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Preliminary program of the international seminar: “Next step: developing regional youth policy in EaP and Black see region� Day 1 (May 21)

Day 2 (May 22)

Day 3 (May 23)

9.00 Working with revised charter on regional youth participation. RMSOS model

Support mechanisms for local youth participation and youth policy development Coffee break

Youth work as example of integrated youth policy

Planning how to develop regional youth policy in participating countries

Presenting study on Youth participation in civil society development in EaP countries

Quality assurance in regional youth policy development

How to apply comanagement in different policy levels in local reality

Youth work realities in the participating countries

Planning possible follow-up and actions for cooperation

Arrival of participants and settling

Challenges for regional youth participation

Open door meeting with Lithuanian youth policy stakeholders

Possibilities and directions for youth work development

Evaluation and closing

Knowing each other

Vision of regional youth policy. Aspects of integrated youth policy

Open door meeting with Lithuanian youth policy stakeholders

Effective regional youth strategies and instruments for implementation

Analyzing links between national youth strategies and EU Youth strategy


Dinner Sauna evening

Farewell evening



18.30 21.00

Day 5 (May 26)

Introduction to the seminar. Background of the seminar.



Day 5 (May 25)



13.30 14.30

Day 4 (May 24)

Welcome evening

Cultural evening

Evening in Vilnius

Lunch Structures of regional youth policy implementation: comanagement principle Coffee break


agenda of international seminar "Developing regional youth policy in EaP and Black sea region"