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On the cover (cropped): Out of  Town,  2015   Oil     on  canvas   48  x  60  in.    


Jose7e Urso   Treehouse   March 19 – April 18, 2015

Jujube, 2015   Oil  on  canvas   48  x  36  in.      

Lulu, 2015   Oil  on  canvas   48  x  60  in.      

Elbow Room,  2015   Oil  on  canvas   48  x  36  in.      

Kathryn Markel  Fine  Arts  is  pleased  to  present  Treehouse,  a  solo  exhibiHon  featuring  new   painHngs  by  Jose7e  Urso.     New  York  painter  Jose7e  Urso  paints  intuiHvely  in  reacHon  to  her  immediate  surroundings,  from   both  inside  and  outside  her  studio.  Using  an  intense,  delicate  manipulaHon  of  paint,  she  gets  lost   in  the  act  of  painHng  with  blissful  abandon,  creaHng  sumptuous  abstracHons  that  reference   landscape,  sHll  life,  and  views  of  New  York  City.     Urso’s  surfaces  are  dense  tapestries  of  small,  energeHc  marks.  She  mixes  colors  soRly  on  the   canvas,  blending  them  just  enough  to  leave  minute  stripes  of  color  remaining  in  the  grooves  of   her  brushstrokes.  The  obsessive  dabs  and  flourishing  marks  relay  her  sense  of  joy  in  capturing  her   observaHons.     Exploring  the  mystery  of  our  percepHon  of  Hme  and  space,  the  works  seem  close  up  and  far  away   simultaneously.  They  seek  to  reflect  mulHple  moments  occurring  at  once  in  order  to  comment  on   a  live  experience.  An  endless  stream  of  informaHon  is  constantly  projected  at  a  person  from  all   direcHons;  Urso’s  work  acts  as  a  filtering  of  the  physical,  thoughXul,  auditory,  visual  and  even   technological  sHmuli  that  we  interact  with  at  any  point  in  Hme.  

Snow Cone,  2015   Oil  on  canvas   48  x  36  in.      

Spring Break,  2015   Oil  on  canvas   48  x  36  in.      

Catch of  the  Day,  2015   Oil  on  canvas   36  x  48  in.      

Out of  Town,  2015   Oil  on  canvas   48  x  60  in.      

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529 W. 20th St., Ste. 6W New York, NY 10011

JOSETTE URSO Treehouse  
JOSETTE URSO Treehouse  

An exhibition of new oil paintings by Josette Urso, on view March 19th - April 18th at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, Chelsea, New York, NY