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Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce

Insitu values engaging with and supporting community organizations that help make the Gorge a great place to work and call home. Each year our employees volunteer hundreds of hours with local non-profits—from blood drives to food banks to STEM education and everything in between. With the help of the Boeing Match Program, we are able to maximize our giving in 2023!

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Tourism support provided by the City of White Salmon lodging tax funds.




Let us share our knowledge and resources with you to enhance your experience here.



The Columbia River Gorge boasts an amazing array of geologic and Ice Age flood features to delight everyone from the casual tourist to the most intensely-focused researcher.



Klickitat County is a good place to do business and a wonderful place to live.



We have a very dedicated team of teachers, para-educators, administrators, and other district staff that are committed to providing a quality and equitable education for each of our students.



The area has numerous family medicine care centers serving the community, attracting topquality providers who come to the Columbia Gorge seeking the idyllic lifestyle and sense of community offered here.



Listing guide for vibrant local businesses. Check out our website listings for more details.



Eighty miles long and 4,000 feet deep in some places, the Columbia River Gorge is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most spectacularly scenic outdoor playgrounds.


A variety of art galleries, gift shops, museums, and cultural attractions exist here.


The mission of the Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce is to “Promote business involvement to enhance a vibrant community”.


Belonging to the Mt. Adams Chamber provides many benefits. We are organized to unite our membership for business promotion, economic development, advocacy and support.

Photos credits to Darlisa Black and Tammara Tippel.

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Welcome to the Northshore of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Our communities overlook the Columbia River Gorge with spectacular views of beautiful Mt. Hood and majestic Mt. Adams. Thanks to Sam Hill, the famous road builder and founder of Maryhill Museum, the incredible and diverse climate of Klickitat County is often described aptly as “The Land Where the Sun Meets the Rain”, due to its location in a transition zone between west and east Gorge. The marine-influenced climate west of the Cascades and the dry continental climate of the inter-mountain region collide at the White Salmon River junction with the Columbia River, leading to times of sunshine between clouds, or wild storms and rainbows. Spectacular rivers and summer winds that funnel through the Gorge make this area a wind and water sport Mecca of international renown.

The surrounding evergreen forests and oak woodlands are perfect settings for all manner of wildlife and year-

round recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, skiing, bird watching, fishing, hunting, just about anything active people enjoy. The abundance of farm fresh foods, foragers and hunters provides our culinary artists delightful inspiration for your meals. Wash it down with a local kombucha, a cold brew, award winning wine or other beverage of choice. The bountiful forest lands, farms and orchards are the backbone of industries that the area was founded upon, while new technology and fermentation industries are rapidly expanding and opening up new employment and investment opportunities. Our developing Gorge Food Trail creates farm to fork experiences from one community to the next. This area has developed into an unmanned aerial vehicle nexus, and its proximity to the Columbia River transportation corridor offers unique opportunities for traditional and progressive industrial development. There is also access to nearby barge, train, air transport and interstate highways – all leading to Pacific Rim ports and other major transportation arteries.

Let us share our knowledge and resources with you to enhance your experience here.


Within Klickitat County, communities stretch from Bingen and White Salmon at the west end waterfront, up north to Trout Lake and Glenwood at the base of Mt. Adams, and east to Lyle, Goldendale and Maryhill in the heart of the vineyard country. Across the river to the south, several communities such as Cascade Locks, Hood River, and The Dalles lie a short distance from us on the Oregon side of the river. It is not uncommon for residents to find themselves working, eating, and playing on both sides of the Washington and Oregon border, which is the middle of the Columbia River.


Bingen was founded by P.J. Suksdorf in 1892, and named by him for Bingen am Rhein in Germany. Bingen

was officially incorporated on April 18, 1924. The name of the town is pronounced (BIN-jen), despite the fact that its German namesake is pronounced (BING-en). The city has grown considerably over the past decade but been able to retain its small town vibe where everyone comes out on summer nights to watch movies in the park together or pitches in to put on the annual Huckleberry Festival in September. Stay at the Society Hotel for a vintage experience. No matter which local happy hour you choose, your friends will be there. Walk alongside the river at the Port Marina park and look for hang gliders coming off the hills.


White Salmon sits 550 feet on a bluff above the Columbia River with stellar views of Mt Hood, Burdoin Mountain, and the Columbia River.  Downtown

White Salmon is fast becoming a well-known foodie destination and an ideal basecamp for whitewater rafters and kayakers, mountain bikers, hikers, surfers, skiers, and anyone who loves good food, beer, and wine.  Take in the public murals, art installations, and ever-changing views as you dine al fresco and plan your next adventure.  The options are endless: White Salmon is surrounded by wineries and the White Salmon River, Gifford Pinchot National Forest,  Mount Adams,  Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, including the Coyote Wall Recreation Area where bikers, hikers, and riders can access a 30+ mile network of trails with open breath-taking views.


BZ Corner is small community at the intersection of the BZ Glenwood Hwy and SR 141. Head towards Glenwood or Trout Lake from here.

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C i v i l E n g i n e e r i n g & L
g SERVING the Gorge with EXCELLENCE since 1994 Private · Commercial · Industrial · Government 900 W Steuben, Bingen, WA 509-493-3886
a n d S u r v e y i n

A recreation access point to the White Salmon River with several rafting companies based here. Zoller’s Outdoor Odysseys have been in business there for 47 years.


Husum is home to many local whitewater rafting companies and you will find several delightful bed and breakfast options here. Visit the historic Ice House Wine Bar at the RubyJune Inn. With good viewpoints from the bridge, you will find Husum Falls, a vertical 10-foot (3.0 m) Class V waterfall in the White Salmon River, is a fantastic photo opportunity year round. Book a guided trip (you can portage the falls!) and enjoy spectacular and awe-inspiring beauty along the water route.


Trout Lake is notable for its organic dairy and herb farms, as well as being an access point to Mt. Adams Wilderness areas and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The dark skies of this area allow frequent viewing of the aurora borealis and expansive fields of stars. Visit the Trout Lake Abbey where you can attend classes, stay overnight or just walk the serene property. The Mt. Adams area is administered by the Mt. Adams Ranger District. This area is located in the eastern portions of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and compromises 367,000 acres. It includes Mt. Adams Wilderness, Indian Heaven Wilderness and Trapper Creek Wilderness.


Glenwood is a ranching community which hosts a National Pro Rodeo Association sanctioned rodeo annually on Father’s day weekend in their arena nestled in the valley below the Mt. Adams Wilderness. This two day event has a popular cowboy breakfast, Saturday night dance and parade through town. The Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge is home to a large herd of roaming elk and many other animals, as well as the Whitcomb-Cole Hewn Log House that you can walk to. Have lunch or dinner at the Glenwood General Store.


The area surrounding the town of Klickitat and the river which shares its name is renowned for its seasonal hunting and fishing. During summer months popular activities on the Klickitat River include recreational drift boating, kayaking, and rafting. Paths and trails provide opportunities for scenic hikes. The 31 mile long Klickitat Trail is on the route of the former railroad tracks, later turned into a biking and hiking trail. The trail follows the Klickitat River north from the Columbia River past the town of Klickitat. Washington State Route 142 provides a scenic drive through the canyon.


There are several reasons to visit Lyle: the cluster of winery tasting rooms, the hiking/biking trails, a historic hotel, the bald eagles and other raptors, the Wild & Scenic Klickitat River, salmon fishing, and water sports just to name a few! Established around 1859, the community was originally called “Klickitat Landing”. Although tiny, somewhat rustic, and usually quiet, Lyle has attracted some attention because it lies very near several popular windsurfing beaches, including Doug’s Beach. The area is also home to six boutique wineries: Cor Cellars, Domaine Pouillon, Jacob Williams Winery, Klickitat Canyon Winery, Tetrahedron, and Syncline.


Located on the dry side of the Gorge, with expansive farms and wheat fields, vineyards, timberland, and magnificent Mount Adams as a backdrop, the rural community is a city and county seat of Klickitat County, Goldendale is a popular destination of car clubs and has many events throughout the year. Home to world famous Goldendale Observatory State Park, the Presby Museum, and the annual Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo. South of town is Maryhill Museum, Maryhill Loops Road and Klickitat County’s Stonehenge Memorial, just off Hwy 14.

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There’s no good record of precisely which peoples first came to live in the Columbia River Gorge.  Most archaeological evidence along the river dates no further than the end of the latest Ice Age, but the ice age concluded with dramatic floods that would have swept away any earlier traces.  Tantalizing glimpses of early habitation - an ancient hearth, for instance - were discovered during construction of The Dalles Dam, and farther upstream near the mouth of the John Day River, buried under gravel deposits laid down by those floods.  The last glacial flood came through about 12,800 years


ago, so the buried hearth proves people have been here at least that long.  But just who they were, how they came to be here and what became of them is lost to prehistory. Much better documented are the people who later witnessed the arrival of the Lewis & Clark expedition.  These comprised many different cultures, speaking different languages (indeed, the native languages of North America are greater in number and more diverse than the languages of any other continent).  Between Celilo Falls upriver to Priest Rapids, there was a collection of peoples, not a single

tribe so much as myriad autonomous groups, speaking the Sahaptin language.  Their descendants now live on the Yakama, Umatilla and Warm Springs reservations.  Downriver from Celilo were the Wasco-Wishrams, who spoke a Chinookan language.  Each language had its subdivisions.  Upper Chinook, for instance, is a series of separate languages and dialects ranging from the Oregon and Washington coasts to the middle Columbia River Gorge.  There was a Cascades dialect separate from the Wasco-Wishrams, and subtle differences even between those two groupings.  All these

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peoples shared the river in common, primarily because of the tremendous natural resource it provided in the annual salmon runs.  The salmon were - and are - more than a food source; they’re a link between mankind and creator, symbol of an ancient lifestyle maintained always close to the earth. The local Klickitat Tribe along the White Salmon and Klickitat Rivers were traders and travelers, connecting up tribes from the Plateaus with the Willamette Valley and coastal Salish tribes.

The Lewis & Clark expedition, commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson, firmly established a United States claim to the Pacific Northwest over its British rivals; the “Corps of Discovery” arrived at the Columbia Gorge in October 1805, overwintered at Fort Clatsop near Astoria, then retraced their steps the following spring.  They encamped both years at the site of modern-day The Dalles.  Two other important explorations into the Northwest were conducted by David Thompson

in 1807-11, and by David Stuart in 1812. George B. McClellan surveyed a potential railroad route in 1853.

By the 1840s, the fur trade was in serious decline, and the economic engine that drove the region’s development turned to permanent settlement and land claims. Preceded by missionaries and military officers, a trickle of immigrants began to arrive in the early 1840s.  This expanded dramatically in 1843, with 900 immigrants reaching the end of the overland Oregon Trail at The Dalles, followed by 1,100 in 1844 and 1,765 in 1845.

Industry would change, as the early fur trade was replaced by timber and wheat ranching.  Salmon provided another industry, although this resource was soon depleted through overfishing and habitat loss.  A similar fate overtook the timber industry, but not until the early 1990s.  Highways came next, most notably the Columbia River Highway in the 1920s, with communities strung along them - towns such as Bingen,

Lyle, Hood River, Stevenson and Cascade Locks, plus many others which have long since disappeared from the map.

The rapids of the Cascades, which long hindered upriver navigation, were tamed first with completion of a lockage at Cascade Locks in 1896, and later in 1938 with completion of Bonneville Dam.  The dam inundated the old rapids, and a new lock allowed ocean-going freighters to reach the upper Columbia River.  A newer, bigger lock opened in 1993.  Farther upstream, the Celilo lock and canal opened in 1915; from The Dalles, it led upstream around the Long Narrows Rapids and Celilo Falls, replacing a portage railroad.  Celilo Falls themselves were inundated in 1957 with construction of The Dalles Dam - a victory at the time for economic progress, but one purchased at heavy cost in terms of culture and scenic beauty. There is a wonderful podcast series by “Hear in the Gorge” giving a greater sense of place, particularly one called

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“Woody Guthrie and the Columbia River Songs“. They can be found at

The hydroelectric dams (Bonneville in 1937, The Dalles in 1957 and John Day in 1971) brought not only navigation and flood control but also a source of relatively cheap electricity, which fueled development of a new industry - aluminum smelting. Recent years however brought the closure of the aluminum smelting plant south of Goldendale.

Two key events for the Columbia Gorge came in the latter half of the 20th century: development of Interstate 84 (originally known as Interstate 80-N), replacing Highway 30 in the late 1950s and allowing the large-scale movement of truck traffic, and the 1986 passage by Congress of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.  The act has two purposes: to protect the region’s natural environment, and to encourage its local economies.  Toward that end, Congress authorized a regional

conference center - which would become Skamania Lodge at Stevenson - and a regional interpretive center, the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum at The Dalles.  The region’s long history and prehistory are displayed in museums throughout the Columbia Gorge, including our own local Gorge Heritage Museum in Bingen, and the Twin Bridges Museum in Lyle.


The county has a total area of 1,904 square miles, of which 1,871 square miles is land and 33 square miles (1.7%) is water. The Columbia River Gorge boasts an amazing array of geologic and Ice Age flood features to delight everyone from the casual tourist to the most intensely-focused researcher. These features nestle in ecological zones ranging from snow-clad volcanic peaks to boreal rainforest, oak woodlands and high desert, all within a 50 mile wide swatch around the mighty Columbia


Ice Age Floods Institute – of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana works to inform and educate the public about the humongous floods that repeatedly swept through and reshaped the interior Pacific Northwest landscape during the last ice age into the massive and beautiful coulees and gorges we cherish today. Learn more by visiting their website.


Klickitat County is located on the North bank of the Columbia River, in South Central Washington between Skamania County to the west, Benton County to the east, and Yakima to the north.

The most common access points are via a scenic drive on State Hwy 14, or by driving I-84 in Oregon and crossing at the HR toll bridge at Exit 64. However there are many other routes in and out of the area. Many of them are rustic forest roads, only accessible for a few months of the

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year, however Highway 97 south from Toppenish is a well traveled main highway that passes through Goldendale and joins Highway 14 at Maryhill. Here you can cross from Oregon over the Biggs Junction Bridge. From Goldendale there are paved roads west to Glenwood and Trout Lake, connecting to Highway 141 where you can travel south to Highway 14. A turn off the Glenwood Highway travels southwest connecting to Highway 142 through Klickitat to Lyle and Highway 14. Yet another road travels through Centerville to Lyle, and more roads head east to Bickleton and other towns in the east end of Klickitat County.


There are approximately 23,000 citizens living in Klickitat County.


Bingen 131 ft White Salmon 623 ft Husum 413 ft Lyle 203 ft Trout Lake 1893 ft Glenwood 1900 ft Goldendale 1637 ft


The economy of Klickitat County, WA is specialized in Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting; Utilities; and Construction.

The largest industries in Klickitat County, WA are Manufacturing, Construction, and Healthcare & Social Assistance.


Housing options in the communities include apartments, condos, single-family units, affordable housing, and span all the way up to custom-built homes, however availability is often extremely limited especially in summer. Because of the growing reputation of White Salmon and the surrounding area, housing

continues to be a wise investment, with growing demand. We encourage you to contact one of the local real estate professionals listed in this directory for more information and guidance.


Our communities are located along major transportation routes, including interstate highways, two railroad lines, and the Columbia River. One of the best features of Klickitat County is its paradoxical nature as both a remote, quiet getaway and an easy-to-access area not far from Portland. The Portland International Airport is about an hour from White Salmon. State Highway 14 runs parallel to the Columbia River from Vancouver all the way to Bingen and beyond, and is, without a doubt, one of the most scenic highways in the nation. We are proud of our public transportation system and encourage you to plan a car free itinerary while here.

Winter weather can make driving conditions difficult, but WA SR 14, on the sunny side of the Gorge, usually remains open and well-maintained. Always travel prepared for emergencies and delays.

Across the Columbia, Interstate 84 snakes along the river, just as SR 14 does on the Washington side. White Salmon and Bingen are connected to Hood River, Oregon by an iconic, historic (yet narrow) toll bridge that spans the Columbia River. We anticipate a new crossing bridge in the next few years with a pedestrian lane.

The closest Greyhound Station is in Hood River, Oregon, across the Columbia River from Bingen. Amtrak operates out of Bingen and Wishram. Mount Adams Transportation Services is designed to enable Klickitat County residents who lack transportation resources to meet

their basic needs. Gorge TransLink is an alliance of rural transportation providers offering public transportation services throughout the Mid-Columbia area to more distant destinations including Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.


Columbia Gorge Regional Airport 45 Airport Way, Dallesport Wa 98617 509-767-0005

Ken Jernstedt Airfield 3608 Airport Dr, Hood River, OR 97031 (541) 386-1133

Portland International Airport 7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218 (503) 460-4234

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Klickitat County is a good place to do business and a wonderful place to live. The rural quality of life offering numerous outdoor recreational opportunities in a healthy, family oriented environment is a strong draw for many. We have strong schools throughout the county, a reasonable tax structure with no personal state income tax and are near to the Portland metro area, yet surrounded by year round scenic vistas.

While the economic history of the county includes sheep and cattle rearing, wheat, orchards, timber and aluminum, Klickitat County now has three distinct economic regions. The western third of the county relies on advanced manufacturing and technology based industries, orchards and fruit packing and wood products. The eastern third is dominated by fruit & vegetable farming and an increasing number of world class wineries, as well as

the Roosevelt regional landfill. The central third boasts the county seat: Goldendale, wind farms, the Maryhill Museum, windsurfing and kite boarding beaches, as well as the now shuttered aluminum smelter.

Recreation tourism brings visitors to all corners of Mt. Adams Country year round. We encourage them to spend dollars at the many small businesses along their route and to stay longer than they planned.

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Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce



Established in 1945, the Port has been a cornerstone of transportation and economic development in the Columbia Gorge for over 60 years. To companies of all sizes, we offer access to commercial and industrial facilities, shovel-ready property, modern communications facilities, and road, rail, and river transportation. To our constituents, we provide marinebased recreation facilities and manage environmentally sensitive areas for the benefit of all.


Insitu, a non-fully integrated subsidiary of The Boeing Company, is an integrated information and technology company, pioneering in the design, development, production, and operation of high-performance, cost-effective unmanned aircraft systems that have logged more than 1 million operational flight hours over land and at sea. We exist to pioneer and innovate products and services that positively impact people’s lives and change the course of history.

To reach our full potential as a business, we imagine and create much more than products with wings. On a daily basis, our Vision and Mission guide us, while our cultural pillars — Pioneer | Perform | Unite | Care — inform our decisions in all that we do, and aspire to do.


Wally Stevenson, Frank Daubenspeck, and Bruce Stevenson founded SDS Lumber Company in 1946, and Stevenson Land Company in 1990. SDS

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Photo courtesy of Insitu

Lumber Company manufactures lumber, plywood, power and pulp for a variety of markets. Stevenson Land Company is focused on managing approximately 70,000 acres of timberland in the midColumbia gorge. These two companies work in partnership to grow high-quality timber and manufacture high-quality lumber products. SDS Lumber Company’s mill site is fully integrated including full maintenance, engineering and construction capability. This structure provides constant innovation and improvement to our manufacturing processes keeping them efficient and productive in increasingly challenging markets. Sold in late 2021, the community anticipates a new phase of operations from this key employer.


Their diverse product portfolio consists of carbon fiber tubing and hollow shapes, compression molded, bladder molded, as well as some specialty products. Since 1989, ICE has been a United States based company accomplishing all volume manufacturing, design and prototyping programs in house. The vision of ICE was to apply advanced composite technology from the aerospace industry to the design and manufacture of industrial and consumer products. They have experience in many different, specialized manufacturing processes for composites. ICE often has entry level positions available in an exciting, challenging and rewarding workplace.


The apple and pear packers and shippers of choice for 55 growers. Farming 90 orchard properties with fertile volcanic soils between Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, in the rain shadow of Washington’s and Oregon’s Cascade Range.

Underwood Fruit was formed in 1917 by seven local growers to supply their farms with production and packing materials and to provide a railroad shipping point for moving their farm packed product east. One of those growers was Mt. Adams Farms, a 300 acre pear orchard planted in 1910. That orchard, now under the same ownership as Mount Adams Fruit, has expanded that farm to 750 acres of pears, Honeycrisp apples

16 | Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce

and cherries. Mount Adams Fruit began in 1957 packing cherries from the Hood River-White Salmon district as well as from The Dalles, Oregon. In 2019, they began utilizing a newly built building in Bingen, replacing the units lost in a 2017 fire.


Over the past 25 years, unemployment in Klickitat County has slowly trended lower, as the county economy has become less dependent on resource-based jobs that tend to have large seasonal and cyclical patterns.

Major trends and events over the last 20 years include:

• The expansion of agriculture throughout the county, but especially in vegetable farming and vineyards in east Klickitat County and fruit orchards in the western portion, which lends to AgriTourism projects.

• The closure of the aluminum

smelter in Goldendale in 2001.

• The development of the regional landfill at Roosevelt in 1992 and its subsequent expansion.

• The establishment of Insitu, a designer and fabricator of unmanned aerial vehicles, in Bingen, along with a number of its suppliers setting up shop here as well.

New projects on the east end of the county are anticipated to create many new jobs for a number of years to come. These include the J.W. Hill Renewable Natural Gas Project and a solar panel installation project.


Klickitat county has three incorporated cities; White Salmon, Bingen, and Goldendale (county seat). Underwood, Husum, Trout Lake, Glenwood, Klickitat, Appleton, Snowden, and Lyle are some of the unincorporated


Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office 509-493-1811

Bingen-White Salmon Police Department 509-493-1177

Inter-Tribal Police 541-386-6363

Klickitat County Jail 509-773-3666

Skamania County Jail 509-427-5047

Bingen Fire Department 509-493-2122

White Salmon Fire Department 509-493-1177

Husum, Klickitat County Fire District 3 (also Snowden area) 509-493-2996

Trout Lake, Klickitat County Fire District 509-395-2043

Appleton, Klickitat County Fire District 13 509-365-3185

Lyle Fire Department 509-365-2500

Dallesport, Klickitat County Fire District 6 509-767-1252

Goldendale, Klickitat County Rural 7 Fire and Rescue 509-773-4246

Centerville, Klickitat County Fire Protection District 5 509-773-1919

Bickleton, Klickitat County Fire Protection District 2 509-896-5445

communities in western Klickitat County.

The county is governed by a board of commissioners, while the cities of White Salmon, Bingen, and Goldendale each have city councils and a mayor.

The Port of Klickitat owns and leases commercial and industrial facilities at two business/ industrial parks in the Columbia Gorge/Mid-Columbia region of Washington State. The Bingen Point Business Park is located near Bingen, Washington, just across the Columbia River from Hood River, Oregon, and is zoned for commercial and light industrial use. The Dallesport Industrial Park is located in Dallesport, Washington, just across the Columbia River from The Dalles, Oregon, and is zoned for light and heavy industrial use.

Klickitat County is located within Legislative District 14 of Washington State.

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White Salmon Valley School District

The White Salmon Valley School District is a rural P-12 school district. Our district serves approximately 1280 students. Our schools include a Pre-school, K-3 elementary school, 4-6 intermediate school, 7-8 Middle School, 9-12 high school, and an alternative high school.

We have a very dedicated team of teachers, para-educators, administrators, and other district staff that are committed to providing a quality and equitable education for each of our students. Our students have the opportunity to receive a well-rounded educational experience that includes academics, art, music, Career and Technical Education (CTE), extra-curricular activities, and after school programming.

Our district is grateful for the support we receive from our school board, parents, and the community. We truly believe that by working together, we can create a school district and educational experience for our students that we can all be proud of.


Early Childhood & Family Center

520 NW Loop Rd. White Salmon, WA 98672 509-493-4224

Whitson Elementary School

450 N. Main St. White Salmon, WA 98672 509-493-1560

Wallace & Priscilla Stevenson Intermediate School

480 NW Loop Road White Salmon, WA 98672 509-493-4028

Henkle Middle School

480 NW Loop Road White Salmon, WA 98672 509-493-1502

Columbia High School 1455 NW Bruin Country Road White Salmon, WA 98672 509-493-1970

Lyle School District serves the residents of Lyle, Dallesport, Appleton, High Prairie, Timber Valley, Murdock and the surrounding areas. Lyle School District offers a K-12 educational system for approximately 300 students throughout the school district.

Dallesport Elementary

625 Keasey Avenue Lyle, WA. 98635 509-365-2211

Lyle Secondary School (Lyle Middle School and Lyle High School) 625 Keasey Ave, Lyle, WA. 98635 509-365-2211

Trout Lake School District serves approximately 245 students in grades K-12. While enjoying the benefits of a small school, teachers consistently challenge students to meet and exceed state academic standards. The Trout Lake staff share a unified vision and work hard to meet the individual needs of each student. Located about

80 miles from Portland, Oregon at the base of 12,230 ft tall Mount Adams, Trout Lake residents enjoy a community-centered way of life.

Trout Lake School District 2310 Highway 141 Trout Lake WA. 98650 509-395-2571

Glenwood School District serves approximately 70 students K-12. The district’s small class sizes, supportive community members, strong fiscal position and spectacular natural setting translate to boundless opportunities for these students.

The district has 24 employees, an annual operating budget of $2.3 million, and excellent fiscal health due to sound budget management and consistent levy support from the Glenwood residents. All grades attend an attractive school facility constructed in 1982. Students at the elementary level are educated in multi-grade classrooms. Students enjoy the many benefits of today’s best computers and software, as well as opportunities provided by several vocational classes, robotics and online courses. Athletic and extra-curricular activities are offered either in-district or in cooperation with larger neighboring districts. The district belongs to the Educational Service District 112, which includes a Special Education Cooperative that attends to the district’s students with special needs.

Current or recent initiatives include an expansion of shop facilities to enable increased vocational-education offerings, courses

18 | Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce

connecting students with the area’s natural resources, and revitalization of the high school’s varsity basketball program.

Glenwood School District #401 320 N. Bunnell St, Glenwood, WA 509-364-3438

Mill A is a rural single school district surrounded by national forests, mountains, and crystal clear rivers. The nearest towns are Stevenson to the west and White Salmon to the east.

The facility is a single building, with 3 classrooms, a cafeteria, library and gym that are well maintained for use by both students and community.

Mill A School currently serves 24 students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Mill A Elementary 1142 Jessup Rd. Cook, WA. 98605 509-538-2522

Pacific Crest Innovation Academy 1142 Jessup Rd, Cook, WA. 98605 509-538-2700


Horizon Christian School , with around 200 students, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, located in Hood River, serves the entire Columbia Gorge area and is regionally accredited through


Academic excellence at Horizon is accomplished through low teacher-student ratios and individualized attention to help students achieve their goals. Horizon teachers and staff are committed to creating a Godly, caring, and safe learning environment; therefore, we believe relationships are key: student/parent/teacher.

Students participate in a full range of classes and activities including Advanced Placement and college-level classes, field trips, retreats, mentoring, fine arts, service projects, and extracurricular activities all of which provide a rounded and rich curriculum.

The Hawks soccer, volleyball, basketball, track & field, and golf teams are frequent contenders for division titles at the 1A-OSAA level.


Washington State University Klickitat County Extension connects the people of Klickitat County to the research and knowledge base of the state’s land grant research university, providing solutions to local problems and stimulating local economies. Our county-based educators work with partners in the local communities to provide educational programs and leverage the broad resources of a major university to resolve issues and create a positive future for the residents of Klickitat


Our local programs include 4-H Youth & Families and the beginnings of a Master Food Preserver program. In addition, Washington State University provides over 2,200 publications, numerous online educational opportunities, and other statewide educational programs and technical assistance from four Research and Extension Centers, 15 Academic Departments and six of WSU’s Academic Colleges.

Examples of services available; Pressure Gauge Testing ($5.00), Insect Identification, Livestock Resources, Plant Identification, Plant Problem Diagnosis, and Small Farms Resources just to name a few.

Our main office is located in Goldendale at 228 W. Main Street. We have access to a drop box in White Salmon at the Pioneer Center 500 NE Washington Street.

Columbia Gorge Community College - CGCC “builds dreams and transforms lives by providing lifelong educational programs that strengthen the community.” CGCC offers associate degrees, certificates, and transfer opportunities to four-year institutions. The college serves over 6,000 students in a supportive environment with two campuses: The Dalles and Hood River. Their Renewable Energy Technology Program was the first of its kind on the West Coast. The Nursing and Health Occupations Program has trained hundreds of nurses and medical technicians. Through its Gorge Scholar Program, CGCC provides an opportunity for local high school graduates to attend CGCC for free, for up to two years. The college also provides workforce training, business counseling, childcare resource and referral services, maintains a commercial kitchen and offers adult continuing education courses that promote lifelong learning and skills development. CGCC is proud of their recent addition of student housing.

2023 Business Directory & Visitor’s Guide | 19
H O R I Z O N C H R I S T I A N S C H O O L P R E - K T H R O U G H 1 2 T H G R A D E A C A D E M I C A C H I E V E M E N T B I B L I C A L T R U T H C H R I S T I A N C H A R A C T E R D E V E L O P M E N T C A L L T O S C H E D U L E A T O U R ! S p o r t s | M u s i c | A r t | D r a m a | C h a p e l | a n d m o r e ! A d v P l a c e m e n t D u a l & C o n c u r r e n t E n r o l l m e n t C l a s s e s B u s S e r v i c e t o W a s h i n g t o n & T h e D a l l e s T E A C H I N G T R U T H - C H A N G I N G L I V E S 7 0 0 P a c i f i c A v e H o o d R i v e r O R 9 7 0 3 1 h o r i z o n c h r i s t i a n s c h o o l o r g | ( 5 4 1 ) 3 8 7 - 3 2 0 0

Medical Centers & HEALTH PROVIDERS

The area has numerous family medicine care centers serving the community, attracting topquality providers who come to the Columbia Gorge seeking the idyllic lifestyle and sense of community offered here. A wide range of specialists are available throughout the Gorge region, including dermatologists, eye doctors, Ob/ Gyn, podiatrists, and sports medicine physicians, to name a few.

Skyline Health - Hospital & Medical Clinic, located in White Salmon, is a full-service Critical Access Hospital, offering advanced medical technology and specialty care, delivered with a personal touch. The Critical Access Hospital program relieves the financial burden placed upon small rural hospitals. Skyline Hospital hopes to make it easier for area residents to find a local primary care provider through the establishment of Skyline Health Medical Clinic. The clinic functions as a patient-centered medical home, which – through collaboration with other health care providers – takes a person’s whole health into consideration.

Northshore Medical Group has been providing neighborly healthcare since 1974, with a dedicated team of local healthcare providers who have been helping individuals and families achieve good health and wellness throughout their lifetimes. As family practice providers, we receive additional professional training

in internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, orthopedics and psychiatry. This broad training enables us to address more than 90% of the medical issues you or your family might encounter. As independent healthcare providers, we are uniquely positioned to help you understand all of the options available, and to personally advise you in choosing the best treatment path based on your individual needs. Locations in both White Salmon and Stevenson to better serve you.

Within easy access there are two other hospitals across the river, while many more state-of-the-art hospitals and specialist services are located in Portland, just an hour away. Oregon Health and Science University has its main campus and two hospitals in Portland, and is an award-winning research and health care provider in close proximity to Gorge residents.

Dentistry is also a thriving specialty in the Gorge, with dozens of providers and specialists, including endodontics, denturists, and orthodontics.

Pediatric specialists in both health care and dentistry are also available, along with free and income-based health clinics.

Alternative and complementary health practices are also widely utilized by county residents, and the numerous small businesses that provide a variety of healthcare needs

and treatments are a testament to this. The Columbia Gorge offers naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists and natural healers. Many physical therapists practice at a handful of clinics, aiding recovery from injuries or surgery.

There are a multitude of mental health providers with degrees in psychology, psychiatry, counseling, and social work to support residents with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, behavioral issues, or addiction.

Residents value a quality of life hard to find anywhere else in the country, and their attentiveness to personal and community health is a large part of this lifestyle. With a close tie to the land, residents encourage one another to stay physically fit in the numerous gyms, yoga and fitness studios, as well as regular workouts in our outdoor gym: the Gorge. Along with the health food stores available, many locally-sourced, organic, and health-conscious eateries and grocers are also at the disposal of residents who seek such amenities. A strong Farmer’s Market network is an important aspect to connecting citizens to fresh produce and healthy options. A well run community food bank program ensures that even those financially restricted citizens have access to healthy, fresh foods.

20 | Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce



Klickitat County’s residents are community-oriented, which is why the area is home to a multitude of community resources, service clubs, and non-profit entities offering volunteer opportunities, and numerous options for community involvement. Your Chamber has several volunteer needs available now. Please call us!

The non-profit organizations in the county focus on a variety of missions, including helping those in need, protecting our environment, philanthropic fund-raising, and serving the community’s diverse population.

Join Community Partners of Bingen-White Salmon, an effective and well-respected community service

organization since 2010, in planning, organizing and accomplishing important community-building projects and events for our greater White Salmon Valley area. Some of their more visible and popular projects include many free Park Concerts, July 4th Music in the Park, our unique White Salmon crosswalks, the annual Holiday Tree & Menorah lighting with the S’Mores Fire Circles, Dock Grade ornaments, Community Halloween Haunted House, wind surfing board signs promoting our community, Jewett Blvd. flower baskets and sidewalk gardens, and providing support for fundraising events of other local organizations.

A notable and widely-used commu-

nity resource in the county is the White Salmon Valley Community Library, which is a branch of the Ft. Vancouver Regional Library System. The White Salmon Library proudly offers robust resources such as meeting spaces, exam proctoring, and technology access. The FVRL Book-Mobile is a critical connection for many of the rural citizens, bringing resources to them including mobile wi-fi hotspots. The communities within Klickitat County are resplendent with many worship and spiritual centers, with many denominations represented in dozens of churches. Whatever your faith, Klickitat County’s many religious organizations are all welcoming visitors and new members.

2023 Business Directory & Visitor’s Guide | 21


Acct-N-Tax (509) 774-4425 | Find us on Facebook 418 NE Tohomish Street White Salmon,WA,98672

Bottom Line Solutions, LLC (541) 386-9013 208 W Stueben St, Ste D Bingen, WA 98605

Herman & Associates, CPA, PC (509) 493-1717 1000 E Jewett Blvd. White Salmon,WA,98672

Jana Warner CPA, PC (509) 493-7493 Trout Lake, WA, 98650

Mountain Bookkeeping Service (503) 705-6368 1917 HWY 141, Trout Lake, WA 98650

Advertising & Media

Hagadone Directories (541)370-2535 | 616 E. 3rd St, The Dalles, OR 97058

Platinum Marketing & Design (541) 705-7217 | Husum, WA 98623

Wind River Publishing LLC (541) 806-1436 Hood River, OR 97031


Eden Grow Systems 877-333-6476 85 NE Estes, White Salmon,WA 98672

Mount Adams Fruit (509) 493-1722 6550 SR 14, Bingen, WA 98605

The Gathering Farmed and Foraged Food (406) 407-4900 | Husum,WA,98623

Wannamaker Estate Vineyard (503) 914-8883 100 Asplund Rd, Underwood, WA 98651

Architectural Design, Building Contractors, & Engineering

Columbia Gorge Habitat for Humanity / ReStore www.columbiagorgehabitat.or (541) 296-8817 111 E 5th Street, The Dalles, OR, 97058

Liz Olberding, Architect | (907) 230-9871 101 State St, Hood River, OR 97031

Studio CBC | (509) 637-2678 312 Depot St, Bingen,WA,98605

Stamp the Earth (541) 716-1094 1610 E. 9th St, The Dalles, OR 97058

Bell Design Company (509) 493-3886 900 W. Steuben, Bingen, WA 98605

Art Galleries

301 Gallery (541) 490-4896 | 301 Oak St, Hood River, OR 97031

Gorge Artists (509) 493-1974 | Columbia Gorge

MoonMountain Highway (541) 554-7292 113 Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

White Salmon Arts Council| (206) 465-2333 PO Box 1223, White Salmon, WA 98672

Assisted Living

Columbia Basin Care (541) 296-2156 | 1015 Webber St, The Dalles, OR 97058

Attorneys & Legal Services

Christopher Lanz Law Office (509) 493-2921 1000 E Jewett Blvd. White Salmon, WA 98672

Audio Visual Productions

Gorge Sound & Light (509) 637-5120 | Find on Facebook Underwood, WA 98651

Light Wave Communications (503) 701-0435 | Underwood, WA 98651

Sasquatch? Recording (503) 753-4215 | 210 Oak St, Bingen, WA 98605


Columbia Gorge D.O.T. Physicals (541) 581-0691

15 NE Herman Creek Lane Bldg B Cascade Locks, OR 97014

Gorge Auto Parts Inc./NAPA (509) 493-1331 | 114 N. Oak St, Bingen, WA 98605

Hatt’s Fuel Stop / Sinclair Find us on Facebook | (541)296-3515 204 W. Stueben Ave, Bingen, WA 98605

Hunsaker Oil Company (509) 493-2234

1107 N. Main White Salmon,WA,98672

Paco’s Tire & Auto Service (509) 637-2534 | Find us on Facebook 118 NE Nickols St, White Salmon, WA 98672

Banks & Credit Unions

Columbia Bank (509) 493-2500 | 390 NE Tohomish St, White Salmon, WA 98672

First Interstate Bank (509) 717-2263 111 N Oak St, Bingen, WA 98605

Riverview Bank (509) 493-3449 | 330 E Jewett Blvd White Salmon, WA 98672

Umpqua Bank (509) 493-1252 73 NE Estes Ave, White Salmon, WA 98672

Books & Stationery

The Book Peddler Find us on Facebook | (509)493-4644 154 E Jewett Blvd. White Salmon, WA 98672


Everybody’s Brewing (509) 637-2774 177 E. Jewett. Blvd White Salmon, WA 98672

Catering Bites On a Board (360) 798-7891 | Underwood, WA

Columbia Gorge GF Bakery (541) 645-0570

740 East Steuben, Bingen, WA 98605

Carmen’s Kitchen Find us on Facebook | (509) 281-3215 223 W. Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Henni’s Kitchen & Bar (509) 493-1555

120 E. Jewett Blvd, White Salmon, WA 98672

Mugs Coffee | (509) 281-3100

221 W. Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Solstice Wood Fire Cafe LLC (541) 436-0800

501 Portway Ave, Hood River, OR 97031


Cascade Wellness Clinic (509) 395-0024 663 Sunnyside Rd, Trout Lake, WA 98650

Inside Out Chiropractic (509) 637-0969

410 E. Jewett Blvd. White Salmon, WA 98672


Green Monarch Cleaning (503) 863-7763 | Trout Lake, WA 98650

Clothing & Shoes

Blackbird & Ivory Boutique (509) 281-1642

115 N. Main St. Unit 119 White Salmon, WA 98672

Community Organizations

Cascade Forest Conservancy (503) 222-0055 | 500 West 8th St -Ste 270 Vancouver, WA 98660

City of Bingen (509) 493-2122

112 Ash St, Bingen, WA 98605

City of White Salmon | (509) 493-1133 100 N. Main St. White Salmon,WA,98672

Columbia River Gorge Commission (509) 493-3323

57 NE Wauna Ave White Salmon, WA 98672

Columbia River Gorge Technology Alliance | (541) 296-2266 515 E. 2nd St, The Dalles, OR 97058

Community Enrichment for Klickitat County | (509) 773-6067 PO Box 687, Lyle, WA 98635

Community Partners of BingenWhite Salmon (713) 542-4359 White Salmon, WA 98672

Klickitat Co EMS Dis 1 Find us on Facebook | (509) 767-0581 310 S. Roosevelt Goldendale,WA,98620

Klickitat County CASA (509) 773-2473

131 W. Court St, Goldendale, WA 98620

Klickitat Trail Conservancy (KTC) | (509) 365-4673 PO Box 512, Lyle, WA 98635

Mt. Adams Institute

22 | Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce

(509) 395-3469 2453 HWY 141, Trout Lake, WA 98650

Northshore Community Foundation (509) 493-3630 1 Heritage Plaza, White Salmon, WA 98672

Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center | (541) 386-1283 601 Cascade Ave. Hood River, OR 97031

Skyline Foundation (509) 637-2602 211 Skyline Dr, White Salmon, WA 98672

Soroptimist International of Mt. Adams www.soroptimist-international. (509) 637-0322 White Salmon, WA 98672

Underwood Park & Recreation District (509) 972-6400 951 School House Rd Underwood, WA 98651

United Way of the Columbia Gorge (541) 386-6100 PO Box 2, Hood River, OR 97031

Washington Gorge Action Programs | (509) 493-3954 115 W Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

White Salmon Lions Club Find us on Facebook | (509) 493-3424 White Salmon, WA 98672

White Salmon-Bingen Rotary Club 1085 N Main Ave. White Salmon, WA 98672

Mt. Adams Elks Lodge #1868 | (509) 493-1868 124 NE Church Ave White Salmon, WA 98672

Computer Service/Sales

DirectLine-IT LLC (541) 386-7978 | 215 Columbia Ave, Suite 103 Hood River, OR 97031

RadComp Technologies (866) 490-2426 | 136 N Main St White Salmon, WA 98672

Construction Management

Bishop SanitationSeptic Services & Portable Toilet Rentals in the Gorge (509) 773-4707 221 West Main St Goldendale, WA 98620


Beset Change (509) 637-5726 | Trout Lake, WA 98650


IV Riley Materials, Inc. (509) 493-3153 | Find us on Facebook 900 E. Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

QUAD Construction Inc. (541) 288-3240 121 N. Main Ave. White Salmon, WA 98672


Flux Therapy (541) 490-9794 107 W Jewett Blvd #400 White Salmon,WA,98672

Jillian Brown Counseling and Hypnotherapy (503) 523-9569 410 E. Jewett Blvd. White Salmon,WA,98672


Little Shredders Dental (541) 490-4993 1615 Woods Ct, Hood River, OR 97031

Mountain Vista Dental (509) 493-2244 640 N Main Ave., White Salmon, WA 98672

Drug & Variety Stores Hi-School Pharmacy (509) 493-2323 291 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon, WA 98672


Horizon Christian School (541) 387-3200 700 Pacific Ave, Hood River, OR 97031

Klickitat County WSU Extension (509) 773-5817 228 W. Main St, Goldendale, WA 98620

Mid-Columbia Children’s Council, Inc (541) 386-2010 | 1100 E Marina Way, Ste 215 Hood River, OR 97031

People For People - White Salmon (509) 281-1381 | 107 W. Jewett Blvd. White Salmon, WA 98672

Raelyn Tutors Chemistry & Math (360) 430-2702 | Bingen, WA 98605

Right At School | 360-776-9060 1524 Quinton St, The Dalles, OR 97058

White Salmon Valley Education Foundation (509) 637-5597 | PO Box 2231 White Salmon, WA 98672

Employee Benefits Services

Retirement Benefits Group (a OneDigital Company) (509) 774-8140 288 E Jewett Blvd, Ste. 400 White Salmon, WA 98672


Innovative Composite Engineering (509) 493-4484 1265 N Main Ave White Salmon,WA,98672

Event Planning

Union Event Co (541) 645-5123 | White Salmon, WA 98672

Event Space

Gorge-ous Weddings (503) 360-4707 192 Erickson Rd, Stevenson, WA 98648

Mountain View Grange #98 (509) 630-3897 | Find us on Facebook 1085 Main Ave White Salmon, WA 98672

Mt. Adams Elks Lodge #1868 | (509) 493-1868 124 NE Church Ave White Salmon, WA 98672

Skamania Lodge | (509) 427-2537 1131 SW Skamania Lodge Way Stevenson, WA 98648

The Garage / Event Space (503) 927-7735 323 Steuben, Bingen, WA 98605

Family Entertainment

Big Britches Productions | (509) 250-3929 476 W Jewett Blvd White Salmon, WA 98672

Cedar Creek Alpacas (541) 604-5765 182 McNichols Rd Cook, WA 98605

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center 541-296-8600 ext 245 5000 Discovery Drive The Dalles, OR 97058

Gorge Heritage Museum (509) 493-3228 202 East Humboldt Bingen, WA 98605

Sacred Earth FoundationEkone Ranch | (509) 773-4536 401 Ekone Rd, Goldendale, WA 98620

Western Antique Air & Auto Museum (WAAAM) (541) 308-1600 1600 Air Museum Road Hood River, OR 97031

White Salmon Valley Community Library (509) 493-1132

77 NE Wauna Ave. White Salmon,WA,98672

Maryhill Museum of Art (509) 773-3733

35 Maryhill Museum Dr. Goldendale, WA 98620

Financial & Investment Services

Edward Jones - Doug Comstock (509) 493-0447 | 218 W Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Edward Jones - Rachel Year (509) 774-8516 | Find on Facebook Carson, WA 98610

Fair Planet Advisors (541) 705-7918

107 W. Jewett Blvd., Suite 100 White Salmon, WA 98672

Trimaran Capital, LLC (912) 308-5706 White Salmon, WA 98672


Strawberry Mountain 24/7 Gym (509) 493-3920 | 1320 N. Main Ave White Salmon, WA 98672


SDS Lumber Company | (509) 493-2155 123 Industrial Rd, Bingen, WA 98605

Underwood Conservation District | (509) 493-1936

170 NW Lincoln St. White Salmon, WA 98672

Funeral & Cremation Services

Autumn Sky Aviation (511) 399-2259

2023 Business Directory & Visitor’s Guide | 23


Gardner Funeral Home (509) 493-1323 156 NE Church Ave White Salmon, WA 98672

Gifts & Specialty Items

Hood River County Fruit Loop (541) 490-7713 Hwy 35, Hood River, OR 97031

Hood River Hobbies (541) 386-1123 110 4th St, Hood River, OR 97031

MoonMountain Highway (541) 554-7292 113 Steuben St, Bingen,WA,98605

Tea Lyn’s Tea Shop | (509) 281-3205 121 N. Main Ave. White Salmon, WA 98672

The Missing Corner (530) 722-5789 1256 Hwy 141, BZ Corner, WA 98672

Wild Daffodil Sewing (509) 439-7177 120 W. Main St, Goldendale,WA 98620


Klickitat County Economic Development (509) 773-7060 115 W. Court St, Goldendale, WA 98620

Klickitat County Solid Waste (509) 773-4448 | 115 W. Court St, Goldendale, WA 98620

MCEDD - Mid Columbia Economic Development District (541) 296-2266 | 515 E. 2nd St, The Dalles, OR 97058

Port of Klickitat County (509) 493-1655 154 E. Bingen Point Way #A, Bingen, WA 98605

South Central Workforce Council (509) 574-1950 1205 Ahtanum Ridge Drive, Suite B Yakima, WA 98903

US Fish & Wildlife (509) 493-2934 | 61552 SR 14, Underwood, WA 98651

Grocery Stores

Glenwood General Store (509) 364-3535 | Find us on Facebook 208 E Main St, Glenwood, WA 98619

Harvest Market (509) 493-9494 77 NE Wauna St, White Salmon, WA 98672

Margie’s Outdoor Store (509) 493-0441 405 E Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Holistic Health

Butterfly Essentials & Spiritual Healing (503) 803-2241 White Salmon, WA 98672

Healing Pathway Physical Therapy & Bodywork (503) 330-2848 | 251 N Main St, White Salmon, WA

Insight Counseling Gorge, PLCC (509) 262-5753 176 E Jewett Blvd White Salmon,WA,98672

Margie’s Pot Shop | (509) 493-0441 405 E Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Mountain Sage Medicine (509) 808-6364 251 N Main St, White Salmon, WA 98672

Nana I Ke Kumu (541) 980-7286 | 413 E 2nd St, The Dalles, OR 97058

White Salmon Acupuncture LLP (509) 213-7220 418 NE Tohomish St., Ste 200 White Salmon, WA 98672

ZV Botanicals (509) 310-9650 | 706 Balsingers Orchard Rd. White Salmon, WA 98672

Hospitals & Clinics

Northshore Medical Group (509) 493-2133 65371 WA-14, White Salmon, WA 98672

Skyline Health (509) 493-1101 | 211 NE Skyline Dr White Salmon, WA 98672


CPS - Impact Insurance Marketing, Inc (509) 493-3445 | P.O. Box 189, White Salmon, WA 98672

Jasperson, Michele L. Agency (509) 493-3000 521 E Jewett Blvd White Salmon, WA 98672

McCoy-Holliston Insurance (509) 493-2266 1001 E Jewett Blvd White Salmon, WA 98672


Boni’s Landscaping & Construction (509) 281-0821 Find us on Facebook 725 Alpin Rd, White Salmon, WA 98672

Legal Services

Campbell Phillips (541) 371-5585 208 State Street, Suite 202 Hood River, OR 97031

Peachey Davies Myers & Dunn, PC (541) 386-2221 | 430 Industrial Way, Hood River, OR 97031

Wyers Law Firm (509) 493-2772 | 107 W. Jewett Blvd Ste 650 White Salmon, WA 98672

Liquor Store

Skunk Brothers Spirits (360) 213-3420 40 SW Cascade Ave #45 Stevenson, WA 98648


Nelson Lock and Key (541) 300-9634 | 1060 N. Main Ave White Salmon, WA 98672


Best Western Plus Hood River Inn (541) 386-2200 | 1108 E. Marina Way, Hood River, OR 97031

Cave Creek Farm (541) 980-2124 230 Jennings Road Trout Lake, WA 98650

Elk Meadows RV Park & Cabins (509) 395-2400 78 Trout Lake Creek Rd Trout Lake, WA 98650

Husum House (503) 381-8269 |

112 Husum St., Husum, WA 98623

Klickitat River Inn (509) 310-9636

218 2nd St, Klickitat, WA 98628

Ruby June Inn & Icehouse Wine Bar (509) 493-0517 866 Hwy 141 White Salmon, WA 98672

Skamania Lodge (509) 427-2537 1131 SW Skamania Lodge Way Stevenson, WA 98648

The Society Hotel (503) 445-0444 210 N. Cedar St, Bingen, WA 98605

Trout Lake Abbey (509) 395-2030 | 46 Stoller Rd, Trout Lake, WA 98650

White Salmon Studio (360) 840-3208 415 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon, WA 98672

Manufacturing & Production

Insitu, Inc (509) 493-8600 | 118 E. Columbia River Way Bingen, WA 98605

Mountain Home Biological, Inc (509) 493-2669 | 30 Stone Rd, Bingen, WA 98605

Rapid Ready Mix Co 509-493-3153 | Find us on Facebook 900 E. Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Marine Charters

Gorge Sail Ventures, LLC (503) 381-0660

Peninsula, E Port Marina Dr Hood River, OR 97031

Marketing & Design

Brass Tacks Marketing & Design (509) 310-3438 White Salmon, WA 98672

Signs & Designs (509) 637-0290 White Salmon, WA 98672

Summit Embroidery Works (509) 493-2806 805 W Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605


Harmony of The Gorge (541) 645-0172 | Hood River, OR 97031

Squrl Music (541) 399-6920 PO Box 511, Hood River, OR 97031

24 | Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce

Columbia Gorge Orchestra Assn (541) 490-4346 Hood River, OR 97031

Optical Services

White Salmon Eye Care (509) 493-2020 950 E Jewett Blvd White Salmon, WA 98672


Ralph Daub Photography, LLC (503) 470-9935 | White Salmon, WA 98672

Starlisa Black Photography 509) 637-0949 1 Heritage Plaza, White Salmon, WA 98672


Camp’s Plumbing, LLC 541-298-2267 | 1440 Sterling Ct, The Dalles, OR, 97058

Chinook Plumbing (541) 386-3388 1483 Markham Rd, Hood River, OR 97031

Real Estate Services Annala Carol, Realtor (541) 490-5099 2495 Cascade Ave, Hood River, OR 97031

Columbia Gorge Inspections LLC (509) 593-3533 16 Wallace Dr, White Salmon, WA 98672

Dawn McSweyn Real Estate (541) 645-0951 Underwood, WA 98651

Don Nunamaker, Realtors (541) 386-4400 | 2495 Cascade Ave Hood River, OR 97031

Flume Road Water Services, LLC (509) 538-2643 62 Flume Rd.,Willard, WA 98605

John L. Scott Real Estate | (509) 493-3440 418 NE Tohomish Street #4 White Salmon,WA,98672

KS Real Estate (415) 902-5215 PO Box 71, White Salmon, WA 98672

Pacific Rim Brokers, Inc (509) 493-1783 65 NE Estes Ave White Salmon, WA 98672

Pathfinder Real Estate Services (509) 774-0466 1030 Jewett Blvd, White Salmon, WA 98672

Wendy Vaday, Realtor (541) 399-0548 118 3rd St, Hood River, OR 97031

Windermere Real Estate Columbia Gorge (509) 493-4666 106 W Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Recreation Activities

Cascade Locks Tourism (541) 374-8484 PO Box 308, Cascade Locks, OR 97014

Gorge Paddling Center (541) 806-4190 101 N. 1st St, Hood River, OR 97031

River Drifters (800) 972-0430 856 WA-141, Husum, WA 98623

Sol Rides E-Bike Tours & Rentals (541) 288-1024 | 13 Oak St, Hood River, OR 97031

Wet Planet Rafting & Kayaking (800) 306-1673 860 Hwy 141, White Salmon, WA 98672

Zollers Outdoor Odysseys, Inc (509) 493-2641 | 1248 Hwy 141, White Salmon, WA 98672


Beneventi’s Pizza (509) 493-2177 201 W. Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Carmen’s Kitchen (509) 281-3215 | Find us on Facebook 223 W. Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Columbia Gorge GF Bakery (541) 645-0570 740 E Steuben, Bingen, WA 98605

Everybody’s Brewing (509) 637-2774 177 E. Jewett. Blvd White Salmon, WA 98672

Henni’s Kitchen & Bar (509) 493-1555 120 E. Jewett Blvd

White Salmon, WA 98672

Mugs Coffee (509) 281-3100 | 221 W. Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Riverside Best Western Plus Hood River Inn (541) 386-2200 | 1108 E. Marina Way Hood River, OR 97031

Solstice Wood Fire Cafe (541) 436-0800 501 Portway Ave, Hood River, OR 97031

Sporting Goods

Doctor Roscoe’s Holistic Bicycle Repair (509) 281-3500 209 W Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Hood River WaterPlay 541-386-WIND 1108 E. Marina Way Hood River, OR 97031

Margie’s Outdoor Store (509) 493-0441 405 E Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

North Sports, Inc (509) 493-4938 | 1 North Shore Dr White Salmon, WA 98672


Hood River Pedi Cab / evTaxi & Delivery (541) 714-3130 Hood River, OR 97031

Title Services

AmeriTitle (509) 493-1965 | 165 NE Estes Ave White Salmon, WA 98672

Klickitat County Title Company (509) 773-5804 129 W Main St Goldendale, WA 98620

Tour Guide Shuttle Service

Explore The Gorge (541) 386-2384 1360 Barker Rd, Hood River, OR 97031

Martin’s Gorge Tours (877) 290-8687 Stevenson, WA 98648

Utilities NW Natural 541-296-2229 x 8610 1125 Bargeway Rd The Dalles, OR 97058

Public Utility #1 of Klickitat County (509) 773-5891 | 1313 S. Columbus Ave Goldendale, WA 98620


Alpine Veterinary Hospital | (509) 493-3908 208 Lincoln St, Bingen, WA 98605


Cascade Cliffs Vineyard & Winery (509) 767-1100 | 8866 SR 14, Wishram, WA 98673

Cave Creek Farm | (541) 980-2124 230 Jennings Rd, Trout Lake, WA 98650

COR Cellars (509) 365-2744 | 151 Old Hwy 8, Lyle, WA 98635

Domaine Pouillon,Wineries (509) 365-2795

170 Lyle Snowden Rd, Lyle, WA 98635

Hawkins Cellars (503) 505-4359 | 10401 Cook Underwood Rd Underwood, WA 98651

Klickitat Canyon and Columbia Gorge Winery (541) 400-8147 6 Lyle Snowden Rd, Lyle, WA 98635

Loop De Loop Wines (503) 298-9420 451 Kramer Rd, Underwood, WA 98651

Maryhill Winery (509) 773-1976 9774 Hwy 14, Goldendale, WA 98620

Soča Wine Shop & Bar (509) 774-7211 | 120 N. Main St, White Salmon, WA 98672

South Hill Vineyards & Winery (541) 380-1438 801 Scoggins Rd, Underwood, WA 98651

Syncline Wine Cellars (509) 365-4361 | 111 Balch Road, Lyle, WA 98635

Tetrahedron Wines (509) 774-8323 Old Hwy 8, Lyle, WA 98635

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Eighty miles long and 4,000 feet deep in some places, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most spectacular outdoor playgrounds. Straddling the Oregon-Washington state line, its 300,000 acres beg to be explored. There are rivers to be rafted, lush forests to be explored from a saddle or a bike, mountains to be hiked, and black basalt cliffs to be scaled. Best of all, the Columbia River Gorge is easily accessible, just an hour’s drive from Portland/ Vancouver.

Like the Grand Canyon, the Columbia River Gorge is a testament to the power of flowing water. For more than

40 million years, the Columbia River has carved a deep gash into the volcanic rock of the Cascade Mountains. At some points, the canyon walls now tower 4,000 feet above the river, creating a wind tunnel that can generate 30-knot winds and makes the gorge arguably the boardsailing capital of the world. From jet skiing and outrigger canoes to foil boarding and stand up paddling, our wind and water combinations offer a variety of options for you to try. Rentals and lessons are available from several sources. The Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association has demo equipment available for kids – free or very reasonable.

26 | Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce

Lively Local EVENTS

2/17-19 Gorge Wine Weekend Winery Open Houses

First Wednesdays in downtown White Salmon

3/15 – Maryhill Museum opens for season

4/9 Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt, White Salmon

4/21-22 Community Clean-Up, White SalmonBingen Rotary

4/21-23 Gorge Artists Open Studio Tour

May – Month Long White Salmon Wildflower Festival

5/7 Mother’s Day at Maryhill Museum, Goldendale

5/13 White Salmon Wine Walk

5/29 Memorial Day Ceremony, White Salmon Cemetery

5/27 Lyle Pioneer Days, Lyle

6/3 – Spring Festival, White Salmon

6/9-11 – Bickleton Pioneer Picnic and Rodeo

6/17-18 Ketchum Kalf NPRA Rodeo 86 th Annual, Glenwood

6/17 Columbia Gorge Regional Airport – Fly-In, Dallesport

6/20 White Salmon Farmer’s Market 4-7pm weekly, Rheingarten Park

6/24 Mt. Adams Country Bicycle Tour, Trout Lake

7/4 Fourth of July Parade & Micro Marathon 0.1K Race, Husum

7/4 White Salmon 4 th of July Parade and Picnic in the Park

7/4 Demolition Derby & Fireworks, Goldendale

7/7-8 Goldendale Community Days

7/14-15 Mt. Adams Mud Fest, Glenwood 8/4-8/6 Trout Lake Fair, Trout Lake 8/16-20 Klickitat County Fair & NPRA Rodeo, Goldendale

9/1-3 Annual Community Rummage Sale/ Scholarship Fundraiser, Trout Lake

9/8-10 Huckleberry Festival, Daubenspeck Park, Bingen

9/9-10 – WAAAM Hood River Fly-In

9/16 Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery Open House, Hwy 14-Cook

10/7-8 Car Is King Weekend at Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale

10/31 Community Haunted House, Masonic Hall, White Salmon

10/31 Downtown Trick or Treating Jewett Blvd, White Salmon

Thanksgiving to mid January – Dock Grade Ornament Display (daytime drive)

12/2 Dreaming of a White Salmon Holiday events: Business Open Houses, Caroling, Lighting of the Christmas Tree and Menorah, S’Mores Fire Circles

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Points of Interest Index


28 | Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce Trout LakeGlen woodRd CanyonRd Klickitat Appleton Rd Sunnyside Rd Warner Rd BZ -GlenwoodHwy Glenwood Hwy Van Gilder Rd CentervilleHwy GlenwoodHwy Centerville Hwy S Columbus Ave HorseshoeBend Rd Olson Rd Lewis and Clark Hwy Columbia River Hwy L yleSnowd enRd Sleepy Hollow Rd NorthwesternLake Rd TroutLakeC reek Rd B r d Creek Rd Dalles Mtn Rd KlickitatT ra l PineForestRd Knight Rd Little Klickitat River Little Kli D esch ut e s R v e r Walupt Lake Adams Creek D r y Creek Outl e t Cree k White Creek BrushCreek OutletCreek Bowman Creek Swale Creek Rattlesnake Creek Fifteenmile Creek Li tt e W h i t e aS m o n R v re jaM o r Creek TroutLakeCreek Bird Creek Mill Cre e k Klickitat River White Salmon Riv e r Hood River K l i c k i t at River Hood River Bridge Columbia Gorge Discovery Center Columbia Hills State Historical Park Klickitat River Viewpoint BZ Corner Husum Appleton Wahkiacus Blockhouse Glenwood 1,895 ft Biggs Junction Pitt Dee Underwood Gilmer Rowena Mosier Odell Mount Hood Parkdale Wishram Dallesport Trout Lake The Dalles Maryhill Centerville Hood River Goldendale Lyle Klickitat Bingen White Salmon 640 ft YAKIMA COUNTY KLICKITAT COUNTY SKAMANIA COUNTY YAKIMA COUNTY SKAMANIA COUNTY KLICKITAT CO UNTY S HERMANCOUNTYWASCOCOUNTY WASHINGTON OREGON Yakama Indian Reservation Yakama Indian Reservation Mount Adams Wilderness Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Gifford Pinchot National Forest Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge Klickitat Wildlife Area Mount Hood N.F. Mt. Adams 12,276 ft Sleeping Beauty 4,907 ft C O K L I C K I T A T V A C O L U M B I A H I L L S Miller Island S W A L E C A N Y O N The Dalles Lock & Dam C A M A S P RAIRIE T H E P L A T E A U M ONTE C R I S T O R A N G E CEDA V A L L E Y S I M C O E M HIGH PRAIRIE R OWENA GAP Snowden Rd Klickitat Trail Fairgrounds Rd Goldendale Golf & Country Club Mt. Adams Ranger Station Klickita t R i v e r 1 3 4 6 2 7 11 13 14 15 5 16 12 9 10 8 3 4 2 1 5 4 6 2 3 1 2 3 4 7 5 3 2 1 12 11 8 6 4 9 4 3 8 2 5 6 4 3 8 13 10 7 9 4 5 2 3 11 6 3 9 4 14 2 15 16 1 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 2 1 3 1 2 12 11 9 4 5 2 10 7 1 6 8 Rd s Hwy LMaryhill oopsRd Sunnyside Rd Acme Rd Oak Ridge Rd MillCreek Cascade Volcanoes Viewpoint 717 ft 2,308 ft 220 ft 1,900 ft 1,605 ft 1,633 ft 131 ft COUNTY HOOD RIVER CO. S WASCO CO. Goldendale Observatory State Park Grayback Mtn. 3,766 ft Black Butte 3,053 ft Indian Rock 5,823 ft Quigley Butte 3,275 ft Guler Mtn 4,260 ft Monte Carlo 4,020 ft 84 84 14 35 14 14 97 97 30 97 197 197 141 141 142 281 206 142 142 182 114 5 88 NFD 80 NFD 82 NFD 23 NFD 285 8040 NFD A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 B C D E F A B C D E F Mosier Lyle Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area 3 4 7 13 14 3 2 1 4 Cany on R d yL e S n wo d en Rd Klickitat Trail Old Hwy 8 Tuth i l l Rd Balch Rd M a jor C re e k Colu m b i a River Lyle Columbia 14 30 142 84 Campgrounds 1. Big Cedars County Park A7 2. Bird Creek C4 3. Brooks Memorial Group Campground G5 4. Cold Springs A3 5. Guler County Park A5 6. Horsethief Lake D8 7. Liedl D5 8. Maryhill State Park F8 9. Morrison Creek A3 10. Stinson Flats D5 11. Stout C4 12. Trout Lake Creek A4 Craft
1. Everybody’s Brewing B7; O2 2. Dwinell Country Ales F7; T3 Fish Hatcheries 1. Goldendale E6 2. Klickitat D4 3. Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery A7 Lodging 1. Adventure Fishing Cabins C7 2. Getaway Mount Adams C5 3. Husum House 4. Inn of the White Salmon 5. Kelly’s Trout Creek Inn 6. Klickitat River Inn 7. Lyle Hotel 8. Ponderosa
9. Ruby
10. Quality Inn & Suites 11. The Logs Inn 12. The Red House 13. The Society Hotel 14. Trout
Center 15. Trout
16. Trout
Valley Inn *Consult online resources for additional short-term rental options
1. Carousel Museum 2. Gorge
3. Klickitat
4. Lyle
Museum 5. Maryhill
of Art 6. Presby
7. Whoop-N-Holler Museum Parks 1. Cleveland Park
June Inn & Icehouse Wine Bar
Lake Abbey & Zen
Lake Cozy Cabins
Heritage Museum
Twin Bridges

Underwood Community Center A7 Points of Interest

Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic and Rodeo Grounds I5

Art at the Heart of Goldendale F6; T3

Cascade Volcanoes Viewpoint F7

Goldendale Reindeer F6

Goldendale Visitors Center F6; U3

Heritage Plaza Visitor Center A7; N3

Historic Steam Locomotive E8

Ketchum Calf Rodeo Grounds C4

Klickitat County Fairgrounds F6; S2

Maryhill Loops Rd F7 11. Schreiner Farms D8 12. St John’s Monastery Bakery & Cafe G5 13. Stonehenge Memorial F8


1. Atkisson Snopark A5 2. Bingen Skate Park B7; P4

3. BZ Rafting Put-in A6 4. Flattop Snopark A4 5. Guler Ice Caves A5 6. Pineside Snopark A4 7. Pitt Hang Gliding Area D7 8. River Drifters Rafting B7 9. Smith Butte Snopark B4 10. “Spokes” Bike Park B7; P2 11. Wet Planet Rafting B7 12. Zoller’s Outdoor Odysseys Rafting B6

RV Parks

1. Elk Meadows RV Park A5 2. Gorge Base Camp RV B7, O3 3. Peach Beach RV Park F8 4. Stargazers RV Resort F7; U4

State Parks

1. Brooks Memorial State Park G5 2. Columbia Hills State Park D8 3. Dalles Mountain Ranch D8 4. Doug’s Beach State Park C8 5. Goldendale Observatory State Park F6; U1 6. Maryhill State Park F8


1. Catherine Creek B7,9

2. Coyote Wall B8,9 3. Klickitat Trail C8,9 4. Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail C8


1. AniChe Cellars A7 2. Cascade Cliffs Vineyard and Winery D8 3. Cor Cellars C7,9 4. Domaine Pouillon (by appointment) C7,8 5. Hawkins Cellars Winery A7 6. Jacob Williams E8 7. Klickitat Canyon Organic C7,8 8. Le Doubblé Troubblé Wine Co. B7, O2 9. Loop de Loop Wines A7 10. Marshal’s Winery D8 11. Maryhill Winery F8 12. South Hill A7 13. Syncline C7,9 14. Tetrahedron C8,9 15. Waving Tree Vineyard F8 16. Willow Wine Cellar A7

For more details about touring KLICKITAT COUNTY, visit us online at: w or

2023 Business Directory & Visitor’s Guide | 29 Scott Canyo n Rd Blalock Canyon Rd GladeRd RooseveltGrad e Rd Dot Rd Dot Rd Hoctor Rd Matsen Rd Mabton Hwy AlderdaleRd BickletonHwy Alderdale Rd McKinley Springs Rd Bickleton Hwy East Rd East Rd A l de r dale Rd ColumbiaRiver Hwy LewisandClark Hwy Old Mill Rd Old Highway 8 OldHighway8 John DayRiver ckitatRiver Rock C re e k liW l o w C r e e k Pin e Creek Pine C re e k Sa t u s C r e ek Badger Gulch Luna Gulch C ol u m b i a Ri ver Sundale Cleveland Bluelight Alderdale Arlington Rufus Wasco Bickleton 3,020 ft Grandview Roosevelt Zillah Goldendale Harrah KLICKITAT COUNTY BENTON COUNTY MORROW COUNTY GILLIAM COUNTY WASHINGTON Yakama Indian Reservation L U M B I A H I L L S L L E Y John Day Lock & Dam H O R S E H E A V E N H I L L S O U N T A I N S B I C K L E T O N R I D G E MUNSON PR A I R I E H A R R I S O N RIDGE WOO D G U L C H T H E B U R N A L D E R R I D G E S A N D R I D G E Satus Pass 3,107 ft Roosevelt Regional Landfill GILLIAM COUNTY SHERMANCOUNTY 1 1 7 1 7 12 1 3 o Heritage Ln Bluel i ght 2,700 ft Lone Pine Butte 4,721 ft Tumwater Butte 2,758 ft Satus Pass 84 84 14 14 14 74 19 97 97 206 22 Swan Toppenish Outlook 1:230,000 0 10 miles 5 Campground Craft Brewery Fish Hatchery Lodging Museum Park Points of Interest 2 2 1 3 3 2 OREGON WASHINGTON KLICKITAT COUNTY Recreation RV Park State Park Trailhead Winery Windsurfing 12 1 2 4 KLICKITAT County Touring Map © 2022 Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce & Goldendale Chamber of Commerce. Any duplication, re-publication, or distribution of this map and related images and content is prohibited without written consent. 2 13 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 G H I J K L G H I J K L Bridge The Dalles Portland White Salmon/ Bingen Goldendale KLICKITAT CO. Columbia River Gorge NSA Columbia Rive r B7 A7; O2 A5 D6 C8 F6; U3 Bar B7 F7; U4 A6 F7; T4 B7, Q4 B5 B5 A5 quality local I5 B7; Q4 D6 C8,9 F8 F6; T3 I5 I5 2.
Daubenspeck Park O2
Ekone Park F6; U3
Guler County Park A5
Marina Park R5
Rheingarten Park O2
Roosevelt Park Recreation Area J7

Washington State Parks

Washington State Parks

Columbia Hills State Park

Columbia Hills State Park

Columbia Hills Historical State Park in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a 3,637-acre park with four separate sites petroglyphs and options for bird watching, climbing, swimming, and hiking through vast fields of abundant wild flowers.

Columbia Hills Historical State Park in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a 3,637-acre park with four separate sites petroglyphs and options for bird watching, climbing, swimming, and hiking through vast fields of abundant wild flowers.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest



Three NPRA sanctioned rodeos delight crowds in Klickitat County every summer. The Alder Creek Pioneer Rodeo, Ketchum Kalf Rodeo, and the Klickitat County Fair Rodeo span the the entire county.

Three NPRA sanctioned rodeos delight crowds in Klickitat County every summer. The Alder Creek Pioneer Rodeo, Ketchum Kalf Rodeo, and the Klickitat County Fair Rodeo span the the entire county.

Maryhill Loops Road

Maryhill Loops Road

The first asphalt paved road in the Pacific Northwest, Maryhill Loops Road is a hub for car clubs and international longboarding events.

The first asphalt paved road in the Pacific Northwest, Maryhill Loops Road is a hub for car clubs and international longboarding events.

Stonehenge Memorial

Stonehenge Memorial

Built by Sam Hill as the nation’s first WW1 memorial, Stonehenge was dedicated in 1918 to the 14 servicemen from Klickitat County who lost their lives in service to their country. Overlooking the Columbia River, the setting evokes reflection and inspiration.

Built by Sam Hill as the nation’s first WW1 memorial, Stonehenge was dedicated in 1918 to the 14 servicemen from Klickitat County who lost their lives in service to their country. Overlooking the Columbia River, the setting evokes reflection and inspiration.

Presby House Museum Goldendale Visitors Center 10 12 13 Insitu Chamber of Commerce City Hall EHUMBOLDTST W ALLYN ST EAGLEDR N MILL AV ALLYN DR MILL AV W COURT ST HO FRONT RD W MAIN ST NW 2ND ST SCALEHOUSERD ANKENY ST W McKINLEY ST NW 3RD PL ECOLLINSDR ACADEMY AV ALLISON WAY GARFIELD AV E BROADWAY EXT ESIMCOEDR ROE D R E ALLYN ST S WILBUR AV CHATFIELD AV Y MURDOCK CIR W BURGEN ST W DARLAND DR S MILL AV S ROOSEVELT AV S COLUMBUS AV S COLUMBUS AV EBROADW Hornibrook C t © 2022 Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce & Goldendale Chamber of Commerce. Any duplication, re-publication, or distribution of this map and related images and content is prohibited without written consent. GOLDENDALE
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Things TO DO

32 |
Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce

A variety of art galleries, gift shops, museums, and cultural attractions exist here. Bingen is home to Antiques & Oddities, one of the largest antique malls in the region that is so much more than antiques. Goldendale is proud of their State Park Observatory. This unique state park houses one of the nation’s largest, most accessible public telescopes in a newly renovated facility. The engaging viewing programs are a must do. We have an annual Art Studio tour to highlight the many artists working from home studios. Gorge Artists welcome scheduled visits to their studios year round. There are many talented local Musicians playing every week at a variety of locations. Check our events calendar and the newsletter for details. Performing Arts are strong in our communities and there are numerous productions year round for your entertainment.

There is a large selection of excellent dining possibilities and coffee shops, as well as several lodging

options scattered throughout all of Klickitat County. We have multiple renowned wineries with tasting rooms, an expanding, award-winning microbrewery and a local year round farm store in Bingen with fresh produce, in addition to a great quality full service grocery store in White Salmon, which also offers a hot/cold deli. In neighboring towns can be found many wonderful, rustic (and sometimes colorful), “Mom and Pop” stores. The Glenwood General Store has well stocked shelves with a diverse assortment of supplies and offers daily specials. Mount Adams stands tall as the 2nd highest mountain in the state. It is visible from many parts of Klickitat County, with some great viewing areas in several locations.

On good viewing days, you can see four mountains from a location near Eddieville Raceway, just south of Goldendale on Hwy 97: Hood, Adams, St. Helens and Rainier. The eastern portion of Klickitat County is popular with Rally drivers and car

touring groups for the wonderful drives available. The Maryhill Loops Road is a special treasure only open twice a year to the public.

Many hiking trails and waterfalls are scattered throughout the area, from deep forest to dry oak savannahs. Wildflowers are a delight, with a large variety from west to east, and throughout at least 3 seasons. Long country drives are available on paved, gravel or dirt roads, and easy access to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and the Columbia River National Scenic Area. Fish hatcheries throughout the county are fun to visit. Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge outside of Glenwood is a serene and special place. Home to massive herds of bugling elk, as well as a nesting place for the migrating Sandhill Cranes, you may be the only human for miles.

You can watch the paragliders hovering over Bingen and landing out at Bingen Point on a big grassy area that is also popular with dog owners and picnickers. Rock climbers have

2023 Business Directory & Visitor’s Guide | 33

several basalt cliffs to enjoy not far out of town, and there is more than one sail-board park where you can join in or simply watch in amazement. White Salmon is home to the 19 acre ‘Spokes Bike Park’ and there are numerous off road cycling trails nearby. There is a popular skateboard park in Bingen. A wonderful way to experience our area is on horseback. Spend the morning hours on a trail ride and then go whitewater rafting in the afternoon to make a refreshing day of it. Far to the east, Bickleton boasts a large bluebird population which can be viewed along their hiking trails and open prairie. The oldest operating tavern in the state of Washington is another claim to fame for Bickleton, as well as their antique carousel museum.

Rivers, lakes and streams mean fishing! Several varieties of trout, steelhead, bass, salmon and sturgeon are the draw here. Go with a guide or venture on your own. Pickup tackle and supplies at many local shops where all your provisions and licenses can be purchased.

Winter recreation is one of the county’s best kept secrets. With snow-mobiling, sledding, Nordic skiing, and snowshoeing all readily accessed in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, there are a variety of ways to enjoy our winter wonderland. Equipment rentals are available in Hood River. Remember to stop at the Mt. Adams Chamber Visitor Center for your non-motorized Sno-Park Permit before you go. There are several good mechanics in the area, an auto parts store, and a bicycle sales and repair shop.


Columbia Gorge Arts and Culture Alliance - promoting the rich arts and cultural heritage of the Columbia Gorge through website and social media, Art & Culture tour maps, and “Hear in the Gorge” podcasts ( telling captivating stories about our culture and heritage while providing a better sense of place.

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center 5000 Discovery Dr, The Dalles, OR Maryhill Museum of Art, 35 Mary-

hill Museum Drive, Goldendale, WA

Stonehenge – World War I Klickitat County Veterans Memorial, Maryhill, WA

Gorge Heritage Museum, 202 East Humboldt, Bingen, WA

Klickitat Historical Museum, 92 Main St. Klickitat, WA

WAAAM – Western Antique Automobile and Airplane Museum, Hood River, OR


The Bingen Theater, Bingen, WA

Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River, OR

Columbia Gorge Orchestra Association, varied locations


Bingen Marina Park, Bingen, Wa (shady grass, walking path, picnic area, boat launch)

Daubenspeck Park, Bingen, WA (skate park, playground, basketball court, picnic area)

Rheingarten Park, White Salmon, WA (tennis courts, basketball

34 | Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce
2023 Business Directory & Visitor’s Guide | 35 How long has it been? Time to call Bishop! SANITATION 5 4 1 . 3 7 0 . 2 2 0 6 Expert Septic Services S Pump S Clean S Inspect EVERY YEARS 3 P U M P 2 4 / 7 E M E R G E N C Y R E S P O N S E Member of The Dalles, Hood River, Mt Adams, Condon & Skamania Chambers L o c a l l y O w n e d S i n c e 1 9 6 2 b i s h o p s a n i t a t i o n . c o m F r e s h P o r t a b l e To i l e t R e n t a l s a n d M o r e! 509-493-2806 805 W Steuben St. #3 Bingen, WA Washington Souvenirs • Embroidery All Weather Apparel • Specialty items Screen Printing • Promotional Product

courts, gazebo, playground, picnic area)

Francis Gaddis Park, White Salmon, WA (picnic area, access to Jewett Creek Trails)

Klickitat Community Center, Klickitat, WA (playground, baseball/soccer field, picnic area)

Lyle Activity Center, Lyle, WA (playground, covered picnic area, baseball/ soccer field)

Underwood Community Center, Underwood, WA (soccer fields, horse riding arena, basketball/tennis courts)

Northwestern Park, Hwy 141 White Salmon, Wa (picnic tables, kayak launch, shade trees)


Americas’ Most Unique Wine Region is located less than an hour east of Portland, Oregon. Straddling the mighty Columbia River, the Columbia Gorge Growing Region includes the fertile soils of both Washington and Oregon. From the marine influenced climate of Underwood Mountain to the arid dryland of the Eastern Gorge, from Albarino to Zinfandel, the grapes and wines of this 40 mile stretch are a spectacular selection of sweet whites and luscious reds. Our winemakers have access to over

50 different premium grape varieties to create their distinct and extraordinary artisan wines. Whichever direction you are headed, we can direct you to a local winery.


Recently growing in popularity, there are now several microbreweries locally with claim to regional and national level awards with their craft. Our local brew masters are passionate about the process and their commitment to making quality beer. Everybody’s Brewing in White Salmon is a core of the downtown scene with live music almost every weekend and a great menu, as well as an outdoor patio deck with Mt. Hood views.


Who doesn’t love to camp as a way to connect with the natural world? There’s a long tradition of camping in the Gorge - from backpacking to RVs. Everyone finds a different balance between their rugged, inner wild and the joy of a few luxuries. We can suggest options for whatever level of comfort you desire. Regardless of your go-to camping style, please tread lightly on our natural and cultural resources, keep other people’s experience in mind, and generally re-

member to ‘Recreate with Respect’!

Be aware that technology will not always serve you in the wilderness areas of our region. Be prepared with backup plans, hard maps and always take some supplies with you when venturing. It is advisable to keep your fuel tanks filled, as the nearest gas station could be some miles away. is a wonderful resource to prepare for your trip in advance.


The Columbia River is shared by many different groups, windsurfers, kayakers, fishermen, families, boaters, and barges, among others. While most people see the river as a source of recreation, local tribes see it as a means of survival, and regional barge companies see it as a means for business travel. Be aware of and courteous to other users, and always practice good safety habits with children and pets. Leave it better than you found it. Please be respectful of the Native American In Lieu Sites along the Columbia River which are designated by the Federal Government for access only by tribal members.

Doug’s Beach – SR14 near mile post 74. Fee - $10/day, or $30/annual Discover Pass. Amenities – Grassy area, picnic

36 | Mt.
Adams Chamber of Commerce Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish & Wildlife

tables, and porta-potties

Bingen Marina – SR14 mile post 62. Fee – Free. Amenities – Large grassy area, porta-potties

The Hatchery – SR14 near milepost 56. Fee - $10/day or $30/annual Discover Pass. Amenities – Grassy area, picnic tables, pit toilet, rocky access to water

Cheap Beach – SR14 near mile post 56. Fee – Free. Amenities – None. Caution –Not family/pet friendly due to proximity to Hwy 14

Swell City – SR14 near mile post 56. Fee - $5/day/person or $75/season pass. Amenities – Porta-potties, small viewing area. Caution – This is a site for experienced sailors, and not family/pet

friendly due to proximity to Hwy 14.

Home Valley – SR14 near milepost 45. Fee – Free. Amenities – Play areas, sandy beach, family friendly, porta-potty.

Waterfront Park, Hood River, OR –I-84, exit 63. Fee – Free. Amenities –Kid’s play area, sandy beach for swimmers, flush toilets.

2023 Business Directory & Visitor’s Guide | 37
*509-774-0466 *1030 E Jewett BLVD *White Salmon, WA 98672 Pathfinder Real Estate Service Inc. Call Pathfinder if You decide to Stay & Live, Work & Play in the Columbia River Gorge! Just like Us! Locally Owned & Operated Optimal health through natural, medical solutions (509) 808-6364 251 N Main Ave, White Salmon We accept most major insurance and WA state Medicaid. Digestive complaints Hormone imbalances Fatigue • Anxiety/Depression • Frequent Illness Fertility • Eczema • Allergies • ADHD • Nutrition Weight Flux Thyroid & Autoimmune Disorders Integrative and Functional Medicine

A Message From

Our Executive Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and myself, we welcome you to the north shore of the Columbia River Gorge. The mission of the Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce is to “Promote business involvement to enhance a vibrant community”. We strive to represent, serve and connect our active members to build and sustain a thriving business community. We provide strong value with networking opportunities, memberonly benefits and advocacy being a few of the main areas of focus. Our website and Chamber Master/ Growth Zone technology allows us to better administer our member’s needs and to serve as the foundation to support you in many other ways. I would love to schedule a visit with you to ensure you are aware of how best to utilize these tools. Please reach out if you want to learn more.

Our networking events allow you to connect with other local businesses and community leaders. Our Morning Connections is popular and provides you a place to build relationships with chamber members and learn more about what is happening. Your membership gives you many different ways to promote yourself and to make critical connections to further grow and develop your business. It is up to you how much or little you utilize these resources.

This magazine is a valuable tool to assist you in being aware of whom our chamber members are, to be able to contact them with ease and to make sure that you are, whenever possible, doing business with other members. I encourage you to refer to this directory often and remember to “see a member first” as these businesses are most dedicated to making our area the best it can be. Please support these businesses and organizations whenever possible, because their financial investment in this chamber and commitment to working together makes the programs and initiatives we provide possible. Also, please bookmark our website and check back often to stay up to date on chamber events and other news. These resources highlight one of the many advantages of chamber membership – making connections.

Thank you to all who participated in this guide by purchasing advertising and for all of your financial and in-kind support throughout the years. This information is also available online for your convenience. We hope you find this to be user friendly and a great resource. I welcome your feedback as this allows us to continuously improve. As we do our best to work for you, your support and participation in Chamber functions is very much appreciated. The Chamber is only as strong as our members and we are always striving to enhance the prosperity of our membership. Together, we are successful. Thank you for staying connected with MACC!

Warmest regards,
38 | Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce



Our Mission: The Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce is organized to promote business involvement to enhance a vibrant community.


The Chamber Board of Directors holds an annual retreat and sets the goals for the next year. In 2022, the following items were identified as priorities:

• Small business support

• Developing and presenting membership value.

• Member engagement.


Our goal is to see our local communities thrive and to create positive connections which spark synergy and momentum. We support this by focusing on our key objectives:

• Support local business and advocating on their behalf.

• Building partnerships at all levels of government and key industry groups to promote economic success in our communities and

to seek their assistance to guide development.

• Ensure the governance of MACC and its resourcing is sufficient to undertake effective programs and support on behalf of business members.

Together with our members and other entities, we work towards creating a healthy, connected community that cares. Thank you for being engaged with us.

Tammara Tippel, Executive Director

Darlisa Black, Visitor Center SuperStar/Staff Photographer

Julia Stanton, Visitor Center SuperStar


Vern Mohlis is the current board President. He has been in the banking and finance industry for over 35-years.  Currently, as a commercial lender for Columbia State and serving the Columbia River Gorge markets in Commercial/Industrial, Commercial Real Estate, and agri-

culture lending.  Vern and his wife Dawn McSweyn moved to the area in 2012 and currently reside in Underwood.  Vern is a Commissioner for the Underwood Parks and Recreation District, member and Past-President of Rotary, and has served on various committees for The Next Door, Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and the Oregon Banker’s Association.  Vern enjoys golf, fishing, biking, hiking and various activities with Dawn.

Karalee Holtmann rejoined the MACC board in September 2019.  She currently serves as our Board Treasurer. She is a Retail Manager at First Interstate Bank in Bingen.  Karalee is also a Rotarian for the White Salmon/Bingen Rotary club where she serves as the club foundation Treasurer and is also a Volunteer for the White Salmon Fire Department.  Karalee has served on the chamber board many years ago when she first moved to the gorge area. Since she has been back in the Bingen/White Salmon community Karalee has immersed herself by picking up where

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Belonging to the Mt. Adams Chamber brings many benefits. We are organized to unite our membership for business promotion, economic development, advocacy and support.

she left off prior to her working in Hood River.  In her spare time she enjoys hiking and camping in the summer and snow-shoeing in the winter.

Kip Miller is in his fifth year as a Board Member on the Mt Adams Chamber of Commerce and the Northshore Community Foundation. He is the Community Relations Coordinator for Insitu which includes managing charitable giving, volunteer, and internal employee programs. He cares about people and is passionate in connecting resources with those in need for a successful outcome. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his growing family and attempting to play golf. His highlight at MACC so far was reviving the “Art” in the annual Art & Wine Fusion as he got to meet and learn the stories of over 30 local Gorge artists and help display their beautiful work. Dawn Carmichael served as the 2022 MACC Board President. She is the owner operator of Summit Embroidery Works in Bingen, which provides custom embroidery, screen printing,

Pictured top to bottom, and left to right: Vern Mohlis, Karalee Holtmann, Kip Miller, Dawn Carmichael, Dawn McSweyn, Elizabeth Jones-Ferguson, Chris Wiggins, James Szubski, Deb Michelson, Kyla Feinberg, Linda Ingebo.

and promotional products to customers locally, statewide and nationally.

Dawn has been in the business for almost 20 years and is passionate about helping customer find what they are looking for to promote their businesses, events, and teamwork.

Dawn is also an active member in PEO Chapter EB, serving a two term as President. She is a Rotarian in the White Salmon/Bingen rotary club, and also is a regular blood donor for the American Red Cross.  When not volunteering for something, Dawn enjoys being home where she can garden, bike, hike and enjoy all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Dawn McSweyn has been a licensed REALTOR® for over 16 years.  Prior to Real Estate, Dawn worked as a Business Systems Liason at a large financial institution. She has been active in her community by reading to children for the last 8 years and serving 3 years as Treasurer for Soroptimist International of Mt. Adams.  In her spare time, Dawn likes hiking, photography, playing with her dogs, and hanging out with her family!

Elizabeth Jones-Ferguson and her sister own Blackbird + Ivory Boutique in White Salmon.  The boutique is filled with cozy bohemian chic women’s clothing, bags, accessories, and northwest women crafted jewelry, candles, art, and beauty products.

Elizabeth has her MSW and works on a national team as a child welfare data specialist. She is passionate about data, connecting people, and helping coordinate interests and work. Her favorite pastimes are hiking, fly fishing, wine tasting, and spending time with her husband, two dogs, and friends and family.

Chris Wiggins is owner of the Ruby June Inn along with his partner, Gretchen Wolf. He spent over 20 years in sales of analytic software and before that, 12 years selling orthopaedic implants in Washington DC, VA & MD. In 2017, Chris & Gretchen opened a wine bar on Bainbridge Island where they validated their love for hospitality and as hosts of a neighborhood gathering place. It is their vision to grow the RubyJune Inn into a local spot where those visiting the Gorge

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Adams Chamber of Commerce

can explore the regional sights and activities, rest in comfort as well as indulge in great wines while experiencing our local community. Chris is excited in his success with WSDOT to install speed signs and repainted lines to improve the safety of pedestrians and traffic in Husum.

James Szubski joined the MACC board in January of 2023 with a focus on driving tourism to the area. James is the Chief Operating Officer of Margie’s Outdoor Store, Margie’s Pot Shop, and RENT LLC, all in Bingen. In his first two years, his stores won six Best of the Gorge Awards.  He took on the leadership responsibilities of his businesses in early 2021 after his mother-in-law and long-loved Gorge icon, Margie Lemberger, passed away. Prior to settling in the Gorge, James enjoyed a successful, 30-year career in communications and marketing. His work included projects at the local, national, and international levels. James’ passion for service has seen him in the roles of Search and Rescue EMT, wild-land firefighter, and infantry soldier.

Deb Michelson is the Marketing and Events Manager at Hawkins Cellars in Underwood, WA. Together with the winemaker/owner of Hawkins, she planted a small Pinot Noir vineyard in 2013 and opened the tasting room

in 2017. She has collaborated on events with other local wineries and is looking forward to working with the community and member businesses in promoting the Gorge area. In the early 2000’s, she co-founded and served on the U.S. Board of the Maassai Wilderness Conservation Trust, a nonprofit supporting conservation, education and health services programs in southern Kenya. Deb enjoys “the Gorge life” -- hiking, skiing and paddle boarding in her free time. Kyla Feinberg has been a lifetime resident of the Gorge. Over the past decade of living in the White Salmon Area, she has served on the White Salmon Arts Council Board, in various positions, and now as President. Her interest in Arts and Community have led to years of event planning and weaving the two together. She worked at North Shore Cafe beginning in 2012, where she created the thriving Holiday Artisan Market for over 5 years, and then added the Spring Artisan market. These bi-annual markets were the link for Artists and Residents to Shop Local. Her newest endeavors are the Art Chats, hosted by the White Salmon Arts Council. These successful events have linked Local Artists, Local Businesses and the Community together to learn about what drives the creative pas-

sion of each Artist. Kyla is an Artist Co-Owner at Made in the Gorge, the Gorges’ longest running Artist CoOp. She makes and sells her Crystal and Feather jewelry, as well as pieces from her newest crafting adventure, basket weaving! Kyla lives in Husum with her husband, Dane, and two children; Reagan, 11 and Ash who just turned 1 on Thanksgiving. She enjoys many outdoor activities with her family in the Gorge mountains and rivers. Linda Ingebo is the newest member of the MACC board as of this December 2022. Linda and her nephew, Guy Joseph Ricciardulli, are the proud owners of the Klickitat River Inn. They have worked extremely hard these past 5 years at becoming recognized as a 5-Star establishment. This year they will be offering it as the next upcoming, “one of a kind”, riverfront, small wedding venue. Linda is also a volunteer at the Klickitat Museum. She has been involved in the small community of Klickitat, WA since 2015. After experiencing many crises in her own life, Linda has great passion to help others in need. When they don’t know where to turn for help, Linda is there. Sharing the knowledge and resources she has learned through her years of crisis, is her way of “giving back” and “paying it forward”.

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Because of the sizable returns.

NW Natural is proud to have served our customers for over 163 years. With that pride comes the knowledge that we have an even greater responsibility to the community at large. That’s why on any given day you’ll find our employees helping others. And the fruits of those efforts are visible in the faces of those who need us most.

We believe that if we put the time in to help our neighbors through philanthropy, volunteering or just plain sweat, the rewards are tenfold.

Together with numerous charitable organizations, we’re doing what any good neighbor would do. We’re working to make this the kind of place we can call home. And that’s the biggest return of all.

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Why do we feel that investing in the community is so important?
NW Natural is proud to support the Columbia Gorge
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