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Phase 1 included the elevator, entry, grand stair, main lobby and upper level lounges. Phase 2 , 3, 4 and 5 reprogramed underused parts of the dorm building’s half basement creating more lounge space for students, while also including a handful of ADA adaptable dorm rooms.

New Stair and Lounges

New Monumental Stair and Entry Patio (Credit: Bruce T. Martin)




Project involved coordinating various mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades. The architectural design consisted of a new entry vestibule with grand stair and the addition of an elevator within an existing stairwell. The budget and schedule were very tight due to the short summer break. Also there was an accessibility threshold; whereby, if the budget surpassed that threshold every non-compliant element of the building would have to be addressed. The total cost required phasing for future work, in order to remain below the threshold.


Westfield State College PCA, Inc. Scanlon Hall, Wesfield, MA

Mark Rainville's Portfolio  

My design portfolio.

Mark Rainville's Portfolio  

My design portfolio.