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From the Wheelhouse

Monumental, magnificent, awesome, wonderful. .. These descriptors describe the pilot boat Peacock as she now sits on her bunks at the east end of the Museum campus. After 10 years in the East Mooring Basin, she is restored and displayed, thanks to a long list of generous contributors and skillful contractors. To all of you, thank you!

Although deceptively simple in concept, a project to preserve a boat like the Peacock is dauntingly complex. The first step begins well before a boat is even owned by the Museum with philosophical questions: which boats should a museum own and how should they be displayed and interpreted? The criteria for selection, hotly debated by the general public, museum professionals and trustees are many, and include : importance to the mission of the institution, uniqueness or rarity, condition, available space, and often overlooked or underestimated initial project cost and future maintenance.

The Peacock is a unique boat, the only one of her kind in the world. Her importance to the maritime heritage of the region is beyond dispute and preserving and interpreting her is consistent with the mission of the Museum. As a metal boat, her condition is excellent and the cost of her restoration and future maintenance are within economic means of the Museum. And unlike many other museums, we have the space to display her with grace and dignity.

But what of the many other boats important to the Columbia River and the region? Arrow 2, lhe green and white pilot transfer boat, with her classic "tum of the century lines" is a fixture of the Astoria waterfront. Where will she go? What about the Tourist II, the last ferry to operate between Astoria and Megler in Washington? Designed by Joe Dyer and

built by the Astoria Marine Construction Company, she occupies a prominent place in the history of the Columbia River. There are also many wonderful gillnet boats, purse seiners, draggers, and longliners, all part of our maritime heritage, all deserving of recognition and preservation.

In our mission, we intend to find tools to preserve the maritime heritage that these and other vessels represent. To begin, we have begun a boat documentation program using laser scanners to measure boats of all sizes and kinds. This program is a partnership between the Museum, Clatsop Community College, the National Park Service and the Library of Congress. It will eventually be housed in the Museum's Astoria Railroad Depot, directly adjacent to the Peacock. Restoration on the Depot will begin in 2011.

In the meantime, take a moment to walk around the Peacock. Think of the more than 35,000 trips she made ferrying bar pilots to and from merchant ships in all weathers. Consider her importance to the economy of the entire Columbia River region. And be grateful that you were not one of the intrepid souls who went out in her in the dark of a winter night in 20 knot winds and 20 foot seas day in and day out, year after year!

Executive Committee

Roger Qualman, Chairman

Jerry Gustafson, Vice Chairman

Bruce Buckmaster, Treasurer

Capt. Thran Riggs, Secretary

Thomas V. Dulcich, Immediate Past Chairman

Ward Cook, Advisor

George Beall, Advisor

Don Magnusen, Advisor

Sam Johnson, Executive Director


Dave Christensen

Kurt Englund

Dale Farr

Fred Fields

Cheri Folk

Walter Gadsby, Jr

Michael Haglund

Dennis Hall

Ted Halton, Jr.

Don Haskell

Senator Betsy Johnson

Dr Russell Keizer

Kenneth Kim

Helena Lankton

Irene Martin

James McClaskey

Prudence Miller

David Myers

Larry Perkins

Capt. Jim Richards

Mike Sorkki

June Spence

Guy Stephenson

Ambassador Charles Swindells

Shawn Teevin

Samuel Wheeler

Bill Wyatt

Trustee Emeritus

Peter Brix

Richard Carruthers

Alan Goudy

Senator Mark Hatfield

Louis Larson

Capt. Rod Leland

John McGowan

On the Cover: Columbia River Bar

Pilot Robert Johnson captures the lift of the Peacock from the Bar Pilot's Helicopter as he heads out to a ship.

Photo courtesy of Capt. Robert Johnson

Advisory Trustees

Dr. Tuba Ozkan-Haller

Jonathan Harms

James Lerczak

Peter Quinn

Honorary Trustees

Merlin Humpal

Mayor Willis Van Dusen

- C O L U M B I A R I V E R M A R I T I M E M U S E U M - :
The QuarterDeck, Vol 36 No 2
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The Peacock in her prime, working the most dangerous river crossing on the planet, the Columbia River Bar. Designed as the ultimate heavy weather vessel the Peacock crossed the Bar over 35,000 times in her career.

The legendary pilot boat has been placed on land in a stunning new outdoor display at the east end of the Museum campus.

- - -- -i _ _______ C 0 ~- M _ B I A R I V E R M A R I T I M E M U S E U M _ _
The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No. 2

To collect and preserve historical and cultural maritime material relevant to the Columbia River, and to display and interpret selected material from the collections for the education and enjoyment of the public.

- - -
, -- - - - ---
The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No. 2
- Mission of the Columbia River Maritime Museum

A reunion of the Bar pilots, operators , and their family who worked aboard Peacock during her 33 years crossing the Columbia River Bar.

The Campaign to Restore the Peacock

The Peacock was decommissioned in 1999, to be replaced by an integrated pilot boat - helicopter transportation system. Because of her historical significance, the Peacock was given to the Columbia River Maritime Museum by the Columbia River Bar Pilots Association.

For the last 10 years the Peacock has been moth-balled awaiting action. During this time the Museum has consolidated its campus, remodeled its main building, enlarged its parking area and gained much-needed storage capacity through the acquisition of an Armory building. The time had now come to restore, display and interpret the Peacock in a manner that spotlights her importance not only to Astoria but to the entire Pacific Northwest.

Placed strategically along Marine Drive, at the east end of the Museum's campus, the Peacock presents a visually stunning introduction to the Museum

While telling the story of commerce on the Columbia River, this extraordinarily seaworthy vessel will also speak of adventure and courage. She will tell the story of the Bar and the bar pilots and operators who served on her. She will tell the story of 75 knot winds and 25 foot swells. And as more than one bar pilot will say: "She will tell the story of lives saved."

If ever a boat was worthy of preservation, the Peacock is. She deserves no less recognition than we would give Gray's Columbia Rediviva It is time to give the Peacock her due.

Thanks to your dedication and support we are pleased to present the new icon of Pacific maritime heritage, now proudly on display at the Columbia River Maritime Museum.

II ______ ~ 0 - L _ l.J M B I A R I V E R M A R I T I M E M U S E U M
The QuarterDeck, Vol 36 No 2

Site Work Begins for Land Display of Peacock

Long time Museum supporters, Bergerson Construction starts the project out right with the safe removal of the Museum sign, to be used again in another location.

Thanks to the expertise and professionalism of Bergerson' s, the site work and the mounting platform for the Peacock looks spectacular.

Bergerson Construction begins driving eight steel pile down to bedrock, over 40feet below. Most of the Museum property was built on fill, which would settle under the 220,000 pound weight of the Peacock without the extra support

--, COLUMBIA RIVER MARITIME MUSEUM ! - - -~------ --- ------------~ - - -
The QuarterD ec k, Vol 36 No 2

Campbell Crane & Rigging Service set up two giant cranes, each capable of lifting over 300 tons, to lift the Peacock.

The setup of these giants took a full day before the lift.

As seen on the cover shot, the crane operators lifted the vessel, then passed it between the two cranes, an amazmg feat of skill and professionalism.

The Cranes arrive in Astoria

i COLUMBIA RIVER MARITIME MUSEUM -----~--~- --·---~-- ~-----~---- ---~-~~---------- - -
The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No. 2

Setting up the Big Lift

Campbell Towing had the delicate job of moving Peacock into place along the waterfront, then holding her in position against the tide until the riggers and cranes had a hold of the vessel.

Pilot Boat Peacock's final moments in the water before being permanently moved to her new place of honor at the Columbia River Maritime Museum.

The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No. 2

Marine Engineer

Tom Dyer of Headway Marine, LLC designed the lifting/ support cradles and supervised the final placement of the Peacock. Everything was planned down to I/16th of an inch for her placement.

The Final Placement

Tom Dyer ( center of photo) directs the crane operator for the final few inches of the vessels move.

The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No 2

Restoring Peacock

The pilot boat Peacock was undoubtedly the most sophisticated non- military small vessel delivered to the West Coast, or perhaps anywhere, up to that time. Operating her was difficult enough, but maintaining her was another matter entirely. The bent plating comprising her hull, beautifully formed and faired, enclosed a unique complexity, with her construction mimicking airplane technology in one place, submarine technology in another. The high strung, The

supercharged engines often gave trouble. Someone had to take care of this temperamental thoroughbred through thick and thin, and Don Fastabend was just the person.

Astoria Marine Construction Company (AMCCO) had maintained the pilot boats in recent memory. Don Fastabend, one of the shareholders, was yard supervisor, and to him fell the responsibility of keeping the Peacock going. When the time came to restore the Peacock for her final display at the Columbia River Maritime Museum, it was never a question of where to send her, Don was the perfect person for this final honor, and the ship turned out beautifully, as ship-shape as the day she was delivered to the Columbia River in 1967.

After crossing the bar an estimated 35,000 times, the Peacock sits as a new icon of the maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest.

i - C O L U M B I A - R I V E R M A R I T I M E M U S E U M - -----1 '- ------------------------------I
QuarterDeck, Vol 36 No 2

Donors to the Peacock Fund

Durham & Bates Agencies, Inc.

Tom Dyer

Janet Easley

Darcy Edgar & John Goss

Elizabeth Elston

John E. Espey

David & Heidi Fastabend

Marrene R. Fish

Robert Flynn

Del & Cheri Folk

Robert Forster

Foss Maritime Company

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gadsby, Jr.

Dick & Janet Geary

Evelyn Georges

Linda Giddings

Al Goudy

Beverly Goudy

Leo & A. Jane Graham

Michael & Melissa Haglund

Dennis Hall

Malvena Allen

John & Sue Altstadt

Stephen M. Andersen

Beverly Aspmo

Robert Bacon

John & Joanne Bastian

George & Patty Beall

Mary Becker

Barbara Jean Begleries

Gary & Vicki Bergseng

Bergerson Construction

Bruce & Kristina Berney

Mr. Kent Birdeno

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Bishop

Gene & Linda Bock

Ronald J. Bolin

Joyce Bondietti

Robert & Nancy Bowen

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Brix

Patricia Brower

David Bruneau

Orabelle Bruneau

Brusco Tug & Barge, Inc.

BSM Engineering

John Bunnell

Jim Campbell

Capt. Jim & Alicia Cathcart

Bob & Marcella Chamberlin

Marvin Chapman

Bob & Margaret Chopping

John Christie

Clark Foundation

Lee Clinton

Columbia Grain

Columbia River Bar Pilots

Bruce & Suzie Conner

Ward & Lois Cook

Joyle C. Dahl

Robert & Leona DeArmond

Capt. Deborah Dempsey

John W. Dixon

Franklin & Harriet Drake

Tom & Cindy Dulcich

Jane & Larry Harris

Horace Harrison

Patricia Hartle

Don & Carol Haskell

Colby & Catherine Hatfield

Headway Marine LLC

Jack & Beverly Helvie

Jim & Anne Holtz

William Hurst

ILWU Local #21

James & Dixie Jarvis

Capt. Fred Jerrell

Capt. Robert W. Johnson

Samuel S. Johnson Foundation

Susan M. Johnson

Jack Joyce

John Kairala

Kalama Expurl Company LLC

Donald & Mary Keigher

Keller Foundation

Ken & Dean Kim

Herb & Marilyn Kottler

Kvichak Marine Industries, Inc.

The QuarterDeck, Vol 36 No 2

Helena & Milton Lankton

Ronald & Charlene Larsen

Warren & Dorothy Leback

Mary Lovell

Lum's Auto Center, Inc.

Don & Roni Magnusen

Marine Salvage Consortium, Inc

Elizabeth T. Martin

Bill Marczewski

Northland Services

Anne McAlpin

Robert McCall

Jim & Kay McClaskey

Marshall D. McCollum & Marilyn


Mr. & Mrs. Bill McCormick

Jim & Liz McElhinny


Richard & Linda Meyers

Prudence Miller

Rodney & Frances Dietrichs Miller

Carol Moore

Ellison C. Morgan

Greg Morrill

Ms. June Moskovita

Rick Moultrie

Eleanor Mueller

Dennis J. Murphy

Shirley Mustonen

David & Anne Myers

Ms. Hester H. Nau

Donald T. Nelson

Jolin Nelson

Capt. Roger E. Nelson

Ness & Campbell Crane

Northland Services

Nygaard Logging Co., Inc.

Patrick O'Grady

Charles & Susan O 'Neal

Kenneth Olson

Pacific Power Foundation

R B Pamplin Corporation

Rob & Lois Pearson

Dave & Marcy Phillips

Capt. James W. Plumlee

Peter & Josephine Pope

Port of Portland

Capt. John C. Porter

Shirley Randles

Richard Reiten

Capt. Jim & Sharon Richards

Stuart Rideout

Capt. Thron Riggs & Betsey Ellerbroek

Alan Robitsch

Warren & Sheryl Rosenfeld

Capt. Jeffrey & Linda Salfen

Harold & Arlene Schnitzer

Hampton Scudder & Pam Trenary

Paul Seamons & Dee Vadnais

Paul See

The Shadow Funders Inc .

Shaver Transportation Company

Steve & Patty Skinner

June Spence

Ed Steve

Capt. Wayne Stolz

Capt. Geoffrey L. Stone

Henry T. Swigert

The Ann & Bill Swindells

Charitable Trust

Russell & Marie Taber

Teevin Bros. Quarry

Joseph P. Tennant

Tidewater Barge

Capt. Michael & Denise Tierney

Celia Tippit & Bill Williams

David & Linda Tozer

John Vitas

Capt. George Waer

Mr. C. Bruce Ward

Jack & Shelley Wendt

Jon W. Westerholm

Westwood Shipping

Wheeler Foundation

Capt. William Worth

Melissa Yowell

The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No. 2
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Fall 2010

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The Pilot Boat Peacock Quick Facts

90 feet long, 33-feet tall, and weighs over 100 tons.

Power: Three engines put out over 2,400 horsepower.

Custom built for the Columbia River Bar Pilots in Germany in 1964 based on a North Sea rescue boat design. The Pilot Boat is self-righting.

Designed to operate on the most dangerous bar crossing on the planet, during her 33 years of hard service, she crossed the bar more than 35,000 times.

The stem of the boat is hinged to allow the launching and recovery of a 23-foot "daughter boat" that is used to execute the actual transfer of the pilots in heavy weather.

Maximum speed for the Pilot Boat Peacock was 26 miles per hour and 14 miles per hour for the daughter boat.

The Pilot Boat Peacock carried a crew of three in addition to up to 12 bar pilots.

Pilot Boat Peacock was decommissioned and donated to the Columbia River Maritime Museum in 1999.

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The QuarterDe ck, Vol 36 No. 2

News and Notes

Community Appreciation Day

Please join us December 4th for this year's community appreciation day which benefits Clatsop Community Action Regional Food Bank. The Museum will offer free admission with a donation of a nonperishable food item. Hands-on activities will be stationed throughout the Museum. Sunset Amateur Radio Operators will be on hand to share their stories.

Lecture Series

Past to Present: Columbia River Maritime History lecture series begins Tuesday, January 11 through Tuesday, March 1. This popular program hosts two speakers each week lecturing on topics pertinent to the Columbia River. Each session begins at 9:45 and concludes at noon. Look on the Museum's website or Facebook page for a complete schedule.

We are pleased to announce that the Quest for Truth Foundation has awarded the Museum a generous grant for Educational Programs, including our innovative Museum in the Schools program.

Staff Notes

The Museum welcomes a new addition to the crew, Sarah Bishop , who joins us as our new assistant curator. She is a recent graduate of the museum studies program at the University of Washington. Before assuming her duties as assistant curator, Sarah completed a collections internship through Alaska State Museums assisting in the development of a collection inventory and management plan for Inupiat Heritage Center in Barrow, Alaska.

In Memoriam

We note with sadness the passing of James Kirker, longtime Museum supporter and friend to the Museum.

We also note with sadness the passing of former Museum Director Steven Recken . Dr. Recken was a lifetime scholar and director of the Clatsop County Historical Society and the Columbia River Maritime Museum in the 1980s. He would go on to teach history at the University of Arkansas.

The Rolls Royce and Bentley club visited the Museum this past month , bringing ov er twenty rare vintage vehicles to Astoria

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Rosemary C. Hallin

Lenard & Cynthia Hansen

Mike & Julie Hanson

Maria & Chuck Harris

Gary Ilart

Katherine Hellberg

Donald & Edith Helligso

Curtis Hill & Juanita Nye

Mel & Bea Hirahara

James & Ruth Hope

Jerry & Nancy Hopp

Melvin & Alice Iverson

Mary & Jerry Jaqua

John & Merilyn Jensen

C. Todd & T inda fo8~ell

Bob & Gwen Jimenez

Dave & Karen Johnson

Tony & Sarah Johnson

Raymond & Margaret Johnson

Jeffery & Kristin Johnson

Edward J. Johnson

Dick & Pat Johnson

Roger Jolma & Rebecca Fisher

Jack Keeler

Matthew & Stacie Kelley

Mike & Linda Killion

Rick King

Glen & Tracie MacPherson

Allan Maki

Joan Mann

Steve & Sheryl Marquez

Kent & Irene Martin

Richard & Diane Matthews

Victor & Lorene Mattila

Warren & Jean Mattson

Lee & Paulette McCoy

Jim & Liz McElhinny

Kenneth & Alice Merrill

Raymond & Kathleen Merritt

Chuck & Sara Meyer

Robert & Dorothy Miles

Don & Barbara Miller

LaVonne Milosevich

Myron & Corrine Molnau

Mike Morgan & Beth Holland

Shirley Mustonen

L Brad Mynatt

Ken & Peg Nelson

Lloyd & Rebecca Newhou8e

Walter & Karen Novak

Martin Nygaard

Wayne & Betty Olmscheid

T.K. & Joyce Olson

Ted & Wendy Osborn

Fredrick & Virginia Ostling

William & Carolyn Owens

Denzel Page & Dorothy Martin

Kenneth & Jean Parks

Jim & Jan Paschall

Bill Paschall

Richard & Myrtle Paulsen

Rob & Lois Pearson

B utch & Tronni Petersen

Larry & Jean Petersen

Earl & Alice Philpott

Jon & Elaine Placido

Capt. John C. Porter

Pat & Susan Preston

Ron & Lee Ragen

Charles & Carol Ray

Patricia M. Reese

Bob & Pauline Reiter

Glenn & Peggy Riddervold

Mark & Helga Saitowitz

Todd & Betty Barnes

Thomas & Judy Barnett

Vernon & Carol Barth

Harold & Mary Barton

Michael & Mary Ann Barton

Roger Searle & Cliff Bauer

Mary Ann Sinar

Carol Seppa

Colleen Simonsen &

Jan Ferguson

Todd & Lori Bauman

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Baxter

Ike & Kathleen Bay

Norman & Marion Benke

Clifford Stephens & Stewart & Nancy Beny

Becky Belangy

Donald & Joan Stephenson

Ed Steve

John & Cynthia Svensson

Steve & Doris Swenson

George & Martha Talbott

Ronald & Deborah Taylor

Margie Thompson

Capt. Michael &

Denise Tierney

Celia Tippit & Bill Williams

David & Linda Tozer

Peter Troedsson

Willis & Jan Van Dusen

Jerry & Marlene Vanderpool

Susanna von Reibold

Judith E. Walker

Robert & Nancy Wells

Marty & Krickett Wertz

Bob & Aletha Westerberg

Norman & Becky Whitten

Gordon & Carol Wolfgram

CREW ($50)

Rodger & Carol Adams

Mike S:. Tami Aho

James & Tamara Aiken

Phil & Nancy Allen

Harold & Nancy Allsup

Doug Alvey

Eric & Mickey Anderson

Judith Anderson

Charles & Diane Awalt

Dr. & Mrs. Roger D. Aydt

Col. T. Badley

Wesley & Daphne Bailor

Dan & Rosemary Baker-


Joe & Gwynn Bakkensen

Philip & Ann Bales

Richard & Victoria Banik

Daryl & Carole Birney

Robert & Susan Bish

Ann Black

Dennis & Kathy Blaine

Gene & Linda Bock

Fred Borg & Susan Horst

Ron & Sharon Borgardt

Dr. Andrew & Darlene Borland

Kim & Susan Bottles

Brian & Brenda Boyster

Jackie Branch

Don & Glenda Braun

Adela & Thomas Brawner

Mike & Joy Brewer

Chuck & Mary Briggs

Robert & Marjorie BrOl:key

Wanda Brooks

Richard & Lani Brown

Susan Brown &

Meredith Reiley

Troy & Rebecca Brugh

Don & Itha Budde

Huston & Elizabeth Bunce

Thomas Burgess &

Rosalyn Edelson

Sl<ivtJ & Karn11 Du1k.-1

Robert Burkholder &

Cindi Rice

John S. Burlingham

Mac & Rene Bums

Andrew & Maija Carlson

Michael & Judy Carlson

Nancy Carritte

Pat & Laura Casey

Tom Cashman

Don & Pat Cassady

George & Diane Cawthon

Bob & Marcella Chamberlin

Marvin Chapman

Roy & Laura Chen

Joseph Cheng & Jennifer

Michael Barancik & Carlson

Patricia Webber

Stanley & Lois Barber

Douglas & Cheryle Barker

Cindy Barlow & Paul Masin

Yong & Jean Cheong

William Cherau & Laura


Connie Chester

:- - - C-0-L -u r-X B- 1 A- R - 1 v E R - rvi A R - 1 T I ME M u s E u M - -- - - - - ---~--- -- - - - - - -·- - -
Th e Quarte rD ec k, Vol. 36 No. 2

Alice Codd

Mitch & Arlene Cogen

Juanita Colling

Ronald C. Collman

Harry & Yvonne Starr Comins

Thomas & Laurie Connolly

Malcolm & Darcy Cotte

Kaye Mulvey & Les Cowan

Dan & Jo Crockett

Kenton & Kathleen Cruzan

Gabrid & Mariam Cuevas

Joyle C. Dahl

Curtis & Honora Dahl

Neil & Carolyn Davidson

Earl & Lew Dawley

Paul & Regan Dekoning

Walter & Joyce Derlacki

James E. Dickson

Bill W. Dodge

Raymond & Marilyn Dodge

Richard Dominey & Susan


Russell & Marsha Donaldson

Lawrence & Teresa Dorr

Steve Dubb

Stephen & Nancy Dudley

Gerald & Karen Elder

Brian & Linda Elliott

Gerry & Susan Elston

Mel & Diana Emberland

Warren & Cheryl Evans

John Fagan & Jo Reese

Marrene R. Fish

Capt. Donald & Ruth Fiske

Sean & Anne Fitzpatrick

Herb & Tami Florer

Michael & Barbara Glick

David & Jennifer Goldthorpe

Stanley & Darby Gott

Dr. & Mrs. Larry Goza

Peter & Christina Grauff

George & Helena Graves

Stephen & Karen Gray

Mike Green & Wendy Doman

Bill & Janet Greenlaw

G. Joseph & Mary Gregory

Don & Anne Griffin

John & Alta Griffoul

Ron & Karen Grimm

Chris Gustafson

Randy & Jill Hack

Dennis & Sharon Hale

William & Carol Ham

William & Eloise Hanable

Jan Hankerson

David & Robin Hanna

Richard & Frances Hansen

Brian & Susan Hardin

Tige & Peggy Harris

George & Jean Harrison

Sherrill Hartline

Kimberly & Barry Hazel

Rich Hedlund & Pam

Rich & Lori Heemeyer


Ryan & Brandi Helligso

Tom & Shawna Hickey

Gregory & Nancy Higgins

Steve Himes

John & Sherry Hinshaw

Nancy Hoff

Rich & Nancy Hoffman

Susan Holway

Murk Foley & Crnig & Julorn, HulJl-!<lU

Norman Rietveld

Lance Ford & Mary Jansma

Vernon & Nancy Fowler

Bob & Mary Frame

Michael R. Frank

Walter & Joean Fransen

Tom & Linda Freel

Loki & Suzanne Freyr

Glen & Venus Fromwiller

Joan M. Gamble

Tom Gamel & Lorri Trucke

Robert & Janet Gannaway

Richard & Nicki Hudson

Robert & Susan Hughes

Merlin & Geri Humpal

David & Maureen Humphreys

Janice !hander

Don & Glenda Ivanoff

Gary Jacobson &

Marywave Van Deren

Dolph & Frances Jaeger

Bruce & Rita Jamieson

Sarah Jaroszewski & Marc


Kristine Gardner & Robert Jarvis & Elizabeth

George Sims

William & Kay Garvin

Dave & Vicki Gasser


Angela Jeffcoat

Edward Jenkins

Peter Gearin & Dan & Diana Jerome

Susan Trabucco

John & Lynda Gill

Guy & Carolyn Glenn

The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No. 2

Richard & Christine Jesser

Joshua & Amy Jessup

Curt & Rosemary Johnson

Troy & Lori Johnson

Sheila Johnson

Michael & Becky Johnson

Roger Johnson & Bob Girrard

John Kairala

John & Sandra Kalander

Dr. Robert & Rosann

William Karwoski


Arthur & Virginia Kayser

James & Judy Keane

Patrick & Lori Kearney

Terry & Anita Keeney

Donald & Mary Keigher

Korte M. Kelso

Donna & Louis Kennedy, Jr.

Gregory & Debbie Kenney

Glen & Sharon Kenoski

Karen Kenyon & Ralph Wirfs

Edward & Mary Ann Kerber

Stephen Kessler & Alma Wong

Richard & Mary Kettelkamp

Don Link

Jason & Rebekah Linnett

Roy & Bonnie Little

Robert Lockett

Thomas Loran

Mary Lovvold

John L. MacDaniels &

Kathleen Pierce

Blaine Mack

Marillyn Maher

Russ & Cari Mallette

Pat & Mary Ann Manning

Jack & Georgia Marincovich

Josh Marquis & Cynthia Price

Nie & Kathy Marshall

Wallace & Karen Martens

Rosanne & Julian Martin

H. Antonio Martinez &

Kathy Mathews

Hector & Raine Martinez

Michael & Petra Mathers

William Kirby & Loran & Corleen Mathews

Mona Westhaver

Michael & Donna Kirchoff

Greta Klungness &

Chris Paasch

Gary & Connie Kobes

Morris & JoAnn Komedal

Steven Korth & Allie Shriver

Marvin & Mary Ann Krueger

J. David Kruger

Janice Kuzemko & John Prado

Chandra LaCost &

Dozie Smith

Beth Lafleur & Matt Van Ess

Chris & Grace Laman

foff & Cindy Lumpu

Kenneth & Esther Lampi

Charles & Carleen Lane

Cheryl & William Langford

Edward & Gloria Mathews

Tom & Barbara McAllister

Dale & Martha McGinty

Michael & Jean McGonigle

Ray & Anne McGrew

Kevin & Holly McHone

Lorrie McLaughlin

Charles & Pauline Mestrich

Chris & Marlene Mestrich

William & Esther Meyer

Richard & Linda Meyers

Susan Miller

Joan Miller

Andrew & Gianna Miller

Kevin & Nancy Miller

Rodney & Frances Dietrichs


Margo & Greg Mitchell

Mary Langley & Jack & Lucy Mitchem

George Hague

Joe & Judy Leahy

Michael & Lynda Leamy

Warren & Dorothy Leback

Keith LeComte &

Juliet Brosing

Dan & Karen Leedom

Michael & Lisa Leman

Michael & D. Tait Lemeshko

C. Clark Leone

Richard & Shannon Leonetti

Morris & Carol Lillich

Melissa Lindberg &

Sharon Elgin

Gary & Mary Ann Lindstrom

Darrin & Debbie Lingel

Mitch & Toni Mitchum

Edward Moen

Gary & Shelby Mogenson


Don & Anne Morden

Katrina Morrell & Aaron Gassner

Michael & Patricia Morrissey

Ronald Mowrey

Jay & Renae Murphy




Darrell & Kathryn Murray

David Lee & Alexandra Myers

Dennis & Connie Nagasawa

Kent Nairn

Gary & Suzanne Nelson

Virginia Nelson

Walte r & Eleanor Newberg

Capt. Niels & Helen Nielsen

John & Janet Niemi

Gary & Helen Niemi

Larry Nordholm & Gayle


Ronald Nordstrom

Sheryl & Larry Ohler

Robert & Mary Oja

Jerry & Annie Oliver

Herbert D. Olson

Al & Carol Olson

Virginia O'Neill

Paul & Loretta Radu

Phil & Anita Raistakka

Patrick Ramsdell

Michael Ramsdell

Rosalie Ramsey

Nels & Winnie Rasmussen

Brian & Tess Ratty

Douglas & Jeanne Rich

Paul Swinehart

Leif & Marjorie Terdal

Kenneth & Susan Thompson

Denny & Frankye Thompson

Hans Tonjes

Doug & Pat Tormey

Sarah & Kim Townsend

Debbie Twombly & Larry

Cliff & Sue Richard Moore

Jeanette M . Riutta

John & Polly Riutta

Taeryn Robbins

Rich & Joan Robbins

Jan & Irmin Roberts

Alan Robitsch

Roger Rocka & Janet Mitchell

Robert & Kristine Roley

Laura & Patrick Russell

Dean Safley

Mary Onslow & Myron & Bonnie Salo

Wendy George

Donald & Nancy Pachal

Harvey & Janet Packard

Rob & Kristine Painter

Ern ie & Mary Palmrose

Carl & Betty Paronen

Rick & Beth Parrish

Mike & Tammy Payne

Thomas & Tay Sandoz

R .E. Sandstrom

John & Renate Sandstrom

Charles & Sandra Sarin

Chris Schauermann

Raymond & Estelle Scheetz

Ben & Jamie Schluckebier

David & Janet Schmelzer

Tad & Nicole Pedersen H. Elaine Schmitt

Edward & Schatz Perkins

Terry & Pamela Perrine

Lukas & Becca Peter

Mark & Geri Petersen

Richard & Marilyn Petersen

Bob Petersen

Dino & Sonja Petrone

Esther & Rick Pettersen

Martha Phillippi

Robert & Leslie Phillips

M. Diane Piippo

Byron & Diane Pinkney

George & Nancy Plant

Brian & Tiffiny Ploghoft

Barry & Lise Plotkin

Cdr. Robert & Ulla Popp

Richard & Marilyn Portwood

John & Juanita Price

Betsy Priddy

Paul & Eileen Putkey

Fred Schott

Dan & Suzy Sealy

Jim & Carol Servino

Waldemar & Patricia

Harry Shaver


James & Barbara Shaw

David & Ann Shearer

Michael & Jaime Simpwn

Steve & Patty Skinner

Bronner & Jessica Smith

Malcom & Diane Smith

Neal & Laura Smith

Evelyn M Leqve Smith

Barry & Sally Smith

Douglas Sponseller

Murray & Christine Stanley

Richard & Dorothy Stevens

Page Stockwell

Jim & Mary Strickland

Tom & Vickie Stringfield

Dan & Melody Strite

Ray & Patricia Sullivan

Gary & Ruth Sunderland

David & Stacy Sundquist

Dan & Kim Supple

Michael & Barbara Swanson

Bob & Gerry Swenson

Glen & Judi Swift

Warren & Elinor Ulrich

Susan Underwood

Duane & Connie Van Ess

James & Joyce Van Hom

Dale & Charlotte Van


Beverly VanderPlaat

Diana Yelder

S. Frank & Jacqueline Viteznik

Mark & Kristen Vlaun

Capt. Jack & Beverly Vonfeld

Michael & Karin Vorwerk

Ben & Robin Vose

Oliver & Sharon Waldman

Kenneth & Louise Weaver

Chuck & Sandie Weihe

Charles Wells

David & Karin Welsh

Jack & Shelley Wendt

Martin & Patricia West

Jon W. Westerholm

Scott Whiteford

Darrel & LaLayne Whitmore

Capt. Darren Wilcoxen

Lowell & Shirley Landwehr


Bill & Mary Williams

Ro11 & Kirn Williuuw

Gaye Williams

Harvey & Barbara Williamson

Patrick Willis & Julie Cleveland

Branden & Sandra Wilson

David & Mary Wilson

Damien & Katherine Windt

Patrick & Mary Wingard

John & Ada Anne Wolcott

Frank Wolfe & Kathleen Sayce

Jim & Sue Wood

Patrick & Suzanne Workman

Dmitri & Sri (Tuti) Wright

Nicholas & Virginia Zafiratos

Clyde Zaidins

William & Charlotte Zimmerman

ENSIGN ($30)

Laurie Akehurst

Malvena Allen

Denise Allen

Allen County Public Library

Crystal Anderson

Alice C. Ashley

J. William Bader

James Ballou

Fred Barnum

Elaine Bauer

Emil Berg

Carol Berger

Ronald J. Bolin

John Boynton

Michael H Bums

Allison Zoe Cellars

Patrick Corcoran

John A. Cowan

Nigel Cundy

Daniel N. David

Betsy Davis

Dorothy Deacon

Dolores Ducich

Celestine Durham

Janet Easley

Molly H. Edison

Stephen Emmons

Ross Fearey

Sylvia Jensen Fewel

Paula Fisher

John E Goodenberger

Normandie Hand

Edward F. Hargreaves

Patricia Hartle

Blaine Hays

Patricia Heiner

Ella Hill

Lee Hogan

Dan Hogan

Clmdc~ Holuokc

Philip Hubert

Dudley C. Humphreys

David R. Isaacs

Charlotte Jackson

Ruth Jensen

Judy Johnson

Craig Johnson

Dorothy Johnson

Jan Johnston

Bob Kearney

Tim Kennedy

Lisa Kerr

Mark A . Keyser

Trygve Klepp

Thomas Koch

Kevin Kolb

Eric Kosko

Peter Leenhouts

Alex MacDonald

Jennifer Mark

- - - - - - ---------~-
The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No. 2

Anne McAlpin

Patricia McAlpin

Anne McDonald

Neil McGinnis

Gail McKeel

Ken McRae

Shannon Meik

Colleen Menichini

Eva Moore

Brad Mosher II

Jeff Murphy

Philip E. Nelson

Carol Newman

Cheryl Nitz

Brian Noble

Gurie O'Connor

Bart Oja

Robert Olds

Chris Otey

Jim Papp

Joshua Prichard

Donna Quinn

Stuart Rideout

Joanne Rideout

John H. Sargeant

Marilou Sayer

Robert Schwemmer

Andrea D. Sehmel

Jill Smith

S. Specht

Margaret Stevens

Jim Stroup

Sunset Empire Amateur Radio


Nelson Taylor

Shirley Tinner

Nich.ola~ Utzinger

Allan Vaughan

Thomas Voytko

Meg Weaver

Ethel Wilson

Frank M. Wolfe

Marie A Yost

Melissa Yowell


Melody Mackey Allen

Howard Anderson

Rex Anderson

Carlt on Appelo

Katherine M. Astala

Clarence G. Aulenbacher

Jean Barney

Nancy Lee Batchelder

Joan L. Battuello

John C. Beatty Jr.

Samantha Beckett

The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No. 2

Diane Beeston

Barbara Jean Begleries

Jean Bennett-Sabel

Dennis Berry

W. Robert Beveridge

Marilyn R Birkel

Wayne Blake

Robert W. Blake

Margaret Bowerman

Merlin Bowman

Len Ilraarud

David Brooks

Doris Bulletset

Darryl C. Bullington

B.L. Buschlen

Ben Cadman

John C. Caldwell

James Callahan

Joan W. Campbell

Joe Camey

Arthur Chan

Beverly I. Christman

Shirlee Clarke

Daryl Cleveland

Jeanne Clifford

Ron Cole

Norman Creitz

Lyle Cummins

Tim Dalrymple

James Davis

Sylvia Davis

Mimi Davis

JoAnn Dawley

Mary Jane Dixon

Howard Downey

Delora E. Duoos


Nancy Edgar

Alma English

LuAnne Farrar

Tony Farrenkopf

Helen Feldmeier

Patricia M. Fletcher

Robert Flynn

Frank Frost

Pat Fuller

Carol Gearin

E. Marie Gerttula

Linda Giddings

Eberhard W. Giesecke

Doug Gordenier

Beverly Goudy

Nancy L. Grimberg

Charles Grimm

Fred W. Grotjahn

Marilyn Gudmundsen

Bill Gunderson

Beverly Hamilton

Shirley A. Richards

Doris Hay Gertrude Rinell

Daniel Heam

Jack Hettinger

Loren C. Hillman

Nancy Hoover

G. Norman Hoxsey

McLaren Innes

Richard K. Jackson

Dennis Johnson

Peter A. Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Larry Johnson

Gloria Jones

Jan Kent

Luella Kerr

Joan Knapp

Robert N. Kussman

Louise Larson

Gloria Larson

Eileen Leback

Nancy Lloyd

Lee B. Lowenson

Ted Magnuson

Eugene Majerowicz

Melvin N Maki

Caryl D. Mangan

John Markham

Betty Markham

Joan Masat

Muschi Mayflower

Joan K. McCracken

Pat McDonald

Karen Mellin

Ted Messing

Charlie Meyer

Dick Montgomrry

Carol Moore

Ann Morgan

Noanie Morrison

Marjorie Nelson

Edward A. Niemi

Phil Nock

James Ochal

Harlan Olsen

Karen E. Olsen

Ronald Oswald

Ward Paldanius

Tom Parke

Michael Parker

Ruth Parnell

Vianne Patterson

James Pilgreen

Helen Pitkanen

Howard Ragan

Sandra Robinson

William W. Rosenfeld

Patricia Rosenkranz

Karen Runkel

Jerry Sabel

Ted Sarpola

Bob Schoning

Dorothy Scott

Paul Sec

Marjorie Seeborg

Nancy Sells

Richard M. Seppa

Lee Shortt

Terry Shumaker

Edward Smith

Joyce Smith

Ilse D. Spang

Marjorie Spence

Connie Spencer

William B. Sprague

Gordon F.M Stone

Agnar Straumfjord

Lorraine Street

Maureen Sundstrom

Omar M. Susewind

Gloria Swire

Eileen Thompson

Alice E. Thompson

Donald & Joan Webb

Ron Westerlund

John E. Westman

Dede Wilhelm

Phil Williams

Terry Wilson

Ann Wilson

Don Wright

Shirley Randles 21

Laura Reith



Received April 13, 2010-

October 22, 2010

Patricia Alfonse

Bob & Mary Frame

Roy Boyle

Dorothy Boyle

Nicholas Brower

Anthony & Joan Jasumback

Michael Buchman

George Fulton

Mary Couch Robertson Butler

Russell E Hamachek

Mary Becker

Ray Hickey

Jack & Shelley Wendt

Donald M. Hoff

Ward Paldanius

Esther Jerrell

Estelle Duggan

Captain Fred Jerrell

Clifford M. Johnson

Carl & Betty Paronen

Stanley E. Johnson

Robert & Mary Oja

Jose12h W. Johnston

Thron Andrew Riggs

Lee Clinton

Ward & Lois Cook

David & Heidi Fastabend

Susan Johnson

Elizabeth T. Martin

Prudence Miller

June Spence

Ed Steve

Jack & Shelley Wendt

Aubrey Schmidt

Nicholas & Virginia Zafiratos

Chiko Schork

Allan Maki

Lela M. Newell

Hugh Se1212a

Ma'Carry Cairo & James USS Knapp DD-653 Crew John Alstadt


Alden G Clayton LT.

USS Knapp DD-653 Crew

Helen B. Clinton

Lee Clinton

Borghild Selbeck Coleman

Mickey Cox

William & Kay Elder

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hughson

Arliss & Les Wallace

Gail Collins

Ella Hill

Gladys Haglund Duncan

Dor'othy A. Labiske

William Flynn

Lenard & Cynthia Hansen

Idamae Haglund Forney

Dorothy A. Labiske

Robert G. Green

Philip & Joyce Lively

Peter Gula BM2c

Helen King

John Christie

Joan Kirk

Allan Maki

James T. Kirker

James & Rose Reardon

Benjamin Korschot Lt.

USS Knapp DD-653 Crew

James "Ted" Levy FNSN

USS Knapp DD-653 Crew

Roakl G. Luml

Don & Roni Magnusen

Linda Niemelin

Steve & Kathy Johnson

Bruce North

Jerry & Sue Campana

Robbie, Donna, Carly, & Mia


Ham Wallace Philli12s

Allan Maki

Lela M. Newell

USS Knapp DD-653 Crew Robert & Mary Oja

David Pugh

Don & Roni Magnusen

Stephen L. Recken

Bruce & Kristina Berney

Chris & Eileen Antonikas

Mary Becker

John Christie

Scott Collins & Susan

Gary & Pat Deane


Peter & Kathleen Edison

Phyllis E<ly & .Tar.k Grey

Del & Cheri Folk

William C. Foote

George Fulton

Donna M. Gustafson

Larry & Martha Hall

Jim & Anne Holtz

Charlotte Hood

Julia & Phil Kearney

Ken & Dean Kim

Lll,e1ty Mutual Nu1thwest

Elizabeth T. Martin

Dan & Jean Moore

John & Janet Niemi

Jerry Ostermiller & Lynne


Brian & Mary Paaso

Johanna & Bill Padie

Maury & Nancy Plumlee

Brent & Julie Seppa

USG Corporation

Lowell Wiley & Shirley

Landwehr Wiley

Richard Smiley GM3

USS Knapp DD-653 Crew

Arthur L. Smith

Evelyn Leqve Smith

Ham "Skii;mer" Stanton

Jim & Pat Radich

Ginger Steve

Ed Steve

Nancy Thorsness

Jan Faber & Vicki Baker

George Fulton

Donna M. Gustafson

Dick & Betty Huckestein

Nicholas & Virginia Zafiratos

Millie Timmerman

Bob & Mary Frame

Vallory Lee Webb

Gerry Henry

Joan Miller

Gus Phillipakis & Harriet


Milford & Delpha Stevens

John & Sue Wall

Donald & Joan Webb

In Honor Of...

David M. Myers

Elizabeth M. Elston

Kay North's Birthday

Bob & Betty Brumm

Jerry & Sue Campana

Skip & Judy Duke

Jan Faber & Vicki Baker

David & Patricia Miller

Ralph & Linda Scariano

Joan Smith

Robbie, Donna, Carly, &

Mia Sproul

The QuarterDeck, Vol. 36 No. 2




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