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OPENING DOORS, OPENING OPPORTUNITIES Mark Day School’s Annual Report 2017-2018

Mark Day School discovers and nurtures what is finest in each child in a vibrant, inclusive learning community. Innovative and full of heart, Mark Day School strives to develop well-rounded critical thinkers in a challenging program that fosters academic excellence and responsible world citizenship.



Late in July, I walked alongside Thulani Madondo on the gravel paths that lead through Kliptown to the home of the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP), where we were greeted by a wall of joyful singing and welcome from the students and staff of our remarkable partner school. That welcome and the days at KYP that followed were woven together by learning, connection, hard work, and hope. Challenges abound in Kliptown, one of the oldest parts of Soweto. And certainly that is also true of South Africa. One of the most resonant parts of the 2018 Mark Day delegation visit to KYP and eSibonisweni Primary School is the belief that education is the most important factor to transform not only a child’s life but also South Africa itself—to make the nation into a land of more equitable opportunity for all citizens. It echoed for me the Mark Day mission and the way it is brought to life each day, here on campus and in our families’ homes. Together, we strive to discover capabilities that our students often do not realize that they even possess, and to develop and deepen them so that our graduates may not only take advantage of opportunities for themselves, but shape their communities through their leadership and service. Quite intentionally, that mission sometimes runs counter to societal or developmental pressures that push to narrow, limit, and constrain one’s own self-understanding or ability to recognize and create opportunities in the midst of a challenging landscape. We push outwards against those factors to give students the elbow room to acquire new labels—think mathematician AND researcher AND athlete AND artist, rather than a series of one-or-the-other labels. Our mission comes to life by systemically giving students the opportunities to practice their skills and to develop new ones in the zone of proximal development, just outside their comfort zone. Bridging from the comfortable to the uncomfortable becomes a habit—something equally as powerful as a dream, and necessary for students to build the kind of confidence that sticks for the long term, especially when they are far from home and surrounded by the unfamiliar. One need not look far to find challenges—effects of climate

change, rapid technological shifts, global armed conflict, poverty, homelessness, displaced populations, and more. Our graduates are prepared not just to survive a changing world, but to shape it to become a more kind and equitable one. It has been such a gift to open the new school year with not only the faculty who are so skillfully tuned to discover and nurture the finest in our students, but also with the facilities that enable great teaching and learning. Thanks to the 248 donors who contributed to the development of the Learning

OUR GRADUATES ARE PREPARED NOT JUST TO SURVIVE A CHANGING WORLD, BUT TO SHAPE IT TO BECOME A MORE KIND AND EQUITABLE ONE. Commons, Creativity Lab, amphitheater, and quad, every student has new opportunities to research, collaborate, create, push outwards into new territory, fail in the exact ways necessary to learn, and do it all over again tomorrow. We have amazing learning spaces and exactly the kind of faculty and students who can take full advantage of them. Thank you to our community—those who get to walk onto the campus every day, and those who only get to visit occasionally. Our students become the kind of citizen-leaders we need because of this community’s remarkable engagement and generosity. Thank you.

Joseph M. Harvey Head of School

THE POWER OF GIVING The benefits of giving to Mark Day reach far beyond the school. Because of generous donations, students are better prepared to contribute to and spark positive change in our world. From ensuring all students have the opportunity to experience outdoor ed to building state-of-the-art learning spaces in which kids can create and invent, giving has the power to:

TRANSFORM the way students learn. In 2016, Fund-a-Need donations stocked every classroom with height-adjustable desks, active seating, and an Imagination Playground set to meet the needs of individual students’ learning styles.

EXPAND the spaces in which kids learn. The new Learning Commons and Creativity Lab were possible because of donations from our community. In these spaces, students have access to the tools and materials needed to take their creativity and critical thinking to the next level.

ENSURE that every child has the opportunity to receive a Mark Day education. Academic excellence relies on the diversity that every family brings to the school, including socio-economic diversity. Our Indexed Tuition program allows us to sustain a diverse and inclusive community.

$6.55 million

raised by our community for our new learning spaces, surpassing our campaign’s fundraising goal

2,260 number of hours students volunteered in 2017-18

46 number of community agencies we worked with in 2017-18

PHILANTHROPY and the idea of reciprocity across the globe lies at the heart of a Mark Day education






Dear Mark Day School Families and Friends, In March 2018, we opened the doors to the new Learning Commons and Creativity Lab and renovated amphitheater and quad. This transformative project would not have been possible without the support from this generous community. We surpassed the fundraising goal with a total of $6.55 million in gifts and pledges from 248 current families, students, alumni families, grandparents, faculty/staff, foundations, and friends. By opening these doors, you helped open new teaching and learning opportunities for students and faculty. The annual fund, chaired by Rob Blechman, Eileen Sheldon, and Peter Supino, raised more than $700,000, and 95% of current families contributed. Through your donations, you supported every single student through programs such as outdoor ed, the fall play and spring musical, the art show, and more. You supported every single teacher through workshops, trainings, classroom supplies, and more. You supported the entire community via the 23% of students

whose families pay below the top of the Index, making a Mark Day School education stronger for every student. The Parents’ Association, led by Ashley Ransom, contributed $275,622 through the Born To Rock spring fundraiser, the Friends & Fairways Golf Tournament, Mark Day Made, and more. A total of $155,350 was donated through the spring fundraiser’s Fund-a-Need, which benefited funding for Indexed Tuition.

THE NEW LEARNING SPACES WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE SUPPORT FROM THIS GENEROUS COMMUNITY. We thank you for opening all of these doors, the impact of which will be felt for years to come. With great appreciation, Wendy Levine ‘89 Director of Development

FINANCIAL FIGURES Unaudited Figures July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

GIFT SUMMARY 2017-18: $1,917,372 Annual Fund............................................................................$703,592 We Create Capital Campaign (donations)...........................$880,206 Special Gifts................................................................................$43,155 Chess Program................................................................$250 Classroom and Campus.................................................$525 Restricted Indexed Tuition............................................$443 South Africa Partnerships........................................$41,937 Parents’ Association (including Fund-a-Need)...................$275,622 Endowment................................................................................$57,952 Damon Kerby Fund for Indexed Tuition (Restricted)....................................$26,795 Eighth Grade Endowment (Restricted)..........................................$31,157

ENDOWMENT* M.V. Williams (Restricted).................................................$1,877,888 Faculty Salaries (Restricted).................................................$540,988 Financial Aid (Restricted).....................................................$586,916 Damon Kerby Financial Aid (Restricted)...........................$942,179 Making Waves (Restricted)...................................................$259,156 Eighth Grade Fund (Restricted)............................................$334,682 Behnke/Luria Family Endowment (Restricted)....................$97,172 Professional Development (Restricted).................................$51,577 Margaret B. MacArthur Endowment Fund for Financial Aid.............................................................................$20,385 Funding for Indexed Tuition (Unrestricted)....................$3,687,041 Faculty Salaries (Unrestricted).............................................$388,189 TOTAL........................................................................$8,073,602 *Endowment balances reflect all money collected and earnings from investments.

Transportation (0.8%)

Indexed Tuition and Fees (87%)

Student Activity Fees (2.2%)


Interest, Transfers, Operating Reserves, Gifts (3%)

Indexed Tuition and Fees.......................$12,025,111 1

Operating Fundraising.................................$981,435 Interest, Transfers,

Operating Fundraising (7%)

Operating Reserves, Gifts............................$366,356 Student Activity Fees....................................$303,789 Transportation...............................................$109,964 TOTAL................................................$13,786,655

Student and Auxiliary (1%) Administration (3%)


Capital Expenditures (3%)

Salaries and Benefits.................................$8,555,991

Insurance, Fees, Debt (4%)

Instructional.................................................$519,538 2

Funding for Indexed Tuition..................$1,808,201

Instructional (4%)

Salaries and benefits (63%)

Insurance, Fees, Debt...................................$500,707 Capital Expenditures...................................$417,077 3

Plant and Maintenance.............................$1,259,305

Plant and Maintenance (9%)

Administration.............................................$391,369 2

Student and Auxiliary..................................$180,046 Funding for Indexed Tuition (13%)

TOTAL..............................................$13,632,234 3

NOTES 1. True Blue Fund..........................$703,938 Parents’ Association..................$275,622 Other Gifts......................................$1,875 $981,435

2. Fund-a-Need................................$155,350 Endowment & other gifts...........$257,369 Indexed Tuition & fees.............$1,395,482

3. Includes PPRRSM Includes Transportation


During the 2017-18 school year, we successfully completed the largest campaign in school history. The doors to our new learning spaces opened in March 2018, marking both a continuation and an expansion of the opportunities offered at Mark Day School. How does our program prepare students for current and future success? The answer lies in the depth and breadth of our curriculum, which is regularly evaluated and developed according to the latest research, advancements, and needs of our students. It’s a common understanding that in order to thrive in the current century, young students need a different - and arguably a more complex - set of skills than ever before, and this understanding serves as the foundation of our program. In myriad ways, students are growing and evolving every day here. They might discover a deep curiosity for design in the Creativity Lab or overcome their fear of heights while rock climbing on outdoor ed. They might make a lifelong connection visiting our partners at Kliptown Youth Program in South Africa or develop a greater understanding of themselves as a host to an Er Xiao student from Beijing. These moments of great learning happen both in and outside of the classroom, and they are sparked by the opportunities our program offers.

In the following pages, you’ll find 10 ways we’re preparing students for current and future success. You’ll read about how students are becoming conscious consumers and creators of media; how tinkering in the Creativity Lab relates to the design think-

IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES, YOU’LL FIND 10 WAYS WE’RE PREPARING STUDENTS FOR CURRENT AND FUTURE SUCCESS. ing process at companies like Google; why environmental sustainability on campus breeds stewards of local, national, and global resources and ecosystems; the challenges met and overcome on the peaks of Yosemite valley; the passions discovered elbows-deep in clay and immersed in song on stage; and how giving an announcement at assembly is an opportunity to face one of the world population’s greatest fears. Every day at Mark Day School, we’re preparing students for success - for tomorrow and beyond. In large part, we are able to offer such opportunities because of generous donations to the school. Thank you!

[01 ]

FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS ACROSS CULTURAL DIFFERENCE What sets our partnership program apart is the depth of the relationships that are developed between our partners and Mark Day students, families, and teachers. For nearly the past decade, we have sent and hosted delegations from South Africa, Beijing, and Costa Rica, intent on both teaching and learning from one another. We invite these friends into our homes, study side-by-side in the classroom, and greet each other with joy when reunited. The opportunity to befriend and work alongside someone who lives quite differently teaches students to reach beyond their own community and recognize the inextricable links that exist among people everywhere.



DEVELOPING CRITICAL THINKERS AND RESPONSIBLE ONLINE CITIZENS In the current climate, media usage is inescapable; in many ways, its consumption is necessary to develop a social life, a career path, and an informed political awareness. But how do young consumers wade through the information they encounter every day? At Mark Day, it starts in the Lower School, with integrated lessons about cereal advertising. Gradually, students learn to ask increasingly sophisticated questions and research and produce their own media stories. These opportunities to delve into the world of media with a critical eye lay the foundation for students to deflect the potentially negative influence of such messages and learn how to use these tools to develop their own voice.

OUR ANNUAL FUND Gifts to the annual fund comprise an essential portion of Mark Day School’s budget each year. These unrestricted contributions that come from parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends of the school are put to use right away to provide much of what makes Mark Day School special - hands-on learning, dedicated faculty, and a focus on four key literacies: Social and Emotional Literacy, Cross-Cultural Literacy, Ecological Literacy, and Media and Information Literacy. Thank you to the 95 percent of current families who donated to the 2017-18 annual fund. * = represents donors who have supported the annual fund for 10 or more years ** = represents donors who have supported the annual fund for 15 or more years *** = represents donors who have supported the annual fund for 20 or more years

Benefactors’ Circle ($25,000 and up) Anonymous Kara and Charles Roell, Jr. Shalu and Hersh Saluja Partners’ Circle ($15,000 to $24,999) Ramesh and Julian Allen Waneska and Chris Torto* Eighth Pillar ($10,000 to $14,999) Amber and Ryan Brown Kristin and Andrew Dickinson Micky and Chris Doner Kira and Bradley J. Haas Fund Sophia and Robert Hee Angela and JT Herman Frank and Lois Noonan* Lauren and Jeffrey Osher Wendy and Carl Reichardt Heather and Jason Rosenbaum Melissa and Rick Silvers Shawna and Peter Supino Aimee Foreman and Kevin Vosen Leadership Circle ($7,500 to $9,999) The Swett/Chrisman Family Jennifer and James Dutro The Fraser Family Stephanie and Sam Parker Dana Oliver and Adam Wolfson** Founders’ Circle ($5,000 to $7,499) David Anderman Lindsay and Tony Bartsh Sharina and Jay Belani Kyle and Margot Biehle* Genevieve and Andrew Biggs Nicolle Henneuse and Peter Billington The Clemons Family Gigi and Rick Condos Pamela and Bryce Emo Sarah and Nils Erdmann

Marcy Charap Ginsburg ‘85 and Don Ginsburg Reetika and Sajot Grewal Ginnie and Peter Haas, Jr. Fund Kate and Chris Hobbs Maureen Wilson-Hwang and Boon Hwang Tracy and Jaison Layney The Maretzki Family Mac McConnell Bibi and Eric Moore Kirsten and Steve Polsky Dayna and Eric Quanbeck Anna and Jonathan Rothbart Houda and Ray Silcock Marney and Christopher Solle Jennifer and Eddie Zalayet Victoria Peet and Steven Zimmerman**

Diana Maier ‘84 and Ethan Kaplan, in honor of Melanie and Peter Maier Harriet and Thomas Kostic* Meghen and Ken Kurtzig Geoff Lakritz ‘85 Nancy and Scott Larson Carol and Doug Lee Donna and David Lorsch Heather and Mark Marsella Aramie and Kevin McDonald Jennifer and Dan Mello Ritu and Alex Metzger Cathy and Scott Parkes The Pedersen Family Erin Heath and Jim Rivera Eileen and Christopher Sheldon Marimar Torres** Lori and Steve Wong

Sponsors’ Circle ($3,100 to $4,999) Anonymous Jasmine and Walter Bachtiger Suji Pathi and Eric Bava Tina and Steven Betz Alexandra and Randy Boysen Joann and Scot Brew Annette Brown Courtney and Shale Butler Archana and Vijay Chattha Tonya and Bryan Crapo Sonya Danne and Chris Danne Cynthia and Doug Erickson* Megan and John Esrey Alyona Marenchuk-Feiner and Gary Feiner Beth and Adam Fliss Bill Freeman Rachel Templeton and Jamie Freundlich Doris Stoermer and Kevin Gorski Veronica and Robert Harris, in honor of Grigore Frecautanu Joseph M. Harvey and Amanda Cashman Harvey

Challenge Circle ($1,000 to $3,099) Anonymous (3) Heather Zehren Albinson and Tim Albinson Ananya and Sudip Banerjee* John and Kathy Blum* Mary Clare Hubert Bly ‘87 and Colin Bly Ann and Paul Brenner** Ann S. Buckner Lori and John Butler Chien-Tzu Chen Liz and Doug Chiang* Brooke and Matt Conway Michelle and Stephen Cotton Julia Croom Stephanie and Ethan Dornhelm Heather Kessinger and Jon Eberly Augustine and Dominique Elissiry Jill Witty and Graham Evarts Michelle Mulkey and Nathaniel Garrett Michelle and Jodi Goodman Mary Walsh-Gorski and Steve Gorski** Anna Semenova and Hayk Grigoryan

Erin and Brian Hansen* Tracy and Jon Harding Heather and Kevin Heselton Christy and Andrew Hinkelman Mayme and Jay Hubert** Nancy and Michael Hutchinson Emily and Bill Johnstone Julie and Vatche Kalfayan Lynne Miyamoto and Andrew Kawahara Deana Morrow Kay ‘92 and Nicholas Kay Mary Ann and Andrew Kayser Janet and Damon Kerby*** Vira and David Klinetobe Kovler Family Foundation* The Kreter Family, in honor of Nancy Thorne Jennifer Lao, in memory of Dr. Binneg Y. Lao Elsa Leung Leswing and Kurt Leswing* Melanie and Peter Maier Megan and Paul Mariani Sara von Schilling and William Martin Christina and Rich Mazzola Bo, Andie, Oliver, and Teddy Moody Maeve and Dan Mosher Kris and David Nelson Stacy and Mark Nelson** Lisa and David Parker Anne Wara and Jason Perko Mr. and Mrs. James E. Phoenix Terry and Chris Powers* Mylinh Huynh and Desmond Raitt Terri and Bruce Reed Ellen Hufbaur and Jack Resneck Carolyn Revelle Ellen Lee and Lou Romano Molly Williams and Steven Sell Yasmin-Dina Narielvala and Nathan Senini Susie Shapira Wenqian Dou and Xunyang Shen

Liz and Roger Silloway Kristen and Robert Sperling Susan and Jeff Spurr Rachel and Jeff Street Mandy and Scott Tachiki Kearsley Higgins and Todd Vaziri Kathryn Jordan Whittley and Anthony Whittley Trellis Circle ($500 to $999) Anonymous (3) Ann Marie and John Algeo Nick Allen Rona Gomel Ashe and Neil Ashe* Karena and Jeff Bacciocco** Monica and Pablo Bizjack ‘82**, in memory of Ray Bizjack, Founding Headmaster Nurite Regev and Robert Blechman Sara Schwartz and Kenneth Blum* Joan and Nick Boodrookas*** Bev and Rolly Boorman*** Monica Rosenberg and Michael Brook Shawndra Parise ‘90 and Keith Breinlinger Dana and Paul Butler Helen and Victor Castillo* The Croteau Family The Dewane Family* Theresa and George Eisenberg*** Rebecca and Adam Elegant Roni and Ira M. Elegant Katy and Tim Evans*** Tatiana and Bjorn Fruchtman Tiffany and Ed Greenfield Robbie and Phil Gutierrez Marje and Tony Helfet*** Nanette and Donald Henneuse Caroline Heredia Marcia Wilson Hobbs Nhatle and Scott Johnston Melenie Keeffe Ursula and Richard Klier

Roberta Ann and Dale W. Miller** Cindy and Craig Morris** Swati and Aditya Mukerji Steph and Phil Owen Liza and Cenk Ozkay Quynh and Russell Pearson Sue and Bob Peisert Stacey and Mitch Rabin Janice Richey and Ashley Ransom Leigh and Thaddeus Reichley Ashley and Dan Reid Katherine and Gustavo Rincon Megan Jones and Stephen Rosenbaum** Rosa and Denis Savage Samantha and Noel Scher Laura and David Shapiro Molly and Stuart Silloway Jesse and Mark Strassman* Betty and David Street Barbara and Mel Taylor Catherine and Michael Taylor Yevgeniya and Volodymyr Valchuk Diane and Bill Wara Bobbie and Bruce Weiss Jennifer and Nathan Winslow Michelle and Wayne Wolfe Wenhui Gao and Jun Wu Lacy and Lucas Zehner Blue and Gold Circle (up to $499) Anonymous (7) Elizabeth Adams ‘01 Thais and Mauro Alencar Prisila and Luis Almengor Alexis Bacciocco ‘08 Brad Bailey* Charlie Balakier Urszula Balakier Jackie Bango* The Barad Family*** Lisa Becker and Tom Schmidt*** Matthew Behrman Krista Bendinelli* Linda Wong and Joseph Benga

Carol and Ken Biehle Sharon and Ted Block** Sandy and Dennis Bohm** Beth and Kirk Bonzell* Diane Boodrookas ‘06 Trenton Boorman ‘03 Chris Broderick ‘06 John Broderick ‘10 Wendy and Patrick Broderick*** Carol and Joe Brum Kristina and Scott Buer Shawna Callahan* Kelly Campagna Amy Carlson McConnell Dr. Annette Perry-Carrera and Frank Carrera** Marco Castillo ‘14 Natalia Castillo ‘16 Tracy Caton and Howard Cummings** Andrew G. Chang ‘99 Bella Chang Michelle Chang ‘97 Joyce Chen Helen Kennedy and Adrian Cheong Courtney and Jack Coghlan Geneva and Jack Conway*** Maria Coronado* Donna and Dick Creighton** Sue Crowther Barbara and Ed Czerwinski Kim Danforth Cathy and Jim Delano Sally DePiro Elle and Joseph Doerr Marilyn and Richard Dornhelm Sandy and Dick Drew Michael Dunne ‘12 Patrick Dunne ‘10 Mrs. Jane A. Eiseman Dana and Jerry Evans Marisa and Peter Evers Sara and Mike Fargo Carol Faulhaber Ronnie and William Feldman** Yolanda Ferguson Diana and Timothy Fitzpatrick**

Eleanor and Duncan Fraser Sally and Thomas Freed** Pierce Freeman ‘10 Elizabeth Frohlich Jane and Ray Fukui Penn and George Fullerton Sydney and Richard Funamura Claire Galla ‘14 Tracy and Len Galla* Taylor Galla ‘10 Leslie Garber Patricia and Ernesto Garcia Eva Geisse ‘09 Jennifer Geisse ‘03 Lisa and John Geisse** Sarah Geisse ‘05 Kelly Giddings Karen Gilchrist Gaelle and Brian Gordon Lawrence T. Gorski Lori and Eric Greenleaf Tamara and Tatian Greenleaf** Adrienne Low and Robin Grindley Dr. Joseph and Semira Habis Theresa Hall and Jeffrey Palladini Ann Hamon Dr. Nancy Haugen Teri and Brian Hauswirth*** Rita Hayes Lisa Hayle Vickie Hecht and Michael Morris** Charlotte Hee ‘16 Melissa and Alan Hereford Ardyce and Don Herman Jennifer Hewett Melisa and David Hickman*** Sarah and Richard Hoffman Joseph Hohl Francesca Danek-Hohne and Timothy Hohne Rosalys and Bill Howell*** Julia Huo-Kuramoto and Ben Kuramoto Alex Jacobson ‘09 Courtney Jacobson ‘07 Petra and David Jacobson* Danielle Javadi

BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2017-18 Robert Hee, President Julian Allen Sharina Belani Trent Boorman ‘03, Alumni Representative Alexander Fraser, Assistant Treasurer Joe Harvey, Head of School JT Herman, Treasurer Dan Kalafatas Andrew Kawahara Kristin Keeffe, Trustee Emerita Minna Leigh, Faculty Trustee Chris Mazzola Michelle Mulkey Sam Parker Steve Polsky Terry Powers Ashley Ransom, PA President Carl Reichardt Shalu Saluja, Vice Chair Eileen Sheldon Nicole Stanton Ending their terms in 2018 Minna Leigh, Faculty Trustee Eileen Sheldon Beginning their terms in 2018 Aimee Foreman Reetika Grewal David Shapiro Peter Supino Melissa Villarreal, Faculty Trustee


A LITTLE KINDNESS GOES A LONG WAY CREATING A POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE AND INCREASING ACADEMIC SUCCESS Integral to a child’s development is social-emotional work. Research has shown that the ability to manage emotions, show empathy, maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions impacts academic success and long-term attitudes and behaviors. Social and emotional literacy, or SEL, is interwoven in all that we do. It can be seen in a 1st grade morning meeting and a 4th grade mindful moment following recess. It’s practiced on outdoor ed during bouts of homesickness and on the playground when comforting a friend.

Diane and Andrew Jessup Olivia and Alfredo Jiménez*** Chris Johnston ‘02* Lara Johnston ‘04* Marina Juarez de Silva Joy and John Kabage** Fay and Ron Kelly*** The Kfoury Family Michelle Clark and Ji-Hoon Kim Dana Kirk Bonnie and Lee Kirkpatrick** Karen Klier and James Leventhal** Tina King and Dutch Knapp** Johanna and Jim La Fleur Derek M. Lawson ‘01 Drew A. Lawson ‘03 Nancy McCarthy Lawson** Kristan Ruona and Yuen Lee Minna Leigh Jessica ‘02 and Jason Levin Larkin Levine ‘13 Wendy Morris Levine ‘89 and Marc Levine** Kylee Lin ‘05* Jack Lindgren ‘02 Sydney and Andrew Ling Barbara and Wood Lockhart*** Rhona and Richard Lovett* Elissa Lozier*** Thuy Le and Keith Lu Lennis Lyon Chisoo and Norm Lyons** John and Carolyn Madison*** Mrs. Donald Magilligan Christine and Jim Maguire** Amy Leung and Alan Mainwaring Angela Espinal de Fernandez and Felipe Martinez Ellen McLaughlin** Beth and Matt ‘95 McMurphy Beth Michaelsen Denise and Bill Moore** Jennifer Shaw Navarrete and Richard Navarrete*** Jessica Ngo ‘01 Elizabeth and Devan Nielsen Bonnie Nishihara and Chad Forrester ‘86***

Carol and David Nishihara Jong Noh Eileen O’Hare Kat Reisinger and Jamie O’Neil Kara Ornstein Gail and Ray Orwig** Barb Osher Janice and Leo O’Sullivan Brenda Owen Evelyn and Manuel Paniagua Deborah Pannell Lilianna and Anthony Parker Kathryn and Sean Peisert ‘90 Fernanda Pernambuco and Zachary Partin Lauren and Daniel ‘94 Perotti Erica and Christopher Pflueger John M. Pflueger Kelly and Aaron Pieczonka Peter Pomeroy Kathleen and Che Prasad Judith and Kedar Prasad Laura McCormick and David Pretl Lourdes Razo Erma H. Rech Jennifer and Kevin Rees Vicki and Joe Reisinger Scott Roche ‘16 Susan and Alan Rosenbaum Jeniffer and Luis Rossi Ellen and Alan Rothbart Martha Aguiar and Alberto Salazar Ava Salmi ‘11 Isabella Salmi ‘09 Otto Salmi ‘11 Andrea and Semi Salmi** Julie and Eric Salz Wendy and Alan Schaevitz*** Rita Schaulat Susan and David Schwartz** Jacqueline Sciarrillo* Cathy and Evan Sedlock*** Sophie Shulman ‘02 Leslie and Chris Sigler*** Susan and Joel Sklar*** Julia Smith ‘08 Natalie Smith ‘00 Jennifer Southern

Marcia and David Sperling David St. Martin Nicole Stanton Luz Maria Strohm Honorable and Mrs. John A. Sutro, Jr.** Yoshie and Norman Tachiki Elif Talegon Evelyn Wynne Tauchert*** Ana Tejada Jon Tolson Susan and John Touchstone Tori Truss Carolyn Tune Eileen Varin and Joshua Dimondstein** Dr. and Mrs. Albert A. Varner*** Melissa Villarreal Ecco Wang Michael P. Ward Robyn and Adam Waskow Jane and David Williams Alison and Duncan Williams Aristo Wintersteen ‘16 Hilary Harris and Pierre Wolff Cristin Yang The Zarate Family Corporate Matching Gifts Apple, Inc. Ares Management Autodesk, Inc. Bank of Marin Bank of West Black Rock Capital Group Chevron Corporation FICO Genentech Google, Inc. KKR Marin Community Foundation Pfizer PG&E Salesforce Silicon Valley Bank Thermo Fisher Scientific Walt Disney, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank

THE EIGHTH PILLAR The members of the Eighth Pillar have given either $100,000 or more to Mark Day School since joining the community or $10,000 in the last year. They are exemplars of the unofficial Eighth Pillar of Mark Day School: philanthropy. Anonymous (5) Ramesh and Julian Allen David Anderman Rona Gomel Ashe and Neil Ashe Toby Atterbury Karena and Jeff Bacciocco The Barad Family Lindsay and Tony Bartsh Kyle and Margot Biehle Joan and Nick Boodrookas Winkie Bresler Tim Brisbois Wendy and Patrick Broderick Jean and Stuart Brown Amber and Ryan Brown Cameron and Bruce Brugler David, Olivia & Quentin Carrel Helen and Victor Castillo The Swett/Chrisman Family Patricia Callahan and David Dee The Dewane Family Kristin and Andrew Dickinson Gigi and Scott Dixon

Micky and Chris Doner Kate and Bill Duhamel Judy and Jay Ferguson Diana and Timothy Fitzpatrick Lisa and John Geisse Louisa ‘92 and Andrew Gloger, The Woodbury Foundation Sarah and Dirk Godsey Mary Walsh-Gorski and Steve Gorski Kira and Bradley J. Haas Fund Veronica and Robert Harris Linda W. Hart and Milledge A. Hart III Sophia and Robert Hee Marje and Tony Helfet Angela and JT Herman Francesca and James Hetfield Kate and Chris Hobbs Maureen Wilson-Hwang and Boon Hwang Valerie and Gregg Jacobs Jennifer and John Knoll David LaHorgue Elsa Leung Leswing and Kurt Leswing Yujing Han and David Liu Karen Behnke Luria and Howard Luria Heather and Mark Marsella Jim Martin Tracy and Andrew Matthes

Alison and Michael Mauzé Betsy and John McKinney Monica and Andrew Midler Frank and Lois Noonan Lauren and Jeffrey Osher Stephanie and Sam Parker Eda and Joseph Pell Kirsten and Steve Polsky Dayna and Eric Quanbeck Wendy and Carl Reichardt Kara and Charles Roell, Jr. Heather and Jason Rosenbaum Anna and Jonathan Rothbart Andrea and Semi Salmi Shalu and Hersh Saluja Barbara and Tom Sargent Christine Schantz Eileen and Christopher Sheldon Houda and Ray Silcock Melissa and Rick Silvers Katie Smith and Andrew Spiegel Shawna and Peter Supino Waneska and Chris Torto Mr. and Mrs. Denis Twomey Aimee Foreman and Kevin Vosen Kelley and Eric Warner Tracey and Michael Warson Caryn and Noah Weiss Dana Oliver and Adam Wolfson Rene Zakhour Victoria Peet and Steven Zimmerman

FUND-A-NEED Mark Day School has always believed that diversity, including socio-economic diversity, is a prerequisite for an excellent learning community. Indexed Tuition is an important part of how we create and sustain a diverse community of strong learners, and we were excited to have the Fund-a-Need support this aspect of the school. A recent Columbia Business School study linked the impact of economic diversity on community. It states that in diverse environments, “people work harder and focus on the task more” and think about topics and issues “more broadly.” It is our mission to continue to build this type of environment for our students now and for generations to come. At Mark Day, nearly one in four students pays tuition below the top of the index, and we want to continue to support this aspect of our school community.



At Mark Day School, we are a community of lifelong learners. Throughout the year, our teachers continually seek professional development to refine and optimize curriculum for today’s learners. They attend local workshops and travel overseas for immersive seminars. They collaborate with our global partners, obtain additional credentials, and train other educators around the world. They seek to understand in depth the best ways students learn in the classroom, ensuring that every student receives a great education.

WE CREATE CAMPAIGN Thank you to the 248 current families, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends for your unparalled support for We Create: The Campaign for Mark Day School. Because of your generosity, we unveiled the new Learning Commons, Creativity Lab, amphitheater, and quad in March 2018. Since, all students have enjoyed continuing their learning in these new, state-of-the-art spaces. We are excited to have exceeded our fundraising goal to raise $6.55 million for this campaign.

$500,000+ Shalu and Hersh Saluja The Torto Family $250,000 - $499,999 Anonymous (2) The Dewane Family Gigi and Scott Dixon The Fraser Family Linda W. Hart and Milledge A. Hart, III Kara and Charles Roell, Jr.

Bibi and Eric Moore Anne and Dean Ornish, M.D. Stephanie and Sam Parker Kirsten and Steve Polsky Anna and Jonathan Rothbart Dana Oliver and Adam Wolfson

$100,000 - $249,999 Anonymous (2) Ramesh and Julian Allen David Anderman Rona Gomel Ashe and Neil Ashe Andrew and Kristin Dickinson Kira and Bradley J. Haas Fund and Peter E. Haas, Jr. Family Fund The Freeman Family Sophia and Robert Hee The Reichardt Family Melissa and Rick Silvers Louisa ‘92 and Andrew Gloger, The Woodbury Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous The Albinson Family Genevieve and Andrew Biggs Victor and Helen Castillo The Chattha Family The Swett/Chrisman Family Gigi and Rick Condos Kate and Chris Hobbs Maureen Wilson-Hwang and Boon Hwang Mary Ann and Andrew Kayser Katie and Jay Kern Tracy and Jaison Layney Heather and Mark Marsella Gila and John Millar The Parkes Family The Powers Family Dayna and Eric Quanbeck Kim Weiss

$50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous The Bartsh Family Nicolle Henneuse and Pete Billington Wendy and Patrick Broderick Mary Walsh-Gorski and Steve Gorski Meghen and Ken Kurtzig, The Arizae Fund Diana Maier ‘84 and Ethan Kaplan & Melanie and Peter Maier

$10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (2) Sharina and Jay Belani Lori and John Butler Jon and Angie Cohen Susan and Alastair Cumming Robert and Fabiana Duque-Ribeiro Judy and Jay Ferguson Erin and Brian Hansen Amanda Cashman Harvey and Joseph M. Harvey Angela and JT Herman

Lynne Miyamoto and Andrew Kawahara Vira and David Klinetobe Kristine and Craig Maretzki Jennifer and Dan Mello Alex and Ritu Metzger Michael and Andrea Morrison Nilou and Nader Nadershahi Lauren and Jeffrey Osher Ellen Hufbaur and Jack Resneck Andrea and Semi Salmi The Silloway Family Mandy and Scott Tachiki Kelley and Eric Warner The Winiarski Family Victoria Peet and Steven Zimmerman Up to $9,999 Anonymous (2) American Express Members Give Jackie Bango The Barad Family Lisa Becker and Tom Schmidt Gail and Bobby Beech Krista Bendinelli Nurite Regev and Robert Blechman Ben, Elliot and Charlie Blum Beth and Kirk Bonzell Diane Boodrookas ‘06 Joan and Nick Boodrookas Margot Boorman ‘06 Bev and Rolly Boorman Trenton Boorman ‘03 Lauralee Barbaria and Diane Bredt Marilyn and Marvin Brenner Chris Broderick ‘06 John Broderick ‘10 Malini and Colin Brown Ann S. Buckner

Avvy Mar and Michael Budwig Alexis Verkozen Bullen ‘01 Courtney and Shale Butler Wendy Edelen-Cady and Gregg Cady Shawna Callahan Amy Carlson McConnell Dr. Annette Perry-Carrera and Frank Carrera Atashi Chakravarty and Jon Janzen Linda and Scott Cherry Kristin and Leland Clemons Courtney and Jack Coghlan Geneva and Jack Conway Brooke and Matt Conway Tonya and Bryan Crapo Lawrence Crapo Sue Crowther Kim Danforth Lucy and Anton Dawson Lori and Chris Deibel Cathy and Jim Delano Micky and Chris Doner Sandy and Dick Drew Dana and Jerry Evans Tim and Katy Evans Marisa and Peter Evers Carol Faulhaber Ronnie and William Feldman Diana and Timothy Fitzpatrick Sally and Thomas Freed Rachel Templeton and Jamie Freundlich Tatiana and Bjorn Fruchtman Diane and David Gabianelli Nancy M. and Gene Gabianelli Michelle Mulkey and Nathaniel Garrett Jennifer and Wayne Getz Kelly Giddings

Barbara Gloger Gaelle and Brian Gordon Lawrence T. Gorski Tamara and Tatian Greenleaf Reetika and Sajot Grewal Daniel Grigoryan Katherine Gutierrez ‘16 Phil and Robbie Gutierrez Theresa Hall and Jeffrey Palladini Andrea Hansen Dr. Nancy Haugen Rita Hayes Vickie Hecht and Michael Morris Marje and Tony Helfet Nancy and Don Henn Stefanie and Andrew Hetherington Susan and CJ Hickey Melisa and David Hickman Mayme and Jay Hubert Karen Jacobsen Chris Jannes and Deborah Hamon Marti Jessen Diane and Andrew Jessup Susan Johnson Chris Johnston ‘02 Lara Johnston ‘04 Joy and John Kabage Ray Karter Deana Morrow Kay ‘92 and Nicholas Kay Kristin and Brian Keeffe Fay and Ron Kelly Janet and Damon Kerby Dana Kirk Stephanie and Brooks Kirkwood Karen Klier and James Leventhal Ursula and Richard Klier Kathleen Kopp Mullin Scott Lamson ‘06 Carol and Doug Lee

Kari and Tom Levine Wendy Morris Levine ‘89 and Marc Levine Rhona and Richard Lovett Elissa Lozier Ms. Lennis Lyon Chisoo and Norm Lyons John and Carolyn Madison Christine and Jim Maguire Bonnie Margolin Bill Martin and Sara von Schilling McConnell Family Foundation Ellen McLaughlin Sharyn Mitchell Denise and Bill Moore Cindy and Craig Morris Jessica Ngo ‘01 Bonnie Nishihara and Chad Forrester Cindy and Morris Noble Eileen O’Hare Barb Osher Steph and Phil Owen The Palmateer Family Deborah Pannell Elda and Andrew Parise Lisa and David Parker Pam and Gordon Parker Lilianna and Anthony Parker Fernanda Pernambuco and Zachary Partin John M. Pflueger Michael Pincus Mr. David Pretl and Dr. Laura McCormick Janice Richey and Ashley Ransom Terri and Bruce Reed Leigh and Thaddeus Reichley Carolyn Revelle Kimberley Roberts and Michael Laine Ellen Lee and Lou Romano

Megan Jones and Stephen Rosenbaum Ellen and Alan Rothbart Susan Rothholz Ava Salmi ‘11 Isabella Salmi ‘09 Otto Salmi ‘11 Rosa and Denis Savage Cathy and Evan Sedlock Laura and David Shapiro Wenqian Dou and Xunyang Shen Sophie Shulman ‘02 John Simpson and Christine Makuch-Simpson Marcia and David Sperling Nicole Stanton Luz Maria Strohm Susan and John Touchstone Oanh Tran ‘00 and Carl Ma Tori Truss Dr. and Mrs. Albert A. Varner Corro and Marty Walsh Kathryn Jordan Whittley and Anthony Whittley Jennifer and Nathan Winslow Jennifer and Devin Wolfe Lori and Steve Wong Karen Woodall Jennifer and Eddie Zalayet Lacy and Lucas Zehner Rukun and Aixiang Zeng Rebecca Li and David Zeng Suzanne L. Zimmerman Corporate Matching Gifts AAA Autodesk, Inc. Black Rock Goldman Sachs McKesson Corporation Paypal, Inc. Walmart Wells Fargo Bank




In the Creativity Lab, students’ imaginations take real-life form. With countless tools to choose from, there are few limitations to what they can create. In the Lab, they learn to collaborate to solve problems large and small - from devising a better system for Mrs. Sedlock to organize her second grade’s classroom headphones to constructing safer smokeless stoves to meet the needs of our partners at Kliptown Youth Program in South Africa. Students in all grades apply the design thinking process, which is used regularly by companies like Google, to keep iterating their projects until they achieve success. Here, they learn the value of persistence, the technical skills of working with tools and machines, and the infinite bounds of their imaginations.


ENDOWED FUNDS Eighth Grade Endowment Anonymous Shawna Callahan Marsha and Thomas Engdahl Robin and Duncan Fallat Joseph M. Harvey and Amanda Cashman Harvey Chris Jannes and Deborah Hamon Lisa Der Legge and William Legge Heidi and Kevin Noonan Jennifer and Franklin Parlamis Bridget and Denis Twomey Dr. Ilkcan Cokgor and Ismail Haluk Ulubay Dayna West Damon Kerby Fund for Indexed Tuition Morgan Cronin ‘99 E.G. Garcia ‘08 Eve S. Zamora and Ken Goudey Joseph Hauswirth ‘05 Patricia and Jeremy Norman Lecie and Jack Resneck The Tally Foundation with Amanda Atterbury Ryan ‘93 and Elizabeth G. Atterbury DESIGNATED GIFTS Chess Program The Vote Family, in honor of Kevin Vote ‘90 Drama Program Meghen and Ken Kurtig, The Arizae Fund Restricted Indexed Tuition Robin and Duncan Fallat South African Partnerships Donations to the eSibonisweni Girls’ Scholarship Fund, Orphan Food Program (ePop), or Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) Heather Zehren Albinson and Tim Albinson Thais and Mauro Alencar Selina Wintersteen and Christo Arvanitantonis Jasmine and Walter Bachtiger Urszula Balakier Lindsay and Tony Bartsh Suji Pathi and Eric Bava Sharina and Jay Belani Deena and Jeff Bellman

Kyle and Margot Biehle Nicolle Henneuse and Peter Billington Alexandra and Randy Boysen Wendy and Patrick Broderick Monica Rosenberg and Michael Brook Malini Brown Amber and Ryan Brown Lori and John Butler Archana and Vijay Chattha Linda and Scott Cherry Liz and Doug Chiang Kristin and Leland Clemons Gigi and Rick Condos Geneva and Jack Conway Brooke and Matt Conway Cooper Lopez and Friends Kim Danforth Kristin and Andrew Dickinson Elle and Joseph Doerr Stephanie and Ethan Dornhelm Jennifer and James Dutro Heather Kessinger and Jon Eberly Pamela and Bryce Emo Cynthia and Doug Erickson Robin and Duncan Fallat Sara and Mike Fargo Friends Foundation International Tatiana and Bjorn Fruchtman Michelle Mulkey and Nathaniel Garrett Jennifer and Wayne Getz Marcy Charap Ginsburg ‘85 and Don Ginsburg Michelle and Jodi Goodman Doris Stoermer and Kevin Gorski Deborah Hamon and Chris Jannes Christina and Mark Hanson Veronica and Robert Harris Sophia and Robert Hee Stefanie and Andrew Hetherington Sayaka and Zachary Hill Christy and Andrew Hinkelman Kate and Chris Hobbs Maureen Wilson-Hwang and Boon Hwang Melinah Zohrabian and Jeffrey Katz Hadley Mullin ‘88 and Dan Kalafatas Lynne Miyamoto and Andrew Kawahara Kristin and Brian Keeffe Elena and Jonathan Kfoury Michelle Clark and Ji-Hoon Kim Vira and David Klinetobe

Genevieve and Dave Kreter Meghen and Ken Kurtzig Johanna and Jim La Fleur Leestma and Jan Leestma Lisa Der Legge and William Legge Sydney and Andrew Ling Chisoo and Norm Lyons Amy Leung and Alan Mainwaring Megan and Paul Mariani Jennifer and Dan Mello Maeve and Dan Mosher Anna Quintero and Christopher Murdick Stacy and Mark Nelson Kat Reisinger and Jamie O’Neil Lisa and David Parker Cathy and Scott Parkes Lene and Esben Pedersen Sarah and Gregory Perata Kirsten and Steve Polsky Betty Gaye Toney and John Potter Wendy and Carl Reichardt Ellen Hufbaur and Jack Resneck Katie Riley Allison and Chris Robinson Ellyn Santos Samantha and Noel Scher Lisa Savage and Ethan Schwartz Susie Shapira Eileen and Christopher Sheldon Liz and Roger Silloway Melissa and Rick Silvers Kristen and Robert Sperling Rachel and Jeff Street Shawna and Peter Supino Ana Tejada Andrea Ferrance and Dara Thompson Waneska and Chris Torto Kearsley Higgins and Todd Vaziri Aimee Foreman and Kevin Vosen Robyn and Adam Waskow Kim Weiss Alison and Duncan Williams Dana Oliver and Adam Wolfson Victoria Peet and Steven Zimmerman GIFTS IN KIND Lori and John Butler Karen Gilchrist Adrienne Low and Robin Grindley Kate and Chris Hobbs Gila and John Millar Keith Perez


STEWARDS OF THE ENVIRONMENT PUTTING SUSTAINABILITY INTO PRACTICE In our on-campus organic garden, students explore firsthand the cycle of plants, the intricacies of different ecosystems, and the effects of utilizing compost. Outside of the garden, all students participate in waste-free lunches and bring their own reusable containers to reduce trash. In the classroom, 1st graders study vermiculture and Upper Division students experiment with making pottery out of clay found in our garden. Responsible world citizenship is a core value of Mark Day School, and one that our planet’s livelihood depends upon. Ecological literacy helps students to continue making informed decisions to support a sustainable lifestyle.

SPRING FUNDRAISER & COMMUNITY PARTY Thank you to all who attended, participated, donated, volunteered, and rocked out at this year’s Spring Fundraiser at Terrapin Crossroads.

VOLUNTEERS Chair Ken Kurtzig

Sponsorships Laura Shapiro Jennifer Zalayet

Check In Leslie Garber Lynne Miyamoto Ashley Ransom Jan Richey Vicki Peet Jennifer Zalayet

T-Shirts Stephanie Parker

Communications Nicolle Henneuse Sophie Shulman

Platinum Anonymous

Entertainment Archana Chattha Brian Wilkerson Event Planning Stephanie Dornhelm Graphics and Visuals Lori Butler Night Of Presentation Bill Martin Raffle Kate Hobbs Socials Jennifer Dutro Liza Ozkay Lisa Parker Social Media Melissa Hereford

Video Production Chad Forrester SPONSORS

Gold Anonymous Cartelligent and David and Laura Shapiro First Republic Bank and Dirk ten Grotenhuis Gorton and Schmohl Orthodontics and Walter and Jasmine Bachtiger Chris and Kate Hobbs Payless Self Storage and Shale and Courtney Butler Steve and Kirsten Polsky Silver Access Softek, Inc. and Chris and Micky Doner Patrick and Wendy Broderick Vijay and Archana Chattha Andrew and Kristin Dickinson Doug and Cynthia Erickson Megan and John Esrey Bradley and Kira Haas Robert and Sophia Hee

JT and Angela Herman Ken and Meghen Kurtzig Sam and Stephanie Parker Eric and Dayna Quanbeck Charles and Kara Roell Ismail H. Ulubay and Ilkcan Cokgor USI Insurance Services, LLC Todd Vaziri and Kearsley Higgins Adam Wolfson and Dana Oliver ANGELS AND UNDERWRITERS Anonymous Ryan and Amber Brown Vijay and Archana Chattha Leland and Kristin Clemons Rick and Gigi Condos Andrew and Kristin Dickinson Bryce and Pamela Emo Sajot and Reetika Grewal Caroline Heredia Andrew and Christy Hinkelman Chris and Kate Hobbs Ken and Meghen Kurtzig Kevin and Aramie McDonald Dan and Jennifer Mello Shawndra Parise and Keith Breinlinger Scott and Cathy Parkes Carl and Wendy Reichardt Jim Rivera and Erin Heath Jonathan and Anna Rothbart Susie Shapira

Adam Wolfson and Dana Oliver Steven Zimmerman and Vicki Peet FUND-A-NEED Ramesh and Julian Allen Lindsay and Tony Bartsh Sharina and Jay Belani Kyle and Margot Biehle Shawndra Parise ‘90 and Keith Breinlinger Joann and Scot Brew Wendy and Patrick Broderick Amber and Ryan Brown Lori and John Butler Courtney and Shale Butler Amy Carlson McConnell Archana and Vijay Chattha Gigi and Rick Condos Kristin and Andrew Dickinson Elle and Joseph Doerr Stephanie and Ethan Dornhelm Megan and John Esrey Jill Witty and Graham Evarts Robin and Duncan Fallat Wendy and Alexander Fraser Rachel Templeton and Jamie Freundlich Marcy Charap Ginsburg ‘85 and Don Ginsburg Tiffany and Ed Greenfield Reetika and Sajot Grewal Kira and Bradley J. Haas Fund Erin and Brian Hansen

Christina and Mark Hanson Tracy and Jon Harding Veronica and Robert Harris Joseph M. Harvey and Amanda Cashman Harvey Sophia and Robert Hee Angela and JT Herman Melisa and David Hickman Kate and Chris Hobbs Chris Jannes and Deborah Hamon Deborah and Mark Johnson Hadley Mullin ‘88 and Dan Kalafatas Diana Maier ‘84 and Ethan Kaplan Lynne Miyamoto and Andrew Kawahara Meghen and Ken Kurtzig Johanna and Jim La Fleur Nancy and Scott Larson Tracy and Jaison Layney Megan and Paul Mariani Mac McConnell Aramie and Kevin McDonald Kate Merrill Stacy and Mark Nelson Lauren and Jeffrey Osher Lisa and David Parker Stephanie and Sam Parker Cathy and Scott Parkes Kirsten and Steve Polsky Laura McCormick and David Pretl Janice Richey and Ashley Ransom Wendy and Carl Reichardt Leigh and Thaddeus Reichley Erin Heath and Jim Rivera Kara and Charles Roell, Jr.

Shalu and Hersh Saluja Lisa Savage and Ethan Schwartz Susie Shapira Leslie and Chris Sigler Liz and Roger Silloway Eileen and Chris Sheldon David St. Martin Rachel and Jeff Street Catherine and Michael Taylor Waneska and Chris Torto Kearsley Higgins and Todd Vaziri Aimee Foreman and Kevin Vosen Alison and Duncan Williams Dana Oliver and Adam Wolfson Victoria Peet and Steven Zimmerman ONLINE AUCTION DONORS Anonymous Arch Rival Tony and Lindsay Bartsh Benefit San Francisco Steven and Tina Betz Rob Blechman and Nurite Regev Kenneth Blum and Sara Schwartz Diane Boodrookas ‘06 John and Lori Butler Lori K Butler AJ Cheong Courtney Coghlan Rick and Gigi Condos Tracy Caton

Joe and Elle Doerr Nika Doerr Ben and Max Dutro James and Jennifer Dutro Alice Duvernell Bryce and Pamela Emo Megan Esrey Ronnie Feldman Yolanda Ferguson Vida Ferrance Bonnie Nishihara Alexander and Wendy Fraser Bjorn and Tatiana Fruchtman EG Garcia Nat Garrett and Michelle Mulkey Diana Gill Jodi and Michelle Goodman Gaelle Gordon Jed and Megan Greene Tatian Greenleaf Bradley and Kira Haas Mark and Christina Hanson Robert and Veronica Harris Joseph M. Harvey and Amanda Cashman Harvey Kay Hendricks David Hickman Alex Hobbs Chris and Kate Hobbs Kate Hobbs Will Hobbs HotShot Portraits Julia Huo-Kuramoto Jennifer Southern Charles Jo Mark and Deborah Johnson Scott and Nhatle Johnston Ray Karter

Jeff Katz and Melineh Zohrabian Deana and Nick Kay Jammie Kuramoto Alizae Kurtzig Ken and Meghen Kurtzig Jim and Johanna La Fleur Scott and Nancy Larson Wendy Levine ‘89 Norm Lyons Paul and Megan Mariani Marin Scholastic Chess Mark Day School Parents’ Association Mark Day School Garden Council Kevin and Aramie McDonald Eric and Bibi Moore David and Kris Nelson Mark and Stacy Nelson Eileen O’Hare Old Firehouse School Ray Orwig Cenk and Liza Ozkay Taelon Ozkay Deb Pannell Shawndra Parise and Keith Breinlinger David and Lisa Parker Scott and Cathy Parkes Peggy Parks Photography Fernanda Pernambuco Steve and Kirsten Polsky Kaycee Pomeroy Chris and Terry Powers Rafael Racquet Club Desmond Raitt and Mylinh Huynh Carl and Reichardt Thaddeus Reichley Amelia Resneck

Jim Rivera and Erin Heath Chris and Allison Robinson Charles and Kara Roell Jonathan and Anna Rothbart Amy Salama School Foodies Ethan Schwartz and Lisa Savage Cathy Sedlock David and Laura Shapiro Sophie Shulman ‘02 Leslie Sigler Silbermann’s Ice Cream Roger and Liz Silloway Rick and Melissa Silvers Simraceway Driving School Robert and Kristen Sperling David St. Martin Peter and Shawna Supino The Couture Baking Co., LLC The Dawson Family and Pixelgun Studio Urban Sitter Melissa Villarreal Anthony Whittley and Kathryn Jordan Duncan and Alison Williams Eddie and Jennifer Zalayet Rowen Zalayet Lacy Zehner


RESILIENCE. INDEPENDENCE. TEAMWORK. FACING THE CHALLENGES AND ADVENTURES OF THE GREAT OUTDOORS The outdoor education program for grades 3-8 offers students the opportunity to strengthen relationships, develop greater self-reliance, and explore the natural world. From sifting for gold at Coloma to backpacking in Yosemite to braving class three rapids on the Deschutes River, outdoor ed is an impactful, transformative experience. It prepares students to go forth into the world with confidence, whether it’s moving across the country for college or living abroad. It forms a quiet but strong internal voice that tells them, “I can do this,” regardless of the journey that lies ahead.

THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS We salute the many volunteers who support teaching and learning in every way. The leadership of the fundraising volunteers supports a culture of giving, allowing philanthropy to thrive and make a significant difference in the lives of Mark Day School students now and for generations to come.

TRUE BLUE FUND Parent Co-Chairs Rob Blechman Peter Supino Eileen Sheldon Alumni Chairs Beth Bonzell Richard Navarrete

Melissa Silvers Rachel Street Peter Supino Barbara Clifton Zarate Eighth Grade Endowment Chairs Claudia Eiseman Chris Jannes WE CREATE CAMPAIGN

Alumni Parent Chairs Bev and Rolly Boorman Faculty/Staff Chair Minna Leigh Grandparent Chairs Penn and George Fullerton Parent and Trustee Volunteers Phil Gutierrez Sophie Hee JT Herman Angela Herman Andrew Kawahara Mary Kayser Diana Maier ‘84 Amy McConnell Bibi Moore Hadley Mullin ‘88 Stacy Nelson Vicki Peet Sean Peisert Steve Polsky Terry Powers Dayna Quanbeck Eric Quanbeck Carl Reichardt Dave Shapiro

Co-chairs Terry Powers Shalu Shaluja Campain Volunteers 2014-2017 Ramesh Allen David Anderman Trent Boorman ‘03 Amie Dewane Diana and Tim Fitzpatrick Louisa Ransom Gloger ‘92 Joe Harvey Jeanne MacLeamy John Millar Wendy Morris Levine ‘89 Hadley Mullin ‘88 Stephanie Parker Carl Reichardt Pat Reichardt Charles Roell Andrea Salmi Kelley and Eric Warner

PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BOARD President: Ashley Ransom Executive Vice President: Vicki Peet Treasurer: Ethan Dornhelm VP Communication & Information Technology: Nurite Regev VP Fundraising: Kate Hobbs VP Programs: Ritu Metzger, Bibi Moore VP Events: Kristin Dickinson, Meghen Kurtzig Interested in volunteering? Visit the Parents’ Association page at for more information about events and to sign up.



ENCOURAGING CREATIVITY AND INDIVIDUALITY THROUGH DRAMA, ART, AND MUSIC We believe that creativity benefits learning in all subjects and enhances students’ education. Through drama, students discover expressive potential and build confidence in their imagination. Making music is a special way we come together as a community, and it gives individual students an outlet for their thoughts and feelings, whether it’s singing in choir or bravely performing at talent assembly. Throughout our visual art program, students learn to find joy in the process of self-expression using different types of media. And drama class and productions allow students to step into different roles and perform in front of an audience. With these experiences, students can carry forward their artistic endeavors as hobbies or careers.

WHY WE GIVE The Salmi Family - Isabella ‘09, Ava ‘11, and Otto ‘11, reflect on why they continue to give to Mark Day School. The Salmi family and Mark Day School are almost synonymous with one another. Andrea and Semi first heard of the school in 1999 from a family friend when they were looking at kindergarten for their oldest child, Isabella. During their first visit to the school, the community’s warmth was evident and they immediately “felt known” as they toured the school. Says Andrea, “It was really important to find a place for our whole family. We weren’t looking for a place where we were going to send one of our children. We realized

the school was going to be an important partner for our entire family.” The school was, indeed, a great fit for Isabella ’09 and siblings Ava ’11 and Otto ’11. When their children look back on the impact of their formative years here, Andrea explains, “We talk about this a lot with the kids. They gained a love of learning and love of school. They were always excited by it. They gained incredible study habits that have carried them through college and jobs. They gained a comfort with public speaking and, of course, for telling jokes.” >

From a parent perspective, Andrea adds, “One of things I loved about the school is seeing how the kids felt about each other. They recognized that each of their peers was smart though they might be a different kind of ‘smart.’” Their kids recognized that while one classmate “might have been good at public speaking, another was good at math, and another was good at violin. The way they talked about ‘smart’ was a way that kids saw each other. The kids had so much respect for each other and saw the value in one another.” She recalls, “I remember going into every parent teacher conference and feeling like the teachers saw my children—who they were—and cared about them and what was best for them.”

The Salmis have continued to support Mark Day School, long after their children graduated. When asked why, Andrea explains, “Mark Day School was our first and always our most important philanthropy. We had given to causes in the past but never to the extent that we did at Mark Day. In particular, endowment spoke to us because it’s leaving a legacy for the future. Through philanthropy, ensuring that future generations are going to have the same type of experience as our children did, was important to us. Looking back, our family really grew up at Mark Day School and that is why we continue to support it. You’ll never be able to take the Mark Day out of our family’s history.”

LEGACY SOCIETY The Mark Day School Legacy Society recognizes and honors those who have included the school in their estate plans through either their will, trust, retirement, or life insurance plans. We invite you to join us as a member and look forward to working with you to ensure that the school’s legacy endures. We thank the following Legacy Society members as of September 30, 2018: Ann and Paul Brenner Toast and George Coley Bev and Rolly Boorman Janet and Damon Kerby Lek Suvanasarn Hadley Mullin ‘88 and Dan Kalafatas

The following types of commitments qualify you for membership in the Legacy Society: Including us with a gift in your will or revocable trust; A life-income gift that names Mark Day School as a remainder beneficiary, such as a charitable remainder trust or a charitable gift annuity; A gift or assignment of qualified retirement plan assets, such as an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b); A gift of life insurance; And as a beneficiary of a bank account.



LEARNING COMPASSIONATE HABITS OF HEART AND MIND Each grade participates in community engagement and philanthropy, from kindergarteners working with their buddies to make cards for the elderly to Upper Division students purchasing and wrapping gifts for Adopt-a-Family. These experiences create opportunities to interact with a variety of communities, helping students understand themselves, others, and the connections between them. Lifelong learning is possible through and because of our relationships and our capacity to care and make a difference in each others’ lives.

[10 ]

FACING FEARS, BUILDING COURAGE. PROVIDING A SAFE SPACE FOR STUDENTS TO TRY, PRACTICE, AND GROW Did you know that 5.3 million Americans are afraid of public speaking - and that many fear public speaking more than they fear death? Starting in kindergarten at Mark Day, students stand in front of hundreds of people at assembly to make announcements and share projects. It’s just one example of how students on campus face and overcome challenges big and small. At Mark Day, students are encouraged to try, make mistakes, and try again. It’s a safe space to test the waters and refine skills - like public speaking that will benefit them throughout their lives. Courage is one of the Seven Pillars of Character, guiding students to live by our highest standards.

WAYS TO GIVE The cost of educating each child at Mark Day stretches beyond what is covered by tuition, and we rely on philanthropy from the community to fill that gap. From donating your time to naming Mark Day School as a beneficiary in your will, there are many ways to give, and all of them are greatly appreciated. No gift is too small. Every hour of time and every dollar matters. Thank you for helping to give our students an education that will propel them forward with the skills to succeed in the 21st century.




Visit to fill out the online donation form.

Visit to fill out the online pledge form.

Come to the Development Office and ask for Wendy Levine or Christine Maguire.



Mail a check to Mark Day School, attention Christine Maguire in the Development Office.

Make purchases at and register your debit/credit card with eScrip to donate a percentage of your purchases.

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Come to the Spring Fundraiser, Fall into Books, and more to help our school; visit for more info.

We welcome classroom supplies, office equipment, books, and other items related to the educational program.

Name Mark Day School as a beneficiary or partial beneficiary or make a life income gift.

Mark Day School 39 Trellis Drive San Rafael, CA 94903 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED


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Annual Report 2017-18