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Trustees Appointment Brief Prepared by Rachel Hubbard February 2014 REF: UAAME

Saxton Bampfylde 35 Old Queen Street London SW1H 9JA +44 (0)20 7227 0800

Introduction from Chair Dear prospective applicant, Thank you very much for your interest in joining the Board of Papworth Trust. We are committed to pursuing our aim of achieving more equality, choice and independence for disabled people. To help us do this, we now need to recruit three new trustees to replenish the Board. We have a lively group of trustees from varied backgrounds, all of whom are very dedicated to the work of the Trust. We are looking for trustees who will bring not only relevant experience and expertise, but also an enthusiasm for our aims and for working with disabled people. Following five or more years of substantial growth in activities and services, we have had a year of consolidation during which we have overcome some sharp service and financial challenges. We are now well placed financially although, of course, we recognise the challenges which lie ahead. We are ambitious to ensure that the needs, views and aspirations of disabled people are reflected in the way we offer our services. We also want to help input the voices of our service users into the national debate about policy and resources. The trustee role at Papworth can be hugely rewarding. Listening to our service users you will hear many examples of us helping to transform their lives. This may be through any one of our high quality services in housing, rehabilitation, employment, personal care or leisure. We are working to achieve better outcomes by a closer integration of the services and the support we can offer disabled people across the range of our activities. So, I hope this application brief will stimulate your interest in the Trust and encourage you to join us in an exciting, challenging and rewarding journey to a better life for disabled people. Yours sincerely,

Rob Hammond Chair of Trustees

Papworth Trust | Trustees

Papworth Trust Papworth Trust is a leading disability charity and registered social landlord. We support around 20,000 disabled people each year, enabling equality, choice and independence in their lives. Papworth Trust work with people of all ages and all disabilities, as well as disadvantaged people who are disabled, providing a range of high quality services. Through our Information Centre, we provide advice for disabled people and their families and carers. We also work with disabled people to campaign about issues affecting them, aiming to inform and influence the Government, so that the decisions they make have a positive impact on disabled people's lives. Papworth Trust is the main beneficiary of The Varrier Jones Foundation, which is a sister charity named after our founder, holds and manages our non-operational assets, and generates an annual donation to the Trust.

What we do: •

provide over 630 homes - of which two thirds are wheelchair accessible;

help nearly 4,000 people each year obtain and retain employment;

enable over 90% of clients accessing vocational rehabilitation to get a job or be ready for work;

deliver services every day from 7 centres across the Eastern region;

we raise funds for our services and nurture our volunteer support;

have an annual turnover of £20m and employ over 600 staff – approximately 18% with a disability.

My Services We help disabled and disadvantaged people to live as independently as possible by providing easy access to information and advice, services which enable disabled people to support themselves better and supporting activities so disabled people can achieve their aims. My Home Papworth Trust is a registered charity and Registered Social Landlord (Housing Association) specialising in the provision of wheelchair accessible homes. We support disabled people to live independently. We support choice and independent living. As experts, we build and adapt accessible properties to the highest national standards. We provide accessible properties for disabled individuals or for families with a disabled child or adult. We have over 630 homes in the region, two thirds of which are wheelchair accessible.

Papworth Trust | Trustees

My Care We support people with a range of disabilities to live as independently as possible by supporting them to live in their own homes, providing services to individuals and their carers who may have Personal Budgets including direct payments or giving care from a few hours a week through to 24 hour support. My Leisure We provide services at a number of centres to help people develop greater independence. Increasingly, this is enabling people to use their Personal Budgets to tailor the services to their personal needs. My Work Papworth Trust helps almost 4,000 people every year to get and keep jobs through a range of different services. We work with Job Centre Plus on a range of contracts to help clients, often in a sub contracting role to Prime Providers. Read more at: Papworth Trust Vocational Rehabilitation is a highly successful and unique nationwide service tailored to the individual to rebuild confidence, self-esteem and independence with a focus on gaining employment. It is self funding and has ambitious growth plans. For further information about Papworth Trust please visit

Papworth Trust | Trustees

The Organisation Our Mission is for disabled people to have equality, choice and independence in their lives. Our centenary vision is that by 2017 we will be sought after and respected for our insights into disability issues because: • • •

disabled people value our integrated and community-based services; we address people’s unmet needs and aspirations; we are known for pacesetting projects and standards.

Our Values We listen to people’s needs and build great services around them We inspire everyone to try to change our world We support people to live their lives to the full We care that every person is seen for what they can do We work together so that we can make a difference Papworth Trust is an ambitious, inspirational organisation that provides services for disabled people in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, North London, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Northampton, Peterborough and Suffolk. We employ over 600 staff, of which about 18% have some form of declared disability and will have a turnover of about £20 million this year. We have assets valued at £35 million. We have increased our long term borrowing from £10.4 million to £12.1 million to enable us to finance our housing development programme. Our fixed assets remain more than 2.75 times long term borrowing. Papworth Trust believes in delivering the highest possible quality of services to as many people as possible. We are motivated to reach even greater numbers in the future, and our plans to become an employer of choice capable of providing first rate services could see us grow rapidly in the coming years. Our income comes from a wide variety of sources including Government, Local Authorities, Individuals, Private Companies and Fundraising. Papworth Trust is the sole beneficiary of The Varrier Jones Foundation.

The Varrier Jones Foundation In 1993, Papworth Everard was designated a rural growth village in the Local Structure Plan. The Parish Council was keen to redress what was perceived as an imbalance of the number Papworth Trust | Trustees

of people with disabilities within the village to the number of non-disabled, so encouraged the increase in size of the village. Therefore the village was set to grow from 800 to 3,000 residents. To cater for this extra work the Trustees of Papworth Trust decided to split the charity in 2 and create a grant-giving organisation. The Varrier-Jones Foundation, named after Sir Pendrill, is run out of an office at Upper Pendrill Court in the new village centre and has 8 Trustees, 2 of whom are also Trustees of Papworth Trust (normally 50% of Trustees would also be Trustees of Papworth Trust). The Foundation’s major role is to supervise the redevelopment of the village and use the proceeds to develop a diversified portfolio of investments which will generate an income which will be used to support Papworth Trust for many years to come. The principal objective of the charity is to provide financial support for the work of the Papworth Trust, whose mission is for disabled people to have equality, choice and independence. The charity meets this commitment through the development and investment of its assets. In addition to its principal objective the charity also makes a small number of low value financial contributions towards the work of other charities providing services for disabled people.

Papworth Trust | Trustees

Papworth Trust - Financial performance

The key areas of performance for the financial year ending 2013 are: •

Total turnover reduced from £20.0m to £19.4m. Turnover from social housing activities increased by £0.7m; however, turnover from non-social housing activities decreased by £1.2m.

Turnover from social housing lettings rose from £3.6m to £3.7m, primarily as a result of the annual rent review and some new properties coming into management.

Papworth Trust | Trustees

Non-social housing activities saw increased income from fundraising, following the recruitment of a stronger team, offset by reduced turnover from My Care and My Work. Income for My Care reduced by 21%, mainly due to the cessation of a loss-making contract. My Work income reduced by 8% due to issues with the Work Programme contract at the start of the financial year.

During the year, the Trust disposed of certain investments which realised gains of £692k.

Spending •

Operating costs reduced by £63k in the year to £19.5m. This was achieved by strict control and monitoring of expenditure.

Interest payable on loans and overdrafts increased by £56k to £68k as a result of additional drawdown on the loan facility to fund investment in social housing.

Further details You can find more about Papworth Trust at and the latest annual report at In addition you can find the latest annual review at

The roles The purpose Given the upcoming retirement of some Trustees and the need to continue excellent governance of both charities, we are seeking up to three new Trustees for Papworth Trust. In order to meet our Joint Working Arrangements, we need one of either the existing Trustees or a new Trustee to become a Trustee of both organisations. This is likely to be a Trustee with financial and/ or investment experience. The Trustees will ensure the delivery of the aims and objectives in line with the mission and vision and to ensure compliance with its governance responsibilities (trustees are responsible for ensuring the legal and statutory requirements of a UK charity are met in compliance with the Charity Commission guidelines) Key requirements The responsibilities of Trustees Trustees have collective responsibility for the health of the organisation, holding the charity in trust for present and future beneficiaries, ensuring that it remains true to its charitable objects. Trustees’ roles Trustees determine overall policy and agree rules and guidance for the Executive to implement this policy. Trustees do not ‘manage’, but must play a part in the development of

Papworth Trust | Trustees

policy, setting up a formal framework for the Leadership Team to follow once a policy has been agreed by the Trustees. The key responsibilities of our Trustees are as follows: 1. To ensure that the charity has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction and is focussed on achieving these. 2. To ensure that the charity complies with all legal and regulatory requirements. 3. To take overall responsibility for the performance of the charity and its corporate behaviour. 4. To act as guardians of the charity’s assets, both tangible and intangible, including its good name and ensure that risks are identified and appropriate mitigation is set in place. 5. To appoint and remove the Chief Executive, giving him/her appropriate levels of delegated authority and be involved in appointments of managers directly reporting to the Chief Executive. 6. To approve and monitor the annual budget and operating plans and the performance and outcomes of agreed strategies. 7. To ensure that all stakeholders in the charity are engaged. 8. To advise the Chairman of any matters causing them concern about the performance of the organisation. 9. To ensure that the charity’s governance is of the highest possible standard. 10. To assist the Chairman in the carrying out of his/her role as given below. 11. A Trustee is involved for input and advice in the appointment of Leadership Team members, but the Chief Executive makes the decision. Time commitment The Board meets six times per year, four times for a morning and twice for a full day. In addition, Trustees are members of one of the sub-committees and these usually meet about four times per year. In addition, Trustees are called upon for advice and guidance from time to time, ether at meetings or over the phone. We also hope that Trustees will support various fundraising and profile-raising events as they are able. Trustee Visits Periodically Trustees will initiate visits to clients and/or staff. The purpose of these visits is to keep lines of communication open and to ensure that clients, staff and Trustees are fully engaged. These visits should be coordinated by the Chief Executive’s office.

Papworth Trust | Trustees

Person specification The ideal candidate will bring all or most of the following: 1. Committed to Papworth Trust and The Varrier Jones Foundation’s vision, mission and values and a way of working that demonstrates this. Able to communicate this enthusiasm to others. 2. A good understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, liabilities and responsibilities of Trustees and clear on the difference between governance functions and management functions. Previous Board experience is useful. 3. Able to work well as part of a diverse team of Trustees and with senior staff. 4. Strong environmental and strategic awareness and experience of high level strategy development. 5. A good communicator with excellent interpersonal skills, able to both empower and challenge supportively. 6. Well networked and willing to engage with contacts and/or fulfil an ambassadorial role for the benefit of Papworth Trust and The Varrier Jones Foundation. 7. Some understanding of the context in which Papworth Trust and The Varrier Jones Foundation operate would be an advantage (and certainly with a willingness to learn more). 8. Able and willing to devote the necessary time to the role. At this time Papworth Trust would particularly welcome applications from people who could bring experience in the following areas: • • •

housing and/or social care and personal support; marketing or; finance (ideally with investment experience, who will also sit on the board of The Varrier Jones Foundation).

Papworth Trust | Trustees

Terms of appointment •

Trustees work on a Pro Bono basis, and are asked to give around 12 days a year to Papworth Trust;

the term of appointment is for three years with the possibility of renewal for a further two three year terms;

reasonable expenses are reimbursed;

please note that all Trustees are CRB checked.

How to apply Saxton Bampfylde has been engaged as the leadership consultancy adviser on this appointment. Applications should be sent to: email: or by fax: +44 (0)1483 531882 Rachel Hubbard Saxton Bampfylde (ref: UAAME) PO Box 198 Guildford Surrey GU1 4FH The closing date for applications is noon on Thursday 20 March. Please enclose with your application: • the completed detachable candidate summary form and equal opportunities monitoring sheet, which are attached. Applications from all groups are warmly welcomed; • a full CV, including educational and professional qualifications, a full employment history showing the more significant positions, responsibilities held, relevant achievements and budgets and staff managed, and latest remuneration including any benefits; • a covering note of not more than 2 pages (total) summarising your proven ability related to the person and job specifications; and • daytime, evening and/or mobile telephone numbers (to be used with discretion).

Papworth Trust | Trustees

STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Please complete this form, and send with your application to: Saxton Bampfylde, PO Box 198, GUILDFORD GU1 4FH (Fax: 01483 531 882)

POSITION APPLIED FOR Trustees 5 letter job code: UAAME SURNAME









Papworth Trust | Trustees


STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL – EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES Please tick or complete the appropriate boxes. The following information is requested for monitoring purposes only and will not form part of the sifting or shortlisting process. AGE DATE OF BIRTH




ETHNIC ORIGIN Please show which group best describes your ethnic origin or descent by ticking only one of the boxes in the right hand column below. Are you WHITE?

Are you BLACK?

of Caribbean origin of African origin of other origin (please describe)

Are you ASIAN?

of Indian origin of Pakistani origin of Bangladeshi origin of East African origin of Chinese origin of other origin (please describe)

Do you belong to some other group or groups (please describe)?

DISABILITY Do you consider yourself to have a disability as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995: ‘a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on the person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day duties? If YES, please tell us separately about any adaptations which you may require either to carry out the role or to participate in the selection process. YES

Papworth Trust | Trustees


Papworth Tust Appointment Brief  
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