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The Rosengarten SPA ‘Relaxation and absolute bliss – more than just skin deep’ Welcome to our delightful Rosengarten SPA – a divine Alpine retreat and a new destination for all your beauty requirements. Feel at home in this haven of contemplation and deep relaxation.

The brand’s promise is also our pledge!

You are bound to be inspired!

Please note that by using [ comfort zone ] products you are supporting reforestation in the Amazon Rainforests. We compensate for our CO2 emissions by planting young trees – this is our way to give back to our ‘Green Planet’.

The Rosengarten SPA collaborates with the Italian Lifestyle & SPA brand [ comfort zone ]

Our products are not tested on animals and the packaging is environmentally friendly. For the development of our products we use ‘green energy’ – solar, wind and water. Harmful PVC is replaced with alternative, recyclable materials.

Each face or body treatment turns into a feast for the senses. All treatments start with our Tranquillity Ritual, a welcoming ceremony. Sensual fragrances, aromatic teas and relaxing music are an integral part of your Rosengarten SPA journey, not forgetting the [ comfort zone ] sessions attaining truly spectacular results.

[ comfort zone ] is an area entirely designed for peaceful reflection and a restful pause from the challenges of everyday life – above all it is an invitation to an extraordinary experience and a delightful, all enveloping journey for the senses. [ comfort zone ] is the expertise for complete wellbeing. A compilation of innovative products and treatments designed to rediscover the meaning of beauty – treating the body with utmost care and filling the senses.



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Spa Etiquette

Spa Reception Our skilled team look forward to advising you Appointments Tel +43 (0)5357 420173, e-mail:

Welcome Pack Bath robe & bath slippers are in your room. Towels are available directly at the Rosengarten SPA.

Finnish Sauna Wellbeing in highly popular steam room, high temperatures and humidity stimulate circulation & metabolism Open from 2pm - 8pm

Medical Conditions Please inform your therapist prior to treatment of any potential medical issues or restrictions which should be considered.

‘Sole’ Steam Room The sea fresh experience is particularly healthy for breathing passages & circulation Open from 2pm - 8pm Relaxation Area with Waterbeds Our Rosengarten Relaxation Area is a refuge for recuperation & relaxation Open from 9am - 8pm Tea Bar Wellbeing teas stimulate and relax internally ROSENGARTEN PRIVATE SPA SUITE Enjoy relaxation for two in an unforgettable setting Available on request 6 Emotion Spa Experience total relaxation – rest on the Emotion Spa soft pack lounger Available on request


Running Late Should you arrive late, we would ask for your understanding that it may be necessary to alter or shorten treatment times. Cancellation Please note our cancellation policy: treatments cancelled within 7 hours of the start of the treatment are charged at 70% of the booked treatment price.

[ comfort zone ] special face treatments skin resonance – for a natural skin balance // White tea, vitamins & essential oils rebalance sensitive skin. With its decongesting and reassuring merits, we recommended this treatment for sensitive and delicate skin.

Special FACE // Includes: welcome ritual, cleansing, deep cleansing with peeling, active agent concentrate, massage & mask

hydramemory – the source of moisture // Moisturising treatment for dry and depleted skin. Hibiscus & honey nourish the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and replenished.

Special FACE // Includes: welcome ritual, cleansing, deep cleansing with peeling, active agent concentrate, massage or mask

85mins // €115.00

eye supreme // Specially tailored treatment for the sensitive area around the eyes. [ comfort zone ] products lift & regenerate, any water retention is gently removed and the delicate area around the eyes is revitalised and refreshed. 40mins, stand-alone treatment €55.00 In combination with face treatment €25.00

55mins // €75.00

active pureness – for clearer skin // Purifying extract of Propolis & avocado gently regulates the production of the sebaceous glands. Impurities are neutralised & disinfected without dehydrating the skin.


[ comfort zone ] anti age face treatment glorious skin – tighten & tone // Immediate lifting effect – tones tissue and reduces lines. Skin relaxes instantly and takes on a firm and revitalised appearance. Active agents such as OXY® and Vitamin E simultaneously activate the skin metabolism. action sublime – rejuvenation // The ultimate skin restoration treatment; this exclusive anti-aging treatment counteracts the effects of time with highly effective active agents, such as Hyaluron, milk proteins and Retinol.


Anti Age FACE // Includes: welcome ritual, cleansing, deep cleansing with peeling, active agent concentrate, massage & mask 85mins // €120.00 Anti Age FACE // Includes: welcome ritual, cleansing, deep cleansing with peeling, active agent concentrate, massage or mask 55mins // €82.00

[ comfort zone ] man face treatment manSPAce PURE PERFORMANCE – decongest // Exclusively developed treatment to regulate production of sebaceous glands, combat and prevent impurities and alleviate shiny effects. Contains Sebustop, Propolis, grapefruit & lemon extract and patchouli oil.

manSPAce HYDRA PERFORMANCE – moisturise // Replenish the skin moisture levels in face. Tired and dehydrated skin is moisturised with Hyaluronan and honey, soft skin guaranteed.

manSPAce SHORT PERFORMACE // A short and refined treatment for specially for Him. A thorough facial cleansing is followed by an enjoyable face, head and neck massage and relaxation. The treatment is concluded with a mask specifically tailored to your skin type.

75mins // €98.00 75mins // €98.00

55mins // €78.00


Organic Pure with Sacred Nature ‘We did not inherit this land from our forefathers. We just borrowed it from our children.’

Extras sacred nature Face Treatment // Pure, organic, clean. Wonderful anti-aging treatment for all sensitive and demanding skin types. This treatment shows profound and sustainable results – a refreshed complexion.

sacred nature Body Massage // Enjoy a body massage with 100% organic Jojoba and Buriti oils. You will be totally convinced by the pampering and revitalising effects of this treatment.

55mins €72.00 85mins €109.00

25mins // €38.00 50mins // €68.00

sacred nature Body Peeling // Silky smooth skin with delicately peeling Jojoba beads

sacred nature Face & Body // Pure beauty care from head to toe sacred nature full body peeling with Jojoba sacred nature face treatment (55mins) sacred nature body massage (25mins)

25mins // €32.00

Indulgence time: 2 hours // €128.00


Everything for your eyes only Eyebrow tint Eyelash tint Eyelash and eyebrow tint Eyebrow shaping Eyebrow tint & shaping

€15.00 €18.00 €27.00 €18.00 €31.00

Hands & Feet SPA pedicure €55.00 SPA manicure €45.00 Manicure express €30.00 (filing, gentle hand massage & nail polish) Hair Removal with Warm Wax Eyebrows, upper lip, chin Underarms Bikini area Half leg Full leg

€15.00 €20.00 €20.00 €30.00 €45.00

[ comfort zone ] body treatment on Emotion Spa Soft Pack Lounger Immerse yourself in the complete relaxation experience on our Emotion Spa Soft Pack lounger. Spread on a bed of warm water at 37°C this is the epitome of enjoyment! Colour light therapy, full body aroma steam session and a brush massage are included subject to the chosen treatment.

Monticelli Thermal Mud Pack // This soft & creamy mud pack enriched with Monticelli thermal water detoxifies and eliminates water retention in the tissue. Monticelli thermal water is rich in salt, sulphur and iodine, we then enhance it with lemon, fennel and essential oils from Cyprus to give your skin a young and lustrous appearance.

Fruit Peeling // Assisted by the power of lemon and lactic acid, papaya and kiwi extracts, we gently massage and peel the entire body, leaving your skin velvet soft and as smooth as a peach. You will be delighted with the results!

Includes: peeling, hydro pack, colour light therapy 50mins // €82.00

Includes: peeling & brush massage, colour light therapy 35mins // €39.00

Vitamin Wrap // A special vitamin cocktail for dry skin in need of a rehydrating boost. Following a peeling and brush massage you are treated with a hydro pack enriched with the extracts of tomato and spinach. Includes: peeling & brush massage, hydro pack, colour light therapy 50mins // €82.00 Body Strategist Cellulite // A concentrated cellulite treatment – the hotcold effect stimulates blood flow, reduces fat deposits and activates the break-down of fat deposits in thighs, stomach and lower back Includes: full body peeling, brush massage in specific problem areas, cellulite hydro pack, special care 50mins // €82.00 9

Aromasoul Close your eyes and let us inspire you with a diversity of fragrance compositions. Escape with us to the Mediterranean, the Orient, Arabia or India – delicate scents, gentle sounds and delicious teas will accompany you. Following a full body peeling, relax into a heavenly body massage with aroma essences.

The Orient // warming – the time for something new The oriental world of the Far East symbolises prosperity and beauty – caressing your senses with Ylang-Ylang, vanilla, mimosa and jasmine fragrances. Body peeling with pearl dust

India // hot – the time to replenish energy The Indian subcontinent symbolises wealth and prosperity, seducing with the fragrances of patchouli, cardamom, bergamot, nutmeg, cedar wood and black pepper. Body peeling with grains of rice

Indulgence time: 75mins // €95.00 Pick a destination of your choice

Mediterranean // cooling – the time for detox The Mediterranean world echoes the cleansing mentality with basil, orange, lemon, bergamot, aniseed, mandarin and oregano fragrances. Body peeling with olive stones

Arabia // warming and enveloping, the time for serenity The fascinating Arabian world of a Thousand and One Nights embodies the heady mix of cinnamon, ginger, patchouli, nutmeg and cedar wood fragrances. Body peeling with pieces of coconut


Rosen Private SPA Suite Private Spa enjoyment – intimate and undisturbed time for the two of you. Take a soothing dip in the Duo Whirlpool, rest on the wellness bed, relax with tea and fruit or spoil yourself with a glass of champagne.

Luxury Rosengarten Couple Treatment …relish time together. All treatments are performed simultaneously: Smoothing full body peeling with fruit extracts Heavenly rose & vanilla bath for two with sparkling champagne Enjoy a full body massage side by side Whilst you relax we tempt you with a refreshing rose sorbet

1 hour // €150.00

energy times two Full body peeling with pearl dust Revitalising marine bath for two Soothing body pack with vitamins Reenergizing foot massage (15mins) Whilst you relax we spoil you with a lemon balm herbal tea 2 hours // €340.00

2 hours // €335.00


Classic Massages Full Body Massage Synchronized and relaxing full body massage to induce wellbeing and generate new energy.

Sport Massage with rub Powerful, regenerating deep muscle massage with refreshing rub, best after strenuous physical activity, improves stamina

Partial Massage Partial body massage for head & neck or back & legs

50mins // €68.00

25mins // €40.00

50mins // €68.00

Massage Mix Composition of two classic massage elements, e.g. back massage plus foot reflex zones or a head & shoulder massage plus foot reflex zones

Partial Body Lymph Drainage This special and gentle type of massage has a soothing and relaxing effect on body and soul.

25mins // €42.00 50mins // €75.00

50mins // €75.00

Aroma Oil Massage Relaxing, gentle body massage with essential oils – a balm for body and soul

Rosengarten – Equilibrium Massage Soft, yet energetic massage to induce relaxation and inner peace.

Foot Reflex Zone Massage (with neck compress) Tension is released and self-healing is activated by stimulating foot reflex zones.

Facial Lymph Drainage Experience a unique lifting and cleansing effect with this gentle, bio-energy facial drainage 25mins // €38.00

50mins // €70.00


40mins // €54.00

Special Massages Lomi Lomi Nui Massage (2 hands) – Hawaiian Temple Massage A combination of ritual, dance and workout, inducing a very particular feeling of wellbeing. The entire energy of the therapist is transmitted through the elbows to release knots, tension and blockages. 85mins // €127.00 Energy Stone Massage with Warm and Cold Gems The interaction of a beneficial massage with the powerful intensity of crystal facilitates equilibrium and deep relaxation.

Herbal Stamp Massage Warm herbal stamps stimulate metabolism and have a detoxing, skin friendly and loosening effect. 75mins // €120.00 Ear Candle Treatment Gentle eardrum massage with light pressure stimulates blood flow and lymph circulation. Treatment reduces stress, can rectify sleep disorders and alleviate tinnitus. 25mins // €35.00

75mins // €115.00


Ayurveda Ayurveda is the oldest form of holistic healing science. It is the art of bringing your daily life into harmony with nature. Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Full Body Massage (2 hands) The body is gently massaged with warm aromatic oils. The serene touches calm the spirit and relax the muscles. 80mins // ₏120.00


Spa Arrangements WOMAN …time for myself… Full body peeling Bath with a precious fragrance-oil composition [ comfort zone ] face treatment 85mins Full body massage 50mins

Wind-down …time to detox… Bath with active marine agents Detox thermal mud pack Foot reflex zone massage 25mins

Eye Supreme …for beautiful moments… Eye supreme treatment Eye brow shaping Eyelash & eyebrow tint

Indulgence time: 90mins // €154.00 Indulgence time: 165mins // €232.00

Indulgence time: 75mins // €90.00

MAN …time to enjoy… Back and neck massage 25mins [ comfort zone ] man SPAce treatment 55mins Sport Massage with rub 50mins

Après-Sport motion …after each activity – rebalance… Sport massage with rub 50mins [ comfort zone ] man SPAce treatment (Short session 55mins) Massage Mix 50mins

Indulgence time: 130mins // €187.00

Indulgence time: 160mins // €199.00


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The Rosengarten Spa  

‘Relaxation and absolute bliss – more than just skin deep’ Welcome to our delightful Rosengarten SPA – a divine Alpine retreat and a new des...