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2004 Krista Nugent — University of Southern Indiana (Div. II) 2005 Elisa Torres — Northwestern Oklahoma University (NAIA) Sam Lore — Black Hills State (NAIA) Kassie Killion — Tasculum University (Div. II) 2006 Kari Marsico — Armstrong Atlantic State University (Div. II) Sydney Reyes — Grand Canyon University (Div. II) Blair McEndaffer — Chadron State College (Div. II) Britt McEndaffer — Chadron State College (Div. II) Ashley Cieluch — University of Northern Colorado (SM-Div. 1) 2007 Jessica Ventoza — University of Washington (Div. I) 2009 NCAA National Champions Ashley Eichelburger — Union College, Kentucky (NAIA) 2008 Jessie McNabb — University of Northern Colorado (Div. 1) Kara Ryman — University of Northern Colorado (Div. I) Amanda Hensley — University of Northern Colorado (Div. I) Lauren Bourdon — Armstrong Atlantic State University (Div. 11) Lauren Mills — West Alabama University (Div. II) Natasha Dypchey — Grand Canyon University (Div. II) 2009 Kelsey Garner — Troy University (Div. I) Alec Voci — Adams State College (Div. II) Casey Simpson — Southeastern Louisiana (Div. I) 2010 Katie Groves — Central Missouri University (Div. II) Megan Burditt — Northwest Oklahoma State (Div. II) Brenda Hearn — Northwest Oklahoma State (Div. II) Brittany Chacon — Chadron State College (Div. II) Stephanie Townsend — Chadron State College (Div. II) 2011 Ashton Hughes — University of Nebraska-Omaha (Div. I) Jacqui Cappuccilli — Central Methodist, Missouri (NAIA) Amanda Saldivar —York College (NAIA) Allie Alverson — Black Hills State College (Div. II) Jordan Schoepflin — Adams State (Div. II) Megan Bourdon — Northwest Oklahoma State (Div. II) 2012 Sarah Hawryluk — Iowa State University (Div. I) Aria Agle — BYU-Hawaii (Div. II) Mariah Faifer — College of The Southwest (NAIA) 2013 Bianca Duran — Louisiana Tech University (Div. I) Danielle Hearn — Culver Stockton College (NAIA) Kayla Romey — Friends University (NAIA) Melanie Rowson — Friends University (NAIA) Madison Spencer — Friends University (NAIA) Lindsey Shiels-Brophy — Friends University (NAIA) Mariah Shepherd — Oklahoma Wesleyan (NAIA) Jennifer Cottle — University of Detroit Mercy (Div. I) 2014 Angel Council — Langston University (NAIA) RaVae Herrera — Langston University (NAIA) Shelby McGraw — William Jewell University (Div. 11)

Training Room

WNCC has a trainer on staff to take care of all the athlete’s injuries. Doug Jones, who also teaches athletic training classes, serves as the Cougar athletic trainer. The training room features the latest in technology to help get the athlete back to 100%.

Champions Jessica Ventoza, former WNCC Cougar, was part of the 2009 NCAA champion Washington Husky softball team that defeated Florida for the title. Ventoza played for the 2007 WNCC team.

Volunteer Field

Volunteer Field was built into one of the nicest softball fields not only in Scottsbluff, but Region IX. The field, seven years ago, was just a sticker patch with dugouts and a backstop. Today, Volunteer Field has batting cages, bullpens, a locker room, a concession stand, seating for around 250 spectators, and restrooms. The field was built by volunteers from the community, thus the name of the field —Volunteer Field.

Western Nebraska Community College Softball


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Keeping the Tradition The Cougar softball team continues to grow into a championship squad. When the program first started, they barely reached the 10-win mark. Since Maria Winn-Ratliff took over eight years ago, the softball program has experienced 30-plus win seasons and captured four Region IX titles in the past five years. Overall, the team also had several All-Region players and AllAmericans, including five All-Americans in the past three years. The Cougars were co-champions of the conference race in 2009 and won the conference out-right in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. A commitment to excellence and a desire to compete at the highest level makes the Cougar softball program one of the strongest in the nation. Hope to see you in blue and gold next year!

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Head Coach Maria Winn-Ratliff 2014 Record: 50-15 Overall College Coaching Record: 426-191 (10 years and 4 regional titles) Coaching Honors:

2010-12 Region IX Coach of the Year 2008 & 2012 Region IX Outstanding Coach 2005, 2007, 2008, 2012 Region IX Coach of the year All-star Coach in Triple Crown All-star Series — 2005 and 2011

All-Region 2004 — Krista Nugent, IF; Jessica Fast, OF 2005 — Jessica Fast, OF; Elisa Torres, OF 2006 — Kari Marsico, Utility; Holli Pratt, P; Andi Shaw, IF; Blair McEndaffer, C (Freshman of the Year) 2007 — Natasha Dypchey, P; Jessica McNabb, IF; Jessica Ventoza IF; Kara Ryman, IF; Lauren Mills, OF 2008 — Kelsey Garner, P (Freshman of the Year and Player of the Year); Natasha Dypchey, P; Amanda Hensley, C; Amanda Torimaru, IF; Kara

Sarah Hawryluk — 2011, 2012

2008 — Kelsey Garner, 3rd Team Kara Ryman, 2nd team 2009 — Katie Groves, 3rd Team 2010 — Katie Groves, 1st Team 2011 — Ashton Hughes, 3rd Team 2012 — Sarah Hawryluk, 3rd Team 2013 — Kasey Cash, 2nd Team Bianca Duran, 2nd Team 2014 — Jessica Ball, 3rd Team Shelby McGraw, 3rd Team

NFCA All-West Region Team 2012 — Sarah Hawryluk, 1st Team 2013 — Kasey Cash, 1st Team Bianca Duran, 1st Team 2014 — Jessica Ball, 1st Team Shelby McGraw, 1st team

Academics 7 years as the top academic team at WNCC




Beginning 11th year



Danielle Hearn, IF, Kasey Cash, IF, Jennifer Cottle, C 2014 — Jessica Ball, IF (Player of the Year), Angel Council, IF, Courtney Cloud, OF, Kelsey Bernhardt, C; Shelby McGraw, Utility

Second Team All-Region Selections

2006 — Ashley Eichelberger, IF; Katrina Marquez, IF 2007 — Ashley Eichelberger, IF; Amanda Hensley, C/Utility 2008 — Alec Voci, OF; Ashley Patton, P 2009 — Kelly Pearson, IF; Casey Simpson, P 2011 — Bree Bitton, IF; Amanda Jones, P 2012 — Bree Bitton, DP; Mariah Shepherd, IF; Kasey Cash, IF; Amanda Jones, P 2013 — Angel Council, IF

Bianca Duran — 2012, 2013

NJCAA All-Americans 2008 — Kelsey Garner, 1st team Lauren Mills, 2nd team Kara Ryman, 2nd team 2009 — Katie Groves, 3rd Team 2013 — Bianca Duran, 2nd Team 2014 — Jessica Ball, 3rd team

Ashton Hughes — 2010, 2011


Academic All-Region 2005 — Sam Lore, Kassie Killion, Andrea Long 2006 — Kari Marsico, Sydney Reyes, Sam Lore, Kassie Killion, Andrea Long 2007 — Jessie McNabb, Natasha Dypchey, Jessica Ventoza, Lauren Bourdon, Jessica Pexton, Lauren Mills 2008 — Jessie McNabb, Natasha Dypchey, Kayli Allen, Lauren Bourdon, Jessica Pexton, Lauren Mills 2009 — Katie Groves, Casey Simpson, Adena Hagen, Alyssa Hickey, Stephanie Townsend, Kelly Pearson 2010 — Taylor Anderson, Stephanie Townsend, Adena Hagen, Jordan Schoepflin, Katie Groves, Ashton Hughes 2011 — Mariah Faifer, Amanda Jones, Jordan Schoepflin 2012 — Mariah Faifer, Amanda Jones, Brandi Percivel, Kayla Romey, Sarah Hawryluk, Bree Bitton, Kimmie Widick, Shalese Connary 2013 — Jennifer Cottle, Melanie Rowson, Kayla Romey, Kimmie Widick, Haley Paxton 2014 — Emily Rust, Lindsay Guymon, Kelsey Bernhardt, Courtney Cloud, Jordan Smith, Aylssa Linford, Hannah Gonzales

Top Team GPA Honors


The Coach

NFCA All-Americans

2008 — Kelsey Garner, 1st Team Kara Ryman, 2nd team 2009 — Katie Groves, 1st Team Adena Hagen, 2nd Team 2010 — Katie Groves, 1st Team 2011 — Ashton Hughes, 1st Team Jocelyn Stubbs, 2nd Team

e-mail at, or office at 308-6356189. Coach Winn-Ratlff,

Ryman, IF; Jessie McNabb, IF; Lauren Bourdon, IF; Lauren Mills, OF; Mandy Pounds, OF 2009 — Katie Groves, IF (Freshman of the Year); Kelsey Garner, P; Lauryn Smith, OF; Adena Hagen, OF 2010 — Jordan Schoepflin, IF (Freshman of the Year); Katie Groves, IF; Adena Hagen, OF; Taylor Anderson, P; Stephanie Townsend, P; Ashton Hughes, C; Megan Bourdon, Utility 2011 —   Ashton Hughes, P (Player of the Year); Jocelyn Stubbs, C (Freshman of the Year); Jacqui Cappuccilli, IF; Jordan Schoepflin, IF; Megan Bourdon, IF; Sarah Hawryluk, OF; Mariah Faifer, DP 2012 —   Bianca Duran, P (Freshman of the Year); Jocelyn Stubbs, C; Sarah Hawryluk, OF; Aria Agle, OF 2013 — Bianca Duran, P (Pitcher and Player of the Year);

First Team All-Region Selections

Katie Groves — 2009, 2010

Helps conduct softball youth clinics in Las Vegas, Colorado, Nebraska, New York, California, and Missouri. Contact Coach Winn-Ratliff for more information on Cougar softball by


NFCA/NJCAA Academic All-Americans 2005 — Andrea Long, Kassie Killion 2006 — Kari Marsico, Sydney Reyes 2007 — Jessie McNabb, Natasha Dypchey

2009 — Katie Groves 2010 — Taylor Anderson, Stephanie Townsend, and Adena Hagen (distinguished) 2011 — Mariah Faifer

2013 — Jennifer Cottle, Melanie Rowson (Superior) , Kayla Romey (Superior), Kimmie Widick. 2014 — Emily Rust, Lindsay Guymon

2014 softball recruiting booklet  
2014 softball recruiting booklet