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Scratcher Lottery Ticket Secrets 101 - How To Win & Succeed Is To Stop Your Bad Strategy! You see, you may love to play the scratchers lottery for fun but it is no longer fun when you keep playing and you keep losing. Chances are, you are NOT playing with an effective strategy. Maybe you're thinking how could there be a strategy. You thought you just buy a scratcher ticket and hope you win. Well guess what, that's STILL a strategy but it's a strategy to LOSE! 99% of people who play the scratcher lottery game play with this DESTRUCTIVE strategy! And that is why they lose so many times. In order to PREVENT this from happening, you need to STOP and take a BREAK from all the scratchers lottery game and LEARN the game! That's it! Just take some time to learn the scratchers lottery game. After you learn, you will have a NEW and more EFFECTIVE strategy towards winning in the game! You see, if you just repeat the old strategy over and over without taking a break, you're bound to lose more and more every single day. But if you take a day off, you're NOT going to lose any money. Plus, you'll invest time LEARNING about the strategy of the game (that 99% of people don't know). Afterwards, every time you go to the convenience store, you'll double your chances of winning because now you will know exactly what to do and what not to do in the scratch off lottery game in your local convenience store. So take this advice and take a BREAK and don't play the scratcher tickets game for ONCE! Seriously, taking a break and instead investing that time to learn the INSIDE information about the game will produce HIGHER probability of you winning exponentially. When you learn the scratcher strategies for success, you'll get higher payoffs in the long run. For one, you will know the deadly mistakes 99% of people do and you will STOP doing them! In addition, you will DO what 1% of the people who are the BEST are winning in the scratchers game! So all it takes for you to start winning MORE in the scratchers lottery game is to STUDY THE SCRATCHERS GAME! Simple as that! So how do you study about the scratcher games? First, go to an expert. Second, go ask some big winning scratcher winners on how they won. Many of them will tell you. Another tip is to go to the convenience store and a lot of the same people who play the scratchers on a regular daily basis will be there. Those are the people you want to ask because they know the scratchers game more than the average Joe. Of course, you should ask when was the last time they got a big winner. If they have found some winners in the past, ask them some questions about tips on how to win the scratcher lottery ticket games. Another group of people you can ask are the convenience store owners or the clerks. Many times, the

store owners may not want to tell you. That is why you want to ask the store clerk (who is NOT the owner) because these store clerks are usually like high school kids and they don't care about telling you. The problem with asking convenience store owners is that they will be less likely to help you because if they help you win, they will lose their business. The convenience stores are like casinos. They make their BIG money from seeing you lose. The lottery agents are another group of people you can go ask. They usually go from convenience store to another store on a daily basis so you'll find them in many convenience stores setting up lotto signs or working behind the counter. If they are nice, you can strike up a conversation with them and ask them quick tips on how to win more in the scratchers game. You'll be surprised how they can help you if you come off nonthreatening. So in essence, go to the people who know MORE about the scratcher lottery ticket games than you. In short, they are: 1) Regular scratcher lottery player 2) Convenience store owner 3) Convenience store clerk 4) Lottery Agents How can you jump higher

Scratcher Lottery Ticket Secrets 101 - How To Win & Succeed Is To Stop Your Bad Strategy!  

store to another store on a daily basis so you'll find them in many convenience stores setting up lotto

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