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Testing 5 clay(like) products (Europe) for making rounded roof tiles Summary: Favorite is terracotta Keramiplast from Glorex Strong runner up is terracotta Fimo Air light

Fimo Air Light Terracotta / air dry + thinnest setting on clay machine position no. 2 + weighs nothing + cuts easily with knife + handling does not distort shape at all + easily removed from surfaces, does not stick - colour very orange remains somewhat flexible after drying, does not break Keramiplast / air dry + thinnest setting on clay machine position no. 2 + weighs next to nothing + cuts easily with knife + easily removed from surfaces + acceptable terracotta colour - medium flexible – needs careful handling when still moist really hard after drying, but can break Soft-Ton (real clay) + authentic terracotta colour - sticks to surfaces and rolls in the clay machine - very flexible – needs super careful handling - 10% shrinkage during drying process - brittle if not fired in an oven Magic Clay ultralight – air dry + weighs nothing and non sticky - can only be rolled out on setting 3 - tears when cutting with Japan knife - is definitely too thick on setting 3, seems to swell when drying Cardboard: 1mm card stock is not easy to cut, bend, treat….

Material tests for making roof tiles  

Test results for different materials for making miniature Spanish or French roof tiles, 2016

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