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Sir Richard Branson Xclusive interview:

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xclusive yacht





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Back to Basics Why an investment into scarce natural resources could signal huge returns


Sir Richard Branson Xclusive’s exclusive interview with the Virgin Entrepreneur


The Battle of the Billionaires Is bigger better?


From Here to Eternity Cutting-edge preventative medicine


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Real Estate A-list Anguilla


Old is Gold Aston Martin DB4-GT9 Bertone ‘Jet’


Extreme Parenting The success secrets of the Chinese


Livin’ La Vida Dubai Fashion and Fabulousness


2020 Vision Dubai’s Expo Bid

xclusive yacht

When you keep



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H Aw k e r



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Got Game? Gadgets, Gizmos and beyond


The Art of Islam How Islamic Art shaped our modern lives


The Capital of Luxury Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi


Awaken the Senses Aromatherapy


Just Do It! Extreme Sports and Experiences


Fashion to Furnishings Versace Home


Travel Incredible India


Food STAY by Yannick Alleno


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No More Britweek’s Elite dig deep to combat Malaria

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A note from Jasmine After an overwhelming response to our launch issue, we decided to give you a little bit more; going all around the world with our second edition - from luxury locomotives in India, to A-list real estate in Anguilla. It’s certainly been a challenge! However, I believe challenges build character; taking risks on the other hand is a completely different ball-game, requiring nerves of steel, when you weigh up the pros and cons of what could go wrong. The majority of humans appear to be wired to stay safe at all costs, but it’s true that no-one ever became great and successful without taking a giant leap of faith into the unknown. It’s a scary prospect, but when we exclusively interviewed Sir Richard Branson this month, whose ubiquitous influence throughout the Virgin Group has seen him prosper and flourish to become one of the world’s most renowned and greatest entrepreneurs, it was more than just the day job. It was an inspiring education of what can be if you let go of your fears, laugh in the face of your failures and succeed against all the odds – even if you decide to be unconventional about it.

Jasmine Bandali Editor

Speaking of education, it’s no secret that the Chinese love opulence, ensuring that the luxury industry bounced back faster than any other even in the darkest depths of the global recession. Where am I going with this? Well, our Far Eastern counterparts are

stereotypically renowned for being gifted geniuses, which means funding a love of luxury is no problem, because their education allows them to secure the best jobs or build businesses that flourish. However, are traditional and extreme Chinese parenting methods, relentless in their approach to excelling vocationally, the real reason behind their nation’s success? If so, the savvy Chinese are doing a good job, because we’ve found out that 97 percent of the world’s rare earth metals (some of the hottest commodities around) are controlled by China, and they don’t want to share them so freely anymore. It’s success defined to a T, with the insurance policy of rising prices due to scarcity ensuring that China maintains its stronghold on some of the globe’s most precious resources. Closer to home, we can’t wait for the Expo 2020 decision to be made. With Dubai seemingly the favourite, the UAE is set to change over the course of the next seven years. The Emirates, already home to some of the most decadent luxury, is about to become an unparalleled world class destination that has it all (if you thought we did already, you haven’t seen anything yet!) Here’s to another great issue. Enjoy!

A note from Liam I am very proud of the way the magazine was received, and recognise that none of it would have been possible without the superb efforts of the team and the support of some of the world’s most prestigious brands. I’d like to thank everyone involved in making Xclusive a resounding success, and for this issue in particular, the support of Sir Richard Branson. We hope to inspire you with every issue, to take you beyond your wildest dreams and the traditional definition of luxury.

Liam Williams Founder


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cover image credit: Mark Greenberg

Printed by Printwell Printing Press LLC Copyright 2013 CPI. All rights reserved. While the publishers have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information in this magazine, they will not be held responsible for any errors therein.


The Xclusive Panel xclusive | panel

the opinions and contributions of these elite individuals make all the difference to this xclusive publication...

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mansour bin Ahmed bin Ali Al Thani A dedicated philanthropist devoted to bettering the lives of those less fortunate around the world, HH Sheikh Hamdan is a forward-thinking initiator of change for a better future, with a special focus on children with special needs. A tireless contributor to the efforts of the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre, HH Sheikh Hamdan has effectively developed awareness and understanding of disability issues in the Gulf community, with a hands-on approach to developing children’s abilities to function and learn within their environments with maximum independence, and allowing them to become an integral part of our community.

Sunita Teckchand The founder of The Holistic Institute in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Sunita is an Integrated Holistic Therapist with sixteen years experience in this field. Dedicated to making a difference through the teaching of holistic studies, which include workshops in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Therapeutic massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help classes, life empowering classes and more, Sunita’s true passion for the healing arts saw the KHDA (Knowledge Human Development Authority) approve of The Holistic Institute’s various qualifications and programs, and the Institute also went on to receive their accreditation from ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) in England to enable its students to acquire a variety of ITEC qualifications.

Chadi Chamoun At the helm of unique design practice, Chadi Rachid Chamoun, which creates bespoke environments and interiors, Chadi began his career after completing his Bachelor of Architecture Degree in 1999, and registering as a professional architect in his native Beirut, Lebanon. In a quest to further his knowledge in the interior design field, Chadi’s academic and professional life have worked in tandem ever since. His career has taken him to New York, Berlin and London. He taught students at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, before arriving in Dubai seven years ago, where he also taught at the American University of Dubai, as an Assistant Professor of Interior Design. During this time he has also picked up his M.Arch, M.Phil, and Ph.D.Arch.Des qualifications, and is regarded as one of the most unique and talented interior designers worldwide.


HH Sheikha Fatima Al-Qassimi The princess of Ras al Khaimah, renowned jewellery designer and the founder of Sough Goldsmith and Jewellery Making, Sheikha Fatima has always been dedicated to designing. She later developed a passion for creating exclusive pieces, all bearing her signature style. With a larger-than-life presence in the jewellery industry since 2006, Sheikha Fatima continues to refine her expertise by taking inspiration from her surroundings, which both represent and revive her rich Emirati heritage, to actualise her elegant and precious pieces and collections. Revered for her energy, joie de vivre and creative talent, Sheikha Fatima is a true artist with an eye for intricate detail. Her collections vary with a series of classic, modern, and contemporary designs.

WORK | Business & Finance

Back to basics When it comes to sound investment advice, you could pay your financial advisor a lot of money to advise you where you should be putting your money, or you could take on board Xclusive’s speculative advice based on extensive research of up and coming trends in the financial sector. This month, we focus on going back to nature for the biggest returns...

Disclaimer: This article is speculative, based on research. It is not official investment advice governed by any financial body and does not reflect the opinions of CPI or its subsidaries.


WO R K | Business & Finance

‘the one trait synonymous with billionaires is an investment into a scarce natural resource’

When it comes to investments, the world’s most affluent individuals regardless of how they amassed their wealth all have one thing in common. Warren Buffet owns millions of oil stocks; Bill Gates has recently invested heavily into cement; and the richest man in the world, Mexican telecom magnate, Carlos Slim, has also poured billions of dollars into a mining company – his second biggest stock position after his telecommunications empire. The one trait synonymous with them all is the investment into a scarce natural resource. In modern-day life, the consumption of natural resources far outweighs the supply, which means that there are not enough of these critical resources to go around. Shortages are likely to occur more frequently in the future and the demand will be controlled by price increases. While the supply of oil has been dwindling for some time, making it a peak product, demand for uranium is also on the rise; according to the European Commission, based on the current level of consumption, it’s a resource which will run out in 32 years. Another peak product is Indium; the entire Earth’s supply will dry up within 10 years, given its use in every LCD television and laptop. Extremely efficient solar cells are made possible by the use of Gallium, however, according to a recent study at the University of Augsburg in Germany, supplies of Gallium are so limited, it’s possible that only 1% of future solar energy will be able to be generated this


WORK | Business & Finance

way. Stocks in silver have also skyrocketed

and is used in every single iPod, has seen stock

in recent years, with 80-90% of all silver ever

prices double in the last year; five times its

mined used for industrial purposes. Because of

price in 2009.

its strength, conductivity and reflectivity, silver remains a critical component of electronics,

Another resource which is being named

batteries, bearings, catalysts, solar energy,

by some as the ‘Oil of the 21st Century’ is

water purification, coins and jewellery. At the

lithium; a featherweight material used as a key

current rate of usage, all known silver reserves

ingredient in everything from pharmaceuticals

will be mined out within 27 years; plans for

to rocket fuel. Light enough to float on water

new technology may see this figure drop to

and soft enough to be cut with a knife, lithium

15 years; and with global consumption on

is used as a lubricant, propellant and nuclear

the rise, if the rest of the world starts using

reactor coolant. However, it’s key property

even half the amount of silver used in the US,

remains that pound for pound, lithium can

supplies could run out in as little as seven

store more electric energy than just about any

years. This makes silver an even more precious

other material. For this reason alone, demand

commodity than gold, whose inventories still

for lithium is soaring due to its use in electric

maintain 80-90% above ground.

batteries. Possessing twice the density of the nickel-cadmium technology of old, lithium

Other hot commodities are rare earth metals,

batteries are used in everyday objects like digital

and 97% of the world’s production of these

cameras and games consoles, smartphones and

are controlled by China. Worryingly, China’s

iPads. It’s estimated that an investment into

Ministry of Commerce claims that its rare

lithium will see the biggest returns in the near

earth metal supplies will last just 15-20 years,

future due to President Obama’s resolve to have

which means that life as we know it, with our

one million electric cars on the road by 2015; ten

flat screens, computer hard drives, fibre-optic

million by 2018 – and that’s just in the States.

cables, satellites, GPS and MRI machines,

With six pounds of lithium required in every new

will become a thing of the past. What’s more,

electric car; the GM Volt, the Toyota Prius, the

in an attempt to conserve these precious

Honda Insight and Nissan’s Leaf to name a few,

resources, Beijing recently cut

the transition from traditional automobiles to

exports to Europe, Japan

electric greener versions is still in its infancy,

and the United States.

therefore we predict that an investment into

Due to this scarcity,

lithium stocks will yield huge returns. With

prices of elements like

the global number one mining company’s



lithium stocks up 650% in the last four years,

makes the strongest

it looks like going back to basics is the only

magnets in the world

way forward.




XCLUSIVE | richard SIR richard branson branson

Richard Branson Sir

the virgin entrepreneur talks exclusively to xclusive about his success, failures and inspirations

From a virgin in business to entrepreneurial kingpin, the achievements of Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Group are renowned worldwide. Ahead of his visit to the UAE in May, Xclusive’s Jasmine Bandali managed to squeeze in some time with the man himself despite his hectic schedule, for an exclusive interview. A larger than life personality who oozes an unexplainable charisma, Sir Richard’s unconventional attitude to life as well as business has made him an entrepreneurial inspiration, not only for the generation that witnessed his astounding growth, but also to a newer generation of aspiring audacious


executives. Thankfully, he shows no signs of slowing down, consistently welcoming change and innovation. His passion for pioneering space travel through Virgin Galactic is well documented and is well on its way to becoming a reality. While on Earth, he recently launched the world’s first ever glass-bottomed plan on domestic flights to Scotland, to enhance the experience of passengers travelling over the British Isles. With thinking out of the box remaining a speciality, here, Sir Richard reveals his inspirations, plans for the future and why a failure can lead to success.

XCLUSIVE | SIR richard branson i was told to do whatever it takes, even if it meant making a fool of myself�


XCLUSIVE | SIR richard branson

Images: Ge tty Images

screw it, let’s do it is a saying i quite like!”


XCLUSIVE | SIR richard branson

When people think of the Virgin brand, they think of you. How did you achieve that? When I stared Virgin Atlantic my friend Freddie Laker gave me some very useful advice, he said, “Make sure you appear on the front page and not the back pages. You are going to have to get out there and sell yourself. Make a fool of yourself, whatever it takes. Otherwise you won’t survive”. I’ve managed to do a pretty good job of both over the years. I also travel a lot and enjoy meeting as many people as I can. They often share their experiences of the brand, which gives me first hand customer feedback. This is priceless and has also led to ideas for starting new businesses. There have been many failures on the path to success. How did you deal with them? We have come close to failures many times and had many knocks throughout the years. I think the key is to always see a failure as a challenge. Think outside the box and try and find a solution – you’ll be surprised at how many great opportunities and possibilities arise when things look bad.  I truly believe that when you are enjoying what you do, you’re more likely to do it well and to be successful. Starting a business is a huge amount of hard work, requiring a great deal of time, so it is best to try and enjoy what you do.We do have a philosophy at Virgin that business should be fun and if you get that right, I really believe you will create a successful and profitable business. Life is a huge learning curve and we should learn from our mistakes and experiences.


XCLUSIVE | SIR richard branson

What do you think has been the defining secret to your success? I owe most of it to my parents who brought me up to be rebellious and to face all the challenges presented to me. This has resulted in me doing things which have sometimes been unconventional and sometimes

appear unachievable. Never be afraid of taking risks – we have taken many risks at Virgin and the majority of them have led us to our success. Have your fundamental principles remained the same or have they changed over time? No, I don’t believe my principals have changed. I always enter a new venture with the mind set of not making money, but because I think I can do it better than it’s actually being done elsewhere. At Virgin we like to shake up existing markets and quite often this comes from personal frustration about the way it’s been done by other people or companies.

Left: Sir Richard with Al Gore Right: With his parents, the source of his inspiration.


XCLUSIVE | SIR richard branson

i remember running through notting hill crying. i was devastated by the loss.”

What sacrifices have you made? One of the biggest sacrifices I had to make was back in 1992 when Virgin Atlantic was struggling and we had to make the decision to sell Virgin Records to keep the airline afloat. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. I remember running through Notting Hill crying after the contract was signed. I was devastated by the loss, but I always remained determined to stay within the music business. You are renowned for having an unconventional method of doing business. Why do you believe that going against the grain has worked for you? It’s about keeping things innovative and fresh. As I mentioned before, many of the Virgin businesses have been started out of frustration at the way things were working in established sectors. Whether it was the airlines, mobile telephones or financial

services – we have always stood out by focusing on ways to improve people’s lives through a better service, innovation and value for money. We really do enjoy shaking up the markets and providing consumers with fun products. Screw it, let’s do it, is a saying I quite like! Did you always believe that the Virgin brand would reach the heights it has, in terms of space travel and luxury travel? When we started Virgin as a mail order company we knew we had something special, but over the years we have gone on to employ passionate teams who have helped to make the Virgin Brand into a global leader. At Virgin I am known as ‘Dr. Yes’ and tend to rely on my gut feeling and personal experience when starting a new business. When something feels right you have to go for it. I think this attitude, along with great teams of people have helped

Virgin grow and become the company we are today. Do you believe that it has been necessary for you to be ruthless in order to succeed? No, not at all! I have a Golden Rule; to succeed you have to have great people around you and I believe you need to know how to be a good leader and how to bring out the best in your staff. It’s very simple: listen to them, trust in them, believe in them, respect them and let them have a go!


Images: Ge tty Images

XCLUSIVE | SIR richard branson

If you had the power to change anything in the world, what would that be? To help save our beautiful planet! We all have a part to play and I believe we ALL have to embrace the challenge to change - this is our planet and we have to ensure that we are leaving her in the best possible state for future generations.


What do you still want to achieve in your lifetime? Space travel has always been one of my biggest goals; thankfully we are getting close through Virgin Galactic, to launching commercial space travel from New Mexico’s Spaceport. Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two has just undertaken a successful glide flight – and I can’t wait until

XCLUSIVE | SIR richard branson

it becomes reality for me, my family and the Galactic Astronauts! I am also looking forward to becoming a Grandfather - hopefully I will not have to wait too long as Holly and Sam are now both newly weds! What would be your advice for those wanting to follow in your footsteps? Just remember that it is impossible to run a business without taking risks. Virgin would not be the company it is today if we had not taken risks. I couldn’t tell you which was the riskiest – there have been so many! Concentrate on the things that you are good at and remember have fun with it, I’m still having fun now. My favourite bit of advice to give to people is, ‘The brave may not live forever – but the cautious do not live at all!’ What’s your motto in life? To live your life without having any regrets. Be positive all the time. What inspires you? So many people inspire me each day. My mother and father, my

children, my family and friends - the people that I meet throughout everyday life. I can be inspired by a person sitting next to me on a plane. A famous figure that has had an amazing impact on me is Nelson Mandela. He is a true inspiration and his story has inspired me tremendously. Through ‘The Elders’ - Nelson Mandela and other truly awe-inspiring men and women share their experiences to help others. It is fascinating and extraordinary to listen to this group of eminent global leaders and to see what they are trying to achieve to help address major causes of human suffering. Go to www. to see what I mean.

quest to change banking for the better is now in full force. We also had some great news last month as Virgin Trains was granted a three year extension to its franchise to run the West Coast main line. It came after the disappointing news last year of being told we were going to lose our franchise. We were not ready to take their decision lying down and challenged the government to reassess our bid. Thankfully the challenge paid off, and it’s a true testament to my personal beliefs of always going with your gut feeling and never giving up!

What has been the most memorable moment of your career? I couldn’t really pin point just one - as there have been so many. The most recent would have to be the acquisition of Northern Rock by Virgin Money after four years of trying – all of our hard work and efforts were recognised. Our

What are your plans for the Virgin group in the future? My next great challenge is a challenge for us all, and that is raising awareness to help ensure we leave our planet in the best possible shape - not just for our children but also our children’s children.


PLAY | Yac ht








The Battle of the Billionaires





PLAY | Yacht












The current record held for the world’s most expensive private yacht goes to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s mammoth 557ft vessel, the Eclipse. However, despite it being a true testament to the epitome of luxury in all its glory, its gigantic size has caused a fair amount of problems. Back in 2011, the Chelsea football club owner was refused parking access in Antibes in the French Riviera because Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Alsaud had beaten him to the only space big enough to moor it, with his comparatively smaller 265ft long yacht: the Kingdom 5KR. Abramovich faced the same fate again when he was trumped by the Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani to a prime parking spot off the coast of St Barts in January this year, with his 436ft yacht, The Al Mirqab. Despite having probably annoyed the Russian


PLAY | Yac ht


billionaire enough on the parking front, it looks likely

information about its owner or any of its construction

that the Middle East will also take his crown for the

details. What is known however, is that Italian design

world’s largest superyacht, with the Saudi royals

house, Nauta Yachts, renowned for their magnificent

having apparently commissioned Lürssen Yachts, the

nautical aesthetics, will be applying their expertise to

world’s leading builders of custom superyachts, to

what is already widely being regarded as a ‘Palace

construct a 590ft mega yacht called Project Azzam

on the Sea’, which is due for completion in the last

at the cost of $622 million.

quarter of this year.

As yet, the yacht is a top secret endeavour

With so little information available, any snippet

and Lürssen have bluntly refused to disclose any

about this luxury vessel has been feverishly devoured

Al Mirqab Cost: Approximately $250 million Length: 436 ft Accommodates: 24 guests and 55 staff Speed: Maximum of 20.3 knots; cruise speed 18.7 knots Features: One helipad, indoor swimming pool, outside Jacuzzi, cinema, several bars and sunbathing areas.

PLAY | Yacht

‘the 590ft mega yacht will cost $622 million’


PLAY | Yac ht

The Eclipse Cost: At the time of purchase in 2009: approximately $436 million, now estimated at $1.5 billion Length: 557 ft Accommodates: 62 guests and 80 crew Speed: Maximum of 25 knots; cruise speed 22 knots Features: Two helicopter pads, two swimming pools, numerous hot tubs, steam room, disco hall, gym, hair salon, bulletproof windows and missile defence system, armour plated master suite with retractable roof, mini submarine that can be boarded internally, and antipaparazzi shield with lasers to block prying camera lenses.


in the yachting and boating world. This was the case

were overwhelmed by the size of it. It is difficult to say

when it became necessary for the yacht to be moved

at this stage but I think it will be a very elegant yacht

from its original dock because it had simply already

and more interesting looking than the Eclipse. There

become too large, and waiting paparazzi were there

appears to be a special propulsion system which should

to capture the moment that the behemoth structure

make it one of the fastest yachts out there. In terms of

in its incomplete state and minus its bow, took to the

length, we think it will be around 180-metres which

sea. One of the photographers is reported to have said,

makes it longer than some cruise ships. If it has been

“The photographers who took the pictures of Azzam

commissioned for the Saudi Royal Family it is unlikely

PLAY | Yacht

Project Azzam Cost: $622 million Length: 590 ft Accommodates: Unknown Speed: An approximate maximum of 30 knots Features: Unknown

it will leave its dock very often. It is more of a question

days a year. Besides the mammoth cost, there are only

of prestige, to have the world’s largest yacht.”

two locations in the world able to accommodate a boat

Besides the initial construction cost of Project

of this size – Antibes and Monaco. While they are some

Azzam, there are several other factors that make this

of the world’s most glamorous locations, you would

yacht a toy that only the ultra rich could afford, with

have to like them an awful lot to want to be moored

the running of this vessel estimated to cost $62 million

there for the majority of the time, and of course there’s

annually, and that’s without the wages of 50 of the best

the dreaded parking problem that is sure to once again

staff in the world who are required to maintain it 365

rear its head in this battle of the billionaires.


life | YOU

From here to eternity Mid-life doesn’t mean downhill. While Eternity Medical Institute can’t halt the ageing process, their cutting edge technology and new methods of age management promotes longevity and excellent health


life | YOU

How does it work?

Alex Ionides, who is a firm believer in these

The institute itself is very high-end, with state

cutting edge testing methods, their module

of the art facilities that monitor everything from

of scanning processes has been instrumental

your hormone levels to the amounts of calcium

in frequently saving lives. When it’s put like

present in your heart (which could signal a

that, it’s not hard not to buy into their way

potential heart attack on the horizon), and even

of thinking. However, it is expensive. From

the detection of cancer with a full EBCT scan.

the three plans on offer, the uber complete

In theory, this is so that a better quality of life

body check up, called the ‘Elite Management

can be achieved, and potential tragedy averted,

Program’ costs in the region of Dhs40, 000.

by catching the disease in its early stages.

However, a slightly less comprehensive

According to Eternity’s Chief Operating Officer,

screening programme which ticks many, but not

When we are concerned about our health, whether it’s due to experiencing pain or because we are just generally feeling under the weather, we will go and see a doctor. However, at the Eternity Medicine Institute, who opened their doors in Dubai Marina last year, this is what they refer to as ‘Sickcare’, rather than ‘Healthcare’. Eternity offers preventative medicine; a way to eliminate future problems with your health, by delivering an insight into the workings of your body through a series of tests and scans, ensuring that you remain in optimum health all the time.


life | YOU

all of the boxes is the ‘Age Management Program’, at a more modest Dhs12, 000. If it’s hormone levels you are worried about, then ‘Biodentical Testing’ is for you at Dhs8, 000. The important thing to remember is that this cost will give you complete peace of mind for a year, with testing not recommended more frequently than that. Who is it for? Eternity caters to an audience of clients aged 35 and above, Although typically the onset of the human ageing process begins at around

Other systems in the body whose functionality

the age of 45. Regardless of gender, there are

can be affected by the ageing process include

a significant number of changes that we will

the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Over

all experience, some earlier than others, which

time, we experience a restriction of blood

affect us from a social, psychological and

flow to our lungs, which in turn reduces the

physical perspective. The development of these

strength of our heartbeat. Our metabolic rate

changes differs slightly in men and women,

slows down and our bodies struggle to break

but across the board, there is a reduction in the

down carbohydrates and fats, especially

rate of human cell multiplication (also known

when food is not chewed properly; this is

as cellular senescence), which attributes to

more common as we get older, due to poor

inappropriate functionality and also interferes

dental health.

with the growth and development of body


tissues. What this means in plain and simple

the differences in men and women

terms is that the immune system is weakened

There are a number of physical as well

by the loss we experience making us 45 times

as psychological changes that take place

more prone to auto-immune illnesses and

as women age; weight gain due to the

diseases, such as osteoporosis and diabetes.

menopause which is a major hormonal change

life | YOU that also affects behaviour; and a decrease

between six and eight hours; arguably health

in bone mass and muscle strength which can

management at its finest. While the ultra low

contribute to the development of arthritis and

radiation EBCT scanner is able to deliver a

shrinking or stooping due to the loss of bone

thorough understanding of what is going on

tissue from the vertebrae. Men on the other

inside and is able to detect the aforementioned

hand do not typically experience this physical

medical ailments, bone mineral density is also

change. However, scientists have identified

measured, as are hormonal imbalances, with

the ageing process in men as the ‘andropause’.

a view to nipping any potential health risks in

It is an important hormonal change similar

the bud before they have a chance to develop.

to the female menopause, which affects the

It is a relatively non-invasive procedure (a

plasma levels of testosterone, melatonin and

blood test is required and brace yourself for

dehydroepiandroterone. This affects levels

the thyroid functionality test; it hurts!) This

of libido, muscle and body mass and bone

detailed information then allows you to seek

strength and mental behaviour; depression and

medical help if necessary.

insomnia being the worst culprits. the eternity method While the above may sound extremely depressing, Eternity is focused on thwarting the downward spiral typically associated with the medical and physical conditions associated with getting older, with a three-step plan of action. Firstly, it is important to evaluate your overall well-being by measuring your health with an extremely thorough assessment which can take

Following the check-up, a fully comprehensive report developed by Eternity called eLHAMP displays your health indicators. This cloud-based health report is shared between the Eternity physician and the client, which allows for you to be mentored and changes to be made to eradicate any abnormalities. This may include an overhaul to your diet with the help of the on-site nutritionist, the development of a fitness and stress management programme, or the recommendation of pharmaceuticals or hormone replacement therapy. The final process involves the monitoring of the client. It is an ongoing process at Eternity to ensure that your goal toward achieving optimal health remains ongoing, with frequent contact to your Eternity physician who will remain your mentor throughout. For the equivalent of Dhs110 a day, Eternity’s package is in investment into yourself, allowing you to obtain a fruitful, healthy and pain free life full of energy and vitality with complete peace of mind, which in the bigger scheme of things is priceless.


style | w e want Rock N Roll When Beyonce sang If you like it then you should have put a ring on it she wasn’t joking, with hubby Jay-Z having put a rock worth $5 million on her finger, making her proposal one of the most expensive of all time. However even her 18-carat sparkler will be left in the shade with this 150-carat diamond ring from Geneva-based Shawish Jewellery, carved from one single faceted diamond, that will set you back an approximate $70 million. It took a full year to create this masterpiece and CEO Mohammed Shawish refutes claims that it was nothing more than a publicity stunt, saying, “I wanted to do something new, something I love doing. A ring made entirely out of a faceted diamond has always seemed like a fantasy. It seemed impossible, so we decided to embark on the adventure of creating it. To create the perfect diamond ring is the epitome of art.”


The idea for the ring dates back to 2009 when the company sought to get the copyright to the design which was finally granted a year later. However, the production of the ring was a long and arduous task, as Shawish went on to explain, “We had to do multiple tests with the design, to get the precision of the circle right. Diamonds are made of carbon and molecules that can change, even the colour can be altered when attempting to cut it. We had to buy special laser equipment, to cut directly into the diamond. The most important aspect is preserving the integrity of the diamond and of course the most difficult phase is precision cutting an entire stone into a ring.” Now, that’s what you call a rock!

style | we want

AURENTUM SWITZERLAND MILLION DOLLAR SHEESHA Catering to the modern Middle Eastern contemporary with a love of the finer things in life, the world’s first million dollar sheesha has been created by Aurentum Switzerland. Adding an air of exclusivity to this time-honoured tradition, this exquisite work of art has been crafted using 24-carat gold, and boasts an 18-carat gold wind protection cover. This, along with the Murano glass pot that is covered with silver and adorned with a 24-carat gold Coleoptera, justifies its weight of over 12kgs. In keeping with the theme, four large and four small scarabs also feature, perhaps in a nod to the sacred nature of the insects in ancient Egyptian mythology, which are made from platinum, rubies and eight diamonds totalling 0.36 carats. The finishing touch comes in the form of Venetian velvet tubes and a silver and rhodium mouthpiece, making this a sheesha fit for royalty.


stylE | we want

CLIVE CHRISTIAN NO 1 PERFUME Since the beginning of civilisation, perfume has been used as a symbol of power and nobility – for instance, Cleopatra would soak the sails of her ship in rose perfume to enchant Anthony, who would smell her vessel arriving before she herself appeared, while Emperor Nero used perfume to express his power and control. In pursuit of the re-creation of this historic wearable art, British designer Clive Christian developed No 1, a perfume with both male and female versions, using rare and precious ingredients; such as the effeminate blend of Indian Jasmine, Tahitian Vanilla and Rose Centafolia and the more masculine tones of ancient Indian Sandalwood and Jasmine Sambac. The cost of these concoctions remained secondary in the pursuit of perfection, with these precious essential oils undergoing a triple extraction process that reduces each to a paste. Clive also bought the rights to the image of Queen Victoria’s crown, which adorns the bottle, symbolic of the luxury housed within. The purchase of these perfumes will set you back $865 a piece, making this the world’s most expensive scent, with the added exclusivity factor of only 1000 produced every year.


style | we want

BLING IT ON! If you’re looking to make a dazzling statement at the next black tie dinner (or say, when you’re receiving your knighthood or something), these Canary Diamond cufflinks from Jacob & Co. are just the accessory you need to be able to speak volumes without uttering a word. Comprised of platinum and 18-carat gold, the centrepiece of GIA certified Fancy Yellow VS2 canary diamonds, which total a whopping 21 carats, are flanked by 7.52 carats of bezel set white diamond baguettes. It doesn’t stop there, with the 18-carat white gold diamond whale flip back closure also invisible set with 3.24 carats of princess cut diamonds. At $4.2 million, these are the most expensive cufflinks in the world, but hey, you’re totally worth it!


stylE | we want

THE $17.6 MILLION ABAYA In this part of the world the abaya is a wardrobe staple, worn with such effortless grace, these elegant women give the illusion that they are not walking, but gliding through the city. While designer and Swarovski embellished versions have become somewhat the norm, the demand for opulence appears to have increased among its superlative audience, with the debut of an abaya fit for a Sheikha. Designer Debbie Wingham, whose previous achievements include the world’s most expensive black dress, recently unveiled the $17.6 million Islamic garment in the land of its inspiration, Dubai. Adorned with 2,000 white and black diamonds, 1,000 rubies and hand embroidered in 14-carat while gold, the piece de resistance is a rare red diamond. The designer said, “I am just in love with Dubai; there is something magical about it. I would eventually want to move here. Women here love embellishments and are also very selective. All of this has inspired me.� While the exclusive piece was only intended originally for display purposes, it has since been revealed that the abaya may now be auctioned off in London in the not-so-distant future for charity.


style | we want

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace There are stories of record-breaking diamonds making headlines what seems like every other day, but the history behind the centrepiece of the L’Incomparable diamond necklace from jeweller to the stars, Mouawad, is a phenomenal twist of fate. The modified shield step-cut yellow gem is the largest internally flawless diamond in the world at 407.48 carats, but it was almost never found, having been discarded in a pile of kimberlite – a byproduct of diamond mining. It was found by a young girl in the Democratic Republic of Congo over thirty years ago, when it was a whopping 890 carats in it rough state. We wonder though, how exactly did that get missed? In any case, it took over four years for the rare diamond to be polished and cut to perfection, before being displayed at the Smithsonian Institute and various other museums. Since its acquisition by Mouawad, who set it among 91 white diamonds, which alone amount to an additional 229.52 carats set in 18-carat rose gold, the firm are now the proud holders of a fourth Guinness World record for what is now the world’s most valuable necklace; a total of 637 carats, and valued at $55 million. It follows their achievements for producing some of the world’s most expensive diamond products, such as the $3.8 million ‘1001 Nights’ diamond purse in 2011, the $11 million ‘Fantasy Bra’ in 2003 and the 101.84 carat D-Flawless diamond called the ‘Splendour’, which in 1990, was sold for $12.76 million, making it the most expensive single pear shaped diamond of its time.



Jewel of the British West Indies



Tucked away in the eastern Caribbean Sea, 200 miles east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and directly north of St Martin, lies Anguilla; the jewel of the British West Indies. From the surface it is much like any other Caribbean island, with year-round tropical temperatures and an abundance of pristine beaches. But while the allure to this part of the world is obvious, the relatively ‘undiscovered’ 35 square miles of Anguilla gives this particular island the edge over its counterparts. Historically, the land of Anguilla, comprised of coral and limestone, was too weak to support the growth of the massive trades of sugar and cotton synonymous with the region and it seemed like a disadvantage back then. Yet for the same reason, Anguilla’s flat terrain deflects the rainclouds that are attracted to the more mountainous territories in its vicinity, making it a great vacation spot at any time of year. In addition, most of its 33 breathtaking beaches of fine white powdery sand and azure waters are deserted, the locals are warm and friendly and crime is low. You’ll understand as soon as you touch down why the island’s slogan is “Tranquillity wrapped in Blue”. For those with high-end wanderlust on the agenda, Anguilla is full of five star hotels and gourmet dining, with prices to match any premium outlet in the US. To summarise, Conde





was, “Anguilla is small-scale and exclusive: Glamour without the glitz, St Barths without the Paparazzi.” Therefore it’s no surprise that Anguilla is a treasure trove when it comes to celeb-spotting; heavily regarded as a haven for



the A-list to disappear from public view. Last year alone, Ellen Degeneres, Paul McCartney and Liam Neeson all visited the island, the residence of choice being the Viceroy Anguilla Resort and Residences, so you can imagine the type of high-end experience to expect here. While phase 1 of this premium real estate is already occupied, the good news is that phase 2 which incorporates everything from studios to Villas, are only 25 percent sold. If living like a celebrity appeals to you, the news that the recession has served to bring down property prices since 2008 means that an elite personal slice of paradise can be yours at a fraction of the price of other ‘discovered’ Caribbean islands; with prices ranging from $5,000 to $7 million plus. In addition, residents



go to the Caribbean’, and they are not wrong. Regardless of the size of property you choose, with even a one-bedroom residence starting at a generous 1,407 square feet; each boast world class amenities set within the vast heavy marble interior, and it’s evident that no expense has been spared in the construction of these lavish homes. Italian travertine floors run throughout and the multi-palette of neutral tones which incorporate high-grain wood and the illusion of elements that suggest the use of coral, shells and gemstones, is the perfect backdrop for customised furnishings and accessories from acclaimed interior designer Kelly





gourmet, the kitchen is every gastronomic connoisseur’s dream with black mosaic Italian marble countertops and premium GE monogram can enjoy total peace of mind due

stainless steel kitchen appliances. The master

to the collaboration between the

bedroom with marble en-suite bathroom is

Viceroy and the Starwood Capital

designed to invoke feelings of romance, with



picture perfect views of the turquoise sea

long term vision have cumulatively

and magnificent sunsets; while an additional

ensured that the property which

personal outdoor space ranging from 200

spans 35 lush acres is debt free.

to 2,800 square feet incorporates a private

Starwood’s expertise in managing

sundeck and private pool or plunge pool.



accommodations during residents’

As is in most cases, bigger is definitely better.

period of absence, also saw condo

The most elite of the properties on offer are the five

owners of phase 1 recover 100%

bedroom beachfront villas; inside, a vast expanse

of all fees associated with the

of up to 6,185 square feet of indulgent luxury

acquisition of their island home

fitted with a full gourmet kitchen awaits, while the

within their first year of ownership

exterior space of up to 3,331 square feet includes

from rental income.

a private pool, silver travertine outdoor shower

The New York Times claims that the Viceroy is the ‘#1 reason to

with rain head faucets and built-in benches, an outdoor kitchen and al fresco dining area.



Other Features While rest and relaxation are definitely on the agenda, there are days when being more active will definitely appeal. Luckily island life, especially in Anguilla is shaped by spontaneity, not




wealth of engaging activities await whenever you want to do them. Choose from three swimming pools which offer spectacular views,



beds, and fully wired cabanas.


residents will adore



Middle Eastern bites. The Sunset Lounge is the place to head to for Asian inspired dishes, where you can also take a dip in the adults-only infinity pool while DJs strike up the perfect balance between European and Reggae vibes. To enjoy the ultimate dinner-a-deux, choose from 24 hour in-room dining, the chefs programme for dining en Villa, or an al fresco dinner the Kids Club where children can indulge in beach activities, nature

under the stars on the beach. The spa services are also available

safaris, pirate adventures, interactive water features, talent shows,

inside your home, while children’s nanny, concierge and butler

and pyjama parties. Teenagers will also leave all their angst behind

services also ensure the ultimate experience of comfort and

at their own special club which has sporting events, bike tours, steel

convenience. Residence owners are additionaly granted private

drum lessons, teens-only movie screenings and parties. Those looking

access to complimentary refreshments throughout the day like

for athletic activity will find tennis, basketball, volleyball, and bocce

morning pastries, coffee/tea, house beverages, cocktails, soft

ball courts; rock climbing walls; a putting green; and a fully equipped,

drinks and snacks throughout the day and evening, courtesy of

expertly staffed, state-of-the-art fitness centre.

the newly opened Viceroy Anguilla’s Owners Club Villa. This also entitles its privileged guests to unrestricted use of Villa 20’s infinity

Additional Amenities

pool, heated/jetted plunge pool, outdoor dining under the cabana,

The massive list of additional facilities accessible to residents ensures

evening movies in the living room, and even small gatherings and

that living in Anguilla is one ultra long holiday in paradise. Be sure to

meetings by reservation. In the words of the Viceroy themselves,

check out The Half Shell Beach Bar, an intimate enclave with awe-

living here is a sound investment “Because you live in some

inspiring views of the beach, which serves up frozen cocktails and

places, and in others you’re alive”.


PLAY | ast on martin Bert one

Aston Martin celebrated its centenery with this very special Vanquish available at an approximate $300,000, but it’s no match for the one-of-a-kind DB4 GT9 Bertone ‘Jet’


PLAY | ast on martin Bert one

in a generation where the supercar reigns supreme, the one of a kind aston martin db4-gt9 bertone ‘jet’ prepares to go under the hammer for $6 million

In celebration of Aston Martin’s centenary this year, the prestigious brand who have been producing high performance cars since 1913 launched the Centenary Edition Vanquish, that was recently showcased on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab. However, despite the demand for new age hybrid shapes and the latest on-board technology in this age of the supercar, with prices for these


PLAY | ast on martin Bert one

The DB4 GT9 Bertone ‘Jet’ has won numerous awards including ‘First in Class’ at Pebble Beach

futuristic designs skyrocketing in their millions, it appears that old is still gold. Up for auction on Saturday 18th May, the oneof-a-kind multi-award winning and fully restored 1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT-9 Bertone ‘Jet’ will go under the hammer at the 14th annual Bonhams auction of Aston Martin and Lagonda Motor Cars, and is expected to achieve a price between $4.38 and $5.95 million. This particular model, the only one of its type to have ever been built, followed a history of numerous modifications to the original DB4 of 1958. The DB4 GT competition version was launched in 1959, primarily to obliterate Ferrari’s GT-racing stronghold. While the standard GT4 was the first road-going Aston Martin equipped with the all-alloy 3670 cc straight six engine designed by Tadek Marek, producing 240 bhp; an increase in power was achieved to 302 bhp by fitting a twinplug head, 3 Weber carburettors instead of the two SUs, and twin distributors. A reduction in weight was accomplished by the wheelbase reduction of just over 12 cm, the ‘Superleggera’ principle of body panels fixed on a tubular frame, and the replacement of the traditional alloy panels



Take a stroll out to sea along the wooden pier towards the twinkling lights of Pierchic. Perched upon stilts in the open water, this is a restaurant like no other. With uninterrupted views of the ocean, the majestic Burj Al Arab and a panorama of the beautiful Madinat Jumeirah resort, Pierchic is sure to uncover the romantic in you. Pierchic is open for lunch and dinner.

For reservations please call +971 366 6730 or visit

PLAY | ast on martin Bert one

of the DB4 with an 18-gauge magnesium aluminium version. This, coupled with the distinguishing outward appearance of large air scoops and cowled lights, gave the GT the edge over the original DB4. Its debut was certainly an impressive one, with the prototype raced earlier in the year by Stirling Moss in the International Trophy Meeting at Silverstone, taking victory in its class from a mediocre field. For the remainder of the season, the DB4 GT excelled alongside the less powerful long base wheel (LWB) Ferrari 250 GTs. But when Ferrari 250 GT released a lighter, short wheel base (SWB) version which definitely put the DB4 GT through its paces, it soon became evident that Aston Martin would have to up its game by creating an even lighter version than its new competitor.

Aston Martin introduced additional alloy components and several holes were drilled in non-vital chassis components. These changes still couldn’t bring the DB4 GT up to speed, so Aston Martin commissioned Italian coachbuilder Zagato, famous for their lightweight bodies on competition Abarths and Alfa Romeos to construct and design a body with even less weight. Although it was lighter and more powerful than ever, the DB4 GT Zagato still could not contend with the Ferraris. In 1961, the final DB4 GT was created, with Bertone commissioned to conceive and build a Gran Turismo version. The finished design by Giorgetto Guigiaro, who later became one of the most celebrated


“designer Giorgetto Guigiaro later became one of the most celebrated automotive designers of our time”

It was the striking angular lines that formed the base of this unique piece called the ‘Jet’

PLAY | ast on martin Bert one

automotive designers of our time, incorporated striking angular lines with the 76th and final DB4 GT chassis which formed the base of this unique piece, called the ‘Jet’. It was sold soon after, initially spending time in Europe before crossing over the Atlantic into American ownership. In 1986, a Swiss Aston Martin enthusiast purchased the car and brought it back to Europe, entrusting Aston Martin experts to fully restore it to its former glory. However, with the owner now deceased, the unique opportunity to purchase this elite and revered piece of historical excellence has presented itself for the first time in 25 years. Since its restoration, the ‘Jet’ has won 12 awards including ‘First in Class’ at Pebble Beach and the Concourso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.



Parenting Super-successful and wealthy: But is the academic excellence of the Chinese down to pushy parenting?

When it comes to parenting, there is no right or wrong – everyone is different, and there are numerous challenges every step of the way. As a child who grew up in the 80s, I can testify that the fundamental principles parents instilled in their kids were the same across the board. We were taught right from wrong, to never hurt another human being intentionally and to be the best we could be, both morally and academically. Children of the 80s were pushed in their studies, would be mortified if they brought home sub-standard grades, and disrespecting our parents or teachers was unthinkable. Our parents lavished us with love but it was not a childhood without fear. We as children feared disappointing our parents and that propelled us to achieve, all without the need of living under a dictatorship. However, that was back in the day, when parents still ruled, before the age of technology as we know it today, and before the uprising of a brat nation; the children that we since have spawned and spoiled.


The Chinese, on the other hand, have stayed true to tradition even to the present day, refusing to be manipulated by their offspring, commanding and demanding respect from their stereotypically genius children, with a very cruel-to-be-kind mentality. In 2012, footage on YouTube which showed Chinese four-year-old, He Yide, being forced by his father to run nearly naked in the snow, in a -13C blizzard in NYC, went viral, prompting outrage all around the world. During the video, the young boy is shivering, crying and seen pleading for warmth whilst begging for a hug that he does not receive. His father, He Liesheng, dubbed ‘Eagle Daddy’ instead forces his son to do press-ups on the icy ground, while his mother laughs and encourages He Yide to endure the ordeal. The general consensus was that this could only be considered a form of child abuse, but ‘Eagle Daddy’ defended his actions by revealing that the harsh regime was to build up his son’s mental and physical strength; after being told by doctors that his son,

LIFE | Academic excellence


LIFE | Academic excellence

‘Eagle Daddy’ He Liesheng, with his son, He Yide.

The images of four-year-old He Yide running nearly naked in the snow prompted global outrage.


who has cerebral palsy and was born several months premature, may face developmental difficulties later on in life. He Liesheng is now on a mission to groom his son to sail alone in the open sea in deliberately difficult conditions, saying, “Only by placing him in a situation with strong winds and waves can he show his potential.” Far from being apologetic about his actions despite global condemnation, He Liesheng is proud of the title ‘Eagle Daddy’, saying, “When the old eagle teaches its young, it takes the young eagles to the cliff side, beats them and pushes them to teach them to use their wings, and I believe I am helping my son in this way - to force him to challenge limitations and exceed his own expectations.” It’s not the first time Chinese parenting methods have come under fire. Earlier, in 2011, Amy Chua, Professor of Law at Yale Law School, published a memoir

called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which chronicled the strict Chinese upbringing of her daughters, Sophia and Louisa. It immediately sparked major controversy over parenting techniques, given that Amy admitted in excerpts from her tome that her methods to raise no less than disciplined, A-grade students, meant that her daughters were subject to frequently being insulted. They were thrown out of the house into the cold, even at the tender age of three for not being obedient, and forced to endure gruelling piano lessons for hours on end, that even resulted in one of the girls leaving tooth marks on the piano keys. However, Amy too believes that the Chinese method of parenting is one that works, explaining, “Chinese parents understand that nothing is fun until you’re good at it. To get good at anything you have to work, and children on their own never want to work, which is why it is crucial to override their preferences.” Despite having been born and brought up in the US, Amy claims that “Western” parents are too concerned about their children’s self esteem, and therein lies the problem. “They

LIFE | Academic excellence China’s proposed Sky City One; taller than the Burj Khalifa, a fraction of the cost and the ability to construct it in 90 days?

The Tiger Mother: Amy Chua believes her extreme parenting methods are the secret to her daughters’ success.

‘western parents are concerned about their children’s psyches. chinese parent’s aren’t. they assume strength, not fragility and as a result behave very differently’

worry about how their children will feel if they fail at something, and they constantly try to reassure their children about how good they are notwithstanding a mediocre performance on a test or at a recital,” she says. “In other words, Western parents are concerned about their children’s psyches. Chinese parents aren’t. They assume strength, not fragility, and as a result they behave very differently. It’s about believing in your child more than anyone else – more than they believe in themselves – and helping them realise their potential, whatever it may be.” While the majority of parents would be far too emotional toward their children to adopt this approach, you can’t help but wonder if this strict regimental parenting is the reason

why the Chinese are as successful as they are today. As Amy says, “It can be a tough world out there, and true self-esteem has to be earned. Western parents try to respect their children’s individuality, encouraging them to pursue their true passions, supporting their choices, and providing positive reinforcement and a nurturing environment. By contrast, the Chinese believe that the best way to protect their children is by preparing them for the future, letting them see what they’re capable of, and arming them with skills, work habits and inner confidence that no one can ever take away.” Undoubtedly, the academic brilliance of the Chinese is now becoming increasingly evident, as they displayed with the ability to construct


LIFE | health and fitness

a 30-storey hotel in just 15 days. There are also grand plans to build an 838-metre high rise tower called Sky City One, which should have been ready last month, but is currently on hold due to certain governmental approvals. Once construction is underway, Sky City One will beat the current title holder for the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, by ten metres. Perhaps more astonishing is that the Chinese claim to be able to build the 220-storey building, for $628 million – approximately a third of the cost of the Burj Tower, and complete it in a timeframe of 90 days. While the idea sounds both adventurous and somewhat egotistical, these enterprising Chinese executives believe that by building upward instead of outward, land shortage issues and a number of environmental problems can be solved. These include pollution, transportation and even disease due to the fact that it will be a fully air-purified tower, capable of housing an approximate 30,000 people, which if replicated, can make a better world for us all.


‘Chinese parents understand that nothing is fun until you’re good at it. To get good at anything you have to work, and children on their own never want to work, which is why it is crucial to override their preferences.’

Is all this really the result of being pushed to the limit? A study on Chinese entrepreneurial CEOs, conducted by Harvard’s organisational professor, Chris Marquis, suggests so. According to him, not only do the Chinese know no boundaries when it comes to the world of business, taking unfathomable ideas and turning them into a reality, they have a relentless drive and an air of supreme self-confidence to carry it all off, saying, “In these entrepreneurial firms, the products and services are the passions of the founder. They were employee No.

1, and now have hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in sales, and thousands of employees. These CEOs have been there every step of the way, and their vision has been what’s driven the company.” As the saying goes, “You reap what you sow,” and if the growing accomplishments of the second largest economy in the world is down to a heavy dose of tough love, although we may not wholeheartedly concur with such extremes, Chinese parenting methods may just be the saving grace for generations to come.


Livin’ La Blazer: dsquared2 shirt: marc by marc jacobs Trousers: dsquared2 shoes: dsquared2 watch: hysek, levant


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Vida Dubai



Dress: Carolina herrera white diamond necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring: levant

shirt: marc by marc jacobs watch: hysek, Levant


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Him: suit and polo top: hackett shoes: tods her: dress: carolina herrera Shoes: Tods

her: dress: carolina herrera clutch: celine necklace and earrings: scavia, levant him: shirt: dsquared2 trousers: dsquared2 watch: hysek, levant shoes: tods

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shirt, jacket and trousers: paul smith black label chronograph watch by rebellion: levant

her: dress: carolina herrera necklace and earrings: scavia, levant ring: montega, levant him: blazer: dsquared2 trousers: dsquared2 shirt: marc by marc jacobs watch: hysek, levant


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STYLE — FASHION dress: celine shoes: michael kors clutch: marc jacobs necklace, earrings and ring: yoko, levant

dress: michael kors ‘bouquet’ diamond necklace and matching earrings: crm jewellery These images have been created by, and are the sole property of XCLUSIVE Magazine and may not to be replicated in any form.



dress: michael kors bracelet: scavia, levant ring: leviev, levant


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her: dress: dsquared2 necklace: Scavia, levant ring: Levant

him: shirt: marc by marc jacobs trousers, waistcoat and shoes: marc jacobs belt and scarf: loewe

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her: dress: carolina herrera earrings: leviev, levant watch: Montega, levant him: blazer and trousers: marc by marc jacobs shirt: marc jacobs shoes: dsquared2 watch: quinting, levant


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dress: carolina herrera shoes: michael kors necklace, earrings and ring: leviev, levant


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shirt and trousers: dsquared2 belt and sunglasses: loewe

stylist: sarah maisey hair & make up: carolyn gallyer models: elena & jiri at bareface photographs: kader pattambi levant: dubai mall crm jewellery: 0501576744 shot on location at jazz@pizzaexpress, jumeirah lakes towers enjoy live music every night from 8pm TEL: 04 441 6342 These images have been created by, and are the sole property of XCLUSIVE Magazine and may not to be replicated in any form.



her: dress: dsquared2 earrings and ring: Leviev, levant necklace: scavia, levant him: blazer, trousers and shoes: dsquared2 shirt: marc jacobs watch: quinting, levant


stylists: michelle teckchand and jasmine bandali hair and make up: angelique turner photographs: celeste hanyak levant: dubai mall shot on location at the vip room, jw marriott marquis

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LIFE | EXPO 2020

2020 Vision

The emirates prepare to get bigger and better

The decision for which country will host the Expo 2020 is imminent, and despite Dubai’s last minute bid to be the host city in seven years time, it looks as though the supervising body of all the World Expos, the BIE’s (Bureau International des Expositions) has been left with a lasting impression following their UAE visit. Steen Christensen, the Chairman of the BIE’s enquiry mission to the UAE said that the “BIE Enquiry Mission is impressed with the robust infrastructure and the level of public support for the bid,” adding that “the project and the vision behind the projects is clear.”


Could that be an indication that the UAE is currently the favourite of all the nations; Russia, Thailand, Brazil and Turkey, all vying for the opportunity? One thing’s for certain, the UAE’s expedited growth from the desert to cosmopolitan city in the last 41 years appears to give it the edge on its contenders. Historically, the World Expos have been the showcasing platform for some of the world’s greatest achievements. In 1851, London exhibited steam engines and the telegraph for the first time, which served to usher in a new age of progress. Since, each has showcased

WORK | EXPO 2020

An artist’s impression of what Dubai’s opening ceremony will look like at the Expo Arena

marvellous new inventions and technology; the typewriter in Chicago in 1876; the telephone and the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris in 1878; television in New York in 1939; space travel in Seattle in 1962; touch screens in Knoxville in 1982; and the monorail in Vancouver in 1986. The UAE appears to already be one massive Expo, due to its ever-evolving development in education, culture and trade, making it a world-renowned destination for both East and West. Add to this its reputation for being world pioneers for projects such as the self-sustainable city from Masdar, and the

biggest and best structures in the world like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, all while retaining its rich Emirati heritage no less, and Dubai is possibly the most fascinating global hub worldwide. An Expo in the Emirates will serve to boost the economy due to the influx of visitors from around the globe that it will attract. HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Dubai Civil Aviation Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Group, who is leading the effort for Dubai’s bid, said, “If Dubai is successful in its bid, the Expo will attract opportunities not only for Dubai and the UAE, but across the region and the world,” adding, “The total economic output across the Dubai economy would amount to €28.8 billion.” Of this, “More more than 277,000 jobs will be added to the economy”, for the Expo itself,

while “More importantly, for every one expo employee, there will be 50 additional jobs sustained across the MENA region and the Indian subcontinent.” Whether or not the bid will be successful, it has spurred on a new era of change in the UAE. Work has already begun on the $10.9 billion Etihad Rail project which will connect industrial centres, cities and hamlets across the Emirates, as well as freight and passenger trains as far afield as Oman and Saudi Arabia, over a whopping 1200 km rail track. Additional plans include the construction of record-breaking new structures like the $1.63 billion Dubai Eye. At 210 metres high, synonymous with Dubai’s reputation, it will be the world’s biggest Ferris wheel, and work will begin on the mammoth development in June, off the coast at Jumeirah Beach Residence.


LIFE | EXPO 2020

The need to go to the US for the thrills and spills of Disney World will be a thing of the past, with the promise of five theme parks in Jebel Ali at the estimated cost of $2.7 billion to make their debut in the very near future; the first of which, the Dubai Adventures Studios Park, is due for completion as early as next year.

The ‘Emirati spectacular’ - a vision of what we are likely to see in 2020.


Downtown Dubai will see the establishment of yet another record breaking project, Mohammed bin Rashid City, which will incorporate the world’s largest mall, 100 hotels and a garden project bigger than London’s Hyde Park. Downtown Dubai near the Burj Khalifa, will also see the area transformed into a cultural district; a nod to the thriving industry in the region. Having undoubtedly established itself as a cultural hub, Dubai will serve to quench the thirst of even the most insatiable artistic appetites, with the proposed addition of design studios, a modern art museum and a contemporary opera house. Furthermore, visitors can also benefit from the state of the art Guggenheim, Louvre and National museums on Saadiyat Island by travelling to the Capital, which are due to be completed by 2015. Thankfully, the ongoing Al Sufouh tram project which is causing absolute traffic nightmares for the residents surrounding the road works, will finally be finished next year. Meanwhile, a new audacious project will see the Business Bay Canal extended by 2.8km in a new and innovative engineering structure that will house a boat elevator that will see boats ascend and descend from an elevated walkway, with cycling and pedestrian tracks along its banks. It is expected to travel all over Sheikh Zayed Road and the Dubai Metro for

the uae’s expedited growth from desert to cosmopolitan city gives it the edge on its contenders.”

central accessibility, through Jumeirah and out into the Arabian Gulf. Is the UAE’s huge expenditure a little premature given that no official decision has been made yet? Perhaps; but realistically, the confidence of the Emirates is fully justified given its previous accolades. In any case, even if Dubai should fail, and we really don’t think they will, the contrasting old and new Dubai will soon become a bigger, better and newer Dubai that is befitting of our Expo bid’s theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.


Gadgets and Technology



The MWE Emperor 200 Workstation It is hailed as ‘The most luxurious, stylish and advanced work environment available on earth’ and we would be inclined to agree. The Emperor 200 is the epitome of uncompromised ergonomics, which can be hand built to your specifications. A touchscreen control centre, as many as three 27” LED screens, an air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat and in-built Bose Companion 5 audio with ‘Acoustimass’ module makes this, at $49,150, a personal compact office space for the ultimate workaholic.












release of Iron Man 3, and to coincide with its release, if you have $380,000 to spare, your dream of becoming the man himself has just gone from virtual to reality. As authentic as the real thing, the fully-functional suit is made of carbon and steel, and the Mark XLVII headset using projected holograph technology responds to voice commands and eye movement. Combined



stabilisation jets, and thigh mounted flare development system to provide optimum flight control, you might not be able to save the world given that it’s obviously been stripped of all its weapons technology, but this ultimate big boy’s toy will ensure you still have fun pretending.

‘For $380K your dream of becoming iron man just went from virtual to reality’



Magnetic Floating Bed Inspired by A Space Odyssey, Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars has designed the world’s first floating bed, using a permanent, nondegrading magnetic support system that took seven years to develop. It is a pretty cool concept we suppose, but its simplistic appearance of a simple rectilinear board which is painted black is less than exciting, and definitely doesn’t justify the $1.6 million price tag, even if it does have a hot model sitting on top of it. Besides, what about metal items that you might bring into the bedroom, like keys and jewellery? Won’t they all get stuck to the bed? If you should consider buying this, you either have more money than sense or a supreme love of all things plastic!

‘The $1.6million price tag even with the hot model is unjustified’



The Jetpack JetLev

It’s probably the most fun you’ll have in the

and is the brainchild of Canadian inventor

water and comes with a hefty base price

Raymond Li. It is a strap-on device like a

tag of $68,500, but if you are a wannabe

backpack worn by its rider, attached to ‘fire

superhero, there is simply no gadget in the

hose’ technology, whose pressure propels

world that can compare to the new Jetlev

the rider in a series of jumps of up to 30 ft

R200x. With added features like a full

over the sea, and can travel over a distance

electronics system upgrade, easy ride pilot

of approximately 128 km. This is because

seat for supreme comfort and improved

unlike similar systems, the Jetlev is aided by

power, the new version has the edge on its

a trailing boat which houses the propulsion

predecessor, the R200.

engine, fuel and other related systems. If

For the unacquainted, the Jetlev was

you love watersports, this is the mac daddy

inspired by the a similar contraption used by

of them all.

James Bond in the 1965 movie Thunderball,



The Volkner Mobil

I-Sopod Floatation Tank Do you remember being little and road trips with the family

Forget taking a long hot soak in a bath after that hectic day

were a cramped and arduous affair? Luckily for the new

at work. The I-Sopod floatation tank from Floatworks is

generation, the Volkner Mobil has made sure that no one

a private futuristic little haven for stressed-out executives

wants to tear each other’s hair out by the time you reach

looking for rejuvenation. Floating is scientifically proven to

your destination, with a 40 ft luxury mobile home called

induce a deep relaxation state allowing the body to recover

the ‘Performance’. And perform it certainly does, (as it

from everyday pressures of life. It also serves as an effective

should for the price tag of $1.8 million), featuring mod

pain reliever, and an effective tool in stimulating blood flow

cons like fitted kitchen complete with large work surfaces,

through the tissues, which in turn releases natural endorphins

dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and oven, and

(bye bye 15K run at the gym!)

full-sized massage showers and under floor heating

The I-Sopod has the added benefit of being 50 percent

in your choice of ceramic, granite or marble bathroom.

larger than any other floatation tank in the market;

There is even the option of taking your sporty two-seater

2580mm in length, with a width of 1650mm and a height

passenger car with you in the undercarriage, which is

of 1300mm, for an unrestricted experience even the tallest

housed between axels, and can be lowered and extended

of individuals can enjoy. Constructed from the finest quality

out of the bus at the touch of a button.

glass reinforced plastic and double skinned mouldings, this state of the art stress reliever is hand finished and insulated throughout; with in-tank ambient lighting and mp3 sound source, all for an approximate $22,300.



How ancient Islamic art shaped the future


The history of Islamic art dates back to the 7th century. Despite its name, it refers not just to Muslims but the visual arts of artefacts produced by a multicultural society who lived within cities under Islamic rule, or whose Muslim population culturally trounced any other. It remains indefinable because of its vast subject matter, encompassing everything from architecture, calligraphy, painting, glass, ceramics and textiles. Historically, Islamic art has had an effect so profound that it is credited for having had a transformative influence on Western Europe. From the 8th to 15th centuries, as was in the case of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, (in Arabic called Al Andalus which formed part of the Islamic empire), this was, for 800 years, the most culturally sophisticated region in the continent. Unparalleled in its greatness of culture and civilisation in the Islamic world, the greatest minds lived and worked in harmony exchanging ideas in both sciences and the arts. The influence of Islamic art remains prevalent even to the present day, omnipotent in its all encompassing power to please aesthetically, used as a core foundation for modern technological advancement and as a guide for developments in the future.

Undoubtedly regarded as having possessed one of the world’s finest minds, Jobs was a pioneer in his field. He identified early on, the importance of humanities and art on science and technology, and in turn Apple went on to achieve phenomenal success. Arguably, the various cutting edge applications and development of Apple’s innovative products were born from the study of calligraphy, after Jobs famously dropped out of college as a freshman and vowed to only ‘drop back in’ to study subjects that interested him. He said, “I learned about serif and sans-serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations, about what makes great typography great. It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle in a way that science can’t capture, and I found it fascinating. None of this had even a hope of practical application in my life. But ten years later, when we were designing the first Macintosh computer, it all came back to me and we designed it all into the Mac. It was the first computer with beautiful typography. If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would never have had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.”


Modern Contemporary Art

While the connection may not be obvious, ancient Islamic art is credited for the foundation and consequent evolution of the state of the art technology developed by Apple’s late founder, Steve Jobs.

The impact that Islamic art continues to have on some of the greatest minds studying contemporary new media art and architecture remains a hot topic of discussion. Laura Marks, Dena Wosk University Professor in


Art and Culture Studies in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University and author of Enfoldment and Infinity explores these similarities in her book. Based on her studies, Laura believes that contemporary new media art remains similar both visually and philosophically to classical Islamic art, alluding to traits inherited where image, information and the infinite interact. According to her tome, image is an interface to information, and

information (such as computer code or the words of the Qur’an) is an interface to the infinite. After demonstrating historically how Islamic aesthetics travelled into Western art, Laura has drawn explicit parallels between works of classical Islamic art and new media art, describing texts that burst into image, lines that multiply to form fractal spaces, “nonorganic life” in carpets and algorithms, and other shared concepts and images.

Bridging the Gap For the more creative-minded, the allure of Islamic art is a no-brainer. However, the Louvre in Paris has paid a fitting tribute by constructing an astounding new wing dedicated to a treasure trove of antiques. Using cutting edge computer technology, the creation of the structure cost an estimated $123.8 million, and has been described by some as a “Bedouin Tent”. Made by architects Mario Bellini from Italy and Rudy Ricciotti



‘islamic art is credited for being the foundation of apple’s state of the art technology’

from France, more than 2,500 works are on display. It goes beyond aesthetics, to take on a project that has deeper meaning with a view to correcting common “misconceptions” associated with the Islamic world. Louvre Director Henri Loyrette explained, “Sometimes there is a repulsion effect for the arts of Islam, and for Islam in particular. Our duty is to explain, to say, to show the luminous side of this civilisation and all that it has indubitably brought to the world. And that’s what we are simply trying to do with this new department of Islamic art.” The project’s ambitions to bridge the gap between East and West has been looked upon favourably by many Middle Eastern royals including Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal’s Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation; King Mohammed VI of Morocco; Sheikh

Sabah al Ahmed al Jabbar al Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait; Qaboos ibn Said, Sultan of Oman; and the Republic of Azerbaijan. When making a donation of $20 million, Saudi Prince Talal said, “Relations between Europe and the Islamic world are going through a

turbulent period. The new wing will assist in the understanding of the true meaning of Islam, a religion of humanity, forgiveness and acceptance of other cultures.”



Despite its neighbouring and more popular Emirate of Dubai boasting its fair share of luxurious hotel options to choose from, it is the seven-star Emirates Palace in the capital, Abu Dhabi, that boasts the title of ‘second most expensive hotel in the world’, only surpassed by the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It cost over $5.9 billion, three years and 20,000 people of 50 different nationalities to build. Its opulence lies in its magnificently designed interior which features 6000m2 of 22 carat gold leaf throughout, 1002 Swarovski crystal chandeliers, (including some of the world’s largest) and an outer dome of equally record-breaking stature, higher than the previous title holder; St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy.




While the hotel itself occupies

Whether you are the kind of person

850,000m2 of floor space, there

that wants nothing more than to

is only parking for 2,500 vehicles,

laze on the beach, or the more

ensuring that you will be the

energetic individual who cannot sit

recipient of undivided attention

still, every personality type has been

throughout your stay. From the

catered for. Besides two state of

moment you check in, you can

the art gyms located on either side

expect to be treated like royalty.

of the palace, couples and families

As the recipient of true Emirati

alike can enjoy the vast 1.3km

hospitality, you will be welcomed

private white sandy beach, with a



vast array of watersports on offer

juices and dates and also a fresh

including sailing, windsurfing and

flower bouquet for every lady.

snorkelling. For a more intimate

After being personally escorted

pool experience, one of the two

to your room, a 24-hour butler

beautifully landscaped pools is the

service is available to cater to your

Las Brisas located in the East Wing,

every whim throughout your stay.

with a large gazebo Jacuzzi, in-pool




The Capital of Luxury The most decadent destination, a stone’s throw away from Dubai.



bar and three smaller bubble pools housed within. The

private spa suites, inclusive of private steam room

Cascades Adventure Pool in the West Wing of the hotel

and shower, or enjoy a traditional Moroccan-style

encourages family fun with its own mini waterpark,

Hammam, or if you can brave it, a visit to the exclusive

complete with ‘Lazy River’, cascading waterfalls, two

and invigorating ice cave.

water flumes and ‘Sarab Land,’ a supervised outdoor children’s play zone.



If relaxation is firmly on the agenda, the new

Comprised of 394 luxury rooms and suites, an overnight

beach Clubhouse which opened in October last

stay will set you back approximately $773. However,

year, incorporates a Jacuzzi, sauna, steamroom and

it is the Palace suite, a mammoth expanse of 680sq

two massage rooms and is quite possibly the best

metres complete with extensive terrace, living room,

introduction to the Anantara Spa located elsewhere

dining room and three bedrooms that is the place to be

in the hotel, which delivers a wellness journey in the

to feel like a Sheikh, with an overnight stay costing in

most decadent of surroundings. Indulge in one of seven

the region of $11,200.






Dining There are 14 dining options to choose from and following

seven-night stay and a personal chauffeur to ferry you

the theme of its luxury surroundings and unparalleled

around the city in a Maybach in between being pampered

service, the rarest of gourmet items are readily available

at the spa. You will be lavished with gifts during your

to suit the tastes of the most discerning connoisseur.

stay, from rare pearls to exclusive Holland and Holland

Of the 6kg of incredibly rare Albino caviar available

sporting guns, for which there is usually a minimum waiting

every year throughout the world priced at $45,000

list of at least two years. There are also a number of unique

per kilo, a third is delivered here. Similarly, Black Ivory

experiences to choose from like creating your own Persian

coffee, a scarce gourmet accompaniment to perhaps a

carpet on a day trip to Iran, a trip to the Dead Sea in Jordan,

gold drizzled chocolate or while enjoying afternoon tea,

or the opportunity to collect a pearl from the deepest depths

is also available on tap. The perfect gentleman’s retreat

of the sea in Bahrain. Golf lovers can partake in the ‘Royal

is the Havana Club, where a selection of rare cigars and

Golf experience’ at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club, while another

the world’s most expensive cognac are on offer. And so

session allows you to create your own fragrance. If you are

it continues; even into the early hours, because there is

going to go all out, the Palace is sure to deliver an experience

always time for that little bit more, which is none more

unavailable anywhere else on earth.

so evident than at Etoiles; a chic venue that goes from a gastronomic adventure to nightclub after dark and sees the city’s glamazons dressed up to the nines, sipping the finest cocktails, ready to party the night away in magnificent style.

That something special For $1 million, the experience at the Palace is an open passport to sheer decadence, with a number of private services on offer. These include first class flights, a


Awaken your Senses LIFE | SPI RITUALITY

There are many of us who would rather avoid the use of pharmaceutical drugs for simple ailments like headaches, muscular pains or bacterial infections, namely because there can be many side effects associated with these types of medicines. Instead, it is looked upon favourably to try and reduce the level of toxins in the body by investigating preventative measures and the incorporation of a healthy diet and lifestyle. For those who prefer to encourage a natural healing process, help is at hand and it’s been right under our noses all along. Used since ancient times, the use and practice of Aromatherapy is still not yet fully understood, however, it serves to strengthen the immune system and has existed since the beginning of civilisation.



Essential oils help the body to return to normal from an imbalanced state, which can lead to illness, by restoring the ideal equilibrium of the body. Essential oils exert a subtle influence on the mind, and offer you a truly holistic gentle and natural alternative to drugs containing properties which combat many different forms of bacteria. Additionally, if they are used daily they can help to alleviate stress, which again if left untreated, has a negative impact on your well-being. Suitable for all ages, the benefits of Aromatherapy may seem slow at first, however the positive effects steadily increase as use continues. It is not an ‘instant cure’ and the same applies to all natural healing. Today we have abundant knowledge of what is referred to as ‘Natures Pharmacy’, to assist with all kinds of ailments. Doctors in France practice the internal use of essential oils to treat diseases and bacterial infections instead of using antibiotics. In England and



America, essential oils are also used in the palliative care for cancer patients, in hospices, hospitals and clinics. How Aromatherapy Works The sense of smell is the most enduring memory that the human brain retains throughout a person’s lifetime. It is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other of our other senses; transported via the olfactory bulb to the structures of the limbic system which is a very ancient part of the brain. Unlike the senses of taste and touch that have to travel through the body via neurons and the spinal cord before reaching our grey matter, the response of smell is immediate, having a direct effect. This is the only place where our central nervous system is directly exposed to the environment, and information captured by the sense of smell can either invoke pleasant or negative memories. For instance, the scent of a rose may be symbolic of a happy time in your life and therefore translate into a pleasurable experience, or the smell of roses may remind you of a funeral, therefore having the complete opposite effect. One of the most satisfactory aspects of using essential oils medicinally and


cosmetically is that they enter and leave the body with great efficiency. The most effective use is through body massage, as they exert a subtle influence on the mind but using them in the bath, or via inhalations, compresses, and air diffusion are also ways that essential oils can enter our blood stream, in turn having a positive effect on blood circulation. Essential oils are the high grade fuel of plants and by taking them into our body we ingest the best of the goodness plants have to offer; as is in the case of Ayurvedic medicine that has been used in India since 2000 BC. Humanity has used perfume for centuries, and today, this booming industry has companies clamouring over each other to create the next ‘miracle’ fragrance. However, the base of these scents is Aromatherapy, the art and science of using plant oils for treatment. It is a holistic therapy, taking into account the mind, body and spirit of the person seeking help, with about 300 essential oils in general use today by professional practitioners. However, the average household can easily fulfill its need with ten oils,


each possessing their own medicinal properties that can be anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antitoxic, and so on and so forth. The History of Aromatherapy The use of aromatics is ancient, going back to Egyptian civilisation. Their most renowned use was of the mummification process of their noble dead, as in the case of Tutankhamun, who after 2000 years remains intact, thanks in great part to essential oils like Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood and Sandalwood. Likewise, Hippocrates (Father of Medicine) also mentioned a large number of oils in his writings. This knowledge was passed on to the Arab world and a Persian physician, Avicenna, left behind valuable records describing over 800 plants and their effects on the human body. He was credited with inventing the technique of steam distillation. By the 12th Century ‘The perfumes of Arabia’ were born and became famous throughout Europe. Interest in essential oils began in 1920 when Rene Gattefosse, a chemist in his family’s perfume business discovered that many essential oils used in the company’s products were better antiseptic than the chemical antiseptic they used. The discovery came about following an explosion in his laboratory which badly burned his hand. By reflex he dipped his hand into a nearby barrel containing some liquid, which actually turned out to be Lavender oil. His wound healed beautifully and the effectiveness of Lavender turned his attention to the use of this and other essential oils.

The Power of Essential Oils Xclusive’s Resident Spiritual and Holistic advisor Sunita Teckchand dedicated herself to learning the art of Aromatherapy following her own personal experience of pain relief through the use of essential oils. “I used to suffer horrendous back pains. I tried chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, physiotherapy and so much more to treat my condition. It would work for a short while, and then the pain would come back with a vengeance. One day, my sister told me to try an Aromatherapy treatment with a qualified therapist, and when the pain subsided considerably after a few sessions, I began studying various essential oils; their chemical properties, fragrances, and the art of blending. I opened an Aromatherapy centre in Jumeirah which was approved by DHA (Dubai Health Authority), treating clients with essential oils.” As the healing process manifested itself, Sunita found that a whole diverse range of illnesses could be cured. “I have seen so many of my clients recover from skin conditions that dermatologists could do nothing about. I have also treated clients who suffered from manic depression, anxiety and panic attacks who have been able to recover with the help of these precious oils, in turn weaning them from traditional anti-depressants and pain killers. My theory is, if we can work on ourselves and see the changes happen, we can work on others and help humanity by eliminating the need to take unnecessary drugs. Aside from life threatening illnesses that require the amazing work and dedication of doctors, humans as a whole have consistently abused their bodies by taking drugs for every small ache and pain. It’s time to re-educate ourselves and turn to natural healing. There is an abundance of alternative therapies just waiting to be discovered.”



Think you’ve seen and done it all? when it comes to extreme sports and experiences, Think again...

Just do it!

Cave Diving

Peacock Springs State Park, Florida

Scuba diving is one thing, withstanding the extremes of cave diving is quite another. It requires masses of technical skill to ensure safe emergence from the water, and you are expected to swim out and up, rather than just up. That’s just half the story – most of the time this will be in pitch darkness with only the aid of dependable artificial light. In situations of silt out, visibility is easily impaired even with the lights, so this is definitely not for claustrophobics. However, if you can keep your nerve, this is possibly one of the best underwater adventures you will ever experience.



Sky Jump

Auckland, New Zealand

When it comes to pushing boundaries, the Kiwis appear to be fearless in the pursuit of the ultimate natural rush, and it appears to be infectious. Now a major tourist attraction, the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern hemisphere, the Sky Tower, is one of the world’s most popular locations for Base jumping. No idea what that means? Imagine free-falling at the speed of 85km down a 192 metre drop with all your faith in the wire attached to you to break your fall. Uh-huh, that’s totally extreme!




If you’re looking for an extreme adventure amid breathtaking scenery, Canyoneering in Costa Rica is hard to beat. After a short bumpy ride through a quiet mountainside community, the unknown delights of the rainforest begin to unfold, firstly with a short abseiling practice down the 10ft waterfall near the Arenal Volcano. The adrenaline rush increases with each waterfall that follows; increasing in size for you to rappel down, until the grand finale of a 200ft waterfall. This is definitely one for the bucket list!

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as zooming across the sky in a zipline in any part of the world, however, the most extreme has to be soaring over the South African plains in Johannesburg. Boasting the longest, fastest and highest zipline, the Unreal Zip 2000, aptly named due to its length in kilometres, provides the hair whipping experience of whizzing through the air at 120km an hour at the height of 280 metres.

Costa Rica

Sun City, South Africa

Running of the Bulls Pamplona, Spain

Why anyone would want to partake in being chased by a bull is anyone’s guess, but for those that possess the crazy notion to do so, the Festival of San Fermin is just the place to join hundreds of other like-minded loonies running through the streets in this time honoured Spanish tradition. From the 6th to the 14th July this year, you can either join in, or witness the action from the safety of your hotel balcony. We know where we’ll be!

Edge Walk

Toronto, Canada Remember in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol when

Tom Cruise had to scale the outside of the Burj Khalifa? If that kind of thrill appeals to you, start small(er) by heading to the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower, where you’ll be encouraged to push your personal boundaries by walking on the edge of the 116 storey building, 356 metres, that’s a whopping 1168 feet (for those of you who prefer the imperial measurement), above the ground. If you think that’s enough to send your heart into premature cardiac arrest, you ‘aint seen nothing yet, because you will also be expected to hang over the edge, with nothing but the harness between you and that epic drop! Eek!



Remember when R. Kelly sang, I Believe I Can Fly? It looks like some took that a little too literally, resulting in the birth of this daredevil sport that is not for the faint-hearted. More dangerous than skydiving, ‘Birdmen’ are required to wear a winged suit and a small parachute, before embarking on their ‘flight’, which involves jumping off a sheer cliff and plummeting at speeds of up to 225 km an hour. In the last few moments the parachute is pulled, just a few feet above the jagged face of the mountain.

Mountain Flight Kathmandu, Nepal

This is definitely more sedate than any of the other activities featured on our list, but so amazing we just had to include it! It’s an early wake up call, but the majestic view of the Himalayas without having to physically exert yourself is a winner on all counts. A one hour flight to the top of Mount Everest, the highest spot on earth, is nothing short of being a spiritual and breathtaking journey of visually epic proportions; sure to remain etched in your memory forever.

Heli Skiing

Teton Village, Wyoming

This extreme sport has been around for decades, but it is only in recent years that heli skiing has developed a global fan following. While the premier destination of choice with enthusiasts remains Vancouver B.C., there are now numerous destinations across the US offering similar experiences. After being dropped off by helicopter to an otherwise inaccessible location among the mountains, the allure is being able to ski downhill, off-piste, in a natural environment. With only you and the fellow skiers aboard the same helicopter with you on the untouched, white powdery snow, this is the ultimate skiing experience.

Swimming with Sharks Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

If you’re totally fearless in the ocean and aren’t stricken by the nightmares we once experienced after watching Open Water, then swimming with sharks shouldn’t bother you one iota. The saving grace here could possibly be that the Scalloped Hammerhead sharks off the coast are apparently harmless, and during viewing season from July to October, you can personally boast that you swam with a whole school of Jaws’ family.


style | interior design

Fashion to Furnishings During his lifetime, Gianni Versace brought the edge to the everevolving and ultra competitive world of fashion. Applying the same principles to the aesthetics of interiors, the drama looked set to continue in our homes. However, since his death in 1997, Versace’s brand of furnishings has remained inhibited; a muted extension of its fashion line. According to Xclusive’s resident interiors expert Chadi Chamoun, there is a fine line between fashion and furniture, so the brilliance is still able to shine through if the brand goes back to basics. For the connoisseur in the design and art world it is radically difficult to truly appreciate one form of expression without deeply referencing and resourcing its creative origins. The lines which separate interior, fashion, architecture, music, pop-culture and modernism are blurred at best. As such, the transition from fashion to interiors was easy for the creative genius of Gianni Versace.


style | interior design By merging the worlds of fashion, entertainment and design his shows became pop-culture events. Versace also designed for opera, ballet and the stage. He was inspired by films, art and design history. He often visited the museums throughout Italy as a source of continued inspiration. He discreetly spent time observing the works of master artists, studying, sketching and allowing himself time to think, reflect and design. Through a deep and profound understanding of history, Versace manipulated materials in a manner that was unprecedented; Leather and chains for Versace flowed as softly as silk and lace on the human body, to exhibit a sense of exoticism and sensuality.

Since the founding of the brand in Milan circa 1978 Versace reenvisioned the world and made it his own. Rather than allowing the influences of the world to envelope him and hinder his creativity, he embraced the world of fashion, style and design and relentlessly covered it with his ideas, passion and material by combining it with rock ‘n’ roll, art and celebrity. Versace forged his career and lasting influence as a man who made his reputation in the glare of flash bulbs, as beautiful people teetered along red carpets into premieres and society parties adorned with his creations.


style | interior design

The evolution of the Versace portfolio to include furniture design alongside the fashion brand came in the early 1990’s, starting with fine porcelain ware, and later evolving into a full range of home furnishings. Although the energy, richness and texture of the fashion and furniture lines are similar, certain particularities and concepts differ. The concept of Versace’s fashion wear is to remain in close and delicate proximity to the human body. It redefines the patron who embellishes their body with the brand’s garments. Versace couture redefines the individual, encouraging and empowering them with the ability to break social limits, boundaries and expectations, liberating the man or woman wearing them. Comparably,


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the furniture line is comprised of two distinct collection themes: the first is highly ornamental deriving thematically from classic art and baroque motifs, and the second, is a contemporary line that engages re-creating modernist designs in a manner which is stylistically vibrant, with the use of rich fabrics and materials. Although both lines look phenomenal, they do not have the same liberating effect that the haute couture fashion component has, due to the lack of communication of the overall conceptual intent of the piece of furniture in question. Such a discrepancy can stem from two different


style | interior design sources. The first being the fact that furniture is not as close to the human experience as clothing is, or perhaps that the unfortunate departure of Versace in 1997 did not allow the concept to develop and flourish to the same extent that the fashion component had. When Gianni Versace spoke about haute couture his intentions were clear; he knew what he wanted to communicate, and how to go about conveying the message. During his lifetime he said, “As you know, I do not only create black leather outfits. Today’s woman is a woman of contrasts, she has ambiguities which are part of today’s life, contrasts which fashion is bound to reflect: we travel in airplanes and live in old houses, we do old things and new things, if fashion is to be a mirror of life I must sometimes create aggressive clothes for there are


style | interior design

more from Versace. The furniture needs to engage the man and woman of today in a manner that becomes them. The diversity, identity, and cultural nuances need to be deeply recognised on a level that is more sensitive and supple. If the Versace home line is to be as successful as the fashion counterpart, the above issues need to be seriously considered and reintegrated into the overall design and production of the brand’s furniture. Today, the Versace brand manufactures, distributes and retails luxury products ranging from haute couture, jewellery, perfume, home furnishings and porcelain ware. A variety of other venues bear the Versace signature; particularly luxury resorts, private jets and helicopters, as well as limited edition supercars such as the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Versace as an end-result of the joint venture between Gianni Versace SpA and Lamborghini. Through such a strong and robust an offering, the platform for Versace’s interior line is able to flourish if the brand draws on the inspiration of Gianni himself, to elevate its current status from beautiful to dynamic.

also aggressive women. I design for the woman who does not wear clothes like a suit of armour, but adapts them to her own personality.� That is not to say that the furniture line is without genius. This would be quintessentially incorrect. But the mix of old and new is surface prone. The connoisseur demands



Incredible There probably isn’t a destination in the world as diverse as India. A smorgasbord of sights, sounds and smells, a trip isn’t merely a vacation, it’s an experience. Whether you venture to the mountains of the NORTH or the beaches of the South, the allure of India is that there is something for everyone.

Living Luxe If you’re really looking to discover India, the best way to go about it is by train. The Maharaja Express ensures an adventure in the epitome of opulence, in 2012 gaining the accolade of the ‘World’s Leading Luxury Train’ at the World Travel Awards; beating its renowned international counterparts such as the Orient Express and the Royal Scotsman. It could have something to do with the fact that every element incorporated within this luxurious locomotive has been befitting of its namesake ‘Maharaja’ - think bejewelled king size beds and modern contemporary facilities, which cumulatively provide undisputed splendour fit for a king. The train boasts four different types of accommodation, with the decor emulating the colours of the Navratna (the




‘The Maharaja express lives up to its name providing undisputed luxury fit for a king’



‘it’s sure to make you want to sing a song to your loved one and dance around a tree bollywood style’

The journey

nine legendary jewels of historic Maharajas), to

and everything in between thanks to its massive

provide spacious living spaces that range from

stock of premium beverages, while the Rajah

the 112 square foot Deluxe Cabin with en-

Club or the Lounge Saloon are ideal for the

suite bathroom, to the Presidential Suite,

relaxing intermediary required between your

which incorporates two bedrooms, two

adventures around the country; equipped

attached bathrooms, and a separate

with games tables and club arm chairs. In

living cum dining area, spanning 448

addition, Indians pride themselves on their

square feet.

hospitality, with the local mantra being






“Athithi Devo Bhava”, which means, “the

experience, two on-board dining

guest is God”. Nothing could be more

venues; Mayur Mahal and Rang

abundantly clear here, with every need and

Mahal, serve up an eclectic mix of

whim catered to via your personal butler,

Chinese, Continental and of course,

who will even be on call in the middle of the

authentic Indian cuisine. The Safari Bar is

night, should you wake mid-slumber and

perfect for pre-dinner cocktails, nightcaps,

require a steaming hot cup of masala chai.

Discover There are five different itineraries on offer, ranging between four and eight day journeys. Whichever you choose, these capsule journeys will mark the start of a love affair with this part of the world. The ‘Indian Splendour’ is a tour of the north; essentially Rajasthan, which is perfect for cultural types and nature lovers. It takes in the sights of Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Balasinor and Mumbai, over a jam-packed eight day schedule. Incorporating everything from palaces and forts to bounteous wildlife, this is for those that want to experience the abundance of Elephant polo in Jaipur Image credit: Jeremy Richards;


India’s multi-faceted majestic beauty in a short space of time.


The luxurious Maharaja Express

Amazing Architecture The first stop on this magical journey begins in Agra; the former capital and the land of die-hard Indian romance, encapsulated in its most famous monument, the Taj Mahal. Clichéd as it sounds, it’s hard not to be moved by the awe-inspiring beauty of its architecture, accompanied by the story of how it was built by the grieving Emperor Shah Jahan, in memory of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal who died giving birth to their 14th child in 1631. It took two decades to complete, and according to legend, Shah Jahan ordered that the hands of its architect be cut off once it was finished, to ensure that he could never again create anything as beautiful. It’s sure to make you want to sing a song to your loved one and dance around a tree, Bollywood style. Besides this obvious popular tourist hotspot, the Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah, dubbed the ‘Baby Taj’ is well worth a visit. Just as magnificently constructed, this is a beautiful and peaceful site on the Yamuna River, devoid of the manic crowds. No trip for art lovers would be complete without a trip to Agra Fort, which again focuses on the history of Shah Jahan, who was kept here under house arrest by his son during his final years, with just the request of being able to view the grandiose mausoleum he constructed for his beloved late wife. However, Agra is just the beginning of the architectural marvels that you will witness in and around Rajasthan. With ancient Indian


The Maharaja Express Presidential Suite

PLAY | TRAVEL history depicting monarchs dressed from head to toe in gold, the

The Safari Bar

old palaces and forts have been



this is an animal lover’s dream. Also on the agenda is the enthralling Elephant Polo in Jaipur and


a visit to India’s very own




‘Jurassic Park’ in Balasinor,



home to one of the world’s











Mehrangrah Fort, a huge


complex which houses the

dinosaur Architecture aside,

fossil and


harsh desert environment is

Maharaja’s Palace, temples

similar to the deserts of the

and huge gardens, while Bikaner

Middle East, and entertainment

also remains famed for its royal

like camel riding around the dunes,

architecture like Lallgargh Palace made

a barbecue dinner and traditional dancing

from red sandstone, Junagarth Fort and

is very much the order of the day. However, don’t be

Laxmi Niwas Palace.

fooled – the module may look the same from the outset;

Rajasthan ranges from jungle

the experience is completely different. The biggest

to desert, with a city landscape

surprise, however, manifests itself at the end of this

thrown in between. For this

excursion, with a stop in Udaipur. It is known as the ‘City

reason, the possibilities are

of Lakes’ and its natural beauty is so astounding, that





back in 2009 it was voted the best city in the known

being able to get up close

universe at the World’s Best Awards. However, its

and personal with nature.

appeal lies in the fact that while it is ‘alive’, you will feel

From the jungle safari in

that you have entered a time warp; it’s a window into a

Ranthambore (one of the largest

bygone era, awash with the typically vibrant attire of the

national parks in India) where the

locals, who remain unaffected by the quickening pace of

tigers are king, to the Rohet safari in

modern life. By the time you disembark in the bustling city

Jodhpur where the blackbuck antelope

of Mumbai at the end of your trip, you’ll wonder if it was

roam freely and the wildlife is equally copious,

all a dream!

City of Lakes, Udaipur



Haute Gourmet Decor: From the moment you walk into STAY,

when you enter but throughout your meal.

Dubai’s decadent restaurant from three-star

This is where the pastry chef makes French

Michelin celebrity chef Yannick Alléno, it’s hard

confections to order, with guests encouraged to

not to be awed by your opulent surroundings.

visit upon completion of their meal for a sweet

Elaborately intricate, with vaulted ceilings

ending. It is certainly a popular attraction and

and black chandeliers, this is a fine dining

a very clever addition, as I personally tend to

venue which screams Parisian chic

overlook dessert after a full-on meal. However,

throughout. The monochrome

when a complete selection of delights is served

surroundings aside, the

by the metre enticing that sweet tooth, you’ll

dessert library to

wonder from the beginning where you should

the left certainly draws

compromise on your meal to make room!


eye – not

Ambience: With its dimly lit dining room and

j u s t

the outside terrace following suit, STAY’s location at the One & Only, Palm Jumeirah is perfect for a romantic date, and certainly appears to be designed with the intention of stirring amorous feelings. The reason is probably (and I don’t know how they do it), the fact that you feel like you are enjoying privacy and complete seclusion, despite being surrounded by diners. Throughout, the staff are courteous, warm and helpful, and a special mention has to go to Samy Mir-Beghin the restaurant manager, who made it an experience rather than just a meal, possessing exceptional hospitality skills that are second to none. While STAY is indeed perfect for romance, the night that we visited appeared to be just as functional for the suits of the city looking to impress clients and for families celebrating a special occasion. The Food: Given the master chef’s reputation, this was undoubtedly going to be a dazzling



affair. It’s just as well that we came hungry! Soon after the bread basket being presented with a flourish, the amuse-bouche of gruyère cheese canapés made its way to our table, each a mouth-watering delight to tantalise the taste buds. Shortly afterward our appetisers of duck foie gras and crispy Dublin bay prawn with mango salad, fresh basil and chilli oil appeared. The crispy prawn comes highly recommended, a balance of sweet and savoury perfection with just the right amount of crunch. While the spring menu is infused with Japanese flavours, it still retains some French favourites that have withstood the test of time, with an ‘if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it’ mentality. The Black Angus beef fillet ‘Cafe de Paris’ is certainly one such signature dish and with good reason. It is a melt-in-the-mouth affair perfectly complimented with pommes frites (or as us Brits say, chips), and a side of black pepper sauce – what’s not to love? A lighter main would be the steamed wild sea bass with yuzu zest, served with Thai asparagus – (see, I compromised there!) The ingredients work well together because the flavour of the dish remains uncomplicated. By






beckoning, but really, a metre of dessert? We really couldn’t - there was simply no space left! Instead we each opted for a modest one each; the fruity and




encased in white chocolate, and a contrasting indulgent creation of hazelnut ice-cream encased in crisp, white meringue. It completely blew my resolve to be good and let’s just say I wasn’t in the mood for sharing! Verdict:

A sophisticated and

stylish night out that won’t fail to impress.

stay is perfect for Romance, yet just as functional for the suits of the city looking to impress


PLAY | hot this month THE LITTLE BLACK JACKET EXHIBITION Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai

With the little black jacket’s origins having begun at the House of Chanel by Mademoiselle Coco herself, current Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld and former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld, take a look at its evolution to the current day in an exhibition of Lagerfeld’s original photographs. On display until May 11.

m nth... Hot this

In the city that never sleeps, here is Xclusive’s roundup of un-missable events


Madinat Theatre, Souk Madinat Jumeirah

The London-based, critically acclaimed Russian pianist is set to wow the Emirates with her interpretations of the classic works of Schubert and Tchaikovsky on the 29th April. Hot property on an international level, this is an event for diehard culture aficionados.

A WALK IN THE WOODS Meydan IMAX Theatre, Dubai

On the 29th April, enjoy a live performance of this English play written by Lee Blessing, which is a powerful and thought-provoking tale based on the intricacies of super-power negotiations, with a huge dose of remorse and betrayal thrown in for good measure. Interestingly, it’s been given an Indian twist, with the title roles performed by Indian cinema’s Rajit Kapur and Bollywood legend Naseeruddin Shah.



The H Hotel, Dubai The 30th April sees a celebration of local and international talent in the fashion world, whose works will be modelled by professional and celebrity models, analysed by a panel of elite judges including former Miss World, Diana Hayden. A gala dinner rounds up this glittering event.


DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates

For the first time, a combination of both professional and amateur dancers will showcase a visual journey of styles, sounds and technique with a performance sure to astound and get those feet tapping on May 3.


SANDANCE FEAT. FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE Sandance Beach, Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah

There’s nothing quite like the beach beats at Sandance to get the weekend started. On Friday May 10, Florence and the Machine headline, alongside Groove Armada, Keane and Nightmares on Wax, in a 12 hour festival from 2pm.

Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre

It’s time to get that testosterone going on May 10, while witnessing contestants battling it out for the $100,000 prize and the coveted title of being hailed as one of the world’s toughest.


Atlantis Beach, Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah

A party of epic proportions with the most in-demand DJs and producers of our time takes place from 8pm to 3am on May 3. His infectious grooves are sure to make you want to throw some shapes, so be sure to dress comfortably!


Madinat Theatre, Souk Madinat Jumeirah

The British funnyman is back to deliver belly chuckles aplenty following the resounding success of his sell-out tour of last year. On from May 7 to 11, this year encourages interactive participation, with a Q&A session with the maestro himself to follow his performance.


We know you won’t admit to being fans yourself, but the kids will love you forever for a chance to witness this teen pop sensation live in action in Dubai on May 4.


LIFE | c harity



Glitz, glamour and charity at Britweek

From April 23 to May 6, the elite of LA and Great Britain celebrate their shared creativity and innovation, with Britweek. It’s a popular event that receives global attention, honouring the ties shared in business, lifestyle, music and theatre, with a fair number of glamorous parties wedged in between. As usual, its launch for 2013 will start as it means to go on; graced by invite-only attendees who will walk the red carpet for the

‘britweek’s gala contribution will help bridge the gap in the $3.6 billion required in the fight against malaria’

waiting paparazzi. But while it all sounds like one crazy week-long shindig, it is also an opportunity for its attendees to dig deep in their pockets and help less fortunate children in Africa by partnering with the Malaria No More Charity. It’s a fitting cause for the contribution of the wealthy because it is a completely curable and preventable disease, which claims 655,000 lives a year - that’s one every minute; with 90 percent of those deaths occurring in Africa due to poverty. It’s a relentless disease that is locked in a vicious cycle. It affects school attendance and contributes to learning difficulties; while adults suffering from the disease are unable to work. Overall this costs an estimated $12 billion a year in lost productivity, which robs African families of precious income. The relationship between malaria and poverty has been recognised by the charity’s partners; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Exxon Mobil, whose contributions among others, have helped to reduce malaria deaths in Africa by 33 percent.

What is Malaria? Malaria is a disease of the blood caused by


the Plasmodium parasite, and although there are more than 100 species, the most common and deadly in Africa is the Plasmodium falciparum. It is only transmitted by the female Anopheles mosquito, which typically bites between 9pm and 5am; therefore if a mosquito net is used at night, the disease can be prevented. The parasite lodges itself in the liver and multiplies approximately 10,000 times. Two weeks later, it bursts into the blood stream and infects the red blood cells. The malaria infection can then develop into anaemia, hypoglycaemia or cerebral malaria, in which capillaries carrying blood to the brain are blocked; resulting in coma and in the worst case scenario, death.

How it can be solved To keep malaria under control in Africa ultimately requires funding. A timely diagnosis, lifesaving drugs (which cost as little as $1 for a full course and can cure a child within three days), mosquito nets and insecticide are just some of the basic tools required to eradicate this disease for good, and we believe that Britweek’s gala contribution to this disease will go a long way to bridging the gap in the $3.6 billion required in the charity’s mission for zero tolerance for the disease; hence Malaria No More.

What will your inspiration be? Inspired by pioneer aviator, Charles Stewart Rolls, the Phantom CoupĂŠ Aviator Collection epitomizes the golden age of flight. From saddle leather footmats to an aviation grade Thommen clock, there is no limit to what can be achieved with Rolls-Royce Bespoke. Choose your inspiration. Experience a car with endless possibilities; a car bespoke to you.

Every Rolls-Royce motor car is provided with a four year unlimited mileage warranty and service package. Terms and conditions apply.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East and Africa Š Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 2013. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

XCLUSIVE - April 2013 Vol. 2  

Sir Richard Branson Cover Page

XCLUSIVE - April 2013 Vol. 2  

Sir Richard Branson Cover Page