxton.

BOTH PAGES: Left Page- Pic 1: Ashleigh Kern hurries to make a deadline! Pic 2: Jaime Sholem better get to work and quit clowning around!!! Right Page- Pic 1: David Winkel and John Martinie share thoughts on the latest issue. Pic 2: Jenna Yam bert and Todd Kaplan take time for a picture. Pic 3: Jenn Cox lives for the camera. Pic 4: These are the studly chronicle men. Pic 5: Chronicle staff is the new breakfast club! Pic 6: Jill Harms and Patrick Jones get personally involved with chronicle art. Pic 7: Dan Trupin with an attitude!







pon or : hcryl Hobbs and Pat jo hnson Members: 20

Activitie : Breakfast at the Original House of Pancake . Requirements : Must be mem be r of Yearbook or Ch ron icle staff for two years.

(From Left to Right) Front Row: Lisa Wilhelm. Liz McMilllen. Row 2: Kim Walsh. Erica Peters. Jenna Yambert, Angie Holmer, Joe Pellum. Row 3: Elizabeth Prommel, Emily Rousey. Liz Washburn. Amanda Cornett, jessica Weaver. jared Shelby. Dan Trupln . Row 4: Andy Williamson, Tyler Claxton, John Martinie, M1ke Aquino. Iamie holem, Pat Jones.

Captions: Pic 1- Angie Holmer checks out the menu. Pic 2- Jaime Sholem has a piping hot stack of pancakes. Pic 3Amada Cornett is still asleep this early in the morning. Pic 4- Dan Trupin enjoys breakfast with laura Martin. Pic 5- Joe Pellum and Jared Shelby are diehard yearbook memebers. Pic 6- Patrick Jones is hard at work on his journalism skills.




Sponsor: C.F. Danielson Requirements: Honorary

Activities : Murals in school, Spring Student Art Show, and any art n eded for school functions . Objectives: To promote excellence in art and artistic encourage talents.

Row 1: Melanie Kang, Nick Henry. Row 2: David Rowe, Lynsa Nguyen, Melissa Botche. Row 3: Mr. Danielson, ---, Carrie Peters.

THIS PAGE- Pic. 1: David Rowe, Victor Munoz, and Erinn Mann pose for the camera as they work on their pottery. Pic. 2: Michelle Smith works hard to get her new masterpiece underway. Pic. 3: Jesse Noyes works diligently on his piece of art. Pic. 4: Molly Weber, Dan Trupin, and Michelle Smith work on their newest assignment from Mr. Danielson. Pic. 5: Ross Craybill works on his painting with the rest of his class. Pic. 6: !an Curry finds time to poke his head into the view of the camera.

clubs 1


ponsor: Ms. Zara Du


eing th atrical A tivitie produ tions, attending Theatre Fest, and annual theatre clean-up.

ROW 1: Tommy Griscome, Katie Dubois, Natalie Krein, Amanda Kelly, Beth German. ROW 2: Bradley Tobias, Laura David, Molly Cornyn, Emily Hard, Jocab Strauss, Eric Rothmyre. ROW 3: Ashley Bishop, Abby Burgett, Caleb Keith, ROW 4: Jessica Andrejasich, Lucas Crawford, Ryan Segovich, Emily Manganaro, James Schirmer, Jack McCabe, Kate Ford, Alex Berg-Jacobson. ROW 5: Lisa Egner, Ian Curry, Travis Stimmel, A.J. Martin.

Sponsor: Ms. Zara Dues: $16 Activities : Talent Workshop, Theatre Fest, and various acting workshops. Objectives: To more deeply explore the world of theatre and expand acting ability.

THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Ryan Segovich puts on a spectacular show for the Central audience. FRONT ROW: Laura David, Molly Cornyn, Jacob Strauss, Emily Hard. BACK ROW: Ashley Bishop, Ryan Segovich, Abby Burgett, Caleb Keith.




Front Row: Caleb Keith, Erin Wiggins, Melanie Savvas, Erika Keuehn, Emily Hard, Mrs. Zara (director) . Second Row: Molly Cornett, Laura David, Kevin Frederick, Maggie Weber, Ashley Bishop, Elizabeth Andrejasich, Steve Eheart. Third Row: Erinn Mann, Elizabeth German, Maxwell Voelker, Ursula Idleman, Davi d Campbell, Jacob Van Laar, Jack McCabe, Ian Curry, Allison Ford. Fourth Row: Travis Stimmel, Nick Henry, Ryan Segovich, Sierra Meintser, Sarah German.

This play seems to be the American Dream gone wrong. The Rivers and Ravines is set in the mid1980's during the highflying stock market average days, when everybody was making a killing. Suddenly, however, the stock market falls and farmers of America went into a financial depression known as the Farm Recession. The characters of this play are forced to choos between saving their lives or saving their farms. This play is a play about endurance of the human spirit versus all manner of human adversity.

THIS PAGE- Pic. 1: Mrs. Zara informs Nick Henry to get his act together. Pic. 2: Molly Cornyn and Laura David do their part in putting together the play. Pic. 3: Maggie Weber runs through the play during rehearsals. Pic. 4: Ashley Bishop sings a solo during a rehearsal. Pic. 5: Jack McCabe and Ian Curry discuss their strategies in trying to make this play the best production in Central history.

clubs j



Front Row (left to right): Abby Burgett, Sarah Carlton, Joyce Herstrom, Jackie Danowitz, Stephanie Ervin, Nikki Winkler-Groschem, Morgan Dietkus. ROW 2: Mrs. Peper, Alida Williams, Sara Pitard, Kali Smith, Rian Jones, Kenny Jaehne, Meghan Brown, Maggie Weber, Mrs. Marianette. ROW 3: Joe Eppich, Jennifer Britt, Kevin Smith, Ashley Davis, Joel Matthews, Michael Campbell, Steve Layman, Bilal Ali, Lindsay Shepard. ROW 4: Theresa Lawrence, LAuren Downing, Matt Schanche, Caleb Keith, B.J. Mattingly, Ben Matthews, Jon Davis, Ryan Kruidenier, Katy Grace, Becca Bryan.

Show Choir

Front Row (left ot right): Christina Seibert, Jacob Strauss, Marielle Divilbiss, Leah McCray, Sara Lockman, Amariah Hays, Rachel Carlton, Britt Decker, Molly Cornyn. ROW 2: Sarah Hahn, Jessica Ringler, Kent Spitz, Jessica Phillippe, Jane Bailie, MArk Jackson, Lindsey Schneider, Dalana Baker, Morgan Dietkus. ROW 3: Kenny Jaehne, Caleb Keith, B.J. Mattingly, Kip McDaniel, Joe Eppich, Ken Duong, Michelle Ziegler.

Jazz Choir

Front Row (left to right): Mary Nichols, Amariah Hays, Sarah Pitard, Rian Jones, Jacob Strauss, Kali Smith, Liz McMillen. ROW 2: Abby Burgett, Lauren Downing, J.T. Whitmer, John Chittuluru, Margaret Weber, Treslyn Adeoye. ROW 3: Ashley Davis, B.J. Mattingly, Johnathan Davis, Matthew Schanche, Lindsely Schneider.




Freshmen Girls

Front Row (left to right): Ami Beckley, Dawn Lathrop, Alicia Dow, Jessica Vaughn, Stephanie Kroes, Cheli Winkler, Allyson Magno, CD Dizon, Martha Funston. ROW 2: Katrina Belanger, Vanessa Harris, Rachel Pierce, Shannon Jones, Patrice Gatson, Jasmine Henry, Melica Collins. ROW 3: Libby Weaver, Nidia Gaona, Tiella Dorris, Jade Frazier, Tamika Anderson, Ashley Bernard, Melissa Garner, Tyra Jasper.

Front Row (left to right): Nicole Belsley, Jenell Henrix, Jamila Bradford, Rachel Henneman, Katie Rames, Katrina Jackson, Adriannah Pelmore. ROW 2: Angela Montague, Christina Whtie, Leveshia Truner, Meg Gorham, Niesha Colley, Betsy Metzler, Kayama Hunter, Cassie Williams, Maggie Henss. ROW 3: Niesha Turner, Elizabeth Dunn, Terra Anderson, Essi Kylmanen, Mandy Sparks, Lauren Goodpaster, Whitney Keaton, Stephanie Bennett, Fatima Sturkey, Carty Hermsdorf.

Concert Choir

Front Row (left to right): Virginia Verberg, Beth Vise!, Shana Good, Stephanie Cornett, Nathan Schwalm, Sarah Thorpe. ROW 2: Mrs. Peper, Mrs. Marianette, Katie Henry, Latecia Payne, Natoska Robinson, Treslyn Adeoye, Nadine Patrick, Katie Ford. ROW 3: Miss Moraites, Kristine Min, Caitlin Beaudoin, Taylor Korab, Whitney Byrd, Jonathan Bkutler-Duplessis, Alex Berg-Jacobson, Stephanie Wendler, Elliot McGill. ROW 4: Lamatrice Perkins, Blair Broughton, Lisa Egner, Mark Breland-Jackson, Toweh Kpor, Michael Campbell, Arthur Hunter, Kurt Olsen, Caitlin Ryus, James Shirmer. ROW 5: Joe Eppich, Emily Manganero, Jennifer Lehman, Steve McFarland, Patrick Reinjart, Jon Bialeschki, Luis Rojas, Travis Stimmel, Greg Tresslar.

clubs I


pon or: Mr. Currey Objective : To raise to the highest level of mu ical excell nee, to continue the xploration of music, and prepare for future musical end avor Me mber Awa rd s: finalists.

54 uper state

Requirem ents: Audition Activiti e : Daily rehearsal and concerts.

Brass & Percussion Front Row (Left to Right): Mike Egner, Katie Truepe r, Erica White, Dan Beachle, Bill Muster, Shannon Zoll, Troy Michels. ROW 2: Noah Morgan, Jennifer Fieckert, Peter McNabb, Ross McCauley, Mark Brown, Matt Gates, Dan Thies, Phil Schroeder. ROW 3: Marsha Reardon, Drew Fredrickson, Rob Gwinn, David Goran . ROW 4: Alex Feldman, Elise McCauley, Stephanie Thies, T.J. Peper, Da n Grosser, Bonnie Collins, Mark Egli.

Woodwinds Front Row (Left to Right) : Amanda Prilliman, Leslie Morrison, Rachel Machula, Lucas Crawford, Abby Burgett, Amy Carron, Erin Church, Leslie Thomas. ROW 2: Sang Yoo, Emily Abbot, Andrew Dixon, Meagen Meneely, Amanda Edwards, Jacob Goran, Shelley Goddard, Alex Feldman. ROW 3: Sara Arnold, Jessyca Revilla, Laurie Climer, Kristin Lutrell, J.T. Whitmer, Johanna Weischel.


j clubs

Sponsor: Mr. Curry Members: 81 Objectives: To create a strong musical foundation, explore a wide variety of musical styles, and raise playing skills to a new level. Brass Front Row (left to Right): Tim Carey, Julie Deschler, Kara Bowen, Crish Kincheloe, Frank Fisher, Paul Dixon, Joel Schneider, John Herre!, Robin Thomas. ROW 2: Devon Mills, Kevin Zalucha, Stefanie Irvin, Josh Weischel, Cory Rohn, Brian Kessler, Nathan Woodson, John Campbell, Brian Murphy, Geoffrey Lin, Centrail Chillis. ROW 3: LaMatrice Perkins, Dan Jinks, Rick Nelson, Nathan Brown, Brian Ho, Frank Wetzel, April Britt, Eric Cain.

Activities: Daily rehearsals and concerts. Requirements : Audition only.

Woodwinds Front Row (Left to Right): Natalie Dixon, lyndsey Fisher, Alex Ratcliff, Andy Sims, Aaron Yoon, Ben Gordon, Katie Elliot, Katie Woodson, Jordan Gebil. ROW 2: Elizabeth Vanness, Danielle Hassell, Nick Gordon, Hannah Ahn, Amanda Ehmann, Stephanie Cobb, Megan Brewer, Jenna Suttle, Emily Fotzler, Amariah Hays, Kristin Anderson. ROW 3: Nick Scarpetta, Theresa Spohrer, Crystal Hardyman, Robin Thomas, James Herschbouger, Jessica Dickson, Jason lickfeldt, Garrick Nelson, Megan Antrom, Aaron Robinson, David Joy, Jeff Bohlmann, Crystla Frazier, Sarah Hagel, Brittanie Akins.

Sponsor: Mr. Currey Members : 10 Objectives: To achieve an understanding of music theory, become comfortable with all types of percussive instruments and create musical confidence and clean beats. Front Row (Left to Right): Megan Fredricks, Stephanie Kamykowski, Jon Blockman, T.J. Kane, Rodney Vassar, Ben Gordon. ROW 2: Chris Flanders, Dewayne Watson, Eric Skaggs, Ben Smith, Ben Bradley.

clubs 1


Sponsor: john Currey Members: 40 Activities: jazz 2001, performances in jazz festivals, annual C ntral Swingfest. Objectives : To enlighten the community through our performances.

This Page -Pic 1: Mark Brown Jazzes it up. Pic 2: Stephanie Thies, are you paying attention?!!! 1



Front Row (Left to right): Amanda Prillaman, Brittani Akins, Andrew Dixon, James Herchshbayer, Dan Thies. ROW 2: Brian Ho, Nathan Woodson, Josh Weischet. ROW 3: Beth German, Nathan Brown, Dan Grosser, Kaylie Trueper, Robin Thomas, Zak Robinson, Paul Dixon, Bill Rank.

Sponsor: john Currey Drum Majors: Abby Burgett, Maggie Weber, and Amanda Edwards. Objectives: To have school spirit and to have fun!!! Activities : Halftime performances at football games, state competitions, playing at various events.

Front Row (left to right): Theresa Sporher, Katie Woodson, Jordan Gebil, Shelly Goddard, Kristen Luttrell, Katie Elliott, Erin Church, Crystal Hardyman, Leslie Thomas, Megan Brewer, Robin Thomas, Kristen Anderson, Lisa Campbell, Amariah Hays. ROW 2: Lucas Crawford, Rachel Machula, Amanda Prillaman, Lyndsey Fisher, Andy Sims, Nick Gordan, Aaron Yoon, Victor Miley, Emily Fotzler, Jenna Suttle, Ana Eisenmann, Emily Abbot. ROW 3: April Britt, Kevin Zalucha, Garrick Nelson, David Joy, Megan Antrim, Sanng Ho Yoo, Natalie Dixon, Stephanie Cobb, Danielle Hassel, Elizabeth Vanness, Nick Scarpetta, Sara Arnold, Alex Ratcliff, Tasha Herbert. ROW 4: Brittani Aikens, Sara Hagel, JT Whitmer, Jeff Bohlmann, Jason Lickfeldt, Jessica Dickson, James Hersh burger, Andrew Dixon, John Herrell, Zack Robinson. ROW 5: Megan Meneely, Dewayne Watson, Bonnie Collins, Drew Russell, Dan Grosser, TJ Peper, Hugh Eisenmann, TJ Kune, Remi Tipie, Cathy Thomas, Stephanie Thies, Chris Flanders, Rodny Vasser, Katie Stephens. ROW 6: Amanda Edwards, Lynsa Nyguen, Mark Eghi, John Rost, Ben Smith, Taylor Feille, Megan Fredricks, Stephanie Kangkowski, Dean Stumpf, Eric Skaggs, Noah Morgan, Ross McCauley. ROW 7: Beth Visel, Maggie Weber, Erin Cain, Chris Kincheloe, Kara Bowen, Joel Schneider, Frank Fisher, Robin Thomas, Dan Beachle, Shannon Zoll, Bill Muster, Tim Carey, Troy Michels, Megan Yore. ROW B: Abby Burgett, David Goran, Marsha Renardon, Peter Menabb, Laurie Climer, Jennifer Fiekert, Devon Mills. ROW 9: Holly Nelson, Frank Wetzel, Cory Rohn, Cintrel Chillis, Nathan Woodson, Brian Murphey, Brian Kessler, Brian Ho, Geoff Lin, Matt Gates, Dan Thies, Phil Schroeder, Mark Brown, LaMatrice Perkins. ROW 10: John Currey, Rick Nelson, Drew Fredrickson, Nathan Brown, Ben Gordon, Mark Johns, Alex Feldman.

Pic 1: Rachel Machula and Luras Crawford are so silly! Pic 2: Chris Taylor toots his horn. Pic 3: The tubas gear up for a big show. Pic 4: Abby Burgett leads the band. Pic 5: Drumline pounds out a phat beat. Pic 6: Central band members Sarah Arnold and Elise McCauley get crazy!!!




pon or:

tudent Council

Requirement : To have lots of chool pirit, wear Maroon Mob hirts to games, and be crazy! ctivities: Cheering at all Central basketball home games. Dues: To be a member of the laroon Mob you have to purchase a Maroon Mob shirt.

THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Emily, Jack;e and Michelle smile for the camera. Pic. 2: Ang;e Holmer and a Uttle maroon. Pic. 3: Sen;ors Emily, MeUssa and K;m show;ng some sk;n. Pic. 4: Sophmores enjoy the game.





THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Getting the game face on. Pic. 2: Ashley Einck teaches the little maroons a dance. Pic. 3: The crowd cheers on the Central basketball team.

clubs 1


Sponsor: Mary Relken , Mr. Kintzel umber of Members: 70 Officers: President: Katie Schlorff I st Vice President: David Rugerri 2nd Vice President: Reema Bosmia Treasur r : Kim Walsh Secretary: Sara Lockman Public Relations : Katy Wampler, Patrick Hatch Honor Book: Natalie Kenny Sergeant at arms: Nick York Requirements: Must be elected by the stud nt body and actively participate in Student Council activities. Activities: To positively repre ent Central High School by working hand in hand with the faculty and administrators. Objectives: Hosts all dances (except Prom), Make a Difference Day, Blood Drive, Caroling to neighbors, Sports Day, Coat Drive, Angel Tr e, Bell ringing for Salvation Army, Cystic Fibrosis fundraising, etc.

This page: Pic 1: Angie Holmer, Kylie Peel and the rest of the student coundl dance the night away at the student coundl sleepover. Pic 2: President Katie and V.P. David smile for the camera. Pic 3: Student Coundl girls help the Salvation Army. Pic 4: Jared Shelby says cheese! Pic 5: Student coundl juniors working hard! Pic 6: Sophomores Anne Murray and Whitney Parkhill enjoying their government positions.




(left to right) FRONT ROW: Valerie Mazzaco, Mary Parkhill, Ellen Stanko, Shannon Zole, Angela Holmer. ROW 2: Megan Fredricks, Victoria Pinkett, ---, Becky liebovitch. ROW 3: Katie Fredricks, Kylie Peel, Mary Hough, Jennifer Hoss. ROW 4: Puja Batura, Whitney Byrd, Whitney Parkhill. ROW 5: David Mangian, Abby Burgett, Caleb Keith, Anne Murray. ROW 6: Alexis Strack, Ryne Hoffman, Kip McDaniel. ROW 7: Shaneka Terrell, Christine Min, Tyler Hagle, Haley Johnson. ROW 8: Anna Rost, Michelle Ziegler, Cynthia Byers, Stephanie Kamykowski, Nick Henry.

THIS PAGE: Pic 1: Once upon a student coundl meeting ... Pic 2: Abby B., Shannon Z., Jessica W., and Emily R. take charge! Pic 3: Ellen Stanko and Mary Parkhill get down with student coundl. Pic 4: The executive board shows 'em how it's done. Pic 5: Junior girls think student coundl is a blast! Pic 6: Abby Burgett, Sara Lockman and Anna Rost away at an extracurricular activity!





Sponsor: usan Weber Number of Member : 10 Requirement : Mu t ell doughnut and participate in a committee. Activitie : Art Drive to obtain m aterials for children 's organizations, doughnut sales, coaches against cancer, etc. Objectives: volunteer organization for Central High School students to reach out to the community through service projects. Officers: President: Laurie Climer Vice President: Lindsay Shepard Secretary: jessica Weaver and Eric Rothmeier Treasurer: Laura David

THIS PAGE: Pic 1: laurie Climer and laura David love helping others! Pic 2: Mrs. Weber is thinking of more projects that the Key Club could do. Pic 3: Jessica Weaver says cheese! Pic 4: Erik Roithmayr catches up on his school work.


!student life

(From left to right) FRONT ROW: Madison Mullady, laurie Climer, Emily Milsap, Erik Roithmayr. Row 2: Ian Curry, laura David, Sachiko Kuwabara

pon or: Lee West Number of Members: 3 Requirements: Attend practices and competitions . Activities: Compete in IH A speech competitions throughout the area. Obj ctives: To improve acting and speech skills. Meetings: Tuesdays at 7:00 and Fridays at 3:30.

THIS PAGE: Pic 1: Sara Thorp practices her speech. Pic 2: Central's awardwinning speech team practices hard. Pic 3: Jennifer Kraus thinks of what she should say next. Pic 4: All together now! Pic 5: Dan Allender is ready to inspire.

student li e


Sponsor: Johnette Sparks Members: 40 Dues: $5 Requirements: M mbers have an active interest in education. Activities: The Future Teachers Club visits and observ s other schools and universities. Objective : To learn about education as a career and to experience working with children. Officers: Co-Presidents: Rashied Reid & Rachel Blockman. Secretary: Elizabeth Proem mel

This page: Pic 1: President Rachel reads a story. Pic 2: These girls are in a festive spirit during this future teachers meeting. Pic 3: Future teachers of America! Pic 4: Mrs. Sparks and Rashied Reid smile for the camera. Pic 5: Senior Sara Arnold is working hard.



Sponsor: Mr. Hasenstab Students are required to fill out petition with student signatures, and attend meetings. Objectives: To run organized, productive, nonbiased school elections. President: Dasha Dikanov

(Left to right) FRONT ROW: Kim Walsh, Ashley Einck, Maura Murphy, Britt Decker, BACK ROW: Jenn Cox, Puja Batura, Haley Johnson, Val Mazzaco, Mr. Hassenstab.

The Central Chess Club was founded this year with the help of students Mark Johns, Cannan Curtiss, and Michael Ochs. Sponsor: Mr. Kintzel Members: 16 Dues: $5 Activities: Fun, fellowship and chess!

(Left to right) FRONT ROW: Conrad Klinkner, Thomas Gardner, Jared Spohrer, Adam Jones, Tommy Griscom, Chris DuBois, Habiba Khan, BACK ROW: Tim Sevrens, Michael Bantz, Steve Kamykowski, Colin Glatz, Michael Ochs, Cannan Curtiss.

clubs !


Spon ors: Faye Catchings and Brandi Simmons Number of Members: I 2 Requirements: To have an interest in serving others while having fun. Activities: Dances, Talent Show, donating a Tree of Lights during the Holiday sea on, and one public service activity. Objectives: To help others while learning the true meaning of compassion and giving of ones time and talent. Officers : President: Rasheid Reid, Vice-President: Jaya Miller, Secretary: Sheniqua White, Asst. ecretary: Shannon Jones, Treasurer: Cherrell Bromley, Asst. Treasurer: Antonio Carter

THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Ms. Simmons, Ms. Stovall, and Mr. Sparks with a speaker from Morris College. Pic. 2: Cherrell Bromley enjoys herself at a meeting. Pic. 3: Tayanna Brown, Robin Brown-Keyhea, April Britt, Nadia Berger, Tauisha Dixon, and Willis Booker on a field trip to Tennessee. Pic. 4: A good lookin' bunch! Pic. 5: A statue of Ghandi promotes radal unity outside the Martin Luther King Center.




THIS PIC: Shannon Jones, Rasheid Reid, Ms. Catchings, Cherrell Bromley, Devon Mcferren

Spo nsor: Benita Lewi s N um ber of Members : 14 Ac t ivities: Concerts and community service. Requirem ents : Ability to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass. Objectives: To be the best and make beautiful music. Officers: Laura David Preside nt ; Shaneka Terrell- Vice-President ; julia Fo urman-Secretary; Beth German- Treasurer.

THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Emily Nuzzo- in concert! Pic. 2: Rachel Blockman makes beautiful music! Pic. 3: Beth German concentrates on her string bass. Pic. 4: Adrian Bettridge watches for a cue from his director. Pic. 5: These Orchestra students show off what they have learned at a concert.

clubs 1


Sponsers: Mr. Miller and Mr. Henigman Membership: 84 Dues: S 12 Requirements: Students must have a GPA of 4.5 or above and participate in on community activity per year. Activities: Peer tutoring and Academic Letter Award Ceremony Objectives: To promote academic excellence Officers: President: John Martinie Vice-President:Erica Peters Secretary: Abby Burgett Treasurer: Pat Jones

THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Kim Walsh, Erin Church, David Mangian, and Stephanie Thies. Pic. 2: Dan Baechle - Be cool, stay in school! Pic. 3: Joe Pellum and Katy Wampler show off their Academic letters. Pic. 4: Jenna Yambert and Allie Armstrong show their enthusiasm. Pic. 5: Officers Pat Jones, John Martinie, Abby Burgett, and Erica Peters 1



(From left to right) FRONT ROW: Maggie Evans, April Lelea, Dan Baechle, Kim Walsh, Emily Nuzzo, Rachel Machula, Theresa Lawrence, Michelle Ziegler, Susan Chisholm, Sara Lockman. ROW 2: Robert Reis, Elise Parker-Stephen, Shawanna Lee, Sara Arnold, Ashley Davis, Johanna Weichsel, Pat Jones, Jon Whitmer, Matt Scheitlin, Jacob Goran. ROW 3: Sarah Carlton, Tashawnna Herbert, Nicole Winkler-Groschen, Ha Vu, Rachel Carlton, Allie Armstrong, Jenna Yam bert, Jenn Cox, Alexis Strack, Haley Johnson, Valerie Mauocco, Mary Parkhill, Ellen Stanko, Lynsa Nguyen, Mary Nichols, Mr. Miller. ROW 4: Abby Burgett, Liz Washburn, Whitney Petry, Amanda Kelly, Emily Rousey, Katy Wampler, Puja Batura, Joe Pellum, Michael Aquino, Amanda Edwards, Erica White, Morgan Rowe, Leann Terwilliger, Lindsay Shepard, Jaime Broom. ROW 5: Elizabeth McMillan, Devin Mills, Lindsey Schneider, Madison Mullady, Jesse Noyes, Tyler Hagle, Caleb Keith, Erin Church, Stephanie Thies, Megan fredericks, Troy Michaels, Jared Shelby. BACK ROW: Michael Vriner, Julie Sonka, Erica Peters, Lisa Wilhelm, Jennifer fieckert, Jennifer Kraus, Matt Stout, Robert Schnitzlein, David Mangian, Nicholas York, Ryan Segovich, Mark Brown, faith Swartzendruber, Dan Trupin, Tyler Claxton, Anna Rost, Colin Cain, John Martinie.

Sponsor: Mrs. Freyman Members: II Activities: Hosting guest speakers, networking likeminded students, gaining information about challenges for females in scientific fields. Objectives: To encourage girls to have an active intere t in science, math, and engineering.

FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Natalie Krein, Tercell Fly, Nicole Winkler-Groschen, Vanessa Moll, Mrs. Freyman BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Laurie Climber, Megan Fredericks, Lynsa Nguyen, Lisa Egner, Johanna Weichsel, Stephanie Kamykowski, Maggie Hehns.

Officers: President: Megan Fredericks; Vice-Presidents: Ursulla Idleman, Stephanie Kamykowski; Secretary: Natali Krein; Treasurer: Blair Broughton; PR: Lynsa Ngyen

Sponsor: Ms. Yoder Members: 16 Requirements : 2 full days of training, acceptance by application and an interest in helping others. Activities: Field trips for training, working with other students to resolve problems peacefully, and helping new students. Objectives: Helping students resolve issues through counseling. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jessica Weaver, Erin Kirby, Jacob Strauss, Emily Millsap, Elizabeth Proemmel. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Yoder, Rasheid Reid, Tasha Hebert, Andy Hudson, Seth Swartz, April Lelea.




Spon ors: Anne Munroe, LaDonna Fletcher, joe Kintzel, Adam Poetzel Member : 25 Dues: $5.00 Requirements: Must have a love of math , come to math team practices, and attend competitions. Activities: Annual field trips, various competitions during the year, and tutor other students in math . Objectives: To further the understanding of math and having fun doing it. Officers: Co-Presidents: Sarah Carlton and john Chittuluru ; Secretary: Elizabeth Proemmel; Treasurer: Lynsa Nguyen

THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Holly Nelson and Ariella Wiener with their fearless leader Mrs. Munroe. Pic. 2: Mark Egli is ready to do some math! Pic. 3: Leslie Morrison, John Chituluru, and Sara Lockman are working together! Pic. 4: Laurie Climer sports the new Central Style- 10 tags!!




FIRST ROW, Left to right: Robert Reis , Beth German, Sarah Carlton , Kevin Zalucha, Nick Britsky, Aaron Yoon , Lynsa Nguyen, Jennifer Yoo , Leslie Mornson. SECOND ROW: Devin M1lls, Jen Feickert, Laurie Climer, StevePeper, John Cittuluru , Natalie Tabb, Ariella Wiener, Sara Lockman . THIRD ROW: Mark Egli, Elizabeth Proemmel , Chris Dubois, Jerem Furtney, Lotan Band , Lisa Egner, Holly Nelson, Arpa Luevisadpaibul , Konrad Klinker. BACK ROW : Nate Olivera, Jamie Sholem, Michael Ochs , Frank Fisher, Neva Band , Jennifer Kraus , Dan Thies, Karen Smith , Brian Ho.

ponsor: Mr. Plattner Number of Member : 9 Dues: $12 Requirements: To have an active interest in science. Activitie : Doing demonstrations for Dr. Howard's cience Fair, a spring fi ld trip to Chicago. and helping to promote widespread interest in science. Objective: To help students understand and enjoy science. FRONT ROW: Bill Muster, laurie Climer, Theresa Spohrer, Robert Reis. SECOND ROW: Devin Mills, Jennifer Feickert, Robert Schnitzlein, Colin Glatz, Eric Kesler.

Officers: Bill Muster- President; Laurie Climer- VicePresident; Kyle FunkSecretary; Robert chnitzlein- Treasurer.

THIS PAGE: Pic. 1: Bill Muster helps tutor Angie Holmer and Caleb Keith. Pic. 2: Robert Reis- Ruler of the universe! Pic. 3: Daniel Baechle and Peter McNabb demonstrate their pulley system. Pic. 4: Susan Chisholm and Anna Rost enjoy science club. Pic. 5: The officers of Science club strike a pose.

clubs 1


A talented group of Central High chool actors presented "The now Ball" on ovember I, 2, 3, and 4, 2000, in the Decker Theater. In "The Snow Ball," Cooper jones is a middle-aged relator whose failing marriage and uninspiring job have left him prey to feelings of nostalgia. Over the objections of his wife, Liz , a pragmatic, no nonsense advocate for th homeless, he is persuaded by his old friend Lucy to revive a winter dane which was the high point of their youth. To crown the evening, they plan to invite back jack Daley and Kitty Price, everyone's vision of the bygone dream couple. In flashback's, Cooper and his companions play themselves as teenagers in the 1950's. Of particular interest to the audience were the dance scenes involving awkward teenagers modeling 1950's fashions and stumbling through their dance steps. It soon became clear that the cast had worked very hard on choreography when they danced as adults. Along the way we all discovered that change is inevitable, and our job is to make that change positive. THIS PAGE- Pic 1: Everyone is having a ball at the "Snow Ball." Pic 2: Jacob Strauss and Britt Decker make their appearance at the "Snow BaiL" Pic 3: The cast smiles for the camera. Pic 4: Maggie Weber and Michael Bantz stumble through their dance steps as they play young teenagers. Pic 5: Ryan Segovitch gets into character. Pic 6: Emily Hard feels out of place. Pic 7: These school boys are cracking up.



The fall musical this year was "jesus Christ uperstar." It was directed by Rebecca Marianetti and choreographed by Daphne McCoy. This was one of Central's most expensive productions. Many professionals were hired for the set, lighting, and choreography. The show depicted the last few days of the life of jesus, however the central questions in the story revolve not around jesus Christ, but instead around judas, jesus' betrayer. The writers portray judas' betrayal as one committed not out of malice, but rather out of an unfaithful attempt to do what he thinks is best for his people. Some of Central's most talented performers clearly delivered a powerful, moving performance for the audience, as well as themselves.

THIS PAGE- Pic 1: Jesus (Caleb Keith ) stands with his disciples. Pic 2: Jacob Strauss makes a great Judas. Pic 3: Followers reach out to Jesus. Pic 4: Mary tries to comfort Jesus. Pic 5: Praise the Lord! Pic 6: Mary takes ca re of Jesus. Pic 7: What a talented cast. Pi c 8: Morgan Dietkus wants Jesu s to change her water in to wine.

clubs !


Sponsor: Bette Van Es Number of Members: approximately 100 Dues : $9 Requirements: Pay dues, have an interest in Spanish, and participate in activities. Objectives: To have fun and promote a love for Spanish. Special Awards: Half scholarships for immersion weekend. Officers : haneka Terrell and Jill Harms- CoPresidents, Laura DavidSecretary, Sara LockmanTreasurer, Madison Mullady- Publicity

(From left to right) Row 1: Madison Mullady, Laura David, Sara Lockman, Michelle Ziegler, Maura Murphy, Jenna Yam bert, Johanna Henry. Row 2: Jill Harms, Devin Mills, Jennifer Kraus, Stephanie Wendler, Puja Batura, Jesse Noyes, Alexis Strack, Tyler Hagle. Row 3: Mark Brown, James Brown, Rasheid Reid, David Rugerri, Patrick Jones, Nick York, Eric Burge, Nicholas Chagnon, Edward Gutierrez, Bette Van Es.

(From left to right) Row 1: Theresa Spohner, Kara Bowen, Erica Claxton, Mariam Choudhury, Danielle Weklinski, Rebecca Nizzi. Row 2: Heather Coldwell, Julie Deschler, Jennifer Yoo, Katie Sholem, Katie Crawford . Row 3: La Niandra Mcferren, Lucas Crawford, Emily Manganero, James Shirmer, Leslie Adkins.

THIS PAGE: Pic 1: Laura David makes a Spanish poster. Pic 2: These girls are having a blast at the Spanish Club Fiesta.




@ Sponsor: Marge Anders Dues: $8 Requirements : A cumulative "A" in Spanish at the third quarter with enrollment in either panish Ill, IV, or V class. Activities: Spring initiation and Spanish tutoring. Objectives : To encourage and reward excellence in Spanish. Officers : jacob Strauss, Erica Peters, Lisa Wilhelm, julie Sonka.

(From left to right/bottom to top) Nicole Wlnkler-Groschen, Mary Parkhill, Katy Wampler, Jacob Strauss, Ashley Da>ns, John Chittuluru, Catherine Thomas, Kimberly Walsh, Sara Lockman, Madison Mullady, Ashley Kern, Erin Church, Patrick Jones, Margan Rowe, Whitney Petry, De>nn Mills, Patrick Hatch, Lisa Wilhelm, Julie Sonka, Liz Washburn, Sara Arnold, Shaneka Terrell, Mark Brown, Erica Peters, Ashley Claiborne, Michelle Ziegler, Dane Baechle, Elise Parker-Stephen, Ellen Stanko, Estela Rocha, Colin Cain, Allie Armstrong, Tyler Hagle, Jamie Sholem, Jennifer Cox.

THIS PAGE: Pic 1: Whitney Petry loves to help with Spanish acti>nties. Pic 2: The Spanish Honor Society officers. Pic 3: Hey Jamie Sholem, how you like them apples?




pon or: Catherine Majdiak ffic rs: Abby Burgett . Reema Bosmia, Shannon Zoll (secretary), Ryan Scgovich (treasurer) . Members: 46 Dues: $9 entrance fe and 6 caramel apples , or $6 e tra. Requirements: To be in French Club, a student must pay the dues and participate in the French Club activities. Activities: Holiday French Club Dinn r, a trip to the Art Museum in Chicago, observance of classes at the U of I, caramel apple sales, and French films. Row 1: Reema Bosmia, Abby Burgett. Row 2: Jonathon Herret, Marlett Divilbiss, Sarah Carlton, Nick Scarpetta, libby larson, Taylor Korab, Anne Murray. Row 3: Andrea Dixon, Shannon Zott, Emily Rousey, Elise McAuley, Kim Aikman, Barina Faztic, Shelby Karr, Rachel Carlton, Katie Hopkins, Kim Sarnecky. Row 4: Matt Scheitlin, Jon Whitmer, Jeff Harden, Rachel Welch, Jon Stockman, Becca Bryan, Michael Aquino, lindsay Shepard, Rachel Vang, Molly Cornyn. Row 5: Kip McDaniel, Katie Rames, Maggie Henss, Natalie Kenny, Kyle Young, Ryan Segovich, Cherral Bramley, Ian Curry, Dustin Brownfield, Richie Nelson.

THIS PAGE - Pic. 1: Reema Bosmia and Abby Burgett pose for the French Club. Pic. 2: Lindsay Shepard and Maggie Henss enjoy the festivities of the monthly French Clubs meetings. Pic. 3: Madame Majdiak goes to work preparing for her French Club members what she hopes will be a wonderful meeting. 1



Sponsor: Catherine Majdiak Memb rs: 8 Requirements : Students must maintain an Aaverage in French and maintain a B + average in all other courses. Activities: Formal initiation of new members and observance of Fr nch culture. Objectives: To recognize outstanding students in French and to promote a greater understanding of the French language.

Row 1: Abby Burgett, Emily Rousey, Reema Bosmia, Lindsay Shepard. Row 2: Michael Aquino, Ryan Segovich, Sarah Carlton, Anna Rost.

THIS PAGE - Pic. 1: Ryan Segovich takes part in the ever festive caramel apple sale for the French Club and French Honor Society. Pic. 2: Reema Bosmia and Abby Burgett are forced by Madame Majdiak to finish the extra croissant rolls Pic. 3: Anna Rost takes time out of her important French Honor Society meeting to pose with the bear in the Hall of Honors.

clubs 1


Sponsor: Dr. Mary Malloy Membership: 30 Dues:


Requirement : Past or present enrollment in German class. Activities: Oktoberfest in the fall; field trip to German Town & Christkindlemarkt; Holiday Caroling in December; Winter Ski Trip. Objectives: To bring the German language and culture into extracurricular activities. Officers: Laurie Climer, Charles Coey, Peter Kane, Bill Muster

THIS PAGE- Pic 1: 2000-2001 German Club Officers. Pic 2: Jen Feickert and Laurie Climer serve desserts at Oktoberfest. Pic 3: Frau Doktor and Lynsa Nguyen serve apple cider at Oktoberfest! Pic 4: Robert Schnitzlein, Mary Nichols, and Katie Dubois at the Christkindlemarkt. Pic 5: Some posters from the walls of the German room.




(From Left to Right) Row 1: Habiba Khan, Cynthia Byers, Laurie Climer, Jane Bailie, Amanda Cornett, Mary Nichols, Emily Fletcher, Steffi Kamykowski, Carrie Petus, Katie Dubois. Row 2: Kevin Zalucha, Lynsa Nguyen, Jen Feickert, Brian Ho, Frau Doktor, Nick Stirrett, Jodi Cornett, Erica Williams, Bill Muster, Brad Tobias. Row 3: Ursulla Idleman, Jessica Weaver, Peter Kane, Dan Thies, David Manigian, Miles Gurtler, Robert Schnitzlein, Jason Marry, Scott Simmons.

Sponsor: Dr. Mary Malloy Membership: IS Dues: Personal payments to cover Association expenses. Requirements: A-average in German for two years; 8average in other subjects. Activities: Field trip to University of Illinois German Department in the spring; spring induction ceremony. Objectives: Promote academic achievement in German . Special Award Graduation honor

(From left to Right) Row 1: lynsa Nguyen, Amanda Cornett, Jane Bailie, Mary Nichols, Jessica Weaver. Row 2: Jen Feickert, laurie Climer, Erica Williams, Bill Muster, Frau Doktor. Row 3: Peter Kane, Daniel Thies, Nick Stirrett, Rober Schnitzlein, Miles Gurtler, Scott Simmon.

Officers: Amanda Cornett, jane Bailie, Nick Stirrett, Robert Schmitz! in .

THIS PAGE- Pic 1: "Knowledge Competition" contestants line-up. Pic 2: "Knowledge Competition" runner-up Daniel Theis and winner Amy Nichols. Pic 3: Champaign meets Chicago at the Christkindlemarkt. Pic 4: German Posters.

clubs 1


Administration and Staff

Don Hansen Principal

Dianne Shepard Dean


I teachers

Dennis Sparks Assistant Principal

Bill Freyman Dean

Charles Drake Dean

Marge Anders Foreign Language

joe Bauers English -~-

Debbie Black Foreign Language

Ruth Buckles Secretarial Staff

Colleen Coleman Math


Crystal Carter Business

Faye Catchings Special Education

Wilma Gleason Secretarial Staff

Tom Croy Physical Education

john Currey Music

Michael Czerniawski English

Charles Danielson Art

Diane Ecker Business


teachers ! 193

Dave Fones Special Education

Sarah Freyman Science

Sally Galen Science

jenny Garbe Foreign Language

Rich Garcia Math; Athletic Director

Karen Hackman Librarian

Cathy Hardig Math

Kara Harmon Math

Jeff Hasenstab Social Studies

Greta Henry Secretarial Staff

Debbie Hewitt English

Sheryl Hobbs English ..----



Diana Huston Secretarial Staff

Argie Johnson Aide

David Johnson Business

Kim Lavin Special Education -.....----:

Dianne Krone Special Education

Pat Johnson English

_ ______

Tim Lavin ical Education___,

Sandra Lentz Sp cial Education

Marie Lypka Aide

Yolanda Martin Special Education

Lisa Martinez Physical Education

Sena Leikvold English

Catherine Madjiak Foreign Language

jane Kuppler Special Education

Kay Lemons Consumer Science

Mary Malloy Foreign Language

teachers I 195

Donna McKinley Special Education

Anne Munroe Math

Mary Patrou is English


' teachers

Glenn Miller Counseling

Myron Ochs Industrial Arts

Chris Payne Special Education

Robert Miller Science

Marilyn Misner Psychologist

Donna Osler-Davis Aide

Darren Plattner Science

George Pellum Social Studies

Dody Phipps Computer Aide

Adam Poetzel Math

Kirsten Poetzel English

Kyle Ransom Social Studies

Dan Reid Science

Mary Relken Social Studies

Brian Ruis Math

Diane Salfelder English

julie Sherwood English

Kathleen Smith Math

johnette Sparks Foreign Language

Anne Staab Physical Education

john Staab Social Studies

Dike Stirrett Business

Shmonica Stovall Math

Susan Taylor Counseling

Beth Thomas Consumer Education

teachers ! 197

Stephanie Thomas S cr ta ria I Staff

jeff Trigger Physical Education


Emily vonHuben Library Staff

Bruce Wisner Industrial Arts

!teachers 198

jackie Witt Library Staff

Donyetta Turner Aide

Karen Waybright Consum r Science

Matt Woods Social Studies

Lee Zara English

Bette Van Es Foreign Language

Sandra White

Lori Yoder Social Worker

Laura Zick-Bottorf Foreign Language

Student Survey Winners

Hardest "A" Amy Felty Brian Ruis

Most School Spirited Marge Anders jeff Hasenstab

Most Knowledgeable Sarah Freyman Adam Poetzel

Slowest Grader Susan Weber Scott Davis teachers




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205 N. Neil, Cbaapaiao Diamonds- 1r atc:bes-Clocts-Giltware Class Kina Headquarters GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 2001!

Best Wishes from a loyal Central fan and congratulations on a great season for the new millennium. Mrs. Gleason , thank you for the "Celebrate Central 2000" t-shirt. I like it a lot. David He--Champaign Central 's Most School Spirited Student of 1993





















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Lindsay. Thanks for letting us be a part of your high school years. It has been a joy watching you become a beautiful and caring young women. We arc very proud of you and know that your future holds many wonderful times for you. We love you. Mom and Dad

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Rachel (Sissy), We are so proud of you. We love your spirit; you bring joy and laughter to our home. Continue to believe in yourself and be happy. We love you! Mom, Ron, joey, Kelsey

BOne look at your room and we know you haven't been good for the rest of your life. We hope you've decided on a college and a sport(s) by now and look forward to cheering from a new set of bleachers! Love, Mom, Dad, ]en, and Eric

You make us SO PROUD! Love, Mom and Dad

Amber, Congratulations on graduating from high school. We are very proud of you and wish you all the best. We know you will do very well in your future endeavors. We will always be here for you. We love you, Mom, Dad, Chad, and Kyle

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight (Pro 3:5-6). We are very proud of you, jason. Love, Dad, Melissa, and Griffin

Jacob, We've tried to set a strong example of hardwork and give you space and support to develop creatively, intellectually and spiritually. We give you love and laughter and look forward to watching your life unfold. Language fails us. Proud is not a big enough word. Love, Mom and Dad

Kya (Gertl. You're a 路路brg grrl" now, but you will always be our 路路biggest baby."' You're a great big sister and so much more Look ahead to your dreams and possibilities wrth no regrets. The best is yet to come! We arc very proud of you and will always be here for you. Love ya 1 Mom, Shawn, Aubrie, Brenna, Peyton. Karscn and Reece

Dear Rachie (aka pidcr). We arc going to miss your beautiful smile every day. We have truly enjoyed every stage of your life and have watched you develop into a beautiful young lady. We are so proud of your goals, and we will always be there for you . Love, Mom. Dad, and Jon P.S. we promise not to call you every day rn college .

Emily, Wishing you more healh, wealth and happiness than there are birds in the sky, fish in the sea or clothes on your floor! Love you always, love you much! Mom and Dad

John, What an outstanding young man you have become! We have no doubt that with your competitive spirit, keen mind and excellent sense of humor, you will be a winner in all of your life's endeavors. "We know that we have a WI ER!" All our love. Dad, Mom. Kate, Mike, and TAZ

Listen to the Mustn'ts Listen to the mustn'ts, child, Listen to the don'ts: Listen to the shouldn 'ts. the impossibles, the won'ts; Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me -Anything can happen, child. Anything can be. Shcl ilvcrstcin

Congratulations, Michael! We arc so proud of you and all that you 'vc accomplished! We know that you will always be successful in all that you do. Continue to stand by your beliefs. Your integrity viii take you far. We love you very much! Mom, Dad, and Patrick

Christina, From Chi-Chi's to CEO, I'll always be there cheering you on all the way! I believe in you; I'm very proud of you; I love you! Mom

Dear Sarah (the Bear). Thank you for being our daughter. We are very proud to be your parents. Each day ahead of you will be filled with new. excitrng and challenging events. If you always follow your passions and reach for your dreams the stars will someday be yours. We will always be here for you. Love, Mom, Dad, Rachel, and Rosie

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Julie, You .1rc pretty indescribable! \Vc arc often n awe of the way you put your all into your many roles as: a loving daughter, super sister. tenacious #o and serious student. Your cnthusiam and powerful attitude arc contag1ous--pass it on to all you meet! Love y.1, .\1om. Dad. Tcrc ¡a, Tracy. Brian, Elena. 1\lelissa

Dear Elizabeth, We're so incredibly proud of you--for all you've accomplished and all that you are. Let that bright smile light up the world as it has our lives. Much Love, Mom and Dad

and ,\lark

atalie Marie You are a blessing in our lives. We're very proud of you and all your many accomplishments. As you go off to college always know our love, hearts, and support are always with you. Love, Mom, Dad and Valerie

Congratulations Libby. You arc a smart. talented, creative girl. quite funny. and we are very proud of you. When you make up your mind to do something. there is no topping you, o find your pa sion and work hard and you'll suceed 1n anything you choose. The be t is yet to come. All our love, ,\lorn, Dad, and Douglas

Matt, Congatulations on your graduation! It seemslike only yesterday you were a freshman. Four years later we arc looking forward to your next step in life. \Vc arc so proud of you and wish you much succc s and happiness in the years to come. Love, Mom, Dad, Ali, Brittany. Katherine and Max

Emily, It's hard to believe you are a senior! We are very proud of you and all of your accomplishments! Follow your dreams and break a leg! Love, Mom, Dad, and jenny

Congratulations to "The Girls!" With Love, The Moms and Dads

Lauren , The years have passed so much faster than we ever imagined! You are a talented , caring, beautiful young woman. Your high school years are over now, but the future can be the most exciting years of your life. Enjoy every moment, learn from your mistakes and believe that good things will happen. We love you so much ... Mom, Dad , Brian, Medar "neah" and Ribbon "meow"

Dear Erica, You 've added so much enthusiasm and love to our family. We 're proud of who you are and we love you so much!Congratulations! God bless you! Love , Mom, Dad , Tara and Carrie

!senior ads 212

Dear Kyle, Congratulations! You have been an inspiration to us. EnJOY next year as you continue your educational career. Our family will miss your sense of humor, political conversations and homemade chocolate chip cookies! All our love, Mom, Dad, and Corey

Dear Frank, So much lies ahead of you . Exciting opportunities, rewarding accomplishments. New challenges, new successes . Keep true to yourself and the sky 's the limit! Love from your very proud family, Mama, Dad, Rachel, tuart and Lucy

Katie, My little girl is now a beautifulyoung lady. Ready to be on her own and moveforward. Follow your dreams, but always remember the pancakes are always hot at home. I'm so very proud of you . Mom

There are moments when the world holds its breath for you, moments of decision that change your life forever. As you move on from Central High School, things will be much different around you, but we know that the inner you is where the courage is, and where the love you have for life is, and where your dreams are, will never change--and never will the way we care and love you. Dad, Mom, and Aaron

Ryan . Congratulations on th1s milestone in your life! We arc very proud of the special young man you've grown up to be. Your kind heart and good natured spirit has enriched all lives you have touched . Thanks for all the joy you have brought to ours! All our love, Mom and Dad

Doodle You arc a blessed gift from God . From the time you were climbing chain link fences at I year old to the present, there has never been a dull moment. Don 't lose your enthusiasm for life. Keep God as your focus and great things are going to happen for you . Love. Mom. Parke, Michelle, Kclli , and II

Double joy, double trouble. David and jacob. For the blessing and privilege or raising you, we give thanks. For log piles, string forts, sumo wrestling, bunnies, construx portfolios, saxophone and baritone music, camping and fishing, we give thanks. For Ralph E. Pooh, The Bath Lady, The Neighborhood Dugout, Super-Jake and the Purple Sword, ).R. and Rosa, we give thanks. For Jesus Christ- Savior, Redeemer, the Rock upon which we stand, we give thanks. Go into the world with our love, support, and blessings. Mom, Dad, and Danny

Scheitlin-Peters 2nd Born, From the playground to the soccer field you have been a complete joy to watch grow up. We have enjoyed your unique personalitites and strong opin1ons. May these God-given traits serve you well as you enter the next phase of your life. We are so proud to be called your dads. Dave and Pete

LauraCongratulations on all of your achievements! Your wonderful sense of humor and caring heart are a source of joy to us. We arc proud of how hard you have worked to achieve your goals. Remember to set those goals high and never stop believing in yourself. Love, Mom, Dad, Mel and Tim

Matthew, You came into the world in a hurry and have spent most of your life playing, jumping and running. Your love and aptitude for any and all sports have provided us with many hours of joy, as we have stood on the sidelines cheering . We now cheer you on as you enter college. May you know God 's presence and guidance. We know his plans for you are great and we look forward to watching from the sidelines. Matt, we love you very much. ~1om, Dad. ]enn, and Michael

Dear Peter, We're so proud of the mature young man you've grown to become. We love your sense of humor and your affection and caring for others . \Ve admire your strong faith and your dedication to those who count on you and your leadership. We'll always be there for you . We love you. Mom. Dad, Marty and Margaret

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KJtic RJcWc cJnnot believe how fJst the years hJve gone Jnd that now we Jre watching you venture into a new reJim of your life: Jdulthood! We pray thJt you continue to usc your head. follow your heJrt, Jnd Jchicve your goals. Love Always. Dad. Mom, and Lu-Lu

AmJndJFrom the day you were born, I could look in your eyes and smile. Your acJdcmic achievements, personality, warm hcJrt, willingness. and determination to overcome Jny obstacles in your wJy hJve always made me proud. Continue to reach for your dreams; nothing is impossible. You're my best friend. I LOVE YOU!

Rory CongrJtulations on your dedication and hard work through all your ycJrs of school. You arc one of the greatest--kind. considerate. and an aii-Jround nice person . We arc very proud of you Jnd wish you all the best in the future! AlwJys remember to do the best that you CJn and never give up! Love, Dad, Mom, Heather, and Jennifer

Dear Kylic (Princcss)Words cannot express how much we love you and how proud we arc of you . You have brought love and laughter into our hearts and lives . Watching you grow into a beautiful young woman has been one of the greate t joy of our lives. You will always have our love. support . and encouragement. Keep focused on your goals and follow your insticnts. We love you! Mom and Dad


StephanieYou enrich our lives more than you can know. We are proud! Love- Mom. Dad, Daniel, Michael. Jnd Adam "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29: II

We will miss your smiling face and quick wit! God Bless.


Christopher, "the pup"-

WJtching your little girl grow into a young women is an amazing adventure. From barbies to boys, from bicycles to cars. from bedtime stories to adult conversations. Thank for letting us be a part of this wonderful transformation. You make us proud. daughter. ALL OUR LOVE,

You are a joy to our family Jnd we know God has good things in the future for you. May there always be a fish at the end of your lme! Love, Mom and DJd

Good Luck Lizzie-

Love, Mom and Dad

Dad, Mom, B.]., and Cameron


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You're truly a gift from God. We're proud of your perseverence through the challenging times in life. Work hard, dream b1g, and continue to be an encourager to everyone you meet.. Trust in the lord with all your heart and he will make your path straight. Love, Mom, Dad, Eric, and Austi

Congratulations to the last Maroon of the family! Your individualism and strength of character are a joy to us. Usc your many talents wisely and you will conquer even the highest mountains. tay close to home in your heart, but embrace the whole world with your ambitions. You're our BESTE T and GREATEST! All our love, Dad, Mom, Katherine, and Martin

rittanyOur favorite dancer. We are so ry proud that you accomplished these t four years. It didn't take long for r Beedo to grow up! Love. Dad. Mom, Grant, and Blake

Dear ]onCongratulations on a wonderful and successful high school career. You have proven thJt you can succeed. But you have done something more.... omething far more important- you have become a truly good person. We are proud of youcongratulations on your graduation! Dad. Mom, ].T., and Amanda

AbbyYou're the perfect you-- just the person the world needs to fill your shoes and do your 1ob. to mile your smile and laugh your laugh, and share your incredible "Abby-ness" with everyone lucky enough to know you! Now is the time to begm to pursue the next path, to reach out for the next star, and to achieve the things that are so important to you! Always keep your dreams alive and keep them coming true! The journey between what you once were and what you arc becoming is where the dance of life really takes place! Love, l'vlom, Dad, and Katelyn

KatieAnybody who has met you knows that God has big plans for your life. Keep your heart and mind open to that always. We feel lucky and honored to be a part of that plan. You are adored. Love, Mom, Dad, Kyle, and Kent

Pink Fish and Dancing Rainbow"May the Great Spirit of ALL the Great Spirits be with you now and forever more!" You will always be our princesses! Love, Grey Fox and Shooting Moon

AngelaYou're our kaleidoscope. beautiful and constantly changing. tay your course. remain determined, keep focused on your goals ... let nothing stand in your way! You should be very proud of your accomplishments ... we are. Keep Smiling! We Love You Dearly, Mom and Dad

Dear JessicaEven though sometimes when I look at you I still see a little girl in an Easter bonnet and Grandma's pink high heels, I am very proud of the young woman I see before me. I am confident that you are ready. willing, and able to take on the world. Always be happy. Always be the best you can be. We love you very much. Mom, Mark, Brett, and Michael



Congratulations on your graduation. You have accomplished so much and there's still so much to look forward to Work hard and keep your standards high and you'll do well. You have grown into a beautiful young woman and we love you very much. Be happy and may all your dreams come true. Love, Mom, Dad, Matt, and Luke

Good luck! Best wishes as you prepare for your next adventure. We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. We know that you will do well with whatever you decide to do. Our love will always go with you. Mom, Dad, Kyle, Grandad, Grandma, and the "kids"

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Congratulations on your graduation. We arc so proud of vou and your many accomplishments. You arc a beautiful person both inside and out and we love you very much. \Ve wish you the best in the years to come. Love, !om and Dad

Hey, whatsup? Congratulations on your graduation. We're proud of you. Best wishes as you head into the next phase of your life.

)ill- It's your time to "rise up singing, spread your wings. and touch the sky." We're so proud of you, we love you, we'll always be "standing by." Love, Mom and Dad Johanna- Never forget the Magic Words"Therc's no place like home." We love you infinity!! Love, Mom and Dad



From, Mom and Dad

icoleYou are resourceful, love life, and would do anything for a friend. Your tenderness toward God and love for people are two of your greatest gifts. We can't wait to see what your future holds.

)aclyn- So beautiful and strong Saba Yaga. The little girl will never lose her mother; nor the young lady lose her friend; and the soul mate admires the wise woman. Having been to the Underworld and back, the connection is deep and forever. Run with the wolves, La Que Sabe. Love, Madre


Congratulations jack! Continue to aim toward your destiny and be true to yourself. Love, Mom, Dad, Marin and Kaela

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You've always been able to "drive" the turntables. Too bad about the cars! Love to DJ Roll.

You have a compassionate, generous heart and lots of self-discipline. Your trong character and love for God are easy to see. We're proud you are our daughter. Love, Mom and Joe

Dear KimCongratulations to you as your high school days end. ow you will enter a new period of life; we know you are well prepared. Keep your sense of humor, compassion, and desire to help others. We know you will be a success. We are proud to have you as our daughter. Love, Dad and Mom


Love, 1\!om, Dad, and Craig

We love you, Mom and joe

We are so proud of the young man you have become. You've had some tough obstacles in life and have come through like a real trooper. We know you will be a success at whatever you choose; you have our full support. Love, i\lom and Pat

RobYou have been a blessing to our family with your wit, tenderness, and cheerful personality. We're proud of the high standards you have consistently exhibited, and the strength you've shown in handling the stress of the past year. May God protect you. Love, Mom and Dad

AbbcrsI couldn't have asked for a better sister! You were there for me when I needed you and knowing you won't be there next year makes me sad. As you move on to bigger and better things, remember I am here for you, too! With all my love, KT-BUG

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Francis. Javme-Lec Q7

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Fredericks Katie 97 129 Fr<d ricks. ~Iegan 09 rredrld,on. Andr~w 83

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Ocal, Caltlrn II 08, II 9 Occker, Britt 08, 175 Delmedlco. lindsey 11. 32, 133 Derry. Ryan 32


Butler. Kenny

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Butler. Regrna 95 , 147 Butler, Rodney 30 Sutler. ShatiJka 95 Butler-Duplessb. Jonathan QS

Bvers, Cynthia 82, 119

Cam. Colin

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Cain, l:"in 95 C..1isc. Glenn 95

Deschler, Julianne 96 Deters. Bnan 6Q. Ill. 134 Deter.;,, Emllv Q6, Ul Dl'Ut~-.:her, M!Chdl'l 82

Caldwell, Heather 7, 95 Callahan Joshua l

Dfcorato. Ryan 82

Dlkanov. Dasha 32. 09 Dillard, tohnathan 69 Dillavou, Andrew 151 Dtllavou. Charles Q6

Carson. Amy 68 Cart r, Antonio Q6

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Co..y Cha les 31 Cocv lc 96


Dale 112. 113

DIXOn, Natalie 96. 147

Dixon, Paul 120. 130, 151 D1xon, Tau1sha 32 Drxon, Whrtncy 69, 115, 133


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DuBois. Chris 8, 175, !80 OuBols. l\athenne 97 Dunn, Elizabeth 97 Dunn, Nath.lntd 97 130 Du0 Emerson 12 7 Duong, Ken 09

E Eaton, Kayla 83 Edward , Amanda 09 Egl lark 83 180 Egner, Lisa 83, 121 ISO

Ga tts. Malth v l3 Gat~on. Orlando Q 7 Gatson. Patrice 97 Gebrl, Jordan 83 German, Elizabeth 83 ISO Glam mana , Frank 97 Grba , Jo• ph 97 Grb on, Nichola 97, 51 Grlle pre, Oaniel 97 Glonommaria. Frank 1:;1 Glatz Cohn 97 175, J 81 Guddard. Shelley 83, 133 Godrna. lo< II J c;odrna. William 09, 113 Loglia. Chri.rlna 09 Goglia ·M rtchell, lrna Ill Goin s Michael I of 1s. 33, 125 Goines, Mrtchell 83. 145 \.loodpaster, lauren Q7 l1oran Oan1el 8J. 120 127 Goran . Oavld 33. 127 Coran . Jacob 1Q, 2.6. 13. 130 Gordon. AndrC\\ OQ Gordon, Be11jamtn 33 Cordon, Nicholas 97 ltorham, Margar('t Q7 l.rant Martczs 97

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Deutsher. Mike II 3 Dt"\ault. Sarah 82 Dickson, Jessica 96

Camargo. IOSC' 31

Lampbell, <:.harlene 82 Campbell, John 08 Campbell, Lisa 08 Campbell. Michael 08 Caple. Alicia 31 Carev, Timothy 95 Carlton. Rachel 08. 129 arlton. Sarah I 129 Carm1chacl Ryan b8

Fulfer. Tonva Q7

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1\ayanna QS

Hurt. ldfrcy 8i Hutson, Andrl"\V 34

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Kahler Natalie 10, 71l 137 Kamykow<kl Sttphante 84 Kamykowskl, Stephen 70. 11Q, 175 Kane Peter 8. 5 127 Kane, Ta ylor 81 Kantner. nzt o Kaplan. Todd 8, 35 Kapz nskl. Candtce 35 Karr. Nteholas 70 Karr. ~helbv 70, 115 Karr, sydn~y 70. II S Katt..•s, Zachanah oo Karne-r Ma~.:kenzle 147 Kat<tnas, !'Iizabeth 115 Keaton, Whitney 99 Keith. C.alcb 25, 35, 181 Kelly, Amanda 70. 119. 13 Kendall-Dick, Allen 99, 12 7 Kenny. Natalie 7 35. S3, 140 Kcrkertng. Frln 35 Ke•n. A hlelgh 22, 35. liS Ke lcr, Brian 84 20. no Kr ler frl~o. l';, 126 Khan tfablba 99 175 Kim , Amy 84, 137 Kim. Joon-won H Kim, Mkhael 70 Kincheloe, Chrlste>phe 81 King Clint 35 King. Tanesha 121 Kirby. Amy 84 Klr ·, "ndr< 3S Kirby Oanl<l 70 120 Kirb , Derrkk 99 Kirby Erin 35 Kirby, Leah 70 Klimek. Daniel 70 Klim k Miranda 99 Klinkn r, Konrad 8i 115 ISO Knight Lout c 99 l3 Knok , Tlm,,thy 84 Korab, Taylor 84 I 9 141 Kpor Bernice 99 Kpor To h 99 Krau , [\a 70 Kraus lenntfer 70 180 Krayblll Ross 84 Krein atalle 84 K,sca, Mike 120, 25. I ~I Kroe tcphanlc 99 Kru d •ler, leremy 84 130. t 45 Krutd nler, Rvan 84 Kwartc-,g. AfUJ 84 Kwon. Yoon kyung 84 Kvse-tlenderson. t11llary 4

M Machula , Ra.:hel 10. 21. H. 3b Magno. "llyson 99 Makabu . ndre 36. 71

Manshtp, Heather 85 Mapson, ltavtc; 36 Marin • Reb cca 71 Marton. Kerl 71 Marmion. Oantelle Jb Marmton Seth 71 151 Marmion. Tamara 99 Marrv. !a son 36 II J Marshall, Sheena 3b Marun Alec 125 Martlnle lohn 36, '12 II J 12 7 140 Martin n. Raymond 71 Martz hchelle 36 Matchem. Darren Jb Mathc\\.'S, Benjamm 2 5 71 Mathews joel 8~ I 2" Matthew (u ttn 36 Matt ngly, R, 7 )6. I 36 Mayberry Ttmothy 36 Mazzocco Valerie 8 71 119, 36 17~ Mbuvl Phoebe 99 t.:,.uley Ells 85, 119 M,,.u(ey R0SS 36 127 M Cabe John 3 7 t.:Call lo 99 M.:Callough. Mattht•w 85 McClellan Tegan 85 McCloud Matthew 3 7 t.:Cray Leah ?I 136 McCray Ltndsay 71 119 McDaniel Drew 27, 37 McDan el Kerry Q9 ~kDanlel Kip 71 ,, J 27 M.:Oermed. Kevin 99 McO("rmed. Knsty 71 McEiarth, Samndta 37 .\tcEirath. "liSha 99, 117 "-kEirath, Tanitra 85. 147 McFarland. lames 8S Mcfarland. Ju tm 71 t..h:Ferren,Dcvan 27,37 121. Ill (\.h:Fcrren. Nlandra 100 McGee. Willie 85 ~h:GhC'e, Tercnt:c 7 McGhee. Terrell 100

McGhee. Ternonna 85 Idleman. Ursulla 84 lk. fun Sohn 102 Ingram. Qutnetta 31 lnsktp. Brian 70. llS In kip , Eric 98

lsh.:omer, Chelsea 98 I om roshua 8~

L laird AndreJ 70 Landr<th. Klrst<n 12 lan neck , · mmrr JS Lan , GIJIC 71 lJra·Rios. Nirvana 99 Larson. Elizabeth 35, J6

Me utt Mles l7 I< Uti Marce I 00 lcPhee t tchell J I tech n Katl< 1 17 tochl n Lei h 100 Meek Chrl topher 71 Meints<" l'l>t<r 8 S Meneely Mea •n 71 Menefee Kimberly II M nnen a Edward 85 Metz r Elizabeth 100 M <ha Kyle Mchsll'ovl7 Mlely \ ctor 100 30 Mhnl.hrltne M ley V etor 149 Miller Camlle 85 Miller DaVId I Miller Greg 19 37 125 Miller Jamie 85 Miller larrod 125 Miller, Martell 71 Mills Devin 71 180 181 Millsap. Emily 10 71 Min Kristine 85 Minor Mark1a 100 Minyard. "'mee 71 Mtt.:hcll. Andrew 71 119 Mllchell. Heather 71 M1h:hell. James 72 Mock William 9, 85 liS Mohrbaeh r 1 n 85 Moll Vanessa 8 129 Mooney Maureen 100 Mooney Rachel S I 5 I Moore Brent 85, l l 25 Moore Cheni 85 Moore loycelyn 72 Morgan AlexLS 00 I Jl Mo>rgan Candace 4 72 136 Morgan ~oah 37, 52 149 Morgan Scott 72 26 127 torrl Ia son 3 7 \h>rrlson L<slle 100, 180 Mosie lamts 100 Mot lev, Mario 10, 85. 115 Muhr Leslie I 131. 14 1- - - - - - - - - Mulcahey Griffin 72 125 Mullady Madtson 72 Munoz Erika 37 .\1un~.JZ, Victor 72 Murphy "nthony uO Murphy, Brian 100 51 Murphy. Maura 72 I 75 Murray. "nne 85. 131 Musson. llolli 100 Mu n. Mark 72 Muster, Bill 7, l7 I 7 49 181 Myrick Cenina 20 85

Larson L bby 135 Lathrop Dawn 71 Lawhead Melt sa 99 Lawren Theresa J6 Layman tephen 71 I 3 Le Andr"" 99 Le Oat 84 Lee Edward 99 Lee Lawrence 99 Lee hawanna 71 133 146 117 Leeper Mdrew 84 Lehmann jennifer 85 L<l<a "Pr I 36 115 116 147 Lelea. Ev.o 174 Lelea Lre 71 12S 140 1~1 Leman lay IS 125 IH Loman (eremy 85 Lenover Katie 99 Leonard. Ryan 85 L<wls LeDelvln t4S Llckfeldt rason 3b Lleb. Megan 85 Llebovlch. Rebecca 85 119 Ll<tz jordan 99 Ltn. Geoffrey 85, I 7 12 7 145 Ltndermann, Laura 99 147 Ltnzy. Phillip 85 OJtman La hunta 85 obdcll. '!yler 36 ockett Tosha 99 ockman ara 27 71 1 0 ogsdon Matthew , 16. Ill 125 ogsdon Ryan 7' Ill 125 ong. Kristen II 71 Love, Lemecha 71 Luevl. adpalbul Mpa 80 uster Genesis 71 .uttr<ll ,..hley 7 uttrell. Kristin 85

1cGIII, Elliott 100. ''19 Mctill Jacob 100. •27 M<GII' Luca 71 ~kMahon Drew 15 85 120. 125. 151 \I Mll<n • 8, 19,37, 129. 151 McMullen C:hrls!lan 121 \k, abb ter "' 71 , 181 J\k. amara , to.:.cvm 85. IIJ , 125

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Nap1cr, Roy 85 Ndek e "shlev 37 Nel. on, "lcen; 100 , 'dson. Fauma 85 'clson. Garrick tOO elson. Holly 100 131 I 0 lson Ri~hard 100 Nelson Zachary 86 NCV>blll Darrlco 100 ewblll Marklsha 86 guyen Lyn a 72 180 N uy<n Th 100 Niccum E ysc 72 Nlcho s "my 100 Nichols Mary 38 , 'ierenhausen. "shlcy 38 'IiZZI Rebec.:a 100 I 33 Noyes (e 7". 113 mlly 38

0 Oare, Samanrl-ta J Ochs. Mt<hael 72 175 180 Otland laml 72 Oliphant. Mt<hael 100 145 Ohvctra. Nate 72 I 3. 180 Olsen. Candl.:e 100 Ol.en. Kun 86 Olson Christoph r 100 01 on Scott 72 113 o· e 1 tauh.,, 12 Outlaw Daniel 86 113 Outla\\, Kate 12 3 7 0\ermver tleather 86 5 IH 0\,r'llyer Rory 18 13 25 Overstre<t Craig 100




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Pnbble. David 101 Prillaman, /lmanda 86 Pr.,.,mmel, Elizabelh 3S, 174. 180 Pruitt, Shavonna 86 Prvor Ja. on 72


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Redding. Roderick S6 Rood Matthew 72 Rold, Ra held 39, I H Ro1mer, David 72, 117, 134 Re1mer. Jonathan 101 Remh.ut Patrick 71

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\Vook, Joo (Jeff) Rah 101 Wren, Floyd 8S Wright, Brandon 75, II 3, 125 Wright, Quentin 75 Wynn. Julian 88 Wynn. Mischa 75 Wynn, Mlsha 125

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Wade Tonya 74 Wahlfeldt Daniel 11 74 Waldrop cabe 87 120 IJO Wa k Kryst.JI 8 7 \Val ace l"ane 03 Walsh Kim 0 4 54 175 Waite'S, Kva 41 II S Walton Eric 88 127 \\ampler, K.1ty H 16 78 Wang Janl S8 Ward Jessica 88, 121 Ward Joyce 86 174 \\'ard, K110\\'UVa 88 \Vare Terrell 1 W ·nock. l'anny 74

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As we the editors of the 2001 MAROON, reflect on our past four years at Central they truly resemble a kaleidoscope. From the people who are currently in our lives to old valued traditions, things have been constantly changing. The goal of our book was to represent these changes and illustrate the diversity of Central students. Each piece in a kaleidoscope is part of every new design. Although the picture is different each piece still plays an important role in creating the final image. Every individual student plays a similar role in creating our final image: Central. We hope you enjoy this book and congratulations to the class of 2001.

Editors: Angie Holmer - Erica Peters - Lisa Wilhelm - Liz Washburn

Advisor: Sheryl Hobbs Buisness Manager: Julie Sherwood Special Thanks: Mrs. Marianetti -Tyler Claxton - Jamie Sholem- John Martinie- David Ruggeri- Abby BurgettHeather Mcdonald- Dan Jinks- Jacob Goran- Jared Shelby 1221

Editors Angela Holmer Erica Peters Liz Washburn Lisa Wilhelm



Kim Walsh-Section Editor Puja Batura Jon Whitmer

Jared Shelby-Section Editor Jeff Harden



Amanda Cornett-Section Editor Matt Scheitlin Katie Schlorff Ellen Stanko

Emily Rousey-Section Editor Joe Pellum- Section Editor Nick Changnon Julie Sonka

Student Life/Clubs Liz McMillen-Section Edito Mike Aquino-Section Editor Allie Armstrong Jessica Phillippe Anna Rost

Artist Maggie Bruns

Seely Johnston

It began as an ordinary wintry Wednesday in February, but when Mr. Freyman announced on the intercom that Seely Johnston had died the night before, many Central students felt that they had lost a dear, old friend. You see, none of us can ever remember a time when the highlight of our spring Honors Day program was not the sage wisdom of Mr. Seely. It won't be the same this year without him. Seely Johnston loved Central High School, and the Central family loved him back. No one in the history of our school has ever given so much time and support to us. Imagine, if you can, someone who presented athletic awards at the school's annual banquets for 60 years! For that reason and others as well, when the new entrance to Central was completed in 1998, it was named Seely Johnston Hall of Honors after the great patron of our school. Mr. Johnston was a life-long resident of Champaign, a graduate of Champaign High School and the University of Illinois, and a local sports store owner since 1926. In his long life, he had come into contact with or befriended such famous people as Harry Houdini, Bob Hope, Arnold Beckman, Red Grange, Paul Harvey, and Roger Ebert. He enthusiastically supported Chanute Air Force Base, Champaign government, and the Champaign Recreation Board. He also contributed time, energy, and money to many charitable causes throughout his long life and was appreciated and respected in our community. We salute Mr. Seely Johnston in this year's MAROON and realize that we have lost a wonderful friend.

Stephen Storch - December 26, 1939 - March 20, 2000 Even though he taught at Urbana High School and his ch ildren attended Centennial High School , Steve Storch called himself an honorary Maroon. After he retired as a physics teacher, he turned a long-time hobby , photography, into a second career, and for a number of years he provided photographs to the yearbook staff. "He was extemely dependable, totally cooperative , and greatly appreciated, " declared Mrs. Hobbs. " We will miss him for many years to come. " Nicole Storch , Steve's wife, said at the funeral that he thought a man could count himself a success if he was a good scholar, a good provider, and a good father and husband. Stephen Storch was an unqualified success at all three. His two children fondly remembered his intelligence, creativity, affection, and sometimes his stillness. He was a father who told his children he loved them and really meant it. At Central he was a familiar figure , striding into the yearbook room , camera slung over his shoulder, tripod under his arm , rolls of film in his hand ready for any job we had for him. He had great ideas about how to make our photos more artistic and interesting, and we appreciated his expertise. Each year he helped the yearbook staff select a place for the staff picture and even helped some climb a tree for the perfect shot a few years ago. When we learned of his death last spring , we were devastated because we had not only lost a talented photographer but a good friend as well. Thus, we pay tribute to Stephen Storch in the 2001 MAROON.

John W. Gwinn -April 13, 1942- December 3, 2000 John Gwinn graduated from Champaign High School in 1960. While in high school he began his life-long interest in working with young people and community groups. He was senior class president, editor-in -chief of the Chronicle and a member of the debate team . He graduated from the University of Illinois and then went on to get his law degree from the University of Chicago. He was an attorney at Tepper and Gwinn law offices for 25 years. He was a two - time Congressional candidate and dedicated his time to several other organizations in the community, such as, the Champaign County Design and Conservation Foundation. He also served on the University of lllionois YMCA board. He touched many lives of Central boyscouts while he was a Scoutmaster. Most importantly, he was a son, a brother, a husband, and a dad, who dedicated his life to his two sons, who are also Central graduates. Mr. Gwinn was an active and vocal band and athletic Central booster and an involved community member, so we dedicate the 2001 MAROON to him.


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2001 Maroon Yearbook  

2001 Maroon Yearbook