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Manziel to throw in front of NFL scouts

Shelby Knowles— THE BATTALION

Johnny Manziel will throw for NFL scouts for the first time on Thursday.


loftier goals. Lendore has racked up titles and set records for A&M and his native country, Trinidad and Tobago, which he represented at the 2012 London Olympics as the anchor of the 4x400 meter relay. The team earned a bronze medal and a new national record.

fter passing on the first two opportunities to show off his arm at the NFL Combine on Feb. 23 and A&M’s pro day on March 5, Johnny Manziel will throw in front of NFL scouts and general managers on Thursday. Manziel will begin at 11 a.m. inside the McFerrin Athletic Center. Since declaring for the draft, the Heismanwinning quarterback has spent time preparing for his pro day with quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr. on all aspects of his game. Manziel’s exhibition will be followed at 6 p.m by ESPN’s one-hour special, “Gruden’s QB Camp: Johnny Manziel.”

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Clay Koepke, sports editor


Sprinter sets sights on outdoor championship

King of the FLO With bragging rights at stake, freshmen will compete in the “Mr. Flo” pageant, which aims to promote friendly camaraderie and collect cans for the Brazos Valley Food Bank.

inside opas | 4 Center stage blaze MSC OPAS will bring a stage adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s 1953 dystopian novel, “Fahrenheit 451” to Rudder Theatre on Thursday. Professors weigh in on the book’s cultural significance.

film | 2 Up in arms With 66 million girls missing from classrooms worldwide, campus organizations band together to show the film “Girl Rising,” which seeks to focus on the efforts of girls as they strive for the right to education throughout the world.

Elizabeth Kamenicky The Battalion


eon Lendore has accomplished running feats some athletes spend careers working for — and he began running at 15 years old. However, the 2014 NCAA indoor track and field champion in the 400 meters looks beyond to higher sights and


Visiting legislators to illuminate political landscape Conversation to engage constituents outside major cities Jennifer Reiley The Battalion


he Texas Tribune will mediate a political discussion on campus Thursday in an effort to hold Texas politicians accountable and involve constituents outside of major cities in the discussion. Evan Smith, CEO and editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune, said the political discussion comes at a time when competitive Texas elections are a rarity. The event is one of eight forums the publication

hosts annually and will feature state Sen. Charles Schwertner and state Reps. John Raney and Kyle Kacal — members of the 83rd Texas legislature. Tribune officials travel to a market outside the largest Texas cities to reach out to college campuses. Smith, who will mediate the discussion, said the topics to be covered will likely address the political landscape and upcoming issues of importance like water conservation and education. Smith said people attend the events because voters are given the rare opportunity to hear political conversation firsthand. “It’s one and a half percent of the legislature right there on stage, and that’s significant,” Smith said. “They’re just three votes out of 181, but they’re consequential.”

Smith said he hopes people walk away from the event with a greater understanding of the issues that Texas is facing and can utilize the political knowledge they gain. “We have enormous challenges and opportunities in a state that is growing as quickly as ours, and in a state whose population is changing as quickly as ours,” Smith said. “We have an enormous set of issues we have to handle as a state.” Smith said the democratic process works better when people participate. “From my perspective, I don’t care what choices people make,” Smith said. “I don’t care how people vote, I care how many people vote. I don’t care what people think, I care that people think.” The event will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in MSC 2400.



ISA improves I-week with a world of culture

‘Lavender graduation’ to celebrate LGBT graduates

Remington May — THE BATTALION

Let’s be friends FILE


Students participate in last year’s Holi festival on Simpson Drill Field as part of I-Week.

Homer Segovia The Battalion

The Battalion


BAT_03-27-14_A1.indd 1


ultures of the world are coming to campus this week as the International Student Association hosts “I-Week,” a week of events intended to entertain and educate the student body. This year will see the debut of new activities such as “I-Henna,” where students will have the opportunity

to participate at Rudder Plaza while on the way to class Tuesday. “This year we have also added I-Henna, which has become very popular because people, especially girls, are so crazy about henna,” said Yashwant Vyas, junior electrical engineering major. “Henna does not belong to a particular country, so we are See I-Week on page 2

Event to feature first transgender Texas judge Lindsey Gawlik The Battalion


his year Texas A&M’s GLBT Resource Center will host its inaugural “Lavender Graduation,” a ceremony spotlighting LGBT Aggies for their accomplishments as they celebrate graduations. The event will feature speaker Phyllis Frye, the first transgender judge in Texas. Sidney Gardner, GLBT Resource Center program coordinator, said she hoped to implement the event at A&M since she started here over a year ago. “I just think that we have so few places that we get to celebrate the accom-

plishment of our students,” Gardner said. “And particularly where our students are able to bring their whole selves to the table.” Megan Caldwell, GLBT resource center graduate assistant and public health graduate student, said the event is separate from annual commencement ceremonies in that it is more of a celebration than a graduation ceremony. Lavender Graduation will be open to all LGBT students who are graduating and their family and friends. Caldwell said that allies and all other interested students are also welcome. Caldwell said the resource center is excited to be celebrating the LGBT degree recipients in a ceremony just for them, and even announced that many LGBT graduates See Lavender on page 4

3/26/14 9:37 PM


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Senior Boot Bag


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thursday 3.27.2014



Screening to spotlight global struggle for women’s education

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Women’s Day event a collaboration of A&M organizations Cassidy Tyrone

The Battalion irl Rising” demands awareness for the 66 million girls missing from classrooms around the world. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Aggie Women in Leadership, MSC Aggie Cinema and Life 2 Love will present the film “Girl Rising,” which follows the stories of girls who are fighting to receive an education in underdeveloped parts of the world. Jillian Gonzalez, student worker for the Women’s Resource Center and senior psychology major, said the film seems as if it will present a moving and inspiring message. The difficulties faced by women and girls fighting to receive an education are inextricably linked to culture and politics, Gonzalez said. “In several countries around the world this is a political issue,” Gonzalez said. “This means that there are severe ramifications for women going against the norm.” Even though Aggie women may be far removed from these issues. Gonzalez said that due to an unspoken sisterhood of sorts, women are never that far from the issue. “It is important to recognize that while we are far away from them physically, we are women just like them,” Gonzalez said. “We cannot turn a blind eye to their struggles.” According to its website, the Girl Rising campaign focuses on the “value of a girl.”


I-Week Continued from page 1

going to have representatives from different international groups applying henna specific to their culture.” ISA president Sakshi Gupta said another addition to IWeek this year is “I-Games,” a competition styled after the Amazing Race where teams will have to rush to complete tasks all over campus. “There will be six different stations across campus,” Gupta said. “Once teams complete the game, they will collect the flag from that location. The team which comes back with the six flags will get a $15 gift card and a plaque just to celebrate that they won.” Gupta said ISA is taking a more philanthropic approach to this year’s I-Week, with an admission cost for I-Games of five canned goods to be donated to the 12th Can Food


Megan Quinn, senior international studies major, says “the value of a girl is the value of any human being.” Megan Quinn, member of Life 2 Love and senior international studies major, said girls should be valued at an equivalent rate to their male counterparts. “The value of a girl is the value of any other human being,” Quinn said. “Women and girls are seen as less than human. In the U.S. we see education as a human right. So by not allowing girls to receive an education, we are lowering them to a status less then human.” Quinn said the film focuses on multiple difficulties and forms of discrimination that she believes can be alleviated by greater access to education. “They face a lot of issues like sex trafficking and violence against women that I feel can be prevented by receiving an edu-

Pantry. Admission costs for all other events will also be donated to charity. “Whatever profit we are earning is going completely to a cause,” Gupta said. “It is going to Child Rights and You, which works for educating and fulfilling the lives of the underprivileged in developing countries.” Along with the addition of new events to I-Week, ISA has also set its sights on improving previous favorites. After reading evaluations of last year’s I-Wedding event, Yvas said ISA worked to improve seating arrangements, the venue and the overall coordination of the event. “This year we will have it in Rudder Plaza and we will be having seating arrangements for everyone,” Yvas said. “The performances that we have lined up for this year have been rehearsed before and we are going to pass out handouts of what exactly is going to hap-




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cation,” Quinn said. Christine Woods, MSC Aggie Cinema Chair and senior computer science major, said she hopes students use their opportunities at A&M to help others in these developing countries further their education. Woods said she hopes that, with this film, MSC Aggie Cinema Club can have a hand in establishing a new tradition at A&M. Quinn said she hopes people leave the film with the desire to take action. “I think people should understand that one girl, given the chance and given a voice, can change the world,” Quinn said The film will be shown at 7 p.m. Thursday in Rudder Plaza. Admission is free.

pen so people have that information.” Yvas said this I-Wedding will be special due to the inclusion of a mock North Indian wedding and a sword taiji performance by Suzanne Droleskey, Texas A&M executive director for global program support effectiveness and instructor at Confucius Institute Tai Chi. Junior economics major Daniella Djiogan said there have also been improvements made to I-Fashion, a showcase of fashion from different cultures, which she said is the most anticipated event of IWeek. “This year we’re actually collaborating with A-Line Aggies, the fashion organization on campus,” Djiogan said. “They provided us with eight models representing different cultures from African cultures to European cultures, so it’s going to be really fancy.” Djiogan said this week-

long celebration of cultures is a chance for international students to make their backgrounds known and their voices heard. “To be honest, A&M is kind of homogenous,” Djiogan said. “There’s nothing international going on on-campus for a whole year, so I-Week is basically the time for any culture to show themselves, to say, ‘This is us, this is our culture, this is who we are.’” Vyas said by attending the events of I-Week, students better prepare themselves for the increased cross-culture communication of the future. “If you look at the rapid globalization that is taking place and if you want to see yourself in a complex multicultural society, come experience the different cultures, come see what the international students here at A&M have to offer,” Vyas said. “It’s the biggest cultural treat you can ever have at A&M.”



Aggieland 2015

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“The last leg of the Olympics was something I won’t forget,” Lendore said. “Seeing all the flashing lights and noise during the last 20 meters is something that I think about often. It still motivates me when I practice.” Hailing from Queen’s Royal College High School in Trinidad, the Texas A&M junior’s interest in soccer nearly took away the opportunity to try track. “I played soccer and was really fast,” Lendore said. “When I finally ran in a meet, I beat the other guys who were actually in track. I tried to do track and soccer at the same time but my coach told me I would get farther in the Caribbean running track than playing soccer.” After compiling titles in national


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to todays puzzles

BAT_03-27-14_A3.indd 1

races, college scouts started to take notice — especially Texas A&M. “After I competed in the [Caribbean Free Trade Association U-20 Games] and placed second to Kirani James, a coach contacted someone that contacted me to set up a visit,” Lendore said. “Kirani was the fastest runner and I was second to him, so that was a big deal.” Lendore was scheduled to tour many Division I schools, but his search ended after visiting the A&M campus and track program. His decision had been made. “I had visited Alabama and Auburn but after visiting A&M, I didn’t even want to go visit Baylor,” Lendore said, chuckling. “I just liked the school so much.” Although a professional career may be on the horizon, Lendore remains focused on his collegiate performances. Lendore said his goal is to win his first NCAA outdoor track and field championship, and


TO CALL 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday Insertion deadline: 1 p.m. prior business day


Texas A&M head coach Pat Henry believes in Lendore’s ability. “He’s the best quarter-miler in the country,” Henry said after Lendore won the NCAA Indoor title. “Any time you’re a national champion in the NCAA, then you are big time. I’m extremely proud of Deon.” Lendore recognizes the challenges that come with being in the top spot and how difficult it is to remain there. “Once you’re on the top, everyone sees the potential you have, so it’s hard to get better and stay up there,” Lendore said. “Being a national champion is the best feeling there is. You work so hard to reach the top. I’m willing to work and do


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mom and we didn’t have that much money so I would like to help kids like that.” Lendore and the rest of the A&M track and field team are competing through Saturday in the 87th Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays, at Mike A. Myers Stadium in Austin.


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all that needs to be done to be an outdoor national champion as well.” A&M assistant coach Alleyne Francique said Lendore’s discipline and determination has helped transform him into the leader he is today. “He is definitely a fighter and shows a lot of leadership qualities,” Francique said. “He is a leader of the team and a real hard worker.” Lendore said the opportunities he has been given on the track inspire him to help underprivileged kids follow their track dreams, just as he did. “I would like to help kids [back home] who may not have the money to participate in sports but may have the potential to be good,” Lendore said. “I was raised by a single

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call for details

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Fahrenheit 451 smolders across generations

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the battalion

Elizabeth Evans




Fahrenheit 451


One of the most revered novels of the 20th century, Fahrenheit 451

The Battalion ith a message that has burned into the minds of its readers over the last 60 years, Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel “Fahrenheit 451” will take Rudder Theatre in a stage adaptation of the iconic work. Robert Boenig, A&M English professor and associate department head, said the novel was originally written as a commentary on former Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s anti-communism work and the suppression of free speech. Alfred Bendixen, English professor, said the play is certainly not the first adaptation of the novel and that Bradbury was very open to dramatic re-creations of his work. Bradbury wrote a stage version of the novel and read it for an audiobook version, Bendixen said. Bendixen said the novel itself reflected Bradbury’s concern with what he saw as a societal decrease in the value placed on reading, and by extension the failure of the American education system. “‘Fahrenheit 451’ is a powerful attack on censorship and on the suppression of ideas during the McCarthy era,” Bendixen said. “It also reflects Bradbury’s larger concern with the way reading is devalued by a culture increasingly seduced by the cheap and easy entertainment provided by radio, TV and movies.” Boenig said the book’s censorship message is relevant today. “Those who wish to impose their own ideas by suppressing those of others still pose a danger today,” Boenig said. “The danger might have been more immediate in Nazi Germany, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be on guard today.”


is a dystopian tale of a bleak future where literature and knowledge

William Guerra — THE BATTALION

Boenig compared Bradbury’s novel to “The Crucible,” a play written in 1953 by one of Bradbury’s contemporaries, Arthur Miller. Boenig said “The Crucible,” which chronicles the real witch hunts of Salem, Mass., draws a parallel to the “witch hunts” conducted under McCarthy. Bradbury’s novel has been subjected to censorship itself, having been banned in some schools and libraries, which senior English major Heather Luna said indicates censors are missing the point of Bradbury’s novel. “We shouldn’t censor anyone’s words or opinions,” Luna said. “If we’re offended, then we’re fools for taking someone else’s words so seriously.” As part of MSC OPAS’s Intimate Gathering series, “Fahrenheit 451” will be Thursday night in Rudder Theatre.

teeter on the edge of extinction. The Aquila Theatre will bring new life to the visionary parable of a society gone awry. SPONSORED BY

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“Jason Bateman’s

directorial debut is

SPECTACULAR.” – Pete Hammond, Movieline

will be wearing rainbow tassels as they walk the stage in May. Lavender Graduation allows graduating LGBT students to celebrate leadership roles and participation in clubs or events that are not recognized in the traditional graduation, Caldwell said. “It’s a place for GLBT students to celebrate their accomplishments here on campus and celebrate their graduation in a friendly environment and to also recognize their achievements that wouldn’t be normally a part of the traditional graduation,” Caldwell said. “This is in addition to regular graduation. These students will

maybe be talking about their involvement in the GLBT student organizations or scholarships they’ve gotten or other contributions to the community.” Caldwell said the idea for a Lavender Graduation at A&M came from other schools in Texas that hold the event. “Lavender has had a history of being associated with the GLBT community,” Caldwell said. “The early feminist movement called lesbians the ‘lavender menace’ so it’s kind of been one of the colors that symbolize the community.” Gardner said she hopes this premiere Lavender Graduation has a good turnout and that students look at the ceremony as a way to feel comfortable with themselves as they prepare for the next

chapter of their life. Angela Ghazizadeh, senior political science major, said Lavender Graduation is a way for students to celebrate while getting to be themselves. “It is an opportunity for people who identify as LGBTQ or heterosexual — as it’s a ceremony letting them celebrate their time and achievements at Texas A&M,” Ghazizadeh said. “They get to be around people that support them and it’s a moment for them to cherish their memories as queer Aggies or allies.” The date for signing up to walk the stage in Lavender Graduation closes Friday, but registration for attending the event doesn’t close until April 7. The event will be held at 7 p.m. April 16 in the MSC Gates Ballroom.

“A wickedly clever

COMEDY.” – Karen Durbin, Elle

“The entire cast is

PERFECTION.” – Pete Hammond, Movieline

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