V27 N1 The Year in Review 1999-2000: Construction Begins

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Winter 2001 Vol. 27, No. 1 CK
IJV£1 E MVSEU The Year in Review 1999-2000 CONSTRUCTION BEGINS .,,
A review and newsletter from the Columbia River Maritime Museum at 1792 Marine Drive in Astoria, Oregon

From the Wheelhouse


Robley Mangold , Pr eside nt

Cheri Folk , Vi ce Pres

W. Louis Lar s on , S ecre ta ry

Ward C ook , Treas urer

Ted Natt in memoriam

Jerry L. Ostermiller, Exe cutive Director

Bo a rd of Trus t ees

Graham Barbe y Dennis Bjork

Peter Brix*

Richard T. Carruthers * Dan Dutton

Jon Englund

Fred Fields

J.W 'Bud' Forrester, Jr.*mmemonam

Walter Gadsby, Jr.

Alan C. Goudy

E.H. (Ted) Halton , Jr

Don M. Haskell

Senator Mark Hatfield

S. Kenneth Kim

Captain Rod Leland

Don Magnusen

Thomas F. Martin

James McClasky

Duane McDougall John McGowan * Don Morden

Ken M. No v ack

Larry Perkins Jack Schiffer

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Charles Shea

Senator Sid Snyder

June Spence

Joseph Tennant Willis Van Dusen

Bruce Ward

Samuel C. Wheeler Harold Wilde

Ted Zell

Last winter I remember a late-night talk.show host musing about what kind of year we were in for. There was talk of the "New Millennium" and getting rich without working by investing in "tech stocks ." I even remember someone saying we would meet a comet head-on, and the world would come to an end. It was, after all, the "New Millennium."

Aside from putting new batteries in our flashlights, this past year was as far from the end of the world as one could imagine. For the Columbia River Maritime Museum the past 12 months have been nothing short of phenomenal! Our Board of Directors voted to move ahead forcefully with our well thought-out Capital Campaign and begin construction and renovation of the building. Within a month of that decision, we received $500,000 from the Ford Family Foundation and met our $5 million project goal.

Three years of architectural planning resulted in the final construction drawings. We bid the project, value engineered it, and then we rebid it to get the best possible price and the highest quality general contractor. Constrnction contracts have worked their way through rigorous local design review committees. Finally, the long-awaited

permits have been issued. Meanwhile, we are working on research and designs for the new exhibits.

Throughout all this unbelievable extra work, the Museum finished another great year with many worthy accomplishments. We purchased the last remaining pieces ofland from the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railroad. This land will complete the campus that RolfKlep, our founder, only dreamed about. Our tour ship operations have expanded to the point that the City of Astoria is building another addition to the docks. Our visitation has remained strong and our store sales are excellent. Best of all, our educational programs are now reaching thousands of children and adults. These programs are innovative, exciting, thought-provoking, and of the highest quality.

Finally, we have completed another year financially in the black. The conservative, yet forward-looking vision of our Board of Directors has led us through one of our most challenging years ever.

This year will no doubt be remembered as one of our most remarkable. And next year will certainly prove to be even more outstanding. After all, this year was just the first year ofthe ''New Millennium." It is only appropriate, then, that we should be moving full steam ahead.

* Truste e Em eritu s
The Qu arterdeck, Vo l. 27 N o I

2000 in Review

The year 2000 was a year of "firsts" for the Columbia River Maritime Museum. We brought out our first CDRO Ms, our first book, and we celebrated the beginning of our expansion and renovation project with a groundbreaking ceremony. Finally, we reached the $5 million mark for that project.

"BZ CRMM" read the flags on November 17, signaling "Well done, Columbia River Maritime Museum" in naval code. Close to 100 well-wishers gathered on the plaza for the Museum's groundbreaking ceremony, marking the beginning of our long-awaited expansion and renovation project. The Museum will stay open throughout the construction process. In fact, we are showcasing project plans with models and sketches in the lobby and the Great Hall.

With the gift of$500,000 from the Ford Family Foundation, the Museum reached the $5 million mark for the building renovation and expansion. Thanks to several large grants and generous donations from you, the Museum has started construction work on the building as well as the design of four exciting new interactive exhibits.

An American Journey: Photographs fivm the CRR1 Collection is an interactive computer disk (CD-ROM) that uses 250 images selected from the 3,000 photographs donated to the Museum by the Columbia River Packers Association. It tells the history of the fishing industry in Astoria during the 1940s. The CD has proved to be extremely

popular with the public- over 300 copies have been sold to date.

The Museum's other CD-ROM, The Columbia River Bar, tells the story of one of the most dangerous bars in the world through interviews with bar pilots, Coast Guard personnel, and local fishermen. The CD began as an Education Department project,

The Foosteps History project. This project paired ninth-grade students from Astoria High School with Museum volunteers who helped them compile personal recollections from local residents. Anna Henningsgaard, a member of the high school team, took the oral histories and created the CD-ROM. Copies of the CDs are free to educators requesting them.

The Museum teamed up with the University ofldaho press to publish Columbia River: Gateway to the West. Awardwinning author and photographer Carlos A. Schwantes has captured the dramatic history and current personality of the Great River of thf- Wf-st in fast-par,e<l prose an<l stunning photographs. It is a coffee table book par excellence that the Museum is proud to present.

The Quarterdeck, Vol. 27 No. I
p!!\~~~~~'3/'%:T"=- .,_ro, == -~ = ~ ~ro ~ro --

Charting a New Course

from you. It was those individual pledges that created a positive climate for review of our grant applications.

Thanks to your early and continued commitment, we have met our core goal to fund a superb facility. With the momentum we have now, there will never be a better time to add more value to that facility by showcasing it in a setting that it deserves by enhancing the grounds. In addition, as could be expected, costs have gone up since we originally designed the project. As a result, we estimate that we will need to raise an additional $700,000 . Given our past record in raising money, we are confident that we can succeed in meeting this challenge.

Dear Friends and Members,

We are pleased and proud to announce that the Columbia River Maritime Museum has met its $5 million goal for our renovation and expansion project. The recent grant of $500,000 from The Ford Family Foundation, no small feat in itself, brought us up to the mark. Now is the time to celebrate a truly enormous success: we have met an ambitious financial goal in a mere 24 months. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and bring you up-to-date on the status of the Capital Campaign.

Our success in reaching our goal has been partly due to our ability to secure significant grants: $1.2 million from the Meyer Memorial Trust and $500,000 each from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and The Ford Family Foundation. We received those grants because the trustees kicked off the Capital Campaign with individual donations that totaled $1 .3 million. In addition, the Museum received another $1.2 million in individual pledges

We want to thank you again for the help you have given us in meeting our core project goal. We invite you to help us meet this final fund raising challenge so that we can make the Museum a truly world class institution.


On The Cover

Bergerson Construction Co . at work preparing the plaza for the future build ing expansion
The Quarterdeck, Vol. 27 No I
weather and skilled contractors have kept the project on schedule

Treasurer's Report

The following is the report of the financial condition for the Columbia River Maritime Museum's fiscal year, which ended September 30, 2000.

General Operating Fund: This fund experienced revenues of $761,000. Expenditures were $731,000, resulting in a positive balance of $30,000.

Special Projects Fund: This fund reflects gifts and grants given to the Museum for education, new exhibits, and specific programs including An American Journey: Photographs from the CRPA Collection and Columbia River: Gateway to the West. The beginning fund balance was $44,000, which represents a number ofprojects spanning multiple years. Gifts, grants, and interest payments for this fiscal year were $62,000 and expenditures were $67,000, leaving an ending balance of $39,000. Expenditures of these funds will continue through the next fiscal year as the projects are completed.

Capital Campaign: This fund has been established for a major building renovation and new exhibits with a goal of $5 million. As of September 30th, $4,410,000 had been received and pledged for the project.

CRl\1.M Endowment: This endowment was created with funds received from a Charitable RemainderTrustin 1998. Thefundhada market value of $182,000 at the beginning of the year and ended the year with a market value of $232,000. Nine thousand dollars of income were used to support the Museum's general operations, as specified by the donor. These funds are managed by Union Bank of California's Trust Department and overseen by the Trustees of the Museum.

Museum Income Fund: This fund, created in 1993 by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, is used to hold the earnings from the Rolf &Alice Klep Charitable Trust and mirrors that portfolio asset composition. Earnings from the Klep Trust and the Income Fund are used for general operations as specified by the Trust. This fund began the year with a market value of$495,000 and ended with a market value of$240,000. Projects funded from this source were Phase One of the Museum's roofreplacement and acquisitionoftheBurlingtonNorthemRailroad property located immediately north of the old Astoria depot. These funds are managed by the Trust Department ofU.S. Bank.

Rolf & Alice Klep Charitable Trust:

Although this trust is not owned by the Museum, we are the beneficiary of earnings that are transferred to the Museum Income Fund. This portfolio has a current market value of $3,208,000. This trust is managed, with an emphasis on growth and earnings, by the Trust Department ofU.S. Bank, Union Bank of California, and Rutherford Investment Management. During the year, two parcels of downtown commercial real estate were liquidated, and proceeds were invested in short-term, high-grade, fixed income securities.

The Quarterdeck, Vol. 2 7 No. I


This has been an exciting and challenging year for the Curatorial Department. After years of planning, this past year we have completed the packing and moving of about 20,000 artifacts from the on-site collections storage facility. This is all being done so that construction crews can start working on the remodeling of the building. The library has also been closed down and boxed up for safekeeping during the expansion. These have both been huge projects, and never could have been completed without our dedicated team of volunteers who helped us every step of the way.

This past year the department worked on over 250 research questions for the public . This is a number that continues to grow as word of the Museum's large archives travels. As the remodel begins, we have been forced to close down all of our research operations for the next 11 months. When we reopen in the new library, we will be able to accommodate even more access to the collection, including the ability to search the library listing on-line from your home computer.

The Museum's collections continue to grow Many new artifacts have been added and put on display. Some of the highlights include 169 photographs, 17 ship models, 60 books, three ships' bells, three marine engines,

and two new small boats

The Curatorial Department is proud to announce the completion of the Museum's first multimedia presentation . It was released to the public this fall. The interactive CD-ROM,An American Journey: Photographs from the CRPA Collection, features over 250 images from the Columbia River Packers Association operations in Astoria in the 1940s. These images, all scanned into a digital database, have been accompanied by oral history interviews with the people then employed by CRPA. Combined with music from the 1940s the CDs ' are the perfect gift for any history buff

'M '( "' »#
The Quarterdeck, Vol 27 No I


The Education Department's goal continues to be improving existing programs as well as developing new ones to reach a broader audience. The past year was an exciting one. Our Museum in the Schools program presented 199 programs to over 5,000 students. The Department received a cost-share grant from the National Park Service to create an activity book about Lewis and Clark which is being distributed to 4 th through 6th grade teachers in the state.

A major goal for the Museum's education and outreach program is to present the Museum as an educational resource to teachers, students, and the community. This school year the Education and Curatorial Departments partnered with Astoria High School in a year long project with talented and gifted ninth-grade students. Entitled Senior to Senior, the project paired students with seniors in the community to collect oral histories. The Senior to Senior project was made possible through generous grants from Trust Management Services, LLC, and Quest for Truth Foundation.

After the interviews were gathered, the students created web pages from the materials they had collected, which were launched on the Museum's domain. Anna Henningsgaard, one of the ninth-grade students involved with the Senior to Senior project, took this project

one step further and created an interactive CD-ROM, The Columbia River Bar, which is offered free of charge to educators.

The Education Department continues to sponsor the popular Adopt-a-Ship/Adopt-aClass outreach program to local classes. Warrenton Grade School fourth-grade classes have adopted the USCG Cutter Steadfast for the second year in a row. USCG Cutter Alert will be involved with a fifth-grade class atAstor Elementary. The new C.O. of the Steadfast was so excited about this program that the ship will adopt

another class, this one at Gearhart Elementary. This year the USCG Buoy Tender Cowslip has agreed to adopt a middle school class.

The Museum presented many adult education classes this year which were very popular. "Sealore: Seafarers, Sirens & Serpents" was presenle<l by Twilu Sd101iekl. A talk about Hawaiiki by Pat Quesnel was delivered to a packed Kem Room audience. Captain Wayne Stolz talked about the transportation system of the Columbia River Bar Pilots.

The Quarterdeck Vol. 27 No. J

From the Museum Store

Your Museum Store prospered again in 2000. The purchasing habits of the general public indicated an overall confidence in the national economy that translated into purchases of$5.93 per visitor. Total gross sales for the year came to $178,737 . The yearend transfer to the General Fund was $30,500.

The Museum Store strives to provide visitors with the most educational and best quality merchandise . This year's new products include Lewis and Clark woolen throws; a new Lightship Columbia coffee mug; a Butterfly Fleet "floatie" pen; a new interactive CD-ROM produced in our Curatorial Department, An American Journey: Photographs from the CRPA Collection; and our recently published book, Columbia River: Gateway to the West

This corning year brings increased excitement and challenge. Plans for an

expanded Store and the addition of a coffee shop have inspired us to research food service/store combinations, retail sales via the internet, store design, and more efficient inventory systems. The projected 1,400 sq. ft. space also presents merchandising and staffing challenges that require some forethought. As the new Museum Store develops , we hope to simultaneously expand the Store's presence on our website.

The introduction of a food service area into the equation has been an idea that the Museum has experimented with for several years through espresso and hot dog carts on the plaza during the summer months. The prospects appear promising that food service will enhance the museum experience. We look forward to this exciting new opportunity to better serve our visitors.

RAvailable at the Museum Store

Discover the "Great River of the West" through fast-paced narrative and stunning photographs, many taken by the author from the deck of a ship. The ultimate coffee table book for the lover of the Pacific Northwest --past and present.

Columbia River Gateway to the West

L BI ~lte4!'(f§' kl t/ie (()}jfa Qirn1..os AJ<.NAl;Q() $CHWANTE$
The Quarterdeck , Vol 27 No I

Marketing and Public Relations

This year articles about the Museum appeared with great regularity in local newspapers . Our biggest splash came from a front-page story in The Daily Astorian on the Astoria Middle School's visit to the USCG Buoy Tender Cowslip through the AdoptA-Ship/Adopt-A-Class program.

During 2000 , the Department focused on increasing the number of people we can reach by advertising in more regional and statewide media . We also initiated a Zip code survey of visitors to help us more objectively place advertising in the future.

The Museum is now meeting regularly with the Oregon Tourism Commission's Attractions Group, the Portland Oregon Visitors Association, and the Astoria/ Warrenton Chamber of Commerce's Lower Columbia Tourism Committee (LCTC). Partnerships with these organizations allow the Museum to participate in cooperative advertising that otherwise would be cost prohibitive

The article was picked up by the Associated Press and ran in newspapers statewide.

Three other stories ran in statewide media, including an article on the CRPA CD-ROM and the Scuttlebutt Saturday program on scrimshaw.

The Marketing and Public Relations Department's efforts resulted in a total of 229 stories or 2941 inches of free newspaper space worth $41,774 (the cost to purchase the same amount of advertising). This past year we spent nearly $19 ,000 on advertising; however, compared to the total value of exposure gained through press coverage, we got a return of nearly 2 to 1 for our dollar. This conservative number reflects a limited portion of the actual articles that ran .

The Department is continuing a media outreach program where we personally contact individuals in the media. These visits create relationships that help the Museum place information at a minimal cost in a variety of publications around the Northwest. This outreach program, in turn, increases the effect of our paid advertising .

The Museum received a $5,000 grant from the Oregon Tourism Commission designed to increase visitation to the Museum and the north coast of Oregon. The grant helped the Museum develop additional partnerships with the Cultural Tourism Task Force and the Oregon Tour and Travel Task Force, which focuses on attracting group travel to the state The grant also funded an off-season promotional campaign with the Red Lion Inn, which is the kind ofjoint effort the Depmiment hopes to continue to foster.

The Museum participated in the Quality Service Initiative, a state-funded program run through LCTC , to both study and improve tourism locally In addition, Mary Davis initiated and chaired a public relations committee for LCTC. With the assistance of a professional PR agency, the committee developed a press packet promoting the Astoria/Warrenton area .

We anticipate continuing our strong media relationships as well as building more partnerships that will bring the Museum increased recognition and visibility in the future.

M u se um Sta ff:

Russ Bean

Celerino Bebeloni

Chris Bennett

Julie Broughton

Frances Burham

Karen Custer

Betsey Ellerbroek

Josh Gianuario

Churlotte Juckson

Jim Ny berg

Jerry Ostermiller

David Pearson

Sheila Radich

Arline LaMear

Hampton Scudder


Jill Thurston

Zoe Ulshen

Patric Valade

Shelley Wendt Rachel Wynne

Christina Ynung

Th e Qu arterdeck, Vol. 27 No. I

News and Notes

House: Bank of Astoria, The Daily Astorian, and New Northcoast Broadcasters . Nearly 400 people attended an enjoyable Sunday afternoon program of music and children's activities.

T he Qua rt erd eck

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In November, workers moved the 44foot motor li fe bo at, which had been stored at the east end of the building, to the plaza. She will remain there until renovations for the new Great Hall are finished, when she will take her place as the central exhibit in the Great Hall.

U. S. B ank awarded the Museum $18,000 for the Museum in the Schools (MITS) program. The U.S. Bank award will allow the Education Department to expand the area that it can serve.

Q w e st made a $2,000 donation in Hank Heilman's name as his retirement gift. "It is unusual for companies to make donations in the name of an employee," said Jerry Ostermiller, Executive Director of the Museum. "We've worked with Hank over the years and we think he's great."

The Museum would like to thank the sponsors of this year's H olid ay Op en

Wadsworth Electric was one of two recipients of the Oregon Bankers' Association's Community Applause awards for its community service. Wadsworth gave its $1,000 charitable donation to the Museum in recognition of the Museum's work in the community.

Hail and Farewell

We bid farewell to C lau di ne Reh n, Fiscal Officer. We wish her well in her new job with Tillamook County where she now works much closer to her home and family.

Shell ey We ndt is our new Fiscal Officer. Shelley comes to us from the Clatsop County Public Health and Human Services Department.

Silve r " Shy" Fox, Administrative Secretary for two years, also left our ranks. She and her husband moved to Lincoln City where new challenges await them.

We welcome Jill Thurs ton as our new Administrative Secretary. Jill has been an administrative assistant at Clatsop Community College.

We also welcome Trustee Capt. Rod L e lan d, USCG ret. and former Astoria City Manager, who will be serving as volunteer construction manager and liaison to the Board of Trustees.

The Quarterdeck, Vol 27 No I

Thanks to Our Volunteers

Barbara Engbretson

Jon Englund

Amor Estandian

Betty Farmer

Richard F encsak

Cheri Folk Al Gabel


KennyGinn John L. Goodenberger

Peggy Goodenberger Matt Goodrich

Alan Goudy

Nancy Anderson Donna Gustafson

Graham Barbey Evelyn Hankel

Dave Bennett Judy Hansen

James Benoit Jonathan Harms

Lorraine Berg Don Haskell

Beatrice Bergey Senator Mark Hatfield

Roma Bigby Doris Hay

Harvey Black Anna Henningsgaard

Peter Brix EllaHill

Orabelle Bruneau Thome Hilts

Ben Cadman Rich Hoffinan

Courtney Cameron John Holmstedt

Aaron Campbell Scott Holmstedt

Wilma Caplan JimHoltz

John Carlson Paul Jackson

Richard Carruthers Florence Jacobson

Greg Casad Lynne Johnson

Kristy Ann Chamberlain BillKing

Bob Chamberlin HelenKing

Bob Chopping KenKim

Jeanne Clifford Jim Lanzarotta

Jim Closson

Louis Larson

Byron Cochrane Rod Leland

Margie Cochrane Britta Lundin

Lila Collman

Dorothy Comstock

Ward Cook


William MacLean

Don Magnusen

Buddy Custard JimMaher

Luke Cutburth Rob Mangold

LindaDean JoanG.Mann

Irene Drage


Lucille Easley Laura Martin

Jim McClaskey

John McGowan

Hugh McKenna

Dr. Bud McKinney

Jean McKinney Walt McManis Annabell Miller Carol Moore

Anne Morden Don Morden

Jennifer Mortensen

Robert Neikes Gurie O'Connor Dick Olsen Myrna Patrick Larry Perkins Bob Peterson Lori Peterson Earl Philpott BrianPuhl

Carol Ray Charles Ray Peggy Roeser Byron Ruppel Pat Samuelson Jack Schiffer Fred Schott

Freddy Sennhauser Hugh Seppa Jim Servino Ryan Snyder June Spence Yvonne Starr

Frankye Thompson Dan Townsend Willis Van Dusen Matt Weidman Samuel Wheeler

Nancy Wilcox Tom Wilcox Harold Wilde Bill Williams Ted Zell

Our dedicated volunteers donated an astounding total of 5,909 hours to the Museum. We are continually amazed at their energy and commitment. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Chris Bennett, Volunteer Coordinator, at 325-2323.

The Quarterdeck, Vol. 27 No I

2000 Capital Campaign Donors

We want to thank our donors for their invaluable contributions. Their generosity continues to astound us.

Mrs. Viola Abrahamson

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Acton

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Aho

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Aho

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Arnold E. Andersen

Mr. Wesley J. Anderson Mrs. Beverly Aspmo Astoria Warehousing, Inc. Governor & Mrs. Victor Atiyeh

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Austin

Mr. & Mrs. Robert 0. Backlin

Mrs. Anna Mae Baker Bank of America Bank of Astoria

Mr. & Mrs. Graham J. Barbey

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Barrows

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Battles

Mr. Frank A. Bauman, II Mr. & Mrs. Roy Baxter Mr. Glen Bay

Mr. & Mrs. Ike Bay

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Berg Mrs. Beatrice W. Bergey

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Berney

Ms. Virginia L. Beugless

Mr. & Mrs. Max Bigby Jr.

Mrs. Roma Bigby

Ms. Evelyn Billington

Mr. Frank Billington

Dr. & Mrs. Daryl Birney

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bish Mr. C.M. Bishop

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Bishop

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Bisio

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Bleakmore

Mr. Ronald Bline

Mr. Ronald J. Bolin

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Borland Roy & Dorothy Boyle Ms. Kathleen Brady

Capt. & Mrs. Nicholas Brower, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Brown Ernest & Ebba Brown Ms. Muriel Bruning Mr. Robert B. Brunner

Mr. & Mrs. Cebert Bryan

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Buchman

Mr. Gene Buell

Mr. & Mrs. Les Buell

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore T. Bugas

Mr. Darryl Bullington Mrs. Mary C. Butler Louise Ratto Calcagno Mr. Worth Caldwell Andy & Doris Callahan Jim & Judy Capellen Mr. Gerald Capps Mr. & Mrs. Wade Ca1ter Mr. & Mrs. Allen V. Cellars

Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Charlton

Dr. Tzu Sung Chiang Ms. Geraldine Chisholm Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Chopping

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chopping Mr. & Mrs. Chris S. Christensen

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Christie, Jr.

Clark Foundation Mr. Frank L. Clarke

Mr. & Mrs. John Clemson, Jr. Capt. James Clune Ms. Borghild Coleman

Captain & Mrs. Raymond Collins

Collins Foundation

Commercial Adjustment Co. Community Foundation For Southwest Washington Mrs. Laura Comrie Continental Western Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Craig Mr. & Mrs. David Crawford

The Daily Astorian Mr. Tim Dalrymple Mrs. Mary Dant Mr. John G. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Donald De Francq

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. DeArmond

Ms. Linda Dean Mr. & Mrs. Frederic C. Delbrueck

Capt. Deborah Dempsey Mr. Raymond A. Dodge Mr. Robert Drucker Mr. & Mrs. George P. Ducich

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Dudley Ms. Estelle Duggan Mrs. Donna Mary Dukich Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Dukich

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Dunkin Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. James Durkheimer

Mr. Dan M. Dutton Mr. & Mrs. Joe Easley Mrs. Thomas E. Edison Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Eimick Ms. Barhara A. Enghretson Mrs. Freda Englund

Mr. & Mrs. Jon A. Englund Mr. Dan Evans Ms. Sally Holloway Evans Mrs. Betty Fanner Capt. William Farr

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Farrens

Mr. & Mrs. Ed G. Fearey Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Fields Mr. & Mrs. Bob Finzer

Mr. & Mrs. Del Folk

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A.


Mr. & Mrs. L. Samuel Fort Mr. & Mrs. Jack Foster Mr. Michael Foster

Vernon & Nancy Fowler

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fransen

Capt. & Mrs. Mark Freeman Mr. George Fulton

Mr. & Mrs. Hal E. Gardner

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Garman

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Georges

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ginn Ms. Trudy Glein

Frank & Roberta Glenn

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Godsil

Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Goodall Rev. & Mrs. John Goodenberger

Mr. & Mrs. Alan C. Goudy

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Goudy Mrs. Leonora Dart Graham

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Green Jr. Mrs. Nancy L. Grimberg

Mrs. Charlotte Hallaux

Mr. & Mrs. James Hamilton Rev. Edwin Beebe Harris, S.J. Jane & Larry Harris

Mr. Kenneth Harris

Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Harris, III Ms. Maria Louise Harris

Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Harrison

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hart Mrs. Marcella L. Hatch

Ms. Doris Hay

Mr. Edmund Hayes

Mr. Philip Hayes

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Heinz Ms. Evelyn Helmhout

Mr Robert G. Hemphill

Caroline Henderson

Mr. Michael Henningsen Mrs. Elnora Hertig

The Quarterdeck. Vol 27 No. I


Mrs. Ella P. Hill Mrs. Florence Kelly Mrs Richard B Mathiot M r & Mrs. Thomas J. Mr. Loren Hillman Karen Kenyon & Ralph Mr. Eugene Matthews Murray Mr. Charles C. Hindman Wirfs Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Mr. & Mrs. David M. Ms Mary Hiner-Vestal Mr & Mrs. Donald A. Maveety Myers H.J. Hitchman Kessler Captain & Mrs. James RR Donnelley & Sons Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Hjorten Mr. Mike Killion McAvoy Company Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hoff Mr. & Mrs. Fred King Mr. & Mrs. James A. Mr. David Natt Mrs. Jean Irwin Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. James Kirker McClaskey Mrs. Diane Natt Mrs. Mary B. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs . Karl R . Klep Mr. Tod McClaskey Mrs. Hester H. Nau Ms. Libby Holden Mr. Martin Knutsen Mr. Marshall D. McCollum Mr. & Mrs. Harold Nelson Mr. & Mrs. James Porter Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Holtz Kohnstamm McCracken Newberg Mr. Roy C. Hopgood Mr. Leroy Koski Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Mr. Max Nicolai Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. McDaniel Mr. Phil Nock Hudson Kuske Mrs. Anne McDonald Mr. Ronald Nordstrom Mr. & Mrs. Art Huebner Mr. & Mrs . Cliff LaMear Mr. & Mrs. Duane Northwest Natural Gas Mr. Louis Huff III Mr. Kenneth Lampi McDougall Company Capt. Donald E. Hughes Shirley Landwehr-Wiley Mr. & Mrs. George Ms. Sara-Jane Babbitt Hughes-Ransom Mortuary Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Larsen McKelvey Norwood Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Vern 0. Larson Dr. & Mrs. Curtis H. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Jackson Foundation Mr. & Mrs. W. Louis McKinney Novack Eva Marie Jacobs/Robert C. Larson Mr. & Mrs. Arthur McLain LTC. & Mrs. Victor L. Sittig

Mr. H. Kirke Lathrop Mr. Robert E. McNannay Nunenkamp Mr. & Mrs. James Jarvis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Laurion Mr. Ken McRae Mr. & Mrs. Martin Nygaard Mr. & Mrs. Eliot H. Jenkins Capt. & Mrs. Mike Leback Mr. Roger S. Meier Mr. & Mrs. Scotty O'Neal Mr. & Mrs. Al Jensen Richard & Linda Lee Mr. Gilbert Meigs Laurie & James Odlum Mr. James H. Jensen Captain & Mrs. Rod Leland Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. The Oregon Community Ms. Ruth Truman Jensen Mrs. Edith Leslie Merritt Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Curt Johnson Mrs . Florence Lindgren Mr. Steve Merryman Oregon Bankers Association Mr. & Mrs. Dave Johnson Dr. & Mrs Charles Linehan Mr. & Mrs. William Merzke P & C Construction Samuel S. Johnson Mrs. Doris Lofgren Meyer Memorial Trust Mr. & Mrs. Sam Patrick Foundation Lovell Auto Company Mrs. Dorothy R. Mickelson Dr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Mr. & Mrs. Howard 13. Mr. & Mrs. Eugone Lowe Mt:. Annabell Miller Patrick Johnson Mr. Lee B . Lowenson Mr. & Mrs. Clarke P. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mr. & Mrs . Jeffery H. Mr. & Mrs . Dave Lum Mr. & Mrs. Don Miller Patterson Johnson Mr. & Mrs. James Maggert Mr. James Miller Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Mr. & Mrs. Loren K. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dr. Rodney Miller Paulsen Johnson Magnusen Mr. & Mrs. William Milwee Mr. & Mrs. David Troy & Lori Johnson Helen Malarkey Thompson Miss Gainor 0 . Minnott Pedegana Mr. Peter A. Johnson Mr. & Mrs Chris Maletis, Jr. Mr & Mrs Robert R. Mr & Mrs Larry Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs . Bob W. Johnson Malone

Captain & Mrs. Jack Peterson Capt. & Mrs. Robert W. Mrs. Caryl D. Mangan Mitchem Mrs Jean Peterson Johnson The Reverend & Mrs John Mr. & Mrs. Bill Moir Mr. John Philbrook Roger Jolma & Rebecca Mann Mr. & Mrs. Myron Molnau Mr. Earl P. Philpott Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Dr. & Mrs. R. P. Moore Mr & Mrs. John Power Mr. & Mrs. John D. Mannex Major Duffy E. Morgan Mr. & Mrs Wallace L. Karamanos Mr. Donald E Manzer Ellison C Morgan Preble Mr. & Mrs. Jack Keeler Mr. & Mrs. Jack G . Mr. Gary Muehlberg Mr. Ron Keil Marincovich Murdock Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Norman F.Kelley Mr & Mrs. Kent Martin

13 The Quarterdeck, Vol. 27 No. I

Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Quinn Seafarer Memorial

Sunrise Shipping Agency, Inc. Qwest Communications Paul Seamons & Dee Mr. John Supple Ms. Shirley Randles Vadnais Pat Swearingen Mrs. Patricia M. Reese Col. Arnold W. Seeborg Mr. & Mrs. Glen Swift Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Reiser

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Servino Mr. & Mrs. George H. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Richard Ms. Ruth Shaner Talbott Mr. & Mrs. Clarence L.

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Sharp Mr. Joseph Tennant Richrod Mr. & Mrs. James R. Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Tevis Mr. Donald V. Riswick Shea Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Ken Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Ron & Mary Sherriffs Mr. & Mrs. Scott Throm Robnett Evelyn Shirk Ms. Susan Trabucco & Mr. Roger Rocka & Janet

Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Skille Steve Ferber Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Rose E. Tucker Charitable Earl & Mary Rogness Smethurst Trust Mr. & Mrs. Doug Ross Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Smith Ms. Debbie Twombly & Mr. Dr. Philip Ross

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Smith Larry Moore Mr. & Mrs. William A. Ms. Dorothy May Smith Mr. & Mrs. Warren J. Ulrich Rouzie Mr. Jerome G. Smith US Bankcorp Foundation Rutherford Investment Snow Family Foundation Mrs. Marie J. Vandewater Management LLC Mrs. Harvey Somers Mrs. Susanna von Reibold Mr. & Mrs. Roderick Sarpola Mrs. June Spence Mr. Don Waggoner Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mr. James W. Spencer Mrs. Margaret Waisanen Schroeder Mr. Henry Steinbrugge Mrs. Carol Welch Judge & Mrs. Herbert M. Mr. & Mrs. Dean Stickler Mr. Theodore Weller Schwab Mr. Peter Stott Wells Fargo Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sealy Ms. Frances Straumfjord Mr. & Mrs. Sion Wentworth

Museum Recognizes First Supporters

At the groundbreaking ceremony, the Museum recognized individuals who worked closely with Rolf Klep as plankowners: Allen Cellars, Eric Hauke, Mel Hjorten, Bob Chopping, George Fulton, and Frankye Thompson standing in for Margaret Thompson.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Westerberg

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Weston

Captain & Mrs. C. S. Wetherell

Mrs. Coleman Wheeler, Jr. Mr. Samuel C. Wheeler

Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. Whitten

Dr. & Mrs. David I. Williams Mr. Frank M. Wolfe

Mr. Daniel Yates

Mr. & Mrs. James Young Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Ziessler

The Quarterdeck , Vol. 27 No I

Membership and Memorial Donations

New Members Pilot Geraldine Claxton

Bob Nelson October 1, 2000 Mr. and Mrs . StephenA. Mr. & Mrs . Robert M. Oja Mr. & Mrs . George P. December 31, 2000 Forrester Mary Cosmos-Morice Ducich Mr & Mrs Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs John Ducich Statesman Increased Memberships Louise Cosmos-Watts Mr. & Mrs Arthur E. Mrs. Nicki Hopper October 1, 2000 Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Johanson Ensign/Individual December 31, 2000 GenoEttro Lampi Niemi Membership Mr Donald V. Riswick Barbara Carrigan Mr Tyler Friesen Ensign/Individual Mr Walfred Hendrickson BenNiemi Mr. Charles H. Shropshire Membership Brian & Ann Catterall Barbara Carrigan Crew/F amily Membership Mr. E . Robert Nassikas Mr. & Mrs. James Jenison Mrs. Esther Nordlund Mr. & Mrs. Carl Dominey Crew/Family Membership Mr. & Mrs . Eldon E. Mrs. Lucille Perkins Mr. & Mrs. E. Roger Mr. Gary Foster Korpela Curtis Roth Friesen Helmsman Mr. & Mrs. Duane Olson Barbara Carrigan Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hanson Mr. & Mrs. RobertE. Ivey Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Pamela Erickson Mr. & Mrs. Pete Mangold Mr. William Leahy Thompson Kristina Bankston Mr. & Mrs. Doug Peters Mr. & Mrs. Fred William Holaday Gretchen Starika Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stringfield Schuneman Mr. & Mrs. David Hallin Captain Stan Sayer Mr. & Mrs. Chester N. Mr. & Mrs. John E. Walker Ms . EthelMaeihander

Capt. & Mrs. Joseph Wachsmuth, Jr. Boatswain Mr. & Mrs Don E. Link Bruneau Helmsman

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold E . Thelma Johnson Mrs. Laura T. Schroeder Mr. Dan Faulkner Andersen Mr. &Mrs. Orville Myers Mr. & Mrs. Harry Dichter Mr. & Mrs. Donald Skinner Mr. & Mrs. Donald De Edmund Karnofski Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Boatswain Francq Mr. & Mrs. David Hallin Knutsen Mr.& Mrs Christopher Dr. & Mrs. Dale McGinty NickKuluris Ward H Smith Swain Mr. & Mrs. Lonn Taylor Mr. & Mrs . Eugene Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. David Hallin Navigator Pilot Mr. & Mrs. Ward Paldanius Gary Waddell Lindblad Expeditions Mr. &Mrs. GeorgeG. Skou Laila Marie Luthe Mr. & Mrs. David Hallin Commodore Navigator Mr. & Mrs Arnold Curtis, John Wastradowski Mr. & Mrs. James Mack Ms Libby Holden Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Hallin Mr. Allan Maki Mrs. Gertrude M. Oja Louise Watts

Welcome Back to Mr. & Mrs . Hugh A. Seppa Mr. Lars Gjovik

Membership Memorial Donations Mr. & Mrs. James S. Stacy Geraldine Weaver-Nielsen October 1, 2000 October 1, 2000 Ms. Esther Walman Mr. & Mrs. Mervin December 31, 2000 December 31, 2000 Niclaus Marineau Andersen Mr. George F. Beall

Ensign/Individual Kathryn "Kitty" Anderson Mr. Eino M. Mattson Membership Mr. Allan Maki Mr Allan Maki Mr. G. Michael Stanley Robert Samuel Boebert Jerry Ostermiller/Lynne Crew/Family Membership Mr. Donald V. Riswick Johnson Mr. Peter Wilcox Captain Peter F. Buttler Carol McCown Boatswain Mrs. Dorothy Butler Mr. & Mrs. Harry Dichter Mr & Mrs Clarke P Miller Marie Louise Cathcart Helen Myklebust Mr & Mrs. Robert Roeser Mr. & Mrs David Hallin

15 The Quarterdeck. Vol 27 No I


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