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Initial Heavy Steel Sketch

Structural Axon Detail

Perspective from Track

Site Plan




Structural Section

The class was charged with designing a Sports Pavilion in the Fens, a park in Boston, MA. The pavilion’s program included a snack bar, seating, equipment storage and restrooms. The repeated steel structural member (details at left) would start from a footing, slip up through the floor, support the bar, interact with angular supports and support a glazed facade. The glazing closed and locked when not in use; when in use, the glazing opened creating covered outdoor seating. The front and rear glazed panels are raised and lowered by a central winch system. The two private areas, bathrooms and the sports storage/ snack bar were wrapped in sheet steel bookending the central seating/viewing area.


Studio 5: Sports Pavilion Northeastern University Boston, MA

Mark Rainville's Portfolio  

My design portfolio.

Mark Rainville's Portfolio  

My design portfolio.