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Safety of our roads for all users is the SFMTA’s top priority. Like you, we are extremely saddened and concerned about the recent tragedies, currently under investigation, that have taken place South of Market (SoMa). We agree that SoMa needs to be safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, and we are taking a number of steps to do just that. South of Market is becoming increasingly multimodal, with more and more bicyclists sharing the road with pedestrians and motorists. The SFMTA has been working to prioritize initiatives that we feel will create a safer SoMa. Monitoring safety data and working with the San Francisco Police Department and other city agencies, the SFMTA is ready to carry out plans to create streetscapes that will be more accommodating to all— pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. Last year the SFMTA removed a lane of traffic on 8th Street to create a safer travel environment for pedestrians and people on bicycles. In the upcoming months, we will continue to work on creating a safer pathway in the area with projects slated to improve conditions for all users on 7th and 8th streets. Along with these projects, other ongoing improvements in the area include additional “green time” at pedestrian crossings, stripeadvanced stop lines that keep drivers further back from crosswalks and high visibility crosswalks that are more clearly recognized by motorists. Additionally, the agency recently completed its efforts to lower all SoMa speed limits from 30 to 25 miles an hour to slow down traffic and improve safety for all road users. Another initiative that will improve cycling and pedestrian conditions is the Central SoMa Project, currently under EIR review. The Central SoMa Project looks at new streetscape designs for a number of streets in SoMa, including 3rd and 4th, Howard, Folsom, Harrison, Bryant and Brannan. The SFMTA is also currently working closely with the Department of Public Works on the planning and design of the 2nd Street Project. The 2nd Street Project will improve the design of the corridor to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety while effectively accommodating transit. We have also been encouraging members of the public to join us on Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. in the SoMa Recreation Center, 270 Sixth Street, for an open house meeting to discuss The Folsom Complete Street Pilot Project. This proposed pilot project will increase bicycle and pedestrian safety and comfort by creating a buffered bicycle lane and reduce pedestrian crossing distances on Folsom Street between 4th and 11th streets. These enhancements will be made possible by a lane reduction from four travel lanes to three. The project, informed by the SFMTA Bicycle Plan, is one of many to increase safety, and to further develop San Francisco’s bicycle network. Members of the public are encouraged to attend

1 South Van Ness Avenue 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103



and learn more about the pilot project design details and measures. Hopefully this will help pave the way for more collective support and investment in safer streets in SoMa, and throughout our city. In an effort to improve enforcement, the SFMTA is also working closely with the Police Department to promote a higher level of enforcement for all modes of transportation in the area. The SFMTA is committed to creating a safer, more enduring and sustainable transportation system and we will continue to analyze the South of Market area and seek opportunities for additional near-term improvements. Thank you for voicing your concerns and for taking the time to write. Sincerely,

Ed Reiskin Director of Transportation San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Safer soma now!  

Response to constituent concerns regarding safety in the South of Market area. Wrote for CEO

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