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THE SHAVER FLEET IN PORTLAND, 1894 Today, Shaver Transportation Company is the oldest, and one of the largest, of the towboat companies on the Columbia River. In 1894, however, the company had been incorporated less than a year, and the "Shaver Fleet" con -

sisted of the sternwheelers G. W. Shaver, named for the president of the firm, and the Sarah Dixon, which carried the maiden name of Mrs. Shaver. Both vessels were built for the Clatskanie trade, the Shaver in 1889 and the Dixon in 1892 .,


* FROM THE QUARTERDECK Spring has arrived on the Oregon Coast, and with it has come increased activity on a number of fronts at the Mu seum. Attendance is once more on the rise, after the slow winter months. A large part of the increase is represented by students, arriving in a sometimes dizzying stream of yellow busses from points far and near. In the Museum's new building, work on installation of the heating and ventilation system is well under way. Meanwhile, plans and specifications for the final stages of construction are nearly ready for the bidding process. At this point it seems likely that we will meet our goal of completion of the building by the end of this year, with an opening by mid-1891. There is also increased activity in the area of Museum membership. Inauguration of the PILOT program, detailed elsewhere on Lhese l-)ages, is jusL one effol'l Lo ex1->an<l

both the number of Museum memberships and that vital source of operating funds constituted by membership dues. The Trustees have established doubling of membership income as a goal that can-and must-be achieved in 1980. If the Museum is to meet the substantially increased costs that will be occasioned by operating the larger facility and by the general effects of inflation, every one of us must do what he can to help, whether it be signing on as a new member, encouraging others to join, or renewing in a higher membership category.


* TOP DRAWER Formation of a new category of Maritime Museum membership, the PILOTS, has been announced by Ronald J. Honeyman, president of the Museum. The principal purposes of the PILOT program are to provide special recognition for exemplary support and to create an opportunity for a select group of members to demonstrate more visibly their outstanding commitment to Museum goals. PILOT membership is open to individuals who pay dues of $250 or more per year. Donors who contribute $1,000 or more per year for purposes other than membership (i'.e., New Building Fund, Endowment & Memorial gifts, special projects, etc.) will also qualify as PI LOTS. In addition to the regular benefits and privileges of Museum membership, each PILOT will receive a blue and white cloisonne lapel badge or brooch with the PILOT in signia, a personalized PILOT Certificate, and a fine re production print of the intriguing 1841 Wilkes chart of the Columbia River.

VOLUNTEER! The Museum's need for volunteer help is greater now, and the challenges for volunteers are more varied, than ever before. Some of the ways in which volunteers could make an important contribution are: serving as tour guides, transcribing logbooks and other manuscripts, cataloguing artifacts, helping prepare occasional bulk mailings, cleaning and restoring old marine engines, typing, repairing ship models, conducting research, painting, polishing brass, copying old photographs, etc., etc. The possibilities are as limitless as the interests of the individual volunteer. Anyone who has both a desire to participate actively in the operation of the Museum and a few hours each week to devote to such pursuits is urged to telephone or stop by the Museum to discuss the opportunities for serving as a staff volunteer.

COMING EVENTS The month of May is usually a busy one for the Museum, and this year is no exception: Thursday, May 8th. "They Parted the Forest and Out Rolled a Schooner." The Story of Wooden Ship Building on the Oregon Coast. (Multi-media presentation produced by the Bandon Historical Society.) At the Mu seum, 7:30 p.m. Reservations required (Tel: 325-2323). Saturday, May 17th. 7th Annual Ship Model Competition. Amateur ship modellers of all ages from throughout the Northwest will compete for awards in 5 categories. Anyone may enter any type of model. Deadline for entries, 11:00 a.m., May 17th. Models on exhibit from Noon to 4:30. For information or entry forms, contact the Museum. Sunday, May 18th. International Museum Day. Open House at the Maritime Museum. New artifacts, refreshments, tours. 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 21st. Annual Lightship Luncheon. Ladies of the Maritime Museum Auxiliary will serve homemade breads and salads on board the old lightship Columbia. Public invited. 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Other May events, co -sponsored by the Museum and the Clatsop County Historical Society, are listed below. (See local publicity or call the Museum for further information on times, locations, etc.) Sunday, May 18th. The Salmon Run. For the energetic, a four-mile run organized by the Museum's resident runner, Rich Fencsak. Salmon Run T-shirts to finishers. Monday, May 19th. "Over the Bar: The Columbia River Bar Pilots." A presentation by Captain Martin West. Tuesday, May 20th. "Fishers of the Columbia." A presentation on the history of the Columbia River salmon fishery by author-anthropologist Courtland Smith. Wednesday, May 21st. "Shipwrecks of the Pacific Coast." A presentation by maritime author Don Marshall. Thursday, May 22nd (National Maritime Day). "Sediment, Salinity & Salmon: How Will the Columbia River Estuary Research Be Used?" A panel discussion presented by the Columbia River Estuary Task Force (CREST).

NEW MEMBERS, INCREASED MEMBERSHIPS (*) LIFE Mr. Harold W . Dahlgren * Mr. Michael W . Foster* Mr. Nunzio Fruciano, San Francisco SUSTAINING Mr. & Mrs. R .T . Carruthers,Jr. , Warrenton* Mr. Allen V. Cellars, San Rafael, CA* Fisher Bros. Co . * Mr. & Mrs . Don C. Frisbee, Portland Mr. & Mrs . Howard M. Gerttula, Ilwaco, WA* Dr. Everett E. Jones, Portland * Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth McAlpin * Mr. & Mrs . Roderick A . Norwood, Portland* Pacific Northwest Bell Mr. & Mrs. Charles]. Tyndall , Naramata, B.C. * SUPPORTING Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Hauke III * Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Kessler, Portland Mr. & Mrs. William B. Nichols, Tolovana Park Mr. & Mrs.James B. Race, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Sage*

Mr. George H. Shaver* Mr. & Mrs. George Stadelman, The Dalles* Tolovana Park Community Club, Cannon Beach Mrs. George K. Voss, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. John A. Warren, Eugene* CONTRIBUTING Mr. & Mrs. George Abrahamsen* Capt. Charles W. Ackerman, San Clemente, CA * Mrs. Berenice Baker* Mr. & Mrs. James H. Ferguson , Portland The Guild Men's Shop * Miss Elizabeth Frye Honeyman, Bainbridge Island, WA Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. James, Gearhart Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Mansfield* Mr. & Mrs. Neil Morfitt * Mr. & Mrs . R. A. Mund * Mrs. Mary N. Nyland* Mrs. Paul L. Patterson, Portland * Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Tinker, Nehalem Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tolonen, Gresham * Mrs. Maurice W . Wilson* Mr. & Mrs. William Zimmerman, Portland

ANNUAL Mr. L. B. Angus Mr. Michael Blakely Mr. James H. Brown, Hillsboro Mr. Finn A. Bruun , Corbett Ms. Margaret I. Bruun, Corbett Mr. Ivan L. Coy Mr. John G. Davis, Portland Mr. Dan Fellows, Seaview, WA Mrs. Margaret I. Hinz, Portland Ms. Annabelle A. Houser, Portland Mr. & Mrs . Philip A . Hubert, Jr., Sherwood Malcolm P. MacDougal, M.D., Portland Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Moir, Belmont, CA Mr. B.H. Nakimatsu, Bainbridge Island, WA Miss Mary E. Roscoe, Portland Mr. Arthur L. Smith Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Swinehart, Jr., Kirkland, WA Mr. Roy S. Thomley, Portland Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Tom berg Mr. E.D. Williams, The Dalles

STUDENT Miss Sherry Golden


LARRY EASTMAN Mr. & Mrs. James E . O'Connor Mr. & Mrs. Dick Thompson

ARTHUR A . BAKKA Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen

DAVID V. ENLUND Mrs. Dorothy Larson

HARRY BECKWITH Mr. Walter Gadsby, Jr.

NUNZIATO 'JOHN' FELICE Mrs. AlmaJacobson Mr. & Mrs. A.J . L'Amie Miss Ethel Scofield

FRANCIS BINGER Mrs. Georgia Maki TRUMAN B. COOK Mr. & Mrs. William R. King Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs . Eugene Lowe Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Naylor Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A . Woodford CLIFFORD CRAWFORD Mrs. Margaret I. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton

JUNE F. GRIFFITH Mrs. Arthur Bell Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mrs . Joseph Dyer Mr . & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Halsan Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth McAlpin Mr. & Mrs. Neil Morfitt Mr. & Mrs. James E. O'Connor Mrs. Frank Pfleger Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Ross


CAROLYN HALLER Mr. & Mrs. Robert Freeman

ANNE M. DAVIS Mr. Cecil B. Davis

MEL VIN HONEYCHURCH Mr. & Mrs. Warren Skaggs, Sr.


BERNARD IV ARIE Mr. & Mrs. Frank Steiner

LESTER E. JOHNSON Mr. & Mrs. Kay A. Baker Mrs. Grace Eliassen O.W . 'MIKE' JOHNSON Mrs . Aili Kary Mr. & Mrs. G.D. Kohler Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie ROSCOE A. JOHNSON Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep STELLA KARAKALOS Mr. & Mrs . Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie Mr. & Mrs. Neil Morfitt LEMPI E. KUIV ALA Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton MARION KUSSMAN Mr. & Mrs . Harold W . Dahlgren Mr. & Mrs. Neil Morfitt CARL LARSON Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Ross RONALD J. LARSON Mrs . Nora S. Bue Mrs . Joseph Dyer Mr. & Mrs. James E. O'Connor


Sign On!

BRYSON R. LAUSCH Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fearey CHARLES MILLER Mrs. Evelyn H. Hill EDNA J. NELMS Eagles Auxiliary #2189 Mrs. Beatrice A. Garrigues Mr. Hjalmer Leino Mr. & Mrs. William Raihala Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ruotsi DAVID 0. NELSON Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Cummings ANNAS. PASONEN Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nygaard Mr. Doug Thompson Mrs. Mary Thompson LARRY E. PATTEN Mr. & Mrs. Jim Henderson EL VING PEARSON Mr. & Mrs. Robert E . Palmrose ANNA PETERSON Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Mund ERNEST A. PETERSON Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Belcher Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth McAlpin Mrs. Alice Ranta



$1,000 single payment Life* □ Supporting $500 per year Sponsor □ Contributing $250 per year PILOT* □ Annual $100 per year Sustaining □ Student* (Categories marked with * apply to individuals only)

NAME ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ __ CITY _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __

Mrs. Grace Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mrs. E. Esko Mrs. Phyllis Falleur Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fastabend Mrs. Dorothea Handran Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Houseman Mrs. J7annieJensen Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Eino Kauppi Mr. & Mrs. George Kauppi Mr. & Mrs. Charles Keller Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Kindred Mr. & Mrs. S.H. Lee Mrs. Christine Loback Mrs. A.J. Matson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Telen FRANCIS SCOTT Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie

PREEM U. RYDING Mr. Ron Niemela

EMMETT SHIELDS Mr. & Mrs. Neil Morfitt

ARVO J. SALO Mr. Leroy Adolphson Mrs. Emma Bachi Mrs. Emilia Bohm

IV AN SOMOGYI Mrs. Marie Gustafson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Palmrose Mr. & Mrs. Warren Skaggs, Sr.



$50 per year $25 per year $10 per year $7 .50 per year

STATE_ __ _ _ __ ZIP_ __ _ _

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Steiner AGNES STURGEON Ms. Jane E. Heikkila Mr. Carl D. Utzinger CLIFFORD R. UTTER Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton MRS. DEWEY VAN VOLKENBERG Mr. & Mrs. Frank Steiner F.J. WATKINS Mr. Lee Richardson FRED WHIT AKER Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Klep BADI AMIN WOODS Mr. & Mrs. James E. O'Connor Mr. & Mrs. Frank Steiner FAY B. WRIGHTSON Mrs . F. Sidney Burt THOMAS C. YOUNG Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L'Amie

Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE

PAID Astoria, Oregon Permit No. 209

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