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How to look good and feel 10 years younger




GUIDE CONTENTS 03 – Harnessing the Power of Your Subconscious Programs Reprogram Your Mind with Hypnotherapy

05 – Detoxing Slows Down the Aging Process Tips to Create Your Own Spring Detox

07 – Style Matters… Even When You Don’t Think it Should How You Present Yourself Reveals a Lot About You



09 - Reboot Your Energy Levels and Sex Appeal The Benefits of Juicing and Blending.

11 – Quick & Easy Snacks for the Busy Wellington Woman Indian Food is Not All About Curries and Tandori

13 – What is Teeth Whitening and How Does it Work? Must Know Tips on How to Get a Lovely Smile

15 – Getting Pampered in Central Wellington Next to the Railway Station

THOUGHTS FROM THE EDITOR In the next few pages you’ll discover some self-care secrets that are not widely known or promoted. Secrets that you can use right now to look good and feel younger. True inner beauty is a function of the food you eat, the exercise you get, the thoughts that you think, and the quality of your sleep. It has really helped me in my life to take advice from the right people. The following are experts in their field and are worth listening to - Aroha nui Mark Fantham

Do You Need a Little Pampering?

17 - Lorraine Downes on Skincare Lorraine Downes Talks About Your Skin and NZ Botanicals



HARNESSING THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS Reprogram Your Mind with Hypnotherapy By Meredith McCarthy, Hypnotherapist

Imagine waking up every morning and having a positive outlook or jumping out of bed and really feeling happy with life. Are you thinking this is too good to be true? Getting into a more resourceful state of mind can make you feel empowered in any area of your life. You are already full of positive recourses. You can activate emotional states by understanding how to activate your five senses in a resourceful way. You really can reprogram your mind in such a way that it will create positive anchors in your world that will support 3

a more positive way of being. Top athletes use a focused state of mind to achieve their desired goals this is a form of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is just a narrowed focused state of mind where you are more open to suggestion. When you are watching a movie and you get caught up in the story you can suspend disbelief for a while. When you drive you can go into a state called hypno-driving. Your mind is off thinking about all kinds of things, yet you are still able to drive the car safely to your destination. Sometimes you don’t always remember the journey because you were on autopilot. You have a subconscious program that takes over and safely drives the car, because you have formed


a resourceful habit. Many of these programs just happen. We don’t even realise that we are in a loop of behaviour. This is where hypnotherapy becomes the ultimate tool to help shift unwanted programs. You are working at that deeper subconscious level where you can activate your learning centre and do a mental dress rehearsal for success.

Top tips to get into a

resourceful state of mind. • Write down a time in the past that you became stressed. • Ask yourself how you would like to feel and behave in those stressful situations in the future? Close your eyes and imagine playing that through your mind (what it feels like in your mind with that change). • Ask yourself if there is anything stopping you from changing the way you want to react in the future? Imagine that you could find a way to resolve the thing that’s stopping you and how that would make you feel. Keep identifying the key things that may get in your way and keep exploring your options.

be saying…? what would I be feeling…? what would I be experiencing, that would indicate that I am in my desired state? Every time you dress rehearse you are reinforcing the neuro-pathways in your brain helping you to create a new habit. When you want to change the way you react to a situation you naturally do this by exploring how you would like your experience to be. But sometimes times we get stuck emotionally in what we don’t want and wonder why nothing changes.

Get a Free Audio Guide “Teach Yourself How to Deeply Relax in 5 Easy Steps” when you book an appointment. Meredith McCarthy 027 699 3950

• Keep doing a dress rehearsal in your mind until you come up with the exact formula for success. When you do this get all your senses involved, ask yourself what does that look like? Ask yourself what would my inner voice WELLINGTON WOMANS HEALTH & BEAUTY GUIDE


“DETOXING SLOWS DOWN THE AGING PROCESS.” Tips to Create Your Own Detox By Christine Balzer-Gibbs, ND, Naturopath, Kinesiologist, Ayurveda and Yoga Practitioner - Wellington

Are you waking up in the morning feeling stiff and sluggish, or looking in the mirror and seeing more lines or maybe noticing your eyes aren’t shining like they used to? These are usually signs that your body is struggling to release a build up of toxins and metabolic waste. A new year is your call for detox action. There is new growth everywhere in nature and our bodies want to sprout into newness too. But unfortunately unless we release the old worn out cells and accumulated toxins our bodies are holding, the cells cannot uptake the oxygen and nutrients that they need to give us health, vitality and the fresh glow of spring we all want. 5

Here are some simple common sense tips to create your own spring detox so you can…

Feel More Energetic and Look Clearer and More Radiant. DECIDE to take a week out of your habitual eating patterns and give your digestive system a rest and detoxify. EAT LESS. It is well documented that when people and animals eat less they live longer and remain healthier. Try just eating fruit until midday. CHOOSE mainly foods that are plant based. No processed, fried or sugar based foods. Cut out all the grains for a week, they slow the digestion and metabolism down. Concentrate on


fresh veggie and fruit juices, green drinks, salads, soups, steamed vegetables and fruits. Select good protein as protein helps us detox and contains the building blocks to make all the new healthy tissue in your body. Include good fats like coconut oil, olive oil, butter or ghee. START YOUR DAY with a glass of warm lemon and ginger water. Keep yourself hydrated with as much warm water as you can during the day. Cold water contracts the stomach while warm soothes and releases the toxins more easily. If you get a headache drink more, it’s only a sign your body is detoxing. DO THIS SIMPLE YOGA CLEANSING BREATH. The lungs are an important way for our bodies to detox metabolic waste. When we remove the excess CO2 from our system it takes the load off the other eliminatory organs such as the liver, kidneys, bowels and skin, so they can do a better job. The more oxygenated the in-breath is the better it can cleanse the blood and regenerate the cells. Sit in a kneeling position and take a deep inhale, pucker up the mouth and slowly bring your head to the floor as you make multiple whooshes to force all the breath out of your mouth. Then lift the head slowly taking a deep oxygenated breath coming back to an upright position. Do this 3x. (You may

feel a bit light headed at first, so take it slowly) DETOX YOUR MIND AND EMOTIONS. As you awake and go to sleep, practice an Attitude of Gratitude. This will attract more positivity to you. Remember when anything disturbs you take a deep breath, relax and say the Mantra “I RELEASE AND I AM AT PEACE.” RELAXATION FOR REJUVENATION. It’s important to relax. This is when the body gets its cue to reset, and rejuvenate. Lie down and relax any tension. Instruct your body to deeply let go, release and relax. Focus on the gentle rise and fall of your breath. With every out-breath, release all that is no longer useful visualising the tension and toxins passing out of the cells. Then on the in-breath imagine a golden healing sun transforming them all into healthy, youthful, robust cells. Need some support with a program suited just for you? Christine Balzer-Gibbs 021 841 888. When you book your 1 hour appointment I will include a FREE 15 minute Energising Kinesiology Balance, and a signature blend bottle of NZ Flower essences for Health and vitality.



STYLE MATTERS… EVEN IF YOU DON’T THINK IT SHOULD How You Present Yourself Reveals a Lot About You By Jenny Alexander, Style Expert

How you present yourself to the world reveals a lot about you are. Think about what certain clothing says about you. Wearing track pants in public says, “Look! I can’t be bothered changing my sweaty post-workout clothes.” Shapeless, faded, baggy clothes envelope you in a cloud of frumpiness and scream, “Check it out! I don’t deserve to wear nice things.” Overgrown eyebrows, greasy hair and untidy nails tell the world, “That’s right, I don’t care enough to take care of myself.” But luckily, every woman, no matter her size, shape, colour or age, can look fabulous—every day (even when she might not feel 100% fabulous on the inside). 7

Here are 3 things that you can do every day to enhance your own fabulosity. 1. Wear clothes that fit you today. I don’t care what size you were yesterday—do not wear anything that looks or feels tight on you today. Seriously… you could be a size 8, but put on a size 4 and your buttons will gape, your waistband will cut off oxygen to your brain, and you will look 10kgs heavier than you are. The same goes for your underwear. If your bra gives you “back cuddles” or your boobs are spilling out of the cups… it’s too small, get one that fits. If your too-tight trousers are creating a muffin top, your panties are crawling up your bum or your shirt buttons keep


popping open, you will look and feel awkward. And that is never fabulous. This also applies to clothes that are too big for you. If everything in your closet is too small or too big, bite the bullet and go get at least two outfits that fit you properly. Trust me… clothes that fit are the foundation of looking great.

2. Focus on the parts of your body you like. Every woman (supermodels included) hates things about themselves. Fat thighs, wobbly arms, cellulite, big boobs, no boobs, too thin, too fat, too short, too tall—every woman has bits they loathe. So stop focusing on the bad stuff, and take a hard look at what’s good about your body. Great legs? Wear skirts that show them off. Great rack? Don’t hide your lights under a bushel—get the right bra and get your girls up and out.

well groomed. As Miuccia Prada says, “Style is instant language.” Make sure your style is saying what you want the world to hear.

"Book a 3 hour wardrobe overhaul and receive a 1 hour personal shopping or styling session for free" For more tips and tricks, please visit our website. Jenny Alexander 021 440 125

Got a classic hourglass figure? Then take a lesson from Nigella Lawson and dress to show it off. Learn to focus on the great things about your body.

3. Be well groomed. Look after your skin, wear a little makeup, get a good haircut, keep your colour fresh, have tidy nails and (my biggest pet peeve) pay attention to your eyebrows. They frame your face, so get them done professionally a few times a year and pluck the “Stragglees” out in between visits. Good eyebrows are key to being WELLINGTON WOMANS HEALTH & BEAUTY GUIDE


REBOOT YOUR ENERGY LEVELS AND SEX APPEAL The benefits of Juicing and Blending. By Mark Fantham

You should get about 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, right? Wrong - 5 servings is the minimum, in a perfect world.

Chlorophyll is the green life force in green leafy plants like kale and spinach. Drinking this juice means instant energy for you. This is why these plants form the basis of a green smoothie.

You have been short changing yourself in the nutrient department.

Chlorophyll is a potent detoxifier and life force provider. Plants convert energy from the sun into ‘green plant’ energy that we can digest, absorb, potentiate and radiate. If you want to be more vibrant and sexy looking, this is where you need to start.

You can stop short changing yourself now by juicing or blending your fruit and veg. It’s a fast and convenient way to get your nutrients and hit your recommended target.

Assuming you can get fresh produce from your own garden or someone else's garden, like your local Saturday markets - you will want to select a juicer or a blender.

These nutrients you are missing are the building blocks of what makes you look and feel more desirable. They also feed your cells to produce energy, including sexual energy. Could your sex life do with a boost?

Which is best? Should you Juice or Blend?

You are not living in a perfect world add to that the probability that you are time poor as well and your five servings is going to be impossible.


Juicing will give you a quicker hit or uptake of the nutrients that you want, but juicers have more moving parts and


will take longer to clean. Juicing is recommended however for people with chronic nutrition problems that need instantaneous results, like yesterday! If you don’t have a chronic disease and you just want to get a smoking hot body, then you will want to add more fibre to your diet. A high powered and durable blender will do this. The blender will liquefy your fruit and veg for easy absorption like the juicer, plus it retains the valuable fibre which will help pull toxins out of your body. Also, a big plus is the fact that unlike a juicer, a blender will allow you more interesting and delicious variety, e.g. you can add things like extra protein in the form of powder and/or peanut butter. Or extra high quality fats like coconut oil and/or avocado or superfoods like maca and cacao. You can’t do that with a juicer. The blender is basically a jug with a blade in the bottom so that means it’s easy to clean. You just rinse the inside with hot water and leave it to dry, upside-down. Pretty simple - even for the extremely time poor. Want to fit those skinny jeans without going all muffin top? Juicing will certainly help. The padding around your waist isn’t just fat, it is also going to be: inflammation and backed up faecal matter. The best and fastest way to reduce your waistline is to stop

eating bread and look to drastically reduce all grains. This combined with juicing will clean you out pretty fast, shrink your tummy and leave you feeling more energised with a corresponding increase to your sexual attractiveness. However, you can’t live on juicing for an extended period and you will eventually have to come back to “normal eating.” BIG TIP - Having a green blended smoothie as a meal replacement during the day, is an easier option to implement and a better long-term strategy, then going on a juicing fast. Select a Juicer Here Select a Blender Here

2 Smoothie Recipies. Smoothie Starter (breakfast) 1½ cups water small bunch organic spinach 3 stalks organic celery 1 organic apple, cored and chopped 1 organic pear, cored and chopped 1 organic banana Thai Soup (lunch or dinner) 2 cucumbers 1 large avocado ,1 lime, juiced 3 cloves garlic 6 leaves curly kale, stems removed ½ teaspoon dried turmeric powder ½ inch fresh ginger root 2 cups water Coriander as garnish



QUICK & HEALTHY SNACKS FOR THE BUSY WELLINGTON WOMEN Indian Food is Not All About Curries and Tandori By Akhil Narayana, Foodie & Photographer

After a hard day at work, coming home and just thinking about cooking could scare you. And therefore you may find yourself choosing to have take-aways. Convenient – yes, nutritious - no. The recipes I use are designed for a typical busy workday. They don’t take much time and definitely taste yum. I follow no rules here. I just use logic… and you can do it too. So just try and balance the flavours and Voila! You sure can create something of your own and be proud of it. I’m originally from Bangalore India but now I’m a Kiwi convert. I call Wellington my home. 11

Can you tell that I have taken my passion for creating original dishes and shooting good photos, to a whole new level? I wanted to combine these two interests of mine and bring them together to a wider audience, and hence my facebook page was born. These are my own recipes. They are not copied from anywhere nor do they use anyone's instructions. I love to experiment but at the same time keep it tasty and simple too. All these recipes are our everyday food. My wife is lucky because I do the food prep around here. I had initially started cooking Indian dishes using ingredients I have here in


NZ as my inspiration. But with the advent of Food TV and the increased knowledge of food preparation techniques, I've tried to cook using all my knowledge gained thus far.

- Sweet/sour tamarind juice, hot green chutney (made of mint, garlic & chilli) and topped with coriander. In some versions, they do add traces of mashed potato & chickpeas.

Maybe you can tell that I have also injected my enthusiasm and focus, which makes it all taste way better. Let me know what you think. Below I present you with 2 quick, easy and fun recipes - Both versions taste equally good. Give them a try because if you like what you see here, you can check out a lot more on my facebook page at

2 - The second is a non-Indianised contemporary version that uses no particular Indian ingredient at all apart from the core ingredient (puffed rice flakes). In this case I used: - Thai Sweet Chilli & Green Thai sauce instead of Green Chutney & Tamarind sauce

1 - Authentically it's called Bhel Puri. It's an Indian Snack that is generally consumed for afternoon tea along with a cuppa. Indian food is not all about curries and tandooris as kiwis’ might think. The snack is made mainly with a base of puffed rice flakes, and: - Peanuts, chilli powder, salt, turmeric, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots,

- Peas, Almonds & Cashews instead of peanuts - Crispy Lettuce & Cucumber instead of Carrots & tomatoes - Parsley instead of coriander - Dry red chilli flakes instead of the chilli powder. - Toasted white & black sesame seeds for seasoning along with salt & pepper.



WHAT IS TEETH WHITENING AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Must Know Tips on How to Get a Lovely Smile By K Joshi (JJ), Registered Aesthetician

What is Teeth Whitening and how does it work? We use light activation and a peroxide based gel to breakdown the stains off the enamel, which shows the colour of the dentin underneath. Dentin is an ivory colour as opposed to pure white. The enamel, which the stains are on, is actually clear like glass. Stains come about through lifestyle choices like the food you eat and drink and certain medications. Once the stains are removed it reveals a lot whiter smile What type of person gets their teeth whitened and why? People that want confidence in their appearance. It makes people want to 13

smile. It’s incredible when you see someone get excited and happy about his or her appearance. It’s a major boost to their confidence, especially when they see how it matches naturally with their skin and hair colour. A Stanford University study concluded that a smile is so powerful that if 2 identical people were applying for the same job the one with the whiter smile would get the job. What happens at a teeth-whitening session? We ask you a few questions about the health of their teeth? We also get questions from them about what their concerns are and not everybody qualifies to get whitened. Some people may


need some dental work first.

friendly to your gums.

We look at some shades together and agree on what would be suitable, using a shade guide and a mirror.

Of all the options a person has for whitening their teeth why should they choose you? People can choose us with confidence because we are all registered members of the New Zealand Teeth Whitening Association – a controlling body for Aestheticians. Our brand LovelySmile is probably the biggest in NZ and has been around the longest. Our product is completely NZ based and is formulated by me personally.

A retractor is put into the mouth. A Gel is applied to the teeth. And a light comes on to activate the Gel. After about 15 minutes it’s removed. We guarantee that you will walk out of the room with whiter teeth, or your money back.

3 Key Strategies to Avoid Staining It’s not about avoiding your favourite foods. I like coffee. Now that I have had my teeth whitened do I stop drinking coffee? Heck no! …but, I do use a 3 Step Strategy and here it is… 1 - Rinsing - You can count on the fact that certain foods and liquids are going to stain your teeth. Eg. Beetroot juice, turmeric (curry), coffee, tea, etc – but if you rinse after a meal that will make a huge difference. This is very important. 2 - Flossing. A lot of people don’t floss. If you floss you wont get the bugs that eat into your gum (Gingivitis). Flossing is key to healthy gums and teeth. You can loose teeth by not looking after your gums. 3 - Baking Soda. It doesn’t hurt to occasionally brush your teeth with Baking Soda. It’s a light abrasive that can remove deep stains, and it’s also

The light activated 3 in 1 Gel product we use is patented and exclusive to us. It addresses 3 areas that other Teeth Whitening Gels don’t: 1 - Safety – You can rely on the fact or Gel is save. 2 - Pain Reduction – The Gel is formulated with similar ingredients to Sensodyne tooth paste which soothes the sensitivity. 3 - Strengths Enamel – The end result is your teeth are strengthened. Prices start at $169. K Joshi (JJ) 0508 568 359






Do you need a little pampering on those bleak, overcast and windy Wellington days, where pressures abound? Consider time-out at Bliss Hair Salon. It’s a salon conveniently situated in the Asteron building near the iconic Wellington railway station, allowing commuters to ‘nip in’ or alternatively sit, rest and be spoilt, before their journey. Happiness and fulfillment is all about having a choice. A little treat can be bliss… and at this salon, you need not spend hours indulging yourself. When it comes to customer service and satisfaction - Bliss staff offer a glass of wine, tea or coffee upon arrival to relax clients - the beginning of an extremely 15

rewarding experience. A steam towel and chocolate just prior to leaving is the crème de la crème and leaves you feeling invigorated and ready for anything. The hairdressing and hair related beauty services are lovingly performed in a unique and tranquil environment. Allowing you to unwind and feel relaxed. From your first step in the salon, you will love the ambiance supplied by the chandeliers that add a touch of glamour, and the background music perfectly chosen to lull you into an upbeat but tranquil state, allowing you to admire each stylists personal flair and eloquent attention to detail.


What our clients say: Anita on Lucas, “The first time I went to Lucas not only was I impressed by the standard of customer service and friendly manner, but also his ability to listen to what I want and then provide me with the best colour and cut. I have recommended many people, both strangers and friends who feel the same. I would not go anywhere else as once you find the best, you don't want anything less”.

Ms Smith for Domer, “He can have me looking amazing for any business meeting. I have a corporate cut that is feminine yet sharp. Domer cuts precisely, its easy care and stays in place, wash and wear – I love it. He has a talent for special occasions he is an international makeup artist and makes me look like a top model.”

Suzie for Louisa, “She is the one for straightening my hair. As a student I just home dyed and when I entered the work force I was delighted that Louisa sorted out my discoloured hair. It’s funny, my friends thought I looked amazing – my secret was Louisa.”

Joyce for Nadine, “She is so warm and welcoming, I just pop in and Nadine arranges it all for me, a quick tanning treatment, a luxurious hair treatment and then she recommends the right products for my hair. Nothing is a problem.”

Nadine of Bliss Hair Salon says: “We like to consult and advise our clients on hair care to ensure their service doesn’t end when they leave the salon. Problem solving is a specialty, including hair colour and skin matching advice, cutting and styling for lifestyle, astute hair-ups for special occasions, and special services for pensioners and students.”

Book a colour and get a FREE cut, when you mention that you read this article. Nadine Steffens 04 939 2432



LORRAINE DOWNES ON SKINCARE “NZ Botanicals are known for their Super Healing and Rejuvenating Properties” Lorraine Downes won the Miss New Zealand title and went on to represent her country at the 1983 Miss Universe pageant broadcast live from St. Louis, Missouri in July 1983. After the preliminary competition, Lorraine made the top twelve cut in 6th place, but placed 2nd in the final evening gown competition, 3rd in the interview competition, and 4th in swimsuit. She made the final five in third place behind Julie Hayek of the USA and Lolita Morena of Switzerland, and was eventually crowned Miss Universe. Lorraine Downes' win was New Zealand's first in the pageant's history.

1. You say there is a trend towards more natural beauty products why do you think that is? Education… Women know about chemicals in beauty products and the effects they can have on their bodies. They have a choice and the natural skincare/cosmetic ranges are becoming more popular for this reason.

2. How do you think NZ compares with their international counter parts? Are we late or early for the trend? Fortunately for Living Nature they



were early with the trend. They have formulated their products using native NZ botanicals that are unique to New Zealand. 86% of the native plants in NZ are unique to New Zealand. There has been a demand for Living Nature for 25 years now around the world. The company pioneered the natural skincare category from New Zealand to the world. And the world specifically seeks out Living Nature for their formulations. When women research the brands they are considering when moving to natural, they soon discover the difference between them. The Environmental Working Group in America has spent a lot of time creating the Skin Deep Database where they have over 60,000 products that women can scan to find out the difference in safety for themselves based on a hazard rating. Living Nature is named as a Champion Brand based on their low hazard rating. This month for Breast Cancer fundraising they have created an App, which is very handy. You can download it and scan everything in your cupboard and find out how it is

rated. If it is not on the database it is because the manufacturer has not submitted it to be scrutinized. Sadly there are no strict regulations around skincare. Unlike food where you have to declare the ingredients in skincare you don’t have to do that.

3. With all of the options to back other natural products why did you choose Living Nature? I had wanted to be involved with a natural NZ skincare/cosmetic company for a while and when Living Nature approached me, I was thrilled. I did due diligence for 6 months with the company trialing their products.

4. Do you have any other beliefs that would get you to support natural beauty products besides health reasons? Native botanicals have proven efficacy.

5. How do you think NZ natural botanicals compare with international alternatives?



NZ botanicals are known for their super healing and rejuvenating properties and are respected for that reason. Manuka and Harakeke are used in medical wound dressings for the fast healing properties. Harekeke Flax Gel is a lot more hydrating than Aloe Vera for example. It’s just that the world does not know that.

6. What is your favourite skin care product and why? Extra Hydrating Gel - At my age, my skin needs extra moisture and this product uses NZ Native Harakeke Flax Gel, to restore the skin's ideal pH balance. It also has antimicrobial Active Manuka Honey which is a natural humectant. This draws moisture into the skin. Fantastic for soothing sunburn.

soothing and frankincense for healing. It works while I sleep. The fragrance is divine and I personally feel it makes me sleep better.

8. What personal practice can you share with our readers, that doesn’t include a product, which has helped you to look good and feel younger through the years? Being tapped into a spiritual belief (for me it is God) that guides me 24/7. This belief gives me peace, love and it also takes the fear away when needed.

9. What trends do you see for the future regarding the Natural Beauty Products industry?

7. What is your favourite wellbeing product and why?

I believe this category will continue to grow, as people want to live longer and be younger. They are more aware of health than they used to be.

Radiance Night Oil. When I use this product I feel it is a true treat. This oil is filled with Rose and Rosehip Oil for rejuvenation, calendula for

Lorraine Downs 1983 Miss Universe



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