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"SCHOOL'S OUT!" After school is out kids run to the pools, parks and playing fields to start enjoying their sum mer. Some students travel to other states, and some even to other countries. Those who spend their time In other states often are there for a camp of some sort. Although central Illinois Is not "surtin' city", the residents here make the best of their summers by taking walks, going to pool parties, and having picnics at Lake of the Woods. Senior Kathy Kehe, Central's ex¡ change student, spent two months this summer in Mexico. She commented, "Mexico was one of the prettiest places I've ever been to, and something I'll never forget."

Opposite pa(Je: Junior Robin Roberson , far left, partlcl¡ pates in a fashion show sponsored by Robeson 's to raise money for muscular dystrophy. Upper ri(Jht, seniors Jenny Keller (left) and Nita Skeels join junior Rebecca Gerlach at a beautiful swimming spot during their ten-day stay in Mexico. Bottom ri(Jht, senior Kara Beauchamp and junior Teresa Ehler practice new routines during a pepette camp held on the University of Illinois campus.

This pa(Je: Sophomore Paula Leeson. upper left, spends time at the pool, practicing her dives. Near left. senior Kathy Kehe (in swimsuit) relaxes on the beach at Vera Cruz with one of several Mexican friends she met this summer. Juniors Meg Healy and Kathy Neal, bot¡ tom left, join sophomore Libby Kelly and two French friends on a boat ride during their three-week visit to France . Above. sophomore Kristen Olivero gets copy advice from a friend at the ICP yearbook camp. This year's camp was held at the University of Wisconsin ' s Menominee campus.

THE FACTS OF LIFE Working 9-5 isn't always poss~ ble. What happens when one Is only sixteen , and attending school from eight o ' clock until two-thirty? One goes out and spends their nights and week¡ ends working. Everyone needs money but now, during the high school years, it's very important. High schoolers need to save for college, balance a social life, and still have money for life's necessities. Most students don't find jobs in glamorous, air-conditioned offices. A lot of students wash dishes or bus tables. Being in high school and handling a job isn't easy, but most students have no choice but to find a way.

Junior Gory Coffey . upper right, clears tables at Bishop's in Market Place. Senior Andi Bell , above, measures her customer 's foot at Life Stride. Senior Brion McQuaid, bottom right, stirs up a delicious meal at Bishop's.

senior Jenny Satterlee, below, tokes core of cleaning up the dishes. Junior Credell Wesley and senior Jenny Yeager, bottom left, happily serve the customers at Kormelkorn.

Senior Lee Lol, bottom ri(Jhf, scoops up the Ice cream at Breslers while Lee-Fin Lol, junior, waits to ring It up. Junior Mochelle Roy, below, tokes a break to talk to one of the customers at Baskin-Robbins.


FRESHmEN FACE NEW CHALLENGE The date is August 26, 1982. The faces are new and con¡ fused. No wonder, it's the fresh¡ men's first day and everyone is a bit lost. Dr. Jack Ashenfelter gave his traditional welcoming speech and then sent them to their classes. After a day of new schedules, the freshmen went home anticipating the next day. Pam Seward commented, "It's a big step from Edison to Central: a lot more homework!" Dusty Matejkowski Is excited about new Involvements here. ''There are many more extracurricular activities in which to get Involved." But, as a general outlook upon the freshmen: they're excited about high school, and hope to make it safely through the next four years.

Freshmen, upper riQhf, attentively listen to hear what the year will bring them. Freshmen Sonya Clark and Gretchen Cobb, above, discuss the finer points of Central. Freshman Suzanne Garrison. riahf. appears to be thinking about what the future might bring.


Freshmen Tonya Harris , Teresa Brown , Angle Armour , Rachel Wilkerson , and Yolanda Johnson, below, talk about the adventurous day ahead . Freshman Stephanie Dodge, left, attempts to memorize her schedule immediately. Freshmen Brian Dally, Keith Young, Bryan Beauchamp and Marllu Holthoff, bottom left, patiently wait to change the flaws in their schedules on the first day. Freshmen Melissa Doherty. Chris Sheridan and Rhonda Schaede , bottom riQhf, help each other out through the halls.



"GAG ffiE WITH A SPOON!" "Like, gross out!" As the new expressions come in, so do the new fashions. Bell bottoms, silk pants and cowboy outfits are out. Mini-skirts, sailor tops and punk are in. Twenty years ago, one could have walked down the street and seen a lot of beads hanging off shirts, platform shoes, bell-bot¡ tom pants and gaudy jewelry. These days, seeing a girl in a mini-skirt, tights, and cute shoes would be perfectly normal. Today, sweat pants and

jogging shoes aren't necessarily confined to the track. They are definitely comfortable enough and In fashion to wear in school. The biggest names this year are Ralph Lauren, lzod, Calvin Klein, and Jordache. With the song, "Valley Girl" a new language began : "Gag me." "Like wow, man." Next year, the styles will change again, but this year-"Punk out!" Junior Linda Trimpe comments about the latest fashions: "I think they are a lot of fun."

Opposite paoe : Sophomore Jennifer Downey , bottom ri(}hf, wears the preppiest in plaid shorts fashion. No matter what the date, blue denim jeans, upper rl(}ht, are always In fashion . The latest in shoe fashions , bottom lett, show that little bows and cute details are definitely " In". Freshmen Meghan Madix and senior Eric Pangilinan, upper lett, talk about the lot¡

est fashions. This page: Freshmen Michelle Arewdtsen and junior Chris Slattery. right, are mode~ ing the latest in dressier styles . the popular miniskirt and prairie skirt. Senior Jenny Keller, bottom lett, models a rugby shirt and classy walking shorts. Seniors Briana Yates , Sheronda Herron. and Jocelyn Hines, bottom right, show that sweats can be stylish!


DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY The Beach Boys and Elvis were re-lived Saturday night, October 2, at the Regent. Captain Rat and the Blind Rivets played fifties music at the Homecoming Dance. The boys asked their " special girls " to Homecoming a few weeks before the dance. Satur¡ day arrived sooner than most people expected. After buying new suits and dresses, boys and girls made spectacular couples. Dinner before the dance is customary, usually a marvelous affair at one of the classier restaurants In town. The dance comes next . Bopping around to the fun music, associating with other couples, and munching on cookies and punch fills out the night. The overall response to this year's dance was favorable. Freshman Missy Morton ex¡ claimed, "Homecoming was more than I expected as a freshman. I had a really good timel" Juniors Kenny Whited and Matt Palmer both thought the band had a unique style, making this homecoming the best dance Central has had. Senior Todd Murray quickly commented, "The best thing about It (the dance) was Susan (Stewart). ' ' Royalty and grace are apparent in our Homecoming court . Sitting: King Dave Washburn and Queen Susan Stewart. Standing: Sophomore attendant Angie Schendel and freshman attendant Susan Shurtz. Not pictured : Junior attendant Nancy Stenner. Captain Rat and the Blind Rivets revive the fifties during the Homecoming Dance held at the Regent.


Top Jeff. Freshmen Ken Racquel and Kim Starky relax during one of the few slow dances. Above, Seniors Susan Stewart and Dave Washburn combine during one song to make up the perfect royal couple. Left, Junior Steve Thayer and sophomore Christine Cunnington take a break from the fast-paced music .


HOmECOmiNG BOOSTS SPIRIT School spirit was shown at Its hlghtest point during homeomlng week , September 27-0ctober 1. Monday was Athletics Day , Tuesday was Hat and Glasses Day , and Wednesday was Careers Day. Wednesday night the rivalry began with the powder puff game. This year, the sophomores and juniors won. Thursday was Punk Day. and Thursday night the bonfire really got everyone fired up for Friday's game. Friday was Maroon and White Day. At the assembly Friday after· noon, the float winners were announced. Seniors won first place. followed by freshmen. juniors, sophomores, and Key Club in the next four places, respectively. Seniors also won the class com petition. Homecoming attendants were also announced at the assembly. Freshman attendant Susan Shurtz was escorted by Matt Deering, sophomore attendant Angle Schendel's escort was Paul Ruzicka, and Steve Bowe escort· ed junior attendant Nancy

Stanner. After the assembly, the parade winded its way through the streets to Centennial and Unit IV field . Later that night, at the game, Susan Stewart and Dave Washburn were crowned Queen and King.

Top, Sophomore Susan Auten and Senior Don Gerard show their school spirit during Athletic Day by dressing up as football and baseball players. Above. Sophomore John Schroeder and senior Dennis Stahl contemplate whether


or not to buy their girlfriends flowers on Maroon and White Day . Above, Attendant Nancy Stanner and es· cort Steve Bowe show their pride as representatives of the junior class during the homecoming assembly.

Top lett. " The winners" : Seniors and their theme, BIG MAX ATTACK , win the float competition. Junior Julie Arnold, above, tries to concentrate on her American literature assignment while maintaining her school spirit on Hot and Glosses Day. Sophomore Julie Greenberg , Gayle Kamerer and Heather Gladney, middle left, show their truly original outfits on Punk Day. Bottom left, school spirit was definitely shown by the sophomore class as they clap for their float's theme , SURF OVER THE SENATORS.


OVERTimE OFFENSE SCORES VICTORY Despite the fact that the IHSA has announced that Champaign Central would be ineligible to participate in the 1982 state foot¡ ball playoffs, the Maroons managed to rise and meet the challenge of defeating a tough Springfield squad in the Homecoming contest. Central edged the Senators 3-0 in the overtime battle October 1 before an estimated 2,200 fans at Unit IV Field. The Maroon defense, led by senior linebackers Dennis Stahl and Dana Anastasia, never

Above, senior quarterback Scott Norrick (12) looks for the open halfback , senior Dennis Stahl, (88) as the Maroon offense blocks Springfield. Top right, sophomore halfback Greg Boysaw (24) tights tor some extra yardage as the Senator defense tries to get him down. Right, halfback Boysaw holds back a Springfield lineman as senior halfback Dave Courson (26) struggles to gain a few more yards.


allowed the Senators to penetrate past mid-field in regulation play. An outstanding defense forced a total of six turnovers in a game filled with intensity. Unfortunately, the offense was far from a powerhouse, generating only 77 yards rushing on 44 at¡ tempts. Senior John Patrizi netted 110 yards of total offense, fortyfive coming from rushing, twelve on a pass reception and fiftythree on five punt returns. On the final play of the third period, Stahl wrestled the ball away from a Senator to create

one of the six turnovers, this one at the Springfield 41. With two minutes, twelve seconds left In the game, Anastasia stripped the ball at the Springfield 27 yard line. Senior Dave Washburn, who was announced as the Homecoming King at the half, centered a perfect strike to junior Jeff J<yberz who tied it up to allow fellow teammate, junior Matt Joop, to drill a 24-yard field goal. This field goal proved to be the winning margin.

Top left, quarterback Scott Norrick (12) is pursued by a Springfield defensive lineman as he attempts to pass. Top right, senior halfback Dana Anastasia (25) receives a handoff from quarterback Norrick. Upper left, senior punter Chad little (89) punts another perfect spiral during the 3-0 overtime Homecoming win. Above, fullback Dennis Stahl (88) receives a handoff from senior John Patrizi (33) while Dana Anastasia watches the Central offense demolish the Senators. Left, Dennis Stahl carries the ball as he topples over junior Ricky Aielts (87) and the Springfield defense.


PLAY CONVEYS DEPRESSION The fall production for 1982-83 was Brian Clark's " Whose Life Is It, Anyway?" It involves an artist, Claire Harrison (Sarita Suter) who becomes a quadriplegic in an auto accident. and her wish to be removed from life support systems. Medical director Dr . Michael Emerson (Chuck Bell) fights to keep her alive despite her wishes, while Dr. Dianne Scott (Heidi Krahling) tries to keep Claire's mind at ease. Claire is eventually ordered set free, much to the other characters' chagrin. James Seay. Director. com¡ ments on the set design: "We did it as a photographic negative, white on black. This gives the impression of surrealism, plus conveys a general feeling of depression to the audience . It was quite effective." The play was presented on the nights of November 18 and 19.

Sarita Suter, upper right, tries to explain why she wishes to die to her " doctor" , Chuck Bell. Heidi Krahling and Allison An¡ derson , above , discuss the doctors' schedules tor the day.



Two workers in a hospital can become good friends , opposite paoe. as Jodi Mathis and Steve May demonstrate. The doctor gives the orders, left, as Chuck Bell proves to Heidi Krahling. Not every¡ body has the top job, below left. Steve May happens to be one of those people as he does his janitorial duties while Sarita Suter watches. Sarita Suter and Laurel Mil~ er, below ri()hf, discuss life beyond the hospital bed and look Into a promising future. life is a touchy subject, and a lot of discussion Is needed to cover it. Bottom, Andrew Hoflswell, Stephanie Dodge, Randy Dunn. Sarita Suter , Heidi Krahling, Allison Anderson. and lisa Shallenberger cover the subject well.



Sophomore Ron Deering putts the ball toward the hole, playing the came that took him to

Junior Jim Fallon , top, gets a good swing off tee. Pepettes and cheerleaders , right, seniors Lee Loi , Jocelyn Hines, juniors Christy Day¡ ton , Twilo Johnson , Tommie Britt , Lori Johnson, and Melissa Goldenstein perform a routine to Groopies together for the Central vs Centennial assembly. Central's cross country team , lower right, lines up for the start. Junior Martha Fess, below, keeps the vol¡ ley going . Fess qualified for State this year for the third time.


Senior Chr is Severns , below, sends a spike as senior Terri Auteberry and juniors Dawn Gannaway and Jenny Bloom watch.

Senior Dennis Stahl , below, owens the flip of the coin at the Homecoming came against Springfield. Senior Liese Benn, bottom, practices her backstroke . Benn 's hard work enabled her to qualify for State.


SQUAD mAKES SECTIONALS This year's golf team might not have done as well If not tor the Determination , below, demonstrated by sophomore Pete Mrozek, displays what being a member of the CHS Swingers is all about.

Sophomore swinger Ron Deering , rir;ht, eyes the ball as it inches toward the hole. Deering Mrozek and Gorman ad vanced to this year's state tournament.


underclassmen. The team used a lot of juniors and seniors In addl¡ tlon to the excellent sophomores wanting the experience. "It was a disappointing season tor us," commented Pete Mrozek. "We lost some of the dual meets that we should have won." The highlight of the season was when the whole team made it through districts to the sectionals. At sectlonals, Central finished only one point away from advancing to State. Senior Tom Gorman and sophomores Pete Mrozek and Ron Deering had to make the trip without the rest of the team .

At state, Mrozek won the first round with a 36, then dropped on the back nine with a 44, receiving an 80 tor the day while Deering shot an 83 and Gorman an 88. Next year the team expects a good season with returning state qualifiers Mrozek and Deering. Others returning include sopho¡ more Jeff Cocagne and junior Jim Fallon. ''Our season was a little disappointing," commented Cocagne. "But next year our team has a lot of returning talent so we should be a statecontending team."

The 1982 Golf Team. Front row (L to R): Jim Green, Jeff Cocogne, Mike John. Middle row: Matt Boker, Ron Deering, Jim Fallon, Tom Gorman, Coach Fred Schooley. Back row: Roy Moeller, Scott Cienlowski, Craig Muncy, Pete Mrozek, Alan Griffith. Expressing the look of satisfaction in a shot well done, above, Is senior Craig Muncy. Upper right, outstanding tee offs require a lot of concentration. Sophomore Jeff Cocogne demonstrates his concentration as he gets set to tee off.

Taking time out to pose for the camera, right, senior Alan Griffith practices during a meet against Rantoul.


SPIKERS WIN NINTH TITLE It was not a total rebuilding year for the Maroons, who lost four starters from the 81-82 season. Returning lettermen included seniors Mary Beth Downes and Chris Severns, and junior Dawn Gannaway. This year's starters included Downes and Severns for the second year, plus returning seniors Terri Auteberry and Sue Thayer, and juniors Dawn Gannaway, Jennifer Bloom, Susanne O'Reilly and Annallsa Shaul, all of whom lettered this year. Coach Karon Rasmussen stressed that this year's season was a team effort. The team ef¡ fort paid off handsomely when the Maroons tied with Mattoon 1982 Girls Varsity Volleyball Team. Front row (I to r): Anne Phipps, Sue Thayer, Chris Severns, Terri Auteberry, Mary Beth Downes, Coach Jeanne Sullivan. Middle row: Annalisa Shaul, Barbie Hendricks, Susanne O'Reilly, Dawn Gannaway, Tina Beckler . Back row : Linda Sakolosky, Coach Rasmussen, Sharla Flora, Jenny Bloom, Sharon Ryherd, Dottie Fiore. Senior Chris Severns, bottom right, spikes the ball over the net while two Bradley Bourbonnais players try to block it. Junior Jenny Bloom, below, smacks a serve over the net during an exciting varsity game against Decatur MacArthur.


for the Big 12 Crown, each supporting a 6-1 league record. The Maroons ended the regular season with a 13-10 record. In Class AA regional action the Maroons beat the host Chargers and Rantoul to gain their ninth regional title, advancing to the sectlonals. At the sectlonals in Lincoln, the Maroons got past the host In the first round but couldn't

quite grip onto a lead In a tough battle against Springfield Sacred Heart. This ended the season at 16-1. Big 12 honorees to the AllConference team Included seniors Mary Beth Downes, Terri Auteberry, and Chris Severns. Honorable mentions included juniors Jennifer Bloom and Annallsa Shaul.

Break! Left, the varsity squad gets some last minute encouragement in a pregame huddle. Sophomore Wendy Travers, middle lett, bumps the ball back after an opposing serve. Practicing some sets, bottom left, before a came against Decatur MacArthur Is junior Susanne O'Reilly. Junior Dawn Gannaway , bottom right, watches senior Sue Thayer bend down to bump back the o.)all. 19B2 Junior Varsity Volleyball Team. Front row (L to R): Kathy Davisson, Ann Ross, Linda Ray , Suzy Wood. Middle row: Heather Gladney, Katie Riegel, Kris Fisher, Sharon Siewart, Amy Buckles. Back row: Coach Karla McNeilly, Wendy Travers , Kathy Maisel, Pam Seward.


GIRLS SET WINNING PACE The girls Cross Country squad had an even better season than last year. Sophomore Denise Johnson and junior Amanda Brown led the team of six to a 51 season. Seniors Monica Edwards and Becky Smith, and freshmen Leah Davis and Susan Shurtz followed close behind. The Maroons placed fourth at the Georgetown Invitational, and third at the Urbana Invitational. Highlights included wins over Bloomington, Paxton and Normal. Next year the girls hope to have an even bigger team and maybe their own coach. Because they are losing two seniors, the girls will have to work hard to find new teammates.

The boys Cross Country season ended with a 4-4 record. The squad, led by seniors Mike Dornbusch and Adam Egherman, captured places in the top ten at the Twin City Open and the Decatur Open. Highlights included wins at Charleston, Stephen Decatur and Normal. At the Big 12 meet, the Maroons placed third overall and Egherman qual~ fled for District. Next year, the Maroons will be without the help of the graduating seniors Dornbusch, Egherman, Dan Castillo, and John Loomis but the '83 squad can rely on juniors Steve Bowe, John Castillo, Bill Fisher, Gale Starkey and Mike Verdeyen.

1982 Girls Cross Country Team. Front row (L to R): Leah Davis, Amanda Brown , Becky Smith, Susan Shurtz. Back row: Monica Edwards, Denise Johnson, Jenny Davis, Coach Dike Stirrett. Freshman Susan Shurtz and senior Becky Smith, top, work for their winning time in the race . Junior Mike Verdeyen, right, keeps up the steady pace as he concentrates on the the long race.


Junior John Castillo , below, keeps up the steady pace as he concentrates on the long race. Seniors Dan Castillo , Adam Egherman , and Mike Dornbusch , top right, lead the pack of Danville runners during a three mile race at the Parkland College course. Junior Amanda Brown , bottom right, concentrates on the race at Parkland as she sports the determined look of a Maroon.

1982 Boys Cross Country Team . Front row (L to R): James Love. John Castillo, Mike Verdeyen , Jeff Stapleton. Middle row: Adam Egherman, Gale Starkey, Bill Fisher, Christian Holscher, Rick Hurst. Back row: Mike Dornbusch, John Loomis, Dan Costillo , Coach Dike Stirrett.




Central's girls swim team fin路 ished its season with a 9-2 dual meet record. The Maroons also received a 3rd place finish at the Peoria Richwoods Relays. Central defended their Big 12 Conference title, winning it for the 2nd year straight . At conference senior Liese Benn clocked a Big 12 record time of 56.3 in 100 meter freestyle. Benn also won the 200 meter individual medley in 2:19.8 while sophomore Julie Greenberg, the only other Maroon to win, won the 100 meter breaststroke com petition with a 1:15.4 time.

Qualifying for state were seniors Sue Langan , Maureen McMahon, and Benn, and sophomores Susanne Porter and Greenberg. 路'One of the highlights of the season was shaving down for dis路 tricts-which was pretty fun ." commented sophomore Ellen Green. Three school records were broken this year. The freestyle relay team of McMahon, Langan, Benn and Porter clocked a 3:48.52. On her own, Benn also broke the 200 Freestyle record with a 1.57.57 time while Porter clocked a 25.78 to beat the 50

Sophomore Julie Greenberg displays her breaststroke which took her to state and left her undefeated in regular season.

Junior Kim Kehe , left, concentrates on the edge of the board as she prepares for an inward sommersault.

Freestyle record. " This was a real enthusiastic and cooperative team ,'路 com. mented coach Nancy Paterson, " one of the best I' ve ever coached." Letter winners included this year were seniors Jenny Hirschfeld, Debbie Mennenga, Benn, Langan , and McMahon. Juniors Julie Arnold, Kim Bennett, Jill Downey, Janet Folts, Melissa Goldenstein, Nancy Stenner. Sophomores Debbie Guion, Sarah Jorgensen, Sharla Powell, Jenni Widholm, Green, Greenberg, and Porter.

Junior Kim Bennett, left, takes a breath during a meet with Normal University High. Sophomore Lib by Kelly, below, backstrokes toward a successful finish. Junior Ja net Folts, lower r/Qht, gets set to dive into the pool during a meet with Normal U High.

1982 Girls Swimming and Diving Team. Front row (L toR)'. Susan Armstrong-Diving Coach, Nancy Paterson-head coach , Sharla Powell , Julie Greenberg , Ellen Green , Noelle Osterbur . Middle row: Cathrine Somers , Michelle Arendtsen , Susanne Porter , Jenny Hirschfeld, Maureen McMahon, Libby Kelly, Sue Langan, Shelly Shelby , Llesa Benn , Kim Kehe, Jenni Widholm . Back row: Sarah Jorgensen, Nancy Stanner, Kim Bennett, Janet Folts, Debbie Guion, Mleissa Goldenstein, Loren Rappaport.


PANTHERS PROWL VICTORY After graduating all of the start· Jng squad but one (Martha Fess) this year's squad rallied to a 9-3 season. The Maroons placed second at conference, supporting second and third place finishes In singles. Central surprisingly upset Ur· bona by a half point at the Sec· tlonal, which provided a Jot of excitement for the squad. In ad dltlon to the Sectional title, four members qualified for State. " Sectlonals were really close, and we were worried about qualifying for State," commented Jenny Little . "Marty (Fess), Michele (Nelson), Mary (Twohey) and I all came off the court about the same time having won our qualifying matches. That made the excitement at Sectlonals the peak of a fun season." Advancing to State were singles players Martha Fess and Jennifer Little, and the doubles team of Michele Nelson and Mary Twohey. Fess and Little each reached the second round Sophomore Mary Two hey , below , watches to see if her serve is in.


before dropping , while Nelson and Twohey were eliminated In the first round. The season record was exce~ lent considering that there was only one senior (Michele Nelson). The squad should be strong next year, and looks forward to a fine record. A new award donated by a graduated member of the squad, the MY BEST A WARD in the form of a pewter tray, was awarded to the girl selected as having done the best to fulfill the team motto, "DO YOUR BEST AND FOR· GET THE REST". It was awarded to graduating senior Michele Nel· son. Hoping for an ace , right, sophomore Gayle Kamerer looks to see where her serve lands. Junior Marty Fess, below, sweeps down to return a short forehand. Fess was the only returning letterman.

Junior Jenny Little, lett, eyes the ball as she awaits the return. Senior Michele Nelson, below, returns a deep forehand . Nelson was one of four state qualifiers.

1982 Varsity Tennis Team. Front row (L to R): Christine Cunnington , Michele Nelson. Middle row: Jennifer Little, Mary Twohey, Gayle Kamerer. Back row: Coach JoAnn Busch, Jenny Downey, Martha Fess, Amy Nuss. 1982 Junior Varsity Tennis Team. Front row (L to R) : Jodie Stasi , Melissa Doherty , Jamie Stasi. Back row: Sarah Compratt, Erika Tousey, Liz Feldman.


mAROONS NAB PLACE IN PLAYOFFS This was considered a very good season for the " Mighty Maroons .¡' They ended as the Twin-City champ ions (beating Centennial by 21 and Urbana by 24 in two shutout victories) with a 9-2 record and qualified for the state playoffs. Central was originally ineligible for the playoffs due to a preseason violation about the wearing of shoulder pads . But due to the controversial nature of the violation, it was dropped. The only regular season loss happened in a double overtime duel with Bloomington, the eventual champion of the Big 12. Central got into the playoffs via an at-large berth and was the last team to qualify. The Maroons beat Washington 21-0 in the first game of the playoffs. This left them in the final eight teams in Class 4A compet~ tion. Central lost their quarterfinal game to Springfield Griffin 13-9

to conclude a magnificent season. Six Maroons were named to the Big 12- AII Conference team. Heading the team from Central was defensive tackle Brian Mulcahy. Mulcahy was followed by linebacker Dennis Stahl and punter Chad Little, both second timers. Also named were fullback John Patrizi , safety Carl Martin , and defensive end Robert Cooper. Central had the most first round picks in the Big 12 conference. Linebacker Dana Anastasia , and cornerback Craig Raymond were named to the second team. Honorable mentions included offensive end Ricky Aielts, guard Tim Cullop, centers Dave Washburn and John Whalen and running back Dave Courson, defensive end Brian Wilcher linebacker Greg Kyburz , and placekicker Kenny Whited.

Top right, Trying to escape the Springfield defender, quarterback Scott Norrich (12) looks for an open Maroon. Running down the field , left, during the Ur¡ bono game is senior halfback Eric Pongilinan.


Leading the pock bock onto the field , above, during the homecoming game ore Jeff Melvin (21) , Todd Mohr (49) , Steve Cooper (85), Mike Rook (84), and Mike Hill (84).

19B2 Varsity Football. Front row (L to R): T. Duckworth, D. Courson, B. Mulcahy, D. Stohl , G. Kyburz, D. Anastasia, C. Little, D. Washburn , S. Norrick. Row 2 : B. Lynch, J. Beasley, J. Whalen, M. Joop, C. Martin, J. Potrizi, E. Doherty, T. Cullop, P. Faraci. Row 3 : Coach Tom Stewart , J . Boise , T. Funkhouser, D. Wikoff, J. Lomb , S. Cooper, J. Schweighort , M . Smith , M . Fumento ,

Coach Rich Wooley. Row 4: W. Jones, R. Henne, M. Aguirre, B. Wilcher, M. Kohut, C. Raymond, D. Bitner, E. Holthofl, Coach Jeff Trigger. Row 5: T. Dew , S. Thayer, R. Aielts, K. Whited, G . Gruber, J. Melvin, C. Hili , D. Green. Row 6: R. Llewellyn, M. Rook , T. Mohr, M. Anastasio, J. Patterson, G. Boysow, M. Campbell, J. Hyatt. Row 7: C . Busch , M . Palmer , J . Kington, J.

Lemmon, M. Boker, J. Kyburz, M. Hill. Row 8: A. Henderson, A. Grubb, S. Goulet, E. Tolley , T. West, D. Bohlen, K. McWilliams. Back row: R. Schuster, J. Brown, G . Rog. ers, R. Cooper, R. McKnight, J. Brown, E. Brown.

Dove Courson (26), top lett, sneaks to the left after a Scott Norrick (12) hondoff as Mike Aguirre (60) and Tim Cullop (68) pave the way, while John Potrizi (33) and Ricky Aielts (87) fight off their own Char· gers. Jim Beasley (63), top right, and Tim Cullop (68) lead the way for Courson to gain ex· tro yards against the Senators after getting the boll from Norrick. The Chargers pile on top of the Maroons, left, trying to hold them near the line.


EXPERIENCE TALLIES WINS The Sophomore Football Team finished with a good 4-3 - 1 record . They Improved as the year progressed and defeated cross-town rivals Centennial and Urbana in the second half of the season. " Our record didn 't show how good our team was . We had some bad breaks,'' commented Mark Goulet. The class of eighty-five will definitely make contributions to the varsity squad next year.

Unfortunately , unlike the sophomores , the freshman squad's 2-5 record showed that youth and Inexperience pre路 veiled. The two wins Included vic路 torles over Centennial and Nor路 mal. ''The best win was the close victory over Centennial ," com路 mented freshman quarterback Todd Lienhart. The squad is hoping to turn this year's record around next year.

Top, sophomore Doug Bartley (25) sneaks around the end looking for the endzone.

Upper left, sophomore Paul Ruzicka (14) drops back behind the sophomore blocking line of Dan Durbin (89), Mark Goulet (73) , Kevin Llewellyn (67) , and Todd Sackett (87), while looking to hand ott to Derrick Jackson (31) or Greg Trick (35).

The 1982 Freshman Football Team. Front row (L to R): P. Ens, N. Reinbold, T. Gorman, R. Angel, E. Lindstrand , C. Cross, S. Shelby, J. Kitzmiller. Row 2 J. Morris, D. Mennlnga , J. Little , E. Mostert, P. Pumphrey, D. Chapman, D. Peters, J. Bachman, J. Alexander. Row 3: T. Young , M. Sindelar, J. Allen, T. Higgens, T. Lienhart, S. Casey, K. Sofranko, M. Wickert. Row 4: R. Weddle, S. Adkisson , D. Wooley, B. Rumsey , T. Campbell, A. James, B. Muncy, M. Murphey. Back row: J. VanDeventer, S. Porter, D. Williams, J. Grant, S. Shoop , M. Deering , G. Kaiser, R. Hast.


Freshman Todd Lienhart (11) , above, hands off the ball to teammate Erik Mostert (24) around the end.

The 1982 Sophomore Football Team. Front row (L to R): B. Trail, G. Shallenberger, R. Humes, T O'Neill, B. Smith, T. Odell, E. Ne~ son, G. Wright. Row 2: T. Wright, E. Cook, c . Dziuk, T. Boatwright, D Jackson, D.

Bartley, J. Brown. Row 3: D. Miles. T. Ward, B. Miller, N. Smith, D. Shelby, S. Tufte, M. Brown, J. Schroeder. Row 4: C. Orban, S. LeBlond, B. Brown, M. Knox, G. Trick, B. Thompson, J. Hart. Row 5: C. Geske, C.

Follmer, P. Ruzicka, D. Durbin, M. Goulet, T.J. Hicks, B. Reardon, B. Brown. Bock row: Coach Bob Schuster , T. Sackett, C . Lindholm, K. Llewellyn, Coach Gene Ward .

Todd Lienhart ( 11) middle lett, gets the ball off to freshman Greg Kaiser (50) as he gets hit by a Stephen Decatur Red. A determined freshman, Scott Casey, below, punts the ball to the Stephen Decatur backfield. Sophomore John Schroeder, bottom lett, attempts an extra point kick while Eric Schacht blocks two Rantoul defenders.


..:::..._;& ~. ....




. . .,


Sophomore Mitch Brown. bottom ri()hf, kneels to catch a kick return in a game against Rantoul. .ol


" ,,~


, .


- - - .· - -..~-~--~--..:.-- - · - · -f!'-.-~













J' ... . . . ..-......



.. _ . . . . . .


mAROONS GAIN CHAmPION TITLE For the second year In a row, the Maroons were named the Twin City Champions. This season the Maroons beat cross town r~ vals Centennial 21-0 and Urbana 24-0. This Is only the third time in Central history that this title has been In the hands of the Maroons. On the first game of the sea· son, the Maroons played an er· ror-free ball game to beat the Chargers. Central's defense re· covered two fumbles and one Interception, all happening inside the Charger 40. The Maroons relied on the running of John Patrizi and Dave Courson to roll up 258 yards of offense. Brian Mulcahy then recovered a fumble at the 26. A motion penalty sent Central back five yards, but two plays later Patrlzi bolted 22 yards for the first touchdown of the game. Kenny Whited added the conversion kick to give Central the lead at 7. Dennis Stahl intercepted a pass on Centennial's next play, but, Central's drive stalled at the one when Patrizi was stopped just shy of the goal line.

Dave Washburn's recovery of a fumbled Chad Little punt led to a seven play, 37 yard drive that ended with Patrlzi scoring from the four and Whited adding the extra point. Scott Norrick directed Central's drlve-86 yards-late in the fourth. A 28 yard run by Patrlzl, a 40 yard TD pass to Andy Hender· son, plus a Whited kick were the keys In the eight play drive that gave Central the winning final score. While hoping for a playoff berth the Maroons rode to Ur· bona where they mauled the n gers. John Patrizl comments: ''More than the rivalry, we were thinking about making the playoffs.'' The fired up Maroons pounded out yardage with their punishing ground game. The defensive unit recovered five Tiger fumbles and shut down the Urbana passing game. The Tigers stopped the Maroons and Little booted a 58 yard punt, the final twenty on a roll, after Urbana stepped aside. Mulcahy recovered the next play on the Urbana 19. Six plays later,

Scott Norrick (12), above, waits to hand off to John Patrizl (33) while Eric Doherty (71), Jimmy Beasley (63), John Whalen (51) and Roy McKnight (79) block the Charger line. Dave Courson , ri{)hf, looks for a hole to escape while Andy Henderson (44) and Mike Aguirre (60) block a Centennial defensive end and Tim Cullop looks on. Dave Courson, opposite ri{)hf, goes to the outside to avoid an Urbana tackler while Ricky Aielts (B7) blocks and Roy McKnight and Eric Doherty run after Ur· bona.


Stahl plowed over from a yard out and Whited's extra point cave the Maroon's a 7-0 lead in the game. Patrlzl's 12 yard punt return set up the second scoring drive, a 10 play 42 yard march that result· ed In Whited's 21 yard field goal. Central's Carl Martin returned the fumble to the 27 and Central ad vanced to the 13, but the Tigers blocked Whited's 30 yard field coal attempt. The Tigers took the second half kickoff, but Raymond knocked the ball loose on a pass completion with Mulcahy recovering It midfield but Central couldn't move. Central drove 65 yards in 14 plays to take a 17-0 lead In the fourth on Patrizi's 3 yard run and Whited's PAT. This forced the n cers to punt and Patrlzi fielded the kick at his own 13 to sail down the right sideline past his cheering teammates on his way to the final touchdown. This play gave Central the right to the beloved title, "Champalgn-Ur· bona Champions".

Steve Thayer (30) and Boo Cooper (20) below, the only two starting defensive players, look in on a tackle involving Dennis Stohl (88), Brion Mulcahy (90), Dono Anastasio (25), Brion Wilcher (32) and the Charger offense.

Scott Norrick, Left, hands the boll to Eric Doherty during a 21-0 romp over Centennial. Eric Doherty (71), Dennis Stohl (88) and Chad Little (89), below, look in on a tackle while John Potrizi (33) struggles to keep a hold of the boll at Ur¡ bono.

DETERmiNATION PROVIDES WINS " I like wrestling because It Is physically demanding and gets your whole body into shape, not like most sports. it is especially demanding since you have to get up at 5 : 30 a .m . in the morning for practice, comments Matt Palmer. Demanding or not , the wres· tiers must enjoy the sport; thir· teen lettermen returned, includIng eight seniors: Eric Panglllnan (105), Roger Murray (126), Todd Peck (132), Blake McCormick (132), Craig Raymond (138) , Dana Anastasia (145), Greg Kyburz (167) and Dennis Stahl (heavyweight); four juniors: Scott Lerner (98), Jeff Kyburz (119), Mike Anastasia (155), and Ed Talley (185); and one sopho· more, Rob Wood (112). These placed a solid man at each weight class. D. Anastasia was rated third in the state in the preseason rankings determined by The Grappler. The Maroons finished their seo son with a 15-3 regular season

Dennis Stahl, above, pressures his oppo nent to capture the AA State title for his 21st straight win. He had 18 pins.


record. At the Kankakee Arrowhead Invite the Maroons placed elev· enth. Wood placed third at 119 and McCormick placed fourth at 132. At the Springfield Invitational everyone wrestled their certified weights to place Central on top with 181 points. Lerner, Pangilinan, and D. Anastasia all won their matches while Kyburz pinned his opponent. At the Quincy Invitational D. Anastasia and Stahl were both individual winners. The team finished tied with Cahokia for sixth overall. At Conference, Central pro· duced three conference champ~ ons: J. Kyburz, D. Anastasia and Stahl. At the Regionals the Maroons finished second while D. Anasta· sia and Stahl each won their championship matches to defend

their district titles. J. Kyburz, M. Anastasia, G. Kyburz, and Lerner also qualified for the Sectional. At the Sectional Stahl and D. Anastasia both advanced after overtime victories to represent Central at the Assembly Hall. The final issue of The Grappler rated Stahl fourth and Anastasia fifth in the state . These ratings proved to be errors as Stahl won both of his opening matches (9-3 and 4-0) and a 4-2 decision in the semifinals to gain a place in the finals where he won an 8-6 decision to become the No. 1 heavyweight in Illinois Class AA. Anastasia pinned his first opponent but lost a 9-5 quarterfinal decision. In the wrestleback competition, Anastasia won 6-3 (first round), 7-4 (quarterfinal) and 6-2 (semifinal) decisions. Anastasia received the third place console· tion crown by default to end his wrestling career.

Below, The Varsity Wrestling Team. First row (L to R): Assistant Coach Jeff Billeter. Eric Pangilinan , Scott Lerner , Blake McCormick , Coach Craig Horswlll. Second row: Ron Shankin , Jim Crowley, Rob Wood , Roger Murray, Jeff Kyburz. Third row: Tim Cullop, Mike Anastasia , Dana Anastasia , Assistant Coach Bill Trembley. Back row: Ed Talley, Dennis Stahl, Todd Peck.

Left, the Junior Varsity Wrestling Team. Front row (L to R): Rod Llewellyn, Pete Ens, Johnny Lemmon , Damon Matejowsky, Tim Gorman , John Phipps, Jim Green, Steve Shinall. Second row: Coach Jeff Billeter, Kevin Llewellyn, Matt Taylor, Andy Eisfelt, Steve Thayer, Coach Bill Trembley. Back row : Tommy Dew , Mitch Brown , Matt " Otto" Palmer.

Junior Jeff Kyburz, middle left, who has been listed in The News Gazette Honor Roll all season, awaits the start of the clock in starting form .

Dana Anastasia came out of this bottom position to pin his opponent below, and take third place at State.

Junior Mike Anastasia , above, wrestles a reverse half arm bar with his Charger opponent.

Senio r Roger Murray, abo ve, uses a short arm dunk in hopes of a takedown.


HARD WORK REDUCES SWim TlffiES Seven lettermen returned to swim for the Maroons this season. They were seniors Dan Castillo, Marty Kamerer, Mark Neumann, Dave Washburn, Kent Whitesell , and juniors Paul Anderson and Charley lane. For a team without much returning experience, the Maroons ex路 pected Improvement over the course of the season. The times dropped throughout the season, so In a year or two a lot is ex路 pected from sophomores Kevin Crowley, Steve Froeschl, Dylan Jones, and freshmen Jon Arnold and Whitty Whitesell, who seem to be very promising. The season record was the same as last year's, a disappointing 2-7. The two wins Included victories over Kankakee Eastridge and Normal Communi路 ty. "They are a great group of guys who work hard. This makes them pleasant to work with," commented assistant coach Bob Miller. Central placed fifth at the Big 12 meet In Springfield with 130 points. At the Sectional meet in Nor路 mal, Central placed sixth with 84 points, failing to send swimmers any further In competition.

The CHS Boys Swim Team. Front row (L to R): Joson Ogren , Chris Lake, Troy Fallon , Whitty Whitesell , Pot Charters, Steve Froeschl, Quint Tepe. Middle row: Paul Anderson, Moni Reddy, Kent Whitesell, Mark Neumann, Marty Kamerer, Dove Washburn, Don Castillo , Kevin Crowley. Back row: Coach Jeff Trigger, Dora Mistry, Blair Brown , Hunter Miley, James VanDeventer, Brion Brown, Dylan Jones, Chorley Lone, Word Jones, Darryl VanDyke , Assistant Coach Bob Miller. Left, letting the thrill of victory sink in after winning the 500 freestyle Is senior Marty Kamerer.


Top, sophomore Steve Froeschl tokes a flying plunge into the water to start his port in the freestyle relay.

Left, senior Marty Kamerer tokes the lead in the 200 freestyle . Middle left, senior Kent Whitesell flies through the 100 butterfly. Below, Coach Jeff Trigger and assistant coach Bob Miller discuss the events while senior Dono Hunter keeps slots at the meet. Lower left, senior Mark Neumann waves for the victory at the Bloomington meet.

Above, freshman James VanDeventer comes up for a breath in the 100 breaststroke.


GIRLS lffiPROVE DURING SEASON This year's Varsity Girls Basket· ball Team Is basically a young team. The three seniors-Kim Neither, Susan Stewart, and Sandra Washington-have paced the Maroons to seven victories. Eight players returned to varsity action: Neither, Stewart, Washington, Juniors Jenny Bloom, Kim Bennett. Meg Healy, Chris Slattery, and sophomore Susan Auten. Sophomores Jamie Stasi, Shar· on Siewert and Beverly Jackson also moved up from last year's JV to new varsity positions. Pam Seward Is a very promising freshman whom a lot Is expected from In the future as she gains more experience. Sophomore Pat Lane, who who was Ineligible during the first part of the season, Is also helping out the team. The leading rebounder for the

team is Sandra Washington. The better shooters Include Washington, Neither, and Bloom. Stewart is the point guard; she Is assisted by Lane. "The kids are very enthusiastic, hardworking, and continuing to Improve throughout the season," commented assistant coach Dennis Sparks. The highlight of a mediocre season was beating crosstown ri· val Centennial by nine points at the Charger Invitational. "We have a lot of potential even though our record doesn't show all the talent we have this season," commented junior Chris Slattery. Ri"ht, senior Sandra Washington gets the tip. Lower ri"ht, sophomore Jodie Stasi holds onto the out of bounds pass.

The Girls Varsity Basketball Team. Front row (L to R): Kim Neither, Susan Stewart. Mid die row: Pat Lane, Kim Bennett, Susan Auten, Jamie Stasi, Sharon Siewart, Beverly Jackson . Back row : Coach Tony Harris, Chris Slattery, Meg Healy, Sandra Washington, Jenny Blom, Pat Seward, assistant coach Trudy Melvin.


Below, sophomore Sharon Siewert and junior Chris Slattery toke a break during wormups.

The Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team. Front row (L to R): Jenny Downey. Suzy Wood . Middle row : Ann Ross . Judy Ziegler, Jamie Stasi , Sylvia Crowell, Jodie

Stasi, Michelle Patton. Back row: Coach Dennis Sparks, Dena Trees, Kathy Moizel, Pam Seward, Kim Bennett, Sharon Siewert.

Left, senior Kim Neither jumps up for the


Above, sophomore Susan Auten sets up to snag a rebound.


STATE OR BUST! The sophomore basketball team had a great season. If this Is any indication of next year's varsity, then Central should have a winning team. They ended with a 12-1 record and are looking forward to playing varsity next year. The freshmen had only a fair (7-7) season. According to first year coach Rich Wooley, "The kids are good to work with. We could have won a few more games but I've seen a lot of improvement since the beginning of the season.'' The junior varsity girls ended a 9-9 season In which four of the games were within one point. Leading the team were top scor¡ er Dena Trees, top field goal shooter Pat Lane, top freethrow shooter Pam Seward, and leading rebounder Michelle Patton. "The team was an enthusiastic and hardworking group who learned how to play agressive basketball," commented coach Dennis Sparks.

Coach Dennis Sparks , above, gives Suzy Wood , Sharon Siewert, Pam Seward, and Jodie Stasi some last-minute strategy dur¡ ing a close game with Centennial.

The Sophomore Boys Basketball Team. Front row (L to R) : Doug Bean, Todd Sackett, Daron Barnes, Terry Napper, Paul Ruzicka. Back row: Coach U.S. Davidson, Todd Sackett , upper left, pushes his Charger opponent aside as he looks up to snag a rebound.


Greg Boysaw , Kevin Crossland, Lyndell Clemons, Lloyd Hodges, Tim McCoy, Rot> ert Cooper.

Mark Daniel , upper right, sets up a perfect layup during a game at Centennial.

The Freshmen Boys Basketball Team. Front row (L toR); Rod Napper, Dennis Williams, Anthony Yates, Erik Mostert, Todd Lienhart, Tyrone Cooper. Middle row: Mike Caston , Darrell Bishop, Ron Napper, Wyatt Blissit.

Anthony Tummelson , Ken Raquel. Back row: Coach Rich Wooley, Todd Holben, Scott Shoop, Mark Daniel, Todd Tipton, Scott Cienlawski.

Above. Suzy Wood and Ann Ross attempt to push through their opponents as Shar¡ on Siewert and Sylvia Crowell look on. Is it a holdup? No. it's Paul Ruzicka, left, blocking an opponent during a game with the Chargers.

Lower left, Mike Caston looks tor the open man as he tries to ditch a guarding opponent.

Tyrone Cooper, upper left, attempts a picture perfect layup against the Char gers.


SEASON PROVES DISAPPOINTING While 1982-83 was not considered an extremely productive season for the Central Maroons, It did have its high points. Senior Paul Stukel made a bas¡ ket with four seconds remaining to lift Central to a 28-27 win over Rantoul and give coach Lee Cabutti his SOOth career victory. Greg Boysaw, a sophomore, hit the second of a two-shot foul in overtime to beat Danville 25-24 In Combes Gym. The upset victory was played in the epitome of "Cabutti style" of play as the Vikings scored only four points the second half. Perhaps the most thrilling win came at Urbana when the under¡ dog, Central, beat the Tigers with a 22-foot jumper by senior Larry Moore at the buzzer.

Washington Tourney Central Centennial Springfield Lincoln Danville Stephen Decatur Centralia Tourney Urbana Bloomington Mattoon Lincoln Rantoul Danmville Decatur MacArthur Stephen Decatur Kankakee McNamarra Urbana Mattoon Bloomington Springfield Regional Central

60 Pekin 66 42 51 43 44 38 35 56 64 34 36 39 53 31 32 49 70 44 59 28 35 28 27 25 24 36 46 30 39 40 53 34 33 34 41 65 67 39 41 27 Urbana29

Top, senior Larry Moore studies his freethrow as senior Brian Wilcher looks on.

Above, Coach Croy lets off some steam.


The VarsiTy Boys Basketball Team. Front row (l to R): As¡ sistant Coach U. S. Davidson, Brian Wilcher, Lorry Moore , Eugene Jackson, Steve Woodard , Kevin Crossland, Lyndell Clemons , Assistant Coach Tom Croy. Back row:

Greg Boysaw , Paul Stukel, Brian Stull, Doug Brown , Mark Johnson, Roy McKnight, lloyd Hodges, Jerry Blount, Tim Me¡ Coy , Coach Lee Cabutti.

Above, Coach Cabutti raises the spirit in the " snakepit" at the assembly. Left, senior Brian Wilcher puts one over his adversary.


NOT "OFF THE WALL" I.M. volleyball started twelve years ago. " A sport for every student and a student for every sport'' is the motto. It certainly holds true for volleyball. Many talented people turned out this year, as In years before, to display their talents every Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the girls gym this fall. The frosh, an all-boys freshmen team from the Tuesday night league made it to the semifinals; however, they were defeated by Harvey's Ball Bangers. The Ball Bangers went on to a close match with the champions from the Thursday night league, Up Against the Wall.










THE P.A.'s
















This year's IM Basketball program was once again a success. Three sets of games are played, giving twelve teams a chance to play each evening that the gym Is free. "It's too bad 1M's get pushed aside If any varsity team needs the use of the gym," commented Ron Kruse, the sponsor of the program. He continues, "These

kids take playing basketball just as seriously as the varsity players.'' "I think for the nonparticipating athletes It is a good outlet for athletic activity and is organized very well," comment· ed John Patrlzi. Kruse went on to say, ''The par· ticlpants all have a fun time, which Is what 1M's are for."










"LET'S GET ROWDIE!'' The Cheerleaders and Pepettes are responsible for the spirit that surrounds Central High. The varsity cheerleaders at· tended camp at Purdue University over the summer where they received the SPIRIT STICK for being the peppiest and rowdiest squad. They spend a lot of time practicing and making locker decorations and football breakthroughs. "Between the squad members we have a lot of fun cheering," commented "Max Maroon" Alice Moore. The Pepettes attended camp at the University of Illinois where they received 6 ribbons as a squad, and captain Shonnie Herron received one for Out· standing Individual. The Pepettes Sophomore Laura Dawson , top right, smiles for the camera while other squad members Kim Ncuyen, middle, and Leich Anne Henson Intently watch the Champaicn Showdown. The Varsity Cheerleaders, right, Front row (L to R) : Michele Hettincer , Andi Bell , Robyn Roberson , lisa Korry. Middle row: Amy Bash , Tal isa Bracy , Alice Moore , Kathy Kehe , Debra Ford. Bock row: Laura Kohut , She li a Casserly , Lori Johnson , Jocelyn Hines.


also received the FIRECRACKER award for having the most spirit. This season they performed to songs such as Lady Sun, We Got the Beat, Twilioht Zone, Poe-Jam, and Let it Whip. " Learning the routines is a lot of hard work , '' stated Linda Trimpe. "But Pepettes is a fun way to get into school spirit." Shonnle Herron commented, "Pepettes Is a lot of fun, especia~ ly cheering at the games, teach· lng routines and thinking of new Ideas.''

Pepette Squad, top left. Front row (L to R): Shonni Herron, Lee Loi. Row 2: Anita Ellzey, Teresa Ehler, Carolyn Busey , Pot Jones. Row 3 : Tw ilo Johnson , Br idget Sibley , Jeanne tt e Jackson , Lor i Pace , Ton McCoin , Kim Theide. Back row: Christy Dayton , Tommie Brill, Melissa Goldenstein, Lindo Tri mpe , Koro Beauchamp , Ella Croll, Susan Elliott (sponsor). Opposite page, bottom left, performing routine to Twilight Zone ore Lindo Trimpe, Anita Ellzey, Jeannette Jackson, Christy Dayton , Bridget Sibley, and Lee Loi. Ooposite page, bottom middle, Brenda Roy gets ready to tell the sophomore football players to " DEFEAT" Rantoul.

The freshmen cheerleaders, above, were selected primarily to cheer the freshmen boys basketball team and the girls varsity team onto victory. " Cheering is a lot of fun , and I really enjoy it! " commented Kim Starkey. The freshmen squad is shown here. Front row (L to R): Linnie Allen, Chrissy Ratliff, Jill Hail. Second row: Cindy Nelson. Third row: Kim Starkey, Angie Burson, Barbaro Cook . Back row: Rona Roberson.

The sophomore cheerleaders wrote a port of CHS history when they selected their first mole cheerleoder-Nigel Bright. They spent most of their time on fundroisers to pay for new un~ forms . " I think our squad has lots of potential," commented Brenda Roy. " We hove lots of spirit and pep and we all LOVE to cheer which keeps us going! " Pictured here , middle left, front row (L to R): Lauro Dawson , Kim Nguyen. Middle row: Leigh Anne Henson, Wendy Hewitt, Allison Widlosky, Brenda Roy. Back row: Janina White , Nigel Bright, Valerie Gladney.

Jill Hall , left, cheers with excitement as the freshmen cheerleaders pep up the basketball crowd at Centennial. V-1-C-1-0-U-S! Are cheerleaders vicious? In center picture, Michele Hettinger, Robyn Roberson , Kathy Kehe , Lisa Kerry, Jocelyn Hines, Amy Bosh , Shelio Casserly , Andi Bell, Lauro Kohut, Alice Moore and Toliso Bracy all yell YES!


Head swim coach Jeff Trigger also teaches drivers ed.



Dr. Jack Ashenfelter Principal

Carl Nelson Assistant Principal


Dayton Baker Agriculture


Barb Voss Dean

Kathy Arnold Business Education

Jim Beck

Bob Bennett Counselor

Deborah Black French, Bilingual





Mary Beth Bogner Support Staff

Richard Bonham Science

Leslie Bowman Social Studies, IDH

Sherry Boyer Social Worker

Ruth Buckles library Clerk

JoAnn Busch Physical Education

Jerry Butler Industrial Education

Lee Cabutti Athletic Director, P.E.

Faye Catchings Support Staff

Ruth Chen Bilingual Tutor

The 1982-83 support staff consists of eight teachers, one prevocational work coordinator, and IDHjresource teacher George Hast. Their jobs are to provide learning situations for all types of special needs students. Support teacher Hast comments, "It is a good program because we stress good study andjor work habits, as well as social interac· tion." Front row, left to right: Mary Beth Bogner. George Hast, Pam Hagle , Susan Elliott, Faye Catchings. Back row: Susan Petry , Jack Higgs , Christy Lendman, Sylvia Nesbitt, Ellen Cook.


Donald Hansen Dean


Ellen Cook Support Staff

Kathleen Corley English , Yearbook

Judy Cotter Counseling

Tom Croy P.E., Health



rl~. --

Central Custodians: Front row (left-right): B. Pellum, L. Melchi, H. Thomas Back row: C. Moore, R. Aikens, B. Peddycoart. Not Pictured: D. Anthony , J. McNish, D. Shipley.



Marge Davenport Business Education

Roberta Day Science

Yolanda Deal Spanish

Donald Decker Vocal Music

Becky Dillingham Secretary

Susan Elliot Support Staff

Charles Evans Social Studies

Fred Fechtmann r-ounseling, IDH

Teresa Fisher

Sarah Freyman Science

William Freyman German, English

Jason Friedman Assistant Speech Coach

Richard Garcia Math

C.F. Danielson

Charlie Due P.E., IDH

Anne Gher Secretary



Pam Hagle Support Staff

Joyce Hardesty Secretary


Jerry Hardesty Math

Frances Hartman English

Above. counselor Bob Bennett retrieves information from the new computer installed last August. Two advantages of its installation are a second grade-point average (the cumulative) and a final exam score which now appear on report cards. Jack Higgs Pre-voc . Counseling

Joyce Hill Math IDH

Howard Horn Business Education

Cynthia Jakie Librarian

Joseph Houska Ind. Ed . IDH

JoAnne Kenyon Math

Patricia Klimek Spanish


John Hornaday Counseling

Evelyn Kovar English

Selby Klein Social Studies

Kenneth Krejci Instrumental Music

Ron Kruse Social Studies


Art Lehr English IDH

Kay Lemons Home Economics

John Lindstrom Art

Christy Landman Support Staff


=?' -

.: , ~ . · -.·, ~-~



Catherine Majdiak French

Stan Marsh CCE

Marilyn Misner William Morefield Psychologist,_____l_ndustrial Education

Karen McKenzie Social Studies

Dorothy Miller Physical Education

Rufus Morris Support Staff

Claude Murphy CCE







Robert Miller Science - =---.

Lottie Nast Foreign Language IDH

Sylvia Nesbitt Support Staff

Myron Ochs Industrial Education

Nancy Paterson Physical Education

Susan Petry Support Staff

Sally Pilcher English

The Central High School Cafeteria Staff: Front row (left-right): Freda Shofner, Phyllis Grismer, Giendean Williams, Jeanette Morris, Alice McKenzie. Back row: Gladys Chapman, Janet Shobe, Mary Ann Ruyle, Grace Gilbert, Pat Carr.



Alice Pirtle Home Economics

Donald Pittman Physical Education

Robert Pillman Industrial Education

Paul Quinlan Social Studies

Lisa Rahder Bilingual Tutor

Jeanette Reed English

John Reis Math

Richard Remmert Math

Marian Robinson Math

John Scarpello Industrial Education

,,.'C. ~

' :itt;,

~ ¡

Students and staff were happy to see the return of receptionist Mrs. Darlene Hanson at the end of the first quarter.


Fred Schooley Social Studies

James Seay English

Sandra Seyman Health

Julie Sherwood Business Education

Top, Central's veteran "cheerleaders," Mrs. Klein and Mrs. Corley, strike a doubly cute pose during homecoming activities.


Allen Smith Science IDH

Clyde Smith Science

Phillip Stirret Business Education

Denise Suerth Bookkeep,_e_r_ __,

Gene Word Physical Education

Susan Weber Bilingual, Soc . Studies

Tom Dong Wei Bilingual

Dennis Sparks Moth

Monty Stanley Business Education

Thomas Stewart Physical Education

Jeffrey Trigger Physical Education

Bette vanEs Spanish

V. Winterbottom

Above, teachers Clyde Smith, Koren Block and Susan Weber enjoy themselves at the student-faculty coffee hour. Bruce Wisner Industrial Education

Richard Wooley Moth

Jane James Hearing Tutor

Jody Jueller Moth


Senior Kelda Payne is proud to don her deely-boppers during halftime. Kelda Is a flag girl and one of the two drum majors for the marching band.


CLUBS ENCOURAGE INVOLVEffiENT The goal of the Afro-American Club Is to Increase participation In school and community actlv~ ties. During the year the club visit· ed the Americana Nursing Home, sponsored a fun night, and featured West Indian and African dishes at the International Sup· per. The Annual Fashion-Talent Show was the club's main attrac· tlon; its proceeds go towards the Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund and a trip for members at the end of the school year. Upward Bound is a U.S. Office of Education-sponsored program. Staff members aim to help students with their basic subjects throughout the school year. Club members are expected to work hard and to be committed towards their class studies. The or· ganlzation's purpose is to pre· pare students for in college preparatory classes.

Upward Bound: Front row (1-r): Terrence Robinson, Second row: Teresa Brown, Cynthia Lypsy, Yolanda Parker. Third row: Stacy Douglass, Sean Shelby, Patrice Rozelle, Kim Taylor. Back row: Marla Lewis, John Miles, Jeff Simms, Jonathon Patterson, Walter Jones.

Afro-American Club: Front row (1-r): Anita Elzey, Tonya Hines, Kim Gibson, Melinda Wright, Shaune Whitaker, Teresa Brown, Stephanie Adkisson. Middle row: Pat Jones, Juanita Williams, Tony Elzey, Bridget Sibley, Yolanda Parker, Latilah Abdullah, Back row: Terry Napper, Carla Samuel, Beverly Jackson, John Miles, Sandra Washington, Leslie Michelle, Shelly Williams.



Principal's Scholars: Front row: Anita Elzey, Maria Reed, Latifah Abdullah , Bridget Sibley, Sandra Pryor, Kim Gibson, Shaune Whitaker. Back: Twlla Johnson, Jerome Miles, Carla Samuel, Melondy Arnett, John Miles, Yolanda Parker, Rugara Rugare.

Above, The PSP meeting seems to stir up emotion ; sophomore Kimberly Gibson listens contentedly while sophomore Latifah Abdullah turns to comment on an Idea.

According to coordinators Teresa Fisher and Morlan Robinson , PSP, or the Principal's Scholars Program, was ''Initiated in Chicago high schools to increase the number of minority students who possess competitive aca¡ demic profiles.'' Some of PSP's activities include career orientation meetings, academic contests and competitions which take place In Chicago and St. louis, and field trips.

Above, juniors Pat Jones and Stephanie Adkisson seemed pleased with the proceedings of a PSP meeting.


GET PHYSICAL-TOTALLVI P.E. classes at Central are designed for the development of the student's total physical being. This includes a multi-faceted program of physical exercise plus physical awareness. Most students at Central are participants in the Physical Educa· tion program. A varied choice of activities changing with the respective seasons gives stu· dents a chance to try different sports during the course of the year. Available to sophomores, juniors and seniors is Safety. Safety prepares students for the challenges of owning and operat· ing an automobile safely, and is taught by members of the P.E. department. Junior Tom Keck comments, "I think Safety is a good class for everyone to take." Health is a required class for all juniors and seniors before they graduate. Health emphasizes the importance of nutrition, first aid, and personal health. Senior Don Gerard notes, "Health expanded my horizons, and I learned many new things."

Top, volleyball proves to be a real team sport as P. E. students concentrate on the game . Above left, junior Joe Kingston shows all of us how strong he really is in his third hour P. E. class. Above right, freshman Brian Muncy gets on top of things by keeping himself in good phys· leal condition . RiQhf, freshman Jackie Sheffield prepares herself for a good volleyball serve to get the game under· way.


ART: WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS The Art Department offers courses ranging from industrial arts to basic drawing. Mr. John Lindstrom, IDH, feels art is a very positive influence for today ' s student, and Is special because not everyone has what it takes to be an artist. For those who feel a need for more creativity, there Is the Art Club. Members provide services for other school-related groups, and began rejuvenating the hallway paintings this spring. Projects like these are important because they stimulate imagination and a sense of school pride.

Top left, Mr. John Lindstrom points out a key factor to sophomore Marshall Perry and freshman Larry Gardener. Above, far left, juniors Ray Patterson and Robert Lew¡ is find an old tennis shoe the perfect subject for a leisurely sketch. Above left, senior Laura Hutton molds a mini dream house that's sure to bring smiles. Above. junior U. T. Smith relies on a few basic techniques to create a unique example of artistic ability . Lett, freshman Sarah Parmakoy stops a moment to get a new perspective on her sketch.



The Business Department of Central High offers a wide choice of classes: Shorthand, Record¡ keeping, Data Processing, Accounting. But most students still think of business class as one thing, primarily: Where we learn, s-i-o-w-1-y, how to type! Typing is a skill needed by everyone. Above , sophomore Michelle Patton checks over her work , while sophomore Chris Orban, ri(}hf, tries not to look at the keyboard. Senior Sheila Casserly, below, has already mastered the basic skill, and strives to improve her accuracy In Office Occupations class.




Service clubs at Central include FSA (Future Secretaries of America), Counseling Guides, 0. o. (Office Occupations), which is a class as well as a club, and VOA's (Volunteer Office Assistants). Top rir;ht, the Counseling Guides. Front row (1-r): David Griffet, Lisa Cler, Doug Bean . Back row: Lori Johnson. Ruth Harry, Dana Anastas ia , Angela Mosbarger , Cheryl Hayes. Top lett, Office Occupat ions . Front row (1-r) : lisa C ler , Al ice Moore, Lisa Wood, Connie Butler. Back row: Diana Schoonover, Mia Voss, Cathy Chidlaw . Cheryl Bender , Debb i e Mennenga , sponsor Marge Davenport. Middle, the VOA 's. Front row (1-r): Cathy Yeager . Dawn Crumm , Karla Eunice , Jeannette Jackson. Leslie Vermet, Burnett Brown . M i ddle row : Georg ia Lower , Jocelyn Hines , Beverly Jackson , Ruth Egherman , Brina Yates. Tammie Britt. Back row : Dawn Teaguel , Lesl ie M itchell , Kimberly McCowen , Ruth Harry , Mike Oddis, David Kramer, Juanita Williams, Jill Downey, Sandra Pryor Bottom , FSA . Front row (1-r) : Debbie Mennenga , linda Saklowsk i, Desiree McNaire , lisa Cler , Al ice Moore , lisa Wood. Middle row: Chris Bourgois, Nancy Stenner , Stephanie Adkisson , Cathy Chidlaw . Teresa Long, AnnMarie Millan, sponsor Marge Davenport . Back row: Sharon Ryherd , Laura Hutton , Bridget Sibley, Nancy Simonson, Kathy Sheridan , Mia Voss, Melissa Goldenstein , Chris Early , Priscilla Woodall , Diana Schoonover , Dawn Limpke.




The Cooperative Career Educo tion (C.C.E.) program at Central enables participating students to combine school class exper¡ iences with paid, on-the-job work experiences in the community . These students are permitted to leave the campus for their jobs generally during the 5th, 6th, and 7th periods and can earn up to three units of credit for a successful year. C.C.E. courses such as Distributive


- . ,


; ; .-

Education (marketing and sales) and Office Occupations are available through the Business Department. The Industrial Arts Department offers Cooperative Work Training (miscellaneous entry level job groupings), Industrial Coop (Crafts), Agri-Business and Advanced C.C.E.. Cosmetology and the service occupations are available through the Home Economics Department.

Opposite page , tar left: Senior Kelly Nesbitt, advanced C.C.E. student, clerks at Burnham Hospital. Top right, senior Leanne Park is an 0 .0 . student who works at American Savings. Middle right, Cosmetology students pose at Beau Monde Beauty School. They are (1-r, top row) : Lori Runyan , Amy Spanglo, Lisa Henne, Charlotte Baker. Bottom row: Mi· chelle Tesman , Teressa Caldwell, Nedra Ewing, Karen Kabaker. Junior in Cosmetology Amy Spanglo, bottom ri(Jht, prac· tices a new hairstyle on a mannequin be· fore trying it out on a " live" customer.

This page, top left: Senior Andrea Bell waits on Teresa Long at Life Stride Shoe Store . Top right, Career Work Training student Michelle Butler, a junior, checks groceries at Prospect IGA, while Kirby IGA service clerk David Wikoff, middle Jeff, a senior in Distributive Education, cheerfully bags groceries for a customer. Middle right, another Distributive Ed . student, senior Shannon Lane assists a customer at Tepper's China. Bottom, Advanced C.C.E. student Jorja Morris, senior, is a cashier at the Prospect IGA.


CHOIRS GET IN TUNE Mr. Don Decker has directed the choirs at Central for thirteen years . He thinks that school choirs help students develop their voices, learn about different countries, grow emotionally through musical involvement and develop a sense of school pride and spirit. Central has four choirs: Treble, Swing, Madrigal, and Chamber. Each choir gave four major public concerts during school year and took a spring tour. In addition, the Madrigals held their annual Madrigal Dinner. The choirs also combined talents and gave a exciting spring musical. Choir member Sandra Pryor says, "Choir is a fun way to get away from the books, but learn anyway."

Top, Treble Choir. Front row (1-r): Kim Mayor, Lisa Rels, Hollie Ollefsky, Lisa Eller. Second row: Pennie Harvey, Angie Armour, Angie Burson, Kim Starkey, Marilou Holtoff, Third row: Taro Tynan, Michelle Wright, Tami Farina, Thora Tam, Susan Schurtz, Cindy Nel¡ son, Cindy Pauser. Back row: Chelle Shelby, Sara Coay , Julie Gorman, Becky Barstead , Michelle Arentson , Katy Riegel , Sharon Siewert, Mona Freeman. Above, Swing Choir. Front row (1-r): Kim Keaton , Jill Trlezenberg. Second row: Tom Watts, Derrick Summerville , Matt Taylor, Gene Hicks, Steve Kucera . Third row: Julie Gorman , Rosemary Ries, Andrea Bell, Loren Rappaport, Jodi Matthis. Back row: David Wiley, Peter Schmale, John Riegel, Mike Murphy, Ron Miller. Not pic¡ tured: Laura Dawson, Lori Johnson, Laura Kohut, Leslie Vermette, Yuva Johanson, Maryanne Royse, Monica Edwards, Karen Barham (pianist), Leroy Carter, Shuronda Herron, Jocelyn Hines, Jonothan Peltz (drums), Steve Tufte, Avery Washington , Mike Miller. Right, Katie and John Reigel sing a duet at the Madrigal Dinner.


Left, Chamber Choir Front row (1-r) : Suzanne Garrison , Dawn Krumm , Pam Cacioppo, Tom Watts , Dennis Sophrer , Sean , Shekby, Keith Hines, Kim Gipson, Cassandra Hunt. Second row: lisa Dietzel, Ruth Vinton, Lynnette Burnham, John Ar¡ nold , Jamin Sewell , Erik Mostert, Chris Orban , Marisela Pena, Rymicha Preston, Todd Allen. Third row: Faith McMullen , Cheryle McNutt, Kelly O 'Brian, Adam Henderson, Andy Kurtz, Tommy Dew, Dawn Teague, Lori Pace , Sandra Pryor. Back row: Tina Gluschenko, Debra Williams , Delores Crump, Christine Kovaks, Ray Patterson, Jerry Blount, Zachary Banks, Jo nice Washburn , Ana Romero , Cynthia Keaton, Yolanda Owens. Not pictured: Julie Arnold, Karen Barkstall, Mary Rehberg, Laurie Todd.

Above, The Madrigals First row, left to right, Dionne Reghberg Garrett. loren Rappoport, Lauro Bondurant. Betty Coggins, Jill Trlezenberg , Kathleen Moore, Koth Murphy, Robin Lewman, SOrlto SUter, Jodi Matthis, Christy Mohon, Donna Mefford. second row: Brendan Korb, Andrew Hoffswell, Terry Naper, John Regal, John Stuff, Daryl Vandyke, Word James, Chris Antonsen, Carl Busch, SOnghwo Yu. seated: Mr. Don Decker. Bottom right. juniors SOrlto SUter and Carl Busch donee at the Madrigal Dinner. Bottom left, Terry Nopor and Daryl Vandyke end their performance at the Madrigal Din ner.



Champaign Central's music program for 1982-83 will be remembered as one of the school's most musically ad· vanced In years. The Marching Band's rigorous practice sched· ules brought them a very hectic fall schedule. Performing at four band contests and In many put> lie functions, the Marching Maroons built a strong reputation for themselves and for Central. Marcing Band participated in public activities such as the U of I Homecoming parade, Downtown Champaign's "Grape Expecta· tions", and performed at middle and elementary schools. The Pep Band continued their traditional songs and school spirit at the basketball and football games, thus enhancing the total morale of Central athletics. Concert and Varsity Bands ex· ponded their musical abilities by covering various styles of class~


cal music. Like the Jazz Band, recognition is due for their achievements and awards re· ceived. The Jazz Band traveled to five contests; its program was always one of the strongest and plans to remain that way with the return of many 1982-83 students. The Concert Band , Front row: T. Tam, C. Samuel , K. Hight , E. Holtoff , l. Shallenberger, K. Payne. Second row: R. Weber, L. Runyan , R. Ebert, L. Durst, R. Rugara , S. Leath, V. Lawhorn, J. Decker, M . Reed , M . Holtoff , J. Beightler , M . Sanford, J. Pugh , M. Mefford. Third row: J. Shapiro, T. Young , A. Addis, A. Dayton, A. Schendel, M. Pena , T. Heath, T. Cullup , D. Braskamp, T. Fisher, C. Helgesen, K. Neal, D . Wiley . Fourth row: K. Moore , T. Richardson, J. Sheffield, J. Richardson, T. Taylor, H. Krueger, P. Batty, E. Wilson , J. Olefsky, C . Leo, J . Knieriem , D . Summerville, J. Cole . Back row: M. Rles, B. Suter, K. Johnson, C. Mahan , P. Batty , B. Cole, L. Reid , B. Schaefer, K. Osterhoff, L. Hutton, T. Greffe, R. Bigler, D. Davis, D. McCain.

Above, senior Cassie Helgesen and her saxophone generate spirit during Coger halftime.

The Marching Band: First row, (lett-right): T. Young, M. Arnette, C. Samuel, M. Hill , J. Richardson, P. Miller, E. Holtoff, B. Schaeffer. T. Cullop , E. Wilson, B. Cole , D. Wiley, A. Hoffswell, T. Heath, T. Tam. Second row: l. Abdullah , L. Durst, T. Fischer, A. Addis , V. Lawhorn, K. Wright, J. Kneiriem, R. Rugara. N. Utting, B. Cartwright. Third row: C. Shay, B. Lansjeon, D. Braskamp , D. Summerville , B. Beauchamp, P. Batty, A. Dayton, D. Mefford, R. Weber. R. Gerlach , J. Schneider, J. Belghtler. Fourth row: J. Cole , B. Suter, D. Davis, M. Giblin , R. Bigler, C. Hammersmith, R. Lansjeon , K. Johnson, C. Jones, M. Sollinger, K. Hight. Fifth row: K. Osterhoff, P. Batty , B. Alexander, M. Reed , H. Krueger, L. Shallenberger, C. Neal, l. Hutton, D. McCain, T. Griffe, M. Sanford, K. Moore. J. Olefsky, A. Schendel, J. Decker. M. Holtoff, M. Ries. Not pictured: C. Mo han, C. Leo , S. Suter, A. Murphy, J. Pugh, J. Shapiro, L. Runyan, T. Richardson, J. Laird, J. Hart. Top left, senior Matt Taylor is talented in that he plays both the acoustic and electric guitars, sings, and plays in a local band during his spare time. Top right, grade school friends of the band lead the Homecoming Po rode , followed by the flag girls and the Marching Maroons.


I BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C The English Department began anew this year with the addition of an advanced speech class run by Sally Pilcher. The course is designed to further the abilities of students who enjoy giving speeches. It will be offered next year as well as an Advanced Placement program. Over the summer, Unit 4 teachers Kathy Corley, and Dawn Klein (from Central), and Marty Perry and Georgine Hembrough (from Centennial) attended a onemonth writing workshop in Chicago. They volunteered to go to Roosevelt in order to advance their skills as English teachers; these skills included devising dif¡ ferent methods of evaluating papers besides giving letter grades.

Top, sophomore Latifah Abdullah expresses her views during Mrs. Klein 's speech class. Above, freshmen English students wait patiently while Mrs. Hartman passes out papers. Right, something in Mrs. Corley 's English class proves to be humorous to freshmen Derrick Summerville, Katie O'Conner and Lori Smith .


Top, Mrs. Dawn Klein takes the role of a student/ cheerleader amidst sophomores Gayle Kamerer, Tina Beckler, Dawn Davis, Eric Bundy, Kris Hight, Marty Downing and Traci Richardson in Speech class. Above left, senior Michelle Tesman, junior Melissa Goldenstein and senior Terry Mingee (1-r) find books the relaxing part of Mr. Bauers' Individual Reading class . Above right, sophomore Darwin Thomas prepares for a speech in Mrs. Hartman's Basic Commun~ cations class. Left, freshman Tonya Helm puts her thoughts on paper for Mrs. Johnson's Basic Communications class.



NHS completed its fifty-eighth year under the direction of sponsors Judy Cotter and Robert Mill路 er. Active members participated in various fundraising activities, such as M & M candy sales and carnation sales; profits went towards the annual initiation of new members. Individual records of attendance , scholarship, service, leadership, and charac路 ter were the basis for the init~ ates' qualification: Students must be enrolled in Central for at least one semester; sophomores must have a 5.00, juniors 4.75, and seniors 4.50; all must provide some service for the improve路 ment of the school, have satisfac路


tory citizenship records, and reflect high moral and social standards. The 1982 initiates not pictured are: Mike Auten, Sonja Cole, David Courson, Barb Gadel, Gerry Hansel, Jenny Herschfield, Scott Norrick, Leanne Park, Val Simpson, Paul Stukel, and Leslie Vermette. The National Honor Society. Front row (1r) : Chris Severns , Laurel Miller , Jane Vinton , secretary Lee Lai, treasurer Kara Beauchamp , Lisa Shallenberger. Second row: Liesa Benn, Mark Cieniawski , Jenni Yeager , president Sue Thayer , Pam Whited , Jenny Keller. Back row: Sharla Flora, Karen Barham, Ginny Thomas, Sharon Ryherd , Sue Langan, Tom Buetow , vicepresident Craig Raymond.


In only her second year as Central's speech coach, Sally Pilcher managed to arouse student interest, recruit sixty team members, and build a successful team. Assisting her in this task was University of Illinois junior Jason Friedman. The team, which usually travels with about forty members, com peted at various schools such as Illinois State University, Blooming¡ ton, Charleston, and many other schools in the Chicago area . Central placed well in many of these tournaments, including a first place finish at Charleston. "We really have a lot of talent, stated Friedman, "and (the team) has really done well, especially against the more experienced schools.''

The seniors in the team included Tom Buetow, Don Gerard, Cassie Helgesen, Eric Pangilinan, and Lisa Shallenberger. The I.E. Debate and Speech Team : Front row (1-r): J. Friedman . S. Pilcher, T. Keck , A . Hoffswell . Second row : A . Van . A . Coay , C. Kovacs , J . Clasey , E. Pangalinan, B. Ray, Third row: C. Shay, K. Neal , L. Shallenberger , J. Sweitzer , L. Henson , H. Gladney , M . Macek , M. McMann . B. Pangilinan . L. Pace , C . Helgesen . Fourth row: J. Greenvurg , T. Richardson . S. Sueer , H. Krahling , A . Barham. N. James, S. Garland. K. Crowle, L. Clasey , S. May, Back row: S. Langan , B. Cole, K. Moore. S. Pickens, T. Buetow , P. Leeson , D . Gerard , C . Mahan , V. Alexander, C. Busch, E. Talley.

Above, senior Andrew Hoffswell acts out a humorous scene during speech prac¡ tice . Hoffswell and senior Tom Keck starred in "Mister, I've Been to the Zoo" from Edward Albee ' s Zoo Story, which boosted their dramatic duet act to first place.


JE PENSE, DONC JE SUIS French Club got off to a great start this year with the return of teacher Catherine Madjlak who had spent the previous year teaching English In France. The French Club had their annu¡ al fundralslng projects . Profits from the sales went to renting French films to be seen during class. The French cuisine table at the International Supper included two types of crepes, quiche, sa~ ad, and french bread. The highlight of the year was the all-day trip to Chicago where members saw a French film, shopped at Water Tower Place, and dined elegantly at the Bastille restaurant.

Above, front row (left-right) : Treasurer Khue Phon, President Janet Brown. Back row: Secretary Laurel Miller, Vice-Presi¡ dent Lee-Fin Lai.

Top right, seniors Charles Smith and Laurel Miller question the last issue in fifth year French class. Because Centennial doesn't offer this course, Smith Is one of the few students who must enroll at both schools. The French Club. Front row (left-right): Cuong Nguyen, Lee-Fin Lai , Khue Phon, Tu Phon, Lee Lai, Kathy Neal, Yen Nguyen. Middle row: Kara Beauchamp, Laurel Miller, Norris Smith, Suzanne Porter, Karen Turk, Janet Brown. Back row: Christy Mahan , Meghan Healy, Hanna Alkire, Tom Buetow, Jennifer Hast, Ginny Thomas, Sue Langan , Sue Thayer.


Above The French Club. Front row (lett-right): W. Hewitt, C. Nguyen, K. Neal, K. Phon, T. Phon, R. Robeson. J. little, L. Lai, L. Eller, H. Olefsky . Middle row: K. Beauchamp, F. Picaper, L. Miller, M. Cross, L. Lai, S. Langan, K. Turk, B. Yates, J. Brown, Y. Nguyen, J. Olefsky. Back row: T. Walker, A. Nuss, T. Buetow, N. James, U. Johansson, S. Porter, S. Thayer, M. Healey, A. Shaul, H. Alkire, J. Hast, S. Costly, W. Sehutt.

Above, Foreign Exchange student Fabienne Picaper took classes at Central this year while living with her hosts. the Osborns . Fabienne enjoyed her stay in the U.S., but was eager to go back home to France.

Above, front row (left-right): Vice-presi¡ dent Lee Lai, Secretary Tu Phon. Back row: President Jennifer Hast, Treasurer Kara Beauchamp.



Above right, junior Heidi Krahling, g1v1ng us a little taste of Germany , serves bratwurst and sauerkraut at the International Supper. Above left, junior Deborah Ford puts a little time and effort into her homework in her fourth year German class. Right, German Club attracts many appetites as they serve their authentic main dish at the International Supper.


Top picture, the German Honor Society: Front row (1-r): Amanda Brown , Ellen Holy, Jennifer Davis, Barbara Hendricks, Eileen Wenzel, Theresa Ehler, Frau Nasi. Back row: Susanne O 'Reilly, Chris Antonsen, Mark Cienlawskl, Jenni Yeager, Todd Hammel, Liesa Benn , Patrick Miller. The German Club: Front row (1-r): Britto Langjoen, lisa Giblin, Tracl Richardson , Julie Beightler. Lisa Reis, Theresa Ehler, Herr Freyman, Second row: Laura Durst, Noelle Osterbur, Sharon Siewert, Kay Boyer, Krista Van Vorst, Tara Tynan, Kevin Crowley. Third row: Barbie Hendricks, Patty Tester, Louisa Trlandis, Nigel Bright, Carl Dziuk , Thad O 'Neill, Suzanne O 'Reilly. Back row: Tina Gluschenko, Karen Henry, Mark Clenlawskl, Chris Antonsen, Linda Gerlach, Todd Hammel, Heidi Krahllng , Craig Hammersmith, Kara Muir.

Perhaps what makes German classes In Central so interesting Is the varied use of materials to convey to students not only the language but the German culture as well. A major part of the presentation Is the Deutsch: Aktue/1 series of textbooks. These books are only In their second year of use, and teachers as well as students are quite pleased with their format and clarity. But, as stated earlier, German classes are not structured on books alone. An integral part of learning consists of audio and visual aids, such as movies. If, after fifty minutes a day in German, you can't seem to get enough, you can join the Ger· man Club! Coming off a rather dormant period last year. the German Club had quite an ac· tlve and memorable time this year under the leadership of club officers Teresa Ehler. Jamin Sewell , Britto Langsjoen, Heidi Kreiling, and sponsor Herr Freyman. Wild and crazy things took place: a club soccer team, a German Folk Choir, the celebration of several German holi· days, as well as the making of pretzels and bratwurst for the International Supper. The German Club also worked hard on a few honored traditions this year. Among these were the initiation of the club song and the perennial observance of Beethoven's birthday. The German Honor Society inin ates members at the end of their sophomore year In a small ceremony for friends and family. The Society was formed in 1972 not only to recognize high achievement In German, but also to promote Interest in the German culture.


WHEN SPANISH IS THE SUBJECT, What do memorizing new verb tenses, watching a soap opera, and reading a mystery story have in common? All of these were activities carried on by CHS Spanish classes this year. In addition to Mrs. Bette van Es and Mrs. Pat Klimek, Mrs. Yolanda Deal joined the Spanish faculty this year. She replaced Mr. Travis Poole, who retired In the spring of 1982. "I love It here," Deal said of Central. "I just feel like It's a good department in which to work." She added that the other teachers are capable and ded~ cated. Students who wanted to get more Involved in Spanish beyond the classroom could join the Spanish Club . The group held after school meetings throughout the year. Several members par¡ tlclpated In the Spanish lmmer¡ sion Weekend at George Williams College. While there, students had to pledge to speak only Spanish. The club continued its annual tradition of attending Copacabana, a Latin American dance program at the lllini Union. The club held many fundraising projects to earn money to send a member to a Spanishspeaking country for the summer. They were In charge of all the publicity for the International Supper In addition to sponsoring a table. They also sold current gift Items and basketball schedule buttons. Spanish Honor Society is made up of students who have done outstanding work In Spanish. The group's activities Include a bake sale and sponsorship of a table at the International Supper. Top, Mrs. van Es and junior Mark Pfieffer are shown seated by a molcajete, used to mash foods before cooking. Middle (left-right) senior John Lamb, juniors Lisa Langston, Marsha Roth, and senior Brenden Korb enjoy their fourth year of Spanish, knowing that their hard work has paid off. Bottom, Karen Barham shows her Spanish spirit in fourth year Spanish class.



Top, Spanish National Honor Society. Front row (left-right): Kathy Kehe, lisa Korry , John Lemmon, Nita Skeels, Jane Vinton, Mrs. Pat Klimek . Second row: lisa Wood , Teresa Long , Melissa Cross, lisa Langston, Kathy Sheridan , Rebecca Gerlach, Mrs. Betty VanEs. Third row: Michelle Edwards, Tom Buetow , Steve Bowe , Kelli Lafferty, Leanne Park , Jennifer Bloom , Craig Raymond, Karen Barham. Mike deAnda. Spanish Club. First row: Kathy Kehe, Chris Majers, lisa Korry, Bridget Cartwright, Marla Reed, Shaune Whitaker, Rona Roberson, Donna Mefford, Nita Skeels, Latifah Abdullah, Leigh Ann Henson, Mrs. VanEs. Second row: Sue Lal , Krista Hight, Ann Coay, Suzanne Garrison, Jennifer Marcellus, Debbie Andrews, Mar¡ cella Pena , Monica Bidwell , Missy Morton, Nancy Utting, Ana Romero. Third row: Kathy Sheridan, Brian Reis, Kathy Bode , Myra Barenberg , Annemarie Millan, Maria Voucanos, Georgia Lower, Rebecca Gerlach , Claudia Romero, Rodrigo Saez, Jill Reekers. Fourth row: George Chan, Kellie Lafferty, Merry Olivero , Brendan Korb , Chris Slattery, Tom Brown, Karen Barham, Teresa Long , Michelle Edwards, linda Gerlach , Melissa Cross, lisa Langston.


BON APPETIT! This year was record-breaking for the Foreign Exchange Club. The club's annual event, the International Supper, had exce~ lent participation on the student's part followed by a wonderful turnout. The club itself, run by sponsor Debbie Black, president Duyen Bien, vice-president Tom Brown, and secretary ;treasurer Kathy Kehe, includes members who are students from Central, as well as France, Sweden, Venezuela, Viet Nom, Kuwait, and Brazil.

Top ri(}hf, Foreign Exchange Club Front Row (left-right) : Mrs . Debbie Black (sponsor) Jodi Stasi , Kathy Kehe , Chieu To , Thanh Tang, Duyen Bieu , Nita Skeels. Middle row: Claudia Ribeiro . Phoung Sui, Chi Don , Charles Kim , Twila Johnson , Phuoc Sui, Sam McGiathery. Back row: Truong Bieu, Reemah Alumaidan, Chien Don, Toan Hong, Fabienne Picaper, Tom Brown. Above left, junior Rebecca Gerlach and seniors Lee Lai, Melissa Cross and Jenni


Yeager are pleased with the variety of cuisine featured at the International Supper. Above ri(}hf, freshmen Krista VanVorst and Debbie Andrews both get the job of cleaning off trays at the International Supper; from the looks on their faces . it can 't be all that bad. Ri(}hf, sophomore Chi Don and junior Soohwa Yu from Centennial , both stu¡ dents of the bilingual program , take charge of the drinks with a warm welcome.

STUDENTS PLAN FUTURE Left, Future Farmers of America. Front row (L-R): Lisa Wood , president ; Gretchen Cobb , Matt Munds (reporter) ; David Griflet , vice-president . Back row: Kim McGowen, Brian Miller, Mike Neff, Terry Mingee (secretary) ; Jeff Schweighart, chaplain . Not pictured: Ann Cochrane treasurer; Sean Shelmadine, Tom Schmidt: Melvin Monroe, and Marshall Perry.


Middle, Future Homemakers of America. Front row (1-r): Kim Gibson , Dawn Phon, Alice Addis, Rose Palmisano, Denise Leathers. Back row: Charlotte Bakes, Sonya Pickens, John Ziegler, Tammy Britt, John Miles, Mrs. Alice Pirtle (sponsor).


Home Economics is a multipurpose department. The classes range from foods and nutrition, in which students learn healthful eat¡ ing and gain food preparation skills, to personal development, which Is geared toward understanding relationships. Future Homemakers of America take the basics of these courses and put them into action in ex¡ tra-curricular activities. Some of these Include visits to nursing homes, button and bake sales, and a table at the International Supper. FHA "polished up" their act by cleaning all of Central's trophies.

Below left, freshmen Kim Frazee and Madonna Ferrell both put on their thinking caps and get right to work in their Home Ec . class. Below riQht, freshman Rosemary Moffitt explains some Important points while Terrence Long and Paula Gladney sit back and listen with good humor.


THIS YEAR, THE mAROON'S MAROON! Yearbook staff is proud to say that the 1982-83 annual is in· deed maroon; and not only Is it organized by students, this year's book again features a literary section. The staff Itself consisted of eight students, two sponsors , and about 25 after-school assistants. The jobs ranged from photogra· phy, writing , and drawing spread layouts to producing the spring supplement. All In all, Yearbook Is a rewarding class. Junior Linda Trimpe feels others may not realize how much work is in· volved but that "we produced what we think Is a great Ma· roon!"

The Yearbook Staff: Front row (1-r): Becky Yeisley, Crystal Pickett, Jody Herglund, Cathy Yeager, Kim Kehe . Middle row: Suzanne Garrison , Tina Maulding, Lee Lai, Christy Dayton , Bridget Sibley. Back row: Mrs. Kathy Corley , Jenny Davis, Jennifer Hast, Melissa Cross, Kristen Olivero, Bruce Blaker, Sean Shelmadine, Mrs. Jo Anne Kenyon .

Above left, Junior Kim Kehe and senior Bruce Blaker observe attentively while Mrs. Corley ex· plains the purpose of a layout; in the meantime, junior Linda Trimpe checks on a potential ad cus· tomer. Above right, senior Jennifer Hast and junior Bridget Sibley decide to sit back and take a break ; besides , even the best of us aren ' t always working. Below right, editor-in-chief Kehe discusses some last minute work with advisor Corley.



Above, The Chronicle Editorial Staff (1-r): Rebecca Gerlach , Kris Althaus, Jenni Yeager (editor-in-chief), Don Gerard . Paula Batty and Julie Schneider. Above left, senior Paula Batty, the layout editor of the Chronicle, is sure to set things in or¡ der. Above right, getting a scoop on some important information is junior Alice Addis.

Each year, the editors of the Chronicle face a new challenge: to create a news magazine that not only will Inform the students, but be Interesting and enjoyable to put together. This year was no exception, and the challenge was met with success. The Chronicle Is a biweekly news magazine published entirely by the students of Central. The students are responsible for writing, typesetting and designIng, and laying down all the stories, and finally printing the paper . This Is done with the cooperation of the Graphic Arts Department. The editors for the 1982-83 Chronicle were: Jenni Yeager, managing editor; Rebecca Gerlach, news editor; Don Ge¡ rard , sports editor; and Krls Althaus, opinion editor. The list concludes with Julie Schneider, people editor; Yolanda Parker, focus editor, and Heidi Krahling, entertaiment editor. For the twenty-second straight year, Evelyn Kovar has served as advisor for the paper. Myron Ochs held the responsibilities of Graphics Advisor.


Some things never change, and math is sometimes one of them. There have been no add~ tions to the math courses this year, and about the same num ber of students signed up to take math as last year. One new aspect, though, is that three com puters have been getting quite a workout. The increased usage of the computers could be due to the new partition in room 305. The partition allows students to use the computers while a class is in session. There was a new arrival in our Math Department on September 14, 1982. Mrs. JoAnn Kenyon gave birth to a 91b., 13oz. baby girl. Congratulations, Mrs. Kenyon!

Top right, junior Bradley Johnson uses his free time with the Apple II. This is the computer's third year at Central. Above, sophomore Chris Hight gets a head start on homework assignments. Right, Mrs. Jody Mueller, in Geometry class, finds that the overhead projector is a convenient way for students to follow her problem solving.




Math Club Is an organization for anyone Interested In math-orient路 ed projects, such as competl路 tlons , math art, and advance路 ment of math skills. This year's members volunteered their ser路 vices as guides for the state meeting of the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Left, Mr. John Rels goes through some tedious computations as his class follows in Algebra II.

Math Club Front row, (lett to right): Tang, B. Phon, T. Phon , J. Crowley, Skeels, L. Lal. G. Thomas, B. Blaker, Coay, C. Majers. Middle row: J. Hill, Alkire, J. Love , R. Dunn , M. Dolske, Edlefsen, M. Gannus, S. Leo, R. Ebert. Ehler. Back row: A. Ross, M. Goulet, Daly, S. Cienawski , B. Cole, T. Mingee, Barham , J. Miles, K. Maisel, l. Langston.

T. N. A. S. K. T. D. K.



Top right, seniors Mike Dornbush (who 's made up for Maroon and White Day) and Eric Doherty look like they're enjoying Ad vanced Chemistry. Above, sophomore Tom Bridges concentrates on a chemistry problem . Right, sophomore Pat Eckes writes down an answer for a chemistry test.





Top left, freshman Missy Pfeifer uses a microscope in Life Science to observe a specimen. Above , freshmen Paula Gladney and Marcie Hardy are lab part¡ ners in Life Science class. Top , juniors Melisa Ganus and Sarah Leo observe a chemistry experiment.

What's new? When asked this question, Allen Smith, head of the science department, had several replies. This year there is a new face in the science department. She is Sarah Freyman and her courses include Biology and life Science. Freyman, who comes to Central from the middle schools, states, "I love it here." Returning this year is Roberta Day. She teaches Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. Other members of the science department are R. Bonham, R. Miller, and C. Smith. "Slick" is also a new addition this year. He is a rabbit who lives in Ms. Freyman's room. His name was decided by the students in her classes. Slick is at Central to add comfort and fun to the atmosphere of learning. There are also goldfish that one may visit in Day's or Freyman's rooms. Equipment is necessary for the learning of science. This year replacements have been made for old equipment, like the stetho¡ scope used in anatomy and physiology. The science

department has also ordered a torso, a model of the human body with removeable and replaceable parts. Science is a popular elective at Central. Why do students take science courses? Freshman Sue Lai is taking Biology to prepare for college and she states, " It's a fun class." Senior Becky Smith is taking physics because "it relates to the simple things in life and explains how things work." Students who have taken science courses remember some fun moments, like putting frogs in people's purses, making ice cream, balancing equations, shaking slinkies , dissecting pigs, and blowing things up (ala Paul Faraci). The science department is an interesting one. The teachers vary in age and gender, "which promotes different perspectives and stimulates new ideas," says Mr. Smith. By the way, "Is one part per billion very much?'' Chemistry teacher Robert Miller replies, "It depends on what is the important question!"


The Social Studies Department has a staff of nine members who teach students about the five basic social institutions-family, rei~ gion , education, government, and economy-in order to better understand other countries as well as our own. This leads to to~ erance, answers to political prot> lems, and the discovery of com mon goals among countries . Chairperson Mr. Leslie Bowman feels this is important so that our generation can achieve internationalism.

Top, Mr. Selby Klein emphasizes a point during U.S. History class. Above. sophomore Ray Moeller finds concentrating easier with his feet up! Right. senior Jenny Hirschfield, juniors David Murray, Lisa Henne, Todd Casad and David Griffet rely on Mr. Evans to teach them the essentials of Consumer Education.


Left. sophomores Jenni Wid路 holm and Susan Auten find quiet study time to go over a U.S. History assignment. Below left, sophomores Betty Coggins . Carmel Crooks . Kevin Crowley and Valerie David路 son (1-r) enjoy their history topic of the day. Below. junior Lisa Wood is sure not to miss any of Mr. Evans 路 main points in Consumer Ed . Bot路 tom, Mr. Evans point to the student with the answer.


COUNCIL HAS ACTION-PACKED YEAR Active. That's the way to describe Student Council for 198283. This year more than ever before, this club got involved . Student Council hosted such activities as leadership workshop conference, dances, and the school store. The school store Is a new addition to Central High and a useful one. Students can purchse their supplies at school rather than going to the local store. The Council has revised the custom of having a Sadie Hawkins' dance, replacing it with a Valentine's Day Dance. In December, the Council sold sox-ograms as a fun way to wish friends a happy holiday. The Ex路 ecutive Board took turns chang路 ing the marquee in front of the school, thereby keeping the put> lie up to date on what's happen路 ing at CHS. Taking an active role, showing the students that they care, and contributing fun activities to the school curriculum were Student Council's way of getting involved.

Top. the Student Council. Front row (1-r): Shaune Whitaker, Lee Lai , Becky Blaker, Krista Van Vorst, Rona Roberson , Burgos Pangilinan, Eric Pangilinan , Missy Morton, Deloris Crump. Second row: Pat Klimek , Julie Greenberg , Tu Phon , Sharyn Washburn , Lisa Benn , Mike Buetow , Bethany McGowan. Chris Slattery, Ellen Green . Back row: Mellisa Cross, Sharla Flora, Debra Andrews , Merry Olivero, Jenny Keller, Tom Buetow, Chrissy Withers, Holly Dodds. Middle, seniors Susan Stewart, Jenny Kel路 ler, Mike Auten and Junior Jenny Johnson are pleased with the success of the Faculty Coffee Hour. Faculty members got a chance to meet the Council's officers and exchange ideas on goals for the students. Right, Mr. Charles Evans is among other Central football fans purchasing refreshments at the Student Council-sponsored stand.


STUDENTS BALANCE FUN, WORK Election Board is one of the many different activities offered at Central. It is unique in that it of¡ fers service to the school as well as being an activity. Sponsored by Sandra Seyman . Election Board Is In charge of registering students to vote, running student elections. and counting the votes. Four members from each class are elected to serve on this board. They run elections for Student Council officers and members. Homecoming Queen and King , Miss Happy Holidays and many others . Senior Leslie Vermette joined Election Board because she felt "it was a good opportunity to learn more about elections and how they are run." The Intramural Board services the student body by sponsoring four Intramural activities: Onehundred Mile Club, volleyball, basketball, and softball. The Board Is also responsible for funding and officiating the I.M. events. Its members meet monthly to discuss rules, conflicts between teams. and fundraisers. At the end of the year the Board gives awards to outstanding athletes and winning teams In each activity.

Top, the Election Board, Front row (1-r): Kolle O'Conner , Becky Blaker, Alison Widlowski. Back row: Deanna Geske, Meg Healy, Don Gerard, Ken Raquel, Myron Ochs. Above, the IM Board: Front row: Jill Hall, Kim Starkey, Jan Clasey, Eric Pangilinan, Second row: Kathy Davisson , Maureen

McMahon, Sue Langan , Roger Murray , H len Green, Missy Morton , Sharyn Washburn . Third row : Tim West , Kim Nguyen, Kathy Kehe , Marybelh Downes, Sarah Jorgenson, Amy Buckles. Back row: Charley Lane, Mary Twohey, Amy Nuss, Annalisa Shawl , Susanne O'Reilly , Holly Dodds.


PEER EARS COmPLETE FOURTH YEAR This year was an important one for the Peer Ears. It ended the fourth year of the pioneer program, graduating veterans Jenni Yeager and Jennifer Hast. The Peer Ears started in the fall of 1979, when Central's social worker Sherry Boyer wanted a peer counseling group. Many stu· dents were unable to talk to her or Mrs . Voss because of their busy schedules. Ms. Boyer select· ed the first year's group from a broad spectrum of the student population, so there is no one type of person involved. Every year the program is flooded with new volunteers, and its services reach out to more and more people.

Above, front row (left-right): T. Whittaker, S. McNutt, D. Ford, S. Douglass, K. Sparks, D. Fiore . Middle row: K. Barkstall, E. Pangllinan, E. Kraft, B. Yates, J. Yeager, P. Batty. Back row: R. Copeland, J. Hast, S. Herron, M. Arnett, P. Gurfinkle, C. Samuel, D. Castillo, W. Jones, G . Kyburz, sponsor Sherry Boyer. Not pictured: Co-sponsor Barb Voss.


• • •

Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too? This year's Pep Club consisted of nine members and sponsor John Scarpetta . The group's goal is to boost school spirit by selling balloons and booster buttons, and by attendIng all CHS games. Officers for 1982-83 are: Ann Coay, president; Monica Bidwell, vice president; and lisa Langston, secretary ;treasurer.

The Pep Club (left-right): Sponsor John Scarpetta , Ginny Thomas, Lisa Langston , Chris Majers, Ann Coay , Sharon Ryherd, Monica Bidwell , Melissa Ganus, Karen Barham.


A KEY FOR SUCCESS Concern for others and a desire to serve the community led forty students to join the Key Club this year. Key Club is a service organizo tion for youth sponsored by Kiwanis. Besides the local club, Key Club is organized on a district and international basis. Key Club International has over 100,000 members in nine countries. Central's group got a head start on the year by doing grounds work at the Champaign Public Library the day before school started. Members were also involved with supervising the freshman student council election and acting as guides for the PTSA Open House. The evening before Halloween, the club decided to spread a lit¡ tie cheer by visiting children at Carle and Mercy Hospitals. International Key Club Week was held November 7-13. Mayor Joan Severns proclaimed the week in Champaign. Club members used the week to collect food for needy families in Champaign-Urbana. "I believe in what the organizo tion stands for," commented faculty advisor Frances Hartman. ''I believe that it is an excellent group for high school students because it focuses on service instead of social activities.'' Middle left, Key Clubbers Kara Beauchamp, Barb Gadel and Rebecca Gerlach volunteer their services to clean up the Public Library grounds . Right, Frances Hartman and junior Monica Bidwell help prepare the Key Club ' s Homecoming float, which placed fifth this year. Left, Key Club members are pic¡ tured with Mayor Joan Severns as she signes a proclamation declaring International Key Club week.

Top, Key Club: Front row (left-right): W. Hewitt, T. Phon, K. Phon, L. Lai, L. Abdullah, K. Kehe, A. Coay, L. Dawson . Second row: M. Reed, C. Majers, N. Skeels, R. Gerlach, M. Bidwell , J. Castillo, D. Norris, R. Ebert, Sponsor F. Hartman. Third row: S. Pryor, L. Langston, M. Cross. J. Brown, K. Beauchamp, K. Henry, S. Costley, L. Triandis. Back row: C. Samuel, K. Barham, L. Gerlach, J. Hast, J. Bloom, M. Buetow, R. Evans, S. Porter, W. Pate, M. Neef. Not pictured: Co-Sponsor C. Smith, Y. Davidson, K. Ediefsen, T. Ehler, B. Gadel , J. Richards, B. Hendricks.



Central fans cheer on the football team during our homecoming game against the Springfield Senators.

Top left, senior Briana Yates escorts Bryan Wilcher down the aisle of pom-pons during the Homecoming Assembly. Top right (left to right), seniors Roger Murray, Bob Feldman , and Pat Miller seem to be relaxed during their Advanced Chemistry class. Above, senior Mark Johnson escorts Queen Susan Stewart to the Homecoming game. Here Jodi Overmeyer , last year ' s homecoming queen, gives Susan flowers. RiQhf, (1-r) seniors Kellie Lafferty and Nita Skeels dish out the Spanish food at the International Supper.


Top left, Sally Kinsel studies her Advanced Accounting during class. Top riQhf, Marta Sanford a flag girl, waits on the sidelines before the halftime show . Above left, Shannon Lain works at Black 's Hardware store . Above riQht, Marty Kamerer escorts Monica Edwards at the Homecoming Assembly.


Alice Addis

Susan Anderson


Mike Aguirre

Melissa Alagna

Becky Alexander

Dianne Allston

Dana Anastasia

Elizabeth Ashworth

Terri Auteberry

Romona Avant

WE'VE GOT SPIRIT, YES WE DO! " I can 't wait to be a senior. All those pr ivileges and not as many required classes." A familiar saying. Once one is a senior, one 's high school years seem to have gone by so fast. Most seniors have mixed emotions, both wanting to stay or get out. Awaiting replies from colleges , exam scores, and job interviews are all a big part of a senior's life. During the last four years, seniors have made friends and will not forget those special moments: all the people they depend on, who are always there, sharing joy and suffering, the people they talk to and confide in, or just enjoy being with. Seniors, your last days of high school are just around the corner, and you are on your way to a new life style, on to bigger and better things. It took you twelve years to get the freedom that you are now beginning to attain. Seniors , your leadership stands out in athletic events and many other important things. All of you are now leaving the build路 ing of security and comfort. The end of the long and winding road to adulthood is now in sight. During these last years of young adult路 hood, you begin edging into society, men路 tally, physically and socially . Your high school years are the last part of childhood, filled with dances, athletic events, parties and school-oriented life. Now you progress into society and begin your life the way you want it to be. The senior class officers are , from left to right, Vicepresident Greg Kyburz, Treasurer David Courson. Sec路 retary Eric Pangilinan and President Scott Norrick . Courson comments, " Handling class funds is a lot harder than it seems ; it's not a job to be taken lightly." The seniors won all the events at the homecoming assembly this year. They received first place in the float contest and the pie-eating contest, which also involves a three-legged race. The float meetings were held at Kim Zarbuck 's house. Pictured here are Becky Smith , Lisa Wood, and Sonja Cole.


The last day of Homecoming Week was Punk Day. Here are a few seniors who " punked-out": From left to right, Kathy Kehe, Amy Bash, Sheila Casserly , Andi Bell , and Lee Lai.


Juanita Bailey

Michael Bandy

Carolyn Banks

Zachary Banks

Amy Bash

Paula Batty

Katherine Beauchamp

Andrea Bell

Cheryl Bender

Liesa Benn

Alan Beres

Rodger Bigler

Bruce Blaker

James Boise

Oliver Bradley

Arnold Brown

Diana Brown

Janet Brown

Thomas Buetow

Brent Burnett

Connie Butler

Robert Carpenter

Seniors Lori Lienhart and her escort Brian Mulcahy, along with Dennis Stahl , pause in the doorway to have a snapshot taken at the homecoming dance.


Central versus Centennial is one of the big games of the season , in fact , our first . Senior Mike Smith, (75) gets smashed at the bottom of the pile while Dennis Stahl (88) tries to break through , and Carl Mar¡ tin (22) comes to assist.


Sheila Casserly

Dan Castillo

Jean Castle

George Chan

Keith Chan

Cathy Clayton

Lisa Cler

Ann Cochrane

Sonja Cole

Deena Collier

Darin Collins

Robert Copeland

Jay Corley

Judy Cornell

Shelly Costa

David Courson

David Cramer

Melissa Cross

Sean Cullop

Tim Cullop

Tom Day

Ann Dayton

Michael deAnda

Joyce Decker

Senior Thomas Buetow gives his last annual speech during the bonfire. The bonfire was held Thursday night during Homecoming Week .


Schuronda Herron and Rymicha Preston harmo nize during P.E. class. They are both in choir with Mr. Decker to improve their musical skills.


Davina Dixon

Michael Dixon

Eric Doherty

Michael Dornbusch

Marybeth Downes

Thom Duckworth

Devisa Eccles

Penny Edmison

Michelle Edwards

Monica Edwards

On Friday of Homecoming week , senior Eric Pangilinan shows his spirit by really "punking-out".

Anita Ellzey

Joseph Endrizzi

Adam Egherman

James Ellis

Senior Cathy Clayton puts the finishing touches on her Advanced Rhetoric classwork in Mrs. Pilcher's class .

Randy Eskew

Margaret Evans


Tammy Fallon

Paul Faraci

Robert Feldman

Bryon Freemon

Deandro Freemon

Matt Fumento

Tony Funkhouser

Barbaro Godel

Whom do you know that came over from France with her husband, the French officer? He died, and now she works, clean路 ing and cooking to earn her keep. Actually , none of this is true ; it is the imaginary life of senior Jennifer Hast. Hast is a member of the N.W.T.A., Northwest Territory Alii路 once. This is an organization that relives the eighteenth century. They travel through Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana do ing Revolutionary War reenactments. Everything they do, including eating and sleeping , is authentic eighteenth century . This is Hast's first year in the program . She was informed about it through her older brother, David, who has been in it since the age of 16. Atter paying dues, the members get mon路 ey together and choose a country to emigrate from, and make up a story of how they

11 6

have come to be in Illinois. Here they are at work, Worthington unit members Jenni路 fer Hast and Sharon VanAndel.

Jennifer is playing an eighteenthcentury dulcimer; Sharon is mending her husband's clothes.

Like most college-bound students, John Simpson checks over his math in order to obtain the highest possible grade.

Sheena Garland

Dean Garner

Don Gerard

Michael Giblin

Dewayne Giboney

Julie Goddard

Thomas Gorman

Alan Griffin



The Cutest Male and Female are (1-r): Mike Smith Leslie Vermette

The Best Sense of Humor are (1-r): Dana Hunter Eric Pangilinan

The Most Talented are (1-r): John Richardson Cassie Helgeson

The Most Dependable are (1-r): Nancy Wooley Dave Washburn

The Most Studious are: Liesa Benn Mike Auten (not pictured)

The Most School Spirited are (1-r): Alice Moore Mark Neumann

The Most Likely to Succeed are

The Best Dressed are (1-r): Monica Edwards Billy Lynch

The Most Cheerful are (1-r): Matt Kenney Lee Lai


Craig Raymond Valerie Simpson Roger Murray


The Best Athletes are (1-r): Dennis Stahl Susan Stewart

The Most Intellectual are (1-r): Janet Brown Todd Hammel

This year Is the first year a senior survey has been taken for the yearbook. It was a success in some ways, although more people could have particlpat¡ ed In the survey. (About 50% responded). There were other categories besides the Individual students. The seniors who voted gave their opinions on such subjects as: Favorite Music-Good old Rock-n-Roll. Favorite Singers-female, Melissa Manchester; male, Billy Joel. Favorite Books-East of Eden, Mommie Dearest and The World According to Garp. Favorite Movies-An Officer and a Gentleman and E.T. Favorite Television Shows-"Mash" and "Magnum P.l." Favorite Actor and Actress-male, Tom Selleck and Dustin Hoffman: female, Jane Fonda and Sally Fields. Songs-"Biue Eyes", by Elton John and "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" by Chicago. There were a few other comments, for example: the best band, The Martyrs: favorite hang-outs, Mabels.

The Ones that " Have it All" Dana Anastasia Karen Turk (not pictured)

Above, (top row) junior Christy Dayton, seniors Liesa Benn , Leslie Vermette (bottom row) , Cassie Helgeson and Dana Anastasia . This picture was taken while these people are waiting for their " partners " to arrive . Junior Christy Dayton was in the p icture because she organized the survey.


Paul Gurfinkel

John Halloran

Todd Hammel

Sandy Hanlin

Gerald Hansell

Beverly Harris

Deanna Harris

Antonio Harvey

Jennifer Hast

Cheryl Hayes

Tunji Heath

Cassie Helgesen

Central 's first assembly of the year was a rowdy one. The football team was about to play Centennial, so the crowd is very mixed , a few dressed " charger style."


Student Council President Michael Auten talks with Mrs. Yolanda Deal at a faculty coffee.

Shuronda Herron

Jocelyn Hines

Jennifer Hirschfeld

Lori Hites

Christian Holscher

Edward Holthoff

Michelle Hopkins

Dana Hunter

Matthew Hurt

Laura Hutton

Waymond Jackson

Eric Jamerson


VIva Johansson

James Johnson

Seniors Billy Lynch and Dana Anastasia both help out in the counseling office . Above, they sign times on student passes. Mark Johnson

Karen Kabaker


Marty Kamerer

Kathy Kehe

Jennifer Keller

Matt Kenney

Sally Kinsel


Senior Diana Brown takes a short rest during her P.E. hour while the rest of the class plays volleyball. Kenneth Koebrich

Michael Kohut

Brendan Korb

Greg Kyburz

Kellie Lafferty


The Marching Maroons walk in step down New Street during the Homecoming Po¡ rode .


Lee Lai

Shannon Lain

John Lamb

Sue Langan

Diane Lange

Lisa Lazzell

Kim Lieb

Lori Lienhart

James Linzy

Chad Little

Albert Lo

Ed Logan

Teresa Long

John Loomis

Bill Lyncn

Jerry Maberry

Venda Macfarlane

Julie Maier

Kim Mathis

Dawn McCain

Saint McCain

Ellie McCarthy

Blake McCormick

Sherona McKissack The friendly service of IGA worker David Wickolf is well appreciated by the shoppers.



Maureen McMahon

Matthew McNabney

Cheryl McNutt

Brion McQuaid

Megan McQuaid

Debbie Mennenga

Ken Merrell

Greg Meyer

Annemarie Millan

Laurel Miller

Pat Miller

Michelle Miner

Alan Mohn

Robert Mooney

Alice Moore

Jorja Morris

Brian Mulcahy

Craig Muncy

Mary Murphy

Roger Murray

Todd Murray

Kim Neither

Michele Nelson

Kelly Nesbitt

Mark Neumann

Curt Newsome

Goung Nguyen

Scott Norrick

Donna Oder

Kevin Osterhoff

Eric Pangilinan

Leanne Park


Senior Brendan Korb works on his homework during Spanish class. This is his fourth year in Spanish .


Yolanda Parker

John Patrizi

Greg Payne

Kelda Payne

Todd Peck

James Perkins

Khue Phon

Julie Pollard

Rymicha Preston

Preston Road

Neil Rafferty

Tyro Ragle

Anthony Ratliff

Craig Raymond

Marsha Reed

John Richardson

Brian Ries

Tony Roberts

Wendy Roberts

Kip Robinson

Mike Royse

Marta Sanford

Jennifer Satterlee

Kathy Sawyer From right to lett, Senior Yolanda Parker and Anne Mortiaux, a Belgian exchange student visiting from Chicago , follow along in their fifth year French book in Madame Majdiak's class.


William Schaefer

Julia Schneider

Diana Schoonover

Susan Schoonover

Robert Schuster

Dean Schwenk

Christine Severns

Lisa Shallenberger

Sean Shelmadine

Kathy Sheridan

Valerie Simpson

Julie Sluts

Tungi Heath (left) proves two hands are better than one , while senior Lisa Shallenberger and junior Clauda Ribeiro, a foreign exchange student from Brazil, use their lunch period to chat.


Nita Skeels

Mike Smith

Rebecca Smith

Dennis Stahl

Susan Stewart

Richard Stocum

Paul Stukel

Emily Tate

James Taylor

Lisa Benn and Leslie Vermette were two "lucky" students who "volunteered" for clean-up committee after the International Supper.


Michele Tesman

Tran Thanh

Susan Thayer

Mark Trail

Jill Triezenberg

Karen Turk

Sharonda Turner

Arbendette Van

Leslie Vermette

Jane Vinton

Ruth Vinton

James Visocky

Senior Carolyn Banks, a Career Work Training (CWT) student, Illustrates her helpful and friendly attitude while she works at Ponderosa .


Mia Voss

Joann Wade

Suzanne Wampler

Dave Washburn

Sandra Washington

Tom Watts

Jackie Weemer

Eileen Wenzel

Senior John Richardson started playing the drums when he was In third grade. His older brother was a major influence: "He bought me my first drums and got me Into it." John sold that he learned to play the drums by himself even though he didn't have much encouragement from his parents. Richardson has been in band all of his years at Central, but his band experience doesn't stop there. He used to be In The Enforcers at Edison Middle School for one and a half years. He and Kent Whitesell started The Martyrs group which recently released their first album. John has no definite plans for the future. Among his tentative plans are to promote the new a~ bum this summer, then start Parkland In the fall. John is considering a major in music. There's more than talent to attribute his success to, though; "I'd like to thank people for com lng out to see us when the Martyrs played," said John.


Debbie Mennenga, an Office Occupo tions student, works In the Central High School office . She is here copying some materials for teachers on the new Savin copier.


John Whalen

Pam Whited

Kent Whitesell

David Wikoff

Bryan Wilcher

Juanita Williams

Eric Wilson

Cathy Wise

lisa Wood

Nancy Wooley

Briana Yates

Jenni Yeager

Tom Young

Jason Zaccaria

Kim Zarbuck

John Ziegler

NOT PICTURED Jonathon Adams Monique Adams John Agnew Reemah Alhumaidan Michael Auten Arthur Beasley Jimmy Beasley David Bitner Mark Blackburn Chris Bolton Deborah Bosch John Bradley Douglas Brown Phoebe Brown Tony Brown Phuoc Bui Kevin Burks Margie Campbell Willie Carter Derrick Caston Milton Caston Larry Chapman Darlene Clark Stephen Cooper Maurice Davis Patricia Dempsey Mary Jane Dorris Angela Douglas Stephen Drennan Patrick Eckes Gus Edwards Jacqueline Edwards

Nedra Ewing Adam Fencil John Fly Bryce Gaines Rose Gill Angela Gladney Adam Henderson Richard Henne Fredrick Hines Jeff Hooker Antonio Howard Kimberly James Gwendiyn Jasper Walter Jones Cathy Kaufman Darryl Kearns David Knapp Rose Maberry Joseph Mann lisa Markiewicz Carl Martin Faith McMullen Eric McNutt Gina McVey Mary Kay Miner Melvin Monroe Larry Moore Angela Mosbarger John Nuveen Louie Palmer Jefferya Pickett Brian Prothe

Claudia Ribeiro Terry Robinson William Rogers Ana Romero Harold Rugara Michael Sansone Darla Schneider Jeffrey Schweigharf Karen Schwerdt Maria Siegel Jeffrey Simms Jane Simonson Nancy Simonson John Simpson Brian Sinnamon Jackie Smith linda Stevens Otis Thompson Troy Walker Ruth Warnock Richard Welch Bryon White Clinton Williams Sidney Williams Loretta Wiseman


Usa Adams Allee Addis

Michael Anastasia Allison Anderson

Christopher Antonsen Dina Anzelmo Paul Appleby Donald Armbruster Melony Arnett

Richard Arnett Julia Arnold Thomas Banks Darrell Barber Myra Barenberg

Karen Barham Bridget Bazzell Douglas Bean Charles Bell Kimberly Bennett

Howard Berkson Monica Bidwell Troug Bien Scott Bishoff Jennifer Bloom

136 Juniors

THREE DOWN, ONE TO GO Your junior year In high school Is a very Important one. During the school year the juniors have many responsibilities. In the fall there are Pre-scholastic Aptitude Tests (PSA T's) to be taken. All year long juniors do fundralslng for one of the most Important events of the year: prom. Junior year Is the year In which you begin "getting It together". Deciding what colleges to look Into, thinking about a major, and keeping up your grades are all a big part of this. Fortunately for the juniors, they still have part of their senior year to think about making the right decisions. Juniors tend to be the most stable of all the classes. They give the seniors Incentive to do their best at all times, and help the sophomores and freshmen find their way. The junior class float "Override the Seno¡ tors" received third place In this year's float competition. It Is shown here during the parade.

The 1982 Junior Closs Officers: Front row (L to R): Julie Arnold, president; Kim Kehe, treasurer. Back row: Steve Thayer, vicepresident; Kim Bennett, secretory.

Juniors 137

Jerry Blount Theodore Blum Glenn Boatright Kathryn Bode Krista Boekhoff

Douglas Bohlen Laura Bondurant Christine Bourgois Stephen Bowe Talisa Bracey

Tammie Britt Amanda Brown April Brown Burnett Brown Eric Brown

Juan Brown Lorra Brown Mark Brown Thomas Brown Kelley Burton

Junior Christy Dayton enjoys herself with her date, Central alumni, Darien Sides. As they enjoy one of the few slow dances, they take time out to smile for the cam era man.

138 Juniors

Carl Busch Carolyn Busey Andrea Butler Teressa Caldwell Angela Cambell

Jeffrey Carter leroy Carter Todd Cosad John Castillo Catherine Chidlaw

Mark Cieniawski lisa Clark lisa Clasey Ann Coay Gary Coffey

Brian Cole Robert Cooper Etta Craft Sylvia Crowell

Junior Ron Miller eyes the open course as he follows through his swing.

Juniors 139

The cheerleaders and Pepettes (left-right : Lisa Korry, Lori Pace, Lori Johnson, Michele Hettinger, Robyn Roberson, Melissa Goldenstein, and Teresa Ehler) " punk-out" during Homecoming Week.

Anthony Crump Delores Crump Trenna Davidson Jennifer Davis Christy Dayton

John Demlow Tommy Dew Mark Dixon Holly Dodds Chien Don

Philip Douglas Tandy Douglas Jill Downey Randall Dunn Dan Durham

Christine Early Kathryn Edlefsen Donald Ewards Ruth Egherman Teresa Ehler

Juniors 140

Check out juniors Desiree McNaire and Stephanie Adkisson as they pose during Career Day. The two best friends appear here as librarians or secretaries at Central High.

Antonia Ellzey Terri Emmons Jeffrey Ewing James Fallon Terry Fender

Chuck Ferrell Martha Fess Doug Filipov Dorothy Fiore Sharla Flora

Janet Folts Deborah Ford William Fox Mona Freeman Dawn Gaines

Dawn Gannaway Melissa Ganus Rebecca Gerlach Kenneth Gipson

Juniors 141

Tina Gluschenko Julie Goddard Melissa Goldenstein John Goodman Gary Gorbet

Stephen Goulet Dale Green David Griffe! Mark Griffith Arthur Grubb

Gregory Gruber John Gudgel Tami Hardin Theresa Hardy Danny Harmon

Richard Harper Ruth Harry Meehan Healy William Henderson Barbara Hendricks

Georgia Campbell is enjoying herself while she prepares supper for the sick at Mercy Hospital.


Lisa Henne Kimberly Herglund Michele Hellinger Aaron Hewings Clifton Hill

Michael Hill Keith Hines Andrew Hoffswell Scott Holben Ellen Holy

Thanh Hong James Howard Saybert Huff Sharonda Hughes Tosha Hughes

Richard Hurst Jeffrey Hyatt Eugene Jackson Jeanette Jackson Anthony Jamerson

Monica Bidwell works hard to get the Key Club float ready for the contest and parade at Homecoming.


Curtiss Jancola Viva Johansson Bradley Johnson Christopher Johnson Deborah Johnson

Jennifer Johnson Lori Johnson Twila Johnson Patricia Jones Matthew Joop

Cynthia Keaton Tom Keck Jonathan Keener Kimberley Kehe Kay Kellerhals

Gwinne Kindle Joe Kington John Knerr Laura Kohut Lisa Korry

Left row. juniors Talisa Bracey , senior Edward Hoithoff. and right row, juniors Loren Rappaport, Mary Jo Sanford , Michael Anastasia , Jenny Snyder, and senior Mike Aguirre receive another assignment in Mr. Reis' 6th hour Intermediate Algebra class.


Michelle Hettinger and Ted Blum "punk" their way through the halls of CHS.

Steven Kucera Daniel Kuhlman Andy Kurtz Jeffrey Kyburz

Lee-fin Lai Charles Lane Lora Langner Roll Langjoen Lisa Langston

Vanessa Lawhorn Benny Lay

Kay Kellerhals, Merry Olivero and Martha Fess (1-r) "punk out " the week of Homecoming.


Denise Leathers Dawn Lemke John Lemmon Scott Lerner Robert Lewis

Kimberly Lieb Ronald Lindsey Cynthia Lipsey Jennifer Little Rodney Llewellyn

Kurt Mahan Christine Majers Linda Marlowe Jodi Matthis Tina Maulding

Right, William Henderson carefully applies brush to painting in Art class.


Cathy Chidlaw takes a few minutes from her job at Illinois Power to give a big smile.

Kevin Mauney Titania McCain Rodney McGinn Bethany McGowan Rhonda McGregor

Roy McKnight Lawrence McMillion Desiree McNaire Korey McWilliams Donna Mefford

Jeffrey Melvin Jerome Miles John Miles Hunter Miley Andrea Miller

Ronald Miller Terry Mingee Todd Mohr Michelle Moore


Leroy Carter puts all his efforts into his typing.

Lisa Morley Kenneth Mueller Eric Muir David Murray Michael Myers

Andre Neal Kathryn Neal Glenn Neef Jonathan Nelson Karen Nesbitt

Yen Nguyen Randy Noren Sheila O'Connor Susan Oder Merry Olivero

Julie O'Neal Susanne O'Reilly Michael Otis Stephanie Outlaw Lori Pace


Matthew Palmer Rose Palmisano Annette Paris Jonathan Patterson Ray Patterson

Jonathan Peltz Chris Pfeifer Mark Pfeiffer Tu-Ngoc Phon April Pheris

Sonya Pickens Kyle Powell Ronald Priest James Pruitt Sandra Pryor

Loren Rappaport Sheila Reed Judith Richards Robyn Roberson Gregory Rogers

Chris Slattery eagerly pours punch for Mr. Schooley at the Student Council Coffee Hour as Beth McGowen and Jenny Johnson watch.


Ana Romero William Rook Donald Ross Marcia Roth Machelle Roy

Timothy Runge Lori Runyan Sharon Ryherd Linda Sakolosky Carl Saldeen

Carla Samuel Patrick Sanders Mary Sanford Kelly Schaeffer Lori Schrock

Annalisa Shaul James Shaw Robin Shaw Paul Shepardson William Shobe

Andrea Butler is surprised by the photographer in Health Class.


Junior lisa Korry tokes notes in Spanish class .

Bridget Sibley Christine Slattery Michael Smith Sherondo Smith U T Smith

Jennifer Snyder Mary Somers Amy Sponglo Deborah Sparks Nancy Stenner

Gale Starkey Keroline Stothos Ann Stonebraker Christopher Stowe Anthony Strow

Brion Stull Sarita Suter Chieu To Edward Tolley Susie Totman


Matt Taylor Michael Taylor Trisha Taylor Steve Thayer Kim Thiede

Chiquitta Thompson Undo Trimpe Angela Turner Mike Verdeyen Georoe Voucanos

Denise Leathers works with the clay to make it soft so she can make something.

Nathan Walters Nola Walton Janice Washburn Credell Wesley Kyle Wessels

Timothy West Timothy West Kenneth Whited David Wiley lindsey Willhite


Deborah Williams Sheri Wilson Christine Withers Lisa Wood Prisella Woodall

Robert Woodard Catherine Yeager

Junior Charlotte Banks enjoys her book in individualized reading .


Top left, Deren Huss and Randy Jordan pose lor a p icture. Top riQhf, Georgia Lower pays close attention during history. Above, ju¡ n ior Janice Washburn , sophomores Amy Buckles and Brent Thompson, and freshmen Missy Morton and Ken Raquel " eat up" during the homecoming assembly . Middle riQhf, Mary Twohey has to sharpen her pencil. RiQhf, Burgos Pangilinan dresses like a duller lor Careers Day. Bottom ri(}hf, Suzanne Porter looks up "trom some studying .


Top lett, Sabrina Porker laughs it up in speech class , while Todd McGrath sits bock and relaxes. Top right, Susan Auten and Brent Thompson donee close during one of the few slow songs during the home¡ coming donee . Far left, Koren Borkstoll and Tina Beckler smile for the camera , while Eric Bundy hides in the background . Left, Gayle Kamerer dresses up during Homecoming Week .


Lotifoh Abdullah Valerie Alexander

Hannah Alkire Kris Althaus Robin Arnold

Susan Auten Lorry Barber Ann Barham Koren Borkstoll

Douglas Bartley Tina Beckler Kevin Beers Peggy Bersig Melvin Blackmon

Mary Blount Terry Boatright Brion Bowlin John Bown Lisa Boyd

Kevin Boyle Gregory Boysow Sherry Bradley Thomas Bridges Nigel Bright

Blair Brown Brion Brown Mitch Brown Jill Brumfield Amy Buckles


SOPHOmORES NOT YOUNGEST NOW Being a sophomore is more than taking notes, reading chap. ters and passing tests. It is helping others and getting in路 volved. Being In the ''middle class" Is not easy but it is certainly a step up from the year before. One begins to think of college and the coming years, to look forward to socializing for another year or so of school, to savor that final year of excitement, work and power. As a sopho路 more, one begins to participate In more school activities. One has various goals and shows them by choice of classes, teachers, and friends. One plans for the years ahead and gets involved in all possible activities. Half of high school is over after sophomore year. This means not only more privileges but also more responsibilities. Top right, the Sophomore Class Officers (left to right) : Laura Dawson , treasurer ; Amy Buckles, vice president ; John Schroeder, secretary ; Burgos Pangilinan, president. Vice President Amy Buckles comments, " Being a vice president for my sophomore class is a big responsibil路 ity, but it makes me feel as if I'm doing my part for my class." Secretary John Schroeder says , " Some people look at being secretary as a feminine job, but I feel it is an equal opportunity for both males and females."

This year 's sophomore float won fourth place . Float meetings were held at Barbara Wehring 's house. The float theme was Surf the Senators. John Schroeder, one of the workers on the float, says, " AI路 though our float received fourth place this year, we hope to place much higher next year."


Michael Buetow Eric Bundy Lynette Burnam Robin Burnsmier Artice Butler

Maria Butler Wade Buttry Pamela Cacioppo Michael Campbell Bridget Cartwright

Sharla Powell is what you could call a multi-talented girl. She started doing gymnastics at the age of five, and presently works on her floor routines with the lllini Gymnastics Club. It has proved to be a definite advantage for Sharla to have started lessons so young. She also took ballet for seven years, and was on Central's diving team for two years. In addition to these activities, she finds time for tennis, jazz dance, and golf. When asked if she would like to be a member of Central's first girls' golf team, Sharla replied, "Yes!" Sharla enjoys the hard work involved in all the sports and keeps trying to improve her skills in every way.

John Castle Willie Caston Marybeth Charters Kurtiss Clark Janette Clasey

Lyndell Clemons Jeffrey Cocagne Betty Coggins Adonna Collier Patrick Collins



Edwin Cook Tim Cooper Jill Cornell Sandra Costley Rinda Craie

Carmel Crooks Cathy Crooks lisa Crosby Kevin Crossland Kevin Crowley

Pete Mrozek started skating at age four, playing hockey at five, and has been playing competitively for eight years. While attending hockey camp this summer in Culver, Indiana, he was scouted by Culver Military Academy and Saint Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts. "Hockey in Champaign is not as well organized as it should be," commented Pete. "There is not as much publicity as in Chicago and Detroit, because people put more into it in big cities.路路 Pete is seriously considering attending Culver next year. He will most likely begin on junior varsity but will definitely move up to varsity by graduation. Pete is looking forward to Culver's traveling schedule. "They are invited to play in Asia in 1984; closer to home (they play) annually in the New England states.路路 In addition to hockey, Pete also enjoys golf. He has been playing golf for four years, and is on Central's varsity team. Central fans will have to wait a few years to see or hear about Pete Mrozek; listen for him in the future .

Kelli Cunningham Christine Cunnington Tamara Davidson Valerie Davidson Dawn Davis

John Davis Kenneth Davison Robert Dawkins Laura Dawson Ronald Deering Sophomores


Sophomore Todd Sackett shows his school spirit with his Hawaiian shirt. The sophomore's float theme , Surf the Senators, was echoed with grass skirts and wild Hawaiian shirts.

Michael Dickey Lisa Dietzel Jennifer Doering Chi Don Martin Downing

Tom Downing David Driggers Charles Durbin Carl Dziuk Brennen Ealy

Rhonda Ebert Andy Eissfeldt Karla Eunice Richard Evans Roger Evans

Darcy Floyd Clark Follmer Steven Froeschl Christopher Geske Lisa Gill



Sophomore Debbie Guion also shows her school spirit during Homecoming Week by dressing Hawaiian. Tak¡ ing time out from the fun , Debbie concentrates on her grades by taking a difficult test.

William Gilmore Kimberly Gipson Heather Gladney Valarie Gladney Donald Gorbet

Julie Gorman Mark Goulet Eddie Grady Ellen Green Julie Greenberg

Daniel Grimm Deborah Guion Douglas Hanly Carl Harris John Hart

Lynn Hartsfield Tammie Harvey David Heal Richard Hempel Karen Henry Sophomores


Leigh Anne Henson James Hernandez Wendy Hewitt Thomas J. Hicks Krista Hight

Lloyd Hodges Janet Holt Rodney Humes Deran Huss Mark Hutchings

Beverly Jackson Derrick Jackson Kim James Nikki James Ward James

Denise Johnson Dennis Johnson Jennifer Johnson Kashawanda Johnson Dylan Jones

Joseph Jones Reggie Jones Randy Jordan Sarah Jorgenson Gayle Kamerer

Kimberly Keaton Mark Knox Christine Kovacs Heather Krueger Dawn Krumm

Britto Langsjoen Amy Langston James Lawrence Kelly Leach Shawn Leblond 162


Christine Lee Paula Leeson Roberta Lewman Chris Lindholm Kevin Llewellyn

Tiffany Lo Kristie Logan Georgia Lower Mary Macek Christie Mahan

Barbara Manolakes Karen Mauney Stephen May Kimberly McCowen Timothy McCoy

Todd McGrath Tom McKay Stephanie McNutt Melody Melker Daryl Miles

Nigel Bright has made Central High School history by being the first and only male cheerleader. Nigel's interest in gymnastics began when he was young. He took gymnastics when he could and practiced a lot on his own. "I like things that are different," he commented. During Nigel's tryout, he says, "I felt scared at first; I didn't know what I was getting into. I was bold in the sense that I wanted to do it.'' Nigel handles the "hassling" he gets with the philosophy that he has to live for himself, and says that his true friends and his family still support him and his cheerleading interests. Nigel Bright is a very involved sophe> more. Currently he is on the Speech Team, the Election and Intramural Boards, Ger¡ man Club, Key Club, and sings with a group called "The Salvation Corporation." Nigel would like to cheer in college a~ though he isn't interested in going into cheering professionally. Nigel has thought about entering the field of Architecture or becoming a pediatrician, but has no def~ nite plans. Sophomores


Brax Miller Brian Miller Daniel Miner Darius Mistry Leslie Mitchell

Raymond Moeller Kathleen Moore Veronica Moore Brian Mosbarger Peter Mrozek

Steve Mulcahey Darin Mulcahy Matthew Munds Ann Murphy Terry Napper

Eric Nelson Kim Nguyen Carlos Nieto Dawn Norris Amy Nuss

Above, sophomore attendant Angela Schendel is escorted by Paul Ruzicka. They are driven by seniors Bob Feldman and Roger Murray. Right, sophomore Chris Orban dresses up for Athletic Day during Homecoming Week. 164


Kelly O 'Bryan Todd O 'Dell Jayne Olefsky Kristen Olivero Thad O 'Neill

Chris Orban Rocky Owens Yolanda Owens Christine Palmer Burgos Pangilinan

Sabrina Parker Susan Parr Wendy Pate Marisela Pena Marshall Perry

Boihoan Phon Anne Phipps Carla Porter Susanne Porter Sharla Powell

Sophomore Dan Grimm pays close attention in geometry class.



Gregory Pruitt Brenda Ray Linda Ray Brian Reardon Jill Reekers

Mani Reddy Maria Reed Mary Beth Rehberg Laura Reid Rosemary Reis

A few of the sophomores notice that they are getting their picture taken and wave during the Homecoming parade.

Traci Richardson John Riegel Michael Ries Tracey Roberson William Roberts

Kimberly Roy Mary Royse Patrice Rozelle Rugare Rugara Paul Ruzicka



Sophomore Jimi Thurman pauses from a phone conversation to find out who is listening to him.

Todd Sackett Eric Schacht Ronald Schankin Angela Schendel Amie Schillinger

Peter Schmale John Schroeder Wendy Schutt John Schwenk Tonja Scott

Gary Schallenberger Ted Shaw Dorris Shelby Sharon Siewert Caroline Simonson

Angela Smith Belinda Smith Norris Smith William Smith Cheryl Sparks

Kelli Sparks Jamie Stasi Jodi Stasi Paul Staske Diana Stines

Dawn Teague Darwin Thomas Brent Thompson Jimi Thurman Laurie Todd

Bruce Trail Vinh Tran Wendy Travers Dena Trees Gregory Trick Sophomores


Steven Tufte Patty Turk Mary Twohey Daryl Vandyke Christopher Vila

Traci Walker Randy Waller Gregory Walsh Timothy Ward Avery Washington

Aaron Weatherspoon Barbara Wehring Billy Wesley Torrionna Whitaker Janina White

Stephen White Jennifer Widholm Alyson Widloski James Wilborn Asano Williams

Jonathan Williams

Sophomore Dawn Davis tries not to be nervous while giving a speech in Basic Communications.



Sophomores (1-r) Julie Greenberg , linda Ray, Barbara Wehring, Leigh Anne Henson, Brenda Ray, and Traci Walker all " punk-out" to show their school spirit during Homecoming Week .

Shelvia Williams Sherice Williams linda Willis Robert Wood Gary Wright

Kelly Wright Melinda Wright Terry Wright Dana Vets Judy Ziegler

NOT PICTURED James Algee Mary Bailey Daren Barnes Katonna Barnes lonnie Brown Tracy Carter Frank Deak Quang Dlep Lorenzo Dorris Charlie Griham Elisabeth Hays Adam Henderson Paul Hines Georgia Howard Elizabeth Kelly Patricia Lane Tommy McConkey Norman Nelson

Michelle Patton Fabienne Picaper Carlos Saez William Andrew Smith Thomas Stumborg Darin Utley Comtert White Henry Winfrey



Ri(Jhf, the freshmen appear to enjoy themselves at the bonfire. A few that can be seen are (left-right) : Scott Casey , Mike Murphy , Jim Green , Brian Muncy and Matt Wickert. Bottom left, freshman Sean Shelby makes his move in the football game against Stephen Decatur. Below, Sharon Washburn and Missy Morton cleanup after the International Supper. Bottom right, (1-r) Julie Pugh , Kim Taylor, and Lori Smith critique one another's writing during English class.

I.,..... I'

••. ~;




• , ~-••• ~..r; -

Freshmen Lenny Allen and Pennie Harvey. top left, discuss the news of the day. Top right, freshman Sam McGiathery seems to be really getting into the homecoming dance . Middle left, freshmen Todd Lienhart. Percy Jackson, and Scott Shoop work up a sweat during the Stephen Decatur game. Above, freshman Kevin Wallace concentrates on his drawing for class. Left, (right to left) freshmen Julie Pugh , Robert Hast , Kather ine Riegel , Urbana's Tom Bell , Chriss Cross, and Marla Hopkins take a rest.


Stanley Adkisson Orlando Aker

James Alexander Sabino Alkire Geoffrey Allen

Lenora Allen Debra Andrews Robert Allen Angel Michelle Arendtsen

Angelo Armour John Arnold Alfredio Ayres William Ayres Jeffrey Bachman

Anthony Barber Rebecca Borsteod Philip Batty Bryon Beauchamp Julie Belghtler

Mlkoleen Benefield Travis Bickers Paulo Bidwell Dorrell Bishop Rebecca Blaker

Victor Bllsslt Wyatt Bllsslt Jeremiah Blount Becky Bollinger Kay Boyer


DON'T "RAP" FRESHmEN- THEY'RE NUmBER TWO Registration and the first day of school are scary for some freshmen. Being a freshman is like being a new kid in town: one has a new school to adjust to, new teachers, and new teaching styles. Freshmen bring new talent and Ideas to Central, ranging from new student council members to new band members. Most freshmen have to learn quickly how to take a joke, and how to deal with the "little freshle'' treatment. Events such as pep rallies, foot¡ ball games, and Homecoming week accustom freshmen to the way high school kids have fun. Some freshmen may not realize just how Important high school really is. High school Is a stepping stone between being a teenager to almost becoming an adult. They have to begin to take life seriously, and begin to think what they are going to do in life. Seniors might advise freshmen to get all they can out of high school, for there are very few second chances In life. The freshmen class officers, upper right, are new at this sort of title and power. From left to right, they are: (bottom row) Becky Blaker, Secretary; Sue Lai, Treasur¡ er; (top row) Sarah Compratt, President; and Jim Green, Vice President. Secretary Becky Blaker comments , "I think being secretary for my freshmen class will help me in the future with other challenges. It will also benefit my class."

The freshmen float won second place in the contest this year. It is considered a real honor for freshmen to have beaten two older classes. Their theme was "Rap the Senators" . Freshman Todd Lienhart, at whose house the float meetings were held, comments that " it was loud, but we got our work done in a short amount of time. There was always something to do, never a dull moment."


Sammy Boykins David Braskamp Carol Brown lvor Brown Teresa Brown

Ellen Buetow Randy Buhr Suzanne Butler Erin Buttry Timothy Campbell

During the first day of school the freshmen had an assembly in the Little Theater. Most of the crowd seemed glad to be back in school and finally in high school. Freshman Todd Lienhart (for right) seems to have fallen asleep ; perhaps he ' s getting used to his new school schedule after a long summer vacation .

Cynthia Carter Scott Casey Ethan Castleton Michael Caston David Chapman

Pat Charters Scott Cieniawski Sonya Clark Sara Coay Gretchen Cobb



Kristie Cobble Jason Cole Sarah Compratt Barbara Cook Tyrone Cooper

Timothy Cozad Preston Crosby Christopher Cross Jim Crowley James Andrew Crownover

Freshman Matt Wickert dislocated his knee when hit by freshman Tim McCoy during a practice game against the sophomores. Left, Matt leaves class early in order to avoid the between-class traffic .

Brian Daily Daniel Daly Mark Daniel Leah Davis Shawn Davis

Kathleen Davisson Matt Deering Tiffany Deyoe Kenneth Dixon William Dixon Freshmen

17 5

Stephanie Dodge Melissa Doherty Simon Doherty Maria Dolske Jennifer Downey

Robert Dunn Rebecca Durham Laura Durst Bien Duyen Susan Elaine Dyer

Lisa Eller Peter Ens Alice Evans Michael Evans Troy Fallon

Tamara Farina Elizabeth Feldman Madonna Ferrell Tracy Fisher Kim Frazee

Larry Gardner Suzanne Garrison John Garth David Gerard Linda Gerlach

Deeanna Geske Michael Getso Lisa Giblin Paula Gladney Tony Good

Timothy Gorman James Green Tracy Greffe Robert Griffith Armgard Haken 176


Angela Hall Jill Hall Marci Hardy Debbie Harne r Pe nnie Harvey

Tracy Harvey Robert Hast Tonya Helm John Hempel Jody Herglund

James Hettinger Melissa Hewerdine Edward Hicks Tonja Hines Todd Holben

Marilu Holthoff Marla Hopkins Howard Hopper Deborah Horner Heather Hovde

Linda Gerlach is an interesting freshman. She is already in German 4, while most students her age are still struggling with German 1 or 2 . She lived in Germany for one year and in Austria for two years. She remembers some things about the language, but not all. She had to take a placement test to get into German 4 last spring. German is part of her family's heritage (her father's side of the family is German.) She would like to go back to Germany as an exchange student. Linda says, "I like speaking German . The things we do in class are pretty interesting. It's neat being in a class where ev¡ eryone is either a junior or senior."



Freshman Melissa Morton gets up in front of Algebra class to read a problem belore doing it on the board.

Darwin Howard Michael Hughes Percy Jackson Valerie Jackson Michael John

David James Kent Johnson Yolanda Johnson Christopher Jones Diana Jones

Valerie Jones Jennifer Kahr Greg Kaiser Julia King John Kitzmiller

Jill Knieriem Sue Lai John Laird Christopher Lake Ann Chel Lancaster 178


Freshmen lisa Runyan , right, and Meghan Madix " punk-out " on the Friday of Homecoming Week .

Stephanie Leath Edward Lemke S. Lemke Chris Leo Marla Lewis

Todd Lienhart Florance Lipinski Evan Lindstrand Jonathon little Sandra Lockett

Terrance Long James Love Gary Lynn Meghan Madix Kathleen Maisel

Jennifer Marcellus Gwen Marion Mary Matejkowski Laura Mayhall Kimberly Major Freshmen


James McColley Sam McGialhery Mark McKenzie Felicia McMullen Jonathon McMullen

James Mefford Douglas Mennenga Michael Miller Rosemary Moffitt Elipea Monroe

John Morris Melissa Morton Erik Moster! Kara Muir Brian Muncy

Michael Murphy Rodney Napper Ronald Napper Cynthia Nelson Lorena Nicholas

Ann Norwood

For freshmen familiar questions are , " Where do I go? ", or " Can you help me find my room and my locker? " Pictured are a few freshmen finding out where to go on their first day of high school.



Freshman Jeff Allen looks over his schedule before going on to his next class.

Kathaleen O 'Connor Jason Ogren Hollis Olefsky Holly Olivero Noelle Osterbur

Stacy Palmer Cynthia Pauser Danny Peters Missy Pfeifer John Phipps

Crystal Pickell Sara Pomakoy Have you ever seen the stairs of Central High School so empty during a school day?



Pamela Porter Shane Porter Timothy Pruemer Marcela Puentes Judith Pugh

Rolph Pumphrey Ken Roquel Christina Ratliff Ann Reid Norman Reinbold

Right to lett. freshmen Mark Daniels, Heather Hovde, and Katie O 'Connor listen to instructions during their Algebra class.

Katherine Riegel Elizabeth Ries Benjamin Robbins Michael Roberson Rona Roberson

Terronce Robinson Morvin Roderick Ann Ross William Rumsey Tere so Runge 182


Freshman Scott Cosey tries to remember a few important elements in order to complete his test in English class.

Freshman class secretary Becky Blaker talks about high school: " I think it's excitIng getting to choose your own classes." Becky continues, " I like Central better than Edison because there are more activities to get Involved In; there are more people and it's just more excitIng." She thinks Central Is different than middle school because '' there are dances, and all kinds of sport activities. There Is a lot of school spirit, which I guess you'd expect in a high school." Besides being Involved with Student Council and Election Board, she enjoys Ice skating, shopping, and football games.

lisa Runyan Jennifer Rutkowski lisa Ryan Rhonda Schaede Pamela Seward

Jamin Sewell Jonathan Shapiro Chris Shay Jacqulyn Sheffield Richelle Shelby

Sean Shelby Chris Sheridan Stephan Shinall Scott Shoop Jennifer Shupert

Susan Shurtz Anthonay Sibley Michael Sindelar James Smith lisa Smith



loretta Smith Lori Smith Michael Smith Timothy Smith Chris Sofranko

Michael Sollinger Catherine Somers Dennis Spohrer Gary Stanley Jeffrey Stapleton

Kimberly Starkey Cristina Stefanile Derrick Summerville Bradford Suter Amy Swisher

Joshua Ta bin Jamie Tabor Thora Tam Kimberly Taylor James Tepe

Patty Tester Alan Thomas Marie Thompson Todd Tipton Erika Tousey

Louisa Triandis Anthony Tummelson Christopher Turcott Tara Tynan Nancy Utting

James Vandeventer Krista VanVorst Julie Vaughn Mary Visocky Maria Voucanos 184


Kevin Wallace Shoryn Washburn Robert Weddle Keith Weisman Robert Welling

Corlonno Wesley Willis Whitesell Matt Wickert Rochella Wilkerson David Williams

Dennis Williams Adrian Wood Angelo Wood David Wooley Michelle Wright

Anthony Yates Rebecca Yeisley Keith Young Tim Young

Sophomore attendant Susan Shurtz is escorted down the aisle by Matt Deering during the Homecoming assembly.

NOT PICTURED John Allison Davila Bernard Duyen Bien Linh Bui Angelo Burson Carol Dorris Maurice Douglas Kristine Fisher James Grant Robert James Charles Kim Terry Kistner Robert Krutsinger Thomas lickly Evon Lindstrand Tyrone Lloyd Henry Mo Elizabeth Manley Damon Motejowsky

Melissa Meyers Sean Miles Dorothy Moore Susanne Porter Kenneth Roquel Tina Roberts Leslie Smith Carlo Wait Robert Weber Keith Williams Carol Winebrinner







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This year 's members are : Janice Washburn , Julie Arnold , Robyn Roberson , Briana Yates, Chris Slattery .



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THE FIRST NATIONAL AMVET VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR wishes the class of 1983 every success. Also, a special thank you to all the high school students who have helped in any way to make life happier for the hospitalized veterans at the Danville VA Medical Center. HAPPINESS IS: BE A YOUTH VOLUNTEER R. W. " Burhead" Lamkin

FRONT ROW : l. Shallenberger, l. Hutton, P. Batty , J. Decker, M. Sanford, B. Alexander. SECOND ROW : R. Ebert, MM. Holthoff, J . Olefsky, H. Krueger, K. Neal, l. Runyan . THIRD ROW : A. Schendel, M. Reed, T. Grelle, K. Moore, J . Pugh. NOT PICTURED: D. McCain .

. GO mAROONS 202

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Honor Students

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are being formed now

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<.all today

J(>r-ry Glvnn 328-1640



I. Abdullah, Latifah 68 ,69,79,80 ,89, 103,156 Adams, Jonathon 135 Adams , lisa 136 Adams, Monique 135 Addis, Alice 79,91 ,93 , 108,136 Adkisson , Stanley 38 ,172 Adkisson, Stephanie 68 ,136,141 ,146 Aeilts , Ricky 19,36,37 ,40,41 , 136 Aanew, John 135 Aguirre, Mike 37 ,80 ,108 Aker, Orlando 172 Alagna, Melissa 108 Alexander, Becky 79,108 Alexander, James 38 ,172 Alexander, Valerie 83 ,156 Algee , James 169 Alhumaidan, Reemah 90,135 Alkire, Hannah 84,85,95,156 Alkire , Sabrina 95,172 Allen, Geoffrey 38,172,181 Allen, lenora 57 ,171,172 Allen , Todd 136 Allison, John 185 Allston, Diane 108 Althaus . Kris 93,156 Anastasia, Dana 18, 19,36,37,41 ,42, 108, 119,122 Anastasia , Mike 37 ,42,43 , 136 Anderson, Allison 20,21 ,136 Anderson , Paul 44,136 Anderson, Susan 108 Andujo , Angela 136 Andrews, Debra 89,90, 100,172 Angel, Robert 38 ,172 Antonsen , Chris 82 ,87.136 Anzelmo, Dina 136 Appleby, Paul 136 Arendtsen , Michelle 13,33,172 Armbruster, Donald 136 Armour, Angela 11 ,76,172 Arnell, Melony 79,102,136 Arnell, Rick 136 Arnold , John 44,172 Arnold , Julie 17,136,137 Arnold , Robin 156 Ashworth, Elizabeth 108 Auteberry, Terri 24,28 ,108 Auten, Mike 100,118,121 ,135 Auten, Susan 16,46,47,99,155 Avant, Romano 108 Ayers, Alfredia 172 Ayers, William 172 Bachman, Jeffrey 38,172 Bailey, Juanita 11 0 Bailey, Mary 169 Baker, Matt 27 ,37 Bandy, Michael 11 0 Banks, Carolyn 110,132 Banks, Charlotte 153 Banks, Thomas 136 Banks, Zachary 110 Barber, Anthony 172 Barber, Darrell 136 Barber, Larry 156 Barenberg, Myra 136 Barham , Ann 156 Barham, Karen 82,83,89,95, 102,103,136 Barkstall , Karen 102,155 Barnes, Daron 48 Barnes, Katonna 169 Barstead, Rebecca 172 Bartley, Douglas 38,39,156 Bash, Amy 56,57 ,110 Batty, Paula 79,93,110 Batty , Philip 79,102,172 Bazzell, Bridget 136 Beckler, Tina 28,81,155 Bean, Douglas 48,136 Beasley, Arthur 135 Beasley, Jimmy 3 7,40, 135 Beauchamp, Bryan 11,79,172 Beauchamp, Kara 57 ,83,84,85, 103,110,143 Beers, Kevin 156 Beightler, Julie 79,87,172 Bell, Andrea 8,56,57 ,76,110 Bell, Chuck 20,21 ,136 Bender, Cheryl 11 0 Benn, Liesa 25,33,82 , 110,118,187 Bennett, Kimberly 33 ,44,47 ,136,137 Beres, Alan 110 Berkson, Howard 136


Bernard, Davila 185 Bersig, Peggy 156 Bickers, Trevis 172 Bigler, Rodger 79,1 10 Bidwell, Monica 89,1 02 ,1 03 ,136,1 43 Bidwell , Paula 172 Bien , Duyen 90,185 Bien, Troug 136 Bishoff, Scott 136 Bishop, Darrell 49,172 Bitner, David37 ,135 Blackburn, Mark 135 Blaker, Bruce 92 ,111,208 Blaker, Rebecca 95,100,101 ,172,173 Blackmon, Melvin 156 Bloom , Jennifer 24,28 ,46,47 , 103,136 Blount, Jeremiah 172 Blount, Jerry 51 ,138 Blount, Mary 156 Blissit, Victor 172 Blissit, Wyatt 49,172 Blum, Ted 138 Boatright, Glenn 138 Boatright, Terry 39,156 Bode, Kathryn 89,138 Boekhoff, Krista 138 Bohlen, Doug 3 7, 138 Boise, Jim 37 ,111 Bollinger, Becky 172 Bolton, Chris 135 Bondurant, Laura 138 Bosch, Deborah 135 Bourgois, Christine 138 Bowe , Steve 16,30,89,138 Bowlin, Brian 156 Bown , John 156 Boyd , lisa 156 Boyer, Kay 87,172 Boyle, Kevin 156 Boykins, Sammy 172 Boysaw, Greg 18,48,50,51,137,156 Bracy, Talisa 56,57,94,138 Bradley, John 135 Bradley, Oliver 111 Bradley , Sherry 156 Braskamp, David 79,174 Bridges, Thomas 96,156 Bright, Nigel 57,87, 156,163 Brill, Tammie 24,57 ,91 ,138 Brown, Arnold 111 Brown, Amanda 30,31 ,138,187 Brown, April 138 Brown , Blair 39,44, 156,169 Brown, Brian 39,44,156 Brown , Burnell 138 Brown, Carol 174 Brown, Diana 111 ,123 Brown, Douglas 51 ,135 Brown, Eric 37,138 Brown , lvor 174 Brown, Janet 84,85, 103,111 ,119 Brown, Joe 37 Brown, Juan 37 ,39,138 Brown, Lorra 138 Brown, Mark 138 Brown, Mitch 39,43,156 Brown, Phoebe 135 Brown, Teresa 11 ,68,174 Brown, Thomas 89,90,138 Brown, Tony 135 Brumfield, Jill 156 Brumfield, Mickey 174 Buckles, Amy 29,101 ,154,156,157 Buetow, Ellen 174 Buetow , Michael 100,158 Buetow, Tom 82,83 ,84,85,89,100,111,113 Buhr, Randy 174 Bui, linh 185 Bui, Phuoc 90, 135 Bui, Phuong 90 Bundy, Eric 81,155,158 Burks, Kevin 135 Burnam, Lynette 158 Burnett, Brent 111 Burson, Angela 57,76,185 Burton , Kelley 138 Busch, Carl 37 ,83 ,139 Busey, Carolyn 6,5 7, 139 Butler, Artice 158 Butler, Andrea 139,150 Butler, Connie 111 Butler, Maria 158

Butler, Suzanne 174 Buttry, Wade 158 Cacioppo, Pam 158 Caldwell, Teressa 139 Campbell, Angela 139 Campbell, Georgia 142 Campbell, Maraie 135 Campbell, Michael 37 ,158 Campbell, Timothy 38 ,174 Carpenter, Robert 111 Carter, Cynthia 174 Carter, Jeffrey 139 Carter, Leroy 139,148 Carter, Willie 135 Cartwright, Bridget 79,89 ,158 Casad , Todd 139 Casey, Scott 38 ,39 , 170,174,1 82 Casserly, Sheila 56,56, 110,112 Castillo, Dan 30,31 ,44,102,1 03 ,112 Castillo, John 30 ,31,139 Castle, Jean 112 Castle , John 158 Castleton. Ethan 174 Caston, Derrick 135 Caston, Michael 49,174 Caston, Milton 135 Caston , Willie 158 Chan, George 112 Chan, Keith 112 Chapman, David 38,174 Chapman, Larry 135 Charters, Mary Beth 158 Charters, Pat 44,174 Chidlaw , Cathy 139,147 Cieniawski, Mark 83 ,87 ,139 Cieniawski, Scott 27 ,49,17 4 Cieniawski , Steve 95 Clark, Darlene 135 Clark , Kurtiss 158 Clark , lisa 139 Clark , Sonya 10,174 Clasey , Janette 83,101 ,158 Clasey , lisa 83 ,139 Clayton, Cathy 112,115 Clemons, Lyndell 48 ,51 ,158 Cler, Lisa 112 Coay, Ann 83 ,89,95, 102,103,139 Coay, Sara 174 Cobb, Gretchen 10,91 ,174 Cobble, Kristie 175 Cocagne , Jeffrey 26,27,158 Cochrane, Ann 91 , 112 Coffey, Gary 8,139 Coggins, Betty 99,158 Cole , Brian 73,83,95,139 Cole , Jason 79,175 Cole, Sonja 109,112 Collier, Adonna 158 Collier, Deena 112 Collins, Darin 112 Collins, Patrick 158 Comprall, Sarah 35,173,175 Cook , Barbara 57 ,175 Cook, Edwin 39,159 Cooper, Robert 36,37,41,48,139 Cooper, Steve 36,37 ,135 Cooper, Tim 159 Cooper, Tyrone 49,175 Copeland, Robert 102.112 Corley, Jay 113 Cornell, Jill 159 Cornell, Judy 113 Costa, Shelly 113 Costley, Sandra 85,103 ,159 Courson, Dave 18,25 ,36,37,40,109,113 Cozad, Timothy 175 Craft, Etta 57 ,102,139 Craig, Rinda 159 Cramer, David 113 Crooks, Carmel 99,159 Crooks, Cathy 159 Crosby, lisa 159 Crosby, Preston 175 Cross , Christopher 38 ,171 ,175 Cross, Melissa 85,89,90,92, 100,103,113 Crossland , Kevin 48 ,51,159 Crowell , Sylvia 46,49,139 Crowley , Jim 42 ,95,175 Crowley, Kevin 43 ,83,87 ,99,159 Crownover, James 175








Crump , Anthony 140 Crump , Delores 100,140 Cullop, Sean 79,113 Cullop, Tim 36,37,40,42 Cunningham , Kelli 159 Cunnington, Christine 15,35,159 Doily, Brion 11 ,175 Daly, Daniel 95,175 Daniels, Mark 48,49,175 Davidson , Tomaro 159 Davidson , Trenno 140 Davidson, Valerie 99,159 Davis, Down 79,81 ,159,168 Davis, Jennifer 30 ,87 ,92,140 Davis, John 159 Davis, Leah 30,175 Davis, Maurice 135 Davis, Shown 175 Davison , Kenneth 159 Davisson , Kathleen 29,101 ,175 Dawkins, Robert 159 Dawson, Lauro 56,57 ,103,157,159 Day, Tom 113 Dayton, Ann 79,113,124 Dayton , Christy 24,56,57,92, 119,130,140 Deok , Fronk 169 de Anda, Michael89 ,90 ,113 Decker, Joyce 79,113 Deering , Matt 38 ,175,185 Deering, Ron 23 ,26,27 ,159 Demlow , John 140 Dempsey, Patricia 135 Dew , Tommy 37,43 ,140 Deyoe, Tiffany 175 Dickey , Michael 160 Diep, Quang 169 Dietzel, Lisa 160 Dixon, Davina 114 Dixon, Kenneth 175 Dixon, Mark 140 Dixon, Michael 114 Dixon , William 175 Dodds , Holly 100,140 Dodge, Stephanie 11 ,21 ,176 Doering , Jennifer 160 Doherty, Eric 37,40,41 ,114 Doherty, Melissa 11 ,35,176 Doherty, Simon 176 Dolske, Mario 95,176 Don , Chi 90 ,160 Don , Chien 90 ,140 Dornbusch, Mike 30,31 ,96,114 Dorris, Carol 185 Dorris, Lorenzo 169 Dorris, Mary Jane 135 Douglas, Angela 135 Douglas, Maurice 185 Douglas , Phillip 140 Douglas, Tandy 140 Douglass , Stacy 68 ,102 Downes, Mary Beth 28 ,114 Downey , Jennifer 12,35,46,176 Downey , Jill 94,140,144 Downing , Martin 81 ,160 Downing , Tom 160 Drennan, Stephen 135 Driggers, David 160 Duckworth, Thomas 3 7, 114 Dunn, Randall 21 ,140 Dunn, Robert 95,176 Durbin , Charles 38 ,39,160 Durham, Don 140 Durham, Rebecca 170,176 Durst, Lauro 79,87 ,176 Duyen , Bien 176 Dyer, Susan 176 Dziuk , Carl 39,87 ,160 Eoly , Brennan 160 Early , Christine 140 Ebert, Rhonda 79 ,95 , 103,160 Eccles, Devisa 114 Eckes, Patrick 96 ,135 Edlefsen, Kathryn 95 ,140 Edmison, Penny 114 Edwards, Donald 140 Edwards, Gus 135 Edwards, Jacqueline 135 Edwards, Michelle 89,115 Edwards, Monica 30,107 ,115,118

ÂŁ(}herman, Adam 30 ,31 ,115 Eghermon , Ruth 140 Ehler, Teresa 57 ,87 ,95,140 Eissfeldt, Andy 43 ,160 Ellzey, Antonio 68 ,141 Eller, Lisa 76,85,176 Ellis, James 115 Ellsey, Anita 56,57,68 ,69,115 Emmons, Terri 94,141 Endrizzi, Joseph 115 Ens, Peter 38,43 ,176 Eskew, Randy Eunice, Karla 160 Evans, Alice 170,176 Evans, Margaret 115 Evans, Michael 176 Evans, Richard 103,160 Evans , Roger 160 Ewing , Jeffrey 141 Ewin(J, Nedra 135 Fallon, James 24,26,27 ,141 Fallon , Troy 44,176 Faraci, Paul 37 ,116 Farino , Tomaro 116,176 Feldman, Elizabeth 35,176 Feldman, Robert 106,116 Fencil, Adam 135 Fender, Terry 141 Ferrell, Chuck 141 Ferrell, Madonna 91 ,176 Fess, Martha 24,34,35,141 Filipov, Doug 141 Fiore, Dorothy 28 ,102,141 Fisher, Bill 30 ,31 Fisher, Kristine 29, 185 Fisher, Tracy 79,176 Floro, Shorlo 28 ,83 , 100,141 Floyd, Dorey 160 Fly, John 135 Follmer, Clark 39,160 Folts, Janet 33 ,141 Ford , Deborah 56,86, 102,141 Fox , William 141 Frazee , Kim 91 ,176 Freeman, Bryan 116 Freeman, Deandra 116 Freemon, Mono 141 Froeschl, Steven 44,160 Fumento, Matt 37 ,116 Funkhouser, Tony 37 ,6

Gadel, Barb 116,103 Gaines, Bryce 135 Goines , Down 141 Gannaway, Down 24,29,28 ,141 Ganus , Melissa 95,97 ,102,141 Garrison , Suzanne 10,92,89,176 Gordner, Lorry 176 Garland, Sheena 83 ,117 Gardner, Dean 117 Garth , John 176 Gerard , David 176 Gerard, Don 4 ,16,70 ,73 ,83 ,114,117 Gerlach, Lindo 87 ,89,176,177 Gerlach, Rebecca 6,79,89,90,93 , 103,141 Geske , Christopher 39,160 Geske , Deeonno 101,176 Gesto , Michael 176 Giblin , Lisa 87 ,176 Giblin, Michael 117 Gibney, Dewayne 117 Gill , Lisa 160 Gill, Rose 135 Gilmore , William 161 Gipson, Kenneth 141 Gipson, Kim 68 ,69,91 ,161 Gladney, Angela 135 Gladney, Heather 17 ,29,83 ,161 Gladney, Paulo 91 ,97 ,176 Gladney, Volorie 57 ,161 Gluschenko, Tina 142 Goddard , Julie 117, 142 Goldenstein, Melissa 24,33 ,57 ,81 , 140,142 Good , Tony 176 Goodman , John 142 Gorbet, Gory 142 Gorbet, Donald 161 Gorman, Julie 76,161 Gorman , Timothy 38,43 ,176 Gorman, Tom 26,27 ,117

Goulet, Mark 38 ,39,95,161 Goulet, Steve 37 ,142 Grady, Eddie 161 Grant, James 38 ,185 Green, Dole 37 ,142 Green , Ellen 33 ,100,101 ,161 Green, Jim 27,43 ,173,176,170 Greenberg , Julie 17 ,32 ,33 ,83 , 100,161 ,169 Greffe, Tracy 79,176 Griffet, David 41 Griffin, Alan 27 ,117 Griffith , Mark 142 Griffith , Robert 176 Grihom, Charlie 18,169 Grimm, Daniel 161 ,165 Grubb, Arthur 37 Gruber, Greg Gudgel, John 142 Guion, Deborah 33 ,161 Gurfinkle, Paul102 ,120 Hoken, Armoord 176 Homly, Douglas 161 Hall , Angelo 177 Hall , Ji1157 ,101 ,117 Halloran, John 120 Hammel, Todd87 ,119,120 Hammersmith, Craig 79 Hanlin, Sandy 120 Hansell, Gerald 120 Hardin, Tomi 142 Hardy, Morel 97 , 177 Hardy, Theresa 142 Harmon, Donny 142 Horner, Debbie 177 Harper, Richard 142 Harris, Carl 161 Harris, Deanna 120 Harris, Tonyo 11 Harry, Ruth 142 Hart, John 39,161 Hartsfield, Lynn 161 Harvey, Antonio 120 Harvey, Pennie 76, 171 , 177 Harvey, Tommie 161 Harvey, Troci 177 Hast, Jennifer 84,85,92, 102,103,116,120, 208 Host, Robert 38 ,171 ,177 Hayes, Cheryl120 Hays, Elisabeth 169 Heal, David 161 Healy, Meghon 7,46,47 ,84,85,101 ,142 Heath, Tunji 120 Helgesen, Cassie 83,118,120 Helm, Tonyo 81 ,177 Hempel, John 117 Hempel, Richard 161 Henderson, Adam 135,169 Henderson, Andy 37 ,40, 142,146 Hendricks, Barbaro 28 ,87 ,142 Henne, Lisa 143 Henne, Rich 37 ,135 Henry, Koren 87 ,103,161 Herglund, Jody 92,177 Herglund, Kimberly 143 ' Henson , LeighAnne 56,57 ,83 ,89 , 162,169 Hernandez, James 162 Herron Schuronda 13,56,57 ,102,114,121 Hettinger, James 177 Hettinger, Michele 56,57 , 140,143,145 Hewerdine, Melissa 177 Hewings, Aaron 96,143 Hewitt, Wendy 57 ,85, 103,162 Hicks, Edward Gene 76,117 Hicks, Thomas J. 39,162 Higgens, T. 38 Hight, Kris 79,81 ,89 ,94,162 Hill , Cliff 37 ,143 Hill , Mike 36,37 ,82,143 Hines, Fredrick 135 Hines, Keith 143 Hines, Paul 169 Hines, Jocelyn 13 ,24,56,57 ,121 Hines, Tonjo 68,177 Hirschfeld, Jenny 33 ,121 Hites, Lori 121 Hodges, Lloyd 48,51 ,162 Hoffswell, Andrew 21 ,79,83 ,143 Holben, Scott 143 Holben, Todd 49,177 Holy, Ellen 87 ,143


) Holscher, Christian 31 , 121 Holt, Janet 162 Holfhott. Ed 37 ,82,94,121 Holthoff, Marilu 11 ,76,79,177 Hong, Thanh 143 Hong, Toan 90 Hooker, Jeff 135 Hopkins, Marla 171,177 Hopkins, Michelle 121 Howard, Antonio 135 Hopper, Howard 177 Horner, Deborah 177 Houde, Heather 182,177 Howard, James 143 Howard, Darwin 178 Howard, Georgia 169 Huff, Seybert 143 Hughes, Michael 178 Hughes, Tasha 143 Humes, Rodney 39,162 Hunter, Dana 118,121 Hurst, Rick 31 ,143 Hurst, Matthew 121 Huss, Deren 154,162 Hutchings, Mark 162 Hutton, Laura 79,121 Hyatt, Jeff 37 ,143 Jackson, Beverly 46,47 ,68 ,162 Jackson, Derrick 38,39,162 Jackson, Eugene 51 ,143 Jackson, Jeanette 56,57 ,143 Jackson, Percy 171 , 17 8 Jackson, Valerie 178 Jackson, Waymond 121 John, Michael 27 ,178 Jamerson, Anthony 143 Jamerson, Eric 121 James, David 38 ,178 James, Kim 135,162 James, Nikki 83 ,85,162 James, Robert 185 James, Ward 162 Jancola, Curtiss 144 Jasper, Gwendlyn 135 Johansson, Viva 85,122,144 Johnson, Bradley 144 Johnson, Christopher 144 Johnson, Deborah 144 Johnson, Denise 30,162 Johnson, Dennis 162 Johnson, James 122 Johnson, Jenny 100,144 Johnson, Jennifer 162 Johnson, Kashawanda 162 Johnson, Kent 78 ,178 Johnson , Lori 24,56,136,140,144 Johnson, Mark 51 , 106,122 Johnson , Twila 24,57 ,90,144 Johnson , Yolanda 11 ,178 Jones, Christopher 79,178 Jones, Diana 178 Jones, Dylan 44,162 Jones, Joseph 162 Jones, Pat 78 ,57 ,144 Jones, Reggie 162 Jones, Valerie 178 Jones, Walter 68 ,102,135,137 Joop, Matt 18,144 Jordan , Randy 154,162 Jorgenson. Sarah 33 ,101 ,162

Kabaker, Karen 122 Kahr, Jennifer 178 Kaiser, Greg 38 ,39 Kamerer, Gayle 17,34,35,81 ,155,162 Kamerer, Marty 44,45,107,122 Kaufman, Cathy 135 Kearns, Darryl135 Keaton , Cynthia 144 Keaton , Kimberly 76,162 Keck , Tom 70 ,83 ,144 Kenner. Jonathan 144 Kehe, Kathy 7,56,57 ,89,90 ,110,112 Kehe, Kim 32 ,33 ,94,137,144 Keller. Jenny 13,83 ,100,122 Kellerhals, Kay 144,145 Kelly, Elizabeth 33 ,169 Kelly, libby 7 Kenney, Matt 118,123 Kim , Charles 90 ,185

Kindle, Gwinne 144 King, Julia 178 Kington , Joe 37 ,70,144 Kinsel, Sally 107,123 Kistner, Terry 185 Kitzmiller, John 38 ,178 Knapp, David 135 Knerr, John 144 Knieriem, Jill 79,178 Koebrlch, Kenneth 123 Knox, Mark 39,162 Kohut, Laura 56,57 ,144 Kohut, Mike 37 ,123 Korb, Brendan 100,1288,100,123,128 Kerry, Usa 56,57 ,89,140,141 ,151 Kovacs, Christine 83 ,162 Krahling , Heidi 20,21 ,83 ,86,87 ,93 Krueger, Heather 79,162 Krumm, Dawn 162 Krutsinger, Robert 185 Kucera , Steven 145 Kurtz, Andy 145 Kyburz, Greg 36,37,42,102,109,123 Kyburz, Jeff 18,37,42,43,145

Lafferty, Kellle 89,106,123 Lai, Lee 6,9,24,56,57 ,82,85,90,92 ,95,100, 103,110,118,124 Lal , Lee-fin 9,84 lal, Sue 89,173,178 Lain, Shannon 107,124 Laird , John 178 Lake , Christopher 44,178 Lamb, John 100,124,137 Lancaster, Ann 178 Laine , Charles 44,101 ,145 Lane, Patricia 46,47 ,169 Langan, Sue 33 ,82,83 ,84,85,124 Lange, Diane 124 Langner, Lara 145 Langsjoen , Britto 79,87 ,162 Langsjoen, Rolf 145 Langston , Amy 162 Langston , Usa 88 ,89,95,102,103,145 Lawhorn , Vanessa 145 Lawrence , James 162 Lay, Benny 145 Lazzell, Usa 124 Leach , Kelly 162 Leath, Stephanie 79,179 Leathers, Denise 91 ,146,152 Leblond , Shawn 39,162 Lee, Christine 163 Leeson, Paula 7,83 ,163 Lemke , Dawn 146 Lemke, Edward 179 Lemmon, John 37,43 ,89,146 Leo, Chris 79,179 Leo. Sarah 7,95 Lerner, Scott 42 ,146 Lewis, Marla 68,179 Lewis, Robert 146 Lewman, Roberta 163 lieb, Kim 124,146 lickly, Thomas 185 Lienhart, Lori 111 ,124 Lienhart, Todd 38 ,39,49,171 ,173,179 lindholm, Chris 39,163 lindsey, Ronald 146 linstrand, Evan 38 ,179 Linzy, James 124 Lipinski, Florance 179 Lipsey, Cynthia 68,146 Little, Chad 19,36,37,40,41 ,124 little, Jenny 135,146 little, Jonathon 38 ,179 llewellyn, Rod 37,42 ,146 llewellyn, Kevin 38 ,39,43 ,163 lloyd, Tyrone 185 Lo, Albert 124 Lo, Tiffany 163 Lockett, Sandra 179 Logan, Ed 124 Logan, Kristie 163 Long, Teresa 89,124 Lond, Terrance 91 ,179 Loomis, John 31 ,124,130 Love, James 31 ,95,179 Lower, Georgia 89,154,163 Lynch, Bill118 ,122,124 Lynn , Gary 179

Ma, Henry 185 Maberry, Jerry 124 Maberry, Rose 135 Macek, Mary 83 ,163 Macfarlane, Vonda 124 Madix , Meghan 12,179 Mahan, Christie 83 ,84,163 Mahan, Kurt 146 Maier, Julie 124 Maisel, Kathy 29,46,95,179 Majers, Christine 89,95,102,103,146 Manley , Elizabeth 185 Mann, Joseph 135 Manolakes, Barbara 163 Marcellus, Jennifer 89,179 Marion, Gwen 179 Markiewicz, Lisa 135 Marlowe, linda 146 Matejowsky, Damon 43,185 Matejowsky, Mary 179 Martin, Carl36,37 ,40,112,135 Mathis, Kim 124 Matthis, Jodi 21,76,146 Maulding , Tina 92,146 Mauney, Karen 163 Mauney, Kevin 147 May, Stephen 21 ,83 ,163 Mayhall , Laura 179 Mayor, Kimberly 76,179 McCain, Dawn 79,124 McCain, Saint 124 McCain, Titania 57 ,147 McCarthy, Ellie 124 McColley , Jim 180 McConkey, Tommy 169 McCormick, Blake 42,43 ,124 McCowen, Kimberly 91 ,163 McCoy, Tim 48 ,175 McCoy, Timothy 51 ,163 McGiathery, Sam 90 ,171 ,180 McGowan, Bethany 100,147 McGrath, Todd 155,163 McGregor, Rhonda 147 McKay, Tom 163 McKenzie , Mark 180 McKissack, Sherona 124 McKnight, Roy 37,40 ,51 ,147 McMahon, Maureen 33 ,83 ,126 McMillion, Lawrence 147 McMullen, Faith 135 McMullen, Felicia 180 McMullen , Jonathon 180 McNabney, Matthew 126 McNaire , Desiree 141 ,147 McNutt, Cheryl 126 McNutt, Eric 135 McNutt, Stephanie 102,163 McQuaid, Brian 8,126 McQuaid, Megan 126 McVey, Gina 135 McWilliams, Korey 37 ,147 Mefford, Donna 79,147 Mefford, James 180 Melker, Melody 163 Melvin, Jeff 36,37 ,147 Mennenga, Debbie 126,134 Mennenga, Douglas 38 ,180 Merrell, Ken 126 Meyer, Greg 126 Meyers, Melissa 185 Michelle , leslie 68 Mileu, Hunter 44,147 Miles, Darryl 39,163 Miles, Jerome 147 Miles, John 68,91 ,95,147 Miles, Sean 185 Millan, Annemarie 89,126 Miller, Andrea 147 Miller, Brax 39,164 Miller, Brian 91 ,164 Miller, Laurel21 ,82,84,85,126 Miller, Michael 180 Miller, Pat 82 ,87 ,106,126 Miller. Ronald 76,147 Miner. Daniel 164 Miner, Mary 135 Miner, Michelle 126 Mingee , Terry 87 ,91 ,95,147 Mistry, Darius 44,164 Mitchell, leslie 164 Moeller, Raymond 27 ,98 ,164 Moffitt, Rosemary 91 ,180




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Mohn, Alan 126 Monroe , Elipea 180 Monroe, Melvin 91 , 135 Mooney, Robert 126 Moore, Alice 56 ,57 ,118,126 Moore , Dorothy 185 Moore , Kathleen 79,83 ,164 Moore, Larry 135 Moore. Michelle 147 Moore, Veronica 164 Mohr, Todd 36,37 Morfey, Lisa 148 Morris, John 38 ,180 Morris, Jorja 126 Morton , Melissa 89,90,100,101 ,154,178,180 Mosbar(}er, An(}ela 135 Mosbarger, Brian 164 Mostert, Erik 38,49,180 Mrozek, Peter 26,27 , 159,164 Mueller, Kenneth 148 Muir, Eric 148 Muir, Kara 180 Mulcahey, Steven 164 Mulcahy, Brian 36,37 ,40,41 , 111 ,126 Mulcahy, Darin 164 Muncy, Brian 38 ,70 ,170,180 Muncy, Crai(} 27 ,127 Munds, Matthew 91 ,164 Murphy, Ann 164 Murphy, Mary 127 Murphy, Mike 38 ,76,170,180 Murray, David 148 Murray, Ro(}er 42,43 , 106,118,127 Murray, Todd 127 Myers, Michael 148 Napper, Rodney 49,180 Napper, Ronald 180 Napper, Terry 68,48 ,164 Neal, Andre 148 Neal, Kathy 79,83 ,84,85 ,148 Neef, Mike 91 ,103,137,148 Neither, Kim 127 Nelson , Cynthia 57 ,180 Nelson , Eric 39,96 ,164 Nelson, Jonathan 148 Nelson, Michele 35,127 Nelson, Norman 169 Nesbitt, Karen Nesbitt, Kelly 127 Neumann, Mark 44,45, 118,127 Newsome, Curt 127 Nguyen, Guong 84,127 Nguyen, Kim 56,57,101 ,164 Nguyen, Yen 84,85,148 Nicholas, Lorena 180 Nieto, Carlos 164 Noren , Randy 148 Norrick, Scott 18, 19,25,36,37 ,40,41 , 109,127 Norris, Dawn 103,164 Norwood, Ann 180 Nuss. Amy 35,85,101 Nuveen, John 135 O'Bryan, Kelly 77 ,165 O 'Connor, Kathleen 88 ,181 ,182 O 'Connor, Sheila 148 O'Dell, Todd 39,165 Oder, Donna 127 Oder, Susan 148 Ogren, Jason 44,181 Olefsky , Hollis 76,85,181 Olefsky , Jayne 79,165 Olivero, Holly 181 Olivero, Kristen 7 ,92 ,165 Olivero, Merry 89,145,148 O 'Neal, Julie 148 O 'Neill , Thad 87 ,96,165 Orban , Chris 77 ,164,165 O'Reily, Susanne 28,29,87 ,148 Osterbur, Noelle 32,33 ,77 ,87 ,181 Osterholt, Kevin 79,127 Otis, Michael 148 Outlaw , Stephanie 148 Owens, Rocky 165 Owens, Yolanda 77,165 Pace, Lori 57 ,77 ,83,140,148 Palmer, Christine 165 Palmer, Matthew 14,37,42,43 ,149 Palmer, Stacy 181

Palmisano , Rose 91 ,149 Pangilian, Burgos 83 ,154,157,165 Pan(}illan, Eric 13,42,83 , 102,109,115,118, 127 Paris, Annette 149 Park, Leanne 89,127 Parker, Sabrina 155,165 Parker. Yolanda 68 ,69,73, 128,129 Parr, Susan 165 Pate, Wendy 103,165 Patrizi, John 18,19,36,37 ,39,41 ,128 Patterson, Jonathan 37 ,68 ,77 ,149 Pauser, Cynthia 18,76 Payne, Gre(} 128 Payne, Kelda 66,79,128 Peck, Todd 42 ,128 Peltz, Jonathan 76,149 Pena , Marisela 77 ,79,89,165 Perkins, James 128 Perry, Marshall 91 , 165 Peters, Danny 38,181 Pfeifer , Chris 149 Pfeiffer , Mark 88 ,149 Pfeifer, Missy 97 ,181 Phon, Boihoan 95,165 Phon , Dawn 91 Phon, Khue 85,103,128 Phon , Tu-Ngoc 84,85,95, 103,149 Pheris, April 149 Phipps, Anne 165 Phipps, John 43 ,181 Pickens. Sonya 83 ,91 ,149 Pickett, Crystal 92 ,181 Pollard, Julie 128 Pomakoy , Sara 181 Porter, Carla 165 Porter, Pamela 182 Porter, Shane 38 ,182 Porter, Susanne 32 ,33 ,84,85, 103,154,165 Powell , Kyle 149 Powell , Sharla 32,33 , 158,165 Preston. Rymicha 114,128 Priest, Ronald 149 Pruemer, Timothy 182 Pruitt, Gregory 165 Pruitt , James 149 Pryor, Sandra 69,77 ,103,149 Puentes, Marcella 182 Pugh , Judith 79,170,182 Pumphrey , Pete 38 Pumphrey , Ralph 182

Road, Preston 128 Rafferty, Nei/128 Ragle, Tyro 128 Rappaport, Loren 32 ,33 ,76,77 , 144,149 Raquel, Ken 49,154,182 Ratliff, Anthony 128 Ratliff, Christina 57 ,182 Ray, Brenda 57 ,166,169 Ray, Linda 29,57 ,166 Raymond, Craig 36,37 ,40,42,82 ,89, 128 Reardon , Brian 166 Reekers, Jill 89,166 Reddy, Mani 44,166 Reed , Maria 69,79,89,166 Reed, Marsha 128 Reed , Sheila 149 Rehberg, Mary 77 ,166 Reid , Ann 182 Reid , Laura 166 Reinbold, Norman 182 Reis, Brian 89,128 Reis, Rosemary 76,166 Ribeiro, Claudia 90,130 Richards, Judith 103,149 Richardson, John 81 ,128,133 Richardson , Traci 81 ,83 ,87 ,166 Riegel , John 76,77 ,79,166 Riegel , Katherine 29,76,171 ,182 Ries, Elizabeth 76,87 ,182 Ries. John 166 Ries, Michael 79,166 Robbins, Benjamin 182 Roberson , Michael 182 Roberson, Robyn 56,85, 140,149 Roberson, Rona 57 ,89,182 Roberson, Tracey 166 Roberts, Tony 128 Roberts, Wendy 128 Roberts , William 166 Robinson, Kip 128

Robinson, Terrance 68 ,182 Roderick, Marvin 182 Rogers, Gregory 149 Romero, Ana 77 ,89,150 Romero, Claudia 89 Rook, William 36,37 ,150 Ross, Ann 29,46,49,182 Ross, Donald 150 Roth, Marcia 88 ,150 Roy , Kimberly 166 Roy, Machelle 9,150 Royse , Mary 76,166 Royse, Mike 128 Rozelle, Patrice 68 ,166 Rugara , Rugare 69,79,166 Rumsey, William 38 ,182 Runge, Teresa 182 Runge, Timothy 150 Runyan, Lisa 79,179,183 Runyan, Lori 150 Rutkowski, Jennifer 183 Ruzicka , Paul 16,38,40,48,49, 164,166 Ryan, Lisa 183 Ryherd, Sharon 28,82, 102,150 Sackett, Todd 38 ,39,48 , 160,167 Saez, Carlos 169 Sakolosky, Linda 28 Samuel , Carla 68 ,79, 102 , 103 Sanders, Patrick 150 Sanford, Marta 79,129,107 Sansone, Michael135 Satterlee, Jenny 9,129 Schaede , Rhonda 11 ,183 Schaeffer, William 79 Schaeffer, Kelly 150 Schacht, Eric 39,167 Schankin, Ronald 42,167 Schendel , Angie 14,79,94,167 Schillinger, Arnie 167 Schmale, Peter 76,167 Schneider, Darla 135 Schneider, Julie 79,93 Schrock , Lori 150 Schroeder, John 16,39,157 ,167 Schuster, Robert 37 Schutt, Wendy 85,167 Schweighart, Jeffrey 37 ,91 ,135 Schwenk , John 167 Schwerdt, Karen 135 Scott, Tonja 167 Seward, Pamela 29,46,48,183 Sewell , Jamin 183 Severns, Chris 24,28 ,82 Shallenberger, Gary 39,167 Shallenberger, Lisa 21 ,79,82 ,83 Shapiro , Jonathan 79,183 Shaul , Annaiisa 28 ,85, 101 ,150 Shaw, James 150 Shaw, Robin 150 Shaw, Ted 167 Shay, Chris 79,83 ,183 Sheffield , Jacquelyn 70 ,79,183 Shelby, Dorris 39,167 Shelby, Richelle 33 ,183 Shelby, Sean 38 ,68 ,170,183 Shelmadine, Sean 91 ,92 Shepardson, Paul 150 Sheridan, Chris 11 , 183 Sheridan, Kathy 89 Shinall, Stephen 43 ,83 Shobe , William 150 Shoop , Scott 38,49,171 ,183 Shupert, Jennifer 183 Shurtz, Susan 14,30 , 183,185 Sibley, Anthonay 183 Sibley, Bridget 56,57 ,68 , 181 ,192 Siegel, Maria 135 Siewert, Sharon 29,46,47 ,48,87 , 167 Sindelar, Michael 38 ,183 Simms, Jeff 68 ,135 Simonson . Caroline 167 Simonson, Nancy 135 Simpson, John 135 Simpson, Valerie 118 Sinnamon, Brian 135 Skeels, Nita 6,89,90,95, 103,106 Slattery, Christine 13,46, 100,150,151 Smith, Angela 167 Smith, Becky 30,109 Smith, Belinda 167 Smith, Charles 84


Smith, Jackie 135 Smith, James 183 Smith , Leslie 185 Smith , Lisa 183 Smith , Loretta 184 Smith , Lori 80,184 Smith, Mike 37.40,112,118 Smith, Michael 151 Smith, Michael 184 Smith, Norris 39,84,167 Smith, Sharonda 143 Smith , Sheronda 157 Smith, Timothy 184 Smith, U. T. 151 Smith , William 39,167,169 Snyder, Jennifer 151 Sofranko , Chris 38 ,184 Sollinger, Michael 79,184 Somer, Catherine 33 ,184 Somers, Mary 151 Spanglo, Amy 151 Sparks, Cheryl 167 Sparks, Deborah 152 Sparks, Kelli 102,167 Spohrer, Dennis 184 Stahl, Dennis 16,18,19,25,36, . 111 ,112,118,119 Stanley , Gary 184 Slanner, Nancy 16,33,151 Stapleton, Jeffrey 31 ,184 Starkey, Gale 30,31 ,151 Starkey, Kim 15,57,76,101,184 Stasi , Jamie 35.46.47 Stasi , Jodie 35.46.48 ,90,167 Staske, Paul 167 Slalhos, Keroline 151 Staton, Christina 184 Stevens, Linda 135 Stewart, Susan 14,15.46,106,119 Stines, Diana 167 Stonebraker, Ann 151 Stowe , Christopher 151 Strow, Anthony 151 Stull , Brian 51 ,151 Summerville , Derrick 79,80 ,184 Suter, Bradford 79,83 ,184 Suter, Sarita 20,21,83 ,151 Sweitzer, John 83 Swisher, Amy 184 To . Chieu 90 Tobin, Joshua 184 Tabor, Jamie 184 Talley , Edward 37.42,83 ,151 Tam. Thora 79,184 Tang , Thanh 90 ,95 Tatman, Susie 151 Taylor, Kimberly 68 ,184 Taylor, Mall43,76,79,137,152 Taylor, Michael 152 Taylor. Trisha 79 Teaque, Dawn 167 Tepe, James 44,184 Tesman, Michelle 81 ,132 Thayer, Steve 15,37.41.43 , 137,152 Thayer, Sue 28 ,29,82,84,85, 132 Thiede, Kim 6,57 ,152 Thomas, Alan 184 Thomas, Darwin 81 ,167 Thomas, Ginny 82,84,95,102,137 Thompson, Brent 39,154,155,167 Thompson, Chiquita 152 Thompson, Marie 184 Thompson, Otis 135 Thurman, Jimi 166,167 Tipton, Todd 49,184


Todd, Laurie 167 Tousey, Erika 35,184 Trail, Bruce 39,167 Trail, Mark 132 Tran, Vinh 167 Tran , Thanh 132 Travers, Wendy 29,167 Trees, Dena 46,167 Triandis, Louisa 103,184 Trick, Gregory 38,39,167 Triezenbera. Jill 76,132 Trimpe, Linda 56,57,92 ,152 Tufte, Steven 39,168 Tummelson, Anthony 49,1 84 Turcott, Christopher 184 Turk, Karen 84,85,132 Turk, Patty 168 Turner, Angela 137,152 Turner, Sharonda 132 Twohey, Mary 34,35, 101 ,154,168 Tynan , Tara 87 ,184 Utley, Darin 169 Utting, Nancy 79,89

Van, Arbendette 132 VanDyke, Daryl 44,168 VanDeventer, James 38,44.45,184 Vanvorst, Krista 87 ,90 ,100,184 Vaughn, Julie 184 Verdeyen, Mike 30,31 ,152 Vermette, Leslie 118,119,132 Vila, Christopher 168 Vinton, Jane 132,135 Vinton, Ruth 132 Visocky, James 132 Visocky, Mark 184 Voss. Mia 133 Voucanos, George 152 Voucanos, Maria 184 Wade, Joann 133 Wait, Carla 185 Walker, Traci 85,168 Walker, Troy 135 Waller, Randy 168 Walsh, Gregory 168 Walters, Nathan 152 Walton, Nola 152 Wallace, Kevin 171 ,185 Wampler, Suzanne 133 Ward, Timothv 39.168 Warnock, Ruth 135 Washburn, Dave 14, 15,18,36,37 .40,44, 118, 133 Washburn , Janice 152,154 Washburn , Sharyn 90 ,100,101 ,185 Washington, Avery 168 WashinQton, Sandra 46,47 ,68 ,133 Watts, Tom 76,133 Weatherspoon, Aaron 168 Weber, Robert 79,185 Weddle, Robert 38,185 Weemer, Jakie 133 Wehring, Barbara 168 Weisman , Keith 185 Welch, Richard 135 Welling, Robert 195 Wenzel, Eileen 87 ,133 Wesley, Billy 168 Wesley, Carlanna 185 Wesley, Credell 9,152 Wessells, Kyle 152 West, Tim 37 ,101,152

West, Timothy 152 Whalen, John 36,37 ,40 ,134 Whitaker, Shonne 68 ,89,100 Whitaker, Torrionna 102,168 While, Comfert 169 While , Janina 57 ,168 White , Stephen 168 White, Bryon 135 Whiled, Kenny 36,37 .40,152 Whited, Pam 134 Whitesell, Kent 44.45,134 Whitesell , Willis 44,1 85 Wickert, Matt 38,170,175,185 Wikoff, Dave37,125,134 Widholm , Jennifer 33,99,168 Widloskl, Alyson 57 ,101 ,168 Wilborn , James 168 Wilcher, Bryan 37 ,41 ,50 ,51 ,106,134 Wiley, David 79,152 Wilkerson, Rosalyn 11,185 Willhite, Lindsey 152 Williams, Asando 168 Williams. David 38,185 Williams, Dennis 49,185 Williams, Deborah 153 Williams, Jonathan 168 Williams, Juanita 68 ,134 Williams, Keith 185 Williams, Shelvia 68 ,169 Williams, Sherice 169 Williams, Sidney 135 Willis, Linda 169 Wilson, Eric 79,134 Wilson , Sherri 153 Winebrinner, Carol 185 Winfrey , Henry 169 Wise, Cathy 134 Wiseman, Loretta 135 Withers, Chrissy 100,153 Wood , Adrian 185 Wood , Angela 185 Wood. Lisa 89,99,153 Wood, Lisa 91 ,109,135 Wood, Robert 42,169 Wood , Suzy Woodall, Prisilla 153 Woodard, Robert 51 ,153 Wooley, David 38 .185 Wooley, Nancy 118,135 Wright, Gary 39 ,169 Wright, Kelly 79,169 Wright, Melinda 68 ,169 Wright, Michelle 185 Wright, Terry 39,169 Yates, Anthony 49,185 Yates, Briana 13,34,85,102,106 Yeager, Catherine 92,153 YeaQer, Jenni 9,82,87,90,93,102 ,134 Yeisley , Rebecca 92,185 Vets, Dana 169 Young, Keith 11,185 Young , Tim 38 ,79,185 Young, Tom 135 Zaccaria , Jason 135 Zarbuck , Kim 109,135 ZieQier. John 91, 135 Ziegler, Judy 46,169

Organized Mess If there's a place for everything and everything has a place, then why am I just sitting here in such a cluttered space? But if I should pick all this up and put it all away, how, may I ask, will I find it even after just one day? No, I think I'll leave It the way It Is, no matter what my fate. You see, I have a system of keeping my own mess straight. Anonymous

Graduation Day Today we'll start a new life And we'll say our last goodbyes To all the friends we've grown to love With whom we've laughed and cried. Remembering the fun and laughter The problems and the fears and watching all our memories grow through our high school years. The memories of the dances and the friends that we've met Vacations, teachers, talking and exams we'd rather forget. Yes, high school days are precious but brief Where all your dreams come true. It is not the end, but the beginning Of a life we'll start a new. Anonymous

Loneliness Sitting and thinking. Listening to the radio. Listening to friends' experiences. Feeling with them, good or bad, but not actually experiencing yourself. Attitudes are ever flowing, changing. Mixing together and separating, in new and different patterns, overflowing. Days continue without being noticed. Time slowly flies by. Passing too slowly to relax; too fast to be noticed. Parties and studying and forming Ideas. Confusion. Sometimes hidden, sometimes apparent. Always present: confusion. Friend's lives, like your own , full of Insecurities. Fear, doubt, confusion, frustration. How to respond. Which way to handle a situation. Decisions. Decisions we should not even be faced with at such an early age. And yet, decisions we must now make. The decisions on friendships and futures. The enormous and small decisions. Coping and attempting to grow. Learning from experiences. Decisions on how to handle ... Loneliness. Sharla Flora

Artist: Kristen Olivero


Untitled When you feel lonely or when you feel blue, look at this picture. She feels that way too. K. Boyer


Fear 1 think there's someone watching me. 1 hear their steps, I hear them flee. I know that there Is someone there. I wish I knew exactly where. I run ahead, hid by a tree. I wish someone could hear my plea. I think I see him in the dark. There he waits, there's no remark. He holds a sharp and shiny knife. (It was that night he took my life.) Anonymous

Anger in its Finest Form



~! 7


Artist: Kristen Olivero

Devil's Wrath I shriek with pain under this mortal burden. An indefinable blame bore me down beneath a herculean load, liberating all the selfdestructive energies within me. I am no longer conscious of the reality outside my soul. Only one thing absorbs me, to annihilate, to assassinate this ignoble being, this hideous, infamous creature, ... myself, hated to the point of death. The voices were unchained afresh; a devasting tempest ravages my soul. I am myself a lifeless image . . . born from the depths of hell, forever to flourish in men's hearts. This I hold in my memories, ... my secret experience through the devil's wrath. Julie Gorman


Red piercing eyes, burning eyes, burning through someone's mind. Tiny little hairs prickle on your neck . Scraping teeth and flaring nostrils relieve little. Pounding blood In your head, you can hear lt. Rising heat originating from your ears. Imaginary flames being thrown from your mouth. Groping hands search for anything, pliable or not. You see red with your eyes opened or closed. Sweat pours from your glands, practically drowning yourself. Cheryl Sparks

Death I fear death more when I am about to exceed what others expect of me; then Death threatens to cut me off From myself Because myself Is not yet! Anonymous

When the Eagle Flies The eagle soars all alone. He has control of the danger zone. When he's in the sky , he 's lonely. Then he found the sky is only a means for finding who you are and soaring can take you just as far.

Everlasting Love The river roared, the current veered, the wind rushed by her face. She stood beside the river's edge. This lonesome, haunting place. She saw her lover standing there. He'd died four years ago. They'd found him In the Sangamon. He'd drown there deep below. Her lover slowly came to her. His ghostly lips touched hers. She knew that It was time to go to be the way they were. And then she slowly turned from him. She headed towards the sea. She threw herself Into the waves together they'll always be. Anonymous

And who And who

when the eagle flies tells the lies? when the eagle flies dies?

You can hear the eagle's cries echoing through the empty skies. The eagle feels he needs to protect all he has, what he can 't accept. His duties are endless while he soars. He protects his life by opening doors. And when the eagle flies you hear his cries. And when the eagle flies who tries? The sky was just the lonely place for the eagle to meet fate face to face, A place where life could never cease, Where he could find a lonely peace, Where life was just a grain of sand, Where the sands were what made up his land. And when the eagle flies, there are no lies. And when the eagle flies, there is no disguise. When the eagle flies, no one dies. For he is wise. Sharla Flora

Artist: Kristen Olivero

2 13

Battle of the Bulge When I was young somewhere in my head, a thought was created, or so it is said: "I'll make sure I eat well, no matter what I do, just give me some candy and a cookie or two." So on went my life filled with goodies and such. I was chubby, but happy, with food In my clutch. But then one day, a piece of pizza at my lips "I can't stand It anymore," said I. "I detest my big hips!" So began the struggle, my battle of the bulge, Trying hard as I could, In food not to Indulge. Artist: Kristen Olivero

I wish I wish

And now I do vow to jog everyday, and in a few months, the pounds will shed away.

I were the President, so I would have an excuse for all my mistakes. Anonymous


But It's here we must stop. And take a short break. For five pounds or so, accounts for just one piece of cake!

Where I'm 20 pounds lighter and 50 times as glad, I'll have the kind of body that will drive the men mad! Anonymous

Festival of Food Being the host I shall not boast of party napkins and straw flower hats. The toast Is bread and the roast Is sawdust shavings mixed with dog food. And the coastal fish delivered ten weeks late! Nasty post. The ghost In me celebrates the festival of food. Welfare style. Anonymous Artist: Kristen Olivero

Blindman I've sat In this room so long you'd think I'd know every Inch. But now as a blindman I'm totally lost. I've seen the blue-gray sky In the morning and eve. I've seen stars In the sky so high; the moon lit up my surroundings and I pray It will never go away. Now I see nothing. I've seen children playing in the street; my friends wave as I walk by and I silently nod. Now I have no friends; they think me a fool.

Nephtyhs Egyptian princess, swarthy and coy. Pharoah's favorite and the kingdom's pride. The tanned woman with dark skin and darker hair. Perfumed nape. Bare breasted. Snake amulets hug her limbs. The goddess made flesh dips her feet In the Nile. Naked and contemplating. And the visitors of a later court murmur In jeweled respectful lines to witness the princess Inside cold glass. A. Mohn

I see roses and the huge statue as I walk through our park. Now I sit on the bench beside them, smelling, trying to recall how they look. I feel as though everyone thinks of me as an enemy but I have done no wrong. I didn't ask to be this way so different than them. I really don't know what 1 can or will do. But I will not give up for I still have the love of God. Tina Maulding





( I


The Tree That tree, that memorable old tree, One look and it set me apart. Its bark bare branches graveword . Emotions sank like a rock at heart. Yes, it was I who heard it whisper something to me that 1 was yet to comprehend. Life is like the seasons, it seemed to say. Spring brings about new life. From there we're like branches and leaves, in a way. A tree is uprooted and limbs are traditions and past. Branches are families and leaves are but a reflection of us as individuals.

Sunlit Rain RAIN wet, silky drip, drain, form sparkle, glowing, shining enlightening, colorful, bright RAINBOW Julie Gorman

Soaring on Angel's Wings Soaring on angel's wings free to navigate all I see. While I have a song in my heart, and breath to sing ... I'll forever be found on the angel's wings. I live to love as long as love lives. The spirit is alive within me. Peace and tranquility descend only on those who refuse to end. Julie Gorman


Summertime is a time of general welfare and opportunity. Each branch strengthens as each individual grows. But as everyone knows, in every life there is a crisis or two. And yes, one season it may happen to be just you. The winds begin to blow and leaves begin to change. Fall sets in and gives our lives a different range. But yet, we move on, and then winter brings but sorrow and grief, and the end of many leaves. For It Is the death of the old and wise. And so I began to understand the life and love of this spiritual land, the change of the seasons from man to man. So no longer will I take a thing for granted. I had begun to flourish from that tree, that memorable old tree. Yes, It was I who heard and I who beheld the wisdom and knowledge I'll cherish as gold. I still have yet to comprehend. Because for me the bitter season of winter lies two seasons ahead! Kristen Olivero

Hills of royalty 1 used to think hills were of power and might. And the trees kept upon them were royalty and quite a wondrous sight. The rocks at the bottom were noblemen strong and set to fight. The peasants took to dancing and led a joyous life. And I at the bottom could not conceal It any of this garbage I mentioned was real. For the hills were bathed In shadows and I couldn't see the peasants dancing. Just a stirring of the bushes and a breathing on the hill. And as the quiet dark descended like a blanket dripped from heaven, I resolved to quit telling lies and keep my mouth still. Kristen Olivero

Late October The trees were a lovely array of colors. Beautiful leaves of yellow, orange, and red. My mind wandered on listless thoughts as I dreamt of the long wintry season ahead. And with the wind and clouds I was obsessed. For It gray, cold, and bitter blew astray. And then dark crept In and turned day Into night. Keeping the season's mothering hands well out of sight. Kristen Olivero

Poetry Brainstorming Rainbow. Ribbon of color left after the rain. Rain, snow, sleet, hall. Hall to the queen! Queen's lace. Lace of gold. Golden throne. Thrown into the wind. Windy weather. Windstorm. Blow away. Gone with the wind. Red. Red blood. Bloody finger. Middle finger. Middle fiddle. Fiddler on the roof. Thatched roof. England. Swans. Graceful. Ballet. Beauty. Sunset. Golden reflections. Pure gold. Innocence. Unicorns. Eileen Wenzel

Artist: Kristen Olivero


Is It Over ? I rub the sleep from my eyes. He asks If I'm mad at him, and I say "no." That question was no surprise. But then he asks If I still want to go out with him, and that was a real blow! I say, " Of course, I still do." He really thought I'd say "No." He then says "Bye," and I say "Bye" as I hang up the phone. I'm worried now, and I begin to cry as I sit In my room alone. The phone rings again, again for me, so I calm down and get myself together. He tells me he didn't like the way that ended. Frankly, I didn't either. We talk a little while longer, and we settle the whole matter. What a relief, just a moment ago, my dreams began to shatter. well, now I will sleep well, and my tears will dry. But then I hope I don't dream of losing you. Because I never want to say goodbye. Jodi Matthis

Untitled I love you but I don't understand why. I only met you yesterday. It all feels like a sweet dream and soon I will awake. Please God tell me this: " It's not a dream. No need to wake. No need to be frightened, he'll always be there, loving you." Anonymous

The Way We Are You've been spoiled, all your life. And once In toll you take It In strife. Men are a problem, as we all know. They do a lot of things that just don't go. Make no mistake, 1 still like guys. The way they just take and make up lies. I guess I do too, do things wrong. All this Is true. Because I'm not too strong. Anonymous


"My love, My Heart, and the Wild Chase'' If I could only sit and tell you the way I really feel. Maybe then, when time had passed, my wounds would gradually heal. My beating, pounding, pulsating heart wishes we must never part. I think of you both night and day, of every second, minute and hour that we are away. My soul and mind are on a wild chase, so that I may see your face, and hear those words I long to hear. That you love me as I love you and that you want to hold me near. Hopefully someday the chase will end and we will be as one. I love you with all my heart, until this earth and myself are done. Cheryl Sparks

The Pain of Love and Life With tear on cheek and pen In hand, through the door of life they walk , hand In hand. The heart filled with love and the stars seen before are now replaced by knives and skulls of gore. The pains you have you must take In strife. For all comes along with ... The pain of love and life. Cheryl Sparks

Artist: Cheryl Sparks

2 19

I Love You You walk up to me. I turn to think. You seem to fade away. I touch you with my eyes. You only move from me. I try to lift your head to mine, you jerk your head back down, I then kiss your forehead, you seem to go into the distance. I hold you while you cry. You stop for a moment. I know you wanted to speak, you say nothing. I decide to try to look at you, you let me this time. I kiss your lips lightly. you kiss me back. But only with your smile. You take my hand, we walk away together. You stop to stare, I begin to wonder why. And then I know, It Is you saying: I love you. Christy Dayton

I'll Be there When you need someone I'll be there. When you're feelin real bad you know I'll care. I'll be there to cheer you up when you are blue. I'll always be there loving you. I'll be there If you want to take a walk. I'll be there If you just want to talk. I'll be there If you want to try something new. I'll be there like the very, very few. I'll always be there loving you. I'll be there If you need a friend. I'll be there until the end. I'll be there as long as we are true. I'll always be there loving you. Rodney Humes


Dedication Will 1 ever let you go? I guess I'll never know. I see that wonderful smile I've seen once In a great while. I wish you knew how much I care. I get ready to tell you but never dare. You notice nothing special about me but Instead talk aimlessly and resolve to let me be. Into your sea green eyes I stare until I want to break down and cry and yell It's not fair. 1 walt a week or two hoping the pain will go away. But I realize day by day my love for you only grows. Who knows, I think with a whisper and a sigh. There will always be a place for you In my heart. At one time In my life your loving and caring for me was an Important part. Again I realize It's what you can give, not what you receive. And this I thoroughly believe. So It Is to you I make this dedication: Knowing you was like a warm springtime vacation. Will I ever let you go? To tell you the truth, I really don't think so. Kristen Olivero

Missing You I'm sorry, okay?

T. L. C. He was gentle and kind, and always on my mind. 1 needed to be there, He gives tender loving care. 1 stopped my affairs with all the other guys, I'm capable of dares No more white lies. In myself I trust, He even cares for me, Together we will be. From season to season he gives me a reason, by being there, with tender loving care. Anonymous

Tonight I'll bring you flowers and candy to make up for all all the sweetness you've missed while I was gone. I missed you while I was far away with only the thought of you by my side. I filled my paper with words for you, the kind you love to read and tell me about. Tonight I'll read to you and I'll watch as the words make you feel special. I've missed you. Kelley Schaeffer

A Dream Come True You may not believe me when I say you've captured my eyes for many a day. But sitting down and finding a friend in you Seemed only possible in a dream come true. You've always seemed so beautiful to me. But I was too shy to come and see, and looking into your eyes, I know, seemed only possible in a dream come true. Stealing a kiss, holding your hand. Would be so enjoyable to this man, to hold and comfort you when you ore blue. Seemed only possible in a dream come true. But the ice Is broken now, you're my special friend. One I'd like to have until the end and only to me you're a dream come true. Rodney Humes

Heart The afternoon I fell in love. I flew in the air like a small dove. Those days are long gone, but yet my life must go on. No more green meadows, no blue sky. I stand in all the shadows, of my long-lost guy. If he were here to make things new, I wonder what I'd do. The feeling will always be there, but I don't know exactly where. I'd find someone new, they just wouldn't do. I have to have him once again. Things could be lovely as they've always been. I saw my lover standing free; my love has slowly come to me. I headed towards the sea, together we will always be. Christy Dayton





Suppressed Love In your eyes ... I feast upon the loneliness lurking within the midst of suppressed tears, crying out for a chance to escape. In your eyes ... I hear the silent crash of waves crawling up my soul and caressing my fears as If to engulf them. While silent love exchanges by eyes, and feelings of warmth and caring arise. Let the silence say what you cannot speak: Everlasting love to keep. Julie Gorman

Time Time-It elapses so quickly when you're having fun, yet so slowly when the good times are few, time-It brings forth life, and yet we lose so many loved ones to lt. It lives and breathes, and then it dies, and slowly fades away. Is It good, or bad? Time-a moment-each moment. Jodi Matthis

Just Like the Deep Blue Sea I saw you standing there. I thought it was a dream. You looked so happy and freshly free. Your muslces rippled like the waves of the sea beyond. Tense but free to move, just like the deep blue sea. With sadness upon your heart and sweetness on your mind you walked towards the waves, never a coward; you walked on. Our love was never meant to be. Not this time or century. Destruction of you was always on my mind. Anonymous


Secrets I think that I love you. I don't understand why. The things you tell me, all the secrets and lies. I think of you, the touch of your hand. I want to cry; and yet I only share. Anonymous



Sweat dripped down my face. My hair hung In my eyes. 1 wasn't sure I'd make it. 1 knew I had to try. I dribbled down the court. The score stood six to four. I readied for the shot. 1 evened out the score. The crowd began to cheer. They shouted out my name. They clapped and cheered and stomped. We'd almost won the game. A man stood In my way. 1 couldn't see the board. He stole the ball from me. He dribbled and he scored. Anonymous

We are the seniors, and that's no lie. And If I were a freshman, I'd sit and stomp and cry. So when you get to be a senior, you see, remember that the best of "class" Was class of '831 Sheronda Herron


Graduation Day Today we'll start a new life. And we'll say our last goodbyes to all the friends we've grown to love, with whom we've laughed and cried, remembering the fun and laughter, the problems and the fears, and watching all our memories grow, throughout our high school years. The memories of the dances, and the friends that we've met, vacations, high school days are precious but brief, where all your dreams come true. It Is not the end, but the beginning of a life we'll start anew. Anonymous

Sometimes duties are piled so high I cannot see over them. The voices of success echo through the caves of society; pressuring winds whisper words of wisdom until a storm produces demands: Achieve! Achieve! Then sometimes, I do not care at all! . . . Until the river of failure floods and I drown. Anonymous


Come Home

The End

A pretty love song written just for you . Sealed with a kiss 'cause I love you so.

And in her sweet innocent voice she cried out for me, I rushed to her with all my sympathy. She fell into my arms so innocently with one last precious breath. I, too , felt death.

Being apart is so sad. I wish you could be near. Dreams of you wake me in the night. And I softly cry. You know I love you so and I hope that you love me. Maybe one day I will whisper softly into your ear, "I love you , please never let me go." I think of you both night and day. Of the slowness of your hand and the tenderness in your kisses. God, I miss you so. I cannot wait till the day when we shall run into each other's arms. So you can love me like I've always dreamt. I need you here. to stay with me. I don't want another lonely night. But I can wait for you and I shall. My dreams will keep our love alive. I dreamt of you last night and I will tonight. I know that someday we'll be together again. And I'll never let you go. Just please say that you'll love me forever and I'm truly yours. I love you dear and miss you so. I'm waiting for you so please come home. Tina Maulding


I no more wanted to live. 1 had lost all I had to give and it was only a moment ago I saw her face. At that dark lonely time, I prayed to God for his grace to lead her to His happy place and to give her not leather but lace. As we laid her in the ground I tried to cry without sound but even a wall of silence couldn't keep me in; and, as I bow my head to cry, I finally realize the meaning of the end. Kelly Schaefer

Remembering December Remembering the snowfall in December . . . It was so quiet on the windowpane. And staring for hours at the formless whiteness of winter. That subtle glistening of snow made all things seem bright. And the evenings spent by a warm fire kept us warm through the coldness 'til morning. Kelly Schaefer





1983 Champaign Central Maroon Supplement

Dear Fellow Students:

We hope you like the supplement. This is only the second time ever that the supplement has been printed right here at Central High School. This makes for extra work and earlier deadlines, but we think the advantage of getting the supplement with your yearbook outweighs the disadvantages. Since school dismisses so early this year, we had to omit some items that we'd like to have included: boys tennis, baseball, speech contest winners, prom and graduation. The pictures for these items did not arrive in time for us to print them; we hope that next year's staff can use them in the 1983-84 Maroon.

The 1983 Maroon Supplement Staff

Maroon Supplement Staff: back row: Kristen Olivero, Sean Shelmadlne, Christy Dayton. Middle row: Kim Kehe, Unda Trimpe. Front row: Jennifer Hast, Bridget Sibley, Mrs. Kathy Corley.

The 1983

Not pictured: Bruce Blaker, Graphics Advisor Mr. Myron Ochs.

A SPECIAL THANKS TO ... We'd like to thank the following students for helping with the 198283 Maroon.: Latifah Abdullah, Mike Anastasia, Susan Anderson, Becky Barstead, Andi Bell, Jenny Bloom, Scott Casey, Melissa Cross, Kevin Crowley, Jenny Davis, Matt Deering, Ron Deering, Suzanne Garrison,Don Gerard, Rebecca Gerlach,Bill Gilmore, Mark Goulet, Steve Goulet, Cassie Helgeson, Jody Herglund, Shonnl Herron, Marla Hopkins, Lori Johnson, Marty Kamerer, Andy Kurtz, Lee Lai,

Scott Lerner, Todd Lienhart, Jenny ¡ Little, Alice Moore, Pete Mrozek, Roger Murray, Lori Pace, John Patrlzl, Khue Phan, Sonya Pickens, Crystal Pickett, Loren Rappaport, Brenda Ray, Chris Slattery, Jenny Snyder, Kim Starkey, Jodi Stasi, Tara Tynan, John Whalen, Cathy Yeager, Jenni Yeager, Becky Yeisley. Finally, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Ochs and his Graphic Arts students, without whose invaluable assistance this supplement would not exist.








7/: J.N



SAYI Breakfast club tomorro'~< What's up Sweets? Get off it! I'll run you wild Like ... Wrong! Whatever Riva the Kooch! Bratz K1nky Buddy this Catch your Cooter Hello you big Lollipop! What?? You've got to be kidding! Bet t~c:t Head for the Mountains "Funny ... " Analriptoitos You Know. You can do it. It takes years to make close friends, seconds to make them enemies. S.D.B.R.R. No major biggie Hello campers You Goober Getchasome What's the deal here? Right Bruce "Okay, so like, goodday" Oh Great Totally Don't worry about 11 Mega Stay out of my face Many happy returns for sure That cracks me up The myth, the man, the legend are you senous Like how should I know say baby Hey Bam-Bam Just give me the duckies How do you say ... Handling Get a clue Can you stand it? Life's rough



Sting Brink Grismer Tom Croy Charlie Dew Olivia Newton-John Suzanne O'reilly Cindy Weber Liesa Benn Lori Lienhart Tim Foley Mrs . Arnold Susie Wampler Prince Matt Kenny Bnan-S.T. Lisa Colby (all my kids) Cheryl Tiegs Dennis Stahl Muddy & Buttersnatch John Patriz1 Ray Thomas Ozzie and Barb Chris Majers Susan Stewart Cecily Stewart Opel Sue Gardner Party Marty Brenda Rae Richard Gere Craig Raymond Harrison Ford Monica Edwards Kent Whitesell Chad Little Sus-Q Curt Newsome Shnoogy Woogy Bear Mr. Reis Mr. Beck Sergio Michael Vincent John Ryan Ray Parker Bobby Debarge Kim Alexis Matt Fumento Michael Jackson

Fran 's and Tad's bedroom watching T.V. Bradley's Wh1te Horse Skateland Lake of the Woods C.N.'s Church Hessel Park Market Place Anyone 's house but m1ne U of I dorms stairs by the coaches' office Wendy's Ramada Inn Illinois Mental Institute T.S.'s Marlboro Hill Latenight Taco John's Bromley Hall Taco Bell tenn1s court Wooley's Susan Stewart's Delta Van C.O.'s Dairy Queen Chaser's Band practice in Chicago Esquire Lounge and Sally's classroom B1g Red 's drive-in insane asylum Bresler's Bishops Buffet The Buck Wheat Campus Boys gym and locker room China Inn for egg rolls and pin a coladas Matt Fumento's house



... all the sports I've been involved in and the good friends I've made in high school. ... being involved in the Beau Monde Beauty School Program . ... Mr. Bennett's office, talking about the you-know-whos . ... the road tnps during swim season . ... being on the homecoming court, anc being selected as Miss Happy Holidc.ys . ... when I was elected eleventh grade st11dent attendant. ... winning volleyball regionals for the nmth year in a row . ... my first "true" love.

... being crowned Homecoming Queen . ... flying through the universe on the Fourth of July with J.J., K.P., M.P.and M.T. ... Munce Farm, December 23,1982 . .. the night before the Urbana football game, with Laura and Amy going to every hotel in town . ... state free relay, 1982-1983. ¡ ... the patented "Patrizl Power" buttons and bumper stickers . ... all of the people . ... going to a costume party dressed up as a bunny when there was no costume party . ... Jazz Band . ... the night we found out that our football team made it to the state playoffs . ... the friends I've met and will always remember. ... all the football games during freshman and sophomore year . .. prom, going all four years . ... street dance with the Vertebrats . ... the peer's class with Pang and Gregory D. ... talking In McDonalds . ... road trips as well as other excursions with Burto . ... water balloon fight on Marlboro Hill last year . ... hotel parties . ... post footoall activities . ... going to Florida on spring break 1983. ... putting lawn chairs on the roof our freshman year . ... being in Mr. Reis' class with Lori Pac'3 talking about Hookimier and Plurpy . ... behind and in with Pebbles and Eddie;also, our IItie one room house on campus with Ralph the rat. ... picking up guys on campus . ... going to the lake with Kim and Michelle . ... T-P'ing D.A.'s house with the cheerleaders and almost getting arrested before the CentralCentennial game 1982. ... Mrs. VanEs' Spanish class with J.l. and J.L. ... Wisconsin wrestling camp with D.A., M.A., J.K., G.K. and E.P . ... being with friends on weekends, especially Prom of 1982. ... the field house after the football games . ... having all the Pepettes spend the night . ... good times on the 82-83 Pepette Squad . ... "Feet, don't fail me now" at state V.B. 1982. ... taking pictures of people who just got up at 6:00am. I'm charging $50 a picture . ... blowing off school and going to Anastasia's house; "Ohhh, Whoop!!" on_ third floor . ... beating Urbana twice In basketball, 1983. ... meeting Julie Siders . ... Michele driving in a ditch Vice-Versa night. ... the famous shorts-pulling incident in P.E . ... economics class, when Brad told us of a way to protect ourselves from basketball players . ... when Diane Lange and I went on the Spanish Club trip to Chicago and bought "unflorero" . ... all my "let's make a deal" talks with Mrs. Voss . ... being locked In the parking garage at Howard Johnson's . ... being a Daiquiri Queen . ... the parties . ... waiting 'til the last minute to get my assignments in . ... dancing to Captain Rat at Homecoming 1982. ... spending lots of time at Best Inn with friends from Ottawa, Illinois . ... State Volleyball. ... the Whoopfests . ... good times at Leslie Vermette's . ... senior year with K.Z. and S.W. ... getting rowdy before football games . ... summer trip to Mexico 1982. ... placing third at state . ... drafting class and arguing with Mr. Bowman . ... Sadie Hawkins 1983. .. breakfast clubbing . ... the ones I can't remember enough to tell you about. ... trying to hide someone's car, but hardly being able to move it. ... the times with the Martyrs . ... Amy Bash's birthday party sophomore year. ... trying to afford Florida when Jane and I saved even our lunch money and ate at her house. ... the wrestling room, where many of the wildest times were had during school. ... skipping a physics exam to meet two college girls.



I, Sheila Casserly, hereby bequeath to Laura Kohut her own elevator in times of emergency. I plan to attend U of Kentucky and major m Radio and TV 1. Brian Mulcahy, hereby bequeath the power of " Mulcamania " to my younger brother Darin , and pray the kid can find some ability to mix w1th 1t. I Kevin Osterhoff, plan to go to Bell and Howell 1n Pheonix, Arizona. I, Michele Nelson, hereby bequeath to Melissa Goldenstein the ability to know a person before hating them . I plan to attend the U of I, and maJor Physical Educat1on, and go 1nto in dustrial recreation or health spas. I, Alice Moore, hereby bequeath my Brady Bunch video tapes to Mary Jo Sanford-Groovey, Marsha! I plan to attend ISU and major in nursing . I, Mia Voss, hereby bequeath to lightweight Jean Castle my surpreme drinking ability and to Chrissy Withers my Harrison Ford scrapbook. I, Chris Severns, hereby bequeath to Jen some sparkling white tennis shoes, and to Sharla a rocketship of her own. I'm going to Iowa State in College of Engmeering, and I'm planing on the Iowa State volleyball team. I, Liesa Benn, hereby bequeath my love of racing against the clock to Bam-Bam , and a stuffed bra to Dolly. I plan to attend the U of I and major in Busmess/Finance. I, Donna Oder, hereby bequeeath my cosmetologist profession and luck to those who plan to join th1s program. I'm going to a make-up artisir, school and continuing luther into the cosmetology profess1on. I, Kim Zarbuck, hereby bequeath a swimming pool to Gary Coffee so he won 't have to swim through my living room. We , Melissa Cross, Kathy Sheridan, and Anne-Marie Millan, hereby bequeath a package of Charmin to JL to get Fat Boy. I, Khue Phan, hereby bequeath my he1ght to some poor sou l. I plan to attend the University of Illinois in Computer Science. 1. Susie Wampler, hereby bequeath to David Wooley the ability to know who your true friends are and how to keep them. I plan to marry Ricky Aeilts. I, Michelle Miner, hereby bequeath all my close encounters to Lori Shrock and Bridget Bazzell. I plan to attend ISU and major in Psychology (PH.D). I, Rob Schuster, hereby bequeath a mirror to Chris Orbin. I plan to attend EIU and major in Business. I, Sue Thayer, hereby bequeath to the greatest brother of mine in the world love, and the car since you think your stereo makes it yours anyway. I pi aft poverty. U of I, money, marriage, more money, kids, poverty, and death. I, Marsha Reed, hereby bequeath to Patty Turk how to satisfy a boy totally. I, Jim Visocky, hereby bequeath my left size 11/12 running shoe that didn't get stolen to James Love. I plan to attend Parkland. I, Alice Moore, hereby bequeath my Brady Bunch video tapes to Mary Jo Sanford-Groovey, Marsha! I plan to attend ISU and major in nursing . I, Paul Gurfinkel, hereby bequeath all my stock in corn nuts to Schnoogy Woogy Bear. I plan to attend U of I and law school. I, Jean Castle, hereby bequeath my monkey colection to the undeserving Mia Voss. I plan to go to Parkland in Data Processing and marry Phil Daly. I, Tammy Fallon, hereby bequeath to Marsha Reed all the Ottawa boys she can handle. !,Laurel Miller, plan to go to U of I !Russian). I, Lee Lai, hereby bequeath to my sister Sue my taste in cloth1ng and my wardrobe if she wants it. I, Nita Skeels, hereby bequeath my stamina in tolerating Butch to Jamie and Jodie Stasi. I, Oliver !radley, hereby bequeath ftee rid s to Mlt:helle and Monica Edwards ' when I get my own car. I plan to go into international relations . 1. Susan Stewart, hereby bequeath to Mrs. Voss the ability to trust and believe people. I plan to attend Eastern and major in prevention of juvenile crime. I, Marybeth Downes, hereby bequeath to Dawn and Suzanne the patience and ability to deal with one guy for more than 24 hours. I plan to major in Applied Life Stud1es 1, Susan Anderson, hereby bequeath to Mark Pfeiffer red skies , and to Jenny Snyder I bequeath another four-foot bear. I plan to attend U of Iowa I, Becky Alexander, hereby bequeath my ability to turn on and off a blow dryer without blowing it up to J.B. My plans are to go to Parkland in retailing. I, Don Gerard, hereby bequeath to my little brother, Rupert, my tousled good looks and my boxing ability (as well as all of my Ramones and Monkey albums), My plans are to go to U of I and become a roadie for the Kangarooz and retire incoherent. We, the senior women of the O.B. method , do hereby bequeath to a certain sophomore flag football team , the chance for an undefeated season . I, Debbie Mennenga, hereby bequeath to Mel, one million dollars to feed Pat and my _ _ and to Patty Turk- Ras! I'm going to Parkland into Business Management and try to pass. I, Schuronda Herron, hereby bequeath my fast and speedy twelve years of school to my sister Micha and nephew Christopher. 1 plan to go to college and/or keep working if I have a job. I, Anita Ellzey, hereby bequeath my comb and my TCB Curly Kit to Paul Appleby. I plan to go to Central State University and to marry Credell Wesley I. Andrea Bell, hereby bequeath my "sneaking out ability " to my step sister Crystal Pickett-good luck! I plan to go to college and study business. I, Terri Autebeny, hereby bequeath to Brenda Ray the word "No!" and to Dawn Gannaway my height so that she may play the front row better than 1 did. plan to go to Parkland . I, Lisa Cler, hereby bequeath to Jan Clasey all my sober rights and the ability to remember everything she did the night before. 1 plan to go to Parkland anc achieve an associate degree in Applied Science. I, Dave Washburn, hereby bequeath my white fishnet sweater to Janice, along with my Rush tapes . I plan to go to Drake University and study phys1cal therapy/Premed I, Anthony von Eric Pangilinan, hereby bequeath my car keys, driver's license, locker, and the presidency of breakfast club next year to Burg. I plan to go to college and study medicine to become a physician or a playboy or a priest. I, Dennis Stahl, hereby bequeath my solar weight belt to Matt Joop so he can be fit and trim like me. I'm going to attend Ball State University on a football scholarship. I, J.C.H., hereby bequeath my days of partying and skipping class to C.W. in Chinatown. I plan to take Aeronautical Engineering as a major and become a millionaire with my future wife Cindy. I, Craig Raymond, hereby bequeath my position in the defensive backfield and a naval academy appointment to John Lemmon. I'll be attending U of I (L.A.S.) 1n the premed physiology curriculum. I, Dana Anastasia, hereby bequeath 20 lbs. of Dennis Stahl to Peter Ens. 1 plan to have fun. I, Greg Kyburz, plan to be a naval officer. I, Wendy Roberts, hereby bequeath humor, charm, luck with the guys to Nola Walton . I plan to go to Southern or Western and major in psychologY. I, Chad Little, hereby bequeath to Wicky a new bottle of Scope to replace the one he dropped. 1 plan to go to the u of 1 in business. ~ I, Nancy Wooley, hereby bequeath to Barb Voss all the crazy patients cn the fifth floor of Mercy to fill up her Peer Ears program , so she will leave 4'mal people alooe. I plao lo maHy Ma'k Pte; ffe' aod b"Y a P;o k Me,cedes coomHble,



Dana Anastasia: Football9, 10, 11' 12; Wrestling 9, 10, 11' 12; Spring I-' lay 1~; I racK~. I u, I I' 10::, rlci!J rvvwaoo vva..., .. ' ' ' '~ ...... . ~~~ .. 10; Class President 11 . Susan Anderson: I.M. Volleyball10; I.M. Football12; I.M. Softball11; VOA 12. Terri Auteberry: Track 9; Volleyball9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; Softball10, 11, 12. Andrea Bell: Cheerleadmg 9, 10, 11, 12;Span1sh Club 9; Mus1cals 9, 10, 11, 12; Swing Cho1r 10, 11, 12; Peer Ear 11, 12; I.M. Football 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 11;VOA9, 10, 11, 12;C.C.E.12. Lies a Benn: Girls Swim Team, 9 state relay, 10 state relay, 11 state individual, 12 state relay, individual Captain; Student Council9, 1O, 11, 12 Representative; G.erm~n Club 9, 10 Vice President, German Honor Soc1ety 11, President 12, Pres1dent National Honr Society 11, 12. Bruce Blaker: Sw1mmmg 10, 11; Baseball10, 11; Chronicle 11, 12; Yearbook 12. Jean Castle: Swimming 9; Softball9; C.C.E. 12. Sheila Casserly: Cheerleading 9, 10, capt ian of varsity 11, 12; I.M. Flag Football9, 10, 11, 12; Class Officer Vice President 9,; Pep Club 9, 10; I.M. Softball11. Jan Clasey: I.M. Volleyball9, 10, 12; I.M. Softball 9; Spanish Club 9; Choir 9, 10, 11; FSA 11, 12; 00 12. Melissa Cross: Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12; I.M. Volleyball 9; I.M. Softball10; French Club 12, Adv1sory Council11; Key Club 11. 12. Mary Beth Dawnes: I.M. Board 10, 11, 12 secretary; Volleyball9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9; Softball10, 11, 12; Election Board 12. Anita Ellzey: Afro-American Club 9, 10, 11 secretary, 12 Vice President; Pepettes 12; Student Attendant 11 Tammy Fallon: FSA 11, 12; I.M. Volleyball9, 10. Don Gerard: Chronicle 9, 10, 11, 12;Sports Editor 10, 11, 12; Baseball9, 10, 11, 12; I.M. Baseball9, 10, 11, 12; Quill and Scroll11, 12; Election Board 12; Homecom1ng escort 12; Varsity Basketball Trainer 11; I.M. Flag Football10, 12; Speech 12; I.M. Volleyball12 Paul Gu~inkel: ~hronicle 9 reporter, 10 assistant news editor, 11 assistant sports editor; I.M. Volleyball9 captain, 10, 11, 12; I.M. Softball10 captain 12 capt am; Span1sh Club 9, 10, 11; Honor Society 9, 10; Certified Volleyball Ref 11, 12; Peer Ear 10, 11, 12. Jennifer Hast: French Club 9, 10, 11, 12 President; French Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Math Club 9, 11; Girls Track 9, 1o, 11 Vars1ty; Key Club 12; I.M. Volleyball10, 11; J.V. Volleyball9; Peer Ears 9, 10, 11, 12; Yearbook 11,12 Clubs and Academics Editor; 100 M1le Club 12; Title VI tutoring 10. Shuronda Herron: Volleyball9, 10; Track, hurdles, 9, 10, 11, 12; Swing Choir 11, 12; Peer Ears 10, 11, 12; Pepettes 11, captain 12; Afro-American Club

9. Dana Hunter: Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 11, 12, I.M. Volleyball11; I.M. Football12; Band 11. Kathy Kehe: Varsity Track 9, 10, 11, 12;Cheerleading 9, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 12; Fore1gn Exchange 12 secretary-treasurer; I.M. Board 10, 11, 12 Vice President; Cross Country 11; I.M. Sports 10, 11, 12. Greg Kyburz: Football9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball9, 10, 11; Span1sh Honor Society 11; Vice President of Senior Class 12;Peer Ears 12; I.M. Basketball10, 11. Lee·Lai: Debate 10; Student Council9, 10; Math Club 10, Vice President 11, secretary 12; National Honor Society 11, secretary 12; French Club 9, secretary 1o, secretary 11, Vice President 12; French Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Key Club 10, secretary 11, treasurer 12; Pepettes 11, 12 captain football season; Maroon 11, 12; PTSA Advisory Council11, 12; SAC 12; Rotary Committe 12; I.M. Volleyball10; I.M. Softball10. Vonda MacFarlane: Yearbook 11; I.M. Volleyball12. Debbie Mennenga: Girls swim team 9, 10, 11, 12; FSA 11, President 12; I.M. Volleyball12; Counciling Guide 12. Marie Millian: I.M. Volleyball 9; I.M. Softball10; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; FSA 12. Laurel Miller: Drama 11, 12; French Club 9, 10, 11, 12; French Honor Society 10, 11 Vice-President, 12; National Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Peer Ears 9; Title VI student Adivsory Committee 10; Foreign Exchange Club 10. Michelle Miner: Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; I.M. Volleyball11. Alice Moore: Cheerleading 9, 10, 11,12 captain of Basketball season and Max Maroon; I.M. Flag Football9, 10, 11, 12; I.M. Volleyball9, 10; I.M. Softball9; Pep Club 9, 10; FSA 12. Brian Mulcahy: Football9, 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; I.M. Basketball10, 11, 12; I.M. Softball 9. Michele Nelson: Girls Tennis Team 10 J.V., 11 J.V. and Varsity and went to state; Tresurer of class 10; I.M. Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12; Class floats 12. Donna Oder: Beauty School 11, 12. . . Kevin Osterhoff: Lunch Club Consumer 9, 1o, 11, 12; Jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Newspaper 9 circulator, 10 layout ed1tor; Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Marching Band. Eric Pangilinan: Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9; Track 10; Student Council 10,.11, 12; Peer Ears 12; Class Treasurer 10, secretary 12; I.M. Basketball9, 10, 11; I.M. Volleybal110; I.M. Softball10, 11, I M Board 12; Da1ly Bulletin Reader 12; Speech Team I.E. 12. Khue Ph an: French Club 9, 10, 12; French Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12 treasurer; Math Club 11; Key Club 12. Neil Rafferty: Football 9; Basketball9, 10; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12. . Craig Raymond: Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9; Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Span1sh Honor Soc1ety 10, 11, 12; I.M. Basketball10; Homecoming Court 10 escort. Marsha Reed: Flag Football9, 12;1.M. Volleyball11, 12; Track 10. Rob Schuster: Football9, 10; Football Manager 12; Baseball9, 10, 12; Math Club 9, 10, 12. Chris Severns: Band 9, 10, 11; Jazz Band 9, 10, 11; Track 9, 12; Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12 Captain; French Club 9, 10, 11; Math Club 10, treasurer 11, 12; French Honor Society 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 10, 11, 12. Sean Shelmadine: Football11; FFA 9, 10, 11, 12. Kathy Sheridan: I.M. Volleyball 9; I.M. Softball10; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Honor Society 10, 11, 12; FSA 12; Human Relatives Committe1 spanish Club 11. Nita Skeels: Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Vice-President; Key Club 10, 11 Vice-President 12; Math Club 11 co-President, 12; Spanish Honor Society10, 11, 12 vicePresident ; Foreign Exchange Club 12; Softball Manager 1 1, 12; Tutoring Title 10, 11, 12. Dennis Stahl: Football9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; I.M. Basketball9, 10. Susan Stewart: Student Council9, 10, 11, 12 Vice-President; Girls Baskethall9, 10, 11, 12 Co-Captain; Girls Softball 9, 11 Varsity, 12 Varsity; FSA 11. Susan Thayer: Volleyball9, 10, 11, 12; Softball9, 10, 11, 12 Captain; I.M. Basketball11, 12; Flag Football12; French Club 9, 10; French Honor Society 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 10, 11, 12 President. Susie Wampler: Student COuncil9; Trac:k 9, 10, 12; Cross COuntry 10; FSA 12; I.M. Football12; I.M. Volleyball9, 10, 11, 12. Dave Washburn: Student Council9; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball9, 10, 12; Track 10; Swimming 10, 11, 12; I.M. Basketball 9, 10; Homecoming Court 9 escort, 12 King. TomWatts: Swing Choir 10, 11, 12; I.M. Volleyball12. Pam Whited: Softball9; Student Council 9; National Honor SOciety 11, 12; Spanish Honor SOciety 10; I.M. Softball10, 11, 12; I.M. Volleyball9, 10, 11; Flag Football9, 10, 11, 12; I.M. Basketball12. Jim Visocky: Marching and Concert Band 9; I.M. Ba:>ketball11, 12; Cross Country 12; Track 12; I.M. Softball12. Jenni Yeager: German Club 9,10 treasurer, 11; German Honor Society 11, 12; Math Club 10, 11 President; Chronicle 9 reporter, 10 Ass. News Editor, 12 Managing Editor; Peer Ears 9, 10, 11, 12; I.M. Volleyball10; National Honor Society 11, 12; Quill and Scroll11, 12.


LOVE AT FIRST BITE? Setting¡ Mrs. Hill's fourth hour Analytical Geometry Class; Betsy Brain and Susie Social are tackling their homework. Susie: Hey, Bets! Did you check out Dracula? Brendan Korb was totally awesome! Betsy: Excuse me, I'm trying to com¡ plete this calculation. Besides, I was at home balancing an Advanced Chemistry equation. Susie: Oh, ... (how utterly boring!) I was worried at first, because last

Randy Dunn takes aim on Brendan Korb during dress rehearsal.

Cassie Helgesen and Tunji Heath gives us a romatic setting.

year's leads graduated, there might not be as good a production. But with Sarita Sutor as Mina Harker, Cassie Helgesen as Lucy Wenstrom, Tunji Heath as Arthur Holmwood and Jody Matthis as Gretchen, there was a lot of talent. Betsy: Well, I don't partake in extra curricul ar activities, anyway. Susie: Take it from me, you really missed out. Mr. Seay said he'd be happy to direct people like that anyplace, anytime.


Brendan (Dracula) Korb strangles distressed victim Randy Dunn . Stunned, Dunn and Korb turn to welcome their new arrivals.

ABNER NABS DAISY MAE Setting: Little Theater, intermission of Li'l Abner. Daisy Mae: Andi Bell Li'l Abner: Ron Miller


Polly Playwright, Thelma Thelma: What dost thou think of yonder musical? Polly: It's turning out to be a huge success, uh-huh! Thelma: Yes, I'm in accordance. Dost thou agree that Andrea Bell and Ron Miller are as bright as a summer's day? The performance of the entire cast is unmatched.

Ron Miller and Andi bell, as Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae, sing a love duet.

Ed Talley, Jodi Matthis, and Chris Antonsen play the judge, and Mammy and Pappy Yokum. They hear that the town of Dog patch, U.S.A. is going to be blown off the face of the earth!

Carl Busch as Marryin ' Sam, Holly Olefsky as Pat and Loren Rappaport as Dr Smith born sing " Jubilation T. Cornpone " during one of the musical numbers.

The Lit' Abner cast brings all the talent together during the finale.


JAM ON JAZZ Setting: U of I Campus, McDonalds. Characters: Carla College and Janice Jazz Janice: The Central Jazz Band II had one great jam session last night! They played at ~azz '83, along with Edison and Centennial Jazz Bands. and special guests Medicare 7, 8, or 9. Carta: I bet Central will be sorry to see seniors like Tom Cullop, Pat Miller, Kevin Osterhoff and Mike Giblin go. Janice: True, but the Jazz Bands have a lot of potential with the young Central members. Play it again, Ken!

Among the many guests seen at Jazz '83 is a very talented young piano artist.

Putting all the hot air his body can hold into playing the trumpet, Rolf Langsjoen blows out a wonderful performance.

A professional drum player doesn't need to see the drums, just be familiar with them, as John Hart is.


Checking her notes to match the keyboard , Christy Mahan keeps up with the beat of the music.

Pat Miller is blaring out his tunes with the band backing him up.

GET DOWN AND SHOW YOUR STUFF Setting: Little Theater, the scene of the Afro-American Club's annual Fashion and Talent Show. The show features clothes from local stores as well as personal fashion ideas and a wide range of mus1cally gifted members. Characters: Betty Bluejeans and AI Ascot

AI: Look at the way he can move his body! Ke1th Strow and the Sons of Dracula draw a crowd.

Maria Reed is so in love, and singing about it She lets the men know she is not available.

Stop and listen, it's Avery Washington singing a soft and mellow song to slow you down.

T u: T Marylou Holthoff and Jane Olefsky get down and show those guys they 've got popping rhythm too .

Betty: I enjoyed the sportswear models, David Wiley and Yolanda Johnson, not to mention the others in casual and formal wear; it's interesting to see the many different tastes. AI: It's true. Can you imagine the work put into it by the club sponsors? all of the profits go towards the Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund.

Juanita White, Angie Smith, Valerie Gladney, cover girl, glamour girl, and valley girl, move their hips to the beat.

Betty: As one of the club's biggest fund raisers, its success depends on students' efforts as a whole. We can say it was a pleasing performance.

INITIATES CELEBRATE HARD WORK Setting: Champaign Public Library, April 18, 7:00 p.m. Fifty-eight Central students are giving their pledge to uphold the purposes of the National Honor Society. The ceremony begins with a wei· come from President Sue Thayer fol· lowed by guest speakers Dr. Sandra Brodrick-AIIen, Craig Raymond, Sec· retary Kara Beauchamp and Treas· urer Lee Lai. Dr. John Ashenfelter initiates the following new members: Seniors· Tom Buetow, Keith Chan, Stephen Cooper, Melissa Cross, Michelle Edwards, Robert Feldman, John Halloran, Jennifer Hast, Saba· tunji Heath, Mark Johnson, Kathy Kehe, Matt Kenney, Brendan Korb, Greg Kyburz, Kellie Lafferty, John Lamb, Julie Maier, Dawn McCain, Maureen McMahon, Minh-Khue Phan, Robert Schuster, Kathryn Sheridan, Maria Siegel, Nita Skeels, Karen Turk.

NHS president Sue Thayer gives a speech to the new initiates and their families.

Senior John Halloran, a newly initiated member of N.H.S.,gets pinned by his mother.

Juniors· Julie Arnold, Jennifer Bloom, Amanda Brown, Teresa Ehler, Janet Folts, Rebecca Gerlach, Stephen Goulet, Meghan Healy, Barbara Hendricks, Lisa Korry, Jeff Kyburz, Lee-fin Lai, Charles Lane, Lara Lang· ner, L1sa Langston, Dawn Lemke, Tu-Ngoc Phan, Nancy Stanner, Thanh Tang, Mike verdeyen. Sophomores · Carl Dziuk, Ellen Green, Julie Greenberg, Mark Hutchings, Britta Langsjoen, Tiffany Lo, Georgia Lower, Thad O'Neill, Mike Ries, Marianne Royse, Angela Schendel, Wendy Travers, Mary Twohey. Sophomores Thad O'Neill, Mark Hutchings, Carl Dziuk and Ellen Green, were f6ur initiates With a 5.o grade point average.

The proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phan, stand by their two daughters, Khue and Tu. The two Phan sisters were both initiated into NHS this year.


WORKERS SHOW APPRECIATION Setting: McDonald's, Friday, April 29, the day after Central's CCE Banquet Characters: Bob Boss and Wendy Worker Bob: The banquet at Ramada Inn last night was wonderful. It was nice how they honored the outstanding students. They really deserve n. Wendy: I thought the banquet was out of sight! Of course, without the cooperating employers, CCE wouldn't be a part of my school day. That's exactly why we honor those businesse! along with the students.

Dr. Jack Ashenfelter, CHS principal, presents distributive education student, Dianne Allston with an award for excellence. '

Byron White, another one of the many speakers at the banquet; approaches the end of his speech.

Bob: Well, I thought there was an awfu lot of people there. Wendy: That's because we have our dinner with Centennial's CCE program, too.

Senior Connie Butler gives her insight on the year's events and activities.

Junior Lori Pace reviews her notes to present her original speech. Lori works at Ponderosa.

Bob: O.K., now I understand. Now, my dear, it's time for you to get to work. I mean, isn't that what CCE is all about?



Junior Todd Moore and freshman Gretchen Cobb find a quiet corner to chat.


Mixed Company performs a radical number forth,

Jun1or Matt Palmer and sophomore Gayle Kamerer stop for a friendly smile.


Senior Arnold Brown gets a quick inspection by sophomore Maria Reed before returning to the dance.

WITH THE BEAT Setting: Jefferson Building, Vice-Versa Dance, April 9, 1983, around eleven p.m. Characters: Dancing Diana and Footloose Fred Fred: What do ya say, shall we sit this one out? Diana: Good idea; I'm tired of you stepping on my feet (Ha Ha). Fred: Geese, Louise, I'm sorry! It's just that this band, Mixed Company, is so fast, I can't contain myself; maybe it's the Spring Fever.

e people of Central.

Senior Dean Schwenk and sophomore Caroline Simonsen find a quiet hallway to talk.

Sentors Mark Johnson and Julie Maier take a relaxmg moment during their last Vice¡Versa dance at Central.

Diana: Well, are you having a good time? Sophomore Mark Goulet kiddingly tells sophomore Steven Tufte to leave his favorite girl, sophomore Jodie Stasi, alone.

Fred: Yeah, and I'm glad they have a Vice-Versa dance. Why don't you feel liberated more often?


THIS ONE'S FOR YOU Characters: Mandy Music Chuck Concerto Setting¡ Mr. Decker's music class October 25, 1982 Mandy: "Can~ smile without you, I can't laugh and I can't sing ... " Chuck: You can't sing! You're one of the Riders to the Stars. of the Riders to the Stars.

Mandy: Ever since he came here Saturday, I'm Trying to Get the Feeling again; he really encouraged students interested in entertainment. Chuck: He's a real inspiration. mean, he does "write the songs that make the whole world sing." Mandy; The reason he saw Daybreak after playing so many bars and clubs was that he pleased the producers with his sincerity and honesty. Chuck: Well, I hope a few years from now we'll be able to say, Looks Like We Made ft.

Barry Manllow expresses his views on life's coping with them with enthusiasm,


setting your own goals.

During his visit to Centrai,Manllow allowed

students to ask him questions. He pauses here to concentrate on his answer.

PEPETTES DO IT BETTER Setting¡ Veronica Val and Jimmy

Jock are snarfing lunch at Wendy's. Veronica: Oh ,migo-od! Like the Pepettes to-tally outdid themselves!

It's like they took first place in the Maroa-Forsyth Pom-Pon Festival. Tu-bular! Jimmy: Uh-huh , yeah. I think they did good. Veronica: It 's like awesome, you

know? They danced to " Look of Love" and "Whip It ", and they just had mega fun!

Pepettes Anita Ellzey and Teresa Ehler bring on the school spirit as they bring on the school song .

Kara Beauchamp, Twila Johnson, Lisa Clark, Kim Thiede and Etta Craft give a little kick for the fans.

Togetherness is an important factor for Pepettes to follow as Kim Theide, Lori Pace, and Twila Johnson demonstrate.

Bridget Sibley awa1ts the word "go".

Kara Beauchamp, Lee-Lai, and Sheronda Herron raise the flag before a home crowd.


GIRLS SHINE THROUGH Setting: McKinley Field, girls track practice Characters: Sara Speedster, Rhonda Relay Sara: Not again! This rain has to stop! We've cancelled almost every drill meet this season because of the weather. It's the pits! Rhonda: It's hard to be enthusiastic when it rains all the time, especially at a big meet like the Urbana Open. Sara: Well, I guess we pulled through it pretty well. Shonnie Herron took a second place in the 200 hurdles, Kathy Kehe put her "all" into the 400 meter dash to take a fourth place, and our dependable mile relay placed fifth.

Shonnie Herron concentrates on the long track

Meg han Healy starts to pray, at this point, that she'll make it over the bar.

ahead of her, as she gets

ready to run the 100 meter hurdles.

Rhonda: We really shouldn't dwell on that meet, though. In the few meets we've had we've seen some awesome performances.

The track team prepares to run by stretching out. Kristen Olivero looks up to smile while thinking of what pain she's in!



Nancy Stanner, Kathy Kehe, and Becky Smith all jog around the distance track before the meet.

Kay Boyer looks for the ground to place her foot properly as to complete beautiful stride.

Sara: Yes, our long distance score improved from last year. I can't believe how well Kathy Davisson and Susan Shurtz run. Rhonda: Plus, we have three more years with them. Sara: Nancy Stanner came through by breaking her personal records in the 800 at almost every meet.

Michelle Edwards does a dance In the air while attempting to jump her personal best!

Rhonda: We did do a lot better than some people think we did. Next year we have plenty of talent coming back. Besides the freshmen and sophomores we have returning juniors Stanner, Sharon Ryherd, Cynthia Lipsey, Kim Kehe and Meghan Healy.

Girls Track Team: front row: B. Yeisley, C. Pickett, R. Reis, T. Walker, S. Shurtz, C. Lipsey J. Davis, D.Andrews, K. Davisson, K. Boyer, N. James, N. Stanner. Second row: Coach Quinlan, M. Patton, C. Wesley, J. Ziegler, P. Caclappo, Kim Kehe, L. Ray, Kathy Kehe, B. Smith, S. Schoonover, Michelle Edwards, Coach Seyman. Back row:S. Pickens, P. Leeson, P. Seward, M. Healy, C. Severns, S. Ryherd S. Washington, K. Olivero, L Gerlach, Monica Edwards, S. Herron.



Arnold Brown makes his body believe that 1t can run. Look out world- here he comes!

Looking ahead and viewing the other relay teams, Melv1' Blackmon prepares to practice his handoffs.

On the starting line-and set to go is John Castillo with the competition.


Gale Starkey takes a breather after running his event, the 800 meter run, at the Champaign Invitational.

Hey what can I say? Robert Cooper, otherwise known as Boo, makes a pose for his fans.

BREAK RECORDS Setlng: McKinley Field, boys' track practice. Characters:Steven Sprinter and Harold Hurdler.

Steven: Hey, there's Dana Anastasia.

John Loomis carries the baton over the finish line to beat Bloom Trails Relay.

Didn't he set a personal record this year? Harold: Yeah, he jumped 13'0" not to long ago. That's really some "feat"! Steven: Well, with Mr. Ward coaching, we get the workouts of Olympiads! Harold: It pays off, though. There were a couple others who set personal records this year, like Brian Mulcahy, in shot put, and Bill Fisher in discus. Steven: We have a lot of potential as a team; we proved that by placing sixth in the Urbana open. Harold: I couldn't believe how well we did. Long distance, especially. Mike Dornbusch, Adam Egherman

Adam Egherman sets his award winning pace while keeping his cool in the 1600 meter ru n.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Danny Durbin showing his form over the 100 meter .hlgh hurdles.

and Gale Starkey really helped out with bringing in points. Steven: Clint Williams and Arnold Brown brought in a lot in sprints and hurdles, and with Dan Durbin coming up, we've got it made.



Jenny Little crouches down to complete the strikes thrown by pitcher Sue Thayer.

Annalisa Shaw sets her mind and body to play hard against the opposing team.

J. V Softball Team: Back row -Coach Donna Metzger, Susanne Porter, Jenny Downey, Erin Buttry, Heather Gladney, Amy Buckles, Middle row- Jodi Stasi, Missy Morton, Marla Hopkins, Bridget Cartwright, Mary Lou Holt hoff, Cindy Nelson. Tiffany Lo, Susan Auten. Kris Loqan, Katie Riegel, JuliE \Greenberg.


First row-

Up to bat, senior Terri Auteberry looks ready for a hit.


Setting: Softball game at Dexter Field, where two spectators are watching the girls play. Characters: Fanny Fairweather, Patty Persistent Fanny: Gosh, it 's a beautiful day! Patty: (thinking to herself) The only

days she comes out are beautiful, sunny days; have we ever seen her when it's forty degrees and raining? No Fanny: What 's the score? I can't see the board , the sun's in my eyes. Patty: They don't have the score up, but Central is winning . They've really gained confidence and have a lot more aggressiveness since last year. They have a 6-1 record, ar.d have more games to play before the year ends. Fanny: Oh! Sue Thayer is pitching again. She seems to bring in a lot of team spirit. Patty: She's excellent! As a matter of fact, she just threw the last pitch. We 've won! Varsity Softball Team: Last row¡ Susan Thayer, Susanne Porter, Annalisa Shaw, Heather Gladney, Karen Nesbitt. Middle row ¡ Nita Skeels, Jamie Stasi, Jodi Stasi, Terri Auteberry, Susan Stewart, Jenny little, Coach Nancy Patterson Front row-Kris Logan , Amy Buckles, Julie Greenberg, Jan Clasey, Susanne O' Reilly.

Coaches Patterson and Metzger converse with manager Nita Skeels on final scores and stats.

Only Jan Clasey .:ould use her mind to "psyche-out" the opposition. Here she shows her strength .

Pitcher Thayer shows her familiar form, adding another strike to the records. :

21 ::

KEY CLUB & KIWANIS EQUALS INVOLVEMENT Sally:Hey t<.C.! Are you going to the Key Club meeting? K.C.: I wasn't planning to. What's Key club? Sally: The KEY in Key Club is service to one's school and community. Key Club is sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club. K.C.: Oh yeah! Key Club was the group that cleaned up the Champaign Public Library this past summer, wasn't it? The newly elected '83¡'84 Key Club officers: President Teresa Ehler, Vice-President Mike Buetow Secretary Carla Samuel, and Treasurer Wendy Pate stand behind the '82-'83 officers, President Kara Beauchamp, VIce-President Nita Skeels, Secretary Rebecca Gerlach, and Melissa Cross. Also seated Is Kiwanis member Mr. uinten Snook.

Sally: Yeah! We picked weeds at the library, cleaned Vintage Champaign after "Grape Expectations", were guides for parent visitation and tutored at Dr. Howard. We also built a float for Homecoming, pledged $100 for Spastic Research, and spent Halloween night at the Childrens Ward of a local hospital. We also participated in the Walk for Mankind, the canned food drive for the Salvation Army, and had bake sales and car washes. K.C.: Sure, I want to go. Key Clubbers really get involved! Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hartman display their plaque for dedicated service to Key Club.

Incoming President Teresa Ehler, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Gerlach, President Kara Beauchamp and past treasurer, Melissa Cross, hold up a trophy.


FUN IN THE AFTERNOON Setting: In front of the Little Theater at 2:20. Characters: Cathy Coed and Harry Hotshot Cathy: Hey Harry! Where are you going?

Hany: To play softball ; wanna come? Cathy: I guess so, but I thought you could only play on a varsity softball or baseball team .

Harry: No, anyone can play on the I.M. (intramural) teams. Holly Dodds steps torward to add force to her p1tch wh ile keeping her eye on the ball.

Merry Olivero 's bubblegum gets a workout in the batter's box .

Cathy: Well then, let's play ball!

Sharla Flora works hard to keep her eyes open in the outfield.

Steve Thayer coâ&#x20AC;˘lcentrates hard so he can "smack" the ball out to center field.



Juniors and seniors of the journalism honor society Quill and Scroll in the upper third of their class are pictured from left to right,top row, Maroon Clubs and Academics Editor Jennifer Hast, Chronicle Assistant Sports Editor Charley Lane, Maroon Sports Editor Linda Trimpe, Chronicle News Editor Rebecca Gerlach, bottom row, Maroon Album Editor Christy Dayton, Maroon. Editor-in-Chief Kimberley Kehe, Chronicle Editor-In-Chief Jennl Yeager.

Setting: Combes Gym, Honors Day. Characters: Patsy Paper and Belinda Book. Patsy: SHH! I wanna hear the guest speaker. He's explaining the Quill and Scroll Society. Belinda: It's the same as usual. Old Mr. Drie Mouth is rattling off the lucky.


juniors and seniors ... "Quill-11 and' Scroll-11 is and international-honor society for high school-11 joumalists-s and is-s the goal-11 of all Maroon and Chronicle members-s. Ah-hem ... th-these students-s are receiving recognition as excellent contributors to the field of high s-school public ations-s today." Boy, he should get an honor for just getting that all out!


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1983 Maroon Yearbook