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Singer’s Gäste-News Autumn & Winter 2012/2013

Autumn Joy & Winter Magic

Enjoy time-less autumn …

The best way to get through winter!

Florian Singer interviews Johannes Timischl, Schirmbar-manager

Luxury in the Snow –

wild winter embraces Luxury in the Snow – with ski runs on the doorstep

The clocks here on the sunny Berwang plateau seem to tick more slowly than elsewhere – the most likely reason is obviously the totally unspoilt and picture perfect nature of our region. We are absolutely sure that it is due to the magical charm of the area which unfolds its full glory during winter and invites to leave behind the daily routines.

Overnight winter has arrived. Nature has enveloped the mountains in a white coat. The village nestles in picturesque landscape. Snow is guaranteed from the beginning of the season in Berwang. The best conditions for a skiing holiday with ski runs on the doorstep. The ‘Sonnalmbahn’ cable car takes you from Singer Sporthotel & SPA right up to the heart of the Berwang ski resort – 36 kilometres of slopes, 12 modern cable cars & lifts – ideal for dedicated skiers, families and beginners.

Away from well-trodden paths and from omnipresent mass tourism, experience winter with a difference here at Singer Sporthotel & SPA and discover the wild and untamed side. Located immediately by the ski runs, easy to reach yet at the core of untouched nature we welcome you with our ‘Luxury in the Snow’. The distinctive stillness of the forest, countryside and mountains in deepest snow – interrupted only by the sound of crunching footsteps – and the crystal-clear mountain air are gentle harbingers of soothing calm and relaxation. Following an invigorating snowshoe walk, a moderate winter stroll or maybe some romantic tobogganing by moonlight, it’s time to enjoy a cup of fragrant tea in front of our crackling open fire. In Singer’s SPA you can immerse yourself in a symphony for the senses, drawing on the powers of nature to enhance overall wellbeing and beauty. Strengthened and cosseted you can recharge the energy levels for everyday life back home.

It’s almost as if ... the wild winter here in Berwang also has a charming side, when it entices to a rendezvous with its soft caresses. Winter here is undeniably bewitching – why not get to know it personally and discover all its sparkling facets.

At 1,336m – a glimpse of winter bliss in store: • Ideal geographical position with guaranteed snow from start of season mid-December until beginning of April • With ski lifts to winter hiking enjoyment: selected ski lifts can be used by hikers • Winter hiking-land: many snow cleared, signposted winter hiking paths crossing enchanting snow-covered forests • Appropriate equipment for snowshoe excursions: gear can be hired from local sport shops • Guided tours: three escorted ‘Winter Wonder-

land Activities’ per week with our guide Gerd Amann (incl snowshoe excursion) starting from the hotel; a further two complimentary snowshoe tours, including a night tour from 8 to 10pm – organised by Berwang Tourist Board • Night-time tobogganing fun: twice a week the toboggan run is illuminated at night • Cross-country joy: three cross-country trails in the village, many others (such as the Zwischentoren trail from Bichlbach to Lermoos and the Ehrwalder-Becken trail) easily

accessible by car. The Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena is a longstanding insider tip amongst cross-country skiing enthusiasts. • Experience tranquillity: take the Berwang route from direction Rinnen-Mitteregg and enjoy the absolute peace – an atmosphere full of nostalgia: go for madly romantic walks, feed the wild game, stop for a ‘Jausen’ – a tasty local snack. • SPA Winter Wonderland: surrounded by metre-high snow, splash about in the outdoor pool (31degrees!), or try a post-sauna cool off in the fresh snow.

Come and join us for an unforgettable winter holiday in the Alps – this season’s motto is ‘Off the beaten track – Individual – Idyllic – Gemütlich’! Sincerely Your Singer Family

Singer’s Gäste-News

Autumn & Winter 2012/2013

Enjoy time-less autumn … The colourful leaves are falling from the trees and the days become shorter. Nature gathers its forces to reveal yet again the full glory of autumn. This is when centre stage belongs to the majestic mountains with their transparent views and utter tranquillity. Draw inspiration from the changing seasons. Set off on enjoyable hikes, stroll barefoot through the autumn foliage, savour local, seasonal culinary feasts. Our autumn ideas especially for you …

A day in autumn this, like none I’ve known The air is still, almost without breath, Yet far and near come rustling down The loveliest of fruits from every tree. Oh, think not to intrude on nature’s feast, This is the harvest which is hers to call; For from the branches is alone released, What rays of gentle sunlight cause to fall.

Friedrich Hebbel

Welcome autumn with a culinary firework display at the Singer Sporthotel & SPA …

A greeting from the kitchen **** Traditional, home-made foie gras coated with Sauternes jelly **** Cream soup with lemon thyme & sweetbread **** Seabass on a bed of chanterelles with maize mousse, basil oil & passion fruit **** Grilled fillet from the Lechtal highland cattle, served rare with a potato turret & small vegetables **** Dessert of fruit & herbs Menu price €70 per person

Invite your friends to a ‘game’ celebration at home … Wine recommendations from our sommelier Thomas Rückhörmann

Personal decoration tip for your ‘game’ celebration from Christina Kochlöffel

I like to pair strong, expressive wines with autumn dishes like mushrooms and game which go well with the cool temperatures. Right now when our beautiful countryside adorns itself with a cacophony of colours, I prefer red Austrian wines of the grape varieties Blaufränkisch and/or Merlot. I recommend the Cuvée Gotinsprun 2009 from the Glatzer winery, Carnunthum. Although it is very young, this wine boasts a mature fruit, powerful toasty aromas and a hint of vanilla.

Antlers are always particularly eye-catching and are the perfect touch for a sophisticated, yet modern table decoration. Using other accessories (silver stag and candle holders) in the trendy colours turquoise and silver, you can give your autumn table a special feel which is certain to please all present.

Another highly exclusive recommendation is the Cuvée Kerschbaum 2006 from the Kerschbaum winery in Horitschon, Mittelburgenland – this wine is only made in selected years by Paul Kerschbaum and will delight even the most discerning palate.

★ TIP: Antlers can be sourced from a hunter or a well-stocked home decor or handicraft shop.

Singer’s Gäste-News

Autumn & Winter 2012/2013

Personally tested by our SPA director Christiana Mitterdorfer

The best way to get through winter! On the magical, snow-decked Berwang plateau, caressed by the sun’s warming rays, experience nature from its wild and untamed side. At Singer’s SPA the joys of nature continue – albeit in a more gentle manner – and display themselves in a

harmonious symphony of wellness – featuring the unique strength of plantbased ingredients. Each winter month has its very own charm and characteristics, offering many options to consciously do something good for yourself. With our SPA

director Christiana and her winter tips, you can experience the cold season of the year as an opportunity to give yourself new energy and to improve your overall wellbeing.

December 12 January 1 February 2 March3 Soak up energy

Activate strength for the beginning of the cold season and treat yourself to rest and relaxation – give a wide berth to the seasonal rush! At Singer’s SPA we recommend: • Energising massages like La Stone therapy®, classic massages At home: • Make yourself a cup of tea, immerse yourself in a scented bath, enjoy the arrival of the quiet time of the year with a good book and relaxing music!! As a tea mixture or bath additive: • Herbs for relaxation: dandelion, sloe, blushwort, whitethorn • Herbs against stress and frantic pace: honeyweed, hops, camomile, Himalayan balsam, whitethorn

★ TIP: Swiss pine cushions slow your heartbeat, quieten body and soul and guarantee restful sleep!

A new beginning

We embark a new adventure and shrug off the old year in order to enjoy a fresh start. Following the festivities, your body is ready for ‘a break’. Be sure to drink lots of water or herbal tea and go for long walks in the cold fresh air, a marvellous way to clear the head and lungs.

Boost your immune system

Say goodbye to winter and invite the spring!

Interminable January is followed by ‘usually’ a very cold February and the body needs defences against colds and flu. Let it do the job itself and combat viruses by activating your self-healing powers.

Spring is in the air. Say thank you to your body for getting you through the winter by giving it a ‘spring clean’.

At Singer’s SPA we recommend: • Purifying massages such as the Ayurvedic whole-body massage. Soft strokes stimulate the metabolism.

At Singer’s SPA we recommend: • Special massages such as foot reflex zone massage, sound massage, classic massage • Facial treatments to make your skin more resilient.

At home: • Detoxing body peels: The cold air outside and the heated interiors tend to dry out the skin. It is important to exfoliate the skin once or twice a week. This removes dead cells and creates an ideal condition for applying a rich and nourishing cream. As a tea mixture or bath additive: • Purifying herbs: bear’s garlic, dandelion, mugwort, stinging nettle, cowslip, yarrow, common marigold

★ TIP: Purify your home with incense sticks made of white sage!

At home: • Full baths or foot baths. As a tea mixture or bath additive: • Herbs to activate your selfhealing powers: heal-all, angelica, wood sage, mullein, dandelion, sticklewort, common marigold

★ TIP: Have fun! – laughing stimulates self-healing powers. Focus on enjoyable things - dancing, singing, painting, meditating …, February is also Carnival time which gives us an opportunity to laugh about ourselves too!

Enjoy the cold, quiet time of year and keep on doing good things for yourself!

At Singer’s SPA we recommend: • Detox body peels • Massages to boost the lymphatic system i.e. lymphatic drainage or body wraps At home: • Spring cure with special teas and plenty of physical exercise As a tea mixture or bath additive: • Purifying herbs: bear’s garlic, dandelion, mugwort, stinging nettle, cowslip, yarrow, common marigold • Herbs which strengthen connective tissue: common horsetail, common knotgrass, heart’s ease • Herbs to counteract cellulite: ivy, verbena, common knotgrass

★ TIP: Start getting fit. Don’t try and do everything at once. It is healthier and longer lasting to take your time.

Singer’s Gäste-News

Autumn & Winter 2012/2013

An interview with Florian Singer

Our legendary Johannes – Schirmbar-manager with a passion Florian Singer: Johannes, since 1998 you have spoiled our guests in the Schirmbar. What fascinates you about this position?

Florian Singer: What is for you personally the highlight in your work? Johannes: For some time now I have organised cosy ‘private dinners’ at the Schirmbar for 4-10 guests. If ordered in advance, guests can sit down to Châteaubriand carved at table, Chinese fondue or whatever they feel like having. I decorate the interior with candles and tablecloths and when it’s snowing outside, my guests are sitting in a cosy, snug environment.

Johannes: 15 seasons in the Schirmbar, ... it’s incredible how time flies! What I love quite simply is working in the fresh air, surrounded by wonderful nature, with our lovely clients who want to have a good time. And I like Berwang! Florian Singer: What do you like so much about Berwang and the region? Johannes: Of course, during the winter season I don’t have much time to do anything. But I think that Berwang is still a traditional and deeply rooted place where people respect nature. There are no monotonous-mega hotels, there’s still a very human element and it is not solely geared towards profits. Florian Singer: Over the last few years you have turned our Schirmbar more and more into a culinary meeting place. How did this happen and what can our guests expect?

Johannes: This developed over time. First of all, guests already came at lunch time for the classic après-ski and wanted to eat here. Secondly, guests were attracted by our specialities and well-prepared dishes. Today, my guests can enjoy the homemade ski lunch dishes ranging from rib-eye steaks carved at the table over marinated beef tartar prepared fresh in the Schirmbar – right down to fondue, raclette and more. All this comes combined with beautiful sunshine, good music, well chosen drinks and, of course, my ‘indulgence service’!

Florian Singer: You already worked during the 1970s for us in the Singer Singer Stub’n. What has changed since then? Johannes: It’s incomparable, like day and night! At that time people were intent on partying. They came to the Stub’n in their ski boots and danced. They enjoyed après-ski (at that time it was five o’clock tea dance) and came directly in their ski gear to dinner and then just kept on partying. Incredible! Today guests prefer to take their time and clearly separate après-ski from

Making a Gift of

dinner. And then of course there is the wellness boom! It did not exist in the seventies. Florian Singer: From your many memories, can you talk about something which you will never forget? Johannes: Hmm something that I’ll never forget happened in 1976 when I worked in the Singer Stub’n and we had this really crazy live band throughout the winter, playing every evening from five o’clock to midnight. When the drummer was ‘really in the mood’ as the night progressed, he would throw his drumsticks onto the dance floor and leave. The next day he’d stick them back together and carry on.

Florian Singer: (Laughs) What do you do to balance all that work and action – for example during summer when you’re not here? Johannes: During winter I run every day before I start work, it clears the head and does me good. In summer I do the complete opposite from what I do at the Schirmbar: I work a lot in the garden, plant vegetables, do something for myself like a fasting cure, cycling, energetic exercises like Qi Gong and a lot of travelling! Florian Singer: Thank you for this interview. I’m already looking forward now to when we re-open the Schirmbar mid-December! Johannes: So am I!


and Sweet Temptations Delicious cookie recipe by Gerti Singer Advent in Berwang. It means warmth, tradition and high spirits. What reminds us more of Christmas than the aroma of Vanillekipferl (vanilla crescents). This is a celebration for you and for us! Nowhere and nothing can compete with the beauty of the Singer Sporthotel & SPA. Come and join us?

Gerti Singer’s Vanillekipferl:

Magic Moments

Since her son Florian was a little boy, Gerti Singer has baked a selection of her best cookies every autumn using the same recipes handed down from her own mother. Earlier together with Florian, later on her own, she spreads her magic in her private kitchen with Vanillekipferl, Butterbrötchen and rum truffles – just to name a few. For our Gäste-News she’s happy to let us look over her shoulder and to divulge the recipe for her famous Vanillekipferl:

For Christmas. For a birthday. For a jubilee. For a wedding anniversary. Or simply to give some joy to that special person. Give someone a gift voucher from our hotel which we will enhance with our Magic Moments.


For example:

Singer’s ‘Try us’ days 6 January – 2 February 2013 & 10 March – 7 April 2013

• Two nights incl indulgence half-board • Homemade pralines in your room on arrival • 1 x Aroma oil massage (50mins) From €343 per person in a Double Room Standard ‘Rainberg’

In addition ... • Chocolates & a half bottle of Lanson Brut Champagne in the room, price €45 or • Private candlelit dinner in our tasting wine cellar (incl 5-course menu, not incl beverages), mark up €25 per person or • Romantically decorated room on an evening of your choice, price €15

We are happy to put together a tailor made proposal specially adapted to your occasion for your unique ‘Magic Moments Gift Voucher’. Our team at reception very much look forward to your call.

★ Gerti Singer’s personal touch:

Instead of ready-to-use vanilla sugar, add a few scooped out vanilla pods to a tin filled with crystal sugar and use the perfumed sugar (for approximately one week). This ‘home-made’ vanilla sugar has an even finer aroma!

150g butter, room temperature 50g sugar 210g flour 75g grated walnuts 1 small pack vanilla sugar

Put the flour on a board, divide the butter into pieces, add the nuts, sugar and vanilla sugar (keep a little for sprinkling after baking). Knead the dough with your hands. It’s important for the dough to remain at hand temperature, it makes it easy to knead. Divide the dough into four-five portions. Roll each portion into an oblong sausage. Then use a pastry cutter to divide it into small pieces, roll them into crescent shapes. Spread a thin layer of butter over the baking tray. Pre-heat oven to 180 °C and bake the biscuits for around five/ten minutes until they are as brown as you like. Whilst still warm, sprinkle them with vanilla sugar. ‘Gert Singer’s Vanillekipferl’ taste best after resting for three/four days in an airtight container.

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