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Founding President Dr. James C. White passing the torch to current President Aislinn Doyle

Dr. Kim (current President of the World Bank) presenting the Martin Luther King Jr. Emerging Leader Award to Mariposa co-founder Jessica Lawson

W e began the year 2012 by celebrating our co-founder,

Jessica Lawson, who was awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice Award for Emerging Leadership from her alma mater Dartmouth College. We ended the year with our annual holiday celebration under seven thousand feet of Christmas lights at the brand new Mariposa Center for Girls in the Dominican Republic. The months in between were filled with achievements of grandeur. We said goodbye to our founding president, Dr. James C. White and welcomed Ms. Aislinn Doyle. We were joined by two new Advisory Board members: Nell Newman, founder of Newman’s Own Organics, and Renee Grant-Mitchell, retired Chief Specialized Services Officer of Chicago Public Schools. We experienced tremendous growth, increasing our financial support by 30% and growing our program capacity by 200%! Although the task at hand often seems overwhelming - “educating and empowering adolescent girls to end generational poverty”the outlook is not grim. Our achievements are reflected in the following pages. The Mariposa girls are a testament to young girls all over the world who remain the most underserved segment of society. Here on our little island we are revolutionizing our culture. It is a magnificent time to lend a hand. Thank you all for being there. Sincerely, Patricia Thorndike Suriel Spectacular Christmas celebration with Christmas dinner donated by Governor Eridania Llibre Jimenez of Puerto Plata.

Building a Model for the World: The Mariposa Center for Girls Located on a highly visible 5000 m2 plot of land in the heart of our community, stood a rundown, dilapidated school that had been abandoned for three years. It needed massive amounts of cleaning and repairs, but we couldn’t ignore the potential of what could be done with this beautiful piece of property. Situated on the main road, right at the entrance to La Cienega, the largest Dominican and Haitian neighborhood in our area, we envisioned it being the perfect place to create The Mariposa Center for Girls. We are proud to say that with a generous loan from the Dunn Family Charitable Foundation in November 2012, we were able to purchase the land and began to build our vision. The girls, their families, volunteers and community members all pitched in right away to get the property in good enough condition to move in. Just one month after purchase, we were at home. We have a long way to go; however the difference for the girls in having their very own space to grow and play could be seen immediately.

A First Rate Facility That Inspires Achievement We’ve put forth a three-phase development plan over the next five years that will build out the property to include a visitor’s center, accommodations for volunteers and service learning trips, a tennis court, skate ramp, swimming pool, two libraries, academic classrooms, gardens, a computer lab, vocational training studios and more! Our innovative center will attract visitors from all over the globe. A place where volunteers, educators and girl champions can share knowledge on how empowering girls will lift entire families out of generational poverty. The Mariposa Center for Girls will be a model for the world. It will be an amazing transformation that will instill pride in our girls and in our community.


In 2013 we began a capital campaign to raise $500,000 over the next five years to pay off our property loan and re-imagine the property into a beautiful, state of the art facility for girls.


Mariposa girls with Doña Dede Mirabal in Puerto Plata at the inauguration of the Mirabal monument on the North Coast.



ell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

We believe that gathering knowledge through direct experience is a great way for children to learn. The schools in our community are severely under-resourced, and the experiential learning component of the Mariposa curriculum supplements traditional classroom based learning with activity, adventure and reflection. In 2012 the Mariposas went on 22 field trips throughout the Dominican Republic and collectively dedicated more than 1,000 hours of community service! We expose the girls to new viewpoints, as well as train them to be experts on available resources in their own community. We empower them by making regular trips to the nearest city so they learn where government offices, health clinics and women’s resources are located. Experiential learning creates the space for young girls to emerge as leaders, and community members are turning to them for knowledge and insight.


The best way to commemorate the horrors of the past, he told me in Spanish-accented Creole, is to stop the injustices of the present.” From “Nature Has No Memory” by Edwidge Danticat

Mariposa volunteers and staff with Author Julia Alvarez


October 2012 marked the 75th anniversary of the 1937 Haitian Massacre In addition to sharing an island, the Caribbean nations of the Dominican Republic and Haiti also share a painful history. In October 1937, Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina ordered what US Ambassador, R. Henry Norweb, described as “a systematic campaign of extermination.” Thousands of Haitians and their Dominican-born descendants were killed in one of the worst massacres in history. In 2013, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of this terrible tragedy and continue the healing process, a cohort of activists, artists, students, teachers and community members came together for the first annual “Border of Lights.” The three-day event took place in Dajabón on the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, with activities taking place on both sides. The Mariposa DR Foundation felt that it was important for our girls to participate in this historic event and we were able to bring the oldest group of Mariposas to take part in an art installation, peace talk and memorial service. The girls marched in a candlelight vigil to the river that forms the physical barrier between the two countries. Mariposa Board Member and acclaimed author Julia Alvarez marched with the girls and did a reading of the poem that she wrote specifically for the event. The vigil ended with participants on the Haitian side of the border releasing floating lanterns into the river as all participants sang together. It was an incredibly emotional experience, and a historic bridging of the two countries and cultures that we will never forget.




2012 was a landmark year for education initiatives at The Mariposa DR Foundation. With the help of some amazing donors and the championing of Advisory Board member Renee Grant-Mitchell, six of our girls were granted academic scholarships to CADIN, a local private high school. The girls immediately thrived in their new environment and all ended the first semester with straight A’s! On average, girls with higher levels of education are more likely to participate in the labor force, engage in paid employment, earn more for their families over their lifetimes, and have healthier children who stay in school longer. (UN Millennium Project, Taking Action: Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering Women (Sterling, VA: Task Force on Education and Gender Equality, 2005)). Girls receive a higher economic return on investment in education than boys, and there are especially high wage gains from secondary education for girls. Female secondary education has an 18 percent return in the form of eventual wages, compared with 14 percent for males. In addition, girls with secondary schooling are up to six times less likely to be married as children than those with little or no schooling. (Ruth Levine et al., Girls Count: A Global Investment & Action Agenda Reprint (Washington, DC: Center for Global Development, 2009)).

We are on a mission to get all of our girls through high school. Contact us at to find out how you can support our scholarship fund.



HEALTH AND WELLNESS Physical activity and organized sports are essential to the health and well-being of all children, but especially girls. In addition to physical wellness, exercise improves learning, memory and concentration, giving girls the extra edge they need in the classroom. In the town of Cabarete, Dominican Republic, water sports rule. Girls are often left out of community events and employment opportunities because instead of being out on the beach learning to kite or surf like the boys, they are at home fulfilling domestic responsibilities. The Mariposa DR Foundation is changing this. In 2012 we worked intensely with nine girls to train them for participation in one of the biggest community events of the year, the annual Butterfly Effect. For six months, the Nautical Nine completed an advanced swimming course and learned to kayak, surf and one even learned to kite surf! The Butterfly Effect is an international series of water sports events designed to empower women. This event is huge in Cabarete and until now, no local Dominican girls were participating. The Nautical Nine worked tirelessly to get ready and thanks to some amazing sponsors, the girls were able to participate in the event.





KITEBOARDING Nautical Nine: In preparation for the 2012 Butterfly Effect event nine Mariposas participated in an intense water sports training program. The girls were given advanced swim lessons and taught to kayak and surf. Thanks to their hard work and some amazing sponsors (Kayak River Adventures, Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding, 321 Takeoff & Cabarete Coffee Company) the girls were able to successfully complete the event and then continued to improve their skills during our fall programming.


2012 Health Highlights:


• • • •

200 eyes tested and 9 pairs of glasses distributed 100 dental appointments, over 150 cavities filled Medical clinics for Mariposas and their families Education about health rights and resources

The Bed Project Sleep is as important as food and water, essential to normally functioning minds and bodies. “Inadequate sleep not only makes us tired, but it can make it difficult to concentrate, to learn, and to control our impulses and emotions.� - US Department of Health and Human Services. Chronic sleep deprivation is a serious health problem for all children living in extreme poverty, and their education suffers as a result. We can provide school scholarships, safe transportation, uniforms, books and supplies, but if a child is going home every night to sleep on a rat-infested mattress on a dirty floor with 3 siblings, they are not getting good sleep and this will inevitably affect their mental and physical health and impact their ability to perform at their best in school. In 2012, with the help of some incredible volunteers and donors we took tremendous strides in solving this problem. We delivered more than 70 brand new beds, mattresses, sheets and pillows to the Mariposa girls and their families.


At the Mariposa DR Foundation we work to create connections among all valuable community resources so we can ensure that all of our girls’ needs can be addressed. We pride ourselves on partnering and collaborating with local, like-minded organizations and initiatives to change the lives of those born into poverty in our community, country, and the world.

Paulina Perez, Director of Puerto Cabarete Public School with her daughter.

Mariposa Brings Solar Energy to the Oldest School in Cabarete Investing in the infrastructure of local schools is a core initiative at The Mariposa DR Foundation. Our public schools serve the entire community and when everyone can benefit from an organization for girls, our work is noticed and supported. In 2012 Mariposa facilitated the largest donation made to a public school in Cabarete’s history, and together with Soluz Dominicana brought solar power to Puerto Cabarete Public School. Puerto Cabarete Public School supports more than 1,000 students every day, including the only high school program available in the entire town! High school classes are held in the evenings and often there was no electricity, making it impossible for the students to learn. Over the past four years we have used the space at Puerto Cabarete for summer camps, parent meetings, Saturday programs, special events and more. It’s an important space for everyone in the community and we are thrilled to be part of affecting positive change for this school.


4th Annual Christmas Fair! The 4th Annual Mariposa Christmas Fair was held on the grounds of our brand new Mariposa Center for Girls. Over 50 local vendors, artisans, and businesses came together to support the organization and the work we’re doing in the Cabarete community. With hundreds of people arriving to shop, check out the new center and just have fun, this year’s Christmas Fair was an incredible success!

Local Organizations and Initiatives we LOVE: 3 Mariposas Montessori Ruth Plaut Kindergarten and Community Center CEPROSH CADIN Puerto Cabarete Public School Punta Cabarete Public School The Butterfly Effect Kiters 4 Communities Kiteboarding 4 Kids Kiteboarding 4 Girls

Kiteboarding 4 Kids – A Mariposa Girl Wins! In last year’s report we published a success story about a young girl named Mabreidy who overcame a fear of the water and learned to swim. Her next challenge was to learn to kite board. We are happy to report that Mabreidy is now kiteboarding and can often be seen riding the afternoon waves on Cabarete Beach. This year Mabreidy participated in Kiteboarding 4 Kids, an annual charity competition to support children in the Dominican Republic, and won a prize! We couldn’t be more proud of her and are working hard to get more Mariposa girls out there on the water.

Monkey Jungle The Peace Corps Cabarete Fútbol





The 2012 Mariposa Girls’ Summer Leadership Program was an incredible success! With the help of 18 local and international volunteers, as well as some incredible community partners, the Mariposas had the time of their lives! We admitted 30 new Mariposas to the program for an action packed summer. The program for the younger group ages 8-12 focused on sports. Every day the girls were swimming, playing soccer, dancing Zumba and even flying on a trapeze! The older groups focused on the arts and self-expression through art, dance and theatre. The summer ended with an amazing performance of Bollywood style dance, circus acts and a moving theatre piece “I Am An Emotional Creature,” where they spoke about the challenges in their lives as adolescent girls. All of the girls received swimming lessons and academic tutoring, as well as participated in several field trips. Big improvements could be seen from the previous years and we are extremely proud. 18

GIRLS HELPING GIRLS This summer also marked the first year of a new volunteer program at The Mariposa DR Foundation, Girls Helping Girls. For two weeks, four high school girls from the Washington, DC area joined us to work at our summer camp. The girls served as junior counselors to the younger Mariposas and proved to be great mentors, soccer coaches and friends. We look forward to welcoming more high school girls for the summer and growing the Girls Helping Girls program in the coming years.



Awareness is not just about making the international community aware of us, it’s about making our girls aware of the international community. On October 9th, an international tragedy brought awareness to the forefront of our work. Malala Yousafzai, a 16 year old Pakistani student and activist, was shot on her way to school because she wanted all girls to be able to receive an education. We were shocked and saddened. But then we realized that we’re fighting the same battle in Cabarete. While our girls may not be physically harmed for their desire to go to school, it’s still uncommon for girls to complete their education. The Mariposas decided to do something about it. The girls banned together and decided that all the proceeds from our fall flea market (or pulga) would go towards an education fund set up in Malala’s name. On the day of the flea market the girls all wore stickers with Malala’s picture and the phrase “Yo Soy Malala” underneath. The stickers were also passed out to members of the community who had come to shop and left spreading this incredible story. The Mariposas were able to raise over $200 that day, and felt proud knowing they accomplished something special. 20

Service Learning At the Mariposa DR Foundation we understand that true cultural immersion begins with respect, solidarity, sustainability, and compassion. We teach visiting students to honor the ways of others, to learn from the poor and to value their wisdom and views even though they may be different. Our trip leaders live and work here in the community and so the journey never ends for us. We know that the experiences we provide in the Dominican Republic play a significant role in shaping the worldviews of the compassionate young people who participate in our programs. We take this responsibility seriously and work diligently to nurture these relationships.

CABARETE: Responsible Tourism and Investment Guide This year we launched the 2nd annual edition of CABARETE: Responsible Tourism and Investment Guide. This guide is produced by the Mariposa DR Foundation and is a unique magazine that showcases the best of Cabarete from a local, socially responsible perspective. It features ads from more than 40 local businesses, interesting articles on varying topics, and stunning photography. This magazine not only promotes the local tourism economy, it supports Mariposa programs as well. All profits from advertising sales go directly to support our job skills training program. As we grow, it is our vision to cultivate the skills in our girls to run this publication that brings together the local and tourist worlds. Visiting Cabarete? Stop into The Mariposa Center for Girls or many local businesses and pick up your copy!


Mariposa wins the Global Giving Girl Effect Challenge Again! For the second year in a row, you helped The Mariposa DR Foundation win the Girl Effect Challenge and be part of a growing network of organizations all over the world that have caught on to the fact that girls are the most powerful force for change. Global Giving is an independently run charity funding web site that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits a platform to raise money to support specific projects and garner support from a wide network of generous people. We thank the Global Giving community and our donors for the ongoing support!

$500 AND UP Julie Coronado Eileen Kavanagh Vera McLafferty Renee Mitchell Starcom MediaVest Group Ben Tao $100-$499 Julia Alvarez Robert Carl Amelingmeier Steve Anderson Panos Angelopoulos Anonymous G Todd Astor Barbara Bender Munni Marie Bithammer Carly Blair Ngina Bowen Linda Brazda Todd Brazda Ken Brown Robert Brown Peter Browning Peter Burns Terrance Carroll Sheldon Corchado Rachel Ellis Gerry Esposito Linda Fishbaugh Jill Galanter Jeffrey Giangiulio James Jones Patrick Kavanagh Donald LaPlante Eli Lilly Brendan Logue Patricia and Laurence Lynn Malcolm MacRury Jason Matthews Timothy Meyer Midwestern University Diemut Nadal Elinor Newman Eileen O’Shea Frances Perkins Elizabeth Pesce


Erin Plummer Margarita Prieto Barbara Prysock Harry Richardson Alexandra Robbins Lisa Spikell Elizabeth Stvan Julia Swijters Sarah Talley Elizabeth Thorndike Howard Ting Eric Welles Karen Welz James White Patrick Williams Ana Williams Ann Williams $10-$99 Eve Abrams Neil Adair Andrew Adams William Adams Juliet Adetunji Jenny Advocat Cristina A. Albuquerque Deanne Allen Arijeta Alim Amanda Jr. Anita Ambroise Maya Amelingmeier Joaquin Gracia Anadon Byron Anderson Karina Mendez Anderson Rebecca Anderson Anonymous (51) Yor Araya Amy Arnett Hollie Arnim Tina August Vatche Avakian Sheerly Avni Linda Axenroth Robert Baca Jonathan Back Michael Back Elizabeth Bakacs

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Elizabeth Jones Adrian Kavanagh and Janet Welz-Kavanagh Colleen Kavanagh Ryan and Caitlin Lagan Jessica Lawson Dr Christian Long, DDS Becky Maas Louisa Mathieu Jackie McGowan Olivia Michael Edgar Milford MulticlubRD Inez Nelson Dr. Donald Oakman, DDS Optica Panoramica William and Dorothy Ostermann Robert Otis Carmen Perez Kathy Polzer Kathryn Shaw Krzysztof Siwiński

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Total: $58,146.25

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4 different student groups with 61 people for a total of 1,245 hours 18 summer camp volunteers for a total of 2,480 hours 6 medical volunteers for a total of 61 hours 147 people 13,712 total volunteer hours Total: $178,165

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$1-$99 Brian Anderson Anonymous (through Network for Good) Joan Arches Susanne Brandt Crystal R. Brown

The Mariposa DR Foundation received a $250,000 loan from the Dunn Family Charitable Foundation in order to purchase the land for the new Center. This land is owned by the Dominican Mariposa Foundation.

PROFILES IN GENEROSITY Nell Newman Foundation Meet Nell Newman, advisory board member, donor, mentor. “As the daughter of Paul Newman I was in essence, raised to be a philanthropist. The Nell Newman Foundation seeks to follow the original mission of my father’s philanthropy. To support the small, visionary, and perhaps untested organizations. To fund the underdogs, and unpopular ideas my father and mother originally championed. To relieve human suffering and sustain a resilient economy which will benefit humanity and the ecosystem into the future. These goals necessitate the fostering of experiential learning for our youth, the protection of and restoration of our bioregions. The Nell Newman Foundation is funded by myself and my mother Joanne Woodward and is independent from the Newman’s Own Foundation, or Newman’s Own Organics.” Source:



Staff Patricia Suriel Thorndike, Executive Director Jessica Lawson, Associate Director Amanda Bucci Ruth Esther de la Cruz Milanda Ramirez Estasa Fernanda Garcia Orquidea Garcia Yahaira Lopez Alexandra Milan Martinez Julia Swijters



Summer Volunteers

Arieta Alim Briana Brandy Eric Broberg Winslow Brokaw Shawn Caetta Jake Furigay Jen Furigay Sophie Furigay Xanat Gonzalez Aurora Hellen Sherry Herdman Victoria Jones Colleen Kavanagh Munni Marie Bithammer Titilola Ogunsola Ria Shroff

Anna Banker Kelly Banker Tehka Bowen Joanna Brown Jessica Drazenovich Tori Dunn Gabriel Harding Olivia Michael Nelly Molina Lindsay Nelson Kathy Polzer Lacey Schroeder Kathryn Shaw Carly Hickmann Sigler Hannah Stork Erin Stvan Cecile Trotin Olivia Wagner Maryann Webb


Honorary Chairwoman Jacqueline Guzman Mirabal

Executive Board of Directors Dr. James C. White, President Aislinn Doyle, President Jessica Dianne Mitchell, Treasurer Deborah Bouknight Christy Dimos Raymond Jay Dunn Emmanuel Franjul Caitlin O’Shea Patricia Thorndike Suriel

Advisory Board Julia Alvarez, Author and Writer in Residence, Middlebury College Bill Eichner, Founder of Alta Gracia Renee Grant-Mitchell, Ed.D, Harvard University Judy Greenberg, Licensed Psychologist Richard Hansen, President of Soluz Nell Newman, CEO of Newman’s Own Organics Andrea Riddle, Montessori Consultant Yaneris M. Rosa, J.D., Harvard University Elizabeth Thorndike, Ph.D., Non-Profit Consultant Michelle Wucker, World Policy Institute, Author

In the summer of 2012 we lost Advisory board member Andrea Riddle. Her lessons and vision not only live on in the many children she taught in the US, but hundreds of Dominican and Haitian children as well. She is deeply missed.

Dominican Executive Board Patricia Suriel Thorndike, President Soranyi Lugo, Treasurer Claudia Schwarz, Secretary Maria Elena Gratereaux-Delva, Legal Consultant


Mariposa DR Foundation Annual Report 2012  
Mariposa DR Foundation Annual Report 2012