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Winter 2013/2014

Tradition and pioneering spirit - a many-faceted family saga

85 anniversary th

1928 – 2013

How it all began ...

The history of our hotel begins in one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. In 1928, the young couple Hans and Irma Singer realised their dream of building a modern ‘Alpenhotel Singer’ in the picturesque and idyllic mountain village of Berwang. Their slogan ‘Light – Air – Comfort’ lured summer visitors and winter sports enthusiasts to the sunny plateau, and their warm hospitality soon won them many loyal regulars. They had a flair for the exceptional and were ahead of their time, and this ensured that the hotel Singer very quickly became one of the Tyrol’s leading hotels. The establishment boasted features that were more than extraordinary at the time, they were near unimaginable: running hot and cold water, central heating, the first telephone in Berwang (next to the post office), its own electricity generating system and its own water supply were all evidence of their genuine pioneering spirit.

Building conversions

In 1932, only four years after the hotel was completed, the ‘Kleines Haus’ (small house) was added to accommodate the growing number of guests. During the war years, the hotel served as a rest and spa home for the German Luftwaffe. In 1950, the annex was connected to the main building by a hall with a reception and lobby. When the ‘Singer Stub’n’ was opened in 1975, the hotel gained not only a culinary meeting place but also a nightclub with live band performances that literally ‘set toes a-tapping’. Not long afterwards in 1978, the house was extended by an additional, fourth floor with new rooms and an alpine style roof, which was more in keeping with the building and gave the hotel the characteristic appearance we still enjoy today. A number of conversions followed in rapid succession: in 1980 the new restaurant with a pine room and bar, in 1982 the first small spa area, in 1984 a brand-new kitchen with additional storage and the new wine cellar. In 1986 spacious comfort rooms and suites in premium pine timber were added to the original hotel

of 1928. A comfortable house for our staff was built in 1988, and since 1990 the guests of the hotel, which is part of the Relais & Châteaux association, are welcomed in an impressive entrance hall with a glorious staircase that leads to the cosy and stylishly furnished gallery and fireplace lounge.

Milestones in our history

However, the modifications to the hotel were not the Singer family’s only changes and achievements. In the early 1950s the ‘Sonnenlift’, which had the first singleseater chairs, was built adjacent to the hotel; this really got tourism under way in Berwang. Hans Singer was also the driving force behind other lift projects and so he significantly influenced the development of tourism in the region. In 1957, his son Günter Singer took over the running of the hotel. Günter married Gerti in 1977, and their son Florian was born in 1982. After graduating from the ‘Villa Blanka’ school of hotel management, Florian gained valuable work experience in top international hotels in Paris, Vail/Colorado, Siena and London before coming home in 2004. 1985 was marked by the death of the hotel’s joint founder Irma Singer, but her life’s work was honoured that same year when the Hotel Singer became a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux association. This was a very successful time, but sadly, in 1987, the family had to come to terms with the death of the hotel founder and tourism pioneer Hans Singer. The purchase of the adjacent house in 1991 allowed the family to establish the ‘Chalet Singer’ and the ‘Hofherr’ sports shop. Shortly thereafter, Günter Singer and Berwang’s council worked together on the implementation of a modern 4-seater chairlift project, the ‘Sonnalmbahn’, with the first man made snow machines right next to the hotel, which had also been extended by an umbrella

bar adjacent to the ‘Singer Stub’n’. More great lift projects followed in 2007 and 2009 with the Tyrol’s first combined lift (6-seaters and 8-seater cabins), the ‘Almkopfbahn’, and the Zugspitze Arena’s first child-safe lift, the ‘Egghof Sun Jet’.

Singer’s SPA The construction of ‘Singer’s SPA’ in 2005 was another milestone in the hotel’s history. The SPA’s three-storey building became a focal point and significantly added to the hotel’s attractiveness to visitors. Because it has specialised in applications that make use of local herbs, aromas & minerals, and also offers Vinotherapie Caudalie®, it is now considered one of the most exclusive SPAs in Austria. Thanks to its underground link with the main building that runs under the road it is also an architectural sensation.

The next generation Since 2008 Florian Singer has begun to take over the management of the hotel, and in April 2013 he married Christina. She has been with the hotel for over seven years and now works alongside her husband to lead this Relais & Châteaux establishment and its exclusive philosophy into the future. Gerti and Günter Singer are still involved in representative duties together with their son and daughterin-law to maintain the hotel’s characteristic and personal interaction with guests.

In summary As we reflect on our 85-year history, we cannot help but be pleased with the Singer Sporthotel & SPA’s excellent developments. We would like to thank all the people who have helped shape this story and look forward to further successful and eventful years on Berwanger’s sunny plateau.

Singer’s Gäste-News

Winter 2013/2014

Especially for families Family holidays can mean increased space requirements. Our new ‘Knittelkarspitze’ suites overlooking the ski slopes offer plenty of space for families and for time out alone. The suites are very spacious and the pine interiors create a charming and relaxing atmosphere. The whole family can get together comfortably in the cosy living area. At bedtime the kids have their own space in the separate children’s bedroom. The marble bathroom is fitted with a double wash basin and a generous tub as well as a shower. Spending the evening cuddled up in front of the TV is definitely an option; the family suites have flat-screen TV, and some even have a tiled stove for a warm and cosy atmosphere.


decoration tip

The anticipation of Christmas is enhanced by lighting the candles of your Advent wreath, one after the other on the four Sundays of Advent. This traditional decoration is an eye-catching and integral part of the pre Christmas season.

You need a circular base, usually made of straw or polystyrene and available at craft shops or hardware stores; also some green gardening wire, plenty of fir sprigs, your own choice of decorations, candle holders and – most importantly – four thick candles. Start by binding the fir sprigs around the base with the wire, making sure they overlap. When complete you can use your imagination with the decorations, start by positioning the candles and then decorate with dried citrus fruits, nuts, any suitable Christmas decorations, ribbons, bows and whatever you think appropriate. Have fun and enjoy – we wish you a relaxed and cheerful pre Christmas season!

Singer’s Gäste-News

Winter 2013/2014

Assistant Manager, Daniel Maier:

a very familiar face

We are delighted to welcome a familiar face to our team; Daniel was a member of our staff for more than 10 years. Now, after a brief ‘excursion’ to Lake Achen, he has come ‘home’ to Berwang to provide active operational support to Christina and Florian Singer. Our long-time regulars know him well and appreciate his genuine warmth and hospitality. In an interview with Florian Singer, Mr Maier talks about coming back, his aims, and the passion he harbours for his profession. You used to work at the Hotel Singer. When was that, and what was your job back then? Daniel Maier: I was the Hotel Singer’s Maître d’Hôtel until the end of the 2012 summer season. What made you want to come back? Daniel Maier: The challenge of the new job was crucial, of course, but the fundamental reasons were Berwang, which is my second home, and the Singer family, for whom I really wanted to work again. What are your responsibilities in your new role? Daniel Maier: Wine purchasing, stock and cellar management, and daily inspection tours of the hotel are at the top of my list of priorities. However, being a host is what I love with all my heart, and I also always have time to listen to staff members and their concerns. What has your experience of the Singer family as employers been like? Daniel Maier: The Singer family members are always on hand with advice and support, not only with regard to work-related matters but also for issues in our private lives.

What makes working at the Hotel Singer different? Daniel Maier: There is a great deal of variety. Because you are always facing new challenges, you keep growing and learning. What do you like most about your profession? Daniel Maier: Put simply, for me there is no better field of work than the hospitality industry. Nothing beats being able to look at happy faces and knowing that your work gives people pleasure. What are your aims in terms of your new role, and what would you like to achieve? Daniel Maier: My personal goal is to contribute to the success and the positive future of the hotel. How has your professional career progressed so far? Daniel Maier: I began in 1998 as a cook and trainee waiter at the Wirtshaus zur Bums’n. I came to the Hotel Singer in the winter of 2002/03 as a Commis de Rang in the Singer Stub’n. In the summer I became responsible for tour parties in the Singer Stub’n and then I went into civilian service with the Red Cross in lieu of

national service in a military capacity. After a year I came back to meet the challenges of being the Chef de Rang. From then on, the ladder kept taking me up, and the Chef de Rang position was soon followed by the posts of Deputy Head Waiter and then Maître d’Hôtel, a role I enjoyed at the hotel for six seasons. This was followed by a break of 6 months at the Hotel Alpenrose by Lake Achen. Yes, and now I’m back! When you’re not giving your best for our guests, what do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies? Daniel Maier: My chief hobby is hiking, although I haven’t really got round to doing any yet this summer. I also love to travel. I rarely have time for sports and exercise, but love to go diving, which is easily combined with travelling. My parents and my older brother live in Upper Austria, in my home village of Taufkirchen an der Pram. My brother is three years older, married with two daughters and one son, all three of whom I love dearly – so you could say that my family is one of my hobbies too. Thank you very much for this interview and for letting us share in your life.

Our new SPA Manager introduces herself My name is Theresa Gerlach, I am 24 years old and from Magdeburg. I have been working as a physiotherapist for six years – one of which has been spent at Singer’s SPA. In this time I have participated in various training courses, as I believe it is important to offer people a variety of holistic treatment methods to address and positively affect individual needs. My additional training includes: Ayurveda, sports physiotherapy, manual therapy, lymphatic therapy, medical exercise therapy, reflexology, trigger point treatment, centrifugal massage, Kinesio taping

At Singer’s SPA I pamper our guests with: Classic massages, spa massages, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, head massages, Abhyanga, La Stone Therapy, exfoliating treatments, baths and wraps My abiding passion is for sports – of any kind. That’s why I always enjoy leading our guests’ morning sports programme or taking them for outdoor activities. Hobbies: Kickboxing, discovering the world, chocolate, skiing My philosophy of life: Look to the future, live in the present and learn from the past.

Singer’s Gäste-News

Winter 2013/2014

Skin-pampering programme and muscle relaxation Candles light up the darkness of the season, soft winter hats protect our ears, and jolly snowmen smile at us from many a front garden. This is when you must remember that our skin also needs protection and care to help it withstand the harsh weather conditions. Our beauticians will be delighted to support your skin’s regeneration and selfprotection with a premier Alpine herb Rosalpina – Natur pure treatment. The Alpine rose’s phyto stem cells that allow this delicate plant to withstand changing weather conditions at high altitudes will also bring radiance and renewed energy to your skin.

Singer’s skincare duet consists of an exfoliating treatment and a nourishing pack tailored to your individual skin type, and will be administered while you lie on our floating lounger for a deep relaxation experience. We recommend that you have a Tyrolean massage after any winter sports activity. It loosens tight muscles and remobilises overworked joints. This wonderful treatment makes use of Tyrolean shale oil and takes you on a sensual journey through the Achensee region. Are you loath to be separated from your sweetheart for even a single second? Then you should not miss our romantic bathing experience à deux with soothing aromatherapy massage for deep relaxation.

Singer’s Holiday Telegram The Gast family have been regular guests for the past eight years. In their holiday telegram, they tell us about their holiday in Berwang, reveal their insiders’ winter tips, and explain why they keep coming back to us. Why do you like coming to Berwang? Gast family: To relax in the summer and to ski in winter in the friendly and beautiful surroundings. Where are you from? Gast family: My wife is from England. I am from the Netherlands and we live in Ticino, Switzerland. How did you come across the Hotel Singer? Gast family: We were travelling in the summer by car to Kärnten and looking for a hotel to stay the night. This was near Füssen. Looking in the the Relais & Châteaux book we found Hotel Singer in Berwang and decided to go and try it. Why do you keep coming back? Gast family: The ambiance means we feel totally at home at the Singer. Why come to the region in winter? Gast family: The snow and nearly always the good weather. There’s a ski-lift next to the hotel and the fairytale, snow-covered mountains. What winter activities that are available in the Hotel Singer area would you recommend? Gast family: Skiing, walking and the heated pool. After swimming, relaxing in the SPA’s quiet room by the open fire.

Post exercise holistic wellbeing After a breathtaking day on the slopes we bid you a warm welcome with a calf massage. Then we recommend that you regenerate your muscles with a Tyrolean herb sauna and recharge your batteries for your next downhill run. A freshly pressed vitamin cocktail in our SPA Bistro will provide new energy and vitality and strengthen your immune system from the inside out.

The comfortable spa loungers by the fireplace will help you forget the stresses and strains of everyday life – immerse yourself in the world of Singer’s SPA. If you enjoy the sounds of nature or classical music, we suggest our heated water beds in the sauna relaxation area where you will be taken on a journey of total relaxation.

Are there any insiders’ winter tips that no winter visitor to Berwang should miss? Gast family: A trip to the Zugspitze (on a clear day) to ski on the many good pistes, the nice view of the Alpine mountain range. Do you use the SPA? If you do, what facilities would you recommend? Gast family: The SPA is fantastic. My wife likes the treatments they provide. For me it’s mainly the pool and now and then the room with the bicycle that has all the power-meters and TV/music attached to it. If you only had a few words to describe your winter holiday at the Hotel Singer, what would you say? Gast family: It’s welcoming and friendly. How do you feel about the hospitality at the Hotel Singer? Gast family: You are not a ‘Gast’ but good friends. What do you value most about the Hotel Singer? Gast family: The friendliness of the staff and guests. Is there anything you don’t like? Gast family: Time passes too quickly. (… and the bar has no beer on tap!)

Singer’s Gäste-News

Winter 2013/2014

A brief history

of the Relais & Châteaux Singer Sporthotel & SPA

Our anniversary

To enable us to celebrate our 85th anniversary in the company of the most important people we know, namely you our treasured guests, the week of 9 to 15 June 2014 will stand entirely under the banner of our anniversary and feature all kinds of festivities and events including the week’s highlight, our official party on 14 June 2014.

1928 Hans and Irma Singer open the ‘Hotel Pension Singer’ in December. 1932 The ‘Kleines Haus’ is built next door. 1950 The hall, including a new reception, is built between the two houses. 1957 Günter Singer comes home after working abroad for many years. 1975 We build and open the ‘Singer Stub’n’. 1978 An additional floor with attractive and comfortable rooms is added and a new roof is built. 1980 The new, cosy and elegant restaurant with a pine room and bar comes into being. 1982 Florian Singer is born and the hotel’s first gym is set up. 1984 A new, modern kitchen with all necessary ancillary rooms is built, as is the gorgeous wine cellar. 1985 Irma Singer, co-founder of the hotel, dies on 9 April. The Sporthotel Singer is honoured to become a member of Relais & Châteaux, the world’s most exclusive hotel association. 1986 The Hotel Singer is extended by a spacious structure of luxury apartments with fireplaces and comfort rooms in premium pine.. 1987 The tourism pioneer and hotel founder Hans Singer dies suddenly on 11 November. 1988 A new, comfortable hostel for employees and an underground car park are built. 1990 Our Relais & Châteaux hotel is further enhanced by a tower, entrance and reception from which a staircase with exclusive metalwork and an ornate chandelier leads into the cosy and stylishly furnished gallery and fireplace lounge. 1991 We acquire the adjacent building – Sport Rudl –, which is today’s ‘Chalet Singer’ and the ‘Hofherr’ sports shop. 1993 We work with Berwang’s council to construct the new detachable quad chair lift ‘Sonnalmbahn’ with man made snow machines and umbrella bar adjacent to the ‘Singer Stub’n’ at the lower terminal. 1998 We refurbish the ‘Singer Stub’n’ and redecorate many rooms. 2000 Our ‘Tiroler Stüberl’ is refurbished and aligned with our house style. 2002 Makeover of our hallways and staircase with new carpeting and ornate handforged banisters, and replacement of the fire alarm system and fire doors for the safety of our guests. 2003 Addition of two new suites with elegant marble bathrooms. 2004 Completion of our new breakfast buffet area, and Florian Singer returns to the hotel after spending 4 years working in leading international hotels. 2005 Start of construction and completion of the new SPA and Wellness Area opposite the hotel, which is linked by a themed underground passage. 2007 The Tyrol’s first combined lift is built in collaboration with Berwang’s council – covered 6-seaters and 8-seater cabins run from Bichlbach to the mountain pasture. The hotel’s ‘Raazalp’ superior double rooms are fully refurbished. 2008 We redesign the interiors of our luxury ‘Loreakopf ’ suites and Florian Singer takes over the management. 2009 Construction of the child-safe 6-seater ‘Egghof Sun Jet’ chairlift in collaboration with Berwang’s council. 2010 We redesign the interiors of the ‘Thaneller’ Deluxe Junior Suites, one of which is fitted with a new luxury marble bathroom. 2011 We are awarded a ★★★★S Hotel rating, redecorate our Hall and the pine room and redesign the ski room. 2012 Gault Millau awards us 13 points and a toque for the quality of our gourmet à-la-carte restaurant, and we fully refurbish and redesign two family suites. 2013 Christina and Florian Singer are married and so put the seal on the third generation at the Singer Sporthotel & SPA.

Come and celebrate

with us for the fabulously festive rate of €85 per person per night in one of our comfortable rooms (rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis), which also includes abundant and indulgent board. This offer applies to bookings for the period of 9 to 15 June 2014 made before 30 April 2014.

Up close and personal Finally, after our civil wedding at the beginning of March, the big day in April: our church wedding took place in Lech am Arlberg followed by a fabulous party with our family and closest friends in attendance. We would like to thank you, our guests, because we were thrilled and moved by all your good wishes and kind congratulations. Best regards from Christina & Florian Singer

Singer’s Gäste-News

Winter 2013/2014

Rubbing shoulders with winter’s more gentle side

Taking it step by step As you stride through the snow-covered landscape the snow crunches beneath your feet, the sun shines down from a blue sky, and the air is astonishingly crisp and clear. Winter hiking opens up all the magic of our beautiful countryside. The slow pace of walking is a source of meditative calm as it gives you time to pay attention to the small details around you. Over 60km of cleared winter hiking trails in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena invite you to enjoy the snowy landscape. You decide whether to take your time or pick up a more sporting pace as you make your way through the white idyll. There are many different paths to take you up mountain and down valley. A snowshoe hike with our mountain guide Gerd is a special experience. As a local, he can tell you a great deal about the region around the Zugspitz Arena. Away from the slopes and trails, where nothing and no one disturbs the peace and quiet, you walk in knee-deep snow through easy terrain and natural forests. Our SPA Manager Theresa will be delighted to take you to Berwang’s Winter Wonderland for a morning walk or a torchlight hike in the evening with a snow angel to finish.

Cross-country skiing skiing with your whole body As you glide silently across the landscape, your entire body is exercised and your lungs fill with mountain air while you delight in the Alpine panorama before you. Cross-country, or Nordic skiing has been enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years. The sport’s highly beneficial cardiovascular effects as well as its efficacy in exercising the entire musculatory system have no doubt contributed to this phenomenon. A vast network of cross-country ski runs (both classic and skating), over 110km in total, await you in the area surrounding the Singer Sporthotel & SPA. Both beginners and ambitious athletes will find the conditions here superb and will be able to indulge fully in the cross-country experience. Guaranteed snow is offered by high altitude cross-country ski runs as well as the circular ‘Golfrundloipe’ run with a snow cannon at the foot of the Zugspitze. For some extended cross-country fun, there are night-time runs in Hinterbichl and Heiterwang.

If you’re looking for sporting action... ... you’ll love the slopes in and around Berwang, the Obstacle Funpark, the weekly ski shows and the night-time toboggan run at the Egghof Sunjet lift.

For early birds Do join one of our daily morning exercise sessions. The programme ranges from Yoga and singing bowl meditation at one end of the spectrum to power workouts, ‘Bodystyling’, backfit, aqua gym, and the ever-popular ski workout.

The Singer Sporthotel & SPA activity programme: • Winter hiking and snowshoeing • Cross-country skiing • Curling • Moonlight tobogganing • Torchlit walk

• Horse-drawn sleigh rides • Nordic winter fitness • Daily morning exercise programme

Initiative for quality Berwanger Bergbahnen invests in piste grooming. New Kässbohrer 600 snow groomer and many new man made snow machines on the Sonnalm and Almkopf chair lifts.

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Singer Sporhotel & SPA, Berwang, Austria  
Singer Sporhotel & SPA, Berwang, Austria  

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