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Institute of Leadership & Management Certificate in Leadership and Management Level 4 tailored for Loughborough University Staff

ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management What is the ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management? The ILM Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management has been specially designed to give new, aspiring and practising managers a solid foundation in their formal development in this role. This is a pragmatic programme concentrating on the theory, but also the application at Loughborough University. Specialist departments will be involved in the design and the delivery of certain units, making it really unique to Loughborough and allowing you the opportunity to really find out and question how things work.

What level qualification is the Certificate? In terms of national qualifications framework (QCF) ILM Level 4 is broadly equivalent to three to four years of undergraduate education.

Level 4

Who is the programme for? Aimed at those who have completed the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management, you will not be able to sign up for the Level 4 Certificate until you have passed the Level 3 Award and have gained the necessary credits to take forward. This strategic leadership programme is aimed at managers from Grade 5 to Grade 7 and above or for managers with previous qualifications and experience who have a wide span of control and accountability for performance in their department or school. However it may also be a good development route for: anyone in other management grades who n  have a number of years’ experience in management and would like to gain a recognised qualification managers with previous qualifications and/or n  team leaders/managers new into post who want to learn more about management and leadership at Loughborough University people looking to move into more senior n  management posts in the future, who have already completed ILM Level 3 or equivalent.

How is it delivered? It is possible to complete single units of this programme (lasting 1 day) however these will not be accredited. In order to gain credits for the units completed you must first sign up to the full programme. The full programme consists of 3 units, completed

over 12 months or up to a maximum of 3 years. In order to achieve the final Certificate you must complete all units and the work based assignments within 3 years of registration. Programme units include: n Delegating Authority in the Workplace This workshop is designed to give managers a greater understanding of how to delegate a task in the workplace and examine ways to improve their ability to delegate and empower others. The workshop also explores the advantages and disadvantages of delegation, principles of effective delegation, delegating to empower others, constraints and benefits of empowerment, techniques for deciding the most appropriate individual to undertake the activity, defining authority and power, responsibility and accountability and techniques to monitor outcomes of delegation. n Understanding the Importance of Marketing for an Organisation This workshop is designed to give managers a greater understanding of the importance of marketing for an organisation. The workshop also explores the marketing management as a process, using marketing management to increase customer base, improve organisational image, and to increase perceived value, environmental scanning and situation analysis, market share as an indicator of market competitiveness, primary and secondary research to determine

market trends, industrial and consumer market segmentation, product life cycle and competitor profiling. n Developing Individual Mental Toughness This workshop is designed to develop individual mental toughness. The workshop also explores the importance and implications of mental toughness, the ability to assess own mental toughness, understand the implications of own mental toughness in terms of personal effectiveness within the organisation, understand how mental toughness can be developed and examine your own mental toughness.

Assessment Info Participants are assessed by a written work based assignment following each unit.

What support is available? n Full tutor support (up to 2 hours). n All workbooks and some additional material

and resources will be available to you.

What we provide: n High quality delivery and assessment standards. n A supportive and constructive learning

atmosphere where you can feel challenged and stretched in a safe environment. n Staff Development will fully fund you if you register

and commit to this programme.

NB If you register to complete the ILM Level 4 qualification, we reserve the right to charge your department on a cost recovery basis if you fail to complete the requirement of the programme.

What we ask of you: Once registered you have made a commitment to complete the Certificate. It is your responsibility to learn and put what you have learnt into practice. You will need to hand any work in on time and keep your line manager informed. If you register on the Level 4 programme you are agreeing to the following time commitments: n 3 days face to face delivery, 1 day per module. n Time to prepare and complete a work based

Register on a briefing session In order to attend any of the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) programmes it is essential that you first attend a briefing session. The briefing session allows you to learn more about the content of the programme, the level of commitment involved and also the standard of work you will need to achieve in order to gain the qualification. There is no obligation to register for the programme, but we do encourage you to come to a briefing and find out about the course content from the people who deliver it.

assignment to be handed in on time. n Additional reading to improve your knowledge

of the subjects.

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ILM Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management  
ILM Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management