V13 N1 Winter 1985-86 The S.S. 'Robert Dollar', San Francisco Bay, Circa 1911

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THE S.S. ROBERT DOLLAR, SAN FRANCISCO BAY, CIRCA 1911 A unique model of the freighter S.S. Robert Dollar was recently added to the Museum's exhibits. That ship marked a milestone in the economic history of the Pacific Northwest when she carried the first cargo of whole logs to Japan in 1912, thereby setting the precedent for a trade that still arouses bitter controversy among Northwest ports and timber interests. Previously, only sawn lumber had been exported to the Orient, but Japanese businessmen then decided to test the economic value of sawing American logs in their own mills. Launched at Glasgow, Scotland in 1911 by A. Rodger & Co., the Robert Dollar was built of steel and powered by a triple-expansion steam engine of 257 nominal horsepower. The engine had a stroke of 48 inches and cylinder diameters of 26, 43, and 72 inches. The ship's dimensions were 410 feet in length, 54 feet in breadth, and 29 feet 9 inches in moulded depth, producing a gross tonnage of 5,356.04. Although operated in the Asian trade out of San Francisco under the management of the Robert Dollar Company, the ship was registered to the Dollar Steamship Lines, Ltd. under the British flag in order to escape U .S. regulation. She was named for her owner, Robert Dollar (1844-1932) . He was a poor Scot by birth who emigrated as a youth first to Canada and later the

United States, working his way up from the very bottom in the timber industry. He expanded into shipping to control his transportation costs, and from a modest beginning with lumber schooners eventually ventured into inter-coastal and transPacific services. The Dollar Line was the largest U .S. steamship company at the time of Dollar's death in 1932, but it soon suffered from poor management and was reorganized in 1938 as the American President Line. The original Robert Dollar was sold to S. Nakamura about 1918 and became the Unkai Maru No. 5 under the Japanese flag . A new and much larger ship bearing the Dollar name was soon launched in Germany . There was also, confusingly, a small steamer named the Robert Dollar II that operated on the upper Yangtse River in China. The Museum's model of the Robert Dollar, donated by Mr. George B. Malarkey of Portland, is a striking and unusual piece of work. It is ten feet in length and was obviously made at the time of the ship's construction for her owner by a professional model builder. The unusual thing about the model is that, although it has a superstructure and rigging, it is actually a half model mounted against a mirror to present the illusion of a {continued on page 2}





FROM THE QUARTERDECK Of the many pictures that hang in the Museum one of my favorites is a colorful oil depicting the wharf and warehouse of the Astoria Farmer's Co-Op painted in 1873 by G .H . Elvin. Towering over the wharf, and almost surrounding it, are the masts, spars and rigging of no fewer than eight ships and barques, all apparently taking on Willamette Valley wheat for export. Flags fly in profusion from nearly every mast. Hands are busy aloft, furling and sending down sails. Derricks are in operation. Out on the river, a sternwheeler approaches the landing, and a husky steam tug bustles along in the foreground as townspeople, out for a constitutional, observe it all from the planked pier. In addition to the artist's charming, unsophisticated style, it is the busyness of the scene he depicted more than a century ago that captures my imagination. Could anyone, in any age, I wonder, not be thrilled by such a sight? And the fact that the building where Elvin's painting now hangs, and where I sit writing about it, was built on the exact site of that once-busy wharf only adds to the picture's appeal. We may never see eight square-riggers together here, as Elvin did. But, thanks to Burlington Northern railroad and others, this historic part of the Astoria waterfront will once again be alive with the comings and goings of ships and boats on the river. Last summer Burlington Northern donated to the Museum three acres of submerged land lying immediately to the East of the Museum building. On that site the trustees have determined to construct a pier and a large float to provide moorage for visiting historic ships and to serve as a base of operations for Museum-sponsored small craft activity and related events. Michael Naab, Director

A new mandatory curriculum dealing with the importance of water uses will be required in Oregon grade schools by the State. Oregon State University's Marine Science Center at Newport is responsible for putting together this curriculum, and they have asked the Museum's education department to develop a unit for them on the evolution of water transportation on the Columbia River. Museum Education Coordinator Richard Fencsak intends to emphasize the great changes brought about on the river by advances in marine propulsion from the days of the Indian and fur trader canoes to modern freighters and towboats. The completed curriculum unit will include both textual and audio-visual material and will be distributed throughout Oregon by education service districts.

HUNDREDS ENJOY HOLIDAY MUSIC AT THE MUSEUM Our fourth annual Christmas music program was presented in the Great Hall of the Museum on Sunday, December 22nd. This event has become very popular and was attended this year by several hundred people during the course of the afternoon-long free concert. The program featured an unusual blend of music ranging from traditional carols and classical to a West Indian-style steel band. Performers included: Jennifer Goodenberger, Janet Bowler, the Astoria Tuba Quartet, and the Grace Episcopal Church Choir (all of Astoria); Mark Goodenberger of Portland; and Seattle's Bakra Bata' steel band.

THE S.S. ROBERT DOLLAR (CONTINUED) complete model. The mirror used was silvered on the front in order to better maintain this illusion. Had an ordinary mirror with the silver on the back of the glass been used, then a gap equal to the thickness of the mirror's glass would have appeared between the model and its reflection. Other examples of such models exist, but they are relatively rare, and this writer has never seen another as large as this one.

Overall view of the model

Detail view of Robert Dollar model from back with mirror removed to show construction method; main hull is single piece of wood hollowed out for lightness.

MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS, OCTOBER 1 - JANUARY 17, 1986 RICHARD W. AHO Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Hissner Mrs. Elsie Jarvinen Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Clyde H. McIntyre Mr. & Mrs. Donald Riswick Miss Adaline Svenson Miss Leila Svenson Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen Mrs. J.A. Warren STELLA ALLEN Mr. & Mrs. Robert Palmrose LYDIA B. ANDRICH Mr. & Mrs. Charles Guslafson DAVID G. ARNOLD Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Mund RAY ARNOLD BASEL Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Friedlien Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gustafson FRANK BAUMAN JOSEPHINE C. BAUMAN Mr. Frank Bauman, II MINNIE BELEW Northwest Fishermen's Wives HERBERT N. BRALEY Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L' Amie Mr. & Mrs. Elton Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jensen Mrs. Elsie Osterlund HARRY JAY BROWN Mrs. Ferne Morse Reynolds AMOS ARNOLD BURCHETT HELEN BURCHETT Mrs. Clara E. Miles WAYNE BURKHOLDER Mr. Dennis Boyle & Family Mrs. Clara E. Miles Mr. & Mrs. James O'Connor Mr. & Mrs. Willis Van Dusen PETER F. BUTLER Mrs. Dorothy G. Butler RICHARD V. CARLESON Mrs. Edith L. Randall DAGMAR CRONEN Mr. & Mrs. Dale Estoos Mrs. Sylvia Mowrey "JACK" JOHN H. DART Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Graham ROD DOIG Mr. & Mrs. Norman Forney

PETE FOWLER Northwest Fishermen's Wives

ARNE H. JUOLA Mr. & Mrs. E. Orwick

Mr. Dennis Boyle & Family Mr. Wolfred Degernas Mr. & Mrs . Robert Engblom Mr. & Mrs. Walter Grove Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hauke Mrs . Mabel Herold Mr. Nick Jurasin Mr. & Mrs. Don Kumpula Mr. Ronald Larsen Mr. & Mrs. Walt Larson Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Maxson Mrs. Sylvia Mowrey Ms. Anna O'Bryan Mr. & Mrs. James O'Bryan Ms. Jean O'Bryan Mr. & Mrs. Ted Savala Mrs. Elsa Simonsen Mr. & Mrs. Art Stromsness Mr. & Mrs. John Syvanen Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wolfgram

EINO S. JUOLA Mr. & Mrs. James O'Connor

VERNER V. LINDGREN Mr. Robert G. Hemphill

EARL HENRY KECK Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Carl Labiske Mrs. Jordis Tetli

CHARLES ALBERT MARKHAM Mrs. Nora S. Bue Mr. & Mrs. Jon C. Kaino Mr. & Mrs. George Webber

ALICE KLEP Frank & Ann Prince

VERLA MONNES Mr. & Mrs. George Abrahamsen Mr. & Mrs. Tom Georges, Jr.

SARAH HAUKE FRANSON Mr. & Mrs. Don Riswick Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Ross ITOL DART HEATH Mr . & Mrs. Theodore Graham THEODORE HOLWAY Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen HONEYMAN FAMILY MEMORIAL Mrs. A.A. Honeyman Mr. & Mrs. Stuart A. Honeyman Mrs. Barbara Honeyman Roll

URHO KOSKI Mr. Charles W. Hoell, Jr. CORINNE KNAPP Mrs. Barbara J. Halderman Mr. & Mrs. John S. McGowan

KENNETH HERSCHEL MOSS Mr. & Mrs. Jim Black Mrs. Esther A. Breckenridge Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Fick Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. Paronen

RALPH DAVID LAMB Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stoner

ROBERTA J. McMANUS Mrs. Frank Steiner

CHESTER LAMONT Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen

MARY "MOLLY" DEVEREAUX McCALL Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gadsby, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Wyatt

LLOYD R. LARREMORE Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Maki ENGA LAUSCH Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gustafson EDNA L. LEMPEA Ms. Lou Ann Aldrich Mr. Larry Anderson Ms. Marilyn Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Milton Herold Mrs. Vernon A. Larson Mr. & Mrs. Claude L. McCully Mr. & Mrs. Wm. C. Perkins, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Gene Rexrode MADELINE P. LESLIE Mr. & Mrs. Raiph Abrahamson Mr. & Mrs. Ray Ala Astoria Plywood Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Delmer Boman

URHO TOIVO PASMA Mr. Roy Aspen Jody Burkholder Ronnie Burkholder Columbia River Fisherman's Protective Association Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Curtis Mr. Ed Grotting Mr. & Mrs. Gunnar Helligso Mrs. Geraldine Henry Mr. & Mrs. Arnie Jones Mr. O.A. Kiminki Mr. Henry Koski Mrs. Lillian LaBeck Mr. George Laine & Family Mr. & Mrs. Rick Larson Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lovvold Mr. & Mrs. Ragnar Norgaard Mr. & Mrs. Bart Oja Mr. & Mrs. Robert Oja Mr. & Mrs. Alex Telen

MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS (CONTINUED) ROLAND MARSTON PAYNE Ms. Marian L. Holt PEARL PESCHL Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr . & Mrs. A.J. L' Amie ELANA PESONEN Mr. & Mrs . Walter Grove Mrs. Ila Rae Juola Mr. & Mrs . R.A. Mund Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen JEAN P. PFUND Mr. & Mrs. John R. Warila WILLIAM E. RINELL Mr. & Mrs. Roy Aspen Ms. Cecile Beamer Mrs . Mardell Brugh Mr. & Mrs. Don Brunner Mr . & Mrs. Wallace Carlson Columbia River Fisherman's Protective Association Mr. & Mrs . Wm. Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs . O.E. "Bud" Elliott Mr. & Mrs . Erland Fahlstrom Mr. & Mrs. Ray Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Russell Haerer Mr. & Mrs . A.V. Hilton Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hogeland Mrs. Ailie Huhtala Mr. Herb Hyvari Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Hyvari Mr. & Mrs. G.G. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Iver Johnson Mr. Walter I. Josephson Mrs. Anita Kankkonen Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Korpela Mr. & Mrs. Toivo Kuivala Mr. & Mrs. Ken Lampi Mr. & Mrs. Walt Larson Mr. & Mrs. Carl Lofgren Mrs. Dorothy Martin Ms. Ethel E. Nelson Mr. Philip L. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Henry Niemi Mr. Robert Nikka Mr. & Mrs . Curtis Olson Mr. & Mrs. James Rainey Carmel L. Ranta Mr. Bob Reiter Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Rine!! Ms. Anna Roberts Mr . & Mrs. Dan Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Roberts Mrs. Sylvia Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rova Mr. & Mrs. George Siverson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sorensen Mr. George Strom Ms. Dorothy A. Tienson Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tolonen Miss Margaret Tolonen Miss Rose Tolonen Mr. & Mrs. John Warila Mrs. Marge Waisanen Mr. & Mrs. Swen W estersund

ALEX SARPOLA Mr. & Mrs. Willard "Buck" Caspell Mr. & Mrs. Trygve Duoos Mr. & Mrs. Oren Frerksen Ailie Haines Mr. O.A. Kiminki Mr. & Mrs. William Malmberg Mr . & Mrs. Eino Mattson Mr. & Mrs. Bud Morrow Mr . Albert Nikka Mr. Robert Nikka Mr . & Mrs. Arvi Ostrom Mr. & Mrs . Bud Painter Mr. & Mrs. C.L. Painter Mr. & Mrs. Norman Painter Mrs. Sylvia E. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Ari Severson Ms. Anne A. Silver Mr. & Mrs . Leverne Truax Mr. & Mrs . Fleming Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wolfgram THEODORE E. SAVOLA Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Belcher Fernhill Progressive Club Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Hughes Ms. Nannie A. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Ragnar Julin Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Kairala Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Knudsen Mrs. Dorothy Leslie Mr. & Mrs . Fred Leslie Mr. & Mrs. Dick Lindstrom Mr. & Mrs . Luukinen Mrs. Sylvia H . Mowrey Ms. Anna O'Bryan Pacific Northwest Bell Mrs. Elsa Simonsen Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wolfgram MAX SCHAFER, JR. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Hitsman Mr. & Mrs . Perry Nordmark FLORENCE DAHLGREN SCOBLE Mr. & Mrs. Roger S. Brooks Mrs. Shirley Brooks Cole CHARLES SMITH Ms . Lorraine Leahy Mr. & Mrs. James O'Connor KATE TOLONEN STEVENS Mr. Dennis Adrian Mr . Osmo Adrian Mrs . Venla Tolonen Adrian Mrs. Alice M. Harvey Mrs . J.A. Hill Mrs. Viola Kononen Mrs. Fanny Leethem Mr. & Mrs . Henry Niemi Mrs. Elsie Olson Mrs. Inez Risto Mrs. Anna Sarkie Mrs. Elsa Simonsen Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. Tolonen Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Tolonen Miss Margaret Tolonen Mr. & Mrs. Paul 0 . Tolonen

Miss Rose Tolonen Mr. & Mrs. John R. Warila Ms. Margery Warila E. DEWEY STOUT Mr . & Mrs. Trygve Duoos ALEXIS T. TERRIO Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haskins EFFIE TENNANT Mr. & Mrs. A.J. L' Amie PAUL DENNIS "CASEY" THOMPSON, III Mr. Greg Cruzan Mrs. Lois Cruzan Mr. & Mrs. F.M. Ginn Mr. & Mrs. H.W. "Brick" Grayum Mr. & Mrs . Charles Gustafson Mr. Charles E. Haddix Mr. & Mrs . Coleman Harris Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harris Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Korpela Ms. Mary Kuski Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Long Ms. Ellen Kuski Moody Mr. & Mrs. Clint Renney Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Schain Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sommerset Mr. & Mrs. Richard Workman KURT W. TONJES Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bondietti Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Brown Mr. Otto Browning Mr. & Mrs. Mel Coffin Mr. & Mrs. Palmer Henningsen Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Mund Mr. & Mrs. Robert Robitsch Mr. & Mrs. Mark Youtsler LONA TOWNSEND Clatsop Property Management, Inc. WALTER M. TUBBY Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Brown ART TWILLEY Honeyman-Brink Company VELMA VLASTELICIA Mr. & Mrs. Dale Estoos CAROLINE S. YOUNG Ms. Hilda Andersen Mr. & Mrs. Charles Farmer Mrs. Ila Rae Juola Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Knutsen Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Mund Mr. & Mrs. Charles Simpson MABEL YOUNG Mr. & Mrs . R.A. Mund



A potluck dinner for the Museum's volunteers and staff will be held in the Museum on Friday, February 28th at 7:30 p.m. Such dinners are held a couple of times each year with the objects of recognizing the vital contributions made by intrepid volunteers to our operations, and of providing an opportunity for the volunteers and staff to gather in a relaxed atmosphere of good fellowship to become better acquainted with those who work in other areas of the Museum. If you have time to do volunteer work, let us know, and you too could qualify to join this noble band!

The Board of Trustees has approved creation of a new associate curator position on the staff. The associate curator will assist the curator (who is also responsible for registration, librarian, and editorial duties) in processing the increasing volume of information requests and donations to our collection that have resulted from widened awareness of the Museum's quality, following the opening of our new building in 1982. The Museum is already reviewing the credentials of numerous well qualified applicants, and we should have the new associate curator "on board" before the end of spring .

SPECIAL GIFTS & CONTRIBUTIONS, OCTOBER 1 - DECEMBER 31, 1985 Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Mr. William F. Hemphill Mrs. Helen E. Koski

Mrs. Wenona Dyer Martin Mrs. Marguerite S. Moyer

NEW MEMBERS, INCREASED SUPPORT (*), OCTOBER 1 - DECEMBER 31, 1985 LIFE Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Lynch, Vancouver, WA Mr. George Malarkey, Portland Mr. George E. Siverson* Mr. & Mrs. John W . Swanson Mr. Thomas J. White, Portland* SPONSOR Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Warren, Portland* PILOT Mrs. Cathrine S. Boyce, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Carruthers, Jr., Warrenton* Mr. Alan Green, Jr., Portland* Mrs . Helen Utti SUPPORTING Mr. & Mrs. Sam Absher, Gearhart Mr. & Mrs. F. Clair Brown, Portland* Mr. Kenneth R. Campbell, Cannon Beach* Mrs. Catherine Honeyman Engmark, Los Altos, CA* Mrs. Walter H . Evans, Portland* Mr. & Mrs. Roland T. Fisher, Lake Oswego* Hees Enterprises, Inc., Portland CDR & Mrs. Heinrich Heine, Gresham* Ms. Darlene Koskela* Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Larsen* Mr. & Mrs. David C. Meyer, Sherwood* Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mulvey, Seaview, WA* Mr . & Mrs. Robert L. Myers* Mr. & Mrs. Dana Olsen, Portland* SUSTAINING Mr. Frank A. Bauman, II, Portland Mr. Richard T. Charlton, Gales Creek* Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Goldman, Portland Mrs. Bernice J. Hoffman, Hood River*

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

& Mrs. Peter R. Kelleher* Peter Koerner, Portland* Dennis Larson & Mrs. Paul E. Nau , Portland*

CONTRIBUTING Mr. & Mrs. Lee Anderson* Mr. & Mrs. Victor Berger, Warrenton* Mr. & Mrs. Paul Benoit* Mr. Vern Blomquist* Mr. Thomas J. Clune, Portland* Mrs. Lois E. Cruzan Mr. Dale Friedeman * Gannaway Brothers Jewelers, Warrenton* Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gauthier Dr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Honl * Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hovden* Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd C. Howell* Mr. & Mrs. M.J. Hughes* Mr. & Mrs . Richard Hurley Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Landwehr* Mr. Allen B. Litwiller, Cannon Beach Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lovvold * Mr. & Mrs . Lay Martin, II* Capt. & Mrs. James McAvoy* Mr. & Mrs. W.J. McGowan, Seattle, WA* Mr. & Mrs. Guy E. Paxton, Long Beach, WA* Mrs. Carol Calder Povey, Nehalem* Mr. & Mrs. Robert Robinson, Ilwaco, WA Mr. & Urs. Clyde Sayce, Ocean Park, WA* Mr. & Mrs. Leaman J. Sullivan, Manzanita Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tuveng* Mrs. Janeice Uhl* Mr. & Mrs . Richard E. Warren, Seattle, WA ANNUAL Mr. L. Paul Barkman Mr. & Mrs. Warren H. Bean, III, Yakima, WA

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Bostrom, Rainier Mrs. Margaret Bowman, Cannon Beach Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bruner Ms. Susan Brown Mrs. Nancy Ann Carruthers, Warrenton Miss June Spencer Cook Mr. & Mrs. Donald Davis, Vashon, WA Mr. & Mrs. Mark Doucette, Tillamook Mr. & Mrs. Matt DuFresne, Kirkland, WA Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ells berg Mr. Tim Fastabend Mrs. Mary K. Flint Ms. Barbara Gedney Mrs. Ray Gordon, Milton-Freewater Mr. Mathew Higgins, Hammond Reverend Richard Huneger Mrs. Helen Koski Miss Nancy Lloyd, Long Beach, WA Mr. & Mrs. L. D. Mathae, Warrenton Mrs. Marguerite S. Moyer Mr. Bud (Alan) McCune Mr. James McPhee, Molalla Mr . & Mrs. Tom Orwick Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Page, Portland Mr. Henry R. Parrish Mrs. Henry Puusti Mr. James Radich Mr. John Reiley Mr. Dave Robinson, Rockaway Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Rosenberger, Warrenton Ms. Margaret Ann Rothman, Portland Mrs. Dorothy B. Shannon, Warrenton Mrs . Joseph L. Thompson Mr. Mike Treder Mr. James Trick Mrs. Petra M. Vincent, Seaside Mr. Arne A. Wainamo, Naselle, WA Mr. & Mrs. James Whittlesey, Cannon Beach Mr. Carl Wieseke, Eugene Mr. & Mrs. Foy D. Witbeck, Jefferson




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$1,000 single payment


$50 per year


$500 per year


$25 per year


$250 per year


$15 per year

$100 per year


$7.50 per year


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A MARITIME WHAT'S-IT This picture of an intriguing, if somewhat perilous, looking craft was donated a couple of years ago among a group of photographs taken by Leslie 0 . Hale (1898-1946), a professional photographer who worked in Portland and Seaside. The exact date and place were not identified, but the Seaside vicinity seems likely. The vessel's name seems to be the Dyne, and the sign on her side proclaims, "Surf Ride, ½ Hr. 50' ." We would be obliged to anyone who can provide some additional history on this unique boat .




Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE

PAID Astoria, Oregon Permit No. 209

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