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S.S. STATE OF CALIFORNIA OFF ASTORIA, 1908 A rakish new passenger liner was completed for the Pacific Coast Steamship Company in 1879 at William Cramp and Sons' Philadelphia shipyard. She was an iron propeller steamer of 2,266 gross tons, with a net tonnage of 1,260. The State of California measured 300 by 38.6 by 24.4 feet and was driven by compound engines of 51-inch stroke and 1,800 I.H.P. She required a crew of 75. Captain J.M. Lachlan brought her into San Francisco on May 8, 1879, 50 days and 12½ hours out from Philadelphia. It is a somewhat curious fact that the State of California had an exact sistership in Russian service. The latter vessel was also originally called State of California and was built for the Pacific Coast Steamship Company at Cramp's shipyard in 1878. Upon her completion she was purchased by

the Russian government at a price substantially above her original cost. The builders immediately laid down a duplicate ship (the subject of this article) to replace her. The Pacific Coast Steamship Company placed its new liner on the San Francisco-Portland route and she arrived at the latter port for the first time on May 25, 1879, commanded by Captain Gerard Debney. She was to remain in this trarli> until 1900, when the owners terminated an agree ment with the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company (owned by the Union Pacific) and switched her to San Francisco-Puget Sound service. The year 1886 proved a particularly bad one for the State of California. In April she received $10,000 damage (continued on page 2)


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FROM THE QUARTERDECK One of the most gratifying aspects of museum work at least it is true in this Museum - is the enthusiasm and willingness of so many people, whether officially connected with the organization or not, to do what they can to assist in the accomplishment of its goals. That spirit of volunteerism, whether manifested in the contributions of corporations or foundations or individuals, in annual dues support from members, in donations of objects for the collections, or in the giving of time for volunteer activities, is what keeps the Museum moving strongly ahead. The accomplishments of this Museum have chiefly been the result of private giving. A prime example is the new building, which, when completed late this year, will have cost a total of 2.5 million dollars - every penny from private contributions. Of course, the Museum has often sought, and occasionally obtained, grants and other forms of assistance from public bodies. Important tasks ranging from landscaping to boat restoration have been accomplished with government support. But, as helpful as public sector aid has been, the Trustees of the Museum have always relied on private funding and volunteerism as a basis for the Museum's operation. The wisdom of that policy is especially apparent now, when sources of government aid at all levels seems to be diminishing. We are proud of the Museum's record of accomplish ments, made possible by the generosity, commitment, and hard work of individuals and groups who share the Museum's goals. And we are confident that, with their continued support and involvement, and that of others, the future of the Columbia River Maritime Museum will be even more impressive than its past. Michael Naab

• LIGHTSHIP OPENS The Museum's lightship Columbia (WL V-604), which was acquired last fall, opened to the general public for the first time on May 18th after completion of minor modifications for safety and security. Her berth is next to the new Museum building at the foot of 17th Street in Astoria. She will be open on the same schedule as the Museum: May through October, 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily; November through April, 10:30 to 4:30 and closed Mondays.

in a collision with the barquentine Portland. Not long afterwards she broke a propeller shaft 40 miles south of the Columbia River's mouth and had to be towed into the river by the S.S. Oregon, which received a $12,500 salvage fee. Another such mishap occurred in 1890. Captain H. S. Ackley succeeded Captain Debney as the State of California's master in 1888. The ship maintained a good turn of speed even in her old age. In 1901, while under the command of Captain H. H. Lloyd, she set a new record, which stood for over a decade, for the Puget SoundNome, Alaska round trip. In 1907 she was extensively rebuilt at the Moran shipyard in Seattle, receiving new boilers, cabins, general furnishings, and improved deck gear. After this renovation she was placed on routes between San Francisco, San Diego, and Eureka, California. She returned to serving northern ports in 1911 after the loss of Pacific Coast Steamship Company's Cottage City. The State of California remained in northern service until her own loss in 1913. She sailed from Seattle for Alaska on August 13th with a full passenger list (a new gold strike having occurred recently) under the command of Captain Thomas H. Cann, Jr. On August 17th the ship put into Gambier Bay, Alaska, 90 miles south of Juneau. The Admiralty Trading Company had built a large cannery there during the previous year and the Pacific Coast Steam ship Company had agreed to place the cannery on its sailing schedule. The bay, however, was only sketchily charted and large vessels had never before called there. A long reef had to be skirted and there was little maneuvering room. Proceeding cautiously, Captain Cann and the pilot, Robert D. MacGillivray, successfully entered the dangerous bay and made a brief stop at the cannery dock. The State of California then cast off, turned, and began increasing speed. At 8:26 a.m. she struck a reef at a place where the government chart indicated a safe 35 fathoms of water. A diver who later examined the rocks reported that there was a series of pinnacles resembling a giant saw lying at right angles across the ship's course and only 16 feet below the surface of the water at low tide. The State of California must have torn out nearly her entire bottom within a matter of seconds when she struck. The ship sank to the bottom in 240 feet of water within four minutes. As she went down, the bridge broke loose from the superstructure and Captain Cann directed rescue operations from this floating wreckage. Despite the rapidity of the sinking, heroic efforts by a well disciplined crew succeeded in limiting the loss of life to 35 of the 146 persons aboard. The captain and pilot were subsequently found blameless for the disaster.





SPONSORING Hood River Distillers, Inc . , Hood River*

PILOT Fearey Ship Service * Mrs. Barbara Honeyman Roll, Carmel, CA

SUSTAINING Dillingham Ship Repair, Portland Mr. Frederick L. Greenlee, Piedmont, CA Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mansfield*

SUPPORTING Mr. & Mrs . J. L. Albertson, New Rochelle , NY* Mr. & Mrs . Herman M. Haggren* Mr. & Mrs. Donald Martin* Mr . Hal Snow, Warrenton*

Capt. & Mrs. D.S. Moir, Newport* Mr. & Mrs. M. McCulloch, Portland* Mr. & Mi;s . N.C. Nelson, Cannon Beach* Mr. Floyd Shelton, Gearhart Mrs. Mary Stickney

CONTRIBUTING Miss Barbara Bent, Palo Alto, CA* Mr. William F. Blitz, Portland* Mrs. Catherine Honeyman Engmark, Los Altos, CA* Mr. Richard Fencsak Mr. & Mrs. C. Edwin Francis, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. John Gilliland Mrs. Joan Irwin Green, Portland Mrs. H. W. Irwin, Portland* Mr. Neil A.Jaeger, Portland* Mr. Sigfred C. Jensen, Warrenton Mr. & Mrs. Robert Latta, Portland* Mr. Samuel Lee, Portland Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lundholm*

ANNUAL Mr. John Marcus Baldry, Olympia, WA Mr. Paul M. Bradley, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale, FL Mr. & Mrs. Bob Canessa Mr. William Dahl Captain A.G. Graham, B.C., Canada Mr. Les Hanson, Everett, WA Mr. & Mrs. Edward]. Rogers Ms . Christine Rose, Seaside Mr. Oliver A. Schulz, Gearhart Mr. Kerry Walsh Mr. Richard E. Wells, B.C., Canada


CLARA M. STEFANOWICZ Mr. & Mrs. Walter Stephens

DEWEY G. GOFF Mr. & Mrs. L.J. Nielsen

CHRIS H. HENRY Capt. & Mrs . Kenneth McAlpin

DA VIS KAUPPI Mr. & Mrs. George Harrison Mr. & Mrs . Kaarlo J. Karna Mr. George Kesti Mrs. Si Lundell Mrs. Elvie Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Salo JOHN ADAMS Mr. & Mrs. Art Johanson WILLIAM FREDERICK LENGEL Miss Rebecca A . Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Roy Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos HAROLD A . MILLER Mrs. John R . Brooke Dr. & Mrs . Joyle Dahl Mr. & Mrs. H. Lenox H . Dick Mr. John C. Hering Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Leonard Mrs . Herbert Malarkey Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Reed Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sprouse Mrs . Sara Posey Voss

THERESA A. FURNEY Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pacehall Misses Leila, Adaline & Medora Svenson

ELLIS HOKANSON Mrs. Esther Eska Mrs. Anna Mattila Mr. Elvie Morgan Mr. Terry Salo Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Salo E.J. HYCHE Mr. & Mrs. Ford Knutsen

BOBBIE PETERS Mr. Lee Richardson

HARVEY HALONEN Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mulvey

GARY R . LARSON Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Ford Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. Ruben Mund

DORIS KLEP Mrs. Emily Cotton Dederer

DELBERT OBERTEUFFER Mr. Rolf Klep H. H. KENNEDY Mr. & Mrs . Kenneth Moore

EINO PORKO Terry Salo WILLIAM McLA Y Mrs. Aili Kary MRS . E. de M. MARLER, Sr. Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth McAlpin

JOHN A . WARREN Mr. & Mrs. Willard Caspell Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Hayes Mr. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie Mr. Neil Morfitt Mr. & Mrs. Dan Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs . L. F. Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs. Willis Van Dusen JON K. DYER Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Dreyer Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. George C. Fulton Mr . & Mrs . Art Paquet

MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS, CONTINUED NADINE KERR Mr. Rolf Klep DARRELL ANDERSON Mr. & Mrs. Sam Lee DUANE PEABODY Propeller Club of the Columbia River EDWIN A. JACKSON Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen HELEN RAFFERTY Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lowe Mrs. Ferne Morse Reynolds DOUGLAS A. NELSON Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Clyde L. Lee SIDNEY A. CARLSON Mr. Wesley J. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Beard Mr. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Ostrom Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Ross MAUD ASH Mr. & Mrs . Eric Hauke Capt . & Mrs. Kenneth McAlpin HELMI WILKINSON Mr. & Mrs. AlfE. Dahl LUELLA SHAVER Mr. Hugh Ackroyd Columbia Marine Lines, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond G. Jubitz Mr. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs. Michael Naab HUGH T. TIURA Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Arvi W . Ostrom RALPH LESLIE Mr. Henry Ram vi ck G. ARTHUR RANDALL Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Barber Bilt-Rite Mfg. Co . Employees Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Bruning Mr. & Mrs. Jay H. Chatterton Columbia Ladder Co. Employees Mr. & Mrs. John Dierdorff Mr. Eugene D. Farley Mr. Julius E. Finke Mr. & Mrs. Reuben Getz Hampson & Bayless, Attys. Mr. & Mrs . N. W. Haner Mrs . Shirley K . Harcourt

Mr. Robert G. Hemphill Mr. & Mrs. Roy T . Herrell Mr. & Mrs. Ronald]. Honeyman Mrs . Lillian C. Hoy Inland Ladder Company Inland Ladder Company Employees Mr. & Mrs . Earl Jernigan Mr . Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs . B. Kline Ladder Industries Lady Pilots Mr. William C . Miller Mrs . M. E . Morrison Morrison Molded Fiber Glass Co . Mr. & Mrs. Clarence D. Phillips Portland Yacht Club Rich Ladder Company Mr. & Mrs. C . M . Rivenes Alida M . Robinson Mrs. Lillian R. Smith Dr. Richard M. Smith Talbott Wong & Associates, Inc. Touche Ross & Company VA W of America, Inc. Watling Ladder Company Steve & Charlie Yaw Mr. & Mrs . R . E. Young,Jr. JOSEPHINE SWANSON Mr. & Mrs . George Abrahamsen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Anderson Dr. & Mrs. T . Rex Baldwin Dr. & Mrs. John A. Banholzer Mr. & Mrs. Graham]. Barbey Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bates Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Berney Mr. Allan Bernhoff Mrs. Ellen]. Brach Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Brown Dr. & Mrs. Charles Browning Capt. Joseph L. Bruneau Mr. & Mrs. Eben Carruthers Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chopping Mr. & Mrs. F. Christensen Capt. & Mrs . James T. Clune Mr. & Mrs. Thomas]. Clune Mrs. Morgan Coe Columbian Theatre Mr. John D. Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cosovich Capt. & Mrs. Dale Dickinson Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Capt. & Mrs . Frank Gillard Mr. Tom Hanlon Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hauke Mr. & Mrs . James Henderson Mrs . Blair Henningsgaard Mr. & Mrs. David Hill Mr. & Mrs . Patrick Jensen Mr. ClarenceJohnson Mr. & Mrs. Eino S. Juola Mr. & Mrs . Kamara Mr. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. Ford Knutsen

Mr. & Mrs. H. R . Kuratli Mr. & Mrs. R . M. Kuratli Mr. & Mrs . A . J. L'Amie Mr. & Mrs . E. Allan Loew Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lowe Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth McAlpin Mr. & Mrs. W . F. McGregor Mr. & Mrs . Ralph Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Michael Naab Mrs . Walter Norblad Mr. & Mrs. Ken 0 . Olsen Mr. & Mrs. Art Paquet Mr. & Mrs. Richard Paulsen Mr. & Mrs. Larry Petersen Ardelle & Kim Phillips Pioneer National Title Insurance Co. Mr. & Mrs. John Pincetich Captain James Purcell Mrs . Franc.es Puusti Frank W . Rafferty, M.D. Harvey Rones, O.D. Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Seeborg Mr. & Mrs. Wes Shaner Mr. & Mrs . Glenn F. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Al Sorkki Mr. & Mrs. Strangeland Misses Leila, Medora, and Adaline Svenson Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Thiel Mr. & Mrs. Chris Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Edward W . Thompson Mr. & Mrs. L. F. Van Dusen Mr. & Mrs.]. Dan Webster Mr. & Mrs. Sion Wentworth Miss Ethel M. Wicks Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wolfgram Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wrenn DOROTHY WOOTTON Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Amato Mr. & Mrs . Graham Barbey Mr. & Mrs. Ted Bugas Mr. & Mrs . Eben Carruthers Mr . & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. Henry M . Gjovik Mrs. Margaret E. Green Mrs . Emma W. Hall Mrs. Margaret C. Kern Mr. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs . A. J. L'Amie Mrs. Wenona Dyer Martin Mr. & Mrs . Eugene Matthews Mr. & Mrs. W . F. McGregor Ms. Ardelle Phillips Dr. Frank W . Rafferty Mrs . Margaret Roscoe Mr. & Mrs . Frank E. Ross Mrs. Edith Shaner Mr. & Mrs . Wesley Shaner Mr. & Mrs. Edward Thompson Mr. & Mrs . C.H. Tolonen Mrs. Lillian Utzinger Mrs . Jane Wallace Mr . & Mrs . Donald Ziessler

MARITIME WEEK Each year a number of public organizations, including the Museum, sponsor Maritime Week, a series of special events and activities devoted to Astoria's maritime past and future. Observances began this year on Friday, May 15th and extended through National Maritime Day on Friday,

May 22nd. A temporary special exhibition of fine color photographs of Oregon lighthouses by local photographer Andrew Cier was on display at the Museum throughout Maritime Week . Other events which were sponsored wholly or in part by the Museum are described in separate articles.



Start of race.

On Sunday, May 17th almost 100 runners participated m the Second Annual Salmon Run, organized by Rich Fencsak, the Museum's Education Coordinator. First across the finish line of the rugged 4.25 mile course through Astoria's hilly streets was Astoria physician Patrick Meyer, with a record time for the course of 23 minutes, 29 seconds. Anna Ciancaglini of Astoria was the winner of the women's division with a time of 32 minutes, 9 seconds. The event was sponsored by the Museum, The Daily Astorian, and Astoria Parks and Recreation.

EVENING PROGRAMS The Museum held a series of special evening programs for Maritime Week. On May 18th Captain Geoffrey-Stone presented a lecture and film program, "Over the Bar with the Columbia River Bar Pilots." The slide and tape presentation, "A History of Knappton Corporation," was on the 19th. Mr. Tom Clune of the Clatsop Economic Development Committee gave a slide lecture, "Raising 35 Million Salmon on the Youngs Bay Estuary," May 20th. The new documentary motion picture, "Ghosts of Cape Horn," was screened on May 21st.

There was a heavy turnout for the Museum's 8th Annual Ship Model Competition on Saturday, May 16th. Displayed for several hundred admiring visitors were 58 models by 30 entrants. Mr. R. C. Lacalli of Seattle, a winner of past competitions, took the grand prize for his splendid model of a War of 1812 Baltimore clipper privateer. Other prizes were awarded in adult and junior (for modellers below age 15) divisions in 6 categories. First place winners in the adult division were: Mr. Lacalli's privateer in the scratch-built category; a wooden kit model of a completely equipped whaleboat by Mr. Robert Denny of Gresham, Oregon; a plastic kit of the Japanese aircraft carrier junyo by Mr. Lloyd Bowler of Astoria; a decorative metal Viking ship by Mr. Dwight Irish of Hammond, Oregon; a ship-in-a-bottle representing the Peter Iredale by Captain George Phebus of Astoria; and a radio-controlled model of a Coast Guard 44-foot lifeboat by Mr. Donald Dees of Nehalem, Oregon. Junior division first prizes went to a scratch-built air boat by Leon Grubaugh of Astoria and a plastic kit of the Santa Maria by Clifford Linehan of Astoria. There were no junior entries in other categories. Second and third prize winners were Mr. Edward Waterbury, Captain Harold E. Aune, Mr. Fred Goodrich, Commander Charles Reid, Don and Mary Martin, Mr. Peter Ball, Mr. Richard Clark, Mr. James Herr, Mr. Eric Russell, Mr. Ronald Marsh, Den One of Cub Scout Pack 506, and Joe Dominey. The Museum wishes to thank Mr. Leonard Kroczynski and Mr. Leonard Vernon, both of Astoria, for serving as judges, along with Curator Larry Gilmore.

AUXILIARY LUNCHEON The Columbia River Maritime Museum Auxiliary held its annual fund-raising luncheon at the Museum on Wednesday, May 20th. The luncheon, which featured a great variety of salads and breads prepared and donated by Auxiliary members, was attended by 132 people.

Visitors admire model competition entries.



INGEBORG H. NELSON Mr . & Mrs . George Hediger Mr. & Mrs . Ralph Morrow Mr. & Mrs . Harold Snow LOUISE J. RUSK Mr. & Mrs.James O'Connor GORDON M. McRAE Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos HANNES "DUTCH" FOX Mr. TedJohnson Mrs. Edna L'Amie Mrs. Jordis Tetli CHARLES OBELISK Mr. & Mrs. A. J. L'Amie MRS. ADDIE SCHULTZ Mrs. Clyde L. Lee

Towing a schooner across the bar.



$500 per year


$250 per year


$ I 00 per year


$50 per year


$25 per year


$10 per year

Student *

$7. 50 per year

NAME ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

CITY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,ST ATE,_ _ _ _ _ __

ZIP_ _ _ __



The Museum's volunteer docents, or tour guides, have just concluded another very successful school year. Group attendance was up substantially over last year and almost all school groups received guided tours of the Museum . Many groups also visited Lightship No. 604. Captain James Purcell, Diana McAlpin, and Ann Landis logged many hours enriching the visits of students of all ages. New additions to the docent corps are Sue O'Neal and Gail Collins. More volunteers are needed, however. If you are interested in becoming a Museum docent, please contact Richard Fencsak at the Museum, 325-2323. The only requirement is a willingness to share our rich nautical heritage with others.

Mr. Kerry Walsh of Astoria won a free Museum membership by identifying four "mystery artifacts" in a contest held by the Museum while maintaining an information booth at the Beachcomber Festival in the Seaside Convention Center on April 4-5. Many entered, but Mr. Walsh was the only one to correctly name all four unusual artifacts from our collection. The items were: a Babbitt (bearing) scraper, a deep-sea recording thermometer, the tympanic (or eardrum) bone of a whale, and an eprouvette, used for testing the relative strength of black gunpowder (also sometimes used as a signal or saluting gun). The Museum congratulates Mr. Walsh on his nautical knowledge and welcomes him into its membership.




(Categories marked with* apply to individuals only)


$1,000 single payment


Non-Profit Organization

U.S. POSTAGE PAID Astoria, Oregon Permit No. 209

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